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We are continuing on with The Secret Of Life. 

Is the secret of life right identification? Is the way we think, or does the way we think, result in salvation -- or the lack of it? Are we saved by doctrine, brethren? I suggest to you that the answer is no. My Bible says that salvation is a gift that we cannot attain by ourselves.

My understanding of the Scripture is that the grace of God, the free gift of God, is in the form of a new mind, and that the name of that mind is Christ. My un­der­­stand­ing of this Scripture is that there is no thought pattern that we can apprehend, that there is no thought process that we can be taught, that there is no thought, or doctrine, that we can think, which will result in our elevation into a place of righteousness.

My understanding of the Scripture is that God is offering us an opportunity to overcome our present fallen condition through the Holy Spirit, the seed which has the potential to mature into the Mind of Christ. We shall be strong enough to subjugate the spiritual gravity of our carnal mind, which binds us to this world system, which is hell and death, only when Christ Jesus, our new man, appears.

Paul speaks about the renewing of our mind, brethren, but the translations, which imply that our fallen mind can be made good, or repaired and made usable, are not ideal. My Bible clearly says, brethren, that if you put new wine in the old wine skin, you will destroy the old wineskin and the new wine will spill out.

The power of God which is unto righteousness, brethren, must flow through a new wineskin. The power of God, which is the Spirit of Christ, can only flow through the Mind of Christ. The power of God, which is the power of the Father, flowing through our carnal mind, would destroy us. Our carnal mind is the wineskin that will burst and cease to exist.

So, there is a spiritual labor, which isn’t of works.  It’s a labor of the Spirit. It’s a labor which is in Christ. Anything that we do of the flesh, brethren, is works, and can never result in righteousness or salvation, which can only occur through impartation of the right­eous seed. But once that seed, once that potential for Christ to be formed in us, is imparted to us, there is a spiritual labor.

We are to lay hold of our weap­on, which is the Mind of Christ, and do everything that needs to be done to help Him to grow. And what is that, you ask?

Christ is likened unto a spiritual plant. He is the true vine that is growing in the garden of our personality [soul], and that garden is filled with weeds [the carnal mind], rocks, and the root of the tree that kills. Our garden, or personality [soul], must be cleaned up, but we need the necessary weapon, or tools, to do the job. Our garden is a spiritual garden. The weeds are spiritual, the rocks are spiritual, the tree is spiritual and, therefore, the tools must be spiritual.

The labor that we labor, brethren, must be a spiritual labor, because there is nothing that we can do of ourselves to ascend into the moral condition of righteousness, that delivers us from death, and hell. 

And where is spirit found, brethren? In our feet? Where is spirit? Spirit is in the mind, brethren. Spiritual labor, is a labor of the mind, a training of the mind, a discipline of the mind, a strengthening of the mind. The Mind of Christ is formed in us, brethren, when we work with the Holy Spirit, to mature the seed. Our labor, brethren, is in actively using, practicing and exercising the Mind of Christ, which has been given to us as a free gift.

Do you hear me? This is so important. Reading the Bible, praying, and speaking to God, is a spiritual labor only when you’re doing it with the Mind of Christ.

Brethren, some men quote long passages of memorized Scripture with their carnal mind which, in and of itself, is a fine and good pursuit, but unless the fruit of our activities is the formation of Christ through the grafting of the Holy Spirit to the human spirit, it’s a fruitless work.

So we see that directing the carnal mind towards spiritual things such as reading the Bible, going to church, speaking in tongues, or even going to Christian concerts, has a place in your life, until . . . what?  What has to happen to you?  The seed of Jesus’ resurrected life must engraft to you.  And does the seed of the Father graft to your feet?  No, He grafts to the spiritual part of your mind, which is called the human spirit, the human spirit, the human spirit.

The Spirit of the Father did not beget the mind that is born into fallen man, brethren, the mind that Paul calls, carnal, but the animal nature, herself, has engendered this mind. And that which is begotten by the flesh nature, brethren, of necessity, must be flesh.

Now, the spiritual seed that begets a mind, brethren, flows in the waters of the human spirit, just like spermatozoa flow in seminal fluid, so no mind can be born without a human spirit. The Holy Spirit flows together with the human spirit of our carnal mind so that a new, righteous mind might be conceived in us, and the name of that mind is Christ. But the soul [animal nature] of fallen man brings forth a mind that is lacking the true male seed, and the name of that mind is the carnal mind: The mind of the flesh.

The carnal mind is the fruit of a spiritually incestuous, homosexual act, brethren, which, as in the physical world, produces genetically inferior offspring. Our generation is dying because spiritual incest in high places produced a genetic error: A perverse, parasitical mind that consumes it’s own flesh.

So, when Paul says that we must have our mind renewed, he isn’t suggesting that this carnal mind which is born of the flesh, needs a little dab of cologne, or some minor repair, to fix it up. 

It's not clear in the King James, and associated translations, brethren, but Paul is saying that it’s the essential element in the carnal mind, the human spirit, the waters that carry the virile seed, that must be renewed -- and that she must be separated from the flesh mind for this renewal to take place.

For years I prayed and said Lord, that Scripture says that the word of God is a sharp two edged sword that separates the soul from the spirit and the joints from the marrow, but why would you want to separate my soul from my spirit?

The renewing of the mind, brethren, is in the separation of our human spirit from our soul [animal mind], for the specific purpose of joining the Holy Spirit to her, so that she might produce a new, legitimate manchild, who is in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, the renewing of the mind begins with the release of the human spirit from the dark prison of the carnal mind, through the subjection and ultimate destruction of that mind, and her reformation into a righteous mind, which is in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Let me say that again. Our carnal mind is renewed through her own destruction, which frees the human spirit to be reformed into a righteous mind. The potter looked at the vessel that was unpleasing to Him, marred it, and reformed it.  The existing mind must be ripped out, torn down, destroyed and reformed, or reborn. If you want to see the Kingdom of Heaven, your mind must be born again, this time engraved with the Father’s nature. It isn’t clear in the King James translation, but this is what Paul was talking about.

So, there is a spiritual labor which we can’t even begin to enter into until our slaughter weapon is in our hand. I used to read Ezekiel 9:2, where the six men went forth with their slaughter weapons in their hand, and say, Lord, what in the world is that all about? 

Brethren, your slaughter weapon is Christ Jesus, and the one that He is slaughtering, is your carnal mind. I remind you that the word slaughter implies to break or cut into pieces. A slaughtered animal is cut into pieces.

Brethren, your carnal mind must be cut into pieces. Your soul [animal nature] must be separated from your human spirit, and, more specifically, your joints [warrior spirit of the carnal mind] must be separated from the marrow [Christ]. 

Your human spirit is separated from the soul [animal nature], and Satan, the joints, is the separated from Christ who is being formed in the human spirit.

In this hour, the human spirit and Satan, whose waters flow together in fallen man, are to be divided [the separation of the joints from the marrow], so that the human spirit can be married to the Lord Jesus Christ, and formed in His heavenly image. Therefore, be ye renewed in righteousness through the destruction of your carnal mind.

Wow! This Bible surely is a parable. I don't know how anyone, short of the Father telling him, could get this revelation out of Paul's simple statement about having your mind renewed. It's a blessing to hear God's secret purposes for His creation in the last days, brethren, that your mind must be renewed, but we must learn how she is to be renewed. Why must we know how renewal will be accomplished?  Because if we don’t take up our slaughter wea­pon and dismember our carnal mind, no one else will do it for us. God might send someone to assist us, but each man must slaughter his own carnal mind. 

I’ve wounded a few carnal minds in my day.  But the bottom line is that each of us must kill our own carnal mind­, but we can’t do it without the appropriate spiritual weapon, whose name is Christ Jesus.

The only hope for the human spirit, the residue of God's righteous creation that is trapped in an animal mind, is that she will be formed into a new, righteous mind, which will kill the carnal mind that we were born with and save our personality. Our hope is that Christ will be formed in our human spirit, and glorified­ through union with that Mind. What a message! 

So, as we go on with this series, I'm suggesting to you -- in case you didn't understand what I said with that long winded introduction -- that salvation isn’t in doctrine. Salvation is not in what you believe, or don't believe. Salvation is not in intellectually identifying with righteousness. Sal­va­tion is in the Son.

Neither is salvation in the physical blood that Lord Jesus Christ shed on the cross, but it is in the spiritual blood that Jesus’ death made available to you. Salvation is in the reproduction of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ in your human spirit. Christ formed in you is your personal Saviour. The Mind of Christ, your salvation, who is  growing in your own carnal mind, is the Son of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ has become the Father, and is bringing forth His Son in your spirit: Christ, your new, or renewed, righteous mind.

The term, renewed mind, is very misleading. Anybody hearing that term, and I believed it for years, would surely think, that the Lord, Jesus, is fixing up the carnal mind, putting deodorant under the harlot’s arms, spraying her with perfume, and washing her filth away.  But it’s a lie. 

A broken leg that has healed incorrectly, brethren, must be broken again, and reset, and a damaged personality must be broken up and rebuilt through  positive experiences within godly relationships.

The old must be dealt with by tearing it up and breaking it down. We must destroy what is malformed, and then go on to make a new life for ourselves. Evil swept under the rug, has a tendency to turn into a forest fire. Is there anyone who doesn’t know that this is true?

Problems, wrong thinking and wrong attitudes must be dealt with and dispelled by crushing and crumbling them. We must learn a new way to improve our life, but such learning requires a new mind. 

The carnal mind will never learn the ways of God, brethren, because the carnal mind isn’t subject to the law of God, neither can she ever be. Nor does she have the potential to develop that ability.  The mind of this fallen creation, whose name is death, must be marred crushed, and smashed, so that the human spirit can be rescued and joined to her new husband.

So, I disagree with the author of this pamphlet. There isn’t anything that you can identify with, there isn’t anything that you can do with your carnal mind which will produce salvation, except to kill it. There is a parable in the world that says, the way up is down.  That's what I am talking about.

There is only one way to overcome this world system, the name of which is hell. There is only one way to ascend into the all provision of the Living God, to attain to the place where we do nothing to have whatever we need. Such a place, where everything needed just appears is one of the benefits of a righteous mind, and obviously we are not there. There is only one way to get there, and that way is the man, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between this fallen world and the all provision of God that I just described unto you. 

It’s a journey.  It’s an experience, a series of experiences through which we grow and increase and change from grace unto grace. We ascend and become more and more and more spiritual until we disappear from this world system, because we have drawn so close to God, and become so completely joined with Him that this hellish life that we have down here ceases to exist for us.

But brethren, there is only one way to go. Jesus said, I am the door. Anyone who enters in any other way is a what? A thief and a robber. 

It’s possible to be delivered from pain and disease by occult power; it’s possible to become a spiritual person who exists above this world system and doesn’t even need food, but you still eventually die. I don't care how long you extend your life, you are still going to die, because eternal life is only in Christ Jesus. There is no way you can attain to eternal life through the carnal mind or the god which the carnal mind serves, whose name is Satan.  Glory to God.

The very most that a mortal man can hope to attain to through the spiritual experiences of this world system, which are orchestrated by Satan, is to ascend into the 4th dimension where Elohim’s fallen sons are. But the invisible 4th dimension will cease to exist when Christ Jesus rolls up the Serpent’s whole time line like a scroll.

We are continuing on with this book.  For anyone who has not heard prior messages, I assure you that my sole purpose in bringing forth these messages, is to legitimately respond to the issues raised by the author. 

I'm not against anybody. I'm not against people.  I'm not against your ministry. But I am against this doctrine.  I am not viciously against this doctrine, but spiritually and intellectually against it. I am answering our author’s statements with what I believe to be the truth of Christ Jesus.  I challenge everyone reading this message, to listen to the statements that I quote from the book, listen to my answers, and pray to see what saith the Lord unto you.

Be informed, be educated, be a thinking man. Don't be passive.  Passivity is the dimension where Satan prevails. Christ wants you to be mentally active.  He wants your mind working. He wants your mind thinking.  He wants your reason judging issues all the time.  Avoid passivity at all costs. It’s an open door to the occult.

Question:  The Scripture where Paul says, be renewed in the spirit of your mind.  When he says spirit there, it kind of gives a clue.  Maybe renewed means be raised from the dead in the spirit of your mind.  Because it died, right?  It’s the same spirit, the human spirit’s the same spirit throughout the ages, right?  She just is married to Satan right now. Paul said be renewed, so it’s very misleading because it does make you think that the mind that we have now is being fixed up.

Answer:  Yes, thank you for bringing that up.  If you have any part of this revelation, that really helps. Paul doesn't just speak about the renewal of your mind. He says, be renewed in the spirit of your mind. He is saying is that the carnal mind has to be broken down so that your spirit can be set free. He is saying is that it’s the spirit that is being renewed, the spirit, the human spirit, which is now joined to Satan and the carnal mind. She is the one that is being renewed through separation from Satan and the carnal mind, and union with her new husband. 

There are two joinings.  First the Holy Spirit joins to the human spirit, and Christ is  conceived. Then the resurrected Christ joins with the Lord Jesus Christ who is above. Both Christ in the individual and the Lord Jesus who is above join with the individual personality [soul], which is saved by that union.

Let's pick up with this booklet.

Beloved, mind is a tool of awareness, not reason.

As I read through this book I have come to the conclusion that this author, when he speaks about mind, is speaking about the carnal mind. We are told clearly in the Scripture that Christ is a mind, and our author does mention Christ a little further on. But from what I can see, when our author speaks about mind, he is speaking about the carnal mind.

As you will see when we get to it, he is dealing with Christ as though He were the Father. As I've mentioned on prior messages, this author does not deal with the fact that there is a Son. He perceives only the Father, but my Bible says that there is a Father and a Son.  I'll go into more detail when I quote him. Right now, I want to deal with our author’s unqualified use of the word mind, which I suggest to you, refers to the carnal mind.

You see, if you talk about mind when you have a conversation with me, I expect you to clarify which mind you are talking about. But when he talks about mind, he is talking about the mind that we are born with, the carnal mind.  I will take this opportunity to exhort you to ask the Lord to help you use the right words to express what you are thinking, because it’s essential that you do this. 

Look at what we are getting into in these last days. Look at the potential for error in your own heart, but even more the potential for spreading error to the people you are trying to minister to, if you are not using the right word. Now don't get into any bondage over this, but I strongly exhort you to ask the Lord to help you to find the right words – and I'm here to help you with it.  I'm a real stickler on the right word. If you need help, just ask me.

I exhort you to ask the Lord to help you to watch your English because we are splitting hairs here.  But it isn’t a bad thing. It’s important. We're splitting hairs, but the preachers of the abominable doctrine are splitting hairs. So therefore we must split the hairs to reveal the truth.  Glory to God! 

Beloved, mind is a tool of awareness, not reason. 

I looked these words up in the dictionary.  Reason - Mental powers concerned with forming conclusions or judgments.  Now that's what you hear taught in this ministry. Get your facts together. Form conclusions and make judgments based upon your facts, not on air or fantasy. Use your mind, think, observe, gather facts. That's a large part of the teaching here.

 The author of this booklet says that the mind isn’t to be used to reason, to form conclusions or to make judgments. He says the mind is a tool of awareness. Webster says that the word awareness means consciousness.

In other words, I might be aware that the Bible says there is a Mind of Christ and that there is a mind of the flesh; a mind born of the spirit, and a mind born of the flesh, but I'm not supposed to reason. I'm not supposed to think or ask, what mind is this?  I'm supposed to be aware that there is such a thing as mind, but I'm not suppose to be forming any conclusions about what mind is. That's what he is teaching. 

If you don't have this understanding from the prior messages, I'm going to make it very clear to you. Our author is teaching that we should empty out our mind and let the spirit that he calls the great I just channel into your mind, and do your thinking for you.

Now brethren, there is a place in Christ where you ascend to this condition, where you don't have to think and reason, where the knowledge is just there. But you have to wage a warfare to get into that place. You have to battle with your carnal mind to have Christ formed in you, and you have to be trained to distinguish between Christ and the carnal mind in your thoughts (Heb. 5:14), if you’re going to prevail in the war of the ages that I'm teaching you about here. You must first recognize the voice of your carnal mind, and second, kill her, but before you can kill her, you have to wrestle with her.  You have to rebuke her. You have to refuse to be influenced by her.

I’ve been in this war for years, and there are just now beginning to be areas of my life, just areas, where the thoughts of the Lord automatically flow through me. I'm not there a hundred percent yet, and I've been fighting this war for years. So if you haven't been fighting this war, and you think that you are in a place where it’s truly the Mind of Christ channeling through your mind without the necessity of evaluating legitimate facts and drawing Godly conclusions based on those facts, I'll tell right now,  that you’re not fighting this war, and you are deceived.

Does anybody not understand what I just said? The danger of this doctrine -- there are a multitude of authors who teach this basic, underlying message -- is that it’s true. What they are telling you is true. That's the danger of this doctrine.  It's true. But it isn’t true for those of us who are in this fallen condition. It isn’t true for us. 

Brethren, if I went to my six month old baby daughter and I said to her, baby daughter, you are female. That means you can have a baby. Well, that's true, baby daughter. But first you have to grow up. You have to grow up physically. You have to grow up emotionally and spiritually. You have to become a woman. You have to get all the training you need to be a godly wife.  Then the Lord has to provide a godly husband for you. Then you have to get married. Then you have to have sex with your husband. Then you have to conceive. Then you have to carry and bear the child.

On the other hand, I could go to my adult daughter who is married and engaged in an active sexual relationship with her husband and I could say, you know daughter, it’s possible for you to have a baby, a child of your own.  Now I'm saying the same thing to two children.  For my adult daughter, it’s a potential right here and now.  That night she could come together with her husband and conceive. But for my six month old baby daughter, it’s seventeen or twenty years away. 

Does anybody not know what I am talking about? The danger of this doctrine is that it’s true. But it isn’t true for mortal man at this stage of our spiritual development.

It’s easy to pick out the error here, but some writers are more subtle than this man. Other  writings are not quite that easy.  Let us go on. I'll even give you a better example or worse example.

If I go to my fourteen year old daughter and say to her, do you know that you can have a baby?  She might wonder what it takes to have a baby. It might cause her anxiety. It might make her feel inferior. It might cause her to stumble and go out and do the wrong thing because I didn't explain to her that it really wasn't probable for her to have it now.  She might be physically capable of it, but it would be totally inappropriate for her to have a baby now.

But, without an understanding of the warfare, we are not even capable of having that manchild. In the example I just gave you, the fourteen year old would be physically capable of con­ceiving, but there would be no practical reason for her to conceive at fourteen. In our fallen spiritual condition, we are not even capable of attaining to the things that are being preached here. We have to grow up first, but  we haven't even begun to menstruate, brethren. There is no way we are going to have this baby without the warfare.

Brethren, you are not to use your mind to reason.  You are just supposed to use it as a tool of awareness. However through silent listening and communion with the I of God, the fullness of that which God has ordained for you is being expressed as your individual life.

Don't think, don't reason. Don't try the spirit. Just be silent and let the voice in your head run your life. Gong! Gong! Gong!  Danger! Danger! Danger!

Everything you have need of in your experience, everything you have need of, is provided through your conscious awareness of I. When you become aware of that thought, of that spirit that can speak to you; when you develop a relationship with that spirit in your mind, everything will just come to you.

Jesus found a coin in the fish’s mouth. Jesus provided the bread and the fishes.  But I want to tell you brethren, that where I am now, I have to do something to get my needs met. I have to go where God sends me. If you have a secular job, you have to go and work at the job that He gives you.  If you don't have a secular job, you have to do whatever He directs you to do, to get this income.

My needs are not just manifesting in front of me. And when my needs are met, I have to take the money He gives me and go to the store to buy the food. Food isn’t appearing in front of me.  Things that I need are not dropping themselves off at my doorstep. 

I have a measure of that life because I am in the ministry and I have a faith walk. I don't have a secular job, but I have only a measure of that life. I wait for God to bring in the things that I need, but the channels that He brings the money in through are obvious. They come through the people who are blessed by this ministry.  I don't go fishing and find a coin in a fish's mouth.  I don't go out walking on the street and find hundred dollar bills lying on the street. I don't have a secular job, but there is a distinct established channel for the way that money comes into this ministry. 

Does anyone not know what I am talking about? If I didn't preach and teach, you wouldn't be giving me your money. Why not? You would be giving it to the person that was teaching and preaching to you. Is that not true?  If I was playing horseshoes all day, would you be giving me the donations you give me?

So, I work just like everybody else, but I don't get paid like someone gets paid from a secular job. But if I didn't work, I wouldn't get paid.  So you really can't say that my needs are being met supernaturally. You really can't. I don't wake up every morning and find deposits in my checking account and not know where they came from. If I didn't work, I wouldn't get paid.  You would be out of here, and you should go. If I stopped teaching you, you should leave.

So this man is speaking about a realm that we have not yet ascended into.  And I want to suggest to you that even the man, Jesus of Nazareth, was not in that realm.  How can I say that? Jesus of Nazareth worked. He said, today and tomorrow, I do what?  Today and tomorrow I do cures and I cast out devils, and on the third day I shall be perfected. It’s in perfection that our needs are met without labor.

Now the difference between Jesus of Nazareth and people in the ministry and the rest of us, is that what Jesus did was a spiritual labor. All the labor that I do isn’t a spiritual labor. I spend hours in the non-spiritual aspect of the ministry. But a lot of my labor is a spiritual labor. 

The man, Jesus of Nazareth, worked. He taught and He prayed and He healed and He delivered and He traveled across the country.  He gave up a normal family life.  That man worked. He didn't have His needs met simply because He existed, and because He existed, He was entitled to have His needs met. That is the condition of the glorified state where there is no labor.

Brethren, there is still labor in full stature. Jesus provided food supernaturally under circumstances where men, women and children had come to hear His teachings and needed food. But my Bible says that when His disciples went to prepare the Passover, and even in regard to their travels with Him, that they went and purchased food. Isn't that what the disciples said when Jesus told them to feed the people; they said, but Lord, we only brought enough food for ourselves. Isn't that true? They brought food with them. He did not make it a daily habit of supernaturally providing food for Himself and His disciples. They were purchasing their food like everybody else in Jewry, in those days. So this concept of supernatural provision without a crisis precipitating it, is a condition which exists in glorification. 

Now don't misunderstand me.  I can’t say there will be no consumption of food in glorification, because under certain circumstances, there might be.

We know that Jesus appeared after the glorification and was seen fixing fish and bread on coals. I want to suggest to you, brethren, that He did not buy that fish or that bread in the store. I want to suggest to you that the fish and bread that Jesus was cooking after His resurrection was supernaturally obtained.

Jesus had been raised from the dead, and was glorified. Now I hear all of you Pharisees out there saying, but He hadn't ascended yet. Was He glorified before He ascended? I don't know. But I know that He was crucified, and I know that He was raised from the dead.  Whether or not He was technically glorified before He ascended, I don't know. But He was certainly in a condition that was superior to full stature. And my point is that when He was in full stature, He bought His food at the store like everybody else.

Is everybody okay? What this man is saying is true. There is a place in the Spirit of God where every need is met without even thinking about it, but it isn’t available to us in this mortal condition. That ability, that condition, that blessing of having every need met without even thinking about, it isn’t coming from heaven to the earth. We must ascend from the earth up into heaven to obtain it.  It's not something that is being given to us while we stay in this corruptible condition. We must change and ascend to get up where this lifestyle exists.

We are given a new, heavenly mind, in this corruptible condition, which is Christ Jesus, the weapon, the vehicle, the potential, by which, through warfare, we can ascend to the place where our every need is met without thinking about it.

That's why Christ Jesus is the only mediator between God and man.  We must pass through Him to get to this glorious place, which isn’t available to us in our present fallen condition.

When I first heard this message years ago, it caused me great anxiety, because, as a disciple, I thought that it was a true word.  I would say, Lord, I hear this Word, but how do I do it? What do I do?  Why isn't this happening to me?

I declare unto you that this is a message that sounds wonderful, but which is unattainable according to the instructions of this teaching.  It isn’t attainable to man by the Spirit of Christ, nor do I do believe it’s obtainable to everybody by the spirit of Satan. Because, if you would want to enter into such a condition or state of being by the spirit of Satan, you still have to go the spiritual route. You have to give up this carnal life to become a spiritual person. We were talking about it this morning. You have to die to this life. You have to become a recluse. You have to go into deep meditations. You have to ascend into the realm of Satan's spirit.  So even for that you have to become a changed person.

Now I don't know about you, but when I read this book, it gives me the impression that I am just waiting for this to happen to me. How does it happen to me? I don't know that this man preaches that. But I've heard it preached. You just ascend automatically. Even in the occult you don’t ascend automatically. The whole doctrine is abominable.

So, in this same manner, the snow hare, (that's a rabbit) takes on white fur in the winter and a natural brown fur in the summer without it even taking thought for its provision, so is all creation sustained through the consciousness of I.  And so the carnal mind says yes.  Didn't Jesus say, look at the flowers in the field and look how I take care of them.  Why were you worried that your provision or your needs won't be met?

The whole point of the snow hare being white in the winter and brown in the summer is that he blends into the environment so that he won't be killed by predator animals. So God doesn’t prevent the snow hare from being killed. But brethren, we are a fallen creation. Adam's every need was provided in the garden, but even then there was something for him to do.

God said, you can eat of the whole the tree of the garden, but there is still a spiritual labor.  What was Adam's spiritual labor in the garden? Guard the garden so that you don't lose what you have. This passivity that is being preached here is only in glorification. It isn’t in the emotional plane. Adam was the name of the living soul, and that soul was alive because the mind that was in the soul was Christ, who is the resurrected Adam.  But brethren, there is and always will be labor in the emotional [soul] plane. Even Jesus, who was the Christ, labored. 

The passivity that is being described here is only in glorification., I don't doubt, however, that there are people who have ascended by the power of Satan, people that believe in meditation, the Eastern religions. I'm told they go for long periods of time without eating and have many spiritual experiences. I know this is happening.  My point is that it isn’t Christ. 

Does anybody not understand me?  That when you attain to this condition by the true power of God, you will no longer be in the flesh. This man is preaching the ascended masters. 

A little further down, he calls Jesus the master. Now I know in the Scripture, Jesus was called Master, but I'm reading between the lines here and I'm telling you that this man is preaching the ascended masters.

The teachings of the ascended masters is that there are a group of men in this earth, some embodied and others disembodied, who exist on a plane where their every need is spiritually met. They travel in the spirit, appear and disappear. and perform spiritual miracles, which are good works.

The one thing that comes to my mind is that they are reported to appear and manifest food for the people.  But I declare unto you that Jesus only manifested the food when the people were there for His teaching. He didn't do good works for good works sake. It's my understanding that the ascended masters, appear in small towns in India, provide food for the people, and go on their way. 

Jesus provided food and He did what for the people? He taught the people. What did He teach them? He taught them what they needed to know to mature into a place where they would no longer be dependent upon Him, but would become spiritual men and obtain for themselves. Jesus does not want us to be passive.  He does not want us to be dependent.  He wants us independent with vital, reasoning minds. 

The reason the snow hare is being sustained by the I and we are not, is that humanity isn’t completely animal, in that he has the potential to regenerate into a spiritual man.

Brethren, God sold this creation. We were sold. Who did He sell us to? He sold us to Satan.  He sold us under the authority of sin. But God is still present down here in hell, and responds to the people who rebel against their true master, and reach out to the living God. To those people, He prepares a table in the midst of their enemies.

I think that there are people right in this country, who go to bed hungry every night.  There are people starving to death throughout the world. What do you mean that He meets the needs of the whole creation?

But, of course, our author is saying that you have to get in touch with the I, which of course is a labor.  That's a contradiction right there. But he is saying that through silent listening, you come into contact with the creator of the universe and, in that relationship, your every need is met without any physical or worldly thing for you to do.  That's what he is saying. You don't have to pray, you don't have to think, you don't have to seek God.  It just comes to you.

Now, anybody that has been in God for a while knows that if you need a job, you pray and get up and go out and looking, and the job that God has for you will appear.  But it isn’t likely, if you sit home, that a job is going to appear to you. You must do something. This preaching of passivity, is dangerous for your spiritual and mental health.

Now, to the  people who might say, I've been moving in this passivity and it hasn't hurt me, I'd like to suggest to you that some people are more spiritually vulnerable than others. I know that there are people in the Eastern religions, who live in this passivity, and their life appears to be fine. But don’t forget the great poverty of spirit, emotions and of the physical body that exists in lands where spiritual passivity is common.

I know that if I had tried to follow this teaching before I came to the Lord, it would have destroyed me.  I can't give you any more information than that at this moment. I just know that I was spiritually vulnerable, and if the Lord didn't receive me when He did, I would have been wiped out at least ten years ago.

But there are some people who are not spiritually vulnerable. They dabble in all this stuff and it doesn't kill them in their lifetime.  But if they have children, curses do go on the family line. Definitely!

I must again stress the point that mind,

He means the carnal mind,

...Isn’t God, but an avenue through which God's life in all its fullness flows. 

Mind isn’t God.

 Well brethren, my Bible says that the Father and the Son are both God. My Bible says that Christ is God, and the Lord has revealed here that Christ,  the Son of the Living God, is a mind. So I must disagree with him here.

The [carnal] mind isn’t God, although the spirit of the [carnal] mind is the god of this world.  But the [carnal] mind isn’t God, but mind.

Satan is the god of this world, and the carnal mind, the offspring of Satan, is also a god. They are a fallen father and son concept. 

Does anyone not follow me?  The mind is God in a form which exists in the soul [personality]. God, who is pure Spirit, exists in the soul [personality] and beyond the soul [personality] in the eternal world. God joins with the human spirit, and a mind is born into the soul [personality]. 

The expression of God in the dimension of soul is mind. Mind most certainly is God, and the carnal mind is an expression of the god of this world.  So, I must disagree with him. 

I must again stress the point that mind isn’t God.  It’s just an avenue through which God's life in all its fullness flows.

Now brethren, this is the condition of the imputed anointing, the anointing upon a carnal man who is a vessel through which the Holy Spirit flows.

The Holy Spirit isn’t a mind. The mind of the carnal man, which is the carnal mind, is a vessel through which the power of God flows to give blessings to other people. But it isn’t the Mind of Christ. Can you hear what I am saying?  Is everybody okay?  So the carnal mind of a fallen man is an avenue through which God's life in all its fullness can flow.

You see he has a lot of facts but he isn’t distinguishing between the imputed and imparted anointing.  He isn’t distinguishing between the carnal mind and the Mind of Christ.  So let me say it again.

The mind of the carnally minded believer who has the imputed anointing, isn’t God, but is merely a channel for God's fullness to flow through. The next step in our spiritual evolution, however, is the conception and birth of a new mind, which new mind is God. And in that mind, which is God,  is activity and reason and the function and the practice of Godliness.  Is everybody with me? 

God is Spirit.

That's true. 

And therefore is universal consciousness expressed as creation. 

This is true. Leviathan, the Serpent’s henchwoman, who generates Satan, the god of this world, is the universal consciousness -- the subconscious mind -- of this creation.

The Serpent has consciousness, but life is only in Christ. Now remember, the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ is our new unconscious mind, and the consciousness associated with life, is in Christ Jesus. 

Consciousness is awareness.  It’s understanding. The question is, which mind is giving us understanding, the carnal mind that we were born into this world with, or the Christ mind, which is the beginning of our second birth into the eternal spiritual world.

God is Spirit, which is expressed as creation.  

Now check this out. There is a touch of Pantheism here. Our author is saying, God is Spirit expressed as creation, not expressed as man. This is the teaching that God is in everything. God is in the couch, God is in the picture, God is in the trees, God is in the plants; all material substance is God, and God is in all material substance. This teaching, which denigrates Jehovah’s designa­tion of Adam, as King of the creation, is called Pantheism.

Now there is a truth in this.  There is a nugget of truth in the teaching of Pantheism. I don’t subscribe to the foundational beliefs of Pantheism, but the truth upon which they are based, is that this whole creation is carved out of Adam’s widowed spirit, and exists only because of the human spirit, which is the very substance of God that Jehovah breathed into the living soul.

The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is in the earth today, resurrecting Adam (Christ), who is being born again as the immortal manchild, which is saving mortal humanity through childbearing (1 Tim. 2:15).

Christ isn’t coming forth in a tree, or in your couch. Ladies, you are not having a baby in your ear; in your pancreas, or in your heart, but all of these organs are a part of you.

This entire creation is carved out of the substance of the Son, because outside of Him there is no consciousness. But the person of God, the image of the Father; the righteousness and the mind of God are not appearing in a tree. They are appearing in man. Ladies, your reproductive force isn’t in your lungs.  It’s in your ovaries. 

Does anyone not know what I am talking about? Let me say it again. This whole creation would not, except for the substance of the Son, because without Him nothing could be made. We are carved out of His substance. It will help you to understand how this creation could not be built without the Son, if you think of the Son as a tree, and this whole creation as a house.

Everything that was made, was made out of the life substance of the Son. But His nature, His mind, His righteousness, His glory, isn’t appearing in the trees, or the grass, or in the rabbits, or the dogs, or the lions, or the gorillas. His person is being expressed through the mind of man. Important!  Important!  Is everybody okay?

God is Spirit and therefore is universal consciousness expressed as the whole creation, also known as the Word or Christ.

Our author is saying that the whole creation is known as the Word or Christ.  Now let me remind you that another way of saying that the creation is the  whole earth, is to call it Mother Earth.  We just read that Mother Earth  is the Word or Christ, but who is earth? What is the truth about Mother Earth? Satan! Satan!  Satan! Any religion that worships the earth, practices the hidden worship Satan.

So we read that,

God is Spirit expressed as the creation or expressed as the earth and the earth is also known as the Word or Christ,

Which openly reveals Satan’s theft of Christ's authority. Is everybody okay? 

Also known as the Word or Christ which is the substance and nature of all living form.

Christ is the substance of all form -- without Him nothing could be made -- but Christ isn’t presently the nature of everything formed. He shall be the nature of all living form, but in this hour, we are in the image, or the nature, of Satan. Our father is the Devil, brethren. We are daughters of Satan.  That's why we are bastards  who need to be adopted. If our father was God, we would have His perfect nature, and not need to be corrected, or adopted.

So we see here, Satan and the carnal mind’s theft of Christ's authority, position and royalty, through the subtlety of these words.

Now,  you may think that I am a pain in the tail when I insist that you use the right words to relate your thoughts -- and I know that some of you have resented me for that, and thought I was a hair splitter -- but God has ordained this preparation for you, and has authorized me to encourage you through it.

Satan is a hair splitter and there is no way you will be able to combat her on this level unless you, too,  split hairs. 

You have to get your thoughts straight, and find the right words to Say what you think, and think what you say. Now don't get into any bondage, just acknowledge to the Lord that you need to get your words straight, and He will help you do it.

Don't let corrupt communication come out of your mouth. Brethren, most people think that means, don't curse, but there is a deeper understanding to Paul’s  words, which is don't let your communication be corrupted.

Use the right words to express what you are truly thinking. Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay. Don't let the way you express your thoughts leave any opening for misunderstanding or misinterpretation of what you are saying. Let your communication be clear.  Let there be no doubt in a person's mind as to what you mean. Let your words be yea and amen, brethren. 

God, the I Am is infinite, eternal isness. 

That's our author’s expression.  I guess he means existence.

. . . Infinite eternal existence, and can therefore not be activated through positive or negative thought processings.

He is telling you not to think. Let me read it again.

God, the I Am is infinite, eternal presence and can therefore not be activated. You can't get Him to work in your life through positive or negative thought processings. 

But my Bible says to pray to the Father in the Name, or the Spirit, of the Son.

Therefore the eternal power of the Godhead can be very well accessed through active prayer in the Spirit of Christ. 

He is saying, don't do anything, but sit down, turn your palms up and wait for communication from the other side. But my Bible says that I can access the Father through the Spirit of His Son, and you don't need Christ to be formed in you to do that. The Spirit of His Son is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost.  Jesus! 

I realize however, that the teaching of the I Am as the only power and activity is revolutionary for it exposes the strong beliefs we have in our independent thrust for life's riches as lust.

Our author is saying that, when you recognize the power of the Godhead, when you recognize that all provision is in Christ, the strength that you have in your humanity -- in your carnal mind -- to obtain the riches of this world, is exposed as lust.

Now there is a truth in this that I have been preaching for a long time, saying, brethren, stop trying to do it yourself. God wants to rule in your life. But I'm talking about God, the Son. Christ wants to be your mind. There is a thinking,  a thought process, a doing, but it isn’t in the carnal mind. You have to learn how to do it in Christ, and that's not easy. 

But what our author is saying, don't use your mind at all. Just open yourself to the realm of the spirit and see things manifest. Is anybody not following me?  So there is a truth here. It’s true that recognizing the power of God exposes our independent thrust for the riches of this life, as lust.  He is right. 

As long as we believe that the substance called God or Spirit can be directed through the mind ...

He says mind, I'm saying carnal mind...

So long as we believe that the substance called God or Spirit can be directed through the carnal mind to obtain our desires, we entertain a separate selfhood and are therefore a god unto ourselves. 

This is exactly what the Serpent did, and she, indeed, became the lesser god who incarnated this mortal world.

On the other hand, there are, and always have been, Christians demanding houses and Cadillacs from God. The message that we are King's kids, and that God will give us everything that we ask for, is a perverse doctrine which misuses the power of God to obtain the riches of this world, and an abuse of the spiritual authority of God. 

Our author says, further, that man’s belief in the mind to meet the legitimate needs of this fallen condition, is an error, but we do have very real, human, needs in this fallen condition, that the Son helps us with.

Our author is saying, don't worry about the necessities of life, because the spirit of your unconscious mind will provide all your needs, without you doing anything.

Now I agree with our author that it’s an abuse for our carnal mind to lay hold of the power of God and use it to obtain riches, but there is a Mind of Christ which provides whatever He believes we need, for as long as we are in this spiritually dependent condition.

            In the early days of my full time ministry, I rejected the opportunity to pick up a few dollars in a particular way, but the Lord spoke to me about the matter in a dream saying, do it, because you are still pregnant. That was how the Word came forth, you are still pregnant.  You are still dependent.

So we are still dependent, brethren. We are not in a condition where everything we need is manifesting in our life. We need the Mind of Christ to impart His wisdom and His life to us, as to how to get our needs met. We are still spiritually dependent. 

You see, one of the biggest errors of this doctrine is that it leaves the people who follow it without any viable means to get their needs met before they ascend. Let's say I believe everything that he’s saying.  How am I to continue on with my life until I come into this condition?

This is the kind of question that absolutely blew my mind when I first heard this doctrine as a disciple. I would read something like this book and say, I believe it, but how do I get food into my house? Am I supposed to stop working?  What is he talking about, I would  say to myself. What does this mean?  Does it mean that I don't eat anymore?  How do I pay my bills  How do you live by this doctrine?  How do you live your life reading this book? This doctrine is totally impractical to live by. Can you see what I am talking about?  How do you live your life?

The revelation of I automatically exposes these beliefs that there is any help for us through the mind. 

Our author is saying that faith in Jesus Christ to meet our needs in this world is a false hope. 

And we must believe that the only activity in the universe is the I or the unconscious mind. 

Satan is the unconscious mind of mortal man. This statement is one more witness that the I, that our author is talking about is Satan, and not I Am, who is the great God, Jehovah.

Once, again, that the man is preaching passivity. This is how you get a spirit guide. This is how you come under the dominion of demons.  The word is passivity, he is preaching passivity. 

Our author says that to give up the mind, means the death of the separate sense of duality, and this is true. The question is do we give up the Mind of Christ and become the sole property of the Serpent’s household, or do we give up our carnal mind and become the sole property of Jehovah.

It's true that we have to give up this duality, brethren. We are Christ and the carnal mind. But we can’t give it up as an act of our will. How do we give up our duality?  What is the end of our duality? 

The ultimate end of our duality is the crucifixion, the death of the carnal mind, but there is a step before that which is paralyzation. Our carnal mind is going to be paralyzed before she is killed.

Did you know that spiders do that? First they catch their prey in a web, then they sting them to paralyze them, and then they kill them.

And we know, of course, that the locusts of Revelation 9 have stingers like a scorpion, and the locusts are a type of the Sons of God.  Brethren, Christ stings and paralyzes the carnal mind. And after He paralyzes her, He crucifies her. You can't just will your carnal mind dead.

I used to hear this teaching and it would just blow my mind.  Stop having a dual nature.  How do I stop having a dual nature? Make believe your lower self isn't there. Ignore her. But she's there, because for this transitional age, I am a duality. What do you mean ignore Her? She needs to be paralyzed. She needs to be stung by the Son of God.

Our author says that to have this dual sense, to believe that we must obtain success and prosperity and health through the mind, isn’t true, and that you have to go directly to your unconscious mind to obtain all these things. 

The belief then that mind is God or that God is the author of both good and evil is the cause for all the calamity that exists in the world.

Our author is saying that the circumstances of our life are dictat­ed by what we believe: If we believe that we are dependent, we will be dependent, so we have to get beyond the realm where we believe that we have to do something to have our needs met. 

Now, this form of mind control works up to a point, brethren, and I’ve seen it meet many needs, but it falls short of providing eternal life.

So, once again, we are talking about illusion, brethren. This world is an illusion, but we are trapped in it. For us, at this moment, this world is a reality. If I don't do something, I will die of starvation. I have to go out, get food, and prepare it. How can you just believe a doctrine, and expect to ascend? Faith without works is dead.

This doctrine will cause many to fall away because, whether you  attain to this kind of power through God, or through the occult, spiritual power has to be developed in you.

What kind of a message is this, brother? What are you talking about ? Are you saying that if people believe this message, they will wake up one morning and be in this condition? If this is what you are saying, you have a rapture mentality.

And the belief that mind is God...

We know that God is the author of the good and the evil. Didn't Jesus say that? The Scripture says that Jehovah created the evil one.

The belief that God is the author and the creator of both good and evil is the cause for all the calamity that exists in the world.  We have to stop believing it. These beliefs in good and evil powers are the product of a mortal mind.

Our author doesn't say carnal here, but this is the first time he modifies the word mind. My Bible talks about good and evil. My Bible says we have an enemy seeking to devour us: Satan is like a roaring lion seeking to destroy us. My Bible says to put on the full armour of God that we might quench all the fiery darts of the enemy.

As I said earlier, this book is easy because our author says a lot of things that directly contradict the Scripture, but others who write this doctrine are much more subtle.

So, I remind you, that a preacher from another country who gets our messages, sent me this book because he thinks that we preach the same doctrine. Why would he think that? Because most people don't have the ability to split these hairs.

Their mind tells them it’s the same doctrine, so it sounds the same to them. 

Now these beliefs in good and evil powers are a product of the carnal mind which can’t be subject to the law and harmony of God's nature. 

It's true that Satan must be controlled like a wild  ravaging beast, because she can’t be subjected to God's law, but the Scripture clearly teaches that the reciprocal powers of good and evil departed from right­eous Adam’s authority.        

On one hand the belief in good and evil powers isn’t a product of the carnal mind; that's the truth of God's Scripture.  But it's that carnal mind that can’t be subjected to the law and harmony of God's nature. We must therefore allow our minds to be renewed to understand these eternal truths.

This is true. God gave us a good exhortation on  the renewing of the mind earlier, but  I don’t know what the renewing of the mind means to this author.

We must not be deceived by the theology and philosophy of this world system. 

Well, that's true.

In other words, we must draw from all outer appearances and look beyond the veil of mortal sense.

That's true, also.

We have to come out of our carnal mind and look through Christ into the new and living way Jesus prepared for us. 

And the new and living way Jesus has prepared for us is Christ,  but what is our author’s definition of Christ? Let me read you this again,

We must not be deceived by the theology and philosophy of this world system. In other words we must withdraw from all outer appearances and look beyond the veil of mortal sense into the new and living way Jesus has prepared for us.

As far as I know, Christ is the new and living way, but what does our author think that this truth means?

For instance, Jesus said, I go to prepare a place for you. That where I am, you may be also, meaning He revealed the I Am as the abiding place and nature for Jew and Gentile alike. 

As far as I'm concerned, the place that Jesus prepared for us -- does anybody know what place Jesus prepared for us?  Where is our new home? The Mind of Christ.  Jesus prepared a new mind for our spirit, but our author says  that Jesus revealed the Spirit of the I Am -- meaning the Father, as the nature and abiding place for Jew and Gentile alike. 

Brethren, the Father isn’t the abiding place of man’s fallen nature. The whole point of Jehovah preparing a righteous mind for us, is that our sin nature would cause our personality [soul] to be consumed in the presence of Holy God. Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, covers our personality until our human spirit’s cleans­ed and renewed.

As I told you on the earlier message, this Jehovah only doctrine, is an antichrist doctrine that denies the Son. Our author can teach and preach whatever he wants to, but there is no way to enter into eternal life, but by the Son, because life is in the Son. Why?  Because God said so. You can say anything that you want to about me. You can deny this doctrine. You can talk your head off, but the provision that the Lord has made for our deliverance out of death and hell is the Son, and if you try to get in any other way, you will wind up in Satan’s spiritual world.

I hear them screaming, what do you mean?  Why can't we enter in by the I Am?  I am going to tell you what I say to small children, because.  Because. Why won't you explain it to me? Because you are not capable of understanding it in this hour, but this is the way it’s. Why must I go to bed at 8 o'clock, Mom? Because. Because if you don't, you will feel my wooden spoon on your behind. Because. Because the Father said so. Salvation isn’t in the I Am.  Salvation is in I Am’s Christ. You don't like it? I'm sorry. You have to go to the second grade before you go to the third grade. Why? Because. But I don't want that. I want to go directly into the third grade. You can't. Why not? Because. That, beloved, is the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Let me read you the previous sentence. 

Jesus revealed the I Am that the abiding place and the nature for Jew and Gentile alike is the I Am. 

You see, this doctrine denies that the man, Jesus, had something that the rest of mortal humanity doesn't have. What did Jesus have that the rest of mortal humanity doesn't have? Jesus had the Mind of Christ. Jesus could say, I am Jesus, the Christ, because He had the Mind of Christ.

This doctrine preaches that everybody is born with the potential to mature into Christ. That we need nothing from outside of ourselves, not even the seed of the Father, or the birth of the Son of God as our new mind. It teaches that Jesus was a man, just like us, who didn't have anything that we don’t have. He just ascended, or matured, or evolved, into a condition of sinlessness, without dealing with the sin nature that He inherited from His mother, without receiving the seed of the Father, without conceiving Christ within the spirit of His carnal mind, without bearing the manchild, and that we can do it too. All that you need to ascend, is to be born as a mortal man. That's the doctrine. That's what our is talking about. Let me read it to you again. 

Where I am, there ye may be also,

Meaning that,

Jesus revealed the I Am, the Father, as the abiding place and nature for Jew and Gentile.

Our author is saying that Jesus ascended into the Father without Christ Jesus, the mediator.

Now this beloved, is the message and the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven, and this gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven is a revelation of righteousness without thought pro­cess­ings. 

Our author is saying that the way to ascend into this place that Jesus has prepared for us, is without thought processings. Don't study the Word, brethren. Don't read your Bible. Don't meditate on it.  Don't seek for understanding.  Don't reason with God. Just open yourself up through silent listening, and you will ascend. That's what he is saying.

Now, I preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven, but the Scripture just says that Jesus preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. It’sn’t clear whether Jesus was talking about the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven.  He just says the kingdom, right? Jesus preach­ed the Gospel of the Kingdom, but I suggest to you that Jesus preached the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Why would I say that? Brethren,  why would Jesus be preaching the Kingdom of Heaven, when you can only enter into the Kingdom of Heaven after you first enter into the Kingdom of God. Why would Jesus be preaching step two before step one? Let me remind you what the difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven is.

The Kingdom of God is the Mind of Christ. The Kingdom of God, the place where God dwells, is in His Christ. Isn’t the place where God dwells in His Christ? Isn’t the Father in His Christ? The Kingdom that the Father dwells in is the Mind of Christ.  In man, the Father is in the Mind of Christ.

Now, if you look up the Kingdom of Heaven, in the Greek, it’s always, without exception, in the plural: The kingdom of the heavens.

The Kingdom of the Heavens is the binding together of the Mind of Christ to the carnal mind (Ps. 118:27). Christ begins to be formed in you, when you receive the seed of the Father.  This is the beginning of the Kingdom of God in you, who begins to wage war against your carnal mind, and bind her under His authority, so that you are no longer double minded, but a single minded, spiritual man.

Paul said, let your eye be single. Eye in the Scripture typifies soul, which is your personality.

You shouldn't have two personalities, and you shouldn't have two minds. You should be one whole man, with one mind, in the same way that the two eyes of your physical body function together as one eye. You don't see two images. You have two eyes, but you only see one image.

You have two minds, brethren, that should be functioning as one mind, but they are separated and at war with one another. Your two minds will function as one mind, only when the Mind of Christ, or the Kingdom of God, subjects your carnal mind, because the carnal mind is a military machine that is run by a criminal spirit. So the Kingdom of Heaven, or the Kingdom of the two heavens, is the state of being where your two minds are  functioning as one mind, under the dominion of Christ. 

Jesus said the Kingdom of God is where? The Kingdom of God is within you. So we see that it’s possible to have the Kingdom of God.   Did Jesus ever say that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you? No. The Kingdom of God is within you. Behold, I show you a mystery, the Kingdom of God is within you.

First you have to conceive the Kingdom of God. Then, when Christ matures, He will capture and subject your carnal mind, bind her to Himself, and paralyze her under the dominion of Christ Jesus, and you will become a perfect man. So, the Kingdom of Heaven is the mind of the perfect man.

Now it’s possible for an imperfect man, to have the Kingdom of God within you. The beginning stages of the Kingdom of God, that is,  Christ in you, is the beginning of the imparted anointing. The end of the imparted anointing is perfection, or a mind which is the Kingdom of Heaven. Is everybody okay?

The Kingdom of Heaven is a revelation of righteousness...

Well, that's true. The Kingdom of Heaven is perfect righteousness.

...Without thought processes.

Well, it’s true that when we are perfect, our thoughts will automatically be righteous. That's what full stature is. That's what the Kingdom of Heaven is. Righteousness appears in your thoughts, in your behavior, and in your life, without any effort. You will automatically have the righteous response. But you will still think when your mind is the Kingdom of Heaven. You will never stop thinking. Jesus thought and  reasoned, but with the mind of God.  Even in glorification you still think. Passivity is Satanic.

Our author’s definition of thought processes seems to be to reason, which means logical, analytical thought. It’s true that there is no logical, analytical thought as to what is right, or what is wrong, in the Kingdom of Heaven. Only right thoughts are present. But there is intelligence, thinking and the application of wisdom in the Kingdom of Heaven

So we no longer entertain these man made teachings for all appearances in this world testify to life and death or testify that there is such a thing as life and death, blessing and cursing, good and evil, and that beloved isn’t the Kingdom of God. 

Well that's true. Life and death, blessing and cursing, good and evil isn’t the Kingdom of God. That's fallen man’s carnal mind. Our author is saying, if you believe this teaching of life and death, blessing and cursing, good and evil, it will keep you out of the Kingdom of God. 

No brethren, these conditions are the reality of fallen man down here in hell.  They are a reality to us. They are in the Bible. These words come right out of the Book of Deuteronomy. Isn't that what the Lord said to us in the Book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 28? Choose ye this day between blessing and cursing, good and evil, life and death.  God said choose. This isn’t a man made teaching. It’s the reality of our fallen condition.

Yet, it’s true that these conditions are not in the Kingdom of God. That's why the Father sent His Son, so that the Kingdom of God should appear in us, so that we might escape from this condition of hell -- not by denying its existence, but by joining with the Son in His warfare against our own carnal mind.

Our author quotes Romans 14:17,

For the Kingdom of God isn’t meat and drink, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. 

This Scripture is saying that the Holy Ghost is spiritual, not carnal. There in no way to draw the conclusion that this world of blessing and cursing, good and evil, life and death isn’t real, from this Scripture. This is a false conclusion that has no sound basis. 

The fact that the Kingdom of God contains no evil, does not mean that the kingdom of darkness, which contains good and evil, doesn’t exist. So, once again, we see that the bottom line of this doctrine is, refuse to believe that this illusion is real, and it will disappear. 

Let’s go over this again. The concept of illusions disappearing when you don't believe them has a basis in truth. The example we have been using is our famous and beloved Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek series. In one of the episodes, well actually, we’re talking about the first episode, so our hero is Captain Pike, Kirk’s predecessor. Captain Pike is captured by aliens, who put him in a zoo. Our Captain tries to blast his way out with his faser, but the wall remains intact.

Now, somewhere along the line, Captain Pike, realizes that his cage in the zoo is an illusion erected by the aliens superior mind, and that he was no longer trapped, because he had really blasted a hole through the wall of  his cage.

Captain Pike had only to walk through the hole to escape, but did not, because the aliens recreated the illusion of an intact wall. Captain Pike could choose to believe the illusion of an intact wall and  stay in jail, or he could escape by walking through a hole that he couldn’t see, but which was really there, because his faser really did blast open the cage.

At first Captain Pike did not walk through, because he was convinced in his mind that the hole wasn't there. Had Captain Pike tried to walk through, what appeared to him to be a solid wall, he would have passed through to the other side. But he didn't try, because the illusion convinced him that the hole wasn't there. 

Do you understand this?  The teaching is that the way out of the cage was open, but the man didn't walk through because he was convinced that the opening was not there.

 Now, we are in a spiritual jail down here in hell, and who is our opening? The door out of the cage that we are in is Christ. Our author says that we can walk through the door to the spiritual world of all provision without Christ, but  are trapped down here in hell because we don’t see the open door. He says that we see the edge of our cage, which appears to be sealed, but the truth is that we can walk through the door whether we can see it or not. So don't believe what you see, just walk through.

Now, as soon as Captain Pike realizes that his phaser really blew the cage open, the illusion in his mind breaks down, and he sees the hole in his cage and walks through.

That is the teaching we’re dealing with, and this is the truth upon which it’s based:

All of humanity is trapped in a spiritual cage. The hole in the cage is Christ. Jesus is the Truth, and everything else is a lie, so it’s a lie that we are trapped in this world,  which is an illusion, and we have only to overcome the lie in our mind. 

But, you see, all of we puny humans are fallen under the power of Satan’s witchcraft and the subconscious part of our carnal mind, which has incarnated us, and only a mind that is more powerful than they are can break their illusion so that our personality can walk out of hell.

Our problem, brethren, is that we don't have a mind powerful enough to break the illusion, but there is a man who does.  His name is Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is the only man strong enough to blast His way out of here, and ascend above the illusionary power of Satan and the carnal mind.

Our mind isn’t strong enough to blast us out of hell but, whether we see it or not, we can walk through the hole that Jesus Christ blasted, IF Jesus’ door is inside of us.

The door out of hell is Christ Jesus in our heart, because He is the offspring of the very same Jesus who has already overcome the illusion of this fallen world, which is hell.

So, this anti­christ teaching tells the truth about our spiritual condition, but denies the only mind strong enough to deliver us from hell.  Can you hear me?  This is a message laced with truth, but if you follow it, you will die in your sins, because it denies the only person strong enough to break the illusion and manifest the true door to you. We are helpless to escape from hell in our own strength.

Now, you ask, who would promote a lie like this? What's the purpose of it? Brethren, the purpose of promoting this lie, is that we should stay in our sins.  Doctrines like this evolve because  the pride of man refuses to confess that he has a sin nature. You see, before you can go through the door, the door has to be inside of you, and to get the door inside of you, you have to confess that you have a sin nature.

The pride of man refuses to confess his sins, so he corrupts the doctrine, and this corrupt doctrine, sounds good to him. It sounds wonderful because it tickles the ears, but you will die, brethren, if you follow it, because you can't get through a door that you don't have.

The door isn’t outside of you, brethren, spiritual things are with­in. The door is inside of you.  To enter into God’s Spirit, you must go in. We were talking about that earlier today. You have to have the door inside of you if you if you want to enter the world of God's Spirit. You can talk about it all you want. You can sing about it, you can play messages, you can rejoice, but if you don't have the door, you can’t get in. 

So this doctrine is an abomination, and a blasphemy. The difference between my doctrine and this doctrine isn’t a difference of opinion. This doctrine is a blasphemy because if you follow it, it deprives you of what you need to get the door inside of you. It’s a doctrine that cuts off your salvation. 

You see, it isn’t important whether you believe that the locusts of Revelation 9, that I mentioned earlier, are the sons of God. I heard a few manifestations in the Spirit when I spoke about them. You don't have to believe that, if you don't want to. I believe that the locusts are the sons of God, but it's not a heresy if it turns out to be untrue. It's not a blasphemy if I teach that the locusts of Revelation 9 are the sons of God and it’s not true, because I haven’t deprived you of your salvation. A doctrine that teaches against the very vehicle of your salvation, is a damnable heresy.  Does anybody not understand the difference?  A doctrine that denies the Father and the Son, a doctrine that denies the true Christ, is a damnable heresy, because it steals your spiritual life. 

In God's kingdom, there is then no power operating to destroy or overcome evil. 

We have already established that the Mind of Christ is the Kingdom of God. The whole purpose of Christ Jesus’  mediatorship is to establish a stable threshold for escape from this fallen world, which is hell, by over­coming and destroying the evil carnal mind.

There is no power operating to destroy or overcome evil or to heal. 

Matt. 8:7- And Jesus saith unto him, I will come and heal him.

Matt 10:1- And...he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.

Matt 10:5,8 These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils.

Mark 3:14-15- And he ordained twelve...to have power to heal sicknesses, and to cast out devils.

Luke 5:17- And it came to pass on a certain day, as he was teaching...and the power of the Lord was present to heal them.

Acts 4:30- By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus.

Need I say more?

But God's kingdom is already all of these providing your very need, but not if you pray, beg or work for it.  God can’t and isn’t subject to you in any way at all while you have a sense of duality.

Our author is saying that we are automatically healed of every­thing when our consciousness abides in the singular Kingdom of God, but healed of nothing when we abide in the dual kingdom of good and evil.

Now, we have a problem with definitions here, which must be clarified if we are to accurately compare our two doctrines on this point.

Our author’s definition of the Kingdom of God is singularity, that is, living out of only one mind that he calls Christ, but which, in fact, is the unregen­erat­ed human spirit  joined to Satan, the dynamic energy sea, which is the unconscious part of our carnal mind.

The Scriptural definition of the Kingdom of God is the Mind of Christ which has not yet overcome the carnal mind and, thus, exists in a temporary state of duality until He subjects her.

The Kingdom of Heaven, God’s singular mind, is the Kingdom of God so fully restraining the carnal mind, that her reprobate thoughts are completely silenced.

So we see that our author’s concept of singularity is the by-pass­ing of the dual lower functions of the carnal mind [good and evil] so that we can live out of her higher, unconscious part, the one our author call’s I, which is Satan,  the god of this world.

But the Scriptural concept of singularity, is the by-pass­ing of all of the functions of the carnal mind, the conscious good and evil part, and Satan, the unconscious part, so that we can ascend into the right­eous Kingdom of God.

So, we see that there is a false kingdom of god, and a true Kingdom of God, which is established in righteousness. Both kingdoms are capable of healing us and providing our every need, but only the true Kingdom of God, which is established upon Jesus Christ’s righteousness, can impart true immortality.

...But not if you pray, beg or work for it. God can’t and isn’t subject to you in any way at all while you have a sense of duality.

There is an imputed anointing and an imparted anointing. The imputed anointing is given without repentance. The imparted anointing is the righteous Mind of Christ which increases as we confess the sins of our fallen nature, and repent.

The imparted anointing heals us and meets our every need, but prayer is required to activate the imputed anointing.

So we see that not only does our author treat two diverse anoint­ings alike, but he also confuses the kingdom of Satan, the god of this world, with the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the God of all.

God can’t and isn’t subject to you in any way at all while you have a sense of duality.

God is sovereign and, is therefore, neither subject to anyone in any way, nor obligated to fulfill any Scripture in any individual’s life, unless He personally promises to do so.

On the other hand, God, because He is sovereign, can heal any one, any time that He wants to, even prostitutes, drug addicts and people who have a sense of duality.

My Bible says that while we were yet sinners, while we were still in our sins, God came to us. I was dwelling in the duality [good and evil] of my carnal mind, and God came to me, and showed me the way out of my trouble.

This doctrine is saying that you have to ascend out of your low spiritual condition, before you can receive the blessings of God.  Can you hear this? Our author is saying that you have to ascend out of your weak spiritual condition under your own power before God will even talk to you.

Brethren, I hear this attitude a lot from people who come out of the Roman Catholic Church.  I can't receive the blessings of God. I'm not clean. I did this sin yesterday. I still do this sin.  God wouldn't want to bother with me in this condition. I have to clean myself up before God can bless me.

Is that not true, all you ex-Catholics?

Brethren, you will never clean yourself up. You don't have soap strong enough to clean yourself up. God receives us in our filth, and He cleans us up. We will never get out of here, if we continue to try to clean ourselves up, because we can't do it ourselves. This Pharisee spirit’s in all the churches.

At least they have confession in the Catholic Church. If you messed up yesterday, you confess your sins, say a few Hail Mary's and feel clean. But in the Pentecostal Church they don’t even have that. 

Now don't anybody lay hold of my words. I'm not saying that  Roman Catholic confession is a good thing.  I am not pro Roman Catholic confession. I am trying to make a point.

Neither Roman Catholic confession, nor any other kind of confession  can  cleanse your spirit or your soul [personality]. Our spirit’s cleansed through union with the Son of God, and our mind is washed with the water of the Word.

Not the printed word in a book called the Bible, brethren, but the water of the Living Word of God, which is Christ Jesus in you. Our carnal mind is cleansed when Christ, our righteous mind, covers her over and shuts her mouth.

The Holy Spirit joins with the spirit of our carnal mind, and raises up Christ, who gives us the power to think and behave righteously. That's how He cleanses us, brethren.  Jesus! 

Jesus revealed a kingdom within you where you and the Father are one.

We are not yet one with either the kingdom of darkness, or the Kingdom of the one true God. Oneness with God is a condition of spiritual maturity known as resurrection.

There is a resurrection of the just, and a resurrection of the damned. Marriage to Christ Jesus is the resurrection of the just, and marriage to the Serpent is the resurrection of the damned.

To say that the kingdom is both within us, and one with us, is a contradiction of terms. For something to be within you, it must be separate from you, but to be one with something, means to be completely mixed and intermingled with it.

So behold, I show you a mystery. The Kingdom of God is being formed within us, but we must pierce into it before we can live out of it. 

The only kingdom that has always been in us is the kingdom of darkness. The Kingdom of the righteous God must be added to us. It’s true, though, that Jesus’ righteous mind reveals the kingdom of darkness.

Where all supply is yours,  That beloved, is the only reality principle which is upholding your universe.

We are living in a dual universe, brethren. The Kingdom of the one true God is within the kingdom of darkness, like the pit that is inside of a peach.

Two realities, or foundations,  exist today, one eternal and the other temporary. From the eternal point of view, the temporary reality isn’t a reality, but a lie, because it has no power over those who abide above it. But this temporary reality is the only reality for the inmates of the hellish time line who lack the true Christ, the only doorway to eternity.

The hellish time line is a counterfeit immortal foundation, and those who build on it will ascend into Satan’s spiritual world, and abide there until Christ Jesus covers its sun with sackcloth, and its moon with blood, and rolls it up into a ball.

But those who build their house on the Rock and walk through the door into the golden time line, will live forever because of Christ Jesus.


Remember the teaching now.  You have two minds which gives you have a choice as to which mind you will think with. It’s easy to think with your carnal mind, that comes naturally, but to think with your Christ mind, which is the Kingdom of God, requires a warfare.

What must you do to your carnal mind to access the Mind of Christ? The scriptural term is wound her. You have to wound her.

The Scripture says that the angel, meaning Christ, wounded John's carnal mind, and he ascended into his Christ Mind to receive revelation. Daniel had the same experience.

So, even though the Kingdom of God is within us, we are not automatically one with the Father. We must pierce into Christ Jesus.

COMMENT: How do we pierce into Christ Jesus?

PASTOR VITALE: We pierce into Him by desiring Him with our mind.  The Scripture says, if you believe in me, you will have eternal life. But in the Greek it says, if you believe INTO me.

We believe with our spirit, which reaches out to the Holy Spirit, and joins with Him to form Christ. Then, as our consciousness ascends into Christ, we reach out for Jesus, who is above. 

We are  joined to God gradually, as we think of Him with our mind and desire Him with our heart, which separates us from Satan and our carnal mind. You have to seek Him where He is. You have to go into His kingdom to find Him. You have to mediate on the Word, submit yourself to spiritual meetings and cleansings, and whatever other experiences He calls you to. That's how you do it. That's how you pierce Him.

You pant after Him, by reading about the promises,  believing them, and desiring them. You bang on His spiritual door to get them, with loud wailing and tears. That's how you pierce into Him.

Don't believe this false doctrine. Piercing through is an activity of the mind, and the spirit that you commune with through silent listening, brethren, is Satan.

You’re supposed to be communing with Jesus Christ, by actively pursuing Him with your mind, desiring Him, wanting Him, talking to Him, asking Him questions, listening to messages, reading your Bible, speaking with other anointed believers about Him,

 We were talking earlier about how painful it can be when God starts crushing your emotional [soul] life to draw you closer to Him. And I told you, then, that, as painful as this crushing is, eventual­ly you come up on the other side. There is a reversal in your life.

You now embrace the loneliness that caused you such pain, because you have discovered intimacy with Christ Jesus in the silence. Your whole life flips around. Where studying the Word, caused you painful anxiety, now it produces your greatest moments of peace.

The piercing through is into His life. Your world turns upside down when your spirit pierces through into His life.  So press in until you pierce Him, and begin to obtain peace from the things of God. God wants to be the source of all of your pleasure.  Does anybody understand what I am talking about?

Now, your carnal mind isn’t going to walk into that place. She doesn't want you piercing into Christ Jesus at all, but will try to stop you on every turn.

Now the warfare continues after you pierce through, because there are many piercings through. You pierce through, and you pierce through deeper, and you keep piercing through. But it’s that initial piercing through that breaks the sound barrier. It’s very very hard, but can be done in Christ. 

COMMENT:  Some people focus on Christ in another person by holding their hand and praising Jesus in that person. What do you think about that? I think we need to see Christ when He is manifesting in a person, but this is different. 

PASTOR VITALE: No one is receiving worship in this hour, not even when Christ is manifesting in a person. We recognize Christ in a person by acknowledging a word of knowledge or the Spirit of Counsel.  I wouldn't let you worship me if there was a full manifestation of Christ flowing through me, because mortal men shouldn’t receive worship.

To praise Jesus in another person is totally out of order. The angel clearly told John, don't worship me, worship God. Jesus received worship when He was in full stature, when His carnal mind was covered over, when God was fully manifested in Him one hundred percent of the time.

COMMENT: Don’t we worship Christ, the God in the midst of us in us, or do we worship the God that is outside of us?

PASTOR VITALE: No, Jesus Christ is within. The problem with this teaching that you worship the God in the midst of you is that no  matter what words these people say, the truth is that they are worshiping them­selves. 

We worship the Father in the Name, or the Spirit, of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our worship is to be directed towards the glorified Jesus Christ, who can never die.

In this hour, the glorified Jesus Christ is raising up seed. That means He is reproducing Himself in  mortal men.

The Mind of Christ in a mortal man is the Son of the glorified Jesus Christ, who has the potential to be everything that His Father is, but he is still a very young prince who is capable of dying. Christ in a mortal man can spontaneously abort.

This is the rule, brethren: We worship the glorified Jesus Christ, the one who can no longer die. We don’t worship the Mind of Christ that is being raised up in the midst of us, because he can die.

COMMENT: Can you give an example of the carnal mind being paralyzed, and how it’s going to happen.

PASTOR VITALE: The Mind of Christ wounds the carnal mind, knocks  her down and treads her under his feet until, one day, she doesn't get up anymore.

COMMENT: Is this the same as when the spider stings his prey to paralyze it?

PASTOR VITALE: The scorpion’s sting is a symbolic, parable-type description of what will take many years. It sounds to our carnal mind like there will be only one sting, but that's not true. There will be one repetitive sting, a continuous sting, going on and on over a long period of time. This isn’t clear in the parable of the locusts. 

But actually, in Revelation 9 it says; and the locust had a sting which sting was like unto the scorpions who sting men.  So it doesn't really say how many times we will be stung, but our carnal mind draws many conclusions. The truth of the matter is that Christ begins to sting our carnal mind as soon as he is conceived in our heart.

COMMENT: Is it an abomina­tion for the people worshiping God in men, because they think they are already in perfection? 

PASTOR VITALE: I don't know if they think they are in perfection, but they think that they are God in their fallen condition. Yes, it’s pride.  It’s also witchcraft and deception.

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