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We are continuing with the Secret of Life, Right Identification series. 

Is the secret of life, right identification?  Do we enter into an unending life by recognizing that we have a potential for it within ourselves? This is the root of this teaching that every man is born with the potential for unending life and, as soon as we can believe it, we shall enter into it. 

I understand this doctrine to be preaching mind control. I understand this doctrine to be saying that as we cleanse our mind of wrong thinking we shall enter into everlasting life.  It is my understanding that this is in direct contradiction to the Scripture which tells me that something must be added to me for me to enter into everlasting life. What must be added to me is that glorified life of the Lord Jesus Christ, and without the addition of His life to me, I shall die, and this entire human race shall continue to die, until His glorified life is reproduced in the many members of humanity.

I disagree that it is a matter of understanding or remembering who I am which will produce eternal life, and I believe that it is through the renewing of our minds that we shall enter into everlasting life, and that the vehicle by which our minds shall be renewed is that glorified Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

The teaching here is that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was merely the first man who ascended in his own mind through recognizing who he was. That he was crucified because he dared to say that he was entering into eternal life, because he remembered that his potential for life was in identifying with that which was in him from the beginning.

So we see a denial here of Jesus’ sacrificial death, and that he died because wicked men were jealous. The Scripture says He was offered up for envy. Jesus also said, no man can take my life.

The reason He gave up His life was that in His condition as a flesh man, He could only help humanity by healing and delivering people who would die again after a season on this earth. But in His condition of resurrected glorified Spirit, He is pouring out upon all flesh, in a form by which He can reproduce His unending life in the many members of humanity.

Now you heard me mention this earlier in the exhortation.  This is a very important point, brethren. Our God, the Father, the author of creation, has determined that in order to accomplish certain things, He must be in a particular form; God is one Spirit, who manifests Himself in many administrations. 

It is His law; it is His determination that our salvation is in the form of Christ in the midst of us, and not in the form of the Spirit of Jehovah. So if you have a relationship with Jehovah, only, your soul [personality] cannot be saved. Why? Because the Living God has said, for your soul to be saved, you must have a relationship with the form of Himself that He has designed to save you, and the name of that form is? Christ! 

So I'm not splitting hairs and I'm not being picky. God has ordained it.

The example that I use is quite simply this; ladies, you cannot get pregnant by kissing.  That will not do it. You must follow the law of this physical world system if you desire to conceive a child.

Now there was a science fiction writer who wrote a book not too long ago, where two aliens from another planet had relationships of deep passion by each one of them touching the five fingers of his hand to the five fingers of the other one’s hand. It was meant to be funny, but that was how he wrote the book. 

Ladies, you can touch hands with as many men as you want.  You will not get pregnant. If you want to conceive a child you must follow the laws of this world system. And if you want to enter into a condition where­by you will no longer die, you must follow the spiritual law of Christ, because all life is in the Son, and there is no true life down here in the realm of death. 

So writers can appear everywhere; writers preaching this false doctrine can write until their hands are tired, but there is no way that the life of the ages will appear in them unless they follow the rules of life.  Okay?  Glory to God! 

And also by way of review, let me clarify that when this writer speaks about the "I" or the "I Am", he is clearly speaking about the god which is in him from birth. He is not giving any power to a god outside of himself.  He is giving power to the god which is already within him, and the name of that god is Satan, the spirit in his carnal mind. 

The carnal mind is the high priestess of the god of this world, Satan. Christ is the high priest of the Father God. Amen. Glory to God! 

Our author quotes Romans 14:17 which says, “for the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.” He takes this Scripture and translates it to say,

“In God's Kingdom there is no power operating to destroy or overcome evil.”

He is saying that the Kingdom of God does not interact with this world. That's what he is saying. 

Now in a recent message, I looked up this Scripture in the Interlinear and I found out that the King James translation is not an accurate translation of this Scripture, which is really saying, “the Kingdom of God is not in carnal things, but it is in righteousness.” Let’s open to that Scripture, because the next verse is very important.

Romans 14:17 and 18; “For the Kingdom of God is not in meat and drink, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.”  Verse 18; “For He that in these things, righteousness, peace and joy serves Christ [so there is a service] for he that serves Christ in these things is acceptable to God and approved of men.” 

So he who does the work that produces righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost, is acceptable to God.  To say, then, that there is no power operating to destroy or overcome evil in God's Kingdom, is a fallacy.

Now the whole trend of thinking in this man's teaching is that God is not operating in this world system.

“God is neither good nor is God evil, but God is above the good and evil of this world.” 

Now there is a truth in that.  The Father God is above the good or evil, or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, of this world. But God's people, which is God's wife, is trapped down here in this pit called hell. God loves us and wants to help us, not only down here in hell, but He wants to translate us out of hell. He has given us His Son and His Son is a mind, the mind of Christ. And the mind of Christ is actively involved with the good and evil in this world system. The mind of Christ is actively involved in dealing with the good and evil, or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is the carnal mind.

What this author doesn't seem to understand is that the Kingdom of God is the very mind of Christ.  But when he says “the mind of Christ,” he is referring to the high spiritual realm where the Father is. He is saying that it is possible to live out of that high spiritual realm where the Father is, and not engage in any of the good or evil in this world. What he is teaching is that if you just stop trying to meet  your own needs, if you just meditate and open yourself to the direction of the god that you were born with, he will completely direct and rule your life and provide your every need. 

But brethren, we are a fallen creation. The god we are born with has a name and that name is Satan. I have no intention of opening myself to her through meditation so that she can rule and direct my life. I am blessed to have the mind of Christ, the righteous force that is INVADING this world system, and ruling my life. And I want to tell you, to have the mind of Christ ruling your life, you have to war against the carnal mind every day, every step of every step you take, every day, because the god that I was born with, through her high priestess the carnal mind, does not want Christ ruling my life. Now, if I sit back and relax, and go into passivity, through the open, emptying out type of meditation that he speaks about, I know that I will meet Satan, the god who is trying to rule my life through the carnal mind. I know that if I want the Father to rule my mind through Christ, I must war every minute of every hour, of every day against the carnal mind.

So bear in mind, any form of passivity or cessation of spiritual warfare on any level means you have given yourself over to Satan in that measure. Everything that Christ does in this world, He must fight to do.  Christ is the invading force in this world system.  He is like a virus invading your body and all of the negative anti-bodies of this world system are risen up to kill Him. I'm telling you the truth. 

So whether this man knows it or not, he is quoting Scripture, but he is preaching the worship of Satan. He is preaching the worship of the god of this world.  In God's Kingdom, in the high realm of the Spirit, which is the unconscious mind, he is saying

“There is no power operating to destroy or overcome evil.”

Well, that's not even true. There is heavy power operating to destroy coming out of the unconscious mind of men, but Christ is in the earth to overcome that destruction. Every psychiatrist knows, and all kinds of books are written about the destructive powers of the unconscious mind.

If Christ is not in your life, the significant amount of negative influence that our unconscious mind has on our lives is almost frightening. The average person does things and makes decisions, and doesn't even know why he does it. We would say in Christ that he does it based on the family line curses that are operating in his mind. Some people get married based on family line curses and that is the truth.

“In God's Kingdom there is no power operating to destroy or overcome evil, to hear or to heal. All of these is already providing your need, but not if you pray, beg or work for it. God cannot and is not subject to you in any way at all while you have a sense of duality.”

 That means, he says,

“While you are not living a hundred percent out of this high realm of the spirit, God has no commitment to you.”

That's what he is saying.  But that's not what my Bible says. My Bible says, make your petitions known.  My Bible says you have not because you ask not.

So once again, we find the author of this book trying to apply the conditions of a spiritually mature person to this fallen creation.  I believe that you don't have to pray to get your needs met in full stature. Our author is speaking about is a condition that could be likened to full stature. All of your needs are provided automatically. But breth­ren, we are not in full stature. 

This is my biggest argument with this teaching. I mentioned it on the last message. What about the people who are where we are now? What about the people who need healing? What about the people who need deliverance?  What about the people who need ministry? What can we do with them while they are just sitting here waiting to ascend into this high lofty condition? 

I witnessed this teaching in another church that the Lord sent me to, as a witness, for a brief season.  In the middle of a service one day, a highly demonized woman walk­ed up to the front of the church and she asked for prayer, and the pastor told her to go sit down. He wouldn't pray for her. Go and sit in the service and let the god which is your unconscious mind flow forth and meet your every need.

Brethren, this is an abomination that it exists in varying degrees throughout the kingdom church. I look forward to the day that every healing that I need comes forth from within me. Now I get a lot of healings automatically. I get some healings in the service and sometimes I pray for myself and I get healed, but I want to tell you that if I pray for myself once or twice and I don't get healed, I ask the group to pray for me.

There is something terribly wrong with this doctrine. It is telling people if you have any needs, it is too bad.  And there is no instruction for the people. “Just read my books and listen to my tapes” he suggests,  and wait until you ascend into full stature, and then all your needs will be met. In fact that is what he is teaching.  I read ahead in this pamphlet and that is what he is preaching; that we are to expect no change until we enter in. 

“Jesus revealed a kingdom within you where all supply is yours, where you and the Father are one.” 

Well that's true. But first the kingdom has to be planted in us. Then the kingdom has to grow in us, and then we have to join with the kingdom. It is called a marriage. First of all how do we get to that place? He gives no instruction at all as to how to get to that place. And what do we do until we get there? There is no instruction. He says later on that it is just a question of studying these messages until we get it straight in our minds. But there is no ministry for the people while you are waiting, according to this teaching.

“Jesus revealed the kingdom within you where all supply is yours where you and the Father are one and that, beloved, is the only reality principle which is upholding your universe.”

Except that we are not one with the Father at this time.  Right now, we are one with Satan and the carnal mind.

“However, only those who are redeemed from the earth realm can see the kingdom and sing the song of God.” 

But Jesus said, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, EXCEPT A MAN BE BORN AGAIN, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3).

Now listen to this, 

“In this realm of the kingdom, all that the Father is, is mine and all that God is, I am.”

 He is saying that, in our fallen condition, we are god.  This is the doctrine that turns the fundamental Church away from us. They hear that there is a group that preaches the kingdom message, and they think that we are preaching that we are gods now, in our fallen condition.  Then they come against us because it is, in fact, blasphemy. But we don't preach that here. 

So he says he is everything now. He says he knows everything and that he is

“Omniscient, omnipotent, all powerful and omni­active in his true being, and not subject to the laws of this world.” 

I don't know about you, but if I jump out of the window, I am going to break a bone. I'm subject to the laws of this world. You see, this message is an intellectual message that is not operating in the spiritual reality of our life. I told you years ago when I first heard this message -- and I heard it from a man that is highly respected in the church world -- I was having severe anxiety attacks, and saying what I am saying now, “What is he talking about?”  How do I live my life? How do I get help?  How do I get through? How do I get to this place? There is no instruction at all how you get to that place.

It is a dead message. It is a barren word. It is a word that does not have the ability to produce life in you. It sounds good. It sounds wonderful. It tickles your ears, but it has no power to produce life in you.

“Beloved, we need no God power to make us that, to make us omniscient, omnipotent and omniactive, for we are already the sons of God and before Abraham was, I am that son.  The secret of the kingdom of God is the word “I” and Jesus revealed this mystery by saying I am come that you may have life and have it more abundantly for this is the purpose of I."

He means that “I” is this unconscious realm, meaning Satan.

“This is the purpose of [Satan], to live the life of God through you and as you...”

Now brethren, this is true.  It is Satan's intention to live his life through us, and as us.  And she is calling herself God. Only the pride of man could buy this doctrine. 

Brethren, we can't do it without Jesus. We will never attain to everlasting life without Jesus, and not only that, but this Pharasitical doctrine is cutting off the Kingdom of God, and has prevented all the people that believe it from entering in.  Not only do the teachers not enter in, but the students don't enter in either. Do you hear this? It is a message of glory, but there is no vehicle for the people to obtain that glory. 

Do you realize that Israel had the message of glory, but not the vehicle to get there -- to get where?  to get to everlasting life . The mind of Christ, did not prevail over their sin nature because of disobedience. They failed to confess their sin nature, but rather chose to believe they were justified by the works of the law.

Israel’s function in God's plan was what?  What was the function of natural Israel? What was their primary function? To bring forth Messiah! To bring forth the man who would overcome his sin nature, give up His unending life, and be raised from the dead and converted into spirit form, so that Christ could be raised from the dead in of all the peoples of the world.  That was Israel’s primary purpose.

So Israel paid the price for their pride. The wages that our sin nature pays us for honoring her is death. They heard the Word of glory, but it was a barren word that had no power to reproduce the life of God in the individual Hebrew, because they refused to sacrifice their sin nature.

This is the message that is being preached here. If you have listened to the earlier messages, you’ve heard me tell you that this is a Jehovah Only message. Even if you ignore the facts that the god he is really talking about is Satan, and that he is not preaching the true Christ, this is still a “Jehovah Only” message.

It's the message of the God of the Jews today, and the God of the Jehovah Witnesses. It is all one God, you see. But they are worshiping God in a form that is not designed, and therefore powerless, to impart everlasting life. Now I hear the Pharisees screaming, what do you mean God has no power? 

It is Jehovah’s decision that everlasting life should be imparted to us only through the Son. Life is in the Son. It is Jehovah’s judicial decision that there is no everlasting life for us in a relationship with Jehovah. Life is in Jehovah’s Christ. You can teach and write and preach all you want, but you are never going to enter into eternal life when your relationship is with Jehovah only. 

So this man is preaching a barren word. There is death in this pot. Let’s read this paragraph again. 

“The secret of the Kingdom of God is the word I...”

Meaning the unconscious mind, which I believe is Satan.

“....and Jesus revealed this mystery by saying I am come....”

By saying Satan is come in me and that Satan is come, to mankind,

“...that you may have life and that you may have it more abundantly, for this is the purpose of Satan, to live his life through you, and as you. For revealing this revelation the Master was crucified.” 

Now please note that he calls Jesus a master. I suggest to you that this man is preaching the Doctrine of the Ascended Masters.  He is preaching a doctrine that says that fallen man was born with an ability to evolve into a condition that we would call full stature, which is immortality, and become givers of gifts to all humanity that is on a lower plane.

But the bottom line is, let me say it again, the teaching is that fallen man has the potential within himself to evolve into Jehovah’s immortality, and this is untrue.

Fallen man does, however, have the potential to evolve into Satan’s immortality. To say that fallen man can attain to Jehovah’s immortality without Christ being raised, is like saying, ladies, your ovaries are filled with eggs that give you the potential to bring forth a child without a male seed.  That's what he is saying.  That's the doctrine of the Ascended Masters. 

I know that Jesus was called Master in the Scripture, but I suggest to you that the implication of the word “Master” in this book is the Doctrine of the Ascended Masters; that man, himself, without the addition of God as Saviour in the midst of him, has the ability to evolve into a condition not only of everlasting life, but a condition of benevolent everlasting life -- righteousness, everlasting life with righteousness.

But I want to tell you that absolute power, which is what he is speaking about, corrupts absolutely. History has proven itself over and over and over and over again. You give absolute power to a fallen man and he becomes corrupted, and corrupts everything that he touches. He does not do good. He brings destruction into the world. And that is why natural Israel with the high anointing that they had could not enter in to the high realms of the Spirit: because they had power, but they were still fallen men. And fallen men are unrighteous.

That is why the Church today with its imputed anointing, has only limited power, because they are still fallen, unrighteous men, who are under grace. The unlimited power of God without measure will only be seen in those who have been converted from death unto life, and whose state of being is righteousness. Righteousness produces power with. 

“For revealing this revelation...”

This revelation that man doesn't need righteousness, that of himself he can evolve into a position of high spiritual power,

“...for this reason the Master was crucified.” 

I declare unto you that the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified so that He could be raised from the dead in a form whereby He could pour out of His Spirit upon all of humanity at one time, so that the whole world might be saved. He was sacrificed for us. “Had they only known, they never would have crucified the Lord of Glory. “ Had they only known that they were doing the Lord's work, they would have never done it.

I declare to you that Jesus was not crucified because He brought the message of man's own potential to become God. He was crucified because wicked men envied the Father's blessing upon Him.  They crucified Him because they were envious that the people loved Him, that the people followed after Him, that the people sought Him. And what they sought in Him, was the power of God. 

“Beloved, we are not sinners saved by grace as the Church in general believes. No, no, no, Jesus, through what is called physical death..”.

He is speaking about the death of this body,

“...destroyed the earth realm or the dust man...”

He is talking about this physical body,

“...which represents the principalities and powers of this world of shadows. Paul also called it the body of sin.”

Well, there is some truth in what he is saying. Jesus destroyed both the body and the carnal mind when He was crucified.  But what he is really saying here is that we are not sinners saved by grace. You see, the whole point is that this teaching is denying the mind of Christ. If Jesus did not have the mind of Christ when His physical body and the carnal mind were destroyed, there would have been nothing for the Father to raise from the dead. 

You may recall that the mind of Christ was raised from the dead in the man Jesus before He was crucified. This very important issue is discussed in our series on the Christ. Let's review that. 

Jesus was a natural man, born of a woman. He had a physical body, a fallen body, and He had a carnal mind that He inherited from His mother. He had everything that we have, but He had one additional thing that we are not born with. Does anyone remember what that was?  He was born with the seed of Christ. His human spirit was fertilized. The Holy Spirit that hovered over Mary and impregnated her, also joined with the human spirit of the fertilized ovum, and Christ began to be formed in the embryonic Jesus.

Now let me remind you that Christ is the resurrected Adam, so the mind of Christ, Adam, was in the creation at the beginning of time.  Christ [Adam] died when the serpent killed him. Christ [Adam] is the Son of God. A mind is born in mortal man when the seed of the Father God joins with the seed of the woman, which flows in the human spirit. They have an offspring and that offspring is a mind: The Mind of Christ.

Christ [Adam] at the beginning of time was formed by the union of the Father, God, and Elohim’s breath, which is presently the spirit that is in mortal man, the human spirit. The Christ mind [Adam] was killed by the serpent's mind,  and the skeleton of the Christ mind -- where is the skeleton of the Christ mind in this hour?  The human spirit, the human spirit in each man, is a bone of the skeleton of the Christ mind that died, as typified by the Lord saying to the prophet Ezekiel, “prophesy to these bones and tell them to live again.” Brethren, man’s collective human spirit is the skeleton of the dead Christ [Adam].

When the Father comes to raise His son from the dead, He is coming as the Spirit of Christ, to the virile seed [Holy Spirit] that has joined Himself to your human spirit (Job 14:9), to raise Christ [Adam] from the dead.  The union of the Father [Spirit of Christ] and the seed that is in the woman [Holy Spirit] raises up Christ [Adam], the Son of God. 

Jesus was a man, just like you and me, except that He was born with a fertilized human spirit, that is, a human spirit in which Jehovah’s virile seed was flowing, the seed of Christ. Jesus grew in grace and wisdom, was educated and had overcoming experiences, and, at some point, around thirty years of age, He stood up in full stature. That mind of Christ in Him stood up in full maturity, put that carnal mind under Him, and brought the whole man into submission to the Spirit of Holiness. 

Christ, the Son of God, the mind of Christ, was raised from the dead in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, at His water baptism, and joined with the Spirit of Elijah who was above in Jehovah’s eternal world.

These two, the mind of Christ in the earth of the man, Jesus, and the Spirit of Elijah who is above, together called Christ Jesus, crucified Jesus’ carnal mind.  So when the physical body of the man, Jesus, died, and the carnal mind of the man, Jesus, died, the only thing that was left, was the new man, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man.

The soul [personality] is a reflection of the mind ruling over it. The only part of Jesus, who was born of a woman, that lived, was the mind of Christ that was raised in his human spirit.

The Father looked down at that mess hanging on the cross, or in the tomb, saw His Son, Christ [Adam], and Christ Jesus, the whole new man, rose from the dead.  So if the mind of Christ in the man, Jesus, hadn’t first risen from the dead (1 Cor. 15:4), the whole man, Christ Jesus, would not have risen either (Mark 16:6).

Now, we find this teaching essential, if we are to understand the doctrine that we are analyz­ing here. What this man says is true. Jesus destroyed the earth realm, or the dust man, but the fact is that if Jesus didn't have the mind of Christ, there would have been nothing left of Him to rise from the dead.

“Beloved, when Jesus said, I am come that you may have life, He was not speaking as a Hebrew rabbi, but He spoke as God, revealing the true substance and nature of all living form.”

 What He is saying is that the true substance of all living form in nature, is Satan. Listen to this.

“I, then is the only activity of the entire universe and beside I, no other god is formed.” 

Now when a god is formed, he looks like a man.  Jesus said, “I am the shape of the Father.” We are the form of God. God is invisible. He has no form or shape. The primary purpose of this creation is that God should be formed. It's like putting water inside of a glass to give form to the water. 

Our author is saying here, brethren, that

I, the unconscious mind of man [which we know to be Satan], is the only activity of the entire universe, and beside I, there is no other god formed.”

But my Bible says, “he who denies that Christ is come in the flesh is an antichrist.” There is another God formed. His name is Christ. Is everybody following me? Our author is totally denying the Father and the Son.

“Beloved, when Jesus said I am come that you may have life, He was not speaking as a Hebrew rabbi, but as God, and He was revealing the true substance and nature of all living form.”

So once again, he is denying that something was added to this man, Jesus, and proclaiming that Jesus, by His own will power, evolved to a high state of being.

“Once we realize what the gospel is...”

Now listen, this is all mind power,

“Once we realize what the gospel is, we receive illumination, for in the gospel, the righteousness of God...”

He is saying that the righteousness of God is in the gospel, but the gospel is a message.  Brethren, there is no righteousness in this book. Righteousness is in the Logos, the Living Word. For you to be righteous, that Living Word has to be in you. This book will instruct you in righteousness, but it cannot make you righteous.  So now check out this mind power that he is preaching.

“Once we realize what the gospel is, we receive illumination, for the gospel is the righteousness of God without the working of cosmic law.” 

Cosmic law is speaking about the orderly, harmonious whole. The cosmos. He is speaking about the spiritual laws of this world system.

“For once we realize what the gospel is, we receive illumination, for in the gospel, the righteousness of God without the working of cosmic law...”

Without the spiritual law,

“... is revealed as the only power delivering all men and women from the temporal power of mistaken identity.”

He is saying that our problem is mistaken identity. We think that we are fallen, but we really are not. He is speaking about illusion. He is saying that our condition is an illusion. Yes, our condition is an illusion, but because we are fallen, we are trapped in this illusion and we will never get out unless we are energized by a higher life form, and the name of that higher life form is Christ, the only way out.

He is the door. Did you ever wonder what He is the door to?  He is the doorway that connects this fallen world to the spiritual world, the garden if you will, that is in Jehovah’s world. 

Years ago my friend and I  visited England and, of course, although they speak English, they have different expressions than we do. They don't say “exit” over there, they say “way out.” Now at the time, it was a common expression in the United States to say something is “way out,” meaning, “unusual,” “far out.” We just had a big laugh every time we passed a highway or an exit and the sign said “way out.” Sometimes things just strike you funny, So, we made a big joke out of that.

Now, Jesus, brethren, is the way out. He is the exit. He is the door. He is the way out of hell.  Brethren, this barren word will tease you for the rest of your life and provide no door for you to get through. 

“We must, however, always remember that God has no opposites, no enemies, and no power to fight sin, disease or any other form of calamity which man experiences in his ignorance of the nature of God, man and the universe.”

Well my Bible clearly states that we have an enemy, Satan.

“God has no opposites.”

Well, I wouldn't say that Satan is an equal opposite, but the  creation was formed with two powers, a greater power [sun] and a lesser power [moon], and that the lesser power which is “opposite” in the sense of positive and negative, is designed to be under the dominion of the greater power. Satan is the lesser power that has separated out from the unified creation. I wouldn't call her an opposite, but her position, or nature, is “opposite” in relation to “righteousness.” She most certainly is God's enemy.

My Bible says that the living soul died, fell down into hell and formed a military machine, with which she is waging war against the living God. Satan most certainly is God's enemy and God, most certainly, does use His power against her, BUT ONLY THROUGH CHRIST.

“Always remember that God has no opposites, no enemies, and uses no power to fight sin. “

That's absolutely unscriptural. There are a multitude of Scriptures which contradict this statement. Jesus said, “if I cast out demons by the Kingdom of God, by the finger of God, you know that the Kingdom of God has come unto you.” Our author’s statement is totally unscriptural, and total perversion.

Now the error of this booklet is obvious  to anyone who knows the Scriptures. There are other writers preaching this message that are much more subtle, and not nearly as obvious as this author, but if you read closely, you can see that it is the same message under a much more Scriptural teaching: that man in his fallen, mortal condition, is God in an undeveloped form. 

Now I want to emphasize that I am not in any way looking for doctrinal disagreements. I'm looking for gross error hidden under what sounds like, and often is, very Scriptural teaching. Then, all of a sudden, the author slips in one sentence that plants a tare seed in your mind, that one sentence which reveals their true message: that mortal man in his unregenerate sate is God. That you just evolve into  God,  without Christ being added to you.

“Man experiences sin disease and every form of calamity because of his ignorance of the nature of God, man and the universe.  When Jesus said, I will never leave you nor forsake you, He did not mean that the Hebrew rabbi would never leave you nor forsake you, but that I am, the unconscious spiritual realm of man, will never leave you.  For I will come and take my abode within you and sup with you and you with me.  We must open our heart and invite Him in.”

Well, as we read on, you will see that our author is speaking about inviting god in through meditation. Brethren, you don't have to invite in the true "I Am" who relates to us as Christ, through silent, passive meditation. Silent, passive meditation invites Satan in.  I cannot say it any more clearly to you. Silent mediation invites Satan into your heart. 

“Therefore Jesus said, I, the Hebrew, the man, must go away, otherwise the Comforter cannot come...”

Meaning that “I” the spiritual realm of God cannot come,

“...for you are still judging by what you see on the outside world and cannot discern the Kingdom of God.” 

Our author is saying that Jesus went away because Jesus’ fleshly condition was causing you to stumble. That Jesus went away so that you could start to discern the "I" which is already inside you, your spiritual self.

“Jesus came as an example to show us what man could do and He is going away so that now you will turn inward and find the I within yourself.” 

But my Bible says that Jesus went away so that He could return in another, fully spiritual form, whereby  He could comfort all of humanity at once by His Spirit. Do you see the difference?  Should I say it again?  Let me say it again.

The teaching here is that the man Jesus went away so that we would stop using our natural eyes to see the man God, but instead start turn inward to discover the god within ourselves. In other words, according to this author, Jesus went away to force us to stop looking with our physical eyes and become spiritual. 

But my Bible says that Jesus went away so that He could be changed into a form whereby He could pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh, causing Christ to be formed in the individual members of humanity, so that the Spirit of Christ, which is the Spirit of Truth, could comfort us all. 

That's a big difference. This is a total perversion. God help us. 

“I am the resurrection and the life.  I am also the meat, the wine and the living water. He that believes on I...”

That's the unconscious realm of the spirit, which I believe to be Satan...

“Though he were dead in a mortal sense, yet he shall live, for whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.”

Well that sounds okay, except that he is talking about the I, which is Satan.

“The whole of the book of John refers to, and reveals, the I am, not a man, Jesus, not a man called Jesus as Saviour, but God as man, although the man Jesus was the instrument through which the Christ of God was revealed in all His fullness.”

He is saying that the purpose of the Book of John is to reveal God as man. Well that's true.  JEHOVAH wants to express Himself through the man, Christ Jesus. But we are born with the god of this world who also wants to express herself as man. 

That's the war that is going on. Christ intends to express Himself through these many members of humanity. It is over us. We are the Kingdoms of this world that Satan and Christ are fighting over. Us!

“The revelation of the Christ in you is your saviour.” 

Well, that's true. I preached that here, that the glorified Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ outside of us cannot do much for us. He must get inside of us and reproduce His life in us. 

“The revelation of the Christ in you is your Saviour, not a physical Hebrew called Jesus.”

Well that's partially true. We are saved by the union, or marriage of, Christ -- who is formed in us when the Spirit of the ascended Jesus Christ grafts to the virile seed [Holy Spirit] flowing in our human spirit -- to the Lord Jesus who is above. The two together, Christ in the midst of us, and the Lord Jesus above, are called “Christ Jesus.”

“However, today we are more aware that we also are the I am expression.  It may however not yet appear in its fullness through us.”

Well, it's true that Christ Jesus is not appearing in His fullness at this time. Our author is talking about the seed that grows up to full stature. He is saying that the “I am” is already in us but is not appearing. Once again, our author is saying that you are born with the seed, which is simply not yet appearing in us. But the truth is that we are born with infertile spiritual semen. Spiritual semen that lacks sperm. The Holy Spirit is the virile sperm that joins with our spiritual semen, the human spirit. Now listen to this.

“However, today we are aware that we also are the I am in expression, which is, however not yet appearing in its fullness through us because of many years of indoctrination.”

Now hear this.

“The only reason we are not appearing...”

In what we would call full stature,

“Is because of many years of indoctrination.”

He is talking about salvation by doctrine. How many times have you heard me preach that we are not saved by doctrine, brethren. We are not saved by doctrine, and you cannot lose your salvation because of false doctrine. Salvation is an experience. Something must happen to you. It is not a mental or intellectual understanding of doctrine.

And what must happen to you is THE EXPOSURE OF YOUR SIN NATURE, so that you can rise up in your Christ mind and kill it. This very misunderstood event is called “judgment,” and the “tribulation” is the driving of your sin nature under the authority of Christ Jesus in the midst of you.

“But we know that when it appears in us and we see it as it is, then he or she who has this hope of glory in himself, purifieth him or herself even as He is pure.”

This is a gross perversion of the Scripture.  Let me point it out to you.  The Scripture tells us that those of us which have this hope...is that not the Scripture?  Is anyone familiar with it?  Those of us which have this hope of His coming, those of us which have this hope of His appearing in us, we purifieth ourself. Amen. Okay let me read this to you again now. Listen to what he says. 

“We are in this condition because of many years of indoctrination, but we know that when it appears in us, this salvation, and when we see it as it is, [then he or she, when it appears in us, after we see it, then he or she] who has this hope of glory purifieth himself even as he is pure.” 

Do you hear it? When it appears in you, then you purify yourself. My Bible says those that have the hope of His appearing, we purify ourself -- and the power to purify is Christ -- and AS WE PURIFY OURSELF, HE APPEARS IN US.

This teaching says there is nothing for you to do, because when He appears in you, you shall be purified. So just sit around, stay in your sins, suffer in your disease, don't pray, just meditate passively and wait for this spiritual experience which, if you follow these rules, can only come from Satan. 

Does everybody understand that?  It does not matter who you are or what your past life has been. You are eligible for purification only when you receive the Christ in your heart, because He is the only one who is powerful enough to purify -- purify what? Purify our human spirit which is presently joined to Satan.

“For enlightenment reveals the I of your being.” 

And he tells you the only way you are going to get the Christ is through doctrine.  That's what he is saying. 

“Beloved, the Spirit of Truth will reveal this mystery to you if you exercise meditation and prayer on a regular basis.”

He doesn't define prayer.  Earlier he said “don't pray,” meaning prayer in the traditional Christian way. I haven't finished the whole book yet, but I haven't seen him define “prayer” so far.  He says

“The Spirit of Truth will reveal itself to you if you exercise mediation and prayer on a regular basis, for then you will discover that the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord and that the inspiration of the Almighty gives the hidden man understanding.  This happens only when we submit ourselves to the teachings of the Holy Spirit.” 

Well we just looked up a few Scriptures here about the Holy Spirit teaching you, and that's a bit of a controversial subject.  The Scripture says that Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth, and there is one Scripture that says, in the hour where you don't know what to say, the Holy Spirit will teach you what to say, but be careful because, as I mentioned on the last message, there is a teaching going around today that is directing worship to a counterfeit Holy Spirit which is Satan, herself, who is stealing the name of the Holy Spirit so that she can receive worship. 

Teaching comes from the anointing which is in Christ, but our author’s teaching is directing the people towards, not only being taught by a counterfeit Holy Ghost, but to worship the Holy Ghost. 

As we mentioned last week, there is no Scripture that in any way instructs us to worship the Holy Ghost. We are to worship or pray to the Father in the name of Jesus. We have a situation here where Satan has stolen the name of the Holy Spirit, so that she may receive worship unto herself.

We are told that the anointing will teach us everything that we need to know.

1 John 2:27, “But the anointing which you have received of Him abideth in you and ye need not that any man teach you, that as the same anointing teacheth you of all things and is truth and is no lie and even as it hath taught you, you shall abide in Him.”

1 John 2:27 is referring back to verse 20, where it says, “You have an unction from the Holy One.” Not the Holy Spirit, the Holy One, who is Christ.

Verse 20, “But ye have an unction from the Holy One and you know all things.”

We have to read these Scriptures very carefully, because “the Holy Ghost,” or “the Holy Spirit” is speaking about the virile seed of the Father, which is sent to reproduce the life of Christ, the Holy One, in you. 

Brethren, “the Holy One” is Christ and the Spirit of Christ which dwells within Him. “The Holy One” is the double portion of the Father and the Son. “The Holy Spirit” alone, is the virile seed that has the potential to reproduce Christ in you. The difference between the two is like comparing a mortal man's sperm to a full grown mature military warrior. Christ Jesus, not even the mind of Christ alone, but Christ Jesus, the double portion that is connected to Jehovah’s eternal world above, is the teacher.

This false doctrine that the only teacher that you need is the Holy Spirit within you -- instead of the mature Christ Jesus, who  MAY be within you, but may also be sent to you in the form of an anointed teacher -- and the concept of passive meditation, is leading people to passively open themselves up to the teaching of any voice from inside of them.

God teaches through the Scripture, by the Spirit of Revelation. You read the Bible, meditate on His Word, and ask questions. Sometimes He answers you directly, and other times He answers you through an anointed teacher. Anyone who thinks that they will never be taught by Christ Jesus in another believer, is deceived by the pride of his own mind.

Don't passively open your mind to receive whatever teaching you hear. If you do that, you get a teaching like this one, which total perversion of the Scripture, although it is not obvious, directs worship towards a counterfeit Holy Ghost, which is Satan, while denying the true Christ, the only vehicle of salvation. 

Are there any questions tonight? 

COMMENT: You said Christ Jesus is the double portion? 

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Christ Jesus is the Son, and wherever Christ Jesus is, the Father is also present. Christ Jesus is the double portion.

The Father appears without the Son in the form of the Holy Spirit, but wherever Christ is, the Father is with Him in the form of the Spirit of Christ. The mind of Christ in the earth and the ascended Lord Jesus Christ, together called Christ Jesus, are the double portion. 

COMMENT: You made mention of the doctrine of the Ascended masters. Is that the same as the Doctrine of the Gnostics?

PASTOR VITALE: I don't think I said a doctrine of the...well maybe I did say the doctrine of the Ascended Masters.  It is not a doctrine. If I said that, I didn't express it exactly the right way. The ascended masters is not a doctrine. Those who teach about the ascended masters say that there are men who once lived an  embodied life, who have ascend­ed to a disembodied, spiritual plane which is higher than this world.

Gnosticism is a doctrine which sounds strangely enough like what I preach. But when you analyze it, the bottom line is that glory is given to man and not to God. Gnosticism goes into the deep spiritual truth of the creation, the fall and a lot of what we teach here, but it is a doctrine that comes from the carnal mind.

COMMENT: I thought they were worshiping God, these Gnostics, or Christ, you know?  What is the main thing that they teach in the doctrine of Gnosticism? 

PASTOR VITALE: They teach on the creation and on the fall. They teach deep teaching, but when you analyze it they are giving the glory to another Jesus. It sounds a lot like what we teach here.

COMMENT: They have deep revelation on all these issues you are saying? 

PASTOR VITALE: They have deep revelation, but it is out of their carnal mind.  There is a book in the library on Gnosticism if anybody would like to take a look at it.

COMMENT: Jesus rose from the dead in the form of Christ, and He returned to the Father and became pure Spirit, and He returned to the earth as He said He would by the Holy Spirit.  Now my question is, it is proper for us to celebrate the birth of Christ over and over again, because Jesus said to know no man ... I think Paul said we are not to know Jesus by the flesh any longer, like the way they do at Christmas. We know Christmas has nothing to do with Christ.  Is that one of the Scriptures that would tell you not to do it, not to know any man after the flesh?

PASTOR VITALE: It sounds good to me. But basically, we were never commanded to celebrate Christmas. The three wise men did not bring birthday gifts to Jesus. I think He was two years old when they found Him. They brought the gifts that were traditionally brought to a king. 

Okay, so they didn't bring Him birthday gifts.  There was no exchange of gifts.  They just did honor to a king.  So that's all natural examples, but spiritually speaking, Jesus is not fully born yet. I'm sorry if that offends you. Well, the man Jesus is fully born, but Christ is not fully born yet.  He won't be fully born until He is fully born in all of humanity.  There hasn't even really been a birthday yet.

The man, Jesus, was only the first of the creation of God, He was the first cell of the creation of God. So the baby really isn't even born yet. Just the head is born. So the whole festival is just not of God.

This is a real wicked season, you know. It is not Scriptural to celebrate birthdays at all. There is no mention of birthdays, except in Job, where Job said that he rued the day he was born, but aside from that I don't even know that the date of one's birth is even mentioned, and the celebration of Herod's birthday was associated with wickedness.

Brethren, we are to be celebrating Christ. Our excitement is supposed to be in the things of His Spirit. All of this stuff is pagan. Christmas, birthdays, it is all pagan. 

COMMENT:  I think that's why a lot of people think we are like Jehovah Witnesses, who don't celebrate Christmas or birthdays.  The only thing they celebrate once a year is the communion, which I've been told is a pagan ceremony also. 

COMMENT:  Is it wrong to celebrate our birthday?

PASTOR VITALE:  I couldn't tell you that it is wrong.  I don't do it, with one exception: I exchange birthday presents with my daughter and my parents. When I first came to the Lord I was desperate, but I found help in Christ and I became a fanatic. But I threw everything on my daughter so radically that I really hurt her. So I eased up on the issue of our birthdays, since it gives her pleasure to give me a birthday present. I receive it from her and from my parents, and I give her a birthday present. I don't believe in celebrating birthdays, but neither do I believe in being religious to the point of devastating people who don't believe as you do, if you can hear what I am saying.

I belonged to a group of friends once, Christian friends, and one couple in the group started giving out birthday presents even though I told this woman I don't celebrate birthdays. I was a good friend of hers. My birthday came and she got me a present anyway.  I gave it back to her and it hurt her.  But I said, sister, I warned you twice not to get me a present.  Why did you get me a present?  “Oh, I just thought...”  I said, I'm sorry if I hurt you, but I really warned you and I don't want to accept it.  And I gave it back to her. 

So I don't celebrate my birthday but I do make these two concessions for my daughter and my parents, because I found out that being a religious fanatic is not always productive and sometimes it can hurt people who love you.  If you can hear what I am saying, hear it.  All things are lawful unto me, but I don't do everything. But Christmas is another issue because it is the worship of another god, another Jesus.

COMMENT: So then we are not grieving the Spirit of God by acknowledging our grandchildren's birthdays? 

PASTOR VITALE:  Everybody has to get their own answer. I don't believe that buying a birthday present is an issue of righteousness, and if we want to minister to our family and other people we have to be in their lives. We have to share some aspect of life with them, so I don't have any problem with people giving presents to children. If you want to celebrate your birthday, celebrate your birthday. I would never tell anyone not to celebrate their birthday.

But Christmas and Easter are pagan holidays and the worship of pagan gods. I speak out against that. But birthdays are just carnality. If God is not convicting you of it, then celebrate your birthday. Okay?  I hope I made that clear. 

COMMENT: I want to say that it has been another year of not celebrating Christmas. When my daughter asked my son if Mom and Dad were going to come to her house Christmas night for supper, he said I don't know, are you going Mom? I said, I'm not, but I don't know what Daddy is going to do. When I said I wasn't going, my husband was just seething, but he didn't say anything. So my daughter called to see if I could watch her daughters who were off from school. She invited me to Christmas dinner and when I turned her down, she said, it’s alright Mom, I respect the way you feel.  My husband accepted my decision too.

PASTOR VITALE: A religious spirit is a Pharisitical spirit, which means that you do things automatically without thinking how it is affecting other people. You are under a rigid law. It's not something that is convicting you. It is not the Lord convicting you, but it is an external law that is controlling you. That's a religious spirit. A religious spirit puts you in bondage.  You know when you feel a spirit of bondage on you, binding you up.  I got caught by a religious spirit a couple of times, but the Lord got me out of it.

COMMENT: I have a really hard time celebrating birthdays.

PASTOR VITALE: It is really hard not to celebrate children's birthdays when you are not part of a whole society that’s doing it. You make them feel like outcasts. Do you know what I mean? Like I said, I take a stand against Christmas, Easter and for Halloween. In the other areas, I've compromised, but I'm very aware if we were part of a community like the Quaker community, I would have no objection at all to not celebrating birthdays. It is rooted in pride and idolatry and it takes the glory away from God.  It is carnal.  It is one of the joys of this carnal world. 

To be honest with you, if I had small children today, I don't know what I would do. It is very hard raising children in this world when you are not part of a large church where everybody does the same thing, like the Jehovah Witnesses. I don't know what I would do about a lot of issues if I had children.  I know that when I was in my radical stage, I wouldn't have any dolls in the house because the whole church was going through this growth spurt. We were all convicted to get rid of our children's dolls. Then a couple of families in the church gave their children dolls, and the pastor let those children bring the dolls to church.  I think there were two families that changed their mind and they were very bold. Personally I question the righteousness of it. If they wanted to give their children dolls in their own home, that was there business, but they brought those dolls into a church where pretty much everybody had given up dolls, and it really offended me. But the pastor let them do it.  I don't know what I would do if I was raising small children today. I lead a very consecrated life. I walk a very straight line. I honestly don't know what I would do if I had small children in this hour.

COMMENT: What is your reflection on puppets?

PASTOR VITALE:  I don't like them.  You see, I pretty much just fly by the seat of my pants. I go by my gut feelings. For years, I wouldn't have a picture in the house. A few years ago I bought two pictures and the pictures don't offend me.  They are pictures of scenery and there is no prominent reproduction of an image.

So as I said I'm flying by the seat of my pants. If it grieves my spirit, I don't do it.  If it doesn't grieve my spirit, I do it, but all of these issues, anybody hearing this message or anybody sitting here now, all of these issues that we are talking about, these are personal issues between you and God.

If you are feeling condemned, it is not because of me.  I'm not condemning you. I'm not telling you what to do and I'm not condemning anyone for doing anything.  I'm just telling you how I feel about it, in response to a direct question. These are very personal, fine line, issues.  Everybody has to make their own decisions with God.

To answer your question, puppets and dolls in my own home grieve my spirit. But I have no problem with them in someone else’s home. I think there is something wrong with them, for me, because I am sensitive to the Spirit. I feel there is a fine line with photographs as well. I have a picture of my daughter and her husband on my desk, but sometimes you walk into a house where there are just pictures plastered all over the walls, and you have to ask yourself if you are idolizing your children.

You have to go before God with everything that you do. I have a couple of pictures in the bedroom and a picture on my desk in the office. You have to stand before God and get your own answer. All of these issues, pictures, dolls, what you eat, all of these issues are a personal decision between you and God, and we should be tolerant of one another, and not try to force what we believe on the other person, because the issues are not clear cut in the Scripture.

Nobody should be trying to force what they believe on anybody else, and if somebody is trying to force it on you, you have every right to tell them in the nicest way you can to please leave you alone, because that is witchcraft. Everybody has to make their own decision. 

COMMENT:  I'm confused by that Scripture that every man does what he thinks is right in his own mind. Like, for instance, if a man should get a vasectomy is that considered wrong? Or if a woman gets her tubes tied? 

PASTOR VITALE:  I don't think so. I have no problem with that. I believe that the human body is programed to reproduce and that it is unrealistic to think that married people can engage in unprotected sex and expect God to control the reproductive forces of their body.  There are some people teaching that you shouldn't use birth control, that God will control your conception.  I don't believe that's true. The human body is program­ed to reproduce. If you engage in sexual intercourse without contraception, you are very likely to conceive. I don't have any problem with birth control. 

To be honest with you, when I heard that certain methods of birth control actually kill the already formed fetus, that disturbed me, but I don't know what to say about it. I believe in birth control. To me, a vasectomy or having your tubes tied, at least doesn't kill the fetus.

COMMENT:  In the event that a woman has a hysterectomy, or her husband has a vasectomy and there is no chance for a child being produced is it still lawful in marriage to continue having sex?

PASTOR VITALE: You have sex as long as you want it in marriage.  We are told not to withhold ourselves from our mate. I find in the Scripture that coming together as a husband and wife is a to comfort one another. When Isaac's mother died, he took his wife into his tent and she comforted him. So I don't find any Scripture that says that you just come together with your husband or your wife to produce a child. 

COMMENT: What about sperm banks and artificial insemination?

PASTOR VITALE:  I believe that  is a serious perversion, that the whole country is coming under serious curses for incest. You don't know who the father of your child is. When the children grow up they don't know their history, or who their relatives are. We are wide open for mass incest and all the curses that come down on incest. Plus I believe it is idolatrous at its root.

COMMENT: What about in cases where the mother of a daughter who was born without a womb would carry the fertilized egg of her daughter in her own womb. 

PASTOR VITALE: I don't believe in it. It sounds wonderful because the woman now has a child, but I don't believe it is God playing with the body like this.

I heard on the TV last night that a woman whose husband was killed in the massacre on the Long Island Railroad donated four of her organs. I saw on TV that the recipients of donated organs are now fellow­shipp­ing with the family of the dead person, thinking that they have a connection with them.  It is ghoulish.  There was a whole program on one of the talk shows about it, that they are staying in touch and that they are thanking the family for the donor’s organs.  It is ghoulish.

COMMENT: Do you think it is ungodly to donate organs. 

PASTOR VITALE: I wouldn't do it. 

COMMENT: What about blood transfusions?

PASTOR VITALE: I would avoid blood transfusions at all costs, unless it is absolutely necessary.  I had a blood transfusion when I was in the hospital. I didn't like it and it made me very unhappy, but my attitude was, and I give you this by way of example, that  I did everything I could to seek God for a supernatural healing. It was His sovereign decision to put me in the hospital.  I believe that.  And therefore, if He put me in the hospital, and the doctors wanted to give me a blood transfusion, I should take it.

But I don't know that every Christian seeks God to the point that they could say that their being in the hospital was a sovereign move of God. I say this to anyone listening to the message, if you can say that, that you sought God ardently for a supernatural healing and that you believe that His word to you in this personal crisis of yours was to go to the hospital, then you should do whatever the doctors tell you to do. If they want to give you a blood transfusion, you should take a blood transfusion.

COMMENT: If someone should ask us to donate to a blood drive, what kind of a stand is righteous before God? 

PASTOR VITALE: Well, to be honest with you, I never really prayed about that, but I don't like it.  To give blood for a relative, that would be ideal. Do you know that the blood banks will not let you do that. They will give you a stranger’s blood and take your blood to replenish the blood bank. So in each situation you have to pray.  I would say that if a relative was in the hospital and you prayed it through, and God let them go to the hospital and the doctor wants to give them blood, and you are asked to replenish the blood, I don’t know. You have to ask God.

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