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God has been talking to me all day about the judgment of the Church, and this is the theme of two of the pamphlets that we are putting out. Judgment has already begun to fall on the Church, but many of the people in the pulpit are rejecting the concept of judgment. So God is raising up people with spiritual authority in the congregations. Not authority as a member of the five fold ministry, but with a spirit of righteousness.

There is going to be a lot of confusion. It's starting in the fellowships that have the anointing.  It's starting with the elders thereof. It's starting in the end time fellowships. It's starting where the deep doctrine is. There is going to be a lot of confusion, which is going to appear to be rebellion, in the congregations. To the carnal mind it will look like rebellion, but it is not rebellion, because it is Christ rising up wherever He can. 

You see, when Christ wants to do something, He goes to the head. But if the head won't respond to Him, He goes to the next man, the one under the head. If the next one down won't respond to Him, He goes to the next one down. And He keeps on going until He finds someone willing to yield to His righteousness. We see that in the book of Job. Out of all of Job's friends, the only one that was willing to speak the righteousness of Christ was a young man, the youngest man of all. 

God will be heard. He will be seen and He will appear, and He is going to do it through the vessels that yield to Him. So there is a lot of chaos coming upon the church. I guess I'm prophetic right now, because this thought never even came into my mind before.

There is a lot of chaos coming upon the Church. The Church will be in chaos, with apparent rebellion, but with God sending prophets into the churches to warn the pastors.  Are you getting a witness to that? There is going to be chaos in many of the churches because the pastors will be refusing Christ, who is like a plant. If you cut off the leaf of a plant, it puts out a shoot in another place. That's what Christ is, a spiritual plant. 

If the pastors won't respond, they are as good as cut off, and He just shoots out in another place. He'll appear wherever He has an opening.

I'll never forget when that famous evangelist had his problem. In my opinion there was not one minister on TV that spoke the truth of God's Word about the situation. The only man who spoke the truth of God's Word was a man that I don't consider to be of God. He preaches the Gospel of the Cross, but I don't believe he is of God. But, because he was willing to speak the truth, God spoke through him. His was the only voice on TV that spoke the truth. The Lord will reveal the truth wherever He can get the person to open their mouth and speak His words.

So judgment is upon the Church. Christ fully intends to appear, and it is going to look like rebellion, but it is not rebellion. It's spiritual warfare, but it is not rebellion. Rebellion is illegal and bears negative fruit. It is the legal spiritual warfare of Christ taking His Church back.

There is going to be a lot of chaos in the church. Churches collapsing, pastors falling away, a lot of believers leaving the church in disillusionment, thousands of people turning towards the Eastern religions. Many, many Christians turning towards the spirituality of the Eastern religions. Thousands turning away because they are refusing to have their sin nature exposed. There is going to be a big uproar in the Church over this year, wailing and moaning and groaning. The Church is going to be rocking and reeling and, to the carnal mind, it is going to look like Christianity in this country is crashing down.

But my Bible says that He leaves us a tenth. Hallelujah.  When all of the pomp and all of the phoniness in the Church crashes down, those believers who are left, and the world, will see the true five fold ministry, and they will see Christ in that true five fold ministry. Christ Jesus and his true five-fold ministry will become visible. Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus.

Now just let me remind you that I am prophesying to you, but  not by the gift of prophesy, so it is hard to recognize that I am prophesying. These thoughts were never in my mind before I said them just now.

This is the true prophesy that comes out of the prophet’s mouth like conversation. You have to discern the Spirit, or you will never know that it is God speaking.

Prophesy is the Word of the Lord. Anything that God is saying is prophesy, but this was more than prophesy. Does anybody know what this was? What just came out of my mouth? Prediction. What I said is predictive.  “Prophesy” is anything that God says. “Prediction” is the revelation of future events.

So the word of the hour is that judgment is coming to the Church and  to the existing five fold ministry. We are going to see ministries collapsing everywhere. Ministries collapsing and ministers that have been in the ministry for their whole lives losing the anointing and not understanding why.  Jesus!

“Wailing and gnashing of teeth, great distress. 

“There shall be many signs  of my coming in the Church says the Lord.  But this is just the beginning of sorrows.  Because my people, says the Lord, shall not see the signs. They shall fail to recognize the signs of the times, says the Lord, for they have served other gods. They have not served me, saith the Lord.  But they have served other gods.

“And it shall be made manifest in this hour, saith God, who your god is. And it shall also be made manifest that I Am the only God that can save you.  I Am the only God that can draw you out of this hole, which is this pit that you have fallen into.  And none other can do it, saith the Lord. You cannot save yourself. Neither can you save anyone else.

“But it is an hour to turn unto me, saith the Lord, in tears and in bitterness of heart, confessing to me, that without me, you shall never be delivered out of hell.”

Another thing that I wanted to do today, is to give you a clearer distinction between the Lord Jesus Christ, and Christ Jesus in the midst of us. 

Christ Jesus who is being formed in the individual is God, but He is an immature manifestation of the Godhead, who is still capable of being defeated by the carnal mind.

Now this sounds like blasphemy, but it is not blasphemy.  Remember God is growing up from seed in all of us. The Lord Jesus Christ is having many children. He is reproducing His life in us, and Christ Jesus in the midst of us is being taught and trained to defeat the carnal mind, who is also in the midst of us. 

We are fighting many battles by the power of Christ in us.  We're preaching, we're teaching, we're waging spiritual warfare.  We're doing exploits, but I never fully understood until recently, that this Christ in the midst of us is capable of messing up.

He is capable of messing up in the same way that righteous Adam messed up at the time of the fall. But what we have that righteous Adam didn't have is the Lord Jesus Christ. When we mess up, when we as Christ are deceived by our sin nature and are about to be slain, the Lord Jesus Christ is reaching down and pulling us up out of the water that we're drowning in. 

I don't know about you, but I never quite understood it like that before. I always knew Jesus Christ was God, but it wasn’t until we began to study the Names of God, and found out who Christ in the midst of us actually was, I never quite understood it.

I knew that we couldn't worship Christ Jesus in us because we are not in full stature, I knew that, but I didn't understand it like I understand it now. 

He is God in the midst of us. Christ Jesus is God in the midst of us, but He hasn't defeated the carnal mind yet, who is also in the midst of us. It is an everyday battle. At any time the carnal mind can overtake Him. But like a mother hen, the Lord Jesus Christ is watching over us. He lets the spiritual warfare go as far as it can go, waiting to see if we are going to stand up and take the victory.  But when the Lord Jesus Christ gets the picture that His baby, that His chick, that Christ Jesus in the midst of us, is going down, He is going in after him, and pulls us out. 

Now, if you want to know why sometimes the Lord waits so long to bring you the victory, it’s because He is giving you every chance to take it yourself. When it becomes evident that you are not about to take the victory, that you are going to spiritually die in this battle, He is right there to pick you up. Don’t forget now, that Jesus Christ is full well able to raise us from spiritual death, if we do fall down.

I never quite saw it like that.  Did you?  It's almost like saying, now this is going to sound like blasphemy to people who don't know what I'm talking about, it's almost like saying that there are two manifestations of God. Well we know that there are two generations of Christ.

There is the exalted, glorified Lord Jesus Christ, who is perfect. He is also the Father who is having children and, as God, cannot fail to bring them forth. He is reproducing Himself, as the 42nd generation, the sons of God. But we're coming up from seed. I never saw it like that. That really blessed me. I just got to know Him in a way that I never knew Him before. Jesus clarified that issue for me too.

One time someone had a question about a Scripture where Christ Jesus in the midst of us, is called Lord. I remember that night because you all got upset and, when I didn't have the answer, you got even more upset.

One sister was saying, “how could Christ Jesus be called Lord, when Christ Jesus is in the midst of us. That's the same thing as calling us Lord.”

I knew that we couldn't receive worship as God, but I didn't have the answers. I think this teaching answers your question from a year ago. That was a big night. It was a big manifestation. We had a big scene that night. Remember that? So, praise God. The anointing has been very high since Friday afternoon. I've been very high in the Spirit.

I want to rebuke the spirit of Christmas, which seduces God’s people to participate in, and be comforted by paganism, instead of the Spirit of Christ. I rebuke this spirit of Christmas, which is over this entire wicked season. We rebuke your works in our lives. I break the power of your witchcraft, your seduction and deception. I rebuke your perversion. I put out your fire and I blind your third eye. I break the power of your mind control, your suicide and all the negativity that is hiding behind all of your bright lights. I condemn the spirit of this counterfeit christ, and I pray that the anointing of Jehovah’s true Christ arise.

I pray, Father, that you forgive the sins of this nation, Lord, and that you bring her into submission to your Godhead. I pray that you defeat the enemy that has already landed on our shores and is manifesting and exalting herself, even right here in this area of Long Island.  I pray that you exalt yourself, Lord Jesus, that you show yourself strong. I pray that you raise up your sons, O God, and that you catch us up, Father, to high realms of spiritual power with righteousness. That you bring righteousness to this land and that you bring this land into submission and into order, once again. We pray for the whole world, Lord, that your purposes should be accomplished in it.  And that all of mankind should be saved according to your mercy and grace. I pray that you bless this message tonight, Lord. 

Job, Chapter 32, verse 8, says, “there is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.” Our author writes,

“The Holy Spirit will reveal to you that I am truth, that I am supply and health.  I Am therefore, the life and wisdom and supply of your constitution, and I is the truth of all. Not just of one man called Jesus.” 

Now, the author that we are speaking to is telling us that the I Am, meaning Jehovah, is responsible for, or manifests, the function that Jehovah, Himself, has assigned to the Son. Our author is saying that the Father is performing the function of the Son, but I say unto you that the Father God would never perform the function of the Son.  Why?

Well, why would Jehovah have a Son, if He is going to perform the function of the Son? If the Father has made Himself Father and Son, it must be part of His great plan that there should be a Father and Son. The Father and the Son are one, yet there is one set of functions, or one administration, of the Spirit of the Father, and another administration of the Son. That's God's own rule. That's God's own law.

I declare to you that God, who is not the author of confusion, would not go through all that He went through to bring forth Christ in the earth in a mature form, to tear down His own plan before it is fully accomplished. Now if this is true, something is wrong with this writing.

I suggest to you that what the Lord revealed to us two messages ago, that the “I” that our writer is speaking about is not Jehovah, the great I Am, is the answer to the confusion. He is using the name “I.” Our author is quoting the Scriptures, but he is telling us about the nature and the purposes of an “I” that do not line up with my knowledge and my understanding of Jehovah, the great I Am.  Something is wrong.

Do you know that there is a crime in this world called plagiarism? People steal what other people have written and say that it belongs to them. Do you know that people take other peoples identities in this world?  Do you know that there are con artists that read the obituary columns and take the names of dead people?  Do you know that there are con artists in this world that go into the local hall of records to find out the names of babies who were born twenty years ago, but died very young, to take their identity and get social security cards under their names?

There is a birth record for these children when the con artists apply for a social security card. The social security administration doesn't investigate to find if the children died.

Brethren, it is a common thing for a mortal man to steal the identity or the name of another man. And mortal man is in the image of whom? Satan.

Brethren, if you want to know the activities of Satan,  look at his daughter. Mortal man is the daughter of Satan. I want to suggest to you that Satan is stealing the identity of our God.  Our God is not dead, He is alive, but Satan has stolen the use of Jehovah, the great I Am’s, name.

 Do you know that you could take someone to court and win large sums of money, if you are in business and someone uses your name. Do you know that?  Do you know that when businesses write up contracts, they make business deals over the use of a corporate name, because there is power and authority in a name. 

I want to suggest to you that whether this writer knows it or not, and there's a good chance he doesn't know it, the things that he is saying about the great I Am are inconsistent with the Scripture. That I Am should usurp the authority that He gave His own Son, is inconsistent with the nature of Jehovah. I suggest to you that the spirit which our author knows as the “I Am” is not the great I Am of the Scripture, but is Satan, herself. 

I remind you that our author, by his own admission, is receiving these teachings through  silent med­ita­tion and silent listening. He just opens himself up to the spirit world. He doesn't meditate on the Word, or have active conversations, or spiritual communion with the Lord. He doesn’t use his mind to think issues through, ask questions about the Word, or righteousness, and receive answers.

We are taught to ask questions about how to handle ourselves in all kind of situations. Our author believes in silent meditation, silent listening, and just waiting to hear  what wisdom will be imparted to him from the realm of the spirit. He is a passive listener.

And I declare to you that this whole doctrine is coming forth from Satan, the unconscious mind of this man, and that Satan has stolen the name of our God.

Let's look at this a little more closely and I'll tell you why I'm saying this. He takes the Scripture in Job which says that there is a spirit in man and that the Almighty giveth them understanding, and makes it look like the Almighty is the Holy Spirit.

Now we know that the Holy Spirit is the what? What manifestation of God is the Holy Spirit? He is the seed. He is the sperma of God. The Holy Spirit is God in the earth in seed form. The authority of the Holy Spirit, therefore, is limited. All power and authority is in Christ Jesus, the full grown, mature warrior Son.

“The Holy Spirit will reveal to you that I Am truth.” 

He is saying that the Almighty, the Father, who the glorified Jesus Christ is now one with, is the truth.

Now these are very fine lines here, brethren. Who is the truth? Jesus said, “I am the Truth, the Way and the Life.” Jehovah, the great I Am, never said, “I am the truth.”  We read about the Spirit of Truth, and Jesus said, “I Am the Truth.” Truth is in the Son.  Truth is God's love to mankind, through the Son. 

So we see our author saying that the Holy Spirit is the Father when He is really Jehovah’s sperm, the seed that produces the Son. 

“The Father is saying I Am truth.  And I Am supply and I Am health.”

I've got some Scriptures out of the Bible for you about truth:

John 4:23, “But the hour cometh and now is when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth.  For the Father seeketh such to worship Him.”

What does this mean?  How do we worship in spirit and in truth? If Jesus Christ said, I Am the Truth, that means we worship in the Spirit of Christ, who is the glorified Lord Jesus Christ in the earth, who is in the mind of Christ, who is in the midst of us. Our worship must come out of Christ in the midst of us, not out of the carnal mind that we were born with.

The Spirit is the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, and Truth is the manifestation of the Father in the personality [soul], through His Christ, who is our renewed mind.

Let me say it another way, Christ is our new mind which is attached to our personality [soul], and the Spirit of Christ is the Spirit of the Father that dwells in that mind. So when the Father says you must worship me in spirit and in truth, He is saying, worship me out of the high place of the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is resident in your new mind, which is Christ in the midst of you. 

I don't want to say that Christ is personality [soul], because Christ is not personality [soul]. Mind is spirit. We must worship God out of the mind of Christ which is attached to our personality [soul], and then out of an even higher place than that, out of the Spirit of Christ who resides in the mind of Christ. 

We are talking about our new conscious and unconscious mind, which are in the Son. We must worship the Father out of our new unconscious mind, the Spirit of Christ, who is resident in Christ, our new, righteous mind, who is in the midst of us.

We see the principle of the Father and the Son throughout the Scripture, but the doctrine of the author that we are answering to is a “Jehovah only” doctrine, which attributes all of the authority and qualities of the Son to a counterfeit “I Am,” which I suggest to you is Satan.

John 4:24, “God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth.”

The Father, God, who is Spirit must be worshiped out of the  conscious part of the mind of Christ, and out of the unconscious part, which is the Spirit of Christ. 

Now, how do you worship God?  Worship, true worship, is submission. True worship is doing what God tells you to do, not waving your hands in a service.   The Scripture says “they say, Lord, Lord, but they don't do what I tell them.” What does that mean?

They are SAYING, “Lord, I love you, Lord, I worship you, Lord, I sing to you, Lord, I dance before you.”  But they are not doing what He tells them to do. 

True worship with our conscious mind is to obey the commandments that we know about, but then what is worship out of the unconscious mind? The unconscious part of our carnal mind worships Christ Jesus by submitting to Him.

Now, if we don’t do what the Lord tells us to do, we are living out of our carnal mind, because Christ, and the Spirit of Christ in the midst of Him, are obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ who is above. It is the job of Christ Jesus to bring our whole carnal mind into submission to the mind of Christ, who is in submission to the Lord Jesus, who is above.

The Scripture is saying, the Father is saying, I Am Spirit and those that worship me must have the unconscious part of their carnal mind in submission to me. But the only way the unconscious part of our carnal mind can be in submission to the Father, is by living out of the Christ, because when you live out of Christ, your carnal mind will be crushed down under Christ, and inoperable. This is how the Lord Jesus Christ, whose seed brings forth the mind of Christ in a mortal man, has overcome the world for us (Jn. 16:33).

When you are living out of Christ, the carnal mind of mortal man, including the unconscious part of it, is crushed under Him, and in submission to Christ Jesus, who is in submission to the Father.  So the way to submit consciously and unconsciously to the Father, is to get into Christ, because Christ Jesus is already in submission to the Father. And you get into the mind of Christ by choosing His thoughts, and rejecting the thoughts of the carnal mind.

We pulled Revelation, chapter 4, apart, word by word, and found that John described the exalted, high place that he ascended to, by saying that he perceived himself  to be in a soul [mind of Christ], that was within a soul [man, Christ Jesus], that was in submission to the Father. 

Can you hear me?  (Sheila at white­board.) We are down here.  We are the carnal man. And this is the Father up here in heaven, in the high realm of the Spirit where the glorified Christ is, and this is our carnal mind, down here. Now the only way this man can worship the Father is in Spirit and in truth, the only way the Father will receive worship from us is in the Spirit of the glorified Jesus Christ, through the mind of Christ.

So,  you see, we can't go around to the left, we can't worship the Father that way and we can't worship the Father by going around to the right, but Christ Jesus is in full perfect submission to the Father. So the way to get to the Father is by entering into Christ Jesus, who is already in submission to the Father.

There is no way we are strong enough or holy enough to get to the Father by ourselves, but Christ Jesus is already there. So Christ Jesus is the way to the Father for us, through Christ in the midst of us. That’s why the Bible says that He is the door. The only way in to the eternal world is through Christ, the door. 

The only way we can worship in Spirit and in truth, the only way we can submit to the Father, both from our conscious mind and our unconscious mind, which we are not even in touch with most of the time, is by getting into the mind of Christ, who is already in submission to, and already worshiping the Father through the Spirit of Christ within Him.

We don't have access to the Father, but we do have access to the Lord Jesus Christ, who, in this hour, is forming Christ, His son, in us. Now, if Christ is being formed in you, the Spirit of Christ is within the mind of Christ. Is everybody okay? 

Let me try this again. Let me go over these names for you again.  The Lord Jesus Christ is a glorified Spirit, who comes to us first as the sperm, or seed, which can form His Son in the individual heart.

By the way, the Greek word that the English word “seed,” is rendered from, is “sperma.” So it's very clear that the Word of God is the sperma of God. Jesus is the Word, who comes to us first in the form of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord Jesus Christ in the high realms of the Spirit is the glorified Jesus Christ. When He comes down to where men are and enters into the heart of a man, His name changes to the Holy Spirit. When He engrafts to a human spirit, Christ is conceived, and He becomes the Spirit of Christ who dwells within the mind of the embryonic Christ. 

Outside and inside the heart of a man, the Lord Jesus is the Holy Spirit but, once engrafted to the human spirit, which is the conception of Christ, the Holy Spirit becomes the Spirit of Christ, who has greater authority than the Holy Spirit. Christ in the earth and the Lord Jesus Christ are the double portion.

The Holy Spirit is in submission to the Father, but He is the sperm who joins with that man's human spirit, and begins to form the Son, Christ, in the individual.

So, what happened to the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of the ascended Jesus Christ, who in the earth? When Christ begins to be formed in you, the Holy Spirit’s name chang­es. Why does His name change? Because the Spirit of the ascended Jesus Christ, who is in the earth, is no longer a sperm. He is now the Spirit of the Son.

Now when a human sperm and egg join, a baby begins to be formed, and the sperm and the egg disappear. Neither sperm nor egg exist anymore.  We are now dealing with a human embryo. 

So the Spirit of the ascended Lord Jesus Christ that is in the earth, is no longer called the Holy Spirit, but “the Spirit of Christ,” because the Holy Spirit has joined with the human spirit of a man, and is now becoming Christ, the new mind of that man.  Is everybody okay?

Now, the Spirit of Christ is in the mind of Christ. The Spirit of Christ is the unconscious part, and Christ is the subconscious part, of the mind of Christ.

So, the Holy Spirit is still in you after Christ begins to be formed in you, but His name is changed to the “Spirit of Christ,” because He is in a different form.

Now, if you are seeking to worship the Father in Spirit and truth, you have to worship the Father from your new conscious [truth] and unconscious [spirit] mind, which is the mind of Christ. Why? Because Christ is already worshiping the Father, but your carnal mind is not.

COMMENT: I thought you taught that the human spirit is the unconscious mind.

PASTOR VITALE: No. The human spirit never appears alone, because he cannot stand alone. He only appears together with the one he’s married to. 

What you might have heard me say is that, in this hour the human spirit is married -- to whom? He is married to Satan, the unconscious part of mortal man’s carnal mind.  So the human spirit is present wherever Satan is.

Mortal man has a mind, the mind of the flesh, called the carnal mind. The unconscious part is Satan, the conscious part is our fallen, mortal nature, Cain, and the whole mind is called the carnal mind. Let's go over this.

The whole mortal mind is called the carnal mind, but there are three parts to the carnal mind: Satan, the unconscious part, Leviathan, the subconscious part, and  Cain, our fallen, mortal nature, the conscious part. Is Cain a daughter or a son? A DAUGHTER. In the Old Testament, she is called the daughter of Babylon.

Maybe it would be easier for you if I said it this way: The serpent marries the human spirit and their offspring is the flesh mind that is called the carnal mind, the mind that is appearing in mortal man (Is. 59:5; Lk. 3:7).

But the Lord Jesus Christ, who is one with the Father, is marrying the human spirit also -- who is a harlot because she has two husbands, the Lord Jesus and Leviathan (1 Cor. 6:16-17).

Now, the Lord Jesus and the human spirit are having A SON whose name is Christ, and the whole, three part mind -- the unconscious Spirit of Christ, the subconscious Christ, and our renewed, righteous nature and conscious mind, Abel, the mortal mind which is in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ -- go by the single name of, “the mind of Christ.”  Did I make it clear?

We must submit to the Father in Spirit and in truth, and the Lord Jesus Christ is the only truth. That means we can only submit to the Father by entering into the mind of Christ.  There is no way this carnal mind will ever submit to the Father. We may be able to get our fallen, conscious mind to submit -- maybe. We may be able to get our behavior to submit -- maybe. But we will never get the unconscious part of the carnal mind to submit to the Father. Why?  Because Satan is lawless, and is not subject to, nor is she capable of being subjected to, the law of God.

She can't obey the law of God. There's no way. She's a wild raging beast. She never has obeyed it. She is not obeying the law of God now, and she never will obey it, because she is not capable of obeying it. Satan needs to brought into submission to Christ Jesus by force, because the only way that we can worship the Father is by getting into the mind of Christ, because the mind of Christ is already in submission to the Father.

You see, our human spirit is a harlot because she is joined to both Satan and the Lord Jesus Christ. She is married to both of them. She has a spirit tie with both of them. But she can only be living out of one mind or the other mind at any given moment. 

So our human spirit, who is joined to the Lord Jesus Christ, is an adulteress every time she interacts with Satan, but as far as Satan is concerned, she is an adulteress every time she interacts with the Lord Jesus Christ. And Satan punishes her every time she enters into the mind of Christ.

So what is happening to us is that the Lord Jesus Christ is pulling on our human spirit to free her from Satan. He is literally sucking her out of the carnal mind, like you would suck an egg out of a shell. 

The Scripture says, “draw me and I will follow.” Did you ever wonder what such Scriptures mean? Draw me and I will follow?  One of the Old Testament prophets talks about “trembling out of their holes.” 

Brethren, our human spirit is down inside of the pit of this carnal mind. She is in a pit, and the Lord Jesus Christ is drawing her out. He is literally sucking her right out of here. He is drawing her unto Himself, little by little.

So every time we engage in an activity that uses the carnal mind, we get sucked back into the carnal mind. And every time we engage in activity that uses the Christ mind, we get sucked into the Christ mind. We are being pulled back and forth, back and forth. It is three steps forward and two steps backward. But Christ has to win, you see. 

So to truly worship God, we must give up this carnal activity and seek the things of God, through the activities that Christ directs us towards.

The only way we can worship the Father is by leaving Satan, our husband, behind, and engaging in the spiritual activities of Christ, the one who is already in submission to the Father, because there is no way that our husband, Satan, will let us submit to the Father, God. But we can get into Christ who is already in submission. 

John 14:6, “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me.”

Now, we know at this point that Jesus is not speaking as the Father. He is speaking as the Son, saying, “no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”  Jesus, speaking as the Son says, “I am the truth.”  So the truth is in the Son, not in the Spirit of the Father. Okay?

Now the author that we are answering to is denying the Son.  He is saying that the function of the Father and the Son are both in the “I Am.” The counterfeit spirit of the Father, which is really, Satan, has stolen the name of the Father.

John 14:17. “Even the Spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive because it seeth Him not, neither knoweth Him, but ye know Him, for He dwelleth with you and He shall be in you.” 

I suggest to you that the truth is in Christ. The truth is in the Son.

John 15:26, “But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of Truth...”

Now hear it right here. The Spirit of Truth is not the Father.

“But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, the Comforter, who is the Spirit of Truth which proceedeth from the Father, He shall testify of me.”

So the Spirit of Truth is in the Son. 

Ephesians 5:8-9, “For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord. Walk as children of light for the fruit of the spirit...”

And who is the fruit of the spirit? Christ

“...is all goodness and righteousness and truth.” 

The fruit of the Spirit is truth.  Truth is in Christ, not in the Spirit of the Father.  Is everybody okay?  Did I make this point?  The truth is in Christ, but our author is saying that the Holy Spirit is truth. 

“The Holy Spirit will reveal to you that I am truth.” 

Our author is talking about “I Am,” meaning Jehovah, but we are finding out that Satan has stolen Jehovah's name. 

“I Am truth, that I am supply and I am health.  I am therefore the life.”

“The life” is another aspect of Christ. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Truth and life are in Christ. 

Our author is saying that the “I Am” is the life and wisdom, but 1 Cor. 1:30 says, “But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption.

This man Jesus is made unto us wisdom. Wisdom, truth and life are qualities of Christ and Christ is the Son. Our author is telling us that truth and life are qualities of the “I Am,” but my Bible says that the “I Am” is Jehovah, the Father.

I do not believe that Jehovah would break His own plan of salvation by taking authority that he, Himself, gave to the Son. Wisdom, truth and life are qualities of the Son. Therefore the spirit calling herself, “I Am,” who attributes these qualities to herself, could not possibly be Jehovah, the great I Am.

I, am therefore, suggesting to you that this is another witness that Satan has stolen the title of “I Am.”

I believe that our author is also running the Holy Spirit together with the “I Am,”  saying that the Holy Spirit is “I Am.” 

“I am therefore the life, the wisdom and the supply of your constitution and I....

Meaning the unconscious realm,

“Is the truth of all, not just of one man called Jesus.”

Our author, who quoted Job saying there is a spirit in man, is now saying that the spirit you are born with is all that you need, and that the spirit that you are born with is the “I Am.” 

You are born with the “I Am” already in you, our author says, so, if you will just engage in silent meditation, in silent listening, he will speak to you, give you all truth and provide your every need.

Stop trying to help yourself, he says, and let the counterfeit “I Am” rise up from the unconscious realm of your mortal mind, and she will be everything to you -- wisdom, provision, health -- everything that you need. 

Now the danger of a doctrine like this is that it sounds real good. Don’t I preach, “stop doing it yourself. Lay it down. The pow­er of your own will has to be broken”? Well, this is all true. But if you follow what our author is preach­ing, it won’t be the human spirit who will rule your life, but her husband, Satan, the unconscious part of your carnal mind.

When you do silent listening and silent meditation, you will be hearing from the god that you were born with, and her name is Satan. That's what he is saying. 

“Truth can therefore not be spoken or read in a book.  I Am the truth and this I is your consciousness unfolding as your individual life.”

Our author is saying that truth is in you, and she wants to unfold. He is saying you should let her out because she wants to be your life. That's what our author is saying. Let Satan out. She is inside of you. Let her out. Stop blocking her with your talk. Stop blocking her with your prayer. Stop blocking her. Go into silent listening and let the real you out. That's what he is saying. 

Now, the truth of the matter is that Satan is the real you. She is the mortal nature that we are all born with. We are all manifestations of the serpent, but have been restraining her all of our life because our parents, who know that there is potential for destruction in man, have taught us to defend ourselves against the influence of our own unconscious mind.

The psychiatrists call the raging passions of the unconscious mind, our libido, or the id. A society of unrestrained libidos, that are allowed to do whatever they want, would result in a lawless society, which would be in chaos.

The spiritual law of God which says, thou shalt not murder; thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not bear false witness, thou shalt not commit adultery, that is totally opposed to our mortal human nature. And the nature of humankind is whose nature?  Satan's nature!!!

The law of God that is opposing Satan's nature is responsible for keeping some semblance of society and reason down here in the valley of the shadow of death. But this teaching says, let her out, she is the true you.  And that's the truth. She is the true you, UNTIL Christ comes and reforms you into a new man. 

Now, the true you is fallen, and Satan, the wicked one, comes with all subtlety and evil to seduce you and bring torment and pain and death and destruction into your life. Your adversary, the Devil, seeks to destroy you, and one of her methods is doctrines of devils.

“God or truth is not outside of you. For God is the very fabric of your constitution.”

Now this is true. Do you remember that when we first started this series, I exhorted you to ask questions? When you are studying the Scripture, you must ask who, what, when, where and how.

It's true that God is not outside of you when Christ is being formed in you. When the Holy Spirit is operating in you, God is not outside of you. He is inside of you. But if the Holy Spirit is not in your life, and Christ is not being formed in you, God is outside of you.  Do you follow me? 

If you don't have the Holy Spirit, if you don't have a relationship with the Lord, God is outside of you. God in this hour is in man. So if He is not being formed in you, He is in another man, but He is outside of you.

 So what is our author speaking about? He is saying is that you are born with God inside of you.  That's what he is saying. Can anybody not see that? You have to read between the lines.

“God is not outside of you. God or truth is not outside of you.”

Now truth is in Christ. So a lot of people don't have Christ.  A lot of people have the Holy Ghost, who is God, but they don't have Christ, who is truth. So if you are talking to me and you don't have Christ and I have Christ, Christ is outside of you. He is in me, He's not in you. 

So when you read something like this, you need to know that it is true for some people, and not true for other people. Truth is a stage of spiritual development that every human being has not attained to at this time, but our author is saying, as you read between the lines, that everybody has truth. Now, for everybody to have truth, means you must be born with it.

But I suggest to you that we are born with a lie, and that the truth must be added to us. We are born with a lie. Who is the lie? The carnal mind is the lie, and Christ, the truth, must be added to us.

“For God is the very fabric of your constitution.”

Now some of you may remember our study on God weaving a garment, and Satan being the warp of that garment.  God, an invisible Spirit, with no form or shape, is weaving a garment to cover Himself, so that He can be seen.

Our example is the invisible man. Do you remember the invisible man? He was a doctor who was fooling around with some chemicals and he became invisible. He was scaring people who heard his voice coming out of nowhere, because he was invisible, so he put a jacket on, and pants and socks and shoes, and a scarf around his neck and bandages around his head, and glasses on his face and a hat on his head. He really looked attractive. But all you could see were his clothes and the bandages on his face. 

God, who is invisible, wants to be seen, and the garment that He is wrapping around Himself is who?  It is us!!!  It is us!!!  It is us!!!  We are the garment that He is wrapping around Himself.  Now that garment has a warp and a woof.  It has threads going horizontally and it has threads going vertically. Satan is the warp of the garment. She is the threads going horizontally. So there is some truth in our author saying that God -- and I believe that the god he speaks of, is Satan -- is the very fabric of your constitution.  Now, Satan is not the whole fabric, but she is the warp of the fabric.

“He is the very fabric of your constitution and when you and I become aware of his presence, we begin to benefit from him, even though it has always been there.  He has always been there waiting for a chance to get out. There is therefore only one life and I am that life.  There is only one truth and I am that truth. There is only one way and I am that way.”

Now in case you didn't realize it, when our author says “I Am,” on the surface he is talking about the Father, because one of the names of the Father is “”I Am, right? But I'm suggesting to you that Satan has stolen the name of the Father. So every time our author says “I Am,” he is not talking about the Father God of heaven, the great I Am. He is talking about Satan, who   took Jesus' and Jehovah’s titles. 

“I Am is the life, I am is the truth, I am is the way,”

But Jesus said that Christ is the way and the truth and the life. All life is in the Son. Truth is in the Son. The Spirit of Truth was sent by the Father. Jesus is the way. What way? He is the way out of hell, and into the spiritual life of God.  So, according to our author’s teaching, we see the “I Am” stealing the office that He gave His very own Son. Something is wrong, and I suggest to you that this is a counterfeit “I Am.” 

“The mystery of the name and the nature of God has been hidden from mortal man for many generations.”

Well, that's true.

“For mortal man cannot grasp it and cannot come under its government.”

Well, that's true. We mentioned that earlier. Satan cannot submit to the law of God. She is not capable of it. But Satan is mortal man’s unconscious mind.

“For mortal man has no capacity to receive truth. He has no capacity to receive truth for truth is spiritually discerned.”

This is both true and untrue.  Our capacity, or potential, to receive truth, is in our human spirit, but our human spirit is dead.  So until Christ, who raises our human spirit from the dead, is formed in us, or the process of raising our human spirit from the dead begins, it is true that we have no potential to discern the spiritual things of God’s Spirit. That's exactly why we need Christ. But Satan has a spiritual kingdom also. She has doctrine and spiritual experiences, which can be discerned by the carnal mind.

“However, there has always been a witness inside every man, woman and child to the name of God throughout all generations. This name I Am...”

It’s true that there is a witness inside every man, woman and child, but the witness is dead.  The witness is dead!  So the only functioning, conscious witness that he could possibly be talking about is Satan.

I tell you that this is Satan’s doctrine.  It is a doctrine exalting Satan, who has stolen the name of Jehovah, the great I Am.  Now listen to this, 

“This witness was revealed to Moses in the burning bush.  The name I Am became the name and memorial to all generations to come.”

Now name means “spirit,” and “memorial” is talking about someone who has died.

“...to all generations to come, as the principle and sustaining factor of all life.  The name I Am..”

He is saying that Jehovah became the name and memorial.  Now we have discussed this concept of a memorial, on prior messages. A memorial would be like a tombstone. We are all dead down here in the realm of death. Jesus said we are walking sepulchers, and there is a tombstone in the walking sepulcher. We studied this, and found out that there is something in man that marks the walking graves that we are.

Now what's inside of a grave?  A dead person is inside of the grave. What died at the fall? Elohim’s Spirit that had been breathed into Adam died.  So the dead one is in us is Adam’s widowed spirit, our human spirit, who becomes Christ when He is regenerated.

So, that memorial which  marks us as walking graves is Adam’s re­mains, or Adam’s skeleton, called the human spirit of mortal man. 

But, once again, Satan is stealing the office of Christ. Our author says

“The I Am is the name and the memorial...”

But Jesus is Jehovah’s Name, and the human spirit is the memorial. Now our author is lumping the office of Father, Son and human spirit into one.

The memorial is in the human spirit, which is the “potential” for Christ in mortal man, but our author is saying that they are one and the same.  Can you hear this?

“We can therefore no longer wait or hope for a resurrection as so many are doing.  For that would be a waste of time for I Am is already the resurrection now.”

He is saying that we are already resurrected.  It's all in the mind.

Do you remember our study on illusion. Was it at the last meeting that we talked about illusion? Our  author is saying we are already resurrected. We just have to come out from behind the illusion, but brethren, we are as dead as a door nail. 

“For I Am already the resurrection now and this I Am is always here and now.”

Do you remember Jesus saying, “I Am the Resurrection”? Well, this “I Am” that says that she is the resurrection, is a counterfeit.

He is saying that the resurrection is within us. We merely have to contact her. And how do you contact her?  She is deep inside of you. She is in the bottom of your ship. She is buried under the earth of your soul, and she doesn't need to be raised from the dead. 

Now, you see, it is true that Christ is deep inside of us, buried under the earth of our soul, but it's also true that Christ is presently in the skeletal form of the human spirit, and needs to be raised from the dead.

Our author is saying that Christ is in us, and that He is alive from the time of our human birth, but he doesn't understand that it is Christ’s dead skeleton, our potential for resurrection, that’s in us, not The Resurrection, who is Jesus Christ alone (Jn. 11:25).

Let me say this again. Jesus said, “I am the resurrection.” The Spirit of Jesus Christ is the resurrection, but He is not in us from birth. The human spirit, who has the potential to regenerate as Christ, is in us from birth, but he is dead. So we need a living seed from outside of us, we need the Spirit of Christ, we need the water of God from outside of us, so that Christ can be raised from the dead. 

But our author is saying, not so. The counterfeit I Am is inside of us. He has been buried alive, but all you have to do is dig that tunnel to make contact with him, and you going to find out that he is not only alive, but that he doesn't need any help from you or anyone outside of you.  And he is ready, willing and able to grant you every gift when you touch him.

I want to tell you, brethren, that when you go inward and start digging tunnels, and start trying to make contact with your inner self, with the inner self you were born with, the one that is waiting for you is Satan. It is not Christ. It is Satan.

Now, Satan was never buried alive. She has always been  dead. That’s why she the god of the dead soul. But the grace and mercy of the one true God has kept you safe from her through the moral, socialization process that is the gift of God to those who dwell in the earth.

What you are doing when you tunnel inward to reach the god that you were born with, is tearing down every spiritual barrier that God has raised up to protect us against her, for as long as we are in this mortal condition. 

Satan operates in passivity, in silent meditation, in silent listening.  So our author is saying,

“For I Am the resurrection is already here. It is always here.  And unless we bring all activity into the present now we are in error and do not acknowledge the presence of I as the only law and life giving principle.”

If we don't say

“...that God is present in us now, we are in error, and we are denying the fact that he is the only life giving principle.” 

Now there is a measure of truth in this. Satan is the source of this present existence, which is death and hell. She is the foundation of this fallen world, or this age, that the Lord Jesus Christ is bringing to an end.

A couple of years ago we were preaching that she is the power source that has brought this world into existence, not of herself, but with the spiritual power she murdered Adam for, with the spirit she stole from him, which is presently appearing in mortal man as the human spirit. 

The serpent married Adam’s widowed spirit and inherited all of his spiritual riches. All the wealth that belonged to Adam became the serpent’s, who founded this world system, and is appearing in it as Satan. 

But now there is a new power source in the earth.  That's what we were preaching two or three years ago. There is a new power source in the earth. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ, and He is come into this world system to bring forth the  existence called life.

The truth is, brethren, that the power source, the foundation of this mortal existence, is Satan.  So our author says,

“Unless we bring all activity,”

That means, unless we bring all the promises of the Scripture into the present, unless we say its here now and its already here inside of us,

“We are in error and do not acknowledge the presence of I,”

Which is the presence of Satan,

“As the only law and life giving principle.”

Now this was, in fact, true of the life of this age, until two thousand years ago, when a new living foundation became available to mortal man.

“So the object of our search is to seek first the Kingdom of God,”

In the earlier messages we pointed out that our author’s definition of “the Kingdom of God” is apparently “the unconscious realm of the spirit,” but our definition of the Kingdom of God is “the mind of Christ.”

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God,”

Our author is saying, seek ye first the god that was within you from birth, whose name is Satan, and be rightly related to her. 

Have a relationship with Satan???  Do you see how important the correct definition of terms is? You cannot assume that everyone that talks about the Kingdom of God is speaking about the Scriptural Kingdom of God. You've got to get the definitions of your terms straight. You've got to know what you believe, and what they mean by that term.

When you have a discussion with somebody else but don’t seem to be communicating, you've got to sit down and come to some common under­stand­ing of terms, because both of you could be using the same words, but have different definitions for the same words. You can't have an intelligent discussion if you are not talking about the same thing, because if you are both using the same word, but it means something different to each of you, the result will be chaos.  

Now listen to this, he is saying,

“If you seek first the Kingdom of God and be rightly related to Satan, then all of these things which you have need of in this human plane will be added unto you.”

Our author is claiming that Satan is capable of all provision. Now, Satan may be very well capable of meeting a lot of your mortal needs. I wouldn't put it past her at all. She is the god of this world, you know.  But in order to get your needs met from Satan, you must come into right relationship with her. You must acknowledge her and you must have a relationship with her and you must submit to her. 

“My Kingdom is not of this world and you and I are not going to benefit from this inner kingdom until our mind transcends beyond reason, beyond the mind, into the realm of the spirit, into silent meditation and listening. You have to go beyond reason. Don't reason.”

Let me remind you, the Father and Christ reason with us.  I told you in the exhortation earlier what my communications with the Lord are like. They are active, vital, vibrant conversations and discussions, where I ask questions that the Lord does not always answer directly, but sometimes directs me to studies and reasoning in Christ, which supplies the answers.

Thinking, reasoning, proving, trying, praying. Our author’s counsel is the exact opposite. He says you have to transcend reason. Stop thinking.

“Though it is a silent meditation and listening where the father of all reveals the mysteries of hidden manna.”

The father of all?  Well, she is the father of this existence alright. The Serpent is the father of this fallen existence. It's true. Our author just gave himself away right there. Jesus clearly said, “your father is the devil.” Jehovah, the great I Am, isn't the father, or the god, of this world. That’s why Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence (Jn. 18:36).

She just gave herself away.  If you go into meditation and silent listening you will meet the father of all, alright. You are going to meet your daddy.

“When the father of all reveals the mysteries of hidden manna which no human ear or eye has ever witnessed,”

What about Paul saying, “And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing (1 Cor 13:2).

Our author is talking about doctrine coming from the father of this existence.  My Bible says that there is a father of lights, that the true Father is the Father of Lights. He is the Father of all spirits. I don't know of any Scripture saying that He is the Father of the “all.”

Satan is the father of this “all” that we see right here, and she has doctrine for us. We see clearly that Satan has doctrine for us. 

Here is our author’s definition of prayer,

“Prayer then is not speaking or informing God what the problems of this world are.  You can't talk to her,”

What this is saying is, don't have a personal relationship with the Father. Don't talk to Him about what's breaking your heart, or the problems of this world.   Don't talk to Him, He knows everything, so you don’t have to talk to God about your personal problems.

The relationship described here, is the exact opposite of what the Bible teaches. So let's see what we are supposed to talk to our father, the Devil, about. We are to talk to him about,

“Prayer then is not speaking or informing God what the problems of this world are, but rather a concentration to abstain from all mind or reasoning activity to the only request, speak lord, for thy servant heareth.”

Say nothing to God. Don't cast your cares upon Him.  Don't seek His counsel. Don't seek His wisdom. But just have an empty mind and say “speak lord, let me hear your doctrine.” 

Now our author is telling us that if you do this, your every need in this world system will be met. And that just may be true. Thank God, I have no personal experience with that. 

Satan has done everything she could to deny me my needs in this world system. I've had several dreams over the years, especially while I was still working at a secular job, of the Lord insisting that this world system produce an income for me, and Satan protesting vehemently, against the funds being given over to me. I've had several dreams like that, where the Lord went in and said, “you do it.” In every dream that I had like that, Satan was in the form of some kind of legal government official because this is her world, and she did not want to release the funds to me. 

I had at least two or three dreams where the father went in and said, now you sign the papers. You do it. And right after that, God produced an income for me. It was a miracle that God produced an income for me. Satan would have me killed if she could, rather than support me while I brought forth the Doctrine of Christ. It was a miraculous victory over the god of this world for me to be able to serve God full time.

“Many times I have experienced the healing presence of God, especially when I submitted my mind to listening for his voice, instead of my much speaking or thinking.”

Well, I believe that Satan heals. I don't think that is any problem. Most people know that Satan heals. There is healing in the Satanic realm.

I think we are going to stop at this point, but  I want to take this opportunity to give a testimony.

Last Sunday a word came forth that there would be miracles. I had been suffering from sciatica for weeks, and it just went. I can't tell you when it went, but I know that it is gone. I was suffering for a long time -- a couple of months, since the weather turned -- and it is completely gone. I thank God for that.

COMMENT: I didn't realize it, but the pain in my both feet are totally gone.

PASTOR VITALE: Did it happen last Sunday?

COMMENT: I don't know when it went, but it has been that way for at least a week.

PASTOR VITALE: There was a pronouncement that there would be miracles, but there were no obvious miracles, nothing happened instantly after the Lord spoke. I thank God for that healing.  It was very painful.

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