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When we finished the last part of this message, our author was speaking about concentrat­ed listening. By way of introduct­ion on this message, I would like to remind you that the Scripture does not teach concentrat­ed listening. The Scrip­t­ure teaches active, vital interac­tion with the Christ and vital active meditation on His Word, which means reasoning that results in actively asking questions, but the teaching of the author that we are speaking to, is the exact opposite. 

I would also like to remind you that he acknowledges that the carnal mind is a mind that produces good and evil, and all of the sickness, death and the wickedness in this world, and advocates going into a higher realm which is above the good and evil of this world. 

That sounds good, with one exception. We can't get into, we cannot access this higher realm where the one true God is, without a mediator. This is the whole purpose of why Jesus Christ gave up His flesh life for us, which could have continued on for the life of the ages.

There is no access to the high spiritual realm which is above this fallen world without the mediator, who is the man Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man. Without Him, there is no access to the Father. 

Another point that I would like to remind you of, and emphasize, is that our author does not seem to acknowledge that Christ is another mind, although sometimes, he does mention it. I'm doing my best to understand him fairly, but I do not recognize him acknowledging that there is another mind present.

Our author claims that God is not mind, but God is mind in the form of the Christ mind. The Father is present in man as a mind. Not as the carnal mind, but as the Christ mind. Christ, the Son of the Living God, Christ the offspring of the Father, God, and the human spirit.

There is an intermediary step which is being denied in this doctrine. It is a deception to think that you can enter into the high realm of the Spirit of the one true God which is above this fallen world, without a mediator.

Those of you who have ascended, or are ascending, without a mediator, whether you know it or not, have entered into Satan, the spiritual world of the thief and the robber. You have entered into the lair of the lion, who is your advocate, your adversary, who is seeking to destroy you. She looks like God. She walks like God. She talks like God. She sounds like God. She makes you feel like you think God would make you feel, but she is not the one true God. She is the god of this world, the one who formed this fallen world, but she is not the creator of the universe. 

I declare unto you that the peace that our author says he experiences in communication and in fellowship with his god, the god who he calls "I Am," is not available to fallen men until you have overcome the good and evil of this world, which overcoming requires a long, painful warfare. 

Brethren, there is no birth without pain. There is no piercing into the high realm of the Spirit of the one true God who is above good and evil, without pain. Don't you believe it! You have been sold a lie. There is no easy way to enter in.

Our author describes his fellowship with his god like this:

"Beloved, in such moments of concentrated listening, the passive emptying out of your mind...”

He rejects the use of your mind. Brethren, Satan has trouble operating where someone's mind is active. That’s why mentally ill people are encouraged to engage in activities that require their concentrated atten­tion, such as sewing, knitting, building model planes, etc. To sit passively with an inactive mind is the worst thing a human being can do, because it opens you to the total destruction of the spiritual part of this fallen world, which is Satan. 

The Scripture clearly states that idleness is something to be avoided. Silent listening will put you in communication with the unconscious mind of fallen man, whose name is Satan, the one who seduced the woman into thinking that she was God, and the creation fell. The woman thought Satan was God.

Paul clearly cautions the Church to be careful, lest the same thing should happen to us in this hour, that the serpent should beguile us. She looks like God, she sounds like God, she feels like God, and she is the god of this world, but she is not the one true God. 

"Beloved, in such moments of concentrated listening, God's presence is so real, it feels like descending tangible light and in this balm of light, there is fullness of life, joy and an unspeakable sense of love and belonging.”

Brethren, God is not a feeling. Neither is love a feeling.  God is righteousness. A fallen man serving God experiences persecution, hatred, rejection, blasphemy against the Christ within himself, and strife, until he pierces through to that higher spiritual world. 

"Beloved, this is the most powerful prayer you can experience. For in that instance, the healing virtue of God's presence is released to all creation, for it is the spirit praying through you, not you a human being."

Now I hear a question in the spirit. Yes, it is possible to feel good and to feel peace under the anointing of Christ, but not as a result of silent listening.  Brethren, the anointing comes down when you pray, when you communicate with God, when you reach out to Him.  It comes down when you preach the word, when you praise Him with music. The anointing comes down when you do something. The anointing comes upon me when I study. 

The only time the anointing has ever come upon me when I have not done something to ask for it, is when the Lord has something to say to me and He overtakes me in the midst of my activities.

I engage in much spiritual warfare, brethren. I know from experience that the worst thing I can do is lay down in a passive spiritual position when I am under an attack. If I do that, I am overtaken. I have got to read the Bible, put on a message, pray, or do something.  When you do nothing, you contact the great NOTHING, which is God’s name for Satan. You do not contact the Creator of the universe. I hope I made that clear. 

There is a true outpouring of God's Spirit that makes you feel good, but not as a result of silent listening. God’s Spirit witnesses to the truth of God’s Word. Neither is God’s Spirit sent forth just “to make us feel good.” God’s Spirit has one effect on the carnal mind, to wound and destroy it, and another effect on the personality being saved, to heal it.

"There is an unspeakable sense of love and belonging."

I repeat to you that love is not a feeling, brother. Love is commitment, love is responsibility, love is faithfulness. Love is not a feeling that comes upon you in a moment of silent listening. 

"It is the spirit praying through you."

Brethren, when the Spirit prays through you, it is for somebody else. When the Spirit prays through you, it is to heal somebody else. It is to deliver somebody else. It is to help somebody else. It is not praying through you to give you a sense of love and belonging. 

Jesus clearly said that it is better to give than to receive.  I'm suggesting to you that this doctrine is not consistent with Scriptural principles.  The more you serve God, the more your personal life is sacrificed.  Those that the Lord apprehends are fully given over to the service of other people. 

The Spirit does not pray through you to make you feel good.  Now if you are having a crisis in your life and you are crying out to God, the Spirit might pray through you to get you through the crisis, but the Spirit doesn't pray through you to give you a sense of peace and belonging. Can you hear me?  You are a gift for others. Your life is a living sacrifice poured out to minister to those weaker than yourself.

The whole principle here is narcissistic. Can anybody not hear it? There is selfishness in his principle. 

"In this holy atmosphere of prayer...”

Now, his definition of prayer is silent listening. We were talking about this during the exhortation. When you read somebody's writing, you must read between the lines to find understanding and definitions of the terms they are using. Our authors definition of prayer is silent listening, or silent meditation, which is the exact opposite of what is taught in the Scripture. 

"In this holy atmosphere of prayer, all over the earth, God's saving grace is realized and materializes in people's experiences.  True prayer is becoming aware of a transcendental presence." 

What that means is a presence that is beyond your consciousness, a presence that is beyond this world. Brethren, this transcendental presence is the unconscious mind of man, whose name is Satan. The world knows, even  Psychiatry knows that she is untamable.

Psychiatry calls Satan the libido, or the id. She is raging, wild and insatiable. She needs to be controlled by the ego [conscious mind] or she will destroy us.

She doesn't know when to say “when.” She doesn't know when she has had enough. She will cause us to eat ourselves to death if she can.  She will have us engage in sexual activity until it kills us, if she can. She will have us engage in every form of lust and indulgence until it kills us, if it were possible.

She must be tempered and controlled by a personality that has been trained in the spiritual wisdom of how to survive in this world through self- discipline, self control, obligation towards other people, and responsibility. You can't have everything you want. You can't do everything that you want. It will destroy you. You can't take whatever you see that appeals to you. You cannot say whatever you want to say, at any time that you feel like saying it.  You have to learn to restrain yourself.

You would be a poor excuse for a human being without being trained in self restraint as a child. You would grow up, most likely, as a social misfit.  You would not be able to function in this society, because people will not put up with you. You are supposed to learn to control yourself in your childhood years. 

A transcendental presence is a presence above and beyond the consciousness of this world.

“True prayer is becoming aware of a transcendental presence which is not of this earth realm, but the realm of heaven, which is invisible to human eyesight and is not perceivable with the five sense gates, but can only be perceived by the hidden man of the heart." 

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time our author mentions the hidden man of the heart, saying that he is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Now that sounds real good, but as I read on, I find that it is inconsistent with other aspects of his doctrine.

As I said earlier, I'm doing the best I can to be fair to the author, and to try and understand what he is saying, but I can't see him putting this defini­tion of the hidden man of the heart to any positive use.

"This transcendental realm which is above the five senses...”

That is, beyond this world that we live in,

“Is called Eden, or Paradise.  Jesus came to reveal this realm to us.  If you desire this state of consciousness which is above the five senses, if you desire it more than life itself, you will see it and experience it's nature." 

Now I believe this. I believe that there is a place, a realm, which is beyond this world that we live in. You all know the teaching here, that we are trapped down here, in this world called hell. 

We are trapped down here in these corporeal bodies, in these solid hard bodies that anchor us to the earth. But there is a spiritual world that is beneath the heaven of God. There are two heavens.

Do you remember that when we looked the Greek words translated “the kingdom of heaven,” we found out that the Greek actually says, “the Kingdom of Heavens.” The word “heaven” is plural. There are two heavens, brethren. You need to know that there are two heavens, so that you can inquire as to which heaven you are piercing into when you ascend.

As I said earlier, if you are not going through the only mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus, if Christ Jesus is not the door you are entering into, you are ascending into the lower heaven, which is Satan’s spiritual world.

It is heaven alright, but it is the lower heaven. It is the heaven over which Satan is the god. 

"The world man has created through his sensual mind is a world of shadows and those that are living in it will continue to experience tribulation on every side."

Our author preaches that this world is an illusion. It is absolutely true that this world  is a world of shadows, an illusion.  I also agree with him that we will continue to experience tribulation on every side, for so long as we are living in it.

But I declare to you, that the only way to get out of this illusory world, is for our true reality, which is our human spirit, to ascend into the mind of Christ, while we are still in the flesh. 

There is no tribulation in Christ. it is all outside of Him.  Christ is the Holy Place. Christ is the palace that's in the New Jerusalem. No dogs, whore­mong­ers, murderers or fornicators can enter in there.

So I agree with him, we have to get out of this place.  The question is how do we get out? Our author says, through silent listening, but I declare to you that the only way out is through the only door that is the true exit out of this world, and that door must be in you. 

The door is Christ Jesus, the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, grafted to your heart.

 "This world is therefore not the realm of God's creation, but the mind." 

Well, that's true.  This is not the realm of God's creation.  We've talked a lot about how this world came into existence after Satan killed Adam, and stole and joined herself to his widowed spirit, which became mortal man’s human spirit in this perverted existence.

The mind of this world is the carnal mind, and the carnal mind is the high priest of the god of this world, whose name is Satan. 

The one true God didn't form this world. The serpent formed it with the spirit that she stole from Adam after she murdered him, which widowed spirit is appearing in mortal humanity today as the human spirit. Adam’s widowed spirit, which is now married to Satan, has, to date, brought forth only spiritually retarded and perverted, female, dead child­ren. Satan does not have the ability to beget a living, male child.

This is why Jesus made such an issue of saying, “I am the Son of MAN,” as well as the Son of God. Jesus was a spiritually male  human being, in a world of spiritually female human beings.

The carnal mind, the mind of this world is the offspring of Satan and the human spirit, and Satan is the image engraved on that mind.  It is a perverted, retarded, fallen, corrupt mind. 

"The world mind is a realm called cosmic projection created through constant observing it through the senses." 

The subconscious part of the carnal mind is a group mind, or a spiritual city, where all those who dwell in the carnal mind meet, although most are not aware of it. This collective subconscious mind of mortal humanity, which is a spiritual city, is a projection of the pri­mord­ial serpent who initiated the assault that killed Adam.

The world mind is not projected by mortal men, who are observing it through their senses, or otherwise.  

This whole world exists  because the powers and principali­ties who have generat­ed the carnal mind are manifesting through every human being simultaneously. 

The collective subconscious part of the carnal mind, which is superior to the individual consciousness of many carnal minds, is manifesting through trillions of people on the earth, who are perceiving with their five senses what the collective carnal mind is telling them to perceive. It is the spiritual vision of the collective subconscious mind that is taking form outside of us, not the sensory perceptions of mortal men. 

If you recall the teaching on illusion, the thought originates with the collective subconscious mind, which propels it into the individual conscious mind. The  implanted thought then vibrates through the conscious mind and takes the form that is seen, heard, smelled and tasted.

Of course, he uses the phrase cosmic projection. The cosmos is this whole world system, including the stars and the planets. Also, each of us is a cosmic system. We all have lungs and hearts and spleens. Each of us is a system within the greater system of the whole world. 

Our author is saying that the world mind is a place that he calls a cosmic projection, which is formed when the collective subconscious mind projects through the individual cosmos of every human being, to produce this visible physical world, including the bodies that we dwell in. But the mind and the image produced by the mind are two different things.

It is the same principle that we teach here, brethren, when we talk about demons and spirits vibrating out of your mind, and taking form in front of you.

I believe that angels are the whole inner man,  either the Christ man or the old, mortal man, that vibrates out and takes form in front of you. 

Our author is saying that this whole world system is a thought in your mind, and that every human being has the same thought about what this world is like because every human being has the same perverted mind.

Therefore, our author says, because everybody is thinking with the same perverted mind, this world has taken form as a perverted, retarded, corrupt world, in the image of the spirit that is vibrating forth out of every individual mind.

But it is not true that mortal man is responsible for this visible world. Unseen powers and principalities which are the projection of the primordial serpent, the serpent in the garden, are responsible for this visible world.

Mortal man, without Christ added to him, is the spiritually helpless remains of Adam’s living beast, which Jehovah, the great I AM, sent Jesus to save.

This world is an illusion, but for those of us trapped in the illusion, it is very real. This body is an illusion, but when you cut me, it hurts, because my fallen spirit is subject to this body.

Let me say this again. Our author is saying that if we stop observing with the senses, that this outer, visible world will cease to exist.

Brethren, you feel the pain of this world when your true reality, your human spirit, is subject to the illusion. Listen, the carnal mind is expressing herself through us. Our true reality, which is our human spirit, is subject to, and held captive by, the carnal mind.

The reality of our condition is that our human spirit is married to Satan, and has borne the serpent’s offspring, the carnal mind. Our human spirit is the harlot of Revelation, who is a slave both to her husband, Satan, and her offspring, the carnal mind. 

Therefore, the reality of our human spirit’s servitude to Satan and the carnal mind, and her powerless condition in light of her servitude, is revealed in the projected image of this visible world.

If you cut this body, it hurts me because my spirit is subject to Satan, and this body is in Satan’s image. Can you hear this? Let me give it to you on a simpler level. 

If you have a body that is wracked with disease, your body heals as your consciousness rises into Christ because your human spirit is ascending above the authority of the one who is hurting you. Your human spirit is running into the city of refuge, which is higher than the carnal mind. The human spirit is running into Christ Jesus, and as she ascends into the one who is higher than Satan’s authority, the reality of Christ Jesus’ dominion over Satan begins to be reflected in the physical body, which is Satan's image. 

Satan continues to try to make your body sick, but because the human spirit is ascending into Christ Jesus, who has dominion over Satan, Satan fails.

Therefore, I believe it is possible for you not to feel it when your physical body is cut.  Brethren, it is done in the Satanic realm. Hindu holy men lay on beds of nails. They cut themselves. They swallow fire. It doesn't damage their body.  Why?  Their human spirit has ascended to a place, or gone inward to a spiritual place, which is higher than the authority of this world, which is the collective subconscious mind, the spiritual city called Babylon. 

It is possible, in Christ, for your human spirit to ascend above the authority of this world.  This body is in the image of Satan, the authority of this world. When your human spirit ascends above Satan’s authority, you will have the spiritual strength to preserve your body.  You will have the dominion to say, what happens to this body will not cause me pain.  Can you hear it? 

The body only corrupts because that which is our true reality, our human spirit, is underneath Satan, the god of this world.  When our human spirit ascends above the authority of the god of this world, our body will be preserved. 

I feel to say it one more time in a different way. The only reason we get sick, or hurt, the only reason this body is so breakable and damageable is because our true reality, our human spirit, is under the authority of this world system.

But Jesus came, and now His authority which is greater than Satan’s, the god of this world system, is available to us in the form of the mind of Christ, which must be imparted to us from above. Once that Christ mind begins to be formed in you, your human spirit ascends into that place of authority in Christ Jesus, which is above Satan, the god of this world, and she loses her authority to torment you through the illusory physical body that you are abiding in. 

The physical body and this whole world is an illusion because they are formed from spiritual dust particles clinging to electromagnetic rad­ia­tion [mag­netized spirit], which blow away when the radiating particles lose their energy. So long as you are subject to the collective mind that is forming the image of this world, which includes your body, you are subject to every wicked thing that happens here, including sickness and death.

Can you hear this? You've got to get into a mind that is stronger than the mind which is projecting the illusion, for the pain, torment, disease and destruction of the illusion to lose its power over you. Now the change from being subjected to the illusion, to not being subjected to the illusion takes place gradually. 

According to the Star Trek example, as soon as your mind rises above the authority of the god of this world, the illusion vanishes at the snap of your fingers. But those of us who are laboring in the Lord's vineyard, know that it just doesn’t happen that fast. First, you get healthier. Your mind gets healthier, your body gets healthier, your life gets healthier. 

Somewhere along the line, brethren, our body will be preserved, but it is not happening at the snap of a finger. Did I make that point?

We are subject to this world for so long as our human spirit is under the authority of the god of this world, but it is possible to ascend beyond this world into Christ, who is above. Then, while still in a physical body which is a part of their illusion, the powers of this world will lose their strength to damage us. That's the condition that Jesus was in. 

"This fear realm, then, is not God's creation."

 It is not Jehovah's creation,  but it is the god of this world's creation. 

"For God cannot be the author of confusion and human dilemma, neither does God help it, heal it or deliver it." 

The danger of these messages is the element of truth in them. It is true that God is not the author of confusion, nor the creator of this world. The serpent formed this world, but God, through the Lord Jesus Christ, is very present in this world. My Bible says that if you go down to hell, He is there with you, and if you ascend into heaven, He is there with you. God is in hell. God is the purifying fire in hell. He is the table in hell. The twenty third psalm says “in the midst of my enemies, in the valley of the shadow of death, you spread a table out for me.” 

God is here, but He is not permanently healing or delivering hell.

Now what is hell?  The body that we live in is physical hell, and the carnal mind is spiritual hell in the physical world. Jesus is not fixing hell up. He is giving us a new visible world, in the image of the Father. But while we are down here, He is helping us. He is healing this body, even though it’s just a band aid,  just to keep us going until our full deliverance comes.

Jesus heals down here.  I know that it’s true, because He healed me. He delivers down here.  I know, because He delivered me.  So, I really am offended at this doctrine that would stop or discourage people from seeking help from God. I am very offended by it. 

God does help, and He does heal, and He does deliver, but our author says God doesn't heal and deliver because this world is not real.  Well, it's not real, and it is an illusion, but I just took ten minutes to explain how, when we are trapped down here, this illusion is real to us. God does help, heal and deliver, because this world is real to us.  It is not real to God, but it is real to us who, in our present, fallen form, are woven  into the illusion, like the embroid­ery of a tapestry. 

"This world has no law to sustain itself." 

That's not really true because this world does have a spiritual authority to sustain itself, but that spiritual authority is Adam’s widowed spirit which the serpent stole from Adam.

Satan has no ability of herself to bring forth a world.  But so long as she holds the human spirit captive, there is a law, because spirit is law. There is spirit in this existence, but he has been captured by the serpent and forced into a female role in relation to Satan.  That's why the world is corrupt. The captured human spirit is not strong enough to bring forth the true creation that God intended.  For that, you need virile male seed. 

Our author says that this world is not subject to the law of God and has no law to sustain itself,  because it is only a shadow that is not real. Well, it's true that this world is only a shadow, but it must have some spirit, or it couldn't exist.

Now I don't know about you, but I read this several times before I came out here tonight, and it sounds to me that our author is simply saying that this world is not under the authority of Christ. It has no law to sustain itself, so God is just not operating here. Is that what it sounds like to you? Let me read it again. 

“For this world is not real and has no law to sustain itself, therefore, it is not subject to the law of God because it is not real.”

So you don't have to obey God's law because this world is not real. Do you hear it that way?

COMMENT: I'm hearing it like the verse that I hear in the Bible where it says, “the mind that is enmity with God can't be subject to the law of God.”  It doesn't have the ability to be subject to God.  That's how I was hearing it.

Now, according to our author, this world is not capable of being subjected to God because it is not real.  It is not subject to the law of God; the law of God should not try to influence it -- to do what? -- the law of God should not try to influence this world to heal it, to deliver it or to help it in any way, because it is not subject to the law of God, since it is not real. 

COMMENT: So reading between the lines, our author is against praying for healing, or anything else. Let me read it for you again. This sentence comes right after talking about healing.

"This fear realm then is not God's creation, for God cannot be the author of confusion and human dilemma. Neither does God help it, heal it or deliver it because this world is not real and has no law to sustain itself; therefore it is not subject to the law of God which heals, delivers and helps.” 

Do you hear It?  Romans 8:7 says, “because the carnal mind is enmity against God, for it is not subject to the law of God.” Well that sounds like what he said, but let's read Romans 8:6, “For to be carnally minded is death. But to be spiritually mind­ed is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is the enemy of God.” 

That's why to be carnally minded is death.  When you are the enemy of God, you die.  “For to be carnally minded is death,” to live out of your carnal mind is death, “but to be spiritually minded,” to live out of Christ “is life and peace.”

The carnal mind is God's enemy because she is not in subjection to, not in submission to, the law of God, and neither can she be. Therefore, everyone that lives out of the carnal mind is spiritually dead, because spiritual death is separation from God. Life is lived in submission to God. 

But this Scripture says nothing whatsoever about God being unable to help the carnal mind, heal it or deliver it. The Scripture says it cannot be in submission to God, period. Can you hear it? 

You see, he’s using this Scripture to say that it's righteous for the carnal mind not to be subject to the law of God, because she's not even real. But the Scripture says, the reason the carnal mind is not in subjection to God is because she's God's enemy. Can you hear the difference? 

The Scripture says the reason the carnal mind is not subject to the law of God is because she's God's enemy and, therefore, separated from God and abiding in death.  It's an evil mind. God is saying, this world is not subjected to Himself because it's evil. But our author is saying, this world is not subjected to God -- not because it's evil, that's just your imagination -- but because it is not even real.  It's just your imagination. 

How could you expect God to minister to this world when it's just your imagination? So don't expect God to heal it, deliver it or help it. It's a shadow.

But the truth of the Scripture is that it is not a shadow, as mortal man understands “shadow.” This world is a spiritual shadow which is also an existence called death, which is not in subjection to God because she is God's enemy.

God's enemies are not in subjection to Him. Therefore this whole world abides in death, not because it is a shad­ow, but because this fallen world is the result of sin. But, despite the fact that this world exists as a result of sin, God is still here helping, healing and delivering. 

Our author is saying that this world isn't the result of sin, and that God is not helping, healing or delivering it because it's all in your mind. It's not even real.

Now listen, if you believe that this world is in the mess that it’s in because of sin, and you believe that there's a God, you can cry out for Him to have mercy on you. But if you don’t believe that sin exists, there's no reason for you to cry out to God to have mercy on you. If this world is only in your imagination, and God doesn't even see it because it's in your imagination, well then, why would you bother to cry out for help?  Can you hear it?  This is wicked. 

Do you know that people pick up a teaching like this and get snared? I mean, who could rightly divide this teaching? I want to tell you that it is just the grace of God that He gave us the Doctrine of Christ, which prepared us for this.

Quoting Scriptures and misusing them, is so subtle. But brethren, is that not what the serpent did in the garden?  Is this not the nature of the serpent, to quote the Scriptures and change them ever so subtly?  It is the nature of the serpent.  It's what she did from the beginning.  But God told me that the serpent is not deliberately twisting these Script­ures to snare us. Her mind is crooked.  Her mind is perverted. The mind of the serpent -- what's the name of the mind of the serpent? -- the carnal mind, who is spiritually retarded. Her mind is spiritually insane. Her mind is sick. It is corrupted. When her mind hears the Scripture, perverted doctrine comes out of her mouth. 

I don't doubt that this man and everyone else writing along these lines are very sincere. They believe what they are teaching and they believe what they are preaching.  What they don't know is that mortal man is the image of the beast. The beast has the power to give breath to the image, and the image walks, and talks, and preaches and teaches doctrines of devils. 

I want to tell the Church world that is still carnal and hasn't matured spiritually yet, that they are safer believing in the rapture than believing a message like this. At least they still believe that they need a Saviour. But for those whom God has called to higher things in this hour, the challenge is to stay in His Word. But for those that haven't been called onward at this time, let them stay in kindergarten.

People believing this doctrine, can only call out to the God which they believe they, themselves are, in their moment of crisis,  and there is death in that. People in the carnal church with all their carnal doctrine, the European Common Market the rapture, the ten toes on the statue, and the whole thing, are going to call out to Jesus when disaster comes, and they will be saved from destruction. Can you hear this? Alleluia! 

“The world we see around us is a holographic universe.” 

“Holographic” is a word that can mean “self-written.”

Our author is saying that the carnal mind has produced this universe out of it's own shadowy self. I agree completely.

“This whole universe is an image, an illusion projected by the carnal mind.”

But I don’t agree that this world's nature has no eternal law or substance to maintain itself. This world has substance. It doesn't have any male substance, but it does have female substance. 

“For it is a projection of universal mesmerism.”

“Mesmerism” means hypnotism or animal magnetism.  We know that the carnal mind is the beast. So what our author is saying, is that this world is a projection of the universal beast.  It is a projection of the collective carnal mind manifesting through all of humanity, and therefore is an illusion.

This is true.  But what our author doesn't understand is that the Lord always intended His visible world to be an illusion. Eden is an illusion also, but an illusion that is projected by a superior, righteous mind. 

Jehovah is invisible. He has no form or shape. The whole purpose of this creation that we can see today -- I'm sure there are purposes beyond this -- is that Jehovah wants a visible creation, which visible creation is an illusion projected by Adam, His righteous mind.

God is Spirit, and the true nature of man is intended to be spirit. In this hour we have an  emotional, animal nature, and except for those of us who are being quickened in Christ, our nature is one hundred percent emotional animal. The mind that is in us is an emotional animal.

That’s what a soul is, an emotional animal nature. The Living Beast of Genesis, the spiritual animal, died with Adam and became a dead soul, which is an emotional, animal nature.

The way God set it up, the mind in man was to be a spiritual plant, but a weed appeared in the garden of God. The garden brought forth something of itself. It brought forth a mind from within itself, without a male seed. And that mind which is born of the flesh part of the creation, is flesh. The mind in the creation today is flesh.  The mind in the creation which is supposed to be spiritual, is soul -- flesh. Man’s mortal mind is mud that has been energized by Adam’s widowed spirit, and that's why we are dying. 

“My Kingdom, Jesus said, is not of this world and does not come by observation, but is a realm of the absolute where nothing can enter that defiles or makes alive.”

Our author, by quoting this Scripture, negates his own teaching that this world comes into existence through the five senses.

The problem here, is the translation of Luke 17:20, “and [Jesus] said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation,” and in particular, the rendering of the Greek word, parateresis, Strong’s # 3907, as a noun, “observation,” rather than the verb, “to observe.”

Negative particles in the Scripture can be translated, “Satan, serpent,” etc. wherever it is appropriate to bring forth the true spiritual understanding of the Scripture, and both the English noun, “observation,” and verb “to observe,” can also be defined as “to be subject to,” “to comply with,” “to conform to,” “to carry out [ritualistic obedience, etc].”

Accordingly, Jesus was saying in Luke 17:20, . . . The serpent [not] is appearing [cometh] because the Kingdom of God is  subjected to, or obedient to, her.

Heb 2:15 reveals this same principle, “And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.”

Please note that the  word, “subject,” is in this verse also, and that “fear” in this case means “reverence,” or “respect.”

“And deliver them who are  subject to bondage all their lifetime, because they respect, or engage in a relationship with, or are in agreement with, death [which is the carnal mind (Rom. 8:6)]. [See, further discussion of this principle on page 16 of this book.]

On the earlier messages, we found that our author believes that the Kingdom of God is in the pure realm of the Spirit, but the Kingdom of God is not in the pure realm of the Spirit.

The Kingdom of God is a mind that is spiritual because Jehovah’s virile seed has formed it. Adam, is the mind of God, who is formed from Elohim’s breath and the dust of the earth. But Adam died, and mankind fell into mortality, so the process that regenerates Adam differs somewhat from the original impartation of Elohim’s breath to the earth.

Adam is resurrected when the male seed of the Father, the Holy Spirit, joins with the human spirit of mortal man.  When those two spirits join, the spirit of the carnal mind is renewed, or born again, Adam the original mind of the creation, is resurrected, and the animal part of the dead soul is regenerated.

So please be aware that our author's definition of the Kingdom of God is not consistent with the Scriptural definition of the Kingdom of God.  When he says “the Kingdom of God,” he is speaking about the spiritual realm which is beyond mind.

Now a mortal mind has three parts: conscious, subconscious and unconscious. The mind of Christ has a conscious part, which reveals the nature of God in fallen, mortal man. His name is Abel. The unconscious part is the Spirit of Christ, and the subconscious part is the resurrected Adam. 

But there is a spiritual realm even beyond the Spirit of Christ. This place that is beyond the realm of time, is where Jehovah and the glorified Jesus Christ are.

So our author is not describing mind, but the timeless realm where Jehovah and the Lord Jesus dwell. It's a lie that there is such a place in Satan’s kingdom. What Satan has is the unconscious part of the carnal mind, which gives the illusion of timelessness -- that is, no beginn­ing,  no change, and no end -- but, whose true, mortal state will be confirmed when she ceases to exist. 

So our author believes that the god he is in contact with is totally beyond mind, where Jehovah is.  But I declare to you that Satan can only ascend into the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and has no ability to rise beyond that, into the eternal realm where Jehovah exists.  So our author says,

“My Kingdom, Jesus says, is not of this world.”

That's true, but Jesus was not speaking about the eternal realm of God where Jehovah is. There is a step between this mortal world and Jehovah’s world. There is a great gulf which mortal man cannot span without a bridge, a mediator, and that’s why the whole creation needs to be caught up into Christ Jesus. 

“Then when every enemy is put under His feet, even the last enemy which is death...”

And what is death? This body is death.

“When this body is swallowed up at the end of the whole procedure, Christ will give the whole creation to the Father.”

That means we will be converted into pure spirit, and ascend into the realm that our author is speaking about. But in my opinion that's thousands of years away. 

The event that we are waiting for is to be caught up into Christ Jesus, which spiritual condition of mind, stops our body from dying.  The catching up to full stature and glorification, will be experienced individually, just like reconciliation and receiving the Holy Ghost is. 

“God is therefore not mind.”

But God is mind.  Christ is a mind, and Christ is the Son of the Living God. The Son of God is God. The Son of the King is the King.  Jesus clearly said, “I and my Father are one.”

“God is therefore not mind, but an absolute state of universal consciousness.”

What does the mind do?  The mind reasons.  It thinks.  It is rational. Our author is saying that anything to do with reasoning or rational thought cannot be of God.  He has a revelation that the carnal mind is not Jehovah’s mind, but denies the mind of Christ.

Our author doesn’t understand that there are two gods present in this world today, Satan,  the lesser god of this fallen world, and Jehovah, through the Lord Jesus Christ, and that each of them is appearing through the mind that represents him.

Building on this faulty foundation, then, our author (1)  correctly deduces that Jehovah, the great I Am, is not the carnal mind but (2) incorrectly fails to perceive the Christ mind, in which the Spirit of Christ, the absolute state of universal consciousness dwells.

Our author is saying that to get to God, you must be above reasoning, and above thinking.  I don't know if that's true even in glorification, but I doubt it. As far as I know, God thinks and reasons.

“God, therefore, is not mind, but an absolute state of universal consciousness; just a state of awareness, not an oscillating experience.”

That's true. Oscillating means to go up and down.  We've taught here that when we are completely filled with Christ, the valleys will be filled up, and the high places will be made even. Do you remember that teaching?  I can agree with that.

It’s true that there will be no more carnal mind, but there will be reasoning and thinking through the Christ mind, which does not oscillate, but remains even, because Christ is God.

So you see, he is missing a crucial step, which is the whole point of our salvation. Christ is a mind that imparts spiritual evenness, because He is of an entirely different nature than the carnal mind, which is an oscillating experience between good and evil. 

“Most metaphysical teachings have us to believe that God is mind, but that is not true.”

Well, God is not the carnal mind. 

“If mind can think and produce both good and evil conditions, it cannot be God, but is the cosmic law of sowing and reaping.”

Do you hear what he is saying? Have we not taught here that Satan is the mediator of the sowing and reaping judgment which is unto destruction? He is absolutely right, except that he is talking about the carnal mind, while failing to recognize that there is another mind, the Christ mind, about whom this is not true. What he is saying is true of the carnal mind, but not true of the Christ mind. 

He is saying that the carnal mind, which has both good and evil in it, produces a world of sowing and reaping.  Is that not true? It is true.  We are subject to sowing and reaping here.   He is correct. 

“The concept of a holographic universe, a self written universe, a mind that has created this whole universe is now the conviction of many physicists who realize that quantum physics reveals that matter as it is observed by the five senses is a holographic imaging phenomenon which produces good and evil, sickness and health, and can only exist as an illusionary universe which is projected by the sub-conscious mind on the screen of universal human experience.” 

First of all, as I demonstrated on page 14 of this book, our author misunderstands the use of the word “observe,” which means, in this case, the gathering together, control and use of the universal matter stream, by a mind that is superior to the collective five senses of the many individuals of mortal humanity, for the purpose of forming the worlds.

Second of all, the appearance of the universe is illusory because it is formed from, and held together by, the elements of the matter stream that the superior mind who is the invisible foundation of the universes, gathered  together.

Third of all, the image of the universes is projected upon the primordial waters that appeared when Elohim separated from Jehovah, which the serpent stole by murdering Adam.

That’s why Jesus, the last Adam, or the resurrected Adam, said “I thirst,” on the cross. His thirst was a spiritual thirst, a longing  to repossess the waters of the creation which are needed to project the image of Elohim’s visible, spiritual world, the garden of Eden. And that is why Jesus refused the physical drink that was offered to his physical man. Because it was not the physical man, Jesus, asking for a drink. It was the resurrected Adam within the man, Jesus, the same one who said, “before Abraham was, I Am,” that was longing to be rejoined to the waters of life.

Our author is talking about quantum physics, which is a fairly modern branch of physics.  We’ve had some teaching on it, where we discovered that this world system is not a circle, but a loop, and we talked somewhat about time travel.

I tell you this with all humility and deference to the Lord, that the most brilliant scientists in the world are teaching what God brought forth by His Spirit, through Ezekiel 1. I'm telling you the truth. I had never heard of this stuff. It came forth by the Spirit when we studied Ezekiel l, word by word, four or five years ago.

The scientists are saying that this whole world is an image that is projected by a mind that's superior to the individual mortal mind. A holographic world, a world that was written by, or came into existence by, the serpent’s subconscious, mortal mind. This is that world, brethren, and Satan is the god of it. Scripture clearly says that.

Now, our author claims that this world is observed by the five senses of conscious, mortal man, which produce good and evil, sickness and health, and that such a world can exist only as this illusory universe which is projected by the subconscious mind.

But it is not true that the five senses of mortal man’s collective conscious mind “observe” this world, and then the subconscious mind projects an image of it.

The truth is that mortal man’s subconscious mind serves the serpent, and has projected the image of this world in accordance with her desire for a visible world. Mortal man is in the image of the serpent. That’s why Jesus called the Pharisees “vipers.” And the five senses of mortal man’s conscious mind are the product, not the initiator of, this fallen visible world, which is in subjection to, and serves the purposes of, the serpent who is forming it from Adam’s widowed spirit.

Psychiatry knows that the unconscious mind orchestrates peoples lives. I read in an article not too long ago, that as much as 90% to 95% of a person's life is written out by their unconscious mind. The conscious mind knows nothing about the script that is written, or that the way their life goes, the things that happen to them, are all ordained by their unconscious mind.

So brethren, when you come to Christ you start breaking curses in the hope of changing the trends in your life. If you are a baby Christian and you want to think that you are fighting some big bad wolf out there, and that's all you can bear at the moment, well then you believe it, but you have got to grow up sooner or later.

I want to tell you, brethren, that if you are coming against evil trends in your life by the power of God, and are forcing them to turn away from you, your enemy is your own carnal mind, and your own family line tree. 

“That which manifests in this world as birth, death, blessing and cursing, cyclones and earthquakes, including the many mythological gods man has formed...”

Our author is saying that the carnal mind is responsible for all of this, and that's true. But he doesn’t tell you that mankind has inherited, and perpetuates this mind because of sin.

“These gods are the product of the imaging faculty existing in the subconscious mind.”

Do you know what this means?  That your subconscious mind has the ability to form this illusory world, and bring sickness, death, disaster, destruction and every bad thing that happens to you into your life.  It is not some big bad wolf out there. It is your own unconscious mind, whose name is Satan that is hurting you.  Why? 

Because Jehovah sold us to her, after the serpent murdered Adam and married his widowed spirit. Jehovah raised the living beast from the dead three times, but when, as a dog returning to her vomit, we slipped back into bed with the serpent again, Jehovah said, “I won’t be joined to a harlot,” and divorced Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth, our ancestors.

But Jehovah did not cast us out forever. He sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to deliver us from Satan's clutches. Therefore, Jesus, whose authority is higher than Satan’s,  is marrying our human spirit and catching her up to a place where Satan has no power over our physical body, or personality [soul]. Jesus is Jehovah’s provision for us to climb up out of hell while still in the fallen bodies of this world. 

That is the next step in repossessing the purchased possession from Satan. Somewhere after that, the Lord will lay hold of this whole physical world, and reform it into His righteous image.  Oh, glory to God, oh I like that. Alleluia!  What a message, what a message. 

“These gods are the product of the imaging faculty existing in the subconscious which, of course, cannot be the creation or activity of God as Creator.”

Well, it's not. These gods are Satan, the product of the serpent’s subconscious mind.

“But is cosmic or karmic law functioning in the human consciousness producing our experience of life and death.”

Cosmic law, cosmic referring to the cosmos, is the spiritual law of this world system, which is Satan, the mediator of the sowing and reaping judgment, which is unto death.

Paul clearly said, there's a law that produces sin and death, which law is Satan, the spirit of the carnal mind. But this whole existence is a condition of spiritual death. The “life” part of  “life and death” is mortal life, as opposed to eternal life, which is endless.

Our author says that this is cosmic and carmic law.  I looked “carmic” up in the dictionary, and had some trouble finding it. I believe our author is talking about Karma. 

I hope Christians who would be put off by the teaching of karma, knowing that it is associated with Hinduism, Buddhism and the Eastern Religions, understand that this principle is in the Bible. Jesus called it sowing and reaping. Let me explain what karma is:

Karma is the teaching of sowing and reaping that spans more than one lifetime. According to the principles of karma, you will experience the results of what you do in this life, when you are born again into another human body.

Karma is associated with the doctrine of reincarnation, which teaches the perfection of the soul through works, through reaping and sowing, but the Scripture teaches the perfection of the soul through union with Christ. 

So, we see that the principle of “karma,” sowing and reaping, is Scriptural, but the doctrine of reincarnation is not.

Now, we have a problem here with the definition of the word “soul.” As far as I know, most Christians think of their “immortal soul” as their disembodied self, which includes their personality, but the eastern religions know that only the basic inner essence reincarnates, and that the personality does not.

This problem may arise because the “living soul” of the Old Testament is not the same “soul” that we read about in the New Testament. The “living soul” of the Old Testament is an two-part entity which Jehovah imbued with Elohim’s breath of life: Adam, Elohim’s life, and the spiritual, soul animal that was formed from the dust.

The “soul” of the New Testament, is the mind that expresses the dead animal nature, the beast, if you will, that is possessing fallen humanity. 

There is nothing that you can do to keep your own soul alive, brethren, but there is a reality to generational karma. Your soul is not born again into another flesh body after you die, as the doctrine of reincarnation teaches, but your children, your grand children and your great grand children, will reap what you sow in this lifetime.

So, our author is saying that this world is imaged or formed by the subconscious mind of man, which I agree with. 

“It is a result of the cosmic law which is the law of this world system.” 

There's a truth in that too.  Karmic law, the sowing and reaping judgment, functions through Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, who writes the script and produces our life and death experiences.  That’s why we are getting a new writing, or a new name, or a new unconscious mind, through the Lord Jesus Christ.

I want to make it clear, in case there are any Pharisees listening to this message. I do believe in karma, in that it is the same principle as the sowing and reaping judgment, but I do not believe in the reincarnation of the Eastern Religions, which teaches salvation by works.

In other words, I believe in karma, but I do not believe that karma can result in the salvation of your personality [soul].

Eastern philosophy teaches that, after you die, the reincarnating spiritual essence [soul or ego] is born again into a new body and a new personality.

The Hebrew Scripture teaches that the spiritual essence is passed on through generational lines by the blood of the mother: The life of the flesh is in the blood.

“Physicists, Albert Einstein...”

And he names a few others,

“...have attempted to unravel the mystery of the transition of invisible corporeal matter.”

 What he is saying is that the greatest scientific minds of our time have tried to understand how the invisible world, which is spirit, which is the true substance, converts itself into matter. 

All solid material is matter. The Scripture teaches that the spirit world is the real world. The unseen is the reality.  That which is seen is temporal, and passing away.

The worldly expression that he uses here is that the spirit world is the cause, and this world is the effect. In other words, this world that we see is only here because the spirit world caused it to come into existence. This world is the effect of the thoughts of the spirit world. 

The spirit world thinks, “I want a world that can be seen,” and the result, or the effect of that thought, is that this world appears.

“So therefore there is no power in this world. All power is in the spirit world, in the world that has the ability to think, and we are what has come forth as a result of the superior mind’s thought.  Cause and effect.” 

Our author is saying that the greatest physicists of all times have been trying to figure this out. How does it happen? 

“We must, however, always remember the physical universe is an effect and is therefore subject to change.” 

This world is subject to change, while the invisible world is not,

“...for the spirit world is absolute.”

The spiritual world of God, the eternal realm of God, is absolute, but the spiritual realm of the dead soul, is not absolute. 

Brethren, I remind you that  Adam failed to maintain the righteous moral order of the living soul, which enabled the serpent to rearrange the relationship of his parts into a moral pattern that killed us.  We are dying because the serpent assumed the male role, and incarnated as Satan, the god of this fallen, mortal world. 

So the spiritual realm of the dead soul is not absolute. Neither is Christ Jesus, our mediator, absolute, because at the end of time, when every enemy has been put underfoot, even the last enemy, we won’t need a mediator any more, and Christ will offer up the Kingdom to the Father. 

Now, remember the one who our author calls the “I Am,” and “god,” is not the great God, Jehovah, but a counterfeit called Satan. It is the eternal Spirit of the one true God that is absolute, and that is not the description of Satan. Satan is changeable.

The female serpent, who was under Adam’s male dominion until she murdered him and became the spiritual male of this fallen, mortal world, is teaching that her spiritual world is absolute.

And this is true, UNTIL the appointed time when Christ Jesus, who already possesses greater authority and spiritual strength than Satan, forces her down underneath himself, and restores himself as her functional head.

I'm sorry, Satan, but you are going right back down where you belong, which proves that your condition is very changeable. I declare it, and announce it, and pronounce it into the heavenlies, that your condition is changeable, Satan. And that you are going back down into the bottomless pit, and shall be a woman again. 

“The invisible world is the absolute and...”

That means the invisible world is the unchanging, indestructible foundation of this solid world,

“... through this immaterial absolute consciousness, god manifested herself as atomic structure in space and time.”

This is true of the serpent.

COMMENT: In karma, do they also believe that they can come back in the form of animals?

PASTOR VITALE: You are talking about transmigration, which is more closely associated with the doctrine of reincarnation than with karma.

“Reincarnation” teaches that the soul is born again into another body. “Transmigration” teaches that the soul can be born again as an animal body.

“Karma” is the doctrine of sowing and reaping: the good sowed in one lifetime, is reaped in the next life.

COMMENT: So they do believe that they can come back as animals in reincarnation?

PASTOR VITALE:  In transmigration.  Some sects that believe in reincarnation also believe in transmigration, and others don't.

COMMENT: If it is in the Father's will that we be in His image and have a visible world, why is everything going to be swallowed up into Him at the end, to be all in all?

PASTOR VITALE: Don't think that when we are swallowed up into the Father, that we are going to be pure Spirit like God is. That's not the case. There is going to be a visible spiritual man.  We read about him in Ezekiel, Chapter 1. There will be a glorified man in the earth, who will be quite visible, but spiritually visible, not physically visible. 

Right now, we are physical, visible and physical. The glorified creation will be visible and  spiritual, which means his body will be made out of matter that is less dense than the physical body. You will be able to see through him when he takes that form, but he will be quite visible.

COMMENT: And the Father will be in him?

PASTOR VITALE: The Father will be in the midst, in the most inward part of the man.

COMMENT: In the Scripture, it says “let this mind be in you.” Now that Scripture is so obvious.  I can't understand how he can say what he says about the mind.  It has no relation at all.  I can't see why he doesn't see that Scripture.

PASTOR VITALE: Because his mind is controlled by the teaching of his god.  It's mind control. It's delusion to believe that you shouldn’t reason. 

I'm glad that you said that because I did print out several Scriptures on the mind, and I forgot to read them to you.

1 Corinthians 2:16, “For who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him?  But we have the mind of Christ?” 

God has a mind. I suggest to you that if God has a mind, that mind is God. Does that make sense to you?   If I have a mind, that mind is me.  If God has a mind, the mind is God. 

I suggest to you that Christ is a mind, and that mind is the Son of the Living God.

Philippians 2:5,“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” 

Christ Jesus has a mind, and that mind's name is Christ.

1 Peter 4:1, “For as much then that Christ has suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind,  For He that hath suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin.”

Arm yourself with the same mind that Jesus of Nazareth had, because that mind enabled Him to stop sinning.

Heb 3:5, “And Moses verily was faithful in all his house as a servant for a testimony of those things which were to be spoken after.”

I printed out Hebrews 3:5 because our author indicates that Moses was an ascended master.

“Moses revealed the mystery principle of I Am as the substance and nature of their own being.” 

Well I don't want to get into another teaching now, but what he is saying is that Moses is an ascended master. Listen to this blasphemy. 

“In his realized state of Godhood, Moses fed and clothed and protected the Hebrews for forty years in the wilderness and it is well to note that there was not one feeble one among them.”

According to our author,  God didn't do it, the pillar of fire and the cloud didn’t do it. Moses did it. But Hebrews 3:5 says that Moses was a servant, not a son, and Jude 1:9 says that Moses resisted Michael, when he tried to catch him up to full stature. 

Now, Jesus is an ascended master by the Spirit of Christ. Why doesn’t our author name the name of Jesus? Why does he name someone who, although he was a great man of God, never did enter in?

Because our author is preach­ing that mortal man has the ability within himself, without the help of Christ, to evolve into a god. That we can ascend spiritually in and of ourselves, and the way that we do it is by silent meditation and communication with our unconscious mind. He teaches, further, that the power to ascend into godhood is through communion with our unconscious mind, whose name is Satan.

COMMENT: Is this going along with New Age thinking also?

PASTOR VITALE: There is a New Age in Christ, and a new age in Satan. There are two resurrections of mortal man, one of the just [Christ Jesus], and the other of the damned [the serpent].

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