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Abominable Doctrine

Is this series a commentary, or our answer to a doctrine that the church calls Christian today? I declare to you that the doctrine presented in this newsletter is Eastern religion being passed off as Christianity.

We have been speaking about this message, not to tear anybody down, nor to condemn anybody, but to establish a responsive commentary to the doctrine by a preacher of like stature.

The name that the Lord has given me for the teaching at hand is this abominable doctrine. Some elements of the church call it the Kingdom Message, but to me, the Kingdom Message is the message of Sonship, and perhaps the message of Ultimate Reconciliation. This abominable doctrine is an outgrowth, or it has evolved, out of people who have preached Sonship and Ultimate Reconciliation, and some preachers have gone on to this abominable doctrine, which in my opinion is Eastern teaching being hidden as Christianity.

I am not against anybody. I am against this doctrine. I am not against the men who write it or the men who preach it, but I am against the doctrine and I do intend to expose it as anti-Christian and anti-Christ.

Something Lacking

We are up to the part in answering the commentaries of this booklet where the author claims; now I just want to remind you that he has a lot of truth but the problem is that the truth is misapplied. The conclusions, or the fruit of the doctrine, is not Christ. Basically, the fruit of the doctrine is not Christ because this teaching rejects Christ; it rejects the need for any mediator between God and man and is in fact teaching that man, himself, is born with everything that he needs to evolve into Godhood. We declare here that this is not true; that man is born in a condition of death and that humanity will find itself in a continuous unending cycle of births and deaths until something that we are lacking is added to humanity. That which we are lacking is our righteousness in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mankind’s True Spiritual Nature

Mankind ascending out of this horrendous condition that he is in is not a condition of evolution, nor is it a question of finding his way, or becoming in touch with his true spiritual nature, because when man gets in touch with his true spiritual nature in this fallen condition, the name of his true spiritual nature is Satan.

The true spiritual nature of fallen man is Satan. She is the unconscious mind of man and I believe that the men who are writing along these lines are sincere. I believe that they believe what they are preaching and that they believe that it is the truth, that the way that man can ascend above the turmoil, the tribulation, the trouble, the pain, and the hardship of this world is by traveling inward and getting in touch with their true spiritual selves.

I believe that they believe it and that they are very sincere, but I also believe that they are in error. I declare unto anyone who has ears to hear that this is Eastern teaching and that the spiritual self that you are contacting is Satan. If Christ is not being formed in you, if you have not received the Holy Ghost, if you have not had an experience with the Holy Ghost which has resulted in his engrafting to your human spirit, which is the beginning of the formation of Christ in you, and if Christ is not being formed in you, and in the process of killing your carnal mind, the only spiritual self you have is Satan.

Two Spiritual Selves 

If the mind of Christ is being formed in you, you have two spiritual selves and you must be very careful as to which one you are contacting. Pray frequently that the Lord help you to contact the new you, the inner man, the new man, Christ in you, who is the hope of glory, because even when Christ is being formed in you, it is possible when you start fooling around with spiritual things, to contact the wrong mind, or to contact the god of the wrong mind.

The carnal mind is the high priest, which serves the god by the name of Satan, and Christ is the high priest which serves the God by the name of Jehovah (a better term for Jehovah today is the Lord Jesus Christ).

One God

Now we know that it is all one God, but there are different administrations and each function of his Spirit. He gives different names to help us to understand that the minute we hear the name that we know that it is his Spirit performing in a particular function.

Jehovah is the name of the eternal God who  exists outside of the mind of a man. As soon as that eternal God enters into the mind of a man, his name, in this hour, is called the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the unconscious mind of the new mind that is available to men, and the name of the new mind is Christ. Christ in you, Christ Jesus in you, your conscious mind, the conscious mind of your new man, or your inner man or your renewed man. The God that Christ Jesus sacrifices to is the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the name that the eternal God takes in his residence in the mind of a man, but it is all the same God.

Cause and Effect

As we ended our last message, we were dealing with the issue of cause and effect. This is a spiritual principle that I believe is true. The author was quoting worldly scientists who believe that it is true: that there is an invisible world, an invisible substance that has an ability to express itself in a visible form. They believe that this world we live in is an image that is projected by an invisible substance, and that the invisible substance is the true reality. They believe that this world is the image, the shadow, the lie, the unreality, and therefore anything that is done in an attempt to affect this world is like swinging at a shadow.

This is why if, God forbid, one day you find out you have cancer, and a doctor cuts the cancer out of your body, you may live another five years, you may live another twenty years, you may live another thirty or forty years, but you will still die, either from cancer or some other disease, because the root cause of your disease is not in the flesh that the doctor has cut up. The root cause of your disease exists in the invisible substance of the invisible world.

This world is a shadow, but because we are fallen in our minds, to us this world is a reality. We experience pain and pleasure, ups and downs, peace, joy, hell and heaven. We experience the ups and downs of our fallen nature in this world: life, death, birth, because our mind is fallen. The higher mind, which has formed the image, which is this world, is not subject to this never ending cycles of highs and lows that we are subject to in this world. This is what the author of Secret of Life – Right Identification? preaches. I believe it. It is absolutely true.

A Book of Questions

Several years ago, I found a book (a series of sacred texts) called[RH1]  the Vedas, something like the Hindu Bible. I was very interested to find out that this is a book of questions. It is a book of very profound questions concerning the condition of mankind; very intelligent inquiring questions that we actually would be interested in and that we deal with in these meetings, but it is a book of questions with no answers. It is a book of questions as to how we have come into this condition, but the book provides no answers. At the time that I found out about this book I was very excited because God was beginning to bring all the answers forth in this ministry.

The Answer is in Christ 

What I am saying to you is that basically all religions are concerned with the problems of fallen humanity, about how we are to survive in this fallen world, called hell. The name of this world is hell. It is Nod, but more commonly known as hell. To the average man in the street it is called hell.

How do we survive? How did we get here? How are we going to get out? Somewhere in this world there are answers to these questions. I declare to you that the answers to these questions are only in Christ.

Hinduism has some answers. Buddhism has some answers, the professing church has some answers, but there is only one true answer as to how we will get out of hell and that answer is in Christ.

To get the answers you must have the mind of Christ formed in you, and that mind of Christ must do enough damage to your carnal mind so that you can come into a condition where you can start to learn with the Christ mind, because he is the only mind that can receive this truth. The carnal mind will reject the truth of God. The answers are in Christ.

The Image of this World

What the author is saying is true. This world is an illusion. It is an image projected by a superior mind. We also agreed with this author in our last message that this world, in his words, is a holographic world. He used a lot of big words and I looked the word holographic up in the dictionary. I did not know what it meant. To be holographic means to be self-written. What it means in accordance with his teaching is that the image of this world exists because the invisible mind of this world wrote it. It is a self-written world. The mind of this world formed this image, and the name of the mind in this world is the carnal mind.

The carnal mind has brought forth the image of this world, whose name is hell. We are in agreement with that also. I find that as I go from religion to religion, especially the Eastern religions, the Eastern religions have an excellent grasp of the condition of humanity and the problems we are facing. Where we disagree is in regard to the solutions to the problems.

The Problems of our Fallen Condition

I find myself in almost complete agreement with the Eastern religions in their evaluation of the problems of our world. What are the problems? We have a problem with sin and death. How do we avoid sickness? How do we get our needs met? I am in complete agreement, in most cases, with their evaluations of the problems of fallen man. I am in disagreement with them totally as to how to solve these problems.


I believe that Christian thought is very diverse from Eastern thought on how to solve the problems. We see a doctrine going forth in the church today that sounds very Christian. It quotes the Scripture. It states the problems of fallen man, which are correct, but if you read between the lines, the answers of this teaching which calls itself Christian is not Christian. It is not scripturally based. The answers are coming right out of Eastern religion. The way that the text is frequently written is not clear. You have to read between the lines. You have to have an intimate knowledge of God's answer to these problems to see the error in the way it is written.

We have Christians all over the church world today picking up these type of books and thinking that they are great, and not even knowing that what they are fooling with is a doctrine, and that if they follow after it, can cause them to turn away from the only vehicle which is the way out of this existence of death.

The only way out of this existence of death is Christ. He is the only door out of hell into the spiritual realm of God. He is the only way out. He is the only door. His doctrine is the only truth and he is the only Spirit that provides life. There is another spirit in this hour saying that she is the way, she is the truth, she is the door, she is the life, and you were born with her, and she is in your unconscious mind. All you have to do is turn in and seek to find her and she is going to provide your every need. I declare to you that her name is Satan.

If you pick up a book teaching this abominable doctrine, it is not going to be as clear as I am telling it. You have to be able to pick it apart and hear it.

Immaterial Consciousness?

We are dealing with this invisible world right now. The author writes, The invisible world is the absolute, and through this immaterial absolute consciousness, God manifested itself as atomic structure in space and time. As I have told you before, I am trying very hard to be fair to these writings. I find the author, at least from my understanding, to be a little inconsistent and I am trying to deal with that inconsistency. He says that this invisible world is absolute and calls it this immaterial absolute consciousness (immaterial meaning a consciousness that has no substance to it). My problem with this is that the word immaterial means spirit, no form or shape. To me, it relates to the unconscious realm. Consciousness refers to the soul realm and there is a substance in the soul realm, but I am having a problem with the author’s description of it as immaterial consciousness.

God is Male 

God manifested itself. Notice, he did not say himself. You have to learn to notice the subtleties. You have got to pick up the subtleties. He called God an it. God is male, brethren. All you women libbers out there, God is male. I do not care what you think, what you feel, what sex you prefer; God is male, and thank God he is male because it is his maleness that is going to get us out of hell.

The reason that fallen man has been in this condition for so many thousands of years is that every human being, with the exception of the Lord Jesus Christ, that this living soul has produced since the fall, has been female. Not one person, excluding the Lord Jesus Christ, of these females that the living soul has produced has found within herself the strength to ascend out of this black hole, this pit, that we have fallen into. When we see the manchild declared in Revelation, chapter 12, I ask you to understand the significance of it. It is a glorious day of rejoicing that a manchild was born in this world because only a manchild has the strength to pull us up out of this pit.

We have fallen down into a deep dark hole. We are stuck here, and we need male strength to pull us out. It is very important to say that God is male, because whether the women’s libbers like it or not, female spirits do not have the strength to pull this living soul up out of this hole that we are stuck in. I declare unto you this day, God is a male, and I thank God for his male strength because I fully intend to get out of this wicked place.

A Separation

God manifested himself as atomic structure in space and time. That is true. We teach that here. We teach that God created the atoms. He manifested himself as atomic structure. I may have not phrased it that way, but we have taught that here. How did he manifest himself as atomic structure? He shot a piece of himself off. Our natural example is sperm being planted in a woman's body. God separated a part of himself from himself.

We call that part of himself that he separated from himself, the Son. God is a fire; he is a sun; and in that separation, when a part of himself shot off from himself, there was a fall-out. There was a residue of the separation. When a woman has a baby there is something we call afterbirth. There is a waste product. There was a waste product when the Son separated from the Father. That waste product is what our author is calling atomic structure. The Bible calls it dust, visible matter. God is invisible. The Son who formed the soul realm was still invisible, but the by-product was visible dust. It was visible and it was in the form of atoms. That is what he means by atomic structure. We agree. The author has a lot of truth.

Defining Consciousness

This atomic structure existed in space in time. Exactly! … where consciousness, or spirit was made flesh. The author calls consciousness spirit. To me, consciousness is mind. That is what I am struggling with. To be conscious is to have a mind. Your consciousness is in your mind. Spirit is the unconscious realm. I am trying to see where we can agree.

Consciousness, or spirit, was made flesh. He is not talking about the flesh of our fallen human bodies. He is talking about the flesh of the soul realm. It is true. I am going to say it my way, that the spirit of the Father manifested himself in the flesh of the soul realm. Another way we say it is that the Father manifested himself through the Son. The Father is in the spirit realm and the Son is in the soul realm. His Son is in the man.

The man is the clay and the Son of God is the mind, which is in the man of clay. When the mind of God (Christ), who is male, is in the clay creation, the whole creation is called man. He is male because the mind in him was male. Christ is the Son of the Living God, but when that male mind was killed, when Satan brought forth her carnal mind which killed the mind of Christ and she brought forth a mind of the flesh (because that which is born of the flesh is flesh), the creation now had a female mind and we can no longer call the creation the man.

The creation is now called the woman, or the harlot,  because the creation fornicated with Satan and fell down into hell and became female.

A Stolen Creation 

The author writes, However, the holographic universe (the universe that is formed by the carnal mind) we observe is not the true creation of God or cause. Let me break that statement down for you. He is calling God, cause. Have you heard of the expression cause and effect?  He is saying God is the cause and everything that we see is the effect of what God desires. God is the first cause. He initiates everything that appears. God thinks and the effect of what he thinks is what we see. The author is saying that this world was not formed by God, and he is right. We have been preaching that here for a long time. This world is the image of Satan. However, we declare that Satan herself has no authority to form an image in and of herself. She had to steal something that belongs to God.

Have you ever watched one of these fantasy movies where they have to steal the amulet, or steal the badge of authority to do something?  I watched a science fiction movie once where the precious thing that everybody was fighting for was spice. It is all like a fantasy story. For Satan to form this world, what precious thing did she have to steal?  Spirit!  She needed something to form the carnal mind and it was spirit in the form of the human spirit. She needed the human spirit.

When God formed this creation it was his intention to birth his Son into it. It was the intention of God, the male seed, to join with the creation, but not with any part of the creation, more specifically with the female seed in the creation. That female seed is called the human spirit. When the male Spirit of God joined with the human spirit, the mind of Christ was formed, and the whole creation was called the man.

When Satan's carnal mind killed the mind of Christ, she captured the female seed known as the human spirit and married her. Satan married Eve after the seduction and with the authority which is in the female seed of God, formed this imperfect world. The reason this world is imperfect is that it is formed of the female seed of God and an element of soul that raised herself up into a spiritual role. This world can only be perfect when it is formed through the union of the Father and the female seed in the creation.

This whole world is a perversion. It is that which is born of the flesh, but it could never have come into existence if Satan did not literally steal Eve. We see a type of this in the story of Dinah. Dinah is raped and taken into the tent of the prince of the land and she is held captive. That is what has happened to God's creation. Without her, Satan could never have formed this world.

The author is saying that this universe that we observe is not the true creation of God, and that is true, but he goes on to say, it is an effect of our misapprehension of reality. He claims that this world is something that we are not seeing clearly. It looks the way it does because of man's fallen condition (although he does not even acknowledge the fall).

Because of man's weak-minded condition we perceive the world to be as it is,  with its ups and downs, highs and lows, life and death, happiness and sadness. Brethren, this is a curse. This condition of emotional highs and lows is a curse. The Scripture clearly teaches that in Christ we shall be even. All the valleys shall be filled in and all the high places shall be made even. There are no highs and lows in Christ, the more spiritually mature you are, the more your ability to deal with your emotions and remain stable no matter what is happening in your life, no matter what is happening with the people around you.

Wrong Thinking

So, the author says that this world was not formed by God and we agree, but we disagree as to who formed it. He also says that it is formed by man's wrong thinking. That is exactly the whole of what I teach here, that every problem known to man is formed by man's wrong thinking! I declare to you that this world was formed because righteous Adam refused to keep Satan down under her authority. Satan got loose and brought forth the mind of the flesh (which we call the carnal mind), which rose up and killed the mind of Christ. She stole God's creation and imitated a spirit. Satan, which is soul, is female, and is doing what a male does. She had done it imperfectly, and the result of it is this world in which people are tormented in varying degrees.

Our author says, This world and all of its troubles exist because we believe that it exists. And all we have to do is stop believing it and things will change.  I declare to you things will change when the Lord Jesus Christ appears in humanity and puts away sin through the crucifixion of the carnal mind. We are at very great odds because basically what the author is saying is that our salvation is in the carnal mind; our salvation is in the spirit of fallen man. The universe we behold is therefore not the absolute. That is true.

The unseen world is absolute, but it is an illusory image. That is true, but now he says the reason it is an illusory image is because of this misapprehension of creation, that we are seeing it wrong.

True Life is in the Son

Scientists cannot find the absolute dimension of life, for it does not come by observation, intellectually, but by revelation. He quotes a Scripture. He says scientists cannot find the absolute dimension of life. We believe it is in Christ. My Bible says Christ is the life and all true life is in the Son, but the author is saying we are born with this life and it is the spirit that is inside of us. I declare that that spirit's name is Satan.

Definition of Revelation

The author says, The absolute dimension of life does not come intellectually. That sounds good on the surface. He says that it must come by revelation, but his definition of revelation is silent meditation, opening yourself up to the spirit realm; silent listening and waiting for that spirit that is in there somewhere to impart knowledge to you. When you read a book like this, brethren, you have got to get your definitions straight. You have got to find out what the author means by revelation.

 If you have been reading the Scriptures all your life, what you think revelation means is what I think it means; that you pray and you read the Word of God and the Lord gives you revelation, understanding of the Scripture. That is not what this author is talking about. You have to read the whole book. You have to get your mind working. The revelation that he is talking about is the revelation that is imparted to you when you empty out your mind and just stay silent and wait for your unconscious mind to talk to you.

He calls the unconscious mind a fallen man, the I Am, and I agree that the absolute dimension of life cannot be received intellectually, but to me that means that the carnal mind cannot discover the absolute dimension of life. The understanding of the absolute dimension of life is in intellect, it is in the mind; more specifically, it is in the mind of Christ. It is not something that just flows out of the spirit realm when I sit silently.

The Mind of Christ

Christ is a mind, a mind that reasons, thinks, and meditates on the Word of God. It questions, that is a form of intellect, but please do not misunderstand me. The problem that I am having in teaching this message to you is that every time the author refers to the mind, he is speaking about the carnal mind, and he really never talks about the mind of Christ or acknowledges that there is a mind of Christ.

He is teaching that to get spiritual truth and to be delivered from this world system and the ups and downs of it, what we need to do is reject all intellect, all thinking, all meditation, all seeking of God, all petitioning of God, all trying to understand this Word. We are to just empty ourselves out and be silent and wait for teaching from the spiritual realm. That is what he is teaching.

 In this context, I say to you, the absolute principle of life is intellectual, but it is the intellectuality that comes out of Christ. It is not in the carnal mind, but it is in reasoning. It is in seeking God. It is in questioning. It is in thinking. It is in studying. It is not in passivity. That is what I am saying. Truth cannot, therefore, be taught or reasoned out. Not with your carnal mind.

I want to tell you, almost every revelation that the Lord has ever given me, if not all of it, has been when I am listening to a message, reading the Word of God, or thinking about the Word of God, saying, Lord, I do not understand, and he gives me the answer. Every revelation I have ever received has been reasoned out, but with the mind of Christ, not with my carnal mind. God does not deal with passivity. He wants us to talk to him. He wants a relationship. He wants us to struggle with him. He wants us to reason with him.

Learning How to Rightly Divide the Word of Truth

As God was giving me this doctrine, I went aggressively towards him. I remember one teaching that he gave me. I said to him, If you want me to believe this teaching, I want five witnesses, and I got five witnesses. He does not want you to be a robot sitting in Eastern-type meditation waiting for this knowledge to be channeled into your mind. It is occult, brethren, and you need to know it, and you need to ask God to help you to train your mind to discern the difference between a teaching like this that sounds wonderful, and the true teaching of Christ. To the untrained ear, it sounds just like the truth. There are a lot of people that cannot tell the difference between what I preach and this pamphlet. They cannot tell the difference.

God wants your mind honed up. He wants your mind sharpened. He wants you to be able to see the difference. He wants you to be able to rightly divide the word of truth. He does not want you running from doctrine. He wants us strong. He wants us fearless. He wants us to be able to listen to doctrine and not be terrified, but listen to it, and by the grace of God and through the training he is giving us to know whether it is of Christ or whether it is of Satan.

We have a church full of scared people today, and that is the way they have been taught. They have been taught fear. Do not go there. Do not listen to this. Do not do that. Do not have dinner with a Jehovah’s Witness. That is not what that means. It means do not share their false doctrine. You can have dinner with a Jehovah’s Witness, but do not eat spiritually out of their plate. Brethren, the church has got to grow up.

We must become the aggressor. The Scripture says that we are to be the head and not the tail. We are not to be running from doctrines that sound strange to us. We are to be trained and sharp enough to listen to them; to talk to people that believe these things and to have an answer for them that is going to set them free. We are not supposed to be hiding in corners with our teeth chattering. The church must grow up and our faith must be in Jesus Christ, but before you can meet with people that are teaching false doctrine, you must have a strong grasp of the true Doctrine of Christ. That is what we are teaching here, the Doctrine of Christ.

The Doctrine of Christ

That is what you are doing here. You are learning the true deep doctrine so that you can go out and meet with people and reason with them, and show them that what they are saying really does not make any sense; where it is really not scriptural. You are learning that you can show them in a debate, not with any emotion where you have to prove them wrong or that you have to be right, but to just have a discussion with them. God wants you to come to the point where you can say to them, I do not believe that. Let me tell you why. This is what I think. Even if they reject what you say, once your thought hits the soil of their mind, they walk away and they have gotten the seed of God.

Someone who came here two years ago that rejected the whole ministry called me a couple of weeks ago and is now two years later receiving the doctrine. He told me that things that I said to him come back to him all the time. The Lord brings them back to him. He remembers words that I said to him that he rejected at the time, because those words were spirit and they were light. It was Christ in me speaking those words and they fell on the soil of his mind,  and apparently they sprouted.

I had another experience with somebody once who called me from the hospital. She was having a big trial in her life. She said that after prayer the Lord quickened something I had said to her two years earlier. It meant nothing to her at the time. Two years later it helped her and she called me, and the Lord helped me to help her a little more. If the word that you are speaking is the word of truth, it does not matter whether the individual rejects it or not, but that seed, if it is the Spirit of God, will land and it will not come back void. It will do its work.

In this hour, God is raising up a church of mature believers and the first step is to learn the true doctrine. Another equally important step is to learn how to talk to people without turning it into a power-play. It cannot be an issue of whether you are right or whether they are right. It cannot be an issue. That is something else; that you have to learn to deal with your emotions when you talk to people, to know that you do not have to be threatened by what they are saying and that if they do not believe what you are saying, that is OK too. That is called an exchange of ideas,  and let the true Word of God prevail wherever. That is what he is raising up in this hour.

Faith, not Fear

The church has got to grow up. We have got to come out of this fear. We are supposed to be sons of God. Our faith has to be in Jesus Christ, that if we take a wrong step, that he will correct us. It has to be there. If he is not backing us up if we make a mistake, we might as well give it up now, because the Scripture clearly says that the children of this world are sharper than the children of light.

We are in enemy territory, but he is there. He is backing us up and we have to step out in faith. Fear is not of faith. Truth can therefore not be thought or reasoned out, not with the carnal mind, I say to the author, but with the mind of Christ, for the natural mind (the author is talking about the carnal mind) has no capacity to understand spiritual values. Amen. The carnal mind has no capacity to understand spiritual values, but the mind of Christ does.

 Very frequently when you read doctrine that is not true to the Word of God, you will find out that one of the overriding characteristics of it is that essential spiritual truths that we find in the Bible are omitted. What is omitted from this teaching is the mind of Christ. That is an essential spiritual truth that is denied here.  

Contacting the Wrong Spirit

On the other side of the prism, my diagram of the diabolos (I do not know what he is talking about; I have not seen this diagram) in one of our previous letters shows us the way into infinity and the absolute life that Jesus reveals. He is calling it absolute life, or unending life. He is calling it infinity. Infinity is a term that describes no end; no perceivable end. It is just another way of saying an unending life. That is what we are all hoping for. He says that he has the way to enter in and once again his instruction to enter in is silent meditation and listening. The way he describes how to enter in is to ascend above all use of the mind, to give up the use of the mind and enter into direct contact with the spirit world, which is above reason and thinking. This is Eastern religion, brethren.

The Prism

On the other side of the prism through the gate is the absolute life realized. What is the prism? On the other side of the prism through the gate is the absolute of life realized. Let me put this on the board for you and show you what he is talking about. Some of you may remember in the 38[RH2]  series we dealt with the issue of the rainbow. This world system is an image. It starts out with a spirit. A spirit can be likened to a light wave. This spirit passes through soul and I am drawing soul as little circles because soul is typified by water, and when we see a rainbow formed in this natural world, we see light.

What happens is that pure white light, which typifies spirit, passes through either the water in our atmosphere or the water of the soul realm, and what happens is this pure white light breaks down into what they call a spectrum of color. How many colors are there, artists?  Seven colors: red, yellow, orange, blue, green, indigo and violet. In our natural world this typifies a rainbow. Pure white light goes through the raindrops and we see a rainbow, which has the whole spectrum of seven colors. Spiritually speaking, spirit passes through the soul realm and the colors of this world system appear.

This experience can be duplicated in a scientific laboratory. The way they do it in a laboratory is that they take something called a prism (a piece of glass that is cut at an angle, beveled glass, crystal), and they pass a bright white light through the prism, which is beveled (it has many plane surfaces, and it breaks up the light).  And when the light comes through on the other side of the prism, it is broken down into the seven colors of the spectrum. When the author is speaking about passing through the prism, he is speaking about spirit; about going from the spirit realm, passing through some spiritual gate that he is calling a prism, and that on the other side of that gate is this world, which is an image.

On the other side of the prism through the gate is the absolute of life. The author is speaking about going from the soul realm through the prism into the spirit realm. He is speaking about going from the spectrum of colors into the pure white light.

Only One Mediator, Christ Jesus

On the other side of the prism through the gate is the absolute of life realized, which lies beyond intellectual speculation. This is true. In previous messages, we have shown that what he is talking about is the glorified life that the Lord Jesus Christ has entered into, but the error is that he is skipping the whole process that gets us to this glorified state that the Lord Jesus Christ is now in. The Scripture clearly states that there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus; that he is the only door and that the only way to get into what the author is pretty accurately describing, is through Christ Jesus, except that he denies Christ Jesus.

The message is a snare to many people because there are large elements of truth in it. What is missing, or what is in error, is how you get there. He says how you get there is through silent passive meditation, which I declare is opening yourself to the satanic realm. I further declare that the Scripture clearly states the only way is through Christ.

How to Get the Mind of Christ

To get there through Christ you have to do it Christ's way. Christ's way is declared in the Doctrine of Christ. Everything that we have been teaching here is that you must get the mind of Christ. How do you get the mind of Christ?  First, you must receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Word. The Word carries the seed. The male seed must enter into your spiritually female heart and engraft himself to you. This is the conception of Christ. Then Christ must be formed in you. Just as a human fetus grows over a period of nine months, Christ must be formed in you until he is fully born in you. When he is fully born in you, he will be your new mind and will unseat your carnal mind. Revelation 20:4, And[RH3]  I saw the souls of those who were beheaded for Christ. He will unseat the carnal mind from your soul. He will sit himself down and be the mind of your soul, and that is also referred to in the Scripture as the marriage of the bridegroom to the bride. The bride is the soul and the bridegroom is the mind of Christ, and this is our entranceway and the in-between step between our fallen condition and the glorified condition of pure spirit. All of this is not mentioned in this author’s teaching.

Rev. 20:4

And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.  KJV

As to how matter, our flesh, which is subject to the material law of disease, poverty, pain and finally death can escape and take on mortality is the object of my letters, and that, my friend, can only be achieved through spiritual discernment and meditation. He is talking about rising above the physical laws of this world system in which disease, poverty, pain and death operate, and he says the only way out is through spiritual discernment and meditation. I declare that the only way out is through the only mediator between God and man, Christ Jesus.

Our Physical Body 

He is talking about other authors who speak of things vastly expanding the realm of consciousness. The belief, the knowledge, and even the experience that our physical world of the senses (hearing, tasting, smelling, etc.) is a mere illusion, a world of shadows, and that the three dimensional tool we call our body serves only as a container, or dwelling place, for something infinitely greater and more comprehensive than the body, which constitutes the matrix of real life.

I looked up the word matrix in the dictionary. It means form. What he is saying in simple English is that this body that many of us in our society love so dearly, is merely a house for our true reality. We have been teaching that here, also.

We are not this body. In our society today, so much attention is paid to the body, and so little attention is paid to the serious things of life; to spiritual things, to commitment, and weightier things. Society is dwelling in outer darkness. They are living in the flesh; they are exalting the things of the flesh. They are pursuing the things of the flesh, and such an emphasis in life destroys the quality of life even for people who do not know the Lord. People who do not know the Lord know this, that if you concentrate on a life that emphasizes the things of the flesh (self-pleasure), it brings you down to a very low spiritual realm.

We are having this problem in our society right now. We are very low. If you compare the movies being made today to the movies that were made in the 40's, you will see that in the movies they made in the 40's, the people were different. They exalted high things. Even though people did not know Christ, they had a quality to their life. Their family life had a quality to it. Marriage had a quality to it that you do not see today. Parent-child relationships also had a quality that you do not see today. It all goes hand in hand with the exaltation of the flesh.

So, we agree that the body is just a shell in which our real life dwells. What the author does not tell us and what he does not seem to understand is the definition of the real life that these bodies were made to house. Well, that is not true. These bodies are fallen and they are housing our human spirit. The true life is the human spirit. What is not clear is that these bodies are prison houses and that they are in the image of Satan. These bodies are not going into the next world. Christ is the true owner of the creation and Christ will be formed in these houses and eventually He will mature to such a degree that he will not need these houses to live in anymore. These houses will be swallowed up by the life of Christ.

As we read on in the book, the author believes that these bodies will go into the spiritual realm and that the individual is going to keep this body. Brethren, this body is in the image of Satan. It is a prison house that we fell into when God sold us to Satan. The ultimate exaltation of our spiritual life will be deliverance from these bodies. The scriptural term of our deliverance from these bodies is called the harvest, the separation of the fruit, which is Christ, from the vine that it is growing on. The fruit of Christ is growing on the vine of the carnal mind. There is a new vine coming through that vine. Christ is the true vine, but it is growing out of the false vine, which is this body and this carnal mind.

Garden of Eden and the Land of Nod

Beloved, the Garden of Eden is a realm of light, which is realized as a fifth dimensional realm of absolute life. I do not have any problem with that. We have had some studies on the Garden of Eden here in this ministry and what the Lord has shown us is that the Garden of Eden is the visible world, which is formed by the mind of Christ. The basic difference between Eden and this world, which is called the land of Nod, is that this world is visible and physical.

Eden is visible and spiritual. This world is visible and physical. This world is a prison house. It has a spiritual gravity that keeps us down here, keeps us bound, and keeps us carnal and spiritually weak. The land of Nod is the east side of Eden. It is the spiritual realm of Eden, meaning it is the place where the inhabitants of it are spiritually female. We are needy. We need things outside of ourselves to sustain us. We need food, we need clothing, we need shelter, and we need fellowship from people outside of us. Brethren, this life is a condition of spiritual weakness and spiritual femininity. The ultimate spiritual height is to be self-contained; to have every need met from an indwelling Christ: food, shelter, fellowship; to have every need met from the inside out. We are reversed. We have been turned inside out. Everything we need has to come from the outside. Things should not be this way, brethren. It is not the way God set it up.

Christ as Our Life

Christ is to be inside of us providing our every need. I declare to you that if the weather is cold, Christ in us should be able to generate enough heat to keep us warm while we are walking outside in the snow-drenched streets. If you are in full stature, I believe with all my heart that you should be able to walk outside in the cold without a coat. In the heat of the summer, Christ in you should cool you. If your body needs food, Christ in you should be able to sustain your body without food. If you need water, Christ in you should be able to sustain your body without water. Fellowship is with the Christ within.

That does not mean that you cannot have fellowship with anybody else. I am talking about the ultimate end of God's processing. The marriage, the true marriage, is between Christ, which is spirit, and the soul man. We are supposed to be looking to God for all of our needs, but because we are fallen, there is going to be a period of time that we will still have needs met carnally, because we cannot be translated instantly from soul to spirit. The shock would kill us or burn us up, but our ultimate goal is to have every need met by God.

When Christ in you is that mature, if your arm gets cut off, I really do not know whether you will grow another arm or that you could pick it up and stick it back on, but there is no damage that could happen to your body that you could not repair yourself. You will not need a doctor. You will not need a psychiatrist. You will not need anything from the outside. You will not need a teacher anymore. You will not need a book called the Bible. You will have the whole Word of God in your heart. That is what we are headed for. That is our goal. If we are not there yet, we take whatever we need from this carnal world to function until God brings us there. It is going to be a gradual change. The Lord is interjecting himself into your life, and he is pressing you to spend more and more time in the things of God, more and more time with him, so that his mind in you can develop and grow, and eventually kill your carnal mind.

The author is saying that we can rise up almost instantly above this life of death, poverty and problems through silent meditation, quickly entering into this spiritual union with who he calls the I Am, and I declare to you, the I Am he is referring to is Satan. Satan will probably meet your needs for a season, long enough for her to really capture you, and once she has got you, she will manifest herself through you and use you for whatever purpose she wants, and it will not be pleasant.

Full Stature vs. Glorification

This is a seduction. The realm of eternal life lies beyond space and time and matter. That is true, but once again he is talking about the glorification. The event that is coming upon the earth right now is full stature. Glorification is approximately 1500 years in the future. He is missing this whole interim point, as far as Christ's plan is concerned, and he thinks he is taking a short cut into the glorified state. Jesus said that anyone that enters in any other way is a thief, and a liar, and a robber. What does that mean? It means that you will enter in for a season because thieves and robbers get the goods for a season, but you are still going to die. All of these people that are entering into some form of exalted spiritual state whereby they are no longer tormented with disease and poverty, where they exist for a season above this world system; I believe it is possible, but everyone that enters into it will still die in due season.

The Pleasure of Sin

Those who enter into the true door will enter into the life of the ages. Okay, let me say it again. I believe it is possible to enter into a spiritual realm where one can exist above the death and destruction of this world for a season through passive silent meditation, which is union with Satan, but the key is, it is only for a season. You will have entered into the spiritual realm illegally, and eventually you will die. When you enter in the true way, when you enter in through the true door, you enter into everlasting life. Of course, when you enter into the false door, negative consequences can fall upon your family. Curses from God fall upon your family.

When you enter into the true door, the blessings that have been bestowed upon you extend to your entire family. What I am saying in simple language is that sin is pleasurable for a season. Has anybody not heard that before? Sin can feel so good for a season while you are doing it, while you are in the midst of it, while you are encapsulated with it. Sin feels so good, but when it is all over there is a price to be paid, and the wages of sin is death.

Rom 6:23

23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.   KJV

Examine Yourself

The realm of eternal life lies beyond space, time, and matter, in which there are no oscillating thought processes of good or evil. Oscillating means going up and down. One minute you are thinking a thought from your carnal mind, the next minute you are thinking a thought with your Christ mind, and Lord willing, your Christ mind is casting down every thought that is not of God. For those of us that are fighting this battle to enter in the right way, you have got to be vigilantly examining yourself and killing every thought that is not of God.

After our meeting this morning, I went in to take a nap and I was attacked severely with anger, wherever it came from. I do not believe it was generated from me. I believe that it was someone else's anger. It was so strong that it caused me to jump up off of my couch because I felt that if I stayed in that passive condition with this anger ripping through my mind, I was in danger of being seduced into agreeing with that anger and starting a fight with somebody, because that is how it works.

When it is somebody else's anger that rips through your mind, the way that it affects you is that your own mind responds to it and says, Yeah, that is right, I could be angry for this or I could be angry for that, and if you agree with the thought in your mind which is being strengthened by the other person's anger, you have committed spiritual adultery. Someone else's mind has come into your mind, has looked for legal ground, and if you say, That is right, I am mad at that person, that means that you have been seduced by the anger that has come into your mind.

It is spiritual adultery, and I know this and I knew what was happening to me and I knew that if I stayed in that passive condition of mind, I might not be able to fight it off. I jumped up, I rebuked it; I sent it back where it came from and I went into the kitchen and ate. I am making a joke out of it, but that is what I did. My point is I knew it was dangerous for me to stay with a passive condition of mind when there was a seduction operating in my mind.


This is the warfare that we call the tribulation. It is also the temptation of Christ in you, and the ultimate end of it is the dismantling of the carnal mind. The author is saying this should not be. You should not worry about this. Just go into silent passive meditation and contact the I Am, which is Satan. I declare to you, brethren, without this warfare you shall never enter into the spiritual realm of God because your carnal mind is evil. I do not care how good she presents herself to you, your carnal mind is evil and the only way into the true spiritual realm of God is through Christ. There is no way that you are going to go through the carnal mind into Christ without a war. If you are receiving any doctrine from anywhere that tells you that you are going to enter into full stature without first putting underfoot the beast, which is your carnal mind, it is a lie. You are not entering in without war.

It is all throughout the Scripture. Put on the full armor of God and when you have done all that you could do to stand, stand.

Eph. 6:11

11 Put on the full armor of God and when you have done all that you could do to stand, stand.  KJV

Cast down every imagination, every high imagination, bring every thought into captivity.

2 Cor. 10:5

5 Cast down every imagination, every high imagination, bring every thought into captivity. KJV

If you think you are entering into an exalted spiritual state in God without warfare against your enemy, Satan, who seeks to devour you like a roaring lion, you have received a lie. Peace, peace, but there is no peace. If you are not engaged in a continuous spiritual warfare, either you are a woman or a baby in Christ, or you are completely possessed of your carnal mind. Do not believe it; it is a lie.

Two Minds

The realm of eternal life lies beyond space, time, and matter, in which there are no oscillating thought processes of good or evil coming from the subconscious where no human thoughts are projected, for it is absolute. Brethren, that is not true. Our unconscious mind is Satan. All thought originates from the unconscious mind. It either comes out of the unconscious of your carnal mind, whereby your thoughts are originated by Satan, or your thoughts are coming out of the unconscious of your mind of Christ, whereby your thoughts are originated by the Lord Jesus Christ.

All thought originates in the unconscious mind. That is not true. He is saying that there is peace in the subconscious mind; I do not know any difference between subconscious or unconscious mind. He says there is peace and no thoughts coming from the subconscious because it is absolute spirit. Brethren, spirit thinks. The Scriptures are very clear that spirit thinks. God says, My thoughts are not your thoughts.

Our subconscious is the only culprit. The realm of eternal life lies beyond space, time and matter in which there are no oscillating thought processes of good or evil coming from the subconscious.  Where no human thoughts are projected. There are no thoughts of good or evil coming from the subconscious, where no human thoughts are projected, for it is absolute. Our subconscious is the only culprit which projects images on the screen of our mind and in due time causes our experience. I believe the author is saying that I Am is beyond our subconscious.

The realm of eternal life lies beyond space, time, and matter, in which there are no oscillating thought processes of good or evil coming from the subconscious where no human thoughts are projected, for it is absolute. Our subconscious is the only culprit, which projects images on the screen of our mind and in due time causes our experience. Beloved, these thought processes of our subconscious mind have no access into the kingdom and therefore cannot influence the absolute God. What I hear him saying is that there is a consciousness that is beyond, or spiritually higher, than our subconscious mind. I declare to you that that place is only in the mind of Christ.

These thought processes of our subconscious mind have no access into the kingdom. They have no access into the mind of Christ. He is speaking about the carnal mind. He is speaking about the evil thoughts coming out of the unconscious carnal mind, and they have no access to the kingdom of God, and they cannot influence the kingdom of God. He is saying that I Am is in the place that is higher than the carnal mind, yet he does not really acknowledge the mind of Christ. I am going to go past this because this is one of the statements that he is making that I cannot even relate to rationally. There is some confusion here, so I am just going to go past it.

This World is Not a Dream

In this realm of the infinite of God, this holographic world of matter, this world that is written by the carnal mind; he calls it Adam's dream. He says that when Adam went to sleep, that this whole world is Adam's dream. I have heard that preached before. I guess you could say that, because when God put Adam to sleep, the symbolic meaning of Adam going to sleep is that he fell into sin, and this world came into being. You could say that this world is Adam's dream fabricated by his own mind, but I am going to reject it; I am not going to go along with that. This world is the product of the fallen mind of man. This world is generated by the carnal mind, which has been illegally formed between Satan and the female seed of God's creation. Adam is not having a dream, or any such thing. You cannot deny the fall and you cannot deny sin. This world is a world of sin. We were sold unto Satan because we sinned. We are being kept here in chains of darkness until the judgment, which is going to restore us to righteousness. We have not fallen into any dream. We fell down into hell. God did not wipe us out completely because He intends to reverse the fall and restore us back upward.

So, the realm Jesus came to reveal is an absolute kingdom where there is no good and evil operating.  I have a problem with that. There is no good or evil operating in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is the mind of Christ. It is true, there is only good operating in the Kingdom of God, but one of the functions of the Kingdom of God is to wage war against the carnal mind. That one sentence might not make it clear what he is teaching, but after going through this whole book, what he is teaching is that there is no conflict in the Kingdom of God. The truth is, there is conflict.

The Kingdom of God is the warrior Christ and his ultimate purpose is to slay the dragon in the sea. The name of the dragon in your sea is the carnal mind. That is his job. He is coming on a white horse with a sword and a bow. He is a warrior, and he is here to kill the enemy of God and the enemy of your own soul.

Rising Above Sowing & Reaping

The realm Jesus came to reveal is an absolute kingdom where there is no good and evil operating. As I said before, the experience we have in this world is the outworking of cosmic law, meaning that whatever we sow, we will reap. This is a bit of a mystery, for most people do not know why they experience things in life. They cannot explain and do not know the cause. Hidden in this paragraph is an Eastern doctrine. What the author is saying to you here is that we have to get above this law of sowing and reaping. We have got to get above this law of sowing and reaping because the world is just continuing. When you are trapped down in this realm you are subject to good and evil. You do things that are wrong and you reap what you sow and it just goes on and on and on.

The author wants to call it a cosmic law, OK, call it a cosmic law, referring to the cosmos. The spiritual law that is in this world system, and the only way that we are going to get out of it, is by getting into another mind. We have to transfer into a mind that does not sin, because we sin in this world and there are consequences for sin, but as we escape from this carnal mind into the mind of Christ, and as we attain and ascend to a higher place, we will, by the grace of God, find within ourselves the strength to stop thinking sinful thoughts, including unconscious thoughts. That is why we cannot stop sinning because we sin in our unconscious mind.

We have a sin nature, which means we sin continuously, every second of every day. Our nature is sin. Our only hope of getting out of this sowing and reaping, this world where there are continuous consequences for wrong thinking, is to transfer into the mind of Christ. God's provision is a new mind to transfer into Christ.

Eastern Philosophy

If you read between the lines, what he just said was an Eastern philosophy that we see demonstrated in Hinduism and Buddhism. I read one book about Buddhism, about a particular Buddhist group (because they have different groups that are not all related) that were so convinced that the only way to save the world was to stop this cosmic law. A group of hostile people would come and kill all of the women and children in the town, and the men would stand there and do nothing. The belief behind this is that somebody has got to stop doing evil and that if enough people stop doing evil, if enough people stop sowing evil, the reaping of evil into this world will come to an end.

Dedicated fanatic Buddhists are willing to lose any possessions, including their wives, their children, and even their own lives, willing to lay it all down and lose it so that they should not contribute to a retributory act of a violent reaping coming into this world. That is what the author is saying. Listen to the words between the lines.

As I said before, the experience we have in this world is the outworking of cosmic law, meaning that whatever we sow, we will reap. This is a bit of a mystery, for most people do not know why they experience things in life. They cannot explain and do not know the cause. I am telling you that this is what he is saying. We have got to get above the sowing and reaping and the way you get above the sowing and reaping is (the author does not understand that we have a sin nature) that you stop doing any negative thing to anybody by totally not engaging in the things of this world, but sitting in silent listening and meditation and communing with the I Am within yourself (whose name is Satan), and completely rejecting the things of this world.

That is what the Hindu and the Buddhist holy men do. They go and live in caves and they meditate for hours, and it used to be that Jewish holy men did that as well. John the Baptist was a Jewish holy man and lived out in the desert. He separated himself from this world system and only came into it when God sent him in to do something. To be highly spiritual, you have to separate yourself from this society, but what the author does not know is that if you spend 40 years of your life in a cave in the Himalayas, you still have a sin nature, and that no one is going to ascend out of this world system by refusing to do evil behavior, because the evil that is done is from the carnal mind of man that we have no control over. This is an Eastern teaching calling itself Christian.

You see, I am not offended by Eastern teachings at all. I do get offended when it is a wolf in sheep's clothing and calls itself Christian. Any Christian that believes this, any Christian that can hear my response to this teaching and prays about it and chooses to believe it, I have no problem with them, but call yourself what you are. Call yourself what you are. Do not tell me you are a Christian when what you are teaching totally contradicts the Scripture. Call yourself what you are. That is where I have a problem. I do not like deception, but as I said at the beginning of the message, I am pretty sure that this man is very sincere, as far as he is concerned. He must believe it himself. He is deceived.

Doctrine of the Ascended Masters

Beloved, our problems will go on personally, nationally, and internationally until we take the responsibility to find the gate into the absolute nature of being. To reach that state of consciousness, we must meditate daily and lift ourselves into the mind that was also in Christ Jesus, lift ourselves through meditation daily into the mind that was in Christ Jesus. What he is saying, if you have been following these teachings, is that Jesus was a man, the first man of all men who are born with the potential to evolve into a high spiritual condition; Jesus was the first man that meditated daily and ascended into this exalted state. He is denying the impartation of the seed that was imparted when the Holy Ghost hovered over Mary. That is the teaching of this book. It is called the Doctrine of the Ascended Masters. He is saying that man is born with the potential to ascend into this highly spiritual condition without having anything added to him at all. That is the teaching, and they use the name Jesus.  

He calls Jesus the Master.  And lift ourselves into the mind that was also in Christ Jesus. The master revealed... Somebody may say to me, in the Scripture they called him Master. I know they called him Master in the Scripture, but pray about this because I am telling you he is calling Jesus one of the ascended masters. That is what he is doing. He is saying that Jesus is one of the ascended masters. This doctrine teaches that there are other men who have attained to this exalted state through meditation and silent listening, and Jesus is just one of them. That is what he is teaching.

The master revealed, if we would continue in his word, which is the container of truth… He does not say his word is the truth. You have to listen to what you are reading. He does not say his word is the truth. He said, his word is the container of the truth. The master revealed that if we would continue in his word, which is the container of truth, truth would make us free, however, only if we perceive it. The truth will make us free only if we perceive it. The burden is on the man to perceive the truth. I declare to you that you cannot see the truth until Jesus anoints your eyes with eye salve.

Truth would make us free, however, only if we perceive it. When we know it, truth will make us free from all limitations we experience in this cosmic world of good and evil. I do not really know what he means by a spiritual knowledge of the truth, because to me, a knowledge of truth is a function of the mind, and he is denying the mind. What he is saying is this truth that comes out of the realm of the spirit is going to make you free from all limitations that you experience in this world of good and evil. What he is talking about is disease and any form of physical weakness. He is saying this impartation, this knowledge of the truth, is going to set us free from all the afflictions of this world system.

No Salvation in Doctrine

When Jesus said the truth will make you free, he was not talking about an intellectual or a spiritual knowledge, and we see this all through the church world today. They think they are going to be saved by doctrine. I have been preaching this here for a long time. You are not saved by doctrine. Neither can you lose your salvation if for a season you receive a false doctrine. If your faith is in Jesus Christ, if you are crying out to him and seeking him daily, even if you receive a false doctrine for a season, the Lord Jesus Christ will bring you through. You are not saved by doctrine and you do not lose your salvation by doctrine.

You are saved through union with the very Son of God. His name is Christ. Jesus said, The truth will set you free. I remind you that Jesus also said, I am the Truth. What is going to set you free is that Jesus is going to reproduce his nature in your heart, and the reproduction of Jesus' nature in your heart is his Son; he is called Christ Jesus in your heart. You are going to be saved when you bear the Christ child, when the Christ child marries your soul.

When the Christ child marries your soul, you are saved. Jesus never meant that you are saved by true doctrine. This lie is all over the kingdom church. It is an abomination. You are not saved by doctrine, brethren. You are saved by the Truth, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. And they shall be saved in child bearing. When you bear the manchild, who is the truth, you shall be saved. Doctrine is a part of it, but you are not saved by the doctrine.

Exposure and Confession of Sin

We went to a funeral a couple of years ago. It was for a woman who preached ultimate reconciliation. We went to the funeral of a woman who I believe was in her thirties or early forties. I think she left behind five children. Driving to the funeral parlor, this preacher said to me, How can this be when she had such a grasp of this doctrine?  I said to her, Sister, this doctrine cannot keep you alive, and she cut me off and did not want to hear another word. Why do people not want to hear another word? Brethren, it is very easy to be saved by doctrine. All you have to do is go to school, come to a few meetings like this, sit in class a couple of hours a week, take notes and listen to a couple of messages. It is easy, right? No, it is not that easy. Your sins have to be exposed. You have to confess them.

Christ is coming to rip your heart open and expose all the filthy dead men's bones inside of you. You have to face all of that hurt that you have been repressing for years. You have to look at all of that filth that you do not want to look at. You have to be purged of all filthiness of the spirit and the soul. All of you that have this hope of his coming purifieth himself. There is an actual spiritual change that must occur.

There is an actual change that must occur in your spiritual nature and that change begins to occur from the moment the mind of Christ begins to be formed in you. Christ, from his position of authority in you will begin to judge your carnal mind and break her down, and the ultimate end of her is death, but the way she dies is that Christ exposes her, and rips her, and cuts her, and it is painful, and nobody wants it. We have thousands, if not millions (I do not really know), of Christians who have chosen to believe they will enter into glory by believing a doctrine without being purged of their spiritual self, without being washed of the afterbirth, and without having the blood and all of the mucus washed away from them.

 There is an example of it in the natural. A baby is born. They sponge the baby off, they suck the mucus out of the baby's nose, and they put eye drops in the baby’s eyes. We are being born into a spiritual realm of God and we are spiritually filthy. The Scripture clearly states that we are spiritually filthy. The doctrine is a part of the process. The doctrine gives us the strength in Christ to go through the purging. You shall not enter in without the purging, brethren. You have believed a lie. Nobody wants this message. Very few want this message.

 Once we have been renewed to understand the realm that lies beyond the senses, our eyes will be trained to see the Christ life, which is the motivating factor in all living form. Well, that sounds good. Once we have been renewed to understand the realm that lies beyond the senses..., I do not perceive any definition of the term renewal, and it is my understanding from what I have read so far, that the author's understanding of renewal is that which comes through the silent listening to the unconscious mind of fallen man. My Bible says that the renewal is in the freeing of our human spirit from her captivity, from her union, which is in captivity to Satan and the carnal mind. It is our true reality, our spirit, which is being renewed as she is freed from Satan in the carnal mind and she joins with Christ and the Lord Jesus Christ. Our spirit, who is the harlot of revelation, she is cleansed and she is renewed in Christ, and that is what I just spoke about, the purging of all filthiness of the spirit and the flesh. It is what nobody wants.

I tell you, God sends people to this ministry and they quake with fear. Some of them think they are afraid of the doctrine; some of them think they are afraid of me, but I am telling you that they are not afraid of me  and they are not afraid of the doctrine. Their unconscious mind knows that Christ is about to rip their heart out and expose every hidden sin of their heart, and their knees are knocking and they are finding every excuse to not come here because they do not want that experience. I am telling you, it is the truth.

Saved by Childbirth

You can only get into a ministry like this by the grace of God because nobody wants it and everybody's carnal mind is terrified at the exposure of their sins. Everybody wants the glory. They all want Christ in them. They all want to ascend. They all want full stature, but they do not want the birth pains, and I cannot really blame them. I do not want the birth pains either, but the bottom line is that without birth pains, there is no baby. And we shall be saved in child bearing. No baby, no salvation. There is pain involved in ascension into full stature.

It is a war and there is pain involved, and in this hour, God is drawing whoever he is drawing, in very small numbers, but the time is coming in the very near future where he is going to be taking people against their will. He is going to be taking people against their will in great numbers. That will happen after the first fruits company stands up in full stature. Right now, the people he is calling are the people who are called to be in the first fruits company. Some people he is letting them say no and walk away, and other people he is pressuring to come into the judgment of their souls, which is preparation for full stature. The numbers are so small because he is only calling the first fruits company now.

Once the first fruits company stands up in full stature, we are going to see large numbers of Christians coming under the judgment and being brought into the kingdom, despite their protest. Right now he is raising up the company that is going to do the work. The reason that we are so hidden here in this ministry is because Satan will do anything to knock us out before we stand up. God is raising up a company that is going to judge the church in righteousness. Christ is going to be inside them. It is going to be the mind of Christ through this company judging the church with a rod of iron, and the pain involved is likened to childbirth. It is spoken of in the prophets. And in that day you will see a man holding his loins as a woman in travail. This procedure is painful.

You are not going in automatically by believing some high, lofty doctrine. What if your intelligence is not that high and you cannot understand it? That means there is no salvation for you? This teaching is hard. I have had college graduates listen to my messages and honestly come to me and say they do not know what I am talking about. What if you cannot understand the message? Does that mean there is no salvation for you? Brethren, you are not saved by doctrine. You better stop believing that lie because you are in for a big surprise. You are saved by childbirth, and you must experience the pangs of childbirth.

 Let me review what the author is saying. When we know it, truth will make us free from all limitations we experience in this cosmic world of good and evil. Once we have been renewed to understand the realm that lies beyond the senses, that is the spirit world, our eyes will be trained to see the Christ life, which is the motivating factor in all living forms. He is talking about the unseen realm. However, this can only be experienced if we become consciously aware of its existence. That is the teaching here. You have to remember it. You have to believe it. It is a form of mind control.

When you believe it and you understand it, then it will be an experience for you. The ancient Hebrew people under the leadership of Abraham, who came out of the Ur of the Chaldees, were not made free from their limitations and cosmic influence through Abraham's leadership. The reason for that was that Abraham's conscience still functioned under the cosmic law, still believing in a Chaldean concept of God. If you believe that God is your Savior and you are in submission to him, we are being told that this is a Chaldean, or an ancient, or superstitious concept of God. The teaching of this author is that God is within you, and that you were born with him within you, and that you are really your own god. It is a New Age teaching. Listen to it.

Abraham still functioned under cosmic law, still believing in a Chaldean concept of God, which would reward you if you would sacrifice your firstborn. However, this God would punish you if you would disobey. Listen to this contradiction. He believes in a cosmic law of sowing and reaping, but he does not believe in a God that rewards and punishes. I declare to you there is a cosmic law of sowing and reaping, but it is a law that has been put in force and effect by a God that rewards and punishes. Can you hear the difference?

Those beliefs that Abraham entertained were subconscious beliefs and were the basic reason Israel finished up in Egyptian slavery for 400 years. For this reason, because of Abraham's belief in this superstitious God, for this reason Israel was in darkness and alienation from the living presence of God, even though it was right there amongst them, even though it was right there amongst them, God was inside of them all the time that they were praying for deliverance, for 430 years. 430 years, by the way. This is horrible! God calls it an abominable doctrine.

The Law is for Transgressors

However, the Hebrews were not conscious of this presence and did not know the name and nature of God at that time. Later, it was revealed to Moses as the I Am that I Am, to bring the children of Israel into a place of recognition. The author is saying that Moses discovered the God within himself. Moses revealed the mystery principle I Am as the substance and nature, listen, as the substance and nature of their own being. Moses revealed the mystery principle I Am, that is, the name of Jehovah, as the substance and nature of their own being. Brethren, the substance and nature of your own fallen being has a name. Her name is  Satan, Satan in the form of the carnal mind.

However, they did not recognize it. It was only Moses who had the understanding of it, but the rest of the Hebrew children were blinded to truth. That, beloved, was the reason why the law was added. It was given to constrain the cosmic principle of cause and effect, which was operating in them as the destroyer. He says the law was added because the people could not recognize the god within them, and therefore could not get up above the law of sowing and reaping,  therefore, the law had to be added. That is what he is saying.

We know that the law was added because of transgression. The law was added, the Scripture says, because of transgression. The Hebrew children sinned. When did they sin? When Moses went up to get the tablets of the Ten Commandments. They made absolute fools out of themselves. They did not know what was right or wrong, so the law was added. It was proven they needed a law. Brethren, the law is not for a righteous man. The law is for a man that does not know what is righteous. The law was added because of the transgression, because of the sin of the Hebrew children. The author says that the law was added because they could not perceive their own ability within themselves to live above the law of sowing and reaping.

 My Bible says that we have no strength to cease from sin outside of Christ, but the author is teaching that we have the strength within us to cease from sin. He uses a phrase, living above this world of sowing and reaping,  and the way you find this strength is by silent listening and communication with Satan. It was not until Jesus came and revealed the I Am that I Am with corresponding miracles, signs and wonders. What he is saying is that Jesus did not come to reveal the Father. Read it again. if your teaching is scripturally based, you read a statement that says Jesus came and revealed the I Am that I Am and you draw the conclusion that he is talking about Jehovah. If you take the whole book into consideration, we know that the I Am is the name he has given to the unconscious mind of man and he is saying that Jesus came to reveal that man has God within him from birth. That is what he is saying in the context of the whole book. God wants us to learn to read these books critically. You have to really understand what you are reading. It is important.

That there was some light coming in the darkness of material sin. You see, the I Am is the nature and name given to Hebrew and Gentile alike. We are all included in the unpronounceableness of God. This invisible substance of I Am appeared as effect in a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. He is saying the invisible God took on visible form in the man Jesus as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Listen, In his realized state of godhood, Moses fed and clothed and protected the Hebrews for forty years in the wilderness. My Bible says God fed and clothed and protected the Hebrew children in the wilderness. My Bible also says Moses was a servant, but Jesus Christ was a Son over his own house. How could he call Moses a god?

What he is saying, if you read between the lines, is that Moses also was an ascended master. That is what he is saying. You have to read between the lines.

Denial of a Sin Nature

It is well to note that there was not one feeble one amongst them and even their clothes did not wear out. In other words, the original consciousness of God, or I Am, dwelt among them once again. He is saying that God was in Moses. It was the nature and substance of the God that was born in Moses that rose up because Moses realized who he was; this element of leadership appeared in him and he took care of the Hebrew children in the wilderness. However, it did not last because the people desired something else besides manna, became dissatisfied with their experience, and began to look back to the fleshpots of Egypt. They lost the sense of God's presence and began to build the god of gold and that became their downfall. Listen, they lost the sense of God's presence; they lost touch with the God within themselves. When they lost sense of God's presence and began to build a god of gold, cosmic law was activated, the sowing and reaping law was activated again.

 Now you see, he is totally denying the sin nature to say that we could activate or deactivate cosmic law by controlling our thought processes. He is denying the sin nature. Can you hear this? He is saying that if you refuse to think evil by communion with Satan within you, you can stop the sowing and reaping; you can control the evil from coming into your life. That is what he is saying. I say that we are in a condition and state of sin, that we have a sin nature and that simply by our very existence alone, evil comes into this world, and that there is only one way out; that we cannot stop the sowing and reaping; we cannot stop the cosmic law; we cannot control the death in this world system, because the death in this world system is the judgment of God (called the wrath of God) that is upon us. Brother, you cannot control the wrath of God. You must repent and take God's provision for deliverance, which is Jesus Christ. It includes confessing your sins, and your pride, and your rebellion, and submitting to Christ, or you will never get out. Get out of where? Get out of hell.

They lost their sense of God's presence and began to build a god of gold and that became their downfall. Cosmic law was activated, which by the way is the law of cause and effect and operates as a holographic projection of the mind. Remember, a holographic projection is this world, which is brought into effect by the mind of man. Cosmic law was activated when they made their god of gold. It is the law of cause and effect and it operates to make this world what it is. In other words, what he is saying is that when you are living out of a mind that thinks of good and evil, we experience this wicked world here, and that the whole world is going to change when we stop thinking good and evil and get into communion with the I Am, which is Satan, and live above this world of good and evil. We know that this world is not going to change until we kill this carnal mind that is producing this wicked world and enter into Christ and kill the carnal mind.

Problems and Solutions

As I said earlier, both the author’s and most Eastern teachings that I have read, I am in full agreement with their evaluation of the human problem, but their solutions are radically different than the solutions that Christ gave us. A lot of people are deceived because they read writings that lay out the problems and it sounds good, but the solutions are not Christ. We see it today with some modern psychologists, one of whose teachings extremely blessed me about the dysfunctional family. God led me to his teachings on the dysfunctional family. It radically affected my life, yet his solutions to the problem I believe are New Age, and I will not receive his solutions to the problem.

The mind of man can be very capable at stating problems, but the solutions that come out of the carnal mind are always the exact opposite of the solutions of God. For those of you who know the psychologist I am talking about, or for those of you who do not know who I am talking about, his solution to the problems of a damaged personality, or a wounded heart because of childhood problems, is what the world calls visualization. The teaching says that we carry a wounded child within us and that she or he is contaminating our adult life. The secular teaching is to get in touch with that wounded child, by going into a meditation. Try to remember and think of that child walking down the street and playing with her toys, and talk to her and tell her that you are all grown up now and that you are going to take care of her. I could never receive it, and I rejected it from the first time that I heard it. I want to tell you that I had a spiritual experience, and not too long ago, never even looking for it or asking for it, but God put me in touch with a manifestation of myself that was a very young child. Ministry came down through the realm of the Spirit and I did not even know this was possible in Christ. I had completely rejected the teaching of getting in touch with your inner child, but one day, by the Spirit, God did it.

So, once again we find the carnal minds of men imitating God. What is true and valuable and valid in Christ, we find man trying to bring to pass by his own will. When man tries to bring it to pass by his own will, it is witchcraft. If God chooses to do it, then you can do it. It may never happen to me again.

Paying the Price

We are talking about the Hebrews. They were then again swallowed up by the thousands. Was God doing this or was it the cosmic law of cause and effect that brought that judgment upon them? Did God judge them?  Remember the thousands of Hebrews that died because of sin? Moses had to hold up the serpent to stop them from dying. Did God do that to them or did they bring it upon themselves because they lost their high state and fell down into a mindset of good and evil? The message the author is bringing is that we have the ability to control our thoughts; we have the ability to control our life; we have the ability to control this world. It is all a lie. It is also denying God. It is denying the God that is separate from us. God dwells within me and he dwells within the mind of man, but he is separate from us. He is separate from us until the joining, which is scripturally known as the marriage.

This whole teaching is New Age that man is God. As I told you when I first started this series, this pamphlet was sent to me by a preacher who listens to my messages and apparently thought that this teaching was similar to my teaching. The church is not educated properly, brethren. It is severely lacking in teaching. It is a condition across the church world, and in this hour, if you can hear the truth, you are very blessed. I believe that when the sons of God manifest, we are going to have sound teaching. False doctrines are going to be taken down. The false doctrine that is in the church today will be taken down and there will be a lot of teaching through the sons, but right now there are only small pockets of people that are receiving this message. If you are one of them, you are blessed. Eventually, the message is going to go to the whole church and then the whole world, but it is starting in small corners of the world. If you are one of the people receiving the message, consider yourself blessed, although the life, the walk, is painful. It is sweet in your mouth, then bitter in your belly. It tastes good, but there is a price to pay.

Questions and Answers

Question: You were talking about you being angry. Was it something because of a physical argument, or because you just felt it in the spirit, or what? 

Answer: I have a revelation that as we become spiritual, other people's anger can register in our soul. This is a very important principle, and when you are opened up to the realm of the spirit, you will feel other people's feelings. One of the challenges that we have is to discern, when we perceive something that is sin in our heart, we have to discern whether it is ours or somebody else's. It is horrible, but it is something that happens as you become spiritual. The purpose of this is that we are being opened up spiritually, and we are starting to feel the feelings of the living soul. Psychic people in the occult feel it all the time. We see a natural example of it in the church. Did you ever see a preacher stand up and say, I feel a pain in my left arm? Is there somebody out there that has a pain in their left arm? This is the spiritual equivalent of it. I feel pain in my heart. Who out there in the congregation is sad today?  The Lord wants me to pray for you. Come.  That is the basic principle of it,  and God uses it to help us to help other people.

Question: Do you pray for the person who is angry, or do you reject the anger and tell yourself that it is not yours, but also pray for that person? 

Answer:  Always pray for that person. I have gotten a lot of confirming words back that people have really been set free. You learn to deal with it. It is a burden, but it is carrying your brother's burden. This is in the Scripture; Carry one another's burdens. Lots of people will not tell you their burdens. Lots of people are not aware of their burdens, but God will let you feel it, and definitely pray about it.

Let me give you a testimony. One of the most outstanding testimonies that I have had along these lines took place about five or six years ago when I was working in Manhattan. I was on the commuter bus on the way home and my mind just filled up with a thought of a homosexual scene I had seen in a movie. It was overpowering my mind and I was so upset because I thought it was me thinking and being obsessed with this homosexual thought. I was so upset that I was tormented all the way home. This was when God was teaching me this doctrine.

I had a young lady living with me in the house at the time and when I walked in the house she was all upset and told me that she had been propositioned by one of the doctors at Kings Park Hospital where she worked. A woman doctor had propositioned her, made a homosexual proposition to her, and she was so upset. She was afraid she was going to lose her job. She was just flipping out over it. The Lord eventually taught me that when my mind filled up with that movie scene, it was God's way of telling me that there was someone that I had a connection with that was having a problem with homosexuality, and he wanted me to rebuke it. I got so scared that it was me, that I could not even function. It took me quite a while at this training, but now when something comes into my heart, anything that is sin, no matter what it is, I rebuke it and pray spiritual warfare against it.

Today, I knew the anger was not coming from me. I knew I had absolutely no reason to be angry. I knew it was not me. Sometimes, something comes into my heart and I think it could be me and I am not sure, so what I do is I say, Lord, if it is me, I repent, but it does not really matter whether it is me or the other guy, it is sin and I want it out of my mind. I cover my tail and I say Lord, if it is me, I repent. Most of the time, when I take an attitude like this and then I go after it and I beat it up; most of the time the Lord will tell me that it is somebody else. After I repent and do what I have to do, He says, You did good, but this time I want you to know it was not you.

Question:  Did Jesus die for our sins? 

Answer:  Yes, he did die for our sins. I will tell you what that means. Our sins are in the form of our carnal mind. We have a sin nature. There is no way that we can get out of hell because our very being is sin. Our unconscious mind thinks sinful thoughts day and night. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was crucified; he was raised from the dead and converted into a form of pure spirit where he can live inside of fallen man. He has rained on me and rained on you, and he is living inside of you, and joining himself to you, and duplicating his nature in you in the form of Christ Jesus. Because he died, he is now in a form where he is inside of you, where Christ is being formed in you, and Christ is going to kill your sin nature.

Question:  You said you confess your sins, but who do you confess them to? God? 

Answer:  You confess them to God.

Question:  Are we supposed to read these pamphlets that we are going over? 

Answer:  No, we are not supposed to read them, but this ministry and the people who come here are being trained up for ministry. We are eventually going to be sent to people who are going to be saying things out of this false doctrine. We need to know what to tell them. At this time, you are sitting here for these messages. God could send somebody right to you and you are going to remember my comment on it, and you are going to have the answer. Everyone is being raised up for ministry. God is going to send people to you.

Question:  What is the teaching of the Ascended Masters? 

Answer:  I do not know whether to call it a doctrine or not, but it is more than a teaching. The people who teach it claim that there are men who have lived, and are living now in the earth, who are natural men that have evolved to this highly spiritual condition where they live above sowing and reaping, where they live in a state that Jesus lived, where he lived above sin, and that they accomplished this without Christ. The teaching is that they are natural men that have evolved to a high place, and when a man evolves to that high place, they call him an ascended master. I do not believe this.

Question: Is this just another way of saying positive thinking?

Answer:  I guess you could call it positive thinking, but it is more than positive thinking. My understanding of this teaching is that the spiritual state of being is accomplished by meditation and communion with the unconscious mind of man. The author does not say it is the unconscious mind of man. He says it is an intelligence beyond the unconscious mind of man, but I am saying it is Satan, the unconscious mind of man. The author says that the unconscious mind of man is the author of everything evil in this world, and I agree with that. Then he says when he meditates, the presence that he reaches and connects with is something higher than the subconscious mind of man, but I say unto you that the unconscious mind of man is two-faced. That it is true, she is the author of every evil in this world, but she is also the presence that people reach when they meditate, and that it is the beast showing a different face because she is a deceiver. The author thinks that he has reached an intelligence that is beyond the subconscious mind of man. He is just showing her with a different face.

I will give you another testimony. I was watching TV one night and I perceived suicide. It was just a brief flash. I knew it could not be me. I am definitely not suicidal. It was a brief flash and I rebuked it. I said, Lord, would you let me know who this was. I would really like a confirmation that I am not losing my mind with all of this stuff. The phone rang within 60 seconds and it was someone that I knew who was severely depressed, and  had a whole testimony, and all of a sudden I came into their mind and the whole thing broke. I asked, Were you having suicidal thoughts? And they said, Yes. I broke it for them. God not only told me about it, but anointed me. There was power enough in my prayer to break the depression that was over them.

This is what we are called to. This is what the whole church is called to. It is just that everybody is not coming in this hour. As you ascend in Christ, there is responsibility associated with it, and you are not being called based on your human personality. You are not being called based on the measure that you are overcoming in this world. You are being called to this mature intercessory ministry on your potential for spiritual authority. You are being called to this based on the potential that is in you for spiritual power, plus you have a spirit of faithfulness and righteousness. You are committed to him and he is going to use you to help a lot of people. It is the ministry of the Son. It is an intercessory ministry.

Some people are called on the basis of their faithfulness in their number of years in the church. You may not think of yourself as being that spiritual, but if you have demonstrated your faithfulness over the years, the Lord will use that.  Basically speaking, people are being called on the basis of their spiritual potential to wield spiritual power because God wants to help his church.

Years ago, I went out and I had my radio turned on during my lunch hour. I was driving to pick up a sandwich. The radio was on from the morning and it was a Christian station and someone had called in for prayer. I do not remember what the problem was, but the person was desperate. The counsel they gave was terrible. There was no power in the prayer at all. I got so angry that this desperate Christian called out to this radio station and there was no help for them that I prayed for them. It was some time after that the Lord told me, You answered their prayer. You heard the radio program and I raised up the son that had the authority to help them. It is an intercessory ministry. You do not get much glory in it. Usually most people do not even know that you prayed for them. There is no glory of man in this ministry. There is no acknowledgment. It is done in secret and all of your reward is in your relationship with Christ, but it is a very powerful ministry. If you are looking for the approval of men, it is not going to make you happy. It is a very powerful, responsible ministry and is associated with tremendous spiritual growth and tremendous spiritual potential.

It is a spiritual ministry, very radically different than what you see in the churches today. My understanding at this time, that the way Christ is touched with all of our infirmities, is that he is in all of us. If he is in a man and that man has a heart attack, Christ knows what it is like to have a heart attack. If he is in that woman and she is going through a divorce, Christ knows what it is like to have a divorce. Christ is God in the flesh, and also, it is this experience of feeling other people's troubles. You really feel it and you have to learn how to deal with it, because if you do not know how to deal with it, it becomes a real burden. You have to rebuke it, and be right on top of it and throw it off, and when you throw it off, you throw it off for yourself and the person who is suffering as well.


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