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False Doctrine - Sign of the End Times

I expect this to be our last message. Possibly there will be two more, but I am hoping this will be our last message on this series entitled The Secret of Life - Is It Right Identification? In the event there is somebody reading this message without listening to the previous messages, what we are doing here is speaking to a doctrine that is circulating in the church today that I call blasphemy. I call it a damnable heresy that when followed, this doctrine will prevent you from entering into the Kingdom of God and into the Kingdom of heaven. It is a doctrine that is preached by a pharisaical spirit. I believe the men who are preaching it are sincere. I believe that they believe in what they are preaching; that they believe that it is the truth, but I declare to you that it is a doctrine which has been dictated out of the unconscious mind of fallen man and it is, in fact, a doctrine of demons that is spoken about in the Scripture as being one of the signs of the end times.

I am not against anybody. I am not condemning anybody, but I am speaking to the doctrine. I am responding to the doctrine from a position of a preacher that has brought forth high doctrine in the Spirit of Christ; not because I am great, but for whatever his reasons, God has chosen me to bring forth what I believe to be the spiritual truth upon which this false doctrine is based.

We are not against any man. We are not against any ministry. I am not preaching this message so that someone could lay hold of it and go out persecuting people who believe it. The reason for preaching this message is to educate you. You should have your mind trained and honed up so that you can see the subtleties of error that are in these false doctrines because Satan does not come to you, brethren, with a big sign announcing that she is preaching false doctrine. She comes to you with a big sign saying, this is the Doctrine of Christ. Follow this and you shall see the glory of God.

For this reason, our mind must be trained. We must, first of all, know the true doctrine. I declare to you that you will never recognize false doctrine if you do not first know the true doctrine. We have been preaching the true doctrine here for quite a few years, and in this hour the Lord has raised us up to speak to the issues, or to debate, if you will; to have a Godly discussion about a doctrine that I believe is a false doctrine. The man who preached this message is not here. We are responding to a writing by a particular author that was sent to me unsolicited. I did not ask for this pamphlet.  It was sent to me, and the Lord is having me respond to it, not to prove that he is wrong and that I am right, but that number one, your mind should be trained to discern the error, and number two, that you should be aware of what this false doctrine is teaching. Why? Should the Lord desire to do it, he can bring someone to you who believes in this doctrine, and without argument, without pride, without trying to control somebody, but in a godly exchange of ideas, you should be able to tell this person what you believe.

An Exchange of Ideas

We have many preachers and people in the church today who will address some false doctrines and some true doctrines that they do not believe in, and they will come at you with a condemning spirit and will tell you, that is a false doctrine and you are going to hell. Brethren, this is not of God. We are to be maturing into Christ. We, those of us who truly desire to manifest Christ and serve him, need to be able to tell people why we disagree with them. Tell them, brother (or sister), I believe that this doctrine is false. I believe that this sentence is error because this is what I believe is the truth. I have heard your error and I have considered it. Will you hear what I believe and will you consider it? If you will listen to me and if you will hear me out, I will consider this conversation an absolute success, because I know that our Father, who is in Heaven, is full well and able to prosper the seeds with words (which are seeds) that are true, and to destroy the seeds that are false.  I have heard your word; will you hear my word? Are you afraid to hear my word? I am not afraid to hear your word because I know the truth is rooted and grounded in me.

You do not tell the one you are debating with that you know that you have the truth. You do not provoke them. You exchange ideas. I am telling people reading this message and the people sitting here that the reason you are not afraid to hear their doctrine is that you know that the truth is growing in you like a plant with deep roots into the ground, and no false word is going to rip up that plant, whose name is Christ. You do not have to be afraid because your Savior is in the midst of you. You can have a calm, civilized discussion over any issue with anybody.

If that is not true for you right now, I prophesy it on you that it should be true for you, that from this moment that you are hearing this word, that the Lord should begin the work in you which will end in your ability to have a calm intelligent, rational, logical discussion over any disagreement or problem that you have with anybody, and that the end of that discussion should be fruit which comes out of the Spirit of Christ. That is why I am teaching these messages; so that you will be able to talk to people and say, I disagree because this is what I believe and it just does not line up. This is what I think. I respect your opinion.  You really have to respect their opinion. You cannot be a false face. They are people. They are human beings. If that is what they believe, God is challenging you to genuinely respect them, but to be able to tell them why you disagree without trying to force them to change.

Sowing the Seed

People are intelligent, brethren, and if they have the Spirit of Christ, they are potential geniuses. What they need is to hear the truth, and the Christ in them will just grab it up and it will prosper, but they have got to hear it. Why? Because the Scripture says, we are saved by the foolishness of preaching. It is a great mystery. The word of Christ coming forth from Christ in a believer; that word is spirit and that word is life and it falls on the mind of a human being as a seed falls on fertile soil. They have got to hear it. They have got to hear it from Christ in a believer and the truth will grow in them also.

You do not have to prosper the seed. You can sow, and you can plant, and you can water, but only God gives the increase. Do not worry about whether they believe it or not. Exchange ideas with them and do not be afraid that their false idea will root in you, but believe that Christ will weed his garden, and believe that the truth will grow in them and that the carnal mind will not be able to root it out.

Whether their carnal mind roots it out or not, that is not your concern. We must be very careful to not take on ungodly burdens. We are all in part; we are all limited. We can only do so much. It is very important that we do only our part, and for us to do only our part, we must know what our part is, because if we are doing someone else's part, then we may not have enough energy to do everything God has assigned us to do. It all comes down to the bottom line; we must have a clear understanding of what Christ is doing through us, because he has a plan to save this whole world.

Is there anybody here who does not understand why I am preaching this message? You must know that carnal-minded men will accuse me of attacking this man's ministry. I declare to you it is not true. It is not true. The carnal mind will attack Christ wherever he is appearing. No need to be upset, but we must know to reject the lie. It is not true. I bless everyone preaching whatever they are preaching, but I declare that Christ will be glorified, that he will be exalted, that the true Doctrine of Christ will go forth, and will be received by the faithful that God has called. I bless everybody, so if you have picked this book up for the first time, I hope that it blesses you, and I hope that it educates you, and I hope that by the end of the book you have received an increase, and you have received some knowledge, and that you have benefited from at least one thing that I have said.

Review – Sowing and Reaping

The question is, are we prepared to become loyal and obey spiritual intuition? Let me give you a review of what we were speaking about (or what our author was speaking about) that we were responding to at the end of the last message.

He was speaking about what he calls cosmic law; cosmic law being the law of sowing and reaping. Some people in the world call it karma or karmic law, that not only will you reap what you sow from day to day, or from year to year, but you will reap what you sow from lifetime to lifetime. I do not believe this. This is what the author is preaching. He is preaching that we live in a world that is ruled by cosmic law; sowing and reaping, and therefore death, disease, destruction, financial problems, and all forms of misery continuously flow into our life for as long as we abide in this realm, and I agree with him.

Silent Listening

The question is, how do we ascend out of this realm, or how do we get out of this realm? The author says that there is a realm of spirit, which is above this world of karmic and cosmic law that we can enter into through silent listening and silent meditation, thereby communing with the God that is within us, and has been in us from birth. I declare to you the only god that is within you from birth is Satan and Satan is the unconscious mind of man. When you enter into a condition of silent listening and meditation you are communing with the satanic realm, or the corporate unconscious mind of fallen man.

I believe that Satan has the power to heal your body. I believe that Satan has the power to meet your financial needs. I believe that Satan has the ability in many instances to hold you up that you should walk above this realm of disease, death, and all forms of torment. We see this happening today. It happens a lot with holy men in India; Hindu holy men, and some Buddhist holy men. They go for weeks, months, long periods of time without eating. They sleep on beds of nails. They walk on hot coals and they are not burnt or pierced. It appears that the physical laws of this world system do not have an effect upon their body. Why? Because they have entered into a relationship, or a communion, with their own unconscious mind, that has enabled them to ascend in the areas I have just named, and a few that I have not named, above the cosmic and karmic laws of this world system. I acknowledge that this is true, but I declare unto all who have ears to hear, that no matter how high these Hindu and Buddhist holy men ascend, so that the cosmic and karmic laws of this world system do not, or appear to not have effect upon their body, the day will still come that they must surely die.

You Shall Surely Die

Brethren, you can swallow fire, and you can walk on hot coals.  You can pierce your flesh and not die.  You can go without eating and not die.  You can charm snakes and not die, but I declare to you that the day will come that you shall surely die.  On that day it shall be proven that you have not communed with the God of the universe, in whom is the only power to receive an unending life, but that you have communed with a lesser god, who has it within herself to grant you some supernatural provision. I am told in some cases, food is manifested, apparently out of the air. I do not dispute that, but I declare to you that Satan cannot give you an unending life. Brethren, there is only one who can give you an unending life and he is a glorified man. He is the one who has overcome death. He is the only one who has overcome death. He is the first one to be delivered out of this realm of death. He is the only begotten Son of the living God and his name is Christ Jesus and he has entered into an unending life. Brother, he does everything your Hindu holy men do, and he does everything your Buddhist holy men do, and in addition to that, he has defeated death. Death has no more power over him, because Christ, risen from the dead, dieth no more.

I declare to you that you have somewhat of a grasp of the problem that fallen man is faced with; that we dwell in a world where we are continuously sowing sin and reaping death. That is true, but your answer to the problem is the answer that has been dictated by the god of this world.  The god of this world does not want you to enter into eternal life, or unending life, because the day that you enter into unending life, he must die. Jeroboam rebelled against the God-ordained kingdom and set up his own kingdom, and gave his people golden calves to worship that they might be satisfied where they were, and not seek to go to Jerusalem as the Lord commanded. I declare you to be a spirit the like of which is expressed in the man named Jeroboam, who was made king over Israel outside of God's law. I declare you to be a giver of golden calves to this fallen human race. I declare you, Satan, to be a phony. I declare you, Satan, to be a lesser god, who is a liar, and herself the very lie that is the shadow of the very truth of Christ Jesus.

Only One Way Out – Through Christ

Brethren, there is only one way by which we shall enter into an endless life, and that is by entering into the one who has already overcome death; the one who has already overcome this world; the one who has overcome your cosmic and karmic laws of sowing and reaping. I say your laws, brother, because those are your terms. Of course, the cosmic and karmic laws of sowing and reaping that exist in this world system have been established by whom? Who established the spiritual laws governing this world that we dwell in? Does anybody know? The Father established the laws. Satan is the appointed police force; she is the appointed god of this world, but the Father established the spiritual and physical laws of this world when he cast us down to hell; when he sold us to Satan. This is our jail house; a spiritual jail. The Father said, Let it be, and Satan brought it to pass. We are in a spiritual jail. This is hell, and the way out is to enter into the mind of Christ and join with and become one mind with the One who has already overcome the world. There was a Scripture that eluded me for a long time, one that I never really understood. Jesus said, In the world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world. Some Scriptures the Lord gives me revelation on right away, but that is one that I have been pondering on for years, and the Lord has finally cleared it up for me. It is the Scripture that directly applies to what the author is speaking about.

Communing with the New Mind

Jesus said, So long as you abide in this realm of sowing and reaping, you shall have tribulation because there is sin in the heart of every man. We reap tribulation. We have an unconscious mind that is continuously bringing trouble and destruction into our life. We shall have tribulation, but brethren, when by the power of Christ you escape into the mind of Christ, that is within you, be of good cheer, for he who has overcome the world is a mind which is growing and being formed in you. The answer is not to commune with the unconscious mind that you were born with, that is Satan, but to commune with and enter into the new mind, which is the very grace of God given unto you as a free gift because God loves you.

What do we have here? Listen to how close it is, brethren. The author is saying something that in principle is true. He has just got the wrong person. He is directing you to the wrong person to commune with. The answer to get out from under the karmic and cosmic laws, which torment us in this system, is to get into another spiritual realm, but Satan cannot do it for you. The spiritual realm that can do it for you is the glorified Lord Jesus Christ. He has already overcome this world. When you escape into him, or when you escape into his world, or when you escape into his Kingdom (the Kingdom of Christ), even though your body and your soul is in this world, your consciousness is in Christ.  No matter what is happening to your soul and your body, be of good cheer, because your mind has been displaced into the Kingdom of God where there is spiritual joy; where there is spiritual joy so profound and powerful.  It is possible for your body and your soul to be down here in this hell, but for your consciousness to have escaped into the Kingdom of God and be filled with joy. Can you hear me?

That part of us which escapes into the Kingdom, where there is joy, is our spirit. Our spirit must come out of the carnal mind and enter into the mind of Christ. That is our consciousness. Brethren, the escape is not of your body and the escape is not of your soul. The Lord is training us, and developing us to flee from our carnal mind, and flee into the safety of the mind of Christ. I am declaring to you today, boldly, that no matter what kind of pain your body or your soul is in, when you can accomplish this, by your spirit escaping from the carnal mind into Christ, there is such intense joy in this communion with Christ that you will be able to walk above the pain in your body and the pain in your soul, and any and every tribulation or bad thing that can happen to you in this world. You see the Hindu holy men, they walk on the hot coals and their feet do not get burned. When our spirit receives the training or whatever we need from Jesus, when we are strong enough to flee into Christ, we will be walking on the spiritual hot coals of this world and we will not be burned. Our body will still be here, our soul will still be here, but our spirit is transferring to another place. We are going into another mind. Our mind is being displaced, and no matter what is happening down here it will not be a primary motivating factor of our life. Only where our mind is will be the primary motivating, controlling factor of our life, of how we feel, of what we think, and of what we do. We have got to get out of this carnal mind. The author is right, but he is wrong about who we have to commune with to get out of it.

The Hour of Redemption

Let me try and make this simple. Brethren, this is a great hour in the history of man. It is a great hour. The stress is tremendous. Many of us are suffering, but I am telling you that it is a time to look up and to rejoice because the hour of your redemption draws nigh, and the Lord wants you to understand the nature of this redemption. In this hour, all of us, except for a few people, are living in our flesh.  You know there are spiritual people in Satan. Brethren, I tell you the truth. We spend hours of our twenty-four hour day washing ourselves, keeping our clothes clean, putting our make-up on, fixing our hair, feeding ourselves, caring for parts of our body that are sick. Brethren, we are a primary motivating force in our own life, and because of our fallen condition, this is the way it must be. We pay a great deal of attention to ourselves. If we are lonely, we spend hours getting ourselves company. We take care of this body and we take care of this soul. I want to tell you, brethren, that when your spirit displaces and it goes into the Mind of Christ, your whole life is going to be different because your body and your soul is going to be taken care of.

You are going to be in communion with the Lord. You are going to have a whole new world. You are going to be walking over this world. You are going to be on top of it. It is going to be under your feet. What do the Scriptures say? This world is going to be ashes under your feet. I thought the Scripture said Satan is going to be ashes under my feet. What do you think this world is? This is her world. This world is her world.

Some Basic Principles

Let me try and make this simple. This is your carnal mind. It has three parts to it. The first one is Satan. The second one is Eve. The third part, the carnal mind, is the offspring. The offspring of Satan and Eve is the carnal mind and all three of them together take the name of the carnal mind.

Our human spirit is Eve. There is another mind. If you are blessed, there is another mind. It is present in you, and the Father is there; the Father who is the Lord Jesus Christ and the son he is bringing forth in you. Christ Jesus is there, and they are both inside of you, brethren. They are inside your head.

Eve is the harlot. To be a mind, Eve must be present. Eve is present in both the carnal mind and in the Mind of Christ. She has two husbands and she has two children. She is a harlot. Christ is exerting a suction effect, a suction effect upon your carnal mind. He is drawing Eve like you would suck an egg out of a shell. You know, some people do that. They put a pin in an egg and they suck it out. Christ is sucking our human spirit out of the carnal mind. He is suctioning her out. We are supposed to be pushing at this end. We have got to get out of here, brethren. We have got to get out of here.

Ascending in Christ

Until the carnal mind is crucified, which is way in the future, somewhat of our human spirit will always remain in the carnal mind. The more of our spirit that gets into Christ, the more our mind is displaced, the less power this world has upon us, even though our body is here, even though our soul, which is our emotions are here, the more our spirit is in Christ, the less we feel anything that is going on in this world. I tell you, I experience it daily; I am blessed of God. I do not have a secular job that takes me away from the things of God. I have no immediate family needs. I do not have any children in the household. I spend hours a day in the things of God. I am telling you I got the revelation, no matter what is happening, if I am in physical pain, if my emotions are in turmoil, the answer is always the same. I go to my desk and I sit down with my books, and I turn on my computer, and I do what is necessary to displace my mind. I start concentrating on the things of God.

As I concentrate on the things of God, I ascend; I have a spiritual experience. I am showing it on the board that Eve is getting suctioned into Christ, but I am telling you it is not that simple. I have a spiritual experience. I actually feel myself going into another realm, and the pain that is in my soul, I do not feel it anymore.  Although I have not had that problem in a long time, I used to have a lot of pain. I have not had any physical pain in a long time, praise God. It goes because my mind, and my spirit has gone into another place. My spirit is my true consciousness. Do you hear what I am saying?

Right Evaluation, Wrong Solution

Brethren, it is the answer. We have got to walk above this world system. The author is right. His evaluation of the problem is right. His answer to how we accomplish it, I believe is wrong, absolutely and totally wrong. This is what you will find in false doctrine. Frequently, they evaluate the human problem excellently. Some people think because they have an excellent grasp of the problem, that their answer to the problem must be correct. Not true. If that is what you believe, you have drawn a wrong conclusion. Do not get mad at me. You need to know that it is possible to draw a wrong conclusion. Does anybody not know what I am showing you here? It is a displacement of the mind.

I heard a man on TV the other day, a secular man, saying that all of the people that are taking drugs, that what they are really trying to do, whether they understand it or not, or whether they would express it this way themselves, they are seeking to displace their mind (with satanic means, of course). People who take drugs or people who are chronic alcoholics have emotional pain. People drink and take drugs because they are trying to escape from their pain. They put a substance into their body that causes their spirit to go into the satanic realm, to ascend above this world where the pain exists, and they displace their minds by means of drugs. They go into another world and their emotional pain goes away, and their physical pain goes away. This is exactly what we are talking about here. The problem is that they are using a satanic method, and that satanic method, number one, is only temporary. Number two, very important, is that it is destroying your body and your soul, but their solution, in principle, is correct. Our mind must be displaced. It is the answer to getting out from under this horrendous place, that we live in called hell, and the events that happen here.  What man must know, and I believe that this is the mystery of Christ, which was hidden from the beginning of time; the solution to our problems, the place to run, the way to displace your mind is by getting into Christ.

The City that God Has Provided

The author preaches silent meditation and listening. He says, alcohol and drugs destroy your body, but silent listening and meditation does not destroy your body. No, brethren, it does not destroy your body, but it destroys your soul. It will ultimately produce death; the death of your body and the death of your soul. There is only one way that you can displace your mind, only one way to get the effects of mind displacement that you are seeking, and not die or not be harmed, and that is by displacing into the provision, or the city, that God has provided for you.  The name of that city is Christ, but before you can run into the city, you have got to get the city. It has got to be inside of you so that you can run into it. I am sorry but you cannot run into the city that is within me. You cannot escape into the Kingdom of God that is within me. You have got to get your own Kingdom.

There is only one Kingdom of God, but it exists in men. What I should have said, is that you have got to get a hold of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by the grace of God have this city, or a part of this city in you, so that you can enter in. You have got to have a door in you so that you can enter in. This is a great mystery. It is turning out to be a big controversy in the church.

Communion with Satan

Many people and many preachers are offended when I say that if you have only the Holy Spirit, you do not have the city. The Holy Spirit is not the door. Jesus said, I am the door. He never said the Holy Spirit was the door. The nature of Christ being formed in you is the door. His name is Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit carries the seed that engrafts to you, which when engrafted, is the beginning of Christ Jesus, the very nature of God in you.

We see secular people denying Christ using the Scripture.  You can say and do whatever you want, but if you are looking for spiritual things, and you do not have the door growing in you, you are communing with Satan. You can call her any name that you want. You can say to me, what are you talking about? She does good things for me. Brethren, Satan is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. She does good and she does evil, especially when she is in the process of seducing you to come closer, come closer, come closer.  Just like a wolf, when you get close enough, she grabs you on the neck with her teeth. Then she stops doing good to you and she starts tormenting you and torturing you.

The author's evaluation of the problem is excellent and accurate. His solution to the problem is good except there is an error in his solution. He is having us run into the wrong place. He is right on. Can you see how someone could be seduced by this doctrine, saying it is true, it is true, it is true.  No more! It is not true.  Stop right here; it is false. If you do not have the truth, you will never catch the error. You will never catch it.

Seek Ye First the Kingdom

So the question is, Are we prepared to become loyal and obey spiritual intuition, which comes from within, and be governed by spiritual law, and obey the voice of our Shepherd, or shall we be led astray by a desire for success, money, sports, or gambling? In other words, he is asking, are you going to engage in the activities of this world, or are you going to enter into this high spiritual realm? Who do you wish to serve? Cosmic law is a hard taskmaster. For whatever you sow is what you reap.

What he is saying is that you have to give up a desire for everything in this world. I am not sure whether he believes in poverty or not. I do not think so. I think from what I have read so far, what he is saying is we must stop pursuing the successes of this world; what this world would call success. We have to stop pursuing it ourselves, and enter into communion with what he calls the I Am. I declare he is speaking about the unconscious mind of man, whose name is Satan, and then when we enter into this communion with the I Am, he will provide our every need, but pretty much, we have to take what he gives us. Brethren, that is a teaching of the Scripture. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. You have to lay down your own desires, your own plans for this world, and throw everything into following God, believing that he loves you, and that he knows what is best for you, and that he will meet your every need in accordance with his evaluation of your life, you may not agree with the Lord's evaluation of what you need, but knowing that he is perfect, we are to have peace resting in him, knowing that he is doing the best for us. That does not mean you stop living. It does not mean that you stop working or going to school. You pursue your life. You have friends, you socialize, you live your life as you were raised, but as he calls you and says, Now I want you to come in this direction, or I want you to come here; I want you to give this or that up, you do not rebel against him, you yield to him. What it means is that you do not set a goal for yourself.

For example, saying, I am going to become a doctor, even though the Lord is telling you to go in a different direction, that is something you do not do. You can say to the Lord, I would like to become a doctor. Will you bless my activities? Will you bless my efforts? The bottom line is that if there is any conflict between what you want for your life and what the Lord wants for your life, that you go with what the Lord wants. That is what I am talking about here. You have to give up the directorship of your own life, but that does not mean you do not do anything. You live your life. You pursue your life until the Lord makes it known to you, if it ever happens, that your goals and plans are conflicting with his goals and his plans, and in that event, you go his way.

That is what this man is preaching. He is saying stop chasing after money. Stop chasing after carnal goals. He is saying commune with the I Am, which I declare to you (he may not know it), is Satan in your own unconscious mind. He is saying, just yield to this communion; spend hours of silent meditation in your unconscious mind, which he calls I Am, and he will direct your life. This is dangerous, brethren! This is very dangerous. When it is Christ, it is not dangerous. If you are contacting the god that you were born with, you are in great danger of being led into destruction. I know one woman who was laid hold of by a demon and he almost killed her. He came upon her with a religious spirit and had her fasting for long periods of time. She got very ill from not eating. She almost lost her job and she was in severe bondage to this spirit. She did escape from it, I believe.

No Control

Who do you wish to serve? Cosmic law is a hard taskmaster. For whatever you sow is what you reap. One day you might succeed and be healthy, however, the next day it might all fall apart again because cosmic law is an oscillating (that means it goes up and down) experience which we do not really have control over. That is true. We do not have control over this world. It just looks like we do. For some people that are making it in this world, it looks like we have control over this world, but we really do not. That is why you hear people say, Boy, is he lucky. Everything seems to go well for him. However, the same type of person, somewhere else, who appears to do exactly the same thing may experience nothing else but trouble. What the author does not say is that there are curses and blessings operating in people's lives. Who is the administrator of the curses in our lives? The administrator of the curses in our lives is what the author calls the I Am, but it is really Satan, the unconscious mind of man.

 The Right Meaning of Words

Our secular scientists know this. They just use different terminology. Do not get hung up on words that people use. You need to learn to listen to what somebody is saying and understand principles and concepts. Do not get hung up on words because different people use different words to describe the same thing. They are saying the same thing, but they are using different words. You cannot get hung up on words because you are going to trip over the meaning.

The author calls the god that we are born with I Am. To me, I Am is Jehovah. I Am is Jehovah, and the mind, or the son, that he gives me is Christ. I do not agree with his definition of I Am. He is calling it the I Am and I am calling it Satan. I declare to you we are talking about the same person. Do you understand? Do not get hung up on names. You have to read through the book or listen to what someone is talking about, and you have to find out what they mean when they use a particular word, and translate it into your own understanding.

A Just Recompense

He is saying do not get involved with the pursuits of this world. Give up the things of this world and commune with I Am, or commune with Satan, who will meet your every need. The teaching of Jesus in Matthew, Chapter 5, called The Sermon on the Mount, was a revelation of cosmic law. That is true. Do unto others the same as you would want them to do to you. For what you do to the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me. I agree with all that. Then he says, what Jesus meant was if you have done it unto me, you have done it unto the I Am, for there is only one self and I Am that self. What he is saying is that there is really only one man in this earth. That is true. We are a many-membered living soul. He is saying if you do evil to one man, it is the same as doing it unto me because we are one soul. You see, it is true what he is saying, but the way the Bible puts it is that if you do evil unto man, you have sinned, and there is a God in heaven that will render a just recompense. Every sin shall have its just recompense.

The author is really explaining it from a karmic or Hindu or Eastern point of view, which says that if you do violence to any human being, violence must be done to you because that violence starts bouncing around the world. It is as if to say, that if you drop these glasses, they will fall down. It is a spiritual law. They say in the world sometimes, what goes around, comes around. Did you ever hear that expression? If you contribute to violence in the world, surely it will get back to you because you are putting into this living soul, and what you put into it is going to be there, and eventually you are going to have to bump into it. That is what he is saying, but, my Bible says that when evil happens to you, then it is a just recompense for sin. Not by an accident, not because you bounced a ball and someone bounced a ball back to you, but it is a just recompense for sin. Can you see the difference? It is such a fine line.

More than Cosmic Law

You see, in the natural law I would say to you, if you jump out of a six-story window, it is very likely you are going to break a few bones. That is a physical law, OK? But to say that if you hate someone in your heart, you will be hated, it is more than a spiritual law. It is also a judgment of God. You see how they are taking God out of it? Even to say, if you jump out of a six-story window and your bones break, that it is a physical law; even that is a judgment of God. The fact that we are in a body that is breakable is a judgment of God. It is more than karmic law, cosmic law. There is a God of the universe involved here.

 Generational Curses 

He claims that Jesus, on the mount, was saying, what you do unto others, you have done it unto Me, because there is only one man. At least if the people would obey his command they would experience a certain amount of health, prosperity and well-being in their life. The author is saying, if you do good unto others, you will experience a measure of goodness in this fallen world, and that is true. That is true, for those of us down here in hell. It is true that we reap what we sow; that some have better lives than others, but these curses and blessings, they go from generation to generation. The sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation. I believe that for you to think that if you are a heavily cursed person, that all you have to do is go out and do good works to people to get these curses broken off of you, I declare to you that you are mistaken. We are talking about two different realms here. Let me try and clarify this.

I know there was a time in my life that I would go out and drive my car and people were so rude to me. They would not let me in. They pushed me off the road. I made a conscious decision to start being a very polite driver. I want to tell you that I reaped what I sowed. It really worked. I cannot tell you how long it took, but now people let me in when I want to cross. It is just amazing how it really worked. I believe that any carnal person could make a decision like that and become a polite driver and reap what they sow.  If you are suffering in this world from a physical infirmity, or emotional or spiritual problems, because you have inherited a third or fourth generation curse from God for serious sin, such as idolatry, or witchcraft, or homosexuality, and that sin is dwelling in your life, and it is influencing your life and it is causing you pain and torment, I want to tell you there is no good work that you could do that is going to turn that evil away from you. Your only hope is to lay hold of the Lord Jesus Christ, and hope that he will reproduce his nature in you, and that when your new mind begins to mature to a point where it has spiritual authority, that Christ in you, the hope of glory, will begin to destroy the curses in your life.

The only good work that you can do that will turn destruction away from you is turning to Christ. If you go out and you help a little old lady across the street, it is not going to turn the curses away from your life. If you give away thousands of dollars to orphans, it is not going to turn the curses away from your life.  There are a lot of secular people that have a revelation that if you give generously to orphans and widows and charities, that money flows into your life. I believe that, but if you are under a spiritual, physical or an emotional curse from God, I want to tell you, there is only one good work that is going to help you. Reach out to the Lord Jesus Christ and do everything you can to lay hold of him, and his power, because there is no other work that you can do that is going to deliver you out of the hand of the devourer.

Two Levels

The author believes in karmic cosmic law, and he is quoting Jesus.  He is saying that Jesus believes in karmic cosmic law. Jesus does, but not the way it is being taught in this book. It is a very subtle difference. Can you hear it? It is more than a simple sowing and reaping, that if you are sick now and you help a sick person you will be healthy tomorrow. That is not true. Yet, I believe that if you are kind to people, people will be kind to you. It is on two levels, two different levels. You have got to get your levels clarified. There are certain things in life that you do not even have to be a Christian, that you can correct, by doing the opposite. If people are mean to you, and you want to start being nice to people, things could turn around. If you want to start being generous and giving to charities, there is a good chance things will turn around, but good works will not heal your broken body. Good works will not heal your mental illness. Good works will not break the curse for the widow who has already had four husbands who have died. I know a woman like that, you know. She had married three times, maybe four, and every man she married died from cancer. She was the surviving widow of her third husband. There is no good work that you could do that will break that kind of an influence on your life, except reaching out to Jesus.

Realm of the Unconscious Mind

However, nobody yet has had a revelation of the absolute Kingdom of God, which was already residing within himself/herself as the absolute life principle. Do not be deceived by his naming the Kingdom of God because if you would read this book from the beginning, you would find out that his definition of the Kingdom of God is the spiritual realm of the I Am, which you are born with, and which you contact by silent meditation and listening. I declare to you there was only one person ever born that was born with the Kingdom of God and his name is the Lord Jesus Christ. He was born with the Kingdom of God within him. None of us is born with the Kingdom of God within us. What the author is really saying; he is speaking about the spiritual realm, the unconscious mind, which we are born with, and the name of that unconscious mind is Satan. It is not the Kingdom of God. It is the Kingdom of Darkness.


What the author is calling the Kingdom of God, I declare to you is the realm of the unconscious mind, which is Satan. He calls it an absolute life principle, a place in which there is no sowing and reaping. He says, So we must have to change our location of worship and our motives to life by ...now listen to this. Let us take this slowly. We must have to change our location of worship. What is he talking about, for you to stop worshipping in Queens and going to worship in Brooklyn? Is that what he is talking about? Jesus said God is a Spirit and to worship God, you must worship him in spirit and truth. He is saying, all you people, you are worshipping in this world system - worshipping money, worshipping lust, worshipping prestige, worshipping success, you are worshipping material items. You must begin to worship in the spirit. That is what he is saying. That is why this message is dangerous. What he really means is that you have to worship in the spirit that is in man, which is satanic.

Becoming Spiritual Legally

So we must have to change our location of worship. We must change our motives for life. You have to stop pursuing after the things of this world. We have to stop judging by what we see on the outside, to have a single eye to behold only the activity of God. We have to stop judging by what we see. Paul  said, Know no man after the flesh, and we have to stop judging by what we see. I am not a Pharisee. I know that you cannot stop doing it, so if you are reading this message, do not get nervous. I have the same answer to almost every question you ask me. How do I do it? You tell God that you would like it and you ask him to help you. There is nothing you can do. We cannot make ourselves spiritual. If we are short, we cannot make ourselves tall. If we are tall, we cannot make ourselves short. If we are not pretty, we cannot make ourselves pretty. What we have is given unto us. We cannot make ourselves spiritual.

I guess I have to clarify what I just said. Man can make himself spiritual by contacting the inferior spirit, or the lesser god, that we are born with. There is a spirituality, which is in Satan, but there is a penalty associated with becoming spiritual in Satan and that penalty is death. It is witchcraft. To become spiritual, legally, all that we can do is reach out to the Lord Jesus Christ and ask him for it. Those of us who want God because he is God, because we love him, because we know his faithfulness, because he has helped us and we are ever grateful to him, because we desire to follow him because he is our very life; we are the ones who are eligible to receive every gift and precious promise. If you are going after the Lord Jesus Christ and seeking him because there is one promise that interests you, you may have a problem getting it from him. The way it is expressed in the church is that they wanted the loaves and the fishes. They wanted the miracles. They did not want the Lord. Well, if you are after the loaves and the fishes, he may give it to you and he may not, but you are in danger of backsliding and losing everything.

Ask God

Make God your everything. Make the pursuit of God the primary goal in your life and you will be protected on every side. We must give up selfishness. To say, I want the Lord because I want such and such is not enough. We must desire him. We must desire him, his person. We must want that relationship with him and then we can say Father, after, after we have a relationship with him, and it is established that we want him for better or for worse, no matter what he lets us go through. Then we can say to him, Father, I desire to be spiritual. Will you do this for me? I cannot see God saying no to that request to anybody who loves him.

It is a good thing to be spiritual as long as your root motive is not selfish, to use it for self-exaltation or to make money, and the Lord knows that. If you are sold out to God, and you just want him, and you say to him, I desire to be more spiritual, I cannot conceive of the Lord not answering your prayer. I do not believe he would not answer your prayer because he wants you to be spiritual. How do I know that? He wants you to worship him in spirit and in truth. He wants you to be spiritual, but not for selfish reasons, but because you are seeking him and he is spirit. If your heart is right towards him, he will give it to you.

Ask, you must ask, you must ask. Anything that you hear preached here or anywhere, if you do not have it or you do not think you have it, ask for it. He may not give it to you right away. Sometimes when you request something, He has to give you something else first. He has got everything under control, but He has heard you, and He wants you to have it.

The author says, we must stop from judging by what we see on the outside and we must come to a single eye. Double sight is typified by the two eyes of fallen man - his carnal sight, and his spiritual sight, and that makes him a double-minded man. Some things we see spiritually and some things we see carnally. We must have the two eyes come together, and our sight must come under the authority of our spiritual sight because that which is spirit is the true reality.

A Perversion of Scripture 

He says that our sight must become single to behold only the activity of God, so that I may know him, the only selfhood of the universe. Did anybody pick that up? That I might know him, the only selfhood of the universe. Do you hear a perversion of the Scripture? Paul said, That I might know him and the power of his resurrection, but the author says, that I might know him and his universal selfhood. I rebuke you! I rebuke you, Satan. I rebuke you.

What does this phrase mean, universal selfhood? I suggest to you that the universal selfhood is the fact that Satan is in every human being. I may know him, the only selfhood of the universe, that is a lie. Christ is another selfhood, brother. He is another mind, and the power of resurrection life… well okay now, here we go. And the power of resurrection life, which is the Spirit of Christ, that also raised Jesus from the dead. So we cannot serve two masters. He got the words in there. Let us see if I can untangle this. We must have a single eye to behold only the activity of God so that I may know him, the only selfhood of the universe and the power of resurrection life. He did not say the power of his resurrection. Listen to this play of words. This is incredible. He did not say the power of his resurrection. He said the power of resurrection life. You have to ask yourself, what does he mean by the power of resurrection life? I suggest to you, based on the whole book that we have gone through, that the author is saying that resurrection life is the life that you lead through silent and passive meditation.  You communicate with your unconscious mind and live in that life which is above the sowing and reaping life. Did you hear what I said? You do not have to agree with me, but did you understand what I said? I suggest to you that what the author is saying here is obviously not the power of his resurrection. He says the power of resurrection life. I declare to you based on my whole understanding of this booklet and his philosophy; his definition of resurrection life is the life that he claims can be lived which is above this sowing and reaping plane, and that that life is obtained through silent and passive meditation with the I Am that you were born with, whose name is Satan.

He is talking about a life living out of the spirit of Satan, which is above this world with its reaping and sowing and ups and downs. He is not talking about the resurrection life that the Scripture talks about because the resurrection life that the Scripture talks about has a name. Who was raised from the dead? Christ! Christ! Christ was raised from the dead. Christ, the mind that is the door to the spiritual realm of God, which is our exit out of here. He is not talking about Christ. He is calling a life that is in communion with the unconscious mind of fallen man, resurrection life.

He is calling this world the world where karmic and cosmic law applies and he is saying, we have got to rise above this world. Are you aware that I have been saying that? He is saying that we have to rise above this world where karmic and cosmic law exists. Well now, he is giving us a name for the world that is above this world. He calls it resurrection life, and you enter into it through communion with your unconscious mind, whose name is Satan. So that I may know him, the only selfhood of the universe, and the power of resurrection life, which is the Spirit of Christ. Before he was calling it the I Am, which is Jehovah's name. He is calling it the Spirit of Christ that also raised Jesus from the dead. We cannot serve two masters.

Spiritual Ascension or Evolution?

I remind you that on a prior message when we discussed another paragraph of this book, he was claiming that Jesus was an ascended master. He was denying that Jesus was raised from the dead because Christ was raised from the dead in him, but was claiming that Jesus was one of the few... he did not say the first, but one of the few human beings who had evolved into a higher spiritual condition. Do you remember me telling you that? You have to be a detective to figure this out. His evaluation of Jesus is that he is not the savior of the human race. He believes that Jesus is an ascended master, who is one of many men who has evolved out of our fallen humanity into a higher state. That is who Jesus is to him.

He quotes a Scripture here. He talks about the power of resurrection life, which is the Spirit of Christ that also raised Jesus from the dead. What he is doing is taking his doctrine and using this Scripture to support it. I know it is very subtle. Can you hear it?

That I may know him, the only selfhood of the universe. Well, who is the only selfhood of the universe? Personally, I believe there are two selfhoods of the universe right now. We are living in a dual world. What is a selfhood? Is it a mind? It sounds like he is talking about a mind. There are two minds. There is the carnal mind and the Christ mind. What do you mean, the only selfhood? He is saying the carnal mind is the only one. That I may know the only selfhood of the universe, which is the power of resurrection life, which is the I Am that he has been talking about since the beginning of the book and now he is saying, which is the Spirit of Christ that also raised Jesus from the dead. He is saying that is what happened to Jesus. I am preaching communion with your unconscious mind. I am calling the life that you can have with him resurrection life and I am telling you that this is what happened to the man Jesus.

Let me clarify this. What I believe, and what I believe the Scriptures state happened to the man Jesus is that the mind of Christ, which was killed by the carnal mind at the time of the fall, was raised from the dead in the man Jesus. Because of that glorious mind, which is the Son of God, Christ the Son of the Living God, was raised from the dead in the man Jesus. The whole man Jesus ascended to a high spiritual place. Is that clear? The author says that the reason Jesus ascended to a high spiritual place is not that the mind of Christ was raised from the dead in him, but that he was a member of the human race who was one of the first men to evolve into spiritual maturity and that we do not need Christ raised from the dead in us. We do not need the seed of the Father. We do not need to repent or confess our sins. We are just a creation that has evolved from primitive man, from caveman to modern man, and now the next stage of evolution is upon us, spiritual man. That is what he is saying. This is the basic teaching of New Age. Is everybody okay?

Correcting Doctrinal Error

I will say it again. Let me start from the beginning. The Scripture teaches that Jesus of Nazareth was raised to a high spiritual condition where he could not die because the mind, called Christ, which was in the creation at the beginning of time, which gave life to the creation, but was killed by the carnal mind at the fall; this mind was raised from the dead in the man Jesus. Because the mind of God was found in the man Jesus, it gave life to his entire person and brought him to an exalted spiritual state. The author is saying that the man Jesus arrived at an exalted spiritual state, not because Christ was raised from the dead in him, but that every human being in our fallen condition has the ability to, just of ourselves, mature into this high spiritual state, and that Jesus was one of the first people that it happened to, just as humanity has gone from being a caveman to being a modern man; he is saying that all of humanity has the ability to mature into a high spiritual estate, and that Jesus was one of the first ones to do it. Okay?

It has nothing to do with Christ being raised from the dead; that is what he is saying. I want to tell you something, brethren, if it was not for the grace of God upon me, I could never even be preaching this. I could never even see what is really being said here, if it was not for the grace of God upon me. That is incredibly subtle. Let me say it one more time. I am not speaking evil about this man. I do not believe he is consciously doing any evil. I believe that he has made contact with the god that he was born with. I believe that he has got a communion and a union with his unconscious mind, which is Satan, and that he is being fed this doctrine, and he believes it. I am not saying that he is an evil man, but he has contacted the wrong god and he therefore has a false doctrine. He thinks he has eternal life, but the truth is that he has embraced death.

Our eye then has to be single and in this singleness of heart, our life experience will be full of light, providing, of course, we do not judge our life by what we experience. My eye must be single; in other words, do not look at this world, just look towards spiritual things and your life will be filled with light. I guess he means spiritual light. Providing, of course, we do not judge our life by what we experience. He is saying, if you commune with the I Am, and my definition of his I Am is Satan, if you commune with her, your life will be filled with light, but do not judge your life by what you experience. He is pretty much saying what I was saying earlier when I quoted the Scripture, you shall have tribulation in this world, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world, and then I also quoted the Scripture, you shall have spiritual joy that is in Romans. The Kingdom of God is not meat or drink, but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost, meaning do not look at the experiences of your body or the experiences of your soul to determine whether or not the light of Christ is operating in your life. The author says your life shall be filled with light, meaning spiritual experiences, but do not judge whether or not you are in poverty; do not judge your health. Just look at the spiritual realm. That is what he is saying. There is some truth in that, but I believe that as you seek the Kingdom of God and its righteousness, that that kingdom will influence your body, and that that kingdom will influence your soul.

I am almost to the end of this pamphlet and it is my opinion that the author is saying, if you are sick, you are sick, do not worry about it. I, personally, do not see anything wrong with petitioning the Lord for healing, or petitioning the Lord to meet your needs, as long as you are not becoming idolatrous about it and as long as you are truly ending your prayer by saying, Nevertheless, Lord, Your will, not mine, and meaning it. There is a truth in what he is saying, and I experience it to a measure.

God Knows Your Heart

Personally, I will give you my testimony. I am extremely rich in the spirit. I am very, very wealthy in the spirit, and in the natural, I can tell you my basic needs are met. I do not really have anything beyond my basic needs. That is a teaching of the Scripture. I think it is possible to have a lot of things in the natural, also, but in my opinion, and a lot of people are not going to like this, material things do not matter to me anymore. Someone said to me, not too long ago (someone I love dearly, but my perception is that material things are very important to them), I believe that you can serve Christ and have material things, too. Well, you can, but not with that spirit on you; not with that attitude. Depending upon how fast the Lord moves you into the Kingdom, the person who said this is going to find that they cannot serve God and mammon. You cannot allow material things to become important to you because it will hinder your walk with the Lord. When they really do not matter to you anymore, then God may give them to you, and he may not give them to you, but it does not matter to you anymore, so what is the difference? God gave Solomon all of his wealth because when God asked Solomon what he wanted, Solomon asked for wisdom. He asked for the ability to be a good king. He did not ask for money.

God knows your heart. You cannot fool him by asking for wisdom. He knows what is inside of your heart and if you are really seeking the things of this world, you are going to have to choose because you cannot have both. There was a time I thought I could have both and I found out that I could not and I choose God,  just my basic needs are met and that is fine. I would not give up the spiritual riches that God has given me; I would not give it up for anything. I am rich. I am rich. People that are carnal, they do not understand. They do not understand how you could be content with certain aspects. My life is not bad. I have a beautiful apartment that I live in. I have a lot of good things. I am content with my clothes, although almost everything I get is secondhand. They are nice and I am content with everything that I have. Some people that work for the kingdom, they do not live in a nice place like this. Some of them are living in jungles with people less fortunate. Some of them are living in poverty stricken areas and they do not have anything near at all what I have. I am very comfortable, but you cannot have both, in your heart you cannot have both. If, in your heart, you have given up the riches of this world, then you may get it in the natural, but you cannot serve two gods.

Satan Standing Up in Full Stature

The realm of the kingdom is the realm of the invisible principle of "I." See, there is his definition of the Kingdom of God. It is the unconscious mind of man,  which is going to govern all peoples in the centuries… would you listen to this. The realm of the kingdom is the realm of the principle of "I" which is going to govern all peoples in the centuries to come. All peoples; it is going to take over this world. That is his plan, anyway. He is not going to do it. However, only when God has become their consciousness and this awareness of "I" has become the law of life unto their being consciously… let me stop there. Do you hear what he is saying? Satan wants to become our consciousness. She wants to break forth from the unconscious realm into the conscious realm. It is what the Lord has been having me preach here, that Satan is about to stand up in full stature in whomever she can. The way the Lord has expressed it to us is that the human race is still in its immaturity. It is in a condition of neuter spiritual sexuality where we are neither all good nor all evil. We are spiritual children, but we are approaching the age of puberty. At some time in the near future human beings are going to start being given over to either all good or all evil. We are going to be either full expressions of spiritual manhood in Christ or full expressions of spiritual womanhood in Satan. What the author is saying right here is that the unconscious mind of man wants to break into our consciousness and be our everything. That is what he is saying.

And the awareness of "I" has become the law of life unto their being, consciously. That is very interesting because we did an Alternate Translation in Revelation, chapter 14, verse 20,

Rev 14:20 

And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.   KJV

We found out that the verse did not mean that at all. What it meant was that Christ was coming into the realm of appearance and he was going to be… this is the exact expression that we have in our Alternate Translation… he would govern all peoples and he would become the law of life; Christ would be the law of life and the controlling factor of this whole world system. The author is saying the same thing, but he is talking about Satan.

Let me read it to you again. The realm of the kingdom is the realm of the invisible principle of "I," which is going to govern all peoples in the centuries to come. However, only when God has become their consciousness, this awareness of him, what he has been saying for these last few pages, is that man is not even aware that God is in his own mind, and that is true. Carnal men are not aware of their unconscious mind. There is a veil between the natural man and his unconscious mind. He says man has to become aware of him. In that time he will become the law of life unto their being consciously. At that time will this principle function for our good. Wow! When this happens, when we become aware of him, when he comes into our consciousness and he attempts to become the law of life, that is when his true nature will be revealed and he will function in a full stature of evil; a full stature of evil.

The Law Within

The author says at this time he will function for our good without us being affected by karmic law. He is saying that we will no longer be controlled by an external law, and that is what we preach about Christ. We are under an external law. We have policemen; we have laws on the books; we have governments in Washington because man's ability to govern himself from the spirit that is in man now is collapsed. We do not have righteousness within us. The law that is within us is the law of sin and death. Because the law that is within us is sin and death, we need external policemen and an external government, but when Christ fully possesses us, we will not need policemen or government. We will only do righteousness, and against a righteous man there is no law. This is what he is saying about Satan, but I declare to you, when Satan comes in in her fullness, she will do evil to us.

He says that we will no longer be affected by karmic law. To be honest with you, I do not know about that. I know when Christ is internalized in us, we will not be affected by karmic law because we will be doing only good. That will be the end of karmic law. Only good can happen to us, but for those people in whom Satan will be standing up in full stature, whether or not that will be the end of karmic law, I really do not know. I will have to think about that. I guess what will happen is they will be completely evil. I guess you could say it will be the end of karmic law. They will just be completely evil. Those in Christ will be completely good and those in Satan will be completely evil.


And the author says to live a life where we are affected by karmic law is called the wages of mistaken identity. I declare to you, being down here in hell in this world is the wages that we were paid for sin. He says it is not the wages for sin, but it is the wages for mistaken identity; you are just seeing yourself wrong and you did this all to yourself. God help us!

When we come into this condition we will not have to be afraid of enemies attacking us or disease affecting us for there will be an impenetrable shield protecting you and I from all danger and the awareness of the "I Am." That is the promise of Christ, brethren. Even the heat of the sun cannot burn us for our whole constitution is changing from mortal sense… mortal, that means carnal, mortal means a sense, that is the ability to die, speaking about the carnal mind.

Our whole constitution is changing from the carnal mind and from karmic law to the single eye of discerning the "I Am" of our own being. If you were listening to me and you had any doubt that I was correct in saying he is speaking about Satan in our own mind, check out this sentence. I will read it again. Our whole constitution is changing from mortal sense and karmic law to the single "I,” spiritual eye, of discerning the "I Am" of our own being. The "I Am" of our own being. His definition, I declare to you, of the "I Am," is the unconscious mind of man, whose name is Satan. I do not believe he knows it. He is deceived. He is probably a very nice man.

Full Stature of Evil

So, what you are vulnerable to today, like flu germs or aids, will then no longer have any influence over you, for your heritage is in the "I Am." Nothing can penetrate this consciousness of oneness. That means the oneness of you and him, to defile it or to make a lie. "I" is absolute life and can therefore not be touched by cosmic or karmic law or any other form of world beliefs. Brethren, he is talking about the marriage. He is talking about Satan penetrating into this world and marrying you to the degree that she is your consciousness. He is talking about the fulfillment of evil; the full stature of evil. You know, when I started preaching this concept of the full stature of evil, it came right out of the realm of the spirit. It was not based on any experience I had or anything that I read, and brethren, here it is right in this book. Can you hear it? Can you relate it to what I have been preaching? He is preaching the same thing. Satan intends to pierce through and stand up in full stature. Full evil. No more good and evil. Full evil.

Carved out of God’s Creation

Beloved, this world is a world of illusion and is a holographic projection of images on the screen of this cosmos. It is not a part of God’s creation. We have been through this. This world is an illusion. We agree. It is holographic, which means it is self-written, which means our unconscious mind has projected it. We agree. There is a holographic projection of images on the screen of this cosmos. I am not too sure about that. He spoke about the screen several times. I really do not know what the screen is. I am not really sure. I am going to let it go rather than make an issue out of it at this point. I am going to have to think about that. He says it is the screen of this cosmos or this world system, and the screen is probably the soul realm

This is not part of God's creation. We also agree that this is not God's creation, nevertheless, this fallen world, called hell, is carved out of the substance of God's creation. Satan stole God's wife and the spiritual authority that Satan has to bring this world into existence is that spiritual authority which is found in the female seed, which was waiting to be fertilized by the Father. It is not God's world, but it is carved out of God's substance that was stolen and reformed in a perverse image.

Jesus said, In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer; I have already overcome this world and demonstrated the nature of "I" by rising up from the dead and revealed himself in his Melchisedec priesthood to at least 500 people. I perceive a contradiction there. He spoke earlier about the Spirit of Christ, which raised Jesus from the dead. He says Jesus said he raised himself up from the dead. Unless I am misunderstanding him, I perceive an inconsistency.

 However, this absolute life, which is your heritage, cannot be observed or scrutinized by the five physical senses. Spiritual life cannot be seen by the physical senses or perceived by it. To the Adamic man of this world it makes no sense. Spiritual things make no sense to the Adamic man or to those who are carnal. The medical profession cannot find this immortal life and for most people it is still a mystery. Not until we break through the belief in two powers into the realm of the absolute will we experience its benefits. He is saying to stop believing in good and evil, you have to stop believing in a God; you have to stop believing in God in man; you have to pierce through and just believe in the god which is our own being and we will pierce through into this absolute life where there is no high and low, where there is no reaping and sowing, but where there is all provision. Brethren, this is really bad stuff. It makes me sad, but I praise God that the truth is coming out.

My Bible says these heresies must abound so that the truth can be seen, and so we can recognize those who are approved; those who have the truth; those who are preaching the truth; those who are living the truth. Not just the truth, but in those men in whom the truth is manifesting. I praise God at this time in my life that I am a vessel of honor. I have not always been a vessel of honor, but I thank God for this privilege to be a vessel of honor at this time in my life. This is very deep teaching. You really cannot tolerate too much of it.

Questions and Answers

Question: This antichrist, this man of sin, is that the fulfillment of Satan in full stature?

Answer: Off the top of my head, I do not think so. The man of sin is in everybody. It is our evil side, but she is in our unconscious mind. What this man is speaking about is that unconscious evil side coming into our consciousness and taking over our whole being. I think the revelation of the man of sin is merely our eyes being opened to see the evil in our own heart so that we could kill it. The purpose of it is killing it. The Scripture says that when that man of sin is revealed, the next thing that happens is that he is destroyed by the brightness of the coming of Christ.

You see, Christ cannot stand up in us until we see the evil in our own heart, and everybody has it. Everybody has it and she has got to be seen by us so that Christ can arise in us and kill her. I do not see that as the same thing as the full stature of evil. The man of sin will be revealed before. Maybe I understand what you are saying now. For a man to be in full stature of evil, that evil will be visible to the most carnal man. When we are not in full stature of evil, when we are spiritually immature, we are good and evil, and most of us have been socialized so that the evil side is hidden and all you see is our good; that exposure of the man of sin will not be to everybody's eyes. It will just be to the eyes of those who are in Christ. It will be a spiritual discernment because that man of sin is still hidden in the unconscious of the person, but Christ will see her and Christ will expose her.

Comment: Just like the Kingdom of God will not come with observation, the so-called kingdom of Satan will not come with natural observation except to those in Christ.

Answer: Exactly. We have some people in this world who are obviously satanic, Charles Manson, for example, but the average human being, especially the Christians in whom Christ is coming forth, the satanic kingdom is without observation to the natural eye. It is the spiritual eye that sees her (the man of sin in you) and pinpoints her, and goes after her, because if she is not exposed Christ will never stand up in you.

Comment: I can see with this man's teaching how even the very elect can be deceived by the use of his words.

Answer: Absolutely.

Question: You mentioned Solomon before. Are you saying that Solomon really did not ask for wisdom in his heart?

Answer: No, he did ask for wisdom in his heart. That is why God gave him the riches also. What I meant is that Solomon asked for wisdom and therefore God said because you did not ask for money, because you asked for spiritual gifts, I am going to give you money too. It was really God saying that to Solomon. Those whole verses is a type of the double portion of God saying to somebody, because you are asking for spiritual power so that you could help your fellow man, for that reason I am going to give you the imparted anointing. You have got the imputed anointing a little bit and all you want is to use it to help your fellow man; that person who uses the imputed anointing to help his fellow man, I am going to give you the double portion. I am going to give you the imparted anointing too and then you will have all the riches of the world because in Christ there is everything.

Question: The way Solomon led his life was not one of wisdom, so he had just worldly wisdom, not spiritual wisdom, right?

Answer: No, Solomon had spiritual wisdom for judging the people. I think what you are saying is all the wives that he had and he went and served Baal. Well, apparently he backslid at some point, but Solomon wrote all of the proverbs and I believe he wrote Ecclesiastes. He had great wisdom and he judged the people wisely. Remember the account of the two women who both claimed that the infant was theirs? That was a spark of genius. There were two women and each claimed that the infant child belonged to her. Solomon's answer was cut the baby in half and he made that decision believing that the true mother would rather lose the child than see it cut in half. That was exactly what happened. See, he had great wisdom.

Comment: In effect, you can have this great wisdom and not walk in it.

Answer: Yes, for yourself.

Question: I always wondered about Paul. He said something to the effect of after having preached to you, I might lose my own salvation.

Answer: Yes, he, himself, could be shipwrecked. It is possible.

Question: Did you say the author did not really understand what he was writing? Would that mean that he was almost like hypnotized and he was given this writing from Satan? All of it is an abomination. Would that mean that his body, his will was taken over?

Answer: I do not think he was hypnotized or that his body was taken over. I think he is deliberately and actively seeking communion with his unconscious mind and he has contacted somebody. This somebody is dictating doctrine to him. He just thinks that he has found God. This is not the first time that demons have written doctrine. Have you heard of the Seth Series? The Seth Series is a series of books that was dictated from a demon. Of course, the woman he channeled through was not a Christian.  I may not have this exactly right, if anyone is familiar with this testimony, but every night or several nights a week, she presented herself to him, and her typewriter opened her mind, passive meditation.  He dictated, and she typed everything that he said, and she has had several books published. This demon dictated these books through this woman who he channeled through and the books are published. What do demons teach when they teach? They teach on spiritual things. That is what they teach.

Comment: It is fairly easy for us to be trapped in the same thing that he was in, unaware? When we are dealing with the spirit, there are times I feel I might have done the same thing. This coming to light gives us more of a weapon to deal against it. I am really appreciative of just knowing this.

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