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This may be the last message about this book. If it is the last message on this book, if the Lord allows me, I have it in my heart possibly to give one or two messages on a different author who has a different technique of writing and who I believe is much more scriptural than this author.  Nevertheless, I believe the underlying teaching of his doctrine is that man is God. I am going to cover some sentences that we talked about in the last message because it is the beginning of an idea, so, I am backing up a little.

 Beloved, this world is a world of illusion and is a holographic projection of images on the screen of this cosmos. I remind you that holographic means self-written, which is a fancy way of saying that the carnal mind has written this world. Well, you ask, how could a mind write a world? That is just the way of expressing how this world came into being. We, as fallen men, pick up a paintbrush and paint. We pick up a pen and we write. When a spirit forms a world, we can express it, if we desire to, that he wrote this world. He imagined it; he thought it in his mind and because of the spiritual power resident in the mind, this world did appear. This world that we live in, it is self-written. It is written by the carnal mind; it is not written by God. That is what he is saying. It is a world of illusion. It is a projection of images on the screen of this cosmos; cosmos being this world system. I am not sure what he means by that. I do believe that this world is a projection of spiritual thought; thought that comes out of the realm of the spirit, projected upon the waters of this soul realm, and an image is formed in a similar way to light waves passing through moisture in the air, forming the image of a rainbow. It is the same principle that has formed this world and has formed our bodies. Our true nature is spirit, but since the fall our spirit is dead and humanity is living a life on this soul realm. For all intents and purposes, we are soul.

Spirit vs. Soul

Let me say it again. Our true nature is spirit. We are destined to be spirit. Only that which descended can ascend. Only if you are a spirit that has fallen from grace, can you ascend up to the spiritual realm of God and the fullness of life on that realm. Mankind is able and capable of being raised back up to a life in the realm of God's spirit because we came down from heaven and therefore we can go back up into heaven. However, for the time being, right now, we descended, and we came down and we are down here, and our life for most of humanity is carnal; it is soul. Although our calling and our true nature is spirit, we are existing on this soul realm.

This world is not a part of God's creation. We agree with that. The way we have expressed it here is that the creation can be described as an atom with a nucleus and several orbits around it.  When Satan stole the creation she caused an additional orbit to form around the atom of creation. This physical world, this world, which is visible and physical, is not of God. God's creation is visible and spiritual, not visible and physical. The only example I have for you is Jesus after the resurrection. He could take the form of a natural man and he could also take the form of a ball of light.

A visible spiritual creation is one that is not confined or one that is not rigidly confined to a particular form. The man Jesus, after the resurrection, could take many forms. What that will mean to us in the glorification?  I do not have that information. What it will mean to us to be a man who could take many forms, a man that lives in a world that could possibly take many forms, I do not know what that will mean to us. The bulk of the information that the Lord is giving us here, and that the Lord is channeling through me, is information about full stature. Full stature is the next event to come upon God's creation. The Lord is preparing us for full stature.

The glorification, the condition that Jesus was in after the resurrection is, I believe, about fifteen hundred years away. The Lord has given us some information about it, but the emphasis is upon full stature because that is what is coming upon us now.

Jesus said, In this world, you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer; I have already overcome this world and demonstrated the nature of “I.” I have already overcome this world and demonstrated the nature of “I.” What the author is saying is that Jesus of Nazareth overcame this world by demonstrating the nature of “I.” If you read between the lines, the author is saying that the man Jesus made contact with his unconscious mind, the ”I.” The author calls it the Kingdom of God. I should stay with his terminology. He is saying that the man Jesus made contact with the Kingdom of God, using his definition of the Kingdom of God; a spiritual realm that is above mind; a spiritual realm which is beyond mind, conscious or unconscious mind. In accordance with our teachings here, we would be saying he made contact with the spiritual realm of Jehovah, which is beyond mankind. I cannot go along with this.  I do not believe it is true, but what he really is saying is that the man Jesus made contact with his own unconscious mind.  

What About the Mediator?

As you may know from previous messages, our definitions with the author’s do not always agree. I am trying as hard as I can to be fair, but from my understanding of this book, I do not believe that the author or any other man that believes in this silent meditation has made contact with Jehovah, who exists beyond the mind of a man. Why would I say that? Because Jehovah has a high priest. Jehovah has a priest, and Jehovah has prophets, and when Jehovah communicates with humankind, it is either through a priest or a prophet. That is the way he set it up. The Bible is very clear on the issue. When man petitions or communicates with God, it is through a priest. When God communicates with man it is through a prophet. There is always a mediator, always. For a man to enter into silent meditation, and silent listening, and believe that he has contacted what he calls the Kingdom of God, which is the realm of the spirit, which is beyond the mind of a man without a mediator; I declare to you it is unscriptural, and I further declare to you the one whom he has contacted is, in fact, the unconscious mind of fallen man whose name is Satan.

He is saying here that this Scripture with Jesus saying, Be of good cheer, I have already overcome this world and demonstrated the nature of “I,” if you read between the lines, which you must do with a book like this, what the author is saying is that the man Jesus (the natural man Jesus) made contact with the spiritual realm of “I,” which our the author claims to be the Kingdom of God, a place beyond the mind of man, and which I declare is the unconscious mind of man named Satan. I disagree with his definition.

We know that that is not what happened to Jesus. Jesus was not a fallen man who made contact with the spiritual realm of “I.” What would that spiritual realm be, the realm where Jehovah exists outside of man, or otherwise; that is not what happened to Jesus. That is not why Jesus had miracle-working power. Brethren, what our author is saying is that Jesus had miracle-working power because he was a natural man who made contact with the Kingdom of God. Can you hear this? This is the doctrine of the ascended masters. That is what he is preaching. He is not saying it right out, but that is what he is preaching.

What, in fact, happened to the man Jesus? I agree the man Jesus was born a natural man, but when the angel hovered over Mary, it caused Christ to be conceived in him. He was born a natural man with two minds; the carnal mind he inherited from Mary and the mind of Christ, which was begotten of the Father. I declare to you that, the natural man Jesus, made contact with the Kingdom of God, which is the mind of Christ, and that his true nature, his true spiritual life, transferred from his carnal mind into the Kingdom of God within him. The mind of Christ put down the carnal mind and paralyzed it and he became sinless. Can you hear the difference? Let me say it again. Our author is stating that the man Jesus was a natural man who matured spiritually enough to make contact with the spiritual realm of God; he calls it the Kingdom of God, a realm beyond mind. We call the realm beyond mind the place where Jehovah is, eternity. That is what we call it, eternity.

Our author says the man Jesus, the carnal man Jesus, made contact with eternity through silent meditation, and listening, and therefore arose to spiritual maturity and overcame death. I declare to you this cannot, has not, and shall not ever happen without a mediator. That is what the Bible says. I further declare to you that what happened to the man Jesus was that the mediator, Christ, was born in him and that he ultimately entered into the eternal realm of God when he passed through the door, Christ, which was within him, which was given to him when the angel hovered over Mary. He was only born with it because it was given to him before birth, but fallen men are not born with the Kingdom of God within them. It must be added to them. We, in and of ourselves, can do nothing.

Who Raised Jesus from the Dead?

Be of good cheer; I have already overcome this world and demonstrated the nature of "I" by rising up from the dead, and revealed himself in his Melchisedec priesthood to at least 500 people. Okay, sharpen up your minds, brethren, you have to read between the lines with this stuff.

He raised himself up from the dead. Who raised Jesus from the dead? The Father raised Jesus from the dead. If that spirit, which raised Jesus from the dead dwell in you… he did not raise himself from the dead. Do you hear it? It is blasphemous. Do you hear it? I declare to you he could have raised himself from the dead, but if he did, he would have been in the same condition as he was before he died. He would have been a perfected man in a fallen human body. Jesus, the Christ, only had the authority up to the point that he had evolved to. There is an evolution of the Godhead. Jesus clearly stated that the Father and I are one, nevertheless, the Father is greater than I. There is an evolution of the Godhead, and the authority that was in Jesus, the Christ, was only mature enough to have raised himself from the dead to the same condition that he was in when he died. He was at his maximum authority, so he needed someone of a greater authority to raise him up to glorification, and that person was the Father.

However, this absolute life, which is your heritage… See, the author is saying you do not have to confess your sins or repent. The man of sin does not have to be revealed. There is absolute life as your heritage because you are who you are, and you deserve it! I do not agree with that; that was a sarcastic statement just in case there are any Pharisees reading this message. I can hear them saying, Pastor Vitale says... No, I do not believe that.

Negative and Positive

However, this absolute life, which is your heritage, cannot be observed or scrutinized by the five physical senses. True. To the Adam man of this world, it makes no sense. True. The medical profession cannot find this immortal life and for most people it is still a mystery. Not until we break through the beliefs in two powers into the realm of the absolute will we experience its benefits. He says the only way you are going to enter into this kind of spiritual power of an unending life is to start to disbelieve this myth of two powers, but brethren, there are two powers. There is a negative power and a positive power. This creation is an atom. It is positive and it is negative. God made it, and ordained that the positive should rule over the negative, but something went wrong and the negative is ruling over the positive, but two powers there most certainly are. Right in the garden was the Tree of Life and in the midst of the tree, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Tree of Life positive and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil negative. There is supposed to be a balance with the positive ruling. The creation is out of whack, but there most certainly are two powers.

The Resurrection and the Life

For instance, in Jesus' case, it was a great effort to reach this consciousness, so that in the Garden of Gethsemane, he perspired blood through the pores of his skin. That is how great the pressure was in his Hebrew mind, for he had to overcome cosmic law and let go of his human concepts of life, renounce it and only acknowledge that "I Am that I Am" as his life. Well, this is interesting because our author has a revelation that Jesus in the garden was not sweating blood because of his fear of the cross. You see, they have deep revelation; a lot of these writers, they have deep revelation, it is just perverted. We found out that the blood that Jesus sweated was spiritual blood, and that actually what happened in the garden was that he pierced through, and penetrated his carnal mind, completing the second stage of the resurrection, but our author says he overcame cosmic law. He overcame the law of sowing and reaping. Let us read further on because so far he has not explained, to my satisfaction, how Jesus did this.

Our author tells us that Jesus sweated blood to overcome his Hebrew mind. That is pretty close. Christ in him overcame the carnal mind, but then our author says he had to let go of his human concepts of life and renounce it. I suggest to you Jesus had already done that when he attained to full stature. Then he could say, Before Abraham was I Am. Jesus said that way before the Garden of Gethsemane experience. Then he could say, Before Abraham was I Am, I am the resurrection and the life, however, we might think that he was just speaking of one person, but that is not true. I Am is the resurrection and the life unto all men. Brethren, I Am is not the resurrection and the life unto all men, even if your definition of I Am is Jehovah. We had this on an earlier message. Jehovah is not the resurrection and the life to all men. Who is the resurrection and the life? Christ, Jesus Christ in his glorified state, and he brings forth Christ in you, the hope of glory.

The whole purpose of God bringing forth his Christ into the world is that a mediator is necessary to restore us unto life. Fallen man cannot go from his dead state unto the glorified state of Jehovah. We will not survive it. It can be likened to taking a space trip without a space suit. We will not survive the trip. We need a ship, and a suit, and oxygen, and a pressurized tank, and all those things are given unto us in the form of Christ. I Am is not the resurrection and the life. Christ is. As I said, that is if your definition of I Am is Jehovah, but of course, our author's definition of I Am is that spirit which man is born with.

He claims that there is a realm of the spirit, which is beyond or above mind that is within man. I declare to you that this is not true. The spirit, which is in man, is mind. Man is not in the eternal realm. Jehovah is in the eternal realm, no beginning and no end. Mind has a beginning and it has an end. Once again, we see it demonstrated that our author is missing an intricate piece of information, the mystery of Christ. We cannot be saved out of hell. We cannot be delivered out of our condition or out of this place without Christ. Paul said it is a mystery, and the unconscious mind of man has some spiritual truth, but this mystery he does not have because this mystery of how God will save us from our condition is hidden in Christ. The only way we are ever going to understand it is with the mind of Christ.

Which Gospel?

We must therefore believe the gospel only, where in Ephesians chapter 4, we see that the source of all is the Father and Jesus gave us access by one spirit unto the Father. The source of all is the Father and Jesus gave us access by one spirit? So the Scripture that he is quoting is Ephesians, Chapter 4, verses 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Ephesian 4:4-7

4 There is one body and one spirit, even as you are called in hope of your calling;

5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism,

6 one God, and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in you all.

7 But unto every one of us is given grace according to the message of the gift of Christ.

Well, if you have the secret of the gospel of the Doctrine of Christ in your heart, you know that it is true that we are all one.  We are all one, we are all supposed to be one, but because of the fall we are divided and we are many. Because we are many, there is given to us the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus the only mediator between God and man, who is the vehicle by which God is gathering all into one in this hour.

We see that the source of all is the Father. Yes, the source of all is the Father. One body, one spirit, but right now that spirit has died, and each of us has a bone of the dead skeleton of Christ in us. You see, there is just no way you can understand the depth of this message without the secret teachings of Christ. It is the hidden manna. Without the truth, error is sure to fill your mind. It is not likely you could see the error in this if you did not know the truth.

Yes, there is one spirit, but the problem is, in this hour most of us are not living out of our spirit; we are living out of our soul and we are very much divided. Jesus said that members of your own household would be your enemy. If that is not division, I do not know what is.

Believe the gospel only. Which gospel, brethren; the gospel of the Doctrine of Christ? Which gospel, the gospel of the cross, the gospel of perfection?

We see that the source of all is the Father and Jesus gave us access by one spirit. To be honest with you, I do not know what he means by that. He is probably referring to verse 7, which is not speaking about Jesus. It is speaking about Christ.

Ephesian 4:7

7 But unto every one of us is given grace according to the message of the gift of Christ.

He changed Christ to Jesus. You are probably not aware of the difference. I am not really sure of what he is saying. The Father is the source of all. True, And Jesus gave us access by one spirit. No, Jesus gave us access by reproducing the life of God in us. Jesus did not give us access; Jesus gave us the mind of Christ. I do not know what he means by access. As I put this statement together with his whole book, I do not know what he means by access. To me, access to the one God and Father is the mind of Christ. That is our access, but he does not teach the mind of Christ. I honestly do not know what he means by access.


So then, the Father and the Son are one. Well, that is true. The spirit is the activating force, which enforces the will of God at all times, and nobody can change the will of God, not even Jesus. I do not know about that! Was there not a king in the Old Testament that God pronounced death upon and when he turned his face to the wall and cried out to God, did not God give him more time? That was King Hezekiah, Amen.

Nobody can change the will of God. Well, you cannot forcibly change the will of God, but he hears our cries. Nobody can change the will of God, not even Jesus. Well, I do not know. Was God not killing the Hebrews by the thousands and did Moses not tell Aaron to make a post with a serpent on it, and when they held it up, did it not change God's mind? Is Moses not a type of Jesus? I declare to you this statement is hiding an Eastern teaching, which we call fatalism. Your life is written and there is nothing you can do to change it; stop sniffling and asking God to heal your body; stop sniffling and asking God to heal your life, because your life is written. I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus because there is a new writing on my soul, and his name is the Lord Jesus Christ. There is a new master of my soul. His name is Christ Jesus, and God has changed his purposes in my life, because I was sick, headed for Gehenna to be burned with the rest of the garbage, and that was God's judgment on me. Do you hear it? Do you hear the Eastern teaching in it? I do not like the deception. It offends me. I am sorry. I respect anybody's beliefs. I do not like the deception.

So, nobody can change the will of God, not even Jesus. But like I said before, narrow is the gate that leadeth unto life, which Jesus revealed... He is saying Jesus's purpose was to reveal this exalted life. Do you hear it? I say unto you Jesus' purpose was to ascend into perfection, and give up that perfected life so that he could be converted into pure spirit form, and pour out of his spirit upon all flesh, and form the life of God in every human being on the face of the earth. Our author says Jesus revealed this exalted life. In other words, he is saying the man Jesus was one of the first men to evolve into this high state, and therefore he has made a pronouncement to mankind that it is possible.  It is available; go into silent listening, and meditation, and contact this eternal realm which was born in you, and you too can do what Jesus did. That is what he is saying, if you read between the lines. I declare to you there is no realm above mind within man that he is born with, and what you are contacting is the unconscious mind, or your fallen carnal mind, and her name is Satan.


But as I said before, narrow is the gate that leadeth into life, which Jesus revealed, however, very, very few there be that find it. So then Jesus spoke from experience and the multitude were always ready to listen when there was something in it for them like a miracle or the feeding of five thousand. Well, that is true. We know lots of Christians are just in it for the loaves and the fishes.

 However, when he challenged them to eat of his flesh, meaning his consciousness, and drink of his blood, meaning his nature... To eat of his consciousness and drink of his nature? That challenge became a hard saying for most of the people for they all left him alone. Jesus asked the disciples, Will you also leave me? But they said, Where can we go? You have the eternal word flowing through you. We want to be your disciples and eat of your flesh and commune with you in spirit and in truth. I do not remember the disciples saying anything like that. Do you? We want to be your disciples; that is what they said, but I have no recollection of them saying, we want to eat your flesh and commune with you in spirit and in truth. I declare to you that it was not possible to eat the flesh of Jesus when he was in his human form, nor was it possible to commune with him in spirit and in truth when he was in in his human form.

When Jesus said, You must eat of my flesh and drink of my blood, he was speaking of the Christ mind within him. He was speaking of the Christ mind in him. I believe, this is what is coming to me right now, that he was speaking about his glorified state. He was not even speaking about the Christ mind that was within him as a perfected man. I do not believe so. I have never addressed this question before, but this is what is on my heart. He was speaking about the future. He knew it was just a short time before he would be crucified and glorified.

To experience the mind of Christ, the same courses of thought that were flowing through Jesus flow through us; we must enter in through the gate of righteousness. The author does acknowledge a mind of Christ. Sometimes I find his definitions inconsistent. To experience the mind of Christ, the same course of thought that were flowing through Jesus, okay, to have them flow through us, we must enter into the gate of righteousness. Well, that is true.

For without it we remain to be governed by our conscience, which is cosmic law, which is the carnal mind. Well, that is also true. Without the mind of Christ, we are subject to the carnal mind, which is a sense of separation from the Living God. That is true. The conscience of the carnal mind, because we found out in this ministry that we have two consciences; that the conscience of the fallen man is the carnal mind. We have that explained on a recent message, but our new conscience, the conscience of the new man is Christ, the mind of Christ.

So, the conscience of the fallen mind is a feeling of guilt and rejection. In other words, when your fallen conscience convicts you, it is through guilt and rejection. That may be true. I would have to think about that.

Which we have inherited from Adam. This sense of separation paralyzes the mind from receiving truth and remains in a state of non-movement while we are in this sense. He is saying the conscience of the fallen man separates us from God, and paralyzes us, and hinders us from receiving truth. Well, that may be true. It may not be true. I know that the carnal mind cannot receive the truth of God. Whether this is true or not, we must have the mind of Christ to receive the truth of God.

As I said before, the human mind is not really a mind, but a state of fear. I must disagree. The human mind, also called the carnal mind, is very much a mind because what is a mind? What is a mind? A mind is the offspring of the union between spirit and soul. When spirit marries soul and they have an offspring, or a child, the child is a mind.

As I said before, the human mind is not really a mind, but a state of fear. However, the Scripture says, the wicked are fearful always. And the carnal mind is wicked, so men who live in their carnal minds are in a continuous state of fear on some level. That is true.

This fear causes us to believe that we are naked and lonely. The Scripture teaches us that we are naked and separated from God and spiritually uncovered. Our author is saying that it is our carnal mind that is teaching us this doctrine, which we find in the Holy Scriptures, and that fear is what causes us to believe we are naked and lonely.  I declare to you brethren, that without marriage to Christ, we are very much naked and even in this walk we are still partially naked. As Christ develops in us, he covers us more and more. If we were completely covered, we would be in full stature. There are uncovered areas, areas where we are vulnerable. We must know where we are vulnerable so that we can be careful. Brethren, if you know that you trip easily, you check out cracks in the street when you walk. If you know that you catch colds easily, you make sure your head is covered in the winter. No one in this hour is completely covered. We all have weak spots, depending on family line curses and life experiences. That is a spiritual reality. It is not a fear of the carnal mind.

Our author is saying it is all a lie. He is saying you are covered; your every need is met. You have everything that you need, you just do not know it. You are trapped in this illusion. Remember all of our teachings on illusion.

You are trapped in this illusion, which tells you that you are needy, but you are not needy, and as soon as you contact this unconscious realm of your mind, all provision will be available to you and you will find out that what you believe now, that you are needy and that you are dependent, is untrue. That is what he is saying. All provision is in communion with the “I.” He claims the "I" is a realm of spirit beyond mind. I am saying it is the unconscious mind of man.

No matter what your definition is, I declare to you that our condition of nakedness and neediness is not an illusion. It is very much a reality. However, let me qualify that; it is an illusion, but because of our fall, we are trapped in the illusion, so therefore this illusion is reality to us. If you remember the teachings on illusion; this whole world is an illusion, but it is real to us because we are part of the illusion. Can you hear that? We are a part of the illusion, and it will be real to us until we are delivered out, or our spirit is delivered out of this trap. We cannot make it go away by not believing it.

In this state of fear we are like a drowning man clasping at a straw, for nobody likes to perish. The fear of death is the cause of wars and strife. The fear of death is the cause of wars and strife? I do not really know what he means by that, brethren. I can see how people can fight out of fear, but I must disagree with him. The cause of wars is pride, and greed, and the lust of the eyes, and the lust of the flesh and the pride of life, and lust for power. Some people fight out of fear of death, but if I were to categorize humanity, I could not say that we war because of fear of death. We war because of lust for power, and pride. Does anybody here disagree with that?

Denial of Sin

I perceive in this writing a denial of all sin; fear of sin also. I perceive a severe denial of sin here. In this survival syndrome, we protect ourselves with the sword or bombs or the manipulation of religious and political dogma. We notice, however, there is no peace in the earth and after two thousand years of so-called Christianity, we are still praying for peace. But there is no peace. I am asking you a question; is God hearing our prayer or is he not? I remind you that our author instructs us and counsels us to not pray; not pray for peace, and not pray for anything else, because the only way peace will come to this earth; This is his teaching now, and I do not agree with it. The only way peace will come to this earth is through silent meditation and listening; we contact and commune with the eternal realm of God, and rise above this world which exists in the realm of the mind. This is Eastern teaching; this is Hindu. This is Hindu and Buddhist. It is Buddhist teaching; classical Buddhism, not Zen Buddhism; classical Buddhism and Hindu teaching. Refuse to engage in the sowing and reaping process. Refuse to react in what would be called a normal human reaction.

I think I may have mentioned to you in one of the earlier messages a story that I read in one of the books on classical Buddhism. There was a town full of Buddhists who believed that if they refused to react hostilely, no matter what happened to them, and that if the whole world would do that, we would be delivered out of this sowing and reaping condition. A group of criminals descended upon the town, and threatened to rape all the women, and kill everybody and do great damage. The town would not respond; the men stood by while the women and children were ravished and destroyed, and they, themselves, were killed. They were willing to die this way, believing that they would rather die than contribute.

Let me put it to you this way, they would rather die than engage in behavior which would cause the sowing and reaping of evil in this world to continue. They would rather give up their lives than do something that would prolong it one second... prolong what? Prolong this sowing and reaping, which is the evil of this world, for one second for another generation. Do you hear what I am saying? They believe that the sowing and reaping judgment can be brought to a halt if man, by his own will, refuses to react in the way a normal human being would expect to react. It is a lie because there is only one way that we will ascend out of this sowing and reaping condition that is present in this world, and that is by ascending to a higher realm through the only legitimate door, and his name is Christ.

There is no work… pick up arms and defend yourself, which is talking about behavioral sin. Sin is a condition of mind, and man cannot control his unconscious mind. Even if by an act of will these Buddhists were willing to die, they had to have some reaction in their mind before they died. The sowing and reaping judgment is upon the world because of the sin in men's minds, and emotions, and particularly in their unconscious minds, which most of us do not even have contact with. It does not work. It cannot be done. It is a fantasy. There is only one way out, and his name is Christ.

Throwing God Out of the Equation

Listen, do you hear the indictment of God in this? Now, I am asking you a question, is God hearing our prayer for peace or is he not? Why has God not brought peace to this earth in two thousand years? God has not done it, therefore man must do it. Brethren, this is the nature of man. I tell you this in all humility. It is the nature of fallen man. It has happened to me as a minister. Sometimes, I appear to be very slow in reacting because I am waiting for the move of the Spirit. It has happened to me that someone else in the congregation has risen up and done my job. I had to tell them. I am not talking about what happened this week. I am talking about something else, something that happened right on the spot and I did not react fast enough, so someone else reacted. When we talked about it, the person said to me, But somebody had to take care of that problem. I said, But that was my job. Your carnal mind told you I did not move quickly enough for you, but the fact that I was not moving quickly enough did not mean that you could do my job.  If you feel anxiety, and you think I am not doing my job, the thing to do is to say, Lord, does she see what I see? That is what you do, but you do not do my job or the job of anyone in authority.

This is the teaching, God is not moving quickly enough, so therefore let man arise and fill in. It does not work like that. You have to wait for the move of someone in authority, and if you are feeling anxiety because that person is moving slowly, or maybe the person is not really even accurately evaluating the situation, you can do something, but you do not move into the position of authority. We are all fallen. What you do is pray and when God hears your prayers, he speaks to the one in authority. That is the chain of command. That is the way it works.

Our prayer of petition in whatever form it may come is useless. Listen to this, the author is saying do not pray. Our prayer of petition in whatever form it may come is useless. He is saying God does not hear our prayers. I rebuke this lie. 

For the God concept we are praying to does not even exist in truth, but is a mythological idea we have formed in sub-conscious religion. What he is saying, if you read between the lines, is that we are God. We just do not know it, and all we have to do is make contact with the God in us and everything will be okay. The reason God has not answered prayers in two thousand years is that there is no God out there; we are God, so we better get our act together, and start acting like God, and doing the activities of God. That is what he is saying.

Jesus did not give us a new religion to continue it, but presented to us the true God and Father of us all, which is the I Am that I Am. (Which is inside you, according to our author, which you were born with.) He is saying man is God.

The true God then is not a God of reward or punishment. Is there not a Scripture that says that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him? He is throwing the whole Bible over. On one hand he throws the Bible away and on the other hand he quotes the Scripture. I do not like this. If you have a belief, whether it is Hindu, or Buddhist, or Eastern or whatever it is; if you believe something, state your belief but do not do this. Do not, out of the left side of your mouth quote the Scripture, and out of the right side of your mouth deteriorate it and discredit it. Something is wrong here.

A true God is not then a God of reward or punishment and therefore cannot be asked to do us favors or even protect us in a time of danger, especially from our enemies, which was a strong Hebrew belief; that God could protect you from your enemies. However, these concepts they believed in never did them any good at all. What about the miraculous military victories that they had? Probably what he is talking about is the Holocaust. Yes, listen, I am way ahead of him. However, these concepts they believed in never did them any good at all as we witness in the whole of history. He is speaking about the persecution of the Jews, but we know that the condition the Jews are in today is because of sin. The author is denying any sin in saying that God, if he does exist, is not even worth praying to. Actually, he is denying his existence.

The True Supply is Within

We must then come to the conclusion that the consciousness of "I Am" constitutes our selfhood, not sacrifice or wailing at the Wailing Wall. Not sacrifice, not sacrifice or wailing at the Wailing Wall. Let me give you this again. The consciousness of "I Am," the true God, he is saying, constitutes our selfhood. Do you hear it? The only true God is man in this fallen condition. I tell you, this is what the carnal church is screaming about.

Anything that even sounds a little bit like the sons of God, they are screaming and yelling, and waving flags and blowing whistles, and sirens. It is the truth. When they read something like this, even the most carnal Christian knows something is wrong. Only the Christians with their heads in the clouds, that think they are into deep doctrine, are going to be deceived by something like this. On the other hand, these kind of teachings scare young Christians away from a ministry like this one.

You have to really be grounded in Christ to be in a ministry like this, with a doctrine coming forth so radically different than what is in the church. It would take a work of grace; it would take a direct call from the Lord to bring any young believer in here, to stand against the teachings of millions of Christians. How are you all standing here? How did you get here and how are you all standing? Do you realize what you are up against believing this stuff? You know, it is amazing that you are here, that you have been here for the length of time that you have been here, and that you are actually believing this stuff. It is a miracle. It is a miracle in your life because you could not do it without a special work of grace from the Lord. No man could stand against a whole church world of millions and billions of people telling them, surely you are deceived.

The selfhood of God is the only selfhood that there is. In the prior sentence he said the only selfhood of God is our selfhood. The only selfhood that there is, which is the supply of every living form. Supply then is spirit and is within us and supply can therefore not be obtained from outside legitimately. It is true that the ultimate supply is within. We teach that here. This condition of needing things outside of us, getting food from outside of us, getting shelter from outside of us, getting love, affection and fellowship from outside of us is a condition of spiritual weakness that makes us spiritually female.

The author says, We are dependent on external circumstances and external resources and external events. And the true supply is within. Brethren, before you can be supplied from within, the supply must be placed within you. Before you can draw on an internalized supply, the internalized supply must be within you. Our author is saying that it is there. All we have to do is find it. We are born with it. Through silent meditation and listening, you will contact it. I declare to you once again, through silent meditation and listening, you will contact Satan, who will meet your every need until she has complete control over you, and then she will possess you, and use you in accordance with her will.

On the other hand, this is a true statement that all supply is internalized, and once again, I talked about this in earlier messages; the author is speaking about a spiritual condition that is promised in glorification. It is a spiritual condition that is not promised now. Whether or not it is promised in full stature, I honestly do not know. I know Jesus did say, I have meat that you know not of. I do not know whether Jesus was completely sustained by the internalized mind of Christ. I do not know if his every need was met. It is a possibility. We know that he needed money and there was a coin found in the fish. Yet, we also know that he obtained some of his needs according to the world that he lived in. We know that the disciples went out and made a provision for a room for the Passover. We know that Jesus told the disciples to give the people bread and the disciples said, Lord, we only brought enough for us. We know that Jesus was not providing food and comfort for his party on a regular basis. It was unusual, it was outstanding, it was a miraculous event when he provided for them supernaturally. I honestly do not know the condition of man in full stature. I do not know whether Jesus could have been completely provided for and that he lived on the realm of this world because of his disciples. I do not know what the details are, but what our author is describing is true in the condition of glorification. One of the characteristics of this New Age Movement and this Eastern teaching, is that they are claiming the promises that go with glorification for fallen man.

For all we have need of is our consciousness of "I" unfolding a spiritual supply, which when realized manifests as home, companionship, money, job, but it remains however invisible to the human eye and it can never be felt by human fingers. Well, there is a truth in that.

I believe, that even now in this fallen condition, I am living by faith, that if you just pour out your life for God, that everything manifests, but frequently it manifests through other people; it manifests through other people. I thought he was saying earlier that things just appeared to you, but here he says it manifests as home, companionship, money, job, so he says all we have need of... you see, there is a bit of a contradiction here.

All we have need of is our consciousness of "I" unfolding as a spiritual supply. I thought that he meant we could live strictly on the spiritual supply of spirit, but in the next sentence he says no, this supply of spirit reaches out and draws unto you jobs, and fellowship, and companionship. That I believe; I believe Christ can do that for us in this hour. It is happening in my life. I have experienced that.

Supply is never heard or tasted or touched by way of the senses. He is saying that it is spiritual power that brings all of these things into your life; I call it witchcraft, brethren. For what we behold in the outer world is what supply assumes. Do you hear this? For what we behold in the outer world is what supply assumes. What you believe you should have, the "I" will bring it to pass. What we behold; what we look at. If we want a house and we look at a house and we say, I should have a house, the “I,” which he calls the Kingdom of God, which I call Satan, will bring this into your life. What you see and what you want, you get. That is not what my Bible says. There is a group in the church that preach that; that you get everything that you ask for because you are a king's kid, but a lot of fellowships today are finding out that that is heresy. It has hurt a lot of people.

The author is speaking about witchcraft, brethren, what you see, what you desire, you get it. The witchcraft power of your unconscious mind brings it to pass in your life. I have heard all kinds of testimonies about corporate structures being infiltrated by people practicing witchcraft, getting jobs; taking jobs away from other people by the power of their mind. It is happening.

So, the "I Am" of your own being is your meat, your wine and your provision, for I Am the truth, I Am the way, and I Am the life. I am closer to you than your breath, and like truth, supply is invisible and inaudible. You cannot see it and you cannot hear it. You will never see or hear truth, for I Am the way and the truth; I Am being this high realm within man. Truth is spirit and truth is God. What you read in this letter is not truth for you until you receive the awareness of what is written, which is my personal consciousness of truth. That discernment makes you free from cosmic law and through the realization of the content... Let us stop here. Discernment makes you free of cosmic law? Honestly brethren, I do not know what he means by that, but my guess would be recognition of the spiritual power within yourself makes you free of cosmic law. Discernment of the spiritual power of supply within yourself means that you no longer have to get your needs met through human methods. I declare to you that cosmic law affects what our author calls the "I." What our author calls the "I" is the satanic realm of the carnal mind. It is sin, brother. You are getting your needs met through witchcraft power, and there most certainly will be an effect to your cause. You are not above cosmic law as you will shortly find out.

That discernment makes you free from cosmic law and through the realization of the contents of this epistle, this book, will you begin to experience freedom from whatever you are suffering from, for where the spirit is realized, there is emancipation from bondage and cosmic law. For whoever recognizes that their spiritual power is within them, they were born with it, whoever realizes that... He is perverting the Scripture. There is emancipation from bondage and cosmic law. The Scripture says, Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. He is saying that for those who realize that the spiritual power is in oneself, there is emancipation from bondage and cosmic law.

Questions and Answers

My final comment on this booklet. I declare to anyone and everyone who has ears to hear, is that there is only one emancipation from cosmic law and he is the Lord Jesus Christ. There is nothing that you can do to deliver yourself from karma, the sowing and reaping judgment; there is nothing you can do to get out of it. There is no place that you can ascend to where you can hide from it. There is no place where you can be above it except through the legitimate doorway into the spiritual realm of God, and his name is Christ. You are playing games with Satan, and in due season, if you do not repent, you shall surely reap what you have sown. You have sown lies and you shall reap the lie. You shall find yourself subjected to the tyranny of the carnal mind.

Comment: Gandhi was a Hindu and I do believe that he believed in this law of sowing and reaping. Some people called him a pacifist. He would not retaliate on any level. It is my understanding that he was murdered and all he did was cry out to God. He would not say anything against his murderers before he died. The big misunderstanding here is that it is not what you say and do; that sin is in the mind. It is in our state of being; it is sin. Our state of being keeps the karmic law going, and that seems to be a blind spot for people who believe in this Eastern doctrine.

Comment: Some people thought Ghandi was imitating Jesus.

Answer: He was imitating Jesus but he would not blame anybody? The difference is that Jesus was without sin. Gandhi was not without sin. Gandhi was a great man. I believe Gandhi was a great man. I highly recommend his life story to you, anyone who would like to see the movie. The name of the movie is Gandhi. There was a sequel to it which describes his death and I cannot remember the name of the sequel; an excellent movie. A fine man; he did a lot for India, but he was not Christ, and his mind was not Christ.

Question about 1 Peter, Chapter 3:18

Answer: I know the church teaches that Jesus descended into hell, but I do not think the Scripture says Jesus descended into hell. 1 Peter 3:18 - please note the Scripture does not say Jesus. It says Christ.

1 Peter 3:18

18For Christ also has once suffered for sins; the just for the unjust that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the spirit.  KJV

If I were to look that up in the Interlinear, I would expect it to say "the" Christ. It does appear to be speaking about Jesus, the Christ. Okay, he was put to death in the flesh, but made alive by the Spirit.

1 Peter 3:19

19 By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison.  KJV

It does not say the spirits in hell. It says the spirits in prison. Even if it did say the spirits in hell, this world system is hell. What the Scripture is saying is that Christ went and preached unto fallen men, the spirits in prison. That is us. We are all in prison down here.

1 Peter 3:20

20 Which sometimes were disobedient when once the long suffering of God waited in the days of Noah…  KJV

This is where people stumble. It says that he went and preached unto the spirits in prison, which were sometimes disobedient in the time of Noah, but brethren, it says the spirits in prison.  It does not say the men in prison, neither does it say the souls in prison, because the soul that sins dies. It says the spirits which are in prison; the human spirits of men. It is the same spirit that was present in the days of Noah that is present today. There is only one man in the earth. His name is fallen Adam, and he keeps incarnating in new human beings with souls and with bodies.  When the people die, the souls in the bodies die, but the spirits are recycled through the earth. I hear a rage in the spirit. Do not stop reading.

Jesus said, If you can receive it; John the Baptist; that is the spirit of Elijah in John the Baptist. The spirits of men are recycling through the earth, and each time they receive a new spirit and a new body. It is not reincarnation. It is the spirit that is cycling through the earth. We could say that Jesus the Christ in the days of his flesh ministered to the spirits in prison; that is us. We are all in the prisons of our carnal minds, of our souls, and our bodies, and we are the same spirits that were disobedient in the days of Noah when God came with the flood. We are the same spirits. It is not true that Jesus of Nazareth went down to hell. There is no hell. This is it. This is it. What you see is what you get. It is hell or it is heaven. Jesus preached to the spirits right here in hell where he lived and walked for thirty-three years.

Are there any more questions? My goodness, there is such knowledge and wisdom here. It is amazing, Lord, what you have given us, and we do not even know a fraction of it. Do you realize we do not even know a fraction of it? Yes, in answer to your question, the author of this booklet is claiming to be a Christian.

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