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Good evening, brethren. I have some things for you. It looks like the Lord is moving me on. I would like to apologize to you. I told you I would be here for five weeks. I really do not know what happened. It is very difficult perceiving the Spirit of God. I do not know whether I made a mistake, and I misunderstood Him or whether there has just been a turn in the spirit, and He has something else for me to do.


I am the only preacher I know of that comes to Nigeria with no itinerary. I come, and I do not know where I am going. I go where the wind blows me. I just apologize to you if I have disappointed you. I have no direction at this point.


I have mentioned to you that this Sunday I will be at a certain place. If anyone would like the address, I believe this sister has the information. That is the only direction that I have. I asked this other sister, if the Lord did direct us back this way, if I could contact them at work by telephone, and she said that would be all right.


I am just trying to submit to the Lord and to be obedient, and I hope that you accept my apologies. Let us do the best we can with this last evening, and if any of you know any of the other brethren who were planning on coming I would appreciate it if you would spread the word and extend my apologies to them.


Nothing is wrong, nobody did anything wrong, I do not believe anything along those lines. The Spirit is just sending me in another direction, and He has something for me to do.


It is very difficult living a life in the spirit. Sometimes people who are close to me get very frustrated with me. My behavior looks to the carnal mind like I do not know what I am doing, but I do know what I am doing, I am submitting to the Spirit. I call it following my nose. I go as far as I could go, and there is a perception in the spirit if I am not in the direction, and it is just a step at a time.


I liken it to a form of horseback riding called ‟dressage." It is a very highly skilled type of horsemanship. Has anybody here ever heard of it, dressage? I think it is British, where the horse is so highly trained that it takes only the slightest pressure of the riders knee to direct the horse. There is no bridle in the horses mouth, no reins, no crop, and no spurs. Just the slightest knee pressure and the horse knows whether to go to the right, to the left, whether to trot, gallop, or canter. I guess I am dressage trained. That is what it is like in the spirit.


You just try to follow Him, and you do the best you can. Those of you who were here three years ago might recall a similar thing happened. I think I had told a brother that I would be at a certain fellowship for seven days, and when the sixth day came, it was a Saturday night, I said goodbye to everybody. It was really the Lord in me saying goodbye to everybody, and after those words came out of my mouth, I said to myself, "Why in the world?" I knew it was the Lord speaking through me, but I said, "Why in the world would He have done that when I am coming back on Sunday?"


Those of you who were there would recall I did not make it back on Sunday. I was staying with some other Nigerians who took me some place else Sunday morning. They were in one town and could not get me over to the other. The telephones were all broken. I found out that everybody was waiting for me, and I never showed up which really made me unhappy. I was not happy to do that.


Two nights ago, that night that we had that glorious outpouring with their singing and the laying on of hands, I felt that same perception of the Spirit, that the Lord was winding up. I just went before Him and I said, "Lord what does this mean?"


I literally pray my way through my life. It is just very hard. It is "trial and error." I believe that I have a perception of the Lord, and I will pray, and I will say, "Lord this is what I think you want me to do, unless you tell me otherwise I am going to do it, and I will do it until your correction comes to me."


This is how I live. It is the most subtle move of the Spirit that I respond to. Sometimes I respond, and sometimes I fail to respond, and sometimes I overshoot, and sometimes He just changes His mind.


To be honest with you, I do not know what happened this time, but I am very grateful that I would not have anybody waiting for me when I did not show up. That made me very unhappy three years ago when that happened. The first witness that I got was two nights ago. Then I felt it in my spirit again last night, prayed about it, and this is what I feel He is saying to me. We will just see where we are headed. I do not know. We are waiting for the Lord. I hope that you could bless us and pray for us, and forgive us if I "overshot."


I did take a look at The Book of Jasher today. I think this brother gave me this book. I mentioned to you the other night that out of all the Apocrypha books, I was aware that the book of Jasher was clearly mentioned in two of the standard Bible books, Joshua and II Samuel. I picked this book up hoping against hope that it was a legitimate addition to the Scripture. I am not going to spend the whole evening on this, but I will take some time to tell you that I do not believe that it is legitimate.


I just want to point out one or two things to show where I draw my conclusion from.


The reason I do not want to spend much time on it is, because I do not perceive any positive side to it. When we went through the gospel of Thomas, it was spiritual doctrine that was expressed negatively or perversely. I showed you the error, I preached the truth to you, and I believe it was an edifying series of meetings for you.


This book, I cannot see any positive side to it, and I would not want to spend a whole evening talking to you about spiritual junk. It is spiritual junk, brethren! I am sorry if I am offending anybody but it is a wrong spirit, it is not Christ, and it is spiritual junk, that is what it is.


I do not see this book to be as dangerous as The Gospel of Thomas, because The Gospel of Thomas is a negative teaching of the doctrine of Christ. The doctrine of Christ, the doctrine which the Lord is using, or the medium by which He is translating us into the Kingdom of His dear Son, is an essential doctrine for full stature. It is important, and the message has been severely perverted, and plus it is giving out a subliminal suggestion to your carnal mind which is the exact reverse of what Christ is trying to accomplish. I consider that Satanic and dangerous.


This Book of Jasher is on two levels. One level is on the same level as the book of Mormon. I did mention the book of Mormon to you. When I read it, it is almost like a joke. It is like some student just picked and decided to write their own gospel. In one place it is mimicking what happened to Jesus. In another place it is mimicking what happened to David. It is not even original. It is not even an original thought. It is not even worth commenting on it, it is just a joke. There are a couple of teachings in there that reverse the truth, so I would like to take just a few minutes to show that to you.


The first one, strangely enough, is about Noah. Here I was teaching you the doctrine about Noah and Ham that the Lord has revealed to me last night, because it came out in the spirit. I have had this book in my possession for two weeks, the book of Jasher. I did not pick it up until today and guess what? He preaches somewhat of the doctrine of Noah, but it is the exact opposite of what I told you. I had no idea when I preached it last night. I perceive the Lord to be moving to expose another false gospel.


You say to yourself, "The Book of Jasher was mentioned in the other two books of the Bible. How could this be?"


Brethren, I do not know that this is the legitimate Book of Jasher. I do not know and neither do you. We do not know where this came from. My point is that there is a wrong spirit on it. I just want to take a few minutes to show you where I am drawing my conclusions from, then if you still want to read it, that is between you and God. My personal opinion is, if I owned one of these books, I would burn it.. The spirit behind the word is, at the very least, antichrist and at the very worst Satanic, but if you own the book, it is your book. You are all grown up now. It is your relationship with the Lord, it is your life, it is your walk. You pray and decide what you are going to do. I would not try to influence you one way or the other.


On Page 14, it is Chapter 7. I would just like to read to you the synopsis of the chapter at the beginning of the book. It says, "The generations of Noah, the garments of skin made for Adam, stolen by that criminal Ham, and they descend to Nimrod, the mighty hunter, who becomes the king of the whole earth." We see Ham is made the criminal.


Brethren, one of the traditional techniques of the carnal mind, is that he makes evil good and good evil, and he calls Christ antichrist, and he calls antichrist Christ. That is what he is known for.


Let me tell you the skins that God made for Adam, brethren, I am sure that at least some of you here would know this. The skins that God made for Adam were made after the fall. They were not a blessing or a gift for righteousness or any such thing. Adam messed up, and he found himself in a condition where he was uncovered. The Lord, being merciful, deciding not to wipe out the creation but preserve him until such time as he could render the corrective judgment which would restore us unto righteousness, He made him skins to cover him.


Personally, I believe the skins were some form of skin similar to what we have on today. I do not think they were animal skins that could be passed on to another generation except, of course, through the birth of offspring.


The implication in this book is that the skins that God made for Adam were some kind of gift or some kind of reward for some good thing that he did, and that they were skin coats of dead animals. That is no big deal if the writer of this book disagrees with me and thinks that they were not skins of dead animals. Doctrine is no big deal. It is the spirit that is perverting. That is the big deal, if you can hear it.


There are all kinds of doctrine in the church today that are legitimate. How could you have a variety of doctrines that are legitimate? Doctrine comes forth in a variety of, not even a variety, but doctrine comes forth on levels. Just like when you go to your first year of school, I get mixed up with what you call it here, what do you call it here, what do you call it, first form, second form? We call it first grade, second grade, third grade, of grade school. Is that what you call it here, first form? Primary school?.


It is just that you will find children in primary school being taught mathematics, and science, chemistry, algebra, but when you get into the next level, it is being taught on a higher level.


We see the true doctrine which is from God (maybe true doctrine is not the right word), doctrine coming forth in a spirit that is acceptable to God in many different levels, because there are many different believers whose spirituality is on many different levels. They could not...I teach, I believe I am teaching on a university level, the scriptural doctrine. Everybody cannot understand this.


There are teachers who teach on college level. There are teachers who teach on a kindergarten level, and on the preschool level we have the parable itself. The spirit behind it is not offensive to God, because it is a spirit that is geared to the person where they are, and it is a spirit that will not hinder them from rising in an ability to understand on deeper level.


An antichrist spirit or a Satanic spirit corrupts you and puts the vine of Satan's life in you. I hope you can understand the difference, because there is a very serious difference, very serious difference. Let me just show this to you if I can.


This is Chapter 7, Verses 24:24-27. "And the garments of skin which God made for Adam and his wife when they went out of the garden were given to Cush. For after the death of Adam and his wife, the garments were given to Enoch the son of Jared. And when Enoch was taken up to God, he gave these holy items to Methuselah, his son. And at the death of Methuselah, Noah took them and brought them to the ark, and they were with him until he went out of the ark."


In their going out, Ham stole those holy garments. It does not say that, but that is the implication. Ham stole those garments from his father. He took them and hid them from his brothers.


We see Ham condemned in the Book of Jasher. I do not believe that this is true, I believe that Ham was a hero. I told you that last night, that is my opinion, you do not want to believe it, that is okay.


"And Nimrod became strong when he put on the garments, And God gave him might and strength." We see supernatural power attributed to the garments which were the mercy of God because of sin. Do you hear it? "And Nimrod became strong when he put on the garments and God gave him might and strength, and was a mighty hunter in the earth, yea, he was a mighty hunter in the field, and he hunted the animals, and he built altars and offered upon them the animals of the word."


I do not see anywhere in the Scripture where it says Nimrod was a servant of God. Of course, the way that they are getting away with this is that there is not very much said about Nimrod. The little bit that is said about Nimrod is that he was a mighty hunter, his city was Shinar which is another word for Babylon. He is the originator of pagan religion.


Yes, he is a descendant of Ham, but he was already one of the offspring which was cast down to hell because of the unrighteous curse which was placed on all of Noah's offspring. He was evil, because that high level of spirituality that was present in Ham was forced into a negative expression as I explained to you last night.


He was very high spiritually in God on the positive side, and when he was cast down he was very high on the negative side. The originator of idolatry, pagan religion, and witchcraft is all true, but the roots of the story are not true, so I am suspicious about this book.


Aside from these few inconsistencies with the Scripture that I am going to point out to you, when I read the acknowledgment in the preface of the book, I perceived there to be a strong spirit exalting man in it, but I was still open-minded. I did not mark off any of those verses so I cannot give you an example right now.


Also, let me point out to you that there are indications...most of the Apocrypha, as far as I know the Apocrypha, or the Amorpha books, are all associated with the Roman Catholic Church.


From all of the idolatry and the witchcraft that have come out of the Roman Catholic Church, my own personal opinion of the little bit that I have read of the Apocrypha is that they are characterized by blood, not the way the Old Testament talks about blood sacrifice.


You will find passages speaking about blood in a manner that will appeal to any kind of pagan aspect in your soul that you may have inherited from the pagan worshipers in your ancestry. It works sort of like pornography, stirring up something buried in your soul, or something you are resisting in your soul that would lead you to the bloodletting associated with witchcraft.


This I have known for years. There is a perversion in the books, every Apocrypha book I have ever read with an open mind I have found that, but in the gospel of Thomas I did not see any physical bloodletting or perversion. That was in a category by itself. It was a negative doctrine or Christ, but any other Apocrypha book I have ever read, there is talk of blood, and there is talk of torture. It is perverse, and I am going to show it to you briefly.


I do not want to exalt it in any way, but I will show it to you briefly in this book, and then we will get on with something of God. I do not want to focus on this.


Chapter 9:4-6, reverses God's ordained authority. Brethren, the order of authority in God's church is God, Christ, man, the woman. Any man who answers for spiritual purposes to another man is spiritually speaking, in relationship to that man, he is a woman. For you to be, and I am not saying anything perverse because the evolution in the church is disciple, spiritual child, spiritual female, spiritual male.


In our natural world you are born a little boy or a little girl, and as you mature into your adulthood, you retain the same sex. You go from a little boy to a young man to a mature man. You go from a little girl to a mature girl to a grown woman, and you cannot ever get to manhood down here in hell.


With regard to spiritual things, because there is no male or female in Christ Jesus, you start out as a spiritual disciple, you ascend into a spiritual woman while you are submitted to another man. No matter how good you are manifesting the gifts of the Spirit, or ministering for Christ, when God has you in a fellowship, and you are not the highest authority in the fellowship, you are still a spiritual female.


You cannot consider yourself a true spiritual male until God has you heading up a ministry where you answer to nobody but Christ. However, in other aspects of your life you can be spiritually male.


In other words, you could come to a fellowship like this, and you could find that God has given you a disciple. Maybe He sent someone into your life that comes to you that does not have all your knowledge, and the Lord has you teaching this person. Nothing formal, He just moves them in and out of your life. When they have a question God moves them in, you answer their question.


To that person you are a spiritual male, but you cannot be considered an overall spiritual male unless you are ministering the ministry of Christ, and you answer to no man except Christ. Then you know that you are a spiritual male. There is no shame whatsoever in being a spiritual female or a spiritual child, because whoever you are, you have the potential to grow up into spiritual manhood. There is no shame or embarrassment or any such thing in this teaching.


Along those lines I am suggesting to you that Abraham was a spiritual male. His relationship was directly with Christ. If you want to say how can I say that when Jehovah came to him. I believe his relationship was with Christ because when he made that covenant with Jehovah and that burning lamp walked up and down between the sacrifices, I believe that this burning lamp was Christ, and that there was a mediator between Jehovah and the man, Abraham. I do not see anything to indicate that there was a man between him and God.


"What about Melchizedek," you say? That is a controversial figure. A lot of people say he is Shem. I do not know that he is Shem, and I really do not have an answer for you. In any event, I cannot see Abraham submitting to Noah as his elder at the very least. I do not see Abraham submitting to Noah as his elder.


I do not know about Melchizedek. I do not see any genealogy in the scripture for Melchizedek except when people say that he is Shem. I know that I have spoken to an orthodox Jew who tells me that the Jews believe that Melchizedek is Shem, but they have a lot of errors in their doctrine. They have been infiltrated by the same gnostic doctrine that the church is being infiltrated by. I have no more information on that right now.


Some people say Melchizedek is a pre-incarnate Christ. If that is true, if Melchizedek is a pre-incarnate Christ, then Abraham's submission to Melchizedek is fitting right in to what I am telling you now. If he is not a manifestation of a pre-incarnate Christ, I am stuck until God gives me the answer.


My major reason for telling you that I do not believe that Melchizedek is Shem is this. I believe that God has told me that Shem fell. The men, both in the church and the Jewish scholars, who have been studying the Old Testament for centuries have no problem believing that Shem was a holy man whom God translated from one side of the flood to the other side of the flood. "He was good, he was holy, he was righteous, he was older than Abraham, so what is your problem, sister, with Abraham submitting to Shem?"


My problem is that God told me that Shem fell, that is what my problem is. That is a very serious problem for me.


When I have a doctrinal problem, and there is no immediate answer I just live with it. The only way I could live with it is that I have no problem telling you that there may be an inconsistency in my doctrine, and the Lord has not cleared it up yet. I have no problem confessing that to you, so you draw your own conclusion about what I am saying. Right now I have it on the shelf. I am waiting for the Lord to give me the missing piece of information that will clear up this inconsistency, and it may not be an inconsistency. My only problem is that there are some scholarly men who say that Melchizedek is Shem.


If Melchizedek, in fact, was a manifestation of a pre-incarnate Christ, then it would be okay if Abraham paid tithes unto him. Abraham would still be a spiritual man. Does anyone not understand what I just said?


I am going to read you a couple of verses in the book of Jasher right now which indicate that Abraham...verses that portray this inconsistency, what I perceive to be an error in the book of Jasher is serious because Abraham's spiritual manhood is torn down. Personally I have a problem seeing God give Abraham the promises that He gave him, Abraham being a spiritual woman. It is just not consistent with the Scripture.


My thought is that Melchizedek was a manifestation of the pre-incarnate Christ, but I cannot prove it to you. That is where I am.


I tell everybody back in New York, this is no baby ministry. You have to give up your idolatry for teachers, and you have to deal with the fact that I do not have all the answers, and you have to deal with the fact that I may teach you one thing today and come to you six months from now and say, either the Lord has shown it to me deeper...or I hope it does not happen too often.


To the best of my knowledge, it has really only happened once, I think. In all the years, this ministry is in its seventh year, I have only taught one doctrine that I have really had to go back on. I really did not go back on it, it matured.


I did teach the doctrine of ultimate reconciliation for about a year. I did teach it as it is taught traditionally, that every human being ever born on the face of the earth will be dug up and raised from the dead, and we are going to be living wherever we are going to be living. The earth will be all crowded. I did preach that all men will be saved, the wicked men and the not wicked men and everyone on the face of the earth.


I did teach that until the Lord showed me that the whole creation would be saved but not each formation of the spiritual clay.


Every time the spiritual clay is marred and reformed, that man who had an existence for a season in the form of the clay that was eventually crushed is not rising again. It is the spiritual substance around which the clay was formed which will endure forever and is being raised from the dead. It is the man's spirit, and as this brother mentioned to me, that is demonstrated in Jesus saying, "If you could receive it, that spirit of Elijah, there he is." Different body, different soul, meaning different personality, different name, born of woman, his genealogy known, and same spirit, different man, and for all intents and purposes, different garments.


I think that is the only doctrine that I have gone back on and dissociated myself from. Everything else, it is more of an evolution, God just shows it to me more deeply.


Any time that God shows me that I have preached something not true, I will tell you. Some people are not mature enough to handle that. They want me to have all the answers, they want to be safe. They think if they idolize me and tell themselves that I cannot make a mistake, then they can feel safe.


The truth is that I am pressing through just like you are, I just happen to be a couple of steps ahead of you. I am imperfect, and you are imperfect. It is just a race. I am a couple of feet ahead of you. That is the truth. If you cannot deal with that, and I tell people in New York this all the time, if you cannot deal with it, you have to go somewhere else because you cannot make me perfect so you could feel good, because that is a bondage that you are putting on me.


I am doing the best I can. God is with me, Christ is behind me, but the ministry is not perfect, it is evolving. As He is teaching me, I am teaching you. We have to "roll with the punches," and you have to forgive me when I make a mistake. That is the bottom line.


If I hurt you or disappoint you I am really sorry, but you have to go on, brethren, I did not do it deliberately.


We are in Chapter 9:4-6, and I am going to show you how this book of Jasher reverses God's authority making Abraham a spiritual woman. "Heron was forty-two years old when he begat Sarai which was in the tenth year of the life of Abraham. And in those days, Abram and his mother and nurse went out from the cave..." According to this gospel, Abraham was hid in a cave.


To me, it sounds very much like Moses being hid in Egypt. It is too close for comfort for me. It really sounds like a "take off" on that. "And his mother and his nurse went out from the cave, as the king and his subjects had forgotten that they were trying to find Abraham and kill him. And when Abram came out from the cave, he went to Noah and his son, Shem. And he stayed with them to learn the instruction of the Lord and His ways."


This book is making Noah and Shem teachers of righteousness. My God told me that Cain was found in their mind, and Abraham was received into a covenant with Jehovah through a pre-incarnate Christ. Either the doctrine I preached to you last night is wrong, or this book is not of God. You choose. You decide.


"And he went to Noah and his son, Shem, and he remained with them to learn the instruction of the Lord and His ways, and no man knew where Abram was. And Abram served Noah, and Shem, his son, for a long time."


Verse 10. "And there was not a man found in those days in the whole earth who knew the Lord, for they served each man his own God except Noah and his household. And all those who were under his counsel knew the Lord."


I suggest to you that is a reversal of God's truth. You make up your own mind. It is really amazing that the Lord had me teaching about all this recently. This is about the tower of Babel and the conditions surrounding it, and someone had asked me where the races came from, and I said that God broke us up because we were as one man, and the witchcraft was too strong.


Verse 26 of The Book of Jasher says, this is still Chapter 9, I believe, "All these people and all the families divided themselves in three parts. The first said, we will ascend into Heaven and fight against Him. The second said, we will ascend into Heaven and place our gods there and serve. And the third part said, we will ascend into Heaven and smite Him with bows and spears. And God knew all their works and all their evil city and the tower they were building."


You may recall the doctrine that came forth here over the last few days was that God divided them because He decided not to destroy them, but to bind them in chains of darkness until the judgment which would restore men unto righteousness, but the book of Jasher tells us that God wiped them out.


"And when they were building they built themselves a great city," I must have written the wrong verse down, just bear with me a second. Verse 29, "And the Lord knew their thoughts, and it came to pass when they were building they cast their arrows toward the heavens and all the arrows fell upon them filled with blood. And when they saw them they said to each other, surely we have slain all those that are in Heaven."


Verse 30; "For this was the Lords fault in order to destroy them." This is saying it was God's intention to destroy them. "And in order to destroy them from off the face of the ground." Anti-christ makes God the evil one. God is righteous. God is righteous.


Now, we see incest. When you receive a gospel like this as the truth and there is an unclean spirit operating, you open yourself to it. This book, if you have ears to hear it, is preaching incest. Hold on. I will show it to you. Chapter 11:24. This is not the verse that shows incest. This just shows female dominance (in most pagan religions, their god is female because Satan is female).


"And when Abram had gone from them, he went to his mother and sat before her. And he said to his mother, behold my father has shown me those who made heaven and earth and all the sons of men (here is Abram submitting to female deity again, this time it is his mother, they do not say Mary but it is his mother), now therefore hasten and fetch me a kid and make of it savory meat (it is a "takeoff" on Jacob) that I may bring it to my fathers gods as an offering. And his mother did so." It is a reversal, because it was Jacob that had gotten a kid and made the savory meat.


I just want to show you this incest. Chapter 23:8-9; "And Sarah took her son Isaac, and he abode all night with her, and she kissed and embraced him and gave him instructions till morning. And she said, oh my son, how can my soul separate itself from thee? And she still kissed him and embraced him, and she gave Abraham instructions concerning him."


Watch your step, brethren. You are playing with fire.


I will show you some of the witchcraft, Chapter 23:34-36, this is the account. I have to laugh, this is the account of Abraham taking Isaac to sacrifice him. Just before this week, we are given the reason why God has told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. The reason is Isaac lifted himself up in pride and challenged his brother Ishmael, saying, "Even if my father wanted to sacrifice me. I would be glad to do it." God picked up the challenge and commanded Abraham to do it according to this book.


We see Abraham and Isaac going on a long journey to the altar where Isaac is going to boldly lay himself down on the wood and offer himself up. They came across a large brook of water in the road. It tells you some place that Satan turns himself into a large brook. There is nothing like that about Satan in the true gospel. This is witchcraft, brethren.


"And Abraham still rebuked Satan who was trying to get Abraham to not sacrifice Isaac (he is the hero) and Satan went from them, and seeing he could not prevail over them (they were going to make this sacrifice and Satan could not stop them) so Satan hid himself from them, and he went and passed before them in the road, and he transformed himself to a large brook of water in the road."


Abraham and Isaac and his two young men reached the place, and they saw a brook large and powerful as the mighty waters. And they entered the brook and passed through it the waters first reached their legs (It sounds like Ezekiel's waters to me). And they went deeper in the brook and the waters went up to their necks, and they were all terrified on account of the water. And once they were going over the brook, Abraham recognized that place and he knew that place and he knew that there was no water there before. And Abraham said to his son, I know this place in which there was no brook nor water. Now therefore it is this Satan who does all this to us to draw us aside this day from the command of God to sacrifice you."


That is witchcraft, brethren. No where in my Bible does it say that Satan has the power to do that. The whole point is we know that he does things like that, a man possessed of Satan could turn himself into an animal. We know all these things are true. The point is that kind of witchcraft is not to be glorified in God's Scriptures. Is there anyone that does not understand my point here?


This is glorifying Satan's power. The only thing that I read about in the true Scripture that Satan is given charge to do by the Lord is to go and test Job. God uses him to stir up David to number Israel. God will send Satan under certain circumstances to be a tester, not to change himself into water to stop the sons from following God's commandments. God will not tempt you, brethren. He will test you, but He will not tempt you. Neither will He send Satan to hinder you from obeying His very own commands.


I just have one or two things here. I just want to show you one more thing about Sodom and Gomorrah. This Book of Jasher completely denies the Scriptural principle of Sodom and Gomorrah being destroyed because of homosexuality. If you will just bear with me a moment let me see if I could locate it. I did not write the page down. Abraham flees to the house of Noah. Chapter 18:44, (I guess I got so aggravated I did not write the page down) this chapter describes the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah.


According to this gospel, "In those days all the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and of the whole five cities were exceedingly wicked and sinful against the Lord. And they provoked the Lord with their abominations and they strengthened in acting abominably and scornfully before the Lord." And this is what they were doing. "And all the people of Sodom and Gomorrah went therefore...." All they did was to refuse to feed the strangers, brethren. "Also when a stranger came into their cities, and brought goods which he had purchased with a view to dispose of there, the people of these cities would assemble, men, women, and children, young and old and go to the man and take his goods by force, giving a little to each man until there was an end to all the goods of the owner." They were thieves.


"And in the time of rejoicing they would all rise and lay hold of their neighbor's wives, and some the virgin daughters of their neighbors, and they enjoyed them. And each man saw his wife and daughter in the hands of his neighbor and did not say a word." There is absolutely nothing here about homosexuality at all. As a matter of fact, my Bible says they refused the virgin. They wanted the men. Is that not what your Bible says?


They talk about a man. "The man was on his journey passing through the street of Sodom when the sun set in the evening, and he remained there in order to abide in the night, but no one would let him into the house. And at that time in Sodom, there was a wicked and mischievous man." He stole from him, that Is what it said. He would not give him a morsel of bread.


I am not going to waste any more of your time, but there is one more scene where they torture a woman. They cover her with honey, and they set a hive of stinging bees upon her. That is masochism, when it is something that is supposed to be glorifying God.


In another place, if you want to check it out, you could look it up yourself. Apparently, I was so distressed I did not even put the page down. In another place, it showed that if a stranger came into the city, they put him into a bed, it says. Apparently it was a manifestation of the rack. If he was not tall enough to fit the bed, they stretched him until he fit the bed, which is a mediaeval rack that they used in England, and if he was too short for the bed they closed the bed up on him and the guy died. They tortured him and he died, that is what it is saying.


Then the woman they covered with honey and set the bee hive on her. You will not read about things like this in a gospel of God. There was something about bloodletting there too.


I have to return it because it is not my book, but I encourage you to burn it. Rip it in pieces and get it out of your house, because it is a cursed object.


Praise the Lord. Let us talk about God. Let us talk about the glory of God and the high things of His Spirit, and the miracles and the wonders that He is already doing in Heaven. Let us talk about His goodness. Let us rise up out of this spiritual filth that Satan is trying to weigh us down with. Does anybody have a question from last night? If not, we will wait for the move of the Spirit. We will talk about things that will edify us, and lift us up and build us spiritually, and raise us up.


Whatever bestial nature is in us, we all have, we are all still dwelling, at least, in part if not 99% in our bestiality. Most of humanity is... some of us are starting to ascend. Brethren, let us go on, and let us rise up out of the beast that we are supposed to be riding who is riding us. Spiritual life rides a beast.


We are the beast, from an internalized saddle, if you will, and that saddle is the soul. Spiritual life controls that aspect of us which is a beast from within. When man fell something tragic happened. The beast got out and saddled the man, and right now our beast, in many instances, rides our spirit man. Even me, every time the carnal mind gets it over on me, and what does that mean?


Every time my carnal mind succeeds in thinking through me, speaking through me, or acting through me, she has ridden me. She has made me the beast, and she has made herself the master. The only one who ever overcame that condition permanently was Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ.


Paul overcame for a season. What does that mean? It means that he had such a tight rein on his carnal mind that there was never a moment, not a second when he was caught off guard, when he was sleeping, not a moment when the carnal mind could manifest through him, could use his mind, his tongue for purposes of speech, or his body to express her wickedness.


We have to ride our horses, brethren. Do you know about the horses in Zachariah? Did you ever wonder why they did not have a rider? They threw their rider, brethren. The fallen creation are those without a rider. They killed their rider. In the Book of Revelation, of course, we see a rider, and the rider is not Christ. The mystery and the reconciling factor of how there could be no rider in the Book of Zachariah and a dead rider in the Book of Revelation, remember I told you if you have two pieces of information and they appear to contradict one another, there must be another piece of the puzzle that will connect the two revelations.


The connection between the riderless horses in Zechariah and the dead rider in the Book of Revelation is that the horses are their own riders, only it is not clear in the Old Testament. It is clarified in the New Testament.


Let me say it another way for you. The way it is said in the Old Testament is that the horses which typify the soul aspect of the creation have killed the spiritual man, Christ, who was their rider. By the time you get to the New Testament that many-membered horse, there is more than one horse, but it is really just one horse, many-membered horse is a symbolic number of horses. Those horses have raised up a rider from within themselves, the carnal mind.


The earthen part of the creation killed the Christ mind. They killed Him. For a season, we see them without a rider. Then the carnal mind appeared, that weed which sprung up from the earth by itself without being planted, and we see what it looks like in the Book of Revelation.


We did an Alternate Translation on the last verse of that chapter in Zechariah which speaks about those horses. Why not take a look at it, it is very exciting, it is a very exciting translation. Zechariah 6. Actually Zechariah 6 is an account of the fall. We find various accounts of the same incident throughout the Scripture, because God will present it to us from a different viewpoint. Why not just go down seven verses.


Verse 1, Is there anybody who does not have a copy of the Old Testament translation? I do not think we have any left. If you do not have one, please double up. "And I turned toward the realm of the spirit, (Zachariah speaking) and focused my spiritual eyes, and looked into the spirit and a miracle, I saw spiritual things, a squared soul." That means a completed soul, a soul that had expanded itself to its fullest measure. Such as a plant, brethren, that starts out as a seedling, and then you look at it several years later, and it is a big plant with all kinds of leaves and vines hanging down over the sides of the pot.


The Scripture refers to the creation as...we are a plant. We are the planting of the Lord. Jesus said every plant that my Heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted up. This creation is a plant, and from the beginning of time we began to unfold as a plant unfolds. You look all those words up in the Hebrew, and that is where I got this revelation, right out of the Hebrew Lexicon. We have unfolded like a plant, and every human being, spiritually speaking, is another leaf on the plant or the tree of humanity, and the name of the tree is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


We see a mystery symbol in the Book of Zachariah. This concept, if you have the Alternate Translation book in front of you, it says, "A squared soul."


When I edit these books what I am going to try to do, what I had intended to do, you may recall if you have been here from the beginning, I told you that the reason I did these books the last minute was as far as I am concerned they are not ready. It is my intention to take every parable... that is a parable to say a "squared soul."


How would you know what I am talking about unless you have listened to all the tapes? It is my intention to take every term and rewrite it. It is a simple language that anyone who has not listened to the tapes would be able to understand. The Lord told me to bring the books in this position, that there is enough in it, and enough power in it that He has people here that He wanted to read it. Lord willing, when I get back to New York, I have to edit these books.


This concept of the squared soul, let us just talk about that for a minute. If you listen to any of my tapes, you will hear me talking about being squared in the spirit and being squared in the soul. To be squared is your ultimate expression of the soul having multiplied to its greatest capacity. To be squared in your spirit means to have your spirit fully completed, meaning a full manifestation of Christ.


This is a term that I got out of the parables of the Scripture, and I have incorporated into our Alternate Translation. Zechariah 6 is speaking about the soul which has expanded itself to its fullest capacity of its own accord, because it has killed its spiritual rider. That is what the horses of Zechariah 6 are typifying. We see today many, many, many billions trillions of human beings.


"I looked and saw spiritual things, a squared soul, even the lamb which had been slain." This is the dead creation. Remember, we talked about the lamb which was slain the other night. He is the Son that was with the Father and left the bosom of the Father to be breathed into the earth and mixed with it, to be the life force in creation that is both spirit and soul. When the Father breathed Him into the earth, He took the form of the mind of Christ. He died to everything that He was when He was one with God and then to boot the carnal mind killed Him, and His skeleton today is found in fallen man, a bone of His skeleton in each human being.


For those of you who were not here the other day, the "who was slain," the correct translation is so that the earth would be founded is not a lamb who was a blood sacrifice, in place of the rams and goats so that man could live. I feel someone here has not heard that. Let me go over that again.


The traditional church will tell you that God knew that man was going to fall. He got His Son ready before man even appeared and killed Him, so that Jehovah's blood lust could be satisfied and He could raise the creation from the dead. I do not believe it. I read that the king of Moab killed his son. That is an idolatrous pagan sacrifice. I do not believe that Jehovah killed His Son Jesus Christ so that blood would be let.


Jehovah sacrificed His Son, Jesus Christ, so that the blood which was shed, which was spiritual blood, could enter into your veins thus raising you from the dead.


It was not the physical man, Jesus of Nazareth, hanging on the cross, whose human blood which He inherited from His mother, which was contaminated blood. I suggest to you that the man, Jesus of Nazareth, which was Christ did not live, or did not have His existence, or did not owe His existence to the blood in His veins of His human body. That was fallen blood, corrupted blood, which He inherited from His mother. He lived by the Life of the Son of God, which was in the Christ mind, which was raised from the dead in that man. Can you hear that?


This concept of the lamb being slain from the foundations of the earth, it has been mistaught, brethren. What it means is that the Father gave His Son to be joined to the death of the earth realm so that life could be imparted to the creation. Plus, the lamb was slain. He died to His deity. He was mixed with the earth of the soul, and He was overcome by the intelligence in the earth. The Father has not rested, and He shall not rest, sleep, or slumber until He raises Him, who? His Son, who was killed by the carnal mind from the dead. The skeleton of His Son is in you and in me. When the Father raises Him from the dead we too shall be raised from the dead. Does anyone have a question on that issue?


That is a church doctrine that has got to die. Is there anybody that does not understand what I said, or that has a question, do you have a question?


COMMENTS: About the conception of Christ in Mary, we know it was a supernatural act and not something of this realm. How does God get to the real mind of Jesus Christ of Nazareth?


PASTOR VITALE: Brethren, this is a great mystery but the Christ is the Christ mind which was in the man Jesus. The man Jesus or the infant Jesus was a human baby born of the mother Mary. She was the mother, not the mother of God, but the mother of the baby boy and the man Jesus. In that baby boy was the Son of God, within Him, that holy thing, the logos of God was within the baby boy. It was the seed of the Father which had joined with the human spirit of that baby and conceived the mind of Christ.


At the beginning, the baby boy was separate from that mind in the same way that when we first receive the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost is in you but not necessarily attached to you. In the fullness of time, that mind of Christ which was in the man Jesus completely joined to Him so completely that you could say that the whole man was Jesus, the Christ. There was a separation at the beginning in the early years of the life of the baby boy, Jesus.


Did I answer your question? Do you have another one? Anybody have a question on this issue? First and foremost it was a fulfillment of prophecy; "A virgin shall conceive. ..." I believe that Mary's conception was the natural fulfillment of that prophecy, "A virgin shall conceive. ..." I believe a virgin church is conceiving Christ, the first child in the spirit also. I believe the human woman Mary conceived, and I also believe her human spirit conceived the Christ child, and she was just the first.





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