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On direct instruction from the Lord I have a lot of research for you in the book of Zephaniah, but the Lord has told me to do this exhortation this morning so we will do it and whatever time is left we will work on Zephaniah. The Lord is the Head here, we do what He says. We throw out any plans that man has made in deference to the Lord, and He has asked me to speak about our life situation this morning, and to remind you that the life style in this country is rapidly becoming as it was in Sodom and Gomorrah. It is a very wicked place to be living in these days, and to remind you that there are only two life styles acceptable to God. For the majority of people that is marriage, and for a small group of people whom He has called unto Himself there is another acceptable life style which is consecration unto the Lord. Now to be consecrated unto the Lord you must be spiritually developed to the point where you can spend enough time in the presence of His Spirit to have your emotional and spiritual needs met, and we do not arrive at that place over night. Marriage, Brethren, with all of its drawbacks is preferable to any other life style except the second one that I just named.


In this world, which is rapidly becoming a filthy place to live, marriage is an institution which God has established under the curse. Don't shut off the tape. Marriage is an institution which was established to help people survive the curse that God put on mankind because when you are not cursed you don't need a law. A righteous man doesn't need a law. This whole creation is unrighteous, we don't know how to behave, we don't know how to act. Left to our own devices we go wild and crazy and will bring down society every time we come out from under God's law. So marriage, although it is imperfect, is God's provision for imperfect men in an insane world, and there are laws, and there are rules in marriage. The man is the head, then comes the woman, and then comes the children. For this cause, you shall leave your mother and father and cleave unto your wife. Young men, from the moment you are married your allegiance is unto your wife. Wife, if your allegiance is unto your mother or father you are in a form of spiritual adultery. From the moment you marry, your allegiance is to be unto your husband. You follow him where ever he goes. If he has no work in New York, and he goes to work in California you do not stay home with your mother. You go to California, and you take your children with you, and you submit to your husband in all areas except unrighteousness. You do not commit adultery if your husband tells you to commit adultery. You do not abuse your children if your husband tells you to abuse your children, and you marry a man that God has given to you in a marriage that God has blessed so you start out with all things going for you. You marry a man who is serving God. You marry a man who has a revelation of righteousness. You marry a man who is willing to submit to the responsibilities and the stresses and the trials of marriage. You marry a man who has a revelation that he's supposed to be loving you like Christ loved the church. You marry a man who knows he's supposed to be supporting you both financially and emotionally and spiritually. You marry a man who's taking his responsibility seriously. You do not marry the neighborhood drug addict and cry out to God and tell Him that marriage doesn't work, and if you pick the neighborhood drug addict and you wind up with a divorce, young ladies, there is something wrong in your mind. Paul says, if you cannot live with the man that you have married leave him and stay alone, not as a form of punishment but because for you to have married the neighborhood drunk there is something wrong in your mind, and it could take quite a while to get you straightened out even with the grace of God. Although it is not clear in the Scriptures when Paul says, stay alone, he means stay alone until God fixes you. You have to submit yourself to a program of renovation, you have to confess that there is something in you that got you in this painful marriage. So if you come out of a marriage, and you marry again within another year the chances are 999 out of a thousand that you have married the same man in a different body with a different name. If you have another guy before you even get divorced the chances are 999 and 99/100 percent that you have chosen the same guy in another body with another name and that is adultery. So this is the situation, Brethren, marriage is imperfect, but it is better than the hell that's out there, and God wants the men to be men and responsible, and He wants the women in submission. Either you submit or the situation is so bad that you leave. There cannot be chaos in the family. You are killing your children, and you are destroying your own soul. There must be order. Marriage is an institution just as the Army is an institution, just as the Police Force is an quasi-military organization, the Army is an institution ordained by God. Women you cannot be the head in a marriage. If you are that talented, and you are that intelligent and you are that creative that you think that your husband doesn't know what he's doing then don't marry, but you cannot marry and make your husband the woman because it is a perversion before the Lord. You cannot do it, God will never ever bless it. It is not easy submitting to a man because men are all imperfect. It is hard. That's why Jesus called the woman the weaker vessel. Doesn't mean she is physically weaker, doesn't mean she is mentally weaker, doesn't mean she can't do most of what men can do. It means that she is weak because God has given the man the authority. She's weak in position. That means that even if you are abusing her you have got the handicap. That's what it means. That's why she is the weaker vessel. She is weaker as a Captain is weaker than a General. Doesn't mean she is stupid, doesn't mean that God doesn't speak to her, doesn't mean she has no wisdom. It means you are the boss, and the greatest among you shall be the minister, Jesus said. The one with the authority has all the responsibility, and you also have the responsibility to help the weaker one to submit to you. That means you don't punish her if she rises up against you. You teach her.


So, we see that marriage is highly preferable to the life styles that are raging in this country today. You have to come out of this world to see how perverse it is, and the best of the illegal relationships are an exclusive relationship in fornication, one man, one woman committed to one another, living together but not married. That's the best of them, and that's no good either. Why? Because sin escalates downward, and it is fornication even if you have made a commitment to someone, even common law marriage is fornication, and it escalates downward. If you live your whole life in an exclusive relationship with somebody it will still have its repercussions on your children in the next generation. It is sin, but we are seeing much, much worse than that in this hour, and it is only about 40 years that this country has formally entered into fornication and all of the acts that are perverse unto God. Back in the early 60's everybody was always doing it, but it was not socially acceptable, it was not legally acceptable. Fornication and adultery were not socially or legally acceptable. There is always someone who's going to do it. Now, if you are against it you are called a bigot. The government has sanctified it, the Heads of State say it is wonderful, and judgment is falling on every side in this nation because where the leaders sanctify sin judgment falls on the whole nation, the guilty and the innocent. In a nation or in a family where the leaders stand for righteousness the sin falls on the individual, but when the government and the leaders promote sin judgment falls on the whole family, the whole nation with no respect of persons.


So this world is rapidly turning into a cesspool, and the Lord just wanted me to say that for whatever reason. Now, if God has not given you a marriage nor has He yet brought you to place where you are developed spiritually enough to spend enough time with the Lord to have your emotional and spiritual needs met you are experiencing something that is called a wilderness experience. You are in between, and that could be very painful, but we see this situation with people that aren't even in God. Some young people have just not married for centuries, you know people just didn't enter into sexual activities until they got married. It is just this last 40 years that this lie has gone out that you can't live without it. People have lived without it for centuries. It is all in your head, but what's in your head manifests in your body. It is a question of attitude, it is a question of commitment to God, and it is a question of discipline, but there are spiritual factors, and this morning the Lord wants me to talk about those spiritual factors for the people who are in the wilderness and are suffering.


There is so much spiritual activity going on in this country right now, and very often in the lives of our acquaintances that it can touch other people. Brethren, if someone is engaged in sin, and they are in your life, you have a relationship with them, their experiences can touch your soul, and we need to know this. Someone called me yesterday, and they said they asked their pastor if somebody is lusting for them can it affect them? He said, oh no, you are a Christian, it can't affect you. I'm sorry, but I laughed. God save us from the ministry that's in the pulpit. God save us. So we are going to talk about this issue this morning.


There are basically three categories which can operate to torment people who are not married and trying to live for Christ. Now, first of all let me clarify something that I have not understood myself until recently. The fact that you do not have a sex life does not make you a eunuch. There are three kinds of eunuchs, Jesus said. First of all the general definition of eunuch is a human being who not only does not engage in sexual activity, but who has been altered to the degree that they do not desire sexual activity, and there are some eunuchs that are made by men. It used to be in the more barbarous days of society or civilization, it used to be a practice for certain men taken or captured in battle to be castrated by their captors, and used as household servants or as guardians of the victor's harem. There are two reasons for physically castrating a male, and one reason is that you women are safe around them, and that you could have the use of the man's physical strength as guards, so you can have the woman guarded without any worry about wrong doing. The women are safe, and they are physically guarded. The second reason for castrating males....well there are three reasons actually, and these are not in order of importance. Another reason for castrating males would be as in the case of Daniel and the Hebrew children. They were the Royal Seed of Israel. They were the men through whom another King of Israel could arise should Israel ever come out of captivity in Babylon, that's what the King of Babylon was thinking. If the Hebrew children should ever come out of captivity in Babylon the victorious King Nebuchadnezzar did not want another King of the Seed Royal sitting on the throne so he castrated all of the Royal House and, therefore, allowed them to live out the rest of their life, he treated them well, but they could not reproduce, and he, in fact, in effect, stamped out the Royal Seed of David, the seed which God had appointed to sit on the Throne of Israel, the Royal Line. The God-appointed Royal Line was stamped out when Judah was defeated by Babylon and went into captivity. Daniel was a Prince of High Order. He was treated well by the King, but he was castrated, he could not reproduce his line. Now, I personally find this very interesting. If you can hear it, isn't that what I'm preaching? That those people who do not stand up in Christ, God's not killing them, He's not torturing them, they are just living out their life, and they are not going to be any more because, eventually, the only people on the face of this earth will be people in whom Christ is ruling, and every human being in whom the Mind of Christ does not arise and become Head of that person, that person will cease from reproduction. They are going to pass out of this world, God's not going to torture them, live their life, and it will be all over. Brethren, the Lord Jesus Christ is castrating Satan and the men who brought expression of Satan in this world, but He's not going to do it until He starts bringing forth the Royal Seed of Christ. You see, Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, he thought he stamped out the seed Royal of Judah, but he did not know....if he had only known, he wouldn't even have bothered, that the Royalty was transferring to a spiritual seed, you see. So we see there are three reasons for eunuchs. To destroy their ability to reproduce what they are, to render them inactive sexually so that they are no threat to the women in the household, and the third reason for castrating a man is to reduce his aggressiveness. The aggressiveness of men, their aptitude to fight, their likelihood to strive with other men is a result of male hormones which are produced in the parts of their body which are removed in castration. So, just as a bull is castrated, he becomes an ox when he's castrated, and then he's put out in the fields to pull the plow. They use his strength, but a bull that's not castrated you cannot use to pull the plow because he won't do it. He's too ornery. Men are more ornery than women. You may get an ornery woman here or there, but as a group men are just more ornery, and warlike than women. When you castrate a man that severely diminishes his warlike tendencies, and you can put the ox out in the field to pull the plow. There is no way you are going to get a bull to pull a plow. He won't do it. You can't get him to do it. It is impossible. So those are the three reasons that men are castrated. So a eunuch is a castrated male.


Jesus said there are three kinds of eunuchs. One eunuch is made a eunuch when someone gets a hold of him, I am sure against his will, and castrates him. Another kind of eunuch is born a eunuch. Some men are born eunuchs, and the world knows that. Some men are born and their physical male features don't function sexually. They are called asexual. They just don't function. That doesn't mean that men like that are homosexual. They just don't function, and it is usually a low hormone level. Something is malfunctioning in their body, and their body doesn't produce the hormones, and they don't have the sex drive. So they were born a eunuch, and then Jesus said there are those who become a eunuch for the Kingdom of God's sake, and what does that mean? It means that the Scriptures clearly state that as you ascend spiritually, if you are called whether you want it or whether you have been apprehended by the Lord to ascend into a high spiritual realm, the fact of life in the high spiritual realm....see there are laws in the high spiritual realm just as there are laws down here. If you jump out the window you are not going to be suspended in the air like you would be on the moon, you are going to fall down, it's the law of gravity. There are laws in the realm of the spirit, and one of those laws is that there is no marrying or giving in marriage in heaven. What does that mean? It means that you no longer, when you are in heaven, you don't use your body for reproduction or for gratification. All of this comes out of the mind. There is a gratification, a satisfaction of the mind. In fact, both the Hebrew and the Greek word which means salvation has another definition which is satisfaction on every level. So Jesus says, there are men who made themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom of God's sake. That means, not that you spend the rest of your life in torment because you are trying to be celibate for Christ, but that you ascend spiritually to a condition where you are completely satisfied without gratification of the body. Now you may not want it, but that doesn't deny that it's a reality. When you are a eunuch you don't suffer. Eunuchhood is castration. Castration in this world down here is a nightmare. Most men completely panic when they hear about this, understandably so, but a spiritual eunuch is one whose body has ceased to function because they have ascended to such a height that they are not using their body anymore, and a natural example that we have is a bird. When the bird's wings start flying and he's soaring in the heavenlies he still has his feet, but you can't use your feet when you are in the air. Brethren, the feet of a believer is this body. For the spiritual man that's within us his feet are this body. So, to truly be a eunuch does not mean that you are in torment for the lack of use of your body. It means that you are being completely satisfied from another source. So all of these years I've thought I was a eunuch. We are not eunuchs the Lord said, we are fasting. Listen Brethren, as long as you have the slightest desire at all for a human sexual life you are not a eunuch. You are fasting. Sometimes fasting produces distress. So, there aren't many eunuchs around. Jesus was a eunuch. He did not suffer for his celibacy. He was completely satisfied in every area of his life. Paul was a eunuch. So the problem that we have are the people who are in between. They are not married, neither are they spiritual eunuchs. Spiritual eunuchs, one more time, are so satisfied with their spiritual life that they have in union with Christ that they don't want anything else. The desire is not there. That's a eunuch. I don't know anybody today....people are fasting, they've given it up for the Kingdom of God because the Lord said, it is not right to fornicate, and neither has the Lord given you a wife or a husband. So we have a whole category of people that are really suffering. They are not only suffering physically, but they are suffering emotionally, and the Lord wants me to give you some pointers today as to how to deal with this and some information about what's producing your discomfort.


Now we have had some people being hassled at night around here, and we have had several people being hassled sexually so I want to give you some pointers on how to deal with this. First of all I want to talk about the source of sexual harassment. There are three potential sources of sexual harassment, and don't think this cannot touch you if you are married. It can touch you if you are married. It is just more likely to touch you if you are not married because you are more vulnerable if you are not married, but I had a married woman tell me she was in bed one night, and she thought it was her husband until she found out it wasn't her husband, and she ran out of the bed screaming. Married women can be hassled at night by spiritual visitations of attempted sexual activity. So, we see the first potential for a nocturnal visitation by a spiritual being is that it is your own soul that is rising up. There is a spiritual man inside of you, and his name is Adam. There is a whole world inside of us that we are not in touch with. We are out here in a condition of spiritual blindness. This world is outer darkness. There is a whole world within us that we don't see, there is a veil over our eyes, there is a whole world within our own mind, and a whole world where everybody is connected. Everything that you see out there, the planets and the moons, it exists in the spirit and people who are developed in the Occult they travel around. All of these planets exist in the spirit, and there is all kinds of communication. That's where the aliens come from, Brethren. That's where all the people abducted are taken. They are not taken to Mars. They are taken to the inward world that we can't see because one of the manifestations of the curse is that we are relegated to outer darkness. So, there is a man dwelling in us. He's a many-membered man who has been in this earth from the beginning of time, and he stays here. It is just the bodies and the personalities of the individual that dies. He just moves on and manifests out of someone else's body and someone else's personality. Let me say that again. There is one spiritual man in this world. His name is fallen Adam, he's Adam whose Christ mind died, and whose mind became carnal, he's a spiritual man, he's a soul man, he's in the earth, he is appearing in many members, many bodies and many personalities, and because he is dead the bodies and personalities that he appears in, after a season, die, but there is one spiritual man. You want to call him your unconscious mind? Call him your unconscious mind. Whatever you need to do to understand that there is a man inside of you that's separate from you, and he's in there, and he has a mind that's other than yours. The world calls him your unconscious mind or sometimes they call him your libido. There is something in side of you that you have been at war with all of your life. The whole world knows you can't do anything that you want. You have to resist the one inside of you because he is a lawless man that would do anything he wanted to do if your own conscience doesn't restrain you, and your conscience is that part of you which is raised up by whoever your caretaker was to teach you that if you do everything you feel like doing, either you are going to die, or wind up in jail or have some disaster fall upon you, so you must learn some self discipline and some restraint. Restrain who? That one which is inside of you, and his name is Adam, and sometimes in some people he's born in an evil direction. Look, this is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. All of us have good and evil in us, and some people's hidden man is more evil than others. Some people's hidden man is more sexually active than others. Some people's hidden man is stronger than others. Some people's hidden man is more inclined toward perversion than others. Doesn't matter, you've got to get the best of him. So in some people he's rising up, usually where there is spiritual power present, he's rising up and he's visiting you at night. We might say, your unconscious mind is visiting your conscious mind. If you can hear this, it is a form of narcissism. Now remember who Narcissi was. He was a man who could not find love. Nothing made him happy, nobody was good enough for him, and then one day he came to a lake, and he looked in the lake and he saw an image or a reflection of himself, and he finally found the one who made him happy. He though he was so wonderful that he tried to possess himself, and he fell into the lake trying to embrace himself. I am making this sound funny. That's what the folklore says, but this whole world, this whole existence, is fallen Adam trying to cleave unto himself. It is a form of spiritual incest Brethren. So we see our unconscious mind rising up, if you can do it, to have a union with our conscious person. Did you ever hear a story about some celibate woman conceiving. There are stories about that everywhere. The question is, can it happen? It doesn't happen often. I believe it is possible. I've heard in Africa that it happens. It requires a high degree of spiritual power for a woman to conceive without laying with a man, but it can happen. Why can it happen? How can it happen? I am going to tell you how it happens. Spiritual power is a higher power than the power that's flesh. Spiritual power can control this flesh. Spiritual power can control this flesh, and that is the whole message this morning. Somebody's mind can control your flesh. It could be coming from within your own self or could be coming from someone else's mind, and they could turn you on or turn you off depending on how much spiritual power they have. You don't believe it, that's your problem. It's true.


So the first possibility is that your own soul is rising up in rebellion against the position that you have taken to serve God, and sexual stimulation is coming from your own rebellious soul who is coming to you at night when you are most vulnerable, when you are asleep, and causing you to be sexually aroused when you are alone. The second possibility is another person. It's someone else's soul thinking about you in this way, consciously or unconsciously, thinking about you in a sexual context. Brethren, mind is spirit, and spirit has the power to vibrate out of a person's mind and touch somebody else. You don't believe it? You better think about it. Have you never felt somebody's love for you? Have you never said, I really felt that person's love, I really felt their warmth, I felt their coldness, I felt their hate? Have you never experienced that? Well, you can feel somebody's lust for you, and you can also feel it if they are lusting for somebody else. Just as I could sit here and I could say, I was aware that you expressed love for June, that you were glad to see her, I perceived it in that same way. If there are two people here, one or both lusting for one another, it can touch me. I can perceive it. Brethren, in the realm of the spirit we are all one. So, your own soul can stir you up, someone else's soul can stir you up, and the third and most insidious out of the three potentials here are the workers of witchcraft. The actual workers of witchcraft who are deliberately and actively praying prayers and sending charms and using lust potions to stir you up for their own purposes, and if you don't think it is possible you are naive, and if you want to live with that lie you live in darkness because when you live in darkness you are vulnerable. When you have the truth there are things that you could do to defend yourself and to fight against this, and if you want to go around believing that this spiritual stuff can't touch you unless you are in agreement and therefore you can just skip down the path and not worry about it, you are a fool, and whatever happens to you happens to you because you are a fool. Because you are warned, and you did not take heed. So, we see that witchcraft is another potential, actual love potions are a reality. Now when it comes to Christians this is a very serious business. If you are a Christian, and you are in a place where a witch or a couple of practicing witches have got their eyes on you for any reason, usually the only reason being that you are hurting them, that you have spiritual power in Christ and they want to bring you down out of that spiritual power, they are actively exercising spiritual authority directed toward your body to stir you up to bring you into sin, and anybody that's been serving God for a while that has any mature knowledge of the Scriptures know that you cannot curse Israel, that no worker of witchcraft can curse Israel, but what they do, Brethren, is zero in on your imperfections and get you to sin and then they don't have to curse you. Who curses you? God curses you. So if for any reason you are called, if you have a high call on your life or you are hurting Satan's kingdom in any way, and you are being hassled sexually the chances are excellent that Satan has raised up a couple of witches to directly pray against your very own body to stimulate it against your will. You don't believe it that's your problem. And it is a problem if you don't believe it because it is true.


So this is what we have. This is what may be happening to you, and of course your response to restrain this in each of these three situations is different. If it is your own soul rising up to bring you down you have to ask yourself, well let me put it to you this way, if it is your own soul rising up to bring you down there may be a demon present. Your soul may have produced a demon. If you have in the past been engaged in illegal sexual activity your soul may have produced a demon so you need to pray along these lines, and the names of the demons that hassle you at night, the names of the demons that you are looking for primarily? Anybody know? Incubus and Succubus. Incubus comes in the form of male to a woman, and in the form of a female to a man and is capable of completing the sexual act with a human being. The whole nine. Someone said to me once, what's the whole nine? The whole nine. It's a spirit. His name is Incubus. The other one that comes to you is Succubus, sometimes comes to as a woman as a lesbian spirit, and sometimes to a man or it could be a man to a woman, and Succubus performs oral sex. Now you may think you are having a dream, and it may even sound like every man's dream for a while until you find out that you can't control this thing, that this thing is controlling you. It is a big joke to people that never heard this before. Had a man come in off the street once. He had one of these Incubus spirits keeping him up all night. First reaction from some of the men was, oh boy. He couldn't sleep. He was suffering from exhaustion. It is no joke. You are coming into bondage to this thing. You are not supposed to be in bondage. If it is somebody else's soul coming to you we are talking about astral-projection. It is possible for somebody to be born with a strong mind, inherited psychic ability, many people have it, which has the power to astral-project into your bed at night. Now you may know it, you may not know it, you may be doing it and not know it, you may be doing it and know it. The witches do that also. How does it happen? You desire somebody to such a degree that your soul leaves your body or a portion of your soul leaves your body and can astral-project right into their bed at night. You may think you are having a dream. You may be dreaming, but you may be astral-projecting right into someone's bed. You may think you are dreaming, someone may be astral projecting right into your bed, and if it is somebody astral projecting right into your bed it is a whole personality. We are talking about demons here, Incubus and Succubus. In astral projection we are talking about a whole personality visiting you. I have spoken to some people who have actually seen impressions on the bed, that this invisible being has had enough substance to depress the bed. In Africa there is a situation that is common for a woman to have a spiritual husband. It is common for a woman to have a spiritual husband in Africa. Woman who are captured by this have a tendency to reject their natural husband for the spiritual husband. Why? Spirit is a higher form of existence than soul. Brethren, there's power in spirit, and when some spirit has got ahold of your body you are going to reject the natural man. That's just the way it is. Now I never heard of any specific instance, but there is no doubt in my mind as God has been talking to me about this over the last several weeks or couple of months, that it can happen to a man too. I do know a couple of men that have had visitations. This sexual relationship between a man or a woman and a spirit is far superior, if you looking for pleasure, than a relationship with another human being. They have the power to give you more pleasure. They have the power to bind you to them.


Last but not least, we have the workers of witchcraft. They can send love potions. They can make you attracted to another person that you would normally never be attracted to, and you never know what hit you. It can set two people at one another. Why? They want to bring you down, Brethren. They want to bring you down. They want you to sin so that God will curse you. See now, don't misunderstand what I'm saying. God does not punish you if you sin, 10 lashes today if you fall into fornication. There are laws that are already written. If you fall into fornication it will begin to deteriorate the Christ that's being formed in you, and the higher that you are in Christ the more quickly He will begin to deteriorate. What do I mean by that? Let me put it to you another way. The Scriptures say, Christ is being formed in you. He's growing up in you just like a fetus is being formed in a woman's womb, and eventually He's going to be fully born, and when He's fully born nothing will by any means hurt Him, but while He is in utero, while He's being formed He can be hurt, He can be damaged, He can be killed if these workers of witchcraft can get you to fall into sin. With a lot of people sex is one of the most vulnerable areas. If they can get you to do it the Christ which is being formed in you will become sick, and if God doesn't pull you out of your downward spiral He will die, and when He dies you die spiritually, and that doesn't mean God can't raise you from the dead, but who wants to start all over again, Brethren? Christ doesn't get to be 15 years old over night. Christ in you gets to be 15 years old through blood and sweat and painful overcoming experiences and study and consecration and sacrifice. Years of it, and He can get sick and die in a few months. Who wants to start over again? And if you do start over again, you can't start over again without permission from the Lord. If you do start over again you start way down there in a position of weakness. So at the very least, the workers of witchcraft have knocked you out at the level of spiritual strength that you had already attained to, and they don't have to worry about you for another 10 or 15 years. So the workers of witchcraft can give you a love potion, that could set two people and make them attractive to one another, then the workers of witchcraft can astral project themselves to you. The actual witch can come to you at night and can give you so much pleasure that you would never be interested in a human being again.


The third thing that the witches do are to manipulate your body and manipulate your hormones from a distance. If they astral project into your bed at night, once again it is someone else's soul coming in as a whole personality, but the highest form of witchcraft is for them to stay at their altar or whatever they call their location that they work from and cast spells or work witchcraft that enable them to manipulate your body. Brethren, they speak to your body, and they stimulate it from the inside out, and give you sexual experiences without the presence of another soul. Without any presence or awareness of another soul being in bed with you or any one else around they speak to your body, command it to be stimulated, and command it to respond, command a response out of it, and they are doing it, and you have nothing to say about it if you are not in Christ, you see. If someone astral projects into your bed, depending on how spiritually strong you are, you might be able to say, go away. You have the presence of another person. But this manipulation is high level witchcraft, high level. I am going to say it again, they speak to your body, and your body does what they tell it to do. Now, if you are being hassled at night, Brethren, the first thing you have to check....this has got to stop, you are in danger, because they could bring you down. No human being can stand against pressure that mounts to a point that's beyond your ability to cope with it, and even if you are married you are not safe from this. As I said, it's harder for them to bring you down this way if you are married, but even if you have a great relationship with your mate they could still do it to you, they just bring you down. How do they bring you down? Well, they get you to fornicate, they get you to commit adultery, or they get you to masturbate or they get you to the point that even if you are doing all three of those things it is not enough to the point that you think you are losing your mind. You can't concentrate on Christ, you can't concentrate on the things of the Spirit, you just concentrate on your body. That's what they are doing, that's what they are up to. Don't look up, look down. Now remember the teaching here, Satan will first try to control you through pleasure. If she can't control you through pleasure she will try to control you through pain. If she can't control you through conscious pleasure, if you are consciously rejecting fornication and adultery and masturbation and she can't control you through pain, you are just not going to do what she wants you to do, she is coming after you to control you with unconscious manipulation of your body that is capable of being so intense, and it comes when you are sleeping, when you are vulnerable. It is all over before you even know what happened. That's what they are coming after you with. So listen, the first thing you have to do is check yourself out with God. If you are lying to yourself you are the only loser because there is victory over this. There's victory over this. If you want to hear what I have to say and take it before the Lord there is victory over this. First thing you have to do is check yourself out and ask the Lord if it is your own soul. If it is your own soul rising up to have some form of...it is all perversion. Listen, Brethren, if you have pride you are in trouble. You had better get your pride under control because if this is coming up out of your own soul you are going to have to face it, and if you can't face it because you have pride you are in trouble. You are in bad trouble because whatever is operating here whether it is your own soul or workers of witchcraft if you can't get past your pride and admit that this is being done to you against you will you are going to become these spirits slave. You will become a slave of your own soul or you will become a slave of this witch that's got you, and if you don't believe it you are in bad trouble because I am telling you the truth so you had better start confessing your pride and ask God to help you to do what you have to do especially if you are in this ministry. Why? Because this ministry is going up, Brethren, everybody here is exhibiting spiritual growth this last year like I have never seen. You are all growing by leaps and bounds, Christ is appearing here, and all hell is out to bring us down. Everybody here is called to a high calling. So now you have to go before God and say, Lord is it my own soul? Is it Incubus? Is it Succubus? If it is Incubus or Succubus coming to you at night these spirits frequently can be cast out. Everybody's case is individual. Got to get before God. Do you have something that needs to be cast out? You have to ask the Lord. If not, is it your own soul? If it is your own soul you have to ask God to help you. I know when I first came to the Lord 15 years ago I was being hassled by this. I wouldn't go to sleep without praying, and I was afraid to close my eyes to go to sleep. When you are sleeping you can't even wake up. They got you when you are sleeping. I wouldn't go to sleep without praying and then one night I thought it was a dream, but it wasn't a dream, and whatever it was, I don't know whether it was my own soul or a spirit, but came to me at night and said, "Now sister Sheila just lean back and enjoy it." And this man appeared. I'm watching this whole thing, and he said, "Now look you have got to leave her alone," and his voice was beautiful. It was a heavenly voice, and it wasn't angry and it wasn't harsh, and I just knew it was the Lord, and I had been crying out to Him, and the voice said to this thing, "You have got to leave her alone, you've got to go." And the other voice argued a couple of times and He said, "No, you have got to go." And I woke up the next morning. Was it a spirit, was it cast out of me? Not to my knowledge. I just know that it went out of my life, and I wasn't afraid to go to sleep at night any more, but it started again a couple of months ago, and I am here today to share with you what God has taught me because it started on a whole new level, and as far as I am concerned I believe the Lord is telling me I had this victory 15 years ago, that this is what I'm up against right now. That God has given me an incredible victory, and I need to share it with you. I have been sleeping like a baby, no problems. So, this is where you have to start. If it is a spirit of Incubus or Succubus it may need to be cast out, it may not. You have to get before God. You have to be willing to have it cast out if that is what you need. You have to get before God and say, Lord do what ever is necessary because I have a revelation that if I don't get help now this thing is going to escalate, and I'm going to be brought into bondage to this, so Lord does it need to be cast out? If not, is it just my own unconscious mind? If it is I confess it, and if it is any of these things it is sin and needs to be confessed as sin. Sin of what? Sin of lust. There is no condemnation in this, but call it what it is. Lust, fantasy lust, masturbation or what have you been involved in the world? Fornication, adultery, any other kind of perversion you might have experienced? Any form of intercourse that is other than the standard is perverse in God's eyes. All needs to be confessed from your earliest years needs to be confessed as sin. Incest, you have incest in there? It is sin. The Lord's not condemning you, but it is sin. It was forced on you, but it is still sin that you were engaged in it. You initiated it, it is sin. No condemnation, but Brethren, you have got to confess that thing. If it was only one time it is still sin, and you have to tell the Lord that you want a cleansing that is going to cause your own soul to lose the power to do this to you, and don't stop praying the prayer until the Lord makes it a reality for you. Don't stop praying, and don't stop confessing and repenting until these things stop hassling you. This is no joke. It is very serious.


The next category is that you have taken this before the Lord, and you have done all you know how to do. You've confessed your sins, you've repented, and as far as you know God has got to do it for you. Maybe you are being influenced by someone else's soul. This is called seduction. Seduction, Brethren. There is something from outside of you coming to you to stir up what you have already taken the victory over. You've got this thing under control. It doesn't bother you any more, and all of a sudden you've got a problem. What's going on here when you are fast asleep in the middle of the night, all of a sudden you wake up and there is someone in bed with you. Well, if you wake up it is a blessing. The danger is that it is happening when you are in a dead sleep, and when you are in a dead sleep it is happening in the spirit, but your body is like in a trance because you are sleeping, and one of the things that you want to do when someone else is astral projecting into your bed, Brethren, what you want to do and what you want to ask the Lord to help you to do is wake up. You want to wake up because, you see, your conscious mind is not in agreement with this. When you are in a deep sleep you are like paralyzed, it is like there is nothing that you could do. You want to wake up, and there really is such a thing called the "witching hour." There is an hour when we are most susceptible to this kind of thing. It is generally between 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning and 4 a.m. Now in your case, it could start a little earlier or end a little later. Those are the areas of the morning when the witches are most powerful, when astral projection is most likely to occur and when you are most vulnerable. Also, during this time period between 1 and 4, approximately, if you are on a normal schedule with most of the world which sleeps between 11-6 in the morning, you are in the deepest hours of your sleep between 1 and 4. Some of you may have read up on this and know that when you begin to sleep you start off in a shallow sleep, and if you sleep 6 or 8 hours you continue to descend into a deeper and deeper and deeper sleep and then as you start to wake up in the morning it is just like you are a graph. It goes down, you descend into the deepest sleep, and then it comes up again, and most people dream just before they are waking up, and I think they call it REM sleep. It is not a deep level of sleep, but the time that someone is most likely to astral project and attempt to engage in sexual activity with you on a spiritual level is when you are in your deepest level of sleep, and why then? Because you can't wake up, but Jesus can wake you up. You have got to wake up. That's when they have the power to do it, in the deep sleep. So one of your prayers should be if you are suffering from this, one of your prayers should be, Jesus, of course I don't want it to happen at all, but until I get strong enough to stop it from happening, if it happens wake me up, wake me up, because when you wake up and put on the light, put on a tape, you don't have to stay up for the rest of the night, but it brings you up out of that deep sleep, and then after 5 or 10 minutes when you go back to sleep you are in the shallow sleep again. It is much harder for a spirit to molest you when you are in a shallow sleep than when you are in a deep sleep so you want to wake up. You want to be asking the Lord to wake you up. He may just wake you up somewhat, and as soon as you experience any consciousness at all you must fight to wake up, and tell that thing to go away. You have authority in Christ to send it "packing." Command it to go away. It is not a dream. You are not having a dream. You are having a visitation from someone who has astral projected out of their body, and it may be your soul. I don't know, it could go either way. You have to ask the Lord, you have to be willing to fearlessly face the truth. If your soul is the soul that astral projecting you have to face it, you have to ask the Lord, it's got to stop because the spiritual authority that's doing this, if you don't know you are doing it, the spiritual power in you that's enabling you to astral project yourself has an authority over you. He will use you as a slave for his own purposes, and if you don't stop it now it will escalate downward, and you will find yourself being used by Satan for diabolical purposes. It is not a dream. It is a real spiritual experience, and it is happening to you. Don't stick your head in the sand. So, if it is someone else's soul that's approaching you or if it is your soul which is astral projecting against your will you must confess this as sin, and you must repent, and you must ask the Lord to help you, you must cry out to the Lord Jesus Christ who has already overcome the world, and tell him that Christ Jesus in you is not strong enough to deal with this, and you need help, and you go to sleep at night and you pray against every sin that you know that you have. I pray against everything. Brethren, everyone of us at the very least has the potential for every sin. Our soul is a harlot. I go to sleep at night, I cry out to God, I say I'm sorry for any sin in my heart, and I rebuke all this stuff, lust, fantasy lust, masturbation, fornication, anything I can think of, adultery, incest, anything, because it doesn't have to be something that you have done. It can be something that your ancestors did, it could be something on your family line. Every sexual sin I can think of I rebuke it, and I tell it to be gone from me, and it is possible to recognize the personality that's molesting you. If you recognize the personality you speak to it, and you tell it that it cannot come into your bed at night. If you recognize it you speak directly to it, and even if you cannot recognize it I would speak a general prayer to where ever witchcraft might be stirring this up to harass me. I will not receive astral projecting souls in my bed at night. You have authority in Christ, you have got to speak the word, and then I cover myself with the blood of Jesus, and I surround myself with angels and Cherubim with flaming swords, and I cry out to Jesus, and I say, please protect me, and it still wasn't working for me. Why wasn't it working? Because in my case, the Lord has revealed to me, I've had a brand new experience. As it turns out that this witches coven that I've been tangling with over there in ? had actually been praying witchcraft against me, that had been designed to, and has succeeded on several occasions, in manipulating my body. So I have experienced this, I've experienced a couple of different souls coming into my bed, actually trying to have sex with me, I was actually aware of a person in bed with me, and then it escalated to this. I controlled it somewhat. I was very distressed, but I controlled it somewhat, and then it escalated to this, just manipulation of my body. I was very distressed, could not figure out what was going on, why I couldn't take the victory until the Lord showed me that I was being manipulated from within. It was nothing outside, there was no soul astral projecting into my bed. My body was being manipulated from within, and I cried out to God, I received some knowledge from Him, and this is what He told me, that these witches have the power to manipulate my brain and my hormonal glands. I got that in the spirit, and one day...this is how God talks to me. Take an example, He may not talk to you the same way, but this is the same way He talks to me. It can only help you to hear it. He had me turn on the TV one day and for ten minutes there was some kind of science program. I heard something about the cerebral cortex, and it was just quickened to me that those curses were going right into my cerebral cortex, and He sent me to the library. I got a whole slew of books out on the brain, and I have found out after looking through these books that sexual response is strictly brain function and hormone function, that if your brain and the glands that produce the hormones are not functioning there isn't anything that can happen to your body that can turn you on. It's all from within, and I got a confirmation of several things that He had told me in the spirit, and I was shown how to pray and to take authority over my own brain. Up until this time I had been trying to take authority over my body, and where I had once succeeded I was now failing, and the reason that I was failing was that it was working at one point, but it stopped working when it was actually witchcraft being directed toward the points in my brain that produce sexual responses. So praying against this stuff wasn't helping because where it is your own soul, and I didn't think it was my own soul any more, but what do I know, pride will kill you. I said, well if it is my own soul I just want it to stop, and if it was somebody else's soul I was rebuking it and commanding it to go away, and it wasn't working because the stimulation was no longer coming from the outside. It was my brain that was being stimulated, and my glands. So, therefore, in that instance, the warfare that I had to pray which has worked, absolutely worked, is that I am taking authority over my brain. I know it sounds crazy, Brethren, but if you are being hassled, and you don't even try it you are a fool.


This is what I've been taught. The centers of the human brain that control sexual responses are: The cerebral cortex, the hypothalamus, the sacral cord, which I believe is the cord that's in the spinal column, and the pituitary gland, which is in the brain. Also, I've been speaking to the hormone flow. In a woman the hormone that is largely responsible for sexual response, the woman is not likely to respond at all without estrogen flowing, concerned with the flow of estrogen. In a man, there is no way that you will have any kind of sexual activity without two hormones. The first hormone is testosterone, and the second one is androgen, but testosterone is the key to male sexuality. When a man is castrated the part of his body that produces the testosterone is that which is castrated, and that's why his sexual appetite dies. So this is how I've been praying. I have been speaking unto my body, and if you know anything about witchcraft at all, if you speak to people especially who do African witchcraft, they speak to a person's body, they speak to their mind. I found out in this recent trip to Africa that they speak to the animals, that a lion can be charging them, and as Jesus said to the waves, peace be still, they speak to the lion, and he stops dead in his tracks. I checked it out with several people in Africa who did not even know each other, and apparently there are tribes that have this power. They don't own a gun, they don't own a spear, they don't own a bow and arrow. Their sole weapon in the jungle is their mind, and that they have leopards walking around in their camp which they have tamed with their mind, and somehow they use them for whatever purposes they use them for in the camps. Leopards, full grown leopards. How do they do it? They speak to them. So this is what the Lord has shown me to do. I go to sleep at night, I do all this stuff, I confess any potential sin, sins I know about, sins I don't know about that may be happening in my mind that I don't know about. I confess it, I rebuke all of these possibilities that I named here, everything that's on this board, incest, fornication, lust, masturbation, anything that comes to my mind, confess it as sin, and I rebuke it and forbid it in my life. I speak to any astral projecting soul and tell it that it cannot enter into my household, into my bed, and then I go after my brain, and I name these areas, the cerebral cortex, the hypothalamus, the sacral cord, and the pituitary gland, and I speak to it, and I tell it now hear this, you will not respond to any command from any mind or any spirit other than Christ. You will not rise up in any measure of activity unless Christ tells you to do it, and since I'm not married He's not likely to be telling you to do it so go to sleep. I command you to go into dormancy. I'm not killing you, I'm not castrating you permanently, but you will go into dormancy until such time, and I'm not even dealing with that now, that I should find myself married. I'm saying this personally, I don't think that is going to happen to me. I'm just giving a general teaching here. Until such time as you find yourself married, that these brain and hormonal activities are to go into hibernation, dormancy, and you are not to function, and you are not to obey any voice or any spirit other than Christ, and I cover these areas with the blood of Jesus, and I surround them with angels, and Cherubim with flaming swords. I speak to my hormonal output, now you have to be careful because you need some hormones in your body for other purposes, I command it to remain at whatever level is necessary for health but which will not produce sexual arousal, and if you are a man it is testosterone and androgen. You need to be telling your body to produce only levels of these hormones that allow normal functioning because these hormones not only stimulate sexual activity, they do other things for your body, and you have to have a little bit of it in your body. I absolutely forbid this body to have any form of sexual activity outside of the direct dominion of Christ, and I want to tell you I have not been sleeping so well since I can't remember when. For the last 2-3 years I've been awaked at 2 a.m., 3 a.m., 4 a.m., didn't even know what it was. Not necessarily hassled sexually, just woken up all night long. Now I'm sleeping right through. I'm waking up in the morning feeling rested, and I'm certainly not being hassled by these visitations which were absolutely horrendous. Waking up, not even waking up, but having your consciousness awakened and finding some soul in bed with you and you have nothing to say about it, and then this was the worst, this was the absolute worst when there was nobody even there, and these things were happening to your body that you didn't even know how it was happening to you. Well, let me give you the whole story. When I had these experiences with this witchcraft I believed that I actually saw the person. In the astral projection the soul came into my bed and was actually trying to engage in the sexual act with me. Over here, with the witchcraft it was not that, but I actually saw the witch casting the spell on two different occasions, and both times they were talking to somebody. I couldn't see the other person. Two times I had that experience, but I saw them both times. Now whether or not it was a real person, I think it was, they appeared to me as if you would see somebody under water. They looked a little surrealistic as if you were peering through water and the person was under water, but I think I saw them. One of them was a Japanese, one of them looked like one of these Japanese wrestlers, these big strong husky guys that do Karate, and he was at some kind of an altar, and there were candles burning every where, and that was the first time when I got this revelation, before I went to sleep at night I had cursed this activity in my cerebral cortex, and I heard him saying to somebody, this is really funny because I had forgotten I had cursed this activity, and I had this experience and I heard him saying "I can't do it because of the curse," and I didn't know what it meant until I mentioned it to Rita. He must be talking about the curse you put on that activity in your cerebral cortex, and I said, hey, wow, I forgot all about that. The second time it happened to me it was a women, it was a lesbian spirit, I know what she looked like, I could tell you what she was wearing, and I heard her saying to somebody else, "Well try this." In other words they had tried two or three things and they couldn't pull it off, and she said "Try this one." And that was the last straw, I woke up that morning and I said, Lord this just can't continue, and the result of my very unhappy experiences is this teaching, and I believe that this tape is going to be a great help to people. When God first started me doing tapes like this....we have a couple of tapes on sexual problems, it was very hard for me, and I was very embarrassed, but I have had so many people write to me that have gotten these tapes, and told me how much they have been helped by them. I just know there is no place for embarrassment. Somebody has to do it, and if God has picked me, well....so we have got this on tape, and I think this will be a very valuable tape. Some real information for some real problems, and it is something that the traditional church doesn't really deal with very much. The Lord told me last night to bring it forth today, so just rounding it up, I feel the Lord saying to emphasize this: wake up, wake up. And let me tell you this that as I started to take authority over this situation it did not just go away. When I first started praying this way I still had night time visitations, but they became weaker and weaker and less advanced, and then finally after about two or three nights I found I was waking up and I struggled, I put the light on, I put a tape on and sent it packing, and my last experience was that I actually saw a soul coming towards me, and I rebuked it and it went before it even touched me, and last night I just slept right through. I'm not taking any chances. I intend to pray this way every night for at least quite a while. It has been a horrible couple of months, very humiliating and very upsetting to have so little control over your own body and your own life. Remember you have to get out of that deep sleep, and you have to take authority over your own pride, and you have all the information, Brethren, you have no more excuse. Whoever God is sending this to, whoever this tape is going to, whoever is being hassled you have no more excuse. You have your battle plan, and it is on tape. It is God's answer to somebody's prayer. It wouldn't surprise me at all to find out that God let this happen to me so that I could find the answer to someone who has been crying out. God does things like that. He lets you experience other people's unhappy experiences because you are capable of receiving the information from Him as to how to deal with it, and the other person is incapable of it, so He sacrifices you and lets you have this terrible experience so that you can get the answers for the other people. Do you know that Christ does that? He does that. He sacrifices His own Son. He lets you experience other people's sins so that you can be a help to people who can't hear from you like you can. Now, I don't know for sure that's what happened but it is a possibility because I haven't been bothered by anything like this in at least 12-14 years, but then again it is possible those witches were going after me along those lines.            


COMMENT: Concerning the witchcraft you mentioned a love potion. Just how do they work something like that? Do they drink a love potion or do incantations?


 PASTOR VITALE: It is my understanding that it can be either way. If you recall the movie that we saw on witchcraft, remember the day Celey brought a movie here, and then I preached a message after it? There was a love potion there. The name of the movie was The Believers. There was a love potion in that movie, and it wasn't anything that was drank. It was just some objects that were prayed over and placed somewhere in the household, and there was a man and a woman who were being drawn together, and they had no idea that it was because of spiritual power. Sometimes in some cases the people are given something to drink which is a much stronger curse. If you ingest something, if it goes into your body it has much more power, and usually it has to be brought up out of your body. Once it mixes in with your flesh or is absorbed into the blood you have really got a problem. But, of course, Jesus can do anything.


COMMENT: Is it usually a liquid or any means of mixing stuff?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, it depends on what kind of witchcraft it is, and it could be many different things.


COMMENT: You mentioned a woman became pregnant by a spirit. I don't understand how that could happen. I know Mary became pregnant by the Holy Spirit which was a sovereign act of God, but how can a spirit impregnate a woman?


PASTOR VITALE: It is not a situation where a male seed joins with the female seed. When a mind, spirit is mind, causes a woman to conceive the spirit does not impart a seed. The spirit merely stimulates the woman's body, and when that happens the woman can only bear a female child. If you know anything about science, which most of here don't, I don't know that much about it myself, but science usually works with electrical impulses. Why? Because there is power in electricity. You need a power source. If you remember the movie about Frankenstein, this crazy doctor sewed all these body parts together, and when he tried to give the body life he ran electrical charges through it. Do you remember that movie? Spirit is likened unto electricity so the way it works is that the spirit goes to the woman....see, spirit is a higher life form than soul. When I say spiritual authority, think electrical impulse. It's like a scientist saying, Well I put an electrode on a woman's body, hooked it up to her ovaries, and when the electrical power was strong enough the ovum started to reproduce itself. What happens when an egg is fertilized? The cell begins to multiply. You have one cell, then you have two, then you have four, then you have eight, then you have sixteen, and eventually it becomes a whole new baby. Now that which starts the ovum to multiply is when a male seed joins with the egg, but it is possible, at least in theory, if you have an energy source which is powerful enough and at the same time won't destroy the woman, to stimulate an ovum, a single egg, to start it multiplying you don't need the male seed. What you do is to start the ovum multiplying, and it is possible in theory that an electrical charge can do the same thing that a male seed can do. Can you at least hear what I'm saying? The human body is all chemicals and electrical impulses which come from the brain. Everything we are. We are a mass of chemicals and electrical impulses that are all generated from systems within the body, and the energy source within the body is spirit.


COMMENT: I am thinking of virtual reality, and in something like that I can see a birth taking place.


PASTOR VITALE: Somebody with a strong enough mind can cause a woman to conceive. Somebody with a strong enough mind can cause a human being to have sexual experiences which is what is happening with virtual reality, exactly what you are saying. You don't need anybody except yourself. All you need is the spiritual power to make it real, and that's what virtual reality is, and the power you have that makes it real is the computer. It's electrical power coming from the computer that's touching your brain, and people are having sexual experiences with themselves in an image that they see on the computer. What is happening? It is exactly what I was talking about. You turn on the computer, and the computer is stimulating your brain center. You look at the picture of the woman on the screen, your brain center and your glandular systems are stimulated, and you have an experience all by yourself. Who needs a husband or a wife? It's the latest thing going. Listen, no problems, no arguments, no fights, no disagreements.


COMMENT: Society is really pushing it because there's no much AIDS going on and things like that. Now the Scriptures say that's calling good as evil and evil as good. They are saying this is a good thing because it will eliminate people getting AIDS.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, it may be good now looking at it from that perverted point of view, but what they don't see is that everybody who engages in this kind of thing, everybody who engages in on-going habitual masturbation, anybody who engages in on-going relationships with a doll or whatever they are using out there today, is setting themselves up for Demonic domination. It doesn't look that way now, but you will reach the point where the unseen spirit world will take control over you, and you will become their slave, and that's what nobody sees now. The principle is evident in the world today with alcohol and drugs. It becomes addictive, and you think you can stop whenever you want until you try to stop, and you find out that it is a lie in your mind, and that you are no longer controlling this activity, but that this activity is controlling you.


As I read these books on the brain I found a couple of things that were very interesting. I found a witness to what I've been preaching here that human beings in this hour are spiritually speaking are pre-puberty, and spiritually asexual which means that spiritual sexuality is good and evil, and most people are not engaged in spiritual activity right now just as little children even though they have male and female bodies are not sexually active. Humanity is going into puberty, and we are about to start to differentiate. That means sexual male and female behavior is at the point where it is about to really break forth, spiritually speaking. People are going to start exercising spiritual power, and that spiritual power is either going to be good or it is going to be evil, and I've been teaching that here for a while now, and I've also preached here that each individual will reach a point where you will be differentiated. You will either be a human being that is good or a human being that is evil, and once you differentiate there will be no turning back. Once it is determined whether you are good or evil there will be no turning back, and I found that principle in one of these books, and it talks about the formation of the fetus. I've known for a long time that every fetus is asexual. At the beginning the sex is not determined whether it is going to be a male or a female baby. It starts out exactly the same, the same lump of protoplasm, the same hormones, and it is just like a piece of clay that's not formed. Either the fetus turns into an emotional male, because you are not just physical, your sexuality is emotional as well as physical. The fetus turns into a male or it turns into a female depending on the hormones that are released into the fetus. Both male and female fetuses are exactly the same up until a certain stage of development when the hormones start to flow, and then the same areas of flesh develop one way or develop another way depending on the hormones, and it says in that book that once the fetus is developed as male or female you can't change it. Once the body is formed male, you are male. The body is formed female you are female. There is no going back. I just saw it as another witness to what God has been showing me. In this hour there are spiritual hormones going out into the living soul, there are spiritual hormones going out right now, and some of us are developing into Christ, and some of us are developing into Satan, and there is a point of no return. Once your mind is developed to a certain point of evil there is no going back, and once your mind is developed to a certain point of righteousness in Christ there is no going back, but what people need to know that they don't know, that they are not hearing is that because this world is under Satan's dominion everybody here is going to develop to be a female. See, Satan is female spiritually. Every human being here will develop into a spiritual female unless the spiritual hormone, the male spiritual hormone, is administered to us, and that male spiritual hormone is Christ, and that's exactly the physical situation. Every fetus developed will be a female child unless the male hormone, I think it is androgen, is secreted into the blood system of that child. It will be female. So we see that to make a human child a male something that is not initially present must be added, and it is the same condition spiritually. Every human being alive will be spiritually female unless Christ is added to them. That's why if you get a mind which is strong enough to stimulate a woman's ovum to start to multiply, that can be done, I don't honestly know if it's been done in a lab or not, but theoretically it can be done, you can only produce a female child under those circumstances because what it takes to make a male child is what they call the Y chromosome. X is female, and Y is male. So if you take an egg from a woman, if you take an ovum, she already has the X chromosome, it's in the egg. What she doesn't have is the Y chromosome. It takes a male seed to produce a Y chromosome. So if the woman is reproducing by psychic stimulation the child has to be female because there is no Y chromosome present. Are you following me? Of course, some of the male seed are X. That's how you get a girl. Some of the male seed is X, and some of the male seed is Y. So, if the male seed is X then it has to be a girl because the female seed is always X. So it is when you get a male Y seed that it produces a male child. Physically speaking, the males are much more vulnerable than the females. They die more easily. Male fetuses abort more easily. They get sick and die more easily. It's very hard for a male, both physical and spiritual to exist in this world. Woman are much stronger. They are physically stronger and emotionally stronger. They are much stronger, and we are just a natural type of the spiritual reality. That's how the Mind of Christ died at the beginning of time. The carnal mind was stronger than He was. I hope I answered your question. We got off the track there.


So, that is what is happening in this hour. I keep getting confirmation and confirmation and confirmation from the Lord because it sounds like a science fiction story that He has me preaching, but I believe it is a message He has given to me, and Noah preached for 120 years, and nobody believed him, and nobody believes me, but I really don't care. The only thing that I care about is that God should find me faithful, and I hope that He lets me enter in, and that's all that I care about. My service is unto God. As long as you are here I'll minister to you and love you, I love everybody, I love people in Christ. If you go away I'll minister to whoever He brings here. That's the only way I can survive. I can't survive with any other attitude. Who ever comes here, I am here to impregnate you with Christ, and it's very hard to get a woman to conceive. Thousands of sperm go forth, and only one of them fertilizes an egg. The physical environment in a woman's body is very hostile. It kills the sperm off. I saw a TV program once, and it is a miracle every time a woman conceives. Every time a spiritual woman conceives it is a miracle. So if you come here and you conceive, fine. If you come here and you don't conceive, there is nothing I can do about it. One can plant and one can water, but only Christ can give the increase. I can do the best I can do for you, but God decides whether or not you differentiate into Christ. He has the final word.


COMMENT: There is a woman whose husband has died, but evidently he has sperm in a sperm bank....does this have any kind of spiritual significance?


PASTOR VITALE: You mean the sperm wasn't donated for her, it was in a general sperm bank?


COMMENT: It was. I guess they planned on having children later on.


PASTOR VITALE: Why can't she get it?


COMMENT: She's not pushing for it, the man is dead. How do you make a man who is dead a father?


PASTOR VITALE: I don't understand what the problem is.


COMMENT: Well, the legal thing is that the man is dead so how can he two years later be put down as the father.


PASTOR VITALE: Are you just talking about the technicality of the birth certificate?


PASTOR VITALE: I don't see any problem. There must be some law that I am not aware of. I don't see any problem, put the guy's name down. There must be some legal technicality that's going over my head.


COMMENT: If he's dead can she still carry the name?


PASTOR VITALE: Sure, I'm divorced, and I carry my ex-husband's name. If he was dead you would certainly do so. So, I don't understand what the problem is. I guess there must be technicality about the birth certificate. There must be some Pharisaical letter of the law about the birth certificate, but I don't have an opinion because I don't understand what it is, but it must be an issue of law.


COMMENT: Earlier you said that Jesus was not affected by sexuality at all, and in view of the fact that we have learned here that Jesus was not perfect at birth and that He had to overcome, I believe that He was not affected in the sense that spiritually He was as if He was castrated, but at what point did that happen is my question because He must have had to overcome. He was in imperfect man with the carnal mind from His mother, Mary, so included with that carnal mind was the sexuality.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, overcoming is a process. I would think that He didn't overcome until He was caught up to Full Stature, but there is a progression. I believe that first you overcome your own body. Just like a natural fast. If there's anybody here who has fasted, after a certain amount of time you really are not even hungry any more. You don't feel the hunger, and sexuality is an appetite. There is a piercing through. It can be tormenting for a season, but you reach a point where you are not tormented any more, where your body goes into dormancy in that area, but it can be revived at any time that you should get married or whatever, so it is a process of overcoming. First, you overcome your own body and your own mind. You really have to accept it in your mind, and you overcome your body. Then, you find yourself being stimulated by other people's minds because this whole existence is a seduction so after you succeed in taking dominion over your own body and your own mind, Satan is sending other people's bodies and other people's minds to stir up what you have under control. So that's an overcoming. That's another overcoming. If you are in the presence of someone else who has lust and their lust is stirring up your lust which was sleeping fine until you started hanging out with this other person. That's another overcoming that you have to say to your body, Well does it matter who you hanging out with, you are going to obey my command, you are not going to obey the spiritual command of someone else's mind, and then when you overcome that then you have to deal with these witches actually manipulating your body from a distance, and then eventually you stand up. Let me say this. Sexuality is an appetite which originates with the carnal mind. When your mind is no longer carnal you won't desire it at all. Human sexuality is something that the carnal mind wants. Christ wants a sexual relationship on the spiritual realm with the Father. Christ does not use this body for gratification. The carnal mind uses this body for gratification. The carnal mind uses this body for reproduction. Christ doesn't reproduce that way. That's why there is no marriage or giving in marriage in heaven because Christ doesn't reproduce in this kind of body. Christ reproduces by the spirit. Christ receives satisfaction on every level by the spirit so the whole problem is our mind. If you can hear it, just like everything else about our condition in this world, I've been preaching it for years here, it looks like it is outside of us, but it is not outside of us. It is inside of us. It looks like the demons are outside of us, but they are not. They are inside of us. Spiritual things are within. Well, in the same manner it looks like your sexual appetites are stirred up from external sources. You see something that you like, you hear something that you like, but it is not true. Your sexuality is stirred up from within, and as I said earlier tonight I found out when I read all these books that what I had heard correctly from God, that if the sexual centers in your brain and if the glands and the hormones that produce sexual response are not operating correctly there is nothing external that could stimulate your body. Nothing. Nothing could make you function from the outside if the brain centers are not operating correctly, and if your glands are not producing the proper hormones. You would be a dead hunk of meat. There is nothing that could turn you on. So, if it is the mind which is carnal which is causing these reactions in your flesh, when your carnal mind dies, and isn't that what we are preaching here, the death of the carnal mind? When your carnal mind dies your body is not going to respond that way any more, and then you will be a true eunuch. See, spiritual castration is in the mind, and not only that but I was preaching this six years ago, and I didn't even know what I was preaching, that the carnal mind is going to be castrated. I didn't understand it on this level. I know I was preaching it in the 38 series from the point of view that the carnal mind is engaged in spiritual adultery with the human spirit, and that the carnal mind is going to lose its power to continue on in this spiritual adultery and, therefore, spiritually speaking the carnal mind was being castrated. I had the word, but I didn't really understand it like I understand it now. It's all in the mind. So the carnal mind is the mind of the beast. When the mind of the beast is destroyed you will no longer desire sex of the body because your mind will be Christ. You will desire sex of the spirit, and although I've had some taste of it I understand that it is really almost impossible for the average person to believe this because I just had a little taste of it. Spiritual sex with Christ is far superior to anything that you could experience in the flesh, and I know that's hard to believe for people who have never experienced spiritual sex and are very engaged in human sexuality. I confess to you that you must think I am crazy, but I'm telling you that it's the truth. Why is it the truth? You never ever have enough of human sexuality. There are problems surrounding it. You have to get a partner. Your partner has to be in agreement if you are going to do it in a Godly way. That's why so many people today are promiscuous today because it is easy to get sex with different partners, once here, twice there, no problems. If you have to get sex with your wife, well, you have to keep her happy. You have to be engaged in an on-going relationship. That's hard, that's really hard, living in an on-going relationship with somebody where you are compromising and where you have to love them and where there are all kinds of emotional and mental factors involved in your sex life. That's hard. It is much easier to just go out and get a prostitute, get a one-night stand. God says you are not supposed to be doing that other stuff. So, if you want to be sexually gratified in a legal way you have to have a relationship with that woman that's going to make her want you, and that's not an easy thing, and, even if she wants you, maybe she is sick, maybe she doesn't feel well, maybe a member of her family died and she's away for a few months. Human sexuality is anything but perfect. It is most imperfect. Then you have people who may know what they are doing, other people don't know what they are doing, and right in marriage they are using the sex life to control, to punish. People use sex for all kinds of unGodly reasons. They use it for blackmail, for extortion. Human sexuality has a tremendous potential to do harm to individuals. That's why God says, you can enjoy it in marriage and even in marriage don't withhold yourself from one another, don't use it to punish, don't use it to extort, don't use it for unGodly purposes because it is the tendency of human beings to do that, but spiritual sexuality when you are up there is perfect. People that aren't experiencing this must think I'm some kind of a nut that I'm not. I'm telling you, I'm not. It's the truth.


Do you know how many people in this world are in torment over their sexual relationships with their spouses? It is a unique blessing to be married any period of time and have a very rewarding sex life. One wants it, one doesn't want it, people are not at all aware of their emotions, hating each other, punishing each other, manipulating one another. It's a mess. It's really a mess. Do you know how many people are in marriage counseling because their sex life is no good? It's not perfect. There is something better, but it is hard to believe. When you are down here in the flesh it's a hard thing to believe, but I'm telling you the truth. You have to ascend to get it. Just simply as proof as how imperfect human sexuality is, is all of these people going for virtual reality. All this telephone sex that's going on. That's how prostitutes prosper so well, but you see with some people it is not enough just to have a prostitute, they want love with it. It's very hard to achieve love and sex together. You are a blessed person if you've got that. That's a prize, and then to have it last for more than a short time, well you are really a blessed person. I know what I'm talking about. Do a survey, you will find out how many married people don't have sex or have it with all kinds of varying degrees of satisfaction. It is an activity which has the potential to cause great pain or great pleasure, and it needs to be controlled severely. If you let sexuality control you, you will find yourself in hell. If not sick and dying you will find yourself in an emotional hell. I hope I answered your question. It is a gradual overcoming on different levels, but I don't believe that true eunuch-hood occurs until full stature when the carnal mind is completely paralyzed. In other words, what I'm saying in another way is that true eunuch-hood is spiritual castration, and that isn't until the carnal mind is completely put down.


COMMENT: Am I right in believing that Jesus had to overcome in that area?




COMMENT: That He also was tormented by the carnal mind in that area? We had said that He had to overcome, and He had problems with the carnal mind and demons, and He overcame. Then in this area, is that true? That's also an issue that He had to overcome in His sexuality?


PASTOR VITALE: Before I answer your question I want to comment on something that you said. I heard you say that Jesus had problems with demons, OK? I don't know that He had problems with demons. He may have had some demons. Whether or not problems with them, I don't know. So I just want that on the tape. I would like to point out to you that Jesus was born into an Orthodox Jewish family which had been serving Jehovah for generations. That means the curses were at a minimum, and any demonic activity that was there was at a minimum, and also Jesus lived in a society where it was just a matter of fact that you just didn't engage in sexual activity unless you were married. I think a lot of the problem that we are having in this society today is the mental set of the society, advertisements on the TV, the concept that sex is this high prize that everybody is supposed to be out there looking for all the time. A lot of your feelings is how you think. If you are raised in a society where it is unheard of that you have sex before marriage you are much less likely to be tormented than in this society where it is considered a prize every time you make it with some woman outside of marriage, and in a society where you are watching TV with all these, for all intents and purposes, they are prostitutes on TV saying, call me up. It is stimulating you, and the whole society has become reprobate. I spoke to an Egyptian man once, and they don't have sex in Egypt before marriage, and that's just the way it is. The men don't have sex before marriage in Egypt, that's just the way it is, and it is just accepted and they just deal with it You don't have sex before you get married, and it the whole society that's in agreement, and there is strength in a group mind that's in agreement, that you don't sex before you get married. I know, years ago they didn't have the kind of problems with children that they have today because the whole society was in agreement that children would be in submission to their parents, children had to be in submission to their teachers, children had to be in submission to the local pastor of the priest, children had to be in submission to the adults in the whole extended family, children were in submission, and it was much easier raising children then than it is raising children today because the whole society was in agreement that children were to be in submission to authority. So the group mind or the group attitude is very important. So to what degree Jesus was hassled by it, I don't know.


COMMENT: For some reason it is in my mind that when He was baptized at the Jordan, and went through the temptation that, that was an area that He overcame, and then Satan left Him for a season. I don't know if this is true, but this is what's in my mind that in the temptation that these things came up from His mind, the carnal mind. It wasn't somebody standing by Him that was taking on a form that was Satan, whispering in his ear, it was His mind, and that He had a lust for fame because He was thinking of wanting the whole world, and Satan was saying, I'll give you the whole world, right, is this correct? Because it is not Satan standing in front of Him saying, this world is mind, I'll give you this whole world, but Jesus' carnal mind He had to overcome, that His carnal mind was saying, it was the other side of Him saying, I would like the whole world, but He looked away from it and said, I don't want that and He chose Christ. Is that correct?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I don't really know that I would say it exactly like that to say that Jesus had lust for fame. I would draw the line between the corporate unconscious mind which is that man, fallen Adam, and the individual in his conscious mind. So for me, to hear someone say, Jesus had a lust for fame, what that says to me would mean that the conscious mind of the man Jesus had a lust for fame, and I don't know that He did, but I believe the corporate unconscious mind of man lusts for everything.


COMMENT: So, His unconscious mind came up and tempted Him to lust for the world, and He overcame it.




 COMMENT: OK, so then what I'm thinking in the same sense is that the unconscious mind came up and tempted Him with sexual pleasure, and He overcame it at that time. Is that a possibility?


 PASTOR VITALE: Well, it is a possibility, but I do point out to you that it doesn't say so in the Scriptures. We have done an in-depth study on the temptation, and human sexuality was not one of the primary areas of temptation.


COMMENT: I just know you said Jesus was a eunuch which means spiritually castrated, and I'd like to know at what point. You said Paul was a eunuch, and you are saying that there is a difference between celibacy in fasting and eunuch, and where was Jesus? He was at a time where He was celibate and fasting and not yet into eunuch-hood, and then there was a time when He was a eunuch, do you know that point?


PASTOR VITALE: I've already said it. I believe, and it is just my opinion because I don't know, it was at Full Stature, it was a process which ended in Full Stature. The castration of the carnal mind, the death of the carnal mind, is the death of human sexual desire because the root of sexual desire originates with the carnal mind.


COMMENT: So, it is correct He went into Full Stature after the temptation?


PASTOR VITALE: I believe that the Christ mind in Him was caught up to full spiritual maturity before the temptation, and that the temptation began at the moment that Christ in Him was caught up to full spiritual maturity because what we had at the moment that Christ was caught up to full spiritual maturity, what we had was, at that moment, two spiritually mature males on the same territory, and males are territorial, and they both could not last so we found two fully spiritually mature males fighting over who would dominate the territory, and that battle occurred from the second that Jesus was caught up to Full Stature.


COMMENT: Is full spiritual maturity and Full Stature the same thing?


PASTOR VITALE: I think, and this is an area where God could tell me I'm wrong tomorrow, but right now I think that Full Stature and full spiritual maturity are the same thing, but they are a different event than the putting down of the carnal mind, and this is the difference. I think this is what the Lord is saying, that Full Stature and full spiritual maturity is the full maturing of the Christ mind which is the Kingdom of God maturing to its greatest potential, and the difference between Full Stature which was before the temptation and Jesus' condition after the temptation is that Jesus' mind became the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Kingdom of Heaven being a fully mature Kingdom of God which has flipped the carnal mind over on its back and is pressing it down to the mat so it is paralyzed.


COMMENT: And that is Full Stature?


PASTOR VITALE: No, I think Full Stature is the fully mature Kingdom of God, and then we have another event which is the event which results in the Kingdom of God now becoming the Kingdom of Heaven.


COMMENT: and what is that called?


PASTOR VITALE: I don't know.


COMMENT: So He went into Full Stature before the temptation?


PASTOR VITALE: I think so, that's where I am right now.


COMMENT: The carnal mind is paralyzed at that point then? Paralyzation of the carnal mind? He is no longer tempted or bothered by or tormented by sexuality? Is that correct?




COMMENT: So it wasn't an issue mentioned in the Word, but we know that He had to overcome in this area, right?


PASTOR VITALE: What I'm saying is it doesn't appear that it was a primary issue because it was not an issue of the temptation so that must have been dealt with before the temptation. He must have had it very much under control before the temptation. It was not a primary issue.


COMMENT: When Peter, at the point where He was going to go to the cross, if He's in Full Stature then, this looks like the same issue that being able to be stimulated or affected by another person's mind when Peter came to Him, for instance, we don't have a whole lot to go on in the Word, but when Peter came to Him and told Him, Lord you don't have to go to the cross, well if He wasn't able to be affected by another person's mind and the temptation were to come like that, and He overcame Peter's mind by saying, Get behind me Satan. This makes me believe that His carnal mind was still able to be stimulated by another person's mind. Is that correct? Or else the temptation wouldn't have come. Do you understand what I'm saying?


PASTOR VITALE: No, I don't think I really have it.


COMMENT: If you are able to be stimulated or touched by another person's mind in the condition that we are now, I'm saying, is it possible that even in Full Stature it's possible because at the point of going to the cross another person's carnal mind was trying to stimulate Jesus' carnal mind.


PASTOR VITALE: Are you asking me if it is possible for that temptation to come even after Full Stature?


COMMENT: Yes, just like you talk about being manipulated by witches, it is a similar thing, of Peter coming and trying to manipulate Jesus' carnal mind to go the other direction and not go to the cross.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, if I hear you correctly, the temptation continues even after the victory. The difference between Jesus' temptation which I believe was before His mind had ascended to the Kingdom of Heaven. Let me say that another way so that everybody understands. The difference between the temptation that approached Jesus while the carnal mind was still active, and the temptation that approached Jesus after Jesus had paralyzed His carnal mind is this: That so long as our carnal mind has any power to influence us, saying no or resisting that other person's mind is an out and out warfare which we always run the risk of losing that battle if not the war, but once we flip that carnal mind on her back and pin her to the mat and paralyze her then when a carnal mind comes to us to tempt us we already have the upper hand, and Jesus said, the prince of this world cometh, and he has nothing in me. So our only enemy is our own carnal mind. When we have taken complete dominion over our own carnal mind there is nothing outside of us that can hurt us or tempt us. So long as our own carnal mind is still running around, some one else's carnal mind can stimulate our carnal mind, strengthen it, and potentially help it to rise up and kill Christ in us, but once we have paralyzed our carnal mind it is much, much, less likely that some one else's carnal mind can touch us. So, that's a radical difference.


COMMENT: So it didn't affect Him much? I was thinking how could it have happened if it weren't for the fact that Satan had sent him at that moment because he really thought he was going to affect Him, but it didn't affect Him much you are saying?


PASTOR VITALE: It didn't affect Him to the extent that He had no trouble putting it down, just slipped it off like a fly, probably not even any distress, and I can relate to that because there are areas in which I have a lot of overcoming in, and I could really compare the areas of temptation in which I don't have that much overcoming to the areas where I have a lot of overcoming, and it is like day and night. The areas in which I am still vulnerable I've got to really rise up and resist that thing in my emotions, but in the areas where I've really overcome I'm just as cool as a cat, and I'll just look you right in the eye and say, you've got to be kidding, and walk away, and it doesn't affect me, I'm just fine. So I suspect that was His reaction. " I perceive your temptation, but get out of here."


COMMENT: It seems as though this whole experience was just another example for us to follow because I can see it in my own situation where the carnal mind has come between husband and wife. We were just talking about it, in these little picayune things, you know, where it is like a set up where my husband will say something to me which will stir something inside of me, and I come back really strong with my carnal mind and fight, and later on I can see where all these little things have stirred me up to the point where I react out of the carnal mind, and that example of Jesus and Peter was a perfect example for me in my situation. So if He didn't have those things we wouldn't be able to able to follow and see it in our own mind.




COMMENT: It's not wrong to believe then that Jesus was tempted sexually. There's nothing in the King James Bible that indicates anything of the sort, but would it be that the King James may have translated something wrong or maybe that's not true but that it is a fact, I mean it's not blasphemy to believe something like that, that it's a reality that He was, is that right?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, certainly before He went up into Full Stature. I am not sure what you mean by tempted. Do you mean by tempted that something outside of Him was trying to seduce Him or that He was tempted by something within Him? OK, in answer to that I say that after He ascended to Full Stature I do not believe there was anything within Him that was any temptation from within Himself, but before Full Stature definitely He was a natural man.


COMMENT: So then, after that to be tempted from the outward that there was nothing left within Him to be tempted. He came and he found nothing in Him at all to be tempted?        


PASTOR VITALE: Right, His carnal mind was paralyzed.


COMMENT: OK, well the church doesn't teach anything like that at all, and that's why I say it falls along the line that they teach He was perfect from birth, and they just leave the whole aspect of human sexuality out of this whole thing except for this perverted form of Jesus Christ superstar where they make some kind of a perversion out of Him, and we know that's not true, but the issue has never really been dealt with about Jesus of Nazareth having to overcome His sex life.




COMMENT: Too, in a lot of the different religions where there is religious spirits and condemnation in the area of sexuality. Instead of the truth being told to us we are taught religion about it and false overcoming and condemnation.


PASTOR VITALE: That's true.


COMMENT: That's what I grew up with, and I know that, I think it's in the Catholic church too.


 PASTOR VITALE: That's where we find the phenomenon of people leading a double life, you know. They show one life to the public or to their families, and they have some hidden life that's a big secret.


There have been many areas in which the church has failed to meet the people's needs, but the church has been in imperfection, I think God has always had an answer for those who truly cry out to Him. Man's biggest problem is that frequently we cannot recognize God's answers when He gives it to us. People even make a joke about it. You may have heard about the joke about a Christian stranded on an island, crying out to Jesus to save him from the island, and a plane comes overhead and wants to take him away, and he says, oh no, Jesus is going to translate me, I'm going to be spiritually delivered from this island, and he wouldn't get on the plane, and then a boat comes, and the man won't get on the boat because he says, no I have to be spiritually translated, I'm going to be raptured out of here, and the boat goes away, and then there was a third means of transportation, I don't remember what it was, and he wouldn't get on that either, and he's standing there saying, Lord how could you not answer my prayer, I'm asking you for help day and night, and the Lord said, I sent the plane, and I sent the boat, and I sent the other thing, whatever it was, and you wouldn't get on so you are stuck there, and that's about true for the church, he died there. I heard a story about a man of God once, I don't want in any way to diminish his service to the Lord, but I did hear this story, and he was in jail, he was being tortured in a Communist country, and the members of the church raised enough money to get him out. The government would have let him go for this large sum of money, and he wouldn't leave. He said he wanted a supernatural deliverance or he wasn't going, and he stayed there, and they tortured him until he died. It's a religious spirit. Brethren, you have to take God's deliverance however He gives it to you. That was severe pride. I was put to that test. I have received many supernatural healings from the Lord over a period of 5-6 years when the Lord was pouring out that kind of healing anointing in the church. A lot of people received a lot of healings. I got more than my share, God only knows. Then that anointing left the church, and I became very ill unto death, and I said Lord, I'm willing to die, I really don't care, if you want to keep me alive save me, if not I'll die, makes no difference to me, and I was pretty close to death. I think a doctor told me I had another two weeks to live, and the Lord just made it known to me through several prophecies that it was not His intention for me to die, but neither was He going to give me a supernatural healing, and that He wanted me in the hospital, and by the grace of God I heard Him, and I want, and I'm alive today, but if my pride was that sick at that time I would be dead today because He had no intention of healing me supernaturally. That was pretty obvious. Our pride is the death of us, Brethren. Pride must die if you have any hopes to go on with God at all or to make it in this world at all. Your pride will kill you over and over and over again. It will steal every blessing that God sending your way. Your pride hates you with a hate that you can't even imagine. It will steal every good thing in your life from you, every good relationship, every good job, all your money, all your financial blessings, everything. Your pride will destroy you and leave you bleeding and dying on the Jericho Road, and unless Jesus picks you up and breaks your pride you will just die in your sins.


This is the difference between temptation when your carnal mind is still active, and temptation when your carnal mind is paralyzed. This is the difference in how it affects the man. The man whose carnal mind is still active is most likely to experience that temptation in their emotions, and it becomes something that you must fight off. Why? Because your emotions fall into agreement with that temptation. Let me give you an example. If someone is interacting with you and manifesting pride, and pride is an area where you have not completely overcome, which is true of everybody, the person who is manifesting pride, that pride can touch your pride and stir up your pride. Now you have to deal with his pride, and you have to deal with your pride. It may be too much for you. Two carnal minds manifesting pride. It may bring you down. What does that mean? You may start acting in an unGodly manner, but when your carnal mind is paralyzed, when you are in Full Stature, you perceive the other person's pride, not in your emotions, but you perceive it in your spirit, and the example I'll give you for that is as if you perceive something with your eyes, but it has no affect on you at all. When you perceive something with the eyes of your spirit, it means you recognize it, you know that it is there, you perceive it as pride in the other person, but it has not touched your emotions. So, that's when you say the prince of this world cometh, I see him coming, but there is nothing in me that he can stir up; therefore, I do not have to fight a war to not respond to this pride. There is no pride in me to respond, but nevertheless I see it, and I know that it's there in the other person, but I'm as cool at a cat because there is no button in me for his pride to press. That's the difference, and when you are not in Full Stature, I experienced this today, there are areas in my life where I have a very high degree of overcoming, and if people come to me....it's not that the person comes to deliberately seduce you. The person that you are interacting with, if they are manifesting any kind of unGodliness, greed, seduction, manipulation, anything, if you are still susceptible in that area you will find the same sin manifesting in you, but there are areas where I have a lot of overcoming, and I see what people are doing, I see the operation of sin in their mind and in their personality, but there is no danger of me being tempted in that area; therefore, I have no problem viewing that sin without condemnation. I look at it objectively, just like I'm looking at this room. I see you, I see what you are, you are the sin of seduction for example, but there is nothing in me for you to latch on to, and it is no battle. You see, there is no battle. When someone is in my presence, and they are manifesting a sin that I still don't have total dominion over yet which my biggest area right now is pride which is everybody's area. That seems to be the last hurrah for me. It's the only thing I'm really having a problem with these days. It is possible for my pride to be stirred up. Not that you are trying to hurt me, but just the fact that you are manifesting pride is causing my pride to stir up, just being in a conversation with you has caused me a problem, and it is a serious problem for me because I'm in danger of going into sin, and lust is a big area that fits into this category. You don't have to have lust coming from within you. You may have lust coming from within you because most people do until they have learned how to deal with it. Your lust, as I mentioned earlier, has to go into remission. Human sexuality is similar to fasting from food, and if you stay away from it long enough it goes into remission. It goes into dormancy, and it pretty much doesn't bother you from within yourself, but if you are around somebody who has an active sexuality it can stir your own sexuality up out of its sleeping condition. So then you have to resist your own sexuality plus the other person's sexuality, but that's the basic difference. Let me just say it again. If sin is still active in you, if a particular sin is still active, or the potential for it, is still active in you, when someone else manifesting that sin comes into your acquaintanceship, interacts with you, has a conversation with you, comes into your life, you experience their sin in your emotions, and there is a danger that it will stir up in you. Once you have completely overcome, you perceive the other person's sin with your spirit, and there is no danger for you. That's the major difference.


COMMENT: I just wanted to say that I had to recognize all those things I had said, when the other person's carnal mind stirs up something in you, like you don't recognize it right away, and I guess the pride blinds you from recognizing these things that are happening.


PASTOR VITALE: It is not just pride, it can be pride and probably a lot of the time it is, but it also could be a lack of information and a lack of training. Let me give you a testimony of what happened yesterday. At the Lord's instructions I telephoned somebody because there was a particular problem here yesterday, and I prayed about it, and I felt the Lord told me to call this person to find out if such and such was true. When I spoke to the person on the phone they felt such and such wasn't....see somebody had given me third party information, and I called that person up, and it wasn't anything that I was angry about, I just really wanted to know if it was true, and the person said, no, I never said that, and got all upset. I said, well there is no reason to be upset, I'm not mad at you or anything, I just needed to know if it was true, and they said, I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at the other person for misquoting me, and I said, I made it as peaceful as I could, I said thanks a lot and said goodbye. And I hung up the phone and found myself very angry at the person who had given me the information, but I'm really trained in this area. I just give God all the glory, I just get better and better, and it just hit me that it was the other person's anger manifesting through me. It wasn't even my own anger, and as soon as I realized that the anger went down. First of all, knowledge that someone else's anger could manifest through me, if I didn't even have that knowledge, forget it, I would have been enraged at the person who gave me the information, and I really wasn't mad at them at all. Then, aside from having the knowledge that it is possible, God is quickening me to pick it up that fast, and I just caught it right there. Now if I didn't catch it right there that anger would have been sin unto me. And then I called up Rita and told her what happened, and she got mad on the phone. She was really mad, like she was mad on my behalf that this happened. I said, oh no, I really think you are feeling the anger of the party because the same thing happened to me, and as soon as I pointed it out to her she said, hey, I think it is that other person's anger, and the anger went right down like a balloon. So you see, knowledge is a weapon, and then after knowledge, awareness, and it is something that comes....well the knowledge can be taught. You are being taught the knowledge here, but to actually make that knowledge a reality so that you can use it as a weapon it just takes practice. There is such a liberty in that. There is bondage in anger, to be mad at people binds you to negative emotions and unhappiness, and every evil work....see, most new Christians think that forgiveness is for the guilty party's sake. Forgiveness is not for the guilty party's sake. Forgiveness is for my sake because so long as I have unforgiveness towards you I am tormenting myself. What liberty there is in the ability to not become angry when you offend me. I'm free. If I have no choice, if I become angry when you offend me because it is an emotional reaction, and it is not my choice whether to be angry or not I am in bondage to that within me which makes me angry. I don't have control over my own life. My carnal mind got mad, I've been in an argument with you, I'm on the "outs" with you, I have this problem. Nothing is worth it. I want peace, and the only thing I will strive with you over is an issue of righteousness or if you are trying to dominate me or control me I will strive with you, but if you offend me, no sweat man. I wouldn't waste my energy on it. I'm glad for your sake that you want to apologize to me, but it is OK with me, and people have trouble believing that's how I feel, but that's really how I feel. It's Christ, you see, and there is liberty in it, there's freedom in it. It takes practice and it takes the power of God to destroy your pride because you can't have an attitude like this when you are filled with pride, and I'm not saying that I have no pride because I still have pride, but my pride is largely killed. I still have it in some areas. In this particular area of forgiveness I have maybe as much as 90% victory, and I'm free. I could choose to forgive you or choose not to forgive you, and I go to sleep at night with a heart that's at peace. There is no offense that anybody could do unto me that would worth me being upset over or fighting over. I have much more important things to do, and that's how I feel about it, and I'm happier than I've ever been in my life.


I was talking about inability to recognize that someone else's emotion is astral-projecting through you. It takes knowledge, it takes the death of your pride, and it takes practice, but if you can hear what I'm saying and desire this skill God will give it to you too. It is His desire to give it to you because the Lord said, Blessed are the peacemakers, they shall have peace, and that's what He wants for all of us. Anger is a bondage. Pride which makes us defend ourselves, self-preservation, it is a bondage. You are subjected to having controversies and being angry with people all of your life because some tape in your head says people aren't allowed to talk to you that way. There are certain instances of righteousness where you do have to stand up, but small things. Someone came to me last week and they apologized for something, and I said, oh that's OK. They said, oh well then you don't want the apology. I said, no I accept your apology. They said, oh it's all right to do it to you, and I said, no it is not all right to do it to me, but it's nice that you apologize. What does that mean? It means I've already forgiven you without your apology so if you need to apologize, that's the right thing to do, I'm glad that you did it because it is the right thing to do, but what I meant when I said it's OK is that I didn't have any wound. That's what I meant when I said it's OK, and you should apologize. It's the right thing to do, but I didn't have any wounds anyway. That was what I meant by it. So you have to have peace in this world. You have to do every Godly thing that you can do to have peace, and if you need to apologize to have peace well then you apologize. It is the righteous thing to do. If you need an apology to have peace, well then it is not unGodly if you need it, but what it does mean is that you have pride in the area. I had someone once come up to me after a meeting in the prayer line, and said, Sheila, I hate you. I said, that's OK, come here I'll pray for you. I remember when a woman was her for a weekend and she was new to this whole kind of ministry, she said, Sheila I have to tell you something, I'm so embarrassed, I just don't know what to say. I said, what's the matter? She said, I have the most evil thoughts going through my mind about you, I just don't know what to do. Now, this is my gut reaction. I said, oh that's just your carnal mind, and she flipped out, but that was my gut reaction, that's just your carnal mind, that's all it is. You have got to come out from bondage to your carnal mind because your carnal mind is desperately wicked. I spoke to somebody today, they told me they had a terrible night last night, thinking horrible thoughts about me because I told them the truth, and when I told them the truth they were fine, they thanked me, and then their carnal mind went crazy, but this person had some measure of dominion. They realized it was their carnal mind and was warring against it. If you don't understand what's happening you think these wicked thoughts are justified, and you go after the person, me or whoever it is, and that's when you are in trouble especially if the person is in Christ, and God's coming back after you, so you got to have the knowledge, the awareness, and the power is only in the death of the carnal mind. You will never have the power over it so long as your carnal mind is there putting that wickedness in your mind. You've got to get her out of the way, you know, and only Christ can do that for you. So it is a learning process that all works together, but I'll tell you it is worth every uncomfortable moment to have this kind of peace because anger is a bondage.


There is a righteous anger. Now the difference between righteous anger and the anger that's a bondage is once again, the anger which is a bondage is in your emotions, and it is ruling you. You do not have the power to stop being angry if you want to, but righteous anger comes out of your spirit, and it is not destructive. It gives its rebuke and it stops, and it's not controlling you. Righteous anger expresses itself and is released. Unrighteous anger can rage on for hours or days or weeks or even years and can make you sick and do all kinds of wickedness to you, all kinds of destruction in your life. Righteous anger expresses itself, brings the correction, and you are free. So righteous anger gives you life. Righteous anger is of the spirit, and unrighteous anger which comes out of the soul, kills. Everything that man does can be either good or evil depending on whether it comes out of the spirit or whether it comes out of the soul. Most of what he does through the soul is sin and death. I don't know if there is any good thing that comes out of the soul, and everything that comes out of Christ, no matter how evil it looks, it could be the same thing that the soul does, anger for example, and there's life in it, produces good fruit. You bring an angry correction to somebody, and they repent and they increase in wisdom, but an anger that comes out of the soul kills people. It kills the person that's angry, and kills the person that you are angry at.


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