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You've never known the kind of stress that's about to come into your life if you're hanging around Christ. And I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record, but I'll just keep on saying it, if you're hanging around the Holy Ghost, it's not the same thing as hanging around Christ. The difference is between a can of beer, and a shot of 100 proof Vodka. That's the difference. You can identify with that, okay. I'll tell you the truth, I know what I'm talking about. Jesus. Hallelujah. Okay, we're, I'd like to talk to you about some practical issues tonight, and we'll just follow our spiritual nose, and see where we wind up. I don't know whether what I have to say to you will be a whole message. If it's not, we'll continue our review of current revelation. I'm not really sure how extensive the Lord's going to bring this teaching. But I did mention to you this morning that to grow up in God means to be a fully rounded person. What does that mean? We have some people in the world who are lopsided, they grow up lopsided.


What does that mean? They become super developed in some area of their life, and super undeveloped in one or more other areas of their life. It use to be, that if you had a decent upbringing you were taught on every level, you were taught academically, you were sent to school. You were taught of morals and ethics, you were taken to church, you were taught how to behave socially, how to deal with other people, how to respond in certain social circumstances. In this country however, we see more and more education being, or the emphasis of education being on academic achievement, on the making of money, and the development of people as individuals, being considered less and less important. We therefore, find many people rising on the scene today, who are severely lacking in social skills, okay. You cannot be severely lacking in social skills and be a son of God.


You can be severely lacking in social skills and be a son of God in the making, but you cannot a full level apostle, and be lacking in social skills, you just can't. That's like saying, you went to school for fifteen or twenty years, and you were an expert at speaking Russian, you desire to go to Russia to be an ambassador to Russia, and your Russian is perfect, but you don't know anything at all about the Russian people, you don't know what will offend them, you don't know what's right and what's wrong, in any given social circumstance, and even though your Russian is perfect, the chances of you going into that nation and being one to trigger world war three is very great.


The President of the United States is not going to send you as an ambassador to Russia. It's going to take somebody who's Russian is much inferior to yours, but who knows about the Russian people, who knows how to communicate with them, who understands the way they think and the way they feel, and who can handle himself in not only social circumstances, but difficult social circumstances. It's more important than the language. If you go looking for a job, and there are two people lined up for that interview, a qualified personnel agent will take the less qualified person, if that less qualified person, or if there are indications that the more qualified person will have personal difficulties with his fellow employees. The most important thing is social skills. You have to be able to do the job, but the fact that you do the best job does not always get you hired.


Getting along with your fellow man, getting along in a group situation, getting along in the work place, being able to work with other people and compromise and be flexible and submit to authority, all of these, what I just named, are social skills, which are more important than your brilliance at the job.


So we have a unique ministry here, and we train on every level, on every level of sonship, we train on the human level, we train in social skills, we train in language skills. What does that mean? Some people come here and they don't speak correct English. It's to your benefit to speak correct English. Some people come here and they have a problem taking the thought that's in their mind and expressing it in words that will accurately communicate that thought. We deal with that here also. We deal with social skills, we deal with the word of God, we deal with doctrine, we deal with morals, we deal with ethics, we deal with law. You come here and you become well rounded. In some upper class circles, I don't know if they do it anymore, but they use to send their families that have money, they would send their daughters away to Swiss finishing schools. They would call them finishing schools. By the time they got through with you there, you could handle yourself in any social situation anywhere. You came out of there completely fit to cope with the world. We are a Holy Ghost finishing school. And I'd like to talk tonight about communication, and I'd like to talk about orderly communication.


One problem that I see a lot in this country today is confusion, confusion everywhere, confusion that could be easily avoided. Confusion that results because people do not understand the chain of command. The chain of command that is associated with a healthy form of communication. I'm talking to you about things that Wall Street executives know, I'm talking to you about things that people spend thousands of dollars to go to Dale Carnegie to learn. I know you never heard of Dale Carnegie, he's the guy that teaches you social and communication skills for ten thousand dollars. That's who he is. There's a course in communication skills that executives go to. So there is a chain of command there is a godly or not even godly, a reasonable order in communication that will minimize confusion. It's something that you can learn, it's a knowledge about how you go about getting things done with the least confusion possible.


Now look brethren, if you want me to do something for you, and you leave a message with my dog, you're going to have a problem getting it done, because my dog might say arf arf, and I might understand him, and I might not. Now I'm making a joke out of this, but you have to talk to the right people and in order to talk to the right people, you need a knowledge of who the right people are, and there has to be somebody responsible for whatever it is that you're trying to accomplish. There has to be somebody in charge of the project, that if everybody is in a different place at 12:00 noon, when everybody is suppose to be here, and you have six people in six different places, there has to be somebody who is going to answer for why six different people got six different messages and not one of the them was in the right place.


There has to be someone in charge, there has to be someone responsible for the whole project, and it has to go down a chain of command or somewhere along the line you're going to get messed up and you're going to have the truck on that corner and the driver on that corner, and the person you're trying to help way back ten blocks behind you. You can't have all chiefs and no Indians, it doesn't work. So this is the way you start out. Somebody wants something done, the person who wants something done is the person responsible. Why is that? Because you want it done, I don't want it done. You want it done. That makes you responsible for getting it done. I'm not responsible for getting it done. Let me diverge here briefly. I've talked to you here about ungodly burdens brethren, we must flee from taking on ungodly burdens, why? It will way us down, and drain our energies so that we cannot get our Godly burdens satisfied.


You have to know what you're suppose to be doing and what you're not suppose to be doing, what you're responsible for, and what they other guy is responsible for, and if this isn't clear in your mind, you're going to have five people trying to do the same job and nobody doing the other four jobs. So all of us should be asking the Lord to help us to recognize what is our responsibility, and what is not our responsibility. Some people can't tell the difference. Some people think everything that happens is their responsibility, and they could spend their whole life thinking that everything that happens is their responsibility and never finding out how many people they have offended, and how many people are angry at them, why? Because you've stepped on their toes, it's their job and you've done it, it's their right to make the decision and you've made the decision for them. They're suppose to be running the show but don't have the guts to stand up to your big mouth, and you take the show away from them, and then somewhere along the line things that you are responsible for, never get done because you're so busy doing someone else's job, confusion, confusion, confusion, confusion, confusion. If you don't know what you're responsibility is or if you don't know what you're job is and you're in a ministry like this, I'm going to tell you, because we're not going to have confusion in this ministry.


This is an apostolic ministry, it's an apostolic ministry, that means the instruction is coming right down from the Spirit of God from the head, right down to the youngest disciple in the fellowship, and this is not the case in the average Pentecostal church. The situation in the average Pentecostal church is that they receive some instruction in righteousness, in faith, possibly in the doctrine of baptisms or the laying on of hands or repentance of dead works, they receive impersonal instruction from someone in the pulpit that lectures them, and they dance and they sing, they may get prayer, they may not, but there's nothing touching their personal life, and that's okay, because that's where the churches in Pentecost are.


We're not Pentecostal, we're apostolic. That means the anointing is coming down on everybody that is here, to touch every aspect of your life because the end of your presence here is that you shall be a son of God. This is an apostolic ministry. And the chief apostle is? Does anybody know? Christ. This ministry is directly under the authority of Christ, and it will touch every aspect of your life. It's a hard, hard ministry. It's heavy discipline here. It's going to make a fine person out of you. Some day you'll be grateful for it, but when you're here it's tough, no tougher than the marine corps.


If you want to play games, go to Pentecost, and I don't say that and I'm not in any way putting down Pentecost, I know it's tough here, if you can't make it, go home. People leave the Marine Corps, Gideon sent people home, what I'm telling you is, that I have no intention of letting up on anybody here. If anything I'm getting tougher, as the Lord strengthens me, and I tell you the truth. If God wants to bring some more people in here, and there's no way I am going to be able to do this job if everybody is not in order, so you've got to come into order, you have no choice, you come into order, or go back to Pentecost.


I hope nobody here would choose to go back to Pentecost, it's not a wise decision, the easy way is not always the best way, there's good here, there's great good in God, but there's severe discipline here, severe discipline, I hope in kindness, I try, I lose it sometimes, but I try. Most of the time it's with kindness.


Okay brethren, we're going to try to find out what is our responsibility and what is not our responsibility. If I see you taking on a responsibility that is not yours, I will tell you hopefully with kindness. I have no authority over your personal life, but if God calls something to my attention, it would really have to come from you speaking to me, because I don't live in your house. If something comes to my attention, and I feel the Lord is telling me to do it, I might give you my opinion, I might tell you it's a word from the Lord, that I believe something is out of order in your attitude with regard to your home life. You can check it out with the Lord, you can listen or not listen, Christ is the disciplinarian. I do not discipline you except with regard to the way you treat me, and your behavior when you're present in this household.


If you don't take my counsel, I don't discipline. I'm just the mouthpiece okay. So I will help you to learn to recognize what is your responsibility and what is not. We have to get all of this junk out of the way and be able to carve out clear lines of authority to the point that you automatically know what is right for you to do, and what is not right for you to do. Now, when you first start making these decisions, it's not that easy to do. Lots of times you just don't know what to do, and you have to withdraw, you don't know what's right in the situation. You have to withdraw and you have to pray about it, but as Christ matures in you, you will find this decision as to what is your right position in any given situation, coming more and more automatically. Sometimes I perceive a spirit of righteousness on myself, and I just know what the right thing to do is, but I don't even have the understanding as to why, I just know it's the Spirit of Christ on me, and I may tell you yes or no, some of you may even recall occasions where I've told you. I honestly can't tell you why I'm saying no, but I know it's Christ on me, and as soon as I get the answer, I'll give you the explanation, but it's no. And he usually comes in with the explanation later on.


So we must get our priorities straight. We are praying and asking the Lord to help us determine godly boundaries of responsibility. Number one, so that we should not be overburdened and not have resources enough to fulfill the responsibilities that the Lord is assigning to us, and number two, that we are not taking away our brother or sister's responsibility, which they may or may not agree to. Some people are more than happy to have you take their responsibility away, but that doesn't make it right, because Jesus is not happy, and you'll hear that from me also. If somebody says, "Oh, I don't care, let her do it", I'll say, "I care, it's not your job, sit down and let her do her job." We've done that here with regard to answering the doorbell. I've asked someone to answer the doorbell, someone else jumps up and says, "I'll do it", and I'll say, "No, the Lord said it's her job, sit down and let her answer the door." Praise the Lord.


Okay, we're talking about a particular project, the person who wants it done is in charge of the ultimate responsibility to get it done. You talk to whoever you have to talk to, and it is not advisable to go through third parties, why not. Well what do I mean by going through third parties. Brethren, if you're going to be waiting at the corner of Piedmont Drive at 8:00, and you're expecting somebody to meet you there, and you do not speak to that person who is suppose to be meeting you there directly, but you speak to a third party, and you are trusting that third party to deliver your message to the second party, to meet you on the corner of Piedmont Drive, you have completely given over your control of your own destiny to some third party who may deliver the message or who may not deliver the message.


Now, if the third party does deliver the message, you have no control over whether or not the message was delivered accurately, you have no control over, no matter how well meaning that third party is, he may have misunderstood you, and may deliver an inaccurate message, the person he delivers it to, who you are hoping to meet on this corner, may not hear it correctly, there could be a misunderstanding or confusion at the other end, and you who are the one who wants to get something done, is standing on the corner whistling Dixie. Nobody shows up and you, first of all, you don't get whatever you want done, it doesn't get done, second of all, you're all in confusion and angry, and you're mad at everybody, confusion, confusion, confusion. The Lord requires us to do every responsible thing possible, to avoid confusion, avoid working through third parties. If you want sister X to meet you on the corner of Piedmont Drive, you speak to sister X yourself, and you confirm that they will meeting you, you confirm the date, you confirm the time, you confirm the agreement, and you be in charge of your own destiny.


Because if you let a third party do your work for you, for whatever reason you're insecure, you're afraid, you're timid, whatever reason, and you wind up with confusion instead of an accomplished task, you have no one to blame but yourself. But I see it happening all the time. I see it happening all over this area, I see it happening in the church, I see it happening is some businesses that are not well run, confusion, confusion, confusion. I thought he was going to do it, no you were suppose to do it, no you were suppose to do it, and nobody gets it done.


So what is the rule, talk to the party that is going to accomplish this for you directly. If additional people are needed to accomplish the task, the person who wants the task done, speaks to the person who agrees to help, and you make an agreement as to which one of you will contact other people, chain of command, at the top of the chain of command, the person who wants it done, next the person who has important role, if they're coming with some kind of equipment or whatever, they're the next one in line, then the helpers come underneath, and the cooperation needs to be confirmed on every level. What does that mean? The person with the equipment, he gets the helpers, he checks it out with the helpers, he goes back to the person who wants the task done, confirms the date and the time, goes back, checks it out with the helpers, and there's total confusion if the person who wants it done, is communication with the helpers and not talking to the guy with the heavy equipment, confusion, confusion, confusion.


So let's try and come into order for clarity sake, for sanity sake, for respect sake, for honor sake, let us come into order, we're commanded to do things decently and in order. If you go to a family where there are nine or twelve children, brethren, usually that household is in order, because you can't have nine children without order in your family. You will have chaos in your household. Everybody knows what they're doing, everybody knows what their chore is, everybody knows how to respect one another, everybody knows how to submit to one another, if you have a functioning family life with nine children. Everybody knows what their job is, everybody does it, and there's peace, and there's serenity, and there's safety. Everything must be done decently and in order. Communication is essential, it's essential that we learn to say what we think, it's essential that we use words that reflect what we think. Think about what you say before you say it, and if after you say it, you think about it and you realize that your words did not accurately reflect the thought that you intended to communicate, God requires you to make that correction and I heard that this morning, it blessed me very much. Somebody expressed a thought in a way that meant something completely opposite than what they said, apparently the Lord corrected them, and they came and told the person, that they had spoken the incorrect words to, very, very important and a tremendous victory for the person who did it.


One of the things I have done and will do here, and I just did it a week or so ago, if I hear two people trying to communicate and that communication is failing, I will give you an example, if I understand what you're trying to say, I'll tell you how to phrase the words, so that the other person should understand you. It's a big problem we have here. I don't know about everybody, but there's a lot of people here that have trouble putting their thoughts into words that reflect what they're thinking. And I encourage all of you to be specific. I hear some people using words like, several people saying, "I don't know where the thing is, give me the thing, I don't know where the thing is." Everything has a name, you want the cup, ask for the cup, if you want the telephone, ask for the telephone. If you want the basket, ask for the basket. Train yourself, why? Because if you use a word like "thing" instead of telephone, cup, or basket, it opens up the possibility of the person that you're speaking to, misunderstanding what you want.


If you use a word like "thing", that means I have to guess what you want, and if I have to guess what you want, I might guess wrong, then I give you what you don't want, and you get mad at me. Why are you mad at me? How come you didn't know what I meant? How come you said "thing" instead of "cup". I was speaking to someone just last week, I asked them for a phone number on the telephone, I asked them for, I have to laugh, I asked them for a phone number, they said to me, I don't have it.


Now, If I asked you for a phone number, or if you asked, I want someone to answer this question, If you asked me for a phone number and I said to you, "I don't have it", what would you think that meant? And I don't know where to get it? I mean, what would it mean to you that exactly, that I don't know the number? Or I don't have it written on my palm? Or I haven't memorized it? What would it mean to you?


COMMENT: No access to the phone number.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, and what would it mean to you? I'm sorry I don't understand you, if I you asked me for a phone number, and I said, I don't have it, what would that mean, that it's not written on my palm, or that I don't know where it is, or what would...


COMMENT: At my house that's a common thing they ask, do you have a phone number, and I say, I haven't got it, because everything is memory this and memory that, and I have to go to a file and look it up for them.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, and I don't understand your answer. Well you're not giving a clear answer. What would think? In other word if you asked me for a phone number, okay, and I said, "I don't have it", now you have a choice, if you think what this sister thought, okay, that I just didn't have it with me, then you would probably say to me, "Well can you go to your file and look it up." But if you thought what this other sister thought, that it meant I had no access to that phone number at all, then you probably would go looking for someone else to give it to you. So if that was my answer to you, "I don't have it", which would you choose, you have to choose, you're walking the line.


COMMENT: I say to somebody, I don't know it, not I don't have it, I don't know it, if I didn't know it.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, now this is interesting, because three of us seem to have one opinion, and you have a different one, so it's something to consider, that when I spoke to this person and I asked them for the phone number and they said to me, "I don't have it", what it meant to me was, they had no access to it, and they didn't have the phone number, you're going to have to get it from someone else. That's what it meant to three of us, so that's something for you to put in your memory banks, just for whatever God would say to you about with regard to good communication, okay. And what you said, it would be more accurate to say, I don't have any access to it, but the person said, "I don't have it". And to be honest with you, it would never in a million years, mean to me, that he meant that he had to go his file and look it up. So the next time someone asks you for a phone number, okay, it might be worthwhile for you, before you answer like that, to think how they may be thinking towards it.


COMMENT: My son has had to call home and ask for a specific number because someone wanted that number and they didn't have it on them.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, for your information, the correct answer is, if you have it, but it's not on you, the correct answer if you want the maximum communication and the minimum of confusion, the correct is, "I don't have it with me, don't have it on me, don't have it now, have it in my office, I have it in my file, it's in my file, would you like me look it up for you?" Now that would be an accurate communication for someone who has an access to the phone number, but doesn't have it in their hand at that moment, because I think it's safe to say, that most people when they hear those words, "I don't have it", would think that the person does not have access to their phone number, either written on their palm, in their memory, or in their file. That's what that communication I think would mean to most people.


So, as the conversation continued, I assumed this person had no access to the phone number, and as I asked a few more questions, that he had the phone number, but I wasn't speaking to him, I was speaking to him in someone else's house, and it was in his house. So when I said to him, "Oh, I didn't understand that", he got mad at me, and he said, "Why don't you understand me when I talk?"


Because you don't talk a clear English, you see. That was not my responsibility to read into, to interpret what he said to me, you see. And this is what a lot of people do, they answer incomplete answers, and they expect you to interpret, and this is not only ungodly, it's dangerous. Why is it dangerous? You really shouldn't want anybody interpreting what you have to say, right? Because what you have to say, it's your thought, it's your heart, it's your feeling, it's your opinion, and you shouldn't want anybody interpreting it, and to accomplish that, we must learn how to express ourselves verbally, in such a concise way, that we block out all reasonable possibility of somebody interpreting what we say.


Now we cannot stop somebody interpreting what we say, because they have some kind of problem in their mind, all that we could do is speak as clearly and as accurately as possible. So, that's one of the things we work on here, we've been working on this for years, it's just the message tonight, okay. And we, I will help you, when I hear it, if I hear you expressing yourself incompletely, and I suggest that you all pray about it, because it's a blessing to be able to express yourself accurately, and to improve your communication skills to dispel the confusion, and let's start getting our lives in order, because it glorifies God to have a mind which is in order.


But there's another aspect to this. I find it very common that people who do not have these skills, and let me tell you again, these are learned skills, everybody can learn them, if you're willing to make the effort. It's just the way you were brought up, if you're not doing it, it's just the way you were taught when you were brought up. There's no reason why you can't learn it. I personally believe Rosie can learn it. I believe it. You just have to have the desire for it, and to pray about it, and receive the instruction, make a little effort and you all could do it, and it's to your definite advantage. It's to the advantage of yourself, it's to advantage of your family, it's to the advantage of this spiritual family here. And I encourage everybody to improve your communication. I even said to somebody the other day, they asked if they could borrow something out of my kitchen, and I believe very gently correct her, look if you're going to borrow something, that means you have return it. If you want to use some of my parsley, you can have a whole teaspoon of my parsley if you want it, but let's get it straight, let's speak accurately, it glorifies God, it really does, and I want you to know that I'm fully aware that there's a whole society out there that is doing exactly what you're doing, but that doesn't make it right. It doesn't make it right.


If there's a whole group of your peers out there, who are speaking a bastard English, it doesn't make it right, and it doesn't make it godly, it doesn't make it to your benefit, did you want to say something?


COMMENT: Modern technology also complicates communication. My son has call transferring and he leaves his house and comes into my house and he has his calls transferred, and anyone who is calling, say one of my other sons call and says, "Mom, I didn't mean to call you, I must have made a mistake, I wanted to talk to Michael". Michael has changed the calls, and maybe Michael hasn't arrived at my house yet. And things go on the answering machine, modern technology really messes up communication.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that's true, but there's an answer to that, tell your son to get a new answering machine. My answering machine has call forwarding, and the way it works is, when the call is forwarded, if your son had my machine, when you picked up your telephone, you would hear a recorded message, saying, "This is a message from Michael being forwarded, a computerized message, (chuckle), so when the person got on the phone, you would have the option of saying, "Hi, this is Michael's mom, this call has been forwarded." So that's what my machine does, Praise the Lord.


But right now we're talking about human communication, and you have an option here to learn how to really improve your life, if you can receive this, if you don't want to learn this, it's okay, but if you're talking to me, I'm going to ask you to communicate accurately, accurately with me, which I've been doing it for years. I've been doing it as long as you're here, because I refuse to interpret what you say to me. I want to know what you're thinking, I want to know what you're feeling, I want to know what you mean to say to me.


Because I don't want to interpret what you say, and then have you come back to me two weeks later and say, "Oh, is that what you thought, I didn't mean that when I told you to pick up the thing, I didn't mean the cup, I meant the plate." Say what you mean and mean what you say, and let your yea be yea, and let your nay be nay.


COMMENT: If you wits all about you, with me it's very often it happens, I can't think of what that is, and it will take moments. It happens to me, it happens to my mother and various members of my household. It's not because we choose it to be that way, it's because we have no control.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, you have control in Christ.


COMMENT: There are times, I cannot think, like I say, I know that's a bread basket there.


PASTOR VITALE: Well then you ask somebody to, if you want to practice this, it's your choice, if you want this cup, and you can't remember that this is called a cup, you always have a household full of people, you have the option of saying, won't somebody please help me, what is the name of this thing. Ah, it's a cup. Thank you. Okay, so we have choices in life, and I'm here tonight to tell you that this is a training that can change your whole life, it can improve your marriage. You would be amazed how good communication can improve your life and can alleviate stress on you. Because, the next point that I wanted to make was, how common it is that the person who's communication skills are not what they could be is the first person to get angry, when you don't understand what they're trying tell you.


The person who is listening frequently won't get angry, but the person who is communication skills are underdeveloped, gets angry. And the truth of the matter is, that you're angry or frustrated with yourself. So brethren, come and learn. This is an apostolic ministry, it's the spiritual finishing school of Christ Jesus. You can learn how to be a very well rounded sophisticated person by hanging out here. So I highly suggest to you that you take this counsel, it's good counsel, it's good training, it's good teaching. Let's get our thoughts ordered. Something else that you'll hear me telling you lots of times, is that you're crossing over issues, I find that a lot of people with a mind, they have a good mind.


Listen to me, in case anybody's nose is getting out of joint here, I'm talking to a bunch of intelligent people, if I thought you weren't intelligent I wouldn't be telling you this. If I thought that you didn't have the ability to learn this, I wouldn't be telling you this. I'm giving you the opportunity to improve your life. I'm giving an opportunity to learn what people learn when they go to college and they work in the corporate business world. If you don't want it, don't take it, but it's offered to you here. It's tremendous opportunity to raise your consciousness, to elevate yourself as a person, take it, take it.


So I want to help you to train your mind to deal with one issue at a time. I talk about that a lot to a lot of people, you're crossing over your issues brethren, you're talking about two issues at once. Do you know how many people do that. You can't get solutions to problems unless you can identify the problem. To identify the problem you have to separate your issues. This problem A, and this is problem B. You will amazed how many conclusions people draw without solving problem A, they jump to problem B, and problem A has nothing whatsoever to do with problem B. It's like saying Sheila is wearing a black dress today, and she's in a bad mood, that means the next time I see her wearing a black dress she's going to be in a bad mood. That's not rational. It's not rational.


So as we live together, and as we interact with one another, and as we communicate, if I see you crossing over your issues, or drawing a wrong conclusion, I'm going to tell you that. I've been doing this here for three years, saying, Hold it, hold it, hold it, you've just crossed over your issues. Let's answer one question at a time, let's deal with one problem at a time, let's speak accurately, let's call black, black, let's call white, white, let's call red, red, let's call everything by its right name, and let's get our minds together, because this training for your mind will help you to understand that word of God.


Do you know that when you go to college, the primary goal of going to college is not to gather information, did you know that? The primary goal of going to college is to train your mind to think. Did you know that? I have one amen over there. It's train your mind to think logically, systematically and orderly. That's the primary purpose of going to college. It's to train your mind. We're in a deep study of the word of God in this ministry. A trained mind, a mind that is able to think logically is a tremendous asset in studying the deep word of God. It can only do you good, to have a logical well ordered mind. You must have order in your life brethren, you must have order in your life. God wants you to be a well-rounded son. He wants you to have high doctrine, he wants you to have righteousness, he wants you to have communication skills, he wants you to think logically, he wants you to be a problem solver, he wants you to deal successfully with issues, not only in the Scripture, he wants you to be able to look at modern current events, and understand what's going on.


We had a big issue in this country recently. Our president wanted a crime bill passed, and he was going before the American people lacing out the Representatives, the Congressman that wouldn't sign the bill, completely ignoring the fact that they had logical reasonable reasons for not signing that bill. Like what? Like billions, ten billion dollars worth of pork stuck in that bill. What does that mean? Ten billion dollars to be spent on things that had nothing whatsoever to do with crime, that were payoffs, that were bribes. Our president was actually asking our Representatives to sign or to vote for what they call a bill, or rule that would eventually be written into law, and he was actually demanding and trying to shame them publicly into signing it without reading it. No one in their right mind would do that.


The Lord wants us to be able to watch current events, and see right through it. You have to have a mind that is clear, that is orderly, that is logical, and that can think, and then the power of God comes through it, and in due season brethren, we're called to be geniuses. We only use ten percent of our brain. When Christ appears in us, he's going to use the whole brain. Can you imagine, we are going to be geniuses, when Christ appears in us. We will have all knowledge. We'll know every language on the face of the earth. We'll be scientific and mathematical geniuses. We'll know all the secrets of the universe without even going to college.


So this is the beginning of getting our minds in shape in preparation for the impartation of unlimited knowledge, unlimited knowledge brethren. So, come and let us reason together and let us discipline ourselves and let us be all that we could be, because we are called to be ambassadors for Christ, and having knowledge is not enough to be an ambassador, having wisdom is not enough to be an ambassador, knowing the Bible from the end to the beginning is not enough to be an ambassador. We must become all things to all men. We must learn how to submit one to the other, we must learn how to make reasonable compromises, but not to compromise righteousness. We must learn what our role in every situation is so that we can operate as a well oiled machine without stepping all over other people.


God has great things for us, God has great things for us, He has great things for the body of Christ, and I do believe that at some point Living Epistles will increase, and the only way we can grow is if we are orderly. You can't grow when you don't have your ranks in order, when you're small. You'll never grow, you'll just fall apart at the seems when God starts bringing the people in. We've got to have order here. Praise the Lord. Okay, so are there any questions or comments on this exhortation?


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