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That fallen man is the Devil. There are at least two, if not three, verses witnessing to that, and there is another verse which has really blessed me. This goes back, a lot of you were not here when we did the Christ  Series, and we did two very controversial Alternate Translations in Romans 5. And we had some manifestations right here in the Ministry, which were perfectly understandable, because what I did was, I completely reversed the King James' translation. They had it positive, well, I will not say I made it negative, well, I guess I did make it negative. I did not expand, I did not increase, I did not enhance, I completely reversed two verses of Romans 5, with regard to Christ, which got some people in the Ministry very upset, and God only knows how many people outside of the Ministry were upset.


But the bottom line is that I am convinced that the Lord has told me that the King James translators got it wrong. I am not against the King James translators, there is a deep spiritual truth hidden, and those two verses that they could not possibly have perceived, unless the Spirit of Christ was upon them, giving it to them, they did the best they could. However, when people read my Alternate Translation, and they see that I completely reversed it, they become frightened, but brethren, we have to march on in our relentless pursuit of the truth. If I make a mistake here, and God witnesses it to me, I will be the first one to tell you that I have got to do what He is showing me to do, despite people's disapproval or persecution, and I think we've done pretty good for the past seven years.


However, in Micah 2, there is a second witness to what the Lord had me teach in Romans 5, which is a very great blessing to me. I hope it blesses you. If it does not bless you, that is OK, if you still disagree with me on that translation, that is OK, but I get very excited when I go out on a limb to preach something that is very controversial, and I stand against the whole world, except maybe one or two people that may be with me, or maybe you are not with me and are afraid to tell me, I do not know. It is a great blessing to me, especially a year later, to find another translation that lines right up with it. And God does that to me all the time. I am willing to bear the persecution, I am willing to bear the rejection. I hope, if you do not agree with my translations, that you could still like me and still come here. If you cannot, that is your loss. But after I pay the price, God only knows how much later, God will give me another witness to it. It is a real blessing to me. So, whether or not we will get to it today, I do not know, but we are going to get to it, because it is a very exciting translation, and the whole Chapter is very exciting in Micah 2.


Also, we had a very good episode of the Highlander yesterday, did you see it? OK. Did you see it? OK, we will be playing it at 6:30 tonight, if you want to get here early. We will be listening to that and I will be commenting on it. I found it very interesting, I have some very interesting insight on it for you, maybe the Lord showed you already, I do not know, but I know I have some very interesting comments on it. OK.


And I would like to make just a couple of comments on the issue of righteousness here. I remind you that the education we are getting here is a well rounded, full circle education. We do much more here than study doctrine. We are being trained to be sons of God, and you cannot be a son of God, which is a spiritual office, you cannot enter into a spiritual office without also being the very best natural human being that you can be. So, we have a lot to learn as a natural person. I will comment to you if your English grammar is wrong, I will comment to you if your table manners are wrong, I will comment to you if your thinking is wrong on any issue, carnal or spiritual.


You know, we are very short on time here. I have never seen a Ministry do as much as we do here, but we are very short on time. To be honest with you, when the Lord first started evolving this Ministry, if I heard an error in your thinking, I would call you into the office and talk to you privately, but the Lord has told me not to do that. There is no condemnation in my heart whatsoever. I am a teacher and the Lord has showed me to bring most corrections in front of the group so everybody can benefit from it, plus it gives us more time. I will not mention names, but I did perceive a line of thinking this morning that I would like to comment on, and it is in the issue of righteousness.


Somebody said to me, There is another side to the story, and I was rushing around here, so I just let it go. Once again, at least pray about what I am saying. Listen, brethren, there is no other side to the story. There are only two sides, the righteous reaction to the situation and the carnal reaction to the situation. Now, the people who live in the world with their carnal mind, there are two sides to the story. In the carnal world, there are two sides to the story, and you attempt to compromise and make everybody at peace. OK? But when you enter into the Kingdom of God, and you start dealing with issues of righteousness, there is no other side to the story. Either it is the righteousness of Christ, or it is not.


So, once again, I call to your attention that we are entering into a new world. It is called the Kingdom of God. It is a new mind. It is a place, when we get into it, which gives us the potential to enter into everlasting life. Brethren, everlasting life begins in your mind. It begins in the way you think. If you have any hope whatsoever of getting your body into everlasting life, that means, if you have any hope at all, that you are going to stop dying, it must start with the way that you think. So, if you can walk away from this correction this morning, with just a revelation that what was righteous all of your life, with regards to the Kingdom of God, is not righteous, if you can just walk away with that understanding, you have taken a step into the Kingdom.


We have got to change the way we think, that what was good for all of these years, is no longer good. So we have got to be able to change, if you can just get that revelation. Good now has a new definition. Because we are not really dealing with goodness, we are now dealing with, anybody? We are not dealing with goodness, we are dealing with righteousness. It is a whole issue, it is a whole new dimension, it is a whole new world, it is a whole new mind. It is a whole new way of thinking. And there is no compromising in it. You see, with the goodness of this world, there is a compromise. With goodness there is compromise. Give the guy a break, you know, do not be so ridged, do not be so strict, there is such a thing as a godly compromise with good and evil. But with righteousness there is absolutely no compromise. Because the slightest compromise lets you slip back into death, if you can hear it. If you cannot hear it, for your own sake, please pray about it. There is no compromise in the righteousness of God. Either you are thinking with the Mind of Christ, or you are not.


Let me remind you, that the carnal mind is divided. We have millions and billions of people in this world with carnal minds that have different opinions and think differently, that think in gradations of fairness, and righteousness, and decency, and come together and have big conferences to try to hammer it out. But if the Kingdom of God is not divided, brethren, Christ is not divided. And everybody who is truly thinking with the Mind of Christ is in perfect agreement, perfect agreement. We have had some examples of it here, if you had the eyes to see it, and the ears to hear it. We are just beginning in this court of the Lord, in the legal system that God has established here. But we have had several court cases, where the Spirit of God has spoken and there have been two, and on occasion, three strong witnesses to the Mind of Christ with no variation, no shadow of turning, brethren.


And I believe the day will come, and already now is beginning, that we will sit in this court of the Lord and I will see everybody in this group in perfect agreement, not because I have frightened you into it, not because you are desiring favors from me, but I shall see every mind in this room in perfect agreement, because Christ Jesus shall be fully manifested and expressing Himself through everybody here. And we shall have one perfect, undivided witness as to the righteousness of Christ. And when we do that, we are going to experience what happened in the Upper Room. What happened in the Upper Room? They were all in one accord. What was the fruit of there being all in one accord? Power! Power! Power! Power! Power to do what? Power to do the righteous works of Christ Jesus. And what are the righteous works of Christ Jesus? Miraculous healing, miraculous deliverance and the impartation of age-abiding life.


And anybody who is hearing this, if your carnal mind is succeeding in convincing you, that I want everyone to bend their knee to me, for the power of this world, I strongly suggest you submit yourself to the Lord, because your carnal mind is ruling in you, and you cannot take him into the Kingdom, and do not anybody here get condemned or upset. I am telling you the truth, if that is what you think, that I am trying to gather up some kind of power or support, or whatever, you need to go before the Lord and ask Him to comment to you, on your thoughts. I pray that way all the time, Lord, what do You think about what I am thinking, and if it is not Christ Jesus, for mercy sake, get it out of my mind, and let Your thoughts rule in me.


OK, so, I am not going to really waste too much time, I would just like to comment on the issue, OK? And the issue is this. Every man is responsible for his own soul. Every man is responsible for his own behavior. Every man is responsible for dealing with his own sin. Every man is responsible for every word that comes out of his mouth. Every man is responsible for every thought that arises in his mind. Now, if sin arises in your mind, and expresses itself through you, or if sin arises in you and does not express itself in you, you are still responsible, without condemnation.


How does an expression of responsibility manifest, and what is the action? Confession, confession of sin, that you thought with your carnal mind, brethren. Everybody does it. If you never thought with your carnal mind, you would have risen from the dead. Everybody does it, so do not hide your sin. It is a manifestation of pride, which is sin.


Listen, brethren, do you want to get out of this hole? You see, we all fell into a hole. Some of us fell down deeper than others have fallen down. You know, when they dig mine shafts, there are different levels where the mine is mined. Some of us are way down deeper in this hole than others. Some of us are way in the bottom of the hole where there is water accumulated and we are laying around in the messy clay. We are all down here in this messy hole. Do you want to get out? Do you want to get out? You have got to recognize the thoughts of your carnal mind and confess them as sin. And pray that the Lord will grant you true repentance, because the two do not necessarily go together, then refuse condemnation, whether it is coming from your own mind, or whether it is coming from someone else's mind, refuse condemnation, because condemnation, if you entertain it, will drain all of your energy. It will take all of your spiritual energy and energy towards resisting, or yielding to, or however you react to condemnation. Condemnation is the enemy of the spiritual man, who is in Christ Jesus.


Your sins are forgiven, brethren, for in each specific instance, your sins are forgiven to the fullest extent that you are warring against or opposing sin in your own mind. You are instantly forgiven. You do not need me to do it. Christ Jesus will do it. He knows your heart. And the instant that Christ Jesus in you recognizes sin in your own mind and stands against it, He says, No, no, I call you what you are, which is the same thing as saying, I confess and repent. You do not have to say the words, I confess my sins, I repent, it is action, it is what you do. When you recognize it and stand against it, and say, I will not yield against you, you have confessed and repented. And to those people who do that, there is now no condemnation in Christ Jesus.


OK, so there is only one righteous response, and every man is responsible for himself. Any mind, yours or someone else who defends an ungodly action, for whatever reason, is the carnal mind. And the name of the activity of defending someone else's sin, is called, what? What does the world call it? Enabling, enabling, enabling, enabling, enabling, you are killing that person, you are killing them, you are killing them, you are killing them. You are saying, It is okay to sin, I understand. You do it, I understand. And you stay in your sin, and die. I tell you the truth, I tell you the truth.


If you judge somebody out of your carnal mind, if you hate them because they have sinned, if you are lifted up in pride, because they have sinned, if you are defending yourself because they have sinned, there is death in that. But, if it is Christ Jesus in you saying, Now look, that was not the right response. If you want to enter into age abiding life, you must begin to function out of Christ Jesus. You have got to stop doing that, I do not care how innocent it appeared, I do not care how understandable it is to someone in this world, if you do not stop, you are going to remain in death.


Now, if I was a carnal person, I would say to you, Oh, that is OK, I understand, I am not offended, I will work with you, I will help you. You see, now this was how I started this exhortation. That is the way you rate; be a nice person, understand, do not rock the boat, help people, assist them in their weaknesses, they cannot do it, you do it for them. The world says that is good. But Christ Jesus says that is death. And this world, this population,  humanity, we are going to enter into age-abiding life. And let us say that your life is so painful right now, brethren, that you are not even interested in age-abiding life, all you can think about is getting through one day without pain. We have a whole population of people out there like that; let us get through one day without pain, this message is for you too, because your pain is resulting from your sin. Your pain is resulting from your sin, because you never were taught how to function socially in this world. Do what is right, do what is right, do what is right, do what is right, and do not help anyone to do what is wrong, and do not you let anyone help you to do what is wrong.


You stand up and act like a man and do not let anybody keep you a child. Do not let anybody tell you, It is all right, I will do it for you. It is all right, do not take responsibility for your behavior, I will take the responsibility for you. Brethren, if you are hoping to be a son of God, the minute you let somebody take responsibility for your sin, you have declared, for all with eyes to see, and ears to hear, that you are a -- does anybody know? When someone else takes responsibility for your sin, you are a spiritual woman. You are a woman, woman, woman, woman, you are weak, you are defenseless, you are subject to the derelict expressing yourself through you. Do not let anyone take responsibility for you and do not you take responsibility for anyone else. Because, in the world, you see, you are a nice person, kind, generous, understanding. But in the Kingdom of God, you are a stealer of spiritual manhood. Can you hear that? I condemn you not, but I pray that God gives you understanding. Do not steal someone's spiritual manhood, do not castrate the sons, brethren, do not castrate God's sons, He does not like it. He does not like it. You having enough trouble entering into manhood, without some very well meaning person, helping them to stay a child.


Can we get an amen in the congregation? Amen in the congregation. So, in order to not do this, we must have a mind which can recognize the line between godly assistance and enabling. Now, if your mind cannot do it, I will pray for you, I will pray for you. But I am telling you, brethren, the way this thing works, you have got to work the work, I cannot pray for you and have you wake up the next morning a son of God. When I pray for you, what happens when I pray for you? Does anybody know? Most people run from me. OK. When I pray for you, the heavens fall. That is how we lost this whole first group. Only one came back. A word of knowledge fell down, the Lord's delivering everybody from pride. If you want it, come and get prayer. Everybody came running up. All hell broke loose and everyone flunked out, and only one came back. I am a dangerous person to be around. But the end, the end, brethren, is glory. The end is glory. OK. If you are really blessed, you have no choice.


I really was not intending to make this the whole message this morning. Of course, if that is what the Lord wants, we will have to go with it. Let me just try and wrap this up. Listen, there is such a thing as righteous behavior. If someone wants to discuss this with me in more detail, I will discuss it with you privately. I am not going to go into any more right now. If the person knows who I am talking about, at what happened this morning, if for any reason you do not understand what I am saying, or you would like me to clarify it for you more, I will be glad to talk to you about this specific incident. And we are talking about thinking. People must experience the consequences of their own behavior.


The Scripture clearly states that the consequences of your error will correct you. So, if we step in, and we become a nice person, but our niceness results in the person not reaping what they sow, if our niceness interferes with the person experiencing the natural consequences of their wrong thinking, they do not have any incentive to change whatsoever, and their sin remains in them. They abide in death, and the devil is strengthened in them. Their spiritual condition of femininity, their spiritual condition of homosexuality, their spiritual condition of castration, applies. Haha, I do not know where these thoughts come from. I'd like to believe I am under the anointing. Ha, ha. We must undo the Lorraine Bobbit is action, brethren, OK. You have got to be restored. You have lost something and it is got to be restored. Do you have a question?


COMMENT: If someone acknowledges their fault, and asks for help, is it wrong, if the other person is still being an enabler and castrating them, if they give this help?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, let me put it to you this way. God has promised to work all things to our good. So, all condemnation and guilt should be utterly rejected by everybody in this room. Anybody who is doing all they can should utterly reject condemnation and guilt. So, in the event that the enabler succeeded in blocking the natural consequences of that person's activity, in that particular action, Christ was castrated, His bones were broken. But, you pick yourself up, you dust yourself off, and you repent and you ask the Lord to make that understanding a permanent thing in your heart and to help you to not do it again. That is all, it is as simple as that. God just wants sincerity. He wants an honest desire to go forward to work with Him into what He wants you to be. It is as simple as that. And as far as the person who was enabled goes, it is not the whole responsibility of the enabler. The son who accepted the enabling has agreed to his castration. And the greater sin lies with the son who has allowed himself to partake of a spiritual homosexual act. We do not fool around here, I am telling you, that is how God sees it. Not only were you not a man, not only were you a woman, but you are in total confusion, because the woman was the man, and you are the woman, I do not know what you are, a lesbian, a homosexual, total confusion, man; it is called Babylon.


So, the son who has allowed himself to be enabled; you see, the son is suppose to say, No, no, thank you but I will do it myself. Without sinning now, you do not go punching the person out, because they tried to enable you. You do not get mad, you do not start a fight. The Lord wants the son to learn how to say, Thank you, God bless you, but no, thank you.


And let me tell you, frequently, when an enabler comes along to offer you a hand, it is very tempting to let someone do it for you. That is Satan giving you the pleasure, right? If you say no, then he hits you with the pain. That is Satan offering you pleasure, an easy way out. Now, so the primary responsibility falls on the son, that should have said, No, thank you. But God has promised to work all things for the person's good. And if you are in a Ministry like this, and God brings it to my attention, you will hear from me. I will tell you that you just gave your manhood away in this circumstance. You need to repent. If God does not bring it to my attention, He will tell you another way, or somehow, when you are under the headship of a Ministry which is in Christ Jesus, God is going to get the word to you, most likely through me, but if not through me, another way. So, the bulk of the responsibility is on the son who behaves like a woman. And what do you call a man who behaves like a woman? He's a homosexual. That is what he is. OK?


You have to confess that you had an act of homosexuality, brethren, and ask God to defend you. Ask God to defend you, and that this should never happen to you again. Ask Him to defend you, to close up your boundaries, to strengthen you, and to restore your manhood. Do not condemn yourself now. You need all the strength that you have to block the Devil's next attempt to castrate you. Do not be using up all your strength in condemnation or in guilt or in anger against the person that did something to you. You need all your strength to keep your manhood intact. Do not go fighting someone out there. Direct all your strength inward. Cry out to Jesus to defend your city and to build you up. OK?


So, there is no condemnation anywhere. All God wants from us is to be engaged in a continuous process of transition from carnality, or from death unto life. He loves us, He understands that we are fallen. He understands that we are dead. He's not condemning us. Brethren, do you hear this? There is now no more condemnation in Christ Jesus. Only the devil condemns you. Carry on, carry on. Pick yourself up off the floor, forgive yourself, because no one will forgive you, none of these dead people that we're all associated with will forgive you, if you do not forgive yourself.


Get yourself up off the floor, brush yourself off and carry on and do not let anyone steal your crown. Whatever Jesus has given you, do not you give it away, because Satan is pressing your buttons. Do not give it away, because if you give it away once too often, you can lose the whole thing that Jesus has given you. I know what I am talking about, it is in the Bible. The one who did not use his talent, the one who did not increase in Christ, he lost his potential to increase into Christ Jesus. Do not let someone chase you away because of pain. We had a tremendous victory with someone in this Ministry yesterday.


I got a phone call yesterday, they were in terrible pain. They would have done anything to get down off of that cross. Get his nails out of me, that is what they were saying to me. And I have to tell them, I cannot pull those nails out of you, because I did not put them in. Who put them in? No. Christ put them in. It is true that Satan did it, but Jesus sends him. He said, Here Satan, here is the hammer, here are the nails, this is how you do it. You point and you go, bang, bang, bang. And Satan went out and did a wonderful job. He did it. He did it. Jesus did it. He sent his servant to do it. Jesus sent his servant to put nails in you. It is called the testing. It is called the tribulation. It is called the resurrection of the dead. You will not be raised from the dead without pain.


But let me finish this wonderful thing that happened yesterday. The person was screaming their head off, Get me down off this cross, man. And I said, No, hang up, or I am hanging up on you.


COMMENT: Is it OK, Sheila?


PASTOR VITALE: But something wonderful happened, despite the pain, the Mind of Christ ascended and appeared. This person had an experience of crucifixion, and in that particular area, the Father raised him from the dead. I want to tell you, I am jumping up and down with joy. I do not care how much pain you are in, my Bible says that the Lord has promised you, He has promised you that He will not give you more than you can bear. I do not care if you feel like you are breaking, I do not care that you think that you are breaking, I do not care that you think that you are dying, Jesus Christ has promised you that He will not give you more than you can bear. And if you break, He will fix you, and if you die, He will raise you from the dead. So, stop crying like a big baby, and stand up and take the victory. How do you take the victory? Confess that when you are carrying on like that, it is the sin of pride, and possibly rebellion, and cry out to Jesus to deliver you. And the Son of Righteousness will arise in you and be glorified in your pain.


Brethren, listen, I do not know how to make it any clearer. There is a battle going on as to which mind is going to prevail in you. And there are two techniques that the Devil uses to keep Christ Jesus buried under her authority. The first thing she does is offer you candy. She is the original Candy Man. Anything that makes you feel good, anything: alcohol, drugs, sex. Some people feel good when they spiritually damage another person. Some people feel good when they succeed in getting the best out of somebody. Some people feel good when they succeed in cheating somebody. There are all kinds of sickness down here in the Hell hole. Whatever turns you on, you can be sure the devil is right there with an ample supply.


But in the day that you become convinced of your sin, and refuse to do it, she will punish you, she will punish you, she will give you pain. Now, brethren, if you get yourself down off that cross, if you can do it, you are sold out. Now look at it this way, for years you have been resisting the pleasure, for years you have been resisting the pleasure, and now that she is hurting you, you are throwing all that in the garbage? To hell with the pain! To hell with the pain! Let us see Christ appear. I do not know how to make it any clearer. Now look, if tomorrow the devil comes to you with a few choice nails, and hammers them in you, and if you start screaming, Get me down off this cross, there is no condemnation in that either.


God only knows, I have done my share of carrying on. Women on the labor table scream, brethren. Sometimes they curse their husband, sometimes they curse God. Sometimes they say they want to die, sometimes they curse the baby that is coming out. There is no condemnation in that either, but if the next time you get crucified, you can remember this exhortation, and you can have the slightest shred of revelation, that despite your pain, if you just cry out to Jesus, Christ is going to ascend in you. You are going to have the victory.


You are going to have the pain, either way. Have the pain in victory. Let the pain bring forth the victory. Do not let the pain bring forth defeat, because you cannot avoid the pain. There is no place on this earth you can run, there is no geographical location, there is no place you can run. My Bible says, that when it is your time for Christ Jesus to appear in you, the Lord will find you wherever you are. If you are down in Hell, He will send the Serpent to bite you. If you are up in Heaven, He will get you there too. There is no place you can run, when it comes time for the judgement of your sins, which judgment results in? Well you are all right, but the answer I want is everlasting life, the cessation of death. Everlasting life, not in the condition of weakness, but in a condition of strength and vibrancy. The end of sickness, the end of feebleness. Do not let the pain control you. If you make a mistake, you pick yourself up, you brush yourself off, you tell the Lord you would like to change, would He please help you, and carry on. He loves you.


This training, this tribulation, this conversion, is His gift unto you. I am His gift unto you. So think twice before you hate me. I found out who is mad at me. Think twice before you hate me. And if that emotion arises in you, fight it with all your strength, because I am the manifestation of God's love to you, in this hour. I do not even condemn you, if you hate me. It is like a normal reaction of that woman on the labor table. She says she hates her husband for that moment, so she hates her husband for that moment. But resist it, do not let the arrows come at me. How do you resist it? Confess it as sin and ask Jesus to not let me be hurt. I do not condemn you, if you hate me.


Your carnal mind hates me, but do all you can to not be guilty of letting the arrows depart from you. You can hate me without letting the arrows depart, then pray for me, please,that God have mercy on me.


COMMENT: If you are feeling that, what are the arrows, like, saying words?


PASTOR VITALE: It is your thoughts, it is your thoughts, and the way you block the arrows from flying is to say, Dear Jesus, this is how I feel, I cannot stop feeling this way, but I acknowledge it as sin, please let my sin not hurt her. And pray for me and bless me, and that is all you can do, and He will honor it.


OK, so, we had instruction in righteousness this morning. Does anybody else have a question or a comment on it? Please let me leave you with this last thought. It is essential that we find out how Christ Jesus thinks. That there is no way that we could transfer from death unto life if we do not have an example. We need an example of how we think.


And I am going to tell you, whether you believe it or not, 99% of the time I think like He thinks. And in any condition where when I am not thinking like He thinks, I recognize it, and I will tell you, Do not listen to me, this is my carnal mind. I have said to all of you, at one time or another, You do not want to hear what my carnal mind has to say. Haven't I said that? I say that all the time, I have no answer for you, I have no word of wisdom for you, this is not Christ Jesus in me. You are coming to me with a serious decision in your life that you have to make, and Christ Jesus is not manifested. Delay your gratification. You do not have to get your answer right now. Let me pray about it. You do not want to hear what my carnal mind has to say to you. Because most of us, including me, want the answer right now. And some people get mad at me when I will not answer them. They think I know the answer, and I do not want to tell them, and that is not true. The truth is, Christ Jesus is not manifested in me, and I do not want to tell you the words of the Devil.


So, if you have a controversy with me, if you think one way and I think another way, I encourage you, I have been doing this here a long time, keep quiet. Brethren, do not strive with me, and tell the Lord, that if I am right, would He please quicken it to you? You are not supposed to believe what I say, just because I say it. I tell you this all the time. A lot of your carnal mind blocks this out. And when you talk to me, I hear the same things that would indicate that you never heard me say this, that I do not want you to think, or whatever your carnal mind is putting in your head. This is all untrue. I am here, training you all to be independent, critical thinkers. So you just cannot adopt for your own what I think.


What you do is submit yourself to God. Humble yourself before God and tell Him, I recognize she is the manifestation of Christ Jesus to me, there is a real good chance, excellent, 95, if not greater, percent chance that she is right and I am wrong, if this is true, make it real to me. I do not want to be a robot. Grow up, seed this revelation into my own heart, and in the event that she is wrong, then straighten it out.


But for your own sake, you should really assume that I am right, because if I am really wrong, when I tell you that it is Christ, I am really wrong. And it is perfectly all right to wait for your confirmation, but some of you do not take me seriously enough, where you take your own pride too seriously, which is just a condition of your immaturity, so I will continue to exhort you to put more weight on my Christ Jesus opinion, even if you do not believe it is Christ Jesus. I continue to exhort you to attribute more weight to my opinions, because I am the teacher. And if the righteous thing to do was to attribute more weight to your opinion, you should be sitting in this chair. And not only being here teaching, but getting involved. You want to switch places with me, you want all the arrows in your heart? I will switch places with you for a week, if the Lord allows it. We will see how you like it.


I am paying a terrible price to teach you what I am teaching you. Partake of it, brethren. Partake of it, do not be foolish, and give it to God, and I pray for you, and you pray for yourself, that every word and thought that comes out of me, that is truly Christ Jesus, that He should make it your personal revelation, that it should be added to His mind in you, that is being built in you. And that every word and thought that is not of Him, should fall to the ground. Let it be. Work with me.


If you exhaust me, if you hurt me, you know, if I get sick, God will heal me, if I die, He will raise me from the dead. You are only stealing, what you are doing is letting the Devil in your own mind steal from you, and the gift that God has given you. That is all that is happening here. I understand your concerns and understand your fears, and it is true that I am not perfect, and everybody has been hurt by a Pastor somewhere along the line, how about having some faith in the Lord? How about having some faith in Christ Jesus, that He is in control of this whole show? And that if He is not, He is going to get you out of here. Or if it is something -- if He wants you in this Ministry, but there is a particular area within the Ministry where I am off, how about having some faith in Christ Jesus? If He is going to defend you against the Devil in me, if I have failed, and listen, I am not a perfect person. Christ Jesus in me is enslaving my garden. Christ Jesus in me is suppose to be enslaving the Devil in me. OK. Christ Jesus in me is guarding you against the Devil in me, and against the Devil in you. That is quite a job.


Now, in the event that Christ Jesus' foot slips, and the Devil gets his nose out from under Christ in me, how about having some faith that the Lord Jesus Christ is going to intervene? Let me just clarify that a little. Christ Jesus in all of us, we are all GIT's What does GIT mean? We are all Gods In Training. OK? No matter how much, whereever he is, he is not perfect, but there is One who is perfect, you see. We do have an advocate with the Father when the son messes up, you see. You are not in this alone, you are not unprotected. There is someone who is an authority over this whole process of delivering this creation out from Hell. There is one who is already overcome the world, and He is perfect and He is undefeatable and He is magnificent, and He is completely righteous, and He is full well able to deliver us when Christ Jesus fails.


So, I suggest to you, no matter how you justify it, that you are afraid that you have had a bad experience, however you justify it, when you take matters into your own hands, you are expressing a lack of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who died for you. And that is sin, it is the sin of pride. So, all of you, that do as I do, follow me, as I follow Christ. Take yourself before the Lord and confess your sins, and ask Him to save you from yourself, even more than from me. You can tell Him to save you from me, that is all right. But do not forget to ask Him to save you from yourself, because right now you are more in danger of yourself, than you are from me. I tell you the truth, whether you believe it or not. Any comments or questions on this very wonderful exhortation this morning? It has really blessed me, I do not know about you.


COMMENT: I have just one question in the Leprosy Series. You said that God does not send these things, but that is what they are teaching with the New Age.


PASTOR VITALE: God does not send what things?


COMMENT: These dilemmas, for lack of another word.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, what I may have said, OK, I understand what you are saying. On an individual basis, God is not sending someone to rape you. This is an extreme example, now. There are people in the church saying, Yes, God sends someone to rape you, God sends someone to incest you so that you should experience sin. No, God is not doing that, OK. The creation has fallen, OK? And the Devil has been appointed as the god of this world. God does not tempt us, but He tests us, the Apostle James said. Now, for God to send someone to rape an innocent person would be tempting us, and God does not do that. Oh, God, help me to explain this. Help me to explain this Lord, the line is so fine.


OK, let me try it this way. We are already reaping what we sow, because we are fallen. OK? And this reaping and sowing is destroying us without any explanation of why destruction is coming upon us. Someone out in the world, no explanation of why all these terrible things are happening to them. If you do not understand why these terrible things are happening to you, you have no chance of repenting, because you do not even know what you did. You have no chance of changing, you do not know what you did wrong, nor do you have the power to change. And that is the judgment that the world is under, because our original ancestor fell. OK?


We are reaping what we sow, and the whole world is dying. The whole world is under condemnation because of the sin of rebellion. But once you come close to the Lord Jesus, and He promises to use everything that is in your life for your good, you transfer over from the Reaping and Sowing Judgment, mediated by Satan, which is unto destruction without any chance of getting out, you transfer over to the White Throne Judgment, which is mediated, or run, by Jesus Christ. And the evils of this world continue to fall upon you, but Christ Jesus is right there diverting the fruit or the results or the consequences of the judgments that are falling on you, and using them to teach you, sending someone to explain to you what your sin is, giving you the opportunity to repent and change, so that you can come out from that judgement unto death. Are you with me?


So, when I said today, God sent Satan, I will comment on that from two points of view. The Lord, Jehovah, He made the Devil, the god of this world, when the creation fell down. So, God sent the Devil, He subjected us to the Devil, OK? So God is ultimately responsible, but we deserve what we got.


You see, what these other people are teaching, is that we do not deserve it. That God is sending the Devil to give us these painful experiences, so that we should learn something. OK? The line is so fine, are you with me? God did send the Devil, but not to give innocent people pain because He wants us to learn about sin. God sent the Devil because we sinned. OK? That is number 1, and the 2nd point is that, when we repent and come to the Lord and confess our sins, at that point, we begin to reap what we sow with a greater intensity.


So we can say, God sent the Devil to work these curses out of our life. Let them reap what they are sowing, so that I can get them out of it. Let them not die from the judgment, but let them not sin against those who are sinning against them, that I may make a way of escape for them. You see, this is the fine line. God does not send the judgment for punishment sake. God does not send hard times because He hates you. God sends hard times -- or He will look up your file; God help me to explain this.


For example, let us us bring it down to our self. I will punch you into the computer, and look up your file and see, that, well, you or your ancestor committed such a sin, and therefore righteousness declares that a certain illness should fall upon you. And the Lord will say to Satan, OK, now is the time, let it fall, because when it falls, that person is going to cry out and repent, and I am going to tell them what their sin is; they are going to repent and I am going to be glorified in this judgment; they are not going to die from it, I am going to heal them.


It is such a fine line, can you hear it? One second, just let me have another thought. The Scripture for it is, the disciple said, Who sinned, with this blind man? His parents or the blind man? Whose sin is it, that made this man blind? And Jesus said, No one. So, people in the church who do not understand say, You see, the blind man's disease is not because of sin. No, no, it is because of sin. Every pain we experience, every affliction of our flesh or of our emotions that we experience is because of sin. When Jesus said, Neither the man or his parents, but that I should be glorified in him, that is the rest of the Scripture. Neither his parents or the man's sin, but this man is blind so that God should be glorified in him. What Jesus meant was, that there is now no more condemnation in Christ Jesus. I am not looking at the sins which produces blindness, because this man has repented, and therefore has become a vessel through which I can be glorified. I am not looking at the sin anymore, he is delivered, I am taking it away from himSo, what do you want to know, whether it was his mother's sin or his father's sin or his Aunt Gertie's sin, why do you want to know what he did to get into this condition, when I am here to give him his sight? Focus your eyes on the Kingdom of God. Get your eyes off of the dead, let the dead bury the dead.


Do you hear what I am saying? Very fine line. Very fine line. Did you have another question? Very fine line. I want to tell you, that I think, except in a very rare case, you need the Mind of Christ to understand it. And that is why people are falling into false doctrine all over the country today, because they just cannot perceive the hair lines.


We analyzed that letter that you gave me Thursday night. Such a hair line. The people's minds just cannot perceive it. They cannot perceive it. You need the Mind of Christ to perceive it.


COMMENT: I do have another question referring to that letter and Job. We talked about ordinances. Now ordinances to me are: eat not, touch not, taste not; and the law had not come into affect yet. But what exactly did you mean by the Spiritual Law?


PASTOR VITALE: The Spiritual Law is the law that is in heaven: thou shalt not murder. If you murder, you die. What do you mean, I die? My uncle murdered somebody and he lived to 150 years old. Well, he died, did not he? Does it matter if you die at 10, or you die at 150? Brethren, we are not made to die, we are not supposed to be dying. So the Spiritual Law says, If you murder, you shall be murdered. If you steal, you shall be stolen from. What is to be stolen from you? Your life, your health, your sanity, your peace of mind? It is a Spiritual Law. It has to do with the Law of thoughts.


You see, the Law of Moses regulates behavior. If you murder physically, you shall be murdered. A life for a life, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. But under the Old Covenant, we do not judge thoughts. Only Christ Jesus can judge thoughts. We do not judge thoughts, and we do not punish wrong thoughts. As a matter of fact, this subject was the subject of a book called 1984. Rush Limbaugh talks about the thought police all the time. In certain dictatorships they put you in jail, they torture you, they kill you for what you think. If you dare to say it, if you dare to put it in print, they attach electrodes to you and torture you with cattle prods.


You are not supposed to be judged for what you think, but Christ Jesus judges you for what you think. Christ Jesus mediates the Spiritual Law. He discerns the intents of your heart, and if He perceives a thought that comes forth out of pride, Christ Jesus has the authority to judge your thoughts. And when Christ Jesus judges you, the fruit of His judgment is the destruction of that sin, and the replacement of it with a righteous thought.


But since man does not have the power to rip out unrighteous thoughts and give you righteousness, Jesus says, Do not judge before the time. If you do not have the power to take that sin away from a man, and give him righteousness, you leave his thoughts to me. If he is saying something wrong to you, you can have a response to it. If he is doing something wrong to him, the Lord takes care of that. But you cannot punish a man for what he is thinking or saying. If he is verbalizing, all you could say is, I do not want to hear it. Either you leave, or I am leaving. I am not going to listen to you. But you cannot punish him for thinking it. It is witchcraft.


So, the Spiritual Law of God is referring to that law which regulates the thoughts. And Jesus said, If you hate your brother, you have murdered him. You have killed him. Some people and in some criminal societies will execute you for a thought. It is not God's way. Did I make that clear?


The Law of Ordinances speaks about a law which regulates behavior, and there is a provision in that law to remove sin when it is repented of by the shedding of animal blood. It is a temporary law, it is a Band-aid, it is an emergency room technique, until Christ Jesus appears in this earth and executes the righteous judgment of God, until Christ Jesus appears and administers the Spiritual Law, which says, When you murder with your thoughts, I will will not murder you.


Let me back up. The Law says, If you murder a man, you have to lose your physical life. The Spiritual Law says, If you murder a man, you do not lose your physical life, you lose that thought. I am going to take that thought out of you, and I am going to replace it with a righteous thought. So until such time, that Christ Jesus appears in this earth, the only one who has the power to surgically remove sin from us without killing us -- for God does not want us dead, until Christ Jesus emerges, and begins this surgery and removing sin from us without killing our body -- until such time, there is a Law of Ordinances in the earth which says, If you take the life of the flesh, you have to die, because you have become a vessel which is destructive to the rest of humanity, and your activities oppose the purposes of God. The purpose of God is to preserve this humanity until such time as we can be restored unto righteousness, when we will live forever. Now, if you try to wipe out a human life before that time, you will be wiped out, because you are opposing God's law. And God has ordained that this humanity shall live until the time of the regeneration.


Did I answer your question? Anybody else? What a message! What an absolutely marvelous message. Sometimes I cannot bear it. I feel like I am going to explode, especially when I study in there. I cannot bear it, it is too marvelous. It must be affecting my carnal mind. I guess my carnal mind is blowing apart. I cannot bear it, it is just too wonderful.


2/15/02 je

06/13/18 - 1st Edit, rh


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