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I have a teaching for you on spiritual garbage. You may recall that we did an interpretation of someone's dream here a couple of years ago. It was a very long involved dream. I gave everybody in the ministry at the time a copy. I had typewritten the whole thing. She had said she was looking for someone to interpret her dream for a long time before she found someone who could do it.


In part of that dream she was having a bowel movement, and it was a very large bowel movement and after she had passed it she felt that she loved her bowel movement. Let me put this on the tape for anybody that's hearing me talk like this for the first time. Some people get very upset, but the truth of the matter is that God does not get upset and that He has a natural example for every spiritual thing that's happening to us, and every natural thing that happens to us is an example of some spiritual thing that either is happening or should be happening to us, and human beings have bowel movements, and there is such a thing as a spiritual bowel movement, and I talk about this and I talk about spiritual sexuality. I'm sorry if you are getting upset, but it is in the scripture, it is all through the scripture, all sorts of sexual statements in the scripture, He pinched her breasts, it was time for love. I am preaching the Doctrine of Christ, I have to preach it, and I'm sorry if it offends you but these are all natural examples of what's happening to our spirit.


Jesus is our husband. He wants to marry us, and that marriage is a spiritual union, and there are aspects of that union that are typified by human sexuality. There is also such a thing as spiritual waste, and that spiritual waste is signified by human waste. We are just in Part 12 of a teaching which talks about spiritual urine. When the Lord gave me this message for tonight, it never occurred to me that we had already dealt with spiritual urine and tonight we are dealing with spiritual feces. I'm sorry if you don't like it, you will just have to shut the tape off, but it is a spiritual truth. There is a spiritual waste product.


A lot of people get very sexual dreams, and I've had people call me up and they've had dreams sitting on a toilet bowl in the middle of 42nd Street, and people think that they are flipping out having all these dreams. No, God gave you these dreams, and there is a very real spiritual significance to them. So our sister was very embarrassed to tell me this part of the dream that she had this tremendous bowel movement, and then she loved it. At the time I had somewhat of a revelation that the waste product of the creation is our humanity, that part of us which is soul. I think I came to that conclusion based on the understanding that the Lord has given us as to where matter arrived from.


Matter, the hard part, the solid part, the visible part of this creation. God is spirit. Where did the matter come from? Does anyone remember where the matter came from? The matter is the by product of Jehovah's cell division. Jehovah's cell division can be likened to an atomic explosion, and there was a fall out that is typified by atomic ash, and it was the exact opposite of Jehovah and Elohim. It was a byproduct. Jehovah and Elohim are positive, they are spirit, they are invisible. There was a by product which was solid, visible, and soul. Soul is the mirror image of spirit. Spirit is positive, soul is negative. We are made out of spiritual garbage, and we found that in several places in the scripture. I think we have it in the #18 series, scriptures that actually indicate that we are spiritual garbage. Our humanity is spiritual garbage, but we are spirit. Our true existence is spirit. We are Royalty in captivity. We can be likened to Daniel in the courts of Nebuchadnezzar. Did you know that Daniel was castrated? Did you know they made a eunuch out of him? That's who we are or he typifies us in that condition. Our spiritual manhood has been castrated. We've been made spiritual eunuchs. We are down here in this soul world acting like women, spiritual women. All you women libbers don't get mad at me. We are talking about spiritual principles here, positive and negative, aggressive and passive. God calls the aggressive male and the passive female. It has nothing to do with your life in the United States or in the world today. Our flesh is spiritual garbage.


The whole problem that we are having today is that very few of us are living out of our spirit. Most of us live out of our flesh. Most of the world lives out of their flesh 100% of the time, but we are not supposed to be flesh. We are supposed to be spirit, and our flesh is supposed to be our servant, but the whole creation was reversed, and the spirit is the servant of the flesh. So our flesh, our soul and our body, is made out of spiritual garbage. Now there is also psychic garbage, a waste product of the mind. We all have a fallen mind. His name is Leviathan, and the mind is negative and positive. When the warp is a three fold positive cord the psychic waste product that discharges from the mind is controlled and dealt with so that no harm is done, but in this hour Satan is in the woof of the garment. I may have gotten my warp and my woof mixed up. Satan is in the woof of the garment, and he is not dealing with psychic waste products. Why? Because he is the psychic waste product, Satan himself. He is in the woof, and he's in the warp, and the mind is overloaded with psychic waste product. There's too much negativity in the mind. It has to be discharged. If it is not discharged, if the psychic waste product. . . .


I know some people are not going to like that word psychic waste product, and I'm sorry if you don't like the word psychic. It has to do with the mind. The mind is positive and negative. When there is too much negativity in the mind it produces an overload of negativity. It pollutes the mind, and when the mind is polluted the soul is polluted, and when the soul is polluted the body is polluted. In an extreme case your body gets sick, and it could get sick unto death. In a severe case your soul gets sick, and you engage in mental illness. If you cannot discharge your psychic waste products, the waste product of your mind, you might call it an atomic melt down. If you don't do something there is going to be an explosion that will destroy your life. Jesus has given us an example of how to deal with an overload of psychic energy. You don't like that word, all you Christians listening to this tape, I'm sorry. Spirit is energy. New Age teaches that spirit is only energy, and that Christ is energy, and true New Age teaching or pure New Age teaching denies the personality of the Lord Jesus and Christ Jesus in you, and that is in error, but to say that we acknowledge the person, the very person of Christ Jesus in us, and to also acknowledge that His spirit is energy is ok. Grow up, grow up, grow up.


Spirit is energy. Christ Jesus is spirit. He is not pure spirit. Why is He not pure spirit? He's woven together with the soul. He's energy. I'll say it again. There is a psychic waste product which is the direct result of Leviathan being our mind. Leviathan is a woven garment which has the serpent and Cain as the woof, and the dust and Abel as the warp, three parts earth and one part spirit. Too much earth. Too much negativity. Too much psychic waste. We must discharge that waste or it will kill us, and in fact that is why we die because the configuration of our mind is three parts waste to one part spirit, and eventually kills us. However, while we are down here in hell and while our mind is Leviathan we have been taught that we can bend more towards the good side than towards the evil side. This is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the emphasis or the weight or the balance in each individual must be either good or evil. The mind that is overloaded with psychic energy produces what this society would call an evil person, a sociopath, someone who cannot function within the guidelines of acceptable society, but we also have people who do function inside of acceptable society whose minds are overloaded with psychic waste.


What do we do with this psychic waste? How do we discharge it? We know how we discharge it from our body, and toilet training is a major event in a child's life. Look Brethren, we must learn how to dispose of our psychic waste without polluting the whole household of God. Jesus gave us good instructions. What did Jesus say? How do we dispose of our psychic waste? Can anybody relate this to what Jesus said? Forgive your brother seven times seventy. Be angry and sin not. It is better to give than to receive. All of these are instructions for discharging your psychic waste. How does that work? Brethren, if you do the good things that I just mentioned and other good things instructed by the Lord Jesus it strengthens Abel in you, and it weakens the serpent in you when you do the good works that come from the Christ that's within you. It stirs Him up, and it puts forth positive. . . .spiritual ions for lack of a better word, and those positive ions go forth and destroy the negative ones. They swallow them up. That's a toilet trained person. Somebody hates you, what do you do for people who hate you? What do you do? You pray for them, you love them, you bless them, you ask God to do good unto them. That's how you destroy your negative waste without hurting other people and without hurting yourself.


My message tonight is about the discharge of negative waste in an ungodly manner and how it affects other people. Those of us who are spiritual and becoming spiritual in Christ Jesus are experiencing the dumping of psychic waste upon us. You may have been taught to call it a curse. That's ok. However you understand it is ok as long as your are understanding truth. People discharge negative energy, and it comes at you as a curse. That's ok. You can call it that, but we are just studying the phenomena of the mind from a higher spiritual place. Why? Because we are in college now. When you are in junior high, if you call it a curse that's ok. I still call things curses, but we are learning it from a higher level now. If you can hear it fine, but if you can't it's fine too.


I am telling you it is someone's psychic bowel movement dumping all over you. They are hating you, and they are not restraining themselves. They are condemning you, and they are not restraining themselves, they are thinking and speaking evil of you, and they are not restraining themselves, and all of a sudden you can't function. All of a sudden you have a headache, all of a sudden there's confusion all over your mind, you can't decide which way to go, you keep making mistakes that you shouldn't be making, you trip when you shouldn't be tripping, you burn your hand when you should have know better than to put it on the stove, you are dropping whole containers of juice out of the refrigerator when you should know better than that, you are screaming at your kids when you really have no reason to be doing it, you are angry at your husband or your wife with an anger that's way out of proportion to what they have done. What in the world is wrong with you, you say, Lord what in the world is wrong with me? Brethren, someone is dumping their psychic waste on you. They are using you as a toilet bowl. You see, they are upset, and they think they are feeling better by hating you or they are feeling better by blaming you or they are feeling better by saying evil things about you. They are dumping their psychic waste on you.


Now I've known this for quite a while, but I never quite saw it like I saw it the other night. These days I'm working very hard. I watch hardly any TV at all, but the other night I turned on the TV and I caught an episode of Star Trek that dealt with this issue so perfectly that it amazed me. I wish that I could get the episode to show the group. I don't think it is available to the public, and I would like to share that episode with you as a natural example to the best of my ability that I could repeat it to you, and hopefully we will come away from this with a deeper understanding of how urgently essential it is to deal with our own negative thoughts because we have got to start facing the fact that you can hate somebody and not let them know about it and think that you are ok because they know about, you see. Whether they actually know that you are hating them or not they are feeling it. An oppression is coming on them.


We have got to start growing up in Christ Jesus. We are spiritual beings. This relationship that you have with Christ Jesus, He's putting power in you, He's a dynamo in you, your mind has power. You can't be gossiping any more. You are hurting people, and if they are really spiritual they know that it is you, and if righteousness is not going to stimulate you to do the right thing then know this, if you are cursing a righteous man he knows it's you, and he's sending it right back on you. There was somebody that I ministered to for quite a while, and they couldn't seem to get control over their anger, and every time their anger came on me it had a very negative effect on me, and one day I said to them, I've strived with you long enough, I'm telling you to your face I'm sending back your curses, you had better start dealing with your anger toward me because I am not taking it any more, and I'm throwing it off by forgiving you. You had better start dealing with your own psychic waste or you are going to feel the prick of your own sword, and this person came back to me not too much later and said they felt the prick of their own sword, and it helped them to start to restrain themselves. Your thoughts have power, and the more power you have to do good. . . .what does that mean? The more mature Christ Jesus is in you the more power you have to do good. When you don't restrain your negativity your negative power is directly proportionate to your positive power. Do you know that someone who has had power with God that goes to the other side is a dangerous man? If you have power, you have power for good or power for evil. If you have power with God it could go either way. You can't have power to do good unless Christ Jesus is formed in you to do the good works of Jesus.


I would like to describe this episode of Star Trek to you. It is a Star Trek, the Next Generation, episode. There is a character in that series called the counselor, and she is a woman. I don't know exactly what that office is, but she is pretty high up because she has a direct relationship with the captain. She seems to be sort of what Spock was in the original series. She was a very professional woman, a rational, intelligent, merciful, just very professional, sedate. At this particular time there was an ambassador upon the ship, the Enterprise, who was being transferred to another planet. He was a negotiator, top level negotiator, who was famous for his ability to help warring factions or warring races to reconcile their differences in peace. He came on board with who he said was his 93 year old mother, and she died suddenly. The doctor looked at her and suspected something was really wrong, but was refused permission to do an autopsy.


The ambassador called the counselor into his chambers and said to her, you are the only impasse on the Enterprise. What does that mean? She was the most spiritual person on the Enterprise. He said, would you please join with me in a eulogy, in a death service from my people, and the counselor said, sure. The service involved her holding one rock and he held another rock, and he said a few words, and she said a few words, and then his rock illuminated, and he touched her rock and her rock illuminated, and she received something dumped right on her, and it was revealed by her eyes just lighting up, but she didn't know what happened to her. The next day she looked in the mirror, and there was a change in her face, but she wasn't sure what, and then she saw her personality start to change. I'm going to tell you up front what happened so you can follow me.


This man who was known in the universe for being a fine man who brought peace to the negotiation table, had found out that by psychic power and in his case witchcraft, he had the ability to dump his psychic waste on what he called receptacles, and he would pick people. . . .the woman who was his mother supposedly, 93 years old, was a 30 year old woman, with whom he had established this link, and he used her as a receptacle to dump his psychic waste upon, and it killed her prematurely, and he remained stable and clear minded and positive and was able to go to the negotiation table and do a great work for the races. I can't say humanity. They were different races. The captain of the Enterprise said to him, a receptacle, you killed that woman, and you are killing our counselor. And he said, I could do that, I could pick individuals and kill them so that I could do this great work of being a negotiator. This man, through witchcraft, was dumping his psychic waste on individuals without their permission, and the result of it was death.


Now I want to break down that death for you. The counselor's personality started to change, and the first thing that happened to her was that she became very seductive. She had been a professional woman, and she became a seductively sexual woman, promiscuous, going out making plays to anybody on the ship. The next thing that she deteriorated into was raising envy, possession, jealousy, and eventually she was lowered to the point of murder which was the outgrowth of jealousy over some hopeful lover, someone who was not her lover but who she had hoped to be her lover. The deterioration of her spirit brought her down to these low realms. Now look, seduction, promiscuity, envy, she was a screaming, raving lunatic just like you would hear people describing women on a low realm, screaming, beating her fists on her husband or the man who wasn't doing what she wanted him to do. She went from a professional woman to being the worst example of a woman.


Spiritual garbage will make you seductive, will make you promiscuous, will make you envious, will make you a murderer, and will make you lose control over your emotions and cause you to communicate as a screaming banshee, screaming, yelling, demanding in the most unGodly fashion, and eventually she deteriorated to attempted murder. All this was against her will. The ambassador was dumping on her. She became his toilet bowl. She didn't know what happened to her. She didn't know enough to break the curses or send them out. I don't know, that's Star Trek, I don't even know what they would say about that, but she wasn't fighting it. Let me put it that way, she wasn't fighting it, she wasn't resisting it, she didn't even seem to be aware that it was happening to her, and on top of all that she was aging prematurely. Her hair was turning grey, and her skin was becoming wrinkled. She was physically aging. Now as I relate to this whole episode to what happens to us spiritually I couldn't relate the aging until the Lord told me that it is Christ Jesus in you that dies. It is killing Christ Jesus in you.


So the carnal program, they just put it forth in such a way that she aged before she died, but it killed any spiritual maturity that was in her, it's a dumping, it's illegal. We have signs all up and down the county that it is illegal to dump your garbage. Well, it is illegal to dump your psychic garbage. You kill people. You ruin their lives when you dump your psychic garbage on them. People who are living upright lives, people who are walking in dominion over their own lower nature, when you dump your garbage on them they lost their grip on their lower nature, and they are Abel and they go down into the dust and join with the dust. Well, the finale of the movie or the episode was that. . . .well, first of all I don't think I made this clear. In order for this ambassador to do this he had to form a link with the person. We would call it a soul tie.


Brethren, if you have a soul tie with somebody that's not living right and that is not policing their own mind they could be dumping their psychic garbage on you. Now look, the world knows about this. The world doesn't talk about it very much, but the world knows about it, and it is a dirty thing. I heard a tape by John Bradshaw once talking about how damaged a child was because the father had incestuous thoughts towards her, and he thought it was ok because he didn't touch her. When he went to bed with his wife he was concentrating on his daughter, and she felt the impact of his mind, and it messed her up. She wound up on a psychiatrist's couch.


Look Brethren, you cannot yield to illegal lust. You have to fight it. You can't say it's ok because I'm not doing it and spend 20 hours a day fantasizing about that woman. You are dumping on her or if it is a woman with a man. That's the dumping of psychic garbage. You can't go through life hating people saying they don't know about it because you are dumping your psychic garbage. The psychiatric world knows about it. The church says, oh no you can't do it unless you have my agreement. You can't curse me unless I agree to it. You are silly, you are just silly.


The end of the episode was this. The ambassador's witchcraft was so powerful that unless that link or what we would call that soul tie was broken they couldn't save the counselor's life. So they tricked him. Of course, they had advanced medical procedures, and the doctor said we can kill her, and we have a half an hour to resuscitation her so they killed the counselor who looked like a 90 year old woman at that point, and they showed you the ambassador's face at her death. He jerked. What does that mean? His toilet bowl stopped running, the channel was cut off, he had to deal with his own psychic garbage. It made him lose his cool so he quickly moved to find another receptacle, and just as he was about to touch his rock to the other receptacle's rock, in his mind the link broke because he believed the counselor was dead, and she was in fact dead.


In that instance that he let go of the counselor, he was holding her with his mind, in that split second before he linked with the other woman, they beamed the other woman up, and they raised the counselor from the dead and because the link was broken all of the psychic garbage began rushing back on the ambassador, and it killed her. We would say we sent the curses back. It killed her because everything that he had been dumping on her for all that time went back on him suddenly and boom he just died. Now in Christ Jesus, if these are believer's in Christ returning these curses with no hard feelings, with no retaliation, with no thought toward revenge, but righteously returning them saying, I wish you no harm but you cannot kill me, you cannot dump on me, you cannot bring me down to the level of beast when I am a Son of God, that psychic garbage is going back and it is going to kill Leviathan in that person, and the Lord willing they will turn to the Lord Jesus as their savior and rise from the dead.


Brethren, it is time to accept our responsibility as spiritual beings. We cannot be dumping on others or using them as our toilet bowl any more than anyone of us or any adult anywhere unless they are really severely mentally ill would use someone flipping them fore as a toilet bowl. Now I've been preaching on this on and off for eight years now. This is the most graphic description I've ever given you of it, but I've been talking about putting your beast on a lease for a good eight years. You've got a beast inside of you. You've got to chain him up. When we did our Alternate Translation of Revelation 16 we found in the scripture Hebrew words that would indicate the lack of policing of your own carnal mind, could be likened to flashing. Cover yourself up. Your carnal mind is illegal to be exposed. You are not supposed to be revealing a carnal mind. You are supposed to be revealing Christ Jesus. You've got to put that carnal mind under your feet, you've got to dispose of your garbage. Look Brethren, you are not in kindergarten any more, and if you don't start doing what you are supposed to be doing there will be consequences that are known as judgment because the Lord loves you, and He's not going to let you walk around doing things that are a disgrace unto His name. Look, you can't have His name and be defecating in the middle of the living room floor. You are responsible for your thoughts, you have to police your thoughts, you have to bring every thought into captivity, you have to lay hold of every thought in your mind and scrutinize it, and if it is not of God kill it. It is time to grow up, Brethren. It is time to grow up.


Any comments or questions on this short exhortation?


COMMENT: I was just thinking it goes back to your teaching that the mind is a weapon.


PASTOR VITALE: Most certainly the mind is a weapon, it kills.


COMMENT: While you were speaking the scapegoat came into my mind.


PASTOR VITALE: Exactly, that was the Lord speaking to you. I thank you for asking that question because I believe the Lord wants that on this tape. This is the anatomy of the scapegoat. The scapegoat is someone who has never learned any positive way to deal with their psychic waste, but on the contrary has been taught, probably from the family they were raised in, to discharge their psychic waste by using someone else for a toilet bowl. Now the example that I gave you, the Star Trek episode, was an extreme case. We have many cases that are not that extreme. Exactly, this is the anatomy of the scapegoat.


COMMENT: It made me think of another teaching that you brought out a long time ago, in the psychiatrist's office they call it the invisible patient.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. Let me put that on here for people that don't know what you are talking about. I don't think I used the word visible or invisible. I think it was the identifiable patient and the unidentifiable patient. Usually the person that is brought by their family to a psychiatrist is what is called the identifiable patient, but usually the one who is not identifiable is much sicker than the identifiable one. The identifiable patient is the one who is manifesting, the one who looks sick, the one that's engaging in strange behavior, who's life is not in order, who doesn't conform to the societal norms, and most of the time there is someone else that they are linked to, a mother, a father, a husband, a wife, who's dumping their psychic garbage on them and walking around like they are perfectly well adjusted just like our ambassador. Perfect citizen. The world knows about it. There was a big scandal a few years ago. Some big shot in Washington, turned out he was beating his wife. Everybody loved them. He had some office in some president's administration, and he dumped his psychic garbage by beating his wife. Two excellent examples.


COMMENT: So you are saying all of these are abusive whether it be physical or....


PASTOR VITALE: Ok, there are many ways to say this, if that is how you want to say it that's true.


COMMENT: I am thinking of a friend of mine who was brought into the world with a spirit of rejection over her so heavy, and it was never actually said to her but constantly she was told that she was not wanted, she came at a wrong time and all that, and the devastation in her mind. . . .


PASTOR VITALE: So how could we relate that to this message? What that says to me, and I am assuming it was her parents that was telling her she wasn't wanted, there must have been some grief in that parent's heart that they were having trouble dealing with. Why is a child not wanted? Well, they are a drain on the family's finances or the mother had hoped to go back to work or go to school or do something else with her life, and the truth of the matter is that she's unforgiving toward that child or possibly hates that child or resenting that child because that child interfered with the mother or the parents plans for their life, and they are discharging that hatred by telling the child who now is an adult that she was never wanted. They are dumping that negative energy on that child and killing her.


COMMENT: I also see the family line curse of rejection coming in going from generation to generation.


PASTOR VITALE: Right. So what do we see here? We are seeing a deeper understanding of what a curse is. It is one's inability to deal with negative thoughts, and because self preservation is a natural instinct. With someone who is not instructed or doesn't know better or knows better and doesn't care they will dump that negativity on the other person just so they can feel better. There is some sort of sick satisfaction in ones heart for punishing the person who had no power to do anything about it but who interfered with ones plans. That the anatomy of it, that's what's happening.


COMMENT: So it is possible to afflict somebody with such oppression, and they could actually lose their mind then?


PASTOR VITALE: They could lost their minds, and I believe they could die. If it is strong enough, if it goes on long enough and it is strong enough it could either make the person lose their mind or they could die or they could not die or not lose their mind enough to be institutionalized, but always be what we call "a little wacky." You are not born that way. The Lord told me that a long time ago. Look at these people who are all messed up, they are not born that way. Something happened to them.


COMMENT: Do we have a right to put a curse back on that person if you feel like you are being a scapegoat? How do we deal with that? Aren't we supposed to bless the person?


PASTOR VITALE: We bless the person, and we ask the Lord to help us to have no personal vengeance towards them. I don't recommend you send it back unless you are really convinced that your heart is pure which very few people have a pure heart. So you turn them over to the Lord. You bless them, you pray for them, and you say, Lord I wish them no harm, but I don't want to be hurt. As you mature in Christ, if you can really honestly say you wish them no harm then you could send the curse back knowing that it is going to correct them, and that it will be used toward their salvation.


COMMENT: And I would say we are attracting something in them that makes them react like that, to throw back something. It is as though we are mirroring something that they see that's bothering them so they use us as a scapegoat to build themselves up but to knock us down so there is some mirror reflection


PASTOR VITALE: I think it comes under the category of familiar spirits. In other words, if it is a total stranger and you can say. . . .


COMMENT: Let's say a person is living an immoral life and they don't like what you have to say, like reading the Bible and you start saying things that you are reading in the Bible, and they don't agree with that because they feel they know God, but they don't agree because they don't want to change their minds, they don't want to change their life so they resent the fact of what you are saying and they just don't want to see through their own faults.


PASTOR VITALE: Now you just went into a different subject. If one is reading the Bible to someone who doesn't want to hear it then that is forcing yourself on them and it could be a genuine anger at that other person trying to take authority over their life. It could be that. So you see, we must continually examine ourselves and be very sure that we are not deceiving ourselves that if a person is thinking evil or is resentful towards us we have to really put ourselves before God and ask Him could we possibly have done something to stir that person up especially if the person is a heathen and they don't know any better.


COMMENT: Let's say we are a mature Christian and this happens, and then you have to say to yourself what did I do to bring this on, even though it affects you, it could affect your job, your finances and everything else, but that you have gotten to a higher level to understand that the poverty of the man, the old Adam, in yourself and in the other person but you have arrived higher to see that Christ in you. I was at that point, what did I do to have this happen to me? Then I have to say, it must have been something I said or did that I wasn't even aware of, and then I got the consequences of it like the cause and effect, the karma.


PASTOR VITALE: That's true. I think that we do, as we go on with God, we hopefully will attain to a place where people will be attacking us for no legitimate reason, but we have to be very careful that we are not deceiving ourselves, that we really have done nothing wrong, that it is just the spirit of Christ on us that they hate, and not many people are at that place. Jesus said we have to be as harmless as doves and wise as serpents, not force ourselves on anybody.


COMMENT: We can't throw our pearls before the swine, or the dogs will eat us alive.


PASTOR VITALE: You can't force yourself on people. You can't even force a drunk to stop drinking, you can't force an addict. . . .it is illegal to take drugs, but you can't force yourself on people.


COMMENT: Then I have to see in the mature Christian's life then as the Lord is working through you, maybe He has allowed that to happen to grow you, to stretch you. It is very painful.


PASTOR VITALE: Exactly, very painful. If that experience helps us to see what we did to contribute to stirring up that person's evil and we learn from it then you are engaged in the process of truly having your mind changed. It's having your nature changed, and that is the promise of the scripture to receive the nature of Christ, and that's how it's done, a painful experience at a time, our nature is changed.


COMMENT: It's like. . . this keeps happening to me, it's getting better, but a person really didn't like me, who knows why, just recently, and I just prayed, Lord how am I going to deal with this one. He changed her shift.


PASTOR VITALE: You didn't take vengeance into your own hands, and the Lord helped you. That's wonderful. That's a hard lesson. A lot of people have trouble learning that lesson. They want to take things into their own hands, and I find that with so many people who come here, and I talk and I talk and I counsel and I counsel, and they just can't seem to let it go, and let God do it. So if we really can't let go then usually painful experiences come our way that make us let go. That's how the Lord teaches us. It is just like a young child, you tell them don't do that Johnny, don't do that Johnny, and Johnny really can't stop doing it. So you take him and you paddle his behind real hard one night, and he remembers to not do it.


COMMENT: One thing I've come to really realize in my life recently is that you can't change other people. I used to always try to change other people. I finally learned I could only change myself.


PASTOR VITALE: That's wonderful. You have had so much deliverance. I see such a radical change in you. You are really going through the fire though. You are going the hard way, but you are making it. I'm very happy for you really. I see tremendous changes in you. You've very blessed.


COMMENT: In the spanking of a child you change his behavior, but you don't change his thinking pattern.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, you can change his thinking pattern. It can change his thinking patterns, but it doesn't have to, but it can. If you are dealing with an average child who is healthy in his mind, and he doesn't see anything wrong with stealing pennies from his mother's pocketbook, and you whip his behind and he knows he's not going to steal those pennies, even though he still thinks he's right, it is my understanding of the scripture that if you do what you do what you are supposed to do as a parent then the spirit moves in and convicts the personality of the child that it is wrong.


COMMENTS: Now feelings aren't right or wrong. You can't help what you feel, but say somebody does something that really wrongs you, and you really reacted in an ungodly way you have to take it before the Lord and put it on the altar and say, I acknowledge I am in sin, this is wrong, and lay it on the altar?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, because feelings are right and wrong. Feelings are right and wrong.


COMMENTS: Entertaining them yes, but a feeling comes up and you have no control over it.


PASTOR VITALE: I see what you are saying. I have to correct this for the tape, and you tell me if I'm wrong. I think what you meant to say is that we don't have any control over the feelings that arise in us. Is that what you meant?




PASTOR VITALE: Ok. Feelings arise out of our soul so quickly we cannot have any control over them, but feelings are right or wrong, and sin does manifest in our feelings, and as you just said, I am just clarifying this for the tape, that if we lay hold of those feelings, and we have to bring every thought into captivity, every emotion into captivity, if we lay hold of it and say, I see you, this is hatred, and you are sin, and I confess that you are sin and that you arose out of my soul, and I rebuke you. Then it is not sin unto you.


So, Jesus is telling us if we do that there is no sin imputed unto you, but the whole point is that salvation in Christ Jesus means that those sins will never arise in your emotions. It is the cessation of the warfare. Salvation in Christ Jesus puts down or burns out the roots that are producing those sinful emotions so that you don't have to be on the alert, and you don't have to bring every thought into captivity, and you don't have to cast it down. They will never arise. That's the whole teaching of our book, Love Covers a Multitude of Sins. When the mind of Christ Jesus is lying on top of your soul, when the mind of Christ Jesus is the mind of your soul instead of Leviathan those thoughts won't even arise, and you will have peace, and the lion will lay down with the lamb. The spirit will lay down with the soul.


COMMENT: I kept saying that all week, the lion will lie down with the lamb, that's amazing, this is very good tonight I've really got a lot out of it.


PASTOR VITALE: This war will stop. In salvation this war stops.


COMMENT: I am getting a revelation on my negative thoughts. I didn't realize how negative I was, and certain things are happening, but it came on me because of my own negativity so I really enjoyed this tonight.


PASTOR VITALE: Thank you. I am glad you were blessed. Thank the Lord. He told me to preach it.


COMMENT: It goes back to Genesis 2, the war of the two minds, the seed of the woman. . ..


PASTOR VITALE: That war is actually is ended in glorification because in full stature the war is really still going on because Satan has an existence. In full stature. Anybody remember what the conditions of our minds are? Let me put it on the board for you. Right now we are double minded. There is a whole aspect of the church teaching you don't be double minded. We are double minded, don't tell me not to be double minded. I am double minded. I have two minds, and I'm not going to be in denial about it. I have two minds and so do you. Right now we have a carnal mind and his name is Leviathan, and Lord willing we have the mind of Christ Jesus being formed in us, and the name of the mind of Christ Jesus is the Word of God, and they are both functioning but only one mind can be manifesting in any given second. Only one of the two can be manifesting, and they are flip flopping back and forth.


I read something like this when I was studying Buddhism, the Buddhist have a revelation of this. There is spiritual truth in other religions. There is a lot of spiritual truth. What they don't have is the spirit of God. There is spiritual truth in the Satanic mind. Actually, they look like this. They are one on top of the other, and they are constantly flip flopping as to which mind is on top of the other. They flip back and forth, and the condition of your mind in full stature is that this position is made permanent. This is Christ Jesus on top and Leviathan on the bottom, and Christ Jesus has woven Himself through Leviathan and completely bound him up so that he can't move so that the only mind manifesting 100% of the time is the Word of God which is the mind of Christ Jesus, and when the Word of God has your Leviathan bound up so completely that's the end of your duality. You are no longer double minded. Any one hearing this tape that preaches that message, you become single minded when Leviathan ceases from functioning in you, and he is not going to cease from functioning in you until the Word of God binds him up tight underneath Him.


The way the scripture puts it, does anybody remember how the scripture puts it? Bind the sacrifice to the horns of the altar. Who is the sacrifice? Let every man come with his own sacrifice. Leviathan is the sacrifice. You've got to kill your carnal mind. That's exactly what you are doing, you are killing him. You have to kill him a thought at a time, and when your sacrifice is bound to the horns of your altar, Jesus Christ is our altar, you are no longer double minded, but you are single minded and the name of your mind is the Kingdom of the Two Heavens. When your mind of Christ Jesus has not bound up your Leviathan, what is his name, he is the kingdom of what? Kingdom of God. We are double minded. There are two minds flip flopping back and forth continuously, and it is a warfare and eventually the Kingdom of God is going to bring the Kingdom of Darkness into submission, but the Kingdom of Darkness cannot be brought into submission if you don't have the Kingdom of God in you. You have to have the Kingdom of God in you. You can't see the Kingdom of Heaven unless you are born again. You have to have the Kingdom of God. Your spirit has to be reborn, your spirit died. When your spirit is reborn it is the beginning of the Kingdom of God in you, and then you are going to see the Kingdom of Heaven. You can't see it unless it is in you. You can't even see it in me unless it is in you. You would never recognize it in me unless it is in you first.


COMMENT: Pastor Sheila, what you were just saying is a relief because I know I am not double minded, and I feel as if I have been born again except it is a struggle because I am in this world but not of the world and yet I go back into the world and I'm in and out, in and out, until I am constantly thinking, I know I'm not double minded even though I go around different places and this and that but that's a relief because everyone is, but they are in denial. I am saying the truth, I know I am on the right track, I just am not in full stature so this teaching has really helped me.


PASTOR VITALE: I guess I was speaking about duality, the Kingdom message that exhorts you to not be double minded. Double minded is a transient condition that everybody must go through because either you are single minded in Leviathan, you don't have Christ Jesus at all or you are in full stature so you become double minded when the mind of God is conceived in you. It is a transient condition. It can't be avoided, it is not an insult, it is not to be avoided, it has to be. Of course, you are fighting every step of the way to be single minded but from the moment the Kingdom of God is conceived in you until you become the Kingdom of the Two Heavens you are double minded. It is a necessary condition which is experienced on the road to salvation. It cannot be avoided, it cannot. I guess that's what I was talking about. I rebuke all condemnation from the church world. You don't know what you are talking about. Stop killing the people. Any other comments?


COMMENT: I just want to add, I've just been elevated a little more in the spirit in some quiet time I have to realize that I was always looking at people, in the church world, thinking that they knew it all, and I am not any more. Now I'm looking at Louise and how I looked at them I thought they knew it all, and that's why I was so mixed up. I am believing them, and they are believing all these lies and telling me, and I was so confused, but once I got off by myself God revealed things to me, and so here I am.


PASTOR VITALE: Praise the Lord, you are doing great Louise, you look wonderful, your whole face has changed, I'm delighted.


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