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I have on the board the signs of the first five levels of consciousness. The first thing I would like to point out to you is that I have reversed the fourth and fifth level. The Lord revealed to me that I had them backwards. This is not at all unusual, or uncommon, or surprising, because our carnal mind sees everything backwards, and I had the fourth and fifth level reversed.


Let me tell you how I had it originally in case you do not remember or someone new is reading the message. I had told you that the first level of consciousness was reconciliation, the second justification, the third sanctification, fourth perfection or full stature, and the firth one marriage to Jesus.


I was thinking in my mind that you had to be perfect before you could marry Jesus from above. Reconciliation is marriage to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit marries our human spirit, but Christ in us, Christ who was in our earth, is betrothed to Jesus who is above. I remind you that the glorified magnificent man, Jesus Christ, has many roles. Just like a man is a father, he is a husband, he is a son, etc., the glorified Jesus has many roles, and all of those roles are in relationship to us.


He is the Holy Spirit to us when Christ is not growing in us. He comes to our human spirit as the Holy Spirit and marries our human spirit. The Holy Spirit is down here in the earth. The Holy Spirit came into the earth on the day of Pentecost in the form of tongues of fire, and He has been in the earth ever since. The Holy Spirit reaches out to men in whom Christ is not abiding, Christ is not growing in, Christ is not in you.


The Holy Spirit is the expression of the glorified, magnificent Jesus Christ who has a relationship with unregenerate men, and He goes to the part of the unregenerate man that is like Him. The Holy Spirit goes to people, if possible, to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit and not join with Him.


Our natural example is that it is all right or possible for a young woman to be engaged and not married. The Holy Spirit has a relationship with a lot of people that He has not married, but when He joins with their human spirit the process begins which results in the person's justification.


When the Holy Spirit joins with the human spirit, Christ is conceived, an embryonic Christ, and as Christ matures in the person He begins to show you your sins. I have been telling you for a couple of years now that justification is the conception of Christ, but this chart is the sign of that level of consciousness. The signs of justification, the signs that Christ is in you, is that you are willing to confess to specific sins, that you are willing to have your sins exposed, so that you can have a change of nature.


Not a change of opinion. I used to hear that repentance was a change of opinion. That is true, but it is really not clear to the person who is young in God. It is not a change of opinion of the carnal mind. It is a change of mind, you see. There is scriptural terminology, and the scriptural terminology I have seen in the Interlinear Text, the female opinion, is talking about the carnal mind.


It is not two different opinions of your carnal mind. It is talking about the two minds; one being a female opinion, and the other being the male opinion. It is talking about a change of mind.


Justification begins when the Holy Spirit joins with your human spirit, and the Christ mind begins to form in you. The sign that Christ is being formed in you is that you are willing to have your sins exposed, that you are willing to confess that you have a sin nature, and that you are willing to get that nature changed.


It is true, a change of mind, but we have an idiom in this country, we have a saying, we have a way of talking that is indigenous to this country. People in England may not have this same expression. Other English speaking countries do not necessarily speak in the same idiom. It is the same language, it is a form of a slang, we have expressions, "a change of mind."


It is true that it is a change of mind, but if you do not know that the Scripture is talking about, a change of an actual mind, you will think it means a change of opinion. Repentance is not a change of opinion. It is a change from one mind to another, and the mind that we have determines the nature that we have, because the spirit that is in the mind is our nature, and the spirit in the carnal mind is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and the spirit in the Christ mind is the Lord Jesus who is above.


We are being raised from the dead in stages so justification starts exposing our sin nature and brings forth confession and repentance of specific sin. That means sin in your attitudes, sin in the way you think, and sin simply in the way that you relate to people, because Christ is perfect. When sin starts to be exposed, when the sin nature starts to be exposed, we can see the difference between Christ and the carnal mind.


Why do we want to see the difference between Christ and the carnal mind? Because at this stage of the game, the carnal mind is on top, and Christ is on the bottom, and we have to turn our world upside down.


The carnal world has to go to the bottom, and Christ has to come to the top. How will we ever accomplish this if we cannot tell the difference between Christ and our carnal mind? That is what this is all about. Unfortunately, it hurts, but this is what it is all about.


Justification, the signs that you are justified, and every one of these levels of consciousness is a process. You grow in the process. You do not jump from one to two to three to four. You are growing in the first level for however long you are growing, and then, all of a sudden, you find that you are in the second level. You could spend years in the second level, you grow in the second level, and then one day you wake up and you are in the third level. It is a process. It is not over night.


We see that justification is an exposure of our sin nature, and we may start out by just having our sins exposed. We may not even have an understanding of the sin nature, but it is working in these parameters. Exposure of sin, confession and repentance, where ever you are in that category of justification.


The third level of consciousness is sanctification. I want to wait a while to talk about that. It is a very volatile subject. I just want to point out to you that in the past I have told you that four was perfection, and I thought you had to be perfect before you could marry Jesus, but now I have found out I had it backwards, that you will never be perfect unless you marry Jesus first, because the way we become perfect is by treading Leviathan down under the Christ in us.


Number five, the fifth level of consciousness, is Leviathan tread under, we become sinless, and our physical body and our personality is preserved. Christ in us does not have the strength to do that so we have to marry Jesus first, and the combined strength of Jesus, above, who is joined to Christ who is in our earth together, will tread Leviathan under. My carnal mind had it backwards.


The sign that you are married to Jesus, that is the fourth level. We have Daniel 10:21. Would you read that on the message for us please? But I will show thee that which is noted in the Scripture of truth, and there is none that holdeth with me in these things but Michael your prince.


Here we have an explanation as to why so few people today are recognizing that the Doctrine of Christ is truth, or if they are recognizing it they do not understand it.


I met a man in Florida who recognized it. He probably recognized the spirit on me, but he could not understand it. To recognize that the Doctrine of Christ is truth, and to start to absorb it is a sign that you are married to Jesus.


Remember that these levels of consciousness are not linear. They do not have to go 1, 2,3,4,5. Jesus can go 1, 2, 5 if He wants to do that with you.


I know that I have had a very unusual experience in the church world. I came in when the Lord drew me into the church. He threw me right into a deliverance ministry which is mature for the average person in the average church, but I was dying. It was an emergency measure, and my spiritual education was started immediately, and it was not until my spiritual education was securely founded in me that the Lord started teaching me things that most people learn the first few years in the church.


I went right into the Old Testament. I knew very little about the New Testament. I still know more about the Old Testament than I do the New Testament, but for a long time there was a lot about the New Testament that I did not know. I learned the Old before the New which is not typical in the church. Nothing that Jesus does is linear.


There is a Scripture in the Book of Isaiah which is supposed to be talking about the Pharisees saying, "We are going to study line upon line, precept upon precept," and most Christians that I have spoken to think that is a positive thing, and that is what you are supposed to do. You are supposed to study line upon line and precept upon precept, but that is not the intention of the Scripture. That is Jehovah criticizing the Pharisee saying, "You just read those Scriptures..." What did Jesus say to them? "Day and night you pour over those Scriptures, but you have not found the one who is in the Scriptures, because if you knew Him you would know me."


That account in Isaiah is Jehovah rebuking the Pharisees saying, "You pour over the Word, you pour over the Word, but you do not know Me." Jesus can do anything that He wants. The reason I am pointing that out is that step #3 is a radical step. It is a step that the world would consider radical. It is a step that the church would consider radical, and if you are reading this message, and you do not want to believe it that is all right, but I exhort you to pray about it.


I asked the Lord, "What is the sign of sanctification, what does sanctification mean?" Could you please start looking for Revelation 14 for me? "Sanctified from what?" When I first came into the church I heard, "Come out from the world." What does that mean? I was taught it meant to stop smoking. I was taught that it meant to stop going to movies. I was taught that it meant to stop drinking and going to bars with the people that you work with, but I knew that at some point it had to be a spiritual coming-out from the world.


Xxxxx is going to read Rev. 14:4 for us. These are they which were not defiled with women for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the first fruits unto God and to the Lamb.


Everyone sitting here has heard this, but I do not know where this message is going. This is a tough word, but I am telling you the truth. This whole world exists because the Serpent is engaged in a spiritual sexual act, a perverse spiritual sexual act, with the breath of life that was breathed into the creation.


In the physical, sex makes the world go round, and in the spiritual, sex makes the world go round. I think Paul has made it very clear that we are married to Leviathan; although, he may not have said Leviathan. He said, "Now you are married to another." Did he not say that? "Now you are married to another, act like you are divorced from the other guy even though you are not." What did he mean by that?


Of course, we have to stop agreeing with Leviathan. We have to stop thinking with her thoughts. We have to stop doing what she wants us to do. We have to be in complete rebellion against her.


Brethren, I am here tonight to tell you that, that is not enough if you want to go on to perfection. If you do not want to go on to perfection, and the Lord Jesus is willing to leave you alone I do not have any problem with that. I think some people, He is going to force in. He is coming like a thief in the night, but He is not doing it now. I do not see Him forcing anybody now.


You have to realize that what is happening in the natural in this world is an expression of what is happening in the spiritual and, for this world to exist, the Serpent is in a continuous perverse sexual relationship with the breath of life which came forth from Elohim, and the sex act of this world is an expression and an acting out of the spiritual perversion.


Jesus said that sex in marriage is sanctified. "I know that you are fallen, and I know that you are going to be down here for a long time, and I know that Elohim's breath of life is now formed in an animal configuration." We are not supposed to be animals, brethren. We are supposed to be spiritual men. We were not supposed to be formed as animals. We were supposed to be formed as a spiritual civilized man.


Whatever we would have looked like, we see Jesus. We see a man who is not bound to a physical body that cannot change. This is a prison house. Jesus can take any form that He wants. He is not a solid, He is a liquid, if you want to say it that way, if that helps you to understand.


This form that we are in is not the form that we are supposed to be. We are dead. We died, and we went to hell, and we are formed as animals. If you want to go back up to heaven and be a spiritual man, you have to stop acting like an animal.


Please note if you have not stopped reading the message yet, sanctification is the voluntary withdrawal from the animal sex act. The voluntary withdrawal. That means if you are a woman, and you are hearing this message and you say, "Oh great, I have been waiting for an excuse to stop sleeping with my husband for 20 years or for 5 years." If that is your reason for stopping, it does not count. If you are a male or a female, and you are saying, "Oh, what a great opportunity to punish my mate," and that is why you are stopping, it does not count.


This voluntary withdrawal from the animal sex act is a decision that is made based on the knowledge of what this sex act is. It is an expression of the animal life which is acceptable to God in marriage. If you are hung up on sex, and you are withdrawing because you think sex is evil or dirty, it does not count. We cannot use the word or the purposes of God to support expressions of our sin nature.


Any of these reasons I have mentioned for withdrawing from the sex act, from the human animal sex act, any of these reasons are coming out of your carnal mind. It has to be Christ in you that rises up and says, "I, Christ, desire to marry Jesus above, and I cannot do that while I am married to another."


When you are engaged in a human sexual, relationship with a husband or a wife, it disqualifies you from a full marriage with Jesus above, because you cannot be physical and spiritual at the same time.


You must choose. There is a period where we can be both. You can be fully physical in this world and a little bit spiritual, but the day that you decide that you want to go on with God is the beginning of the end of your sex life if you are serious. If you are serious, and if you are willing to pay any price.


People in the Far East, they do not have any problem with this. Hindus, Buddhists, more Buddhists than Hindus, but lot of Hindus too, as they become spiritual their interest in the animal life passes out of their mind because the spiritual is preferable, and the drying up of the physical life is a natural outcome of spiritual increase. It happens naturally.


A lot of people that are reading this message right now, you are saying, "That woman does not know what she is talking about." Hindus are all engaged in all kinds of sex acts. I read about it in the Kama Sutra. I encourage you to study it out yourself, and you will find out that the sex practices of the Hindus, even though they engage in the human animal sex act, are designed to put an end to that activity.


They are using the human sex act as a means...they do it in a certain way, I do not really know what they do. They do it under a certain ritual which is designed to drive the sexual energy upward.


Here in this country, when a man and a woman engage in sex, it is for mutual satisfaction, but in the tantra exercises of the Hindus they engage in human sexuality, not for mutual pleasure, they are not doing it for pleasure. They have discovered a way through sexual activity to drive their sexual energy, which is Kundilini, upward. They want it to go up to their brain.


This teaching of the Hindu religion, they have a revelation that the pleasure of the mind is greater than the pleasure of the body.


They are trying to drive the human sexuality up to their brain. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? The woman is completely dehumanized in the act. It is not an act of love. If you thought otherwise, you did not know what you were talking about.


Study it out. Brethren, if you want to ascend to perfection, to a place of sinlessness where your physical body and your personality is preserved, you have to stop engaging in animal activity, and I say this without condemnation.


I really hesitated to put that on the board and to use that word animal. It sounds so radical, but the Lord said, "That is the word." I condemn you not, and I am telling you again if your ears are not closed, if you give up the sex act out of condemnation it does not count.


It has to be a decision coming out of Christ, saying, "I am growing in this Person, and I want the spiritual life more than I want the flesh life, and I am going to give up that aspect of my physical life so that I can ascend above the firmament, so that I can join with the One who is above the firmament," because you cannot have a full marriage with Jesus, who is above, when you are engaged in this activity.


What do you do if you are married? You pray, and you do not cut off your mate, you have to give it to God and see what He is going to do for you. We have people sitting here in these meetings who are married so I am sure that you are thinking right now, "If sanctification is voluntary withdrawal from the animal sex act, first of all how can I be at the fourth place, how can I be recognizing the Doctrine of Christ at all?"


As I am standing here preaching to you, I am wondering if even I have three and four reversed now, because I did not know what the answer to that question was, and I asked the Lord, "Lord, before I get up there and preach this I really would like to know what the answer to that is." Up until this point I was saying, "Because of your faithfulness, He must be touching you somehow with some kind of an imputed marriage," but I think that the Lord just told me that I have to reverse three and four.


It is reconciliation, justification, marriage to Jesus above which is recognition of the Doctrine of Christ, and He gives you the strength to withdraw voluntarily from the kind of life that involves the animal sex act, and then you go on to perfection. Anyone not know what I am talking about?


Before we take the picture, I am going to have to reverse that. Reconciliation, justification, marriage to Jesus above.


If marriage to Jesus above is the third level of consciousness, look at where the church is. I think a lot of them are engaged in justification, but not many are married to Jesus above. Although, we see more and more taking our books off the Internet, but they are not where we are. I do not know how you people even take it reading three of these messages a week, and then you are reading messages at home too. You are really, really, in deep.


The next step for you is this voluntary withdrawal. When I say "voluntary withdrawal," I am talking about an attitude if you are married, of course. If you are not married you should...even if you are not married do not think that you are home free, because you are not married. Because if you are not married and, in your heart, if you could have your way you would be married and engaged in an animal sex act, you are not sanctified because you have not been...I am not talking about personal, physical lust. I am not telling you that you are going to stop desiring sex. I am not going to tell you that you do not want it, I am not telling you that. I hope I am making myself clear.


Christ in you does not want the sex act, but your carnal mind and your physical body which are expressions of the Serpent want the sex act. Which mind is going to live out of your body? Is the carnal mind going to live out of your body or is the Christ mind going to live out of your body?


Brethren, if you are living out of your Christ mind, I am talking about everybody, in their heart, if you are living out of your Christ mind you most likely feel that you would like a relationship with your husband or your wife, that is your carnal mind, but your Christ mind is saying, "I have made a decision, there is feeling in my body, there are thoughts in my mind, I would like a marital sexual union, my carnal mind would like it, but the Christ mind is taking His position as head of the woman."


The carnal mind is the woman, and the Christ mind is rising up and saying, "Yes, because I am one with my wife I am feeling all these things, I am desiring these things," but the man says, Christ says, that if I do not divorce my present husband which is Leviathan I will not be able to marry Christ, and Christ has made a decision for the whole person that it is for the benefit of the whole person to leave the other husband behind and go on with Christ, with Jesus who is above. Am I making that clear?


Your motive has to be correct. Everything that we are doing here is talking about motives so we are talking about an attitude of your mind. If you are a single person, and you have been celibate for 20 years, but somewhere in your heart you are resenting that you do not have a husband, that you do not have a lover, I do not care if you have been celibate for 40 years, you are not eligible for sanctification. Why?


Because your carnal mind is ruling through you. If you are married, and you can hear what I am saying, and you are willing to make that decision...I hear a lot in the church world, "Make a decision for Christ, make a decision for Christ." If you are willing to make a decision for Christ, a true decision for Christ, and say, "I am willing to give up something that could be pleasurable to me, it has been, and is, and could in the future be pleasurable to me, but I am willing to give it up, because I know I cannot take it up above the firmament with me."


"If I want to go on to be a Son of God, I cannot take it with me, but I am not against it. I have enjoyed it in the past, I could enjoy it in the future, I am enjoying it now, it is not bad, there is nothing wrong with it, but Jesus has given me an opportunity to become a spiritual man, and I cannot be spiritual and carnal at the same time. One must predominate; therefore, I give it up."


Brethren, is this not what you do when you get married? Does a man not say, "Look at all those beautiful women out there, but I have made a commitment to my wife." Is that not what you say, ladies? "All those nice looking men out there, handsome, oh boy I could really go for him, but I have made a commitment to my husband, my children, and my family." You could look at a member of the opposite sex and say, "wow."


Sure you look at them, and you think about it, of course, but you push it out of your mind, because it is ungodly. Because you are married and have a wife or have a husband does not mean that you cannot find another person attractive. You just do not do anything about it. That is what I am talking about. Did I make this clear?


It is an attitude of mind. We are coming to the married people now. You do not end your sexual union with your partner with your carnal mind. I tell you many times, I use the expression, "You have to stand ready, stand ready." If Jesus calls you some day you have to drop everything and go, but He is not calling you now so enjoy your family, enjoy your grandchildren, enjoy your life, but stand ready if He calls you, and if it is really Him you know whether or not you are going to pack up and leave.


The only one you do not leave is a dependent person that you are responsible for. This is the same thing. I encourage you to make your decision or to pray about making your decision, and if your decision is that you are willing to give up everything to go on with Jesus, stand ready, and you continue on in your relationship with your spouse until such time as Jesus moves.


He is looking for your attitude. He is looking for your state of mind. He is looking for your willingness, and whatever He is going to do, He is going to do. How many people do I hear say, "I would give up everything for Jesus. All I want is Him," and then tell them that they have to give up sex. You will see how many people are still standing there at the altar call.


Do not get me wrong. It is not easy, but I will give you my own testimony. My own testimony is this. It was very painful for a while. I was a single woman, it was very painful to come to the conclusion that I was going to be single for the rest of my life, but as soon as I accepted it, the Lord moved me into a measure of a relationship with Him that is so glorious that if I could have comprehended it I would have never fought so hard for a human marriage.


It is the best thing that ever happened to me, the relationship that I have with Jesus at this time, and I am not in perfection yet. I am not a 5 yet, but I believe that I am married to Jesus above, because I am bringing forth this doctrine, and I know that I have voluntarily withdrawn in my mind.


I have not been married for years. We are not talking about my physical condition. In my mind, I have made a decision that I choose marriage to Jesus above over marriage to a human man, because marriage to a human man is an act that is generated by Leviathan, by the god of this world, and I cannot be married to two.


It is a voluntary act of my will, it is a state of my mind, and since I have come into this attitude the revelation that the Lord is pouring out of me is unbelievable. Why is it here and not someplace else? I will tell you why, the Lord just told me. I did not know this when I started preaching.


I have said to the Lord, "What is the difference between me..." when I first started preaching this message I had the order here different, but I did not have the order straight in my head, and I said, "Lord, what is the difference between me through whom you are pouring out this doctrine and the other people that are justified and I thought sanctified, but I am finding out that those of you who I thought were sanctified are not sanctified, what is the difference between me and even the people here, how come I am getting all this pouring out of me and the others that are under this ministry, they are listening, and they are learning but it is not the same thing, what is the difference?"


The Lord just answered me. "You are all reconciled, you are all justified, and you are all married to Jesus." How do I know you are married to Jesus? You are recognizing the Doctrine of Christ, and you are willing to study it and receive it. Marriage to Jesus is #3, because you cannot comprehend this doctrine or recognize it as truth unless you are married to Jesus above.


Number 4, then, becomes sanctification. This is the stumbling block. Sanctification is the stumbling block. Sanctification is talking about an attitude of mind that recognizes that you cannot have sex in heaven.


Years ago, about six years ago, a young woman who comes to this ministry asked me about that issue. She had been taught in a church that she went to for a long time, it was common opinion around the young people in the church, that you could have sex, a man and his wife could have sex while speaking in tongues and have an exalted experience.


When I first heard her say that to me I was so shocked, and I did not realize that she had heard this from the other church. I thought it just came out of her mind, and I rebuked her. I said, "What kind of a crazy thing is that to say, having sex while you are speaking in tongues," and she told me that opinion was spread all through that other church.


I was absolutely shocked until I remembered that just before the Lord apprehended me, I was taking yoga lessons from a married yoga teacher, and I had asked her, I do not know what the context was, but I remember asking her, but she did say to me, "Yes, my husband and I engage in sexual activity," but without giving me any details she indicated to me that it was very different than what the average person experiences, and she indicated that it was an exalted, highly spiritual experience.


Here we see that some people who follow spirituality outside of Christ seem to merge their sexual experience with a high spiritual experience. I told you earlier about the tantra practices of Hinduism where the sexual intercourse between men and women...by the way, it is fornication. It is not a husband and wife that engages in that activity, that they use it hoping never to have to use it again. They use sexual activity as a device to drive their sexual energy up to the brain where they will become exalted spiritual men.


This woman who was my yoga teacher, I do not know whether she was engaging in tantra practice with her husband or not. I do not know. Her husband was not into what she was into, but this is not of God, brethren. Christians do not engage in sexual activity speaking in tongues to enhance their sexual experience.


How do I know that? I know that because of the whole message that I am preaching to you tonight. Sexual intercourse between a husband and a wife is still an animal activity, and every animal activity of the mind and the body that we engage in is contrary and antagonistic towards the development of Christ in us. Christ is a different spirit than the spirit of this world.


You can be spiritual and sexual to some degree in this world, but even so, there are people who are saying that because they are not willing to give it up, but to really be in that spirit world, really deep into it, you really have to give it up.


They are two activities. They are antagonistic to one another. They cancel each other out. They are like matter and anti-matter. When they meet, there is an explosion and what explodes is your spiritual life. Does that mean if you make love with your husband or your wife once Christ in you, is Christ going to die? Of course not, but everything depends on where you are, on how high up you are. You might fall down a couple of notches.


You have to take what I am saying on this message and put it before the Lord, everybody reading this message, where ever it is going, you have to put it before the Lord.


We see that marriage to Jesus, and the sign of marriage to Jesus is the recognition of the Doctrine of Christ as truth, is the third level of consciousness, and the fourth level of consciousness is the voluntary withdrawal from the animal sex act, and we are talking about an attitude of mind, and the name of the game is voluntary. We are talking about motive, that you withdraw because of a recognition that Christ can only mature to a certain point while you are still joyfully engaging in a human sex act.


The fifth level of consciousness is perfection, because it is Jesus, who is above, joined with Christ in you, and together you have tread Leviathan, your sin nature, underneath Christ, and you have become sinless because you are living out of Christ. Every thought, word, and deed is righteous, and the result of that is that your physical body and your personality are preserved.


Any questions or comments?


COMMENT: I would like to ask about the fifth level, perfection. You have sinlessness, physical body and personality preserved?




COMMENT: Body is preserved?


PASTOR VITALE: Jesus said, "No man can take my life, but I lay it down." He could have lived forever in that same physical body. As a matter of fact, this is what Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, was challenging Him during the temptation. We found the spiritual translation on the temptation, and, off the top of my head right now, I do not remember which King James question it was that we found this to be the spiritual interpretation of, but if you look in the Alternate Translation you could find it, and Satan was saying to Jesus, "I will give you all the kingdoms of the world."


It was not even a spiritual translation. What Satan was saying to Him was, "Do not give up this existence as this man, Jesus, personality in this physical body, Jesus of Nazareth, do not be glorified, do not go on to being a magnificent man, I will bless you and give you all of humanity as your slaves. You will be able to rule over them as a superior, immortal being in this world, but do not go beyond the fifth level of consciousness." Why would Satan say that to Him?


Because Satan had some revelation, apparently, that if Jesus ascended out of the body He would be in a position to be Savior to all mankind. A contradiction just rose up in my mind, and I remind you again, this is how I study. Did I make that clear to you?


That is what Satan was saying to Him, "I will give you all the kingdoms of this world." On my earlier messages I just show my own ignorance. I am really trying not to do this any more. Whenever I think somebody is ignorant or stupid, I stop and say, "Lord, maybe I did not understand. I did not think it was a sin to say, was that not stupid of Satan to say that he is going to give Jesus all the kingdoms of this world."


"Did not he know that Jesus already had all the kingdoms of this world," but I was just showing my own ignorance because Satan is not stupid, and the only reason I have any intelligence whatsoever to confront Satan with is because it is Christ in me. I did not know what I was talking about. Satan was not ignorant, and at the time that I put that on a message I did not even have this revelation. It was just that I did not understand it.


I just heard a contradiction in my mind. This is how I study. I guess nobody heard the contradiction. This is the contradiction, if now it looks like Satan knew that Jesus would be the Savior of all mankind, Satan was trying to block Jesus from going on to glorification he must have known that Jesus would come back as a spirit and be the Savior of mankind. That contradicts the Scripture that says, "If they had only known they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory."


I will have to study those two Scriptures and see how they can be reconciled. One might say, "It was not Satan that did not know, if only the Pharisees had known they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory," but brethren, it was Satan in the Pharisees, it was the carnal mind in the Pharisees. As the Lord lets me, I hope to have an answer for you at some time in the future on this contradiction.


Does everybody understand the contradiction? Does anyone else have a question or comment on what we have already studied?


COMMENT: Concerning levels of consciousness, when Jesus told the apostles that they could not go where He was going, it was because they had not ascended to the 12 levels of consciousness, and then He was speaking to me about when He went to prepare a place for them. If we were supposedly going to heaven, heaven is already prepared, but He was preparing a positional place.


PASTOR VITALE: That would come into existence after He came out of the body. Amen.


We are going to look at a few Scriptures. Xxxxx is going to read John 15:14-15 for us. Ye are my friends if ye do whatsoever I command you, henceforth I call you not servants for the servant knoweth know what his Lord doeth, but I have called you friends for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.


I picked this Scripture out, because the Lord has given me a revelation of what friend means, and I guess I really should not have read that one first, but we will just flow with it. The Lord has shown me that when Jesus talks about us being His friends He is talking about the third level of consciousness. He is talking about marriage to Himself.


Let me take this a step at a time. At the time that Jesus was a man in the flesh, He was projecting...I have not looked at that in the Greek so I do not know what the Greek says, but at the time that Jesus was a man, the one who was above was who? Who was the one who was above when Jesus was a man in the days of His flesh?


COMMENT: Michael.


PASTOR VITALE: Michael was the one who was above, so I am suggesting to you that it was not Jesus, the man, talking to the disciples when He was saying that. It was Michael speaking through the man, Jesus.


We had another account of Jesus saying, "Before Abraham was I am," and I have on message that, that was the resurrected Adam speaking through the man, Jesus. At this point, I do not know who it was. I do not know whether it was Adam, or whether it was Michael or maybe the resurrected Adam in the man. Jesus may have already been married to Michael, and it was the two of them talking as one.


I think the Lord just gave me that answer. It is not really wrong to say it was Adam talking through Jesus, because the resurrected Adam is the mind of God, and Michael is the spirit of that mind, so it is not really wrong to say Adam.


In the Scripture that Xxxxx just read, it was not the man Jesus saying, "You are my friends if you obey my commandments." It was, and I have a name now for the union, the resurrected Christ that is married to Michael above, and until the Lord tells me otherwise we will be calling that the "fortified Mind of Christ." The Mind of Christ is the resurrected Adam, but when the resurrected Adam marries Michael, above, that Mind of Christ becomes fortified even more than twice as strong because Michael is connected to Jehovah. He has the eternal Godhead.


We see that was not the man, Jesus, speaking to His disciples saying, "You are my friends if you obey my commandments." It was Jesus' fortified mind. It was the resurrected Adam married to Michael above, connected, plugged into eternity that was saying to the disciples of Jesus and who is saying to you today, "When you are married to the one who is above, you are my friend." Until you are married to the one above, you are just a servant.


Another way to say it, "Until you come into obedience, you are just a servant." The fields are white to harvest, but the laborers are few. If Christ is resurrected in you, if He is growing in you, if He is conceived in you, but you are living out of your carnal mind you are still a servant, but when the resurrected Christ in you overcomes to the degree that He reaches up and marries Jesus, above, that is when you become His friend. That is when you become the friend of the fortified mind.


Your humanity, your personality becomes the friend of the fortified mind which is now possessing you. I do not know if we are possessed yet, but we are brought into obedience. You are the friend of God when you have attained to the third level of consciousness, when Christ is raised from the dead in you to a point of maturity that He reaches up and marries Jesus, above, and the sign of that is that you are brought into obedience.


I have written down over here that the sign of the third level of consciousness is a recognition of the Doctrine of Christ, but you are also brought under obedience. It is much easier to identify someone in the third level of consciousness by the fact that they recognize the Doctrine of Christ as truth than to determine whether or not someone is truly brought under obedience. That is not easy to determine, because none of us are brought 100% under obedience, but the obvious sign is that you perceive the Doctrine of Christ as truth because only Michael, above, will recognize it as truth.


If you are not married to Michael, above, you think this doctrine is crazy.


I have a few Scriptures for you now, and this is my point that we, our personality, become the friend of God when Christ is raised in us and married to Jesus, above. That is who the friend is, and until that happens you are a servant. You are still a servant, you are under governors and tutors, you are still living out of your carnal mind. Everybody got that?


James 2:23: And the Scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness, and he was called the friend of God.


Abraham believed God. I want to suggest to you that Abraham had to do more than believe God to have righteousness imputed unto him. We know that Abraham did more than believe God. What did he do?


He got up and he left his country. He left his country, his family, he left all of his security, everything that he knew, and he followed God so he did more than believe God. He obeyed God, and it was imputed unto him as righteousness. I suggest to you what this Scripture means is that Abraham...Adam was not resurrected in Abraham and married to Michael above. To be called a friend of God, Adam has to be raised from the dead in you and married to Michael, above.


Abraham did not have that experience, but he had an overshadowing of whoever it was that went to him, some manifestation of Elohim or perhaps Jehovah, and whatever relationship he had with the Godhead, the fruit of that relationship was that Abraham came under obedience, but he did not come under obedience because Adam was raised from the dead and married to Michael. How do I know that?


Because the Scripture says that his obedience imputed righteousness unto him. Imputed righteousness. When Adam is raised from the dead in us and married to Michael, above, it will be an imparted righteousness. It will be our state of being. With Abraham it was not his state of being. It was a gift from God. It was not something that was growing out of him, so righteousness was imputed unto him. Is everybody all right with that?


We will now go on with John 3:29. He that hath the bride is the bridegroom but the friend of the bridegroom which standeth and heareth him rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom's voice. This is my joy therefore it is fulfilled. This is John the Baptist talking, and he is coming forth with a deep understanding.


I have taken the transcript of a message I did a while ago called, "Jesus and John," and I am preparing it to be a book, and I see that at the time that I made that message I did not have answers that I have now. Did John know who Jesus was? Did Jesus just come up to the baptism, and did John just get a quick Word of Knowledge that he was not good enough to unloose this man's shoes? According to this verse, apparently, John knew who He was, and this is the revelation understanding of this verse. "He that hath the bride is the bridegroom."


Christ is the bridegroom, brethren, and this bride is our humanity. We are the bride. Our mortality, our personality is the bride, and the bridegroom is the resurrected Christ in us. John is saying, "I am not the one." Verse 28 says, "Ye yourself bear me witness that I said, I am not the Christ, but I am sent before Him."


"The one that has the bride is Christ." That is what he is saying. The one that is possessing the bride is Christ, the resurrected Christ, but the friend of the bridegroom, Michael above, which stands, He is not lying down, He is not sitting up, He is standing, He is above the powers and principalities of this world.


"The one above who is standing and who hears, who recognizes, the one in whom Christ is raised, rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom's voice, because not only is the bridegroom raised, but His voice is being heard. Christ, the resurrected Christ, is ruling in that man. This my joy, therefore, is fulfilled." Can you hear it?


Christ is the bridegroom. The personality of the individual is the bride, and the friend is Michael, above, joining with the resurrected Christ. Because He hears His voice, there is a communication, there is a relationship. The personality in whom Christ is resurrected and is joined to Michael, above, is a friend of God. Is that not interesting?


I have a little bit to say on Romans 7. Actually, I have a lot to say on Romans 7:1-6. Verse 1: "Know ye not brethren...", Christ speaks to them that know the law. He is not speaking to the heathen now. He is speaking to the Jew or the Christian, how that the law has dominion over a man as long as he lives? Everyone I have ever heard read this Scripture thinks that the law has dominion as long as the man lives. No, as long as the law lives.


How that the law, the law is Leviathan, how that Leviathan has dominion as long as Leviathan lives. Not as long as the man lives, but as long as Leviathan lives. She has dominion over you until you kill her. Verse 2: "For the woman which has a husband," and we are the women, our personality is the woman.


If you recall from other studies and other messages, our personality is the woman. We are the woman who rebelled against her husband and got trapped down here in this stagnant pool underneath the firmament. For the woman which has a husband, and her husband is Leviathan, is bound by the law and, the law is the spiritual power that dwells in our husband, and that is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


Those of us who are down here and married to Leviathan, we are bound by Satan's power to the husband, Leviathan so long as Leviathan lives, but if the husband, Leviathan, be dead, the woman our personality, is loosed from the law of sin and death.


Verse 3: "So then, if while Leviathan lives, the personality be married to another man, Jesus Christ, she shall be called an adulteress." Now Paul turns it backwards. Let me start again. "So then, if while her husband lives," now she is saying her husband is Christ. Just bear with me. "So then, if while her husband, Jesus Christ, she is still married to Leviathan she shall be called an adulteress. But if her husband, Leviathan, be dead she is free from the law of sin and death, so that she is no adulteress though she be married to another man." Can you hear this?


I will do it again. For the woman, for the personality, that has a husband, that is married to Leviathan is bound by Satan's law. Satan holds us in our marriage to Leviathan so long as Leviathan lives, but if Leviathan is dead she is loosed from the law of her husband. She is loosed from Satan also if Leviathan dies.


Before we go on to Verse 3, let me direct you back to verse one, which said, brethren, I am speaking to them that know the law. He is speaking to Christians. He is saying, "Now that you know the Lord Jesus, it is adultery for you to fornicate or to have sex with Leviathan." Can you hear this?


I will start at the top of Verse 2 again. "For the personality that has a husband is bound by the law. For the personality who is married to Leviathan is bound there by Satan for so long as Leviathan lives, but if Leviathan dies the personality is loosed from the law of her husband." The whole implication here is that through our union with Jesus Christ, Leviathan is supposed to be dead. Why is she not dead? We are married to another. How come we are still with our old husband?


Then Paul goes on in Verse 3: So then, if while her husband...this is the King James version, and there is not a doubt in my mind that if I looked at this in the Interlinear it would say, "So then if her living husband, if while she is with her living husband, Christ, she is still married to Leviathan, if Christ is raised from the dead in her, but she is still living out of Leviathan she shall be called an adulteress." Can you hear that?


"The fields are white to harvest, but the laborers are few." They are all adulteresses. Everyone in whom Christ is raised that is not fighting every second of every minute of every hour of every day to resist having a spiritual sexual relationship with Leviathan is an adulteress. if you slip, if you are overtaken, your sins are covered, but if you are not resisting her, and, brethren, most of the church is not resisting her, you are an adulteress, because you have been given a live husband, but you prefer the dead one. "But if her husband be dead, if Leviathan be dead, she is free from Satan's law of sin and death," and, therefore, she is no adulteress even though she is married to Jesus.


Paul is saying, " know you have two husbands, you have two husbands, you have two husbands, but if you are rejecting Leviathan and cleaving unto Christ we can count Leviathan as dead, and there is no sin unto you, but you have got to be resisting the one who is not willing to let you go,"and Paul makes that even clearer as we go in Verse 4: "Wherefore, my Brethren, ye also are become dead to the law of sin and death which is Satan and Leviathan because of the Body of Christ."


That is not talking about the collective body of Christ, not talking about my relationship to you. It is talking about the Body of Christ that is resurrected in me. It is also talking about Christ Jesus, my subconscious mind. The Body of Christ is within each of us. The Body of Christ is not this group of physical bodies sitting in this room. The Body of Christ is Christ Jesus, the subconscious mind. The Body of Christ is spiritual. The Body of Christ is within us. The Body of Christ is the city where we all fellowship together.


We have had a lot of teaching on that recently, and when Christ is raised from the dead in you, and Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, is available in you for you to go into the city and become spiritual that is the Body of Christ in you.


Paul is clearly saying in Verse 4: "You have become dead to the law because Christ Jesus, the Body of Christ, is in you, and the purpose for His being in you is that you should be married to another, even to the one who was raised from the dead, the Lord Jesus, Michael above, for the purpose that we should bring forth fruit unto God."


He is saying that you are married to another when the Holy Spirit joined with your human spirit. Remember, there are three stages of marriage to Jesus. He comes as the Holy Spirit to those who are unregenerated, and He marries our human spirit and light appears in us, and that light has a name. It is called Christ, and then Christ marries Jesus who is above, that is the second stage of marriage, and the third stage of marriage is when Christ who is already joined to Michael, above, marries our personality.


Paul has touched on two stages of our marriage. The marriage of our human spirit to the Holy Spirit, and he is exhorting us to enter into the marriage with Jesus, above, but he is telling us right here there is no way you are going to do it until you give up your fornication with Leviathan and Satan.


Someone reading this message right now might be saying that Paul is not talking about sex, Pastor Vitale, you are off the wall, but I am telling you, brethren, you pray about it, because if you do not pray about it you are making a big mistake because your sex drive comes from the Serpent, and the Serpent is the driving force of Leviathan and Satan.


The sex drive, there is a pain/pleasure center in your brain that if it were covered over in such a way, or if it was cauterized so that it could never be stimulated you would probably never have sex again in your life. You would never think about it, you would never desire it, and you would probably never have it. It is a desire that arises out of the pain/pleasure center in your brain which is controlled by the Serpent. How do I know that?


Let us read the next verse. Verse 5: "For when we were in the flesh, when we were living out of Leviathan, the motions of sins...," We have a lot of teaching on that. The motions of sin is talking about the Serpent and Satan moving across the pain and pleasure center in our brain which result in us desiring human sexual intercourse which were by the law. When we were in the flesh, the motions of sins which were by the law.


The law is Satan. Sins is the Serpent, and the law is Satan, and the two of them move across the pain and pleasure center of our brain. "For when we were in the flesh, the motions of sins which were by the law did work in our members to bring forth fruit unto death," and the fruit that is unto death is the carnal mind, Leviathan, the conscious carnal mind.


In verse 4, Paul says to bring forth fruit unto God. That means that the Mind of Christ should come forth, should marry Michael above, and that we should become a regenerated spiritual man. The fruit is the mind.


Verse 6: "But now we are delivered from the law, the law of sin and death (Satan, and Satan is always appearing with Leviathan). That being dead wherein we were held." What is dead wherein we were held? Leviathan. You are now delivered from Satan, because Leviathan is dead, and the reason for our deliverance from Satan and Leviathan is that we should serve in the newness of Spirit, that is the Spirit of Christ, and not in the oldness of the letter.


"Brethren, what shall we say then, is the law sin? Is the law of God sin?" This is not the law of sin and death. Listen, brethren, a law is a spiritual power. When you hear the word law, it means spiritual power. There is a law of sin and death or the law of life which is in Christ Jesus. Paul is saying, "Is the law of life in Christ Jesus sin? God forbid." Why is he saying that?


Because it is the exact opposite of the law of sin and death. He is talking about the Mind of Christ and the Spirit in that Mind which is Michael, above...in this hour, it is the Lord Jesus, the Lord Jesus functioning as Michael, the law above the firmament as opposed to the law in the carnal mind which is Satan, and the law of life in Christ Jesus is totally contradicting the law of sin and death.


"Is the law sin? No, I would never have known that I was sinning but for the law of life in Christ Jesus, for I had not known lust except the law has said, thou shall not covet." The law of life in Christ Jesus has revealed the mind of sin within us, and it is the mind of sin that desires every animal activity.


Is sexual intercourse in marriage something to be ashamed of? No. It is legal in marriage. If you desire it, if you desire it without lust, does it make you evil? No. Do I condemn sexual activity? No. Do I condemn sexual desire? No, but Brethren, you are married to another. You are now married to another. You have ascended through the first two levels of consciousness, and if you are reading this message you have probably ascended into the third level of consciousness, because you would not be reading this message if you are not receiving the Doctrine of Christ.


Brethren, the Lord Jesus wants to bring you up to the fourth level of consciousness. He wants to marry the Christ that He has raised from the dead in you. Is He telling you that your old life style is evil, that you are wicked, that you are bad? No. He is saying, "Bring forth fruit unto God, come up higher."


The motions of sin, the movement of the Serpent and Satan over the pain and pleasure center of your brain, is the one who is stimulating sexual desire in you. If you can hear this message, and you can make an honest voluntary choice to go on with Jesus He is going to give you the power to come out from under this bondage.


Brethren, if you are reading this message, and you are honest, and you have any intelligence at all and you have to have intelligence to be reading this message, and you are honest with yourself you are going to know that sexual need is a bondage.


Even Freud called it "the tyranny of the sex drive." How many people say, "I could take that drink, or I could put it down, I could take that cigarette, or I could put it down." Who is saying, "I could take that sex act, or I could put it down? We are tyrannized by a drive in our minds and in our body that does not originate anywhere from the Godhead, or from any part of the Godhead.


Sexual activity is a spiritual gravity that binds us to the earth, and if you want to go, if you want to ascend back up to heaven, if you want eternal life, if you want this spiritual life, you have to let it go, but you have to make a choice.


Paul is reasoning with us in Romans 7. Brethren, sexual activity unrestrained can destroy a life. It can destroy your life. Even in marriage it can become an obsession. It can become a bone of contention, it can become an opportunity to retaliate against someone that you love because your need is not met. Brethren, we are spiritual beings trapped in animal bodies.


In the parable that Jesus gave about the two sons, and the one who took his inheritance and went off, and he wound up in the pig pen. He woke up one day and he woke up in a pig pen. What do you think that meant? I think that it meant that he chose the physical life over the spiritual life, and he woke up one day, and he found out that he was in complete bondage to the lusts of the flesh and of the animal mind, and I rebuke, in advance, anybody who is misquoting me on this message.


I do not condemn marriage. I do not condemn the marital relationship. I am here today to announce to you the fourth level of consciousness, sanctification, divorce from Leviathan through the voluntary rejection of the physical animal activity with your motive being that you have head this message, you have not condemned the sex act, but you have made a choice that you prefer marriage to Christ and gratification and intimacy of the mind with the Lord Jesus, above, over the gratification and intimacy of the physical life.


The hour is at hand. I remind you that when a message like this is preached, it goes out into the spirit world, it goes out and something happens, something is happening to Leviathan, something is happening to the image of this world as this message is preached publicly through a human voice, and everyone of you that is sitting here, Christ in you is a part of whatever is happening.


To be honest with you, I really do not understand it completely how this is tearing up Satan's kingdom, but I know the Lord told me this when I first started preaching more than nine years ago, that just the fact that it is being verbally preached and that everyone of you sitting here, Christ in you, in agreement with Christ in me, we are severely damaging Leviathan's kingdom severely, so the hour of the fourth level of consciousness is at hand.


There cannot be very many that have arrived at that place. How do I know that? Because they would be preaching this message. I have heard this from a lot of people, that they understand this message, but they cannot give it back out. A lot of people are very frustrated. They understand this message, but they cannot give it out, and for all of these years my response has been, "You cannot preach this message to glorify yourself."


There is no way that this message is coming out of you to build your own kingdom or to glorify yourself, but I never understood it like I am understanding it tonight. There is no way you are going to preach this message until you are married to Jesus, above, and when you are married to Jesus, above, you are going to be under such a degree of obedience that there is no way you would ever consider preaching this message for your own gain, and if it were possible to preach this message for your own gain while you are married to Jesus, above, the very act of preaching this message for your own gain would cause you to be divorced from Him, because He would never do that.


It would have to be Leviathan rising up in you to preach this Gospel for your own gain, and second if you were divorced from Jesus, above, you would not have the doctrine any more. This doctrine is Holy, brethren. This is a Holy word, and it is the last step before perfection. Any questions or comments?


One more comment I would like to make before we close out this message, and that is in regard to the many, many saints today who are quoting the Scripture that says, "No man need teach you," and are believing that by the spiritual condition they are in that they can receive the teaching that is necessary to mature them from the indwelling Christ, and I say unto you, "Brethren, you are deceived."


First of all, I have really never met a one of you who was not reading a newsletter or reading somebody's messages. You are being taught. You do not mean that you do not need a teacher. What you mean is you do not want a personal relationship with a teacher who will show you your sin.


You are still looking for teaching materials, but, even beyond that, I have been preaching here for years that every word in the Bible is not for everybody at every stage of their growth. You must determine what word is for you at this moment of your life, and in accordance with the spiritual condition that you are in.


The Scripture that says that no man need teach you, first of all that Scripture says, "No mortal man may teach you." Jesus said those words. This does not preclude Christ teaching you through another man. Everybody is not teaching the doctrine that is necessary to mature the saints today but, beyond that, the Doctrine of Christ is not coming forth from the Mind of Christ even if He is raised from the dead in you. The Doctrine of Christ is coming forth from the people who have ascended to the fourth level of consciousness which is not only... let me review it for you.


It is Adam raised from the dead in you in the form of the Mind of Christ. It is that resurrected Christ in you married to Jesus who is above, and that is the third level of consciousness, and the fourth level of consciousness which is required to bring forth the Doctrine of Christ from within yourself is as violent.... 


That Scripture that says, "No man need teach you," is talking about the brethren who have attained or ascended to the fourth level of consciousness, and the fourth level of consciousness is your voluntary withdrawal from human sexuality based on a motive which arises out of your Christ mind. There is no motive in your carnal mind by which you can ascend to the fourth level of consciousness.


The vehicle by which we ascend to the fourth level of consciousness, which is the last step before perfection, is a revelation that we cannot go on to perfection while we are still engaging in the animal life, and making a voluntary choice to give up human sexuality so that we can ascend unto perfection, not because we have got a grudge against our husband or wife, or because we do not like sex or whatever. None of that will get you up there.


Our ascension to the fourth level is a rational choice coming out of the Christ mind, a decision for Christ. This is the reality of the decision for Christ, and when you ascend to the fourth level of consciousness the resurrected Christ in you who is married to Jesus, above, is largely dominating your carnal mind. How do I know that?


Because you are so "tight" with Jesus, and you are not committing adultery with Leviathan and that condition makes you eligible, if you are willing to study to show yourself approved. I spend hours of my life in study and in prayer to receive this word that I am bringing forth.


You are deceived, all of you people out there that are running around who will not go to a fellowship, who will not submit to an elder in Christ, you are completely deceived, especially if you are reading someone's newsletter and reading someone's messages then you are subject to a lie. You are lying to yourself that you do not need to be taught, because the Christ within you is not teaching you.


You are learning from somebody else, and the truth is you do not want your sins exposed, but, brethren, you cannot ascend unless your sins are exposed. The exposure of your sin is a part of the second level of consciousness. This is justification. If your sins are not being exposed, and you are running away from the process, the chances are that you are not even married to Jesus. Christ may be raised in you, and you may have a relationship with Jesus, but, then again, you may not, because a lot of the people who believe this false doctrine do not even believe...they believe that the Christ in them is all that there is. Is that not true?


A lot of the kingdom church today that believe they do not need a teacher, and they do not need to have their sins exposed, and they do not need to submit to anybody, a lot of these same people are teaching, and preaching, and believing that they do not need Jesus any more, that Jesus did everything when He brought Himself out, and now He is completely in the earth, and He is not above.


You will never ascend above the firmament, brethren, because you have to have someone up there to ascend above the firmament, you have to have somebody anchored up there holding on to the rope that you climb up just like a mountain climber, someone has to be up there to secure the rope on the high mountain, or you will have nothing to hold on to as you ascend.


You will never get up there, you have received a lie, you are being victimized by the Serpent, and if Christ is raised from the dead in you He will never be harvested unless you follow Jesus' rules for ascension, and if you read this message, and you do not pray about it you are a fool.


I have done a lot of teaching on ascending above the firmament and who is above the firmament. If you are not in our local fellowship, and you look at our message list, if you look at the list of messages we have done recently prior to this message, in most of those messages I talk a lot about being above the firmament.


Somebody must be praying this prayer, because it came into my mind within the last couple of weeks, "What is all this about being above the firmament? What is all this? What is she talking about? Where did she get this from that someone's above the firmament?"


I do not think it was anybody here, and the thought was just in my mind. I did not really do anything about it, but as I submitted myself to the Lord for today's message, for Sunday's message, He put me in a study in Ezekiel 1. Now we did Ezekiel 1, 7-8 years ago, and I believe there is an excellent translation on it in our Alternate Translation Old Testament, but as He put me back into Ezekiel 1, I should have known it but sometimes we just do not think of things. Ezekiel 1 specifically talks about the one who was above the firmament. Does anybody here know that?


I knew it, but I did not know it, if you know what I am talking about. When I heard the question in my mind, the answer did not pop up. Ezekiel 1 talks about the one who is above the firmament. I did not remember that, and there it was last night, and I will be preaching it on Sunday, and the name of the message is "Ezekiel's Wheels."


There is someone above the firmament, and the one who is above the firmament is the Lord Jesus Christ who is joined to Michael, above. He is joined to Michael, above, and He is joined to us, beneath. If He was in the flesh, we would say He was double-jointed. He is everything to us. If you believe that there is no one above to get you up there, you will never ascend, and you will never get this doctrine until you are married to the one above, and until you give up the animalistic acts of this world.


There are certain things that we cannot give up. We cannot give up our sin nature. If I knew how to give up my sin nature I would do it right now. I have been praying for years, "Lord cover my sins, cover my sins." The only way I know how to get out of this sin nature is to do everything I can to enter into Christ, and then Christ will cover my sin nature. That is the only information I have, and I am doing everything that I know how to do that, but at the moment it has not happened yet.


We are only responsible for what we have the ability to do. Our power over our unconscious mind is limited. Our power over our conscious mind is limited. We have the most power over our behavior. In some cases, people cannot control their behavior, but most people with the help of Jesus could control their behavior so to move on to the fourth level of consciousness which qualifies you to receive teaching from God alone which is the level that I am at. You have to move into celibacy. You think I am crazy?


You will find out that I am just telling you Jesus' rule. You can call me any names you want, but the truth is the truth, and I have this job. I am telling you all a bunch of stuff that nobody wants to hear, but I am telling you the truth. You are lying to yourself. You do not have the means to teach yourself. You are still learning from other people, but you are denying yourself the training that will build the condition in you which will enable you to hear from heaven, but will you willingly reject the behavior of the beast that your spirit man is living in?


This is the whole message of. It is the challenge to you, and if you stop reading this message, thinking that I am crazy without asking the Lord, is there not some "way out" possibility that she knows what she is talking about and then really wait for His answer. Do not answer your own question. If you do not do that, you are foolish because Jesus said, "I have much to tell you, but you cannot bear it now," but the Truth is going to set you free, and Jesus came to tell us the truth. I am here today in His stead to tell you the Truth.


You cannot go on to perfection, you cannot stand up in full stature without making a decision to give up the animal behavior of this body. The Lord is not asking you to stop eating. You will die. He is not asking you to stop the elimination of your body. You will die. You will not die without sex. You may think you are going to die, you may feel like you are going to die, but you are not going to die, and if you are doing it in Christ He will help you.


It took me three years to go into dormancy, took me three years of craving sex, unmarried, craving sex, until the emotional pain in my mind and in my flesh went into dormancy. Maybe it will take you 10 years, maybe it will take you one year I do not know, I cannot promise you anything.


I am giving you my testimony. It does not bother me any more. It was very, very extremely difficult for three years, but I have much peace, and I have had peace for a long time. I have been celibate for a long time, so it is doable. You will not die, it is doable, and the more you work with the Lord instead of resisting Him the faster it is going to go.


A lot of people do not have a choice. If you find yourself in a position where your mate died recently, or if you are a single person, and the Lord is just not giving you a wife or a husband, you have no choice, and if you are in torment it is because your beast mind is telling you that you are entitled to it, that it is human, that it is normal, that you should have it, and that Jesus has denied you this. "Why does He not send me a mate? Why, why, why? This is unfair what is happening to me."


The purpose of this message is to tell you that Jesus Christ is not being unfair to you. That if this message should come to you by some miracle, and you are a believer today who finds yourself single for whatever reason and be honest with yourself, please, I rebuke all you Pharisees in advance.


If anywhere in your unconscious mind, or in your conscious mind, you feel that you are being deprived and denied, because Jesus has not provided a mate for you, and you are enough of a believer to not even consider fornication, in order to enter into the dormancy period where you are not tormented any more you have to get a revelation that you are not being wronged, because if, on any level, you feel that you are being denied or wronged by God you have set up a trap for yourself.


Your own mind has moved you into a trap of pathos lust. You are hoping, hoping, waiting, waiting, maybe tomorrow I will meet her, maybe that is my wife, maybe that is my husband, and you are resisting the process that will put the sex drive into dormancy. I tell you the Truth.


That is the whole purpose of this message. Whoever the Lord is going to get this to, you have to know that the Lord is not depriving you, He is not denying you, He is not hating you, He is not mistreating you. On the contrary, He has called you up to the fourth level of consciousness which is preparation for perfection.


Some people call it full stature. It is a great honor what you are called to, but because you never heard this message before you are suffering unnecessarily in your mind thinking the Lord is betraying you, and if you have a revelation that, that is a sin which it is, it is the sin of pride. To think that the Lord is betraying you, then you are in denial, and you are struggling with your emotions, and your resentment, and every other wickedness that is in there.


If you read this message, and you are the one I am talking about, you need to confess anything that applies to you as the sin of pride, and throw yourself on the mercy of the Lord, and ask Him to deliver you because He would deny you no good thing.


He loves you. He is not out to hurt you or punish you. That is a lie in your mind, that is coming out of your carnal mind but, of course, before you heard this tape you did not have this information so you were not responsible. The Lord is winking at your sin, because He knows you had never heard this message, and He sees that you are in celibacy, that you are not fornicating, but He cannot, in any way, indict you for pride if you have not heard this message, but watch out brother and sister because if you have read this message to this point you are now responsible for what you have heard.


If you do not put the information that you heard here before the Lord to at least witness to you whether or not if it may be true, judgment is already headed your way, because now you have heard the message. Now you have heard about Jesus' motive for not intervening in your life, which intervention would prevent this pain from coming. Now you know why He is doing it, because He wants to make you a Son of God.


Now you are responsible to put yourself before Him, and ask Him to show you every sin with regard to the situation in your conscious and your unconscious mind so that you can pursue a pattern of prayer and however else the Lord directs you to deal with this situation. He never said it would be easy. Spiritual ascension is not easy.


Jesus talks about eunuchs. We found a couple of Scriptures in the Old Testament talking about the great eunuch which, I believe, is Jesus. You see, Jesus said, "Some men are born eunuchs, some men are made eunuchs by other men, and some men make themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom of God sake." Jesus was not talking about mutilating yourself, and neither did He imply in any way that the feelings would not be there during the process.


Once you are truly a eunuch, you do not have any problem, but before you become a eunuch you are fasting, but just like the fast of food, the condition, the desire goes into dormancy. Now you have to guard yourself. You have to know that there are certain things that you cannot listen to, that you cannot look at, that will stimulate you unduly and bring you into torment.


You have to learn how to handle yourself, but Jesus does not want you in torment day in and day out. It is a lie, and He is righteous, and you are the fallen man or woman who is dwelling in a beast mind and a beast body, and it is the beast who is tormenting you. It is the beast mind, and it is the beast body that is tormenting you and saying, "Live like a beast," and Christ is saying, "Come up higher."


The sex act is sanctified in marriage. It is all right for believers to engage in sexual intercourse in marriage. What does that mean? It means there are no curses coming on you, but it does not mean that you can ascend into full stature engaging in sex because you are married, because you cannot ascend into full stature while you are engaging in a sexual relationship whether you are married or whether you are not married. Whether you are married or not married you cannot go up in the spirit until you give up the behavior of the bestial world, and we are animals.


Everybody knows we are mammals, everybody knows we are animals. We eat like the animals, we defecate like the animals, we have intercourse like the animals, we give birth like the animals, women nurse their babies like the animals, we are animals, brethren.


We are on a higher level than the animals of the jungle because we have a spirit, but we are animals. Our spirit is formed in an animal, and Jesus has come to deliver us from this condition, out of the prison house of this animal body, into a glorious light being like Jesus is today, but you have to let go of this before you become that.


I am sorry, there is no rapture. You are not going to wake up one morning and find yourself a glorious light being. It is a process that involves many things, study, instructions, confession of sins, repentance, and withdrawal from the animal life to the fullest degree that you are capable of it, at any point in your preparation for ascension. Any comments?


COMMENT: What if you are willing to give it up, and your husband is not and he is carnal, now do you just have to pray and wait for God to do something?


PASTOR VITALE: You have to pray. You are not supposed to deny your mate. I do not know that many people that have gone through this. What I see going on today is that the Lord is calling mostly single people, but if you are married, and you are called to this I cannot tell you anything that is not in my heart.


Since the Lord has not told me otherwise I have to tell you that you do not deprive your husband, but you go before the Lord, and you tell Him that you hear this message, that you believe that your motive is right, and you have to really pray about that, that you are not using this to get him, or hurt him, or punish him, and if you are convinced that, that is true you go before the Lord and say, "Lord, I believe my motive is correct, and I am going to continue in the marital relationship until you move."


Beyond that, there is nothing that you could do.


COMMENT: Did Michael marry Jesus when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not really have a definite word on that, but I think it is a possibility. I have been preaching here for a long time that Jesus stood up in full stature at His baptism in the Jordan, and now with all this revelation coming down it looks like Jesus experienced several levels of consciousness all at once, and we know that Jesus was celibate, and the chances are that He was even married to Michael before that.


I do not have any word from above, but according to the order that we are seeing it in now, but, of course, I have told you that Jesus is not linear. It does not have to be 1-2-3-4-5, but assuming it is 1-2-3-4-5, if Jesus came into perfection at His baptism, if perfection is the fifth level of consciousness, and we know that He was celibate, that is the 4th level of consciousness. We have every reason to believe that He was married to Michael before that.


The only thing that makes me say that may not be the case is the revelation on the dove, the Holy Spirit coming down like a dove, which, according to all the research that I have done, it sounds like He married Michael at that point, that He experienced the 3rd and 5th levels of consciousness, and that He was already at the 4th level because He had the celibacy.


I really have no problem with that when I think about it, since celibacy was a physical condition that He was forced into because He was an Orthodox Jew. He did not marry. We would say, then, He was probably at the 2nd level of consciousness, justification, when He came to be baptized, and He experienced the 3rd level marriage to Michael, above, and the 5th level of perfection at one time.


It really sounds that way, but I cannot tell you that I have a strong witness to it in my spirit, but this is the way revelation comes to me. I will think about it, I will say it sounds right, and then we go on. The Lord either confirms it or shows me something else. I am at the point right now where it sounds right. Did I answer your question? Anybody else? Praise the Lord.



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