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Praise the Lord, here we are today, and I have a message to preach to you that's sort of difficult for me. The Lord told me to do this at the last minute.


I watched a national ministry on TV Sunday morning, and at first I was very blessed by what the preacher was saying because he was talking about studying the Scriptures and discovering clichés in the church that really are not in the Scripture. So that blessed me, and I said, well this man is not coming out of a rigid mind, and is experiencing growth.


Each example that he gave was a good example, but he was leading up to justifying the subservient position of women. I wasn't too happy with what he said, but I put it before the Lord.


My life (for whoever is reading this message, if you don't know me) is so radically different than the typical woman in the Church, that I continue to put myself before the Lord to ask if I'm still on the straight and narrow. When something disturbs me, I put the issue before the Lord to find out exactly what the point of contention is, and exactly how God sees it. So I put this whole issue before the Lord to find out what, if anything, is wrong with what this preacher was saying or what is wrong with the way I am thinking.


This is the last message that I expected to be preaching tonight, but when I was petitioning the Lord about what to preach tonight, He told me what was wrong with the TV preacher’s premise.  This preacher was in a right spirit. I think that he really believed that he was preaching the truth. So he had a premise, a truism, he believes that this is the way it is, and he espoused it and brought forth a few Scriptures.


He quoted the Scripture that says, And God is the head of Christ, and Christ is the head of the man, and the man is the head of the woman. Well, the Scripture does say that. Then he quoted the Scripture that says there is no male or female in Christ Jesus, saying, that Scripture is referring to your benefit as a Christian just like justice is supposed to be blind in this country. You are supposed to get the same justice in the courts of law no mater what religion you are, or what color your skin is, or whether you are rich or poor, and that the Scripture that says there is no male or female in Christ Jesus is talking about the ability to receive benefits from God.


Well, I agree with that. You see, when he quoted that Scripture that God is the head of Christ and Christ is the head of the man, and the man is the head of the woman, I said to myself, well, that's really true. For whatever reason I wasn't looking for a deep message. It was Sunday morning and I like to watch a half hour of preaching before I get up and start preparing for my message.


I really wasn't putting much thought into what he said. I should have seen this right away, but I didn't. The Lord had to tell me. The last Scripture that the preacher quoted to support his premise was in Genesis where it says, And Jehovah said I will make a helpmeet for Adam. The preacher jumped off from that point saying, All you women, you are helpers.


I want you to understand where I am coming from. This man had a right spirit on him. He thought he was right, but I believe he is deceived. I didn't perceive anything evil or unGodly in his spirit as he said, Why do you women....apparently something must have happened in his congregation that made him bring forth this message, why would you want to be a man? He then went on to say how being a woman is beautiful, but your role in life is to be helpers. Why can't you be happy with what God has assigned to you?


Another thing that he said right up front was that he acknowledges that God has called some women to the ministry, and that anyone that's honest sees that women ministered in the New Testament church, but he didn't say any more about it except that he would never come against someone who was called. So he acknowledged that women could preach. Then he made this blanket statement that women are assistants.


We have a right to read between people's words. Sometimes people says things, and they don't even know what they are saying. This preacher was saying that women are second class citizens. That's what he was saying, that's what the world says, that's what the Church says, that women are second class citizens.


Now you may or may not be aware of it, but there has been a revolution going on, a women's revolution, for a long time now. I think it came to fruition in the 60's, but women have been rebelling against this role that our society and societies across the world have placed them in, for a long time.


This message is about what Jesus has to say about all of this, because the Church has remained a bastion of conservationism and fundamentalism in this area, sticking by this premise that women were made to assist the man.


The TV preacher went into a big exhortation on the subject, saying that God first made the man, and asked, if men and women were supposed to be equal why didn't God make men and women at the same time? Why did He have to make a woman later on? Why did He have to take Adam's rib and make a woman out of it?God didn't make you equal, he said. God did not make women equal to men. It says it right there, he said, in the Bible.


But I would say, in the King James translation. Those of us here who have been studying the Scriptures in the Interlinear text of the original language for years, know that Jehovah never said that. Jehovah said that Adam should have help, aid, or assistance. Jehovah never said an helper, or an assistant, and He never said that the help He promised was the physical woman.


Jehovah was not talking about a human woman to be designated to the role of man’s assistant. Jehovah was talking about Christ assisting Adam. The Hebrew word translated alone means branch, and the esoteric meaning of the branch of the tree, is the spirit, or the energy of the creation. Christ is the root of the tree. Jehovah was saying that Adam fell even though he was spiritually powerful (alone=branch), because he lacked the wisdom. of Christ, the root of the Tree of Life.


Another explanation is that Jehovah was talking to Admah (Strong’s # 127), not Adam (Strong’s # 120). Adam and Admah have the same consonants (vowels were not used at the time that the Scripture was written), and the Hebrew letter "h" appears as a prefix, for no apparent reason, before the Hebrew word Adam in Gen. 2:21. If we were to pronounce the Hebrew prefix "h" in Genesis 2:21, the sentence would read: "And the Lord caused a deep sleep to fall upon the Adam..." 


So, we see that Adam and Admah have the same letters, which read in two different sequences. In terms of Hebrew linguistics, this makes the two words virtually equal in meaning.


Was Jehovah talking to the spiritual ground, Admah, and not to Adam?. The readers who follow the teachings of this ministry know that Adam was not a physical man like we, today, are physical men and women. Adam was a spiritual being, the seed of Jehovah’s civilized man, who was to bring forth a community, or a population of spiritually civilized men, a many-membered civilized man.


Adam, Jehovah’s many-membered seed, was attached to, and existed in, a water medium (the waters that were in  the abyss during the formative stages of creation), which primordial waters flowed over, and  twisted together with the earth (a dead by-product of the creative process) to became Admah, the spiritual ground.


For years, I wondered why the Scripture says, And Jehovah cast Adam down into a deep sleep?


Why did Jehovah do that to Adam? The answer is, He didn't. Jehovah cast down Admah. So, why did Jehovah cast down Admah, the spiritually female ground?


Jehovah cast down Admah, the spiritual woman, because she was departing from Adam, her husband, to join with the serpent in a spiritually adulterous union which would ultimately bring this present fallen world into existence.


For years, I said, Jehovah why did you do that? Because it made no sense to my mind at all. As I tell you here all the time brethren, when you take one step in the wrong direction, the only way that you can recover is to return to the point of departure.


So a very well meaning national, probably international, preacher who has the respect of people all over the world (I am not saying he shouldn't have their respect) touched on a subject that he is not qualified to preach on, and linked together the Scriptures (1) God is the head of Christ, and Christ is the head of the man, and the man is the head of the woman (which is a valid Scripture although I haven't studied it), (2) Adam will receive a help, and (3) the woman was made out of Adam's rib, to form a subjective translation of Genesis which draws the conclusion that the physical woman is designated to be the physical man’s helper for all of eternity.


Brethren, I want to suggest to you that Jesus said no such thing and that, by this message, women's liberation has come to the Church tonight. I will be criticized, called all kinds of names, and designated a rebellious woman, but I am here today to give you the Word of the Lord on the issue of physical women.


Brethren, the marriage institution exists under the curse of Genesis 3. In Christ Jesus, men and women alike have the opportunity to mature spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally, and function directly under the auspices of Christ Jesus. Now when you function directly under the auspices of Christ Jesus, according to the previously quoted Scripture, God is the head of Christ, and Christ is the head of the man, and the man is the head of the woman. That makes you a spiritual man.


You see, the carnal mind looks at this and says, if you want to go directly to Christ you are out of order because you are the woman. You can't do that, you are Jezebel, and that is rebellion, but these are the thoughts of the carnal mind.


The Christ mind says, come unto me (this is Christ Jesus speaking now) and if you are truly submitting to Christ, says the Lord, you are a spiritual man, and this is not rebellion. You can jump over the physical man IN SPIRITUAL MATTERS because by virtue of your personal relationship with Christ, you have entered into spiritual manhood, since the definition of spiritual manhood is a human being who is directly under Christ.


Physical women, you are not relegated to be assistants to physical men for the rest of your lives. That is not your place. I'm sorry, pastor who preached this, this is not woman's place. You know, the saddest part of the whole thing is that all the women that the camera focused on were agreeing with his message, just like the slaves on the plantation saying, Well, we are fed here, and we are taken care of, and we don't really want to leave. Physical women, you are believing a  lie. 


Now listen Brethren, there is no easy answer here, because there are different categories of women. I believe that the younger women should marry, submit to their husbands and have children, because once you have children it puts you in a unique category.


Am I telling you not to have children? No, of course not. I am trying to prepare you to make a conscious, educated choice. Having children makes you dependent. It really does put a dependency on you, and there are circumstances in the natural family where the wife should be submitting to the husband.


This is a very touchy thing. When you get to the natural family, it is a very touchy thing, but I want to tell you Brethren, that the attitudes that many men take in marriage today are not Christ. The areas in which they dominate their wives, the areas and the ways in which they try to control them, this is not Christ. Christ wants everybody who seeks Him to be all they can be.


He wants the husband and the wife, to respect one another, honor one another, love one another, work together. But then if you cannot come to an honest meeting of the minds when you are in a natural family you have to submit to your husband because that is right order. But husbands have not been ordained to be tyrants by the Lord Jesus, and they have not been ordained to restrain their wives, and their daughters from growing up emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, into spiritual men. That's not their job, that's the serpent's assignment to them.


There was a show on Oprah a couple of weeks ago about this, and the blindness on women is amazing. A couple stood up....the show on Oprah was not against submission to husbands, and I know I am going to be misunderstood with this message.


I am not against marriage, and I am not against submitting to your husband. You should submit to your husband in every Godly issue. You should respect him and honor him, but he should respect and honor you too. We are to submit one to another. Issues should be discussed. Marriage should not be a situation where one person makes all the decisions, and the other follows. Maybe that's how it was centuries ago, but it is not this way today, since Christ came to liberate the slaves.


Well, on Oprah, this show was not against marriage. The speakers were two women who had written books, and both of them claimed to be happily married. They were intelligent, educated, professional women, and they were saying, that this concept of marriage where the woman is a servant just isn't floating any more. In this century, in this society, it is not floating.


Well, this woman and her husband got up....a lot of people saw this show as a controversy. It was not intended to be a controversy at all, but people who were married felt they had to defend themselves, so this woman and her husband stood up, and the woman was saying that her married life was so wonderful that her husband even let her go to college. She didn't even understand what she said.


You shouldn't need permission from your husband to go to college. If the finances are an issue, you have to work that out with your husband, but it should be accepted that you too are a human being, that you want to develop your potential in every area, and that you have a right to go to college as much as he does. If he wants to go, or, if he doesn't want to go and you do want to go, that's OK too. Now, how you work out the finances is another issue. I'm not talking about finances now. I'm talking about an attitude that says, I can only go to college if my husband gives me permission. This is not Christ, and this woman didn't even know what she was saying on TV. To say, he let me go, is not Christ. 


When women's lib first hit this country in a big way in the 60's, there were a lot of women who were not willing to be treated like a child any more, because that's what was happening in many marriages.


The issue of the husband being the head, as far as I'm concerned, that's no issue.


In a physical marriage the husband has to be the head, but you should first try to come to an agreement. If you cannot find an agreement, then the husband has to make the decision, hoping that he is the mature one in the family. You just pray and hope for the best.


Women were treated as children in previous years. I remember I Love Lucy. I used to love that show where a grown woman acted like a teenage child, and her husband was the father. I loved it because I was not enlightened in those days. That's what most marriages were like. The women were kept as children, and the men were allowed to mature, if they matured.


There are a lot of immature men married to immature women, in today's world. There are also a lot of immature men married to women who are maturing, educating themselves and becoming enlightened, and these women are trapped in marriages with a physical head that is crushing them. This does not glorify Jesus Christ.


Now, one point that I have to emphasize, if you make a decision, women, to get married and have children, this really puts you in a vulnerable position. If you want to work, if you want to pursue a career, and you can reach an agreement with your husband, your marriage can work. The whole point is who you pick to marry. If you are enlightened and you pick an enlightened man, and he's willing to work with you as co-workers, life partners, you are blessed. But if you find yourself married to a man that doesn't agree with you, and you think you are going to change him, you are spinning your wheels, because the chances of your changing him are very small. 


When women's lib hit this country in the 60's there were a lot of women that had this revelation, that they were just not willing to be treated as children any more. It is one thing to be a childish woman, and say, I do not want to be treated as a child any more, and it is something else to be a mature women and say, I do not want to be treated as a child any more.


So there were many women in this country that were not willing to accept this role, and many of them were willing to give up marriage and children because in those days there really weren't any men around who were willing to agree to a marriage where a woman would be a mature individual, a spiritual man. The men didn't want it, so these women were pioneers that paid the price.


I read a magazine article on it once. One of them had become the chairman of the board of a big company, and she said it was very lonely at the top. She had no husband, no boy friend, but she was true to herself and she didn't regret it. Now 35 years later we find a lot of men that are willing to have a marriage where they acknowledge that they are marrying a women who is intelligent, self-sufficient, educated, sophisticated, whatever part of this description you fit into, and there are men today who will agree to make a marriage with a woman that they don't intend to dominate. The man and woman have an agreement that they are going to work together. They are going to talk things out. They are going to talk things through, and they are going to respect and honor one another, and they are going to work it out, and it is working today for a lot of people -- but not for all people. 


But woman's liberation has not touched the fundamental Church yet, and we hear all of these ridiculous messages being preached that Jehovah made a physical woman to assist the physical man. Lie, lie, lie.


Brethren, this whole human race is fallen. Men and women are all fallen, and Jesus came and told us that we are all serpents. The serpent has incarnated us all. When Jesus called the Pharisees vipers He wasn't calling them names. He was telling us that we are spiritual serpents, that our mind is carnal, and this carnal mind is in everybody, men and women, and it is the serpent's mind that has translated the  Greek in this way. It is the mind of men who have sought to enslave women so that they can have servants, so that they can have sex partners.


I don't think there is a man around who if you asked him honestly wouldn't say, Well if it were possible, I would just love someone here waiting for me when I come home from work, keeping the house spotless, ironing my clothes, cooking me gourmet meals, and giving me a back rub when my back hurts. Sounds wonderful. This is man's invention. This is the mind of the serpent through the physical male, and the mind control has been so intense that many women, including myself for many years, believed that it was true, but now that I am being enlightened in Christ Jesus. I know that this is not true.


This condition of male and female is a condition of the fall. It is a condition of the third stage of the fall. God didn't make us like this. We are called to be high spiritual beings whether we are physical males or physical females in this world. We are called to be high spiritual beings in Christ Jesus. There are many physical women in the Church that are called to go on to spiritual maturity, and this message where ever it is being preached is designed to crush them and tell them that the best they can hope for is that their husband will be in the ministry, so that they can assist him. This is a lie.


Jesus has many sons arising in physical women. The whole of humanity is spiritually female, and the truth of the Scripture that says, God is the head of Christ, and Christ is the head of the man, and the man is the head of the woman, is really talking about the spiritual man and the spiritual women. The spiritual man is Adam, and the spiritual woman is the personalities of this many-membered creation.


So that brings us to another issue. What happens if Christ is appearing in the woman in a physical marriage and not appearing in the physical male? Brethren, if that is your situation you are in a tough spot, but my Bible says that Christ is the head of the man, and the man is the head of the woman.


If Christ is appearing in you, you are the spiritual man, and your husband is the spiritual woman. I hear them screaming blasphemy! I am telling you the truth.Now you still cannot overturn the natural order. You have to take your authority in prayer. But, you have to know who you are. If you are a physical woman who is a spiritual man, and you are being told that you are here only to assist the carnal man that you are married to, you will never take your authority in prayer.


When God first raised up this ministry almost 10 years ago I was being assisted by a couple of friends of mine who were a married couple. They told me that someone that they had not seen in a long time who was going to a local church here, knew that they were coming to a ministry with a woman pastor, and this man called up my friend, my assistant. The man had never met me, didn't know anything about me, but did know this couple. The male of the couple was barely reconciled to the Lord six or eight months, barely spoke in tongues, and had no anointing whatsoever that I could see. The friend called up my assistant saying that the male of this married couple that was assisting me should be the preacher, purely on the basis of our physical bodies. Utterly ludicrous.


Brethren, whoever is reading this message, do you want to know why the world laughs at the Church? It is because of statements like that, that the world laughs at us. That you could have an anointed woman moving under the Holy Ghost or under Christ and you would tell her to sit down and have a man that knows nothing stand up and preach because of his physical body. That's why the world laughs at us. I tell you the truth, there isn't much respect for the church in the world today. It is this kind of ignorance that separates us from the world. This kind of ignorance, this kind of darkness, this kind of convoluted thinking. It's got to go. 


The Sons of God must be born out of this darkness. Who are the Sons of God? They are people who not only love Jesus, but who love Him enough to have waged war against their own carnal mind and defeated her. The Sons of God are people who are living out of a new mind which is in Christ Jesus. A mind that is generated and energized by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. A mind that is not ignorant. A mind that is enlightened, that is reasonable, that is rational, that is not afraid of growth, and a mind that understands spiritual things.


The woman that the Scripture talks about is spiritual. The man that the Scripture talks about is spiritual, and this whole of humanity and almost everybody in the Church today is female.


The man is Adam. Adam rose from the dead in the man Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus was glorified, and now the spirit of Jesus Christ is reproducing His nature in us. So, we do not say that it is Adam who is rising from the dead in us. We are the second generation of Adam, if you can hear that, who is called Christ. It is not the Adam from the beginning of time that's rising from the dead in us, but it is the offspring of Jesus Christ who is a later generation of that first man, Adam..


That's what it means that Christ is the head of the man. Christ is a spiritual man in you, Christ in you, the hope of glory. Where ever Christ is appearing, He is the head. If He ever decides to appear in a donkey, and I don't believe that Balaam’s donkey really spoke, Balaam's ass, but if Jesus should ever agree to appear in a donkey, although I don't think that's going to happen, we are supposed to obey the donkey. Now someone is going to take that out of context and crucify me.


Brethren, you have to submit to Christ where ever He is appearing, even if it is in a woman. Isn't that shocking? You see, in this hour Brethren, the Lord is calling His people to ascend into a spiritual place, into a state of consciousness that will enable them to deal with the evil angels that are flooding into this world, and the Church in this hour is possessed by a mind that is not Christ. The Church in this hour is possessed by a mind that is more concerned with preserving the status quo and its own position, than it is to serve the Lord Jesus.


The Lord has many Sons in the Church that are bound and crushed and chained and being lied to, whose spiritual life is being destroyed as the first signs of the evil angels (Rev 12:7) appear.


Now this has been going on for years. I don't really know at what time the Church started to revive after the dark ages, but I think it has been going on for at least 1000 years, that women are being crushed like this. But the hour is at hand for the great cataclysm, the great confrontation, the great war that's spoken about in Revelation 12 between Michael and his angels and the Dragon and his angels.


Well, where are Michael's angels? They are supposed to be in the Church, but the Church is telling you that they are up in heaven somewhere. No Michael's angels are the spiritual men, the Christ in you, the hope of glory, and He cannot break through the religious bondage that the serpent's mind has placed upon Him. On who? On Christ. Christ is in people, and He's in a lot of women. He's in men too, but He's in a lot of women that are being told that they are to stay home and assist the physical man, that they cannot have a ministry, or what ever else is meant by that.


Anyway, in Christ Jesus, we are spiritually equal to men. Now there are certain considerations in the physical marriage especially where there are children. You can be equal, but you have to have an agreement with your husband. You see, you cannot marry a man who thinks the way the Church world thinks and expect him to treat you as an equal. You can't do that. You have to work all this out before you get married.


If you have this revelation, you have to marry an enlightened man. If you marry a man who is not enlightened then you have really got a problem, and you have to work it through with prayer with Jesus. You have to talk to Him, talk to your husband, pray to Jesus. If he's a reasonable man maybe he will come through, but if he is not a reasonable man you have a cross to bear here, but no man has the authority to tell you to not serve Jesus Christ so long as your responsibilities at home are taken care of. If you have children you have to take care of them, and if you marry, if your agreement was a traditional marriage where you would be responsible for cooking and cleaning, well then you really have to keep on doing that, especially if you are not working and he's working. Then you have to keep on doing it.


But, you see, Jesus is able to straighten all of these things out. Right now, I am addressing myself to women in general. There are a lot of married women around whose children are grown. You have a right to mature. You do not have to stay a child. This is not Jesus' will. It is a lie. 


The war of the ages is on the horizon, and the Church is not maturing. There is such a thing as the Kingdom Church which rose up and looked like they were liberated out from under the fundamental Church. The Kingdom church does accept female preachers, but their doctrine is all off, they've gone all off. The Church is floundering and listing and dying because it cannot recognize the Body of Christ. So, you see, Brethren, for this reason judgment is falling on the Church. It is going to be severe.


Now, let me talk to you from another point of view, and then I am going to pull the two aspects of what I'm saying together. We see what's going on in this country, I don't know much about what's going on in the rest of the world, even Europe, I just know what's going on in this country, women's liberation, the breakup of the family.


Most people that speak for the Church say, the only answer is to go back to God's order, but what they think is God's order is not God's order.


Jesus came to liberate men and women into spiritual maturity. That's where the freedom is, that's where the liberty is, in spiritual maturity, in marriage to Christ Jesus, that's where the maturity is. This country is rocking and rolling, and we hear all kinds of opinions, that the patriarchy has been torn down. The patriarchy still exists in the Church a lot, but in this country....well, the Church is holding the line, you see, and they think they are doing God a service holding this line, not letting the women grow up and become equal to physical men in Christ, you see, and to minister if they are called.


So the country is rocking and rolling, the patriarchy has been torn down, and we are in a lot of trouble, people going on drugs, alcohol, we have a compulsive generation, people getting into all kinds of trouble, sexual promiscuity, AIDS, people dying. The whole society is in crisis, but I want to suggest to you that the answer is not to go back to the patriarchy.


You see, what's happening here is that tremendous change is taking place in our society, tremendous change is taking place, and this always creates a crisis. It is an issue of the survival of the fittest. Many are dying, many are falling into homosexuality, many are falling into drugs, alcohol, whatever, many are being sacrificed you might say, but I am telling you that there is going to be a company of strong people who will survive. The whole society is in change, and the Church is holding the line against the spiritual maturation of women, thinking that is what they are supposed to do, but I stand here today to tell you that as this message is being preached, judgment is already falling on the Church at large. It is going to rock and roll and God's people are going to be liberated, and there will be many weak men and women who will not survive. 


You see, let me try and explain this to you. When the patriarchy existed, and women were kept as children, it was common that people would be married for 20 years, and, as adults, were still subject to their parents' irrational commands. Maybe some were blessed, and they had wise rational parents, but those who didn't, were subject to their parents until they died.


So many people, especially women, grew up not knowing how to think for themselves, not knowing how to solve problems, not knowing how to do for themselves. Morals, for example, were imparted as a law. Thou shalt not, thou shalt not, thou shalt not. The people, especially the women had no conviction among themselves that something was dangerous. That promiscuity was dangerous, that fornication was dangerous, that adultery was dangerous, in that it produced turmoil in your own life, turmoil in your marriage, and destruction upon your children. Nobody knew that. It was just a law, thou shalt not. Thou shalt not, because maybe you would go to hell. Fear.


Now I know I am going to be misunderstood here. I am in no way for fornication or adultery or any of these things. I am just reporting to you what is happening in our society today. The patriarchy is torn down, and we have people trying everything. The rules are torn down, and they are going to find out from their experiences that the law was right. Many are going to be destroyed, but those who survive are going to find out that God's law is right. 


Now that's what's happening in the world. What's going to happen in the Church is something similar because the Father is coming in to tear down the patriarchy in the Church. That's what I am here to announce to you tonight.


You know, the whole Church is under the law, and only those who are truly clinging to Jesus Christ are going to make it through without falling into sin. Many will fall into sin because they are rejecting behavioral sin out of blind obedience, or fear,  not because they are convicted that it's really wrong. They are under the law, and they are afraid of hell.


Do you understand what I am saying? I don't even know what form this judgment is going to take. I'm just opening my mouth, and He's putting the words in it. Many will fall away, many will fall into sin, but there will be some who are strong in their relationship with Christ Jesus, who will cling to Him, people who are not under the law, but people who are controlled by His spirit. They are the ones who are going to make it. The survival of the fittest. And the fit ones are the people who cleave to Christ Jesus.


We are going into a whole new age of mature spiritual beings. Now we have got all of these New Agers out there, and every special  interest group in the world has something to say about the new age that we are going into. But I am here tonight to tell you that only the new age that is in Christ Jesus will prevail, and it will be revealed which is the true new age and which is the false new age. But the Church at large, in general, to any degree that I could generalize, doesn't even believe that any of this is happening. They are holding on to the old ways believing in a rapture that's never even going to come to pass.


Let me say it again, Jesus has Sons trapped in the Pharisaical Church, and judgment is falling to get them out. Now when judgment falls, the ones who are truly clinging to Christ are going to make it, but the ones who are just under the law are not going to make it. Many will fall away, and it will look like it is the end. The devastation will be so extensive that Christians will be thinking that it is the end of the Church, but you see He called them and He called them and they wouldn't come so He's coming on them as a thief in the night, and He's breaking apart their traditions, and their Pharisaical carnal minds. He's going to be smashing them like egg shells, and there will be a remnant that have truly connected to Jesus Christ in the Spirit that are going to go through.


We are entering into a new age here in the earth, where the survivors in Christ Jesus are going to be trained up by the Sons of God, and the evil angels, the immortals, that are flooding into the world from the fourth dimension, and from all of the spiritual people that have spiritually matured outside of Christ in the false new age. We have got some war on our hands, Brethren, and the Christ soldiers are locked inside the carnal mind of the Church, but the Lord is coming to get them out, and a lot of the soldiers are women. I hope I have pulled the two ends of this message together. 


Lord, is there anything that I forgot to say? Well, I will say this. Any woman reading this message, that uses what I am saying to rebel against her husband, to hate her husband, or to slay her husband with her mind, you will have to answer to the Lord Jesus for it. This is not what I am saying. I am not telling you to rebel against your husband or be in a power play against him or to dishonor or disrespect him in any way. I am telling you no such thing.


I am telling you that there is a lie being perpetrated in the Church. I am telling you that you are not relegated to being an assistant for your entire life because your body is female. I am telling you that you are as entitled to be educated, enlightened, and to ascend spiritually as any physical male, and that you have a right to take your position with your husband, to tell your husband that you will not accept being treated as a child, and that you have every intention of laying hold of everything that Christ Jesus has provided for you.


Now, hopefully you are going to pray about it, and you are going to talk to him with respect and hopefully Jesus is going to talk to him, and it will work out, but it will not work out without pain. If you find yourself married to a man who will not budge, if you want to be faithful to God what you have to do is give it to the Lord, and you have to be willing to face what ever the consequences are.


If you have a call on your life, if the Lord Jesus is calling you and you are trapped in a situation with your physical family, or if all of your dependents are cared for, or if you have no dependent children, you have to submit your situation to Jesus Christ. I've never seen Him take a mother away from her children. You have to submit your situation to Jesus. Say, Jesus I choose to receive my inheritance in Christ Jesus. I do not want to sin, but I want what you have promised me, and I am counting the cost, and I am willing to pay the price whatever it is. Do what ever you have to do, Lord, and then stand still, and watch the salvation of God.


But it won't be easy. It is going to cataclysmic. People will not change. That's what people are like in this third stage of the fall, rigid, hard to change, ignorant, unenlightened, controlling, self- serving. Didn't I read something like that in the Bible? Didn't Paul say that's what people are going to be like? Lovers of themselves.


Now, brethren, you have a responsibility toward your husband, toward your family, toward your parents, toward your entire extended family. You have a variety of responsibilities, but you have a responsibility to the One who has died for you, and Who has called you to serve Him, and you must turn your life over to Him, and let Him make whatever rearrangements He will make. You must let go. You must stop clinging to the things of this world and take whatever comes. Hopefully, the Lord will convince your husband to let you go and serve the Lord.


I heard a testimony from a woman once. Actually, she was a Catholic Nun, who wanted to serve God. The Lord called her out of her Order, she was out only about six months, and she met this man and married him. and had a couple of children, two or three, I' not sure. She was married for a couple of years, the children were five or six, something like that, when the Lord called her, and she was reconciled. I don't know if she was justified or not, but she had a call on her life.


The woman could preach, but her husband refused to let her pray over the meal in their house, and he didn't want her to take the children to Church. Now, this woman felt that she had a Word from the Lord, that she was to take her children to Church, and she was to say grace over that table. So she prayed it through, she felt it was God, and she took a stand with that man. She said, I will pray over the food in this house, and I will take these children to Church, and whatever you do is OK with me. If you want to stay married, I want to stay with you. If you want to leave, I won't stop you. Well, her husband heard that, and he was horrified. He didn't want a divorce. He capitulated, she took the children to Church, they've been praying over the meal ever since, and the woman has a ministry. She is a preacher. It worked out for her.


Brethren, no husband has the right to tell you that you cannot serve God. If you are in a situation, and it is difficult, and it is painful there is one answer for everybody reading this message, and there probably will be pain associated with it, but as long as you are trying to do it yourself all you are doing is making yourself more and more guilty because when you do it in your own strength it is the sin of pride. So, you have more sin that you have to deal with, that you have to confess and repent of and put under your feet.


So the hour is at hand, Brethren. The women's liberation movement has just legitimately come to the Church through Christ Jesus. No matter what anybody hearing or reading this message is going to say about me, I tell you that this is the Word of the Lord to the physical women who serve Him and who love Him and who He loves. Does anybody have any questions or comments, or anything to say?


You've heard of VJ day and you heard of VE day, well it is VW day, time for the women to be liberated from the Pharisaical Church. Praise the Lord. 


I will say one more thing, going back to the preacher that was preaching this message: He repeated several times, Why would you want to be a man? The answer is: because of the call on our life, Brother, which is to be spiritual men.


We have the kernel or the root of being a whole person, we have desires, we have aspirations, we have talents, and we desire to be all that we can be in Christ Jesus, which is denied to everybody that accepts that they could be nothing more than an assistant for their entire life. That is why we desire to be spiritual men.


We desire to be spiritual men so that we can be close to Christ Jesus. We desire to be spiritual men so that we do not have to go through a physical mediator, but we can have the fulfillment of the richness of a marriage to the Lord Jesus. That's why we want to be spiritual men.


The reason that there is such discontent among women is that it is not true that they are called to be assistants. 


Also, the issue of Jezebel. Jezebel is a spirit that can appear either in a physical male or a physical woman. Jezebel is a spirit that tries to dominate God-ordained authority, and that tries to or does teach false doctrine. This concept of only a woman being a Jezebel is an erroneous concept. Jezebel teaches false doctrine. Jezebel is in the Church. Jezebel attempts to dominate the true teachers, the true Body of Christ, the true ministers in the Church, the true five fold ministry. She tries to bring in her false doctrine and block out or drown the true Word of the Lord.


That was a spirit of Jezebel preaching through that TV minister, whose name would probably be recognized by anyone in the Church. It was a spirit of Jezebel preaching a false doctrine that was deliberately designed to tighten the chains on thousands of God's people called to be Warrior Sons. Jezebel tries to take authority over the true authority.


Now, Brethren, if you have a spiritual call and you want to go to Church, and your husband opposes your going to Church, it is not Jezebel if you disobey him and go to Church. It is Jezebel in your husband trying to restrain the Christ in you from going to Church. You have to get spiritual eyes and ears. Yes, your husband is your head, but everybody knows that if your husband asks you to jump off the Empire State Building you are not supposed to do it. Every Christian woman knows that if your husband asks you to have sex with another man you’re not supposed to do it.


Do you know that I've met women whose husbands have asked them to have sex with other men. They had no desire to do it, but they did it because their husband asked them to. I spoke to one woman who had an encounter with a lesbian because her husband asked her to do it.


Well, everybody in the Church, I hope, knows that you don't do that. So where is the line? We don't commit suicide when our husband asks us to, we don't sleep with other men, we don't become a homosexual because he asks us to. Where is the line?


The line is that you serve Jesus. Just make sure that you are not hiding behind a false Jesus. No man has the right to tell you not to go to Church. No man has the right to tell you what Church you have to go to. No man has the right to dominate your spiritual life if you are in relationship with Jesus Christ. The line is not clear, Brethren. It is, however, clear to those with spiritual eyes, but most people's spiritual eyes are not that developed. In the natural, the line is not clear, but in the Spirit it is clear.


You serve Jesus Christ, and if your husband opposes you unreasonably after you have talked to him and explained it to him and reasoned with him and prayed about it, and he still won't let you go, you serve God anyway. Just make sure you are not using this message to justify retaliation and true rebellion coming out of your carnal mind. You pray and if you have that call, you follow Jesus Christ. As far as I know Jesus has never told anyone to leave their infants or their dependent children. You put your situation before Him, Brethren, and see what He will do for you. Get out of His way and see what He will do for you. He will move mountains for you, but it won't be easy.


Change is never easy, and the whole nation, probably the whole world, (I just don't know about the rest of the world) is in cataclysmic birth pangs. We are rocking and rolling and shaking and rumbling, but we are not going back to what we have come out of. We are going forward, and the Church is going forward too. Jesus is dragging them, but they are going forward dragged, and they are going to come out of this lie about women.


They will have to come out of this lie about women when they see the army of women that the Lord is raising up, or when they see how many women are in the army of Sons that the Lord has raised up. The Pharisees are going to have to back down. But I am telling you there are a lot of men out there, not all men, but a lot of men, whether they admit it or not, who are against women's emancipation because they are losing their servants. That's the truth whether they admit it or not, it's the truth.


As I said, when you have children in the house, if the man works, and the woman is home, well, that's the arrangement you agreed to when you had children, and you just have to go with that until your children are grown, or whatever way the Lord makes for you in between. Once there are no dependent children, you should be free to serve Jesus Christ. Of course, again, if it is a financial situation you have to be reasonable. You have to talk to your husband about any money concerned, but you have every right to develop yourself to your highest potential. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.




Let me pray for everybody. Father, in the name of Jesus I bless the women, Lord, that are going to be reading this message, and I forgive their sins, and I pray that you strengthen them. I pray that anyone who is misusing this message to further their own goals, that you convict them of it, that they should not be guilty of this, and those who hear this message and who will be set free by it, Lord, I pray that you strengthen them and that you be glorified and magnified in them, and that your will should be done, Lord, that the Church should come out of this retrogressive mind that is killing us. May it die, and may the mind of Christ arise and prevail.


As for the men in the Church I bless them and I forgive their sins, but I rebuke every carnal mind that is enraged at this message, and I adjure you, let God's people go. You men who are acting as Pharaoh, let God's people go and let these physical women serve God and mature into spiritual manhood as the Lord calls them and permits them to do so.


You have no right to hold them back, and I rebuke this subjective translation of the Hebrew Scripture that says that physical women are to be helpmeets of the physical man. That's not what it says.


Women are equal to men as human beings before God, equal in the opportunity to ascend to our fullest potential. Things do change when there are children, but it is only a temporary change, and that can be worked out if the man is truly in submission to Christ.


Thank you, Father, for all the women reading this message, and I warn you ladies, I warn you, that you should not use this message to promote your own selfish goals because there will be consequences to pay if you do so. Put it all before Christ. God bless you.

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