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This is very interesting what the Lord has laid on my heart tonight. I don't think anybody that has had experiences with the Lord would be shocked to hear me say that there are times when our carnal mind just sort of goes into remission and Christ rises up and takes over. Anybody have a problem with that? I know there is a scripture that says, Don't worry about what you are going to say because when you get before the judge it will be Christ in you speaking through you. So that is a very legitimate scriptural principle. This may come as a surprise or as a shock to someone who is listening to this message, I don't know, but I believe without a question of a doubt that the Lord Jesus has directed me to take T'ai Chi lessons, and T'ai Chi is a martial art.


I spent five years in deliverance casting out demons 5-6 nights a week, and we were instructed at that time to stay away from martial arts. The explanation that was given to me is that the way martial artists get their power, the source of their power, is demon power. In a million years I would never have considered taking a martial art aside from the fact that I am not a physically violent person nor am I a physically active person. So taking martial arts lessons of any kind was the farthermost thing in the world from my mind. I did get a revelation a year or so ago that my life is much too sedentary, it is not healthy to have so little exercise. I used to be active in the earlier stages of my life.


When I worked in Manhattan I sometimes walked 10 blocks from the bus to my office and 10 blocks back and then we would go out for lunch, and then I went into full time ministry, and I lived in an apartment that was up a flight of steps. I was up and down the steps several times a day. Now I moved here into this condo, and there are no steps. I go up one step into my door, and I spend such long hours at work, and my exercise is walking from my bedroom into my office. I have had the situation before the Lord about my sedentary life, it is just not healthy. I've tried walking on treadmills, and doing some kind of physical exercise, and I just seem to be able to stick with it, and I was very unhappy while I was doing it, waiting for the hour on the treadmill to end.


While I was crying out to the Lord several months ago asking Him to help me because I'm not happy with the weight that I've put on, and also I know it is not a healthy lifestyle. So I was asking Him to please put it in my heart to do some physical exercise because I have a revelation that if we put our self under the law it is not a good thing. Jesus changes our heart so I was asking Him to help me to be come motivated to exercise, and shortly thereafter I became fascinated with T'ai Chi. I did not even know what the name of what I was looking at was. I saw a couple of people doing these graceful exercises on a TV program, and actually I had been seeing it for a long time, but it just caught my imagination at this one point, and I was very concerned because I thought it was not of God. I thought that the thought that was in my mind that was giving me a love for what I was seeing, I didn't even know it was a martial art at the time.


I thought it was an exercise program, I did not know it was a martial art, but I had a love for it in my heart and I really wanted to try it. This is a very non-physical person telling you this. I really wanted to try it, so my first reaction was to reject it. I said this cannot possibly be of God, but I was concerned about it. I was concerned that the thought was in my mind because I am a spiritual teacher. I have a revelation that every thought that's in your mind is coming from either Christ or the carnal mind, and I am a policeman. I police the thoughts in my mind. Paul said, Bring every thought and every imagination into captivity.


So I was watching it. It was there. I really wanted to try this, what I thought was an exercise program, and I rejected it and put it before the Lord saying, What is it doing there? After several months of this, I think this went on for two or three months, one day after a meeting with the office staff here where a heavy anointing was pouring out, the Lord spoke to me, and this is what He told me everybody. At the time the revelation that He gave me has evolved so I am not going to give it to you the way it started. I'm going to give it to you in the terms that I understand it now.


Let me give you some background before I tell you what He told me. First of all I found out that it is not what people in deliverance would call demons that give martial artists their power. It is not demons. What it is, is the subconscious mind of our old man. Depending on what country the martial art is coming from a lot of these nationals know that it is the Dragon. The Chinese know that it is the Dragon. They know that the power comes from the Dragon which is the subconscious mind of the old man. Now the way they get this power, listen to this, is through physical exercise. The physical exercise stirs up their subconscious mind and strengthens her, and their subconscious mind, the Dragon, overshadows their carnal mind. This physical body that we live in is just a slave. It does what ever the mind that's living through it is strong enough to make it do. Can you hear that?


Let me say it again. This physical body is a slave, like a glove, that the spirit that's in the mind is wearing. It is like a glove that the mind is wearing. It is the same principle of being told that we only use about 5% of our brain. Why do we only use 5% of our brain? Because the mind that is working in the brain is not strong enough to implement any more than 5% of our brain, right now that's the carnal mind. She is only strong enough to utilize 5% of our brain. Now, that's the carnal mind. Now the Dragon, she is a lot stronger than the carnal mind, and she can use a lot more than 5% of our brain. Now when our carnal mind is in control of this body we are capable of certain physical feats.


There is a spectrum of what a physical, human, being is capable of doing. An example of it is running the 3-minute mile or some kind of athletic competition. There is always somebody breaking the record. Someone ran the mile in 3 minutes this year, 10 years later someone ran it in 2 minutes, but this is known physical ability, to run a mile in 2 minutes or what ever the record is today, I don't know. The carnal mind of that person working together with physical exercise and development and discipline and perseverance can produce certain activity of this physical body, but there is a line over which it becomes inhuman to go. Do you know what I am talking about?


No matter how good you are, if you are running that mile in 2 minutes, but there is a line over which no human being can possibly go, no human being who is living out of their carnal mind can go. This is the point. If the subconscious mind can be induced or encouraged to rise up and overshadow the carnal mind the man in whom this happens -- I will say it again, the man in whom the subconscious mind rises up and overshadows their carnal mind is capable of supernatural feats because the subconscious mind is stronger than the conscious mind. Can the subconscious mind use 100% of the brain. I don't know, but I know that she is stronger than the carnal mind.


I saw a TV program not too long ago about a murder mystery that took place in Chinatown, and I mentioned this on another message. One of the characters was a Chinese man who knew Kung Fu who got ahold of this clay Dragon, and apparently he already knew Kung Fu, and he put his hands on the Dragon and he received supernatural power and on the video I could see it with eyes, you could see his arms and his legs moving in Kung Fu movements that were superhumanly fast. I don't believe any human being, I don't care how well trained you are, could move that fast.


My point is this, that when our conscious mind is living out of our physical body we have limitations as to what we can do with this body. In the event that it is possible to start to live out of our subconscious mind instead of our conscious mind we will have abilities that transcend the potential of the most talented human beings living out of their conscious mind. Does everybody know what I'm talking about? Now this is what the Lord told me when He was telling me to go take T'ai Chi last month. This is what He told me. He said, Sheila you have a New Man. Christians have a New Man. If you are mature enough. Just because you answer an altar call doesn't mean that you have a New Man.


I really can't go into that whole teaching right now, but those Christians who are walking in Christ Jesus, and if somehow this message got to you and you are a young Christian you had better find out whether or not you are walking in Christ Jesus. Christians that are walking in Christ Jesus, and I, Sheila, am walking in Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is your new subconscious mind. I've been teaching that here for almost a year, have I not? Christ Jesus is your new subconscious mind. We have a new mind in Christ. We have a new subconscious mind which is not carnal. It is Christ. We have a new subconscious mind which is the man Christ Jesus, not the woman known as the Dragon, and we have a new unconscious mind which is the Lord Jesus Christ, and the unconscious mind of our old man is Satan. We are new creature in Christ Jesus if we are living out of that new creature.


So you can have Christ formed in you, and you could still be living out of your carnal mind, and then you are not a new creature. Just like that woman who died in poverty, and her whole wall was plastered to the extent of being wall paper with checks that her son had sent her that she never cashed. She didn't realize it was money. She just thought it was a gift from her son so she hung it up on the wall, and she died. She starved to death.


So this is what the Lord said to me. He said, Sheila it is ok to take T'ai Chi lessons for you, for you. Now I don't know where this message is going, but I just don't know how to warn you strongly enough, please do not go running out and taking T'ai Chi lessons unless you are really sure that the Lord has told you that it is for you. This is what the Lord has said. It is ok for you to go because your subconscious mind is already overshadowing your conscious mind, only in your case it is not the Dragon, it is Me, it is Christ Jesus. Listen, I want to review this for you.


This is the point. T'ai Chi and martial arts does two things. It develops the physical body, and it suppresses the conscious mind and helps you to live out of your subconscious mind, and the combination of living out of your subconscious mind with physical discipline makes you a walking weapon. I had no desire to learn martial arts. It looks like a ballet exercise. I just wanted the exercise, but the point is that the Lord said to me, It is safe for you because your carnal mind is already suppressed, not 100%, I'm not in full stature. Your carnal mind is largely under the dominion of Christ Jesus; therefore, when you start doing these exercises which are designed to raise up your subconscious mind to overshadow your carnal mind Christ Jesus is already there, and you are already walking in enough victory over your carnal mind, over your subconscious mind, and over your unconscious mind, Satan, the Dragon, and Leviathan.


You are already walking in enough victory that these exercises are not going to stir up the Dragon. All they are going to do is make you more spiritual in Christ Jesus, if they do anything. I don't know, He didn't even say that to me. If these exercises have any affect on your spirituality it will be to increase Christ Jesus because Christ Jesus is ruling in you to that degree already. So I was still concerned, but the anointing was so heavy I put out a fleece before the Lord. All I knew was that my heart was filled with joy, and I put out a fleece before the Lord. I told Him I would wait a certain amount of time, and I was believing that He would say to me if I was receiving a lie.


Well after that there were several events that happened. To make the story short, it was witnessed to me that I was to go forward, and I found out there was a T'ai Chi class 10 minutes from my house, and I called up, I went to look at the class, and I just fell in love with....it really hurts me to call it a martial art. To me it is not a martial art, but the teacher keeps correcting me. He keeps telling me it is a martial art, but to me it is an exercise program that I just love, so I'm going to go with what's in my heart at least for these meetings anyway. I will respect my teacher and call it a martial art when I talk to him, but when I talk to you it is really not in my heart to be in a martial art class. Well, in only went once or twice. All that I knew was that I was very happy that I was in an exercise program, that the Lord had answered my prayer, that this exercise program brings body and mind together.


My problem is that my mind is so stimulated from what I've been doing in Christ Jesus, for all these years, all this research that I do, all this study that I do, my mind is so stimulated that when I stop using it, it is not a healthy condition for me. An empty mind is not a healthy condition for me. That's interesting because so many people today meditate with an empty mind. I don't know how they do it, but I am not here to talk about that today. I know that the Lord told me years ago when I first came to Him, when I first came to Him I was being harassed by demons and unGodly spiritual experiences, and the Lord told me then, I think back and it is amazing that I was actually hearing from Him at that early stage. I would not have even been able to tell you that the Lord told me, but yet I knew that I had to keep my mind busy.


I remember Him telling me, I remember where I was sitting when I got the revelation, and I knew that He had told me that I had to keep my mind busy, and this is how I got where I am today. Every time I was distressed today or had a problem I cried out to God, and He put me in a study. He's never ever encouraged me to keep my mind empty, and I am not against walking on a treadmill if that is what you want to do and it makes you happy please do it.


This is just my testimony. This is me, Sheila. So walking on a treadmill where my mind was completely empty while my legs were walking was making me unhappy. That is the truth, and what I love about T'ai Chi is that pulls your mind together with your body. In other words, the exercises are like ballet movements. You have to know what you are doing so your mind has to concentrate on what you are doing. Your hands are doing one thing, your feet are doing another thing, your body is moving another way, and then I'm told there is breathing that goes with this that I haven't even looked at yet because you have to put it all together so it is a real challenge for your mind.


When I first started going that is all that it was to me. I thought the Lord had answered my prayer, and I couldn't see anything....there is nothing violent about it. Kung Fu gets violent, but the T'ai Chi there is nothing violent about it all. It is a beautiful slow moving exercise so I thought that the Lord had just answered my prayer that because I have this condition that my mind has to be stimulated, that having an empty mind is very bad for me, I've even told the people here that I'm so deep into Christ that I have to be very careful to measure the amount of time that I stay away from Him because if I go out and spend too many days in a row in carnal pursuits the world literally starts closing in on me. I have to get into this Word.


If you know what I'm talking about, it is really dangerous for me because Satan doesn't like me. She definitely has a grudge against me. It is very dangerous for my own person to stay out of this Word for too long. I'm getting better. Over the years I'm a lot better than I was, but if you have listened to a lot of my messages sometimes you hear me gasping for breath on the message. I'm not in the most healthy shape that there is. So, I was just rejoicing that He had done this for me, that He had convinced me that it was safe for me, and I was pursing it.


What's the purpose of this message? We are talking about the activity of the subconscious mind compared to the conscious mind. We are talking about the ability of the subconscious mind whether it be the Dragon or Christ Jesus. We are talking about the superior ability of the subconscious mind to manipulate our physical body. Is everybody with me? The Lord brought back to me a memory. Now if you don't know me I'm going to tell you that I was sick for years. Right now I'm the healthiest that I've been since I was 12 years old when it got sick, but I am not what I could be for my age.


About three or four years ago we had a couple of young people in this ministry, and one of them was a young man who kept prodding me to play basketball, and he didn't seem to want to take "no" for an answer. He had no appreciation of the fact of my physical condition, and then one night three of us had gone for a ride, and we passed by a basketball court, and I finally said, Oh all right I'll try. Thinking it was me, but it must have been the Lord because I went up to that basketball court, and I could not believe what I did with that basketball. Every time I threw it I made a basket, my form was perfect. The young man just sat down with his head between his legs because I beat him, I beat him at basketball.


I beat him on the close shot, I beat him on the long shot, and the young lady that was with us was just sitting there with her mouth open, and I was very strong, I was very strong, it was not me. I didn't even breathe heavy, didn't lose my breath, didn't get tired, and I went over to the young lady who was sitting there with her mouth open, and I said to her, You should see me ride a horse or wait until you see me ride a horse, and when the evening was over I said, Why in the world did I say wait until you see my ride a horse or you should see me ride a horse. What in the world got into me? I knew it had something to do with the Lord, but I really just did not understand it.


Subsequent to that evening on at least three different occasions I tried to play basketball, not with the young man but with the young lady. Couldn't get it in the basket, couldn't make the close shot, couldn't make the long shot, was huffing and puffing, walking around the court like I was dying. It was a one night event that apparently was designed to stop this young man from harassing me. I don't think he meant me any harm. He just didn't understand what it is like to not be feeling good all the time. Sometimes young people don't understand what it is like to not be feeling good all the time, and it never happened again. So I just sort of tucked it away in my memory and didn't think much about it. Now I've had at least four experiences where I've been caught up. This is now I would express it to you. I've been caught up into a high place for the purpose of doing some supernatural work for the Lord Jesus.


One time I prayed healing for my pastor who had a history of heart attacks and was threatened with another one, and he was healed. On one occasion it was to cast a demon out of someone. On two occasions I cast a demon out and on a third occasion it wasn't a demon but a disease. Some people are diseased, and it is not demons. What's happening to these people is that the Dragon, the subconscious mind or their old man is very powerful in their life, and she is making them mentally ill. That is not my message tonight so I'll not go into that.


At least four times I was caught up to a place where the Lord overshadowed my personality and each time, if you had known me back then, actually it hasn't happened to me in nine years except for shooting the baskets. With regard to ministry it hasn't happened to me for nine years, and if you knew me back then you would know that I told you it was the wildest feeling. It was like I was pushed back. My consciousness was working, but I was back and the Lord was in front of me. He was talking through my mouth, and He was ministering through my body, but it wasn't me, and I was back there watching the whole thing, but I knew it was the Lord because the people were helped every time that happened to me, and I had no fear.


So that I can understand because it was ministry, but why He would rise up and play basketball through me I honestly don't know except as I look back on it now for some reason He wanted that young man to leave me alone. I wasn't that disturbed by it so I don't know what the Lord's ultimate purpose was. Then I had one more experience like that where there was a deliverance going on here one night, and the person that was being delivered we could not hold her down, she became very violent, and attacked me, and she was physically attacking me. Everybody was screaming and yelling, nobody seemed to be able to stop her, and before I knew what happened I was fighting like a lunatic. I just went back at her.


I was talking to the Lord about it today because the end of the whole thing was that someone screamed for help, and the same young man came running in and for what ever his reasons decided that I was the guilty party. There wasn't even a guilty party. It was a manifestation of deliverance, and it got out of hand, and this young man came running in and decided to restrain me, and he had his hand around my neck. He put his hand around my neck, and I remember what happened. I was calm. Even when I was going after this manifesting woman it was not a rage. It was a calm intensity. It wasn't even me, and when this young man put his hand around my throat I just stood there and stared into his eyes. I was absolutely fearless, and now I know that was Jesus.


I have a problem believing that it was Jesus that was attacking this person that was attacking me, but I can testify to this, that to the best of my knowledge whatever it was that rose up in me it was the same spiritual person that boldly stared down this young man who had me by the throat. Absolutely emotionless. It was the same spiritual being that was going after that woman that attacked me and almost threw me down the steps. So when I look at it from that point of view I have a question that I have to ask the Lord, What rose up in me? It was not me. Was it you? Was it Christ Jesus, my subconscious mind? Or was it the Dragon of my old man? I don't know the answer.


I have trouble believing Jesus would fight like that, but I know that it was Jesus staring into the eyes of this person who had his hand on my neck, probably could have broken my neck. I am sharing something with you that I don't have the answer to. I always thought, I'm in the church my 19th year, and I always thought that if ever I was physically threatened that an angel would rise up and protect me. I think most people in the church think that, that an angel would rise up and protect them, but I want you to know that I'm thinking that that's not what happened that night. I was physically attacked, the people who were there helping me trying to deliver this woman, for whatever reason lost control, she went after me, she almost threw me down the steps, and I was defeating her.


I want you to know that I was defeating her. An angel did not appear and restrain her. I reached out and physically was defeating her, but it was broken up because everybody rallied and got themselves together, and, of course, it was not ideal that we should be having a physical fight, but in those moments that nobody was there to help me I became absolutely fearless. Do you understand what I'm saying? An angel did not appear and restrain that woman. I am convinced, although there is going to be a lot of people who don't agree with me, but I am telling you, I'm convinced that Christ Jesus rose up and gave me the physical strength to overcome this manifesting woman who could have physically harmed me.


So this is my experience of Christ Jesus rising up without warning and living His life through me, repressing my carnal mind and living his life through me, at least four times to the glory of the Kingdom in healing and deliverance. One time possibly saving me from physical hard from this manifesting woman, and then one time to play basketball, and now there is one more time that happened a week or two before I started on my T'ai Chi lessons. I walked out of the diner where I was having breakfast with one of the workers here, and I just felt wonderful and I ran around the parking lot. You have to realize I can't run. Brethren. I can't run. I lose my breath after two steps, and I knew that it was a promise of health that I'd been praying for, for years, and when I came back to the house I tried running on the path by my house, and I lost my breath. I thought I was going to pass out I lost my breath so bad.


See, when Christ Jesus was running through this body I didn't lose my breath, but when Sheila tried to do it in her carnal mind the old weaknesses of my body manifested. Now if this sounds strange to you let me remind you, I've talked to you about it, but I don't know if you remember it because it has been quite a while, but there have been experiments done by psychiatrists on people with multiple personalities. I've seen videos of these experiments, and when one personality comes up, now this is the same body, the same human body, same finger prints, sitting in the same chair, not moving, one personality comes up, and the person is diabetic. They take a blood test or whatever test, she's diabetic. Another personality comes up they take the same test, and she is not diabetic.


The mind that's living through the body makes the body in its own image. Even though the face looked the same, the sex was the same, the woman or the man was sitting there in the same clothing, medical tests prove that they were a different person. Diseases that one personality had the other personality did not have. Well apparently, Brethren, when Christ Jesus rises up in my body I can run like someone who is out there jogging, someone who does it all the time, an athlete, I can play basketball like an athlete, and I can cast out demons and heal the sick like the Son of God when Christ Jesus rises up in me. I have no power to make Him rise up in me. It is strictly at His will, and when it is my carnal mind living through this body I thank God for the degree of healing that I've had, but the fact is I lose my breath easily, and I am not the strongest person in the world.


There are other people my age that are in better shape than I am. It is the mind that's living through my body at the time that determines the strength of the body, and it is scriptural. The only miracle I've ever seen in the church is a woman with cerebral palsy who came in, and she was prayed for, and she started jumping up and down and then she ran around the church and she could not walk in by herself, she had to lean on her husband to walk into the church. When I first saw her jumping up and down I could not believe my eyes because I don't think that anyone in good health could have jumped up and down that fast, and then she ran around the church.


That's the only miracle of that sort that I've ever seen, and what's popping into my mind right now is that TV video that I saw about that martial artist whose arm started moving supernaturally quickly after he touched the Dragon. That is what I say with this young lady who had cerebral palsy. So, you see apparently the immediate effect on the body is the same whether it is Christ Jesus rising up and suppressing the carnal mind or whether it is the Dragon rising up and suppressing the carnal mind. The body contains the ability to move at rates of speed and do things and accomplish physical goals that it cannot do when the carnal mind of that particular body is the dominating mind.


Now, this is all backup. Let me remind you what I was up to. I told you that I was seeing my teacher doing T'ai Chi exercises in my mind. I didn't feel alarmed by it, but I was wondering about it, and I said to the Lord, What does this mean? Now this happened after about four weeks of taking lessons three times a week. I've been going on the average of five hours a week on three different occasions. Two, two, and one for four weeks, and I started suddenly seeing this, and I ask the Lord what it was, and you know what the Lord said to me? He said, It is Christ Jesus learning T'ai Chi.


Now don't stop reading the message. If you are reading anything from this ministry you should be open enough to hear me out. Now first of all let me tell you something that's taught in these T'ai Chi classes. The teacher will tell you that there is really no way that you could really do T'ai Chi the way it is supposed to be done, now they don't use the carnal mind, they just say mind. They teach you, there is a philosophy that goes with T'ai Chi, and this philosophy teaches that there is another being inside of you. They even call it the subconscious mind, and they will tell you as the psychiatrists know, everyone who is spiritual plus the psychiatrists know that it is true that our biggest problem is our carnal mind which is rigid, which is operating out of all of our hurts, which has trouble forgiving.


It is our carnal mind that's bringing all of our troubles into our life. It is negativity, it is rigidity. We in the church are doing everything we can if we have this revelation. I'm doing everything I can to overcome my carnal mind. I pray that she dies, that I should live out of Christ. I know what an enemy my carnal mind is to me. Well, in T'ai Chi philosophy they have a revelation that your biggest enemy is your carnal mind so their exercises are designed to encourage the subconscious mind to rise up and live out of them instead of their carnal mind. That's what they are doing. They know that they are doing it, and this is what the teacher says, You will never successfully do T'ai Chi with your carnal mind. T'ai Chi is not a discipline that can be accomplished by learning that you put your foot this way, and you put your arm that way, and you put your head this way.


You could memorize the steps for the next 20 years, and you will never really be doing T'ai Chi properly until the movements start to flow out of your subconscious mind. That's what they tell you, that you do the forms, they call it a form, you do the movements of the form mechanically by saying, my hand should be this way, and my head should be that way, you do it mechanically until your subconscious mind rises up and takes over. That's what they teach.


Now, I also remind you of the teaching that has come down here, I haven't really focused on it for a while, but I've taught you this about a year ago that every part of us has to be educated for us to ascend into Christ. Abel, Christ rising from the dead in us, has to learn spiritual things and take dominion over the Cain side of us which is our personality. Who is the Cain side of us? Our personality under the influence of the carnal mind. She has to be educated, she is the one who goes to school, the female side of us, and we are being groomed and matured on every level.


I also told you the difference between the gifts of the spirit and the operation of Christ in you. I've told you that if you prophesy for any gift of the spirit you are just a vessel, you are channeling the Holy Ghost, you are a willing vessel, you are yielded, and He speaks through you, but you don't know what He's going to say. He doesn't tell you before hand. Half the time you don't know what He was talking about. The scripture says the prophets that wrote the Bible didn't even know what they were prophesying, but the scripture says that when you become a Son, when you come under obedience you become a friend, and Jesus tells you everything.


Now, I have told you that the difference between the gift of prophecy when you are channeling and the prophesy of Christ Jesus, which I prophesy by Christ Jesus, is that the difference between the two is that when you prophesy by Christ Jesus, in order to prophesy by Christ Jesus the one who is bring forth the prophesy must have an understanding of what's being channeled through him. Let me say it again. If you have the gift of prophesy, you are a yielded vessel, the Holy Ghost speaks through you, you have no idea what He's going to say, you may not understand it at all, and you are just a yielded vessel. In this hour the Lord is not speaking through His prophets any more. He is speaking through the Son. Now when the Father speaks through the Son the two must be in agreement. That means the vessel that He's speaking through, if you are prophesying as a prophet, it is not a gift, it means you are speaking the wisdom of the Lord with a knowledge and an understanding of that wisdom.


Every time I get up here to preach I am prophesying to you. This is the Word of the Lord. This is Christ Jesus speaking through me, but it is not thus saith the Lord. That's the signal, when you hear thus saith the Lord, that's the signal that the person who is talking is a yielded vessel, and the Holy Ghost is going to speak through them, but when it is the Son speaking, when it is Christ Jesus through a man the exhortation or the teaching or what ever it is, is interwoven with the personality of the teacher. That's what it is. I prophesy to you every time you come here to listen to me. This is the Word of the Lord. That's what it is. I prophesy to you every time you come here to listen to me. This is the Word of the Lord. The Word of the Lord is prophesy. So this is what the Lord told me. You are free to disagree if you want to, but it is really very exciting.


Let's go back to the T'ai Chi now. This whole principle of what the T'ai Chi teaches tells me, the philosophy teaches that it is the subconscious mind who does this T'ai Chi. That brings healing to the body and a whole other plethora of benefits. Christ Jesus in me is responding to the T'ai Chi. I may be the only T'ai Chi student in the history of the world who is doing it by Christ Jesus and not by the Dragon, and the Lord told me that Christ in me, as I submit my carnal mind and my physical body to the instruction, Christ in me is learning T'ai Chi, and we will do it together. It will be Christ Jesus in me with my physical body, and we will do it together. It hasn't happened yet because I am still learning the mechanics.


We will do it together, and so another question has come into my mind, and I would not tell you that I've completely prayed it through yet, but it is really quite interesting this whole concept of physical defense in the event of harm. I never doubted that an angel would rise up and defend me, but I have that memory that I told you about where something snapped inside of me, and I definitely would have defended myself as this person attacked me, and the thought is coming to me, is it really possible as you go on in Christ....maybe if you are a baby in Christ an angel would rise up and save you.


Now remember we are supposed to be becoming supernatural men. Well, what if some unsupernatural person attacks us? Are we supposed to stand there and wave our hands and see them fly backwards? Or will there be a physical encounter? Is it possible that when Christ Jesus rises up to defend us....I used to think that a force field would be put between us. That's what I used to think, that if anyone came to harm me or mugged me or anything like that a force field would be put between us, and they would bounce off of it. Well, maybe if you just have the Holy Ghost and you are really weak maybe that would happen.


Don't you do things for your two year old that you wouldn't do for your husband if you are a woman? Maybe as we mature in Christ Jesus He wouldn't put a force field up any more. Maybe when Christ Jesus is mature enough to overshadow our carnal mind and manifest through this body maybe He would defend Himself. I am just throwing all these questions out, and I've given you my experiences, my unsolicited experiences. These are the questions that are in my mind, and it is just getting very interesting. I have to tell you, Brethren, I don't know where this message is going. Maybe who ever is reading this message, maybe you are much, much more spiritually mature than I am. I have to tell you that there is nobody that I know personally who is where I am. If you are out there and read this message call me up, I would like to meet you. I don't know anybody that's ahead of me in the maturation process. So this is just getting very interesting.


I do have a point to this message. I got to class Wednesday night and there were only two of us in the class. It was almost a private lesson. I guess a lot of people were on vacation this week, and I was the only one at that point that was there with him, and I told him that I was seeing him in my mind, and he just walked away. I asked if there are any kinds of acrobatic T'ai Chi forms where you flip over like that, and he said yes, and I asked him if he does it and he said yes he does.


So I told him I was seeing it in my mind, and he just walked away from me, and I didn't think much about it until the next day, and the Lord started pulling this whole thing together. I'm going to pull this whole message together for you. This is what the Lord told me. He said the reason my teacher and his teacher who is supposed to be a super expert over there, the reason they play down the supernatural aspect of T'ai Chi is because they have a revelation that you can get into a lot of trouble if you are supernatural and you abuse the power. That's why they are playing it down. They have tasted of the serpent's power, and they have laid hold of it to improve their lives, to improve their health. This is what they tell you, their health is improved, emotional problems can be improved.


I have no problem believing it because there is supernatural power in the subconscious mind. So these two teachers have this revelation that you could dip into the serpent's honey pot, but you better know when to stop eating honey or you can get real sick. So their lives have improved, they have benefitted from it, and they've said that's enough, I'm very grateful for this good life and I am not going any further. There is good and evil throughout the whole world. Apparently, as far as T'ai Chi goes they are responsible teachers. They are discouraging their students from going on and from looking for supernatural miracles in T'ai Chi. They are discouraging them from it, and they play it down where ever they can, and as far as I am concerned I cannot wait to see what Christ Jesus is going to do through me, and I have asked the Lord when we stand up in full stature how will it affect this body? I know that we won't die any more.


Will we lose weight? Will we wake up the next morning and be skinny? How will it affect this body? I've asked Him, but He has not answered me. He hasn't answered me in my mind, but when I look at the experiences that He has given me I see that He has begun to answer me. So the only thing that I believe at this time from what He was showing me is that when we stand up in full stature we will be more physically agile and more physically able than we are now. I've asked Him if we will still need sleep? Will we still need to eat? He has not answered me those questions yet, but He's shown me how I ran around the parking lot so I fully expect to have a lot more physical energy than I have, and in case you can't figure out what I said to you I am suggesting to you that there is a real possibility that we will be engaged in physical battle. That's very shocking.


I don't think anyone in the 2000 years of the church has ever even entertained such a possibility, and I never did. So praise the Lord. If that is the way it is let it be. If that's the way it has to be your fear or your disbelief is only going to hinder you from going forward. If that is not the way it has to be then let it be stripped from me, and let everything to do with any lies be burned up in my mind, but if it is the truth we have to know that it is the truth. You see, this is what full stature is. Full stature is the overlaying of our carnal mind by Christ Jesus. We are pushed to the background, and another being lives through us. That's what full stature is. You have to know what it is. It is the laying down of your life, it is the laying down of your life as you know it in this world so that Christ Jesus can live through you and do what ever He wants to do, and what He does is He does good, He heals the sick, and He casts out devils, and He teaches. That's what He does.


This is sort of a shocking message, but Brethren, I've known for a long time that the church has a fantasy idea of what Jesus is. Their ideas of who and what He is and what He looks like and how He manifests is like 95% fantasy, and that when we really see Him it is going to be nothing that we ever imagined, and I have to tell you that everything that's been coming forth in this ministry for a while now is nothing that I would have ever imagined, and I don't think we have seen anything yet so I just encourage you to keep an open mind, pray of course, but when you pray have your mind opened because we are treading in uncharted waters.


We are in uncharted waters, and shortly before the Lord sent me for these T'ai Chi lessons I had a word of knowledge that there was a promotion coming, and I am convinced that the kind of ministry that I am on now, that I am planted in a heathen setting because the Lord Jesus wants me there as that burning bush for the day that He gets ready to reach out to this man. I am convinced that this was the promotion because I've never experienced this kind of ministry before in my life. It is just really exciting for me. I believe that was the promotion. I believe it is the ministry of the Two-Witness company.


To the person who is not in agreement.... I've been preaching here for years that I can be a great deal of help to you if you are willing to submit to me, to any believe who is willing to submit to me I can really help you. The people that I've helped their lives have changed. Everybody's life is changing from the ministry that's flowing here, but I have never ministered to someone who was not in agreement, who didn't want it. This is the first time I'm sent to someone who doesn't want it, and what makes me a member of the Two-Witness company is that I absolutely refuse to do anything in my own flesh.


The Two-Witness company, to be a member of the Two-Witness company it has to be Christ Jesus doing it through you. Just like Christ Jesus played basketball through me and just like Christ Jesus ran around the parking lot through me, and just like Christ Jesus rose up and cast out those demons and healed my pastor's heart condition that is what it is like to be in the Two-Witness company. It is not the carnal mind of someone who calls himself a Christian. The Two-Witnesses are Christ in you, the resurrected Christ in you, and the Lord Jesus who is above working together as a team. They are the Two Witnesses.


Now if your carnal mind is up, and you are doing this in your flesh you are not a member of the Two Witness company because the Two Witnesses are Christ Jesus, your other personality. When you are in the personality that's ruled by your carnal mind whatever diseases and weaknesses are in your body are there, but when your other personality takes over the body, when Christ Jesus takes over the body, you are strong and you are healthy and you are undefeatable.


So the second that I open up my mouth in this assignment and try to do this in my flesh I am out of there. What does that mean? I would hope that it doesn't happen to me. I am praying every day that my mouth should be sealed except that Christ Jesus speak through me, but if I were to rise up in my pride and try to do it in my flesh what would I expect would happen? There would be a big problem. I would run into a big problem, a personality problem, the kind of problems that arise up between men, and I would be forced out of the school. Well hasn't this been an interesting message? Does anybody have anything to say?


COMMENT: Wouldn't the people who are taking the T'ai Chi now that are controlled more or less by the Dragon or the system have to pay a price for what they have received from the Dragon?


PASTOR VITALE: That's a good question, and I've asked the Lord that question myself. I don't know that I have the whole answer yet, but this is what I have so far. That as we see a greater and a lesser manifestation of the Holy Ghost, either we receive the Holy Ghost or we are baptized with the Holy Ghost, that there is such a situation in the Dragon and apparently it is safe to take small amounts of the Dragon. Now you have to realize there is a whole world under the control of....we are all generated by the serpent.


So apparently because there are lots of people in the United States that are T'ai Chi followers, they are all happy, and they are living their lives so apparently it is possible to take small amounts of the Dragon's power and still be safe, but you have a good point. I don't know. Maybe the day will come when this spiritual war that's coming revs up, and the Dragon is going to conscript them into her army. This is the issue. This war that's revving up in this world, that's really coming to a head in this nation, and the reason it is coming to a head in this nation is that we have been the bastion of Christianity, the stronghold of Christianity for a long time so the war is really to bring down Christianity, and as this battle revs up the people who are being conscripted into the battle on both sides, both on Christ's side and on the serpent's side, are the people who are spiritual.


Now I am sorry if I am hurting anybody's feelings, but faith in Jesus Christ is not going to cut it. Your having faith that Jesus is your Savior is not going to cut it. The war is a spiritual war, and everyone who is a spiritual person is likely to be conscripted by one side or the other. You have a good point that when the day comes that their number comes up the serpent might conscript them, and they may nothing to say about it. The same thing is happening in Jesus' army. We had one person who's been running from this ministry....the Lord has been calling her to train with this ministry for 10 years. She has been running for 10 years, and all of a sudden what seems to be happening to her is that her spirituality is maturing and because she has not been building herself up with the Doctrine of Christ she's coming up as a spiritual person who is subject to the serpent, and she has had a couple of really bad months.


When she prayed, the Lord sent her here, and now she is starting to read the messages but she is 10 years late. I have to believe the Lord is going to have mercy on her. What am I saying? I am saying that this is how I see it. Humanity is maturing spiritually, and individuals are maturing as tomatoes on a tomato plant. Everyone is not maturing at the same time. Every morning you have a few more people maturing spiritually, and as we mature spiritually either Christ Jesus or the serpent is going to be picking us off the plant.


Now if you have any connection with Jesus at all which this woman did, if you have faith in Jesus Christ, if you are reading the Bible, if you have been casting out demons, if you have been in His Kingdom but have refused to come into this training for Sonship...the serpent is not conscripting you into her army because you are not going to go or maybe she is conscripting you into her army and that's what is harassing you. I don't even know what that woman experienced. I just know that she was spiritually harassed to the point that she was frightened enough to come here and start reading the messages which would start to build her in Christ.


I want to say it again, I don't think I made my point. We are all maturing spiritually, we are growing, and as we approach the point where we are opening up spiritually one spirit or the other is going to grab us. Either Christ Jesus is going to grab us or the Dragon is doing to grab us, and if it turns out that you are a Christian, that you have some form of faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ, but you are not prepared for the battle you are going to get tossed around by the Dragon, but someone is going to grab you as you come of age.


So why aren't these people grabbed yet? Well, they are probably just the reserve army. I keep getting the same answer. I am having a lot of trouble holding on to it because my carnal mind doesn't want to hear it, but I think what Jesus is saying is that what's going to happen is that the person is going to naturally mature because we are all on an evolutionary process, our mind is maturing, and as we mature spiritually because we have refused Christ Jesus, not as a punishment now.


The natural result of our refusing Christ Jesus is that when we open up spiritually the serpent is going to be there to grab us, and when it happens the person that it happens to they are going to become so frightened that they are going to come running to Christ Jesus, and the Lord has told me this many times, and I have trouble holding on to this revelation, but I hope that I hold on to it now, and the Lord told me this before this woman ever came to me, but this woman, she is the first person that I've actually seen it happen to, who actually admitted to me that she's told her husband that I have to do this, I have to read these messages because I'm going to be in trouble if I don't. That's how it is going to be. They are going to be so scared that they are going to be coming to the Lord.


COMMENT: When a group of Christians ask the Lord why they didn't have the power, He said because at this point they would only use it for their own purposes.


PASTOR VITALE: That's right. You see, the whole point is that at this point any power that would rise up in the Christians would be the Dragon. You see, we are serpents. The church doesn't have this revelation - We are serpents. Christ Jesus is beginning to come forth in us with the intention of killing our sin nature, but until He kills our sin nature we are manifestations of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil with a potential to be exceedingly evil. Christians do not know who they are.


COMMENT: Before you had Christ within you could you have the super power of Christ previous to receiving Christ, and these physical things happen and experiences previously before you knew Christ or had Christ within you, and perhaps you were even....it brings back to mind that as a young person I had received Christ and wasn't aware of the whole realization of what it was, but then I had certain incidents that happened physically that I had the strength, that I never knew I had the strength.


PASTOR VITALE: Could you share those incidents with us?


COMMENT: Well, my brother and I were playing across the street from the house on the parkway, we were playing football and several young boys came and they started to beat my brother up, and my brother ran with this boy following him, and this boy almost had his hands on my brother, and I was right behind him and with all the strength that I had I took my fist and punched him in the back and sent him sprawling, and my brother got to the house and was able to call my mother, and that was just one episode.


There was another time when we had gotten a flat on the trailer or the car, and so we left the trailer on the expressway and I stayed with the trailer with my mother-in-law, and we stayed in the trailer while my husband went home to get another tire, and he had dropped the hitch and the things in front of the trailer, the chains and everything in front of the trailer and so while we were in the trailer my son looked out and said, somebody is pulling away, I think it is dad. Immediately I thought of the things we had left in front of the trailer, and I ran out and this car was going down the side lane 25 yards away from the trailer, and I looked and I saw that the chains were gone, everything was gone that we needed. It was Saturday night and we needed it to hook up and leave so I ran after the car. I just ran right straight to the car, and I screamed at them and they stopped, and I went up to the window and I said, give me back that equipment that you took, I know you took it, and this really horrible looking man turned around and said, we don't have it lady. I said, yes you do, you give it to me. I said, I have your license but I couldn't even see the license.


PASTOR VITALE: Was it physical strength? It was spiritual strength.


COMMENT: I was really strong, and I made him back the car all the way back to the trailer, and he was doing what I said and I said now give me those things. He said, we don't have them lady, they are over there in the bushes, and I said, where, I don't see them. I had no fear at all, and I made them back all the way back up to the trailer, and I didn't see them but by this time I figured it must be over there.


PASTOR VITALE: To answer your question, in my opinion, yes it could have been Christ in you, and let me remind you who Christ is. Christ is the resurrected Adam, and once you have a relationship with Jesus Christ He can raise Adam from the dead in you anytime that He wants temporarily. This was how the prophets prophesied. They prophesied because either Gabriel came to them and touched their human spirit, and raised Adam from the dead long enough to bring the prophesy forth, but that resurrected Adam which was temporary just receded and they became carnal men again after they brought forth the prophesy.


So I believe that the spirit of Jesus Christ can do in any human being that He wants to, and once you have received Him as Savior He certainly can do it at any time and in any event of emergency. I also believe something that you may consider radical. I believe that people anywhere who are not Christians that in a genuine moment of distress, if they call on God, who ever he is, that the Lord Jesus Christ will hear their prayer and He could raise Adam, a temporary manifestation of Adam's resurrection, to meet their needs. Then, of course, eventually they will be led to someone who will witness to them the truth about Jesus Christ. You have to realize that Jesus is in the whole creation. He's here. He's in the earth, and He knows everything that's going on in every human being on the face of the earth, and He can rise up anywhere that He wants.


The issue is permanent resurrection. The gift and the calling of God are without repentance. The Lord Jesus can raise up Adam anywhere in anyone that He wants to temporarily without repentance, without defeat of the sin nature, due to the warfare that we are fighting here, but that's not enough for us. We don't want Christ rising in us just from time to time. We want a permanent resurrection. That is the problem. A permanent resurrection. All of us here have been laboring at least 20 years if not longer, some of us longer, and we are still not there, and we have all had our experiences with God, we've had Adam rise from the dead in a moment of crisis, but we are talking about a permanent resurrection, a permanent resurrection. That's the problem.. Not that Jesus can't handle it, but that is what is difficult, and there is no way that Jesus is giving us His permanent resurrection without our cooperation.


I mentioned this earlier on the message. The difference between a servant and a Son is that the personality of the Son is woven together with the Savior. Remember I talked about prophesy, that every time I preach to you I am prophesying to you because it is Christ Jesus speaking through my understanding. The Holy Ghost speaks to a man without joining to his understanding. The Holy Ghost channels through the man, but Christ Jesus speaks through the man's understanding. I am preaching to you in a natural tone of voice because I understand what I'm telling you. It is coming from Christ Jesus, but it is passing through a personality that understand what I am saying. That's the difference between the Son and the servant.


So it is no problem at all for Jesus to raise Adam in anybody anywhere in this world, I am convinced of it. If he wants to do it because He does not need the man's cooperation. This is what the scripture means, the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. The man becomes a channel for the resurrected Adam. It doesn't require anything on the man's part at all. You don't even have to be a man calling out to God for help. If Jesus has a Son that's in trouble, and the only person nearby is the most antagonistic person to Christ, Jesus has the power to raise up Adam in that man and make that man help His Son or do whatever He wants him to do. Not that He will make the man do it. The resurrected Christ will do it through the man, take over the use of the man's body and do it.


Did you ever see some old movies where the cop commandeers a car, grabs a cab and he says follow that car. Jesus Christ can do that with any human being that He wants to, but it is temporary, but for Christ Jesus to rise up and utterly take over the personality of the human being, now I am talking about not channeling through the human being, but weaving, Christ Jesus weaving His nature together with the personality so that the human being is permanently saved from death, this requires the personality's cooperation, this required the personality's agreement, the personality's submission, to study and be trained in spiritual things.


So you see there are thousands and millions of people today in the church being blessed by the gifts of the Holy Ghost because they are given without repentance, but if you want to become a spiritual superman, if you want to know the power of Jesus Christ's resurrection, Paul said, I count the things of this world dung that I should know the power of His resurrection. What do you think Paul was talking about? Do you think he was talking about dying and going to heaven? No, he was talking about being a spiritual superman in the flesh. He wanted to know the power of the resurrection of Christ in him. He said I count the things of this world dung. I say the same thing. I count the things of this world dung that I should know the power of His resurrection in me.


Paul wasn't talking about meeting Jesus as a ball of light on the road. He was talking about his personal experience. This requires years of studying and submission to spiritual and social discipline with the personality in full agreement. And in this hour the Lord is not forcing anybody, and you see how many are here. Not many. Praise the Lord. When humanity starts maturing, we are already maturing, but when people start maturing and waking up.


See, this woman I told you about earlier on the message that she was having these frightening spiritual experiences. She was beginning to experience the scripture that says, and they won't know until they wake up in the resurrection of the unjust that they were resurrected into the resurrection of the unjust. She was just beginning to experience that, and she ran to Christ, but you see Brethren there are many who are beginning to experience resurrection in the serpent, and they are not scared. They are not running to Christ, and they are going to go all the way in the serpent unless the Lord really has mercy.


There is so much that I don't understand, but what He has really been showing me lately is that the Lord really does not have to do evil to us. We do it to ourselves with the reaping and sowing judgment, and the Lord has also shown me that the two judgments are very much in full force and effect, and that the White Throne Judgment is His mercy to the woman, that's our personality, the woman is the personality. He will teach her and instruct her and give her a chance to repent, but Jehovah's wrath which is mediated by Satan, the judgment unto destruction, is against the carnal mind, and the carnal mind will surely be destroyed. Now, if your personality does not turn towards the Lord Jesus then you are one with your carnal mind, and you are a vessel headed to destruction. The White Throne Judgment is for the woman, the personality who repents. The carnal mind will be destroyed without mercy. Did I answer your question? It is very possible, yes.


COMMENT: Could it be possible in light of the people that have been in witchcraft, and have switched over to Jesus, have been spiritual in witchcraft and had not realized that it was detrimental that they switched over into being spiritual with Jesus couldn't this happen to the people that are in T'ai Chi and they spiritually switch over to Jesus?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that's the whole point. People who are spiritually developed when they come to the Lord usually can switch over from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of God. They are already spiritually developed. As powerful as they are in the kingdom of darkness they get an equal office in the Kingdom of God. It sounds unfair, but it is scriptural that sometimes people who have been much more wicked than other people enter into Christ Jesus more quickly.


The bottom line is we ascend spiritually to the fullest degree of our inherited spiritual potential. That's what happens. The ones that have the strongest spirit ascend in Christ Jesus more quickly. Those who are not as spiritual, you too have an opportunity to become spiritual in Christ Jesus if you are willing to submit yourself to an intensive program of submitting to the Doctrine of Christ, spiritual development, the kind of program that we have here, be willing to do it.


Apparently, it takes about 5-6 years for people who are not naturally spiritual. Jesus will do it for you if you are willing to do your part. Just like in everything else in life, some things come more easily to them. Some people have more talent, some people have to study harder in college. It's the same thing with spiritually. It doesn't mean it is not available to you if it doesn't come easy to you, and it is a lie in the church that things should come easy to us. I'm spiritual, and I've been laboring for years so what we have has to be developed in us. That's true what you said. If we develop in a different discipline, people who are spiritual in the serpent, they do switch over into the same level of spirituality in Christ Jesus when the Lord receives them. Of course, the Lord has to receive them. 

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