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Praise the Lord! This morning I'm going to try to draw a line for you, to distinguish for you, the difference between being a positive person, and going over that thin line which brings you into a world of fantasy. When I first came to the Lord, I would be very frustrated when someone would speak to me about being positive because, when I came to the Lord, I was physically dying. My mind was very negative, I had a lot of problems, but I found that no one in the church wanted to listen to me, and I had a need to talk about my problems.


So on one side of the fence, we have behavior Christians who engage in behavior that they perceive to be positive. You see, behavior that Christians perceive to be positive is not always behavior that the Lord considers to be positive. Everybody's out there trying to be good for God, trying to be acceptable to God, trying to do the right thing, but the bottom line is this, that we have to do it God's way, and we have to be righteous his way, and we have to be positive his way.


So I think we're going to put on the board this morning, I'm going to divide that board in half, and we're going to put on the board, the things that God considers positive, and the things that the carnal mind considers positive, okay. So we have in this world, not only in the church but outside of the church, many people who desire to be good people and desire to do good and desire to have positive relationships with people. We also see an epidemic in this country of people whose ideas of relationships, whose ideas of how to relate to other people, are producing disaster in their personal relationships, and either they don't know what's wrong or they're refusing to admit that they may be relating on a level that is not producing life, that is not producing health, that is not producing reconciliation, that is not producing a good life for themselves.


Let's bring this down to the selfish point. There is a point of a healthy selfishness. We should all desire our relationships to be the best that they could be, and there's nothing wrong with that at all. So we see many people in this country today, there's an epidemic of this in this country today of people who are not functioning very well in their relationships, who do not know how to relate, who do not know how to communicate, who do not know how to get their needs met. You see, every human being, every fallen human being has needs. We have needs for love, for affection, for respect, for honor, we have needs for food, clothing, shelter.


The question is, how do we get these needs met? We cannot force other people to meet our needs. This is the bottom line, we cannot force other people to meet our needs. We must learn how to improve ourselves, we must learn how to communicate, we must learn how to treat other people. We must start to see ourselves as other people see us, you see.


This is a big problem for many, you know this is a big problem for many. Somebody said to me once, I'm a very easy person to get along with, and the person who said this to me, was the hardest to person to get along with that I had ever met, yet this was an honest statement that they made to me, but because I was in Christ Jesus and I was honest, not many people would be honest, I said to the person, you think you're easy to get along with? You are the most difficult person I have ever known. And you see, making that statement, making that true statement without condemnation, without hate, gave that person who was living in a fantasy world, in this area, they were living in a fantasy world, they were really believing that they were easy to get along with, and if someone didn't come along and burst their bubble and tell them that, that was a lie, whether they believed me or believed whoever might have said that to them or not, another thought was now in their mind.


A seed....words are seeds, we were talking about that earlier. Words are seeds. I now put another seed, another thought, in that person's mind, that now they're thinking, well Gee. You see, words produce doubt. Now sometimes it's Godly to produce doubt, and other times it's not Godly to produce doubt, you see. But for someone who is living in a fantasy because they believe that they're fine and the rest of the world is crazy, it's a Godly thing to produce doubt in their mind that maybe they're not fine, and maybe the rest of the world is not the crazy on. Maybe it's a little bit on each side.


But anybody who believes that it is not possible for them to be relating in a manner or expressing their thoughts in a manner that is anything less than correct all the time, or anything less than perfect, right then and there the person has a problem, it means they're completely blind to the possibility of their relating to anybody in a negative way, under any circumstances.


I've just described the alcoholic personality to you. The person who takes no responsibility for anything, and you don't have to be a drinker to have an alcoholic personality. You can have an alcoholic personality without ever picking up a drink. It is the personality type that produces the alcoholism or the drug addiction. So you may be a person that has the personality type, but it has never yet manifested into something as destructive as alcoholism, or drug addiction.


And one of the characteristics, or not one of the characteristics....today this message is on dealing with crisis situations, and we're calling the message positive....I think we'll probably call the message positive attitudes in Christ Jesus, you see.


Behavior, means of communicating with people that does not produce a positive fruit, is the thinking of the carnal mind. It is the goodness of the carnal mind that says, this is how we are positive, this is how a man treats a woman, this is how a woman treats a man, this is what you do, and in the meantime your relationships are either falling apart, or not all that you would like them to be, and you don't know what's wrong.


So today we're talking about positive attitudes that are truly positive, and what makes an attitude positive? It produces life, it produces spiritual growth and I have this at the bottom of the side of the chart. Attitudes that produce spiritual growth and that gives the person hope for healing, no matter how rotten they are, or no matter what a rotten thing they've done, there is always hope in Christ Jesus, you see. There is always help in Christ Jesus. There is always a way of escape. If you are a criminal and you are serving a life sentence, there is a way of escape because Jesus Christ transcends the condition of your physical body. If your physical body....it will be behind bars for the rest of your life. If you are in solitary confinement for the rest of your life, you can experience peace and contentment, and the glory of God through communion with the Lord Jesus Christ.


There are many, many fruits that we receive from our relationship with Jesus, but one that I don't hear spoken about very often that is a very real truth is that Jesus is spirit and nobody could take him from you. Whatever condition you're in, physical illness, imprisonment, no matter what the condition of your body, your relationship with Jesus Christ is spirit, and no one, but no one can take that from you. It is a marvelous way of escape, there is a way of escape. People who do not experience escape from their problems, most likely or very probably, are not perceiving the escape that has been provided for them. This is very, very common, they do not perceive Jesus' deliverance.


There's even a joke in the world about it, that someone stranded on a sand bar, saying God help me, God help me, God help me, and the helicopter comes, the man says, no I want God to supernaturally translate me to the mainland, and the helicopter goes away, and then the plane comes and says come on, get on, or the boat comes and he won't get on the boat. He's waiting for a supernatural deliverance, and then after two or three or four experiences like this, the man says, God you didn't help me, and the Lord says, I sent the plane and I sent the boat, and I sent the guy with the snorkel gear. You didn't want to go, you see.


Well the message today is positive attitudes. My exhortation at the beginning wasn't exactly on the subject, but we'll start from here. We're talking about well-meaning people that want to do right. When someone comes to you with a problem, or you hear about the problem, the carnal mind says, deny the truth, that's not happening to you, oh he didn't mean it, oh he loves you, but he doesn't love you and he did mean it.


I'm not talking to anybody here. I'm actually talking about myself, and what came to my mind was an experience that I had with a pastor that I was under at one time in my life. The man was really trying to destroy my whole Christ that was coming forth in me and everything that Christ was doing in me, and I went to one of my best friends and told her something that he had done to me, it was the truth, I was not complaining, I was not lying, I was not exaggerating, my pastor had done evil to me, and I was in great distress, and I went to my best friend and she said, oh no he loves you. That's what she said to me, but she thought that's what she's suppose to say, she denied the truth, she denied that it happened to me.


You see, you have to realize, brethren, that when someone has a problem, and you will not acknowledge that at least they're upset, maybe it's not even true, maybe you don't know, maybe you think maybe it may not be true. You have to at least acknowledge that the person is upset, you have to at least acknowledge that the person thinks that it happened to them. The person believes that it happened to them, and to say to them, oh no that didn't happen to you, oh you imagine, oh you misunderstood him, oh she didn't mean it, that is not a response that will come out of Christ. That is a response that comes out of your carnal mind.


Now maybe all of your life you thought that was the right thing to say when someone comes to you with a problem, maybe that's what your parents did to you, maybe that's what your husband or your wife does to you, maybe you're convinced that, that's right, but I'm here today to tell you that, that is wrong, that when somebody comes to you and tells you an unpleasant truth, let's say it's shocking okay, let's say a woman comes to you and says she's been molested by your pastor, you have the same pastor and you love him, it's still wrong to say, oh that couldn't possibly be true. You see if you want to be in Christ you have to listen to what the woman has to say, and say Lord, this is a horrible abomination that I'm hearing, could it possibly be true? Let me not judge with my emotions, but if it's true, let me know that it's true. Very few people do this.


The immediate knee-jerk reaction when they hear something horrible is to say, oh no, that's not true. "Mommy, daddy's sleeping with me," "your father wouldn't do anything like that". See, you have to realize that when you or someone who takes this position of denial of the truth, that you have chosen between two possible reactions, one of which comforts you, and the other of which comforts the other party. So by saying Oh, no that is not true, now I know that you didn't know this every time you ever did it, but I'm telling you what you've done is comfort yourself, because to believe it would be horrendous, that your child comes to you and says daddy's molesting me.


Now I'm giving you an extreme example so that you can understand the principles of what I'm talking about. You have comforted yourself, denial of the truth comforts yourself, because if you acknowledge that it may be true, that it may be true, you are now opening the door to the possibility that it may be true, and if it is true, it will cause you great emotional pain. You will now have to confront the problem, you will now have to decide what you are going to do about it. We're using an extreme example, daddy's molesting your little girl, will you stay with the man, will you leave the man? You have to take some action, you have to do something, and the person who responded out of their carnal mind by saying, Oh no, that could not be true, has just sacrificed the victim, so that they themselves do not have to feel the pain or deal with the problem.


Now on a less extreme example, it's the same truth that still applies, you don't want to deal with the problem. If you admit that the person has a legitimate complaint, you have to deal with the problem, you have to find out that someone who you highly respect has done something that is not right. That means you have to continue to love and respect that person while admitting that they're not perfect, and they do things that aren't right. Now I'm not talking about incest now. This is very difficult, to recognize somebody's weaknesses and still love them. It's very hard, especially when their weaknesses are causing you pain, it's very hard. So a common behavior in the world and in the church is to simply deny the truth, oh that's not true, I don't believe that. And it's just the other side of the coin of the carnal mind which condemns everybody as soon as they hear one little thing wrong.


In this ministry, we are seeking to walk on the middle path, the left hand path condemns everybody, oh I knew he was rotten the whole time, I knew she was like that the whole time, she's just no good, or oh no she would never do that, never, and then, you see if you take this position of denying the truth, when the day comes that the truth comes up in your face, that you really can't deny it anymore, then your idolatry, because of course this is idolatry, you're completely devastated, you're just completely devastated, and you lose all faith in the person completely.


Denial is not a healthy way to go, and it will blow up in your face eventually. The person who is in Christ acknowledges the truth or at least acknowledges that the charge may be true, that it's possible that this person could do such a thing, it doesn't make you happy to hear that they did such a thing, but you have to deal with it. I'm not talking about incest now, you have to stay in this relationship, and know that this person did something wrong, and perhaps that they refused to make it right. Let's say it's your pastor, and they refuse to go before God and do what was right, or be convinced that they were incorrect.


You have to evaluate the whole relationship and decide whether or not the relationship is positive and the Lord wants you in it, and then you have to live with this negative aspect and pray for the person out of a right heart. You have to be careful that it's not a psychic prayer trying to kill that negative quality of that person, because that negative quality is making you uncomfortable, see. Any prayer that we pray, which, if answered, will make us personally more comfortable is a psychic prayer.


You see. we have to pray for righteousness. We cannot pray about other people because something that they're doing is making us uncomfortable. If somebody is doing something that's making you uncomfortable, you might say Lord help me to love them, help me to accept them as they are and to love them and bless our relationship, see. And tell the Lord, what must I do, what must I do to bless this relationship? And then he takes care of everything else. But you see the immature mind says, well what about them, what about them, what about what they did? That's what children say.


We must be doing everything that we could do to make a relationship what it should be in Christ. We must be supporting people with their weaknesses, helping them, assisting them. Now that doesn't mean that we assist them in unrighteousness, you stand against unrighteousness when it has to do with you. You stand against unrighteousness.


Okay, the carnal mind denies the consequences of what has happened, and this denial of consequences is an attempt to be positive. I have seen people do this. An example, let me give you an example of something, an event occurs that is shocking at the outset. Well to be honest with you the example that I have in my mind, I hope you don't mind it was something that you said to me, I want to use it as an example. We were talking about the tragedy that happened in New York City with this police officer sodomizing this man and almost killing him. He's ruined the man's life, the man is in critical condition. If he lives, his life will never be the same, and it was a real tragedy for the whole country, the whole city, the country and the world. Okay and then I was speaking to this sister who was really trying to be positive in the best way that she knew how, and she said, well I believe that something good is going to come out of this. Well it's true, I believe something good will come out of it. I believe maybe there will be a police review board or whatever else. Locally speaking, I believe something good will come out of it, but I believe that the damage that has been done to the whole country, to our image in the eyes of the whole world is irreversible, okay.


Now if this is true, and I'm not saying that your opinion is not valid okay, if this is true, I believe it is, what I just said, I believe it's true, what the person saying I believe is going to have a positive result, you're denying the reality of the consequences, you see. If you're saying something positive without it being in line with what's really happening, then it's fantasy. You are living in a fantasy. Can you hear what I'm saying? If it's really.... see, certain things happen, let's say a man cheats in marriage, and he comes home to his wife and he says, I'm really sorry and I realized it wasn't the right thing to do, and I'm going to do everything that I can to make our marriage positive from now on. Well then that negative event worked out for the good. The man learned a lesson, the woman was strengthened, she rose to the challenge and she forgave him, she matured as a result of it, and the marriage was stronger. So in a case like this, to say that I believe something good is going to come out of it, well that's realistic, it's true, and not only is it true, but it's a real possibility, that real good....as the years go by, he's going to appreciate her for forgiving him, she's going to appreciate him for overcoming and the marriage is going to really grow.


So in a case like that it's right and it's accurate. It's accurate to say, I believe that the good that's going to come out of this is going to overshadow the bad, and it's the truth and it's realistic and its okay. But, in my opinion, to take a situation that I just described with this horrible sodomizing of this man who claims that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, he didn't even do anything, but of course that has nothing to do with it at all, that shouldn't happen to anybody, to say that the good that will come out of it. Let's say the good is the police review board, and communication opens up between the people of the neighborhood and the police. That good, in my educated opinion, will never overshadow or wipe out or equalize the damage that has been done to the reputation of the whole country and the whole city, and police officers and the United States military, all over the world.


Do you understand what I'm saying? There's a difference, you see. So to say that good will come out of this in the first circumstance was realistic, the word is realistic you see, but to say I think good is going to come out of this, just because you want to say something positive about it, is not realistic. We have to acknowledge the consequences of what happened. Now even if you acknowledge the consequences of what happened, let's say what I'm saying is accurate, and that this will be a blemish on this country for the rest of history, and it will be used by the enemies of this nation for the rest of our lifetimes, and we all hope to not die, but that's another issue. The enemies of this country will be using this incident against us and against law enforcement and against a lot of good things in this nation and in this city for centuries to come. It's a black eye that's not going away.


So we have to look at the whole situation. Yes, truth and good will come out of it, but the evil is so great that the good, any good that will arise out of this, can in no way equalize the evil that's done. Therefore, for that to be your comment, I think good will come out of this, is not realistically looking at the consequences. It's denying the reality of the consequences, see. And in a situation like this, I know I've talked to xxxxxx about this a lot, and in a situation like this, when you have two people talking and one person is realistically acknowledging the consequences, and the other person is denying the consequences because they think that's what they're suppose to do to stay positive, you're really, the only way to say this is that you're really criticizing the person that's actively acknowledging the truth, you see.


You're criticizing the person, you're making the person feel that they're negative, because you take this super positive attitude. It's saying to the other person, you're looking at this in a negative way, but I'm going to be positive about it, and it's a veiled spirit of criticism, and I know you don't know you're doing it, but it's a veiled spirit of criticism, and what you have is a conflict between the truth and the person who doesn't want to face the truth, and it is an attack on the person who is dealing with the truth. Why? Because whenever the spirit of truth arises is a conversation and the carnal mind rises in another person, there's a conflict.


Whenever you have the spirit of truth in one mind, and the carnal mind in the other person, there's a conflict, because the carnal mind and the Christ mind both are weapons, you see. So once Christ....you see if you have two people, well how do I say this? Once Christ rises and speaks the truth, if the other person in the conversation rises up in their carnal mind and says something else that is not the truth, you have a war between the Christ mind and the carnal mind you see. And the Christ mind, if the person knows what they're saying is true, they cannot back down, they cannot back down and it is a spiritual warfare, it is a conflict. So denying truth and denying consequences brings you into a conflict with somebody whose walking in the truth.


Now nobody should be denied their opinion see, but opinion is not the same thing as denial of the truth. If we have a different opinion about what this color is, that's your opinion, we have an opinion about what kind of art we like, you have your opinion, I have mine, if we both read a book, and you liked the book and I didn't like the book, that's an opinion, that's valid, okay, but to look at a fact you see, or an obvious consequence and say that it's not happening, sets you against the person that sees the reality. Am I making this clear at all what I'm saying?


So there is an area where our opinion crosses over the line and wages war against the person who is facing the truth. Do you understand what I'm saying? Okay, so we could have an opinion over whether or not that chair is comfortable, we could have an opinion over who likes to live on Long Island, I like Long Island you hate Long Island, because that's your opinion as to how this location or this chair affects you, but if we see a crime committed, it's a crime committed, and if the consequence of that crime is fairly obvious, even if you, to some degree.... if you were to look at it accurately to see the consequence of this crime, to rise up and deny it because you think that's the way of staying positive, which is....the whole world does that. This is what the world does, and it's in the church. This is what the world does, and it's all through the church. It is waging war against the believer who is in Christ and saying, this is the truth, this is the truth.


And why would we do this, why would someone deny the consequences? The reason why someone would deny the reality of the consequences is because the reality of the consequences is upsetting to them.


See the bottom line is always selfishness and the whole world is selfish. I struggle with it every day of my life, the whole world is selfish, and if we don't rise up in Christ and take authority over our own carnal mind and our own carnal motives, most of the decisions that we make and most of the things that we do will have selfish motives, that's what we are, that's what we are, that's why we need a Savior, the whole world is like this, the whole church is like this, that's why we need a Savior, and that's the bottom line. We're all out for ourselves. Why? Because we're vulnerable.


You know, I was working late last night at my computer and there must have been something with this damp weather, this slew of little green bugs came into the house, they were so small they came through the screen in my window, and they were biting me, they were little tiny green bugs, and when they landed on me they were biting me. I got several bites, and I was just....and they were on my computer and I slamming, I was punching them on my computer and slapping them on my arm, killing them everywhere I could get, and all I could say, what a vile condition, and people don't believe that this is hell, that I'm sitting at my computer in my house trying to work, and these little green bugs are eating me? And you don't think this is hell, people that don't think this is hell, this is hell you see.


So, we're all out for ourselves because we don't like being bitten, and if we get hungry we get very frantic, and if we don't have shelter or if we don't have our other needs met, it produces such stress in mortal man that mortal man is out for himself, because we're needy, we're not self sufficient from within, so we're all selfish. So whenever the carnal mind rises up to respond to a situation, it is in some way to meet that person's need. Either that person is distressed at the thought of what is said, maybe something....I mean this happens to me all the time. I just happened to use this one example, but this happens to me all the time, that I say things to people and they rise up and they oppose me because what I said upset them. Lots of times they misunderstand me, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, but for anyone to rise up in their carnal mind, and oppose someone who is acknowledging the truth of the consequences, something inside of you was distressed whoever this happens to, and everybody does it. It happens to me all the time, and a lot of the time when I talk to the people about it I find out that they either completely....they usually completely misunderstood what I was saying.


So we are trying to respond out of Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus does not think what he thinks, because you don't ever say anything that you don't first think. Christ Jesus does not say anything for self preservation, or because they're hurt or threatened by what the other person is saying, and this is why, until we get our carnal mind under the authority of Christ, we cannot go forth and judge the world, because if we feel threatened in any way, if we think, oh my God, I did that same thing last week, or I know I'm capable of doing that same thing, the carnal mind goes zip, zip, zip, zip, and tries to justify the person's sin, because we know we did the same thing.


That's why we can only go forth and judge righteous judgment when we go forth in the mind of Christ, and the only way we're going forth in the mind of Christ is if the mind of Christ is covering over the carnal mind. So the carnal mind denies the truth of what's happening, because the truth means they're going to have to face it and deal with the problem themselves, and, you know, even if it has nothing to do with you, let's say someone comes to you for help, I know this happened to me. When I first came to the Lord, this happened to me. So many times in the church, nobody wanted to talk to me. I had a lot of problems when I came to the Lord, they didn't know how to help me, they honestly....the people in the church, didn't know how to help me. But you see, the thing to do is to say, I don't know how to help you, I'll find out who I can refer you to, you should talk to the pastor or you need a counselor, whatever you need, but because of pride, because of pride, they couldn't say to me, I don't know how to help you. So I had people just walk away from me, I was devastated.


I came to the church, I thought, oh boy I'm finally going to get some help, people walking away from me. You don't do that to people, you pray for them, you have nothing to lose by praying for them, but you see, you have to be honest and say to them brother or sister, I can't help you, and I don't believe that it's Godly for you to be going on and on with this problem, so I'm going to pray for you, and you need to see a counselor. But you don't just walk away from people, that's what you do in the world. The church is filled with the world.


So the carnal mind denies the truth because either knowing the truth is going to make a problem for them, they're going to have to deal with it, or knowing the truth means you have to help the person, and they don't know how to help the person, and their pride doesn't want to admit that they don't know how to help you or some such thing. Or they deny the consequences for the same reasons, the consequences threaten them, or their mind perceives the truth of the consequences as a negative statement.


Some people are determined to be positive, and I'm determined to be positive all of the time. I want to be positive all of the time, but we must be positive in Christ. You cannot be positive by denying the truth. You see, some people don't understand that if something negative has happened in our world, that you are not being a negative person if you talk about it. You're being a negative person if you have no hope. you see, but if something negative happened, you can talk about it. It was negative and it happened, and it's the truth you see. So talking about a negative truth does not make you a negative person.


You are a negative person when you see no hope, but the truth is the truth, and when I say this about this incident having being a black eye on our country, and it's going to last, it may never be forgotten, there are so many people looking to get us on something. But I also tell you that the country will go on. I'm not saying.... I'm not taking your hope, if anyone who heard me say something like that thinks that I'm saying that the country is going down the tubes or that there's going to be some violent reaction to that, well then you are reading something into what I said. I didn't say it's the end of the country.


See, a lot of people do things like that, they hear me say something, they hear me say a truth, this country is going to have a black eye that will never be off the books. Well does that mean that we're not going to recover, does that mean that we're not going to go on, does that mean we're going to stop going?


No, so if you have heard me say something like that, that the country is going to have a black eye. It will never....it could be generations before it's overcome. If you think that, that means that I'm saying the country is no good, or the country....or anything bad about the country, you have drawn a conclusion about what I said that is not true, I didn't mean that. All I did was state the truth, and I believe that it is the truth, so anything that you thought that I meant by that, beyond what I said, came out of your mind, because I don't think any of that. It's the truth and we go on from here.


It's as if to say somebody had surgery and an organ was removed. Well, your life goes on, but you don't have the organ, so this is just one negative mark on the side of our country, and it's very, very unfortunate, but I haven't said anything beyond that. So a lot of people draw conclusions about what I say, and the conclusions upset them, and they try to counteract what they're feeling by coming up with positive statement that is really a contradiction of what I'm saying. It's trying to stop me, it happens to me all my life.


So the carnal mind denies the truth, denies the consequences, and the Christ mind acknowledges the truth and acknowledges the consequences, see.


What a lot of people can't understand and we're struggling with this here is that we can see the truth or we can see the consequence without condemnation, without condemnation, without trying to fix it, without trying to justify it, it just stands alone, it's just the truth, it's just the truth, no condemnation, no justification, it's just the truth. The next thing that the carnal mind does is that they it frequently denies responsibility, very frequently denies responsibility. This we see in the alcoholic personality or the compulsive personality that I talked about earlier. You don't have to drink to have an alcoholic personality, but it will deny responsibility and everything here is a manifestation of the carnal nature which is pride. The denying responsibility for one's own behavior or for someone else's behavior is, "my daughter would never do that."


Now one of the police officers that was arrested for this crime. He was accused of holding down the victim while the other police officer did that attack. His wife was on TV, and she was quite hysterical saying, my husband would never do anything like that. Well madam you have my deepest sympathy, but you do not know what your husband is capable of doing, because I have news for you, I do not know what I am capable of doing. None of us know what we're capable of doing under any circumstances, and I personally believe that something horrible got a hold of everyone that was involved in that incident that night, and I am in no way justifying the act, but I believe that there's just a lot of witchcraft flying in the country today, and there's a lot of evil flying in the country today.


The Serpent is trying to manifest. She's arising and trying to manifest through men, and a weakness must be found in that man for her to rise up and do this. I think if he had it to do over again, he would never use it, his whole life is ruined. They're suppose to say, you know, he's not convicted yet, but I don't think anybody is denying that he did it. You know what this man's life is going to be like in jail? He's going to have to be in solitary confinement, he's not safe in any public yard in jail, his life isn't worth two cents, and his life is radically, radically ruined. I'm not saying he can't come out of jail twenty years later and make a new start but he'll never be the same.


So his wife is up there saying, "My husband could not possibly have done this," and I have the deepest sympathy for her. She has children, this is her husband, what a tragedy, and all the publicity, it must be horrible for her, but the truth is, she doesn't know what her husband is capable of. We don't even know what we ourselves are capable of. It had to.... you know, if it wasn't such a serious matter we'd be saying, well it must have been a full moon out there. What happened to all these people? Well what happened to them, but they did it you see, the seduction came upon this man and he held him down, while his partner did the deed. He did it, it really looks like he did it.


So the carnal mind denies responsibility, but the Christ mind acknowledges responsibility. How could you have done such a deed? I don't know, but it was done and, apparently, there were four men involved. One did it, one held him down, one at the door with a radio to warn them if anyone was coming, and I don't know what the fourth one was doing.


Now when I say acknowledge or deny responsibility, I'm really talking about incriminating yourself. To be honest with you, there are many areas in my life that I really do not know what the righteousness is. I have to ask the Lord, and if he doesn't tell me I don't know. So I don't really know what the right thing to do is, if you did this thing, I know you're not suppose to lie to cover yourself, but if you stand up there and talk, you incriminate yourself in your trial. I don't really know what the right thing to do is, it's just horrible tragedy for the man and his whole family. His father is a veteran police officer, I saw him on TV twice, the man looked sick, you know.


So to acknowledge responsibility is talking about to yourself and to God, and then again, of course, if there's somebody else involved.... I mean I'm talking about this radical situation, but if you do something that's wrong in your relationship with a friend and with a family member, it really is required of you to say, I shouldn't have done it, I'm sorry. That's what the Lord requires of us, and why is it so serious if you can't do that? Because there's only one reason if you can't do it, and that is pride and pride is sin you see. So, you know, it's really not even so much that Jesus requires you to apologize to the one you damaged. The issue is that a refusal or an inability to apologize means that pride is manifesting in you, and he's really concerned with you, you see.


When Jesus said you have to forgive your brother, carnal people think that Jesus is worried about the brother that's unforgiven. No, it's the person that is not forgiven that is dwelling in this gall of bitterness that is killing you. So all of these rules that we have in society that if you bump into somebody or if you do something wrong, you say I'm sorry, it's a way of killing your pride, it's a way of killing you pride you see.


In these little things pride will get up over us, if we do something wrong and we cannot apologize, we're strengthening pride, we're strengthening pride. We're not apologizing to help the other person forgive us, we're apologizing to kill our own pride.


Okay, so we're talking about positive attitudes here. Now this is sort of overlapping a little on our message about the truth about judgment. They say that the carnal mind condemns. Well I wrote down condemns the guilty, well the carnal mind condemns the guilty and the innocent, the carnal mind just condemns and has no mercy.


I've seen....well, I'll give you my own testimony. When I first came to the Lord, I couldn't have been in God very long, I was in this deliverance church that I was raised up in, and I wasn't in it very long, and I started having dreams about serpents. It was really very upsetting every time I closed my eyes, I was seeing serpents crawling everywhere, and when I prayed about it and I asked the Lord what was going on. The answer that came to me was that there was a woman, I had a relatively new job, and there was a woman who was employed by this company before I came, and she had wanted my job as a promotion but didn't receive it, and she was very envious of me and angry that she did not get my job.


Now I didn't do anything to her. They hired me from the outside, but I didn't want to believe it. All I knew was that I was being tortured, and all of the spiritual manifestations that you've been hearing me talk about here for years, I was upset and tension was very high, and I was stressed out, and I couldn't calm down, and we had preaching in our church one night. We were a member of a denomination at that time, and this man had a high office in this denomination, and I went up to him and asked him for prayer to help me. I was so stressed out, I couldn't even hardly breath, and he started shaking his finger in my face and he says, "now you don't agree with this." In other words, as if this....instead of strengthening me or comforting me, he was in so many words saying that I was a bad person because I was having these thoughts. And this was a high officer in this denomination.


The bottom line, brethren, is that the world is throughout the church, and there are very few people in the church who truly minister in Christ, and many don't even have Christ, just the Holy Spirit, very few. So our goal is to comfort the one who is suffering without justifying their sin. It's that middle path again. The person's really upset, I was really upset, there was no comfort for me, and just in case you're interested, at the time that, that happened to me, I may not yet have heard from the Lord that it was this woman, I really don't remember, but I didn't want to believe it, because she was being nice as pie to my face. She was my best friend, and finally I said to the Lord I couldn't take it anymore.


There was no help from anybody, nobody could help me, and I said Lord, I guess he must have put this prayer in my heart, "if it's true expose it, because I will not believe it until I see it, I believe this is a demon talking to me, I don't believe it's God unless I see it." And it wasn't twenty four hours, the next day, she just, whatever triggered it off I don't know, but this hate for me just completely poured out of her, and for the rest of my days in that job she never ceased trying to turn every employee of that company against me. From the day that her hate poured out, the nightmares stopped and all of the stress on me stopped.


When someone's doing something that you cannot see with your eyes or hear with your ears, if you're spiritually sensitive you can be feeling the fruit of it, and the way to stop the attack is to expose it. When they come out with it and it's no longer a hidden sin, when they're no longer doing it behind your back, for whatever reason the stress stopped, that's the way it works. I don't set up the spiritual rules. That's the way it works.


So when someone comes to you and you're all upset, even if they're completely wrong that somebody is against them, maybe they're really paranoid, and it's not really true, maybe they weren't having a spiritual experience like I was having. For whatever reason, maybe they're sick and they have to go into the hospital, and they're hysterical, you have to give them compassion.


You see, to say to the person, well now you stand up and you fly straight and you stop this, you know, without also comforting them and telling them that you care for them, is an unbalanced ministry. See you may have to say to them, now that's enough, you know, you have to get yourself together, but to tell them that without showing them compassion and telling them that you really understand their fears, and that it's understandable and that their reaction is human, but that they have to deal with it, they have to get themselves together and be strong. Instead of saying that to them, to say to somebody, now you stop that right now, with no mercy, all you do is make the person angry when you put....depending on where they're coming from, you just put more condemnation on them, or you make them angry, and they just go into more like a rage if they're that kind of hysterical person.


So all of these things that I'm talking about, there are people in the world that think this is the right thing to do. I'm not here....I'm not condemning anyone with this message, I'm not even criticizing anybody with this message. I'm showing you the contrast between the way the world ministers and the way Christ ministers, so that everyone reading this message can choose how they want to minister. Everyone reading this message should be trying the spirit on themselves, they should be making a judgment as to which category to minister in, and that after you make that judgment as to which category you'll minister in, you should ask the Lord if he agrees with your opinion.


Okay, let's say you hear this whole message and you decide that your ministry is in Christ, that you are ministering out of Christ, you should then ask the Lord if it's true, because sometimes we're in denial. I ask him that all the time. Everything I tell here I practice, everything I teach you I practice. I say Lord how do you see me? Just to give you an example, you see, everything that I bring out about your witnesses here, haven't seen witnesses, I'm just like you, I just may be a little further along with understanding.


There was a dream that I had not too long ago, and in this dream, there was a man, he was a perfect man, and there was a woman that he was going to marry, and she was a social worker, and the man was a prince, and the prince's mother sent the family lawyer to check out the woman that he was going to marry, and he was questioning this woman saying, you're a social worker but something's not right because social workers work for big organizations, and who's going to pay you if you're a social worker without working for a big organization? And I perceive that it was me in the dream, and that the perfect man that I'm marrying is Jesus Christ, and the mother is the mother of this world, mother earth.


Who is mother earth? Who's the mother of this world? The Serpent yes, she is the mother of this world, and the mother who was a queen and then said that in the dream, the mother was a queen, and we know that the Serpent is the queen of heaven. She manifests in many female deities as the queen of heaven. She sent forth the family lawyer to check, I believe it was me, to check me out, and in the very last sentence, in the dream that I said when I recorded it, and the lawyer found out that the social worker wasn't quite who she said she was. And I looked at that dream after it was typed up and got a little distressed because it was pretty obvious to me that the queen and the mother was Satan who is the Serpent.


That's the form the Serpent takes in this world, and that I was a social worker because I really do social work here, and I don't have any big organization. It's just me, and a lot of people have been shocked over the years that I'm not associated with a big organization, and they don't even understand how I survive. Well I don't understand it either. It's purely supernatural that I'm even here doing this. And I got a little distressed and I said, Wow, what does that mean, and she wasn't quite what she said she was? And was concerned and fear tried to get in there, I said, Oh wow, I'm not who I say I am.


But thank God that I have it pretty much down pat that when I don't understand, I ask the Lord, and you know what the Lord said to me? He said, Sheila, you have got to stop being so negative, that's how this whole message is coming forth. I said negative Lord? He said, Yes, you assume from that dream that you were making yourself more than you were, but maybe you're not thinking of yourself as to really what you are, that I wasn't quite what I said I was, and sometimes I have trouble even recognizing this office because my life is so simple, and I have all of the problems that everybody else has that's living in this world, and I still get sick in my body, and you get sick and I don't have any power to heal you, and sometimes I just get really confused as to who and what I am.


So here I was distressed, thinking I'm not what I think that I am. And the Lord is telling me you're more than you think you are. And then he went on to tell me that, "you have power to heal everybody, you have power, but you know why you're not healing people, the Lord said to me, because you don't do anything that I don't tell you to do. He said everything that you need to do all the miracles is established in you, but you can only do what I tell you to do, so it's not you who is not healing. It's me, who is not healing."


And that's how this whole message came forth. The Lord has told me that I have to be more positive. So this message is hopefully to bring us in from the left path, if we don't think enough of ourselves in certain areas, and to bring us in from the right path, if we're thinking too much of ourselves, or if we're into all of this kind of denial that we're talking about here. We have to get into this middle path where we see the truth. You see, in the world it might be considered humility to not recognize really who you are in Christ Jesus, but the Lord doesn't see that as humility. He wants you to know who you are. He doesn't want to make yourself any greater than he has made you, but he wants everyone of you to see yourself as he sees you.


To make yourself higher or to make yourself lesser than Jesus sees you is pride, the left path is pride, and the right path is pride, and only the truth is acceptable to Jesus Christ. And he wants us to see ourselves and each other as he sees us, and he wants us to see the circumstances of our country, of our life. He wants us to see with his eyes, and anything other than his eyes is seeing with the carnal mind which is pride, which is sin.


So this is our warfare here to continuously wound our carnal mind until all of our responses and our thoughts and our thinking process and our reasoning is out of Christ Jesus. And as we go from day to day, we will be more and more beating down our carnal mind until the day comes that, that carnal mind goes down under so fully that Christ Jesus rises up, and we become incapable of sin. That's what this is all about. It's not to get anybody. This is the only way up, it's the only way up.


So let's go on. So the carnal mind denies truth, denies the consequences of the truth, denies responsibility, and judges out of the carnal mind. Now, when you judge out of the carnal mind, that means somebody is always condemned, and sometimes the innocent is even condemned, but frequently, I'm going to have to change that before you take the picture, frequently the innocent is condemned. Why? Because I don't even know, nobody is innocent, nobody's innocent, but the person who's in distress is condemned because.... and I think I said it earlier on this message, the person that they've gone to either doesn't know how to help them, or doesn't want to, doesn't want the trouble of helping them, so they turn around and they tell the other person that either you're imagining it, it's not true, it's your own fault, and whatever they do, they condemn the person who's in trouble. And when you condemn the person who's in trouble, you destroy their hope, you destroy their hope.


The Lord wants us in this middle ground. We see the sin, we see the truth, but don't let go of this person. Grab hold of their arm, and say I'm going to help you in Christ, I'm going to drag you up out of that cess pool, you did it, you were wrong, it's sin in your mind, but you have hope and that hope is that Christ Jesus is going to replace or change that wrong thinking which produced your problem as soon as you're willing to confess that you did it, and that it's sin in you. The hope is that Christ Jesus will arise in you and rewrite the programing of your mind in that area. So that's that middle ground.


Now remember the left hand condemns, the right hand justifies, but the middle ground tells the truth, and gives hope in Christ Jesus, empathizes, says, I really understand how this could happen to you, now I know it's your sin, inherited sin and your sin, but I really can understand how you were seduced, but you couldn't have been seduced if you didn't have the sin, but I really understand how this happened to you, and encourage you that in Christ Jesus you can stop it from happening again. You can do it, in Christ Jesus you can stop it from happening again, and if it happens again, you'll repent and you'll keep on going until it stops happening.


So I empathize with you and I encourage you, but the carnal mind judges you and condemns you and destroys your hope. Christ teaches righteousness, the counselor in Christ says to the troubled person, yes it was your sin nature that started it, yes it was wrong thinking in you, yes you made a wrong decision, yes you should have never done that, here let me show you what you could have done that would not have been sin. Christ teaches so that the person from now on has a choice, to go with their old ways that they've been doing all their life which is now been revealed as sin and produced ungodly fruit, or to choose to go the way for which there is no sin, teaches righteousness and gives hope for healing and spiritual growth.


Now that I've shown you how to do it. If you choose righteousness, you have every reason to hope that you will grow spiritually, that Christ Jesus will come forth, enable you to choose and to do righteousness, and you will grow spiritually and relationships will improve, whoever you had the problem with, and that you can go on everyday of your life becoming a better and better person in reality, instead of covering over your sins and having all dead men's bones inside of you, and being clean on the outside and all of this spiritual filth in you, and trouble in your life, because inside.... you haven't cleaned the inside of the cup.


Let's clean the inside of the cup, let's acknowledge the truth, acknowledge the consequence, take responsibility for every wrong thing you do, have mercy and compassion, and encourage the people who are sinners that are in your life or who come to you for help. Pray for the righteous fruit from every evil thing that happens. See getting back to our account of this tragedy that happened in the city, there's nothing wrong with praying for righteous fruit, and there's nothing wrong for saying there will be something good coming out of it, but you can't deny the black eye that this country has received.


Teach the person so that they have another choice and give them hope, tell them that Jesus is with them, forgive their sins and help them to go on. But the person who ministers in their carnal mind destroys the person's hope and this is very important. It leaves the person in distress.


You see distress, emotional distress, is an activity of the energy of our person. See we've been talking a lot about energy in this ministry, and the energy that we all have manifests in a variety of ways. Now most people think of energy, they just think of muscles and strength and lifting people up. We also utilize and manifest energy in sexual activity. That is a discharge of energy. Mental activity is a discharge of energy, emotionalism is a discharge of energy, and every time we're dealing with energy, there is a series of build ups, of build up and release, build up and release.


That is how energy works, and if you know anything about nuclear activity, there's continuous explosions of build up and release, of build up and release. So when a person is emotionally distressed, we have a build up of energy, and there has to be a release of that energy. The question is, how are we being released? If the person denies the emotional distress and presses it down under by a sheer act of their will, that person can get sick, their energy can go inward to the physical organs and explode in the organ and cause disease.


If the energy comes out it can come out in negative ways, it can come out as an attack against another person. For example, being someone who is under a lot of pressure, and they go home and they either take it out on their kids or their wife or their husband, and they say something unkind or sharp that the other person really didn't deserve, that is a release of built up energy that was released in a negative way. Every build up of energy must be released.


And then there are very destructive ways of releasing energy. In the psychiatric world it's called acting out. Some people steal, some people physically abuse other people, their children, their wives, their husbands, this is the acting out of pent up energy in a very negative way. Some people really go off the wall, they murder, they go on a rampage, they get a machine gun and kill a hundred people. This is all a release of built up negative energy. So we must find healthy ways to discharge build ups of energy.


I believe, overall, and what I am praying for these days, you may not be ready for it, it's up to you, I am determined to not get upset over anything, but in Christ Jesus you see, there is a fine line between being upset and repressing the emotion, and that one side of the line, and the other side of the line which is what I'm working on is being determined to live out of your Christ mind, believing that the most important thing in this world is to live righteously out of Christ. And I tell you, the most important thing is not standing up in full stature to me, I want to live righteously today, I want to be blameless today. I want to glorify God today, this minute, this hour, I want to be fair in my dealings with all men, I want to be honest and treat all men as I would have them to treat me today, see. And the only way I could do that is to continuously afflict my carnal mind.


So from that point of view, when a situation comes to me that in the past would have distressed me, I can say, "now carnal mind I will not have that because I'm living beyond you, this is not worth getting upset over and I forgive that other person or whatever, I'm staying in Christ."


Now probably the person who is repressing their emotions are saying the same exact thing, so it's really an issue of whether you're really doing this in Christ, or whether you're repressing it, only Jesus knows what you're doing. Now the only example, the only way of testing that I could give you, the only test I could give you is that if you find yourself being sarcastic or hurtful to people when they really didn't, well it's never appropriate to be sarcastic or hurtful, you know that you have pent up energy, and you really have to get before Jesus yourself and have him show you where this pent up energy is coming from, where this unreleased energy is coming from that would make you make a sarcastic or hurtful remark that you don't plan to make, it just slips out of your mouth. That's a sign of unresolved issues in your emotions.


So the person who is really doing this in Christ Jesus, doing what? The person who is really just sliding over in these situations that in the past would have stirred up your emotions and saying, "I don't war with the things of this world, I don't entangle myself, I'm warring in Christ Jesus, I'm warring in the heavenlies, and I don't entangle myself with the things of this world," and that person that's truly accomplishing this, and truly not having any hard feelings, and truly killing their carnal mind, they are not likely to be making little jabs at people or back-handed comments like we say in the world.


So that's the sign, look at your own behavior, but you have to ask Jesus to let you see your own behavior. You can't be in denial, and if you see these little jabs coming out, then I don't condemn you. I'm telling you that this is a sign of unresolved build up of emotion that you haven't dealt with. You've just covered it over, you've whitewashed it, and you have to ask the Lord what he wants you to do about it and how he's going to show it to you, what it is, you know.


We have people in this country today that are very angry people, that if you just accidently bump into them they'll be ready to jump down your throat. So most people in the world, you don't have to be in the church to know this, that there are people out there who are very angry people. They're not angry at you, but they're ready to rip your head off. They have an unresolved build up of energy in their emotions, and they're discharging it upon you in a negative way.


So this is the only thing that I know of today, that if you are a person who is truly succeeding in dealing with your carnal mind by killing your carnal mind, and living out of Christ, you have to check out your relationships with people and see if there's any unresolved anger or unresolved build up of energy. And don't think I've arrived. I haven't arrived, I'm working on it, but I have a relationship with Jesus where he is showing me where this unresolved energy is coming from. It could go all the way back to your childhood, which I believe is my case, and you have to be facing it and determined to go past it, and you go past it by killing it, and the sign is that any hostility, no matter how subtle it is, is getting less and less and less, but you have to be willing to see your own hostility. You have to be willing, because some people are more obvious than others.


You know, when I was in the world, I could be really, really nasty. It was really easy to see my pent up hostility, but some people are very, what I call, socialized, and they never get nasty. They just make little remarks, that if you're not sharp it would go right past your head, but they've really sent an arrow to you, and that's what we were talking about the Sunday that you weren't here.


So if you want to get to this place, you know, where you're really living above the pain of this world, above the pain and pleasure of this world, you have to be willing to see what you're doing or how you are discharging this energy in a destructive way, that's one of the steps that we have to do. And I just feel like putting a few comments on this, how much room do we have on that message?


Okay, I'm just going to make a few comments about an incident that I saw with, I can't remember the interviewer's name, but he was interviewing xxxx xxxxxx, and it just never ceases to amaze me, the spiritual knowledge that is present in the non-Christian world, and xxxx xxxxxx was talking about how to ascend pain and pleasure. You see, in case you didn't realize it, that's what I was talking about here when I talk about discharging your negative.... the built up of your energy in a constructive way, okay, that is still being in the world of the carnal mind. How do I say that? Because you have energy built up. You see when we ascend fully into the Christ mind, there will be no built up energy.


Maybe I didn't make it clear so the Lord's bringing it back again. Look, when we live here in this world, we live an emotional life and we, hopefully, we will discover ways to deal with this emotional build up in non-destructive ways, but so long as we have the emotional build up, it means that we're living out of our carnal mind. When we live out of our Christ mind, there is no emotional build up, there is no emotional build up, you stay even all the time. That is one of the definitions of the word salvation, if you look up the Hebrew word that means salvation, I'm not sure about the Greek word, you'll find that one of the definitions is "even," you see. There is no emotional build up in full stature, there is.... because your emotions or emotional mind which is the mind of the beast that your spirit man is living in, is so completely under the domination of your Christ mind, that there is no emotional build up.


See, that's just one more witness to there being no sexuality in full stature or higher. There is no emotional build up, there is no energy build up, you're just even all the time, you're even all the time, so until we get to that place where we're even all the time, we're looking to discharge the emotional build up in a constructive way whereby we will not damage anybody. Well how do you discharge it in a constructive way? Well there are several ways you could do it. I find very positive ways to discharge energy build up by truly forgiving the person and asking Jesus to help me because we cannot forgive anybody you see.


We can't do it ourselves, and by praising Jesus.... you know when I first came into the church, people were telling me to praise the Lord, and I couldn't understand, no one taught me properly, I thought they meant that I should walk around saying praise you Jesus, praise you Jesus, praise you Jesus, and I couldn't receive it because I realize now that to me that was the law. I couldn't receive it, but now I understand, I never heard anyone preach this until.... except for Joyce Meyer. They didn't mean you should walk around saying praise the Lord, praise the Lord praise, praise the Lord, they meant that you should look in yourself and find something that you could really be grateful to God for. I know that I was praising him for this today, I was saying, Lord I thank you that my legs work, because there was a time that my legs didn't work.


I was just looking into my life and finding things I was truly grateful to the Lord for, and when you praise him that way, it brings up your Christ mind and it forces your carnal mind down, and all pain, emotional build up is in the carnal mind. So I did mention xxxxx xxxxxx, he was talking about going beyond pain and pleasure, and we teach that here. We want to get beyond pain and pleasure, we want to get beyond the carnal mind, we want to get beyond emotional build up where you have to be concerned. Lord help me discharge this in a way that won't be sin. You want to get to the place where that energy doesn't even build up, because we see it coming, I see it coming. That's the eye of the eagle, I see it coming, and I say, I won't have you in my life, the most important thing is that I abide in Christ Jesus no matter how much that person hurt me, lying about me, mistreating me, the most important thing in my life is that I stay in Christ, and there isn't anything that anybody could do to me that would make it worth my while to come down out of Christ, see.


But for the time that we're not there and the emotional build up comes, we have to discharge it without sin, but our goal is to ascend beyond that emotional build up and release highs and lows, highs and lows. We're seeking to ascend beyond that, see, and the way that we ascend beyond that is to give up self, you see. "He did that to me I can't forgive that, that was wrong." You know, we have to give up our self and live for Christ. And we live for Christ we're not touched, well we actually ascend to that place, we're not touched by the highs and lows of the emotional mind which is the mind of the flesh. It's the mind of the beast that we are. You know, part of us is a beast, there are many parts to us, and I'll finish out that thought on xxxx xxxxx.


You know what he was saying? He was saying what I just said. Maybe the words were different, but that we have to get beyond pain and pleasure, looking for peace. For true peace, you have to ascend beyond pain and pleasure, and he said that pain and pleasure is in the Ego, he said Ego. I'm saying the individual personality, he's saying Ego, pain and pleasure is in the Ego, so when you give up the Ego, when you learn to sacrifice your right to vengeance for example, see there is no right or wrong, okay, when you're seeking to ascend beyond pain and pleasure, you have to sacrifice your right to vengeance to get into this high place that is even all the time. And he said, when you sacrifice your Ego, and he said live out of self, but I perceived what he was talking about was the spirit, he said that everything is, now this is.... I'm not agreeing with this, he said that this body that we live in is the house of your individual personality, he called it the Ego, and you're limited and you're separate from everybody, but when you kill your Ego, your individual personality, then you find that the whole world is your body, that there's no separation from your body or the trees or another body, or anything else.


And really, what he is saying is that when you kill your personal Ego, the Serpent rises up and lives through you and this whole planet and the trees and all the people and everything is the collective body of the Serpent, that's what he's saying. So what we're saying here is when you deny self and your personal Ego, we're calling it your carnal mind, okay, and you ascend above it and you live out of that higher mind, which is Christ Jesus okay, you do not become one with the earth and trees and the other physical bodies, but you become one with the true body of Christ, you become one with Christ Jesus who is ascended above the firmament, you become one with the Godhead, and you become God, okay but only when your personal personality dies, you see.


This is a big issue to preach in the church, you are gods. We are not gods in this condition, see. We become God when we completely deny self, give up everything. Jesus said, give up everything, sell everything you have and follow me. He didn't mean that you have to sell every piece of furniture that you have, what he meant was give up everything that is important to you, that is more important to you than me, whether that is if you're a guy and you like working on cars, or whether you're a woman and you like to go out it's really important to you that you go shopping and there's nothing wrong with any of these things, as long as Jesus is absolutely first, and there is nothing that you're not willing to sacrifice, if when it comes to a conflict between Jesus and that thing, that's what he's talking about. Make me number one in your life, be willing to give up anything that would oppose your following me, and follow me, and you will rise up above your carnal mind, the carnal mind will die, and you'll forever you'll be with me in the heavenlies and you shall be God.


That's what he said. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. So I just took advantage to slip into this message that, that little comparison between what the New Age teachers are teaching and what we're teaching here. We're teaching something that is actually so similar okay, but the only difference is that the end of the pathway of the New Age is that what seems right is that you're going to become one with the Serpent, and the end of what we're teaching here is that you become one with Christ Jesus, but both the New Agers and what we're teaching here is that you must die to self, you must give up this self preservation and your self righteousness and your self concern and worry about your self image and every such thing, and go on to be a part of the greater whole.


But the denial, the big lie in the world today, the big denial of the truth is that the greater whole, that there are two greater wholes, one greater than the other, there are two greater wholes, there are two greater worlds I think. Do you know what I'm saying when I say two, two greater wholes? The greater whole, there are two greater wholes and that the two are not equal. It's like saying there are two kings when the two kings are not equal, one is greater than the other, and one king and his kingdom, or that whole will go on forever and ever, and the other kingdom and the king thereof, will not go on forever and ever.


So this is the great seduction, the great deception, the great lie, the great denial of consequences, the great denial of responsibility that's going on in the spiritual world today, and this whole teaching in the New Age, okay, they will tell you with their words that they condemn nobody, and they make the Christians look like the condemners, but the truth is that this teaching that encourages you to die to self so that you can ascend into the greater whole of this present world, has condemned you to a life of sin and death, has destroyed your hope of ascending in Christ Jesus, and has left you without direction because they are not teaching that there is a choice, you see. 


You see, the New Agers and the teachers of spiritual philosophy outside of Christ, they do not give you a choice, they are not telling you that this message that we preach here is true, and that you should choose who will you serve. But Jehovah, you see, and today he's in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ, he gives you the choice. Even back with the Hebrews, he said, "Look I set before today good and evil, this is good and this is evil, choose you this day who you will serve."


But the Serpent isn't saying that, the Serpent's out there with this big lie saying, this is the only way, there is no choice, spiritual ascension and maturity is only in me, follow me and I'll give you eternal life, which she's lying and she's lying by omission, you see. She will give you immortality for as long as this world exist. I don't know that she says eternal life, she says immortality, she's telling the truth, she has the power to give immortality for as long as this age exist, but this age will come to an end.


So there's this big lie coming through the whole spiritual world today, denying the truth of Jesus Christ, denying the consequences of not following after the spiritual seduction that's in the church today, denying the responsibility. They're not taking the responsibility that they're out to kill Christianity, see. Instead of saying, well there is another way, we disagree with you. See I would never, if I ever came up against xxxxx xxxxxx or anybody like that, I would never say, well your way doesn't exist. His way exist, but it's inferior, it's inferior.


See, so there's denying responsibility, denying the people of their choice, they're denying the people the choice and they're not even admitting that they're doing any such thing. They judge out of the carnal mind and who are they judging? They're judging Christ and everybody who's in Christ. They're condemning everybody that's guilty, and I want to tell you, I was highly demonized when I came to the Lord, and I was floating around in New Age circles and nobody could help me, and everybody who had the spiritual sight to recognize that I was demonized fled from me. Nobody helped me, and the only person that helped me was a woman. She couldn't confront me, she didn't know how to confront me, but she just said to me, go to that church, and she directed me to a deliverance church.


But I didn't know what she was talking about or why she was saying that to me, there was no help you see. So there was just condemnation, I was left in my condemnation, there was no help for me in the New Age. My hope was destroyed because everybody was fleeing from me, and I didn't know why, but, even aside from that, I had no hope because I didn't know what hope was, and I remained distressed because nobody gave me directions except that one woman, but I didn't follow it because I didn't understand why she was saying that to me. There was no direction, there was no teaching, there was no emotional relief, and I was a very angry person. I don't really remember whether my anger increased or not, but a lot of people when they're emotionally needy and they come to you for help and all you do is tell them what they're doing wrong, they walk away from you even more angry, or emotionally distressed with a more of a build up of that energy when they first came to you.


So Christ Jesus acknowledges the truth, that there are two worlds, that there are two ways to immortality. He tells you that they're both here, choose. Jesus Christ acknowledges the consequence, he acknowledges that this walk ascending in Christ Jesus is painful and fought with danger and difficult and devastatingly destructive and threatening to your present life. When you fight to follow Christ Jesus, it could break up your whole present life, and you have to believe that he has another life waiting out there for you. A lot of people know their life is all messed up, but they cannot see the life he has waiting for them, and they're afraid. They're afraid to put the life that they have on the line. They're afraid they'll be left without anything.


Jesus Christ tells you the consequences of following him. He said they hated me, and they'll hate you too.


Do you hear anything like that in new Age Teaching? It's all love, love, love, love, love, and we're going to ascend and be better people, and what do you do with the criminals? They don't talk about it, they don't talk about what you do with the criminals who won't change. Jesus acknowledges responsibility, he says you follow me and I'm responsible for you, but you have to obey me. You see, he'll never leave you and he'll never forsake you see, I followed after some spiritual teacher and when he found out I had a couple of demons, he fled from me. I never heard from him again.


Jesus said I'll never leave you, I'll never forsake you. Christ sympathizes with you. Now he does not sympathize with you, he empathizes with you. Sympathy says, Oh you poor thing, and makes the person weak. Empathy says, I understand how you feel, I understand. Can anyone not hear the difference? Can you hear the difference?


Christ encourages you in your lowest moment. He says if you're a criminal, I can help you, he says if you're the Gaderene demoniac I can help you, if you're suicidal, if you have aids, if you're a prostitute, I can help you. I want to tell you that this philosophy in the spiritual world today that I'm calling New Age for lack of a better word, I'm sure that there are many other words that it encompasses. There is no, to the best of my knowledge, there is no program to help the spiritually devastated. The alcoholics, the drug addicts, the prostitutes, the people who are sexually promiscuous, and reprobate in every way, the people whose mind is not very intelligent. You have to be a very intelligent person to follow this philosophy.


I listened to this interview with xxxx xxxxxx, and the one thing that came to my mind was that if I didn't know all that I knew from what Jesus has taught me, I would never know what that man was talking about.


So there's no provision to the best of my knowledge. The ignorant people, the people who can't read, the people who can read but don't understand deep things, for children, I don't see any provision in this teaching for people who cannot come in and sit in a classroom and learn what he's teaching, and I, well I haven't said it recently, but years ago I use to say this a lot. This ministry that Christ Jesus is sending to the world through his church, it has to come out of the classroom because there's thousands and millions of people out there who cannot sit in this classroom, they cannot understand what I'm saying, or if they do understand, they're not willing to give up their sins, they cannot. This is a rigorous program that we have here. There are people out there who are in desperate need of help who cannot sit here.


So we wait for the day that Jesus says, you're ready and I'm sending you out. Didn't he say that to the disciples, I send you out two by two, and then after some certain event happened he said, well, now I change the instructions, take your shoes and take your cloak and go out. Well, the day is coming that we're going out to the world in power to help the people that cannot sit here. There's no such provision in New Age.


To the best of my knowledge, it's mostly intelligent, educated people following this spiritual discipline, and they think that.... and because they're ascending intellectually, they think that they're ascending. Well they are ascending, they are ascending into immortality, but there's no provision for the ignorant, because if there was a provision for the ignorant and for the highly demonized, why do we have untouchables in India, and why hasn't it helped India, you know, and I talked to you about this before.


I saw another advertisement on TV recently that I never saw before, and it was a man who looked like he was Indian, but he looked Indian, and he was saying, come on, call our 900 number and it was advertising this whole type of thing. I can't remember what he was saying, how your life is going to become good and learn all these things, he was boldly advertising spiritual experiences. It was really an abomination, and all I could say is what I've been saying all along, why hasn't it worked in India? All these people that are falling for this, why hasn't it worked in India? Why couldn't they raise the untouchables up in India, Jesus is raising the untouchables up.


So, we see that we have a country filled with people, many of which are silly women that are running after the things that they don't understand. Christ Jesus encourages you, he prays for righteous fruit for all parties, you see. You know I have to tell you honestly, I have not studied, you know, Hindu philosophy or eastern philosophy in any depth, but I have read some books. I have never seen any provision for the wicked people. How do you help the wicked people? I haven't seen it anywhere. How do you deal you know with unhappy situations? I haven't seen it. Although I do know that a lot of people engaged in this do pray, but I don't know how they pray.


Christ Jesus teaches righteousness. Well the carnal mind, you know the carnal mind does have a lot of understanding of what is right in certain circumstances, they really do, but the righteousness that they teach is the righteousness of the carnal mind. So it will produce benefits in this world, in so far as the sowing and reaping go, but it will not produce the kingdom of God, and Christ Jesus gives hope for healing and spiritual growth. Well the camp of the carnal mind does that also, but the healing that you receive is not passed on to future generations, and the spiritual growth that you receive is within the carnal mind, which means you never ascend out of the world that is eventually coming to an end.


So we see a big seduction upon the world today, and in particular those who are spiritual people, where the carnal mind ends and the religions and the philosophies that she has produced are deeply involved in denying the truth, the consequences and that responsibility of what's happening to the people who are seeking to ascend spiritually today.


Did anybody have any questions or comments on this. The following is an exhortation that has nothing to do with this message.


When I went in to look at the Scriptures on Behemoth in Job 40, to see how they could be interrelated to this revelation that's coming forth in Gen.2, I found two interesting things, and the one thing that struck me that I may have to redo, all of those verses on Behemoth again, was you may recall me telling you that Adam went into the ground floor window, and he gathered up the earth and he took the earth, he took the ground, the ground which was formed from the earth that was dissolved in the waters of the seminal fluid. Do you remember that? And I said he gathered up the ground, and he formed an ox, and he brought it back to his window. Remember me saying that?


Okay, well and when I went back into the actual Hebrew again, I found a word that could be translated "thread," and we've had talk about thread here, okay. We've talked about threads of spirit being gathered up by Christ and transferred from our cerebral cortex to our cerebellum, and I remembered that in my early translations of these Behemoth Scriptures, and I had no idea what I was talking about in those days, I remember doing those Scriptures and finding out that the Serpent broke through the tree, and I said," Lord what was coming out of the tree." I mean, now I understand that he came, now I understand that the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was within the Tree of Life, and he broke through the Tree of Life, but I didn't even know what I was seeing there. I was seeing it, but I couldn't understand it.


And in that old translation, that early translation, it says something about Behemoth's threads, and I remember at the time that I had a revelation that Behemoth's threads were talking about his DNA, because DNA comes in threads right? So as I worked on the translation, I felt that the Lord was saying that what Adam picked up, Adam the ground floor window, he didn't pick up a whole bunch of clay and carry it back to the upper window, he picked up a thread.


Now we don't know how long that thread was, and what came to my mind was the garments and the paraphernalia of the Levite priests, embroidered work, embroidered work, that's a common expression in the Old Testament, an embroidered work, and again as I meditated on the Interlinear Text, I saw this word "thread" associated with the word that meant "interwoven," and I felt the Lord was saying to me that Adam took a thread, he took a thread of the Serpent's ground, and interwove it, wove it into the upper window.


So I may have to go back into Job 40 and redo those few verses on Behemoth. I looked at them briefly last night, and there was not enough information in my computer lexicon. I'm gonna have to go into Gesenius, it's gonna be a whole big thing, if I feel the Lord wants me to pursue it. I think it was at that point that I just said I'm going to sleep, it's too much for tomorrow. So I don't even know what the significance that is except that it excited me to find, well you know what just popped into my mind right now? I don't very much about making, about harvesting cotton or making it into thread, but I have seen pictures where the cotton balls come off of the plant. They're like balls of cotton, and some how they spin this cotton and make it into twine. It's a long, long, it's a long, long, long thread that they wind it up into a big ball.


So it's very possible that Adam went into the Serpent's ground floor window, and picked up something and it turned into a thread, but a long, long, long, long, thread that he took into the upper window, that he interwove into the upper window, and he literally embroidered an ox on the fabric of the upper window. I don't know if that excites you. It excites me, because, of course, embroidery in this context is on a much higher level than embroidery that we see in this world. We do know that we're told that Adam formed the world that existed at that time, which is not this world. Adam formed it, and it was an interweaving, it was a garment, that's what we're told.


So that was very interesting, and the other interesting thing that I found, I shared this with xxxx and xxxxxx but I'll put it on the tape, and I'll share it with xxxx, that the Hindu philosophy and eastern....well, specifically Hindu philosophies and perhaps other spiritual philosophies talks a lot about the Lotus. Are you familiar with that? That they talk about the Lotus, they use that word a lot and they use the Lotus, a Lotus with different numbers of petals to depict the different levels of consciousness, and the Lotus with the thousand petals is not the highest, but is a high level of consciousness, which I found very interesting because I've been saying for years that the number 1,000 signifies the human spirit raised to full stature, and I heard this interview of xxxxx xxxxxx that I mentioned earlier this morning. The man who was interviewing them used a phrase that I had never heard before, but apparently it is a phrase in Hindu philosophy, to incarnate out of Lotus. In other words, this Lotus is some high lofty principle, and I found the word Lotus in the Scripture in Job 40, and it's translated "shady tree," and it only appears twice and both times with relationship to Behemoth.


Now what's interesting is that the place of the Lotus in Hindu philosophy is very exalted, it's a high principle, high spiritual experiences. It's expressions happen out of Lotus, whatever that means, out of Lotus, but in the Scripture it's not an exalted, it's not an exalted thing which we would expect, right, and both times that the word appears it says Behemoth is under the Lotus, not appearing out of the Lotus as an exalted expression, but Behemoth is under Lotus, and this is really true. If you look at it in these terms that Behemoth is the ox that Adam made for Elohim and Jehovah, and the ox was alive because the living one was married to him.


But when the Serpent's waters, now remember Adam opened the door, Adam opened the door, he was tricked into opening the door and the Serpent's waters which were joined to the earth, remember, down here in the ground floor window, we had water plus earth, equals the Serpent's seed, and over here we have water in the upper window, we have water plus sperm equals the virile seed of the Godhead, the virile seed of the Godhead.


So you may recall I told you on another tape that the Serpent was down here in the lower window, and the Serpent is the word or the name for the consciousness of the water in which the earth was diluted, just like we have someone here tonight who had a bad experience at the ocean. She almost drown at the ocean and not only were the ways ripping her up, but there was sand in the waves that were being whipped up. Well the earth, there was a large portion of earth dissolved in the water underneath the firmament, and that is what the Serpent is.


The Serpent is not a solid animal as we would think of a Serpent today. The water in which the earth was dissolved had a consciousness, it didn't have any form, didn't have any form, but it had a consciousness, it had intelligence. Are you following me, okay, and the name of that intelligence, the name of consciousness is the Serpent, but it had no form. Just like Jehovah is conscious, he has no form, okay.


Now the image that the Serpent took, does anybody know the image that the Serpent took, anybody remember, who else was down here in this lower window?


COMMENT: The Dragon or the turtle?


SHEILA: The turtle. The Scripture says a fish, and we did a whole message on it. It's under the rudiments of Kabbalah, I believe that, that fish was a turtle, but the Scripture says fish. The Hebrew letter Nun means fish. So the Serpent was the water in which the earth was diluted, okay, the consciousness, and she made an image of herself, and that image was a turtle. And in the other window, the consciousness was Adam who was a mind, an invisible mind, and he was married to the ox. This invisible mind Adam, his image was the ox.


Now listen, both the turtle and the ox were made from the ground that was in the downstairs window, can you hear that? The ground formed from the earth dissolved in the water, the Serpent formed the turtle out of the ground and Adam formed the ox out of the ground.


So the two animals are made out of the same substance, but they have a different consciousness married to them. The turtle is married to the Serpent which is evil, and the ox is married to the life, Adam who is joined to Elohim and Jehovah. And you may recall me telling you on another tape, that the Serpent down here, I guess the fish, I'm not really sure, but somehow, she communicated with Adam who was up here in the upper window, and she said to him, HeY Adam, this fish that's made out of the same substance that your ox is made out of, the fish or the turtle is made out of the same stuff that your ox is made out of. True, that's true, they're both made out of the ground, everybody with me?


So now that's all that I'm finding in the Scripture but as the story goes from everything that we know okay, the implication that was conveyed to Adam was we're the same. No mention....I could at least where I am now in my studies, I could not find any mention of the turtle and the ox being of a different spirit. See, now we just did a whole message called separation, some such thing whatever I named it, that what those of us who are going on in Christ Jesus, those of us in whom Christ is being raised, and this is not the whole Christian church, those of us in whom Christ is being raised and marrying Jesus above, those of us who are going on, we look the same as the rest of the church.


We carry a Bible, we say praise the Lord, we read the Scriptures, we love Jesus, we have music in our service, we look the same, but we're not the same, you see. And anyone who's saying to you, now or who will say to you in the future, brother you have to know that it may be a lie, that it may be the Serpent in the depth of your being that you have put under your feet by the power of Christ Jesus, whispering to your conscious mind which is Christ, saying let me up out of here, we're both the same, you see. Now this is very politically incorrect what I'm saying to you, but I'm telling you the truth.


Everybody in whom Christ is raised, if you are seduced by another human being who probably doesn't know what they're doing, I give that, I'll give you that, but it doesn't matter whether they know what they're doing or not, anyone in whom Christ is being truly raised that is seduced by someone who looks like a Christian, talks all the talk, but doesn't walk the walk, you see, or they may be all involved in good works, and they may think they're walking the walk, that says to you we are the same, we are the same, therefore let me teach you, let me share with you, let me counsel you if you submit to it, start counting down, because Christ in you is going down.


The whole principle being this, that no two people are ever equal, there is a head in every relationship. There is a head in every interaction with every other human being that you ever had. Now you may be in a relationship with someone where one day you're the head and the next day you're not. I guess something like that could happen in the army or work if you get an advancement. But spiritually speaking, as far as Christ Jesus is concerned, you pretty much know who is the head in every relationship that you have with every other believer. I'm talking about believers now, I'm talking about other believers.


Now you need to know that when someone comes to you and you are in an interaction where you have the head, you have the headship whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you recognize it or not, there is a fact, there is a reality of who has the headship in every relationship, you may not be aware of it, you may be wrong as to who you think is the head, but Jesus knows who has the headship in that relationship. Do you know what I'm talking about?


When someone comes to you and you have an interaction with a person in a relationship in which you are the head, in which you are the headship, and that person says to you, let me teach you, let me show, now they're not going to come and say these words, it's going to be subtle, do you understand what I'm saying. Let me show you what you're doing wrong, let me give you advice, let me counsel you, let me help you, if you go under their headship, the second you go under their counsel, their teaching, whatever word you want to call it, as soon as you come under, Christ begins to die in you. Do you understand what I'm talking about?


Now obviously, it's pretty obvious to all of us here that we've got a real problem if we cannot recognize this happening, we've got a real problem if we cannot see who is the head, who we should be submitting to, who we should not be submitting to. You can't go on, you can't even go on with the instruction of how you resist their attempts to teach you even though you do not want to be taught. Number one, you've got to see what's happening, you've got to know who you are in every relationship, and you've got to recognize this old friend of twenty years, coming as an emissary of the carnal mind to bring down Christ in you. Do you hate the person? No, do you break the relationship? No, but you do not let them put you under.


COMMENT: When you're saying that in the course of conversation if someone starts to tell you, you know about their experience or whatever it is, and they're actually teaching you, like say a Catholic you know, what is your response in a case like you're saying, what would your response be? I don't want to hear that?


SHEILA: No, you're not aggressive no, no you don't say, no, no, well it depends for example if it's just a passing remark, if it's one remark, well you have to really let things go, if you don't have a relationship with the person where you actually can talk to them about this, if you're having dinner, if you and your husband are having dinner with another couple and they make, someone makes a comment, you let it go, but if it's turning into dissertation where they're really instructing you, what I would do is pray and ask the Lord what he wanted me to do.


I know what people in this world would do, they would just change the subject. I have a problem doing that, I think it's wrong, I think it's rude, I think it's hurtful, I do not like just changing the subject when what someone is saying to me offends me. I'm a big communicator okay, but I know that you're probably talking about your sister-in-law, yeah, well I think with your sister-in-law you should be able to say, sister-in-law, I really love you, but I really don't want to hear this, but you have to know that when you take a stand like that, you have to give up all rights to ever minister to her unless she comes to you and asks you for the future.


And I think in that case I would take that stand whether it's a relative or I'm going to see them over and over again, I would say look, I really love you and I know that we have a difference of opinions and I respect you, I respect your beliefs, and I'm not against you, but I don't believe what you're telling me and I really don't want to hear it, so I'd like to talk about something else, and you shouldn't have to do that more than one or two times, she will get the message, but I'm warning you that if you rise up and teach her, then she's going to kill you. She could be the nicest person in the world, but her carnal mind is going to rise up and she's just going to put an arrow in your heart. So you have to decide what you want to do, you see.


And you see, teaching, teaching is a spirit, you see. Someone could really be sharing what they believe without teaching you, but you know when you're being taught because you feel the pressure, or hopefully, if you don't feel the pressure, you need to pray to feel the pressure.


So we're talking about separation, you see, the same situation or a similar situation as confronted Adam is confronting us today. The only difference being, and it's an important difference, is that Adam was given a handicap by the father. Adam had the Serpent under his feet. We are under the Serpent's feet trying to get on top of the Serpent, you see. But the same situation is happening to us in that the Serpent is coming to us in the form of an old friend or a relative, someone that we really love and they're coming, they don't know what they're doing, and they're coming and telling us that Christ is not who he is, that we are not who we are, okay, and that we need to learn from them and be dependent on them and be counseled by them and the result of receiving this offer is that Christ in us dies, because Christ is under the father you see, and if we start submitting to another mind, we get cut off from the father, which is exactly what happened to Adam.


So you see the Serpent started whispering, now remember the Serpent which is the consciousness that has taken the form of a turtle, but she's evil, okay, is whispering to the consciousness of the ox, which is the life of God and saying, our images are made of the same substance.


So why are you blocking up this doorway between the two windows, why this separation, we're the same, you're a Christian, and I'm a Christian, and you love Jesus and I love Jesus. Isn't this what's going on in the world today, with this one world religion, right? We're all the same, what are you blocking up this window for? And Adam, the glory of God, you see, the expression of Almighty God forgot that he was doing it because Elohim told him to do it, came under a seduction and he unplugged the door, and the Serpent's water which contains the Serpent's seed which is called urine, went flowing through the door, and the virile seed died, because urine kills virile seed, and now there was urine in the ground floor window, and there was urine in the upper window or Adam's window, and now the Serpent, the Serpent possessed both the turtle and the ox, and both the turtle and the ox were made out of the ground.


So when I say the Serpent possessed both of them, what am I talking about? I didn't use an ideal word. The Serpent engraved her nature on the ox, her nature was already engraved on the turtle, and now she engraved her nature on the ox. How could she do that when Adam had engraved Elohim's nature on the ox? The urine killed the virile seed, Adam was no longer there, the ox was wide open, and the Serpent moved right in and engraved the ox with her nature, and the eagle which was the ascended image of Adam, disappeared from the heavenlies, because the eagle was only an image, an ascended image of the living one who was resident in the ox.


So the connection with the heavenlies were broken, and both the turtle and ox, or both the Serpent and the ox were uncovered, and they were very much ashamed, don't you believe the King James translation?


The Scripture says, and the two of them were uncovered. Now some people have drawn the conclusion that the two who were uncovered were the man and the woman, but the Scripture doesn't say that. It says the two or the both in the King James, and both were uncovered, so which two were uncovered? And I suggest to you it was the Serpent and ox that were uncovered, because you see when Adam was alive and inhabiting the ox, he was the Serpent's cover. The Scriptures that I'm working on, Gen.2:15-25, clearly indicate that it was Elohim's intention and Jehovah's intention to impart Elohim's righteousness to the whole creation. Elohim's moral character was to be stamped upon and ruling over the entire creation including the lower window, and the only way Elohim's nature could be prevailing over the Serpent in the lower window was to have her locked up down here because she was evil, to have her completely under the authority of Ada, both Adam as he was appearing as the ox, in the upper window, and Adam's ascended image which had authority over the whole world, both the upper and the lower window.


So we live in a world today that is preaching merger, merger, come together, reconcile all differences, compromise your issues, and come together in peace, and every voice that is saying no, stay separate, is being condemned as a bigot, as an outdated fundamental religion, as an ignorant, immature person. And this is what we are up against, and it is getting more and more serious everyday. Jesus says separate yourself, and the world says melt into us, let your water flow into my water, and let my water flow into your water, because we're all made out of the same clay.


Well we may all be made out of the same clay, we may all have been incarnated by the Serpent, but some of us have had Christ Jesus added to us and are living out of him, and we are different than you. We are of a different spirit, we have the same flesh, we have the same passions, because our carnal mind is not defeated yet, but we serve a different spirit, we serve a different God, and we will not receive your seduction telling us that we are the same, we are not the same, we are not the same.


And mixture destroys the royal seed, mixture destroys the royal seed. Does that mean that you do not bother with non-Christians, people who are not of your spirit? No, but you have to know who you are in the relationship, and what we're doing here is we're training you, we just answered xxxx question, we're training you how to deal with people who are trying to force themselves on you, and the answer is assertiveness with kindness. See the tendency is and we all go through this, I went through it too, that as soon as you get a revelation that someone's really trying to rewrite your programming, you see, that person that you thought was a friend is really trying to change your mind, is really, and is not being honest about it, you see.


There's nothing wrong with coming to somebody and saying, Look I really am disturbed about what you believe, I love you and I'm concerned about you, and I think that you should be worshiping in another way. You can say, well thank you for loving me, I really appreciate it, but I have....my life is in God's hands, I will definitely tell the Lord what you said to me, and ask him to correct me if I'm wrong, but I really, at this moment, have to reject your suggestions, but thank you. Okay that's okay, but as soon as they come back and they say oh, but, but, but, but, but you have to, or oh, but, but, but, here's this book, here's this tape, here's this, you have to say, Now hold it, look I love you, I know you for twenty years, I respect you, I honor you, but I'm asking you to please respect and honor me. I appreciate that you're concerned, but if I feel the Lord wants me to study with you, I will ask you for your materials, and I have to ask you to not pray for me or not in any way try to enforce your decision about me that I'm in error.


And this is very hard to do, I'm making it sound very simple, it is very hard to do, but it will come in due season, and what I started to tell you is that the average person, when they get the revelation that this person who never raises their voice, and is very sweet that they're really trying to rewrite the way you think, the tendency is to become angry, and to become afraid.


Now whether you admit it or not, I'm telling you that fear is there, and the fear is that they're going to succeed in what they're doing, and that fear makes you rise up and say something that's the exact opposite of the example that I just gave you, depending on your personality, and some people rise up and say, "Now look, I don't want to hear that, stop talking to me like that," and make scene or make an enemy, and then well, a passive personality will just change the subject, what I call the socialized person okay, will just, you could be looking the person right in the eye, and they're telling you something you don't want to hear, and they'll just turn away and look at the person next to them, and strike up another conversation, and the other person is left there talking to themselves.


Now personally I don't think that's....I don't think that's a right thing to do, but you have to get before God. The most important thing, the most important thing for those of you who have never realized in the past that the person who is giving you these tapes and telling you these nice things and making these suggestions was really trying to dominate you. The most important thing is that you begin to recognize the subtleties of domination, that you begin to see these activities in friends and relatives, and "nice people," see because unless you could see it, none of the rest of the teaching has any value for you.


Once you start to recognize it, then you have to learn how to deal with it, and the first thing that you do is deal with your carnal mind which is afraid, you rebuke the fear, you rebuke your carnal mind, you rebuke your fear, you rebuke your anger, and you say Jesus help me to deal with this in Christ, let me not sin in response to the other person's sin. And you'll mess it up at the beginning, I'm sure you're all going to mess it if you haven't already you'll raise your voice when you shouldn't raise your voice, you'll say the wrong thing, you'll go under them, whatever you do, now if you do go under them, don't panic. One time isn't gonna do it. As soon as you realize what happened, you go before the Lord and you repent, and Christ is restored.


So everybody messes up at the beginning, dealing with other people in other people's minds, very hard, very, very, very, hard, and the only way you're going to get there is to practice. And when you practice you will.... in Christ, you will become very strong, and you will learn to deal with Christian people, with kindness and gentleness. You could only be kind and gentle when you're strong enough to be kind and gentle.


See if your two year old child comes at you with a knife you reach down and you take the knife out of his hand, and you say now junior where did you get that knife? "I wanted to stab you mommy." Well that's not nice junior, and you sit down and you give him a whole lecture, that little boys don't stab their mother, but some six foot ten guy is coming to you with a knife, you're going to have a completely different reaction to him, you see. So we have to learn how to deal with these things, and it's very hard. I want you to understand that I'm giving you Godly examples that should be a goal for you to pray about attaining to, but I am in no way telling you that you should be able to do this when you walk out of this room, because I would be shocked if you could.


So you have to be careful not to condemn yourself, but keep the vision of what you want to be, how you want to deal with people, keep that vision before God and every time you have an encounter and you fail in any of these ways, you have to confess it immediately to Jesus. Jesus I went under that person, I did what she wanted me to do, Jesus I raised my voice, Jesus I got excited, Jesus I was afraid. You confess your failure, and you will come back every time stronger and stronger and stronger, and my greatest example are all these telemarketers that call on the telephone. There was a time when they had me on the phone for a long time, and I didn't want to be, and there was a time that I was nasty on the telephone, and I decided that's not Christian, and I kept confessing my sins and asking the Lord to help me, and now when it comes to telemarketers, I'm very strong, and as soon as I hear, you know, that I don't want to talk to them, I just say, well I'm not interested, now you have a nice day, and as I hang up the phone, I hear their voice going oh and they carry on.


Now for whatever reason, the other day, I decided to talk to somebody, she was selling a book, and I said, well I really have to go, and she said, well I said I'm really not interested, and she says, well why aren't you interested? And of course this is witchcraft you know to keep you on the phone, and I said to her, well how much is the book, because the way she was talking to me, it was implying that the book was for free, so there was deception right there, okay.


So I said to her, I exposed her immediately, I said, well how much is the book? And she said, $39.95, and I said, that's why I'm not interested, you have a nice day now bye, bye, and I hung up the phone, okay but that's not easy, you see, because if you're susceptible to the person's witchcraft, their hook is in you, and you're upset and you're guilty and you're not being nice and maybe you're feeling the pull of their mind, and your emotions are going crazy.


So either you'll come under or you may be nasty, or you may do, I don't know, it depends on what you are, and what stage you are, but I'm telling you that the victory is to reach a place, where you're strong enough to look at them as a child. You see, if the emotional condition that you're in perceives this telemarketer as strong enough to make you do something that you do not want to do, that's when the fear and the anxiety rises up. If you perceive the telemarketer as a six foot ten man with a knife, if you feel overwhelmed by that person's authoritative position with you, does anyone not know what I'm talking about? They speak, they're trained to talk to you with this authority. Now if you're threatened by it in anyway, you are perceiving this person as a six foot ten man with a knife, but when you reach the place at least for telemarketers, and I don't know that I would be this strong in other circumstances, but with telemarketers I'm very victorious. When you reach this degree of maturity, to me, these telemarketers are like a two year old with a knife in his hand. You see, I know that they cannot hurt me, and I know that I just have to be calmly firm, and they will go away, and they do.


So it's everything's originating with us and where we are in our maturity, because in Christ Jesus we are suppose to be in control of every aspect of our life, and any authority that anyone has over us. It's a....they can only have it if you're a spiritual man, they can only have it because you give it to them, you see. You will sit here, you've given me authority over you. I have no authority over you unless you give it to me. Someone who Jesus sends here and is in rebellion against me, there's nothing I could do. You must agree to give me authority over you for the purpose of your spiritual education, and I now have authority over you when you're in this right frame of mind that Jesus is going to bring you to, you see.


And even in a marriage you see, the truth of the marriage is that if you are a human woman who is serving God, you're a person of God, and you're becoming all that you could be, and you're maturing in your mind and your emotions are maturing, and you're being all that you could be, you give your husband authority over you, you agree to his authority not out of weakness, but out of strength, in the same way that the Lieutenant agrees that the Captain has authority over him. The Lieutenant is not a weak man and he's strong in his position in the military, but he agrees that the officer above him has authority over him, they're in agreement, and if you are a mature woman and you're married, this is the relationship you should have with your husband.


You agree in the areas that he has legitimate authority over you. You're not forced into it, you're not a slave anymore you see, you have to agree with him, and in the areas that he's trying to dominate you, which are not Godly, you stand against him. If he's telling you, you can't go to church, or trying to....of course, my extreme example if he's asking you to jump off the roof or sleep with another man, of course you don't do it.


You have to agree that he is the head of the physical household. Why? Because that's what the Scripture says. You're married, and these are the terms that you agree to when you're married. Of course, hopefully, hopefully, you have husbands who are reasonable and you are trying, who take your emotions and your feelings into consideration, but when it comes to the things of God, the physical husband has no right to dominate you. You just make sure that you're in Christ, just make sure that what you're standing against is righteous in Christ Jesus, and he's the head of the family, and he's the head of your children, unless he's incesting your children, you know or beating your children and bruising them, he's the head of your children. So that's another whole message.




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