427 - 1 Part

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I would like to start with a short exhortation that really has arisen out of a piece of literature with regard to the incoming seventh ray. The man who wrote this article talks about the soul, and I want to comment on that. I am reading from Page 2 of that article where he says, One of the first lessons that humanity will learn under the potent influence of the seventh ray is that the soul controls its instrument, the personality, and he's talking about ritual. We did a message a couple of years ago called Soul, Spirit, and Celestial Body. I believe that was the name. Somehow the second half of that tape got wiped out, and the meat of what I was trying to impart to you was lost forever, until now.


The truth is that when I did that message I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but what had happened was that the Lord showed me that the word soul in the Old Testament had an entirely different meaning than the word soul in the New Testament, and that the word soul in the Old Testament was really talking about the living beast. It was talking about the animal nature that was alive because of its union with Adam, its mind. The King James calls it a living beast, and we know from other studies that Adam had formed an Ox out of the ground from the bottom of the spiritual sea and brought that Ox into his window because there was one window above the firmament and another window beneath the firmament, and Adam gave that beast life because Adam is life.


Jesus is life, and Adam was raised from the dead in the man Jesus. So the beast was a living beast, it was alive, and it was a living soul. The Ox was ruled by its head or its mind, Adam, who was connected to Jehovah through Elohim. So we had a living beast, but the word soul in the New Testament is that same living beast disconnected from Adam and from Elohim and from Jehovah. So the word soul in the New Testament is talking about a dead beast, and even that is not completely accurate. The word soul in the New Testament is talking about that Ox that Adam formed, whose mind is now the Serpent's mind, so the word soul in the New Testament is not even talking about the Ox alone. The dead beast is not the Ox alone. The dead beast is the Ox whose mind is the Dragon, the expression of the Serpent.


So there is a big difference between living soul in the Old Testament and soul in the New Testament because the New Testament doesn't say dead soul. It just says soul. In the course of my studies I found out this difference, and not realizing that this difference occurred. I was having some problems with whatever it was that I was trying to translate at that time. I don't even remember. So we did this message explaining that the soul of man that is equivalent to the living soul in the Old Testament, is really Celestial Body. We were calling it Celestial Body. I don't call it that any more. I just keep changing as the Lord moves upon me, but, of course, the Celestial Body, the word which I chose at that time, would be our body in Christ. It would be our personality joined to the mind of Christ which is really the resurrected living soul. Is everybody following me?


I preached that message, and I thought it was just an aide to help us to understand and to get rid of some of the confusion that was coming forth as we did these deep translations, and now it is at least a year, if not two years later, I'm seeing for the first time the truth that this word soul is essential, because the word soul as the Church uses it is not the same as the way the New Agers use it, and it is not what was meant by the living soul in the Old Testament, and they are all using the same word. What confusion! The Church, I believe,  is confused about the word soul. It is my understanding that when the Church talks about the word soul, it is talking about the personality and the spirit unified, and they say, You are going to heaven if you die. Where is your soul going? Is your soul saved? Does anybody disagree with me on that?


Is there disagreement on what I believe the Church means by soul? Is your soul saved, your immortal soul? Paul talks about an immortal soul, but what is immortal is your human spirit. Soul isn't even the right word. See, all of this confusion arises out of this fact that if you look up soul and you look up spirit in the Greek lexicons, and you have any kind of a discerning mind, you will see that the definitions are the same. They are not written in exactly the same order, but what the writers of the lexicons are saying is that both the word soul and the word spirit can be used as soul or spirit. That's what they are saying. The bottom line is that they don't know the difference. They can't tell the difference.


So, the Church doesn't even have the right answer about the word soul. The only thing that's immortal in us is our spirit. The only thing that's immortal is our spirit. The personality has to marry Christ, and then it has to marry the Lord Jesus above, and it becomes saved when it is fused to Christ Jesus. When our personality is fused to Christ Jesus it is preserved and it is saved. So, what are the New Agers talking about, and when I say New Agers I am talking about Theosophy, I am talking about everybody because there are Rosicrucians and so many different sects, but they are all operating out of what I perceive to be the Serpent's doctrine. Now what are they talking about when they say soul?


Well, we've done a study here in Theosophy. They are talking about what Theosophy calls the  monads. It's even more than the monad. I'll give it to you from Theosophy's point of view because these are the studies that I've been into most recently, so if any New Age group differs slightly, there may be a slight difference, if there is any at all. Basically, this is what they are saying, and I'm giving it to you from the Theosophical point of view. There is a part of a man that reincarnates, and that part is not the personality. Now this man, I don't want to put his name or the name of the article on the message, says that one of the first lessons that humanity will learn under the potent influence of the seventh ray is that the soul controls its instrument, the personality. What he doesn't say is, and the body. I don't agree with this. This is what is being preached out there, though. That part of the man, of every man, that reincarnates, takes unto himself a personality and a physical body, and is supposed to be controlling it.


Another way of expressing this idea is in the words higher mind. If you go into New Age writings you may hear them talking about your higher mind. There is a lower mind and a higher mind, and when we talk about the difference planes of consciousness, the different planes of existence, there is talk in the Hindu books and in the Theosophical books on a lower and a higher mental plane, and what they are talking about as far as I'm concerned is that the lower mental plane is the conscious mind that we have within our mental mind, and the higher mental plane is talking about Satan, the unconscious mind of man, and the Dragon, the subconscious mind of man. What they are saying is that the higher mind, Satan and the subconscious mind, is supposed to be controlling the personality, and who ever controls the personality controls the physical body.


Look, brethren, I will make this as simple as I can. I've been preaching here for a long time that everybody who is balking, and this is a lot of people who's balking at coming under the control of Christ Jesus, is only doing so because they do not have a revelation that they are already controlled by their carnal mind. They are separate from their carnal mind, our personality is separate from our carnal mind, and  our personality and our physical body is either controlled by our carnal mind or by Christ Jesus. We are not our own man. This is a lie that we are our own man. I've been preaching this for a long time here, and this is exactly what this writer is saying. He lumped the lower mind, which is our conscious mind, with the personality, and he says the higher mind is supposed to be controlling the personality and the body.


Brethren, what this man is saying is that the time has come for the children of this world, because spiritually speaking we are children, except some of us are growing up, to come into obedience. Now I've been preaching that about Christ Jesus for along time. You can't do whatever you want. When you are mature someone else dresses you. That's what Peter said, and all the people of the world and of the Church that think if they rebel against Christ Jesus controlling them, that they will continue to be able to do their own thing indefinitely, and they are deceived. Everyone who believes that is deceived because if you are not under the control of Christ Jesus you are under the control of your higher self.


Now, maybe neither Christ Jesus nor your higher self has really been bringing you into obedience up until this point. You have been rebelling against Christ Jesus and you have been rebelling against your higher self and doing your own thing, but as I've been preaching here for years, the time of the spiritual maturity of the human race is approaching, and either one higher self or the other higher self will control you, and who are you? You are your personality. You've been doing whatever you want all your life, and everyone around you and whatever your parents were like, I don't know, but you have not witnessed, or at least you have not been aware of personalities being under the discipline of a higher mind, and you think that if you run from Christ Jesus you could stay in your personality, but you can't, brethren, because your personality is your animal nature.


Your personality is in the Ox, the female Ox, and you will come into submission to one mind or the other, either Christ Jesus or yourself, which is really the Dragon. Theosophy calls her the monad. Theosophy further says, just for your information, that this monad, the part that reincarnates -- I'm going to try and translate what Theosophy says into terms that will relate to our doctrine here, that the Dragon gives off sparks of herself, pulls off pieces of herself, and each one goes and incarnates as an individual, and each time that spark reincarnates it has a tendency to... Let me put it this way, after that spark reincarnates and that lifetime is over for that personality, when the physical body and the personality dissolve, that monad or that spark of the Dragon will hold on to one atom here or one atom there that cleaves unto the immortal spark of the Dragon.


Now that atom here or there is not a personality, but it is a personality trait so that over the eons, as this monad reincarnates again, it will bring some personality traits with it, but it is not a reincarnation of the personality. Some personality traits. Does anybody not understand this? The monad is this spark of what I am calling the Dragon, this piece pulled off of the Dragon, with perhaps a couple of atoms that she keeps with herself through all of the incarnations, and these atoms are qualities, character traits, not personalities, and that is what the monad is. So this man who wrote this article is prophesying the takeover of the lower man by the higher self.


Why am I talking about this now? Because this is exactly what we are finding in the Book of Jonah, and this is Part 3 of the Book of Jonah. I've gone through it again, and I've found even more depth in it that can relate to this very subject. What I'm talking about now does have to do with Jonah. It is preparing you to understand what I will be speaking about when we start on Chapter 1 of Jonah again. Now you may recall through our teaching in Theosophy, what Theosophy calls the second aspect of divinity; Theosophy does not want to say the Father and the Son because they are opposed to any kind of patriarchal view.


They do not believe that there is a Creator Father who will always remain greater than us. They believe that there is some divine force. They do not know what she is, but she is incarnating herself, and that we are herself, and that all of humanity is herself, and that we are becoming gods. They disdain the idea of a patriarchal Creator, the Great One who created us. They see humanity as a part of the divinity which, in effect, has some truth to it. In Adam we are a part of divinity, but He is the Father, and we are the Son. I don't know if I made that clear, it is a technicality, a very fine line, but they do not want to acknowledge any authority over them at all. So they talk about the first and second aspect of deity which we would know to be the Father and the Son.


By way of review, you may recall that the second aspect of deity, which we would know as the Son, has incarnated all the of the planes of existence, and is now passing through these planes of existence and incarnating. First, the second aspect passes through the three elemental kingdoms, and then the mineral kingdom. What does that mean? It means this monad becomes a rock. I am not knocking that, as this may very well be true. This may be the way the Serpent is bringing forth this creation, but this was not Jehovah's plan. This is what happened after the fall. The second aspect, according to Theosophy, incarnates through the three elemental kingdoms, and what does that mean? Subatomic elements, and eventually becomes a rock.


Now this is taking eons, trillions and trillions of years, then becomes a vegetable, then becomes an animal, and then after all of these trillions of years this monad, which is out of the second aspect, or the son, becomes a human being. Now please note the teaching of Theosophy. This is the human kingdom, man as we know him, the human kingdom, but if you read between the lines, it is not that hidden, just subtle. Theosophy does not consider a human being a whole man until he has spiritually matured. So, we are human but not a whole man yet. We are half a man, which really there is a truth to that, we are half a man.


Theosophy teaches that the second aspect has brought us forth, has incarnated us, and that there is within us a part or something from the first aspect which we would know to be the Father, and that is called Kundalini. Theosophy says that this force lying within us comes from we would call the Father, they call it the first aspect, lying sleeping, waiting. She is sleeping on one level, she is awake on another level, I don't want to get into this whole thing now. Kundalini is that which is given unto us, according to Theosophy, from the first aspect, but is not active at the present time as a strong spiritual force. She is active in some innocuous ways, ways that are beneficial to man in our present condition, but she is sleeping insofar as her ability to make us powerful spiritual beings.


Kundalini and the second aspect or the monad which incarnated us are both within us. We have two aspects of what I call the Serpent within us. Revelation 13 calls him the first and the second beast, and the two of these beasts are within us working together to bring humanity, which is half a man, to a point where humanity can come into a union with the Serpent, who is in what they call the first aspect, who is in the place of the Father, as far as we are concerned. Is anyone having any trouble following me?


I am trying to go back and forth between the Theosophical terminology and the terminology of the Doctrine of Christ so that I can help you to relate to what I am talking about here. There is a marriage coming. That's what the Scriptures say, that there is a marriage coming. There is a marriage coming between the man and a spiritual force within that man, those two together, will be marrying a spiritual force from outside of the man, and the question is, will that marriage be with the Lord Jesus Christ or will that marriage be with the Serpent? And the whole world is eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage, and they don't know that life, or this existence as they know it, is shortly coming to an end. Is it two years, is it five years, maybe it won't be until the next generation? I don't know, but I believe that it is already starting.


Humanity is being prepared for the bringing under of the authority of the personality, which is the immature child, to the higher mind, and the Church is remiss in their responsibility to prepare the people, because brethren, I am convinced that we will only be saved by understanding. You see, if you don't have understanding, which is what we are getting here, isn't that in Proverbs? By all means get understanding. If you don't have the understanding, you are under the law. Thou shalt not, thou shalt not, thou shalt, thou shalt, thou shalt not, and your personality is blindly obeying what you must do. So when the Serpent comes to you and says, Oh, but Elohim didn't say that, the Lord Jesus didn't say that, the Lord Jesus said this, and you go into confusion, but aside from that, your rebellion rises at the implementation of the law.


That is in the Book of Romans. Paul talks about that in either Chapter 6 or 7. As soon as you go under the law your sin nature rises up in great power to rebel against the law. And I tell you, I believe the Scripture teaches it, and it has been my personal experience, that without understanding, your rebellion will overtake your good intentions of keeping the law because of a love for the Lord Jesus as you know Him. Even I don't know Him, we don't know Him. We just have a slight beginning relationship with Him. We don't really know Him, who could know God? But when you get this understanding, when you understand the danger of disobeying the law, when you understand what the Serpent's plan really is, when you understand that the law is Jehovah's provision to help you and preserve you, when you really believe this and you see what could happen to you, then your personality cleaves unto the spirit of the law.


When you are under the law without understanding, your personality cleaves to the rebellion, and you are divided within yourself. And a house divided will fall, but when your personality understand what's happening, she will choose Christ Jesus and you will overcome. You will not be divided from God any more, and you will overcome your sin nature. No one is going to make it without understanding. They make it temporarily. Jesus may have mercy on you in a particular situation. Maybe there will be a company of people, I hope there is, who are faithful to Jesus Christ. We see them all the time. They are the people who are sounding the warning by publishing these newsletters on the Internet.


They understand that this is not God, but they do not have an understanding of what's about to happen to them. So, I think there is a real possibility that Jesus will have pity and mercy on these people who are as faithful as they can be, and He may save them from what's happening in this moment, but I tell you that when He saves them they will have to learn the truth, and they will have to confess their sin and confess where they were wrong, and they will have to come to this whole program of instruction which will help them to choose Christ Jesus and overcome their sin nature.


When Jesus has mercy on you and He saves you without understanding, it is just temporary. Brethren, in case you didn't know it, that is what's happening with regard to the grace that's in the Church today. This period of grace is just to give us strength while we study and overcome behavioral sin and sin that's weighing us down so that we cannot even study and prepare us. His grace is upon us while we prepare for the battle, but who is preparing for the battle? The understanding has not gone forth, but Jesus is never late, brethren, and I believe He has all things under control. We are laying up corn here for those who will study when their time comes. Praise the Lord.


We are going to see all of these principles in the Book of Jonah that I am talking about now. The man writing this article said that one of the things the world will be learning is the true significance of water, and he says that when they find the true significance of water it will revolutionize the uses of water and open them to the free passage to the astral plane. Well, we have known for a long time that the sea is the symbol of Satan, and that the astral plane is a sea. It is like a boiling sea, and it is Satan. Satan is the astral plane, the unconscious mind of man. She is the astral plane.


Now, of course, the water we are talking about spiritual water. I don't know what this man is talking about, but he goes on to say, this plane is that of the emotional desire nature, and its symbol is water, and the Lord has been telling us that here, that the astral plane is where our emotions are. Our emotions are in our animal nature. This is where our emotions are, and brethren, our emotions are not supposed to be given free run. They are supposed to be under strict authority from our mind, but if you look around us everything that's going on in the country today is to loose our emotions from the restraints of reason.


Just go for pleasure, and what will happen, and what is happening, is that your mental facilities, if you follow this course of seduction, are weakened, and your emotions are strengthened, and if you think that a man in this condition will have the ability to lay hold of his emotions when they become dangerously stirred up, you are mistaken. Because when the Lord got ahold of me, one of my problems was that I was a rageoholic, and I had been working for years in bringing those rages under the authority of Christ Jesus. It has taken me years. Violent emotion is Satan. If you give free reign to violent emotions, if you think that is acceptable to be violently angry because someone has damaged you or injured you, you are giving free reign to Satan in your personality. There is a way to deal with damage, and there is a way to deal with injury in righteousness. Raging is not the answer.


This man says, I suppose it is a man, I cannot actually tell from the name whether it is male or female, that an understanding of water will give us free passage to the astral plane, and this plane is out of the emotional desire nature and its symbol is water. Free passage to the astral plane. We have discussed that here probably in Part 2 of Jonah. Christians, everybody, we are not supposed to be having free passage into the astral plane. What is the astral plane? I want to suggest to you that the astral plane is the window.


Remember a few months ago, we were drawing the windows on the board, Adam's window, who was married to the Ox, and the window underneath was where the Serpent and the fish were. That's what the astral plane is. The astral plane is the window underneath the firmament, or the window underneath the civilized man, Adam. The astral plane is dominated by Satan and the Dragon. Now we are out here in this physical plane, and God only knows I don't have all the answers, but we are living out here in this physical plane that the Scripture, from what I can see, tells me we are living in the mud of the ocean bottom whatever that means. The Lord just told me what it means. Praise God.


Now remember, Adam formed the Ox out of the mud from the ocean bottom, and he took it into his upper window, and he formed it into an Ox, and he married it. Well, we are fashioned out of the mud of the ocean bottom, but somehow and I don't have the answer for you now, I don't understand it, we are not dwelling in that lower window which is what the astral plane is. We are dwelling in a third place. Jesus called it outer darkness.


I probably know the answer, but I can't connect it to the way it is coming forth right now to the -- I'm just going to leave it like this. We are neither dwelling above the firmament with Jesus, who is above, neither are we dwelling in the astral plane, which is underneath the firmament where the Serpent and the Dragon rules, but we are dwelling in some kind of a third place. Please roll with me, I don't know what it is, but we are very close to the astral plane. We are very close. There is just a thin veil that separates us from the astral plane, and Satan wants to pierce through that veil so that she can have full dominion over us, but Jesus says, no, I don't want you in that astral plane, I don't want you subjected to Satan and the Dragon, and I have made a way, if you will follow me, for you to be returned to the world above the firmament without passing through the astral plane.


At one point I thought we would be passing through the astral plane in a defensed armor, and I saw some information recently that made me think -- actually, if you go all the way back in my teachings, 6 months or so, when I had it on the board, when I had that image of Nebuchadnezzar's stature on the board, and I showed you the everlasting arms. I said we are just going to bypass the astral plane and go right to the 5th dimension. On that message I was saying, we are going to bypass the the fourth dimension and go right to the 5th dimension. Then all this information started coming in, and I thought we would have to pass through the astral plane, and then I saw that picture of the brain, where the pituitary and the pineal gland is, and I found out that the pineal gland would bypass the astral plane. I can't teach the whole thing now.


What I'm telling you is I've seen different information, and am presently of the opinion that we will bypass the astral plane, but if it turns out I'm wrong, and we have to go through the astral plane Jesus will provide a protective suit for us, but to go through the astral plane without our armor means that the Serpent will forcibly marry us, and forever we will be with the Serpent. That's the bottom line. So somehow we are dwelling in the mud of the ocean bottom, but Jesus has put up a protective veil so that the Serpent cannot get at us, and Satan, the sea herself, cannot get at us, and this person writing this article says we will have free passage to the astral plane, and there are invitations going out to the astral plane.


Even the books I was reading in Theosophy sounded so exciting, as when you enter into the astral plane you see thought forms, and, you know, these thought forms are real. I told Xxxx on the phone the other day, years ago I was at an outreach, my pastor was preaching somewhere in Harlem actually, and he and another preacher, preacher Xxxx was there at the time. They were both preaching, and I saw two fiery swirls shoot out and come right at me, and it scared me because I didn't know what it was until I found out they were thought forms. I just found out in this reading that I'm doing, and they looked just like the pictures in the book of a thought form, but I don't understand. I don't know why I saw it then, and I've never seen it since.


I don't know what particular thoughts they were, but if we take the Scripture that we are saved by the foolishness of preaching, I have no problem believing that emotional preaching is spewing out these thought forms that are really literally forcibly implanting themselves in people's minds. That's how we are saved, by the foolishness of preaching. It is much more powerful than reading it in a book. So, it sounds wonderful. We will have free access to the astral plane and see thought forms and have all this understanding about people and what they are and how to deal with them. It just sounds so exciting.


Then, of course, Theosophy teaches (and I don't receive this, but this what they teach) that when this physical body dies (because they believe there is no death) whatever is left of you, including your personality, just ascends to the astral plane, and you could live on the astral plane for hundreds of thousands of years. They say you have teaching, and you continue with your studies, and your piano lessons, and according to the book, it is a wonderful place to be, but the Bible tells me it is a dangerous place to be, where you will be captured and forcibly married to the Serpent, and abused. I am not sure what form that abuse can take, but it cannot be good. So the country and the world, to the extent that we -- we know that the hub of Christianity is in the United States, and of course, this Theosophy is very, very similar to Hindu teaching. It is not exactly the same, but is very, very similar to Hindu teaching, and Buddhist teachings have the peoples of the world ready to be swallowed up.


We do not want free access to the astral plane, and I will remind you since this is a review that the first three centers, or chakras, as the Hindus calls them, or seals as the Scripture calls them, are not to be opened for those that are following Christ Jesus. They are to be sealed. This is Satan in the bottomless pit of Revelation Chapter 20 or 21. It is Satan in the bottom of the pit sealed up. Isn't that what the King James says, sealed up? Sealed up in the bottom of the pit, and then she comes out for a season, and she goes up on the height and breadth of the land. Brethren, that is Kundalini, that is Kundalini ascending, opening up your spiritual centers, and the Scripture says that lightning came down from the Saints and stopped her. See, Christ is in our heart center. Christ does not go down below the heart center. At least He is not supposed to, and once you get below the heart center it is not Christ anymore.


As far as I know, even the Holy Spirit does not go down below the heart center. The Holy Spirit enters into your heart, and ascends up to the higher centers from your heart. Kundalini is in the first lowest center. If you are not in Christ, for that part of your being, who is ascending spiritually, to ascend she has to start at the base chakra. She is in the first chakra. She opens up the second and third chakra, all of your emotions, she opens you up to the astral plane. We are not supposed to be open to them. Emotions under the dominion of Christ Jesus are acceptable. You may call them higher emotions, emotions of love and devotion, and commitment, but all other emotions must be under the severe control of Christ Jesus or they will overtake you. They must be regulated, they must be monitored, you cannot give free reign to your emotions.


Brethren, evil counsel is over the land. There is an interview program that I turn on every Saturday morning. It comes on at 7:00 a.m. on one of the local public television channels, and a woman was being interviewed yesterday. I don't recall her name. She was a French woman who has immigrated to the United States and she has written a book which, to put it in a nut shell, is promoting, I don't recall her exact words of what she calls it, but I will call it Tantric sexual practices. Now, we have talked about Tantric yoga in this ministry from time to time. Tantric yoga is a form of yoga -- now remember, all yoga is designed to raise Kundalini, the Serpent fire, and to direct her through your center, from the base of your spine all the way through the centers that are operating out of your spinal column, to the center at the top of the head, where she meets the Serpent and marries the Serpent, and there is a spiritual orgasm.


I read in the NY Times the other day that a well-know spiritual teacher wrote an article that said, Does God have an orgasm? Now I didn't read the article, but I think this is what he's talking about. There is such a thing as a spiritual orgasm, and it occurs when Kundalini is sent out of the crown chakra and interacts, or grinds together with, the Dragon. The purpose of all kinds of yoga is to raise Kundalini. Tantric yoga is the practice of raising Kundalini through certain sexual practices. Everything that I ever read about Tantric yoga was that the woman is merely an object through which the man uses, and his end goal is not love and affection, mutual satisfaction, but the goal of Tantric yoga is to raise Kundalini.


Now it just so happens that the way they do it, they way they use sexuality to raise Kundalini is this: The man does not allow himself to come to orgasm. He engages in sexual intercourse and through meditation turns the orgasm inward, if you can hear what I'm saying. There is such a word in the English language called implosion. You know what an explosion is, everything goes outward. An implosion means it explodes within. It goes in instead of out. Now it is no secret that sexual energy is Kundalini energy, and people who are trying to raise up Kundalini know that the more you engage in sexual activity the more you are throwing out the energy that you need to raise Kundalini to the crown chakra.


So some people give up sex, they don't engage in sex at all, and they engage in all kinds of exercises and breathing exercises and study of the Scripture and whatever else they do to raise Kundalini. I understand that human sexuality and the forces that produce an orgasm are Kundalini energy. But Tantric yoga says, I will engage in sexual intercourse, allow the energy thereby to be aroused, and when she is ready to discharge herself I will not let this happen. I will not allow an explosion, but through mind control, through meditation and mind control, I will cause that ejaculation to turn inward, thus sending Kundalini up through the chakras instead of out through the male organ.


The way they do this, to the fullest extent that they have been trained, is that they engage in long periods of sexual intercourse, and because there is no outward explosion, when a high period comes, or a peak period comes, the two go into meditation, thus driving the energy upward. Sexual intercourse of this kind can last for hours and hours and hours, and each time it comes to a peak, by the force of mind control, the ejaculation is forced upward and Kundalini is rising through the chakras. Does anybody not know what I'm talking about?


This is Tantric yoga. It is sexual intercourse between two people for purposes not ordained by God. And frequently, I am told, and I am certainly no expert on this, most of the time, I am told, that it is the male who receives the ascension, in whom Kundalini is rising and that the woman is just his partner, a sacrificial offering for that purpose. I honestly don't have any more details on it, but this woman wrote this book, and she is promoting Tantric sex. Now she is not promoting Tantric yoga. From what I heard on the interview she talks about Kundalini rising, and she talks about having a spiritual sexual experience at every level that Kundalini arises to.


In other words, she is saying that you engage in sexual intercourse, you cause your ejaculation to implode instead of explode, and Kundalini rises to the second center, and you stay in this condition, you stay locked together, and the next time you reach a peak, and you cause that peak to implode, Kundalini raises to the third chakra, and you just stay at it and each time you reach this height through mind control, you cause the energy to implode, and it is driving Kundalini upward. She actually spoke about, on the interview, of reaching the third eye. So she knows what she is talking about, but the people who are listening to her in this hedonistic society, all they hear is great sex. Do you think they know anything about this stuff? All they hear is great sex, orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, and they are running to do it, whoever is running to do it. They don't even understand that they are raising up Kundalini, and that if they do it long enough and they get up high enough that the Serpent is going to grab them and marry them.


Now the people who engage in this are very much active in the astral plane. They are going to be having a combination of physical and spiritual highs. Years ago, just before the Lord called me, I was taking yoga lessons. I didn't know what I was doing in those days, and I was taking yoga lessons from a woman who was very, very actively involved. She was submitted to some guru, and she was really into it up to her eyeballs, and I had asked her one day just out of curiosity -- she had a husband who was not engaged in all this kind of stuff -- I asked her if she had a sexual relationship with her husband, and her response to me was Yes, but when we have sex it is just wonderful. I heard what she said, but I didn't know what she was talking about, and now I believe I know what she was talking about, that it is possible to have a mixture of physical and spiritual sexuality, and I would imagine at the moment it must be awesome, but you are playing with fire.


Now brethren, I want to tell you that years ago this was very common in India, and there was a handbook written on all the different ways to engage in this sexuality to produce this result. It is called the Kama Sutra. I know when I was in my twenties it was a big thing in college. All the young men were running out to get the Kama Sutra. They perceived it as a sex manual.


The Kama Sutra is not a sex manual. It is a manual that tells you how to engage in sexual intercourse which will result in your consciousness going through your head. Now, there was a time, I am told, I am no expert on this, when the majority of Indians engaged in this kind of sexuality, but I am also told that this is not true anymore, that modern India has become very puritanical. I don't know if that is the right word, but they are not engaging in this kind of spiritual physical sexuality anymore, and that many of the women in India are submitted to their husbands, but not particularly responsive. In other words, they are not out there seeking it, looking for it, lso somewhere along the line some people must have found out that there are side effects that are not positive and, as far as I am concerned, amounts to obsession with sex. And then you are caught.


You are obsessed with something, you make it an important factor of your life to this point that these highs are as great as I've heard, and you go in deeper and deeper and deeper, and then you are caught. Do you know that there are sex addicts in this country? We are under a plague of compulsion in this country. This message is not about sexuality. This message is about what the Serpent is doing today in the Western world, and how the people of the Western world are being opened up to activities that are specifically designed to raise up Kundalini, and they don't know what they are getting themselves into.


Now, if you know what you are getting yourself into and you choose to do it, it is your life, but the bottom line is that thousands and probably millions of people in the Western world are engaging in activities designed to catapult them into the astral plane, and the reason they are doing this is not that they know what they are doing, but that they are not close enough to Jesus Christ to know what they are doing. Jesus said, If you are not for Me, you are against Me.


This is what He's talking about. He's not punishing you if you are not for Him, or if you are not on His side. He's saying, If you are not very close to me, you are going to be on the other side. You will be seduced to the other side, and this is what is happening in the world today, and I see that I've used up almost a whole tape on what I thought was an exhortation. I had intended this to be an introduction to Part 3 of Jonah. I think that I'm not going to start Jonah here. That would make Jonah Part 4. If anyone has questions or comments when we finish out this tape, we will just end it, and the notes for the message I gave you for Jonah that say Part 3 will be Part 4, and we will do that after dinner today.


COMMENT: I would like the spelling of those words that you used.


PASTOR VITALE: Tantra or Tantric sexuality. Kama Sutra, two words.

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