431 - 1 Part
(Instructions For The Rising Sons)

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COMMENT: This morning while we were waiting on the Lord, we were just praying and singing in the Spirit and making melody in our heart, and I realized that today is Pearl Harbor Day. The Lord was speaking to me about putting the carnal mind down, and I associated it with the bombing and our carnal mind. In fact, I woke up this morning and literally felt like I had been bombed. I was disorientated, and even though that today was Sunday, I was not even getting prepared for church, and the Lord said before that He would put down the high places, everything that exalts itself above Him. I was reminded that Pearl means wisdom and Harbor is a place of safety. And there was something, I just saw quickly in the spirit, like an eagle with a wide wingspread, but the wingspread was not the dull colors of an eagle, but like a peacock, all colors, all spread out.


PASTOR VITALE: That is interesting because it was one or two weeks ago, that xxxx saw, she thought, and I am not saying it was not, but she thought it was a turkey. As we talked about it, I had peacock in my head. We sort of compromised and said, Well, both birds seem to have a spread of their wings, and now you have the word peacock; eagle and peacock, so that is very interesting. I am not exactly sure what it means but I think, I am sure that it is positive, and I know that peacock is in the Scripture. To best of my knowledge, turkey is not in the Scripture, but a peacock is, does anybody know where the peacock is in the Scripture? Yes.


COMMENT: I think it is in the Song Of Solomon, I could be wrong.


PASTOR VITALE: Well it may be in Song Of Solomon also, I do not think so though. It is in one of the books of I believe of Kings. It has to do with Solomon building his temple, and peacocks are part of the material that he brought to build this temple. Now, to the carnal mind this makes no sense at all because how to bring, you bring cedar wood, and but he also brought apes and peacocks too, if I am not mistaken, I will check it out when I go inside.


So a peacock, if I am remembering correctly now, has to do with the building of the temple of Christ, and that is the Christ mind in us. When the Scripture says that, Ye are the temple of the Holy Ghost, this is a big misunderstanding in the Church. I do not recall who Paul was talking to at the time, but I believe the Lord has told me that the temple of the Holy Ghost is the carnal mind. The Holy Ghost comes into the carnal mind, but the Spirit of Christ dwells in Christ you. So we do not always remain, we only are the temple of the Holy Ghost as long as we are living out of our carnal mind. When we start to live out of Christ, our carnal mind is not the temple of Christ. The Christ in us is the temple of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they are two different temples, although one is within the other.


So I think that you had a personal word xxxx. I am of the opinion that things are really speeding up and that judgment, well xxxxx is under the heaviest judgment right now, for years it was xxxx who was under this kind of judgment and now it is xxxxxx who is suffering, but the truth of the matter is that she is under the judgment that is raising up Christ in her. That is the truth of the matter, and the Scripture for it is in it is either one of the epistles of John, not the Gospel of John, either one of the epistles of John, or the epistles of Peter, if I am not mistaken, where it says that you should be punished in the flesh, that your carnal mind should be punished, that you should learn to live after the spirit.


Now that does not mean punishment for punishment's sake. The Lord never gives punishment for punishment's sake, it is talking about the wounding of the carnal mind that it should learn to shut its mouth, because we cannot speak out of order unless our carnal mind is out of order. Our Christ mind is too weak to bring our carnal mind into submission. The punishment, or the wounding, is really a correction, but it is called a wounding because correction to the carnal mind causes pain. Correction of pride and humility  causes pain because  we are living out of our sin nature. There is another Scripture that says, I am not quoting this accurately at all, but, The foolish son rejects the correction, but the son who is going to prosper receives the correction with rejoicing and gladness. So if you feel pain when you are corrected, it is just another witness that you are living out of your carnal mind, which everybody is.


The first Scripture I was talking about, either in Peter or John, says, Your carnal mind is wounded to learn to shut its mouth, because Christ in you is not strong enough to shut its mouth. If Christ in you is strong enough to shut your carnal mind's mouth, you do not need to be corrected. If you judge yourself and you make the changes, you will not be judged. But there is no condemnation to those who cannot judge themselves. We have to stop seeing God and his processings in our life with our carnal mind. He loves us, and His will for us is that we should live and not die, and our carnal minds are killing us. So if He makes a judgment that Christ in us is not strong enough to overcome our carnal mind, then He raises up the White Throne Judgment, which is a loving head. I understand it does not sound loving, and it does not feel loving, but it is the love of God, a loving head to wound you so that your carnal mind learns to shut its mouth, that is the bottom line.


So, if you are a son that is willing to receive it, in this hour, you are moving to higher and higher places in God because to the best of my knowledge at this time there is no son in the earth who is perfect, thereby authorized to wound you without your agreement. So that is why there are so few of us at this time. But xxxxxx is the gazingstock right now, xxxx was the gazingstock for years. I was the gazingstock, I did not have the White Throne Judgment. Well, actually, I had both the White Throne Judgment and the satanic judgment.


My employers judged me without mercy in the business world, and the aspect of the White Throne Judgment that I had, which really was not the White Throne Judgment, was that I received, I call it Old Order Deliverance. I was the gazingstock for years of all of the Pharisees in that church that thought that I was this wicked person with all of these demons, and they did not have have any demons at all, but of course, those of us who are in Christ know that if you never need correction at all, you are just living in denial. I was the gazingstock in that church for all of those years. But it really was not the White Throne Judgment because it was not another man telling me my sins. I knew what my sins were, I could hear from God when He told me my sins, but I needed that Old Order Deliverance to get delivered. So that was sort of a mixture of the two judgments that raised me up in this position to help the people who are willing to submit to the full White Throne Judgment. But I am sure you all have your persecutions in your own life too from family members and whatever.


So I do not even know why I started saying that, but we were talking about, oh yes, so apparently, in my opinion, you got a personal word this morning, and I am delighted to hear it, because time is very short. This is what I keep hearing in the spirit, time is very short, what does that mean? You are having a miracle, xxxx, I tell you in all honesty, that you are so defensed that it is an absolute miracle that the Lord is piercing through your walls, and He has heard your prayers and He is giving you a miracle. I know that I could not pierce through your walls, and I am very anointed to do this, and I have not been -- maybe a little chink here or there, but only with the power of God.


So you are getting a miracle, xxxx. He has called you and He is going to bring you in, but the time is very short. What does that mean? It means that there are going to be people, and already are people appearing in the earth with very powerful minds, who are victimizing other people who do not even know what is going on. Some people know what is going on, and some people do not know what is going on. The people who know what is going on are being victimized and the only thing that they know to do is to go to another witch.


For example, I received a call form Nigeria this morning. I will not put the person's name on the message, but we all know who it is, our friend in Nigeria. She told me that a family member had recently died after having an intense argument, two family members had an intense argument, and one got a headache and went to sleep and did not wake up. And our friend, the one that I was talking to last night, said that she knew that the woman was murdered, and in her opinion, in this case there was no actual witchcraft work. This was just an intense argument and the one woman had such a strong mind that her rage killed the other woman. And she told me that she went to the dead woman's husband and said to him, Do you know that relative killed your wife, and his answer was, Yes, I know, what am I suppose to do about it? What do you do?


Especially if the person who is the murderer did not seek to murder, they did not seek out a witch to pay somebody to curse someone. If the result of the murder was the rage in the person's mind, the man said, What do you do? People in Africa live with this, they live with this, they know it is a reality, but the only hope that they have is to go to a witch who has stronger power. If someone is not just mad at you but actually seeking to kill you, and there is a big disappointment, I have spoken to people in Africa, there is a big disappointment in Africa as to the power that was imparted to the Africans through the Holy Ghost, because the Holy Ghost cannot defeat this kind of witchcraft, only the Spirit of Christ can defeat this kind of witchcraft. And of course, this knowledge is not even in the Church.


So the message that came into Africa was a false message, and I was also told that many who left their paganism to serve Jesus Christ have left Jesus Christ and gone back to the witch doctors. Of course, I would like to believe that everybody who cleaved unto Jesus Christ out of a true conversion did not leave Him, but there were many apparently who came to Jesus Christ in Africa seeking protection from the witch doctors, and the witch doctors -- sometimes the average person in the street is a witch doctor in their own mind, and it is the same principle as saying some people come to Jesus Christ for the loaves and the fishes, they come for the bread. Some people come for the power, and the only people that will abide in Christ are the people who come because they love Him, people who come because they have a revelation that He is the best thing that has ever happened to them in their entire life, because they love His righteousness.


If you come for any other reason, and you are disappointed because the Lord does not do what you think He is suppose to do, you are going to walk away from Him. You have to love Him no matter how He hurts you. That was not a good choice of words, the Lord does not hurt you, His refusal to agree with the solutions of your carnal mind frequently hurt you. But we get hurt serving God because He does not intervene and take away all of our trials. He does not take away all of our pain, He does not take away all of our trials because in His mind it is best for us that we overcome. So His motives are righteous, but to the carnal mind, God hurts, if you can hear what I am saying, but His hurting us, His wounding us gives us life, if you can hear it.


So the time is very short that we are going to be confronted with people in the flesh and not in the flesh, immortals in the invisible world, and incarnated immortals who have witchcraft power that kills when they get angry at you. There was one person that it took years to get this revelation, I was telling her for years, this anger is sin, and for years she really believed that because of what happened to her in her life she had a right to be angry. I could not get through to her, until about a year ago, and the only reason I got through to her was because the Lord opened her heart.


Yes, we have been violated, yes the secular psychologists will tell you, and it is the truth that anger is a healthy emotion when you have been violated, OK, but after you have the healthy emotion you have to realize that it was healthy through the eyes of the world, but it is not Jesus' answer. You have to understand that this anger that you have been nursing for all of these years is stirring up Satan's sea in you, emotional energy, which is witchcraft, therefore Jesus says, Forgive your enemies, not for their sake so much as for your sake, because when you stir up Satan's energy, when you manipulate and wield Satan's energy, you are a witch. That is the definition of witch.


So you think you have a right to be angry after all of these years, but Jesus says, Nay. Jesus says you must let it go, and you must leave your life and their life in His hands. You must leave your deliverance from this abuse in His hands, because to maintain this anger or to even experience it in the first place is doing it Satan's way. Now, the average person when they are abused, they do not have this knowledge, so the Lord forgives us if we rise up in intense anger because we have been abused. But those of us who have this knowledge, that I am talking about here, as soon as I feel anger rising up in me I have to rebuke it. I have no right to be angry, it is not Christ in me getting angry, it is my carnal mind rising up getting angry, therefore, because I have this knowledge, it is sin unto me. When you are young in the Lord, when you do not have this knowledge, and you are angry because you have been abused, Jesus forgives you and He tells you to forgive your brother who does not have all this deep understanding, but those of us who are called to live out of the mind of Christ, to us anger is sin.


The Scripture says, Be angry and sin not. What the Scripture is talking about is the anger which is in Christ. There is a righteous anger that is in Christ that is without sin. But any anger that is the defense of the carnal mind which is a good thing to the carnal person, because it tells you that you are being abused, is not acceptable to the son of God who is seeking perfection, because perfection means to never live out of the carnal mind, ever. So if you justify your anger, you are not going to get free from the carnal mind, if you can hear what I am saying to you.


As soon as I feel anger rising up in me, I am after it. I am not fighting with the other person, I am fighting with me, crying out to God to help me to not sin, because I want to go up, and there is nothing in this world especially my own selfish pride that allows me to be angry that I am going to give up spiritual ascension for. I do not care what you do to me, not that I would invite it, not that I would continue to let you abuse me, I would put an end to it to the best that I can in a godly manner. But I will not nurse my pride that allows me to be angry at you, because that pride is binding me to the earth, that anger is binding me to the earth, it is making me a bedfellow with Satan.


I am using her power, I am wielding her power, that is what anger is. I tell you the truth. Now, this is not a message for babies, they could never comprehend it, let alone implement it, but if you are reading this message, you are at least ready to hear it. Tell the Lord that you would like to move into this place, if you are not there. You have to be careful that you are not just repressing your anger. It is such a subtle thing. If you are using your own carnal mind to repress your anger, you are still guilty of wielding Satan's power. If you say to yourself,I am not angry, I am not angry, I am not, that is denial. You have to recognize, this is the fine line, you have to recognize that your anger is arising out of your carnal mind, which is your sin nature. You have to recognize, not that anger is socially unacceptable, but that your anger is sin in you, that is it is sin in you rising up to deal with your problem. And you make an active choice, I will not deal with this problem out of my sin nature, but I will deal with this problem out of my Christ nature, therefore I am not repressing the anger, I am rejecting the anger in favor of Christ, and there is a difference.


I understand how hard it is, it is such a fine line, but there is a difference. If you repress the anger or you deny the anger, it is still sin unto you, but if you reject the anger and, this is the key. If you want to do this, if you want this in your life, this is what you look for, if you are acknowledging that the anger that has risen up in you is sin, that is the key. If you do not acknowledge that this anger in you is sin on your part, you are repressing it and you are denying it, and you are still in sin. That is the key, very subtle key.


I am all over the place this morning. I am going to try to get back to the major theme, which is, The time is very short, and we talked about someone being murdered with their mind. Now, brethren, this goes on, this ability to murder with the mind, it goes on at a variety of levels of power. A mind that is not strong enough to kill may be strong enough to impart illness. I shared with some of you, I do not know if all of you heard this or not, but I did receive an email from someone who apparently was in authority, or a teacher at a Bible college. He was very offended by our translation, by my translation, I will take full responsibility for this translation, and wanted to fight with me over it. I spoke to him back and forth once or twice, and then I sent him an email blessing him. I blessed him, I prayed for both of us that truth should prevail, but I did tell him that I would not read or answer any future emails. Much to my surprise, a couple of days later I got another email from him, and there was a heavy spirit of witchcraft on it, trying to seduce me through curiosity, to break my commitment. But I rejected the pressure to read it, and I deleted it, but  at the point that I was responding to him, a pain, a throbbing pain rose up in my right kidney. Now, you see, you have to have weaknesses.


I, right now, I found out that I have kidney stones, so that is a weakness. When someone curses you with their mind, I do not believe the man sat down and said mumbo jumbo cursing me, he was enraged at me. His carnal mind was flipping out, that is all, he did not know he was hurting me, see. That is Satan in the man, that is Satan in the man, which came rushing forth to take this opportunity to damage me, who in this hour is the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ. And I cannot tell you whether it happened immediately or shortly thereafter, but it was certainly within a couple of hours of throbbing pain in my right kidney. So I rebuked it, I prayed over it, and it is been healing slowly. This is the first morning that there is no soreness at all.


I cannot swear to you that this man is responsible, but I think it is a legitimate conclusion to draw. I am leaving it up to the Lord to correct me that his rage did bring forth this infirmity. We need to know that our rage, at its worst, can cause death, and a lesser intensity can cause pain or infirmity or just trouble in people's lives. And that trouble in people's lives, it could be a loss of finances, it could be a loss of employment, it could bring division between family members, husbands and wives or parents and children, or close friends. It can bring division, or it can bring simple little harassment. I went out Friday morning to my meeting, and I dropped a cup of coffee on the floor. How embarrassing that it just slipped right through my fingers. I poured myself a second cup of coffee, walked out towards my table. The first one I dropped on the coffee pot, not many people saw me. I walked out into the middle of the floor and dropped the whole cup of coffee in the middle of the floor, everybody saw it. Did anybody get hurt, no, and of course I had to deal with my pride, because it really was embarrassing. I mean, thinking, What is wrong with you today? And of course I got past it, but I knew that somebody's mind was on me.


I have, on occasion (I have been going through this for years) I have dropped a whole container of orange juice all over the kitchen floor, which means you have to mop the whole floor, because orange juice has sugar, and it is sticky. And when you drop a container of orange juice, you have to mop the floor. Now, the average person would look at this and say, Oh come on, Sheila, but I am telling you that I know that it is the truth. And when this starts happening to me, and I know that somebody is raging against me or angry with me, I am just praising God that I am just dropping coffee and orange juice, that I am not sick and that I am not in the hospital, because somebody's mind can do this. And the people in this country, and in particular the people of the Church are at a great disadvantage because they do not believe it. The people in United States, I have spoken to so many people that say, Oh if I do not believe in voodoo, it cannot hurt me, that is what they believe. And the people in Church say, Witchcraft cannot hurt me because I have the blood of Jesus on, and in the meantime they are in sin up to their eyeballs. The fullest extent to which you are engaged in sin, even though you do not know that it is sin, is the extent to which you have one giant hole in your hedge that Satan can get through.


The time is very near that people embodied and disembodied, as one man, are going to be piercing through into this world, and not only victimizing people but possessing people, enslaving people with their minds. I found a Scripture, this was several years ago, I did not understand it when it came forth in the translation -- I think it is in Amos somewhere, in our Alternate Translation that the sons of God -- I meant to bring it to this meeting but I was late and I did not. It was something positive about the sons of God, when their spiritual power equals Ham's spiritual power. Now, as far as I know, Ham is the father of the African races, of the darker colored people, and the Lord gave me a word this morning when I was in the shower. I guess He knew He was going to have this message for me, I did not know it, but He knew it.


About a year ago, I received a newsletter that really offended me, and I know that there is prejudice in the Church, I know that there is antisemitism in the Church and I know that there is racism in the Church, and we have to face that. We cannot not talk about it, there is racism in the Church. I received a newsletter from a conservative ministry that said that they were not prejudice and they were not racist, but they believed that they had a word from the Lord, that the next conflict that is coming will be between the blacks and the whites. They saw it as -- if I remember correctly, because I threw it out. I prayed to the Lord and asked if I should write to them, and He said, No, and I just threw it in the garbage, because it was so offensive to me -- but to the best of my memory, the indication was towards the riots that we have had in this country, because so many of the blacks here are not on a standard of living that is very positive.


The Lord just spoke to me in the shower and He put that newsletter together with this Alternate Translation about Ham's witchcraft power. He said to me, Sheila, that ministry had a true revelation, but by the time they filtered it through their carnal mind, it came out racist. But the spiritual truth of the revelation is that the conflict of the hour is with, the two categories of people will be the people, well there is going to be three categories of people, the category of people that have minds with the strength of Ham's witchcraft power, and the other category of people will be people -- let me finish what I am saying -- the second category of people will be people who do not have minds with that kind of strength. Within the second category of people whose minds do not have that kind of strength will be the sons of God, who did not have that strength, but because of their union with Jesus Christ, have a strength that is equal to and greater than Ham's witchcraft power.


The whole thing is that Ham's power in this hour is spiritual. It is not talking about a physical skin color, black and white conflict. And a better way to express it, as far as I am concerned, is that the conflict is coming between Cain and Abel -- the people who have witchcraft power in Cain, and the people who have the spiritual power in Abel, and these two groups of people are arising out the whole of humanity, in which everybody does not have spiritual power. I want to say that again. If you look at humanity, mankind as a whole, let us say humanity does not have spiritual power, but there are two horns arising today out of humanity, and one is Cain and the other horn is Abel. So there is a company of people who will be the victims, a company of people who are destined to be enslaved by embodied and disembodied entities who want to enslave them for their own purposes. And then there is the Body of Christ arising with the spiritual power in Christ, and the two horns will be fighting over the average person, which the Scripture calls a herd of cattle.


I want to tell you that I never even thought of this before, and as I bring this forth, the Lord actually gave me a Scripture on this. It is in Daniel 7. I preached eight years ago that the little horn is Christ, and if you look at the Scripture in Daniel 7, it says, And I saw another despised horn rising. So there are your two horns right there, the horn of the Serpent's power, and the horn of Jesus Christ's power, and we are fighting for the herd of cattle, which is the Ox that Adam made at the beginning of time. We are fighting for the Ox who is being victimized by the Serpent who stole her after she killed Adam. This victimization comes on two levels. The men who are, I call them embodied immortals, or people who have this powerful witchcraft, they are born with it. Some of them have developed it and others have not. We, in this ministry, know somebody, who to the best of my knowledge, has not worked as a witch to develop their spiritual power, but has incredible spiritual power, that we have been battling here for years. It gets weaker and weaker, but we have been battling it here for years.


The embodied immortals and the embodied witches are those who wield Satan's power and are in the flesh. Some people get all upset over the word witch. Those people who wield Satan's power but who are in the flesh are most likely to victimize people by domination, and to dominating people and influence people to give them their money and make decisions that will benefit the victimizer. The disembodied entities that will be exercising this kind of power are much more pernicious, and I believe more powerful. They will actually be trying to enter into and use the bodies and the minds of the existing people for their own purposes. I believe that there are entities that are disembodied today who have the strength, as soon as the walls, the protective walls that Jesus has put up, are taken down. I believe they have the strength to enter into a person's mind, and push that person's mind and personality to the background, and literally use their mind and their body. I am convinced of this, and I have talked to you about it before, but we are not going to go on about it on this message.


Time is very short, and when this conflict comes upon the earth and becomes visible to people, who today either do not know about it, or do not believe it; there is a Scripture that says, They are going to be chaining themselves to our doorsteps. They are going to be beating down our doors to get help because they are going to be so frightened.


So I believe this is all for you -- well, it is for everybody, but it started out with your testimony. I believe you had a personal word this morning, that the Lord is going to do whatever He has to do to your carnal mind to bring you throughm because I have told you honestly, xxxx, that it is still very powerful in your life, that it is blinding you to a lot of understanding. The word of the Lord to you has been that you have this strong spiritual maidenhead, and you need surgical intervention. Apparently He is doing it. Praise God. There is no problem that cannot be overcome if we throw ourselves on the mercy of Jesus, and if we are willing to wait for His timing and serve Him in humility while we wait. There is nothing that He will not do for us. If our carnal mind raises up and says, You have to do it now, you are going to bounce right out of the arena. Does anybody have anything to say about this exhortation?


COMMENT: Just when you were speaking about wielding power, I believe you were saying, I got an quick image of two men dueling, and the Lord was saying, Which sword are you going to pick up? And we know sword means a mind. Which mind are you going to operate out of?


PASTOR VITALE: That is the bottom line. That is the bottom line. Anybody else?


COMMENT: I have a pain right in the center of my chest.


PASTOR VITALE: That is the circumcision of your heart, xxxx, because every one of us, the heart center of every person, unless they're circumcised, is possessed by -- in the Old Testament it is Ashtoreth, and in the New Testament that is where the Devil is -- the image of the mind that is ruling us is in our heart. Everything that is in our heart is projecting forth like a moving picture, like light shining through a moving picture field, and literally creating the life that we have. If you can hear it, it is a spiritual thing. The heart that is in us has literally created the life that we have for us. So we all have to be circumcised, and the Scripture talks about circumcision of the heart, not of the flesh. It is a reality, the circumcision of the heart is a reality, that image of the Devil has to be circumcised off of you so that Christ could appear. Now, this is positive because the Lord's not circumcising you if Christ is not underneath, because if He circumcises the devil away, there is nothing left, and you will die. So, be encouraged! Christ has to be down there and He is circumcising you. And that happened right after I said the word about being a very strong maidenhead which needs to be penetrated, and you felt the knife. Praise God!


I found the Scripture about Ham's witchcraft. It is in Zepheniah, Chapter 3, Verse 10 of the Alternate Old Testament. I translated this, having no idea what I was talking about. It was just the translation that the Lord had shown me: The generation whose righteous spiritual power shall be as strong as Ham's witchcraft shall be born into Adam's, or with Adam's, purified mind, or shall be born again into Adam's purified mind because of Elohim, my bloodless sacrifice.


Well, actually, we now know that should be Elijah. I am in the process of updating the Old Testament. Let me read it again: The generation, now this is the sons of Jesus Christ we are talking about, of course this is the Old Testament, so I am not saying Jesus Christ, I am saying Elijah. The generation whose righteous spiritual power shall be as strong as Ham's witchcraft, that is Jesus' sons, shall be born again, or Adam's purified mind shall be born again into the generation whose righteous spiritual power shall be as strong as Ham's witchcraft, and the reason is because of because of the Lord Jesus' Christ's bloodless sacrifice.


There is a generation of Sons coming whose spiritual power will be as strong as Ham's witchcraft, and I remind you that Ham's descendants are not only the black races because there are white descendants of Ham. I cannot remember the name of the nation, but I do recall reading that there was a white nation that came out of Ham, but even beyond that, all of the immortals are Ham's descendants. So there are disembodied descendants of Ham that have no skin to color on them. So if Ham's descendants are the immortals in the fourth dimension, these immortals can be incarnated as any race. You do not have to incarnated as only the black race, the black races are the physical offspring of Ham, because Ham has a spiritual offspring. So be very careful about this, and so far as all of humanity goes, whether you are black or whether you are white, there are people both in the black races and in the white races that have Ham's mind, which is Cain's mind. And there are people in both races, black and white, that have Abel's mind, which is the mind of God. And those are the two horns that will be battling at the end of the Age, as to which horn, or which mind will dominate the herd of humanity. That is the conflict that is coming and it is already upon us.


It looks like the year 2000 is the date, or shortly within that time. It appears to be the case, and we have found Scriptural proof that this conflict is lining up with the age of Aquarius, which is what the occultists are saying. We found it in our message on the Last Supper. We found proof that Jesus sent his disciples to tell the head of the household, which is Leviathan the sea Serpent, My sons will be challenging you in the Age of Aquarius. It is my understanding that the Age of Aquarius begins with the year 2000, but that this age has been slowly rolling in for quite a while now, but it will reach its ascendancy. We will be fully in the Age of Aquarius as at the year 2000. Does anybody have any comments or questions on this message? Praise the Lord.


How can all of the immortals ascend from Ham? What happened to Shem and Japheth? Well, the Scripture reveals that at the time that Noah was called because the flood was coming, all of the immortals in the earth at that time, which they were all the descendants of Seth. Shem, Ham, Japheth and Noah are descendants of Seth. So all of the immortals in the earth at that time had the mind of Cain born in them.


Let me see if I can get the Scripture for you. This is the Alternate Translation of Gen.6:4, And indeed, Cain's descendants were in the earth in those days when the unconscious mind of Elohim's sons -- now this is before the flood, and Elohim's sons is the race of Abel -- arise at the same place that the unconscious mind of Cain's descendants did. And mortal man's nature, although they were not mortal at that time, that is an error here, and man's nature was born. Oh, I am sorry, and mortal man's nature was born into the proud immortal tyrant also. So what this is saying is that at the time that Noah was called to build his spiritual ark, all of the immortals which were the descendants of Seth, which included Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, their nature changed from the godly nature of Seth, which is in line with the nature of Abel, they changed over to Cain's nature. They became evil, and this is the whole principle of our nature, we are changeable. We not permanent yet. Right now we are Cain, and we are being converted into Abel, those of us who are serving Jesus, hoping for this change of spiritual righteousness, we are being changed from Cain into Abel.


So all of the immortals before the flood that were in the nature of Elohim, that was of the race of Abel, were swallowed up by Cain. It is just another way of saying Cain killed Abel again. Cain killed Abel, and so the only ones that were still of the race of Abel at the time of the flood was Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. And then we know that after the flood, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, their heart also converted from the race of Abel to the race of Cain. Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth, all of them, their heart converted from the race of Abel, regressed back to the race of Cain. So all of the immortals around today, they are the sons of God who became evil. I have a Scripture on that too, also in the alternate translation. Job 38:4,and 7, I have them woven together, where were you -- now this was Jehovah speaking to Job -- where were you when the singular morning stars wailed mournfully because all of Elohim's incarnated children became evil? The children of Elohim became evil, the offspring of Elohim, all of the immortals became evil. There was a fall, there was a fall.


COMMENT: If that is the case that all of the immortals became evil, how did Elijah fit into this scheme of events?


PASTOR VITALE: Jehovah made a covenant. I see that I do not have that verse of Gen.11 translated. This is our Alternate Translation of Gen.11, I am reading several verses from 6, and 7, of Gen.11: And Jehovah said, Look, the people are united because Leviathan, the mortal mind that the Serpent made, is obedient to the people's other altar, that is the Serpent's altar, but I am stopping that evil mind Leviathan from making them worship the Serpent by -- and of course, this Scripture that says the people are united, it means that Fiery Serpent in the individual, and Leviathan in the spirit world were united. That means that they were powerful and immortal in the Serpent's strength.


That is what the Tower of Babel was all about, and Jehovah said, But I am stopping that evil mind, Leviathan, from making them worship the Serpent by separating Leviathan from the Serpent. Jehovah said, I am going to break their immortality that is in the Serpent. I am going to break that union, that spiritual sexual union between Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent in the individual. I am going to separate them, and I am giving Elohim's breath of life. Let me start that again, By separating Leviathan from the Serpent and giving Elohim's breath of life, that is the spiritual substance that the Serpent stole from Abel, that is Adam's widowed breath, I am giving it to the animals. Jehovah said, You are going to continue to evolve as animals instead of spiritual beings, and Jehovah said, The reason I am doing this is so that mortal man can be rejoined to Me.


There were only two choices, as far as Jehovah was concerned, this is my understanding right now. When He saw that mankind was worshiping the Serpent, that they were becoming immortal in the Serpent, He either would have had to wipe them out completely or let them degenerate into the third stage of the fall, which is what we are in now, and through this degenerated vile fallen condition that we are in, He has made a way to restore us to immortality and righteousness. From that condition that they were in at the time, immortal in the strength of the Serpent, for whatever reason, it had to go this way. I do not understand it completely, but those were the choices: to wipe them out completely or let us fall all the way down and raise us up from this place. So we see in these words Jehovah's commitment to restore all of humanity to Himself, to a righteous condition.


Now the Lord has told me by word of knowledge that when this pronouncement was made there were some immortals that continued to rebel against Him, and those that repented -- there is a lot of information missing here -- for those who repented, they did not fall down into the flesh, they were permitted to continue as immortals until the Lord restored them to righteousness. Just as human beings, we are evil until the Lord lays hold of us and that He converts us to righteousness. There was a group of immortals that He made the same, or a similar covenant with. He said, Because you are repenting now, you will not have to fall down into the flesh. It will not be necessary, but you too have to go through a similar processing that will restore you to righteousness.


And you may recall, I do not recall which message it was, but I preached that the Magi, the three wise men who came to visit Jesus, they did not give Him gifts. These men were highly spiritual men. They recognized that it was the Holy Spirit of God on the child, and these wise men, who had been waiting for thousand and maybe millions of years to be restored to righteousness -- because we do not really know what existence is like in the fourth dimension -- when they saw that salvation, the beginning of the manifestation of Jehovah's plan to restore the whole creation was actually born in the flesh. They went to check it out, and they witnessed to the fact that the Holy Spirit was in the child, they submitted, not to an infant baby, but to the Spirit of God that was in the baby. And when they submitted, the Spirit of God that was in the baby gave gifts to the Magi, the King James translation has it backwards.


So all of the immortals fell, but some of them repented, and those who repented apparently did not have to fall any further into animal bodies. They were permitted to stay on that plane, but they were still evil and they still needed to be changed just like we do. And that is the whole account of Elijah, in II Kings 2, that he was converted, I Kings 19, and II Kings 2. Elijah was converted from an immortal in the Serpent; he still had to have his mind converted into the Christ mind so that he could be permanently restored to the place above the firmament. Did I answer your question? I Kings 19, and II Kings 2.


COMMENT: These immortals who live in this fifth dimension...


PASTOR VITALE: Fourth dimension, Jesus is in the fifth dimension.


COMMENT: OK, the fourth dimension, they should have had understanding and knowledge about what is happening here, why did they have to go by the way of Herod, or is that just another King James mistranslation?


PASTOR VITALE: Oh I do not think, now I am no expert on this, or my memory is not the best, but I do not think they came -- oh, they did come to Herod to ask where he was? I see, I have not looked at that in the Greek, I do not really know what that says, but that is an interesting question. I will try to look at it between the services and have a comment that I could put on the message before we go on to the evening service.


COMMENT: So all immortals, so all mortals are evil. I guess I had it in my mind that when you repent you are no longer evil.


PASTOR VITALE: Repentance comes in two stages. The first stage is repentance by faith, and the second stage is the reality of repentance. Now the only one that I know of that truly repented according to that standard, is the Lord Jesus Christ and Paul, and possibly John, because true repentance means the surgical removal of the potential to sin. You become incapable of sin. So we repent by faith, which is really a confession. We confess our sins, we confess that we have a carnal mind, that when we think out of this carnal mind, that actually living out of this carnal mind is killing us, and that is the confession of our true condition. And then we say, Lord, I am sorry, I acknowledge that I have this carnal mind because I have sinned and my ancestors have sinned, please restore me. That is repentance, desire for change by faith. Then you go under the judgment which answers your prayer that all potential for sin, which is in the carnal mind, is surgically removed.


So the immortals repented. Those that repented, I would like to believe, were restraining themselves from doing evil deeds, but they still had the Serpent's mind. And this is the condition of all of us here today. We all still have the carnal mind, but we are restraining ourselves to the best of our ability through prayer and through warfare from the Christ in us against our carnal mind, to not live out of our carnal minds. But we still are living out of our carnal mind or I could have never gotten that kidney attack last week. I get sick, I still get sick, I get pimples, you know.


COMMENT: When you talked about kidney stones before, I heard even the very rocks will cry out.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I think that what happened was that the Lord just used that word, stones, by association, to give you a word of knowledge, that everything will praise God. The day is coming that everything will praise God. Satan (well, Satan is not going to be around anymore, but the Serpent will praise God in the form of the Seraphim) and all of the immortals in the invisible world will praise God, everything in the sea will praise God. So the Lord was just giving you a witness to the whole conversation.




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