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We have a drawing on the board that is describing the resurrection of Adam, so the board is divided into three sections, and Section A shows the human spirit of the average man. It is a sterile semen. You may recall that Jehovah poured His semen out, and the name of that semen was Elohim, and within that semen was a seed. Semen is water and seed, and Elohim commanded that there should be a division which was called the firmament, and the waters above should be divided from the waters underneath. The difference between the two waters or the waters in the two windows....Does anyone want remember the difference between the water in the two windows?


COMMENT: As I remember, the top part of the window would be the spermatozoa, and the bottom part is the urine of Satan.


PASTOR VITALE: That is true. Anyone else want to say anything else about that, how that happened? How did the sperm get on the top and the urine on the bottom? What happened is that there was a fall out when Elohim separated from Jehovah, and the fall out is a produce that we know as earth, and the Scriptures in Genesis says that the earth fell to the bottom of the abyss because the pit is not bottomless, the pit does have a bottom, but it is so deep we have trouble seeing the bottom. The earth fell to the bottom.


So the seminal fluid that came close to the earth was contaminated by the earth. The earth is an impurity in the spiritual semen that kills the sperm. So Elohim said, let us build a firmament here and keep the seminal fluid that is on the surface of the abyss from being contaminated by the earth because the virile seed is necessary to bring forth the creation of God.


The waters in the lower window were called the urine because they cannot produce life, and the virile semen is in the waters above. Now there was an occurrence that we call the fall. The waters, the spiritual urine in the lower window, broke through the firmament and mixed with the clean waters above, and the whole of the waters of creation were contaminated with the earth, and all of the virile semen died. Everybody OK? We will go very slow. I'll take questions if you will just raise your hand if you have a question.


And the world was darkened....I hear a lot of Christians saying they get the revelation from reading the New Testament that the whole world was darkened. What does that mean? It means that the earth penetrated into the clean waters to such a degree that the waters completely darkened. They became clay. The waters became so saturated with the earth that they became clay, and that is how the world was darkened. We all have, each individual has within us, all of the aspects of the early creation.


We have the seminal fluid, and we have the earth, but we are mostly earth. If you look at us you can see that we are mostly earth. What happened to the waters? The waters of creation are within the individual. The way things appear in this visible world is opposite of the way they are in the spiritual world. For example, the Scriptures call us islands, the Scriptures talks about islands. I believe we are the islands. Now, islands in this world are pieces of ground or land that appear in the midst of the sea which is a great body of water, but spiritually speaking the sea is inside the island. We, each of us, is an island, and the sea is within us and outside of us.


You cannot see the sea outside of us, but the sea is inside of us and outside of us. The sea outside of us is Satan. She is the sea of energy that is covering this whole world, but the sea inside of us, that part of the sea which is inside of us, is the human spirit. Just envision an ocean that you are familiar with, with little islands in the midst of the ocean. We are the island, but the ocean is in the midst of us, and that part of the ocean that is in us is the human spirit which is the part of the seminal fluid that still remains liquid.


The human spirit is completely mixed with Satan. She is completely dissolved in Satan, and she is the remainder of the clean seminal fluid. I did not say that right. The clean seminal fluid has completely mixed with the urine. The human spirit in us is that part of the seminal fluid that is still in a liquid condition. Much of it has been swallowed up by the clay that this body is made out of, but there still is liquid. This world is liquid and solid. Just like we have land out there and oceans, spiritually speaking the creation is still liquid and solid, and the human spirit is the part of us that is still liquid, and what she is, is the residue, the liquid residue of the seminal fluid that did not get swallowed up into clay. But the urine killed all the semen in the seminal fluid so the semen is within us, but it is a barren or an infertile or a sterile semen.


The human spirit is what is left of the seminal fluid that was not swallowed up by the earth and turned into clay, and our human spirit is one with Satan. They are flowing together. Our human spirit is the river, and Satan is the great ocean that all the rivers flow into, and they are completely mixed together. That is why Satan has to be boiled to separate our human spirit from Satan or to separate the seminal fluid from the earth. Satan is being distilled, is in the process of being distilled.


So this is the condition of most men. Now there is an exception which will be our next drawing. This is the condition of most men. They have a human spirit, they are mortal, their human spirit is sterile semen from before the beginning, and spiritually speaking, with regard to spiritual genetics, they have an XX chromosome.


Now let me give you some basic human genetics here. Every ovum that is contained in a woman's ovary has an X chromosome. Every egg is an X chromosome. In the male sperm some are X and some are Y. Now it takes two chromosomes to produce an embryo. If the male sperm is carrying the X chromosome the embryo that is formed is not XX. X from the ovum, and X from the sperm, and an XX embryo is a female offspring. So we see human beings bringing forth....mortal man produces only an XX embryo, that is a female, or an XY embryo. So if the male sperm is Y, and a Y male sperm fertilizers an egg which is always X you have an XY embryo which is a mortal male. So human beings, human women, can only produce an XX or an XY chromosome. There is no such thing as a YY chromosome in humanity as far as I know, and if it does exist it is a perversion. As far as I know it does not exist. Is everybody OK with this?


I will jump over here, and get ahead of myself. Now, spiritually speaking, there is a YY chromosome. In humanity there is no YY chromosome, but, spiritually, speaking there is a male male chromosome, and that is the Holy Spirit which is male, Y, joins with the Spirit of Christ which is male, Y, produces a spiritual man. To date, fallen humanity has utterly failed, up until Jesus Christ, to produce a spiritual male that is born of a woman. She cannot do it. She does not have the capability of producing a YY embryo because the female ovum are 100% X. So mortal male, with some exceptions, which we will get into later, has a human spirit that is sterile. There is no sperm in it. It is just fluid. Actually, there is a sperm in it, but the sperm is the Serpent's seed which is the earth. The seed of the earth is in it. Spiritually speaking, the human spirit is sterile.


So, all these years I have been saying the Holy Spirit fertilizes the human spirit, and again, it is not wrong, I just did not go down deeply enough into it. The human spirit is fertilized to produce Adam. I knew, all these years, I did not have it, and now I have got it so strengthen the loins of your mind, and you have to make some changes here. The human spirit is fluid that is sterile. Spiritually speaking now, the human spirit has an XX chromosome because every time a human woman is fertilized by a human male a spirit is imparted to that embryo, a spirit, and a personality, and the whole being starts coming forth.


In humanity, in human beings, the male sperm can either be X or Y for physical people, but, spiritually speaking, the physical male is a spiritual woman. Spiritually speaking, the physical male is a spiritual woman. So spiritually speaking, the male sperm is really a female sperm. So every child coming forth has to be an XX chromosome spiritually speaking. Spiritually speaking, every child born from a human woman is XX because the human male does not have a spiritual Y chromosome. He just has a human Y chromosome, and what does that mean? He has the Serpent's seed.


A physical male has the Serpent's seed. The Y chromosome that the physical male has is the seed for the Serpent's male, but there is no....in this condition there is an exception, and I will get to it later. There is no male spiritual seed available to fertilize mortal humanity. Is everybody OK? So, spiritually speaking, the human spirit can only produce the XX chromosome. To make a spiritual human being you still have to get a physical man and woman together. The male's X, the female's X. Barren human spirit to barren human spirit produces the XX chromosome which can only produce spiritual females which is the carnal mind. Is everybody OK? This is very hard. This is physical science. We will go as slow as we have to.


B, please note that I have an asterisk down here at the bottom of the board because I ran out of room, and I continued what I was saying up here at the top. B shows the human spirit, and does anybody know what these are? Anybody recognize that symbol?


COMMENT: That is the sperm.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is a sperm. Believe it or not.


What is really interesting....let me give you a little aside here. We found out that Leviathan is the Serpent's fish, and these are Elohim's fish. The sperm are the fish in the water, the fish in the sea. The Scriptures talk about the fish in the sea, the Serpent has fish, and Elohim has fish, and what those fish are is sperm. This is what our scientists know that they look like. They have little bodies with tails at the end, and the move through the seminal fluid by flipping their tails just like fish do.


So the human spirit in a man who has received the Holy Spirit....this is what we are showing in B....the Holy Spirit is the virile seed that is given to a barren creation. We are infertile with an exception which I am going to show you. The Holy Spirit is the impartation of the seed, which seed mixes with the human spirit, and we now have a fertile human spirit. We have a human spirit in which semen is actively present. Is everybody OK?


Most of here I would expect would know that in a young couple, and if you do not know it, it is OK, if a young couple is trying to conceive, and the woman cannot conceive one of the tests that the doctors usually call for is a sperm count for the man. They take a semen sample, and they count how many sperm per whatever their measurement is because the more sperm per whatever their measurement is the more likely the woman is to conceive. So the Holy Spirit mixes with the human spirit, and they become one fertile human spirit in the person who has received the Holy Spirit. Is everybody OK?


The Holy Spirit that has mixed with the human spirit of a human being has, spiritually speaking, an embryo with an XY chromosome. They become fertile semen, and this produces, what produces? The impartation of the Holy Spirit into the human spirit produces imputed males which means they are spiritual females. They do not have a penis. Spiritual females that have a carnal mind. Who is our penis? If you are a spiritual male who is your penis? Christ Jesus is the mature penis.


The resurrected Abel or Christ is our immature penis. Spiritually speaking, the mind is the sex organ, and when we are all grown up we will stop masturbating and start having sex of the mind because physical sex is spiritual masturbation. I am sorry, but it is true. So, we become a spiritual female, that means we have a carnal mind which is under the influence of the Holy Spirit. That means we could be spiritual females, we do not have a sex organ, but the Holy Spirit can enable if it is the will of the Lord Jesus above to engage in male activities to receive spiritual power to do certain deeds that are granted to the human race as a gift by the Lord Jesus above.


So to have received the Holy Spirit, we become females who act like men. We do things that spiritual men do, but not because we are spiritual men because spiritual men are righteous. We are unrighteous, our sins have not been judged, we are unreformed mortal men with the Holy Spirit, who covers our sins, influences us, and gives us power to do the works of God for God's purposes not for ours.


Drawing #3 - We see a human spirit that has received the Holy Spirit, and we see this person coming in contact with someone who has the Spirit of Christ. Now, both the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ I have drawn them as sperm because they are both male. The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ are both male, and here we see the resurrection of Adam, the Spirit of Christ joining with the virile seed that has been imparted through the Holy Spirit. This is the double portion. It is a YY embryo, a fertile human spirit fertilized by the Spirit of Christ. YY chromosome equals Christ, the Son of Man, and Christ Jesus, the Son of God.


The Holy Spirit plus the Spirit of Christ resurrects Abel who then increases into Adam. Brethren, there has to be a reason why there are thousands and probably millions if not trillions, I really do not know, of people in the Church who have received the Holy Ghost, and they are not moving on into the imparted anointing. There has to be a reason, and I believe the Lord has revealed a reason to me. The reason is that the Holy Spirit is just the first half of the needed seed that is required to raise Adam from the dead. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? Any questions? This is very important.


Drawing #2 - The board is divided in half, and the lower half is divided into four sections. The top of the board in case you do not have a Ph.D., and you may not know that this is a bow in my stick man's head. These are all spiritual females with bows in their hair, and this ark that is above is indicating the cover of the Holy Spirit. So we see that the Holy Spirit was deposited into the earth of mankind on the Day of Pentecost. Now the Holy Spirit was not deposited into the lions and the tigers and the trees and the dogs and the cats.


The Holy Spirit which is the spiritual seed of Jesus Christ was deposited into humanity on the Day of Pentecost, and we see that the spiritual male has a spiritual embryo which is YY. There are two male seeds; however, the two male seeds are not equal. The two male seeds are not equal. The male of the two male seeds....I do not think it is accurate to call the lesser one female, I do not know, I'll have to hear from God, but there is a greater and a lesser seed. The two male seeds that produce a YY embryo are not equal, and, in fact, who they are, are Michael and the resurrected Adam.


Michael is the male seed. You may recall, if you do recall, when I used to have all the drawings of the abyss on the board that Elohim's River of Life and the seed in that River of Life was Michael, would come down, skim through the surface of the earth, and rise to the surface through a diffraction grating, and some of the atoms of the earth would cleave unto those seeds, and those seeds in that River of Life would appear on the surface of the water as Adam, Elohim's reflection.


Michael is the greater of the two male seeds, and the lesser of the two male seeds is Adam, and the only difference that I have right now between the two, and this may be the whole difference is that Adam is a sperm, and Michael is the collective name of all of the sperm of the semen which Elohim is. The sperm that has passed through the earth and attached some atoms and molecules of earth to it is the lesser of the two, and his name is Adam, and the greater of the two seeds is Michael who has never passed through the earth but is strictly the sperm of the seminal fluid. Apparently, the sperm once it passes through the earth and gathers these atoms of earth to Himself and becomes Adam, that sperm now is in a condition where it could die, but Michael the sperm that has no earth attached to it cannot die. He is the immortal seed. Is everybody OK? I'll take questions as we go. This is very important and very hard and very exciting.


So, we are looking toward a spiritual male, an embryo with a YY chromosome but one Y greater than the other Y. The greater seed being Michael, and the lesser seed being Adam who is an aspect of Michael with atoms of earth upon himself. Michael in one condition vulnerable and capable of dying, and Michael in the other condition immortal and incapable of dying. Everybody OK?


All of the virile seed was killed when the Serpent pierced through the firmament and invaded the waters of the upper window. All of the sperm that was in the semen that Jehovah had poured out at the beginning was killed. What Jehovah did on Mount Sinai through the Jewish nation was to pour out a new amount of virile seed. He poured it into the nation Israel. Michael, a supply of the greater of the two male seeds. He poured it out into Israel. So we now see that the first Y necessary to bring forth the creation of God is in the earth, and this is exactly what we see happening in Jude where it talks about Michael struggling with the Devil in Moses. Michael was the virile seed trying to raise Adam in the man Moses, and He failed for whatever reason.


I am not going to go into the details of that right now. So we see the next step of the plan several thousand years later is the Lord Jesus Christ pouring out upon all flesh in the form of a seed which is great, and He is the Son of God, and I am not taking down His Godhead, but Jesus Christ is a manifestation of Michael that is joined to a personality, Michael in the earth. Now Jesus, after He was raised from the dead, no longer had the vulnerability of Adam who was capable of dying. Jesus, the personality, the man, is not completely one with the Godhead above, and that is the miracle of Jesus' sacrifice for us.


I just want to say it again. This is very difficult. At the beginning, Michael was not capable of dying, but Adam was capable of dying in the man, Jesus. The greater male seed, Michael, joined with the lesser male seed, the resurrected Adam, and became so completely joined that the man Jesus, and Adam who was raised from the dead in Him, became incapable of dying at any time ever. Can you hear this?


So we see that on Mount Sinai Jehovah poured out a new supply of the greater male seed, the first Y chromosome. Then, Jesus Himself poured out of Himself. Jesus, the first man born of a woman in whom Adam was raised from the dead, and so completely joined to Michael that Adam could never die again in that man. He rose up, and His spiritual life poured out upon humanity as the lesser male seed on the Day of Pentecost, and today, for 2000 years, we have now had the two YY chromosomes in the earth. They just have to get together. Now is not this interesting, because for 2000 years the Jews have not been interested in Christianity.


Now, all of Israel are not Israel. All of Israel are not Israel. Every human being born of Jewish heritage does not have the virile seed. I know that some Jews have come to the Lord over the years, and if you talk to them, I have had that experience with some of them, they are just like other believers. They have the Holy Spirit. There is nothing unusual about them. So I want to suggest to you that these Jews who have come to the Lord including Rabbi's, they are Jews who did not inherit the virile seed. It is not in every natural Jew.


What the world is waiting for is a company of Jews who have inherited the virile seed who will come in contact with the Holy Spirit, and, of course, it is not just a contact, you have to received Him in your heart. You have to be open, you have to be Jew who has inherited the virile seed who is open to the message of Christianity.


That is what is on the second half of the board. We see a human being with the Holy Spirit. Could be a Christian or it could be a Jew. It is a human being who does not have the virile seed that was poured out on Mount Sinai, but does have the Holy Spirit that was poured out by Jesus Christ, coming in contact with a man who has inherited the virile seed that was poured out on Mount Sinai. I am on the lower board, Drawing B, in this person, every human being, who does not have the virile seed that was poured out on Mount Sinai has what I have been calling Adam's widowed spirit. They have a human spirit that is capable of being fertilized, and the human spirit that is barren is fertilized when the Holy Spirit is added to you. You have the spirit, but you are barren.


When you receive the Holy Spirit you get the sperm that goes with the seminal fluid, but the spiritual men who are carrying the virile seed that was poured out on Mount Sinai, they do not know it, nobody knows it, but the human beings who have genetically inherited the virile seed that was poured out on Mount Sinai has more than Adam's widowed spirit. They are Abel who was buried under the ground. If you have Michael, Abel is present, but he is under the ground because you do not know who you are, you do not know anything, you do not know what's going on in your life, you are not living as Abel so you are still under the ground.


Over here in C, we see Abel under the ground. I have drawn him with a mustache and a bow tie, and I am drawing him as a man because he has Michael's seed, he has inherited Michael's seed, he has done nothing to deserve it, he is just born with Michael's seed. Abel, under the ground, has the virile seed which is unattached to his personality. It is not Adam, it is Michael which was imparted at Mount Sinai and passed through the generations. This man who is Abel under the ground one day meets someone with the Holy Spirit, and there is a connection between the Holy Spirit and the spiritual female and Michael in the spiritual male, and Abel rises from underneath the ground. He rises from the dead.


Drawing D - Abel is above the ground, but he is still under the water, probably does not have any idea what's going on in his life. I know I did not. Abel appears above the ground, but he is still under Satan's dominion. Satan still has authority over him, but as this man in whom Abel is now raised from the dead, he does not know what happened to him, as this man pursues the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Savior of the world, and he is instructed and grows in grace and wisdom, he eventually pierces through to the other side of the sea which I have drawn in E.


We see King Adam appearing in the upper window on dry ground with authority over Satan. See, as long as you are in the lower window you are Abel. Adam is only in the upper window so for you to increase from Abel to Adam you have to get from the right side of your heart center to the left side of your heart center, and the left side of your heart center is the area, that is a spiritual heart now, which Satan does not have authority over. Satan has no authority over Adam. Adam is too high.


This is the visible world on the right side of the heart center, and Adam's above. Now I did say King Adam because that is what I felt to write. We are out of room on the board, but of course there is another step in there. I will just put it on the message. When Abel pierces through to the left side of the heart center and increases or matures or grows up into Adam, Adam is still not King. Adam becomes King when, from the left side of the heart center, he reaches up to the fifth center where the Lord Jesus Christ is waiting for him, and when he touches the Lord Jesus Christ he becomes connected to the whole eternal Godhead and becomes King of the whole visible world. Any questions or comments?


I do have one more drawing, if you can wait. I am really excited about what God did here today or what He is doing here today. Drawing #3 - This top area here on the right I just gave you a note telling you that the Spirit of Christ is the YY chromosome. The first Y for Michael, and the second Y for the glorified Jesus Christ. Over here on the left I labeled A, an area that is supposed to be the throat center, just to show you that there is something higher than the resurrected Adam, and in Area B we see the natural Jew who inherited Michael, the virile seed, who came in contact with someone with the Holy Spirit, and Abel was raised from the dead, and then eventually he increased into Adam.


We see that natural Jew up here on the left side of the heart center above Satan's authority, and the Spirit of Christ is now coming out of that man. Now, he is spiritually high, but he looks like everybody else. This man has the Spirit of Christ, and that Spirit of Christ is reaching down into the world beneath. Now, I want to say it again. This man in whom Adam is raised from the dead he looks like everybody else, but the spirit in him, the spirit that is raised in him is beyond Satan's authority. What does that mean? Does it mean Satan is not attacking him? No, it does not mean Satan is not attacking him. It means Satan cannot stop him.


He is up here in this high place, and the Spirit of Christ, not the Holy Spirit now, the Spirit of Christ, is coming forth from him and meeting a person who looks just like he does. You cannot tell by looking at people. And this person has the Holy Spirit, she has the bow in her hair, she is a spiritual female, but she has the cover of the Holy Ghost, and the Spirit of Christ comes from the man in a high spiritual place and connects with the spiritual female that has the Holy Ghost, and she starts to have the same experience that this natural Jew had. The Jew who inherited the seed, the virile seed, who met up with someone with the Holy Ghost, is giving his complete experience, the Holy Ghost and the virile seed that was poured out on Mount Sinai now in the form of the Spirit of Christ, he is giving that complete seed to this person down here who is not a Jew.


This is a Gentile, which simply means a non-Jew, who has faith in Jesus Christ and has received the Holy Spirit, and she now received the Spirit of Christ and has the same experience that the natural Jew had. Abel is raised from the dead, the only difference being that Abel was never under the ground in this person. He was not there, and now all of a sudden Abel is there. Abel is engrafted to her. That is the word of the New Testament. Jesus Christ is being grafted to us. We are not growing up from seed. Jesus Christ grew up from seed. If you are not born with the virile seed the seed is being grafted to you.


So Abel was never under the ground in this person, but has been grafted to her, and she becomes spiritually male. Abel appears above the ground but still under Satan's dominion, and this person continues to have the same experiences as a Jew. The next step is that he pierces through to the left side of his heart center, the visible world that is under the sea is underneath him, he is up here completely equal to the ascended Jew, they have the same spirit, and now we see these two are completely equal. Equal in their potential, equal in their opportunity. There are many factors.


One Son may have more knowledge than another Son, but there is no longer any difference because one was born as a Jew and the other was not born as a Jew, and even of all the Jews born everyone does not have the seed. So there is no more difference between this Jew who was born with the virile seed and this Gentile who was not. The resurrected Christ within them is equal. So depending on the effort that they make, we have to study, we have to practice, we have to pray. They both have the same opportunity.


Now all the way on the right under F, and I made E where the resurrected Gentile is, and there is a second E down here, it is just the visible world that he ascended over. Over here in F, I have this resurrected Gentile with the Spirit of Christ pouring out of him, and we see that the Gentile with Adam resurrected in him can minister to another Gentile with the Holy Spirit, another female. That Spirit of Christ in the Gentile in whom Adam is raised from the dead is powerful enough and virile enough to raise Abel from the dead in a natural Jew who has the virile seed, but in whom Abel is underneath the ground. Christ, who is the resurrected Adam, raised in whosoever He is raised in, is a member of the Israel of God.


Drawing #4 - On the upper half of the board we see that all of the Jews who inherited Michael's virile seed, who came in contact with the Holy Spirit, and ascended on to dry ground, and also we see all of the non-Jews who had the Holy Spirit and came in contact with some ascended Jew, and now are, spiritually speaking, equal. The Sons of God that came out of the Church, everybody that has the YY chromosome, if you have the double male chromosome, spiritually speaking potentially you are equal.


You have the same potential to do what? To be glorified even beyond the physical body. What is special about the Jews, brethren, is that the virile seed was deposited into them. They are not special people, but they have received a spiritual inheritance that is for the whole world, and the Holy Spirit is limited, the Holy Spirit can help you, the Holy Spirit can heal, can cast out demons, can help you with your problems, but if you want to mature into immortality you will not mature into immortality on the basis of the Holy Spirit alone. You need both chromosomes. So the Church has one, and the Jews have the other, and they have been at odds for 2000 years. Satan is no fool keeping them apart. So once a human being has both YY chromosomes you are potentially equal, but you have to do your part.


Up here, and I do not mean to say that any one group of people is above or better than another group of people, but spiritually speaking we do have leadership, and we do have people who are more spiritually mature than others. That is the only reason these people are up here. They are up here because their Savior is in Zion, and their job is to dispense the seed, the seed that has the double Y chromosome on everybody who is left. So, we see the Savior is coming out of Mount Zion of both natural Israel and out of the Church.


I just drew one of each. They represent a company. This company of Saviors that are rising in Zion, their job is to dispense the seed which is the Spirit of Christ which is the YY chromosome, and I believe the Lord has told me, because I asked Him as I was writing this board, that if you are a human being who is not in the Church and you come under the ministry of the Sons of God and receive the Spirit of Christ you do not need the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is a single Y chromosome, and the Spirit of Christ is a double Y chromosome.


So when you get the spirit of Christ you are really getting the Holy Spirit plus Michael, but when I say you do not need the Holy Spirit.... I guess that was a poor choice of words. What I am really trying to say is that if you are person who has not been touched by the Church at all, and your first contact with God is through a Son that imparts the Spirit of Christ to you, not the Holy Spirit, I think the Lord is telling me that, that person will have a totally different experience than the Gentile who received the Holy Spirit. You probably will not go through the gifts of the Spirit.


You may not speak in tongues, I do not know, but it will not be the same experience. Let me say it again. If you are a Gentile, and you have had nothing to do with the Church, and God's contact with you is through a Son who imparts the double Y chromosome, the Spirit of Christ, your experience will not be the same as the person who was touched by the Holy Spirit and comes into the Church.


God did one thing in Israel, and He did another thing in the Church. He did one thing in Israel where He poured out the virile seed, Michael, that was not attached to any earthen personality. It looked different when He poured out the virile seed that was attached to an earthen personality on the Church, and the category of people who are going to be swept into the Kingdom by the Spirit of Christ dispensed by the Sons of God are going to have an experience that is going to look very different than either of the two previous experiences. I do have a note here that this Spirit of Christ, this pouring out, this is the latter rain, and this is the fulfillment of the Scriptures that Jesus Christ is pouring out of His Spirit upon all flesh. It is coming out of the Sons.


Underneath, the people who are recipients of this outpouring are in three categories. (1) Natural Jews who are born without virile seed which puts them in the category of the rest of the world. (2) Christians who may have the Holy Spirit, may not have the Holy Spirit, but, for what ever reason, they have not conceived Christ. And the third category, (3) All other nations. To me this answers the question that I have not been able to answer for years. How many people such as many Baptists, for example, could have such a faith walk with God, so obviously in touch with God, and not speak in tongues. Because you can be reconciled to Jesus Christ and not have the Holy Spirit poured out on you.


The Holy Spirit is the outpouring of the virile seed. Jesus Christ is available to every human being today. I am convinced that if you stopped anybody on the street and told them that they could talk to Jesus right now, if they believed you and they talked, they would get an answer. Maybe not immediately, maybe not conversationally. He is here in the earth, and He is here for everybody, but everybody does not have His seed. So you see, you can have a deep faith walk with Jesus Christ as the Baptists do, and He will help you, He'll help you with your needs. I do not know that they have much healing in the Baptist Church, but they have good things in their life, but if you want to go on to immortality, if you want to be a supernatural giant, if you want to partake of the Kingdom of God, you have to either get the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ to go on because that is the seed of the spiritual life.


Your spiritual life is in the resurrected Christ, that is where it is. So the world will be in three categories. You can call yourself a Christian, you can confess faith in Jesus Christ, and, in fact, have faith in Jesus Christ, and have all kinds of blessings, but you are the servant. You are the servant, you are not married, you do not have the semen inside of you, and if that is all that you want that is OK. Everybody is not called to where we are at this time, and they may never be.


That testimony that I gave you off of the message about that man on the steps of the Greek Orthodox Church, that may be the only thing that he receives from God which, for him, was a great deal. The Lord comforted him somehow. We have to really get this into our heads. It really took me a long time. Everybody is not called to where we are now, and they may never be, and it is a lie in the female Church that tells you that you have to go banging on people's doors because everybody is not equipped to be where we are or called to be where we are, and you could do them more harm than good. Any questions or comments?


I do not know about you, but I am absolutely excited about what God has done here this morning. I have been trying to figure this out for years, and I do not know why it has taken me so long, but it has taken me this long. I just couldn't get it. Then I would think I had it, and then another question would come into my mind, and I would find out that I did not have it. Any questions or comments on any of this?


Now Israel had the full seed. There is a male and a female aspect to the whole virile seed of God. Michael is the male aspect, and Adam is the female aspect. Now Adam is female to Michael and the whole household of God above him, but he is very much male to the whole of creation underneath him, but with regard to the whole virile seed of Jehovah Adam is the female aspect of it.


Let me just review this for you. Michael is the male aspect of the seed, and, of course, in human reproduction we have a male seed and a female seed that join together to form a new embryo. In the household of God everything is male. There are no females in the household of God, but Adam is female to Michael. Does anybody remember what characteristic that Adam has? Well, Adam is capable of being killed. That was what happened in the event that we call the fall, Adam was killed. Michael cannot be killed. Michael is permanently attached to Elohim and the whole household of God above, but Adam is Elohim's reflection on the surface of the waters that Michael brought forth.


This gets so complicated. The seminal fluid is Elohim, and the seminal fluid consists of the water and the seed. Michael is the seed. Michael attached to Himself some molecules of earth and through that creates a reflection of Himself on the surface of the waters. So where we had waters and sperm we now have sperm and a reflection of the sperm on the waters. Can you hear that? We now have a sperm. Think of the waters as a mirror over here. Michael now has Himself, a seed, and a reflection of Himself on the waters of creation which is Elohim. So the reflection can be destroyed.


All you have to do is take the water away, and there is no more reflection. I could be standing in front of that mirror, and there is me and my reflection. If you break the mirror my reflection is gone, but I am still here. So now, if there are some people out there that because of the way their eyes work they only have the power to see the reflection, if you break the mirror they cannot see me any more, but I am still here. So f rom that point of view Adam can be killed, and Michael cannot; however, the whole glory of Jehovah's final solution, Satan had a final solution through Hitler for the Jews, but Jehovah has a final solution, and the final solution is that the reflection in the mirror should be joined to me so permanently that it is impossible for the mirror to break; therefore, my reflection and I will go through life, by some miraculous means, forever inseparable.


This was accomplished in the person of Jesus Christ. Adam was raised from the dead in Jesus Christ, and that resurrected Adam plus the personality of the man Jesus was permanently woven together with Michael, the seed of Jehovah's seminal fluid who himself is permanently bonded to the household of God, and now the man Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father forever interceding for us, and it is the Spirit of Christ who comes forth to raise Adam from the dead in us to bring us to a place where too should be so permanently bonded to the whole household of God above that we can never die. I think I made that pretty clear.


In Israel, Jehovah poured out the whole virile seed. Michael was present, and Adam was fully raised from the dead. Israel, when they were in right standing with Jehovah, were highly supernatural people, highly powerful supernatural people. Adam was raised from the dead, and their carnal mind was under their feet. They were sinless, but it was imputed. They were sinless because Jehovah caught them up to that height. They had nothing underneath them. The foundation was not there, and in order to get rid of that weakness which made it possible for Israel to fall it was necessary for them to confess that they had a sin nature.


Now this must have been very hard. We see every day people who have trouble confessing they have a sin nature. Can you imagine being a supernatural person, and having all kinds of miracles, it was impossible to defeat you in battle, and someone coming to you and saying, well I know that you are a supernatural giant, but you have a sin nature and if you want to keep your condition as a supernatural giant, if you do not want to fall down out of it, you have to confess that you have a sin nature, and you have to kill it because it is only covered temporarily, and if you do not kill it now it is going to get out from under you and bite you.


I have not looked it up yet, but I am telling you, that Scriptures in the Book of Acts that said a Serpent came out of the fire and bit Paul, there was no Serpent coming out of the fire. It was the fiery Serpent that rose up and bit Paul. He was not sitting around a camp fire warming his hands. I have the deepest compassion for them. Can you imagine being all powerful, and someone says to you, you better see that sin nature or it is going to rise up and bite you. And they say, what, are you kidding?


So, the mediator says, well how do you think you got this power, how do you think you came to have all this power. And they say, well now, let me see, what did I do that would have given me all this power? It must have been by the works of the law. I did not do anything to get it. Even if they were to admit that Jehovah gave it to them, if you were to say to them, well why would Jehovah give it to you? They would say, I do not know, it must be because I was real good at keeping the law. Carnal mind. The reasoning of the carnal mind. In this hour where the imparted anointing is being imparted to us, as painful as it is, because everyone has their hardships, it is worth the pain because we can see, hopefully we can see, that we are not all powerful.


We have a better opportunity than a natural Jew to recognize our sin nature. I have been preaching this for years. We must distinguish between our carnal mind, our sin nature, and our righteous mind. We have got to be able to tell the difference so that we can cleave to one and reject the other, and it is no easy thing to do.


So, we see that Israel had the full virile seed. They had the male aspect of it, Michael, and the female aspect of it, Adam, and they thought they were invulnerable, they thought they would go on forever. In the New Testament I have not done one Scriptures of John the Baptist or anyone else exhorting the Jews to receive the Holy Ghost. The Jews were exhorted to confess their sins and repent because the Jews already had the Holy Ghost or the equivalent of the Holy Ghost. It may have had a different name because it came to them by a different avenue. Why? Because the Holy Ghost that we know is the spirit of the resurrected Jesus Christ. Israel had the spirit of Elijah.


I do not know what it was called, but do not get stuck on these names, it does not matter. Understand the underlying substance of what I am saying to you. You may have to change the way you express yourself depending on who you are trying to give this information to, and as long as you have a knowledge of the underlying substance of what you are trying to say you will be able to say that very idea in a variety of ways so that you will be able to say it in a way that every person you try to minister to can understand it. If you are saying something without having a knowledge of the underlying substance you will not be able to switch over. Do you understand what I am talking about? It has to be your revelation so that you could say it in a multitude of ways.


So, Israel had the spirit. In one of Peter's epistles he said that the Spirit of Christ was present in the Holy prophet. The Spirit of Christ was in Israel. What is the Spirit of Christ? The Spirit of Christ is the whole virile seed, Michael and the resurrected Adam. But Israel, because they could not confess their sins and repent....the Book of Romans says that they were disobedient, and our carnal minds makes that into some carnal disobedience, but it was a spiritual disobedience. They were deceived in their mind. The way that they were disobedient is that they were commanded to confess their sins and repent, and they would not do it. The words that they heard were not mixed with faith. The resurrected Adam was there, but he was not growing out of them.


This revelation that I just talked about needs to be growing out of us. He was a gift. They did nothing to receive him. So they were disobedient, they did not confess their sins and repent, but choosing rather to believe that they were justified by the works of the law. It was not an obvious disobedience that they said, today I will disobey Jehovah. No, they were deceived by the pride of their own mind. When we are required to do something by the Lord, and we do not do it He is very long suffering but eventually we lost what we have. It is not so much an act of punishment as it is just the fruit of our own behavior. He talks to us and he talks to us and he talks to us, and the final attempt of Jehovah to help the Jews to deal with their sin nature, to recognize their sin nature and kill it before their sin nature rose up and killed the resurrected Adam, was through a human man, Jesus of Nazareth.


The word was in the Scriptures, the word was in their heart, they had a resurrected Adam, the word was with the prophets, the word was present that if you do not kill that sin nature it will kill you. You are this powerful now, but do not be deceived, you have got a sleeping giant inside of you, kill her while she is under your feet, or she will rise up and kill you, and they just did not get it. I have told you this many times that the Lord will speak to us personally, He will speak to us through the Bible, He will speak to us in a dream, He will speak to us many ways, and the last and final way that He speaks to us before judgment falls is through a human being who speaks in plain language to you.


Now if you do not obey, is Jehovah out to whip you? No. He is talking to you for days, weeks, months, and years trying to get you to do what is necessary to ward off the Satanic judgment that is headed your way, and if you refuse to listen, for whatever reason, if you are deaf and you do not hear, He does not intervene, and you will be hit by the Satanic judgment whatever it is.


More often than not, if the issue is a spiritual area, what happens is that Satan comes in, fights Christ in you, and He dies. The resurrected Christ in you dies, and you do not even know it because your carnal life goes on without change. You are still the same person, you do not necessarily get sick or lose your job or anything like that at all, but your spiritual life dies. You may never notice it.


I spoke to someone once who died spiritually, and they said to me, yea I know I am not as spiritual as I used to be, but that was the full extent of their concern. They were living their carnal life because the carnal mind cannot recognize the loss of Christ. It does not recognize the loss of Christ. I am on the computer all the time, lots of time I will get a message across my computer "your request for this file is not recognizable," not recognizable, I do not know who you are talking about. Christ? It is frightening to lose something so great and not even know that you lost something. Scary.


For the purposes of this message, Israel had the whole virile seed. Jehovah warned them through His prophets. He warned them, He warned them, He warned them. They would not confess their sin nature, they would not kill it, and eventually their sin nature rose up, the fiery Serpent rose up and killed Christ in Israel. The last voice of Jehovah to try to head this off was through Jesus of Nazareth and John the Baptist, and all the apostles that were preaching. So what happened to Israel? Adam died, but Michael was still present in their genes. You see the whole virile seed was present in Israel, Michael and the full mature Adam. Jehovah was after them to do what they had to do to confess their sins and repent so that Adam, the one who was capable of dying, could be permanently joined to Michael so that he could never die.


To come into that condition you must kill your sin nature, and they would not do it so Adam died, and Israel no longer has the whole virile seed, but the virile seed is flowing in the human spirit of Israel, but all Israel is not Israel. He is not flowing in the human spirit of every human being that is of Jewish heritage, but the virile seed, the male side of the virile seed, Michael, is flowing in the genetic heritage of Israel. It is passed from generation to generation.


1 Peter 1:11 - Searching what, or what manner of time, the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify when it testified before hand the suffering of Christ and the glory that should follow. Amen. So we have a New Testament witness that the Spirit of Christ was in Israel. Once again, the Spirit of Christ meaning the whole virile seed, Michael and the fully mature Adam. What happened? The fiery Serpent rose up. It is the same thing we read about happening in the wilderness when Moses the mediator saved many who were being attacked by fiery Serpents. Their carnal mind rose up. The fiery Serpent in them rose up and was killing Christ in them.


This is what happened in Israel, and the whole virile seed departed from Israel as a nation, but the male aspect, the indestructible aspect, of Jehovah's virile seed which was deposited probably with Abraham, as early as Abraham, still flows in the human spirit of Israel, of the whole of Israel, not just Judah. I do not really have that straight in my head whether this virile seed is only in Judah or in all of the 12 tribes of Israel because I really believe that, at least to some degree, the 10 "lost" tribes are really the European people, but I was speaking to the Lord about this earlier asking Him if the virile seed was present in Israel too. I think I may have an answer now.


I think what I just heard Him say to me is that it was just in Judah because Judah is the Royal tribe. So, the virile seed was not in the rest of the tribes of Israel. Now if the Lord corrects me on that I'll tell you, but that is what I think I am hearing from Him right now. So, we see the separated virile seed, Michael....actually Michael and Adam are married, his wife died, and his seed flows in the human spirits of Israel, but not all Israel is Israel.


I have a few Scriptures for you, and then I want to go on because we have another whole message to preach tonight.


Romans 11:24, 27 - For if thou were cut out of the olive tree which is wild by nature and were grafted contrary to nature into a good olive tree how much more shall these which be the natural branches be grafted into their own olive tree. If you were cut out of the olive tree which is wild by nature....the olive tree which is wild by nature is the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that is under the influence of the Holy Spirit. That is the wild olive tree. And you are grafted into the good olive tree. The people in the good olive tree have the Holy Spirit which is the female seed.


The way you get grafted into the good olive tree is that you have to find someone who has the Spirit of Christ because the good olive tree is the aspect of the virile seed which is Michael, and the wild olive tree is the Holy Spirit, the seed of the Holy Spirit. So we see the two olive trees are being grafted together. So Paul is saying to the Gentiles, if you were cut out of the olive tree which is wild by nature, and you were grafted contrary to your own nature, your carnal nature into a good olive tree which is Christ, how much more shall these which are the natural branches....now what does that mean, the natural branches? I want to suggest to you that the reason Paul uses that term is that the virile seed, the separated virile seed, Michael, is imparted genetically to the Jew.


It goes from generation to generation genetically. The Holy Spirit is not imparted genetically. Can you give the Holy Spirit to your children or your grandchildren? The Holy Spirit is not imparted genetically. So he is saying to the people who have the Holy Spirit, contrary to your nature which is carnal, to be grafted into the good olive tree you have got to receive the seed from someone who has the male aspect of the virile seed, and that aspect is imparted genetically. So we see that both aspects of the seed, male and female, Michael and the Holy Spirit, are given without repentance.


Both aspects of the virile seed are given without repentance so whether you be a Jew that has this seed flowing in your spiritual veins or whether you be a Gentile that has received the Holy Spirit, if you do not deal with your sin nature you will lose it. Do not, anybody reading this message, lay hold of my words to say or to justify your believing that there is anyone in this whole world who will enter into immortality without confessing their sin nature and repenting and going through all of the labor required to become a Son of God because there is a spiritual labor. We are talking about the potential for immortality.


The potential for immortality is the whole virile seed, and there was a time when Israel had the whole thing. They do not have it any more so they need us, and we need them, and all Israel shall be saved. Just as a woman needs a man to impregnate her or a man needs a woman to have a child in this fallen world, the virile seed of Almighty God is divided, and Israel needs the Church, and the Church needs Israel. One of the reasons is that it is 2000 years after the virile seed was deposited, after the female aspect of the seed was redeposited into the earth because it died in Israel, the Jews and the Christians are still fighting with each other.


I tell you the truth. It is the sin of pride. Although, I do admit that the big problem is the Jews not being willing to believe that they need anything from the Christians at all, but also there is pride in the Christians not believing that they could be taught anything from the Jews, but the Jews really are the problem, I have to admit that. They just cannot believe that the Church has anything for them especially with all the false doctrine in the Church. The doctrine is with the Jews. The doctrine is with the male aspect of the seed so the Jews are trying to bring the Church under the law of Moses, and the Church is trying to bring the Jews into their false doctrine. It is very funny. It is all pride. Sad, but funny.


If you were cut out of the olive tree which is wild by nature, and you were grafted contrary to your carnal nature into the good olive tree which is not the whole Jew but the virile seed of the Jews, the olive tree is the virile seed, how much more shall these which be the natural branches be grafted back into their own tree. How are they going to be grafted back into their own tree? They have to get the Holy Spirit. How were the branches cut off of the tree? Their sin nature rose up and killed Christ, and they were cut off of their own tree, and the only way the Jews are getting grafted back into their own tree is if they receive the Holy Spirit. It is laughable is not it? Thank God Jesus intends to intervene.


The pride of man, the pride of man. And we are all dying. For I would not, brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery lest you should be wise in your own conceit, that is your carnal mind. That blindness, in part, has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in. I do not know what that says in the Greek, but what it is saying to me is that this blindness that is upon Israel is not forever. For all I know what it means, now I am just going by my gut feeling, I have not studied this in the Greek, what does it mean the fullness of the Gentiles comes in.


Maybe the wisdom behind this statement is that Paul had a knowledge that at this time, 2000 years in the future, there would be Jews who had the inherited seed but were not practicing their Judaism, who would eventually come into the Church, and there would be a quickening between the virile seed that was in their spiritual veins that was inherited, that they did not even know was there, and the Holy Spirit that was in the Church, and Adam would be raised in a non-religious Jew or a non-practicing Jew. Maybe that is what he meant. Until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in, until the Hellenized Jews, Jews that are assimilated into the non-Jewish culture of the nation that they are, come to the Church.


And so all Israel shall be saved, as it is written they shall come out of Sion, a deliverer and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob. Sion is talking about Mount Zion. That is a level of consciousness. I do not have any word from the Lord yet as to exactly what Zion is or Mount Carmel is or Mount Horeb. That sounds like an exciting study, but He has not given it to me yet. The Savior is coming out of a particular level of consciousness. And shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob. So we are waiting for the people who have the whole virile seed, Michael and the resurrected Adam. And when you have the whole virile seed you have the doctrine. Now the Jews, there is a lot of false doctrine in Jewry today, but the message that you bring to them they have to at least be able to relate it to their Scriptures. The doctrine in the Church today would never win the Jews because it is a lie, a fantasy.


Romans 9:27 - Isaiah also cries out concerning Israel: "Though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, the remnant will be saved." Now this is obvious on our drawing here. A remnant will be saved. Brethren, a remnant is being saved, and I have got a flash for you, a remnant of the Church is being saved. Many, many will fall away, many. This is applicable to our drawing. There are many natural Jews who do not have the virile seed flowing in their spiritual veins. The only way these natural Jews can ascend into immortality or at least receive the potential for immortality is for these natural Jews to receive the Spirit of Christ from one of the Saviors on Mount Zion.


This Savior may be a natural Jew, but he may not be a natural Jew. He may be a Son of God, a Gentile, who received the Holy Spirit, and then came in contact with a natural Jew who had....I may not have it exactly right, now it works, but this Gentile up here, he had to wind up with the Holy Spirit and the male part of the virile seed. He has to wind up with both, and there is two ways that you can get it. This is my understanding right now. You have the Holy Spirit, and then you come in contact with a human being in whom the virile seed that that man inherited through his spiritual genes, somehow is active enough to join with the Holy Spirit in that man.


I do not understand that completely except to say that I believe there are some Jews that are moving in the spirit of the Elijah that do have an active spiritual life. The other way to get up here on Mount Zion is to be someone who does not have either the Holy Spirit or Michael, and you receive the Spirit of Christ which is the two of them together. The Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ is the whole virile seed, Michael the male element, and the Holy Spirit the female element.


So we see natural Jews who are going to be flipping out because they will not want to believe that they do not have the male aspect of the virile seed flowing in their veins, and the whole world is dying because of pride. Then we are going to have the Christians, some of which have the Holy Spirit, and others of which do not have the Holy Spirit, that are going to be flipping out with envy that they are not the ones that is the Savior up in Sion. 


In my opinion, the largest number of converts that will receive the potential for immortality which is the Spirit of Christ, the whole virile seed, will come from the nations, people who are neither Jews nor Christians. They will be coming from Hindus and Buddhists, I would not include Muslims in all other nations. I would include Muslims in this category here with the natural Jews and the Christians, but I could be wrong, that is what I think right now. But all of the nations include Hindus and Buddhists and other Eastern type religions who are going to recognize this doctrine. They are going to recognize the power in the doctrine, even people who operate in witchcraft, ?, voodoo in Africa, people who are spiritual people, they are going to recognize the power of the Sons. If they are into doctrine as the Eastern religions, I do not think ? and voodoo are into philosophy, I may be wrong.


I know the Hindus and the Buddhists are. These are the people who are going to see the power, they are going to see the truth of the philosophy, they are going to come flocking to the Sons of God on Mount Zion asking for that Spirit of Christ. They are going to want that seed. Only a remnant will be saved, from Israel and from the Church, and, of course, right now there is a big conflict, not overt, between Baptists and Pentecostals. There are still Baptists preaching that the Holy Spirit is from the Devil, speaking in tongues is from the Devil.


So how do you think they are going to relate to Sons of God who are standing up and saying, Come, come to the fountains of living water, I want you to live. They are going to say, Devil, Devil, and they are going to die in their sins because their reason for saying Devil, Devil will be that they cannot believe that there is a valid experience that God did not give it to them first. These people cannot believe that there is a valid experience in God that they have to go to another man to get, and they are going to die in their sins. So only a remnant will be saved, a remnant of the Jews, and a remnant of the Church. I tell you the truth, they are not going on.


Romans 10:1-5 - Brethren, my hearts desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they might be saved. This is Paul speaking. For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God but not according to knowledge, for they being ignorant of God's righteousness and going about to establish their own righteousness have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God, for Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believes. For Moses writes about the righteousness which is of the law, that the man who doeth those things shall live by them. Now, brethren, these scriptures apply to the Church today, applies to everyone with a religious spirit. The man which doeth those things shall live by them. The law is spiritual, brethren. We must come up out of from under the works of the law if we are to go on.


Let me just take a few minutes to go over these scriptures. Brethren, my hearts desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they might be saved for I bear them record that they have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge. This is true of so many people in the Church. They are zealous for God, but what are they doing. They are out there banging on doors, saying you are going to go to hell, they're fasting. Is there something wrong with fasting? No, but the point is they are doing all these works, and why are they doing these works? Because they are ignorant of God's righteousness.


They have not even heard this message that you have here, that has taken me all these years to bang into your heads. They never even heard it. They live their whole lives following the law, believing their salvation is intact because they cast out demons, because they heal the sick, because they fast, because they tithe, and because they invite a homeless person to Thanksgiving day dinner. The whole world, brethren, is on tiptoe waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God.


For I bear record that they have a zeal for God but not according to knowledge, for they being ignorant of God's righteousness and going about to establish their own righteousness have not submitted themselves to the righteousness of God. Now what Paul is saying is exactly what I have been telling you here. We had a whole message off the message on this, this morning. If your carnal mind rises up and speaks, you think it is a good thing, you think it is the right thing, you are witnessing to people, you have cut off Christ's ability to speak to you because only one mind can be speaking at a time.


So that is what this verse is talking about. Going about to establish their own righteousness, doing what they think is right in their own mind, have not submitted themselves to the righteousness of God, and who is the righteousness of God? The resurrected Christ. More people than not in the Church today, when they have a choice, and, of course, this really bypasses their conscious mind the large majority of the time. I preach to you to make you aware as all this is bypassing your conscious mind. My message is wake up, wake up. You must learn to recognize the difference between the carnal mind and the Christ mind because when you yield to your carnal mind this is what you are doing.


You are going about to establish your own righteousness, and you have not submitted yourself to the righteousness of God because to exaggerate it for you, Christ in you is saying, I want to speak, I want to speak, with a soft little voice. I have told you that as far as I know most of the time I am correct in recognizing the difference between the Lord Jesus and the Christ who is being formed in me. The Lord Jesus' voice is very loud. He yells from the sixth energy center. He is up there in the sixth center, and He is yelling down to me, and He is powerful, I hear His voice, but the Christ that is coming up in me His voice is so soft. It is just a subtle thought. Sometimes it is a voice so soft. Sometimes I can almost not hear it, and the carnal mind is really clanging away.


So the only way we are ever going to submit ourselves to the righteousness of God which is Christ in us is to wound our carnal mind. We will never hear Christ if we do not beat up on our carnal mind, and you cannot beat up....and the whole issue, brethren, is that your carnal mind does not have to be saying anything bad. We have a bunch of people here and in the Church that desire righteousness. You are not going to listen to anything bad coming into your mind. It does not have to be bad. If Christ says, go right, and your carnal mind says, go left, and you go left you have not submitted yourself to the righteousness of God because He had something for you to do on the right that you did not do because you were not there to recognize that He wanted you to do it. He does not say go to the right because there is a prostitute in that alley, and I want you to minister to her. He does not do that. He just says, go right. So if you go left you have followed after your own righteousness and not submitted yourself to the righteousness of God.


Now, I warn all you people with religious spirits not to go into bondage on this. Listen, the whole point is this. Christ must become your natural reaction. What we are trying to do by submitting our self to this kind of teaching and spiritual ministry is bring forth a spiritual condition within ourselves where Christ is our default reaction, and you have to grow into that. What the Lord is hammering home today is that we must be able to recognize between the two minds. If you cannot, all He requires of you is that you admit it and ask Him to help you. There is no bondage in Christ Jesus.


There is liberty in the Spirit of Christ. Our job is confession and cooperation with the Spirit of God, and the job will be done. Now maybe not tomorrow or the next day, but if you are diligent in pursuing the goals that He is setting before you, you will surely reap the fruit of your spiritual labor. I tell you the truth. This is what He is trying to accomplish right now in the message that is coming forth from this ministry, and it has been coming forth now for 10 years. If I were to describe the ministry here in one sentence, that would be it. The job of this ministry in this hour is to educate the people that they need to tell the difference, they need the ability to distinguish between their carnal mind and their Christ mind. That is the trumpet that is been sounding here for 10 years now, and if you cannot do it the Lord is waiting to help you. You just have to admit that you cannot do it which is very hard for a lot of people.


For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believeth. See, when you get to the point that you can distinguish the difference between your carnal mind and your Christ mind, and you choose your Christ mind, and you choose your Christ mind, eventually....well the only way you could choose your Christ mind is to beat down your carnal mind, and you beat down your carnal mind, and you beat down your carnal mind, and one day you wake up, and your default reaction, your knee jerk reaction to anything that happens in your life is Christ. He is up first. That is the fruit of your labor, and that is your deliverance from the law. That is our deliverance from the law because, every time, Christ comes up first. He is incapable of sinning.


The law subjects us to the reaping and sowing judgment. If we respond our of our carnal mind there will be a response to our response, be it a good response or an evil response, we will reap what we have sown, but when Christ rises up as the default there is no law for a righteous man. No more sowing and reaping. That is our hope. Amen. That is what we are working for. That is what we are laboring for, and the one major thing that will keep us from this is the pride of our own mind that is programmed to bring forth our own righteousness. So, we must resist her and wound her and punish her severely so that Christ, our righteousness without the law, can function freely through us, liberating us from the tyranny of the carnal mind. That is what we are doing here.


For Moses writes about the righteousness which is of the law that the man which doeth those things shall live by them. What is Paul talking about? What he just said in the King James language is, what you sow you shall reap. The man which doeth those things shall live by them, what you sow you shall reap. The man who lives by his carnal mind, the man whose knee jerk reaction is his carnal mind. You are under the law. There is a lot of preaching in the Church today that you are under grace, but it is not true. You are not under grace until your default is the Christ mind. There is no law for a righteous man. A righteous man continuously sows righteous seed. There is no good reaped, there is no evil reaped. There is no evil reaped, but neither is there good reaped, but there is righteousness reaped.


So if you are doing something, even if you are doing something good, if you are looking for recognition through it you have sown good, and you are reaping good, but this ministry, this spiritual ministry of the Son is an anonymous ministry. Not many people know who you are. You are interceding, you're paying, you are doing great good, and nobody knows that you did it. So you are not reaping good or evil, but you are reaping immortality because as you do these things, as you labor in Christ, as you pray for people in your prayer closet where no one knows what you are doing, Christ is maturing in you. What you are reaping is the maturation of Christ who, as He continues to mature, is your immortality. Any questions on this drawing or on this message?


COMMENT: You were speaking, I believe, and you said that the Israelites, the Jews, will have to have the Holy Spirit, and I just leaped inside and got so excited. I said wow. It must mean that something is going to happen soon because if the Holy Spirit is going to be taken away, God's going to use that time...I believe He will start using this ministry or some ministry similar to this to start ministering to the Jews. I just got such an excitement inside of me.


PASTOR VITALE: I think it is time. Let me say something to clarify that. I do not know exactly the context in which I said that, but what I meant, the substance underneath my words, was that the Jews who have the male aspect of the virile seed, they must come in contact with the female aspect. The chances of them coming in contact with what we know as the Holy Spirit is really not great because what's going forth now, the seed that is going to be poured out on the majority of the Jews, is the Spirit of Christ, and the Spirit of Christ is the Holy Spirit and Michael.


The Spirit of Christ is the whole virile seed. The Holy Spirit is the female aspect of the virile seed, and it is Michael who is the male aspect of the virile seed. So, I am sure that I said that, I do not doubt that I said it because I say things in four different ways trying to cover every base and make a point. It is very possible that some Jews may come in contact with the Holy Spirit, but as soon....this is only Jews who have the male aspect of the virile seed by inheritance will only be receiving the Holy Spirit until there are enough Saviors on Zion to start pouring out the Spirit of Christ because the Spirit of Christ is stronger than the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Christ will swallow up the Holy Spirit.


COMMENT: So that will not happen with the Jews coming in mainly until after the Sons stand up.


PASTOR VITALE: I do not think so. I think it can happen right now, but it is not going to start happening as an everyday occurrence like an abundant thing. The process is just starting to trickle, and there are Jews who have the virile seed who can meet a Jew or a Gentile with the Holy Spirit and have Abel raised from the dead in them, but it is going to start becoming abundant when the Spirit of Christ is available. See, the Spirit of Christ is here. I do not know where else the Spirit of Christ is in the world, but that is why this message is here, and as far as we know it is not any place else. This is the Spirit of Christ teaching. It is the whole virile seed, but this may be the beginning point.


We have to start somewhere, but that does not presuppose the possibility of another Jewish person on the other side of the world who has inherited the male aspect of the seed running into someone with the Holy Spirit and having Abel raised from the dead in them over there. That could happen, but it looks like it is happening here because after Abel was raised from the dead here we have been laboring....the formal ministry is 10 years old, I have been laboring in doctrine in years before the formal ministry, but of course anything can happen, and if it is going to happen let it happen. Let people be standing up with the Spirit of Christ all over the world, let it be however it is going to come to pass.


COMMENT: I guess you were saying it will snowball?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it will snowball, but the Spirit of Christ brings forth the Doctrine of Christ. You have to know that the Spirit of Christ brings forth the Doctrine of Christ. I do not think that is going to be a problem any more because there is so much doctrine in the Church. What I see as the problem is the false Doctrine of Christ. In other words, let me put it another way, if our criteria for recognizing someone that has the whole virile seed is someone who has spiritual philosophy, we have spiritual philosophy here. If we look at someone in a typical Church that is preaching a very carnal message, and you compared that person to somebody here who is preaching this glorious message it is real easy to see who has the Spirit of Christ and who has the Holy Spirit.


In my opinion that is not going to be the challenge. The challenge is going to be to discern between the person who has the true Spirit of Christ and the true Doctrine of Christ and the person who has the false spirit and the false doctrine. That is the challenge because it is very hard to tell the difference, and in this hour the Holy Spirit is being withdrawn from the Church, and there is a whole revival based on a false Holy Spirit that is out there. So there is already a false Holy Spirit in the Church, and there is also a false Spirit of Christ in the Church. So, we have got to not worry about it but just serve God and tell Him we want Him so matter what to deliver us from every destruction, let our pride die, and let us cleave unto Him, and that is your prayer, and then you walk as best you can and believe that His faithfulness is going to bring you through because He is faithful.


COMMENT: I was just thinking with the new computers, the new modems, how everything is fed out so fast it made me think of how this is going to come.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it is speeding up. We subscribe here to a news group on line, and this gentleman I think he is sold out to God. He is got a lot of good information. He is exposing the false revival, but, in my opinion, he cannot recognize the true revival. He is conservative, and he does not believe in philosophy, and he lives in a strict adherence to the King James translation, and he is against anything that sounds philosophical or high and lofty. There was an article on his loop the other day, and I went in to look at it, I went to that web page to look at it, and it was not, in my opinion, at all Christ. But what they were saying was true.


They were saying that deep spiritual truth is just shrouded over with parable, and that the stories of the Bible are highly parable. The spiritual truth is hidden. So, of course, this news group was really, really against this kind of teaching, but it is true. Now the doctrine coming forth on that page was a wrong spirit, but what they are saying is true. The King James and all of her sister translations are for people who do not yet have Abel raised in them. Once Christ is coming forth in you, you have got to start getting the real truth. So that is the challenge, distinguishing between the true truth and the false truth. Not between the philosophical Christian, the carnal Christian, that is easy.


One more thing, I read another....it saddens me because I want to tell these people, and I know that I am not supposed to say anything to them. There is one woman that writes in a lot. She is a born again Jew, but apparently she does not have the whole virile seed. It seems to me she has the Holy Spirit, and she quoted an article on this false revival where they claim that on a particular night, the writer claimed, that the Holy Spirit came in and just increased and increased and built up to a crescendo, and she was mocking that, but I have experienced that with the true....I do not know if it was the Holy Spirit, maybe it was the Spirit of Christ, but we experienced that in Africa where I preached in this one place for several weeks, 7 days a week, and the spirit build and build. It was building to a crescendo. So I pray for myself and for all of us, I pray all the time, that we should not be ignorant, that we should be wise, we should distinguish between the spirits, but we should not automatically reject something that we have never heard of before because it may be true. Let us not be ignorant, brethren. Let us be wise. Who said that? I think Jesus said that. Be wise as Serpents and harmless as doves. Let us be wise, let us not be ignorant. There is no much ignorance in the Church. Let us be wise men.


COMMENT: Following you on the board, I was thinking about that Scriptures about the wedding feast where they would go out to the byways and bring them all in....


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, you did have something else I had asked you to put on the message, your comment about those people that are hungry for God but have not received the Holy Spirit.


COMMENT: Some people in my group can receive the Doctrine of Christ so well, and they have not received the Holy Spirit, and I was wondering what that is all about.


PASTOR VITALE: I think that it is a real possibility that they may just jump over that step. When you receive the Holy Spirit alone, He comes with gifts, but from what I can see right now if you receive the Spirit of Christ directly you will bypass the gifts and go right into Christ. All the wisdom of God is in Christ. Christ is far superior to the gifts of the Holy Ghost. The gifts of the Holy Ghost are as aspect of what Jesus is doing. It is good, and it is valuable, but it is very easy to fall into pride if you are coming in through that path.


If you are coming to Christ through the Church, through the Pentecostal Church, where the gifts are active, it is very easy to be snared with pride. If you prophesy, if you have any kind of a public gift. I have experienced it myself. I have heard people say to me, well with the anointing on me God has to have something for me. It is very dangerous. It is much safer to be hated of men than to be loved of men because if you are loved of men you are in real danger of your pride rising up and killing you.


I tell you the truth, someone who has experienced a lot of hate. I tell you the truth, people who love me frivolously, I am not talking about the faithful brethren here, I am not talking about proven people, I am talking about people who come into your life, and they are just crazy about you after they read a message, and they just love you or they read your book and they are crazy about you, or they know you for one week, and they want to get close and be friends with you, and after the first conflict they are out the door sometimes talking about you all over the place. That is what I am talking about. Do not love me like that. Love me like Christ loves me, that is OK. Anybody else want to say something?


COMMENT: There was a woman who found a booklet that I had written in a thrift store, and she called me and she came over and visited with me. She came about three times, and she was really gung ho, but as soon as she realized that I was telling her that there is no heaven, there is no reward in the way that she thought, she flew the coop.


PASTOR VITALE: That is the kind of love that I am talking about. It is not the agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ. As far as I know, it would have to come under the phileo category because it is not eros, definitely not eros, but I guess there are different degrees of phileo love, and that is a love that comes out of pride. It is a very immature love, and it is all through the Church. So you will find that people who are experienced in the Church, people who have been around for a while, are very cautious about getting close with people who come into their ministry. They want to take it slow, slowly get to know the person, and let the people get to know you. There are a lot of people who do not attribute any human qualities to you. Idolatry attributes God qualities to the minister, and then when they find out that you are human they cannot deal with it so it is wise to enter into relationships slowly, and to remember that we are all very human. 

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