462 - 1 Part

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I have a lot to talk to you about tonight, and I feel it is going to be an informal meeting, so we are just going to chat a little until I see how the Lord is going to bring this out of me. I do not know if you have heard the news or not, but what is the name of the guy who replaced Newt Gingrich? Livingston, is that his name? He has offered to resign from his office as speaker, because, they did not say this on TV, but in my opinion, he has been threatened and he has come out and admitted that openly, publicly, that he has many extramarital affairs over the years which almost broke up his marriage, but they were not with subordinates. They were not with women in the office that he was exercising power over and he did not lie under oath, so that is what distinguishes him from President Clinton. But one of the tactics of the White House -- I have heard it on TV, this country has received a severe blow right out of the Satanic plane -- and I have heard several of the people who are trying to support President Clinton bring out dirt about other people. What does that have to do with what he did, you know, it is very, very dirty fighting, and it is more then dirty, it is evil, it is just plain evil, I have been telling you that all along.


So I believe that Livingston, is that his name? (God forgive me if I got his name wrong), that he was contacted, now no one told me this, I believe he was contacted, and he went right public with it, he is not going to hide it. Now he is going to appear before the House, his fellow constituents, his peers, or the people that he is supposed to be presiding over as Speaker, and confess this and offer to resign, but it is expected that they will not accept his resignation. In other words, This is the truth, this is the story about it, if you want me to step down, I will. And I think that this came out of Hustler Magazine. What is the name of the publisher of Hustler Magazine? They made a movie out of -- what is his name again? Larry Flint, yes.


Hustler magazine sent out a press release that they are doing undercover work on every one of the Republicans, to dig up what ever dirt they could dig up, and the scuttle buddies that this information was given to, Livingston -- I do not think that is his name, I know it is with an 'L.' It is with an 'L,' and brethren, I do not know how to, I have told you this before, I do not know how to make any more clearly, we are in a civil war. We are in a spiritual civil war. There is a spiritual war going on, to overturn our Constitution and our Republican way of life, because although the words are not being said is, but spiritually what is being said, is that you cannot oppose the Democratic party. You cannot have an opinion, you cannot stand for what you believe to be right. This is no longer a government of the people, by the people, that the members of the Congress cannot follow their conscience, they will be utterly ripped to pieces and wrecked if they do that. It is criminal gang-like tactics, and if it was not that I was convinced that Jesus Christ is going to fight for this country, which is strongly witnessed to by this dream, if I let myself go, I would really be scared.


I was listening to one of these shows a couple of weeks ago where they let the callers call in; they have a liberal line and a conservative line, and someone did call in, I do not remember exactly what he said, but I was shocked because whatever he said had to do with taking the law into your own hands. See, the Democrats have been demonizing the Republicans, they have been pressing with witchcraft power to whoever will give them a microphone or airspace on TV, saying how evil and wicked these Republicans are, and there are sick people out there, there are sick people out there that are going to pick this up. And I heard it from one caller, and I just put it out of my mind because, you know, I cannot lose it over this.


Well, today on Channel 51, on Fox News, they showed a clip of what is being spread on the Internet, they named the man, I am sorry I forgot his name. It is a streaming video on the Internet of some man screaming like a lunatic, saying that we are being made absolute fools of, the whole world is laughing at us, and everybody should rise up and go to Washington and stone Henry Hyde to death, to death, stone Henry Hyde to death! Now, I know that this man is not a responsible person, but these Democrats that have been demonizing the Republicans, may God have mercy on their soul because they are responsible for this, and this is just the beginning.


You know, these kinds of things roll -- people are sheep, the average person is a sheep. The country is rocking and reeling and rolling, it is really in great danger because Satan is behind what is going on, you know. Well, this dream that I am working on to post to the Internet, it is very exciting. I really, at this moment, I do not feel to go over it verse by verse with you, but I really had only read it through briefly, and I stopped at the point where I got to that translation of Hebrews 12:1, which brought forth the message online yesterday. But the person who had the dream is just so excited, because I told them that I really think this has to do with what is going in Washington, that they cannot wait to see the dream. So I just ran through the part of it that I really did not work on, the last parts, which are really the most exciting parts, and I just put in a few words to give you a general idea of what I see, but I have not worked it up yet, and then the Lord keeps speaking to me as I go over it.


I even have something else, some more understanding of the helmet. So, I am going to probably be working on this for a long time tomorrow to really get it in order. But what is really exciting that I just saw, like, a few minutes before you came in, and now before I stopped to eat -- well let us go to the very back of it; those very back verses are just very exciting. I see that the pages are not numbered. But you all read the dream through, the interpretation through, so you understand that it is talking about spiritual ascension. Does anyone here not understand this?


That it is talking about the glorified Jesus Christ coming back, and He is looking for men that Christ Jesus is risen in, He is looking for His own. When the glorified Jesus Christ comes back, He is looking for Christ Jesus, that is who He is looking for, He is looking for His own. He is not a respecter of personalities. You see, the Scripture says He is not a respecter of persons, He is not a respecter of personality. Your personality or your personality, He is not favoring anybody, but He is looking for His son. So what makes one personality different from another personality is that maybe Christ Jesus is married or is present, is married to one personality. There are two marriages, the marriage of Christ Jesus in the individual to the personality, and then Christ Jesus in the individual marries the glorified Jesus Christ, and if your personality is married to Christ Jesus, when He marries the glorified Jesus Christ, you are married to the glorified Jesus Christ, and you are in perfection, you see.


So the Lord Jesus is not a respecter of any personality, but He is coming back looking for His son, and if He comes to someone -- this is the blood of the lamb on the door; it is Passover, I have told you this for a long time now, the Church has got it wrong, we are not waiting for Tabernacles, we are waiting for Passover. Jesus has celebrated Passover, but we have not. So, the blood on the door is Christ Jesus in us. He is coming looking to join with Christ Jesus and judgment is falling on the wicked.


I would have to go into the Interlinear Text and look at that whole account, but I am telling you out of my spirit, that the Lord Jesus is not coming to destroy people who do not have Christ Jesus formed in them, what He is coming for is to battle against the human beings who are ascended in the Fiery Serpent, and who are the servants of Satan, and doing great evil to His kingdom and His Church and to His purposes of salvation to the world. He is not coming back for that poor little grandmother in the corner, that has gone around her whole life because she is mentally ill, saying, I hate Jesus. That is not who He is coming for. You have got to get this straight. That little mentally ill grandmother, He is having mercy on her, she is crazy, but He is coming for the men who have ascended in spiritual power and are doing evil to His Church and to His chosen nation.


I believe America is His chosen nation. We have done a lot of bad things in this country. I hear all kinds of stories about what we have done politically and it makes me sick, but we have done a lot of evil things, but we have done a lot of good things. The gospel has gone out of this country for a couple of hundred years. We have done a lot of good things. And you need to know that for the people who have done a lot of good things in the Holy Spirit, if they have done the best they can, Jesus is coming back and He is going to judge them for their sins, but the end of it is going to be righteousness. He is not coming back to destroy them, you see. And I do not believe that He is letting this country go into enemy hands, I do not believe it.


And this dream that we have here, this is a strong witness to it. So I just went over the whole beginning of the dream. The Lord Jesus is coming back and He is looking for Christ Jesus in His people and He goes to the traditional Church that wants to give the helmet with the red band, and it is not, there is sin in the that Church and then He finally finds the group of people, which I believe that we fit into to -- God only knows we are not perfect, and I do not know about you, but I sin every day, I do all kinds of things wrong. I hope that you can confess that because if you cannot then you have got a problem, cause we are all in that condition, we sin all of the day long, but we are trying, and we are trying to do the best that we can with what He has given us. And those are the people that were the police captains in the dream, and people who are seeking righteousness, who seek and who desire the righteousness for the widow and the orphan.


And you may not know this, I know I have told once or twice, so I will tell you again, the widow is the human being who is not married to Christ Jesus, that is who the widow is, and the orphan is the, how do I get this straight? The widow is the personality who is not married Christ Jesus, and the orphan is probably the Fiery Serpent. I may not have that right, but the widow and the orphan is talking about human beings that are not under the protection of Christ Jesus. I do not have completely right right now.


He is looking for the people in the Church who, despite all of the things that they do wrong, who if they really, when it really comes down to it, they really desire righteousness -- they just have some problems, the whole world has got problems -- but if they had their choice, they really would choose righteousness. So those are the policeman that He comes back to see, and that is where we are going to pick up at that spot.


Let me see here, where He is talking about getting on the plane, all the way -- it is like the third page from the end. OK, so we read in the dream that Christ Jesus was in the White House, that Christ Jesus was in this crisis in this country, that He knows the truth about men's hearts, that He is not believing the lie. And of course this all of the people that Christ Jesus is manifesting in, like us, who are not believing the lie, and then it says, "...and I returned to the men working on the helmet..." That is the third page from the end, and the middle of the page, "...I returned to the men that were working on the helmet."


Now the 'helmet', I did a little study at the beginning on the 'helmet,' that it was righteousness, but while I was waiting for you to finish reading the notes, the Lord said to me that the helmet signifies the altar, and that was a personal word to me about 12 years ago, and a very, very painful hard time in my life. The Lord said to me, through a man who was the pastor of a fairly large Church in this area, who I really did not have a personal relationship with, who was for all intents and purposes a stranger to me, and the Lord told me to go to that Church that night, and I really did not want to go, and I went, and that pastor prophesied to me saying, "Do not slip and do not slide, the Lord is rebuilding the altar," and at the time I had no idea what it meant.


As years went by, I understood when we did the study on Noah, in Genesis 6, I think I found out what the altar was, that it is a spiritual altar, first of all, that connects the human spirit of men, who are separated from God to eternal realm of God where Jehovah and now where Jesus Christ is, and that connection, the way the altar is being repaired is through the mediator, Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus has to grow in us, and then the Lord Jesus is putting His hand down into the adder's hole (which is where we all are, we are in the Serpent's hole, we are all snakes), and the altar will be repaired. The human spirit in us will be connected to the eternal world of God and we will be raised from the dead, that is the repairing of the altar. That is what we are waiting for.


If you do not understand that, that is what we are waiting for, and when the Lord Jesus Christ puts His hand down into the adder's hole, which is this world; it is a black hole, a snake's hole, snake pit, this is a snake pit, brethren, and each one of us is a snake pit, there is a Serpent in each of us. Every one of us has a spiritual virginity, which is the Fiery Serpent, and she is a spiritual harlot, and she wants to ascend and have spiritual intercourse, and she is either going to ascend under the control of Christ Jesus, or if she can, she will ascend without Him and have this spiritual intercourse with Leviathan.


OK, so we are all waiting to ascend. So I do not know how I got on that, but in this dream, we see that Christ Jesus knows what is going on in the country, He does not believe the lie. Oh yes, I was talking about the helmet. He comes back to the people who are repairing the helmet. So I do not have this written into the dream, I am going to have to put it in tomorrow, this is not posted to the Internet yet, to our web page yet. So this repair of the helmet, it is talking about the repair of the altar, and the repair of the altar is synonymous with full stature or with perfection. It is the same thing, repairing the altar, when the altar is repaired in you or when the altar is repaired in me, we will be caught up to the Lord and forever we will be with the Lord, we will enter into the immortality, which is in Christ Jesus.


So this is a very -- not only is this dream exciting, but what is so exciting about this dream is that there is a time stamp on it. Now I have told you many times, I have told these last few months, that there are so many witnesses to the appearing of the Lord because, you know I cannot, I just have to stay steady and continue with my work, because we do not know if it will be five or ten years from now, we really do not know, but this dream has a time stamp on it, it names 1970, it names a Monday, and it also names this Clinton crisis, it has got a time stamp on it.


The fact that it is dealing with the Clinton crisis, we know it is not twenty years from now, He is going to manifest to save this country from destruction. That means it could happen within a year, it could happen this Monday, I do not know. So it is just really exciting, I am sitting here trying be calm about this, and we have to be calm because, I do not know about you, maybe you know something I do not know, but the truth of the matter is, if the Lord Jesus is to appear today, and we were to get caught up into the brow center today, I have to sit here and tell you, I do not know what that means. I do not know how it would affect me, I do not know how I would feel, I do not know how I would act, I do not know what I would do, I do not know how it would change my life. So I think it is not wise to get excited, because I do not know what I am talking about. So we have to just wait, and see what happens, but that is what is so exciting to me tonight, that there is a time stamp in this dream and 1970 is mentioned.


And if you recall, well let us just look at these few pages. So He went back to the men working on the helmet, that is us, those people who are working on repairing the altar, those of us who are studying to show ourselves approved and looking at our sin nature and dealing with it, we are the ones that are working on the altar.


And the next phrase is, "...and He picked it up..." He caught them up, where? To the sixth center. It is talking about spiritual ascension. So it is talking about, after the Lord Jesus goes into Washington, He is fully aware of what is going on now, that is the time stamp, now. It is now, the crisis in the White House, He comes back to the men who are working on repairing the altar in themselves, and He raises them up. And I have a whole teaching there on the taking up of the serpents, and when the Fiery Serpent is ascended in Christ Jesus, she becomes the Seraphim. That man, that personality becomes the Seraphim, because the personality and the Fiery Serpent are one. The Fiery Serpent is the sexual organ of the personality.


So then on the next page, going on the next page, in the middle of the page, "I went back to where the horses were," this is the rest of the believers. See, there really is going to be a first fruits company, the first fruits company are the police officers in this dream, and the horses are the rest of the faithful who just may not be this far in the program yet. There are a lot of people out there, brethren, that for whatever reason, they are not called to what we are called to at this time, but there are a lot of people in this country that have faith in Jesus Christ, to the fullest degree that they are able for the condition that they are in, that their hope is in Him, and they are devoted to Him, a lot of people, brethren.


So He went back to where the horses were, and this is where it gets exciting. "I was told by someone that my plane ticket was ready..." Everything is ready for the ascension. You see, in this dream, I really have to go over it again, but it seems to me that the dreamer is going back and forth between being the glorified Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus in the individual, because they are really the same. Christ Jesus in the individual is the Lord Jesus Christ in another place. He is spread out all over the place, they are really one. So, His plane ticket is ready, that is the ascension. Remember, the heart center is the aerial center. The men who have ascended into their heart center at the time that this catching up comes, I mean I am not promising you, this is the way I see it now, I do not know who is going to get this message, it sounds like I am really preaching, I thought it was going to be a casual night, but it sounds like I am really preaching. It is my understanding now, and I do not have the last word on this, but if your consciousness has not pierced through to the heart center, at the moment that the public appearance of Christ Jesus occurs, you will not be caught up to the sixth center at that time.


But this is not to discourage you, it is also my understanding that that group of men who get caught up to the sixth center are going back for whoever did not make it on the first plane that took off. And I do not know where anybody is, I really just know where I am, I do not where you are, I would not even make a guess. But whichever way it is going to go, the Lord is not going to leave you unrewarded, I am convinced of that. So the heart center is the aerial center, that is where you take off from. You see, if you are in the heart center, and the call comes, the Lord Jesus Christ is entering into His Church -- now remember, the Lord Jesus Christ is a spirit these days, He is not a man like we are, and He is an energy stream, He is a river of life, so He enters into us through our etheric body. He enters into our energy centers, He comes down, He comes down, He descends from the higher planes, He passes through the astral plane and He enters into our energy centers, which are really in the etheric plane, they are not in our physical body.


So, He only goes down, this is my understanding right now, He will not go below the fifth center, He may not even go below the sixth center, I am not sure. I know He is in the seventh center; when He enters into us, He is in our seventh center, and we, who are in the heart center, we, who are at the airport, we take off in this plane, and He is coming down and we meet Him in the air. And the air is either the sixth center or the fifth center. But I do not believe that the glorified Jesus Christ comes down as low as the heart center, where I am now, I do not think He does. He is definitely in the seventh center.


We have to rise up and He has to come down, and somewhere in the middle, which is the sixth or the fifth center, we meet Him in the air, and He pulls us up. So I guess He comes into the sixth center, maybe we meet Him in the fifth center, because He pull us up to the sixth center. So, either He is going to meet us in the fifth center or halfway between the fourth and fifth center, but if you are not in the heart center, He cannot grab you. But there is always another plane, OK. Please, this is just such an exciting time, I do not want to discourage anyone with this message. If you do not get the first plane out of the air lift, you will be in the second plane, cause as soon as men, as soon as mortal men ascend, strength is imparted to the whole Church -- and I have been telling you here for years, I have some strength to catch you up, but I am not strong spiritually, compared to the Lord Jesus, I am not strong spiritually.


So you are all laboring with me for years, you are coming up, every one of you is coming up, everyone that I minister to in these meetings, and the ones who are not present in here, everybody is rising. So, I have something that I can give you, but it is taking a very long time. So, if somebody stands, anybody -- well, it looks like it is going to be me, but if it is not me, that is OK too, just let somebody stand, because the strength that comes out of the brow center will then imparted to the whole body of people who are waiting for Him. So do not be discouraged, do not let anything I say discourage you, please.


So, He was told by someone that His plane ticket was ready. Christ Jesus in the individual, His plane ticket is ready, He is going up. "I was asked by an officer, who I was sitting with about the ticket. I told him that I had to leave this weekend for a court appearance on Monday." Now, the significance of a court appearance is that you have to testify. This guy is a policeman, you come and you testify, policemen go to court and they testify against the criminal so that he should be convicted and go to jail, that is what the police officer does. So there was indictment coming. I do not know if indictment is the word, I do not know if there is a testimony against President Clinton coming, but I am convinced of it, and it is going to take place on a Monday, maybe it is this Monday. But the House has called -- I do not know what the exact word is, but they are called to order, they were supposed to vote on impeachment yesterday, but they did not because we started bombing Iraq, and the Democrats are fighting to put off the impeachment vote completely, which is ridiculous.


I was listening to the news earlier and someone was saying, Well, Clinton was impeached when we were at war with Vietnam. This just makes no sense at all, they are fighting with witchcraft power. So the House is going to do it anyway, and in the midst of the whole thing, they are attacking the new Speaker of the House. This country, you know, there are some strong men in Washington, but in my opinion. they will not stand without a supernatural interference; they will not stand. What is coming against this country right now is this intense wickedness.


And I will interrupt the dream to tell you this: did anyone hear on the news last night or the night before, I lose track of time, that some family somewhere in this general area that had a nativity scene out in their backyard, did you hear about that? Someone vandalized the nativity scene and stole the statue of baby Jesus. Now look, I do not believe in all this stuff, but to a lot of people, they cannot tell the difference between the true Christ and a statue, so it is important. So the statue of baby Jesus was gone, and then the next day, the statue appeared, hanging over the fence of these people, with tape on its mouth and a noose around its neck, and maybe some other vandalism that I do not remember. And they had this police officer, the TV station interviewed the police officer, and he was saying, Oh, I think it was kids. Well I do not think it was kids, because that sounded to me too much like Jehovah did to Dagon when the ark was in Dagon's temple.


Now if it was kids, it was kids who were completely taken over by Satanic mind. I do not think that it was just kids, not for a second do I think that it was just kids. And the spiritual urine, the spiritual filth, the diarrhea we found in another place in the Scripture that is pouring into this country today, wants to wipe out every last vestige of Christianity. It is pure paganism that is headed up by Satan, that is overflowing this nation, and you know what the saddest part of the whole thing is? That this is Noah's Flood and nobody even knows it. And the only ones that are in the ark (us)  -- it is not one big ark, everybody has the ark. Those who have the ark have the ark inside of them, and those of us who are being overcome by these waters, because we have the ark inside of us, are ascending. Because with this filth that is pouring in today, either you are going to go down under the filth, or you are going to ascend in Christ Jesus; there is no other choice, there is no other choice. There is a simple multiple choice. Either you are going to be overrun in your mind by Satan, or you are going to go up by supernatural power in Christ Jesus. But no one even knows that the floods are coming. Thank God for Jesus Christ.


So back to this dream. So the court appearance, he has to go to court to testify. "I was asked by an officer, who I was sitting with about the ticket, I told him that I had to leave this weekend for a court appearance Monday." Court appearance means to testify, but we do not know which Monday it means. But this is the spiritual trial before the judgment falls. There is never a judgment that is executed by Christ Jesus without a trial. Satan executes judgment without a trial. She will just come in and kill you if she can, or bring any kind of destruction into your life, when there is legal ground. When there is legal ground, when there is a hole in your hedge, she will just come in without warning and do her worst to you, but Jesus Christ does not execute judgment without spiritual trial.


"...and I have not flown on a plane since 1970." Does anybody have any remembrance of what happened in 1970?


COMMENT: The Holy Spirit was poured out.


PASTOR VITALE: The Latter Rain Movement, the Latter Rain Movement, yes. That was the beginning of the Latter Rain Movement, and it was as outpouring of the Holy Spirit, yes.


Now, the person who had this dream has no idea at all of any of this stuff. "I have not flown on a plane since 1970." Christ Jesus has not ascended since 1970. There is a time stamp on this dream, and it is just really exciting. "So he left the group where the horses were and he went into a cave." Now, at this point, I really did not work on this, I just put it in these few words to email it off to this person, who is, has not admitted to me, but I think they are so excited they cannot see straight, so I did not want them make them wait until tomorrow.


"I left the group where the horses were and I went into a cave..." The cave is the black hole of this world. He came back down into worldly pursuit. Remember, the sons of Zadok will ascend and descend. We are going to go up and down Jacob's Ladder, we are going to be in high spiritual planes to do ministry in Christ Jesus, and then we have to come down and talk to everyday people, and this whole world is in a cave. So he came down out of his high spiritual place into a cave, and he says, "I met my father, and we looked like twins," and I believe that is the glorified Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus. So the fact that they look like twins is very exciting because it means that Christ Jesus has fully matured in the saints that are ready.


"...and his father was the Chief Justice of the United States of the Supreme Court." Now, the Chief Justice sits in the trial in the Senate. So according to this dream, my perception is that the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus will be ruling through this man. Now, the extent of my understanding of it right now is that this will happen from a high spiritual plane. The way this works is that the double portion, that is the glorified Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus, this has to be manifesting through men. OK, let us say it is a group of believers, they are going to be sitting right in some secret place, physically speaking, nobody is going to know anything about it at all, and the Lord Jesus is going to capture Christ Jesus in them, and they are going to influence the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. And this kind, now if Satan does this kind of thing it is witchcraft, but if Jesus does it, it is legal.


So this Chief Justice is going to have the mind of Christ on him at this time. Now it is my understanding that it is a foregone conclusion that President Clinton will be impeached and that the trial will be as recently as January. That is my understanding. There is a time stamp on this dream. So that means that the group of people that are going to get caught up for this high ministry, to influence what is going on in our government in Washington, it will have to be by January, if that is when the trial in going to be.


"He was wearing a priestly robe, with a big fur-looking collar, he gave me a small one, we seemed to be one." This man, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will be under the anointing, under the control of Christ Jesus, they will be one. Now the dream gets very spiritual. "We appeared upon a battle..." Now this is, all of this is happening now in the believers who have repaired their helmet. There are going to be a group of people in whom the altar will be repaired. It means the Lord Jesus has descended with Christ Jesus in this group of men, and the full hour of eternal realm of Jehovah will be present to accomplish this purpose, and this purpose is to save this country from Satan.


"...and we appeared upon a battle. I saw some spiritual forms that did not have a physical body. They were all in a line, standing side by side." Now I find this so interesting, because when I came -- when the Lord called me twenty years ago, I, well my whole walk has been unusually violent, you know. I see the ministry that the Lord is bringing through me and now I understand it, but going back twenty years ago, I was just some little divorced woman, trying to raise my child, and survive, and I was sickly to boot. Life was very hard, and I could not figure out what was going in my life. But there was apparently a tremendous move in the spiritual plane, in the astral plane, to stop me right where I was twenty years ago, and I had no idea about it, I did not know anything from anything.


And Satan moved through a witch to put a curse on me, and I was seeing visions, and the vision that I saw was this line, it was this group of men, they looked humanoid, and they were wearing white sarongs, they looked like the kind of thing that the ancient Greek men wear. Maybe it would be called a tunic, it was like on one, it was off of one shoulder and it was white and it was short, and they were all blonde-haired and blue-eyed, and they were smiling, they were standing in a straight line, shoulder to shoulder. I really do not know how many of them there were, but there were a lot of them, and then every once in a while, this ugly dark purple non-humanoid entity was trying to break through their ranks, and I would see his head for a second, and they would push him back, and he kept trying to break through their ranks, and then finally he broke through.


Now, what is interesting is that at the time, I thought that they were angels. Now, I do not know, I cannot -- knowing everything I know about Greece, I do not think angels would appear wearing Greek tunics. I will have to really think about that, but that was my dream, whatever they were, they were spiritual beings. Whether they were of God or whether they were of the other side, they were spiritual beings, and they were standing in a straight line, shoulder to shoulder. And this is what this dream says, they were all in a line, standing side by side. Well, apparently they were supposed to be angels. I do not know why they would have appeared in Greek tunics to me, in those days, but this entity broke through and really, really scared me in those days.


I mean, I came into the kingdom with a crash, you know, with a big bang. And then after the entity broke there ranks, I saw them chasing the entity down the street, stoning it. And I think even the streets were paved with gold, so it was supposed to be heaven. It is possible that the Lord showed it to me in those days, when I had no spiritual knowledge at all, it is possible. But they appeared to be good, and I remember at the time, God help me, I was involved in Edgar Cayce. I believed that was God, you know, I was involved in Edgar Cayce, and I gave this dream, I told this woman who was in charge of the group, and she said to me, Oh, I do not believe angels would ever stone anybody. She had a pharisaical spirit.


"They were firing upon the people and my father and I ascended above them." Well, there are two different thoughts in that. We know that this country is under siege, we are definitely being fired upon. But what I find exciting about this, is that he says, "My father and I ascended above them." It was only a few weeks ago that I was giving you an exhortation on how the sons of God will overcome the powers and principalities of this world, and the answer is that they have to ascend above the astral plane. The powers and principalities of this world are in the astral plane, but the sons of God will ascend into the mental plane, which is higher than the astral plane, and the relationship between the ascended sons and the immortals, whether they are bodied or disembodied immortals in the astral plane, could be likened to the relationship between a parent and a child. It will not be an equal battle. We will have no trouble whatsoever putting everything in order when we ascend to that height.


What I told you at that time was that the battle, the battle is in ascending. Satan will do everything she can to stop us from getting to the heart center, from where the glorified Jesus Christ can lay hold of us, that is the fight piercing through into the heart center, and then holding your ground until the Lord Jesus comes to catch you up. But once we get up there, there is no more contest, there is no more contest, it is like a father to a child. Well, when we get up there, we will put everything in order. We are not going to get up there and start firing on people. When we ascend into the mental plane of Christ Jesus, what we do, is to put the minds of people in right order.


You see, the only reason this condition is existing is because all of the uncovered people are being prophesied through by the evil angels. So your head has to be covered because of the angels, but this country is not covered anymore. The cover came off of this country the day that we took prayer out of the school. So the country from the national governmental level is uncovered, and we have become female, as a nation. We have become female. So when the sons of God ascend into the mental plane, what we do is cover the woman, and then she starts to think with a right mind. This is what Jesus did for the Gaderene demoniac. He literally entered into the spiritual being or the etheric body of this Gaderene demoniac and covered His mind, because Satan was fully manifesting through the man's mind, and as soon as Jesus covered him with His own spirit -- see, the Scripture says the man was sitting up and in his right mind. Jesus covered him. That is what we are going to do.


We are here to show people their sins so that they can resist them, but we are really not here to punish, Satan is the one who punishes. The son of God who is speaking for Christ Jesus will show you your wrong thinking and will give you an alternative course, and you choose. And if you choose the counsel of Christ, you will walk in safety, if you do not, the dog gets you. The Lord does not punish you, the Lord Jesus is not punishing you, there is a mad dog outside of the city. But when it comes to the New Jerusalem, the dog is outside, but the only way that you can stay inside the New Jerusalem is to follow the counsel of Christ and have the very mind of Christ developed in you. Now if for any reason you are deceived into believing that the counsel that you hear from a mortal man is not Christ, when it really is Christ; assuming it really is Christ, if you are deceived into believing that it is not Christ, and you go and do the other thing, Jesus is not punishing you, but the dog is going to bite you, the dog is going to bite you!


There is a mad dog outside the city. So that is what the sons of God are going to do. We are not going to punish anybody. We will reveal sin in the people for the specific purpose of strengthening them with the truth to overcome their own frailties which is legal ground for Satan to kill them with. Did you hear that? I am going to say that again.


The sons of God reveal sin in the individual and give them an alternative way of thinking and behaving, so that if they choose to follow after the counsel of Christ Jesus, it will seal off an area in them which is a legal ground for the dog to bite them. And you could be inside of the city in certain areas and outside of the city in other areas. That is a big mystery, you see, because our spiritual being is like water, it is flowing in more than one direction. So the fact that you are sitting in a meeting like this does not mean that you are in the city, but yet part of you might be in the city, but all of you is not in the city. How do I know that? Because sometimes you get sick, and sometimes you are defeated in your warfare with other personalities. So all of you is not gathered into the city yet. For all of you to in-gathered into the city you have to be up in the brow center. So all of us are divided, we are all double-minded men at this time. So this is the high experience of whoever the Lord Jesus is going to manifest in.


"My father and I ascended into the mental plane," ascended higher than the minds of the men that are destroying this nation. And I will not even trying to, they are bringing down this nation.


"...and looked behind their heads." To look behind is talking about the unconscious mind. So we see that the ascended sons of God are dealing with the unconscious minds of the spiritual criminals in this country. And we know that the unconscious mind of the spiritual criminal is Satan. So this means that this ministry is not to the personality, this ministry is not to the conscious mind of the man, or even the subconscious mind of the man. When the sons of God ascend, we are going right to the root of the trouble, which is Satan in their unconscious mind. She has to be sealed off, the toilet us backing up, and there is filth all over the floor, and it is even leaking out of the bathroom and it is on the rugs, and it is touching all of the furniture of the house, including the household of God. The cesspool has to be covered, and that is what the sons of God are going to do. They are not hurting anybody, they are not ascending into the brow center to hurt people, they are ascending into the brow center to seal off Satan in their life. Because everybody that does evil is spiritually insane. As soon as Satan is cut off, you will not want to do evil anymore.


"The spiritual form that was in the one and the two positions (I guess he means the first and the second positions), had half a mind on the left side of their head." Well, what that says to me, is that is just another witness that it is Satan, because Satan is the partial tree, the whole tree is the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Life is the mind of God in the individual. So to have half a mind means that they were the partial tree, and I think the number one and the number two position is talking about Satan, the spirit of Satan, and then the carnal mind that is raised up in the individual. These people are moving, these people that are, I cannot condemn all of the Democrats, but these people that are out to bring the Republicans down, to utterly destroy them, are moving in a high level of witchcraft. You have to understand this.


Satan from beyond them, OK, actually it is, actually according to the teaching here, the Fiery Serpent in them has ascended and made contact with Leviathan, who is in the subconscious plane, and there is so much spiritual activity that Satan has risen to high heights. Satan is the fruit of this union, this unholy union between the Fiery Serpent in the individual and Leviathan. They are moving in high spiritual power, these people. I do not know how many of them know it, especially the ones that are politicians, my guess would be they do not know it. My guess would be, no they are not worshiping Satan, they are not Satan worshipers, but they are greedy, and they have given in to their greed, and they have made compromises that they should not have made, for power and for money, and at some point their conscience became seared, and Satan has an open channel. She goes right through, they have sold their soul for spiritual power, and they have ascended into the heart center without Christ Jesus, and Leviathan just dips down and has intercourse with the Fiery Serpent in these men whenever she wants, and Satan is generated in high power. That is what is happening.


That is what has happened to them. My opinion is they do not even know what has happened to them. What is coming to my mind right now is that this is the condition of Isaac. I hope He let us us finish that series of Jacob and Isaac's blessing. It is so exciting, I have not preached the end of it to you, but it shows that Isaac, when it is revealed to Isaac that his thinking was all wrong, that he was choosing the wrong son, he becomes terribly agitated. And actually what happened was that Jacob went in and sealed off Satan in Isaac's mind, and he woke like a man out of a deep sleep, saying, What have I done? That could happen to all of these men. This is not way out.


When I was in Africa, I heard a story from somebody, about a man who came under the power of a witch. She wanted to live with him, or marry him, maybe they were married, I do not remember, and she kept this illusion on him, this curse on him, for twenty five years. They had a family together, they had children. And after twenty five years, I guess she figured she could let her guard down. Well, as the delusion wore off of him, he woke up in bed one morning and looked at his wife of twenty five years and said, Who are you? And what are these children, and what am I doing here? And when he realized what had happened, he got up and left.


Brethren, this is real. It was on the news right here in New York, a couple of weeks ago, that a man was selling drugs, a Nigerian man was on trial in the United States for selling drugs, and his defense was he was living with this woman, he was living with a witch, that is the words he used, "I was living with a witch, and she wanted more money and put this spell on me to go out to sell drugs and get money." And of course the commentator that was reporting the news did not believe it, you know, and he said, Well, the judge put him in jail." I think the man should have gone to jail, but I think the story was probably true.


See, not only do certain people have very strong minds, but people who are very spiritual are very susceptible to domination by people with strong minds. So if you have a strong mind, you better serve Jesus or you are going to find yourself in some painful situations, why? Because Jesus will punish you? No, because if you are ascended in the Serpent, Satan will get you, why? Because you left the city and the dog will bite you. Jesus is standing here saying, "I am safety, I am the city of refuge, rush in here and I will protect you." Now if you thumb your nose at him and you say no, and the dog bites you, He is not going to go get you when you yell. It is the truth.


So the spiritual form that was in the first and the second positions, that is Satan's spirit, that would be Leviathan in the number one position and the ascended Fiery Serpent in the second position, "...had half a mind...," they were the partial tree, they were Satan. "..they were on the left side of the head, the other nine had no mind." So apparently there were eleven people. I do not know what that means. "The other nine had no mind." That means that nine out of eleven people, if this represents human beings, it is probably just symbolic numbers, so you could look at the proportion, nine out of eleven, that is a pretty high proportion, have no minds at all, they are being dominated by this high spiritual mind, nine out of eleven.


"I was told that the form that was in the second place was out of alignment." Now, that is interesting, the form that was in the second place was out of alignment. Now I said the first place was Leviathan, and the one that was in the second place was the Fiery Serpent ascended without Christ Jesus into the heart center. When the Fiery Serpent ascends into the heart center without Christ Jesus, she is committing adultery with Leviathan. The Fiery Serpent ascends in either one of two conditions, either she is married to Christ Jesus in the individual or she is not. If the Fiery Serpent, our spiritual virginity ascends married to Christ Jesus, the glorified Jesus Christ will join with Christ Jesus and the Fiery Serpent in the personality will do into true timeline. But if the Fiery Serpent ascends without Christ Jesus, she enters into an adulterous affair with Leviathan.


So these nine out of eleven had no mind, their mind; what kind of mind did they have?, they had no more conscious mind. You may remember that the conscious mind is the veil, is the maidenhead that veils our spirituality. This goes back about the year when we preached "The Smoke Covered The Air". Our conscious mind is our veil that blocks our spirituality, it is a grace of God that our spirituality should be suppressed until Christ is raised in us, you see. So they had no conscious mind, that means their maidenhead was dissolved, and they were fully active in spiritual sexual life, and the only mind that could be seen -- you see, when your conscious mind dissolves, when your maidenhead dissolves and you become spiritual, you no longer have a conscious mind. It is either Christ Jesus living through you or Satan living through you, the conscious mind is gone, you are one or the other.


You see, for the whole time that your conscious mind is veiling your spirituality, you are a spiritual virgin. Well, that is not even right, it has not yet been determined whether you are male or female. For the whole time that your conscious mind is veiling your spirituality, you are like an embryo in a human woman's womb. We do not know whether that very same embryo can differentiate into a female or a male, we do not know what we are going to be, so long as we are not spiritual. But once you become spiritual, your carnal mind dissolves and you become the mind that you are. So you either become Christ Jesus, the mind that is manifesting through you, the male organ that is penetrating you, you become your husband. Before you become spiritual, you are a spiritual virgin, you are like a child, like a young girl, but everyone is about to be penetrated by a spiritual male, and when you are penetrated by that spiritual male, you become the spiritual male, there is no longer any difference between you and the male, you are completely penetrated by the spiritual male, you are one. So either you become Christ Jesus or you become Satan. So they had no mind, they were completely penetrated and possessed by, completely possessed by the Serpent. It is happening right now. 


"I was told that the form that was in the second place was out of alignment." So the form that is in the second place is the Fiery Serpent. The form that is in the first place is Leviathan, and the form that is in the second place is the Fiery Serpent that is ascended into the heart center without Christ Jesus. She is out of alignment, she is not supposed to be in the heart center, you see. Leviathan cannot have spiritual intercourse with a Fiery Serpent that is down in the root center. It is her condition of virginity. So she is out of alignment. Now, this goes along with the teaching in the book "Sick of the Palsy," if any of you ever read it. I know it is a very hard book, if you have not read it, I recommend that you try, you do not have to tell me whether you did or not, but ask the Lord to help you to understand it, and then, you do not even have to read the book in one day, you know, read a page a day, it is a very important message, it is a very important message.


The basic message is this, that we have a spiritual virginity, that when she ascends outside of Christ Jesus makes us a very evil person, and Jesus' ministry to someone in that condition is to cause the Fiery Serpent to descend and go back down into the root center. That is His ministry to the evil man. That is what He did for the Gaderene demoniac. He evicted the Fiery Serpent from the heart center, and when she descends, all of the powers and principalities that she is sustaining in that ascended condition, die. That is what Jehovah did through Moses for the Hebrews that were ascended in Egyptian mystery religion. He broke their power, and they complained about this light bread. They missed spiritual experiences.


"I was told that the form that was in the second place, that is the Fiery Serpent, was out of alignment." She should not be in the heart center. "If the one in the ninth position covering the ones that do not have a mind it will be a power force upon the people." I am not sure what he means there, but what I think he meant to say, is that if the tenth and eleventh ones were covering the ones in the ninth lower positions.... "..it will be a power force upon the people." His English is not too good here, but what I think he is saying is that Christ Jesus has to cover these nine ones that have no conscious mind.


See, if you want to give the example of this world, they have lost their spiritual virginity, and they have been overcome with lust, and they have become harlots. That is the example, the parable of this world. So Christ Jesus has to come in, He has to cover them, He has to give them a new maidenhead, and He is their new maidenhead. He breaks the connection between the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan, forces the Fiery Serpent back down into the root center and covers her over so that she cannot ascend. That is Satan being forced into the bottomless pit of Revelation 21. Now, it is not that simple! All of these people thinking about these poetic interpretations that there is some great place called Hell, and this evil angel called Satan is locked up in jail and banging trying to get out. No, it is the Fiery Serpent in you and me. It is our spirituality, if it is ascended outside of Christ Jesus, that is being put right back down into the bottomless pit.


You know, in the Book of Revelation, in the King James translation, it says, She is put in that bottomless pit for a season. Does not it say for a season? I always wondered why for a season? She is only put down there until Christ Jesus joins with her, see, she will be allowed to ascend, she will be allowed to experience spiritual sex, but only after she is first joined to Christ Jesus, so that when she ascends she will go towards the Lord Jesus instead of Leviathan. So you see, every believer in the Church who is ascending without Christ Jesus is ascending into the timeline where Leviathan is waiting for them. I do not have any argument with anybody. Anybody raeding this message, you better find out whether you are ascending in Christ Jesus or not, because if you are not, you are going to be facing Leviathan, not me. I am not here to punish anybody or stop anybody or restrain anybody, I am a dispenser of knowledge and truth, which is in Christ Jesus.


So I have reached out to a lot of people over the years who have rejected this message. I am not going after anybody, but if you have rejected this message and you are ascending, then you are ascending all by yourself, there is some big devil waiting for you. So you look at all of these people, they are men, physical men and physical women that are demonizing the people, the Republicans who are trying to live by their conscience. Well, you say to me, They sure look OK to me. Well, they are OK now, but they surely reap what they have sown, and their children and their grandchildren and their great grandchildren will surely reap great hardship for the great evil that they have done. Am I threatening anybody? I am not threatening anybody. Am I prophesying doom on them? No I am not! I am a prophet, I am telling you what is waiting for descendants of these people. It is the truth, it is not a threat, with only one exception, that someone will cry out to Jesus Christ and repent, but even then, breaking the curses, they will go through hell before the curse is broken. I am telling you, I am talking to you as someone who has come out of a heavily cursed family. I do not know what we did in a past generation to bring the curses that are on my family. I go back and forth between wanting to know and not wanting to know. Yes, Jesus will answer your cry when you repent, but it is hell getting fixed.


So the nine people who did not have a mind were covered by Christ Jesus. "I was told that we must destroy them before they reached that position." Oh, maybe I misunderstood what he said here. Maybe he is saying that the nine, maybe he is saying there was a union coming between the nine people that had no minds, and the first and second position, and that when that union took place, they would be a powerful force. I think I got it wrong the first time. He is talking, I will have to pray about it, it may not be exact there, but he is talking about a company of men going into a full stature of evil, that is what he is talking about.


"...we had to, I was told that we must destroy them before we reach that position." Oh, so I got it wrong the first time. These nine mindless men are close to being possessed by it. I am sure nine is just a symbolic number. There is a company of men out there that are eligible, that are spiritually prepared to enter into a full stature of evil, and that we had to stop that before this happened. That is the meaning of this dream here. I believe that Christ Jesus is fully able to defeat a company of men in a full stature of evil, He did it with the Philistines, but apparently, thank God, He has chosen to not let it get to that condition.


You know, you have to realize that this could be thousands of people, this number of nine could be typifying thousands of people. This can be talking about thousands of people. So the Lord is saying, Of course I could stop it, once you ascend into full stature. And most likely. it is my understanding, I could be wrong, that the personalities that ascend into a full stature evil will not survive, but they will have to be destroyed like the Philistines were wiped out. I could be wrong, but that is my understanding. So the reason that the Lord Jesus is coming now to stop this before maybe thousands of people get caught up into a full stature of evil, or maybe millions, what do I know, is to save the personalities of those people, to stop them from going past the point of no return.


And then the next, the last phrase is, "...we fired upon them." They were destroyed. Well, this dream is symbolic, and I believe that it was a spiritual weapon that went forth, there was a spiritual weapon that went forth, that the firing was upon the powers and principalities, I believe that the firing broke the connection between the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan. You know, I am going to have to pray about this, but what is coming to me now, and this makes sense to me, that there are -- well, this does make sense that this group that is on TV and hammering away with all of these lies and all of this witchcraft, it is the man in the street that is being seduced that Jesus is coming to save. These people know exactly what they are doing and they are going to have to reap what they sow, or whatever is going to happen to them, but Jesus is coming. He is going to stop it right now before the man in the street is possessed.


I gave you two examples at the beginning of this message, the weak minded people are beginning to be influenced towards violence. So the nine people that have no minds must signify the people that are being influenced by the group of people that are manifesting this evil. We are in a lot of trouble, but thank God, Jesus is not going to abandon us. I had that word on me very strongly on me, and this dream is a real encouragement to me, and as I told you at the beginning of this message, there is a time stamp on it. I think it really has to happen if not soon, if this testimony that is against Clinton does not have to do with what is happening in the House of Representatives right now, then it will be in January, when the trial comes. So it is like real soon.


So the ascension could be at any moment. Is not that exciting? Does anybody have any comments?


COMMENT: I was thinking, when we prayed for you Sunday night, remember the word that came forth was "nine, nine, nine?" And now I am also thinking 1999, and the number nine means judgment.


PASTOR VITALE: I thought I heard from someone that means Satan. Did you ever hear that?


COMMENT: No, and something else that caught my mind on the previous page, the garment had the fur collar around it, and you always refer to Satan as the dog, and I just heard a documentary about over in China, they have millions of cats and dogs that they skin alive in the most horrible way in which they kill them. And the Burlington Coat Factory, they have them all around the collars, and they just put them out of the store, when they found out what it was. Dogs and cats around the collars, it is a dog, it made me think of Satan. And some of the dogs, I am just thinking now, they use to hang them by the noose, so they could preserve the fur. That makes me think of Satan choking off.


COMMENT: I had a couple of things, when you said on the top of this last page, "He appeared upon a battle, I saw some spiritual forms. They did not have physical body, they were all in line standing side by side." What came to me was spiritual thought forms and standing in line, everyone was in agreement that they are minds were controlled, that they would not go against it because they are all, it is like a command from Satan or the Fiery Serpent.


Then the other thing when you talked about the statue of baby Jesus, found with the mouth gagged, it was like, the word that I got was it was symbolic of gagging the manchild, yeah, that was the word. Then there was one other thing, the airport, the word that I got was the Mount of Olives.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I do not know, it could be, it could be. We know that the brow center is Mount Zion, so it could be. You know it really could be the Mount of Olives because the heart center, that is the visible world where the Tree of Life is, and we know that the Tree of Life is an olive tree. So that really could be that the heart center is the Mount of Olives. I had a revelation a few months ago that each of the higher centers is named as a mountain, and I did a brief study, I looked up all of the words, all of the names of the mountains in the Old Testament, but I could not, there were more mountains, there are more mountains named in the Old Testament than there are energy centers. So some of them were negative, so I imputed some of them to the Serpent's timeline, but even so, there were too many mountains for this theory. So I never mentioned it to any of you because I felt, and I still feel I do not have the revelation, but this is, that is very interesting. I know that the brow center is Mount Zion, and the heart center is the Mount of Olives, that is very interesting.


COMMENT: And when they were all in line, the word that I got was I guess it was the opposite of Ezekiel's army.


PASTOR VITALE: You mean Ezekiel 1, his glorified man.


COMMENT: Yes, but I am saying it is the opposite, so it would be the enemy doing just what God's army would be doing.


PASTOR VITALE: Very interesting. So now the question is, if the heart center is the Mount of Olives, is it the Lord Jesus or is it Christ Jesus landing on the Mount of Olives, because the Scripture says He is going to land with His feet, and cleave it in half, so I think it would be Christ ascending, Christ ascending coming up from underneath landing in the heart center, and cleaving it in to the left and the right side of the heart center. We had a whole teaching on that, is not that interesting, yeah, it is an interesting word. Anybody else?


COMMENT: You were talking about a flood coming in, I do not know if it was into the Democrats or whatever it was, but it just brought me to the Scripture Revelation12:15, and it said, "And the serpent cast out of  mouth water as a flood after the woman, that He might cause be carried away of the flood."


PASTOR VITALE: That is a very interesting word. I guess the Lord gave you that, that is very interesting because my recollection of the Scripture, or at least of the King James translation of it is, that this happens after the manchild is born, that after the manchild is born, Satan, who is the flood of waters, goes after the female, goes after the woman. Well, I always thought of that as Satan going after the female Church. Oh, not the female Church, after the manchild is born, Satan goes after the woman, the woman is the Fiery Serpent. So Satan sends her flood of waters, that is, waters is spiritual power, so Satan sends her flood of waters towards the Fiery Serpents of all of the members of humanity, to raise up an army unto herself to fight off the sons of God, and that what the Lord is saying to me now is this is exactly what is happening.


The manchild is born, he is manifested in the earth. Now, he is not married to Christ, as far as I know, he is not married to the Lord Jesus above yet, but Christ Jesus is manifesting right here. He has been manifesting for years already, He is doing, He is manifesting. He is born, and the next step is that Satan goes out like a flood to seduce the Fiery Serpent in all of the human beings in the world, for the specific purpose of possessing all of the people of mortal humanity to use their vessels against the men who the son of God is manifesting in, and it is happening right before our very eyes. So that was a word of knowledge that you had, that is a witness to what is happening in this country.


I do not, I could be wrong about this, but I do not think that this is going on all over the world right now; I think it is going on largely in the United States. We are, we seem to be the nation of God. You know, when the teaching first went out, when I was still a disciple, that the United States is the modern day Israel, I really never received it. And maybe I did not receive it because of the way that they were teaching it at that time, and I do not even remember how they were teaching it, but there was a whole big doctrine associated with it, that I think was not the truth. But sitting here now, I believe that the United States, at the very least, it is the Israel of God. And I think that we have every reason to believe that the ten tribes, the ten tribes had to go somewhere, so it may very well be true that they are in the Christian nations, and the Christian nations are the European nations. So the United States is largely where Israel is today. So I do not think it is going on in the whole world, it is going on in Israel, even if it is spiritual, it is going on in the Church, it is going on where Christ is. Christ is not in, I am sorry if you are reading this message and this offends you, but Christ is not in Hinduism, and He is not in Islam, and He is not in Buddhism, He is in the Church, as corrupt as the Church may be. He is in the Church, and He is in the Christian nations, and the United States is the head of the Christian nations, but the head has fallen down, He has become a woman, as a nation He has become a woman.


But the manchild is within the woman. He is going to be born, He is not only going to be born out of the female spirit of the individual, the female personality of the individual, but the manchild is going to be born out of Israel. He is going to appear in this nation, He is not going to appear in the Fiji Islands. Messiah is coming forth in Israel, and He is coming forth in the hour of crisis. Every time Israel has ever been in crisis and cried out to God, He has raised up a judge. I preached this years ago, Christ Jesus, the Judge of Israel. The next judge to appear in Israel is the judge that will be the permanent judge, that will be the Eternal Judge, Christ Jesus in the sons of God, and it looks like this could really be it, 999, 1999, is not that exciting?


Well it is exciting, but yet it is scary because, as I told you at the beginning of this message, I do not know what it means. I do not how it will affect our lives, I do not know what it will be like, but it is exciting. Anybody else?




Father, in the name of Jesus, we confess that this nation has done great evil in many areas, but we have also done some good and we have called ourselves a Christian nation for many years, Lord. And we just pray that you forgive the sins of this nation, Lord, and that You restore us to righteousness, oh God, that you preserve the law ahead of democracy in the world, Lord, that has been given over to spiritual filth and witchcraft. We repent of worshiping Satan, Lord, and of denigrating Your name, and of being so lifted up in pride Lord that we think we know better than You. We pray that You bring this nation into order, Lord, that You cover over, that You cast Satan down into the pit, Lord, and that You seal it over, Father. We pray that the lightning that is prophesied in Revelation in 20 or 21, that the lightning come down from heaven and force Satan back down into the pit. And we thank You, Father for the privilege of being Your people, Lord, and we thank You for Your mercy and for all of the wonderful things that You do for us, Lord. And we confess our personal sins, Lord, and we pray that You help us to overcome them, Lord, and that whatever Your will is for us, Lord, whatever our part is, whatever our role is in this war that is raging in the heavenlies, we pray that it should be clear to us that we should be faithful in our assignment, Lord. And we just put down all pride that is not happy with our position and that seeks another position. We pray that Your purposes should be the only purposes in our heart, Lord.


6/1/18 - 1st Edit, rh

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