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Praise the Lord, brethren, I would like to give you two testimonies that I have about ministry, how I minister. OK? And I am hoping that this will be an example to you of how Christ Jesus ministers because it is the exact opposite of what the church world is doing, but it is the supernatural ministry of Christ Jesus.


If you want to be the personality through whom He walks and talks and reaches out to people you have to die to everything that your carnal mind thinks a Christian should be. You just live your life, you serve God in every way you can. When I say you serve God that does not mean outside. See, the ministry to Christ Jesus goes within. He is inside of you. So if you want to minister to Christ inside of you, He is the manchild that is inside of you. He is a spiritual fetus, Christ inside of you. So if you want to minister to Christ you have to feed the baby.


When I say baby I am not talking about a baby Jesus type thing. He is the baby or the infant Son of the Lord Jesus Christ which means He is greater than anyone of us or any human being could ever hope to be in our humanity. We are carrying inside our womb a spiritual infant of an order which is far superior to that of mortal humanity, and He needs to be fed. So that means that the true ministry to Christ Jesus and on behalf of Christ Jesus is to Christ Jesus or to Christ where ever He is appearing. The ministry is to Christ so if you are taking your energy....believe me I am not knocking anybody, there are people in different places in the church. Right now I am talking to the people who are pregnant with Christ.


I know that the church world, the bride church, gives out tracts and I am not telling them to stop doing it. My whole purpose in this message is to tell you that there are two ministries in the church. There is the bride ministry, and it is what the spiritual females, the children, do. And there is the male ministry, the ministry of the bridegroom.


Once Christ is conceived in you, you are a member of the bridegroom company, but it is very possible to be a member of the bridegroom company and to continue to do what the bride does. Most believers who do this....do what? Most believers who are pregnant with the manchild and still act like the bride....when you are pregnant with the manchild that does not mean you are a woman. That means you become a spiritual man. The manhood of Christ gives you the opportunity, you the personality, to be a spiritual male if you will agree with the mind of this spiritual fetus in you. But most believers do not even understand that they are pregnant, and even if they were to understand that they were pregnant without the training that is coming forth in the earth today which is only coming forth in a few....It still racks my mind to think that this could be the only place....maybe it is coming forth in some hidden places elsewhere, I do not know, but, in general, this training is not coming forth in the church.


The people who are pregnant with Christ do not know what to do. They do not know what to do, and our personality which is Cain has to be trained to submit to the Christ within who is still, spiritually speaking, just an infant and is not forcing us to do anything. It must be a conscious choice to choose Him over our carnal mind, to stop doing the works of the bride church, and to start ministering in Christ which means, first and foremost, the Christ within you. And He is hungry. He needs the Word of God, and as you study and expose yourself to this Word you feed Him and your personality cleaves unto Christ, and both Christ and your personality are being trained up in the Word. That is the way it works.


It is difficult to minister in Christ Jesus if your carnal mind is still alive and well. Even for me, sometimes it is very difficult because you just have to humble yourself....your carnal mind cannot show. Your carnal mind is your female spiritual sex organ so if you are going out to minister you are supposed to be covered. That female sex organ is supposed to be covered, and what that means is you are supposed to be very quiet unless Christ moves in you.


I am so quiet when I meet new people that they get a completely false impression of me, but I am not being deceptive. I am not being deceptive, I am just doing what the Lord has....He is not moving, and I am not moving. I will respond to people if they say something to me. I will respond to them, but I find that most people, when I meet them for the first time, especially Christians, actually I am talking about Christians now, when I meet Christians for the first time invariably....brethren, there is so much pride in the church, and, believe me, I have been there, and I still have a lot of pride, but I think I am a lot more broken than a lot of people. We are just pride, the very fabric of our being is pride. So the issue is to what degree is Christ rising in us, and to what degree is our personality rejecting what we are and submitting to Him?


It is very hard to be quiet, but as I was saying I think without exception, I cannot even think of any exception of me meeting another Christian that they do not think they are sent to minister to me. I cannot think of an exception. If there is an exception the Lord will have to remind me. Everyone I have ever met....it is really humorous, it is not a mocking....the church is just immature, it is very funny the way all of these Christians are moving in witchcraft to minister to everybody they can lay their hot little hands on. It is really funny except that it is not funny to the people who are being pursued. It is funny from this perspective that I am trying to show you that it is humorous just like children are humorous, but it is really not funny. It is not funny that the people of God are moving in witchcraft, and it is not funny that the people who are not in Christ who need the ministry of Christ are being driven away because of the pride of the church. That is not funny.


If you look at the church with the eyes of the spirit that they really are just young, as far as the Lord goes, they are very young believers, no matter how many years they have been in the church. From that point of view it is funny, but it is not funny. So when I first meet somebody I am quiet like a mouse. Sometimes people think there is something wrong with me. I am not doing it deliberately, but I just know that I am not to strive with people, and if they think they are supposed to minister to me I usually let them minister to me. I am very quiet, and what I have seen happen a lot, but just in this last couple of weeks Ihave seen this happen in two instances, and I feel that the Lord wants me to share it with you.


In both of these instances I was very quiet. I let both people minister to me, I let their pride manifest, I let them think that they were very knowledgeable, and in one case it was a pastor across the street, but there was not a doubt in her mind....you see, with the pastor across the street she is a very spiritual woman, and she knew that it was no accident that I walked in there which it was not. God sent me, she was right, but she drew the conclusion, the whole congregation which was very small drew the conclusion that I was there for help. You cannot draw conclusions. I tell you the truth.


In the early years of my ministry when I was really a desperate person, God is sustaining me to such a degree that I do not even think I could survive without Him. I was so broken, and He did not put my broken pieces back together again, but He joined Himself to me. So He is so much a part of me I would literally die if He ever withdrew. I was a very broken person, had a very hard life, physically and emotionally hard life, and I remember those days where any church that I went to the first thing on my mind was me, and I wanted to know....I was sick.


You can really understand where I was coming from, I was sick, there were so many things wrong with me, I was dying. Is there healing for me here tonight? Is there a word of knowledge here for me tonight? Is there a prophecy here for me tonight? I was a desperate person, and slowly when I was still desperate the Lord started showing me, Sheila you are not here to receive a blessing. You are the blessing. I did not send you to this church to have someone pray for you. You are the blessing, and it was very, very hard for me to believe that because it was something ungodly that wanted all of this attention, if that is the word you want to call it.


I was desperate, and finally I got it through my head that it is not likely for me to get ministry when I go into a church; although, it is possible, but if it is possible and I do get ministry when I go into a church there is always ministry from me. It may be both ways, but it is never, at least where I am now and where I have been for the last few years, never ever, ever do I go anywhere that there is not ministry from me to the people that the Lord sends me to, whether they perceive the ministry, whether I outright pray for them, or whether it is just silent prayer because that is the office that I am in. Again, this is where He brought me to. This is not pride, this is truth. I am telling you the truth.


I know that anybody that comes into my life I have something for them, but because of the condition of the church everybody thinks they have something for me. So what am I going to do? Fight with them, strive with them as to who is going to do all the talking? No, my lips are sealed. It is not my doing, it is the Lord in me, I am very quiet. I can sit listening to people for up to 3-4 hours at a time, and I want you to know that I really listen to everything that they say. I am not just paying them lip service saying, well when you finish I am going to talk.


I really listen to them, and I will tell you that sometimes frequently I have to rebuke my pride. I tell you that openly. It is very hard, it is very hard, so when I sit there silently what I do is rebuke my own pride saying, down, down, down dog, down, and I also say, Lord what ever you have for me to say today I am willing to say it, you have to stop that other person from talking if you have something for me to say. Frequently, there is nothing for me to say. But what the Lord has shown me and is so interesting to me....of course, the ministry the Lord has given to me, the spiritual ministry, I am not talking about public teaching ministry, but the spiritual ministry which is really an undercover ministry because nobody knows who you are. They cannot tell who you are by looking at you, they are not even trying, and they just look at this outer shell.


Everybody, people in the world and people in the church, there is no difference, they look at this outer shell, and they draw their conclusions about you. Now some people who are a little on the spiritual side might change their mind after they talk to me, but not very much. Most people base their decision upon the way, not just me, but on the way we all look. You cannot be a spiritual person and base your decision on the way people look. Now I am guilty of it, but we have to be aware of the seduction of the physical appearance. The way we find out who we are talking to or who we are with is to listen to what they have to say, but even more than so you ask the Lord. If your discernment is not yet mature enough for you to recognize where a person is spiritually then you ask the Lord. He will tell you if you are willing to humble yourself and admit that we are still so blind.


With all the discernment that I have I am very blind. So if I am blind, where are you? At least the Lord has brought me to a place that I know when I meet somebody right away I am wondering who they are, what they are, what God has for us or does not have for us. It is not at all likely for me to meet a new person and just think it is an accident, that I met somebody's relative, and isn't that nice that that happened.


So if you want to go on with God, if you want a spiritual ministry, you have to come out of this because it is very human, and it is more female than it is male. Men size each other up so, once again, you have to decide what you are going to be, a spiritual male or a spiritual female. Are you going to be a nice lady who just greets everybody and is having a good time. You can have a good time, but your processor back here is not supposed to ever stop working. But it is not supposed to be working as, can I teach her? Can I teach her? It has to be a death of your personality and a commitment to the Lord Jesus to be a vessel for Him to move through. It is a radical difference. You have to die, and, basically, my ministry is very laid back, very laid back.


Well, I had these two experiences. One, there was a church, they are not a new church, but they just rented new quarters across the road from me, and I felt to go there and take a look. It turned out to be a woman pastor that had touched me 17 years ago when I was still a young disciple. There was something about her that just touched me, and she is ministering in this small church across the street with her husband, but he preaches on Sunday and she preaches on Wednesday. So I have never heard him preach, he seems like a very nice man, but I cannot see any anointing on him at all. Maybe he works it up when he preaches, I do not know, but she is very anointed.


See, when you are really anointed you are not just anointed in the pulpit, you are anointed all the time. Whenever people talk to you they should be able to perceive something of the anointing on you. Of course, the anointing rises and the anointing falls, and I could be more anointed when I am preaching the Doctrine of Christ, but the anointing is on you all the time. So if you look at somebody, and they are dead the chances of them coming alive when they are in the pulpit are very small. He is a very nice man, but I am telling you the truth, you see. You are supposed to know the truth about ourselves.


We are supposed to know who we are, we are supposed to know when we are Christ and when we are Satan so that we can beat up Satan, and we are supposed to know who everybody else is. And we are supposed to have some idea of what we can expect of them. Well I walked into this church, and everybody thought I needed help. Do I look like I need help? Do I look needy? I guess you do not know because you have this relationship with me all these years, and you do not look at me like other people look at me. But I do not think it was just me.


I think it is the mentality in the church, they just think that anybody walking through the door is somebody on the street that needs help, and after the service the pastor called an altar call. He took out the oil. I said to the Lord, do you want me to go for prayer? And there was no answer so I did not go, and to be honest with you I did not realize at the time that he had called the altar call just for me. Well, there was somebody else there that needed prayer too. Well I believe that I am sent to this woman. She has tremendous faith and tremendous love for the Lord and for the Body of Christ, and from what I could see she is very much involved in recognizing her faults and trying to change. But she has a way to go, but you cannot ask for more than that.


Jesus does not ask for more than that, that if you are seriously, seriously willing to hear anybody tell you what you are doing wrong, even if they are in the wrong spirit. I heard Charles Stanley preach on that once, and I never forgot it. I have not listen to him preach in a long time, but he really touched me with that. He said the sign of a true humble spirit is that even if somebody criticizes you in a wrong spirit if you can go before the Lord and say, Lord is it true? Because if what they said is true I need to know it.


So, in that degree she is very humble. She is really trying, and the first time I went she had a word of knowledge that I had a word. She did not know I wrote books, but I also preach. It is not just the books, I am a Living Epistle. I could tell by the way she looked at me that she thought I was this quiet little troubled person, and I came back the second time, and it is in the Bible that your mouth is sealed unless Christ Jesus speaks. I think it was the Lord speaking to Jeremiah. My mouth was just closed, and I came back the second time, and she sort of cornered me, she thought she had to get me out of my shell, so I opened up a little bit.


I told her about myself, and she asked me if I worked so I told her that I had a ministry, and she was not shocked. She has a word that I am a person of God, she knew it the night that she met me, and also the second night she prophesied, she had another word of knowledge that I had an assignment, and what she does not know is that she is my assignment. I have prayed for her several times, I really like her, and I told the Lord, it is just going to take a miracle because she is all entrenched in this false doctrine. It is going to take a miracle, but I know that He wants her. He really, really wants her.


See, I never know when it is going to happen, but I also, over this last month, was brought into a relationship with another young woman, and the first time we met she talked 2-3 hours. She did all the talking, and she was really....she was taking authority over me. She was not obnoxious, I really like her, she is a lovely person, she has a lot of knowledge about deliverance, and she was assuming....I would say that she has more knowledge than the average believer about deliverance, and she was assuming that she had more knowledge than I. That is what she assumed, and I did not say anything. I just sat and listened.


So now within a couple of days I have these two situations where I really just humbled myself by the grace of God that I was able to do it. I had to rebuke my pride several times. In one case with the pastor, I know I am sent to her, but this other young woman I really felt very strongly that she is called to this ministry, but the first couple of times that I saw her she was very independent. I have a revelation from God that anybody that comes here, they have to want to be here. The church has got it completely backwards. It is completely out of order looking to bring people into your ministry. It is a disgrace to Christ Jesus that we should go out asking people to make the decision to come here. It is a disgrace to Christ Jesus. The people have to consider it an honor and a privilege to come here, the people have to have permission to come here; otherwise, it is completely wrong order, and I have had that revelation for a long time.


So, I did not really think it would work, and there were several reasons why I did not think it would work. We have a very tough ministry here, and she asked me about the ministry and showed an interest in the books. I will give anybody the books and the tapes, but coming to the meetings is a problem, and I told her that anyone who comes here has to attend all three meetings and gave her the whole scenario. I let her go, I did not really feel that her heart....and she was not doing anything wrong, do not get me wrong, she was not doing anything wrong, and I really, really like her, and she is a very anointed young woman, but I did not feel that her heart was right for this ministry. So I told her....she was showing some interest as someone who was shopping around, and you cannot come here because you are shopping around. You can only come here because Jesus wants you here. You can't come to me and say, well I went to three different churches, and I think I like yours best. I would not let you in. Can you do that to a college? Only if you have the top grades you can pick and choose a college. You go to the school that accepts you.


So the church is completely out of order, and the people run the pastors much, much too frequently because the pastors are all hung up on money and numbers, and they are spiritual women being run by their congregations largely so. It was a blessing to me that she was in my life, and a real blessing knowing her, but I really just slided over the meetings. Well, within two days with both of them the situation is completely turned over, and it was nothing that I did. I went into the church last night, and I was very bold. Christ was up, you see. Christ Jesus was up, and I felt the boldness. I was no longer this quiet person. Well, it was late, I was an hour late, because I thought the Lord wanted me to do something else last night, but I realized now that I really was supposed to be in this other church. So I walked in in the middle of the message, and they had cake and coffee all set up. I wondered what they were celebrating.


On Wednesday nights the whole congregation does not come, but it was somebody's birthday, and they were expecting that person to come in for a birthday party. The woman walked in with an elderly gentlemen, and they all greeted her. She sat down right behind me, and I turned around and I looked at her and I knew the woman. This woman comes into my life about every 3-4 years. As a matter of fact, I met her for the first time about 12 years ago just before the Lord raised up this ministry. A highly demonized woman, but I realized it, if I did not realize it before, I realized it last night. Really, a deep believer.


Some of the most messed up people are the deepest believers in the church. Do you know that? The strongest believers frequently are the most messed up people because they are crying out to God to save their life. The more comfortable your life is the less reason you have to pursue God. Well, I do not really think she remembers all of about me. She recognized me, but she did not remember my name. I had given her or someone had given her our Message #2, The Seduction of Eve when this ministry started. I knew of her, but I was never close with her. Somehow someone had given her Message #2, and she was horrified. For the next couple of times that I saw her she could barely look at me or talk to me, but yet last night there was no sign of it at all. She remembered that I had long hair, but there seemed to be no memory of what I was preaching at all which surprised me, and the man that she came in with was a man that she was living with and taking care of, an elderly gentlemen, and it was both of their birthdays.


So the church, instead of waiting a few days and making the party on a Sunday, they made it for her on the very birthday night which I thought was very interesting. I know I was supposed to see her, and we had the party and we sat down and we talked and all of a sudden my mouth was open. It was a small group of people, and, of course, we divided into two groups just like in natural circumstances. Usually, in a fellowship the women and the men separate, do not they? The men talk about their ball games or their mechanics or their card games or politics, and women usually talk about household things, and sometimes they get into gossip or whatever, decorating or whatever.


Well, we split up into two groups, the men and the women. Only we were spiritual men and spiritual women, and the three men in the church were spiritual women, and they were over there with one other physical woman, and the three men in the church got into a conversation, the female pastor, they are a married couple, they are both pastors. The female pastor, myself, and this woman, and we got into an interesting conversation, and it was this woman. When I say this woman I am talking about the one that I knew from years back. She was the one that raised up the spiritual conversation. There was just utter nonsense being talked about. Even in carnal circumstances the conversation was totally empty, and this highly demonized woman....she looked a lot better to me, but still a very troubled woman, raised up a spiritual conversation on the deliverance level.


She was talking about Halloween, but she had a real anointing on her, and she was talking about how she would not celebrate Halloween, she is willing to be persecuted for the Lord, and I saw her as a woman of God. The female pastor was trying to minister to her. I do not know the depth of her problems, but apparently she was very tormented years ago, but I think she looks a lot better. But something was really tormenting her, and I spoke right up, and I had something to say to her, and the pastor corrected me, but she was wrong. She corrected me, but she was wrong. Maybe she did not understand me. So, I had to come back two or three times to explain what I meant, and when she heard what I meant she agreed. She has a real "right" spirit on her.


Here I am, and all of a sudden I am not quiet any more. I am bold as can be, and this other woman she was just crying. She was just in pain, you know. I can really relate to that. I have had days like that....well, nothing helps me, I have to really lay hold of myself, and utterly discipline myself to go into the Word because everything in me does not want to go into the Word, but that is the only place where the relief from the pain is. In the Word. She was just in a lot of pain, and the pastor was trying to minister to her, and she had sympathy.


Does anyone remember the difference between the sympathy and empathy? Does anybody remember? The Bible does not say empathy, it says compassion, the compassion of Jesus, and human sympathy. Does anyone remember the difference?


COMMENT: I believe with sympathy you do not help the people. You can really bring them down, and compassion would be like the heart of God. You would have a whole different outlook, it would lift them up.


PASTOR VITALE: That is very close, that is very, very close. Actually what you said is true, but I will add something to it. Sympathy weakens people. When people have great pain in their life they need to be strengthened. Now they do not need to be strengthened by being told what to do. Because a lot of people get upset when they see other people are upset so they go in their and give them advice. That is the worst thing you can possibly do. Neither is it healthy to get into their pity with them. We have to find a way to strengthen them, to not condemn them, to show them that we are concerned without falling into their emotion. Emotion is Satan. Emotion is Satan. Emotion is Satan. Emotion is Satan.


Even when Jesus cried He did not cry out of His emotions. He cried out of the mental plane. He cried out of a knowledge of their predicament, but it never touched His heart. How do I know? Because I have experienced this in Christ many times. I know to cry and weep out of my heart is damaging to me. I have been going through this big thing with my heart for a couple of years now, and so this is sympathy. It is no good for you, and it is no good for the other person. But the compassion of Christ Jesus which comes out of the higher centers does not damage you, does not cripple you. It strengthens the other person and carries healing with it also. That was what you said, it carries healing with it. You were very close.


We cannot afford to be weakened, we are the Sons of God. We are like policemen. We have to be ready for a crime, to stop a crime at anytime. We cannot be lost in our emotions. It is dangerous. Satan will take full advantage of you. Well, the Lord just gave me an example. I am known as a pervert already anyway so I will give you this example. Nothing is going to save me from that reputation, so I will give you this one. The Lord just showed me a man and a woman in bed having sexual intercourse, and what He said to me was, tell them that most people who are with it in this world, especially men, know that their most vulnerable time is when they are with a woman. They could be FBI agents. Well, look at what happened with Clinton. You just really have to guard yourself in that area. When a man follows after a woman like that he just has a tendency to forget everything that he is called to do.


The Lord is giving me another memory of a spy picture that I had seen, and there were two spies on an assignment, and they both had their own rooms in this hotel. They were involved in some really important secret work, and one of them went down and there was this seductive woman. If she was not a prostitute, she was definitely looking for something, sitting at the bar with her drink and her cigarette, and he looked at her and he said, no thank you, I am going to bed, and he went to bed, and the next morning he knocked on his friend's door, and his friend was in bed with a knife in his back. He looked in the ash tray and saw the cigarette and smelled the perfume, and he knew it was the woman down at the bar. She was a counteragent, and she was sent to kill one or both of them, and the friend who took the woman was killed. It is a vulnerable area, and we know that everything that is sexual in this world has its counterpart in our lives as spiritual males. Emotionalism of any kind is the same thing as exposing yourself as this man did by picking up this woman in the bar. Satan will take this opportunity to the....I am not here to give you fear, but Satan will use this opportunity to the fullest degree that she can because you cannot be emotional and be in the Mind of Christ at the same time. It is impossible, absolutely impossible.


Now, we are supposed to be spiritual men. It is very rare for a man to get emotional, and this is why. Because then, even though it is not Christ....now remember we have plenty of males in this world today that are not men. There are a lot of males today that are not men, but the males that are men are in their mentality, they are in their rational mind because the minute you come down out of it you are vulnerable. I have learned that the hard way. I have seen what Satan does to me when I come down into my emotions.


The woman at the church was in great distress, and I saw that the female pastor was really trying to help her, but she was in her carnal mind. Now this is a spiritual woman, but she was in her carnal mind trying to comfort this woman. One of the things the woman was saying about how she tries so hard to do everything, and she just utterly fails, and she is devastated. I said to her, well, you put yourself under the law. You will never make it under the law. The female pastor sort of opposed me so I backed off because I do not want any controversy, and I was in her church. But I felt the Lord wanted me to come back.


I waited a while, and I think two more times I had to say something, and the third time she understood what I was saying. I had to phrase it in a way that she could understand it because she was not understanding what I was saying. Well, to make the story short, the pastor could not comfort this woman, and at one point the pastor got up and walked away, and it was just the woman and myself. I did not think that I was telling her anything great....see, this is the ministry of Christ. The Lord knew what she needed to hear, and, of course, when He says it to her, if it is Christ speaking in you, you will say what she needs to hear, and it will go with healing power.


Well, all I said to her was, you know the Lord has priorities, and you are so unhappy because you think you are failing in this particular area. Well, she was overweight. It was not any horrible crime that she was involved in, although I can understand how painful it can be to be overweight. She was not, as far as I am concerned, in adultery or fornication or anything really serious like that. Robbing banks, you know, that it has to stop now. I said, you know the Lord has priorities, and this may be so important to you now, maybe your carnal mind is saying this is the most important thing in the world, I have got to take this weight off now. Even if you are rationalizing it by saying, what kind of witness is this for the Lord, that I am so overweight, but you do not know what the Lord is doing in your life. This may not be a top priority to Him. For you to lose weight may not be a top priority for Him.


I remember when I first came to the Lord I was dying, there were a lot of things wrong with me. I went up on a prayer line hoping to have my life saved, and the Lord healed me of an allergy, and I was just amazed. I had several serious illnesses, and He healed an allergy. The Lord has different priorities. It was just a simple sentence that I said to her, and it set her free. I do not know how it set her free. It set her free, and she was so excited that it set her free that she went running over to the pastor saying, Oh do you know what she just said to me? Do you know what she just said to me? Brethren, that is not a wise thing to do when you have two people ministering to you, it is not a wise thing to do. But if one of the people is the pastor of the church, and it is the other person that set you free or that Jesus used to set you free it is not a wise thing to go running over to the pastor of the church saying, do you know what she said to me, do you know what she said to me, oh do you know....I feel so much better, I am just completely relieved. So I am sitting there saying....well, and I saw it on the pastor's face. How could you? I think if I were in her position it would have been a challenge for me too to not be upset. We really should be careful not to compare ourselves to other people.


So I was just sitting there willing to accept whatever would come. Maybe I would not be welcome there any more, whatever would come I was willing to accept it. But she got over it. She is really a woman of God, really a woman of God. She got over it, and I went over to say goodbye to her, and Jesus spoke to her. Now I am not telling you that I know 100% of the time, but it is not uncommon for me to know that when Jesus speaks through me that it is not me. Just like I could tell you here, I can tell you whether it is me or the Lord talking or sometimes I will say to you, that was a prophecy if you did not know it. The Lord spoke to her, and I cannot even begin to tell you the love that flowed out towards her, and it was so real that she was absolutely shocked, and she just looked at my eyes. I do not know what she saw.


This is the second person that I am aware of that this has happened with, well maybe two or three. And it was a look of shock on her face. It was the second person that had a look of shock on their face. Now the first person was several years ago, and I believe that somehow the Lord witnessed to him that it was Him talking to him through this person. So exactly what she perceived last night I do not know, but it was shocking to her. What I am trying to tell you is that the Lord completely turned the tables. For the first two times that I was there she thought that she was going to have to get me out of my shell, and I certainly appreciate her prayers. I will take prayer from anybody. This is a very hard walk, and she is a strong intercessor, but the Lord completely turned it over last night. He showed Himself to her, and the true authority was manifested. Now what's coming next I do not know.


Nothing would make me happier than to see her come into this word. She is all in the church world. She was saying, when you pay your bills you should put a tract in the envelopes. She is all into this stuff, you know, but she has a beautiful, beautiful spirit. And you know what the Lord said to her? He said, I know who you are. She did something that she thought offended me. I could see where it could offend people, but it was something that is trying not to do, and she said, oh I am so sorry I did that. She said, sometimes when I do that to people they think I am treating them like a child, and she was right. She should not be doing that, but what the Lord had to say to her was....what she did was, well I cannot send this message out. If she hears it she will know it is her, but we will just keep it....but it was like you would touch a child's face.


So apparently she has been told that she has this tendency to treat people like children, so when she did it she was aware of it, and the Lord just completely manifested toward her. I know it was not me, and He said to her, you can touch my face. He said, you can touch my face if you want to, and it was almost hypnotic. She touched my cheek and then she said something like, I hope I did not offend you, and I said, you could not offend me. It was not me, I am telling you. The Lord said to her, I know who you are, and she just looked at me. He said, you are a great woman of God, I know who you are. So maybe she has Christ in there. I do not know what is in there, but I know she is completely sold out, and then I could feel the shining coming through my eyes, and her whole face went....so it did not occur to me until this minute that she does not have Christ in her. I should have known, how could I have not known? Because my carnal mind gets in the way.


In that whole interaction and the intensity of that interaction she received the seed. It went from my eyes. It is very exciting. Then as I was walking out her husband who is a very, very nice man, from what I could see very carnal, says, why do not you come on Sunday? I said, well I have my own meetings on Sunday, and he was absolutely shocked. See, she was not shocked when I told her I had a ministry. He went like that....I am sorry if I do not look like a pastor, you know. Especially, I go in there with my pants, and I do not wear dresses. I am sorry if I do not look like you think I should look. He was just shocked. He wasn't offended in anyway, just surprised. So I said, it is nice coming here on Wednesdays, it is a nice refreshing, and I said good night and I left.


As far as I know I am to continue to go. The Lord has not told me not to go, but I do not know what's coming tomorrow, but He fully manifested Himself. Do you understand what I am saying? He completely turned the tables around. I was silent, I took her ministry, I knew that everyone that was there was thinking that I was just some really quiet person. You think I am a quiet person, is  that not a joke? Thinking I am just really this quiet person that just came in there needing help, and I did not tell them otherwise because I do not even know who I am any more, but Christ Jesus rose up on the third time and overturned the relationship. He manifested Himself in the position of authority, and I am so excited that the Lord just told me that she received the seed. I am just so excited. I am so excited. That's wonderful.


Another woman, the young woman who I really liked as a person, but I felt the couple of times that I saw her that she really was not ready for this ministry, that I did not think she could handle the discipline that we have here, and in a couple of areas I felt it was not for her. Well, I saw her again today, and the Lord turned the whole table. She was completely in submission today. And what happened, I got a phone call from her a couple of days ago because she does something for me, and I kept thinking that there was something wrong with her attitude. We had left it that she would call me to tell me when she could come back to help me, and when I got the call on my answering machine what she said was, well, Sheila are we going to do this? I am very busy. That is what she said to me.


So even if we had not left it that she was going to call me, I thought that was not the best attitude, you know. I called her back and left a message on her answering machine, and she did not call me, and last night I started to get attacked in my mind that she.....Satan tried to get me mad at her, Satan tried to get my pride up. Saying, well what is her problem talking to me like that? And I just started rebuking it, and I said, I will not receive it. I do not know what the problem is. Maybe she had a bad day, I do not know, but I am just not going to get mad at this woman because I really like her, #1, and anybody can have a bad day or do something wrong, #2, and #3, what she is doing for me is a gift from God. So I am not going to be a fool, you see.


That was pride trying to make me a fool, and I counteracted it by doing the exact opposite. I woke up this morning, and I called her again and left a message on her tape recorder and said I was just wondering if she got my message because you have not called me back, and I said, by the way, you know, you had said that you would call me. I said, you sounded on the tape like you thought I should call you, but you had said you would call me, and I said, well I have done all I can do, and I just took a very positive attitude that she just had a bad day, and everything was going to straighten out.


Well, she comes knocking on my door a couple of hours later, about 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, and she was no longer trying to teach me, no longer lifted up in pride, and she actually told me....she came with a dream, asked me if I would interpret her dream, and she was very upset over the dream which I will not put on this message because if she ever hears it she will probably identify herself anyway, but I am not going to put her dream on the message.


I gave her some comfort because I did not believe that....she was taking the dream very negatively, and I did not believe it was true, and then she said to me, you know, I believe the Lord told me that He sent me here because you are going to help me. The tables just completely turned. She sat her for 3 hours trying to teach me the first time I met her. She did not wait to hear what I knew, and even then she knew I was in the ministry. She sat right where you are sitting, trying to teach me, teaching me for 3 hours, you know.


So somehow the Lord turned her around, and we had a real positive experience here today, and something that I tried to tell her when she was here the last time she just blew it off when I said it to her. I think what I said frightened her. I do not think it was anything personal against me, but it frightened her, and she just blew it off, and I had the opportunity to tell her again, and I said, look you have to understand this that Christians can get hurt. We cannot be destroyed. Satan cannot destroy us, God will always restore and bring us through, but we get hurt when we engage in spiritual warfare, and you need to know that. I warned her about spiritual warfare, and her response was, oh well, I am going to bind and loose, greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world. You can get hurt, we get hurt, so she heard it today, and it was just wonderful.


So the Lord turned these situations around within two days. The name of this message is Ministering in Christ Jesus, and I am telling you, I am admitting how hard it is, and I know that I have a lot more deliverance from pride than you have although we are pride. It is the very fiber of our being, you see. So when I say I have more deliverance from pride than you do what really has happened to me is that Christ Jesus has matured in me, and He is crushing that pride, and I am living out of Him. The warp and the woof of our being is pride, that is what we are.


So our only hope is that Christ Jesus should be formed in us and become mature and very strong, and that by the grace of God we should find it within ourselves to confess our sins so that we can repent and hide in Him. Hide from who? Hide from Leviathan who is right in here. That is our hope. We are woven together with pride in every cell of our being, and if it were not for Christ Jesus being formed in us we could never escape from pride because we are she. It is a she in a male role. There is no separation, but there is a separation in Christ Jesus which is a supernatural miracle. It is the miracle of the ages that He is separating our personality from Leviathan. It is the miracle of all time for humanity because without this great deliverance there would be no hope whatsoever of our separating from the Serpent, and this is the reality of eternal torment.


So I am here tonight to encourage you to at least desire this thing that I tell you about, at least desire it, and to not be too hard on yourself if you fail because I fail all the time. You just confess it as sin, ask the Lord to help you to do better the next time, and go on because there is no place else to go except on. There is nothing to go back to. When you start getting a taste of the Kingdom there is no place to go back to. Everything is empty and dead and vain. So I am here tonight to encourage you, to give you a vision of a new kind of ministry. At least it is new to the church world. It is far superior, and it never fails, you see.


When we get to the point that Christ in us is mature enough to restrain our carnal mind to the degree that the Lord can send us on an assignment, when Christ Jesus sends you on an assignment and your carnal mind is bound the assignment never fails because it is not you doing it. It is not you trying to convince somebody to believe in Jesus or whatever carnal Christians do, but it is Christ Jesus in you sending you to a person who has been crying out day and night to the Lord Jesus for Him to meet some need. You are going to a person in response to a specific prayer that that person has prayed, even though you do not know what it is. You are not stopping some stranger on the street, and saying, here learn about Jesus. You are going to somebody who has asked you to come even though they do not know they asked you to come, but they have literally asked you to come, but they do not recognize you when you get there, but they have asked you to come. And you come to deliver what they have been praying for, and Satan will try to get in your way. She will try to get you mad, she will try to get you offended.


There have been times when I have been very offended when someone treats me like a child. It is one of my weaknesses. It really gets me mad. Right? Gets me mad. I do not like it, and I still overreact to it although I am doing a lot better, and here she comes to me and touches my face like you do to a little girl. But I want to tell you, the anointing was so strong on me, and Jesus spoke out through me and said, you can touch my face. I said it two or three times, and she touched my face. He was completely manifested in me.


Now if I had gotten mad because she touched my face like you would do to a child she would not have gotten what Jesus sent me....well, He gave it to her, but He had to get close enough to her in me to give it to her because what was given to her is being dispensed through men. It is not coming directly from the spirit. What did she get? The seed? Yes, she got the seed of Christ. She got the root of the Tree of Life. She got the seed that is going to bring forth Christ in her. She is a very spiritual woman, and if you are very spiritual that means you have a lot of water, you have a lot of the energy, a lot of the water. Well, she had the seed grafted to her water.


For a long time I preached here that the seed was grafted to your heart center, but now I am sorry to tell you that I told you something that was not true. I made a mistake. The seed is grafted to the waters so that she now has the whole semen in her. The seed is grafted to the water. So if I got mad because she treated me like a child she woud not have gotten the seed. It is awesome, and again I am telling you I am not against people giving out tracts if that is all they can do at the time, but I am telling you the truth that giving out a tract absolutely pales to this kind of ministry. It absolutely pales, and there is no failure when you get to the stage that the Lord knows that you can handle this, and He sends you out knowing that you can handle it, it is impossible to fail. The person will get what they prayed for. It is awesome, satisfying, rewarding, worth the difficulty, worth the pain, worth rebuking my pride over, worth it, worth it, worth it. Now the other woman got a word that comforted her. I do not believe she got the seed. Praise the Lord.


COMMENT: You were speaking about ministering in Christ. Yesterday morning my 17 year old grandson got the tragic news that his 16 year old girlfriend was killed in an automobile accident, and he came into the house and you could tell grief was on him very heavy. He was in the house a few minutes, and he came over to me, and I hugged him, and he hugged me, and we both sobbed spontaneously. It was not a sob of being overcome for me. I felt like a sponge. I could feel his sobs. I could feel my own sobs, but I felt like I absorbed all his pain. There was such a release, not only in him, but in me and the entire house. Now, I know you are saying that in a woman the emotion is there. I felt it was Christ, and I am asking your opinion on that. But a little while later someone asked him are you alright Xxxx? And he said, no, but I am going to be. There was definitely that positive, and he was able to function and start doing some duties that he was required to do. Now, in your estimation, is that Christ or the female?


PASTOR VITALE: I really do not know, but I will tell you that the grief that I see on you tonight I do not believe that is Christ. I do not know whether what you described was Christ or not. I really do not know.


COMMENT: I am really not feeling it for myself. I know what the family is going through, but I do not feel I am overcome with any kind of grief. I felt a release as well.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, you do not have to be overcome. Do not be condemned by what I said. You do not have to be overcome, but I do tell you the truth, that the kind of grief that I see on you is the female grief. It is coming out of your emotions, but I do not know what happened at that moment. Anybody else?


COMMENT: I did not think of this Scripture until we were sitting here, and you were talking about Christ. The Scripture says to weep with those who weep, and I forget the other part of it. Now do you have a deeper meaning to that?


PASTOR VITALE: I would have to look up the Scripture, but all I can tell you is what the Lord has taught me personally. This is a personal revelation that I have from the Lord. That we are not to get into our emotions. I cry. I experience crying, but it comes out of the higher centers. It never touches my heart. It never touches my emotions, and I know that when my emotions are touched that it is not the Lord, and I have to rebuke it.


That is why a lot of the men of this world that go in for discipline and the Marine Corps and all that kind of stuff you are not likely....if a man cries maybe he will shed a tear, but you do not see a man walking around sobbing because it brings you down. Those of us who are physical females who aspire to be spiritual males, this tendency towards emotionalism is a deficit that we have to compensate for. I have spoken many times to the group about compensating for our deficits because I know that my physical stature is a deficit, I know that my voice is a deficit because in any kind of a dialogue with someone with a deep heavy voice I am drowned out. I know that I have all these deficits, and this knowledge has helped me to just become silent, and I know that when Christ Jesus speaks through me I have seen the most loud mouthed, bullying man....it was the most bullying situation I have ever been in, and this man was absolutely bullying me with this loud voice, and he would not let me get a word in edgewise, and to this day I cannot tell you exactly how it happened, but the Lord sent him packing.


It was something that I said to him. If it was a whole sentence it was very short. I barely got it in edgewise, and his whole demeanor just deflated. He put his head down, and he walked away, and if you ask me, I did not think....I could not understand what I said had that effect on him, but the Lord must have known how to press his buttons. So because I am willing to confess to you that for the kind of life that I have that I have deficits. My stature is a deficit, my voice is a deficit, and my tendency towards emotionalism, which is changing for me now, and even instability. I will confess that for years it was a real deficit to be in this position, but this willingness to admit this has helped me to let the Lord be my strength, to literally, that is not just a saying, it is really the truth, that if we will be silent the Lord will be our strength.


And now I have this knowledge, and is not that what happened with Jesus? That He did not say a word, and when we did the Alternate Translation on Jesus being smitten by the Pharisees it came out that it was the Spirit of Elijah that was saying to Jesus, do not say I word, I am going to speak through you, and then Jesus when He taught He said, do not worry what you are going to say when you go before the magistrates. It is not just a saying. It is the truth. I have experienced it, and the stronger we are in the natural the harder it is to rein ourselves in and let Christ speak to us. When I am up against somebody that I know I do not stand a chance with this person with this deep loud voice that is utterly trying to snare me and get me upset and terrify me, most people would be terrified with someone yelling at you like that. So I know, I now have this knowledge that all I have to do is be quiet, that the Lord will surely defend me. But this knowledge of how the Lord defends us is so rare. It is so rare that people understand how it works.


I am sorry, I do not know how I got from you to me on this. I think I was talking about the emotionalism, that I know for a fact for emotionalism is weakness, and I am well on my way to having my emotions come to a place where a lot of physical men are. I know that is where I am, and that I am in that transition, and I have enough dominion over my emotions these days that if I feel myself getting emotional I rebuke it because I really am male or well on my way to being male in this area, and I know there is a lot being said today about not telling little boys that they should not cry, not teaching them that, that it is OK for men to cry and all that.


Now I did not have any sons. I have a daughter, and I really do not know whether you should tell little boys not to cry or not. I really do not know about raising children, but I know that it is not healthy for men to be going around giving into their emotions. I know that the Lord has taught me that, and I know that He is bringing me to that place emotionally where a lot of physical men are. I am not all the way there yet, but I know that I am getting there.


I know that it is not a lack of compassion, I am talking about myself now, I know it is not a lack of compassion to not weep and cry, and that the truth is that I could do more good for people by staying in my sound mind than falling down into my emotions, and that is just the truth of our society that the men stand tall, and the women go around weeping. It is acceptable to women, and there is nothing wrong with it, but if you want to be a spiritual male this is certainly an issue that the Lord will have to deal with everyone of us on. All that I can tell you is my personal experience.


I am not, in any way, criticizing you. I am just sharing my personal experience that it is not a good thing being in my emotions, very bad for me, very bad, and that the healthiest place for me to be is in the Mind of Christ and sometimes I actually feel myself descending. Like, I had a very carnal day today, had a lot of aggravation with the computer, and I know what I have to do. I have to concentrate on the Word and get my consciousness out of my heart where my emotions are and back up into my head where I stabilize, I become stable.


Actually, I am thinking that was not....see, you can comfort someone outside of Christ, you know. I really think the Lord is saying that was not Christ, Xxxx. Well, what does Christ feel like?


COMMENT: A comfort. Even Xxxx said to me ?, thank you grandma. There was in both of us....


PASTOR VITALE: What makes you think that was Christ? Do you not think that human people could do that for each other?


COMMENT: Well, of my own personal experience that is not me. I have always been very rigid, and I just get the job done, and I work step by step.


PASTOR VITALE: Could have been the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit is not Christ.


COMMENT: Alright.


PASTOR VITALE: There is a big difference between the Holy Spirit and Christ.


COMMENT: I can accept the Holy Spirit, but it was definitely a relief.


PASTOR VITALE: I do not deny that it was a relief, but I do not believe that Christ ministers like that. I did not know when you first asked me, but I now believe the Lord has told me that Christ does not minister like that, but it may have been the Holy Spirit. I do not doubt that you helped him at all, but did you ever see Jesus doing anything like that in the Scripture?


COMMENT: I see a Scripture where it says Jesus wept, but I do not see Him....I do not know if that was physical weeping.


PASTOR VITALE: That was a weeping that came from above so I believe the Lord has spoken. That was not Christ. It was positive, does not mean it was bad, but it was not Christ.


COMMENT: You know when I first saw that church that.....I used to pray for it that the Spirit of Truth would fall on it. Little did I know, lo and behold.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, the Lord heard your prayer. 


9/17/18 rh


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