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Praise the Lord, we're looking at our drawing, which is, the board is divided into four parts, and my intention is to demonstrate to you the activity of the fiery serpent in the individual in various stages of spiritual development. In square A, we see the man who lives out of the mind of the flesh. You can't really say just his carnal mind, because the carnal mind is in three parts. So when we get specific, we really have to say the conscious part of the carnal mind. See, there really is no conscious mind, unconscious mind, there's just one mind, you know, it's the carnal mind. And of course we have a Christ mind too, but I'm talking about each mind is in three parts, there's a conscious part, and a subconscious part, and an unconscious part, see. So as I was telling you this morning in the meeting that we had, the average human being today, is living out of his conscious mind, the mind of the flesh. He's satisfied with eating and sleeping and having the physical experiences of this world. Now I'm not saying that's bad. I'm telling you that this is the condition of the man in a square 1. And every man born of a woman is born with an energy force within them, called the fiery serpent. The Hindus call her Kundalini. The Scripture, the Hebrew word is Seraphim, and I have found Scriptures which use that word, Seraphim, to indicate the Seraphim that has been reconciled unto God, and now stands in front of the throne of God, crying holy, holy, holy, and the same word is used to describe the Seraphim or the fiery serpent that's still in the root energy center, that is ascended outside of Christ Jesus. The same word to the best of my knowledge, of my word study, the same word is used Seraphim, and that's the plural of the word Seraph. Now, I would like to give you an understand tonight of the nature of man, and the purpose that we exist.

I've told you many times that humanity as we know it, is the present day manifestation of the primordial ox that Adam formed. See, Adam was spirit, Adam is spirit and mind, and what is the difference between spirit and mind? Does anybody know the difference between spirit and mind? Mind is spirit mixed with the dust. Spirit is just that, pure spirit. Therefore mind can be seen under the right conditions because the dust makes the spiritual aspect of the mind invisible. So Adam who is mind and spirit was joined to a spiritual animal.

Now she didn't look like the ox out in your farm, but a spiritual animal that was formed from the spiritual mud of the ocean bottom of the primordial sea, and it was this spiritual animal that gave Adam his form, although I don't know what he looked like, and the spiritual animal was suppose to be, and was for a season in submission to Adam until that spiritual animal rose up and killed her master, and stole all of Adam's riches. But we're not going to retell that story today, I'm here to tell you that humanity as we know it, is the present day manifestation of that primordial ox that died when Adam died, and she died when Adam died because Adam was keeping her alive, so when Adam died, she died. It's the same thing as the Scripture that says, Smite the shepherd and the sheep will scatter. When the head of God called fellowship stumbles, the whole fellowship scatters. Now that doesn't have to be permanent, because each individual has the relationship with Christ Jesus, but the reality is, as I understand it, that when the Lord Jesus raises up a group, and he puts this local body together, with one person as the head, and that head, let me say it to you this way, the spirit of all of the people in that group is gathered unto the head. They're one body in Christ, and the head who was suppose to be, if it's in Christ, the head is being sustained by Christ Jesus, who is being sustained by the glorified Jesus Christ, and all of the disciples and the members of the congregation under the head, are being sustained by that chain of command. Christ Jesus in the physical head, in the man who is the head, okay, is strengthened by the glorified Jesus Christ, so the man who is the head is strengthened by the Godhead directly, and all of the people under him are chained in a, like you would see people who are mountain climbing, we're all chained together. And when the head falls, all of the other members of the congregation will fall. Now that doesn't mean Jesus won't raise it back up again, but the truth of the matter is that when Jesus puts the local body together, there is an order of authority, and when that head falls, temporarily, the people underneath will fall, because that was the chain of command that Jesus Christ has put together. We're all tied together, and we're all mountain climbers, that's exactly what we are.

And those who truly have a saving relationship with Christ Jesus, will survive any fall of their head, but they won't survive it without feeling the repercussions, and they won't survive it without falling at least in some measure themselves. That's the way it's set up, we're all strengthening each other, that's what it means to be a body, that we're all strengthening each other. We're all giving everything we've got, of our spirit and of our mind, and of our skills and of our talents, to be everything that Jesus has called the local ministry to be. Now, if one of the ones on the lower ledge falls, the ones on the higher ledge can actually save that person by holding their ground and refusing to fall also, they'll sustain the disciple on the lower ledge who has fallen. But someone from the top falls, that shock wave of that person going down, will pull everyone down, at least for a season, you will go down. I don't know where that came from or why that was there, but that's what came out.

Okay, we're talking about the subconscious mind of mortal man, and I was telling you that the truth of our condition, of humanity's condition, of the condition of mortal man, is that we are the present day manifestation of the ox, the spiritual animal called the behemoth in the Old Testament, or the plural name behemoth, behemoth is singular, I'm sorry behema is the plural name, the many membered animal that Adam was joined to. Adam was the mind, the mind and the spirit of the many membered spiritual animal, and the whole, all of the them together, Adam, the spirit that was in him, does anyone know the name of the spirit that was in Adam? Who was the spirit that sustained Adam? Anybody? Elohim, Elohim was the breath that was breathed into Adam and became his spirit, and Adam himself was the mind, because he was mixed with the dust, and Adam was joined to the behemoth, see. And together, altogether, they made one spiritual man, because Adam, the mind was in submission to Elohim the spirit, and the behemoth, the spiritual animal, was in submission to Adam, and they made one spiritual creature, in the image of Jehovah. But when Adam died, the spiritual animal died. Now they didn't cease to exist, but they died to the lifestyle that they had, they died to the nature that they had, and they became for all intents and purposes new creatures.

Now isn't that what is preached in the Scripture? We are to die to this lifestyle and we are to become new creatures in Christ Jesus. This is the reversal of what happened at the time of the fall. Both Adam and the spiritual animal that he was joined to died to everything that they were, and they became new creatures, except that this was a negative change. Today we're talking about a positive change. So we, the personalities of mortal humanity, are the descendants of the primordial ox that died with Adam. And we have, we are born with a mind, that has three aspects to it, three major aspects to it, the personality, the personality which is pretty much what we are, as you know people, as we know people, what we know is the personality. It's very rare that you meet the inner man. Why? Because in most men today, the inner man is not even developed, he's not even manifesting, he's not even showing himself.

Most people are living out of the mind of the flesh, and that is square #1, they're living out the conscious part of the their carnal mind, they're living out of their personality, they're living out of their spiritually female aspect, and they're happy, the average person is happy to have the flesh satisfied, to have food, to have shelter, to have relationships that satisfy emotional and sexual needs. Most people are happy with this, and it's been this way for generations. But every human being has within him an energy force, which we call here the fiery serpent, which is the translation of the Hebrew word, Seraphim. The Hindus call her Kundalini, and the reason that she's called a serpent, she's not a serpent like you would see serpents or snakes in your back yard, okay, she is an energy force that moves in a spiraline pattern, and that's why she's called a serpent. She moves like snake moves, she's an energy force that moves like a snake moves, and a snake undulates. A snake just raises a part of it's body up and just, well those of you that cannot see my hand, but that's how a snake moves, she undulates, and that is how this spiritual energy force that gives us consciousness and existence in this world moves. She moves in a spiraline pattern.

So we all have within us a fiery serpent, which is the subconscious aspect of our mind. She is the subconscious aspect of our mind. And it is the intention of this fiery serpent to live through us. You see, the personality is suppose to cover the inner man, and in fact she does cover the inner man, but in mortal humanity today, the fiery serpent is covering the inner man so completely, that in most people, the inner man does not shine through. The inner man is the spiritual aspect of our self. We've called her in this ministry, the fiery serpent, we've called her our spiritual virginity, she is the spiritual sexual part of the personality, she and the personality are one, and the subconscious part of our mind is male in relation to the personality, see. So technically speaking, the personalities of humanity are out of order, the female aspect of ourselves is ruling over the male aspect of ourselves, and I'm not even talking about Christ Jesus here, I'm talking about the condition that we're born in. We're born in most instances, with the female aspect of man ruling over the male aspect. The subconscious mind, the fiery serpent, is the male aspect. Well, you say to yourself, now that doesn't make any sense, you just told me that the fiery serpent is the spiritual sexual part of the personality, is not the sexual part in submission to the whole personality? Well in this world, I would hope that our sexual urges, and the physical aspects of our physical body are subject to the personality, but remember in the spiritual world, everything is reversed. Everything is reversed. So it's backwards to us, okay. To us an average human being, our sexual parts are subject to us, they're not suppose to be going out and fornicating at will, although some people have this problem, but it's a problem, it's not socially acceptable, and it's destructive, but in the spirit, the sexual part of ourselves is male to the personality, is anybody having a problem with that? Can you hear that? Okay.

So, from the moment of birth, it is the intention of the subconscious part of our mind to rise to her place of dominion over the personality, to shine through the personality, and to influence the conscious part of the mind out of which this personality is living. I'm going to say that again, from the moment that we enter into this world, it is the intention of the subconscious aspect of our mind, to rise above the conscious aspect of our mind, and dominate the whole man, and rule over the whole man, and influence the whole man. The fiery serpent from this point of view is male, she is very aggressive, and she is determined to live her life through the female personality. Now I'm not talking about Christ Jesus here, I'm talking about our position as mortal men, and we know of course that the fiery serpent is female in relationship to Christ Jesus. But the fiery serpent in the mortal man that does not know Christ Jesus, she is the husband of the personality, if you can hear it. Yes, she's the spiritual sexual part of the personality, but she is male to the personality, and it is her intention to rise to a position of preeminence over the personality, to make all the decisions for that life, to influence the personality, and even more than that, it is the intention of the fiery serpent to fully express her creative potential through that personality. Creative potential is spiritual. Creativity does not come out of the dullness of the flesh.

So the fiery serpent, the subconscious aspect of the carnal mind is not only our spiritual sexual part, and what that means is that she is the one who has the potential to grow up into a spiritual being that will make the whole man a spiritual tree. She's our spiritual virginity, she is the aspect of us that can make us spiritual. Without her, we will never be a spiritual person. We'll never ascend spiritually, we have no hope of overcoming the negative powers of this world, she is our potential to become a spiritual giant, and without her we remain just a mortal animal, which is what we are. We eat, we sleep, we have sex, and we labor to survive. Now in a country like this where people are so prosperous, we see people having some sports, and some side interests, but they're usually very vain, and they're usually interest that have to do with the flesh.

Sports, you hit a ball, I'm not against sports, please don't misunderstand me, I'm trying to tell you, that even in a country where we're not laboring fifteen hours a day so that we could have a roof over our head, and food in our mouths, in a country where we have time to quote enjoy ourselves, whatever some people call enjoyment, the enjoyment by in large, manifest as physical activity, is that not true? What do people do to have a good time? They're either interested in sports, or they're interested in dining, or they're interested in decorating their house, or they like fast cars so they go to the races, it's all the physical world that satisfies them. So that is the existence of the personality under the dominion of the conscious part of the mind, which is associated with the personality with the outer man, you see. But we have an inner man, that lies sleeping in the root energy center, and his name is the fiery serpent. And he, or she, well I'm going to call her a he because in this teaching the fiery serpent is male to the personality, and it is his intention to penetrate the personality, which covers him, and ascend beyond her, and cover her and live through her. The fiery serpent wants to express the fullness of his creative potential through the personality. Now can anybody tell us who the fiery serpent is with regard to the primordial principles?

COMMENT: She's our spiritual virginity.

SHEILA: Well that's true, but with regard to the primordial principles, okay. I'll tell you the answer, the fiery serpent or the many fiery serpents in all of the individuals of humanity are the sperm of Jehovah's seminal fluid. These sperm that were found gathered together within Adam, waiting to be engraved in the image of Jehovah, see. And when Adam died, these sperm, I don't know how many there were, trillions perhaps, trillions that had the potential, each one of the them had the potential to become a civilized man in the image of Jehovah, they were scattered when Adam, their nurse maid, was killed and they were captured by the primordial serpent, who engraved them with her own image. So, the fiery serpent, all of which are a manifestation of Leviathan, if you want to heat this brethren, they're Darth Vader. Have you seen Star Wars, Darth Vader, he turns out to be Luke Skywalker's father. Leviathan, now the fiery serpent is Leviathan in the individual, Leviathan is what happened to all of the substance that formed the man Adam, the righteous man Adam, he had an imputed righteousness, he was joined to Jehovah and Elohim, he had an imputed righteousness and when he in connection to Elohim and Jehovah was severed, Adam died to everything that he was and he became Darth Vader, called Leviathan, can you hear this? And Leviathan is a many membered entity, Leviathan in the individual is called the fiery serpent, there's one collective Leviathan, but many fiery serpents. The fiery serpent is Leviathan in the individual, Leviathan exists because she has captured and now possesses everything that Adam needs to rise from the dead. It's like you took a glove and pulled it inside out.

Now for Adam to rise from the dead, he has to cause Leviathan, a cell at a time, a fiery serpent at a time, to die to everything that she is and be converted back to an Adam cell, can you hear this? Do you have any idea what I'm talking about at all? So Leviathan is Darth Vader, Adam died to everything that he was, and all of the substances that made him was formed into another being called Leviathan, and when Jesus Christ was glorified, he was the first fiery serpent to return, or to be born again into the image of Jehovah. And he is now down here in the earth working with the individual, because each one of us has the fiery serpent within us, to restore the many fiery serpents of the collective Leviathan, back into the image of Jehovah. That's what he's doing down here. So, the fiery serpent in the individual, each fiery serpent is one of Jehovah's sperms. Each fiery serpent, each one of Jehovah's sperm has the potential to become either a civilized man in Jehovah's image, or a criminal with a female nature in the serpent's image. That same sperm is going to be one or the other. Now just think about it for a minute, Jehovah's sperm, can you even imagine the level of power or creativity or greatness that is in one of Jehovah's sperms, even if it was captured by the primordial serpent, and engraved in her image, these are the immortals brethren, they're great, they're brilliant, they're talented, they're way beyond anything that primordial ox could ever hope to attain to. Now remember, we, the personality or the primordial ox, the fiery serpents, Jehovah's sperm, even engraved in the nature of the primordial serpent, are as superior if not more so, to the personality, as the most intelligent and talented human being is compared to the animals of the jungle, they are no match for us, the animals of the jungle, they're no match for us. We are no match for Leviathan, or for the fiery serpent within us, and she, the fiery serpent is slumbering or sleeping in the members of humanity as the centuries and eons and the generations roll by, she is the one who incarnates over and over again, the fiery serpent, not the personality, not this physical body, the fiery serpent, she is the one that's getting stronger with every incarnation, stronger to do what? Strong enough to dominate the personality, and be a man to her.

Now isn't this exactly what the Lord Jesus is doing? Yes, this is exactly what the Lord Jesus is doing. The Lord Jesus is planting his seed, Christ Jesus, in humanity for the past 2000 years, in many generations of men for 2000 years now, Christ Jesus is having a many membered expression of Christ Jesus in many, many men, thousands of men, is having many experiences, and is maturing, this is Christ Jesus in the individual, is maturing, a many membered Christ Jesus, is maturing until he is strong enough to dominate, the primordial ox. Now, the fiery serpent in the primordial ox, because she is engraved with the serpent's nature is a part, has become a part of the primordial ox, therefore it's spiritual incest. You see, she's not operating as spirit, the fiery serpent. She's all interwoven with the earth, and she's trying to interact with herself. So, Jehovah's sperm has fallen to a place, he's fallen from the higher energy centers down into the earth, where he's completely woven together, and entangled with the earth, but he's still trying to act like a man. He still desires or is, well she's a she now, because she has the primordial serpent's nature, but in her male role, she desires to dominate the personality, she desire to penetrate the personality, she desires to fully express her creative potential through the personality. The personality is like a transparent glove that the created element can show itself through.

So we see that we have Jehovah's sperm designed to be a civilized man that is great, unmatchable with talent and creativity and genius and brilliance and even in his fallen condition, engraved with the serpent's nature, this sperm of Jehovah is great, brilliant talented and no match whatsoever for the personality. And the fiery serpent is slumbering and sleeping, see, Jehovah doesn't slumber and sleep, and Christ Jesus doesn't slumber and sleep, but the fiery serpent is slumbering and sleeping, through a multitude of generations developing and getting stronger until she or he in the male role, is strong enough to rise above the personality and fully express himself through the personality. Do you know what that means? What does it mean that the fiery serpent intends to fully express herself through the personality? It means that the personality must die. She must totally be sacrificed, she must give up everything that she is, and every hope and aspiration in this world, because the personality is the clay that is designed to express the sperm. In the book of Job it talks about the clay turning under the seal, turning under the seal. It's talking about the fiery serpent forming the clay, the personality is suppose to come into a position where she fully expresses, not only the nature of the fiery serpent, but the full extent of the talent of that fiery serpent, because every fiery serpent is not the same. It's the same thing in the body of Christ, Christ is in all of us, for those of us who he is in, but we the personality, we are the vessel that expresses. One person teaches, another person sings, another person writes, another person plays an instrument. When it's Christ Jesus in us, we are a many membered body of Christ, and it takes all of the members of the personality for Christ Jesus, one man, the man Christ Jesus, to express all of his talents and genius and brilliance in this plane of visible expression. It takes a multitude of people for this great spiritual man to express every aspect of himself. In this world we're all spiritual thought, it's acted out.

Well, the fiery serpent is Jehovah's sperm in the primordial serpent's image, and that sperm is programmed to be creative, to write music, to play music, to teach, to do every creative thing, and the fiery serpent that is not yet been apprehended by Christ Jesus, wants to do just that, wants to be creative and express herself creatively through the individual, and to do that, she has to kill the individual. She has to ascend to a place of consciousness where she brings the personality into such complete submission to herself that the personality becomes nothing more than a transparent expression of that fiery serpent. Now brethren, this is what Christ Jesus is doing to us, he's doing the same thing that the fiery serpent is doing, because Christ Jesus in his creative aspect, is married to the fiery serpent. You may recall Christ Jesus is entering into us and apprehending the fiery serpent and he is apprehending her spiritual creativity and forcing it into an expression of Jehovah, rather than an expression of the primordial serpent. But the fiery serpent whether she's apprehended by the fiery serpent or not, is programmed to be creative and talented and brilliant. She's programmed to go beyond the life of this flesh. The fiery serpent is not interested in the works of the physical flesh, she's interested in spiritual experiences and talent is spiritual.

So we see that all of mortal humanity is very, very, very close to the place where the fiery serpent is going to be strong enough to pierce through the personality, and dominate the whole man, and live her whole spiritual life through the personality who is use to living this physical life. And the fiery serpent is about to become strong enough to do this, whether she's married to Christ Jesus, or whether she's not married to Christ Jesus. She's piercing through right now, she's going to live her life through the personalities of humanity, and it's happening right in this country today, and there are more people who are experiencing the fiery serpent's ascension without Christ Jesus, then there are people experiencing the fiery serpent's ascension with Christ Jesus.

So we see in the first square of our drawing, the man who is not spiritual, the man who is living out of the mind of the flesh, or the conscious part of the carnal mind, the man who is content to spend his whole life working so that he can eat and sleep and have some positive relationships and perhaps play some sports, and I'm, believe me I'm not knocking this I'm just telling you the truth, I'm telling you that there's another life, that there's a spiritual life, and whether the personality wants it or not, what I'm telling you is that there is an aspect of every human being called the subconscious mind, or the subconscious part of the mind, who thinks thoughts other than the conscious part of our mind. The three aspects of our mind, conscious, subconscious, and unconscious, they're not in agreement. The subconscious mind is not content playing golf on her day off, that's not what she wants to do. Does anybody know what the subconscious mind likes to do for sport? What does the subconscious mind like to do for sport? She wants to go hunting, she likes to hunt. What does she hunt for? Does she hunt for deer? Yes.

COMMENT: The souls of men.

SHEILA: Yes, yes, she goes hunting for the energy of other men, and why would she want the energy of other men? Do you know the answer?

COMMENT: It strengthens her.

SHEILA: Yes, so that she can have the strength to do what? Do you know to do what? Okay, she needs strength to have spiritual experiences in the astral plane. The fiery serpent wants to have spiritual experiences, she wants to exercise spiritual power, she wants to influence not only the personality of the one that she's in, but she wants the influence other men. She's spiritual, you see. So that's what these drawings are all about. In drawing square number 2, or square B, this is the man that lives our of his spiritual or subconscious mind, and of course, in square number 1 please note that the conscious mind is depicted by a black circle, and the subconscious mind is depicted by a red triangle within the black circle, so the conscious mind is covering the subconscious mind, and the fiery serpent is sleeping. In square number B, we see that the triangle is now outside of the circle, so we see that the fiery serpent has penetrated the conscious mind and now she's manifesting. How does she manifest? She sends forth unseen influences, she sends forth suggestions. You think you thought of it all by yourself did you? You didn't, she sends forth suggestions from the subconscious plane, and it's her intention to influence the man, and how do you influence a man? To influence his decisions, his thought patterns and his behavior to the fullest degree possible, and the man in this condition that we see in square B, is called an intuitive man, he is a man that does not live by what he sees with his eyes, or hears with his ears, he is a man that has intuition and an ability to look into the hearts of man and see their motives. He's a man that has the ability to see the consequences of behavior that he has not yet engaged in. He has the ability to look at a problem and say, "Well, if I do this that's going to happen, and if I do this that's going to happen, and if I do this that's going to happen, so I better to this, because this is the wise thing to do, I better take choice number 2. He's a man that lives his life based on knowledge that is not available to the man who lives out of his conscious mind alone, because the fiery serpent has knowledge of this world that goes beyond anything you could see or hear, or read in a book.

This is the intuitive man. In square 3, we see that the fiery serpent who starts out in the lower centers, has ascended into the heart center. Now he's still, the fiery serpent sending unseen influences to the spiritual man, but at this point, the spiritual man recognizes that it is another part of himself that is manifesting and actually turns inward and seeks counsel from the fiery serpent. Now of course that's the carnal man, but we have the same experience in Christ Jesus. Youngsters in Christ, babies in Christ, the Holy Spirit can be with them for a long time, influencing them and protecting them and they don't even know it. But as we mature in Christ Jesus, and we find out that he's really in our heart, and that he's there for us to talk to, and ask questions of, and ask counsel and advise of, we turn in, we turn inward, and we start recognizing the unseen influences that they're coming from our inner man. And this man exercises spiritual power, and he is victorious over the negative influences and the negative forces, both within himself, and within other people, because he starts to understand the spiritual aspects of this world, and how to deal with the spiritual aspects of this world that are negative.

And in square D, we see the fiery serpent has fully ascended to the brow center, and is now influencing the entire man, this fiery serpent has become an energy cloud around the whole man, this is a defenced man, this is a supernatural man, and he does signs and wonders and miracles, and no man, no average man, or even any spiritual man, can ever defeat him.

His wisdom is beyond the wisdom of this world, and his spiritual authority is beyond the authority of this world, he is an undefeatable invincible man, except of course when he meets Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus will overturn him. So what am I trying to tell you today, the message today, is that the Lord wants us to know that there is a being inside of us, inside of every human being born of a woman, who desires to express himself through us at the cost of our liberty, at the cost our well being, at the cost of our very life, and this being, this fiery serpent, which is just one aspect of the many membered Leviathan, is coming of age. She's been slumbering and sleeping in what we know as mortal humanity for a long time, and she is finally strong enough to dominate, the men that she lives in. Why do we need to know this? Does anyone know why we need this information? Because what's our answer to this problem, how do we escape this problem, what is our escape, what is our escape, what is the way of escape? The way of escape is for Christ Jesus to be grafted to us. And to dominate and capture that fiery serpent.

You see, she is ascending, she is ascending one way or another. She's ascending with Christ Jesus, or without Christ Jesus, she's ascending, and the personality is going to be dominated by her, and the personality who is dominated by her who ascends unmarried, will be destroyed. Because, does anybody know why? Does anybody know why the personality and the physical body is destroyed when the fiery serpent ascends unmarried, does anybody know why? Okay, because the fiery serpent has no source of energy when she' unmarried, other than the energy that you were born with, and she will zap your energy until you get sick and die. But the fiery serpent that is married to Christ Jesus has an unlimited source of energy, when she's in submission to Christ Jesus, and married to him. And not only does she not zap your energy so that you get sick and die, Christ Jesus, the son of our righteousness imparts energy to our immortality, and as Christ Jesus, as the fiery serpent married to Christ Jesus ascends in us, our diseases are healed, our physical diseases are healed, our emotional and our spiritual diseases are healed, and eventually we can inherit eternal life.

So the fiery serpent is rising. You've heard of pices have you? The fiery serpent is rising, you see. And when she rises unmarried it's the resurrection of damnation. And when she rises married it's the resurrection of life. But the fiery serpent is rising, she's already begun, she's not rising at the same time in every individual of humanity, but her resurrection has begun, her revival has begun, and the Lord wants us to know about it so that we can be prepared, so that we, the personality can be educated to understand what's happening to us so that we might choose the right champion. There are two champions that are fighting for us, the unmarried fiery serpent, or the married fiery serpent, and the married fiery serpent is Christ Jesus to us. And what is the purpose of all of this, by way of review? What is this fiery serpent trying to do, can anyone answer that question? Can anyone tell us who she is? Who is the fiery serpent? Anybody?

COMMENT: Our spiritual virginity?

SHEILA: Well she is, but in the context of this message, that's not what we're asking for, anybody else want to try?

COMMENT: The immortals?

SHEILA: Well that's true, but someone on the street wouldn't understand it, but it's the true answer. Who are the immortals? Can you tell us who the immortals are?

COMMENT: The fallen sons of God.

SHEILA: Okay, that's true, yes, they are the fallen sons of God. Now we've been hearing about the fallen sons of God for a long time, but we're now going to take it one step further, and we now know that these fallen sons of God, they were not necessarily mature sons of God, but they were the seed of Jehovah's sperm, see. They were the seed of Jehovah's sperm that have matured in the image of the serpent, that's who the immortals are, that's who the fiery serpent is, and we, mortal man, brethren, if you're living in a world of labor, if you have to labor to earn your bread, and to have a roof over your head, to have transportation, you are a member of the company of people who form the primordial ox, cause spiritual men don't labor, you see. We're the ox that's laboring, pulling the plow. Spiritual men don't labor, they think and it comes to pass, so there's your proof that we're the ox. Praise the Lord. So the spiritual man wants to ride us you see. In Zechariah we see the horses without riders, he wants to ride us, and when he rides us we become his servant. So, humanity will become the servant of the primordial serpent, the only question is, will she become the servant of the fiery serpent unmarried, or the married fiery serpent.

Now if we become the servant of the married fiery serpent, which is really Christ Jesus, if we become the servant of Christ Jesus, we will inherit eternal life, but if we become the servant of the unmarried fiery serpent, we will inherit hell and damnation. She will express herself through us, she will express her creativity through us until it kills us. And we did a message recently, Hillary and Jackie, that demonstrates that potential. Even Beethoven went blind, see. Genius drains one's energy, that's why Geniuses frequently die young. The only exception being in Christ Jesus. We can be geniuses in Christ Jesus and live forever. So this is the message from the Lord to his people tonight, be prepared because the hour is at hand for the marriage of humanity, and you should be praying ardently that it is Christ Jesus who marries you. Praise the Lord, any questions or comments on this message? Anybody? I'm sorry poor Mr. Beethoven, I made him blind, he wasn't blind, he was deaf. Thank you for correcting me.

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Sheila R. Vitale is the founding teacher and pastor of Living Epistles Ministries and Christ-Centered Kabbalah. In that capacity, she expounds upon the Torah (Scripture) and teaches Scripture through a unique Judeo-Christian lens.

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