512 - 1 Part

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There are certain events that are transpiring in this country which are very interesting. We know that there is a tremendous hatred toward Christianity and all forms of fundamental religion in the land, but surprisingly enough is that right along with this hatred for Christianity and fundamental religion is an increase of positive perceptions towards non-Christian spirituality.

What is quite amazing to me is that the sources that are promoting this non-Christian spirituality tend to suggest that it is not a religion, that it is simply spirituality apart from religion, which is the farthest thing from the truth. It seems to me that anyone with eyes in their head could recognize that spirituality which is almost always associated with ritual is a religion. Yet, we see people meditating and saying, no this isn't a religion. Well, who do you talk to when you meditate? They say, I talk to my inner self.

Brethren, this is religion. The movie that I have in mind tonight....actually, it is not a movie, it is a series called the X-Files, and I really enjoy this series. I don't like the horror aspect of it, but there is an aspect of this series that they call mythology which I find very fascinating. It usually has to do with aliens and with our government being evil which is another message that's being propelled through the society today, that the government is evil, that all authority is evil. There are forces working in the country today to bring down all authority including Christianity. Why are these forces working in this country?

Because there are men behind these attitudes, there are men operating through the TV and through all forms of media, mostly through the TV and through Hollywood who are shaping the thoughts of the population and seeding them with thoughts that are rebellious, thoughts that are rebellious toward authority and anti-Christian because they want to bring down the strength of this country. Why do they want to bring it down? For their own purposes which, most likely, has to do with money and power. Money and power. They want to reduce the populace of this country to a non-thinking, controlled mass for their own enrichment. That's the bottom line. It is happing in this nation today.

I have a couple of movies in this TV series in mind, and I'm just going to talk, and we will see how this message goes today. Well, the mythology aspect of the X-Files, I really do enjoy this program. The bottom line is that the United States government is aware that aliens exist, that they have been aware since the Roswell crash, and that they are in agreement, they have a contract going with these aliens, and they are going scientific research to create a human alien hybrid. They are trying to mix and cause to be compatible the DNA of the alien and human DNA. And the reason for it is that the aliens, moving freely among our society just by the very nature of the substance of which they are made, would spread a disease that would wipe out all of humanity.

So, in the grafting or in the creation of this hybrid creature, part alien and part human, it would prevent the human race from being wiped out. In this particular episode, however, or in the series in general, there is introduced an heroic character called. I forget his first name. His last name is Hosteen. I don't think it is Joe, but it is a common name. Sorry that I forgot his first name, but he is a Navajo Indian, and the Navajos are portrayed to be, and I'm not against the Navajo Indian. I'm just talking about the exaltation of cultures other than our spiritual roots, the exaltation of cultures and religions other than the Christian-European nations which are our roots, and that this exaltation is going on in this country today. Not simultaneously with the exaltation of Christian values, but in replacement of Christian values and Christian heroes.

I think his name is Albert, Albert Hosteen. He is a Navajo Indian who is a righteous man, who knows about the aliens. He has seen them. I think he is from New Mexico, and he has seen them in the deserts of the Navajo reservation. One of the heroes of the X-Files, Agent Mulder. The series is about two FBI agents, Agent Mulder and Agent Scully. They are out there chasing the aliens, looking for the truth about the aliens, and Agent Mulder comes across some information that would completely incriminate the United States government and reveal to the world that they have been doing medical experiments for 40 years.

Now, I heard something on this show tonight which I hope is not true, but I think it might be because this show weaves some truth into it. I can't believe that they would say something like this if it was completely false. I don't know how to go about checking it out, but they say that at the end of World War II there was something called the Paper Clip, the code name of the secret deal that was going on. They claim that the United States government managed to help some of Hitler's doctors escape prosecution at Nuremberg in exchange for their scientific knowledge being given over to the United States. I really hope that is not true because that is very discouraging if it is.

In this episode of the X-Files Fox Mulder is out in New Mexico with Albert Hosteen trying to discover how to interpret or to translate this secret information that was delivered to him by a hacker who hacked into the government computers. I guess this is true that in World War II, this is what they said in the series, that in World War II one of the codes of the United States government used was the Navajo language, and that it is such a difficult language that this was the one code that the Japanese or the Germans could not break, the Navajo language.

This is how Mulder gets out into New Mexico into the Navajo Reservation looking for someone who can decode this secret information that the hacker found by hacking into the United States government computers. So Agent Mulder is tracked down and attacked and left for dead by evil government agents. He's found by Albert Hosteen and some other Navajos, and they submit him to a Navajo ritual designed to save his life. I don't know how accurate this is, but they show the ritual on the TV. Where is the Christianity? Where is....even if you are calling for a priest, I know they really have a minister on TV, usually they have the priest coming in, but nothing Christian at all. And in this same episode, Agent Scully's sister is in the hospital dying, and Albert Hosteen arrives in the room, and he says, Agent Scully asked me to come and pray for her. Now the character, Agent Scully, is supposed to be Catholic. That's a part of her profile. She is a Catholic. She comes out of a rich, Catholic upbringing. Why is she calling Albert Hosteen to go pray for her sister?

You hear about rewriting history. There is a movement today that's rewriting history. They are historians that say Hitler never tried to wipe out the Jews. It is going on today. People rewriting history. Well, what I see happening is that Christianity is just being rewritten. The people who are against Christianity, they can talk against it, they can attack it, and then people are aware that there is a conflict, but this is insidious. It is just the over-writing of Christianity as if it was never there.

So, Albert Hosteen is a righteous man, and he comes into the hospital room of Agent Scully's sister, and he's praying for her for three days. Now, where do you find a Christian clergyman that would come in and spend three days praying for somebody, even if that person was in their congregation. You wouldn't find it. You see, everything that is lacking in Christianity today is being shown to be in pagan religion. Now, there may be some people who would do that. I heard a testimony not too long ago about a woman who was in a car accident, and she wasn't given much hope, and the testimony is that her pastor came in there every day, I don't know how long he stayed, he came in there every day and walked around her bed saying, Satan, you are a liar. That was the prayer that he had. See, it is not the words that you say. It is the faith that you exude. Well, she completely recovered. The woman completely recovered, but you don't find many Christian ministers that are that dedicated to that. They are all, most of them are worldly, very worldly. The church is very carnal today.

So, we see that the spiritual hero of this series is a Navajo Indian, and, of course, Agent Scully's sister dies, and you hear Albert Hosteen thinking out loud, and he was a very spiritual man, and he realized that his prayers were not working, and that the young lady would die. And he even had an explanation from the god that he serves as to why she would die, that sometimes someone must die so that another can live. That was his explanation, that the powers that be or the holy ones, as he called them, were not going to respond to his prayers and interfere with this young woman dying because there was some reason that she had to die so that Agent Scully could continue to live.

Sometimes, we see things like that in life. Sometimes, there is a choice between a mother or an infant being born. You have to choose. Sometimes, a woman is pregnant with twins, and the doctors tell you that one will not survive, and that if I don't do something to one of them, neither one of them will survive. There are situation, you know, where you have to choose. To be honest with you, this isn't a very popular thing to say, but I know somebody who had a strong call of God on their life, and they came out of a family with severe control and witchcraft, and they were not a physically strong person, and one of the members of the family that was severely controlling was dying from cancer. And no matter how much the sickly person prayed for them they still died, and the message from the Lord was that if that person had lived they would have exercised such a control over you that you would not have been able to go on with me; therefore, I did not intervene in response to your prayers.

So, I want you to understand what I'm saying. What this Albert Hosteen said could have been true, that these spiritual situations do exist. My whole point in telling you this is that the great spiritual one, the great spiritual hero of this series is a Navajo Indian. Do I have anything against Navajo Indians? No. Where are the Christians in this? But, of course, to the world, the world does not see Christianity as spiritual. So on the one hand, it is distressing to me that the spiritual hero in a Christian nation is a Navajo Indian, but on the other hand, I can really see where a lot of people are coming from, that Christianity, to them, is not spiritual.

So, a lot of people today when they are looking for a spiritual experience they don't think Christianity. They think Dalai Lama, they think Buddhism, they think Hinduism, they think Theosophy, and they think Navajo Indian or the aborigines over there in Australia. That's where the people today are going looking for their spiritual experiences. I saw on TV recently, Goldie Hawn. I remember when Goldie Hawn first made her mark in Hollywood, and, apparently, she is very successful. In case you don't know who she is, she's a very beautiful blond woman who started out playing the role of a dumb blond, but, apparently, she is truly talented and has made her mark on Hollywood, not only as an actress, but I think she is also a playwright and a producer or a director. She has gone into that other end, and she is not worth 200 million dollars. She has been with the same man for 16 years so she seems to be stable in that respect, and she is a Buddhist. She went to visit Tibet, and had a spiritual experience, came back a Buddhist. She seems to be a very stable, kind, successful, generous person.

One of the things she said is, she is not married, that the man she lives with, that she has been living with for 16 years, she says that he doesn't own me, and I don't own him. And my response to that is, well doesn't that sound wonderful since you are a woman who is worth 200 million dollars, who has a career, and probably doesn't need anything from him at all? But if you are a woman who had no wealth of her own, but had three children, and you had a man coming home to you every night saying, well as long as I feel like coming home, I'll come home, but you don't belong to me, and I don't belong to you so if I feel like leaving you can stay here with the three kids, and I'll wave goodbye to you.

So, you see that things that sound good on the surface, if you stop to think about them, they don't really sound good. But my point is that she seems to me to be a very lovely person of great depth, kind and generous, and a very positive person, and she has turned to Buddhism. Very sad. To get back to theme. Why are you sad, are you prejudiced? Do you think everybody should be a Christian, Sheila? I think, I'm assuming, and I think I have reason to assume that she must have been raised in some Christian denomination because at the time that she was born just about everybody here was either Protestant or Catholic, and I think to go from a Christian base to a pagan religion....and it is an idolatrous religion. They worship idols. Well, you say, I don't worship an idol of Buddha Well, his idol is in your heart. Buddha is in your heart. So to go from being a Christian, who should know better, to a pagan religion, yes, I think that is very sad.

And no, I don't think all religions are the same. I think all religions teach good principles, that you should be a good person, but all religions do not have the Spirit of the Living God, and there are two spirits in this world. Now, that is not very politically correct of me to say that, but there are two spirits in this world. There is the male spirit, and there is the female spirit. The male spirit is appearing to us today as the Lord Jesus Christ, and the female spirit is His wife, and she has no right to be receiving worship from anyone. She is the spirit of every religion that does not worship the true Lord Jesus Christ, and that is the truth. Thank God you can't hang me for that in this country. So, politically correct though it not be, that is the truth.

The saddest part of the whole thing is not that Goldie Hawn has become a Buddhist, the sad thing is the condition of the church, that people who are looking for spirituality have to go outside of Christianity. That's the tragedy. But, you see, it is very easy to be spiritual outside of Christ. To be spiritual inside of Christ is very hard. To be spiritual in Christ, you have to walk a holy walk. You can't live with someone and say, well he doesn't belong to me, or I don't belong to him, in Christianity. It is very hard to be spiritual in Christianity. So, we see that the Eastern religions make spirituality easy and, therefore, more desirable.

Back to Albert Hosteen. So we see the spiritual hero of this episode is an American Indian. Back to Agent Mulder. Agent Mulder is in the desert. He fell into a hole, and a whole bunch of rocks fell down on him. Actually, it was these wicked United States agents trying to murder him. I don't know what agency they are from, the Navy Department or the War Department. They don't make it clear where they are from. The young Navajo boys see the vultures flying around the desert so they go and get Albert Hosteen because vultures eat dead meat. They go out to see what the vultures are circling around waiting to die, and there they see this hand just sticking out. It is Mulder's hand, and they take him back, and they perform this ritual. It is an ancient Navaho ritual which is designed to summon the holy people who are not human, they are departed, they are beyond this world, who will decide whether or not....well, I'm not sure whether they make the decision whether to let him die or not or they make the decision to help him. I think that the holy people will make the decision as to whether or not to help him to stay alive.

There is a lot of ritual involved. See, this is one thing you will notice in pagan religion, there is a lot of ritual involved. Well, Sheila, didn't the Jews have a lot of ritual? The Jews had a lot of ritual. They had all kinds of rules and regulations and bring that, and bring that, and cut this animal this way, and cut that animal that way, and boil this one, and roast that one. Yes, the Hebrews followed a lot of rituals.

I've told you several times over the years here that there are at least two levels of witchcraft that I am aware of, and, of course, each level must have levels within it, but there are basically two categories of witchcraft. One is the less powerful level of witchcraft which uses ritual. In witchcraft, it has to do with cutting down branches from trees, sometimes drinking blood, making brews by boiling different things, herbs or animal parts, but there is a higher level of witchcraft which does not use ritual. There is a higher level of witchcraft that arises out of the spirit of the gods actually entering into you and manifesting through you, and when you have this higher level of spiritual power. Did I say witchcraft? It is not just witchcraft. It is spiritual power, and it is through witchcraft, and it is true of Judaism and Christianity.

When you have the actual....let me say it this way, the practitioners of the witchcraft what use ritual, like in this ritual that I'm telling you about with Mulder, they had to cut down leaves from the oak tree, they took all his clothes off, and they put certain marks of some kind of color, some kind of paint on his forehead, and they put him on a stretcher and completely covered him with leaves from the oak tree, and at the end of the ritual they had to give him a bath. They bathed him in some kind of herbs, and he was told he could not wash for four days. All of this type of ritual is designed to invoke the power of the gods that you hope will answer your prayers. In other words, the god is outside of you. The god does not take residence in you. Where is the god? He is in another plane of consciousness, and you have to call him forth and invoke him and invite him to come into you to grant you your wish.

This is no big secret because even in this episode of the X-Files, Albert Hosteen says that the first aspect of the ritual is that they cut down the branches of the oak tree, and they set it up in a certain way as an invitation to the holy people. That's their sign to the holy people that they are calling to them saying, we have a petition, please come and hear our petition. It is called invoking your God. Brethren, when you go to church, and you sing and praise for an hour, do you know that is invoking the Holy Spirit? See, that is not the true praise. Praise means worship, and worship means submission. Praise and worship is submission in your heart. Praise and worship is letting your own needs and desires to down so that Christ can enter into you and live His Life through you. That is worship. Obedience is worship. But the music that you sing and the songs that you sing, that is invoking your God. That is saying, we are here in a collective group, and we pray that you visit us this morning. We pray that your spirit should manifest here, that you should touch us, that people should be healed, that people should be delivered, that good things should happen here because your spirit is here with us, that you should touch the preacher, that the preacher should have an anointed message today. We pray Lord that you visit us in an outpouring, in a collective manifestation. We have gathered here, and we pray that you honor our gathering, and that you be in the midst of us. That's not praise and worship. That's called invoking your God.

I tell you the truth. See, the Indians and the Hindus and the Buddhists and whoever else....even the witches that perform their rituals, they are much more knowledgeable than the people in the church. The people in the church don't even know what praise and worship is. They don't even know what salvation is. They think they are saved, and they are barely reconciled. Of course, the Scripture says that the children of darkness are much wiser than the children of light. This situation has to change though, brethren. Where ever this message is going or if it is transcribed, whoever reads this message, you have got to know that this condition of the church cannot continue because the church today is not a reflection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the church is supposed to be a reflection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So, what we see today that calls itself the Christian church cannot continue. Will you try to bring it down, Sheila? No. But I'm telling you that the day is coming that the Lord Jesus will bring it down. Everything will be tried by fire, brethren, and everything, every ritual, every building, every man that founded on sand will be burned up. Are they going to be physically consumed? No. But they will lose their spiritual power, and it will become evident that they are not who they say they are in the days that the Sons of God manifest publicly.

So we see that what the church calls praise and worship is not praise and worship, but it is an invocation or an invitation to the Holy Spirit to join them in their meeting. But, you see, the man that is the temple of Christ Jesus, in that man Christ Jesus is present all the time. You do not have to invoke the Lord to come into you. If He lives in you, you don't have to invoke Him to join you. If He lives in you, and He lives through you, and you are married to Him, and you are doing His will, you would not be in a service that He did not ordain, and if He ordained the service you don't have to invoke Him to join you.

So we see Mulder on this cot covered over with oak leaves, and the Indians in the background are starting to beat their drums and chat in an attempt to encourage the holy ones to come and talk to Mulder and reason with him and encourage him to decide to live because, apparently, if the person who is being subjected to this ritual, the person who is at death's door, if they have made a choice in their heart that they do not want to live, there is nothing that anybody can do for them. The personality must desire to live.

Now, that struck me as interesting because is this not what we say about the personality? The personality must choose between Christ Jesus and Leviathan, and the one that she chooses imparts his nature to her. Well, once again we see the personality having an opportunity to make a choice between death; and, we will say life, but we know it is not real life, the existence of this world, and physical death.

So we see Mulder on this cot as the Indians chant and beat their drums. All of a sudden, Mulder is floating in the starry sky. The whole cot is floating in the starry sky, and the holy people start to gather around him. Now this is the episode. I'm not calling them the holy people. Apparently, these are dead people. The holy people, according to the Navajo legend, come to speak to Mulder, to reason with him and encourage him to desire to live. Now I find that very interesting because the Scripture says something about God reasoning with us and pleading with us, but God does not reason with us and plead with us to live. God reasons with us and pleads with us to face the truth about our own sin nature so that we might live, see? It is very close. The lines are very fine.

So, one by one we see these men, I didn't see any women there, they all seemed to be male, coming forward from the crowd to reason with Mulder, to encourage him to live. Of course, his dead father is there also. Now it is very interesting because this belief seems to be pretty wide spread among a lot of pagan religions, that it is the personality that survives in the other planes of consciousness, but it is not true, brethren. It is a lie. It is not the personality that survives. The other planes of consciousness that do exist are filled with beings. They are immortal as long as this age exists. They are the immortals of this age, but when this age rolls up like a scroll and goes out like a light their immortality will die with it. These are beings that are formed from the earth and the waters of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, but they have no virile seed. They are made of the earth and the water alone, no virile seed. Human beings are made of virile seed. Every human being has at his spiritual root one of the virile seeds of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid. Jesus called that seed our worm. See, He called Jacob a worm, and He said that we have a worm that doesn't die. It is His seed in us that doesn't die, that reincarnates, if you will, but the personality, that which we know ourselves to be, we die.

So you see, if you could say to somebody, you will never die, without telling the person that you are in parts, that this part of you will not die, but that part of you will dissolve, and you will get another one because your personality is just like a garment, and that is going to dissolve so you will get another garment. See, when the Scripture says, he who believes in me will never die, He's not talking about the personality. Why? Because the personality will never believe in Jesus. The only faith that we have is the faith that's imparted to us through the seed of Christ. Christ believes in the Lord Jesus. Christ is capable, Christ in you is capable of believing in the Lord Jesus. The personality is not capable of believing, just capable of hoping. I hope it is true, oh God let it be true.

It is like saying to a tomato, you will live forever, and then the tomato dies, it dries up, and it dries out, and all the seeds are laying there, and then the rain comes along and the wind and blows the seeds on the earth, and they get planted, and they sprout and a whole new tomato plant grows. It is true, that tomato plant is in the process of living forever, but not necessarily in the same form that it is in when you are telling it, you will live forever. Brethren, you need a spiritual mind to understand this stuff. Only the carnal mind of the ox, that ignorant dumb animal that is what the church world calls the flesh, can believe that this physical body is going to live forever. The Scripture says no such thing, but the root of yourself, the root that has formed you, the seed that formed a garment around himself, he will live forever.

So the people that are in the other planes of consciousness, if people is the right word, they are not the people that you met, that physically died. They are the immortals of this timeline, the immortals of this world, and they do not have the power within themselves to incarnate in the physical bodies that we have. They would like to incarnate in the physical bodies that we have. Why? Because they would like to have experiences, physical experiences, emotional experiences, and there are beings in the astral plane and in other planes of consciousness that actively seek to influence human beings. And they come to them and whisper in their ears, they are invisible on this plane of consciousness, but they will give you thoughts, they will give you ideas. If they believe in them they will have a communication with you, a conversation with you, and they will take it as far as you will let them take it. They want relationships with physical men. This is not your dead mother or your dead father or your dead grandfather. They are deceivers.

See, when the Scripture says, commune not with the dead, once again it is all a matter of understanding. What is the Scripture talking about? You have to say to yourself, who are the dead? Does that mean commune not with your dead grandmother? Or your dead wife? Or your dead husband? I don't think so. Why? Because the Lord knows that you can't commune with them. They are gone. The dead, brethren, are everyone that is not attached to Jehovah. In this hour, Jehovah is appearing to us as the Lord Jesus Christ. All Life is in the Son. If you are not joined in your spirit to the Son, you are dead. And all of these immortals in the astral plane and in the other planes of consciousness, in this episode they are calling it the twilight, or The Twilight Zone was a TV series. They are all dead because they are formed of the earth and the waters of Jehovah's seminal fluid, but there is nothing in them, there is no life in them, there is no potential life in them, there is no seed in them that even has the potential of joining with the Son of God. They are completely barren.

So the Scripture says, don't commune with the dead. Don't commune with the entities in the other planes of consciousness who will lie to you and attempt to deceive you and tell you that they are your dead wife and your dead son or your dead husband because the ox dies from generation to generation, brethren, and the personalities today are the present day manifestation of the spiritual ox that Adam formed and joined himself to before time began. The ox dies from generation to generation when she is married to Satan and Leviathan, but we, the ox, the personality, the descendants of that primordial ox which was not an ox that you see in the field, but a spiritual animal made from the same substance that the immortals are made from. Made from the earth and the waters of the seminal fluid. We are the present day descendants of that ox, and we die from generation to generation, but when we are married to Christ Jesus we will live forever because He is Life, and when we are completely mingled with the Life we, too, shall live.

So, the Scripture says, don't commune with the dead. It is saying don't commune with these entities that exist in the other planes of consciousness. So Fox Mulder is lying on this cot covered with oak leaves, floating in the twilight zone or in the twilight, and all of the holy ones have come to visit him and to reason with him and to encourage him to choose to live. While Fox is having this spiritual experience, we find out later on that he was burning up with fever; yet, he made his decision that he was willing to go back to the earth and continue to pursue the truth. So he survived the fever, but was very weak, and they knew, Albert Hosteen and the others knew that he was making it when he asked for water. After three days, he asked for some water. Then they gave him the ritual bath and washed him down with herbs and put a blanket around him and told him not to change his clothes for four days.

Fox Mulder had a conversation with Albert Hosteen, and he said, Albert, while I was delirious I had a dream that I was in this other place, and Albert Hosteen said, no it wasn't a dream, you were really there. Fox Mulder said, where is this other place, where did I go to? And Albert Hosteen said, it is within you, and you could see that Fox was shocked. In my opinion, he didn't understand.

See, brethren, our consciousness can change location. Right now, our consciousness is in this world, but it is possible, I don't know how to do it, I don't have any power to do it, I've had some experiences beyond this world because Jesus gives them to me, but I have no knowledge as to how to control it at all. So, I guess I'm not mature enough to have that ability in Christ Jesus, but I know that there are people into witchcraft that travel to different within themselves and have all kinds of experiences, and when you have the ability to change consciousness, to go into another location, your experience is actually in another world. It is very hard to understand. I can't tell you that I completely understand it myself. I am just convinced that it is true, that what we see out here in this world is just a projected image of our internal condition, and that when we go to another location internally we would not be in this world.

I'm told that there are people who practice this aspect of witchcraft, they actually have colleges in other....Those of us who saw The Matrix and was with us in The Matrix series might remember that the hero, Neal, of The Matrix was living in a world that looked like our world, and then he had a spiritual experience that broke the illusion. And when the illusion broke, he found himself in a place flowing with water, and, in my estimation, a location that signified the lower energy centers because the water is flowing in the lower energy centers. Neal found himself in what looked like a cavern because he was supposed to be in a power plant, and then he slid down into a sea. Why was all that water there?

Well, we know that the Lord has taught us through the Scriptures that the Fiery Serpent, when she is cast down, goes down into the sea which is in the second energy center. Now, Neal was up above. He was sitting there in a pod in the power plant, and then he slid down like a water sliding....and wound up in a sea. So he must have been up in the third energy center, and he slid down into the second. What is really interesting is that I saw a bit of a science-fiction movie the other day. Boy, it sounds like I watch TV all day, but I really don't, but I did watch this program, and it was about a man who kept losing time. He was married to a wife that he was madly in love with, and he would go to bed at night, and you would see him having some kind of physical experience. He would be choking, and his eyes were bulging out of his head, and then all of a sudden he wasn't in his bed any more, but he was in a cavern with water all over the place. And this was an old science-fiction movie. It was before The Matrix came out. Then he would see serpents in the water, and it was just an underground cavern. Then he would wake up, and he would be back in this world 10 years later, and his wife thought that he had abandoned her. Of course, it was a very simple science-fiction movie. He manifested every 10 years. So his wife and his son were waiting for him every 10 years, and finally his wife becomes a psychologist, and she knows that if she can't help him to stay in the world this time that she will never see him again because she is going to die because she is again.

In this case, it is an alien that grants him mercy, and he goes out again, goes into this grotesque condition where he is all twisted up, and as far as his wife is concerned he disappears, and he finds himself back in this cavern with the water again. Then, when he closes his eyes again these benevolent aliens put him back 50 years ago when he was a newly married man, and they start all over again. My point is, brethren, there is a spiritual place that we can go to. We live in outer darkness out here. It is possible to go in, and there is a whole world inside of us. All of the universes out there, the stars, the planets, the asteroids, everything is just a reflection, a physical image of what is inside of man. This twilight zone or the twilight that Mulder went into, even the series, The Twilight Zone, somebody must have had a revelation that there is a twilight zone within. It was in another episode of the X-Files also that Mulder is talking to a woman who talks about communing with the dead, and she says, they are in the twilight.

Well, where is the twilight? We know the astral plane is in the second energy....well, the astral plane really covers over the second, the third energy center, and the right side of the heart center. The twilight, they show it with all those stars. Well, it must be the fifth energy center. Seems to me, it is the fifth energy center. I've told you that I've experienced it once, that I was in a very deep spiritual study all day doing a translation, and when I finished up for the night, as I walked from my office to my bedroom I saw in the spirit a star studded sky, but faces all over the sky. It was something that I had seen in Star Trek, somebody else who I've seen this in meditation, showed it in Star Trek. It was a star studded sky with just the faces of people, and they were all miserable and depressed.

So, I know that there is a twilight because, at one point, I experienced it. I've asked the Lord about it ever since, what did I see, Lord, what was that, what was that? And there has been no answer until these last couple of episodes in the X-Files. I went before the Lord, and I said, Lord where is this twilight? And He said to me, well, it is the fifth energy center. It is above the sea. Where is the sky? Where are the stars? Above the sea. And the sea is over the right side of the heart center. In a recent message, it came out that the fifth energy center of the true timeline is the heaven of the left side of the heart center. So, apparently, it is the fifth energy center. Apparently, there is a different category of being in the fifth energy center than there is in the fourth energy center. There are different categories of beings in each energy center. I have a lot to learn. I don't know what kind of entity is where or what. Well, we know that some of the entities are insects. Well, I don't want to get into that right now, but there are energy centers that the world associated them as a forest. Then, there are energy centers that the world associated with them as the twilight. Isn't this interesting?

So Mulder was in the twilight, and the holy people, according to the Navajos, apparently are the entities that dwell in the twilight. I don't see them worshiping the people that dwell in the woods. Who worship the people that dwell in the woods? Irish folklore, the leprechauns dwell in the woods. They live in the trees, do they not? Leprechauns? So, we see different cultures have relationships with different entities. They are associated with the different energy centers. There are worlds within us. What is outer darkness? Outer darkness is the mind of the ox, the mind of the personality, the conscious part of the mind, the flesh part of the mind, the mind that wants the comforts of this world. If you want to experience the worlds within, you have to develop your subconscious mind. Christ Jesus is the subconscious. We would not want to be doing this outside of Christ Jesus. Most of God's people don't want to come. They want to stay out here. They want Him to bless them in this world, and they want to stay out here. You have to go in, brethren, there is a whole world or worlds within. This is the outer shell, this world is the outer shell. I would be surprised if our scientists ever find life on other planets. Everything is inside.

So, we see that the Navajo Indian knows that. You have to go in, and to go in, in most instances, or with pagan religions, this outer shell of you has to go to sleep, but not in all cases. I read an article once that said, most ? exist more in the spiritual world than in this world, and that they are in both worlds. Many of them are in both worlds all the time. I know that I am in both worlds all of the time. How do I know? I get visions and words of knowledge continuously. It is very hard to explain or to believe, but I can be in deep concentration working on a translation, and, at the same time, fully concentrating on some problem that the Lord has me praying about. It is amazing. It amazes me. Yet, when I took T'ai Chi lessons, my T'ai Chi teacher said that the practitioners of T'ai Chi concentrate on as many as 12 things at once. Well, I haven't attained to that yet. So, we are really new kids on the block as far as spirituality is concerned.

I had a perception when I was watching this X-File episode that Christianity is the youngster. Christianity is only 2000 years old. Pagan religion has existed for centuries, for millennia, and Christianity came into the world and said, look, we are going to start doing things a new way because this is where the true life is, and we affected the entire world, sent out evangelists to all the corners of the earth, and now something very strange is happening. Christianity appears to be failing. It is not true. It appears to be failing on the surface, and all religion is coming to the surface and claiming the headship, claiming the headship over the Christian. Isn't that interesting? I've been teaching you here for years that, as a Son of God, Satan will always be raising up someone to take authority over you. It is the name of the game. It's the way it is. People don't even know what they are doing, but Satan will rise in them, and they will try to take authority over the Sons.

Well, as a nation, even beyond the nation, Christianity which covers most of Europe, there is another spirit rising up to take the headship over Christianity. And a lot of the churches are in agreement with it. They think they are liberal, but the end of it will be the wiping out of Christianity. Just as I've told you for years, if your authority is legitimate in any given situation, any given conflict, you cannot give that authority over to another person who's acting like they have the authority but do not have a legitimate authority because the end of it will be the destruction of your authority. It is happening on a grand scale. Paganism is rising up and claiming the headship over Christianity. I heard it on a TV program. Bill Mahr's program had some American Indians on there claiming spiritual headship over the Christian world.

So, brethren, it is going to be very exciting. We are living in such an exciting time where there is really nothing that's happening until the Sons manifest. We really can't do anything until we ascend into the brow (6th) energy center. Listen to me hacking and coughing away. What do you think will happen to me if I meet up with someone who has millennia of spiritual power built into them. Brethren, we are all the product of our ancestors. Christianity is only 2000 years old. What I have in me today is the modern-day or the present manifestation of 2000 years of Christianity. Well, I'm Jewish so it might be more than that. I think it is about 5000 years. Somewhere between 5 and 7 thousand years from Abraham to today.

So, perhaps I have up to 5000 years of spiritual heritage behind me, but others in the world today have millennia, ten, twenty, thirty thousand years of spiritual heritage behind them. And they have immortals manifesting through them that have been around since the fall. I'm no match for them. They could kill me right now so I have to stay in hiding and only take on what the Lord Jesus assigns me to. If I go beyond my assignment I could get hurt. The Lord is not obligated to protect me when I am out in my own mind or doing things because of my own will. If I go out from under His cover I will have to reap what I sow, but, in due season, there will be a group of people who will stand up in the brow (6th) energy center in Christ Jesus, and at that point, when they can no longer be destroyed, the Lord will send us forth to confront the powers and principalities of this world and the head of this age which is presently known as Maitreya.

It's coming, brethren, it's coming. The day must come. Not because of you and not because of me, but because of Jesus Christ and His commitment to Jehovah to recover that which was lost which is the Son of God, Jehovah's seed that was kidnaped and captured and engraved with the Serpent's nature and locked down here in hell. Remember the primordial Serpent slammed the door shut, but Jesus Christ has entered into this world and is working to return the Son of God to the higher centers, the many-membered Son of God.

So, we see that we are living in a very exciting day, brethren, but, of course, this message is about Albert Hosteen and Agent Mulder who survives because this Indian ritual supposedly saved his life. He claims that he died....I've watched it twice already. Mulder, in one place, claims that he died, but he came back. There is one part that I don't get, where it shows Mulder talking with a starry background. I've watched it twice already. I will have to watch it again. I'm not sure whether it is an immortal talking to Scully with the image of Mulder or whether Mulder is channeling in a mortal. I can't get it, I haven't got it yet. I have to wait for the Lord to show me what that really means, but, at the very least, it means that Mulder has ascended into the fifth energy center. What confuses me is that this part of the episode is shown after Mulder returns in full health, and, at the end of his little dissertation, Scully wakes up in bed as if she heard that word.

So, I'm wondering if it isn't an immortal appearing to Scully in Mulder's image because, you see, when these immortals appear to us they take on a familiar image, an image that would be familiar to us. Now, I don't know what they look like. Maybe they don't have any form. Maybe the only form they have is what we look like so they take on the image of someone that is familiar to them. I do have to watch that again and see what that means, Agent Mulder speaking from the twilight. Praise the Lord.

I just hear somebody screaming that Sheila has something against the Navajos. I have nothing against anybody, brethren, but I do claim and boldly declare the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ over the whole world. It belongs to Him. This world belongs to Him and everything in it. I do proclaim that, and I do proclaim that there are other forces operating, claiming the headship of this world, and I do not submit to any of them, and I do not acknowledge any of them as having headship over the Lord Jesus. Am I against the people that practice these rituals? No, of course not. The Lord is here to save the personality. He's here to get His Son back and to save the personalities of humanity. The truth must first be spoken and then the decision made. I guess that's all I have to say. Are there any questions or comments on this message?

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