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Praise the Lord. I am going to do a comparison tonight between some of the teachings of the philosophy known as Theosophy and the parallel philosophy of the Doctrine of Christ. Now, I find Theosophy a very interesting spiritual philosophy because, from everything that I have seen, and I believe the Lord has witnessed this to me, it seems to me that this philosophy teaches a spiritual ascension in goodness; whereby, the experiences of the person ascending are so very close to the experiences of the person ascending in Christ Jesus, that it is very easy for unschooled disciples of Jesus Christ to be deceived. They have their own terminology. A lot of their terminology comes from Hinduism. I believe Theosophy is an outgrowth of Hinduism. Buddhism also is an outgrown of Hinduism, but Theosophy denies, to the best of my knowledge, that they are a religion, but I will not argue religion. But what they are is a spiritual discipline outside of Christ. Now, Christianity is not supposed to be a religion. Unfortunately, it is a religion in most areas today. Christianity is a spiritual philosophy. So because of the condition that Christianity is in today, and the thought even came to me today that the Jews and the Christians, Satan has, except for a few of us, she has just knocked us out. She has knocked out the spiritual element of the church and made it of no force and no effect, put it in a little box and labeled it religion. And the peoples of the earth who are spiritual are all in Hinduism and the outgrown of Hinduism. One of the most active outgrowths of Hinduism today is Theosophy.

So, they say that they are not a religion, and it is the Theosophical teaching that is replacing Christianity in our schools, spirituality outside of Christ that they claim is not a religion. Therefore, they can put their beliefs in our schools, in our public systems. Theosophy is the spiritual, I do not want to say religion, teaching of the United Nations. They have an office in the United Nations. They are spreading their philosophy across the world, and because the Judeo-Christian world is so pitifully, pitifully infantile, I have not heard anyone stand up and say, well, we are not a religion either. Christianity is a spiritual discipline, and you are a spiritual discipline, and if you can call Christianity a religion, then you, too, must be called a religion. That is how they have polluted our schools and our public life, by denying that they are a religion. They are just a spiritual discipline, just people seeking spirituality outside of Christ. Now, Theosophy claims to apply itself to what they call the Christian creed. They have taken what appears to me to be basic Hinduism, and they have entangled it or integrated it with a lot of Christian teachings, and Theosophy is being packaged and sold in the United States, and in the whole Western world today, as the spiritual aspect of Christianity. The more I read, and the more I study, the more I believe that the Lord is telling me that the information that Theosophy puts forth is very, very accurate. Of course, the major divergence from the true Christianity being that their ascension, their spiritual experiences, their spiritual development is not in Christ Jesus. It is of the fallen creation which is the Primordial Serpent.

Now, Hinduism declares that they worship the serpent. Hinduism does not deny that they worship the Serpent. There is no problem with it, but Theosophy has taken basic Hinduism and has integrated it with Christianity and is calling it spiritual Christianity. I would like to make a point, one of many points that should be of interest and help to anyone who is at this place. This is really interesting because there is a Jewish problem today. If you speak to any of the Jewish Rabbis, they will tell you that Judaism is in crisis through intermarriage. So many Jews are not practicing their religion. Well, it is a religion today. It should not be, but so many Jews are not following Judaism, and so many are intermarrying, and either not following Judaism and letting their children be brought up in usually Catholic, sometimes Protestant, religions, Judaism is in crisis today. Well, brethren, Christianity is in crisis today. There are numerous Christians who are seeking to go on with God. They are seeking to go on to be spiritual people, and they have not found the door to the true Christianity. They have found the false door. They have found the false door, and they are buying this package that is being preached by a lot of Christian preachers, and now the Christian preachers are not using the Theosophical names such as Monad and Ego, but if you know what you are reading you will see that most, I cannot say all, but most of the Christian preachers today who are preaching advanced spiritual studies are preaching the message of Theosophy. I would like to show you one basic area where they go off. They talk about the Monad. The Monad is parallel to the glorified Jesus Christ. There are many Monads, and Theosophy describes them as sparks that break off from the Almighty. Well, we have been talking about Elohim and the sperm of Jehovah's seminal fluid. I believe that the Monads, described as the sparks of the Almighty, can be likened to or are the spiritual sperm that the Doctrine of Christ talks about. Now, our glorified Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, He is a manifestation....who is the glorified Jesus Christ a manifestation of?

COMMENT: Elijah.

SHEILA: That is true, but even before that. What is the spark of Jehovah's life that Jesus is a manifestation of?

COMMENT: Elohim?

SHEILA: Elohim, yes.

You have to be careful about that because....now hear the divergence in the teaching right here. Theosophy teaches that there are many Monads. They are sparks of the Almighty; that they stay in a high place of the spirit, they never leave what we would call the eternal realm where Jehovah is. But, of course, this is the eternal realm of the Primordial Serpent. They never leave it, but they send down an aspect of themselves, they stretch forth their spirit, they stretch forth into the earth, and this whole process is called involution, that the spirit is descending into the earth to a certain point. This descending into the earth is developing what we would know to be the human personality, and then, at some point, evolution begins. When the spirit descends deep enough into the earth that the earthen man which the personality is, is now equipped to have his mind expanded, then the evolution starts, the arc goes upward, and the spiritual development of the personalities start. The glorified Jesus Christ on this level is not a Monad, because the Monad is just a spark that has not yet descended into the earth and come back up. Jesus Christ is the spark, is Elohim, that has descended into the earth taking on the flesh of Elijah and Moses, and Jesus and returned back up to the heavenly place where Jehovah is. Jesus Christ has completed the circle. The Monad is just the spark. Now, the Theosophical teaching is that the Monad descends into the spiritual earth, and as he wraps himself in earth he develops an Ego, and what that Ego is, that Ego can be likened to Christ Jesus, the part of the glorified man that is in mortal man. Ego is the name that Theosophy gives that part of the mind of mortal man that is this high spiritual being descended into his flesh.

Christ Jesus is the glorified Jesus Christ in our flesh. The glorified Jesus Christ is descending into the flesh of mortal men. He is sending His sperm down, and the sperm of Jesus Christ in me is called Christ Jesus. The Monad stretches down and forms a mind in mortal man and calls that mind Ego. So, we have two parallels here already. Now is where things change. Theosophy says that the Ego stretches down even further into the earth and forms the personality. Theosophy says that the personality of mortal man is a part of this supernatural being, the Monad, the Ego, and the personality. And they are all the same spiritual being stretching further and further down into the earth. The Doctrine of Christ says that the personality is not an extension of Christ Jesus, but that the personality is down here as the Fiery Serpent or Kundalini, or as we know him to be Abel and Christ, and the personality is reaching upwards to meet with Christ Jesus and be engraved in the nature of Jesus Christ. Now, Theosophy talks about Kundalini, but Theosophy does not have much to say about Kundalini. The Lord has revealed to us that the Fiery Serpent or Kundalini or Abel, Abel and Cain, are the Fiery Serpent. When Abel and Cain are engraved in the Primordial Serpent's nature, they are the Fiery Serpent. Does anybody remember who Abel is? Abel and Cain? They are Jehovah's seed. Abel is Jehovah's seed that has been covered with the earth, Cain is the earth, and engraved with the Primordial Serpent's nature. So, we see that the Fiery Serpent or Kundalini is Jehovah's kidnaped seed, the children that were stolen when Adam fell and engraved with the Primordial Serpent's nature. So here is a major difference. Theosophy says that the personality comes down from the Divine. And the Doctrine of Christ says that Kundalini is the personality.

Now the whole concept in Theosophy, the Monad, the Ego, and the personality that they all claim to be descended from the Monad. This is all the Primordial Serpent. This is the spirit of the Primordial Serpent, and the truth of the matter is that the seed of Jehovah who is appearing as the Fiery Serpent; that is the part of the creation that the Primordial Serpent needs to give it existence. Kundalini is the major part of the creation. There is no existence without Kundalini or the Fiery Serpent, the seed of Jehovah, and Christ Jesus is coming down to recapture the Fiery Serpent and re-engrave her with the nature of Jehovah. In Theosophy, they really play down Kundalini. They play down Kundalini, and they claim that this spirit that is coming down....Theosophy teaches that the Monad, the Ego, and the personality all come down from the Divine seed of God, that Monad is the seed. The glorified Jesus Christ is truly the seed that is saving all of humanity, but this whole trio, the Monad, the Ego, and the personality, is the Primordial Serpent who is nothing without the seed of Jehovah which is down here in the form of Kundalini. In Theosophy, down here in the form of Kundalini. My point is that Theosophy puts the whole emphasis on the Monad, the Ego, and the personality saying that, that is the power to create. But the truth is that this Monad, Ego, and personality (the Monad is forming the Ego and the personality) is not the power to create. This is the Primordial Serpent, the female spirit, masquerading as a male spirit that cannot bring a creation into existence without Jehovah's seed, even when Jehovah's seed is engraved with the nature of the serpent. Yet, they acknowledge Kundalini, but they put the emphasis on the Primordial Serpent. And the Doctrine of Christ acknowledges the glorified Jesus Christ, the Father, as the seed, and Christ Jesus is the glorified Jesus Christ in the mortal men who are coming to meet with the seeds of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid who have been kidnaped and engraved with the Primordial Serpent's nature, and to re-engrave them with the nature of Jesus Christ and restore them to the upper window of creation. Theosophy is a lie. It is a lie. The incarnating power is not in the Primordial Serpent. The incarnating power, from a Theosophical point of view, is in Kundalini. That is the seed of Jehovah that is kidnaped and made to serve the Primordial Serpent. The power of incarnation is reversed in Theosophy. They play down Kundalini and emphasize the Monad and the Ego. They emphasize the Monad and the Ego.

The truth is that the Monad and the Ego represent the eunuch, the one that Jehovah calls a eunuch. They have no power to incarnate. They have placed Jehovah's seed deep down in the individual. They do not deprecate Kundalini. They do not say that she is powerless, they are not against her, but they are denying Kundalini's true role, that she is Jehovah's seed buried in the earth of mortal humanity. And they are placing the deity and the emphasis on the Monad. When the deity, even in his fallen condition, Kundalini is the deity that comes from Jehovah, that deity that has been engraved with the Primordial Serpent's nature and serving the Primordial Serpent. It is just one more expression of role reversal. The Primordial Serpent and the mind of the Primordial Serpent reverses the truth that comes forth, reverses the Spirit of Truth. Well, this was just a short teaching to make this point. Are there any questions or comments?

COMMENT: I would like to know what the difference is between Theosophy and the New Age. I hear so many programs, and I see a lot of New Age where they think they are serving Jesus, but it does not seem like it is the same Jesus that we serve.

SHEILA: I am not really sure, but I think that Theosophy is the foundation of New Age. I think there are a lot of different teachings that call themselves New Age. The one thing that I do notice, what I have seen as New Age teachings, is they do not come forth with words like Monad and Ego. Everything is Jesus and Christ. So as I told you earlier, Theosophy introduced Hinduism into a Christian atmosphere, and it seems to me that the teachers that are calling themselves New Age have taken it even further. They have gotten rid of all the foreign language and replaced it with Christian terms so the seduction is even more complete. That is, to the best of my knowledge, what I know to be the difference. But it is this teaching of Theosophy which is an outgrown of Hinduism, it really is Hinduism integrated with Christianity, and it is just amazing to me that they are taking over Christians left and right. The basis of the teaching is salvation by works. The seduction is to embrace death and to seek to experiences and enter into alternate worlds or other worlds of consciousness while still subject to the god of this world which is Satan. It was Jehovah's intention that Adam, and all of the children that He was bringing forth, would learn to experience all of the planes of consciousness from a position of dominion, that they would go into each plane of consciousness with authority over the negative principles in those planes of consciousness and learn to rule over them. Jesus said, he who overcomes shall inherit all things. We have to overcome in every area where negative principles are trying to rule over us and assert authority over us, but we are overcoming from a position of subjection. We are subject to the god of this world and to the principalities and powers of this world. But this is not the way Jehovah intended it.

The truth of the matter is that we could never overcome the powers and principalities of this world. We would never get out of here if the Lord Jehovah did not send Jesus Christ to raise us up above the authorities of this world. And that is the work of the glorified Jesus Christ, and that is the work of Christ Jesus in you, taking authority over the Fiery Serpent in you, and raising Abel in you over Cain because Cain is over Abel. The glorified Jesus Christ is come to give us dominion over the earth so that we can learn to function in and rule over the spiritual planes of consciousness. Theosophy is teaching that we can learn to overcome, and to rule over and to exist in, and it should be a positive experience in all of the planes of consciousness through good works. And it is a big deception. Theosophy teaches that it is the intention of the Monad to make all lower life forms a part of himself. The Scripture talks about the bride of Christ, that there is going to be a marriage, but most Christians do not understand what that means. Marriage to Jesus Christ means that He is going to make us a part of Himself. Just like the Spirit of Elijah make the mortal man, Jesus, a part of Himself. That is what glorification is. Jesus became a part of the Godhead.

He died to all personal interests, and that is what Jesus is coming to do with us. Not all at once, but little by little as we can bear it. He is coming to bring us to a place where we become a part of Him, and to become a part of Him we must die to every aspect of our life that He is not taking with Him. Well, these Monads exist, they are real. They are sparks of the Primordial Serpent, and it is true that they are dipping down into the earth and forming a mind called the Ego that can be likened or that is parallel to Christ Jesus, and that they are forming that mind in mortal man. And that it is the Monads intention to fully make the human beings of humanity a part of himself, each Monad. There are many of them. It is their intention to make the human beings of mortal humanity a part of themselves. That is the marriage. That is the resurrection that John talks about, the resurrection of the just and the resurrection of the dammed. They are coming to marry mortal humanity, and mortal humanity, many men, are rushing to meet them, the Monads. Rushing to meet them. The message is very, very seductive, very exciting, but the truth of the matter is that it is a counterfeit. Yet, there is a similar message in Christ Jesus, but, brethren, Jesus Christ has to make us spiritual. Theosophy and other spiritual disciplines teach you how to become spiritual and how to have experiences on other planes of consciousness. Jesus Christ says, seek me first, seek the Kingdom of God and My righteousness, and as Christ Jesus matures in us we have the spiritual experiences that Christ Jesus is having. We, the personality are a part of those spiritual experiences. And Christ Jesus has overcome the world. The powers and principalities in the earth, of the planes of consciousness that we about to pass through, have already been overcome by Christ Jesus. That means He has dominion over them; that means that when we stick with Him they cannot overcome us.

The truth of the matter is that there are powers and principalities on all planes of consciousness waiting to enslave mankind through a form of spiritual marriage that will be eternal torment, for so long as this age exists, to the person that has this experience. They teach that evil will just fall away. Theosophy teaches that evil cannot be absorbed into the Monad, and that as your consciousness ascends, evil will just fall away. Well, I personally can tell you that this is a lie. Maybe it is true in Theosophy, but at some point you are going to be married to the Primordial Serpent as you ascend into goodness, but in Jesus Christ I can tell you that evil does not just fall away. I have to war against it and beat it down and burn it and kill it. It does not just fall away. So the key is Kundalini, or in the Scripture it is called the Fiery Serpent. That is the key. Jehovah's fallen seed, the true consciousness of the creation. Whether that consciousness is engraved with Jehovah's image or that consciousness is engraved with the image of the Primordial Serpent, the whole creation is woven around the Fiery Serpent or Kundalini, Jehovah's seed. The Primordial Serpent is a eunuch. She is barren. She can do nothing without Kundalini, but this teaching says that she can do it all without Kundalini, that the Monad herself develops the Ego and the personality. I do not know how clear I made that, but the Lord told me to preach it, and I preached it.

Any other questions? As I have told you many times, there are certain occult books that I can read, and others that have a dirty spirit that I will not read. Theosophy does teach morality. They teach morality and ethics and good works, and they warn you that you cannot ascend without the development of your moral character. But I have never read in any of their books what can happen to you if you ascend without the development of your moral character. Well, they do mention it, but they play it down. There is one book out called The Bewitched Life. So they do suggest to you that if you ascend without developing mortal character it can be a most unpleasant experience, but they do not really go into it at all. They just play it down completely. The reason I can read books on Theosophy, and I can read books on Hinduism is because they are preaching the development of mortal character, and it is a true philosophical study, but as soon as you start to read books that are channeled by unclean spirits or spirit guides, Christ Jesus is me is grieved, and I cannot have anything to do with those books. But this philosophy, pure Hinduism and Theosophy, is "right on" except if you can see the principles behind it and relate them to the Doctrine of Christ, they are "right on," and we can see or get a good idea of what our spiritual ascension will involve.

Now, apparently, there are people that have experienced this ascension, yogis in India. I do not know where they are. If they are around, they are not making themselves publicly available to me, but, apparently, there are enough people around to have these books written. And this is what the church is called to. Brethren, no wonder Jesus cried when He walked on the earth. To see the condition of God's people bound by religions spirits, and the things of this world, is enough to bring you to tears, but the Lord Jesus will raise up His spiritual army once again. He will raise us up once again because He, the Lord Jesus Christ, intends to stand on the earth and appear again. So, there will be a company of men that He will develop to the point that they can tolerate carrying His power. It is no easy thing carrying the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. I never used to understand the Scriptures in Deuteronomy or perhaps in the Book of Exodus where it says that the Hebrew children wanted to pass through the lands, on the different lands, on the way to the Promised Land, and I do not know offhand whether it was Moses or Joshua, but the leaders would go to the kings of the land that they had to pass through, and say, let us through, we do not want anything from you, we are not going to drink your water, we are not going to take your food, we just want to pass through, let us pass through. And I could never understand why the kings would say, no.

And the Hebrew children had to war all the way through those lands. Well, now I understand why. Because those experiences typified passing through the spiritual planes of consciousness. The powers and principalities will not let us pass through because they know that as we pass through we will take dominion over them, and they are afraid that the people in Christ who ascend into their true position of authority will be cruel to them as the powers and principalities are cruel to human beings today. And that is why they will not let us, so we have to fight every step of the way, every step of ascension we have to fight because there are powers and principalities on every level that will not let us through because they know that as we ascend we will take authority over them, and they fear us. Well, praise the Lord. I think we will call it quits on this.

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