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Praise the Lord everybody. This message is about the two faces of Rahab. Most people know about Rahab the harlot. She is the harlot, or the adulterous woman, actually the Hebrew says the adulterous woman who protected, supposedly the spies who entered into Jericho. Now brethren, I have told you many times, I do not know what measure of the Scripture actually happened physically, but I do know that everything in the Scripture happened spiritually. There is a spiritual understanding of every verse in the Scripture. Now the chances that the physical history of Jericho are accurate is very strong, because we know that there is a people called the Jew, and we know that history says that the Jews occupy well Israel, not only the Jews, but Israel occupied a geographical area, in the middle east, and they are occupying a geographical area in the middle east today. So my inclination is this, if there was a physical battle of Jericho, and there very well may have been, what the Scripture does is that it weaves, I hate to use the word myth because that is a word that the Serpent's crowd is using against us these days, let me say a parable.

The Scripture takes an historical reality, let us say the battle of Jericho, of the physical city of Jericho, and it weaves it together with a parable which makes the battle of Jericho very personal, but hidden underneath this parable is an esoteric message of the, that has to do with the individual human beings ascension and restoration to a place where he becomes a mighty man of old. The two are woven together. So we have true history woven together with a parable, and therefore the Scripture is taken on two levels, and we must be very careful to rightly divide the word of truth. Now, it is so exciting for me to do this research, to find out that first of all, Rahab the harlot, I do not know about you, but to me harlot means prostitute, that what harlot means to me.

The Scripture says adulterous woman. Now to me there is a difference between a married woman committing adultery and a harlot. To me harlot either means you are a prostitute, or you are promiscuous person, and they are two very different words to me. Although I believed 2,000 years ago, if you were an adulterous woman, you were considered a harlot, and maybe the two words were synonymous 2,000 years ago. But as I did verse 1, as I looked at verse 1 of Joshua chapter 2, which Lord willing we will translate the whole chapter, although not today, I found out that the harlot is Joshua, and that Joshua chapter 2 is an account of Adam's resurrection or Adam's regeneration in Joshua, and then Adam's dealings with Joshua's carnal mind.

Brethren it is the same message as Samson and Delilah. Well if the messages have similar roots, they are the same roots. This is the message that the Lord Jesus is bringing forth in this hour, what message? Adam must be regenerated in us. In our generation it is Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus the son of the glorified Jesus Christ, must rise in us, and when he rises in us, he starts to wage war against our carnal mind, and our personality is completely adulterously spiritually sexually involved with our carnal mind. Brethren the whole church is out there singing and dancing and are happy with the Holy Spirit, they are happy with the thought of Christ being formed in them, but most want no part of the warfare that Christ Jesus wages once he gets a good grip on you. If Christ is really formed in you and grafted to you strongly, he is waging war against your carnal mind, and any part of your personality that is not in full agreement with him. To have Christ formed in you, brings you into a state of siege, and it is a personal experience.

We can be helped by hearing other people's testimonies, we can be helped by having other people who are manifesting out of Christ Jesus, help us to see in the inner workings of our carnal mind, and how they contrasted against the way Christ thinks, but the actual experience is a personal experience. So this whole message that we cannot ascend without the rest of the church, it is an absolute lie. Not only do you not need the whole church, or the whole world to go up with you, nobody can help you through this, this is a personal individual experience between you and Christ Jesus within you. And just like a woman having a baby, you can have people helping you, you can have midwife coaching you, you can have a doctor or a nurse, you can have your husband standing around, cheering you on, but you are the one that has to bring forth this baby, it is a very personal experience.

Now when you are having a physical baby, you want people around you, you do not want to be alone. You would like a doctor there, you would like a nurse there, you would like a Lamaze coach there, you would like lots of people around so that you could feel nice and safe and comforted. But if God forbid you found yourself on a desert island having a baby, could you have that baby without anyone else? You would have that baby without anyone else being there, you would do it.

Well the church, many members of the church are pregnant, and some of us who are acknowledging or submitting or who are in the place where God put them, which are very few, you have a few midwives around. But there are members of the church who do not even know that they are pregnant, who do not have the information that we have here, but they are going to have their babies also, with much travail. This is a personal experience, nobody can go through it for you, there is no delivery by proxy.

I have heard that there is deliverance of evil spirits by proxy, I believe that is true, if it is God it is true, but there is no birthing by proxy. Either you have your baby, or your baby is not born. And Joshua chapter 2, is an account of Joshua's experience with the regenerated Adam within him.

And the man Joshua, a man born of a woman, with a carnal mind, is the spiritual harlot, a man born of Israel, Israel which married Jehovah on Mount Sinai, a member of Israel, who is supposed to be married to Jehovah, married to and living with Leviathan in his own heart. And the only reason that Adam entered into this man's house, is because the harlot Joshua, not even understanding that he was a harlot was doing everything that he could to serve the Lord God as he knew him. And Joshua's devotion to Jehovah, and Joshua's passion to serve Jehovah, resulted in Adam rising from the dead in the man Joshua. And brethren, this is the beginning of the warfare.

You think that casting out evil spirits of someone that is an alcoholic or a drug addict, or even if you are in a church like I was in, where we cast out spirits of anger and hatred and qualities that we would just consider negative human qualities. You think that is the warfare? That is nothing, that, I should not say it is nothing, it is serious when you are in it, I was in it for five years, and it was very serious for me, and I thank God for it. I should not have said it was nothing, what I mean is that is not the warfare of the Scripture. The warfare of the Scripture is between Adam or Christ Jesus in this generation, and Satan and Leviathan, and what they are fighting over is you and me. They are fighting over our personality and our physical body and our minds. They want to, well to possess our personality and our physical body, they must possess our mind. So unless Christ Jesus is risen in you, you have not even entered into the theater of where the war is yet. But this experience of having Christ Jesus mature enough in us, to attack or confront Leviathan, the church at large is about to come into this experience. Many are pregnant and many more will be pregnant and they will find themselves in this warfare, with or without their cooperation. And I tell you this brethren; that the Lord Jesus Christ is fighting for his son, in every individual human being that Christ Jesus is appearing in.

So if you refuse to fight the warfare, if you are a Christian, if you are a believer, and Christ Jesus is formed in you, and you have been swallowing down this doctrine of Christ, and you have got a real handle on it, and Christ Jesus is there in you, and he cannot overcome Leviathan and Satan because you love your carnal mind and will not fall out of agreement with them, the Lord Jesus Christ is sending first other people to help you, and eventually turning you over to Satan if necessary, to wage war against Satan and Leviathan in your mind, so that Christ Jesus in your mind can arise and express himself through you.

So if you are one of these people who is praying every day and every night, Lord Jesus I want to be an expression of Christ Jesus, and yet you will not give up your lover, who is your lover? Leviathan, you will not give up your lover, you are going to find yourself in a war zone against your will. So either we enter into this warfare, on the side of Christ Jesus against Satan and Leviathan, or we find our self being bombed from the outside, because we are fully in agreement with and fully in bed with and fully joined to Satan and Leviathan, and when we are fully joined to Satan and Leviathan, we become the victim, of whatever is happening in our life, which is designed to separate us from our ungodly bed fellows.

Now whether you believe this message, or whether you do not believe this message, when it happens to you, you will remember this message. So much for Rahab the harlot. We have found out that Rahab also signifies spiritual Egypt, and that Rahab signifies the nature of the evil or the wicked primeval force that Elohim overcame, or that Jehovah, sometimes I am not sure whether to say Jehovah or Elohim.

I say Elohim because Jehovah is the static energy, and whatever Jehovah thinks, Elohim goes forth and does, so I am going to say that Elohim is the one that overcame the negative or evil force. Now we have some new definitions today, because up until now, and I will talk about spiritual Egypt a little more, a little further on, I have now, the Lord has revealed to me the difference between the Dragon and Leviathan. Up until now, I had thought that they were the same. And if you get my old messages or my old books, you will hear me saying that Leviathan and the Dragon are the same, I have not preached very much about the Dragon, you have heard me preach a lot about the primordial Serpent, and I am now finding out that most of the time when I use the word, the name primordial Serpent, I should have been saying the Dragon.

So we are going to go over some definitions today, and I am going to try to help you make this shift, and to help you understand the difference between Leviathan and the Dragon and the primordial Serpent, and as always, I have to ask you to just role with the punches, because the way the Lord teaches us, is that he is constantly dividing. See what we think is the same thing, he breaks it down into two. And for the longest time what we, we had a whole doctrine on the Fiery Serpent, then we find out that the Fiery Serpent is Cain and Abel. So he keeps dividing, dividing, dividing, just like our scientist keeps dividing the atom. And for the longest time, science believed that the atom was not divisible. Today the atom is divided, and many, and it is been discovered that there are many sub-particles in the atoms, and occult philosophy says that sub-particles are divisible many many times beyond what western science believes is possible at this time. So there seems to be no end to the division, it just goes on and on and on and on.

So let us start with the primordial Serpent, and the Dragon and Leviathan. Okay, I have told you that the Primordial Serpent is the conscious earth, and that is true, the Primordial Serpent is the conscious earth, she existed before Adam's fall. The Primordial Serpent is not a Serpent like you have in your back yard, she is a consciousness, she is an energy force, she is an entity, okay. And from the time that Elohim's waters overflowed the earth, you may recall from Gen.1, Elohim's waters overflowed the earth, and then Elohim called all the waters back, he said, "Let all of the waters be in the upper window." Well brethren, when water flows over land, even when that land dries out, a mineral deposit is left. The minerals that are in the water is left. When the land dries out, the water in the earth evaporates, but the minerals remain in the ground.

So the earth that was overflowed with Elohim's waters, received spiritual minerals so to speak, which brought forth a consciousness, a conscious earth, even though the earth was not formed, and it may have been formed, but at this point I am not talking about whether it was formed or not, but the earth, the solid earth had a consciousness. If you can think of that, it is hard to imagine, but if you could think of that, the solid earth could think and was aware. That is the definition of consciousness, to be aware. And that is the primordial Serpent, the dry earth.

And when we did our studies in Genesis, we found the Scripture saying that it was Elohim's will that the earth should be barren, signifying that the earth should be dried out, because when the waters of creation, when the energy of creation flow over the waters, the particles of dry earth become hydrated in the water, and when the Primordial Serpent gains this energy, she becomes an evil force, and the name of that evil force is the Dragon. The Primordial Serpent is not evil, she has the potential to be evil, but she is barren, she is under the control of the positive forces of the creation. The Primordial Serpent is the collective name of the all of the ground or all of the earth of creation.

And as I have told you many times, this creation is negative and positive, it is spirit and matter, the earth is the matter, and the purpose of the matter, Jehovah clearly stated that he created the evil, he created the darkness, he created the earth for the purpose of being the dark part of the negative that would produce a visible world. It was Jehovah's intention to produce darkness, to create the darkness, but to have that darkness under the authority of the light, so that the darkness, although it had a potential to do evil, would not do any evil. However, the Primordial Serpent managed to gain control of the energy of the creation against Elohim's specific commandment. And when the conscious earth, the Primordial Serpent drew unto herself, the waters or the energy of the creation, she became a force for evil, and her name changed to the Dragon.

The Dragon is made of spiritual earth and water, or energy. Leviathan is the collective subconscious mind of mortal man. Leviathan consists of all of the Fiery Serpents of humanity interwoven together in the form of a wreath. Leviathan, well let me say this, the Fiery Serpent consists of Cain and Abel, and Abel is Jehovah's royal seed, which was kidnapped and engraved with the Dragon's nature, with the evil nature of the Dragon. So the basic difference between the Dragon and Leviathan, is that Leviathan has as a part of her, Jehovah's royal seeds. Leviathan contains Jehovah's royal seeds, and the Dragon, who is merely earth and energy, and or earth and water, is male to Leviathan. So what we see here is that the Primordial Serpent gathered unto herself the energy of creation, and became the evil Dragon, the male aspect of the ungodly creation that the Primordial Serpent would bring forth. And the Dragon gathered unto himself, all of the sperm of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid, and formed them into a female organ called Leviathan. And we know that Leviathan is broken down into the Fiery Serpents. We know all the breaking down. The bottom line is that the Primordial Serpent is bringing forth the creation in her own image, but she cannot do it, unless she possesses the sperm of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid. And the Primordial Serpent is gathered together all of the sperm of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid, covered them with earth, engraved them with her nature, and turned them into the female organ of the fallen creation.

This is the exact reverse of Jehovah's plan. Jehovah's plan which is being executed by Elohim, says, that the sperm of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid are male, to the earth, which is female. And that the earth is the womb that will bring forth Elohim's civilized man. So we see that the earth, who started out as the Primordial Serpent has completely reversed the male and female role. She has made the earth male, and the sperm of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid female, and she is bringing forth a female creation. But we see, glory to God; that Adam is being regenerated in the midst of the gestation, in the midst of the pregnancy, in the womb, Adam is rising from the dead, and taking back the seeds of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid, which are Jehovah's royalty. Elohim is the name of the whole spiritual seminal fluid of Jehovah. Elohim is the collective consciousness of the mixture of energy and seeds. Elohim cannot die. Elohim is the dynamic energy or the arm of Jehovah, the active force that arises out of Jehovah, the one who is the creative thinker.

So we see that the sperm that we talk about, are both Jehovah's royal seed, and Elohim's spiritual sperm, because all of Elohim comes out of Jehovah. So sometimes I will say Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, and sometimes I say, Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid, depending on how the Lord moves me. So I think I will put this on the board for you, because it can be pretty confusing. I have divided the board into to two sections, and we see the first side of the board is the creation before the fall. We see the upper window, and the lower window, but I say down here, Elohim's creation is really just one window, but it looks like two windows, because the sea and the earth are separated, and for the purpose of instruction, the Scripture talks about the upper and the lower window.

But the lower window is the earth, it is the ocean bed of the primordial sea, and it is the barren Primordial Serpent who resides here. The earth is dried out, and the only time the earth becomes evil, is when it is hydrated with the waters or the energy of creation. So the dried out earth is harmless, it does not hurt anybody so long as all of the energy of the creation is in the upper window, all of this. And of course the waters are Elohim, Jehovah's seminal fluid. So we have all of the waters, plus the sperm, the spiritual seed, flowing on top of the ocean bed, and actually these drawings, I am limited as to what I could do. They are really one on top of another. You can use our natural ocean as an example. The lower window is the ocean bed, and Elohim's waters, are right on top, fully across the ocean bed. And all of the sperm are swimming in Elohim's waters, and we see that Elohim has produced an image, and of course Elohim is the exact replication of Jehovah's nature. So the image of Elohim will be in the image of Jehovah's nature, and the name of that image or that thought form is Adam.

And this is the same thing as saying, "If you want to use our example of the ocean right here on Long Island, there is an ocean bed, and the waters of the ocean lie on top of it, and in some countries where there is a lot of witchcraft, images do appear on the ocean, see. And Adam is the image that appears on Elohim's sea, and the ocean bed is a part of the waters. That is why I say it is really just one window, see. And the firmament that the Scripture talks about, it is a visible world that I really did not, the visible world really appears in the ocean, but that is not this message, so I am not going to get hung up on that, it is pretty hard to draw, but it is all one creation. There is an ocean with an ocean bed, and a visible image arising out of the water. We saw last week, we saw a film that came from Nigeria that had a lot of witchcraft on it, and it showed the mermaid coming up out of the water, you see.

The significance of that, is that the mermaid was a conscious entity dwelling in the sea, that focusing gathered together all of the material atoms necessary to take on a physical form. That is the significance of the mermaid arising out of the water. The deep esoteric meaning is that the form that you see is not a permanent form. We are dealing with spiritual entities that are consciousness without form, consciousness without form, and when they want to relate to someone like you or me, to a human being, we are all spiritually retarded, these conscious but invisible entities have the spiritual power to gather together the material atoms of the universe or the material atoms that are in the sea, or from the sea bottom, the material atoms from the sea bottom, and to form, and to take on a human form, for the purpose of communicating with some spiritual retarded person like you or me. And then, in the film it shows the mermaid just sinking back into the sea, you see. But really what is happening is that her outward form or the garment that she manufacturers from the material atoms of the sea, have dissolved back in to the sea. That is the esoteric or the spiritual meaning of the whole thing.

So we see that the creation is supposed to be one, if you were talking about the ocean out here, would you separate the ocean bed from the water part? No, it is one ocean, and actually all of the fish that swim in the ocean, it is all just one ocean, and that is the way things were at the beginning. But then as we know, the Primordial Serpent managed to attract all of Elohim's waters, Adam fell, and all of Elohim's waters fell down into the ocean bed. Well, let us try and imagine that with our natural example. It would be as if the ocean bed of the Atlantic Ocean right out here on Long Island, were able to absorb all of the sea waters. See, if you go down to the bottom of ocean, right here where we swim, you know the sand is pretty solid, you know the top part of it is soft, but the ocean bed is solid enough for you to walk on it, and it is saturated.

The ocean bed is saturated, it cannot absorb any more water, there is much more ocean water then ocean bed. Therefore all the water that the saturated ocean bed cannot absorb, remains in its liquid state floating on top of the sand. Okay, but in this case, spiritually speaking, the earth of the ocean bed, has the ability to absorb all of the waters of creation, and the sea disappeared. The earth absorbed it all. This is what happened over here, but of course the sea appeared in another form. The whole thing reversed, and I cannot, I did not draw it, I do not have any more board to draw on, but as I showed you, as I have shown you here, the world as we know it, the world under the sea, it went down under the earth. Instead of the waters being on top of the ocean bed, the waters went down underneath the ocean bed, because this world that we live in, it is the sea, we are living in the sea. It is a water based world, we breath it, it is in the atmosphere, we cannot live without water, we are existing under the sea. Although it is a different form than as if we were living and existing under the sea as we know the sea, but we are existing under a spiritual sea.

So the waters fell down through the ocean bed, and the sea manifested as a big underground subterranean ocean. Do you know that we have that example in this world, there are underground lakes, there are underground pools, the Scripture, if you look up the Hebrew words, describes Satan's sea, or the great sea that we know as Satan, as a great subterranean sea. We exists under the ocean bed. And the sky that we see when we look out is an illusion, okay, that is an illusion. All of space, all of space is this ocean bed that is separating us who are in the worlds below, from the upper window, which is now a wilderness or a withered arm. But this upper window is where we connect with Jehovah. We have to get to this upper window to connect with Jehovah and all of space is this ocean bed over here, that all the water fell through, to create the image of this world.

You see, Adam is the image on the ocean above, maybe I did not make it clear, I will have to fix up this drawing before you photograph it xxxx. This world that I have drawn on the right, it is under the ocean, this is the image of the ocean. Just like Adam is Elohim's reflection, but Adam is not solid, so Adam can be seen while the waters are still seen, but when the Primordial Serpent absorbed all the waters, a solid world appeared, this world. So it is hard to recognize the waters here, because we are solid, you see. But Adam's equivalent, Adam's reflection on the sea, the equivalent of that, is this solid world down here.

So the whole sea went underneath the ocean bed, the whole sea that was on top of the ocean bed, now went underneath the ocean bed, and everything is backwards. And of course all of the sperm of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid, became earth worms. Although actually, that is just a parable to help us understand. We do not, the sperm of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid, did not even look like human sperm or fishes, but they are an energy field. Each one of the sperm of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid is an energy field, and that energy field of the consciousness of Jehovah, when it swam in Elohim's waters, it is called sperm, and when that energy field of Jehovah's spiritual substance swims in the subterranean underground ocean, which is laced heavily with earth, that same energy field is called a spiritual worm, and the name of the spiritual worm is the Fiery Serpent. And is it the Fiery Serpent which are Jehovah's substance, whether the Fiery Serpent is in Jehovah's nature, or in the Dragon's nature, the Fiery Serpent still consists of Jehovah's substance, and it is that substance that is necessary to produce a visible world.

And of course in this message the main point that I am trying to make here, is that the barren primordial or the old Serpent as we are told in Revelation, I think it is Rev. 20, I will get the Scripture and put it on the board before we take the picture.

The barren primordial, or the barren old or the old Serpent, that ancient Serpent, became the Dragon. The Serpent is the spiritual earth that Elohim's waters flowed over which left a deposit of spiritual minerals that rendered the earth conscious, conscious but powerless. And when that conscious earth lays a hold of the waters of creation, the Primordial Serpent becomes the Dragon, and the sperm of Elohim's waters become spiritual earth worms called the Fiery Serpent, and the Dragon incarnates a visible world, by laying hold of these spiritual earth worms, and burying them in the earth, just like we would plant a seed to grow a tomato plant, the Dragon who herself had no spiritual substance, she is just energy or water and earth. She has laid hold of the sperm of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid and buried those sperm in the earth, and has produced a plant, or a visible image of this world. And our reality is our roots. No plant last for very long without roots.

How long do cut flowers last? They do not last very long. Our spiritual reality is our spiritual roots which we cannot see, but everybody has spiritual roots, or has a spiritual root, and it is the Fiery Serpent who is your spiritual root. The Scripture uses a different word, the Scripture says foundation. Jesus Christ is our new foundation, and there is no other foundation that is laid that is a true foundation other than Jesus Christ. But we are existing on a foundation, it is a mortal foundation, it is a corrupt foundation, it is a foundation I think the Scripture says that is eaten of worms, or where the moth corrupts, and that foundation is the Fiery Serpent. And because the Fiery Serpent is an incorrupt, imperfect, incomplete foundation, we die after a season.

We start dying the minute we come out of the womb, we start to die, because our foundation is not capable of sustaining us. Now a lot of Christians would get very upset over what I just said, and there are a lot of Christians who think they have eternal life because they answered an altar call, or because they have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. But no matter how intense your relationship is with the Holy Spirit, you will not live forever until you exchange your mortal foundation for the immortal perfect foundation typified by gold or symbolized by gold of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to do that, you must die to your mortal foundation. And you die to your mortal foundation by resisting and rejecting the thoughts, even the good thoughts of Satan and Leviathan, or the thoughts that you perceive to be good. You recognize anger as sin, you recognize that as Satan's thoughts, but you have to recognize Satan's envy, you have to recognize Satan's desire to control, you have to recognize Satan's pride, and separate yourself from all of those thoughts, to transfer to the foundation, which is a mind, to transfer to the mind of Christ Jesus.

So we see that we cannot escape from hell until we face the hell that is inside of us, and of course I cannot preach that whole message again over here. Does anybody not understand the difference between the Primordial Serpent and the Dragon? Anybody have a question? Okay, so I have been doing a lot of preaching for the last couple of years about the Primordial Serpent, and most likely I am going to switch now to the Dragon. And I hope you all understand that the Primordial Serpent is not really wrong, we are talking about, when I talk about the Primordial Serpent, I am talking about a negative factor of creation. So I got the name wrong, I said Primordial Serpent instead of Dragon, but I was talking about the negative principle of creation. That is all you have to know. If you want to flow along with this ministry, as the Lord just brings us deeper and deeper and deeper into the doctrine of Christ. And the doctrine of Christ, of necessity involves our roots, where we came from, how we came to be here, what happened to us. The doctrine of Christ is the whole story of how we got into this condition and what we were like before we got into this condition, plus the information which is a promise of restoration.

I want you to know that I got very excited the other day. I was reading some occult philosophy, and I read something that I have read before, but it never really hit me until yesterday, that this philosopher that I was reading, is talking about the days and nights of this creation, and the occult teaching is that there are periods that can go into the millions and billions and trillions of years that we see people on the face of the earth, and then everything is dissolved, all of the planets dissolve, all of the life on the planets dissolve, because of course the teaching behind this, it is just the image that is dissolving, and the eternal part of the person continues on, that is the teaching. And they call this a spiritual day, and a spiritual night, that there is a time when everything that is manifested, everything that is visible, just collapses and withdraws into a seed form. And it is the same teaching that I have been giving you recently about how Abel is the seed underneath Cain that is the earth, and every time the Fiery Serpent incarnates again, that Abel part of the Fiery Serpent, will press forward, and push forward the Cain, the earthen part of himself, as a new personality, and a new physical body. Are you following me at all, nobody is following me here. Okay, it is a manifestation, just like a baby being born, life appears and then the baby dies, and the person is gone, it is that principle on a very large plane, occult philosophy says the same thing happens to the worlds, to the planets, to the universes, that we are existing in a universe that has been birthed and the day will come that this universe will die, and everything will disappear, and then after a season a new universe will be born again, that is the principle.

And it just hit me that the book of Revelation, and they call this principle, the Hindus call it, the days and nights of Brahma. So if it is day time, there is manifestation, the worlds as we see it today, and in the night time, all the worlds die, all the universes die, that is the night time. And it just hit me that the book of Revelation says, there is no night there, in the New Jerusalem. There is no night there. Now this is the second time that I am telling you this, that I just started to realize the extent to which the Scripture and Jesus Christ himself flew right in the face of established occult philosophy that has been around for thousands and thousands of years, God only knows how long it has been around. I talked about this in the message, The Woman At the Well, saying how incarnation is not for the purpose perfection, but reincarnation is for the purpose of feeding, and now I am saying, I am realizing again, how the Scripture, it is not just saying, there shall be night there in the New Jerusalem, it is directly contradicting the Serpent's philosophy, which says, reincarnation is in the process of being shut down.

Reincarnation is in the process of being shut down. Jesus Christ is shutting down reincarnation, not just for human beings, but for the whole universes, which apparently the Lord is telling me that this is true, that occult philosophy when you read it, that from a reliable source is very accurate about he truths of this world, of the truths of this incarnation which is brought forth by the Dragon. And this occult philosophy says that there will be a day that will come that all the universes and all the planets and all the worlds as we know it, will shut down and die, and that this has been going on for trillions and trillions and according to occult philosophy it has been going on forever. And Jesus Christ has come to put a stop to that. There is no day or night, there is no day and night in the new age of Jesus Christ.

The world, the visible world that emerges as a result of the mind of Christ Jesus, marrying humanity, will never shut down, night time will never come, we will live forever. And the book that I was reading, the author of the book, slams this doctrine, she says how ridiculous. How ridiculous, these Christians that come in and say, there will be an age that will never end.

This has been going on forever, the spiritual day rises, lasts for trillions of years, all of the planets get wrecked and die, just like a plant, puts forth its fruit, then it seems to die, goes into dormancy for the winter time, new season, puts forth new fruit. The same thing has been happening to the universes and the planets for according to occult philosophy forever. And along comes Jesus Christ, and teaches, and John writes it in the book of Revelation, there shall be no night there. What are you talking about that what is going on forever is going to stop.

You see, people that understand, I am just beginning to understand, some of the things that Jesus said. He has absolutely enraged Satan and the people who propel or who are the proponents of her philosophy. He has said the unsayable. That what has been going on forever will cease. Jesus Christ is saying that there is something higher, then what occult philosophy calls the absolute, the causeless cause, the one that nothing came before, but as always existed. Jesus Christ and Christians who speak his philosophy say, "Oh no, you are mistaken, you are absolute causeless cause has a cause. There was something that brought your causeless cause into existence. There is one higher, there is one higher than the Dragon. So you have to understand what they are saying to understand how absolutely infuriating and antagonizing the doctrine of Christ is, to people who understand what you are saying. Jesus is saying much more than we will never die, then people will people will live forever, he is saying there will be a visible world that will exist forever, which is directly contra-distinctive to what all know philosophers believe outside of Christian philosophers.

The Hindus, the Buddhists, the Chinese philosophy, the Japanese philosophy, they all believe the Serpent's philosophy. And you read a lot in the Scriptures about witnesses, the two witness. Paul talked about being a witness to the resurrection, much more than being a witness to the resurrection of the man Jesus, people who saw the resurrection of Jesus Christ witnessed to the validity of everything that this doctrine of Christ says, of which we probably only know a fraction of it right now. So now we know people are going to live forever, and now we know the universes, not as we know them, but the universes projected by Jesus Christ, are going to live forever. We are now preaching two radical principles, and I cannot wait to see what the Lord shows us next. Brethren we are here to openly confront the Serpent's philosophy and to bring down her powers and her principalities, and establish the reality of the promises of the Scripture in the earth. We are living in a very exciting day. Well I got all caught up on that, so it is too late to do another drawing, so we will pick up after dinner.

This is drawing number 3, and I have done my best to show you, I do not know how good a job I have done, but I have done my best to show you that the generations of the Serpent are, the Primordial Serpent, which is dry earth see, this is what we are going back to, we are going to return to dry earth. Satan is going to be boiled away, and we will return to dry earth, not only will we be dry earth, but Christ Jesus in us, who is a flaming fire, will be burning that dry earth continuously to make sure that any moisture or any part of the waters of creation that accidently slipped down near to the Primordial Serpent will be boiled away, will be evaporated immediately. So the earth must remain barren, and the barren earth is called the Primordial Serpent. She is now serving her function, she is the darkness that is necessary to form a negative, which will produce a visible creation.

The second generation of the Serpent is the Dragon, and the Dragon is the earth of the Primordial Serpent that has been hydrated by the waters of creation. The Serpent is no longer dry, the Dragon is the sea Serpent, okay, the earth is no longer dry but has become the ocean bed, the hydrated ocean bed.

I am just thinking I made a mistake on one of those, that earlier drawing, I will have to talk to you about it. Going back to drawing number one and two, the ocean bed, now remember everything in the spirit is backwards compared to things here on the earth. So according to the drawing that I gave of one and two, there was a dry ocean bed, with the waters somehow floating above the ocean bed. Now in this world it is impossible for an ocean bed to be dry when the waters are on top of the ocean bed. Can you see it, that is an impossibility in this world, but apparently that is the way that it is in the spiritual world. And I will have to look at the earlier picture to see if I depicted correctly or not. So we see what happened is that the waters were floating above the ocean bed, and the ocean bed was not the foundation of the waters of creation, before the fall. After the fall, the earth became the ocean bed, and the waters fell down upon the earth, saturated the earth, and the earth became Leviathan actually, and the Primordial Serpent, the earth, I am sorry, the Primordial Serpent formed into, that was wrong about Leviathan, the Primordial Serpent the earth became saturated with the waters, and the dry earth from the lower window mixed with the waters of the upper window, and we received a, and what came into existence was a sea. Laced with particles of earth, and the particles of earth, in the sea are called the Dragon, the sea Serpent.

That is the second generation of the Dragon. The third generation of the Dragon is a stolen generation, because the first generation, the Primordial Serpent, and the second generation, the Dragon, they are both earth, the first generation, earth without water, the second generation, earth with water. But the third generation of the Dragon called Leviathan, are the sperm or the fish of the primordial seas, and the sperm of the Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid, which got caught by the earth particles that flooded the waters of creation, have you ever seen a picture of dead fish in our world lying on top of the sea because of an oil spill, did you ever see one of those pictures what the oil does to all the fish? It coats the fish with oil, and fish dies, and the dead fish float on top of the water. Well that is what happened. Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid which is water and sperm, came in contact with the earth, which was forbidden, and the particles of the earth completely polluted the waters of creation, and the fish of the sea or also called the sperm of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid became coated with the earth, and they are whole nature, and they are whole formation changed. We do not really know what they looked like, but so that our carnal minds can understand the Scripture says that when the creation was in right order, the sperm of Elohim's, the spiritual seminal fluid, were a fish, and after the waters of creation became laced with earth, and each of the sperm or the fish became coated, the Scripture calls them worms.

I do not know the exact nature of the change, but we know there is a change of name which tells us that the whole lifestyle, if you want to call it that, of the sperms of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid changed, they went from being a fish to a worm. And these worms, now remember, the earth is the Primordial Serpent, and the earth that is wet, that becomes clay, or not clay, but the earth that becomes mud, okay mud is the word, earth that becomes mud is the earth and the waters of creation. And that is the definition of the Dragon. The earth and the waters of creation are the Dragon. So we can say that Leviathan consists of all of the seeds or the fish or the sperm of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid coated or wrapped around by the Dragon. But when the substance of the Dragon which is earth and water, wrap around each of the seeds of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid, the name changes, we do not call him the Dragon anymore.

What is the name of the clay that covers each one of the seeds of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid? What is the name of that clay? Yes.


SHEILA: Cain, the name changes to Cain. So there is, we find out today, this is a new revelation in this ministry. Now it is not a new revelation, but it is a new revelation for me, because my mind is finite, and I have to learn. The Lord cannot just dump all of this knowledge on me when I sleep, it is a learning process, I have to absorb what the Lord is showing me, and this is what we are all going through right now, okay. In the science fiction movies, you just sit in front of a monitor and you see all these pages flipping past you, and you have all this knowledge, but maybe that will happen in the future but it is not happening to me yet. I have to learn the same way that I would learn if I was taking a college course.

I have to learn, I have to think about what the Lord is telling me, I have to work it through, I have to understand it. If there is any contradictions I have to ask him questions, I am receiving all the knowledge that the Lord is giving me with a learning process that is, it is the way that we learn in our fallen condition. I am not learning supernaturally, you see. I am learning supernatural things, but the process of learning is that of a natural man, that of natural man plus a supernatural ability to understand, if you heard what I said, okay.

So, the new revelation here at Living Epistles, is that Leviathan is not the Dragon, and that there is a radical difference between Leviathan and the Dragon. The Dragon is earth and water, and the water is energy, and Leviathan is Jehovah's royal seed wrapped in clay; that is a radical difference between Leviathan and the Dragon. I am going to say it again, the Dragon is the earth plus the waters of creation, and the waters are the energy of creation. When the dry earth possesses the energy of the creation, the dry earth, which is the Primordial Serpent becomes the Dragon. And when the substance of the Dragon, which is mud, okay, wraps around the sperm or the seed of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid, which are Jehovah's sons, Jehovah's royal seed, the collective seed, or the collective sperm of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid wrapped in mud takes on another name, and that collective name is Leviathan. Leviathan is Jehovah's royal seed, and the Dragon is the Primordial Serpent, who has captured the energy of the creation. There is no seed in the Dragon, the Dragon has no seed.

Is there anybody that does not understand the difference between the Dragon and Leviathan? Okay, this is very important because I believe the Lord is really going to be building on this, so if you have any questions, or if you want me to say it again, want me to say it again? Okay. The Dragon consists of the spiritual earth, that is possessing the waters of creation, the Primordial Serpent is the dry earth, she is barren, she cannot harm anybody, the Primordial Serpent captured Elohim's spiritual waters, and hydrated her dry earth and the Primordial Serpent, when she is hydrated, when her earthen particles are wet from the energy of the waters of creation, she takes a new name, because she who is harmless, the Primordial Serpent who is harmless now is an evil force. So we know Scripturally speaking that her name has to change. The Primordial Serpent is harmless, the Dragon is the evil force that manifested mortal humanity as we know it today. But there is no seed, neither in the Primordial Serpent or in the Dragon, there is no seed. What does that mean? The Dragon cannot produce a visible creation without Jehovah's royal seed.

So we see that the Dragon captured and stole the whole of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid that was breathed into the creation. Now the Primordial Serpent did not steal Elohim.

I know I have a couple of messages going back about five years where I was saying that Elohim died, okay, because I did not understand that Elohim breathed or Jehovah breathed Elohim, the breath of life into the creature. So Elohim never left Jehovah, Elohim is Jehovah's arm, Elohim cannot die, Elohim cannot leave Jehovah, but Elohim, Jehovah breathed a portion, a breath of Elohim into the creature, and that living breath that was breathed into the creature that died. It is like saying a woman has a child and the baby dies, the woman does not die, the baby dies. So the part of Elohim that was the spiritual seminal fluid that was flowing in the creation, was captured by the Primordial Serpent. She captured the water part of the spiritual seminal fluid which is energy, and she captured the seed part of the spiritual seminal fluid, and the water part of the spiritual seminal fluid mixed with the earth, and became the Dragon, an evil force, and the seed part of that part of Elohim that was in the creature of the spiritual seminal fluid. Each seed became coated with earth, and the collective name, the name of, the single name of all of the seeds coated in earth is now Leviathan.

So another way that we could say this, is that Leviathan is female to the Dragon. Leviathan holds the seed, Leviathan is the ovary, Leviathan holds the seeds; that the Dragon wants to impregnate, to produce a race of people that manifests the fierce nature of the Dragon. The Dragon is male to Leviathan. Leviathan is a spiritual ovary, and each one of the seeds, of the collective Leviathan, when it is buried in the womb of a human being is called the Fiery Serpent in the Hebrew Scripture, or Kundalini in the Hindu Scripture. So we see, well we know from a past message that the Fiery Serpent is Jehovah's royal seed known as Abel, joined to the earth, known as Cain, and engraved with the Dragon's nature. So I am going to hopefully I am not going to be saying the Primordial Serpent's nature anymore, I am going to be saying the Dragon's nature, because the Primordial Serpent is not evil.

The Primordial Serpent is the ox that is gelded, the Primordial Serpent is the castrated ox that serves humanity. The Dragon is the evil force. For all intents and purposes the Primordial Serpent has ceased to exist, except in the glorified Jesus Christ. Any questions, do you need me to say it again? Does somebody want to tell me the difference between the, does anybody want to give this back to me? Anybody want to try, tell me what the Primordial Serpent is, or who the Dragon is and who Leviathan is? You want to try? Brave lady over here.

COMMENT: I am going to say to the best of my ability, the Primordial Serpent is the dry earth, and she is harmless. And then the Dragon is the earth and the sea together, but she does not have seed.

SHEILA: Right, is she positive or is she negative?

COMMENT: She is negative.

SHEILA: She is negative, she is an evil force,

COMMENT: She is an evil force, and that is where I am stuck, but I think it is the Primordial Serpent and the Dragon together have formed the...

SHEILA: No, no, the Dragon together with the seeds of Elohim's seminal fluid okay, form what?

COMMENT: Form Leviathan the wreath.

SHEILA: Leviathan who is in a wreathen, if you are looking at, if you are getting these messages and you are getting the photocopies of what I have drawn on the board, I have done a very poor job of drawing this, I have shown you the many Fiery Serpents which are, the many Fiery Serpents in the subconscious plane, in a circular formation, and called them Leviathan, but I have not indicated by my drawing, that all of these Fiery Serpents are supposed to be woven, and actually braided together, braided together, okay. So that was pretty good, that was pretty good.

Okay, and we see that the Dragon is the unconscious part of the carnal mind that possesses mortal humanity, and she in a mortal man is called the astral plane or the sea, which is found covering the heart center. Actually the Lord has revealed to me, I do not think I have told you this before, the Lord has revealed to me that the astral plane is the 5th energy center. That seed that covers the right side of the heart center, it has its own number, that is the 5th energy center. The astral plane is the 5th energy center which lies right on top of the 4th energy center, so we have got two new revelations tonight. And one of the seeds coated with the Dragon's substance in an individual is called a Fiery Serpent, the Fiery Serpent is usually located in the root energy center. Well the Fiery Serpent is always located in the root energy center in every human being. But in most, what I was trying to say was that, in most newborns, the Fiery Serpent is coiled up and sleeping in the root energy center.

But some babies, in some babies the Fiery Serpent is active, it has a lot to do with heredity. The Fiery Serpent can be active in a new born. So any questions, any comments? If not we will go on. This is drawing number 4, it is a diagram of spiritual Egypt which we read about in Revelation chapter 11, verse 9, and I will comment on that verse, after I comment on the drawing. As you can see, we have the linear time line of Christ Jesus, which is a straight line representing the male organ, attempting to penetrate the female organ which is the counterfeit time line, Leviathan's time line is in a circular pattern, signifying for all who have eyes to see that she is the female, but rather than be open to the penetrating Christ Jesus and the glorified Jesus Christ, the Fiery Serpent of the individual mortal man, is accosted in the heart energy center, she ascends in to the 4th energy center, where instead of connecting with Christ Jesus, Leviathan descends and marries her.

Now as you can see, Leviathan is in the throat energy center, Leviathan enters into the mortal man at the throat energy center, and descends to capture the Fiery Serpent in the 4th energy center. And Leviathan has the power of the Dragon behind her, and of course the Fiery Serpent, which is Jehovah's royal seed, is incased with the earth called Cain, and she is spiritually insane, and prefers Leviathan to Christ Jesus. And this is true of all of humanity, except those who are enlightened, and I am telling you that Christians that have a very intense relationship with the Holy Spirit, are also rejecting Christ Jesus.

And we saw that Thursday night, with somebody right here in this ministry, in the thoughts of their mind, they are preferring Leviathan or the thoughts of the Serpent to the thoughts of Christ Jesus. And we see that Leviathan marries the Fiery Serpent in the 4th energy center. So we see that the 4th energy center is where the marital bed is, and we, it is now revealed to us tonight that the 4th energy center is spiritual Sodom, because Leviathan who is the mother of the Fiery Serpent marries her own daughter in the 4th energy center, and that is where spiritual Sodom is.

And after Leviathan marries the Fiery Serpent, she takes her bride and they begin to ascend into the higher energy centers of the counterfeit time line, until they arrive at the 7th energy center, the point at which the Dragon enters into the mortal man, and the Dragon marries the married couple.

Now brethren, this is the same principle as what the Lord Jesus is doing, it is just a different time line. Christ Jesus is seeking to marry our Fiery Serpent, and to bring us into the 5th energy center, where the, and I may have these energy centers wrong, and I may have the wrong energy center, where the Lord Jesus reaches down, the Lord Jesus enters into the 7th energy center of the righteous time line, and reaches down to marry the married couple, and to bring us up into the brow energy center. I think in the righteous time line, we stay in the brow energy center, as long as we are in the flesh, but in the counterfeit time line, we go all the way up into the 7th energy center. And of course the 7th energy center of the counterfeit time line, is lower than all of the 5th, 6th, and 7th energy centers of the righteous time line.

So the Lord has revealed to us tonight, that spiritual Egypt is the 7th energy center of the counterfeit time line, and that spiritual Sodom is the 4th energy center, when the Fiery Serpent is in bed with Leviathan, in that 4th energy center. And what I do not have written on the board there, is that the Fiery Serpent married to Leviathan in the 4th energy center, where the personality is in full agreement is the devil, and that is the idol in the heart energy center. It is that which is formed, when Leviathan marries the Fiery Serpent, and the personality is in full agreement, the devil is the idol or the image that is formed in the higher energy center. And there is correction here tonight, I have been telling you for several months now, that Leviathan married to the Fiery Serpent ascended into the 7th energy center is called Pharaoh; that Leviathan takes the name of Pharaoh, but apparently it is the Dragon who is Pharaoh. And just to help you to understand how I study and how the Lord teaches me, is that at the time that I got this revelation that Pharaoh is the name of the entity in the 7th energy center of the counterfeit time line, I did not think there was any difference between Leviathan and the Dragon.

And now that the Lord has taught us that there is a difference between the Dragon and Leviathan, I realize that the Dragon, that Pharaoh is the Dragon married to the married couple, just as we are going to become full-fledged sons of God, after first Christ Jesus has to marry our personality, which is the Fiery Serpent, and then the glorified Jesus Christ married Christ Jesus, and then the glorified Jesus Christ, marries the married couple, and we become full sons of God, and we become a living walking manifestation of Christ. Pharaoh is the opposing force of the full-fledged son of God. Praise the Lord, did I leave anything out?

I do not think so. You know I have to tell you that up until five minutes ago, I thought that this Scripture concerning crucifixion and Sodom and Egypt had to do with Jesus, it is amazing how many wrong thoughts we have in our mind. I had to go into my Bible program twice, three times I went in to check this out. I thought that Scripture had to do with Jesus' crucifixion, but it does not, it has to do with the death, or it has to do with the account of the two witnesses. Did you know that? Did you think it had to do with Jesus' crucifixion? I could have sworn it was, of course the Scripture says, Our Lord, you know, and I thought it had to do with Jesus' crucifixion.

Now the Lord revealed to us years ago, or revealed to me anyway, and I know I taught it to you, that when we see the word "Lord" alone in the Scripture, and it does not say "Lord Jesus", the Lord is Adam, is the regenerated Adam, or in this dispensation, Christ Jesus in the individual. He is the Lord of the earth that we are. So I would like to give you a short exhortation on this Rev. 11:8, because I am just very excited to see what it really means, okay. So the Scripture up on the board is Rev. 11:8, which says, "And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified." So I always thought that that meant that Jesus was crucified in Sodom and Egypt; that is where all the confusion came in.

But that is not, I spent five minutes in there meditating on this Scripture and it is a very exciting translation which I am going to tell you in two minutes. Let me give you the backup, this is all, this chapter 11, it is the account of the two witnesses, verse 6 says, as they are going out and shutting heaven, and smiting the earth with all kinds of plagues, and in verse 7 it says, "And when they finished their testimony...", and what is their testimony, testimony means witness. They are testimony is that they are wielding the power of the glorified Jesus Christ, and their testimony is that he is risen, that the glorified Jesus Christ is alive, that he is existing on a spiritual plane, and that he is manifesting in this physical plane through the physical bodies of the two witness company. That is what their testimony is. And when they have given their testimonies, the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and overcome them. And their dead bodies, and the words "shall lie" are in italics, which means that word is not in the Greek.

The words "shall lie" are not, there is no Greek foundation for that word, and their dead bodies in the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom, and Egypt. That Greek word "where" it means "in the same place". Okay, it is a very subtle translation, and if you are listening to this message, before you reject what I am saying, listen to my exhortation on the following verses, okay. So the beast, this is verse 7, the beast overcame them, it killed them, and actually I would translate this, and the beast killed their dead bodies. See, these physical bodies are dead. So the beast killed their dead bodies in the street of the great city, which is spiritual called Sodom and Egypt. And that Greek word translated "where", it means "in the same place", and in the same place, now first of all, how were they killed? How were they killed? Okay. "...and killed their dead bodies in the street of the great city, which is spiritual called Sodom and Egypt." So where is Sodom and Egypt, we just found out that Egypt is in 7th energy center, and Sodom is in the 4th energy center, and if you remember the teaching, the great city lies between whether it is in the righteous time line or it is in the counterfeit time line. The spiritual city lies between the 4th and the 7th energy center, and the street of the city is the path that goes from the 4th to the 7th energy center.

So, "...and overcame them and killed their dead bodies in the street", that means somewhere between the 4th and the 7th energy center, okay, their dead bodies were killed. So, "and indeed", let me just tell you what my translation is and then I will go back. "In the same place, indeed, our Lord, which is Christ Jesus, crucified them." Christ Jesus turned around and crucified them; that is how they rose from the dead. Listen, this is not talking about the death of physical bodies, this is talking about the death of Christ Jesus in a man. It is not talking about the death of a physical body, it is talking about a spiritual city, and a spiritual body, and our spiritual body is Christ or Christ Jesus, I am not sure, I would have to pray about that, okay, and the Pharaoh who is in the 7th energy center, the beast, I am just doing this off the top of my head. So I am not, I think the beast is the Fiery Serpent, that is who the beast is. So the beast, the Fiery Serpent, now brethren, this is going on inside the two witnesses.

First of all, we are the two witnesses, its' a two witness company, and everybody that is living out of Christ Jesus who is a testimony to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, okay, is a member of the two witness company, and the Fiery Serpent, let me use me, okay. I am a witness, I am one of the two witnesses, because the very fact that I sit here teaching you is a testimony that Jesus Christ lives, because I could not be doing this by myself, see. So I am one of the two witnesses. I live for Christ Jesus, but the Fiery Serpent in me is also married to Leviathan, okay. And what the Lord told me when I went inside to check this out, is that, and now I have told you this before, I am stumbling all over the place, please bear with me, that when Christ Jesus starts moving in power in one of us, it energizes the Fiery Serpent to ascend.

The Fiery Serpent becomes very active when Christ enters into us. And Christ Jesus has to be strong enough to capture her, and put her under himself, if Christ Jesus who is energy has stirred up the Fiery Serpent, cannot capture her, she goes off and runs away and marries Leviathan, and ascends in to spiritual Sodom and Egypt. So the beast that kills the two witnesses is the Fiery Serpent. Let me use myself as an example because you are all staring at me. It is as if to say, the Fiery Serpent in me who is preaching this message, which is a witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Fiery Serpent in me killed me. The Fiery Serpent kills me every day. Every day that I sin because of her wickedness, every day that I sin because I am not strong enough to shut the mouth of the evil one in myself, I died. See all of us, we die all the day long, and Christ Jesus raises us from the dead every time we die. See that is why we need a savior, because every thought that comes out of our sin nature kills us.

So the King James translation makes it sound like the beast just killed the, to when it says outright, like it was a onetime event. No, Paul said, we are killed all the day long. The Fiery Serpent is the beast that kills us all the day long, and the reason that she can do that, is because of the energy that is imparted to me from Christ Jesus, she is ascended into the 7th energy center, where she is married to Leviathan and the Dragon. So I am a two headed beast, beast meaning a human animal. One of my heads is Christ Jesus and the other head is my old nature, the devil. So, the Greek word translated "crucified" can also be translated "to extinguish, to put out the light of."

So, you are all looking at me here, I am going to try one more time, that this is an account, it is not an account of two people, two physical people who are physically killed, whose bodies physical bodies are killed and laying in some street, it is a spiritual street, this is talking about everybody who has this experience of having their Fiery Serpent stirred up because of the power of the Godhead flowing through them. It is talking about the man who is serving Jesus with all of his strength, but who died all the day long because they cannot shut their mouths and they cannot shut up the Fiery Serpent. They cannot shut up Satan, and they are sinning every second of every minute of every day of their life. And I want to tell you the only time that I do not sin, if this is even accurate, is when I am so focused and concentrated in my studies of the doctrine of Christ, that my carnal mind is repressed, if that is the truth, I am not 100% sure that it is. But that would be the only time that I do not sin. Satan is down in the bottomless pit, when I go into these deep sessions with the Lord.

We sin all the day long. We die all the day long. Christ Jesus raises us from the dead all the day long, okay. So this two witness company, it is you and it is me, the double minded person, who is living out of Christ Jesus, whose beast is very much alive, killing them all the day long with sin, okay. And Jesus Christ okay, married to Christ Jesus in the two witness, extinguished the beast in Egypt.

In other words, if you are powerful enough in Christ Jesus to be doing what I am doing, my Fiery Serpent is running up and down the counterfeit time line, between the 4th energy centers, Sodom, and the 7th energy center Egypt, she is treading that path, and she is using the power of that path, to try and get me to sin, and she succeeds a lot of the time. So she killed me, the beast killed me, but my Lord, Christ Jesus extinguished Pharaoh in the 7th energy center.

So the beast kills me all the day long, but Christ Jesus in me kills the beast in Sodom and Egypt. And how do I know that? Because the two witnesses rise from the dead. That is the message.

Brethren this whole Bible is a parable, you have to relate it to your life, this is the account of the believer who is crying out to God every day. So these wicked thoughts that are in my mind, how can I serve Christ Jesus and have these wicked thoughts in my mind, every evil work is there. And Christ Jesus is coming, and he's going to extinguish the beast, who freely travels between the heart energy center, and the 7th energy center of my counterfeit time line, of the counterfeit time line within me. Christ Jesus within me will marry the Lord Jesus Christ, and have the strength to extinguish her in the 7th energy center, and to extinguish or crucify or extinguish, it's the same Greek word, the Fiery Serpent who is powerful enough to ascend into my 7th energy center, Christ Jesus has to destroy Satan and Leviathan and the Dragon to do that. And Christ Jesus in me alone is not strong enough, or as it says in Revelation 12, Satan and the devil, Christ Jesus has to marry the glorified Jesus Christ, and he will come and extinguish Satan and devil. And the devil of course, as I told you earlier, is the personality, and the whole Fiery Serpent that is in full agreement with Leviathan and the Dragon.


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