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 For those of us today who have been around the church for a while have been hearing about the illuminati and tri-lateral commission and the Rosicrucian's and all these so called secret societies that just about all of them, the Masons, just about all of the most powerful politicians and leaders in our country have belonged to and there are all kinds of stories going around that George Washington was a mason and the third eye, the all seeing eye is on our money.


I have been hearing this for 28 years now, about how there is push for a one world government and I've seen, we've all seen of these things coming to pass with the League of Nations which failed after World War I and then the United Nations which was formed, but is failing in it's purpose but it stands there. The United Nations and its agencies that are attached to it that grow out of it have had a lot of effect on the world today. The United Nations is pretty much the center the world center that promotes humanism and people and Christians in particular that are not educated properly do not understand that humanism is a religion.


A need for religion is something that exists in all human beings a religion or to believe in a higher power to believe in something greater than you. It is a human need that cannot be simply removed without being replaced with something else. Communism for example stamped out all religion but made the state the God of the people and Communism has failed. Today I have seen, I have seen it happening a conspiracy to stamp out to discredit and stamp out Christianity in the whole western world, but I could not understand what the roots of it was. I know what I was seeing and actually I have asking the Lord about this for years. The discrediting of Christianity and the raising of up of Buddhism.


Buddhism is very popular in this country and I have seen in the movies and Hollywood is promoting it. It is very subtle; you have to be seeing it. Hollywood is promoting it, TV is promoting it. Yoga. A lot of people do not understand that Yoga is a system of physical exercises that are suppose to be preparing the body for the worship of the Hindu Gods. There are forces that are importing Hinduism but mostly Buddhism into this country. It is being presented to the people as a merely fun exercise that is good for your health.


Transcendental meditation is being introduced into the schools. It is being introduced to the population through the health organizations. They tell you that it is good for you. Not recognizing that these exercises and these meditations open the person that practices them to the spiritual world that is not the spiritual world of Christ Jesus. There is a spiritual world and spirituality that is not of Christ Jesus. Now I remember when I first learned this it was a big surprise to me that you can be spiritual apart from God. In fact if you analyze what is happening in the nation today and actually through the whole west this is what is being promoted. Spirituality apart from God. What the people are not being told is that there is no such thing as spirituality apart from God. There is spiritually apart of Christianity, but that spirituality has it's own God and the people are not at least the Americans are not being told this. It is very faddish to pursue Buddhism and Yoga and all of these practices that are all practiced by the Guru's in India and also other people who are actively seeking power from the God's of this world. So I have been asking the Lord for years what is going on. I see the pattern, I know what I am seeing, and I know what is happening. I cannot really put my figure on what is behind it. I know that the Dalai Lama, I know that there are powerful forces there are people with a lot of money in the government and in the media that are pushing the society. I know that the Dalai Lama is being set up to compete with the Pope and of course whenever you see Christianity portrayed on TV or in the movies, it never the protestants projected forth in any positive sense. Any positive mention of religion in the media goes to the Pope. If you do hear anything about Protestantism or evangelism or the Spirit filled church it is always presented in a very negative tone. I understand that when the Dalai Lama came to the United States he spoke in Central Park, he had a bigger crowd than the Pope had, when the Pope had come previously.


This is the situation a couple of weeks ago, I got a Christian magazine that advertised this book, it is called The Guardians of the Grail and I felt to order the book, which surprised me, because I have no time to read all of the reading material I have right now. But I did order it and actually I just found out about and organization called something to do with the Grail, I cannot remember the name, I was introduced to it when I was in Nigeria. I had heard about the Grail a couple of years ago. The Holy Grail being, at least the legend says that it is the cup that Jesus drank from at the last supper.


Now I never take these things seriously when I hear about Noah's ark possibly being discovered or the shroud of Terrene. In the past, my attitude has been that this does not mean anything to me; because I don't think there is any power in these relics there is power as far as I am concerned in the risen Christ. So I have not paid much attention to it. I think if anything. It is a distraction to keep people from following the true God.


But this book I felt to buy it and I find that in it are the answers to questions that I have been asking the Lord for years. Now the author of the book is Church, he is a Christian, he is a born again Christian. I think he does an excellent job; he is not drawing any conclusions for anybody. He is just presenting the legends, because I heard about the grail. I did not hear about spear, apparently the spear that pierced Jesus' side has some mystique to it also, I had not heard about that. He presents the legends and he sometime he presents his own position and he make some suggestions, questions that are rhetorical questions because he does not really have the answers himself.


I feel that the closest that I have come in all of these years of hearing these teachings which is about 28 years. I am the closest of understanding what the root of this is and what this may be all about. Also there are Christian ministries that are involved in producing and projecting the future events in the natural world. Saying that the one world government is coming that great tribulation is coming, that world war III is coming, that the antichrist is going to appear and make himself emperor of the world.


I don't pay too much attention to that either, because years ago, I used to ask the Lord are these prophecies true because I never got any word like that from the Lord. He would tell me every time I asked him; you just focus on the spiritual message, which is what I have done in this ministry for 18 years. I have developed and brought forth the message of the Doctrine of Christ, the prophecy that the Sons of God will stand up and break the bondages on creation and deliver humanity from hell and death rather an being raptured. I do not believe we are being raptured. As the years went by I began to understand that no matter what happens in the external world out there, even all these carnal come to pass, those of us who are studying the Doctrine of Christ and looking inward and judging our sins and doing what needs to be done from this point of view, from the inner point of view, that we will be preserved no matter what rages in the outer world and I have managed to find peace in that understanding; no matter what chaos comes to pass across the world.


More recently when I was in Nigeria, the Lord gave me a message on the Woman with the Alabaster Statue, which I preached the message, I believed it to be Mary Magdalene. This message came forth by an assignment from God, I was not looking in any way to respond to the latest books that are out, like the DaVinci Code and the messages that are saying that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and produce natural children. I just automatically rejected it and thought that it was just another part of this humanism, this humanistic Christianity that is being piped through the TV and through the movies. These programs that claim to be Christian but it is really a Gnostic message and it is a skewed and perverted concept of Christianity, it certainly is not anointed. I just thought, is it not ridiculous and I did not think much of it.


Then when the Lord brought forth the message here, which we are now calling Mary and Her Alabaster Statue, because we found out that the woman with the alabaster box, it was not a box it was a statue. Second of all she was a witch that came in to try to take Jesus' power. We felt we were commissioned to bring forth truth of message while all these other stories were flying around, but it never occurred to me in a million years that this message of Mary Magdalene and Jesus was the part of a world wide conspiracy to not only raise up and emperor of the world but that man who would be the emperor of the world or claim to be or try to be emperor of the world, will be a descendant of a royal line that has existed approximately 450 or 490 A.D.


This man, Mr. Church, he lets us draw our own conclusions but he presents some very interesting information that were going to go over. We cannot read the whole book but I did underscore some pertinent points as I went through it and that is what we are going to do today. The surprise ending of this book, although I have not finished reading it, I have glanced through second half of it. The surprise ending is the suggestion and again Mr. Church is not drawing any conclusions, he is really just presenting theories that he has heard and he is putting a little bit of his own input as I had never heard this that the lost tribe of Dan could be behind this whole thing. It is very interesting. I know the Lord told me a couple of years ago that he is answering my questions little by little.


I used to ask him why was there such hostility at least in the past between the Catholic church towards the Jews, why is the Pope always, you would think the Pope would be on the side of the Jews rather than on the side of Muslims, why is the Pope always on the side of the Arabs in Israel. The Vatican has the largest collection of Kabalistic material in the world, and then when I started to hear about Kabbalah I always wondered about the Cherubim. Where did the Catholic church get this image of baby angels and I found that Kabbalah teaches that, so that a lot of that imagery that has come forth from the Catholic church has been taken from Kabbalah and very garments that the Pope wears are copies of the garments that the Jewish high priest wore.


I started to come into the understanding that the Catholic church wants at least in my estimation, is looking to acquire what would belong to Israel, that is why they are in Jerusalem. I could not understand why the Catholic Church was in Jerusalem, practically occupying all of the significant areas in Jerusalem, although the history of Jesus does not mean anything to me because he is resurrected and he is resurrected in me. It does not really matter to me so much if you have a piece of the cross or the shroud of Terrene. I never understood that is was part of a movement of the powerful people in the world, the descendants of the royalty of the nations of Europe are involved in this plan to bring back the monarchies. All of these of these European nations today that still have monarchies that are just figureheads the Kings and Queens are just figureheads.


Every European nation today as far as I know has a parliament or some such government and the nation is really governed by the people but it never occurred to me that there could be a secret move to bring back the monarchy. It was just the (inaudible) comprehension. Before we go any further, I would just like to show you how the Lord explained this to me and I am going to put it on the board. He has told me that there are accelerating or ascending a series of ascending spiritual worlds.


We know that mind is higher than this physical world and then there is a spiritual world where our spirit is and there are ascending spiritual worlds. The lowest world, which is where we are now, Jesus called this outer darkness, it is the world of the greatest divisions, sometimes it is called the divided age and we all look were separate and there is space between all the people sitting here but the bottom line is that were really all connected in a higher spiritual plane. In the spiritual plane where are spirit is we are all connected and in the soul plane, where our soul is we are all connected. It is likened to the opening flowers on one plant and plant has one root that is buried in the ground but it puts forth branches and different flowers so we are all the flowers on the plant and separate and we all come from different families so each branch may be a different family, but if you go deep enough we all come out of the same root and this is the principle.


If we go spiritually deep enough, we are all members of one plant so this should not be a surprise because the scripture says in the book of Isaiah, Jehovah says I made a planting a planting of the Lord, we are a spiritual plant. Jesus said I am the vine and you are branches. Jesus talks about seed so it shouldn't be any surprise to the students of the Bible that we are a plant and not only the church and not only the Jew but we know that those of us that are students of the Bible know that Elohim made a covenant with Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth, after they survived the flood. The covenant that Elohim made with Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth was for the salvation of the world.


Jehovah has a plan, God has a plan, and today Jehovah is appearing to us as the Lord Jesus Christ. There was a plan and it does not even make sense to save billions of the people all at once you start with a small group and then you spread out, this is a Bible principle. Jehovah started with Abraham and the seed of the consciousness of God was imparted to Abraham's son, it was not even imparted to Abraham, did not come out until had his son and then from Abraham that seed of the consciousness of God was imparted to Jacob. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


Jacob had twelve sons and the seed of the consciousness of God was given to only one out twelve, it was given to Joseph. That is the significance of the coat of many colors that Jacob gave to Joseph. Then as recently revealed to us, Joseph dispensed that seed of the consciousness of God to patriarchs of the eleven tribes when those patriarchs came to Joseph in Egypt and received physical food as well as spiritual food in the time of famine. The seed of the consciousness of God started with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and then to the twelve tribes.


You do not hear that preached very commonly that it went to Joseph before it went to the twelve tribes. There is a common root that all humanity is a part of and the creation began in the spirit as a single entity called Adam. Adam had a body light and that light was joined to the ashes of the spiritual earth, which were the darkness, the dark part the negative part of the picture.


Jehovah was making a visible manifestation or a visible home for God to dwell in that is what the creation is all about, a visible house for God to dwell in. A place for God to reveal his nature, God's nature is good and he is a benefactor and he is merciful and he is gracious and the only way that the attributes of God can be made know is if there is somebody upon God and pour out his goodness, his mercy, his graciousness and his life; therefore he created the man to be the recipient and therefore the example of the goodness and greatness of God and that is very interesting that this just came out. I understood some of it but I have never brought it out quite so clearly before.


It is very interesting to me because the Lord told me something and I also heard this from another TV preacher, I heard it directly before I heard it from the TV preacher.


The Lord the told me that when he starts dealing with somebody for however long it takes he has to clean us up, he has to bring our mind in sync with his mind and he has to deal with our sins. When we reach a certain point of maturity in Christ; when we are expressing the nature of God at some point and I really don't know what that point is, he does start to bring material wealth to us and all kinds of blessings in this world because we are suppose to be his trophy. That was the word that he used, that we are his trophy and we are the example of what happens to people that give their whole life to God and serve God.


The Lord told me that quite a few years ago and that came to my mind as I was just giving you the description of why God has formed man so that we can be a visible representation or advertisement of who he is and what his nature is. We know, I think it is in the book of Proverbs if I am not mistaken that were told that you can tell what a man is like by looking at his wife. If a woman walks around with a sourpuss all the time and she miserable and unhappy that man is not loving his wife adequately. That is in the book of proverbs and if you look at the children, the more messed up the children are, the more you know there is trouble in the household and the man is always responsible for the well being of his family. Now that does not mean that he does not bring discipline or bring righteousness into the household.


First of all the man has to have a right relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ before he can ever be a man to his family and then it goes right down the line. So we are told in the book or Proverbs that the woman is the glory of the man. When you look at that woman and see how well she is taken care of and how happy she is you know what is going on in that household. You know that man has a relationship with the Lord Jesus; you know that he is loving his wife like Christ love the church. So we his church, which today there are many poverty stricken people and diseased people and troubled people in the church that means the Lord is working with us because it is not his intention to keep us like that neither is it his intention to rapture us.


He wants to make us prosperous in every way in this world. Prosperous, healthy and protected and content in this world because we are the glory of the Lord, we are the visible representation of who he is and how he treats the people and how he blesses and what he bestows upon the people who serve him. Adam at the beginning though was a body of light and he was joined to the spiritual earth to be the darkness of the negative that would produce the visible creation and when that spiritual earth came in contact with this glorious light it received consciousness but it received a negative consciousness a negative consciousness and that negative consciousness received a personal name, it is called the serpent.


It was that serpent nature or that serpent consciousness was in the man that resulted in the fall and the Scripture tells us that there was a female that Adam had. Adam had a female; the word Eve is really a personification of a Hebrew word or Greek word. The Scripture really says that there was a female; Adam had a female and that female had the nature of the serpent because the female was made of the earth and that female listened to her earthen consciousness rather than the God consciousness of the man; therefore the marriage split, the man and woman split and the woman who had the spiritual ovaries who held the seeds for all the future humanity fell under the authority of the serpent and fell down into this low spiritual realm where we are today. What happened at the time of the fall? What happened was a rebellion against the authority of Adam and there was an act of spiritual adultery.


The woman joined in thought with the thought process of the serpent rather than with the thought process of her husband Adam who was connected to Jehovah. This whole world and this whole situation and all of the wars and all of the troubles we have hear, the pestilence, the diseases, the sicknesses at its very root is the result of the separation of the female from the male. The healing and salvation of all humanity will take place at this high spiritual realm where the woman will be brought into submission and rejoined to the man and brought into a unity of Jehovah's consciousness. Today it will be the consciousness of the Lord Jesus Christ. What am I saying, I am saying that the answer to all the world's problems is an, well let me start by putting this on the board for you because your all looking at me.


Lets split the board into three parts signifying three spiritual realms. Actually there are more than that but I am trying to simplify this for you all. The first spiritual realm was when the man was first created, it was a spiritual garden, it was a spiritual man and inside he was made of light, he was not in an animal body. The Bible tells us he was both male and female. We do not know what he looked like but our example is a plant. Most plants have both male and female organs and they are self-pollinating and that is the example that we have. I do not know what he looked like or how he functioned. Adam was a self-pollinating being for purposes of understanding.


As I explained before I put the drawing up, it was (inaudible) so the internal work of both righteousness, which was the light, and evil which was the earth. Jehovah tells us in one the Prophets that he created evil. When Christians first hear that it is shocking, but you have to have to have an understanding of evil. Evil is darkness and the darkness was created by Jehovah to reveal the light because if all you have a light image on a light background you cannot see the light image. We see that Adam had a predicament from the beginning of his creation, he was both righteous and he had an evil side.


When Jehovah first created him the righteousness had dominion over the evil so the evil served its purpose of revealing the light but was not engaged in performing or doing any evil deeds. It had a function that is performed. When the ashes of the earth were joined (inaudible) which was the breath of Jehovah that breath of Jehovah was so powerful that the spiritual earth, and we do not even know that looked like (inaudible) the man was light and the earth was darkness consciousness called evil. Evil was bound, righteous authority of this man Adam and that righteousness was imputed Adam by Jehovah. Adam did not deserve it, it was nothing that he did to receive it, but Jehovah said you are righteous because I say so and the evil is under your authority and this evil is not to do evil deeds, she is just there to reveal the light.


Now I just made that simple but the law was imparted to Adam whereby if he followed the law he would remain in this condition, because righteousness was not his state of being. He was only righteous because Jehovah said you are righteous. When this darkness received consciousness it received a philosophy and a morality that was at complete odds with the righteousness, ferocity and morality of Jehovah that had been given to Adam and that is what we call the serpent. That consciousness that came into existence because of it was an integral part of the creation, which was (inaudible) and controlled.


It is just like an atomic plant, they wanted to build and atomic power plant out here in Shoreham, NY. not to long ago and the people got all upset and voted it down. The people that wanted it said what are you talking about, so it is atomic power and it going to provide heat and light but the people were afraid of its evil potential getting loose so they voted it down. That is what happened to the man at the beginning, he was bound up in a box or a body or in a consciousness or as a being with his potential for utter destruction that we can understand by looking at how the people felt when the powers that be wanted to build and atomic power plant right out here in Shorum. What happened to Adam was that the negativity got loose, it happened, the worst possible scenario happened. What was meant for good, even though it was darkness it had a positive purpose became evil, it got loose, it got loose.


The creation descended into a lower realm, now the man is no longer a singularity. The woman has separated from the man because the consciousness of the earth that was 100 (inaudible) the righteous consciousness of the man refused to submit to the righteousness of the man and took on an identity so now we have the divided age of creation the age of duality. We know see the man and woman and the man is thinking with Jehovah's thoughts and the woman is thinking with the thoughts of the serpent 180 degrees opposite of each other. Today we see that condition of the man and we see this very principle existing in each individual human being that has received Christ as the carnal mind and the Christ mind. The only difference between us today and the man; initially was that Adam had the evil bound under him. Were born with evil loose, were born side by side with the evil. We have to train our children, we have to control our temper and we have to be taught how to deal with frustration and all kinds of attacks on our person that might elicit an ungodly response. We have to be taught to deal with our (inaudible) force and not to be destructive force in our life.


This second level here is a spiritual level, it is a spiritual realm where the (inaudible) will of mind, as I said I am simplifying the whole thing. It is an invisible world where mind exists. (inaudible) you cannot tell what I am drawing and a person with some flowers, this is our world down here and this world down here, which Jesus called (inaudible). We look today at everything that is going on (inaudible) escaped this world destruction that is coming. The Bible predicts that people will be afraid, so the church has fantasized the rapture; they believe that they are going to escape; they are going to fly away into the sky somewhere. But that is beside the point; the Lord has told me that the answer, his answer to this problem is not to fight down here in this realm where there are multiple millions of people where all of this tragedy is happening.


The place to fight is up here in the realm where the problem is originating. (inaudible) That disease does not originate in the physical body, although it may look that way. Disease (inaudible) if we have surgery or take pills we get healed and other times we do not, because the spiritual factors that have produced the disease are (inaudible) factors. The Lord has told me that the way he intends to deal with everything that is going on down here in this world; with people being hurt and their homes being destroyed, all of this chaos, his intention is to incarnate in a full manifestation of his power in a group of people.


Through those people, the Lord Jesus Christ will ascend up to this realm over here where the problem is just a man feuding with his wife. If you can hear this, ask the Lord to help you, it is very important. The whole problem of all the destruction going on in this world is the fruit of the spiritual man and wife having marital problems. (comment inaudible) Some people believe that it is a literal 6000 years, I do not know. I do not know whether it is a literal 6000 years; however many years it is.


This weakened Adam has been struggling with his very spiritually powerful wife because she has embraced the serpent consciousness of the serpent, in this world known as Satan (inaudible) Satan and the devil. Jesus' solution to the problem is rise up into the spiritual world to strengthen the weakened man and bring the woman who has become evil now doing evil deeds (inaudible). You have remember this has nothing whatsoever with physical woman or physical man these are spiritual principles. A lot of people think he does not care, that he is not doing anything down here in this world. What he is doing in this world is rising up the people who can tolerate his presence in them because he is a fire; so he intends to rise up into this world here, strengthen the man (inaudible) which is Jezebel into submission.


We know that the judgment for Jezebel in the scripture is that she will thrown off a balcony and (inaudible) signifies this high spiritual realm. Jezebel is known for false doctrine and the seduction of (inaudible) and destroys God's people with false doctrine and witchcraft. The Lord is going to incarnate, he is going to born again in a company of people who will agree with his mind because if the Lord incarnates in someone who does not agree with his mind, the result is destruction to the individual. He is coming slowly into this world, raising up people teaching us, helping us to come into agreement with his mind, so that we can live together without us being destroyed without the human being destroyed. Then he intends to ascend up to his high spiritual plane and through Jezebel off the balcony.


What that means is she will loose her spiritual power, the power of the serpent, she will come into submission to her husband and arise back up to singularity. When that happens, all of the destruction down in this world will come to an end. There will be no understanding of it. People that do not understand what happened will be saying what is going here, the wars stopped, everyone loves one another, everybody is at peace, nobody will be able to understand what happened down here because the solutions will have taken place, up here, on a one-to-one level. That is why the world is in the condition that it is in. Any questions on this?


Our message today is an understanding of how the serpent, how this woman, who is a manifestation of the serpent, is planning on fulfilling Adam's calling. The plan of God is that one man but a spiritual man will rule the world and righteousness, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man will rule the world in righteousness but this woman is stealing his office and she intends to raise up a world leader known as Anti-Christ, who hopes to be the emperor of the world and bring in on world government, one world currency, one world church and the spiritual and physical slavery of humanity. We have a lot of people in the world that know that this is coming, a lot of Christians that know this is coming but what they do not know is God's plan, Jesus' plan to overcome it, to interfere with it and to stop it from coming to pass. That is what they do not know; they think they are going to be raptured.


We are going to read a couple of scriptures that demonstrates this principle that there was one and then suddenly there was two and then we are going to start leafing through this book so that the serpents plan of world domination will be better understood even those of us that have been hearing bits and pieces of this for years, this is the best explanation I have ever heard. It is important that you understand where the Lord is coming from before we go forward. Does everybody understand our condition and what the Lord's answer is to the disaster down here and the destruction that is coming on the earth, does anybody not understand it or need me to explain it again? Is everybody ok? So xxxx and xxxx are going to read Zechariah 5 verses 7-11. Which although in a very mysterious way explain that there was one and then suddenly there became two. That is our witness in the scripture although it is couched in very cryptic terms.


Zechariah 5: 7-11, KJV


7. And behold, there was lifted up a talent of lead; and this is a woman that sitteth in the midst of the ephah.


8. And he said, this is wickedness. And he cast it into the midst of the ephah; and he cast the weigh of lead up the mouth thereof.


Pastor Vitale: That is talking about the female Adam that fell, it was the female aspect of Adam that agreed with the serpent consciousness and fell that is what this is talking about now.


9. Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women,


Pastor Vitale: There was one and now there is two because man who fell down has now become a spiritual female.


and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork; and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven.


10. Then said I to the angel that talked with me, Whither do these bear the ephah?


11. And he said to me, To build it an house in the land of Shinar; and it shall be established, and set there upon her own base.


That is talking about the spiritual city that we call Babylon, which opposes Jerusalem and those are just two scriptural names for the way we understand it today. The mind of Christ is Shinar (inaudible) the Babylonian religion and Jerusalem the minds (inaudible)


Shinar represents the collective mindset of Babylonian religion and Jerusalem represents the collective mindset of Jesus. That is the condition today. We live in the divided age and all of the apparently isolated or separated incidents of destruction, that we see happening in the world today are the fruit of the condition of the middle world, it is just the man and his wife. The man has become weakened, his wife has become strong, again this has nothing to do with human beings, these are spiritual principals.


The woman is raw spiritual power that is being driven by the consciousness of the serpent and the man is weak to stop her. The Lord Jesus Christ has come to strengthen him to bring her into submission to return to singularity and the solution to the problem of the chaos down here in the earth is up in the mind realm and not down here. All of these prophets in the church predicting a world ruler and of all the peoples in the world that really have hopes of bringing it to pass are going to be (scriptural term) made ashamed and the Lord Jesus Christ solves the problem not down here but up there. We see Christians waiting for a physical manifestation of Jesus Christ They may not recognize him and his people or they may only recognize his deeds, his works when they see peace come.


If nobody has any questions, we are going start looking at this book. Some of which I have never heard before myself. He name is J. R. Church. The name of the book is "Guardians of the Grail". He clearly says in his forward, I especially want to distance myself from anti-Semitic groups who tend to blame the Jews for this conspiracy. Because that is an issue in the church, there is an anti-Semitic element in the church that wants to blame this whole. I was not sure for years, but apparently there is a secret society that is planning to set up a world emperor, just like Napoleon wanted to conquer the world.


I thought we were past that, Hitler was the last one who tried to conquer the world, but it looks like we are coming into another one.


This author says that he wants to distance himself from the groups in the church that are blaming this conspiracy on the Jews alone, because it is an anti-Semitic move that some groups in the church have received. He wants to know, this is the question; who are the guardians. The Lord started to bring me into this, as I told you I could not really cope with it because it really did not make any sense to me.


When I was in the city, back in 2002, I was working on a Republican convention and living at my niece's house so I was taking the bus from the hotel to her house and this man started talking to me on the bus. He actually started telling me that he was a 32nd degree mason. For years I had been hearing about Mason's, I could not understand how they were evil. You cannot just tell me somebody it is evil; I have to understand it to believe it.


Today we have all of these secret societies practice actual rituals by which they reach out to pagan gods to acquire power. Power to get wealth, power to ascend into political positions and ultimately power to raise up one figurehead that will be emperor of the world. There is attention to re-establish a monarchy, I guess all these wealthy and powerful and obviously intelligent and politically brilliant people expect to be royalty under the emperor. It is mind boggling to me but at this point I cannot deny it anymore. So I have this conversation with this 32nd degree mason on the bus, who did not like what I said to him and actually cursed me on the bus. I was just looking at him, I did not know at the time that people who practice witchcraft use rhyme. I do not know why they use rhyme but they use rhyme. He said this little line to me and I am looking at this man and he just sat back and took a deep breath and took all this strength into his diaphragm and with his deepest voice he recited this rhyme at me and the last line did not sound right. I am sitting there saying what is he doing and then is was just before his stop; by the time he finished rhyming and he walked to the exit of the bus it hit me that everything had to do that broke the curses (inaudible) for the rest of days that I worked at the convention. My feet swelled up, I had pain, I could hardly walk, I had such pain on the bottom of my feet. I had tickets to take my niece to the theater, to thank her for letting me stay there for a whole week. I couldn't tell you what was wrong with me, I was just sick through the whole theatre production until I went home.


I do not know what would have happened to me if I did not break the curses but the bottom line is this; I found out what these 32nd degree secret societies do. He told me that he worship Kali, that is what he told me. As a matter of fact he was surprised that knew who Kali was. He said you know who Kali is, I said yes that is a Hindu god. That shocked him in the first place.


Mr. Church says in his book, about secret societies. This mysterious group is presently made up of including, he says men, I heard that a couple of things have women in there too. Including Protestants, Roman Catholics, Jews and Muslims. Members of this secret sect should be considered unfaithful to their respective beliefs for in reality they are neither Christian or Catholic, they are neither Jew or Muslim their doctrine sidesteps the basic tenants of those beliefs and replaces them with the teaching of their greatest prophet, who they believe to be Buddha.


This is what he says in his book, but this particular man that he worshiped, he mentioned Kali. They do rituals that invoke the power of these gods and that is what they want power and wealth. I do not think that every person that is a member of these secret societies knows the ultimate truth that these societies are geared towards bringing back in the political horizon a world emperor, maybe they know it, maybe they do not but they are practicing witchcraft. That keeps them wealthy and keeps them in high positions throughout the whole society. They may be Catholics, Christians or whatever they say they are, this particular man was Jewish.


The Lord had me say things to him that he did not like. I asked him if he was barmitzvah. I was reminding him of the God of his childhood and he did not like it because he was now worshipping Kali and seeking Kali for help. Who are the guardians? The guardians of the grail; the grail is suppose to be the cup that Jesus drank from on that last supper. We also will talk about the spear that pieced Jesus' side and I cannot help but thinking about Excalibur, which is, supposed to be the magical sword of King Arthur's day. I also saw a Chinese movie talking about the green destiny, when someone has this sword he becomes a great warrior and invincible.


I used to think that is was folklore but today I understand that these objects, these blessed or cursed objects, however you want to look at it, they do exist. The principle is that there is a spirit that stands behind the weapon so when you acquire the weapon, it is not that a physical weapon object has this kind of power, it is that this physical object is the physical manifestation of the spirit. It is just like saying that sword exists down on the third realm but spirit behind the sword exists on the middle realm but when you possess that sword that spirit gives you victory in any war that you enter into. In addition, what I learned today; I know that there is a lot of talk about Mary Magdalene having married Jesus of Nazareth or having had an affair with him and producing physical children. I thought this was something new, I have never heard of it before and I did not receive it of course so I was very surprised to find out this teaching has been around for a very long time and that it is a part of this whole conspiracy to bring a royal family, not even to bring a royal family forth as world emperor but to reinstate the royal families of Europe. This is all about reinstating the royal families of Europe.


I have to tell you one other thing as a backup. A year or two ago, we watched the Matrix here. The second and the third Matrix, Matrix reloaded and Matrix, I forget exactly what it was called. In one of those stories we had a (inaudible) Meroving. I thought it was a make believe character but I was advised that no its not that there really is a Meroving and at that time I read a little bit on the internet about it but it did not really stick. This is how the Lord teaches me about this. I heard about the Meroving, now I hear this non-sense about Mary Magdalene. I heard about the Tri-Lateral commission and the Knights temple years ago.


Today it is coming together and this is what our office says, that the Merovingian Bloodline is a royal bloodline. There are Merovingian monarchs that are on the throne of France for quiet a few hundred years. This is something else that I may not of have told you, let me put this in also. I get magazines from The Philadelphia Church of God; which is the organization that is the successor of the Herbert Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God. I get his magazines and he has been saying for months now, watch Germany. Germany and France are the two leaders of the common market and I read other places that France (this is like over a period of years, I have acquired this information that is just gelling in my mind now) is the hub of the secret societies but I did not know what France had to do with it and why are France and Germany are the leaders of Europe, I did not understand that. I did not know the German man who is so prominent in the European Common Market today is a descendant; He is Habsted, which is the name of the royal family that started World War I and World War II. He also has Merovingian blood in him. I know I am being a little long winded but please put up with me.


I heard all of these things over the past and I and could not pull them together, now this is the story. I find out that this story of Mary Magdalene having affair or being married to Jesus of Nazareth and bearing his children goes all the way back to the beginning of the Merovingian bloodline. The first Merovingian monarch was a man, he was a king, his name was Meroving. He was supposed to be one of the offspring of Mary Magdalene and Jesus.


This King Meroving he was the first in a series of kings called the Merovingian Bloodline. All the offspring of Meroving were noted by having a birthmark above the heart, a small red cross. This is another thing that I just found about a couple of years ago. I was shocked go find out that the Red Cross would not go into Israel. In all the conflict in the Middle East they would not help Israelis only the Arabs, which absolutely shocked me when I found that out and it made no sense to me at all, until I read somewhere that the Red Cross was an out-growth of one of these secret societies that is anti-Semitic.


Now they are supposed to be neutral, the Red Cross, that is outrageous, that they will not go into Israel or help the Israeli's. Here we see that the Merovingian bloodline is a red cross, is not that interesting. Now remember the author does not believe this, he is just repeating the legend to educate people. This is the teaching of the Guardians of the Grail. Jesus Christ did not die on Calvary but nearly pretended to die. He was taken from the cross, stolen from the tomb and was believed to have married Mary Magdalene and even produced children. They claim that when the Romans destroyed the temple at Jerusalem in 70 A.D., the Magdalene fled with her sacred children by boat across the Mediterranean to France and there she found refuge in Jewish community.


Future generations of her offspring (inaudible) and this red small cross eventually became the symbol of the Guardians of the Grail. Furthermore these Kings claim to have clairvoyant powers and the ability to heal the sick by the laying on of hands. Meroving, the King of the Franks from 447 to 458 A.D., was inherent of the religious cult of Diana and his son Childeric the first, practiced witchcraft. His son Clovis adopted Christianity in 496 A.D. This was right around the same time that the Roman Emperor Constantine, well not around the same time in 324, embraced Christianity and divided the Roman Empire and that is how the Greek Orthodox Church came into existence. The Roman Catholic Church split, east and west. XXXX was asking me this earlier and Meroving came around 150 years after Constantine split the Roman Catholic Church. Now the whole underlying suggestion here is that witchcraft is operating.


There has to be something to have all these powerful people as members of these secret societies. It is still unbelievable to me but at this point, I believe the Lord is telling me that it is true and I believe that after get this exhortation over that there is going to be some kind of prayer going forth and if it is not today, the Lord is preparing us to pray in a manner that will support His Kingdom. The Lord, He wants educated people, it is very nice to be willing to pray but you cannot really pray adequately if you don't understand what the problem is. You have to understand what the problem is. He wants us educated and then he can move by his spirit through us and guide us as to how he wants us to pray, so that is what is happening today. I can see that I am not going to finish this in one part.


So when the prayer will come forth, I am not sure but he is preparing us to be vessels that will manifest his will and his nature in this situation in this world-affecting situation and once again this a great honor for us. We were involved in the crisis when President Bush won the election and then almost lost the election about six or seven years ago. We were involved in that, the Lord called us up to pray. This is a great honor and responsibility to this ministry.


The grandson of Meroving, the King of the Franks and Franks were first to France was called the new Constantine and he was made a Holy Roman emperor. We see that the so-called offspring of Mary Magdalene were established as leaders of the empire. He quotes other books here and one of the books that he quotes is called the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. The author is this book suggests that the French Cathedrals including Notre Dame were built in honor of Mary Magdalene rather than Mary the mother of Jesus.


We see that the last Merovingian King was assassinated and he sat on the throne at 751. He left a son Cissberg the Third. This Merovingian line lost the throne in 751 and according to everything that I am hearing his descendants from 751 over a thousand years ago had been telling there sons from generation to generation that in the fullness of time they are going regain not only the throne of France but the throne of all Europe and the whole world. Now that is lust for power. That is beyond my ability to comprehend that somebody would have that kind of lust for power.


I guess everything is relative and we will get to the place where we show you in this book the descendants of Meroving of the Merovingian bloodline intermarried Habsburg which is like a integral core of the (inaudible) of Europe which the sovereigns of all the European nations intermarried and the Habsburgs seems to be the strongest line. They were monarchs of Germany, Austria and several other nations, Spain. A Habsburg was on the throne of Spain and you will find the rest in the book. A Habsburg exists today and he is the head of this organization and in so many words he (inaudible) is just waiting for the time, they want the throne back in Europe.


What I am trying to say is everything is relative, to me the thought of wanting to be an emperor is alien as wanting to be an airplane. But when you come from a line of deposed royalty and you it has been feed into you since you were a little boy that your family were monarchs of a country and displaced then I can say you want was lost to you family. I cannot relate to it personally but I can understand where they are coming from. All the little people of the world; if Jesus is not with you were just victims, just like it was before democracy and representative government came to the world. People were nothing, they were just slaves to the royalty in the nations.


That is the way the whole world was before Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was the great liberator. Christianity was the force behind the liberation of the people from monarchal domination. So therefore Christianity has be overthrown to re-establish the monarchies. Therefore all of these leaders, they are now Buddhists and Hindus and worshiping Kali and Buddha and all that, they do not want Christ because Christ raises up the little person. Where Christ is there is liberty, he raises up the individual, he makes you strong and he develops you and gives you strength and righteousness, he heals you, he restores everything that has been lost to you. It is very, very hard to control Christians that are really connected to God; they are very hard to control. These forces want to wipe out Christianity. It is not just Christianity, wherever independence is these people are very hard to control.


I am told that when the communists came in to China, for thousands of years there were warlords in China there was no central government. China is a very big nation and there was not central government that there were warlords in little groups of people and these warlords were extremely powerful not only militarily but they were know for there martial arts. It is really witchcraft, it involves mind control and it really is form of witchcraft. The leaders of these groups could kill you with their mind they were very powerful people.


When the communist government came in and wanted to centralize China, they captured the family of the most powerful warlord, who was the most powerful military artist in China and they threatened to torture and kill his family if he did not go out and kill all the other martial arts leaders. He did it, he went out and challenged and killed every martial art leader in the nation and therefore that is how the communist broke the power of the independents in China. Because you cannot have a centralized government where there are individual groups that are powerful. You can only have a centralized government where everybody else submits. I am told the man that did that repented, he was sorry that he did it. I do not know any more of the details, he is here in the United States today.


It is very hard to control independent people you have to break them, you have to break their spirit, you have to utterly defeat them. People like that do not bend, you have to kill them or take away everything that they have so that they are weak in front of you. That is what the plan is, they want to do away with Christianity, so they embrace Buddha. It says Buddha here, but I do not know. I do not think it is Buddha; maybe that is what their publicity tells them that it is not Buddha. Outright they know that they are praying to Satan or Kali which is obviously a satanic (inaudible) or some such thing.


The last know Merovingian to sit on the throne of France was Choleric the Third, he died in 656 and he had an offspring Sysaberg. Since 656 the descendents of the line have existed and I am not going to do it on the tape because these names will not mean anything to you. There is a whole genealogy here in this book of the Merovingian bloodlines and all of these people that descended from him that have just hanging out waiting to get there throne back, it absolutely mind boggling to me. It is two pages of genealogy after I am off the tape you can look at the book if you want actually it is four pages. Who are the Guardians of the Grail that is what it is named. Then he goes on to show heirs of the Holy Roman Empire and most of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were German. Otto the first son of the Henry the 1st king of Germany; he was the first Holy Roman emperor. Otto the 2nd and Otto the 3rd, Henry the 2nd, great grandson of Henry the 1st, who was son of Otto the 1st, Henry the 3rd, Henry the 4th. Did you know that there were many Germans that were head of the Holy Roman Empire?


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Pastor Sheila: English is a Germanic language.


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Pastor Sheila: Otto 1st son of Henry 1st, King of Germany that is what he says here. Frederick Barbarosa the nephew of Conrad 3rd of the house of Hofenstephen that is pretty German. Frederick 1st followed Conrad 3rd as Holy Roman emperor. I had no idea; I thought they were all Italian, all the emperors from Rome. Henry 6th, Frederick 2nd, Conrad 4th, William of Holland, the Dutch have a dramatic background also. It does sound English, Richard Earl of Cornwall King of the Romans. The English were Catholic until the Reformation, all of Europe was Catholic.


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Pastor Sheila: Only after the Reformation, they were Catholic. All of Europe was Catholic. The Habsburg dynasty, Rudolph 1st of Habsburg 1273-1291. Albert 1st son of Rudolph 1st, the house of Hofenstephen, emperor Albert 2nd emperor of Austria, Albert 4th, Albert 5th, Frederick 3rd son of Albert Maximilian, son of Frederick 3rd. Germany and Austria.


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Pastor Sheila: I did not know that. Ferdinand 3rd, Habsburgs, Francis 1st Holy Roman Ferdinand's son Leopold 1st. Charles 6th, Francis 1st, Leopold 2nd. The Holy Roman Empire was officially abolished in 1806 by Nepolian. Did you know that?


Comment: I did not know that.


Pastor Sheila: I did not know that either. Because Napoleon wanted to be the emperor of the world, so he knocked out the Holy Roman Empire. Then we see the Spanish Habsburgs. The Habsburg dynasty ruled the Holy Roman Empire continuously from 1438 until it was abolished by Napoleon in 1806. The dynasty also began its rule of Spain in 1519 and continues to this day. There is a king in Spain, although they have a parliament and the king is pretty much a figurehead. The King in Spain today is a Habsburg. Juan Carlos, his name is Juan Carlos, King of Spain. Son of (inaudible), he is still alive. He says the European currency unit called ECU. The official coin of the European Economic Community which is destined to become the United States of Europe in 1992. You see they did not make it.


I am reading these magazines that come out by (inaudible), I read it a little bit. The leader of France and the leader of Germany are heading up this United. I do not know if they call themselves the United States of Europe yet or not, I think it still the European Common Market. It was suppose to come to pass but England would not sign the constitution and I think it was one of the Scandinavian countries would not agree to the constitution and according to what I read in the magazines the constitution would have taken a lot of freedom away from these countries. They would have really been coming under another monarchy, so a couple of countries would not sign it.


We see that there plan is behind schedule. But this coin ECU, the European Economic Community coin displays the bust of Charles 5th the progenitor of the Spanish Habsburgs. I must of read (inaudible) magazines that he claims that Germany is the Assyria of the Bible not Syria, Assyria that ruthless brutal nation that conquered the whole world in his day. Assyria. That is was Germany and the only nation that the Assyria's could not conquer was the Jews. We read about that in the book of Isaiah, they came to take Israel to (I do not know if it was Israel or Judea, I am not sure) I think it was Israel and Israel turned and cried out to God and this was the only nation they could not take. It was Assyria that conquered all the nations of the time and mixed all the blood so that today we do not know who the Mullabytes are, we do not know who the different nations are because Assyria came in and mixed all the blood, they wanted a nationalized entity.


It is said that Merovingian bloodline found its way to most of the thrones of Europe.


The French came Phillip 2nd, Augustus, son of Lewis 7th who captured the Dutch (inaudible) Andrew who past it down through history to the Habsburg dynasty. Claimed descent from Charlemagne through his mother thus the Merovingian bloodline continues. What is being said here is that the Merovingian bloodline came to an end because the young king was assonated but through another (I think it was a female) on the line married into the Habsburg line. The Merovingian blood was introduced into Habsburg line. We have this powerful, aggressive line in Europe, a powerful aggressive bloodline in Europe right now.


From the Merovingian bloodline has come most of ruling families of Europe and believe it or not has even included some of the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church. Among them Pope Steven 9th, leader of the church of the 11th century during the years of the Crusades, what were being told that this Merovingian bloodline is a warfare bloodline. The Crusades by the way played an important part in the promotion of the Merovingian bloodline. Many of the Crusaders were French who went to Palestine to liberate the Holy Land from the Moslems. The Catholic Crusaders conquered the city of Jerusalem and established Godfrey of Veron of the Merovingian bloodline on the throne of Jerusalem; claiming to be the lineage of David. This is just so interesting because I think there is still so much that I do not understand. All this intrigue that goes all the way back a thousand years that is still playing out today that without this information, we could never understand it and it is all a big power play. Apparently the Jews of the antiquity had a lot of spiritual power and according to this book a lot of wealth, of which we will get to it. They had all kinds of wealth that were put in the temple that was built.


When they conquered by Nebuchadnezzar, I may have some of this wrong, when we get to it I will straighten it out, that the priests of the temple buried all of this wealth. The Knights Temple when their spokesperson became King of Jerusalem they dug up all the wealth and that is how they got all their money. It was the buried treasure of Jewish Temple, it was raising of the Jew, the robbing of the Jew, of spiritual power and their spiritual heritage and their books of knowledge like the Zohar and of their money. It was a complete ripping apart, like a wild animal of the Jews and what they have received (inaudible) of Israel, not only of the Jews. It just so absolutely fascinating to me. We have this Merovingian bloodline that introduced itself to the Habsburg and supposedly made the Habsburg's great. So unless you have this information you think the bloodline is the Habsburg's you do not know that Merovingian blood is in there. It says, by 1061 the Catholic Crusaders had conquered the city of Jerusalem and established (inaudible) of the Merovingian on the throne of Jerusalem planning to be lineage of David (inaudible) organized a secret society called (inaudible) in 1099 A.D. This clandestine (inaudible) still exists after almost 900 years; it is very much alive today. Is that just amazing. You have to have some goal something really (inaudible) to survive all these years; it is surviving all these years just like Israel has survived all these years.


When Clinton had us bomb, I am sorry I do not remember the nation that he bombed over there in Europe. He took the side of the Moslems. There were a lot people that said he shouldn't have done it because this war between the Moslems, between the Turks and Greeks, if I am not mistaken. (inaudible) for centuries, you are not going to force these people to have peace. It is the same thing with Israel and Arabs; you are not going to force these people to have peace. This is a spiritual war that has been going on for thousands of years or at least a thousand if not more years. You cannot go in there and fight without understanding the roots of the conflict. What I found really interesting is the trouble they are having in France these days with the Moslem population. Apparently France was very involved in the Crusades. I always thought it was Charlemagne that drove the Moslem hoards back. If it was not for that warfare all of Europe would have been Moslem but it was not Charlemagne, is was his grandfather according to this book. It was his grandfather called Charles Martel, he submitted his army to the Pope, it was the army that represented the Pope. They drove the Moslems out of Europe or all of Europe would be Moslem today.


Now we have France and we have these Moslem communities rising up in France and rising up in Germany and rising up here. There are taking over the European nations from within like parasites. President Bush, he would put down any suggestion that this is a revival of the Crusades but he is wrong. Maybe he is not wrong, he just did not want to tell the people because he did not want any (inaudible) in the streets but this is a revival of the Crusades. These are people who are lusting for power and carrying that in their hearts from generation to generation for 1500 or more years. Nobody is going to win this war without understanding where it is really coming from.


I see two main lines here, I see the Merovingian bloodline manifesting through all of the disenfranchised royalty in Europe that are waiting to be put back on the throne. Then I see the Crusades, the Moslem- Catholic conflict. Is not that interesting. I do not see them working together. I see the Pope supporting the Arabs. The Pope supporting the Arabs despite the new Crusade that is coming because the Pope does not want to strengthen Israel. He does not want to Israel rise up in any kind of power. These people, especially the in the secret societies, they practice and know spiritual power; they know spiritual power is real. They know witchcraft is real and they also know that if the Jew ever get its act together they can be very spiritually powerful, they do not want that to happen again. They do not want to see Israel standing up in spiritual power again because that is the nation that destroyed the Philistines and produced Moses who destroyed the mystery religion in Egypt. They do not want to see the Jews standing up again. That is why the Pope is always on the opposite side of Israel always, until the point when the Popes going to have to confront Islam. I am just guessing but the Pope is hoping that Israel's going to be completely smashed by the time he has to take on Islam.


This is unbelievable. Do you realize that every human being in the world today except those people who are being controlled by Jesus Christ are simply pawns. This power struggle on this high level is not even in a spiritual world it is a physical time-lines that we do not know anything about (inaudible), power plays that we do not know anything about. People are going to die and get hurt and lose their loved ones and be hungry and tortured and everything else while these people sitting in high places are vying for power.


In Christ Jesus we are not pawns, not only are we not pawns were the vessels by which Christ Jesus is intervening in this situation in the earth. Both the conflict between the royalty of Europe driven by the Merovingian bloodline and the democratic, well there are not even democratic, Europe is all socialists today, socialist states. The Pope and the Moslems they look like they are two completely separate things but they are not, they are all the manifestation of the woman's world, that spiritual woman that has embraced the consciousness of the serpent, it is all her world.


When her husband is strengthened by Christ Jesus and she is brought into submission, somehow everything down here all these conflicts are just going to straighten out. What the natural explanation will be; I do not know. Do understand what I am telling you? That the Lord is going to get right at the root. That is why a lot of people that it looks like he is not interested in world affairs. A lot of people think that God created the world, that he set it in motion and now we are on our own because they do not see the intervention of God in the world.


He is intervening but not a manner that they cannot comprehend. He is intervening by raising up the Sons of God, the people who will be able to tolerate a high manifestation of his spirit without being destroyed. So that he can rise up to that level and take care of that situation. How long have I been preaching? Is this on one tape xxxx? We will do a little more.


Comment: I am curious when your reading like the mind that had supposedly come from Jesus and Mary Magdalene, could you read what their children, what there names were, they should have those facts if they are going to go on later to (inaudible) who they were, how they were connected?


Pastor Sheila: We will get to that later in the book, but I did tell you that the first king was Meroving and did name the last king that was assonated and the last king to hold the throne was Choleric 3rd, he was deposed in 751 A.D. He was the last know Merovingian to sit on the throne and the other son Sigibert 3rd and you will hear later on that the guy today who says that he is the descendant, is the descendant of this Sigibert. The author also says in the book that up until some point there was no proof that of this Sigibert line, but I guess that proof was found. I guess it was authenticated by some priest that wanted to renovate a church and found a hidden genealogy.


The guy if I could find him, there is picture of him in here. I have it right here, his name is Otto Von Habsburg, he is alive today. It would be easier if you waited xxxx . I am sorry his name is Pierre St. Claire, the present secretary general of the (inaudible) and he is a descendant of the Merovingian bloodline. It would be easier if we would follow along in the book, because I do not have all of this information in my heart that is why I am reading it from the book.


I am going to repeat and little something I said about (inaudible) of the Merovingian bloodline. The Crusades by the way played an important part in the promotion of the Merovingian bloodline. Many of the Crusaders were French and went to Palestine to liberate the Holy Land from the Moslems. Now remember it was the army of Charles (inaudible) the leader of the French at the time. Which was the army that represented the Pope that drove the Moslems out of Europe or Europe would be Moslem today. Many of the French went to Palestine to liberate the Holy Land from the Moslems. By 1061 A.D. the Catholic Crusaders had conquered the city of Jerusalem and established (inaudible) from the Merovingian bloodline on the throne of Jerusalem. I did not know that Jerusalem had a throne. Now this man Godfrey (inaudible) he claimed to be of the lineage of David and he organized a secret society called the order (inaudible) today called the (inaudible) in 1099 A.D.


The clandestine (inaudible) of Seon still exists and of course Seon is the French (inaudible), I do not know what (inaudible) means. It still exists after 900 years and is very much alive today and the years that followed (inaudible) and his secret group (inaudible) began plans for a front organization to carry out their goals. In 1118 A.D. (inaudible) organized the Knights Templar. I never have heard of Seon that they did other than that were one of these secret organizations. We see that in 1118 the Knights of Templar was organized and Hugh (inaudible) the brother of Godfrey (inaudible) is first grand master. Now listen to this its first grand master and they adopted the Merovingian birthmark as an emblem the Red Cross. All I could think about was the Ku Klux Klan when I read this. I read it somewhere apparently it is not right here that they dressed in white clothes and the Ku Klux Klan dressed in white garbs and they had the red crosses on them. They claim to be Christians, which is horrible.


We see that Knights Templar is the front organization for this secret organization that plans to put a Merovingian back on the throne. Also the Ku Klux Klan has a grand master that is a term of the Ku Klux Klan.


Catholicism, at least in the past, I do not want to get anybody mad at me today, but at least in the past, Catholicism was definitely connected to anti-Semitism. We know that during the inquisition the Catholic Church persecuted, tortured Jews as well as Bible believing Christians. I also read historically, to whatever degree it is true, I have read in books that I know that the Catholic Church was officially against the Jew until very recently. It was this last Pope that just died who repented of that and went and spoke to some Israeli leader and made peace. Up until that point it was an official Papal stand against the Jew. I read somewhere that there was even a ritual in Rome once a year (how far back this goes I do not know) where they would come in, the leader of the Jews in Italy and somehow they had the power to do it (inaudible) and was publicly humiliated by the Pope himself or another official, would kick him in the pants. Of course the official Catholic stand I do not know about today but until very recently was that modern day Jews were guilty of the death of Christ which is ridiculous.


There is link between anti-Semitism and Catholicism which again today I understand once the Lord taught me that the greatest Kabalistic library is in the Vatican. A lot of the images that were painted in the Medieval Times by Michael Angelo in the Sistine Chapel in particular the Cherubim. I could never understand why anybody would get this concept of the baby type angels from until I found out that is was in Kabbalah. The garb of the Pope is very similar to what the garb of that the High Priest wore of Israel. It is the matter of the Catholic Church trying to acquire the authority (inaudible) of the signs of the authority of the Jew; I believe the power of the spiritual power also. So I do understand that today.


There are millions of little people that do not understand any of this. They are good sincere people that are Catholics that we are talking about, the leadership of the Church. In the same manner, the Jewish authorities that were responsible for crucifying Christ is the same manner. That does not mean that every Jewish person that existed was crucifying Christ. Aside from the fact that it was the will of God that he should be crucified all- of- that aside. The leadership did it because of (inaudible) in the Scripture that he was offered up because of envy. What does that mean? It means that the Jewish leaders in government the civil government called the Sanhedrin so that the people were following after him, they also had been jealous of whatever spiritual power he manifested. Aside from all of that, they did what they were supposed to do. The Scripture clearly stated that that was suppose to happen and that if they had only known (the Scripture says) what would have resulted from Jesus' crucifixion; what resulted, he rose from the dead in public display. Now the whole world whether they believe it or not, the whole world knows about it. If they had only known they would have never crucified him, if they knew what was going to result from it. They would have never done it. All they did was what they were supposed to do; the Lord knew what they were going to do. That is what Jesus meant when he said if I wanted to come off the cross, I could get off of the cross; he was being obedient to the Father.


It makes no sense at all to persecute future generations for something that was done. It makes no more sense than punishing present day Germans for something that Hitler did, it just makes not sense. What the Lord told me whatever makes no sense there is something behind that I do not understand. What is behind it is almost a jealousy competition between the Catholic Church and the Jew. They want to acquire that power that powers that be in the Catholic Church that were in Israel. That had the potential of regenerating in Israel. They want to make sure that it does not regenerate.


I have been hearing for years about insidious forces behind the Catholic Church and started to think that some of these are true. We do not know. (inaudible) high places these local people here do not know anything, they are all descent people just trying to be good people, they do not know from anything.


The stated purpose of the Knights Templar were guard the highways around Jerusalem to protect the Pilgrims coming for worship. I remembered that when I first found out that the Catholic Church was in Jerusalem, I said what is the Catholic Church doing in Jerusalem. They have been in there for over a thousand years. I had no idea, all the back I had no idea. These were the jobs of the Knights Templar was to guard the highways around Jerusalem to protect the Pilgrims coming for worship. Now there were nine men, it says those nine men supposedly gave of themselves to go to Jerusalem and become the "Poor Knights of the Temple", they pledged themselves only to the Pope and to no other political or ecclesiastical authority. That upon arrival in Jerusalem they were given living quarters in palace of King (inaudible) of the Temple site and though there is no historical proof it is believed that they spent the next nine years digging up the buried treasure of the ancient Jewish Temple. In 1953 a copper scroll was found in a cave near the Dead Sea, which told of a fabulous Temple treasure estimated at more than 138 tons of gold and silver. Which had been buried by the Jewish (inaudible). Now this is fact, after nine years in Jerusalem the Temple was returned to (inaudible). In the years following they built castles all over Europe and became famous as the Guardians of the Holy Grail. It is believed that (inaudible) organized the Knights Templar to excavate the Temple site in hopes of finding the fabulous treasure of the Temple. Evidently they were successful for the instituted an international banking system across Europe and had the resources to loan gold to kings and government. I did not realize that there was gold in the temple. Did you know that? I did not know that there was that kind of wealth there.


The Knights Templar soon broke away from their allegiance to the Bishop of Rome and became an arrogant organization aloof from all recognized authority. They refused to be subject to kings or Popes. Those international bankers also invented a method by which they could transfer gold from one city to another or from one bank to another, simply by writing a note on a piece paper and today we call it writing checks. The secret purpose of the Knights Templar however, there is always a real purpose and a concealed purpose. The secret purpose or concealed purpose for the Knights Templar however was to preserve the Merovingian bloodline in hopes of one day establishing world government and putting their king upon the throne. A king who could claim to be the offspring of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.


The Knights Templar wore white uniforms each having a large red cross on the mantel, it sounds just like the Ku Klux Klan to me. They were Guardians of the Holy Grail the so-called cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper and the Grail family. If you ever hear the term the Grail family it is talking about the bloodline of Mary Magdalene. There was new Pontiff named Kermit 5th together with Phillip, he organized the infamous inquisition, this is according to this book. The real reason for the inquisition was a effort to destroy the power and influence of the Knights Templar and especially the Merovingian bloodline that hung like a cloud over the Roman Catholic Church. Another main objective was to confiscate the treasures of the Temple.


All of this intrigue, my goodness. What is coming into my mind right now is really no difference except that it is on a greater level than the European wars. The wars between France and England that went on for such a long time, it was religious wars France was Catholic and England was Protestant. It was really power plays; so all of these power plays have been raging in the earth for centuries. These people have long range plans that span generations that are all coming to a head in our age.


Another thing that comes to mind is what I preached in the past. Is the race that Paul talks about is the race against death. Is the Lord Jesus going to preserve us before Satan takes us, that is the race. Is Christ Jesus going to be developed in us and mature enough in us to prevent us from dying before Satan has the legal ground to kill us? So in a similar manner, I see this race for time. Who is going to conquer the world first, Christ Jesus or the agents of the woman who has embraced the serpent's consciousness? It is a competition; it is a husband wife competition. I want to tell you something; a couple of years ago, I do not think I wrote it down. I was on a plane flying to Florida, I think, and I must have been reading a very spiritual book on the plane. I wonder if I wrote it down. I heard, like a man his wife fighting and said to the Lord what in the world was that all about and if I understood the words at the moment I do not remember. I will look in my files and see if I wrote it up. What in the world was that all about? I did not hear any answer at the time. It was like two or three later here is the answer. That is what the Lord was telling me, that all of this chaos in the world on another plane of existence is simply a man and his wife fighting. Can you hear what I am saying? I know that I saw a science fiction TV episode once where some alien being was maybe it was Star Trek just was killing people, doing great destruction. All the earthlings were frantically trying to figure out a way to fight this being and at the very end just about being able to completely destroy them you hear a female voice saying now Johnny are playing with those destructive toys again, you know killing all of those poor earthlings down there. Just like a little kid playing with or killing a toad or a torturing some animal some small child. That childish alien was taken home by his mother and everybody lived.


If you can see the relation to what is going on here. I heard that argument between a man and woman and I knew that is was a very high spiritual plane. What is going on? This is what is going on.


On another level, if you can think of it this way. If you think of the household in our world, and man and his wife and few kids when than man and his wife is feuding the whole family is in disarray. The man is beating his wife, the kids are beating each other, the boys are beating the girls, the boys are beating each other up. It goes right down the line. There is this supernal couple that exist on a high spiritual plane all of the peoples of the world are there offspring and all killing each other because they are all killing each other. They are all killing each other so all the kids are killing each other. Amazing.


Jacque (inaudible) the grandmaster of the Knights Templar and Geoffrey (inaudible) owner of the shroud, I guess that must mean the owner of the Shroud of Turin. That suppose to be the robe that Jesus was wearing when he was crucified. Being burned at the stake is the most horrible form of execution I have ever heard of. From that point on the Knights seemed to vanish from the stage of history; never-the-less the order continued to exist even though the two leaders were burned at the stake by the Catholic Church. The order continued to exist so they must have had leaders. The French Templars found a refuge in Scotland. I cannot read the whole book so I am skipping down. Certain Masonic lodges have adopted the (inaudible) of Templar as well as rituals supposedly descended from the original order.


All these years that I am hearing and all of my years in deliverance ministry that being a Mason is demonic and satanic and all of that, I finally found out what it is that they are doing that is wrong. They practice rituals where by they seek their gods for power and wealth. (inaudible) are not Jesus Christ.


Now this was very interesting, in the Mormon temple certain rights are performed which are identical to Masonic rights. Mormonism also has a philosophical connection to the order of the ancient Templars. Is not that interesting. Did you ever hear that about Mormonism? Mormonism has a philosophical connection, so that means that there is something in Mormon philosophy that lines up with the Doctrine of the Templars. He has not told us what their doctrine is yet.


The next thing that he talks about is Helen Blavatsky the founder Theosophy. In the last century Helen Blavatsky founder of Theosophy spoke of an esoteric wisdom tradition running back through the Rosicrucian's to the Knights Templar. The teachings of Helen Blavatsky can best be seen in the new age movement today.


He is saying that the philosophy of the Knights Templar is Theosophy. I used to think Hitler was Catholic, he was born Catholic but he was a Theosophist, (inaudible) I read that someplace else. I have read her works and she is very anti-Christ well of course she is dead now.


Towards the end of the nineteenth century a sinister order of Templar was established in Germany and Austria who claimed the swastika as one of its emblems. First it was known as the (inaudible) society but later changed its name to the Nazi Party.


So we see that the spiritual power involved in this. It is not just a lust for world power, there is spiritual power being exercised here and it is satanic spiritual power, which got out of control in German. We see what happened when a dictator practicing this kind of philosophy came to power, it was really satanic, that whole thing was Satanic.


But let us not forget that the order of the Knights Templar was at first was only a front organization and a more secretive group know as the predcion whose real purpose was to capture the wealth of the world, establish their own world government and introduce a Merovingian King to sit upon a throne in Jerusalem. That is what is behind everything. For eighteen years I have been listening to this stuff on and off and it never made any sense to me. Whether it is true or not at least it sounds like it could make sense. This is what is behind all this secret society business and all these powerful people are involved in and are all government. They are the 5th column in our own government. We are being bankrupted by the aliens that are coming over and claiming benefits that our own citizens are not entitled to. I read somewhere; I know where I read it. I read it in Ted Armstrong's newsletter. A bill went before our own government, before our own legislator to put a stop to it and every democratic in the Senate voted against the bill that would put a stop against it and enough Republicans voted to defeat the bill so now the country is literally going bankrupt by these aliens coming in and getting benefits and medical care and grants to college that our own citizens cannot get. It is totally insane.


The Lord has taught me that anything that seems insane; there is an agenda behind it. There are people in our own country and in our own government that want to break the back of democracy and want to break the back of Christendom. This country is the strength of Christendom today. All the money is here for the evangelism. The evangelists are here. England is dead as far evangelism goes. We are carrying Christendom.


Their long-range agenda is more important to them than this nation and that is what is behind. There is a bloodless war going on in this nation right now. It is a philosophical war. For a long time I thought they were Communists, maybe they are Communists but they are more than Communists they are powerful political figures that are ensconced in these secret organizations that really are pushing for the one-world government. Whether they are Communists or not, I do not know. Maybe yes, maybe some of them, maybe no. They are pushing for this one-world government. They have to believe that they are going to get something out of it. I do not know the details of it, but that is what they are pushing for. One-world government, this is what is behind open immigration that came forth from the United Nations. All of Europe and the United States signed an agreement at the United Nations to have open immigration and now the European nations and this country are all having the same problem. Being over-run by immigrants that do not want to assimilated into the country.


It used to be an honor to become a United States citizen. They have their own little societies and their heart is with their own nation back home and the country will not survive.


Ted Armstrong said in his newsletter that when Lebanon and Israeli war broke out it was shocking to find out how many Australian Moslem's were over there in Lebanon. In other words they had become Australian citizens but there were thousands of them over there in Lebanon and when the records were checked they were there for weeks and weeks already. So what he was suggesting was that were really living over in Lebanon, that they were really just in Australia long enough to sustain there citizenship. They really loved their own country.


That is what people are doing. They have a friend or a relative here; they get in the country to have their children, so their children become American citizens. Then they go back to wherever they come from but they have all of the benefits of this country. They are pulling out of this country and not putting anything in. They are not putting their emotions into it; they are not putting their love into it. They are draining it. They are sucking us dry. Our own legislators voted against the bill that would stop it because they have an agenda that transcends the best interest of this country.


Now I am told the 9th Templar are to be the true possessors of the Temple treasury and the behind the scenes controllers are the world's currencies. In 1979 Mr. Pierre (inaudible) the present Secretary General of the (inaudible) was interview in Paris, France by reports from the BBC, that is the British Broadcasting Company. When asked the question does the (inaudible) possess the treasures of the ancient Jewish Temple he said, Yes, they will be returned to Jerusalem when the time is right. Pierre (inaudible) is himself a descendant of the Merovingian bloodline. Is that not interesting, in 1979.


In 1903 the Russian Czar was presented with a highly controversial document called the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The publisher of the manuscript a Russian Orthodox Priest named Sergey (inaudible) claimed that it was the work of a Jewish conspiracy to take over the governments of the world. The document had obviously been altered to make it look like a Jewish conspiracy. I have heard that too, that there is a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world.


This writer says it is not true. That is interesting. If it is the Merovingian bloodline and it is true that he is the offspring of David. You cannot says the Jews per say because there are thousand and millions of Jewish people who do not know what is going on. Maybe the leaders of the plan maybe Jewish. This author says he does not believe that. Of course if they are the descendants of the Merovingian bloodline, then they are the descendants of Judah. He says that was not the intention. It was the descendants of the Merovingian bloodline. That the Jews that exist today like the Rothschild's and all of those very wealthy Jewish families. This author says it is not true. That this was an altered document to make it look so.


The so-called Learned Elders of Zion speak of a Masonic kingdom and of a king of the blood of Zion who will preside over the world kingdom. He says that is absurd to think that these protocols could be the work of traditional Judaism. These plans for world government are no more Jewish that they are Christian and it has been suggested that they are the work of the ancient (inaudible) established by (inaudible) in 1099. The (inaudible) may be the group who planned to introduce the so-called offspring of Jesus and Mary Magdalene to sit upon the throne of a world government.


The people in the church have known for years, there has been prophecy in the church for years that an anti-Christ, a great world leader is going to arise and become emperor of the world. That has been around the church for years but apparently this Divinci Code and this publicity to this legend that Mary Magdalene and Jesus had an offspring. I did not know where is was coming from, but is came to me today as I read this book that the peoples of the world are being prepared for man stand up and say I am the descendant of the Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene and therefore he is going to take claim to the leadership of the world. There is actually a man that is going to stand up and say that. When I first heard about the DiVinci Code, it never occurred to me that there would be someone who would stand up and claim to be the descendant of that union. This is what I believe the Lord is telling me through reading this book that is what is coming down the pike really soon. The people, the sheep, people who do not think for themselves are being prepared to hear this story. That someone at some point in the very near future is going to stand up and say that he is the one, the descendant of the Jesus Christ. That is so interesting.


The Pope says that he is the descendant of Peter, right. The plot thickens, I cannot even project how this is going to play out because they are all Catholic, these guys are Catholic who are going to stand up say they are the descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and what does that have to do with the Pope unless the guy is going to be a Pope, maybe the guy is going to be a Pope.


Somewhere along the line the Lord is going to have us pray and do not think it is going to be today though. This is just very interesting. Let us finish this up here.


We see the ancient (inaudible) discrediting the Jews, which is what the Catholic Church did for years, and again I do not know what is going on today. The resent Pope made his peace with the Jews. The (inaudible) appears the guardians of the holy bloodline and holy grail, the holy bloodline being the lineage of Mary Magdalene and holy grail being the cup from which Jesus drank the Last Supper.


Now all of this it seems to have a French connection. The Holy Grail therefore was believed contain the holy blood in the mystical sense the holy bloodline from the harlot Magdalene. We are told in Revelation 17, of a woman (inaudible) the governments of the world. I do not believe this, I believe this is symbology in the Bible, but this is what he is saying. And in her hand was seen a golden cup, it may well represent what I consider the unholy blood and the unholy grail. Now all of this it seems to have a French connection. The legend began with the Frankish King Meroving and continued with the French Crusaders who captured Jerusalem in the eleventh century. Also the Knights Templar had their headquarters in France.


I do not know about you, but we all know this here. I do not wish to sound unpatriotic but a century ago the Frenchman or (inaudible) built a statue and placed it in New York Harbor. Its construction was funded in large part by the Free Masons in France and America. The figure stands dressed in a Roman toga and in her hand a golden cup-like torch. Could it represent the grail, does it symbolize the Magdalene bloodline enlightening the world? I did not know this. The official name Liberty Enlightening the World. Not the Statue of Liberty. The official name is Liberty Enlightening the World. Does that not sound like a bit like blasphemy since Jesus Christ is the light of the world not Liberty? Could the statue really be that of Mary Magdalene? The statue was renovated in 1986 and reopened to the public in 1987 with a spectacular celebration. Those of us that following this kind of thing know that was an abomination and it was a big mistake of the United States to receive that as a gift from France for liberating her. They should have never done it. Here is a copy of the picture of the European Common Market Coin with a bust of Charles the 5th Spanish Habsburg emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. The coin of the modern day European Common Market show a bust of the emperor of the Holy Roman Emperor.


Amazing, like I said I have been hearing for over 28 years, I have been hearing this in the church that the Holy Roman Empire is rising again, but it never was real to me until this book.


Any questions or comments before we end for the day?



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