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We have to look at the truth even when it involves our own children, or our husband or our wife, or our parents. To get the power of God moving to solve the problem, we have to face the truth. If we do not face the truth He can not move, because He is the truth, He is the Spirit of truth.


It is very hard to convince the carnal mind that we have to see the truth about our loved ones, and that it is the right thing to do, and that it is in everybody's best interest to see the truth. We have to see everybody's contribution to the problem; to see when our children are wrong.


Our tendency is to just believe the ones that we love, but the sons of God do not do that. I am going to say it again. When we overcome that natural tendency to always think that our loved ones are in the right, when we can see when our loved ones are wrong, then we are able to move the power of God in the circumstance.


What we talk about here in this ministry is the subconscious, and the unconscious part of the mind. When you are a spiritual person, and you receive spiritual communications that differ from what the person is saying, it is like fertile ground for insanity. That is why a lot of people that are highly spiritual are emotionally unstable.


I do not know if you know that or not, but it is true. A lot of people that are highly spiritual are in mental institutions, and they are alcoholics, and they are drug addicts, because they cannot reconcile what they perceive in the spirit with what the person is telling them. It is called a double message.


Psychiatric literature knows all about it, and a lot of people that are not psychiatric professionals know all about it. It is called a double message. When you are highly spiritual, at least for me, and a couple of other people that I know, the spiritual communication is more real to you then verbal communication, because you know what you are seeing. It is like you are looking at the moon, and it is yellow, and someone is telling you that it is green. You are really believing what you perceive.


To be that highly spiritual, and not be trained to deal with it as you are growing up, frequently destabilizes the person emotionally. This is interesting. I think as a general rule that is the root problem in alcoholics and drug addicts, for example. However, there are always exceptions.


I have talked to other people from other countries, and I have asked them if they have this problem in their countries. The answer is, No, alcoholism is confined to America. We do not see this problem in Europe, India or in Africa. You have to ask yourself why? The answer I have come up with is that in these other parts of the world, spirituality is accepted. It is nurtured, and it is nourished.


When you have someone who is spiritual, but is raised in this country where majority are not spiritual, they do not know how to deal with it and they destabilize. Even if the people are religious, there is no spirituality in the religion. They go to Church but nothing is feeding the spirit.


The highly spiritual person destabilizes, and they do not even know why. They start grabbing that drink or shooting up, to deal with the pain, without sitting down, and reasoning it out, and saying, Why am I feeling that way? Why am I doing that? They just grab something to deal with the pain. There is a lot of insanity that surrounds spiritual people.


Everybody is crazy except me. Maybe I am crazy, I do not know, but every body is nuts. That is my major crisis right now. I am just really sorry but I am hoping to teach you something through this. This is how the Lord ministers through me, so that you will not be deprived of your lesson this morning. I hope that I am teaching you something through my own experience.


I have been praying for three days now that I would have a message for today. Nothing has come to me, and all of a sudden this comes up. You know they should make a movie out of this. Everybody is calling me up telling me different stories, screaming and yelling.


This is number one. Let us just pray about this, and we will go on to number two. XXX will play, and we will see what else God has for us today.




Father in the name of Jesus, I pray for everyone concerned. There are a lot of people involved here, Lord. There is a man who just had major surgery. Whatever I could say about him, that he is crazy or whatever, he has done a great service to XXXX, and XXXXX for these last years, and I continue to ask for mercy in his life, and for healing. I pray that he should be healed, and restored completely, Lord. Somehow, by some miracle, I ask for some peace in that relationship, because XXXX really need him.


In addition to that, there is XXXX who has been troubled for many years now but she is at the point where she is crying out, asking what is wrong with her life, and what is wrong with her. She is a prime candidate to hear from you. I know she will not receive it when I tell her, but she really needs you, and she needs a lot of deliverance. Everybody is in pain, Lord. The whole family is in pain. I just pray that you move by your Spirit. You know what the solution is; I do not know what the solution is.


I just put all these people on a platter to you, Lord, and ask you to make something good out of it, and that you help everybody. I speak to this storm that is raging, and I say be still. In Jesus' name, I speak the Spirit of truth. May the truth prevail in Jesus' name. I do not know what else to do.


This is the number two issue, and it is very interesting. There has been so much spiritual activity since we got back from Nigeria (April 2006). I may have told some of you, the pastor that invited us over there unfortunately thought he found the goose that laid the golden egg. He thought he was going to get all kinds of money from this ministry.


I had to tell him that we are a teaching ministry. XXXXXXXX told him, and I told him that we are a teaching ministry. We are not a ministry that builds Churches. He thought we were going to build his Church building, and give him all kinds of money. He assured me that, although he was disappointed in that area, he was interested in the message here, and he wanted to continue to study with us. Who knows what he has continued to pray, I do not know.


A couple of months after we got back I received a very strange email from him (I thought it was very strange), and in it he said (after all this time, after two months,) the members of his congregation wanted to know why I did not lay hands on the sick. He said that there were a lot of sick people in the congregation, and they wanted to know why I did not lay hands on the people, and pray for the sick.


To me that was bizarre. XXXX is sitting right here. The truth of the matter is that he took us to the meeting at the last minute; we missed all of the music, and he rushed us out from the second I stopped preaching. Is that not right? We were grabbing our Bibles, and rushed out the door. There was absolutely no opportunity to talk to anyone or pray for anyone. Besides that, it was his Church; he is running the program. He is supposed to say that he would allow us this time or that time for us to pray for the people.


I thought that was really bizarre. I wrote back to him telling him that his people might have been manifesting, and I explained about the carnal mind, and how the carnal mind reacts to the Doctrine of Christ. I told him that it causes all kinds of spiritual earthquakes, tornados, and tsunamis on the spiritual plane, all of this upheaval, and confusion and agitation.


I gave him this whole teaching on the carnal mind, the manifestation of the carnal mind when it meets the Christ mind. I got an email back from him that he had read my email back to the congregation explaining why I did not pray for anybody, but he never responded to my instruction on the carnal mind, and the upheavals etc etc.


Yesterday (September 13 2006), two or three months later, I get an email from him saying that he was awakened by a phone call at six o'clock in the morning, and someone had broken into the Church, and wiped the Church out. They lost everything, the keyboard, amplifier, tape recorder, microphones, the generator, the fans, wall clock, camera, everything. They were cleaned out from the inside.


Again, I have not heard from the Lord but based on what I already know, I believe either one or both of the following possibilities have caused this. You see everything has a cause, nothing happens without a cause, absolutely nothing. This world is a reflection of the spiritual world. Everything that happens here is the reflection of something that is happening in the spiritual plane; there are no accidents.


This world is a complete replica of the spiritual world, but a 180 degrees opposite replica, of the spiritual world. It is a mirror image. It may not play out exactly how it happened in the spirit, but what happens in the spiritual world creates what happens here in this world. There are just no exceptions.


This is the first possibility. It is possible he never really let go of the thought that we were supposed to give him money, which would have been ungodly psychic prayer, which would have gone back on him in a negative way. If he was trying so hard to get from us when I told him clearly that the Lord has to build the house, he got the exact opposite of what he was praying for.


Whichever ministry you have, the Lord has to build it. We are waiting for the Lord to expand us here. The Lord has to build your house. If he continued to keep his mind on us consciously or unconsciously (we pay for our unconscious thoughts too), he got the exact opposite of what he was praying for.


I do not know what the man was doing. Was he still praying? I do not know, but he lost all of his equipment. He got the exact opposite of what he was praying for. If in fact this is true, he was trying to force this ministry to give him what he wanted with his mind and his prayers, if that is true.


The other possibility is that the minds of the people in the congregation manifested against the Doctrine of Christ. It could be that their carnal minds erupted, and brought destruction on the Church. Black people have very strong minds, it is just the truth. They have very strong minds.


As far as I know, most of them, if not all of them, have a lot of built-in witchcraft from generations previous, and this is not only from the generations of Africans that practiced witchcraft, but you have to understand that the black people are the descendants of Ham. They are the descendants of the race of people that built the pyramids. I am convinced to this day that the pyramids were built by mind power.


They say how the pyramids were built is a big mystery today. A lot of people cannot understand how the pyramids were built. There was no electricity in those days. How did they raise the blocks? How did they get them to fit exactly in place? It is a mystery modern science cannot solve, because the answer is spiritual.


I am convinced that the race of people that lived in what we call Egypt (I do not think it was called Egypt in those days, it was probably called Babylon, I am not sure, I am not getting into that right now), had intense mind power. Humankind as it existed at that time had intense mind power, and it was Ham's kingdom.


Ham's descendants where Nimrod, and Cush; they were mighty hunters. They hunted the souls of men. They manifested extremely great spiritual power. This is the heritage that is in the black people today. They are the descendants of people who manifested the powers that built the pyramids with mind power, as far as I am concerned.


I have been saying for years that I cannot believe that this whole concept of Pharaoh, and of the Jews being physically enslaved in Egypt, is true in the way we read about it. They were enslaved alright, but you see it is just our concept of how they were enslaved.


The biggest stumbling block that I cannot get over is that the Scripture says Pharaoh says, Now you have to make your bricks without straw. He made it very hard for them.


Exodos 5:6-7
6. And Pharaoh commanded the same day the taskmasters of the people, and their officers, saying,
7. Ye shall no more give the people straw to make brick, as heretofore: let them go and gather straw for themselves. KJV


Then in the wilderness the Israelites that escaped said to Moses, We want to go back to Egypt, we miss the garlic, and the leeks. These are delicacies. Slaves did not eat garlic, and leeks. They had garlic, and leeks but they had no straw to make bricks?


Numbers 11:4 -5
4. And the mixt multitude that was among them fell a lusting: and the children of Israel also wept again, and said, Who shall give us flesh to eat?
5. We remember the fish, which we did eat in Egypt freely; the cucumbers, and the melons, and the leeks, and the onions, and the garlick: KJV


That just does not make any sense at all. I am convinced that the bondage that the Israelites were in was a spiritual bondage. I believe that Jacob and his sons migrated to Egypt, and they were seduced by Egyptian mystery religion. We know that from the Scriptures that say the Israelites were continuously falling into idiolatry and the worship of other gods. If you are honest, it is all through the Scripture. Look at Solomon.


I believe that the Egyptian bondage that the Bible talks about was physical in that the spiritual seduction caused them to worship other gods. We are told about the Israelites that sat at Jezebel's table. The Israelites were continually being seduced by mystery religion. In Egypt I am convinced that it was a spiritual bondage that did manifest physically. They could not stop worshiping these other gods.


What the Passover is truly about was deliverance from that spiritual bondage, and a return to worshiping the God of Israel. You have to really be spiritually mature to understand this, and you have to understand that everything you read in the King James Translation or any sister translation, is the translator's understanding of what the Scripture says.


You have to be mature enough, and bold enough to get a hold of God. You have to be brave enough to be willing to, if the Lord witnesses it to you, believe what I am telling you, that things did not really happen the way they are written down in the book. That is the Santa Claus version; that is the parable. Jesus clearly, clearly said, To the people outside I speak in parables but to you, the disciples, I tell you the truth.


Matthew 13:10-11
10. And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables?
11. He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. KJV


The whole Church is about to face a spiritual Passover, or, is in the process of facing a spiritual Passover today. There is as much confusion in the Church as there is in my family. First of all the Church will teach you that the spiritual Passover has passed already, which is not true. Jesus of Nazareth, who was the Christ, experienced spiritual Passover, but He did not experience it for us, we have to experience it too.


When the Angel of Death passes over us, the blood that makes us safe from the Angel of Death, is the grafted Christ. He is the blood of the Lord Jesus, of our Father, Jesus the Christ who is glorified. Christ in you, and Christ in me, is the blood of our Father that is the life force of our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ.


That life force is grafted to Abel who is under the dominion of Cain. We are carnal because we are under the dominion of Cain. However, if we are matured to the point that the blood of Jesus (which is His seed, which is His male sperma which is grafted to Abel in us), has turned our world upside down, and Cain is underneath, then when the Angel of Death comes the Angel of Death passes over us. When I see the blood I will pass over you. When I see the blood of Jesus grafted to Abel in you I will pass over you.


Exodus 12:13
And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt. KJV


Jesus is the door to the Heavenly realm in God, and Cain is the door to the underworld. We have two doors inside of us. The Church today is in the same bondage that the Israelites where in Egypt. The Church is in a lot of trouble.


The building bricks that Pharaoh said he was not going to give them straw to make, is an analogy of God. We are supposed to be building the ark of Christ within ourselves. All spiritual things are within, and the Church is so far away from what the Lord wants to do for us, that it seems almost hopeless, but we know that with Christ Jesus there is always hope.


Moses was raised up to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, and they did not want to go. They gave him a hard time. They rebelled against him, and they challenged his authority, and they did all of these things because they were under the dominion of their carnal mind.


It is going to take a complete miracle to escape the bondage that the whole human race, and the Church in particular, is under. The bondage is in our mind, the slavery is in our mind. I am going to say this one more time, I feel the need to say this one more time. I repeat myself a lot, and I ask you to bare with me, I repeat myself until I feel a release from the Lord.


The Church world (at least the Kingdom Church) teaches that the spiritual Passover has already happened in Jesus. They teach you that Pentecost has already happened, that it happened when the Holy Spirt fell upon the Apostles. Now, the whole Church world is waiting for the last feast which is the Feast of Tabernacles.


The Feast of Tabernacles, in the natural, is a harvest feast, and it is a celebration of the harvest. The way the Jews celebrate it is by building a little shed in their back yard, made of branches, and the Orthodox Jews that really practice their religion, actually move out of their houses, and live in that shed for days. How many days it is, I do not recall. I think it is a week or so. I am not sure how many days it is.


The Feast of Tabernacles is the celebration of the harvest. What is the harvest? I remember the day the Lord told me what the harvest is! The Church world will tell you the harvest is getting in the unbelievers out there (the people who do not know Jesus Christ), get them to believe like you, get them to come in to the Church, and answer an alter call, and they are harvested in.


Listen brethren there is one cardinal rule, and that cardinal rule is it is all about you. What God is saying to you is about you. He is talking to me about me, and He is talking to you about you. He is not talking to me about the masses of people out there. He is talking to us about ourselves, about what we have to do to be prepared to have Christ Jesus rule our lives, to sit on the throne of our heart, and rule our lives.


Once you come to some measure of obedience, He may send you to another person to tell them something or to give them another word. Even me, I have a lot of ministry to other people, but aside from that my main function is to nourish the Christ within me, and to do everything I can to mature the Christ child within me.


This is because the Lord Jesus Christ intends to appear in this world, to manifest Himself through human beings who have the seed. His life, His nature, and His power will be revealed in the earth through human beings, and that is His program right now .


The Lord will send us to people but that is not our primary responsibility. He sends me to you, I teach you publicly. He sends me to individuals, like He did yesterday, when He has something to say to them. I am the vessel He is saying it through. That is nice, and it tends to make the person feel a little good.


Usually it makes you feel good when you can minister to somebody, but that is not our primary responsibility. Our primary responsibility to the Lord is to do everything we can possibly do to mature, so that Christ Jesus can be revealed in the earth in power to help the people who cannot help themselves. That is the number one focus.


The Church's concept of the harvest is that they have to get out there, and give out tracts, and do all kinds of things to draw people in. This is a completely false concept. The harvesting is the harvesting of the Christ child within us. Jesus said that the fields are ripe to harvest but there are no laborers. What that means is Christ forms in many people, the imputed Christ.


Let me remind you who the imputed Christ is. The imputed Christ is formed in somebody who is drawn by the Lord, and starts to pursue Him by reading the Bible. The fruit of the spirit is developed in that person. The fruit of the Spirit is the female aspect of the God of the Bible, Jehovah.


Jehovah appeared in man thousands of years ago in Jesus of Nazareth, (inaudible) in that personality of Jesus Christ of Nazareth for the reason of communicating with the people of the earth that He is trying to save. That is the God of the Bible, Jehovah, and Jesus they are the same one, and the same God.


I was telling everybody that our main responsibility is to nurture the Christ within us, and do everything that we can to promote His growth within us. Then I was talking to you about the harvest, and I was telling you the truth about the harvest.


Jesus said the fields are ripe to harvest but there are no laborers. He was talking about the Church world where a large number of the people, if not most, that truly follow Christ have some measure of the imputed Christ because they read the Bible, they are seeking God, they are praying, and the fruit of the Spirit begins to be formed in them, but that fruit of the Spirit is the female side of Christ Jesus.


Christ Jesus is male and female. Christ Jesus is the last Adam. We are told in Genesis the first Adam was made male and female, and Christ Jesus the last Adam is male and female. He has female aspects, and he has male aspects. The female aspect of the Lord is the kindness, gentleness, mercy etc,


Galatians 5:22-23
22. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
23. Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. KJV


That is His female aspect. His Male aspect is war, He is the God of War. He is the Angel of Death.


I was horrified the first time the Lord told me He was the Angle of Death that went out on the Passover. Can you imagine me getting all these revelations before I had anybody following me? I used to spend hours, hours, crying, saying, Lord if this is not you then you have to help me because I have a demon, but it was not a demon it was the Lord. I tell you all the truth.


Jesus is the Angel of Death. He is the arm of the Father God who goes out and destroys the carnal mind which is destroying His people. He is the giver of Life and He is the Angel of Death to those who have killed His wife. He is everything. He is righteous. When righteousness requires the destruction of evil that is killing His people, He becomes the Angel of Death.


It is the glorified Jesus Christ (or an aspect of Himself), that on the spiritual Passover, goes flying through the spiritual heavenlies, when the hour comes to destroy the carnal mind that is destroying humanity. When He sees the blood, when He sees Christ that is on top of the carnal mind in a man, He passes over that person, and they live.


What does that mean? This is just another way of talking about the second death. What is the second death? It is the death of death. It is given unto a man once to die, and then the judgment. We all died when Adam fell, we all died. We died to the imputed righteousness that Adam had. Now there is going to be a second death, we have to die to death, we have to die to unrighteousness.


The second death is the death that we experience when our physical body dies. If Christ is living in us, and preserving our life functions when Satan comes to kill us, we die to this life but we do not cease to exist, we do not die. The second death will not hurt those who have Christ Jesus grafted to them. We will not be hurt of the second death.


What is the hurt of the second death? We experience the hurt of the second death when we die to this physical body, and continue on in the cycle of reincarnation which was initiated pretty much by the serpent. I do not want to say it is under the control of the serpent, because I believe those people that have a relationship with Jesus Christ in this life, and have a serious, and sincere relationship with Him, when they die their reincarnation is controlled by the Lord Jesus Christ.


If at the time of physical death Christ Jesus is either not there in you, or not strong enough in you to take over your life functions (which has not happened yet in anyone except in Jesus), when your spirit passes out of this body you go to a place called Abraham's Bosom where Jesus controls reincarnation. I believe you are then born into a lifetime where you will have an opportunity to continue to serve God.


Those people who have not formed some kind of union with the Lord Jesus Christ which would result in their being sent to Abraham's Bosom, come under the dominion of some evil angel who controls their reincarnation. The control of that reincarnation is the sowing and reaping judgment; that is the control.


If you have connected to the Lord Jesus Christ sufficiently so that you go into Abraham's Bosom after you die, the sowing, and reaping judgment is disannulled as far as reincarnation is concerned. You are going to wind up in another lifetime where Jesus puts you, not where that Angel that is in charge of reincarnation puts you.


I did not make that clear, let me say it again. If you have joined to the Lord Jesus strongly enough, He will control your reincarnation. He will arrange for an incarnation for you that will enable you to continue your spiritual growth.


If you have not joined to the Lord Jesus strongly enough, you come under the control of the Angel that controls reincarnation, and he will arrange for a reincarnation which will be a harsh incarnation, a harsh sowing and reaping judgement, depending on how you lived your life. Does anyone not understand me? Do you need me to say that again? That is what I believe.


Let us get back to the harvest. What does the harvest mean? What happens in a harvest? You cut down the wheat, and then you eat the food. Again this is an advanced Scriptural principle. Jesus is eating us; it says that clearly in the book of Revelation. If we are neither hot nor cold He is going to spew us out of His mouth.


Revelation 3:16
So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. KJV


Jesus is consuming us, and we are supposed to be consuming Him. Jesus said, You have to eat my flesh, and drink my blood.


Mat 26:26-28
26. And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body.
27. And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it;
28. For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. KJV


When He said that to the people who followed Him in the days of His flesh, they left Him. They thought He was teaching them cannibalism, but they were carnal.


We have to eat Jesus' spiritual flesh, and spiritual blood. What does that mean? Christ Jesus has to be formed in us, and swallow up everything within us that is not of God. He has to take over our life functions. He has to impart His nature to us and take over our life function so that we can enter into immortality, and stop dying.


That is why once you have heard this message, taking the communion is really a sin, because when you understand the truth of what Jesus was saying, do this in remembrance of me until I come, He came.


1Co 11:24 -26
24. And when he had given thanks, he brake it, and said, Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me.
25. After the same manner also he took the cup, when he had supped, saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me.
26. For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do shew the Lord's death till he come. KJV


He came on the day of Pentecost into the apostles, He came the day He entered into your own heart, and started drawing you close. He came. What are you eating a little cracker, and drinking grape juice for? You are supposed to be eating Him. You are supposed to be feeding on the Word of God. Jesus is the Word. He is the Word. You are supposed to be feeding on Him, and drinking in His spirit. That is what you are supposed to be doing.


The harvest is the consumption of the food in you. Who is the food in you? There is a Scripture that says we are to be bread for the nations. We are the food of the nations, and we die all the day long from the carnal minds of the people that we are trying to save. Paul said we die all the day long.


Romans 8:36
As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. KJV


We are the food, we are the bread for the nations. Paul even gives us a parable about bread with leaven. Get rid of the leaven, get rid of the sin in our lives. We are the food of the nations, they have to consume us. We consume Jesus, and they consume us.


John 6:33-35
33. For the bread of God is he which cometh down from heaven, and giveth life unto the world.
34. Then said they unto him, Lord, evermore give us this bread.
35. And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst. KJV


1Corinthians 10:17
For we being many are one bread, and one body: for we are all partakers of that one bread. KJV


The Harvest is the cutting down of the food in preparation for consumption. It is talking about the taking of that Christ in you, that fruit of the spirit, and preparing it, grafting it to the person, and making it into the male aspect of Christ who is the bread. The fruit of the spirit? I do not know where this is coming from. I never really thought about it before.


I do not think that is the food. Maybe it is the light bread, I do not know, but the food that is going to bring us into immortality is the male spirit, and the Doctrine of Christ, the spiritual understanding of the Scripture. That is the warrior in you, Christ Jesus the male, the warrior in you. He is the grafted word, and He is the one that is going to cover over your carnal mind, and preserve you from the Angel of Death.


I do not believe that there is going to be one day of spiritual Passover; it is a season. It is a spiritual day in which individuals have the experience according to their spiritual growth or their path that they are walking on with the Lord. I struggled with this for a long time. I want to tell you I did not get to where I am easily. Understanding spiritual principles is difficult.


We are told clearly, and a lot of preachers preach this, that all the Christians in whom Christ has been formed during this two thousand year period since Jesus was resurrected, are the 42nd generation. We are one generation. All the people that have been born, that have been drawn by the Lord Jesus Christ in this two thousand year period are all one generation, a two thousand year generation.


There is no one moment in time that there is going to be a spiritual Passover. It is one man at a time. Jesus of Nazareth experienced His Passover. The Angel of Death passed over Him and Satan could not kill Him. Satan could not kill Him. Now I am calling the Angel of Death, Satan. I just said the Angel of Death was Jesus. The Angel of Death that went out in Egypt went out to kill the carnal mind of the Egyptians.


For the average person that is under the curse of this world, Satan comes in the fullness of time to kill them. It is her legal right to do it until we are delivered from sin. Yes, Satan could not kill Jesus, because the Angel of Death had passed over Him. If the Angel of Death did not pass over Him, then Satan would have had the legal ground to kill Him.


Satan has dominion over this world. She is the prince of the power of the air. She has the right to kill everybody, although there are certain constraints that the Father puts upon her. Some people she can take earlier than others, but everybody born of a woman (with the exception of Jesus of Nazareth) has died up to date.


With the exception of Jesus of Nazareth and.... Boy! I tell you this gets complicated. Of course, we know that Moses' body was not left behind and Elijah....Well, Elijah was not born of a woman. There are some holy men that might have had a different experience, but in general speaking, everybody that is born of a woman dies, and it is Satan's right to take them.


Satan's right to take the life of human beings that are born into this world is modified by the particular spiritual condition of each person. People come into this world with curses, and blessings. Some people have openings for Satan to kill them as a baby or a young person. Some people have blessings of long life, but everyone born of a woman dies, with maybe the exception of some holy people, Jesus of Nazareth primarily.


I do not really want to go any further on that. Thinking about Elijah and Moses.... Well like I said, Elijah was not born of a woman, and Moses was never found, although the Bible says he died. I do not want to get into that issue right now. Let me just leave it like this. Everyone born of a woman dies. Jesus of Nazareth overcame death.


What happened with the Angel of Death is a different situation from when Satan comes to kill people after some time in this world. When the Angel of Death said, When I see the blood I am going to Passover you, this is the harvest. This is the Passover where the Angel of Death is saying, Those of you that have Christ Jesus formed in you, I am going to kill your carnal mind so that Christ Jesus can take over your whole spiritual being, and take over your life functions, and catapult you into immortality.


It is a completely different situation than Satan having the right to kill people after a given amount of time in this world. Satan comes to kill the soul, she kills the soul. The Angel of Death came to kill the carnal mind so that the soul can live. It is the exact reversal, a different situation. That is what the harvest is. The wheat is growing, and it is the cutting off of the carnal mind so that the wheat can be consumed, and live. I hope I explained it. That is the best I can do right now.


The Church world is wrong; we are not up to Tabernacles. Tabernacle signifies the coming out of the body. The Jew celebrates Tabernacles by coming out of their home, and living outside in a little shed made from twigs and branches. It signifies the coming out of the body, the glorification of the creation. Personally I think we are between 1500, and 2000 years away from that.


It is a process we have to go through. First we have to stop dying, then we have to live for a season as Jesus lived, then we have to be glorified. The Church in general is just waiting for the Passover. The Kingdom preachers tell you that the Passover is over. No it is not!


What does blood on the door posts mean, what are the door posts? If you look up those words in the Hebrew, the door posts are made out of wood. Wood typifies our humanity. The blood of Jesus has to be covering our humanity, that means His life has to be covering our carnal mind.


What is our humanity? Everything that we are is a manifestation of a mind. This physical body, and everything we have is an expression of our carnal mind. The door posts, the entrance way into the carnal world, is our carnal mind.


When Christ Jesus is covering our carnal mind, the carnal mind is going to be cut off. The Angel of Death is coming to kill and cut off our carnal minds so that we can live forever. Spiritual things can sound like such a contradiction to us.


When I see the blood, He says, I will pass over you. I will pass over you. I will join my strength to Christ Jesus in you. Remember the Angel of Death is the Lord Jesus, and He is saying, When I see the blood in you, when I see Christ Jesus covering over your carnal mind, I will join my strength to Christ Jesus in you, and give Him the power to take over your life functions, and We are going to cut off the carnal mind from you. It is the death of the carnal mind.


What happened in Egypt? I do not know. The Scripture says the first born died, the first born of Pharaoh. The first born is Cain. Cain was born before Abel, was he not? He was. Cain is the first born. Did it happen in the natural? Did a physical baby die? Did the Angel of Death really go through Egypt and kill physical babies? I do not know. I honestly do not know, but I want to tell you that if that happened in the natural, then it happened in the spiritual first.


I do not know whether it happened in the natural. I honestly do not know. The Pharaoh is not named. Pharaoh is not named. He is a spiritual force, the spiritual force of Cain, Leviathan, Satan, and the Serpent. It is just like we have Christ Jesus in us, and the Lord Jesus Christ comes, and joins His whole household to Christ Jesus in us, and we become very strong. The same situation exists on the other side. Pharaoh was the name for a powerful negative force in an individual.


This whole concept of leaving Egypt can be a spiritual experience. It is difficult but our body can stay in one place, and our mind can flee, and escape from what is happening to us, or try to escape what is happening to us. You may be able to relate to that. Some people cannot cope with what is going on in their life, and their mind just escapes. That is what insanity is. Some people become catatonic, they become physically rigid, and they never face reality again.


What happened to them? Their soul or their spirit escaped. We are so used to thinking of ourselves as one homogenous whole, but we are not, we are in parts. Our spirit, and our soul can seek to escape. In our world it is called fantasy, or denial or delusion; lack of touch with reality. That is the soul escaping, but our spirit can flee also.


This whole concept of leaving Egypt can be a spiritual experience. For years (I think two or three years), I would see a vision, a waking vision of what I perceived to be the Israelites escaping, the Israelites in the wilderness. I would see these large numbers of people just trekking through the wilderness. I would say to the Lord, What am I seeing here?


Today I understand that I was part of that company which over the generations (maybe over five or seven thousand years), have departed from Egypt. I was departing from Egypt, and I was spiritually amongst the company of Jews that had that experience. It was six thousand years ago I believe.


How ever many thousands of years ago it was that Jehovah was dealing with the Jew, there were people that were departing from Egypt through their relationship with Jehovah. I was a part of that company in the spirit during these years that I was locked behind these doors, and hardly ever went out.


I was studying, and bringing forth the Doctrine of Christ. I was a part of that company. That company that is departing from Egypt still exists in the spirit. I was with them just crossing the desert. It was a spiritual experience that I had. It went on (at least I saw it in the spirit) for like three years. It went on for a long time.


The true Christianity, and the true Judaism (I should not say Judaism, Judah is just one tribe of the ten tribes), the true Christianity and true Israel is one, because Christians really are Israelites. We are really Israelites. Christians are really Israelites. We are not to separate ourselves from the Jews or the other Israelites. That is a delusion, some kind of mental aberration. We are probably the same people reincarnated anyway.


Our reality is not what we see in this world. Our reality is our spirit, and what is happening to our spirit? What am I telling you? I just told you something difficult, that the Exodus is still taking place today. I am telling you that it is a spiritual place that our spirit can partake of.


It is an exodus from the bondage of the spiritual world that the Church is in right now, the bondage of all of the untruths that they believe, and all of the lies they believe. They are in a lot of bondage. In many cases they are worshiping other gods, they are trapped in the mystery religion of today. There is a lot of the mystery religion in the Church doctrine today. The doctrine about the after-life is Egyptian, outright Egyptian.


I do not know how I really got on to all this track, but I talked to you about the harvest. I talked to you about the spiritual Passover which is a season, the spiritual Passover is upon us. You may recall that the Hebrew children did not want to leave Egypt, and that when Moses first tried to lead them out, they maligned him. Moses was so devastated by their rejection, and the viciousness of their response to him that he fled into the wilderness for forty years, before the Lord sent him back.


The Church does not want to come. Even those of you sitting here, there has to be aspects of you that do not want to come. You have to be aware of the fact that there has to be a part of you that does not want to come.


You have to know that when your day comes when the Lord tells you this is what you have to give up, you may not want to give it up. You just stay in touch with the Lord Jesus, and He will help you through every lump in the road, He will help you through.


I do not know how we got to this but I was talking to you about the crisis in the ministry this morning. I do not know how I am going to publish this message because I am naming names in it.


This Pastor in Nigeria, his whole Church was wiped out. The only thing that was standing was the shell of the building. That cannot be an accident, there has to be a hole in his hedge. Here is the question. I do not know the answer to it. I ask a lot of rhetorical questions, that is, a question that I do not know the answer to.


I am not asking you, I am just letting you partake of my question in the hope that the Lord may answer it some day. I ask all these questions. That is how I get a lot of the information and the knowledge that I have. It is because I am continuously asking the Lord questions. I find it an exercise in logic. Every time the Lord teaches me something, it raises new questions in my mind, and I ask more questions, and I get more answers.


Being able to ask questions is a level of maturity in Christ Jesus; not everybody can ask questions. You should not feel bad if you cannot. I am just telling you it is a level of maturity. Once you start asking the questions, that is the beginning of you hearing directly from the Lord, although sometimes He may answer through me, but it is a good place to be. It is something to pray about. Tell the Lord that you would like to be in that place if you would like to be in that place.


Here are the two possibilities based on the knowledge I have today, as to what could have caused this humble Church to lose everything they had. It could be that the Pastor continued to pray that the Lord should tell me to give them something. Even if it was the congregation praying, the Pastor is responsible for everything.


If there were people in his congregation that were thinking that we should really send them money, and the pastor was teaching them that, that was incorrect, he would have covered the Church. I do not think that they would have experienced that kind of loss. It had to have come from the pastor.


I did tell him that the Lord has told me not to give him anything. If he continued to pray, maybe he was praying for days that the Lord should tell me to give them something, then he was praying a psychic prayer.


You cannot tell the Lord what to do. If you have a need, the way to go is to tell the Lord what your need is, and the Lord decides how He is going to fulfill your need. If you are praying for the Lord to tell somebody to do something for you or to give you something, you are praying a psychic prayer, because maybe the Lord does not want to do it that way.


We cannot be telling God what to do. We have to tell Him what our problems are, and let Him solve them. We have to get our pride out of it.


It could be psychic prayers coming from this ministry in Nigeria, that they just had it on their mind that we should send them money, and if that was the case it went back on them, and they experienced the exact opposite of their prayers.


The other possibility is that the minds of the people in the congregation manifested against the Doctrine of Christ. I think that is how I got on this whole subject. I was saying that black people, African people, are very spiritually powerful. It could be that their carnal minds erupted, and brought destruction on the Church.


The Lord always makes a way of escape, so you have to ask yourself, if the Lord knows that the carnal mind is going to respond to the Doctrine of Christ this way, is there no provision to prevent this kind of loss? Yes there is a provision to prevent this kind of loss, and I spoke to this Pastor.


I wrote it out in an email to him, explaining the manifestation of the carnal mind, and I even told him in that email that the worse scenario is that his Church may even split. He never responded to what I said to him. I think he went into denial. I did what I was supposed to do, but he did not do what he was supposed to do. If he did not understand it, he should have asked me questions.


What did he not do? If he asked me, if he said to me, What do I do? I would have told him how to prepare the congregation. You have to prepare the people. That is what Jesus does, He teaches the people.


Jesus is a great believer in democracy. Democracy is founded on Scriptural principles. It is really based, spiritually speaking, on the belief that so long as every human being seeks God, they will make the right decisions most of the time, and if they make a mistake the Lord will fix it.


That is what democracy is based upon. That is what the jury system is based upon. That is what free elections is based upon, and that is why it is so hard to bring democracy into a nation that is not a Christian nation. Democracy is a Christian principle, which believes that God is influencing every man that is truly seeking Him.


I did my part but this young Pastor probably did not understand. Maybe I frightened him or maybe he was just in denial and would not face it, I do not know. Apparently he did not do what he was supposed to do, because everything blew up. I keep thinking in my spirit, Everything blew up! I am glad the building is still standing.


Personally I think it is a combination of these two events. I really think that he was still really hoping or expecting or believing that we should give him money, plus he did not deal properly with what I told him. They suffered this loss.


I am waiting for the Lord to tell me what to say to him, we do not have any money to send him. I could say whatever you can do would be appreciated but I do not think he wants our hundred dollars. I think he is looking for thousands of dollars. We do not have that kind of money even if I wanted to give it to him. That is the second crisis that is in the spirit pressing on us.


The third crisis is that one of the relatively new people that the Lord has brought to this ministry from out of state, is manifesting. I am telling you that judgment is falling every where, brethren. No matter how stressful it seems to be, we have to believe that it is going to work for the good, because judgement always works for the good.


It works two ways, if this person is not meant to be here, they will be swept out of the Church, and thank God for it because we do not need people here that the Lord has not brought here.


We have enough trouble here as it is. We are very spiritually strong people here, and we have enough trouble here as it is. We do not need people on the inside that the Lord did not bring here, because that is a weakness on the inside, it is a fifth column.


Even though each of us have our own weaknesses, as long as the Lord has planted us here we all compensate for each other. We are a spiritual family. We are a group soul.


Your natural family is a group soul; a husband, and wife (if both are there), with even the preceding and next generations, grandparents and children, form a group soul. The extended family is a group soul.


The spiritual forces in that group soul balance each other out. If you have some strong people, and some weak people or some people who are stronger than others (obviously the adults are stronger than the children), the extended family functions, especially if the elders have a relationship with Jesus Christ or honor the Lord.


We also are a spiritual family. The Church is a spiritual family. So we are a group soul here. The strength that you receive from being a part of this group soul can flow into your natural family group soul too. If you are coming here, you are taking strength into your natural family.


We have some people who are stronger and some people who are weaker, but the only thing that matters is when you mix everything together we are more strong than we are weak.


We know that we are more strong than we are weak because this ministry has lasted for eighteen years, and there are a lot of forces that would have liked to shut us down before we started. For a ministry like this to have lasted eighteen years, obviously we are stronger. Our stronger parts are greater than our weaker parts.


Of course, the most significant influence is that the Lord Jesus Christ is with us, and He is strengthening all of us, and I must be doing something right for us to be here eighteen years, although God only knows how imperfect I am.


So we have this brother in another part of the country who is really manifesting. He started swallowing down the Doctrine of Christ, and now his mind is exploding. His carnal mind is up, and he is thinking thoughts that are wrong, and everything is rocking and rolling. There are several people that he influences, so there is a big shaking going on here.


It will be interesting to see what happens. I believe that the brother and at least several people that follow him are really called here. The offense has to come. The Scripture clearly says the offense has to come.


It is interesting, I just got an email from someone the other day reminding me how difficult it was when they first started coming here. You two here did not have any problem; that is very unusual. A lot of people that come here have troubles in their life initially, and if you are not really convinced that the Lord has placed you here, you are tempted to think that the troubles are coming because God is not in this ministry. It is not true.


Only the people who are strongly hooked into the Lord, and know His will for them manage to survive here. The email that I got from this person was reminding me of when they first started studying with the ministry (they are not in New York), how they would have long periods of depression after visiting the ministry.


Their husband used to tell them, What do you go there for, you are depressed after you go there. They knew that it was God, and that the depression was a rebellion of their carnal mind to the ministry of the Spirit of Christ that was touching them. They hung in there, and they overcame.


That is the clue. The difficulties that you have when you come close to this ministry is that the Spirit of Christ is attacking your carnal mind, and your carnal mind is manifesting all over the place. That is what is causing your difficulties. It is not that this ministry is not of God or that you are not supposed to be here.


We have this young man who is in crisis right now, and whatever is going to happen is going to happen. I prayed for him. He thinks that he is humble before God, and He is wanting God's will. Maybe that is true, we will see. Even if he pulls away, if he is really, really called to this message (it is not an issue of this ministry), if he is really called to this message, it is just a matter of time until he comes back.


I pray that if he is called here, that the Lord confirms it to him sooner than later so he does not have to pull away for a year or two, and then come back with all kinds of difficult experiences. It is out of my hands.


Everything is rocking and rolling. There are earthquakes in the spirit. Spiritually speaking, this is what is happening.


Cain and Abel represent the Carnal mind and the Christ mind. When someone comes here with Cain on top (in all people Cain is on top of Abel), Abel is rocking and rolling, moving, and trying to come out from under Cain's earth, and there is a big earthquake coming.


That is the earthquake in the book of Revelation. That is what the Book of Ezekiel is talking about when the Lord Jehovah says to Ezekiel, Can these bones live again? He is talking about the bones of Adam who died.


Ezekiel 37:3
And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live? And I answered, O Lord GOD, thou knowest. KJV


Where are the bones of Adam who died? Jesus said to the Pharisees you are whited sepulchers, and you are just dead men's bones inside of you. What is He talking about?
Matthew 23:27
Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness. KJV


Jesus was saying to the Pharisees, you are whited graves, because all of these bodies are whited graves (that is true of everybody), and the bones of Adam that are inside of you are still dead. Cain and Abel are the dead bones of Adam, and when Cain is ruling they are still dead. When Abel comes to the surface those bones begin to live again.
Jehovah said to Ezekiel, Can these bones live again? Yes they can live again when the Lord Jesus Christ touches them, and quickens them, they can live again. That means Abel has to come out from under Cain's ground, and reverse the situation.
Abel, who is now Christ, has to be on top so that when the Lord Jesus passes over, and sees the blood, when Jesus sees the blood, He passes over them and kills.... The whole significance of passing over Abel is that Cain is cut off and can never reverse the situation back again.
When I see the blood I will pass over you. I will join myself to you when I see Abel on top. I will pass over you. I will join myself to you and Cain will not be able to get out again. When I see the blood I will pass over you. It is the death of Cain and the carnal mind, that is what he is talking about, the cutting off of the carnal mind.


That is the earthquake in the Scripture. It is Abel coming out from under the ground. There has been a lot of shaking going on in this ministry since we got back from Africa, in April 2006, actually I think it started before we went to Africa. I have never seen it last this long. The Scripture says everything that can be shaken will be shaken. That is what the Scripture says. I have never seen it last this long in this ministry.
At the end of this month is the Jewish High Holy Day. Years ago I did not believe that the Jewish High Holy Days had any effect on us, but quite a few years ago (I believe in response to my question along that line), the Lord showed me that they do. He showed me that the Jewish High Holy days have an effect on people that are truly connected to Christ, I believe, and the answer surprised me. I did not expect to get that answer.
It is my understanding that on these High Holy Days a spiritual door opens, of communication between God, and His people. I know what the Jews believe, but the only thing I got a witness to from the Lord is that these High Holy Days do affect us, because I cannot deny what I see. Over the last five years right after the High Jewish Holy Days there was great growth in this ministry. I could not deny it any more; it was too obvious to me.
This is want the Jew says. The Jew says that on the High Holy Days a spiritual door opens in Heaven to bring in the power of God, of blessings, into the lives of the people. The Jewish people believe that every year, once a year, we get a writing; everybody gets a work review, and evaluation. That is why these are very serious days for the Jew, and on Yom Kippur they fast all day, because that is their last opportunity for the Lord to write a good year for them, or to nullify any destruction that Satan has for them.
When we come into this world we come in to this world with a writing, a general writing that Satan gives us, because Satan is the Prince of the Power of the Air, and is in control of the forces of this world. We come in with a writing.
Satan says, You are going to die when you are two, or You are going to die as a baby, or You are going to live for a long time but experience poverty or disease, or the writing can say, You are going to prosper. We come in with a writing based on the Sowing and Reaping Judgment. It can say You are going to be happy, you are going to live a long life, you are going to have healthy children. We have good things, and we have bad things that are on this writing.
The Jews pray every year on these High Holy Days that the Lord Jesus, who is the spiritual supreme court, will nullify anything bad that is written for them for this year. Well, they do not pray to the Lord Jesus, they pray to Jehovah who is the spiritual supreme court.
They may not say it to you exactly as I am saying it to you, but I believe you come into this world with a writing saying that in such and such a year, this can happen to you, and in such and such a year, this can happen to you, and then our decisions on how we deal with the crisis modifies what happens to us.
All Jews believe that this particular time, Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur (Rosh Hashanah is the time that your sins are exposed, and Yom Kippur comes about seven days later), is the time of the final judgment of what your year will be like. For those people who are under the protection of Jehovah, according to the Jew, He has the final say about what our year is going to be.
Personally, I do not think that we get a writing for the year, because for those of us who have a daily communication with the Lord Jesus, He nullifies the judgments and the curses on our life everyday. He is the open door to the spiritual plane that channels blessings into us everyday, and I know that.
Therefore I was surprised that the Jewish High Holy days did have an effect on this ministry. Apparently, we are affected individually, as our own connection with the Lord Jesus is a door to the spiritual power of the Lord Jesus Christ. I do not say spiritual blessings, I say the spiritual power of the Lord Jesus Christ, because sometimes His power brings judgment, although that is a blessing too, if you can hear what I am saying.
Also, apparently those of us who are connected to the same God, Jehovah or the Lord Jesus, we are also affected by the door that opens to channel the spiritual power of God into the Jewish nation. Spiritually, we are all Jews or Israelites; Israelites is more accurate.
For all of this spiritual activity and judgement falling everywhere (and judgement always results in good), there is a lot of spiritual growth. I have see more spiritual growth in this ministry this past 6 months than this whole eighteen years that I am ministering.
For this to be happening now, before Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah, I can only imagine what is going to happen after Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. I cannot even imagine what is going to happen in October, because the end of September is Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
I do not know if you are all experiencing this rocking and rolling. It is really not likely that it is just here in the ministry, it usually channels down. If you experience any earthquakes in your life, or rocking and rolling, you need to know that everything that can be shaken is being shaken, that is the Scripture.
Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. The Lord is shaking everything, and the only ones that are standing are the ones that are securely joined to the Lord Jesus (that is the Church in general) and as far as this ministry goes anybody that has been planted here is going to stand and if you are not, you are not going to stand.
The Lord is in control; there is nothing that anybody can do. I do pray for this young man because I believe he was sent here and he does not have a clue to as what is happening to him. Did I not prepare him properly? I do not know. I honestly do not know. The Lord will have to tell me if I did not. You cannot ever prepare people adequately because no matter how much you tell them, they really do not get it, or they do not believe it.


That is the third crisis that is happening this morning. There is just a lot of spiritual activity going on. I am going to close this session. Are there any questions or comments?
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From: xxxxxx
To: Pastor Vitale
Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2006 4:59 PM
Subject: Thank you For Coming.


Greetings to you in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior. Thank you so much for honoring our invitation. We pray that the Lord will pay you back for all that you have spent in connection with this invitation you honoured.


We pray that the Lord will help us build a strong relationship with your ministry. My life and the ministry have been dedicated to your life and ministry.


Now I consider you to be my spiritual mother. I will love to learn more from you, hear more of your voice through the tapes and books you have promise to send.


Once again thank you for coming.


Our church here as you have seen has a lot of need. I pray that the Lord will bless us through you. I also know you are not a large ministry, but I believe that the Lord uses small things to confront his words. Our needs are:


1. The floor of our church.


2. 8 windows of our church need to be fixed.


3. Our lighting system inside the hall needs to be fixed


4. We will need more seat in the church hall


5. The painting of the church building


6. The musical equipment/public address system.


In the view of all this, I believe that the Lord will direct you on what to do as we pray along side with you.






From: xxxxxx
Sent: Monday, July 31, 2006 9:13 AM
To: pastorsvitale
Subject: laying of hands


Pastor Vitale,


I've finished studying all the books. I have a few questions to ask; it will be one after the other.


I know that what you teach is the word of God; and I believe you with all of my heart; and I believe in your ministry and the revelation of God's word that you teach. This is out of my sincere heart to know more of what you teach because I am part of your ministry. I know that the word of God must be accepted by faith and with our heart not our mind. I know that from your heart, your mind can be educated and the word of God has to do with our heart first, then our mind.






Why I have to ask these questions is because when you visited our church in Nigeria there were many sick people who where expecting that you will lay hands and pray for them and their expectation was cut off because you did not lay hands and pray for them.


This is a very big trouble for me because they keep asking me if you do not believe in laying of hands or you did not want to lay hands on people because they are Africans.


Up to date people keep asking me. So let me know what you say about these.




Pastor xxxxxx


From: Pastor Vitale
Sent: Monday, July 31, 2006 10:33 AM
To: xxxxxx
Subject: RE: laying of hands


Dear xxxxxx


You should know that preaching the Doctrine of Christ will bring retaliation from Satan.


It sounds to me like you are experiencing a satanic reaction to your message. This means that the carnal minds of the people are rising up to stop you from continuing to preach the Doctrine of Christ. You may be having, or on the verge of having a "Steven" experience (spiritually, of course, not physically).


The Carnal Mind, even within those we love, is our enemy, and the enemy of Christ, because Christ Jesus is coming to destroy the Carnal Mind and possess His people. The unconscious part of the Carnal Mind is aware of this (even though the conscious mind is not) and begins to seduce the people who have no understanding to find excuses to reject the Doctrine of Christ and/or the preacher who brings it.


1 Peter 4:12-14


12 Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:


13 But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.


14 If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you: on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified. KJV


There is no easy way for me to say this to you, xxxxx, but what you are experiencing is typical, and may very well result in a split in your church. The only thing that I can say to you is that you, personally, are called by God to ascend into the next level of His program for the salvation of mankind and the distress that you are experiencing today is a part of the transition. Some of your people will ascend with you, but others will leave you.


My primary concern is for you, that you ascend in Christ Jesus, and not on the "other side," and understanding is an essential part of the process.


It will help somewhat to pray spiritual warfare against the collective Carnal Mind in your congregation, which includes your own Carnal Mind. I pray for you, and suggest that you pray, that Christ Jesus be exalted in you and in your congregation, and that no matter what happens, He should be glorified in all things.


I also suggest, at least concerning this immediate issue, that you tell your congregation that you were responsible for the program and made no provision for me to speak to, pray for, or lay hands on any individual persons, as I explain below.


I will do everything that I can to help you through this crisis. Please do not hesitate to e-mail me as often as you feel necessary. I am also sending xxxxxxxx a copy of this e-mail. She is very well equipped to discuss with you what is happening in your life at this time. However, she is not in Nigeria at this time. I am not sure when she will return, but most likely within the next week.


Here is my answer to your question:


I believe in the laying on of hands and I practice it.


I am amazed that you would ask me such a question, in view of your behavior when we were in Jalingo.


The reason I did not lay hands on any one while I was in Jalingo is that


1, You rushed us out of the meeting as soon as I finished preaching. This would be a good opportunity for me to ask you why you did that, as well as why you brought us so late for every service that we missed the music. Your behavior surprised all of us, but it is your church, so we submitted to your agenda.


2. You were obviously in charge of the program, understandably so, since it is your church. I was surprised that you did not provide any time for me to talk to or pray for the people, or the other pastors.


I remind you also that you were responsible for many people waiting for us for hours at the villages because you did not bring us at the appointed time.


What ever is going on there in Jalingo that is not of God, I rebuke it, and ask the Spirit of Christ to deal with the uproar.


I am sending you copies of a message that I preached in response to a preacher in New York who "ascended on the wrong side" after I preached in his church. I don't believe that will happen to you. I am sending you these tapes in the hope of giving you more of an understanding of what is happening to you. I will pray, and ask the Lord what other materials to send you that might give you more understanding.


Be strong in the power of his might,


God bless you.


Your friend and pastor,


Sheila R. Vitale,


From: xxxxxx
Sent: Monday, August 07, 2006 8:56 AM
To: Pastor Vitale
Subject: your question


Dear Pastor Sheila,


I received your mail; it was read in the church yesterday. I want to believe that everybody was satisfied with your explanation. So far, I have not received any question from anybody. Maybe some time during the week.... I don't know.


You asked a question, why did I bring you late to the service and I did not allow you to talk with the people, and I took you to the village late. Anyway, this is my response. I am very sorry. If this is the reason why they asked the question I don't know, I will find out, and maybe communicate it to you.


The first day of the meeting we came in from Yola, and I perceived that because of the heat and the stress of the journey you people will be very tired and you will need some rest. That was why immediately after your message I took you to your hotel.


Why you came late was that I do not have a car, so I had to look for a car to convey you to the service. The second day, the tailor that made your dresses was not able to finish your five dresses in good time. I had to wait for him because that was your second day in church and the last day.


It did not occur to me that you would like to discuss with the people after the service. I was feeling very hot, and I wandered how you would feel at that time. This is my reason.


I do not think we had any problem with the village people.


This programme was scheduled for four days and we had to cut it to two days because you said you would not like to miss your flight because it is the last flight for the week. So we had to postpone a whole lot of programmes. This is the reason.


I am very sorry. It was not intentional. I still trust God that some time some how, you will come again. Five years, twenty years..... You will come again. We trust God. God made it possible for you to come. He will make it possible again in Jesus name.






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From: xxxxxx
To: pastor vitale
Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2006 10:00 AM
Subject: thieves


Hello Pastor Vitale,


This morning about 6 a.m. my phone rang and I was told that thieves have broken into our church. I ran to the church site and discovered that one of the windows of the church was destroyed, and they had made away with the church keyboard, amplifier/tape recorder, my only photo camera, microphones, fans, stabilizer, wall clock, generator, and some things we are yet to discover. We have reported the issue to the police. They came this morning to see the damage that was done. If there is any thing you can do, please help us.


Thanks. God bless you.


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