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          Praise the Lord everybody.  We are in the process of speaking to and responding to Pastor James David Manning who has publicly made a TV and radio challenge to anyone who thinks that the spirit on him is not of God, to expose him, and that is what we are trying to do in a Godly way. 

          To start this message, I would like to make a correction to something that I said on Part 1.  We were looking at Genesis 4, and we were comparing the names of Cain’s descendants to the ten Greek Titans.  Somebody commented that she was surprised that Enoch was translated by God when he was a descendant of Cain.  I answered her saying, God can bring a Godly person out of an unclean root, but I was incorrect.

          The names of Cain’s descendants are very similar to the names of Seth’s descendants.  There is an Enoch, who is Cain’s descendant, and there is an Enoch who is Seth’s descendant.  It was the Enoch who was Seth’s descendant that was translated, not the Enoch of Cain. 

          I told you that I would go over those scriptures in Genesis 4 and try to determine the Alternate Translation incorporating the meanings of the names of all of the descendants of Cain.  Names are very important when you are doing the spiritual understanding of the Scripture.  The meaning of the names is essential.  I did that, and was very late working on these notes because I did not get the revelation until four o’clock this morning.  I think it was in my sleep.

          As I tried to translate those passages with the names, the very first verse, which was Verse 17, I could not get the meaning of it, so I was stymied.  I got it early this morning.  It is interesting. 

          I am looking at the Alternate Translation of Verse 17 on Page 5 of your notes right now.  It is the third paragraph down.

Cain knew his wife and she conceived and bare Enoch, the initiated one, who built the city that was intended to restore Cain to the spiritual worlds above.  And Cain called the name of the city after the name of his son, Enoch. 

          The text in the square brackets are called amplifications.  I have added those words in to help you understand what is being said.  What the Lord had to do to get me to understand what was being said there, was that He had to send me back into the teachings that are on Pages 1through 4.  All of those review teachings are translations taken out of the Alternate Translation Bible.

           The Lord told me that this Enoch in Verse 17 is the one that was building the city that is associated with the Tower of Babel.  I believe it is in Genesis 11, where we see the Scripture saying that the whole earth was of one mind and one accord at that time.  They went out to build a city and a tower.   

          We are going to review the Alternate Translation of those Scriptures, whereby it was revealed what this tower and this city is.  It said in those Scriptures that they wanted to get a name for themselves, and that the city would have a name.  Here it is in Verse 17, and we are finding out that the name of that city is Enoch.  We are finding out that Cain’s descendants closely parallel Seth’s descendants, and Seth is the reincarnation of Abel.

          Cain killed Abel, and the Scripture says that the Lord gave the woman another seed, but it is really the reincarnation of Abel.  We see that humanity today, ever since the Fall, is a manifestation of the conflict between Cain and Abel.  The bottom of everything is the conflict between Cain and Abel, for who is going to prevail.  Abel is the root system of Adam, so when Abel is built up, Adam is regenerated. 

          The Lord Jesus Christ is saying, I am the first and the last Adam.  Abel is the foundation for the regeneration of the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ in us.  Christ, in us, is called Christ Jesus in His mature state.  Abel is the foundation of Christ Jesus in us.  When Cain is our foundation, Cain becomes the foundation for the city of Enoch.  It is also called the City of Babylon, which when it grows up to full stature, produces the female spiritual entity, or city, whose name I am not sure of right now.

          Those of you that know me, know it is so hard to be preaching by revelation.  I do not know what the name of the city is that we would be familiar with.  I am having trouble getting this out.  I will try again. 

          We are saved in childbearing.  We all have to bear a spiritual child if we are to have any hope of entering into immortality.  It is the spiritual child that we have to bear to enter into the immortality of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is a good immortality, where all of our needs are met.  It is where we become a positive entity that does good, and is joined forever to the Lord Jesus Christ.  To enter into that, we have to bear the Christ child, which is the offspring of the Glorified Jesus Christ. 

          John said there are two resurrections.  There is a resurrection unto Life, and a resurrection unto damnation.  The resurrection unto Life is the resurrection of Abel in us, and his being restored to full stature, which means that we become a manifestation of or a part of the body of the Glorified Jesus Christ. 

          When Cain becomes our foundation, and we rise up into the resurrection of damnation, we become a manifestation of the evil nature of Cain in full stature.  At the moment, I am not sure what to call that entity, which would be across from Christ Jesus.  I am thinking Leviathan, but I will try to get an answer for you by the next time I preach.  There is no way we are going to finish this today. 

          We established last week that it is Cain who is reincarnating, or at least the household of Cain, that is trying to reincarnate.  Actually, it is reincarnating in Pastor Manning, but he is not in full stature yet.  This is the  point that I was trying to make, as the Lord led me to start out this message this way, which I did not plan. 

          The name of the city in Verse 17 is the same city that the people of the earth were trying to build, along with the tower, that Jehovah destroyed.  Is everybody following me?  Once I got the revelation that, that was what the city was, because I could not translate the verse, then I was able to amplify it enough to make it understandable. 

          Once again, this is what Genesis 4:17 says in the Alternate Translation. 

Cain knew his wife, and she conceived and bare Enoch, the initiated one who built the city that was intended to restore Cain to the spiritual worlds above.  And Cain called the name of the city after the name of his son, Enoch.

          In Genesis 11, we are not told what the name of the city is.  We are not told the name of the people, but here we see it revealed in Verse 17. 

          What is really interesting is that I was translating Chapter 4 in Genesis in the Sunday meetings and in the CCK meetings, and we are now working on Chapter 5.  I do not know what this is going to be.  I never know what it is going to be until it is finished.  The Lord has a plan that He never shows us or rarely shows us.  As far as I know, He has never showed me the whole plan.  He just shows us a little part of it, you have to do what you are told, and then, at the end, everything comes together and you understand. 

          This is a very interesting translation that is coming forth between Genesis 4 and Genesis 5.  We are continuously getting more information, as I evaluated these verses.  Remember, we have a purpose for translating Genesis, Chapter 4, Verses 17 through 24.  The reason we are doing it is that we are relating Cain’s descendants to the Greek Titans. 

          The message is that the community of spirits that are possessing Pastor Manning are these ancient entities that, in Greek mythology, are called the Titans. In the Scripture they are called, the descendants of Cain.  They are the same entities. 

          Once I got the key that unlocked all these verses to me, I realized that the first three descendants named Cain were or are spiritual immortals that eventually incarnated in Lamech.  Lamech was the first person.     

          We do not know what he looked like, but he was a humanoid, as close to us as could be without us knowing what he looked like.  There was a race of people on the earth that manifested these three immortals, that took up residence in at least human- type bodies, at least flesh-type bodies. 

          Are you following me?  This is difficult.  This race of people that came forth from Lamech eventually became the cavemen.  They descended.  They did not evolve.  They devolved.  They kept getting darker and darker in their minds until they became what we know to be the various types of cavemen.  Then, they were wiped out completely, because we do not have any more cavemen that we know about.  Those lines were wiped out completely. 

          Then we see that God raised up Seth, so what is all this about?  The Lord does not want to destroy humanity.  He wants us to come into His image.  He will not accept us being in the image of the Serpent.  He either wipes us out, or He chastens us, or corrects us, until we come into His image. 

          That is what this is all about.  That is what choosing your Christ mind over your carnal mind is all about.  It is coming into the image of God in your thinking as opposed to the image of your carnal mind.  That is how He is changing us in this generation.

          This is my point.  I am not sure who these three immortals  represent yet.  I will continue to pray about this.  These three immortals, that incarnated in the line or race called Cain, found themselves with no human bodies to manifest through, because the line of the race of Cain descended into nothingness.  Can you imagine existence as a caveman, and then they were wiped out?

          We now have these three immortals looking to incarnate.  They have failed to produce a man, whatever form Cain was in.  Maybe he looked just like us.  He may have been a humanoid descendant.  These three immortals have failed to produce a race of people that will be their host, that would carry them.  We host the Lord Jesus Christ.  He lives in us, we carry Him, we are His house.  We are the host that carries the Lord Jesus. 

          These three spiritual immortals lost their host because the line died out, because it was devolving.  Is everybody okay?

          Now, we have these three mighty ones.  The Scripture calls them mighty ones.  They are seeking to incarnate but have no house.  There is only one house available, and that is the household of Seth.  The household of Seth is appearing today as the descendants of Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth, which we are.  We are all the descendants of Seth.  We have three mighty ones seeking to incarnate in the household of Seth.  Is everybody following me? 

          Down here, we are having our struggles with our carnal mind, because the descendants of Seth on the other side of the flood did turn to their evil side.  That was what the flood was all about.  The descendants of Seth, which were righteous, turned to their evil side. 

          Let me just review this for you.  When we are good, we always have the potential of turning to evil, because good and evil are symbiotic twins.  They are Cain and Abel.  Abel is good and Cain is evil.  That is why we need to ascend into righteousness.  The Scripture says, As far as the Lord Jesus goes, there is no shadow of turning.  That means He has no evil side to turn to.  He is ascended above good and evil, beyond any potential to fall.  There is no evil side for Him to turn to.

          In our case, we still have an evil side to turn to.  The descendants of Seth were raised up in righteousness, but they turned to their evil side.  Why?  Did they choose to turn to their evil side?  I do not think so.  I do not think that they did that any more than Adam chose to fall.  They were seduced.  Seduction was the name of the game.  The seduction is in our mind. 

          Our carnal mind thinks and tries to speak through us and tell us that it is God.  We have to be able to learn to distinguish between our Christ mind and our carnal mind, or we are not going up.  We are not going to ascend in Christ if you cannot tell the difference between your Christ mind and your carnal mind.  The Lord is going to interfere with you if your carnal mind is ascending. 

          The Lord is interfering with Pastor Manning right now, because he is ascending in his carnal mind.  Cain is trying to fully incarnate him to the fullness of the stature of these mighty ones, which would completely enslave the entire world.  Aside from the fact that the world would be enslaved, we are the bride of Christ.  We are His.  We are His wife, and He is not about to let this happen. 

          The battle is taking place on an individual level.  If you cannot distinguish between your Christ mind and your carnal mind, you will never be able to police your carnal mind.  We all have to police our carnal mind.  We are all the same.  We are all fallen.  We are all sinners.  Nobody is really any better than anybody else.  Some of us may just be a little more mature. 

          We all have a carnal mind, and that carnal mind must come into submission to Christ.  If your carnal mind is not in submission to Christ, within you, it will never be in submission to Christ in somebody else. 

          First, your carnal mind has to come into submission to Christ within you.  That cannot happen until you can tell the difference between the thoughts that come from Christ and the will that comes from your carnal mind.  Our carnal mind has a will.  It is more than having a mind of its own.  It has a will.  It has an agenda.  It has a desire to do something.  That will, will always oppose the will of God.  The battle starts in our own mind.  There are two minds, and we must be agreeing in our own self with the Christ mind, because the carnal mind is founded in pride.

          Everybody had pride.  There is no condemnation in anything that I am saying.  The carnal mind is founded in pride, and we have the will of that pride.  When our will opposes the will of the Lord, we need to know it is a spirit of pride that needs to be dealt with by our Christ side.  That is what the battle is all about. 

          There is not going to be any ascension in Christ until we deal with our own carnal mind.  That is the process.  Everybody is fighting this war.  We may not all be in the same place, but everybody is fighting the war, and my job is to teach about it to help everybody understand what is going on and what they need to do, so you can do what you need to do. 

          Here, the war is pretty localized.  It is in our own mind.  Maybe it is a little conflict between me as a teacher and somebody in the congregation, but this war is also raging on a very high spiritual plane.  These mighty ones are seeking to incarnate in people of power.  They found an open door in Pastor Manning.  These are the mighty ones.  The Lord told me that it is a community of spirits living through him.  It is these three mighty ones. 

          We need to understand that these three mighty ones do not just incarnate in three human beings.  Humanity is way spread out in comparison to these spiritual entities.  Three spiritual mighty ones could incarnate in a trillion people, if you can hear what I am saying.  That is a spiritual concept, if you can hear it.

          It is just like the body of Christ.  The Lord Jesus Christ is not incarnate in only one man.  He has a Body of Christ.  He has the whole Church, because He is such an enormous spiritual entity.  That is the principle. 

          These three mighty ones could possess all of humanity.  I am trying to find out what to call them.  As I said, I got this message in my sleep around four o’clock this morning.  I do not have all the answers right now. 

          The Lord Jesus Christ is working very hard in this hour to raise up the person, at least the first person, that is going to be in full stature in Christ Jesus.  That is what is going on.  There is a race going on.  The Lord Jesus Christ has not abandoned the world when you see all these wars and rumors of wars and all of this trauma in nature.  The Lord has not forgotten us, but He is promoting His plan, His will, His solution to the problem.  That is to raise up the first person in full stature, so that others can follow.

          Cain is doing the same thing.  These three mighty ones that represent Cain in the high spiritual realm of the other side are running this race too.  The type of it is David and Goliath.  These mighty ones are seeking to raise up a champion in this day and age.  It will be a human being in the full stature of damnation. 

          We see that Pastor Manning, if you read between the lines of what he is saying, he is saying that he is a world leader.  He is saying democracy should go.  The world should be under a theocracy, and he should be the titular head of the theocracy, like the  Khomeinis in Iran.  That is what he is saying. 

          These mighty ones that are incarnating in him are feeding him their doctrine.  He thinks it is him, but it is them in him.  When Christ Jesus stands up in us in full stature, we will be exalted with Him, but when these mighty ones stand up in a human being, that human being becomes the slave of the mighty one.  It cannot be a good thing. 

          That is the issue that I am going to try to explain to you Scripturally.  I am going to give you a lot of Scriptures.  I am going to give you Alternate Translations.  I am trying to give you this foundation so that you can follow me when we go over these Alternate Translations which are difficult.  This is the bottom line of what is happening here. 

          The three mighty ones, which are the spiritual descendants of Cain, who lost their household because Cain’s line devolved, turned into cavemen and ceased to exist.  These mighty ones are seeking to incarnate in Seth’s body, and that is what the Scripture is talking about in Genesis 6, Verses 1 and 2, where the sons of God looked upon the daughters of men and found them to be fair. 

          That is the whole reason for the flood.  The descendants of Cain got together with the descendants of Seth and perverted the pure line.  The descendants of Seth were carrying the holy seed, and the descendants of Cain mixed with them.  I do not know what kind of relationship they had. 

          Maybe the descendants of Cain were humanoid like us, but the descendants of Seth, I am convinced, were not.  Those were the Sons of God, and they were not humanoid.  They cohabited with the daughters of men, the humanoid descendants of Cain, and perverted the holy seed.

          The Scripture says everything in the earth was wiped out.  Jehovah wiped out everything in the earth.  He did not wipe out everything in the heavenlies.  He did not wipe out everything in the seas.  He just wiped out what was happening down here in the World of Action.  That is the bottom line.

          The three mighty ones, which are the descendants of Cain, are seeking to incarnate in the household, which is now, today, the household of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Pastor Manning has become a house for them and is pretty far gone, so the Lord is going to bring him down, just like He brought down the people or the entities that were trying to build a city and a tower to attain the power of the high spiritual realms in antiquity.

          It is happening again.  There is nothing new under the sun, although the Lord says, I do a new thing.  There is nothing new under the sun, but there is something new, and what is new is that Cain and the Cainites are not going to get away with it.  The Lord Jesus is not going to do what Jehovah did in antiquity and just wipe out the tower and the city.  He is going to do more than that. 

          The Lord Jesus, today, is going to bring all of humanity into the place where He would have them to be.  I am not preaching ultimate reconciliation.  I am talking about the whole root of the creation. 

          Adam, who died, will be fully restored.  Then the physical human beings, which are the representation or the manifestation of Himself in this world, will be experiencing the nature of God, will become holy, and will become immortal in righteousness.  This is a really deep message.  Is everybody following me?

          I just want to draw on the board, and give you an idea of full stature, and what it means.  You can see on Drawing #1 that Adam, who I drew in blue, spanned all seven levels of consciousness.  He was a spiritual and a mental giant. 

          I mentioned this in Part 1, that each one of these levels of consciousness has ten sub-levels.  Technically, that goes on infinitely.   The term is ad-infinitum, infinitely.  Each level breaks down into another ten sub-levels, and each one of those breaks down into another ten sub-levels.  For our purposes here, since I think that is beyond our ability to comprehend at this time, I show Adam’s consciousness spanning all seven levels. 

          Of course, that includes all of the seventy sub-levels.  We see that humanity or mortal man is down here on the lowest level of consciousness.  To the best of my understanding, mortal man exists on the seventh level of consciousness.  He has the potential to rise to the top of the ten sub-levels over here but few men do.  The average man exists down here on just the carnal life. 

          I described this on Part 1 of this message.  I am not ever putting anyone down.  It is just the way it is.  That is how some people live.  They live for the family life, for sports, for the activities of the body, and for the activities of the emotions.  I am not saying it is wrong.  It is just where they live, and they are satisfied with that life.  Some people rise to the ninth level, which usually means people that have an intellectual or a spiritual pursuit. 

          Some people are not interested in developing their mind.  They are just happy with the activities of the body.  Very few people, as far as I know, of our world today ascend beyond the ninth level.  The few who are ascending, if they are, it is in Christ Jesus or it is in Voodoo, a high level of witchcraft, because the sub-levels are spiritual levels. 

          Then, we see that the cavemen were at the bottom of the tenth sub-level of the tenth sub-level of the seventh level of consciousness.  We now see the meaning of sub-human.  I have heard sub-human, and I knew that it meant cavemen, but it never really jelled in my mind like it is jelling when I see what the Lord told me to write here. 

          Of course, this tenth sub-level of this tenth sub-level could be divided more and more, so how far Cain’s line descended before they ceased to exist, I do not know.  I just showed it on the board as the tenth sub-level of the tenth sub-level of the seventh level.

          They just kept descending, devolving, until they ceased to exist.  Why would cavemen cease to exist?  Maybe they starved to death.  We see movies about how the cavemen discovers fire.  They were devolving, and they forgot how to start a fire, or they forgot how to get food, and they just starved to death.  They may have died from the exposure to the atmosphere.  Eventually, they just died out.  It is quite a thought.  It is quite shocking. 

          Continuing at the board, up here above the seventh level of consciousness, there are three more levels of consciousness that are the Godhead.  Adam, the man, spans seven levels of consciousness, but the Godhead is above.  There are ten levels and sometimes twelve, but we are not going to get into that now. 

          We are the regenerated Adam.  We arise in consciousness because of Christ in us.  This would be likened to my teaching on the ariel center, if you remember.  Our consciousness has to arise into the heart center.  When our consciousness arises in the heart center, the Lord Jesus descends into our heart and joins with us.  That union produces Christ Jesus, the Lamb of God, who sits on the throne of our heart, the only mediator, Christ Jesus, between God and man.

          When we are regenerated to the point of the seventh level of consciousness, this would be the ariel center.  The Godhead is up here.  The Lord Jesus will come down and meet us here,  then the Lamb of God is born, and we now have access to the highest levels of consciousness of Godhood.  The Scripture says, Ye are gods, but you die like men.  The same word is to the Church.  You are gods.  Why are you gods?  Because you have the Life of the Lord Jesus in you, but you live out of your carnal mind, so you are going to die like a man.  That is the whole meaning of, You are a god.  You are a god because you have Christ, but you have to learn to live out of Him.  The only way you can learn to live out of Him is to learn to distinguish between your Christ mind and your carnal mind.  You have to overcome your carnal mind, or you will die like a man.  That is the message.   Any questions on this board?

          COMMENT:  You said that mortal man is on the seventh level.  I thought most decent people live in the heart center.  Is that the third level?  I thought the second level was immoral acts, and the first level is deviant behavior.  Is this  different?   

          PASTOR VITALE:  This is different.  That is a very good question, though.  Without getting off of our subject, I will tell you this.  There are levels of consciousness, and then there are levels of soul.  Maybe I got that mixed up myself.  There are levels of soul. 

          When I talk about the energy centers, I am talking about it from man’s point of view.  We are like on one side of the window or the mirror in spiritual things, and the Lord is on the other side of the mirror, and everything is a mirror image on the opposite sides of the window or the mirror.  When I talk about human beings, I say that our energy centers start at the bottom, 1,2,3, 4, 5, but a drawing like this is from the Spiritual perspective, so it is backwards.  Does that help you at all?

          COMMENT: Is this referring to female Adam who fell?

          PASTOR VITALE: The Scripture says Adam spans all levels, so when we say Adam only, it includes the male and the female.

          COMMENT:  Is this our choice to ascend?  If the Lord has a place or a particular position prepared for us, do we not just fit into that?  If He does not call you up higher, is not the call His choice? 

          PASTOR VITALE:  It is His call. He is calling everybody, but we do not come.  Everybody is called.  The Scripture says, Whosoever will, let him come.  I understand your question.  It is a good question.  

          When the Lord said to the Hebrew children, Canaan land is your land.  Go in and take it.  Kill every man, woman, child and animal, and take over the land.  The Lord said, It is yours, but you have to fight for it.  This ascension is yours, but you have to fight for it.  Some will fight and some will not fight. 

          The Scripture is very clear.  Some run because they are afraid.  Some do not fight because they do not know they are supposed to fight.  Then, some are just stronger than others, but everybody is called. 

          Everybody is called to a basic relationship with the Lord Jesus.  Then from the Church, which forms the people that have the basic relationship with Jesus, they are called to go up, but everybody is not going to make it at the same time.

          We have a spiritual root.  Everybody’s spiritual root, which is a part of Adam, will be eventually reconciled to the Lord, but we are going to forget this incarnation if we die.  If we want to make it in this incarnation, we have to fight.  It is like a salmon swimming upstream.  It is not easy.  We have to fight, and we have to cry out to the Lord to give us the ability. 

          I have heard you say to me that you accept the fact that you have gone as far as you could go.  You have said things like that to me, but that is never acceptable to God.  As long as there is breath in our nose, He wants us to increase.  He does not want us to accept the status quo, but it is a hard fight. 

          The point is that when we struggle, when we want it badly enough to really bang on heaven’s door and struggle to get it, He makes a way where there is no way.  That is what happened to me.

          This is drawing #2.  I just want to demonstrate for you how there can be three spiritual beings.  You cannot measure them by humanity.  In the high spiritual realms, there are three of them, and down here in the visible physical world, they manifest themselves as trillions of humans. 

          Of course, this is their goal, to manifest themselves through the trillions of human beings, which are the descendants of Seth.  In the same manner, we could say that every human being on the face of the earth today is a descendant of Noah or of Seth.  Seth, Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth were not humans as we know humans. 

          They were men, but they were not human.  Noah, today, is manifesting himself through trillions of people.  We are all his descendants.  His spirit is in all of us.

          The Lord Jesus Christ has a Body of Christ.  All of the millions of Christians are manifestations of the Lord Jesus.  We see that spiritual beings are few in number, and they manifest themselves through trillions of humans.  The fact that we are talking about Cain’s three mighty ones does not mean that there are only three humans down here manifesting that. 

          These three mighty ones are in the process of showing themselves through Pastor Manning, and bringing him up to the seventh level of consciousness on the other side, across from the righteousness of God.  That is an evil ascension.  I know from my readings, just about everybody that has tried to ascend on the other side has gone insane.

          Definitely, over the last few weeks, I have seen such signs of Pastor Manning leaning in that direction with delusions of grandeur plus paranoia.  I must say that I think it is unreasonable for him to say that Madonna adopted that little boy for the purpose of making him her sex slave.  I really think that was bizarre.  Are there any more questions?  If not, we are going to try to do something with all of this work that I kept you waiting a half an hour to prepare. 

          We are on Page 1 of our notes, Atlah or The Greek God Atlas, Part 2.  I made that first correction.  These are my initial comments on Genesis, Chapter 4 which speaks about Cain’s descendants.  We are going to be doing that Alternate Translation.  Genesis 5 gives us the genealogy of Seth’s descendants.  Remember, Seth is a reincarnation of Abel. 

          Genesis 6, Verses 1 through 5 speaks about the intermarriage of the descendants of Seth and Cain.  It says that the Sons of God saw the daughters of men and found them fair.  Actually, it was true that the Sons of God saw the daughters of men, but the daughters of Cain were seducing the Sons of God.  That which is higher is always seduced to come down lower. 

          This is true in our world too.  As we ascend spiritually, there will always be somebody, probably somebody very close to us, who tries to bring us back down to their level.  It is just human nature.  That is just the way that it is. 

          Even though the King James Translation says that the Sons of God saw the daughters of men and found them fair, I have always heard it preached that the Sons of God seduced the daughters of men.  No, it was the other way around.  The descendants of Cain, the daughters of men, seduced the Sons of God.

          Genesis 6, Verses 6 and 7 describes Jehovah’s reaction to the corruption of the creation.  The reason I printed out the Alternate Translation of those verses for you is, because the King James Translation makes it sound like Jehovah was sorry that He created man.  That is not an accurate translation. 

          I do not believe Jehovah could be sorry for anything that He did.  He knows the beginning from the end.  Everything is in accordance with His will.  There is not anything that He cannot fix if He sets His mind to fix it, so why should He be sorry that He created man?  It is a poor translation. 

          Genesis 6, Verses 8 through 22, speaks about Noah on the far side of the Flood.  That is not on our side.  We are on the near side of the Flood.  Genesis 7 speaks about Noah boarding the ark.  Genesis 8 speaks about the Flood.  Genesis 9 speaks about Noah and his family exiting the ark.  Genesis 10 gives the genealogy of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, Noah’s three sons.  Genesis 11 Verses 1 through 9 speaks about the City of Enoch that Cain’s descendants built.            I would like to go over our Alternate Translation of the account of the Tower of Babel.  Apparently, as I told you earlier, in my attempt to translate Genesis, Chapter 4 Verse 17, when I could not get the understanding of it, the Lord told me that it is talking about the beginnings of the city that we read about in Genesis 11. 

          That is what happens here.  I start out teaching on a particular subject, and as we labor in the Word, we find information about things that we never expected to find, so we have to divert to satisfy everything that I am trying to teach, and it has to be fully explained.  That is why it takes us forever to do it, but that is the way the Lord teaches here.

          Genesis 11, Verses 10 through 32 speak about Seth’s descendants up to Abraham.  I do not know about you but, before I did this study, I did not realize that Genesis, Chapter 4 through 11 were alternately speaking about Cain and his descendants and Seth and his descendants.  Did anybody here know that?  I had no idea.  I am always excited when I discover something like this in the Lord. 

          Let us start out by going over the Alternate Translation of Genesis, Chapter 6, Verses 1 through 8.  Actually, it is just the two verses, 6 and 7 that tell us about Jehovah’s reaction to the fallen condition of Seth’s descendants that led up to the judgment of the Flood. 

          I will read you the whole Alternate Translation. 

          Genesis 6, Verses 1 through 8.  It came to pass that Adam broke his covenant with  Jehovah when he gathered together with the Serpent, the personality of the earth, that belonged to Him.  The earth belongs to the Lord.  This is how Cain and Abel, spiritually female offspring, were born to Adam. 

          And Adam, the son of Elohim, saw Cain and Abel, His female offspring, and tried to enfold only Abel, the good side of the whole woman, who belonged to Him.  And Jehovah said, my Spirit shall not judge Adam in the eternal world beyond time because he apologized after he sinned.  But

Adam, this male spiritual sexual organ of mine, will exist for forty three million, eight hundred, and thirty thousand years in the first time period after Adam came into existence.

          This translation was rendered in CCK, and how we arrived at that number is a CCK message in case you are wondering.  This is talking about the first time period that Adam came into existence.  It is not the first day of creation.  It is the first time period of Adam’s creation, or since he came into existence. 

          Verse 4.  And Adam, the son of Elohim, was still standing up in spiritual power during the first time period after he came into existence, but the unconscious part of his mind was gathered together with his earthen side.  So he was a spiritual male, fallen being, and fallen adam went into Cain and Abel, his own female offspring, and they bear powerful, spiritually male, immortal warriors who had the character and spiritual authority of the mortal Cain and Abel. 

          Verse 5.  And Jehovah saw that the earthen adam was very evil, and that the male anointing of the whole spiritual creation was not woven together with earthen adam’s spiritual center, and that adam’s whole first time period after he came into existence was evil

          We see that our earthen side, which is another way of saying our carnal mind or our old man, has to be woven together with Christ Jesus in us or our new man.  This world is called the divided age.  Our world is called the divided age, because the earthen side of adam is separate and leading a separate existence from the spiritual side, which is the male side.  We see that this is the reason for the Flood. 

          The creation at that time, which was the descendants of Seth, was not tied together or woven together.  The earthen side, the carnal side, the human side, the emotional side, was not tied together under the authority of the spiritual side.  When the two sides separate, man becomes evil. 

          Human beings, apart from a union with God, are evil.  The best of us, when we compare ourselves to the Lord, we are evil.  When we are joined to the Lord, and He overshadows our carnality and our fallen nature, we become righteous in Him. 

          As we leave behind our own human desires and will, and embrace His thought process, and His will, and His purposes, in not only our life, but for the whole world, we start moving into righteousness because of Him, because we have His nature in us. 

          This is the reason for the Flood.  The Lord looked at the creation, and He saw that it was separated, and that the creation was evil. 

          This was His solution in Verse 6.

          So Jehovah breathed strongly into the earthen adam, who He had made, and Jehovah’s breath carved Jehovah’s nature in adam’s heart center. 

          Jehovah looked at the earthen adam.  We have an earthen adam and a supernal adam.  It is just the same thing as saying the female adam and the male adam.  The earthen adam is the female adam.  What did Jehovah do?  He carved His nature into the earthen adam. 

          Is that not what the Lord Jesus is doing today?  Is He not coming to humanity today and saying, You are evil, but I am going to give you my nature, and I am going to make you righteous so that you do not have to die.  We die because of the nature of the Serpent.

          No matter how good we are in this world, we age and die.  It is the proof  that we have the Serpent’s nature and, therefore, when we compare ourselves to God, we are evil.  A righteous man does not die. 

          That is a hard word, but we cannot judge ourselves by our own standards in this world.  A lot of people say, I am a good person in this world, but Jesus said, Do not call any man good, and only God is good.  We have to compare ourselves to God to see who we really are. 

          That was Jehovah’s solution to the problem.  He was going to carve His nature into the earthen side of adam.   He did not repent that He made man, and He was not crying, and He was not sad.  He took the necessary action. 

          Verse 7. And then Jehovah said, I have engraved adam with my nature, which is far above the personality of the earth, so Adam’s soul is far above the bestial nature of the earth, and far above the reptilian nature of the Fiery Serpent, which is in every human being.  Adam is a spiritual being who flies in the heavenlies because, I, Jehovah, made him and breathed the breath of My Life into him, and eventually, I will anoint Adam with the oil of my Spirit. 

          Verse 8. But Noah was humble before the Lord, and had attained to the spiritual world of Jehovah, which is called beauty or beautiful.

          That is just like a little side study to bring this whole study into perspective.  I had another reference for you in Genesis, Chapter 11, Verses 1 through 9.  It speaks about the city that is being built, which we will read about in Genesis 4:17.  I will read the Alternate Translation of Genesis 4:11.  I do not know if I will read the whole thing, but you have the notes, and I gave you the footnotes.  I guess I will read you the whole chapter.  You can go over this, if you want, when you are at home.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

          This is the Alternate Translation of Genesis Chapter 11.

          11.01         And the earth was unified, because the people all thought the same thoughts and expressed their ideas with the same words.

          11.02         And it came to pass that as fallen adam journeyed downward away from immortality, the mountain of God divided, and the flat lowland of the carnal mind’s religious confusion appeared, and joined itself to fallen adam. 

          11.03         And they said to one another, come, let us swallow up Elohim’s fiery judgment that consumes the carnal mind.  Let us swallow it up. Let us put it out.  That is the significance.  Let us make it have no effect on us, so that the Holy Spirit has no power over us.  Let us make our own righteousness, and ascend to the high level of spiritual authority that supplies the energy to produce the genetic building blocks and the material atoms that will form the visible creation.  Let us engrave the spiritual foundation of mankind with our own righteous nature.

          11.04         And [fallen adam] said, come, let us build a city [which will be the female aspect of the creation],  and a tower [which will be the male aspect of the creation], and let us form [a mind] that will reflect our nature, [and] prevent the head of heaven, the personality that has charge of the whole earth, from appearing to break [our unity] in pieces,

          11.05         And the Lord came down to see the city [which is the female aspect of the creation], and the tower, [which is the male aspect of the creation], that the sons of Adam had built,

          11.06         And the Lord came down and said, look, the people are a unity, and they all verbalize the same [thought], to dissolve [Adam’s righteous mind], and form [the Serpent’s, self-righteous Carnal Mind], and now [I will not be able] to harvest [the fruit of my Spirit] from the people, because of this [thing] that they all have plotted to do.

          11.07         Come, let us go down there and confuse their verbal communication [which is the foundation of their ungodly unity], so

that they will not be able to understand each other’s thoughts and ideas.

          11.08         So, the Lord broke [the unity] of the personality of the whole earth in pieces, from above, and [fallen adam] stopped building the city [which is the female side of the creation].

          11.06a And Jehovah said, look, the people are united because [Leviathan], the mortal mind that [the Serpent] made,

          11.07b   Is obedient to the [people's] other altar [the Serpent],

          11.06b       But I’m stopping that evil mind [Leviathan] from [making them] worship the Serpent,

          11.07a       By separating Leviathan from the Serpent, and giving Elohim's breath of life [the spiritual substance that Cain stole from Abel]  to the animals, so that mortal man

                   11.06c   Can be [re]join-ed  to me.

          We now know, today, that the people speaking here are Cain’s descendants.  They are the manifestations of either these three mighty ones directly, or I would say it was these three mighty ones speaking through whatever the people looked like in that day. 

          We see what their intention is.  They want to incarnate.  I do not really have it straight in my mind.  I do not know what existence is like in the spiritual plane, so I cannot comprehend why incarnation is such a preferable state of being for these disembodied spirits.  Someday, when I grow up, the Lord will explain it to me, when we are ready to understand it.  Sometimes, we have to learn other things first before we can understand that.  Apparently, incarnation is highly preferable. 

          I guess the Lord is reminding me that I do know the answer.  I do not know why it is highly preferable to the Lord Jesus.  The reason it is highly preferable to Cain is because Cain and his descendants are cut off from the power of God, and they need energy to survive.  Energy is gleaned from incarnation. 

          As far as the Lord Jesus is concerned, it is His Father’s instruction to Him to incarnate and have a visible creation.  Beyond that, I do not know what the reason is. 

          Verse 4.  Fallen adam said, come.  I am going to have to change that in the book, because now I know it is Cain.  And Cain’s mighty ones said, come, let us build a city which will be the female aspect of the creation.  We now know a city is the female aspect of the creation. 

          Let us build a tower, which will be the male aspect of the creation, and let us form a mind that will reflect our nature and prevent the head of heaven, the personality that has charge of the whole earth (that is pre-mortal Adam) from appearing to break our unity in pieces. 

          That unity of the spiritual male and female produces a mind, a body, and a whole world.  This is the unity that Cain and his descendants are protecting.  A similar unity is what the Lord Jesus wants to form with us.  Today, that Cain unity is the unity that has to be broken.  Our personality, which is female, has to be broken away from our carnal mind before it can marry the Lord Jesus Christ. 

          Salvation is dependant upon this union with the Lord Jesus Christ.   What is being saved ?  Our soul is being saved.  The salvation of our soul is dependant upon our soul being joined to or married to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

          The whole problem is we are already married.  Paul clearly says that in Romans 7.  We are already married.  We are married to Leviathan and Satan.  We are married to the Serpent, so that union has to be broken up. 

          He is not going to break it up without our cooperation, because He does not want to kill us.  Neither does He want to force us.  He wants us to understand and to work with Him to separate ourselves from our carnal mind.  That is the reality of sanctification. 

          I have heard all kinds of things preached about sanctification, and they are not untrue.  Spiritual principles have many manifestations.  Separating ourselves from the world is a manifestation of sanctification.  Separating yourself from pagan holidays is a manifestation of sanctification. 

          The ultimate sanctification is separation from our present husband, which is the Serpent, through the agencies of Satan and Leviathan, as they manifest through our carnal mind.  That unholy marriage must break or the ultimate end of salvation will never be achieved by us. 

          I was saved from death three times.  I am saved every day.  I have been saved from car accidents.  I have been saved from all kinds of disaster, but the ultimate and complete salvation is the salvation of our soul, which means our soul stops dying.  That, we cannot accomplish if we continue to cleave to our old husband. 

          You have to let him go if you want to reap the benefits of a marriage to the Lord Jesus.  That is the bottom line.  That ungodly relationship to the Serpent has to be broken up.

          We see that these principalities have this revelation of a solid unity.  I am going to read Verse 4 again.

 And Cain and the three mighty ones of Cain said, come, let us build a city which will be the female aspect of the creation and a tower, which will be to prevent the head of heaven, the personality that has charge of the whole female aspect of the creation, and let us form a mind that will reflect our nature and earth, from appearing to break our unity to pieces. 

          Brethren, the head of heaven who has charge of the whole earth has appeared, and He is in the process of breaking this unholy unity throughout all humanity into pieces.  That is the Lord Jesus Christ.  He has appeared, and He is in the process of breaking His people and His wife away from the Serpent.  

          And the Lord came down to see the city, which is the female aspect of the creation, and the tower, which is the male aspect of the creation, that the sons of Adam had built or that the mighty ones of Cain had built.  And the Lord came down and said, look, the people are a unity.  Their earthen part and their spiritual part are woven together.  They are a unity.  They all verbalize the same thought to dissolve Adam’s righteous mind. 

          The Body of Christ is supposed to all share the same thought.  That does not mean the end of creativity.  When we all share the Lord’s thought, that means the spiritual root of our thought is the thought of Christ.  Then, that thought filters through our mind, and is expressed creatively and differently in each and every person, but at its root, it will be the same thought.

          Pastor Vitale speaking to someone in the congregation.  This is the Lord.  I am not picking on you.  What happened today is that someone thought a thought.  The spiritual root of that thought was different than the spiritual root that was manifesting in everybody else. 

          There was  an interference there.  When everybody has the same spiritual root of the same thought of the Lord Jesus, everything that is thought and said plays together like an orchestra.  When the carnal mind gets in there, it is a different spiritual root, and it causes an interference, so we are responsible to police and restrain our carnal mind. 

          So the Lord came down and He said, look, the people are a unity.  They all verbalize the same thought, and that thought is to dissolve adam’s righteous mind.

          In this hour, we are talking about the mind of Christ.  You need to know that the Serpent is out there, the Serpent is in everybody’s carnal mind, and there is one commandment to every manifestation of the Serpent.  That is to bring down, to disassemble, and cause disarray to any manifestation of the mind of Christ. 

          When we sit together in a group like this, and you are all in submission to me, and flowing with me in the spirit, we are a manifestation of the thought or the thought form of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

          The Serpent has a command, a contract out to anybody in this room that he can get to obey him, to break up this unity here.  You have to understand that.  When you are used to break up the unity, Satan has used you, and you have to get mad about that, and get a hold of the Lord, and say, I do not want to be used by Satan anymore.

          You have to understand that, that is what has happened to you.  Satan has come in through the door of your mind and broken up what the Lord is doing at that moment. 

          I am going to start again with Verse 6. 

The Lord came down and said, look, the people are a unity, and they all verbalize the same thought, and that thought is to dissolve adam’s righteous mind or to dissolve the mind of Christ, and to form the Serpent’s self righteous carnal mind.  Now I

will not be able to harvest the fruit of my Spirit from the people because of this thing that they all have plotted to do. 

          The Lord wants to harvest the fruit of His Spirit.  The harvest is Christ in you.  It is not the unsaved people out there.  The Lord wants to harvest Christ in you, and join you to His body and to His mind.  When the people choose the carnal mind, knowingly or unknowingly, or if you yield to your carnal mind, you become illegible to be harvested into the kingdom of God. 

          That is why He has teachers down here encouraging you all to recognize your carnal mind, and to recognize your Christ mind, and to agree with your Christ mind to restrain your carnal mind, because it prevents you from being harvested by the Lord Jesus Christ. 

          I am telling you the truth.  The carnal mind rising up when it should not be.  It is a manifestation of the will of the man which is pride.  We have to put that will on the altar and submit to the will of God.  Praise the Lord.

          Verse 7.  Come, let us go down there and confuse their verbal communication, which is the foundation of their ungodly unity

          This is the reverse.  This is Jehovah and Elohim coming down to the carnal mind and breaking it apart, but everything that Jehovah and Elohim are doing, Satan and Leviathan are trying to do to Christ Jesus.  Come and let us go down there and confuse their verbal communication

          We know when the enemy comes in, he comes in with division, and he comes in with lack of understanding.  He confuses verbal communication.  How do I know that?  Because that is what Jehovah and Elohim are doing to the carnal mind, so Satan and Leviathan do it back to the people with the Christ mind whenever they can.  They come in with confusion, concerning verbal communication, because communication is the foundation of unity. 

          The Scripture says in Amos 3:3.  Can two walk together except they be agreed? (KJV)  Communication is the foundation of unity.  The opposite of communication is division.  Anything that is grounded in division is going to be blown apart. 

          Come, let us go down there and confuse their verbal communication which is the foundation of their ungodly unity, so that they will not be able to understand each other’s thoughts and ideas. 

          A lack of communication will cause separation.   The Lord broke the unity of the personality of the whole earth in pieces from above, and fallen Adam stopped building the city or the mighty ones of Cain or Enoch.  We now know the name of the person building the city is Enoch.  Enoch stopped building the city, which is the female side of the creation, and Jehovah said, look, the people are united because Leviathan, the mortal man that the Serpent made is obedient to the people’s other altar. 

          Who is our altar?  The Lord Jesus Christ is our altar.  We are told that in the Book of Revelation, so the other altar is the Serpent. 

          I am stopping that evil mind, Leviathan, from making them worship the Serpent.  That is Jehovah saying that.  He is going to stop your carnal mind from worshiping the Serpent.  I am going to stop that evil mind by separating Leviathan from the Serpent and giving Elohim’s breath of life, the spiritual substance that Cain stole from Abel, to the animal nature so that mortal man can be rejoined to Me. 

          He is going to separate Leviathan from the Serpent and give Elohim’s breath of life, the spiritual substance that Cain stole from Abel, to the animal nature so that mortal man can be rejoined to the Lord.  We cannot be rejoined to the Lord without the breath of life.  That is the Holy Spirit.  That is His breath coming back to us so man can come to the Father.  No man can come to the Lord unless the Father draw him. 

          I am not going to go any further today.  You have these notes, and all these footnotes, if you want to do a side study for yourself.  Lord willing, next Thursday we will start this Alternate Translation of Genesis 4, Verses 17 through 24, which I told you I would do last week. 

          These verses will show the meaning of the Scriptural names that we are likening or equating to the ten Titans of Greek mythology.  These were not human beings like we are.  They were mighty spiritual beings, whose intentions were to illegally incarnate.

          They did incarnate for a season in the line of people called Cain.  Cain’s descendants devolved into what we know to be the cavemen and ceased to exist.  These same mighty ones, today, are seeking to incarnate in Seth’s descendants, which we are. 

          They have found a foothold in a man called Pastor James David Manning.  They are seducing large numbers of God’s people.  We have been commissioned by the Lord to respond to Pastor Manning in response to his own words.  What the Lord will do from here, we do not know.  We are not doing anything in the natural other than debate. 

          I believe we have been responsible to the Lord, and we believe that the outcome will glorify God for all concerned.  Any questions or comments before we close?  God bless you all.




 09/24/08 Jo Reformatted

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