559 - 1 Part

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It is our own pride saying I am god, no you are not, you know, you have got to get out of the way, John said, I must decrease so that Jesus can increase, we of ourselves have to get out of the way so that Christ can come forth in us and become our new man, who is capable of not only sending us on assignments but protecting us and defending us. It is our own mind that is our worst enemy. Pastor Xxxx is being scourged right now, he is under a very severe judgment.


We are limited on our time today, my heart goes out to him but the Lord has told me that he is called, Xxxx is ministering to him personally by telephone because Jalingo is like I think as far as California is from here, it is far. We had to take a plane and then we traveled across land for what was it three hours, it is a big trip. Xxxx is ministering to him by telephone, but my whole point is, this is what the Lord told me that got me so excited, that, because at one point I was doubting that the Lord sent me. We had, had a lot of difficulties and I was doubting that the Lord had sent me, I thought maybe I made a mistake, but today I know that I did not, that our trip was worth while, that we deposited a seed in the middle of nowhere.


Listen, this is my point, the Lord did not send us to Abuja which is the official capital of Nigeria which is Muslim, it the political capital, but it is Muslim, the Lord did not send it to Abuja, He did not send us to Imo State which is Muslim, He did not send us to any of the eastern states in Nigeria, which are Muslim, He sent us to the state that not only, well first of all the people in Taraba are fifty/fifty, Muslim and Christian, but the governor in Christian and the presence of the Lord is being expressed in that state by improvement. That is the sign that the Lord is working there, growth, prosperity, people getting an opportunity, businesses rising up there. The Lord picked a man in Taraba State not in Imo State, not in Abuja, but in the state that is governed by a Christian, and even though half of the population is Muslim, the population Muslim or Christian, elected a Christian governor, and he is making such progress that they are writing him up in the papers, and the Lord picked a man from that state and the Lord said to me, Sheila, He said, I have told you in my word that the wickedness covers the whole world, the darkness, the spiritual darkness that covers over Africa is almost impenetrable by the Spirit of God, it is that thick, at least the level, at least the degree of power that is present in the church today cannot fight that thing, cannot get through it, the Holy Spirit could not get through it.


The curse is still raging there and Christians know it, they know that the Holy Spirit has not broken that curse and many are going back to witchcraft, I am told. The Lord said, I got through that atmosphere, I got through that dark atmosphere in the state of Taraba, because of the Christian governor and the spirit that is arising that is covering that state. The Lord said, I penetrated it from above, but also the darkness from underneath was diluted because my presence is already there.


That is just really exciting, who knows ten or twenty years from now, this word, this is the word, and the Spirit that carries this word, that is going to break the bondage on Africa, not the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is not powerful enough to do it, the man has to do it, it has to be the Christ anointing to break it. This is just very exciting what the Lord has done. We were talking about politics, the Lord is interested in politics and He ministers His will through His people, and this is the key, you vote for the person that honors God, and then changes are made in the government that will meet your needs. If you vote your needs which is selfishness, you are going to vote in men that dishonor God. The way the country is going, if things do not turn around this country is going to collapse.


It cannot continue, and the Republicans who have been elected in the past did not honor God and the are under judgment and because they are under judgment, we are under judgment. When the father of a family goes under judgment, the whole family goes under judgment, wife and the kids, everybody goes under judgment, everybody underneath the person being judged goes under judgment.


If I go under judgment it will affect all of you. God is political, the problem is the leaders have to be hearing from God, but it should not be that difficult to know this principle. You do not vote for the man who says he is going to relieve you financially because maybe he is lying to you. Even if it is true that, that man will relieve you financially, when the Lord says, Someone else has my morals, you vote for the man with the morals and integrity of God and everything will reconcile itself. In the meantime, you believe the Lord Jesus Christ can meet your need. Large numbers of the Christian population have not been taught this, the leaders are responsible for what the people have done. The leaders are responsible, but the whole country and the people thereof pay the price.


God is political, I have had one pastor who use to have a church across the street, she told me I am not political, she was not even involved in the presidential election, this is misunderstanding of what the Lord requires of us. The Lord, His choice of government is democracy, so that He could manifest Himself through each individual person, and He will not move supernaturally, to the best of my understanding, He does not move supernaturally in a democracy unless His people are really scrambling to do the right thing, and then He may give them a little boost.


Basically He speaks to the people and if the people disobey, we reap what we sow. A lot of Christians, both the House and the Senate have gone over to the democrats because of Christians voting incorrectly. The Christian being discontent with whatever they are discontent with, making their own choices as to who to vote for, based on what men say, based on what fallen men say. If nobody has a question now, we are going to start the meeting and then I am just going to open the floor for any questions or comments that maybe someone has to get things off of their chest.


...we come under the dominion of Satan and nothing good can come out of that, Xxxx in her right prayer, she has just called down judgment on the nation, because as I told you the form of government that is God’s choice of government is democracy, but it does not work unless the people are obedient to Him. What is happening today is that and He is really just concerned with the Christians you know, the Christians are listening to their own mind which is Leviathan rather than what He has to say, because if the body of Christ were in right order, He would deal with the other people.


It is when the body of Christ is out of order the whole nation starts going down, and that is what is happening in our country today. I do not want to leave you without hope, I have hope, that judgment will fall, there are different degrees of judgment. A severe form of judgment is occupation by a foreign nation, that is what happening to Israel, do not think it cannot happen here because it can, that is what happened to Israel. Another severe form of judgment which is painful could be disease, destruction, economic destruction. We do not really know what is going to happen here but I want to encourage you by reminding you that Israel continuously fell into sin, and was occupied by other nations continuously time and time again, and every time they went into, Israel fell into occupation or some form of destruction, they cried out to God and the Lord delivered them, how did He deliver them? He sent a judge, the Bible calls it a judge, a deliverer, a savior, in every account it was always a military savior, a military deliverer who raised up an army in Israel to fight against the occupying force.


In this day and age the occupying force is spiritual. I hope it does not come to this country being physically occupied by another nation, I do not personally think it is going to happen. Right now we are spiritually occupied. Before the country can fall into a condition where it will be occupied by another nation, the people of Israel, and we are spiritual Israel, we first have to be occupied in our minds by foreign invaders. The carnal mind has to tear down whatever manifestation of the Christ mind we have before it comes to the point that a physical army occupies us.


Everything that happens in this world is an outplaying of the acting out of the spiritual reality of the minds of the people. What happens in this world is the playing out or the outplaying or the acting out of the spiritual reality of the condition of the minds of the people. If the people are serving God, we have liberty, if the people are serving themselves which is their pride, and their own self interest, we fall under tyranny, history has proved that, it is the truth. I believe that what is going to happen in this nation today, in this nation and in Great Britain, well Great Britain is like gone from what I understand, they are just completely occupied, completely taken over.


Great Britain and this country were the great proponents of Christianity in the world, and I do not believe Britain is doing much of anything, but the United States still has missionaries all over the world, we are still feeding people, and giving medical attention and ministering the gospel all over the world, we are doing, it is the bride church, but they are doing a great work for the Lord.


What is happening is that the spiritual enemy is coming in, if it is not stopped, we are going to go the way of Great Britain, which is like finished right now, spiritually finished, they are ready for occupation, and well we are out of time, so I will not go into that, but they are ready for occupation, their own Muslim citizens are marching in the streets wanting to take over the government of Great Britain and make it a Muslim nation, put them under the Sharia law, where if you steal they cut your hand off, forcing you to be a Muslim. This country is the last hurrah.


All of the European nations are against us, Canada is against us, I think New Zealand is still okay, they have all gone socialistic and secular humanistic, they have all gone anti-God. We are standing like a light in a dark world. If we go down the whole world is going into another dark age. I believe in this day and hour the Lord Jesus is going to raise up a deliverer before the judgment manifests in the natural before we are occupied by another nation, and that, that deliver, and we have a whole message on this, Christ Jesus is the last deliverer of Israel, a spiritual savior is going to rise up, a collective body of people who will have ascended into the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ and they will deliverer this nation from a high spiritual plane, they will manifest the deliverance of the Lord Jesus Christ from that high spiritual plane that will trickle down to the natural world, and that we will not go under foreign occupation, that is my belief and my hope.


Why do I say that? Because that is what I have been teaching here for years, so why would I be teaching and going through all that I have gone through to minister this word to people if this nation and the whole world is going into a new dark age, it makes no sense at all. We cannot look at the circumstances, never look at the circumstances, you have to believe God, but of course you cannot believe God for a fantasy. I know people who believe God for fantasy, when you believe God you have to believe you are under, what the Scripture is telling you, and there is circumstantial evidence, Jesus said, No one know when He is coming again, but you can see the signs of the times.


What I just told you is circumstantial evidence, all of us have been laboring here, some a little more, some a little longer, some a little less, we have been laboring to bring this word forth, hopefully in the hope that it is going to manifest in us, that we will be amongst those who will ascend and be a part of the body of saviors for the country and the world, and the Lord has been here powerfully with His Spirit. How could it be that the whole world is going into another dark age, it is not possible. I believe that, that is not going to happen, based on what I have seen God do for the last thirty years, that is not going to happen, but that does not mean we are not going to feel pain, and there may be no other way, everything will be okay.


Each of us in our personal lives who have served Him to the best of our ability and we have to believe that He will protect us no matter what happens in this nation. I remind you that even during the crash in the Great Depression in 1929, there were people who had money, everybody was not on the street selling apples, there were people who were rich during the Depression. The Lord is full well able to take care of us and meet our every need.


When the medical society collapses, He is going to heal us spiritually, if the monetary system collapses, and I do not know that it will, some people that, He will take care of us, and we have to believe that, because when you lose your faith, you open yourself to the world of the Serpent.


When you lose your faith, you spiritually fall into the Serpent’s world, where Satan has authority over you, and then she can hurt you, she can take your food away, she can take your medicine away, she can take your doctors away, but when you have faith based on sound Scriptural principles and experiences in God, your consciousness abides in the kingdom of God where all things are possible. We have to resist defeat, and fear, resist fear at all costs, fear is your enemy, fear is an enemy.


I did not realize until I gave you all this exhortation on this message, the extent of what I was saying about Jesus raising up a savior before the problem manifests in the natural with regard to physical occupation by a foreign army which is the ultimate judgment upon the nation, that is what happened to Israel and to Judah. Israel disappeared completely, not only were they occupied, their citizens were taken to I think it was Babylon, Media Persia or Babylon, and other nations occupied their lands and we do not know where they are, they disappeared completely, Judah was occupied by Babylon, the seed royal was taken to Babylon, the common people were left in the land, and Judah still exists as a nation today, but the ultimate judgment is the disappearance of your nation.


I did not realize until I gave this exhortation, that this is what I have been preaching in this ministry for years. At least one of the values or part of the value of becoming spiritual in Christ Jesus is that we acquire the ability to see trouble before it appears in the natural. In other words, if we are in, we are part of a group whether it be a fellowship or it be a place where you have a secular job or a family, and you see in the spirit that someone is angry at you and meaning to do you harm, because as we ascend spiritually we develop what the world would call psychic abilities, and the Lord will let us hear the thoughts, the evil thoughts of people who intend to harm us. Sometimes it comes in the form of knowledge, sometimes we hear an audible voice, I heard an audible voice of a woman lying about me to my pastor years ago. It scared me half to death at the time.


This is one of the benefits of becoming spiritual in Christ Jesus that we could head off the sin by praying against what we hear in the spirit, or even sin within ourselves. If we see sin arising from the unconscious part of our mind which no one has control of today, we do not have control over the unconscious part of our mind today.


Being spiritual in Christ Jesus, we can see the sin that Satan is cooking up, trying to pass it through to our subconscious and conscious mind hoping we will agree with it, or we can see the evil intentions of other people towards us, and we could blow it up, we could blow this trouble up before it ever appears in the natural, before it ever hurts us, before our own sin ever hurts us, or hurts someone that we love, sometimes we get angry at people that we love, and we hurt them, or if it is someone who truly is our enemy, as was this woman in the church that I was attending, she was my enemy, and I was able to ward off what she was doing because I was prepared for it.


In some instances we can blow it up before it ever manifests in the natural, and in other instances, it prepares us for when, in my case where the woman was lying to me about my pastor, it prepared me, I knew that someone was telling this lie about me, and when I was presented with it by my pastor, I knew which end was up, I already knew how the Lord told me to deal with the situation, I knew what to say, and I was victorious.


I have been teaching that here was long as I have been teaching which is nineteen years, and I just realized that what I just said to you is that is exactly how this nation is going to be saved because a group of people are going to ascend into high spiritual places in Christ Jesus, and they are going to see their utter destruction which is the occupation of this nation by a foreign nation, they are going to see it in the distance and they are going to deal with it and stop it before it manifests in the natural by the power of almighty God. That is what we are scrambling for.


I have heard people say, Well what do you get out of studying this doctrine, what does it do for you? It raises you up into places of power in Christ Jesus. We are not only raised up in power to deliver ourselves or our family, we are raised up to be saviors of the nation and the world in accordance with the will of God for each and every situation. We cannot be affective saviors if we are following after our own perception of the problem and our own solution for the problem, that will never cut it because you are going to find yourself practicing witchcraft, so there is no way that you are going to be involved in solving the problem if you have not yet arisen to the place where you can evaluate the problem, see it as the Lord Jesus sees it and understand His solution of the problem, and that is what we teach here if you are willing to give up your carnal thoughts and start to think like God thinks to whatever degree I am able to teach you at this point, I have some knowledge of how God thinks, you have to start small.


We have a whole church out there that thinks they have the mind of Christ when they answer an altar call, and they are evaluating situations, they are judging people and they are executing judgment on people that maybe they are right judging the person, maybe the person did do something wrong but they are judging them in condemnation out of their carnal mind, and when they execute that judgment, they destroy them, and themselves. Worst of all, they are unfaithful to the Lord who is giving them power to execute judgment, because they have stolen the Lord’s power, and they are using it to feed their own ego, and their own will, and that my friends is exactly what the Serpent did to Adam before time began, she stole his power and to this day she is using it to satisfy her own purposes and her own will.


If you are doing that, it is proof that you are not a manifestation of Christ Jesus, but you are a manifestation of the Serpent. In Christ Jesus we all have the opportunity to confess that, to recognize that, to repent, and to transfer our very lives, our minds and our soul over into the service of the Lord Jesus Christ. You have to have a witness as to who you are, you cannot be the only one that believes that you are out there judging righteously, and if you are in a ministry like this, you should have my agreement, if you do not have my agreement, something is wrong, if you think you are judging righteously and you do not have my agreement, you are not judging righteously, because the Lord put you here, I am the elder that watches for your soul. Are there any questions or comments, does anyone want to express themselves over the election, the floor is open.


COMMENT: I just fell so much in agreement with everything that you said during this whole exhortation, I just, I feel in my spirit that the sons of God, and it is very soon and I am very happy about it, I expressed it this morning, in the song, the Joy of the Lord is My Strength, and of course the Lord’s prayer, but I just wanted to comment on that.


PASTOR VITALE: We have every reason to be hopeful.


COMMENT: Sheila I also agree and I see what we are going through, I think the reason why the Republicans lost is many Christians did not agree with what was happening, so they just did not vote, many of them.


PASTOR VITALE: Really? That is really sad.


COMMENT: According to Rush, and Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin, and Mark Levin the night before was pleading with them, do not let the things that they did hold you back, go vote anyway, but I feel they did not, they felt that they were going to punish the Republicans. It is amazing that the democrats won without even having a campaign, they won because of all of the lies and the distrust that they gave through the media, and through themselves that was their warfare, they just condemned all of the Republicans, even if they were right, they condemned them anyway, so what I believe we are going to come into judgment.


PASTOR VITALE: We are in the judgment right now with the House and the Senate in democratic hands.


COMMENT: I praise God because I started to feel bad and the Lord kept giving me the Scripture, He raises up and He pulls down, so if God is in control, how can I be against Him.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, you can be sad because the country is under judgment, we are reaping what we sowed. I do not believe the democrats won, I believe the Republicans lost, and as far as I know the democrats have no plan, and I heard Tom DeLay speak last night, and one of the big conflicts, if you do not have God, it is just really hard, you hear one side saying one thing, and the other side saying the other thing, who do you believe if you do not have God? I just heard a democrat last night saying how they are going to get tax relief for the middle class, and that only the rich receive tax relief according to George Bush’s tax relief program which I do not believe is true, but the lies that go forth today from the democratic party are unprecedented, so Tom DeLay said on tv last night that the average person, their taxes are going to go up $2,000 by the time the democrats get their hands on the tax program.


I hope that he is wrong, but I really doubt that he is wrong. The bottom line, what are these democrats after as far as the tax cuts go, what are they after? What they are after is taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor, they are after giving a, I do not know exactly what they called it, but did you know that people that never pay taxes got money back? Yes that is the kind of program that they want, and I cannot think of the right words to explain it. They want to tax the rich and then give money to the poor people who did not pay taxes at all.


We are talking about socialism here, we are talking about a political philosophy, this country is in a political war, a political philosophical war and it is in a spiritual philosophical war. There are strong forces that want this country to go into socialism, I think some would have it go into communism, but that is not too realistic, but all of Europe is in socialism, Canada is in socialism. All of Christendom is in socialism, the whole strong forces within this country that want us to go into socialism, where socialism has failed in Canada, it has failed in Europe, their economies are collapsing, but they want to bring it to pass here too. That is what it is all about.


They are saying that they tax relief for the middle class person. They are talking about the people that make $10,000 or less. People that work hard and maybe have two people working in a family, a married couple and you are making $50,000 or $75,000 a year, according to the democratic ideals you are rich, you are the rich. So your taxes are going to go up about $2,000 a year, between $1,000 and $2,000 a year so that they can give reverse tax rebates to people that never pay taxes, it is called socialism.


In my opinion, if that is what you want to do, you should tell the people, see I am not a socialist, but if you are a socialist that is okay, I could still be friends with you, what I cannot tolerate is the lies, that you tell the average person that you want tax relief for the middle class and the person making $50,000 a year thinks that he is middle class, and his taxes are going to go up to give money to people that did not pay taxes.


If you want a socialist state, declare who you are, say what you stand for, say that you are a socialist, say that you want to bring socialism into this nation, do not lie to ignorant people, and uneducated people, to me that is morally wrong, and that is what is happening in this country today. People are being lied to by a very powerfully organized lie machine that has seduced the minds of the people and they have the media, not all of the media, but they have the major newspapers, and the major news channels all in their pocket, and people that do not study for themselves, are completely seduced by the lies, and therefore we are going to reap what we sow. Everybody that voted for a democrat is going to find out the mistake that they made, and hopefully they will find out in time for the presidential election in 08 hopefully.


COMMENT: What really got me was the two of the offices that won, one was for the Senate, and the other one I think was for control, were democrats, and they had such proof that these men were so corrupt, and talking on the news about these two particular men, how corrupt they were, and yet the people are so seduced and diluted to still vote for these two men! It was just astounding to me, because it was your face all of the time about these two particular men, how corrupt they really are, and even the new governor of New York State said that if he won, that he would prosecute one of these men, and they were elected. This just shows what passivity and how people think that they have become so corrupt, the American people have been so corrupt.


Like the one man he allowed a chauffeur to drive his wife back and forth to the doctors, and this was so illegal, he knew that this chauffeur was at his beck and call, not at anybody in his family’s beck and call, and it cost thousands and thousands of dollars just for him to transport this man’s wife back and forth to the doctors or wherever else she was going, and even him, the investigation is so in your face, how could people vote him in? I said, it is just a sad thing, it shows you more and more what moral decay is in this country, as long as you do not bother them, they do not care, they vote for you, or they will go on with their life and not care about their surroundings, the people do not care, as long as you are not banging on their door and throwing them out of their house...


PASTOR VITALE: ...and you do not touch their money, or their lifestyle.


COMMENT: ...and you do not touch their money, they think, they probably thought that even if the man allows his wife to go in the chauffeur’s car, that is okay, it is just a little thing, it is not a big corrupt thing, but they do not realize this is the thing that has been found out about this man, what are the things that have not been found out? It is a really pathetic world.


PASTOR VITALE: I think it is more than that, I think it is a spirit of witchcraft that has gone out over the nation, but the only reason that it could be successful is that the people are not in connection with God. The defense against witchcraft is communion or union with God. As the nation departs from God, they come under the dominion of Satan who is the ultimate witch. People do not understand that we are not, we do not stand alone, we are not an island. Either, we are spiritually female, and we cannot exist without a man, either we are in union with the Lord Jesus or we are in union with Satan and Leviathan.


People do not get that, they think they are their own person, but the mind that is separated from God is the mind of Satan and Leviathan. That is what is going on in this country. Listen brethren, the Scripture says, there is nothing new under the sun.


This is the same exact thing that happened to the woman in the garden on a higher plane of consciousness and that event, the seduction of the woman, in one of the spiritual planes of consciousness is playing itself out, it is outplaying itself in our world right now, it is the same event.


Remember, the same event occurs on all planes of consciousness simultaneously. The seduction in the garden is taking place in this country right now, it is taking place in our world before and hopefully, now that Christ Jesus is appearing, it will not happen again, but it is just like the movie the ground hog day, all of the fall, and all of the individual aspects of the fall, are replaying themselves over and over and over again for thousands, millions, billions who knows of years, I would not argue with you about the age of the universe. It is just playing itself over and over and over again, until somebody does something different. The different thing that is going to be done is that somebody, his name is Christ Jesus, is going to stand up in one of the highest spiritual planes and stop this before it acts out, plays out this time in the natural, and we have the privilege of being in existence and being hopefully the vessels that this great event will take place in, it is very exciting.


COMMENT: Sheila, another thing, their minds, they are so corrupt, in Massachusetts alone, how they could elect a man again who is a murderer and yet they think nothing of it.


PASTOR VITALE: Who is that, Xxxx.


COMMENT: Teddy Kennedy.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh yeah, he is horrible.


COMMENT: It is like they do not even have to waste their money going around trying to get elected, they know they are going to get elected. He is terrible.


PASTOR VITALE: Aside from being a murderer, he is a horrible man, but anyway.


COMMENT: It is funny that you even mentioned like the movie the ground hog day, how the life of this man kept playing over and over, and everything that he did, did not change anything, he was pushing towards his lust was one aspect, his desires were another aspect, he went insane at one point, and the only thing that changed was love, when genuinely fell in love and wanted the best for this other person, and that is the aspect of Christ, that the only thing that is going to change this, the outcome of this, this world.


PASTOR VITALE: Exactly, very good point, because when we fall in love with Him, and we take our eyes off of ourselves trusting Him, we serve Him trusting Him to meet our needs. That is the manifestation of the love that is going to bring Him into existence and that would put a stop to this cycle of selfishness, we fall under this because of selfishness. The woman, the reason the woman was seduced was because she disobeyed Jehovah’s law, why? Because she thought that her ideas were better, the tree looked good, it looked good you know, it looked good to her, so maybe she misunderstood Jehovah’s instruction, or maybe Jehovah did not know what He was talking about. I do not think that she consciously reasoned it out, her own thoughts arose in her mind and she decided to pursue after her own thoughts.


The tree looks good to me, actually it was not Jehovah, Elohim said, Do not eat of the tree, but it looks good to me, so I think I am going to try it anyway, and here we are, going round and round and round the mountain, of going round and round the desert that the Hebrew children went around for forty two years, we are going round and round and round, but today in this generation I believe and it is my hope that Christ Jesus will stand up in a company of people and put up His hand and say, That is it, no more, it is all over.


We know that, that has to happen sooner or later, because this creation must line up with the imagination that God had when He first came into existence, we are perversion right now, we are in the image of the Serpent. This cannot continue and it looks like this is the time.


We have every reason to be joyous in the midst of what appears to be a defeat, but it is just a temporary defeat, it is not the war, it is just a battle , and this defeat will work for the good of the whole, thank God. Anybody else?


COMMENT: I was disturbed by this Nancy Pelosi, being from San Francisco with all the moral decay there and bringing those principles in, it is almost like it has opened a way for Hillary Clinton to come in and give the people what they want, utter destruction and moral decay.


PASTOR VITALE: That is true, anybody else, last call.


COMMENT: This has nothing to do politically, I was just concerned about the immigration and all illegal people that are in this country, I have a very bad feeling about them, I do not feel that they have come here to join us, as Americans, I constantly have in my mind that they came here to take over. It seems this is what they are doing. You could see it seeping in so many ways with all of the products that we sell today has Spanish on it, none of the immigrants that ever came to this country had their languages put on products the way the Spanish do today.


I have a big concern of who is behind all of this, and why has this happened, that is my big concern because it seems to have happened very slowly but methodically and it is escalating, and you could see when these people come in they put in roots, but their roots are like a take over root. We have seen this with Chinese and everything else but they more or less blend with our country, but I have seen with these Spanish, they seem to want to take over and I say to the Lord, we have one South America, we do not need another. What is really going on here?


PASTOR VITALE: What is going on is that the mentality of secularism has arose in the United Nations after World War 2, where all of the nations of the United Nations agreed to what they call open immigration, open immigration, anybody can immigrate to any country that they want to, you just have to get on the list and wait for your turn. The reason behind it is the religion that is driving the United Nations which is humanism, secular humanism, and most people will not agree that, that is a religion, but it is a religion, well I cannot get into secular humanism now, but it is definitely a religion, and it is the diametric opposite of Christianity and it is determined to wipe out Christianity.


Secular humanism opposes Christianity, Judaism, Christianity, actually it opposes Islam also, they call those three religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam the religions of the book, because all three religions do believe in the Bible. Islam does believe in the Old Testament. Secular humanism is opposed to those three religions, they want to wipe out anything to do with the God of the Bible, and the reason behind that is the forces behind it are determined to bring back paganism which we see rising in this country, witchcraft, Satanism, it is legal to practice Satanism which is totally insane in this nation, and just arises out of the ignorance of the Supreme Court Justices, that think it is just a religion where you go to church say hallelujah and go home or go to church and say, Praise Satan, and go home, they do not have any concept of the exercise of spiritual power, it is just amazing.


That is what is happening, the forces behind it want to raise up or reinstate paganism and witchcraft, a complete freedom of the religions that were wiped out by Christianity which are witchcraft based religions. That is what is behind it all, and these people are very powerful, they have a lot of money, and even behind that, we did a message in the CCK meeting on the Merovingian line which is very interesting to find out. When I first commented on the Matrix, I had never even heard of the Merovingian line before, I thought it was a fantasy, but apparently there was a French king called Merovi, and his line sat on the throne of France for quite a few generations, maybe even a couple of hundred years, I am not sure, I do not recall at the time, and that line intermarried with the Hapsburgs which is the royal line that ruled in Germany, and actually it is more than Germany, the Hapsburg line is all over Europe.


I know that the current king of Spain is a Hapsburg and that Hapsburg blood is all over Europe, and they are determined to put the monarchies back over the nations again. There are several agendas that are converging into this behavior, the people that want to put the monarchies, get rid of democracy, put the monarchies or the kings back on the thrones, the people that want to bring witchcraft back, the people that want to bring other forms of pagan religion back. All of these agendas and what they have in common is that they want to bring down Christianity, that is the bottom line. They are bringing this open immigration is bringing people in here that are breaking up the strength of the United States and a lot of people might not like to hear this but it is the God of the Bible that gave this country and Great Britain its strength, it is not the god of the Roman Catholic Church, so all of these immigrants that are coming in, not all of them, but large portions of them are Catholic, it is a different Jesus, they are breaking up the spiritual power of the nation and they are bringing division in the nation and the whole plan is to bring down Christianity, and they want to bring down the whole United States.


In addition to that, there is an economic war going on, because the United States has dominated the economic scene since World War 2, but now that we have the European common market, they are competing very strongly with us, and if things do not turn around, they are going to overtake us, and we will become second to the European common market in business and industry.


There are all of these agendas are just swimming around and they all have one thing in common, bring down America and bring down Christianity, bring down Christianity bring down America. They have already brought down Britain. Did I answer your question? Yes, that is the answer.


They are going to replace Christianity with a world religion, you see they are not admitting that secularism is a religion, it is really Hinduism, it is really veiled Hinduism, but they have to put somebody up there, so now what is also emerging on the world scene, the battle between the Pope, the religion chosen by these forces that are largely on unidentified, and their choice is the Dalai Lama, who is the head of the Buddhist church, the head of the Buddhist church who now resides in India because he fled from Tibet when China took over Tibet, but the Pope, you know the papacy is very political, and that papacy, whoever the Pope at the time, they know exactly what is going on, the Pope has already spoken out several times about immigration, that it is getting out of hand, because all of the Christian nations are being swallowed up by the Islamic citizens.


It is also my understanding that when the current Pope made that comment, I do not remember who he was talking about, but he was in Germany, he was in his native land in Germany and he gave this speech where he referred to something in history that happened hundreds of years ago, but the issue was the Muslim Catholic crusades, the wars that killed thousands of people which were for the lives of the Europeans, if the papal armies did not win that last crusade, the Muslims would have taken over all of Europe and we would all be Muslim today, Europe would have been all Muslim.


This is not over, you see people do not understand, our own country does not understand, when you go in to Bosnia and nations like that where they are having wars with other countries for centuries, you cannot go in a solve their problem, these two nations, Muslim, Christian, Serbia, they have been fighting with each other, killing each other for centuries, you think you are going to go in and solve the problem? These crusades, Muslim versus Catholic, over who is going to rule over Europe and the whole world, is as old as history, and the Pope knows about it.


The people in this country, God forgive us you know, we are just very ignorant, they do not want to teach history in school anymore, everybody, their brains are just shrinking. Anyway, when the Pope made that remark. That lit a fire and all of the Muslims were going around killing people because the Pope said something that was not so kind about Islam, and I do not remember what the remark was, and they were killing people, they killed people, they burnt down buildings, and they burnt his image, because that is what at least the people who really practice the Muslim religion, that is what they do, there is no freedom of speech, if you say one wrong thing about Mohammad or their religion, they kill you. He did not apologize profusely, but he knows what he did and he could not take it back, and what he did was, he threw down the gauntlet and he says, You are not taking over my Europe, because the Pope knows the crusade that started.


President Bush knows it too, but he is not telling it to the people because the people of this country cannot handle the truth. That is religious war over there.


COMMENT: They kept saying to President Bush yesterday in a press conference, are you going to compromise with the democrats that you are newly seated in the Senate and in your House. He says, Compromise no, speak it out, yes, but I am still a man of principles and I am going to keep what I believe in.


PASTOR VITALE: And Nancy Pelosi said, Not so fast, so this is going to be very interesting.


COMMENT: This is going to be very interesting, but no matter what they said or how they tried to trick him, because the press is very good in trying to trick people...


PASTOR VITALE: They cannot stop him.


COMMENT: ...and put words into your mouth, and if they see a situation, they come to a conclusion even before they know what really happened, it is opinionated and so down about everything, and then they are on their own podium all of the time.


PASTOR VITALE: They are supposed to be reporting the facts.


COMMENT: They never report the facts. They think what it could be or what it is, before they even talk to the person, and they have made up this whole scenario of a whole different picture of what anything is.


PASTOR VITALE: Well they know what they are doing.


COMMENT: Yes, they do!


PASTOR VITALE: They know exactly what they are doing.


COMMENT: Yes, they do and it is just sad to watch them because, if a person listens to what they said and then shut off the tv and walked away, you have already been fed so many lies by the press, and it has gone into your spirit and it is too late.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I think the press talking about all of these different streams that are coming into, that are joining because what they have in common is that they want to bring down Christianity, why? Because Christianity is a political force in the world, it is a force for righteousness in the world, it is. All of these different agendas that they want to bring down Christianity and in order to bring down Christianity they have to bring down this nation. What is behind the press I believe by in large, these reporters, they believe in the one world government that is espoused by the United Nations, they are actually people that if you can pick it up when you hear it, or if you can pick it up when you read their work, they call themselves citizens of the world, that is how they can treasonist towards this country and have a good conscience, because they are out to destroy nationalism, they call themselves citizen of the world, but who is running the world government? The United Nations that have who was it, some slave nation on the committee for human rights, it is just ridiculous, it is just utterly ridiculous, and if we continue to feed into it, it would be the end of this nation, we cannot feed into it.


You cannot say that we are equal to a nation that still has legal slavery. The whole mentality is insanity, you know and here is the bottom line brethren, the Christians are responsible for standing up to it, and they are not doing it. The United States has a responsibility as a Christian nation that is as great as it is because of the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ, to stand against he evils in the world, and we are corrupting from within, and that is what is happening.


To get back to my point, most of the reporters I believe, the stream that they are coming from, is this one world government, they are citizens of the world, they want to destroy nationality wherever they can, and they want to destroy the religions of the book wherever they can, because people that have an intense relationship with their God are very hard if not impossible to control. That is what a martyr is, people will die before they will turn away from their principles. They are trying to break the power of any powerful religion, and they are giving us secularism, what does secularism do? It makes you feel good, and it has no moral base, it is all about you, what you can do to feel good and how you solve your own personal problems, and this phony peace of the world, which means peace at the price of righteousness, and the end of it all is world slavery, which goes right along with the cloning that is going on.


It is a pandemic, the Serpent’s plan is very far gone, and the Serpent’s plan is to enslave humanity, that is the Serpent’s plan to enslave humanity. From the very beginning when Eve was seduced in the higher plane of consciousness, that is now trickling down here, that is the Serpent’s plan to enslave us, to inhabit us and dwell us and enslave us. It is pretty far gone in the western world, in the Christian world, it is alarming, if I did not believe what I believe, I would be very alarmed.


Of course you have all of these Christians that think they are safe because of the rapture but they are believing a lie, they are not safe because there is no rapture, but I believe in the spiritual rapture and I have the hope that Christ Jesus will stand up and judge Israel. Now listen to what I just said, that Christ Jesus will stand up and judge Israel. Christ Jesus is not going to stand up and judge the heathen, He is not going to stand up and judge the Islam lands, or the Muslim countries, He is going to stand up and judge Israel, the church which is manifesting a reprobate mind, going for the people that have no morals at all, are not voting at all after being a Christian long enough to know that they should be voting, that God is political, it is the church that is going under judgment brethren, and the elders thereof. All of these preachers and pastors, that have not educated their people, it is the church that is going under judgment.


Salvation is going to the Muslims, and judgment is going to the church. For a while the Lord had me going a little store front fellowship opened across the road, and the Lord had me going over there on Wednesday nights which He has not done it in a long time, but what He has me to do from time to time, He has me to approach people not as who I am in Christ, just as an average person, not in my office of pastor, or whatever other office I have, and something was said at one of their meetings about all of these miracles that are going on in India and how it is coming here next.


I said, No, miracles are not coming here next, judgment is coming here next. I caused such an uproar, which I should have known it, but I did not realize what I was doing, I caused such an uproar that the young man, one young man left the church because the preacher did witness that it was the Spirit of God on me, I do not know the details because she never told me, but he wound up leaving the church, and right after that, 9-11 hit, and we got hit with 9-11.


All of this preaching that there is going to be another Holy Ghost revival like that one that happened a hundred years ago, it is just not true. What is coming is judgment, because that Holy Ghost revival that hit a hundred years ago has not produced Christ Jesus in the church. That is the whole purpose of revival to produce Christ Jesus in the individual, so that He will stand up and save the world. That revival that came a hundred years ago has not produced Christ Jesus. The revival that is coming is the judgment that is going to produce Christ Jesus, and we are on the front lines, the cutting edge, we have the opportunity way in advance. Anybody else? This has been an interesting meeting today.




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