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Praise the Lord everybody, we are going to be doing some dream interpretation today. The dream world has been very, very active, there is so much going on, and I think there has been more spiritual activity towards, let me say it this way, from what I can perceive, there is a big move of the Spirit of God to bring more people into this message that we call the doctrine of Christ. Maybe I should put this on the board for you, let me put this on the board for you, let me show you how this works.


I have put drawing #1 on the board, and I am attempting to show you how the word of the Lord is spread. It does not, just like everything else in this world, the word of God does not hit everybody at once. When the Lord Jesus Christ deals with us, He works through established institutions and established ways of doing things. Nothing in this world starts with millions of people. It always starts in seed form. Someone has an idea and then it spreads locally, then it spreads abroad, and some ideas spread throughout the whole world. There is always a slow spreading.


The reason it is taking so long for this doctrine of Christ to spread abroad and that is the Scriptural expression, spread abroad, we are going to read some of those Scriptures on to the message, is that, this is the true word of God, it is the real thing, we were saying this off of the tape. Everything other than the doctrine of Christ, everything that does not deal with the realities of the warfare between the Christ and the carnal mind, it is just an introduction to the person of God.


When we really start studying the word of God, it always comes down to the same foundational truth. There is a warfare going on between God, the creator of the universe, and the Serpent, who the Scripture calls a fugitive Serpent who has run away with the creation. The carnal mind might say, is that not ridiculous, how could the Serpent steal God’s creation? Because the carnal mind perceives that as a weakness in God, that the Serpent was able to steal from Him, but that is not the case.


God is has not made automaton, He is not made a robot, He has made a son, He is forming and preparing to give birth to a son, a thinking reasoning feeling, entity that we call mankind, or that God calls mankind, and that son has to be trained up like any other child that we would train up, and he has to learn to make the decisions that will produce the existence of life as opposed to the existence we call death. He must choose. In the long run he will have to choose life because he will, and who is he? The many members of mortal humanity today are mankind which at one point in antiquity was just one being called Adam. Adam has proliferated into the many members of humanity today and he is learning how to choose righteousness, because every time he chooses unrighteousness, even though he does not perceive it to be unrighteousness, he has a bad consequence.


Today Adam is learning from consequences because he failed to be obedient to the instruction of the Father, and I do not believe it was a deliberate disobedience, it was not that he sat down and said, I am going to disobey my Father, he was seduced, he was tricked in his mind and his own, he preferred his own thought over the instruction of God. It was just an act of spiritual immaturity. We see the same thing in our own children. By that misjudgment, to prefer his own reasoning which at the moment was the reasoning of the Serpent to the instruction of the Lord, catapulted or changed the whole forum in which Adam was being developed, and it changed from the garden of Eden where every need he had was met to a place called eastward of Eden, which is the mortal side of the garden, because the garden is just the world where we are growing up, where he now learns from experience, and he has to go out there, he is on his own, he is like a bad kid who was put out of the house, did you ever have a teenager that was a spoiled brat and no matter how the parents reasoned with him, this kid just would not get his act together, he would be responsible, he was not a productive member of the family, he was causing confusion and trouble, and the father and the mother got together and said, Look son, we did everything we could for you, and you do not appreciate what you have here, so you have to go out and huff it. I know someone that, that happened to.


The guy was not such a kid, I think he was in his twenties, but he, mentally he was much less and the parents packed up, they sold their house on Long Island, and they packed up and they moved for Florida, and some people thought that, that was terrible because this kid now was on his own. Today though he made it, and I think that if it was not for that act on the part of his parents, he might still be playing for some heavy rock band and whatever else he was doing with that, you know, usually they are on drugs, I do not know for sure he was on drugs, but his life was not productive. He struggled and he resented his parents for years, but today he made it through college, he has a decent job, he has got a nice life and a baby and a house, and he is leading a life, I mean no life is perfect, but he is leading a productive life, a lot better than what, I cannot remember the kind of music that he was playing, hard rock, punk music or something like that.


That is what happened to Adam, it was his choice to follow his own thought as opposed to instruction. The Lord said, Okay, then you are going to reap what you sowed, and somewhere along the line, you are going to get this, somewhere along the line you are going to figure this out that what I told you back in antiquity is the way to life, and this is the whole moral of the parable of the prodigal son, for those of you who know it. One day you are the son that went off and it says, he took all of his inheritance, everything that God had given him and he squandered it, and that is what happened here, it has been wasted, that is why we die, our inheritance, the spirit of life has been wasted. We die from generation to generation.


The Scripture says, One day, and this is Jesus parable, one day he woke up and he was in the pig pen, and he was sweeping out cleaning out pig pens, now of course that is the natural, that is the surface understanding of it, which is good enough, and he woke up one day and he says, What am I doing cleaning out pig pens? My father is a very rich man, and all I have to do is stop busting his chops and go back and submit to his rules and I could have a good life, what am I doing here cleaning out pig pens, and he went home, and his father received him with joy and gladness.


That is the account of Adam, that is us, and we come back to the Father and our life, well maybe you are not cleaning out a pig pen, but if your life is not on the upper side of the fifty percent of, if you look at your life on a scale of one to ten, and so far as you having a positive life, you are not above the five, if your life is causing you more trouble and heartache then good times, you are in the pig pen, you are in a spiritual pig pen, and the Lord is waiting for you, because everybody listening to this message has already made their decision, they have already woken up in the pig pen one day and said, I am going home, I have had enough of this stuff, I am going to follow the rules because this is no way to live, this is no way to exist. All of mortal humanity, we are the remains of this great being Adam, that he had everything, the whole world was at his finger tips, he did not have any finger tips, that is just a parable, every need he had was met, but he preferred his own thoughts which happened to be the thoughts that agree with the Serpent, and now the way back is to find a way to agree with the thoughts of God. We cannot agree with the thoughts of God if we do not understand what they are. The word of God is the thoughts of God.


It is the way God thinks, it is the way God perceives things, it is the way He understands things, there is no opinion, it is not that you have one opinion and I have another opinion, I happen to be the mouthpiece of God, I am the one for whatever His reason, raised up to teach this, what I call the rationale of God, the mind, the thought process of God, it is the way He reasons, it is the way He looks at situations and perceives them, it is a whole world of how you think and it is completely different than the way the carnal mind thinks.


The Scripture clearly says there is a way that seems right unto man but the end thereof is death, you keep dying, if you want to get out of this mess, you have to start thinking like God thinks, it is as simple as that. This is how God thinks, this is the reason why it has taken so long for this doctrine of Christ to proliferate, to spread out through the church, forget about the world, it is having a lot of, it is taking a long time to spread out into the church. The drawing that I have for you here is trying to demonstrate to you how the word spreads.


The Scripture says in Mark 6:39, the Scripture says them but He is talking about His disciples, the 12 disciples.


MARK 6:39


39. He commanded them to make...


It is talking about the thousands of people that came to hear Him preach, well I have my own questions about that, the Scripture says thousands came to hear Him teach, but they did not have mass transportation in those days, everybody walked by foot, and they lived in small towns, so this has nothing to do with this message, but I have trouble believing, three and four, and five thousand people came to hear preach at one time. I think that those numbers are spiritual numbers which we are not going to go into today, but apparently there had to be groups of them, however many, ten, twenty, thirty whatever, this is what the Scripture says;


39. He commanded them to make all that were come to listen to Him to sit down by companies upon the green grass. KJV


What does that mean? Were you ever in a service where they called you up to give you offering, and they said the first row first, come on up, the second row come on up, the third row come on up, everybody cannot go at once, there would be a stampede. We cannot have the whole church coming into this message today, why? Because there is no one to teach them. In this hour the Lord is raising up the leadership of this new move of God, but it is taking a lot longer than it took Pentecost, when Pentecost came in. That is the issue I would like to explain to you today, but let me finish on the board, and we will read these Scriptures on to the message also.


The message starts with one person, Jesus was one person, Paul was one person. Paul had a level of doctrine that the other apostles did not have initially, he starts, Bill Britton was the one that started teaching Sonship, He starts with one person. Today there are a multitude of teachers that teach Sonship, but as far as I know I am the only one teaching the doctrine of Christ, at least on the level that I am teaching it.


From time to time, somebody writes to me, some very well meaning person, believer, and they will say, Well I know the doctrine of Christ. Well no, you do not know the doctrine of Christ until you study with me for a while, and then you find out that you do not know it, you hear the words. I had one woman write to me saying that she was a Sunday school teacher and that she had taught the doctrine of Christ for years. It was, I have to give you this testimony, she wrote to me through the Christ Centered Kabbalah page, she had a word of knowledge in her head that there was a marriage coming, and that the truth about that marriage was on the Kabbalah page. I said to her at the time, I had an email communication with her, and I said to her at the time, This message, this Christ Centered Kabbalah is very difficult, will you not consider starting with some of the Living Epistles messages and learn the doctrine of Christ, because Christ Centered Kabbalah is advanced doctrine of Christ.


She said, No, I know the doctrine of Christ, I am a Sunday school teacher and I taught it for years, and I could not, finally I said to her, Well okay, if that is what you want, you can start with message #1 on the Christ Centered Kabbalah page. I knew in a million years she would never understand it. The Lord in His mercy moved upon me and at that time we were preaching the Eagle ascended which was the exciting message of the day, I emailed her that message and I said, We are sending this out to the email list and I am sending this to you, perhaps you will take a look at it, this is the doctrine of Christ. I never heard from the woman again, it was years ago, I never heard from her again.


I hope that I teach you by example, and I tell you that anything that I hear that I think that I know or that sounds wrong to me, I always run it pass the Lord, and I am getting more revelation than I have ever got by taking this position, Lord I just read that, this just happened the other day, I just read that, and I said, Lord I cannot believe it, but I do not want to be ignorant, I want to know, I want to believe everything you say is true, and I got almost an instant answer that it was true.


That happens to me more often than not. It just does not sound right to my carnal mind and then He shows it to me in a way that makes me say, Of course it is true, how come I never, I should know that, that is true, but it just came to me, you know sometimes even the principles that I teach you, they may come to you in a different format, so you are use to it in this format, when you hear it and in that format you reject it, it is the same truth, it just expressed differently. I knew this to be true, I should have known that it was true, I did not recognize it because it was couched in different terms, this carnal mind is death, and the only way we are going to get past it is to ignore it and go to the Lord Jesus. When the Scripture says, No man need teach you, this is what the Scripture is talking about, it does not mean that you do not need a teacher, it does not mean that you do not need to be in a group like this, it means that you come and you listen to the teacher that the Lord exposes to you to, but none of this is doing you any good until it gets inside of you, I am just presenting the ideas to you.


Then, either Adam, either fallen Adam in your mind is going to teach you, or Christ Jesus is going to teach you, when you go home or when you sit here and you pray about something that I am saying, as to whether it is true or not, either you are going to be taught by Christ or you are going to be taught by your carnal mind, and you do not have to be taught by your carnal mind, that is what it means. You do not have to be taught by your carnal mind, you can say, Lord, it sounds insane to me, but I only want your truth, and I do not care that it sounds insane to my carnal mind, what do you have to say?


That is what it means no man need teach you, but somebody has to present the ideas to you, it does not mean that the Lord is going to do the same thing for all of you that he does with the teachers because it is just not rational, He raises up one and then eventually a company of people to teach the multitudes, He does not teach everybody individually. Do we teach our children individually, everybody goes to school, I mean how many, well of course years ago, if you were a prince, if you were Alexander the Great, you know you could have Aristotle teaching you as your private tutor.


I have a private tutor, but even now when I brought forth the doctrine of Christ, I had a private tutor, today that I study Christ Centered Kabbalah, I no longer have a private tutor because I read other men’s writings, and the Lord teaches me, He says, Yes that is true, or no that is not true. I am in the same position that you are in on a different level at this time. When I brought forth the doctrine of Christ, I had a private tutor, the Lord Jesus Christ, but He does not give everybody a private tutor. That is what it means that no man need teach you, you have to hear the information, and then you decide who is going to teach you, your carnal mind or Christ.


Whenever the Lord is bringing forth a new, and of course then you have the people that say to you, there are no new words, everything that is going to be said is said, the Scripture says there is nothing new under the sun. Of course there is nothing new under the sun, but it is new to me, it is new to me, it is new to you, so let us not be ignorant shall we. Just the fact that the Scripture says there is nothing new under the sun does not mean that we know everything that is under the sun. We are just not going to move on if we do not get past this ignorance and this darkness of our carnal mind and it is pride, the pride of the mind of man, that says because there is nothing new under the sun, that means I know everything. Did you know everything when you were five years old, when you were ten years old, when you were fifteen years old, what are you going to school for if you know everything. It is just ridiculous, it is a manifestation of pride in our thought process.


The Lord starts with Christ Jesus in a teacher, and then that teacher directly teaches, I say the twelve disciples company, because that does not mean that it has to be exactly physically twelve disciples, but there is a group of people that the Lord surrounds a teacher with, this initial group that hears the message. From there the message spreads out, from there is spreads to home fellowships. Why does it start with home fellowships? Because of the pride of man, the larger ministries will not hear it, it is hard for someone that has a multibillion dollar ministry to believe that the Lord is giving the new move of God to some little person that they never heard of, they cannot comprehend it.


This is, now this does not mean that there cannot be an exception, this is the natural order as I have seen it progressing, in the nineteen years that I am teaching. It goes from the local people that surround the teacher and then out to home fellowships. That means, the message goes to leadership that are still humble, humble enough to believe that there may be word out there that they are not getting directly from God. This word has gone to several home fellowships at this time.


Then the next move out is to the local churches, and this is what I see happening today, right now that I know of, you all know that Pastor Manning is being dealt with, that the Lord sent him, first He sent him this word, and he recognized the anointing on the word, and then decided to take the ball and run with it instead of becoming a part of what God is doing at this time. Instead of being a part of the order that the Lord is, the program of God as He proliferates this word, Pastor Manning took it and started to do his own thing and we see that he is coming to complete disaster.


There is another ministry right now that as far as I know Pastor Manning is the only one the only man that has a physical local church and a tv ministry and other outreaches that has even considered this word, everyone else that we have sent the message to, we never hear from them again and they take us off of their mailing list. There was one ministry that we had sent books to and we never heard from them again, and they came and gave a conference here in a local church, the man, the couple, the man was very tall, and as the conference was breaking up, I could see his head, he was like a head and shoulders above everybody else, and I saw him see me across the room, I saw him spot me, in other words what does that mean? The Lord spoke to him, and he made a beeline through all of the crowds, he came right to me, and he thought he was prophesying to me, but the message was for him, you were there, a couple of you were there, and he said to me, The Lord is going to give you, this is not verbatim, you have a gift of writing or revelation, or something like that, a gift of revelation, the Lord is going to bring forth great revelation in your life. This is the man that rejected the revelation. I did not say anything to him but I went home and I sent him another set of books and I said, I am the woman that you prophesied over in such a such a church saying, The Lord told you he is going to give me great revelation, here is the revelation. He took me off of his mailing list.


What do you do with people like this? What do you do with people like this, and you need to know that when you have a word of knowledge in your heart for somebody, it may not be for that person, it may be for you, this happens so many times, I have seen it happen so many times, they think they are prophesying to me but the Lord is telling them about me.


This is the woman that carries my word, I want to introduce you to this. We went to another fellowship down here in Freeport, and Xxxx and I, we walked in, it was a big church in a movie house and the whole front rows, two or three rows of seats, there were signs on the seats that said for pastor, so I sat down in one of those seats, and the pastor of the church who did not know me walked down and he said to me, These seats are just for pastors. I said, Well I am a pastor. He did not ask who I was, did not introduce himself, just said, Oh well we meant the pastors of this church. I said, Okay, and we got up and we moved. The man never asked me my name, never asked me who I was, never asked me ministry I represented, did not say good morning, good afternoon, nothing, just asked me to move. In the third day, by the end of the conference, they were offering deliverance for, they were offering deliverance for people who were hurt, it was a deliverance conference, that is what it was, and I walked up because they had mentioned pastors who had been hurt, pastors are always hurt, nobody means to hurt anybody but pastors always get hurt, people get hurt, pastors get hurt, but some people get hurt and they run, pastors cannot run, they just stay here and they minister to the sheep no matter what happens.


We are in a special category when we are hurt. I went up and it was the pastor’s wife and she said, What do you want prayer for? I said, Well I have had a lot of hurts over the years, so anything that is still in there, I would like it healed. And as she prayed for me, two of the other women of the church gathered around, and one of them apparently was, had the gift of prophecy, and this woman literally started trumpeting, on the top of her lungs, she stood behind, on the top of her lungs, she proclaimed, everyone in that room had to hear her, that speaking about me, This woman has the core of Christ... and it just went on for almost three or four minutes which is a long time when you are talking, how I had the core of Christ, how my very internal essence was Christ, and after that, the pastor of the church heard it and he came over to me, and he introduced himself, and he apologized for asking me to move, and ask me what ministry I was with and said to me, Is there anything we can do for you? It never occurred to him in ten million years, that there might be something that I could do for him, or that I might have something that the Lord wanted him to have, the thought never occurred to him.


Let us not be like that. Whenever the Lord brings us in contact with somebody, if we have a word of knowledge or we feel attracted to them because the Lord moves through attraction, do not be carnal, do not just assume that you have something for them, do not be filled with pride, say, Lord here I am, do you have something for me, do I have something for them, what is it that I am doing here? Because you do not know unless you ask.


I do not know where this came from because it has nothing to do with today’s message, but it had to be for somebody. Do not assume that you are the giver, because your pride is going to bring you down. Right now this message, I see it going forth on the local church level with Pastor Manning, he is the first one on the local first level that has at least recognized the value of this ministry that when he heard the word, his carnal mind rose up and he behaved inappropriately.


The word is spreading slowly into the outward circles, and of course I really should put another circle over here, after it goes to the local churches, it goes to the tv evangelists, and then eventually just to the man in the street, because the tv evangelists reach a lot of people that do not go to church. The word is spreading slowly. The reason that this doctrine of Christ, this end time ministry called the ministry of reconciliation, the reason it is moving this slowly, is that it is much more than a doctrine, this is the kernel, the seed of the word of God, it is powerful, and it divides asunder the bones from the marrow, did you ever ask the Lord what that Scripture means?


I use to wonder what it meant for years, What do you mean you are dividing my bones from my marrow? He divides the soul from the spirit, I use to say Lord, Why would you want to divide my soul from my spirit? I could not, it did not make any sense to me. The reason He wants to divide my soul from my spirit is that my spirit or that my soul is attached to the wrong spirit, it is attached to Satan it is not attached to God, at least that was my condition before He got a hold of me, that is why He is separating me, that is why He is breaking me in pieces, so that He could put me back together again in the right order, connected to Him.


When this word goes out, that is the job of this word, it breaks you into pieces and sometimes it brings great trouble into your life. A lot of people run from it, a lot of people have a carnal mind that is spiritually aware of the spirit that lives in me, and they will not let me near them and they tell everybody in the area to not come near me, because their own carnal mind sounds the alarm, danger, death to the carnal mind, danger, run for your life. The ones that are, I do not know what the right word is, strong enough or in touch enough with the true Spirit of God, that they recognize the Spirit of Christ on me, when they come close to me, trouble comes into their life, trouble comes into your life, I am dangerous, you better not come near me if you are not serious about doing business with God, because trouble comes into your life.


It can mean trouble that will destroy you or it could be trouble that will tear down the spiritual institutions in you, that are hurting you. You may not believe that initially, but if you are truly serious with God that is what is going to happen. Jesus said, I come with a sword. Did Jesus say, I come to happy today? I do not mean to be knocking any of these ministries out there today, but do you find it anywhere in the Bible where Jesus said, I come to make you happy, so you can have a good life. Is that bad, does God not want you to have a good life? No, but His primary purpose in your life is to reproduce the nature of His son in you.


If you are in such a spiritual condition that you do not need to be broken apart, and some people need it more than others, that is just the truth, well that is great. I believe he wants everyone of His people overwhelmingly wealthy. That is what I believe. Why are we not overwhelmingly wealthy? Because if He gives us that kind of money in our present spiritual condition, it would probably destroy us. Why would He want us to be overwhelmingly wealthy? Because there are millions of people out there that need help and it takes money to give them help. There are people dying out there, starving, having all kinds of diseases, living in the streets, in this country and other parts of the world, and the help for them begins with a word that imparts the spirit to them, but they are not even listening, and when they are starving to death. We have all of these ministries of the bride company that go out and feed people and give them clothing and teach them to read and teach them to read the Bible, sometimes it is not in their language, they need to learn English, or we learn their language.


In a situation like that, it will take generations to bring those people closer to God, it takes money. Everybody that is truly walking after the Lord to a position to a point that great money is not going to take them away from Him, He desires for you to be very wealthy. In order for you to be very wealthy by the hand of God, you have to be willing to give away every dollar that He tells you to give away, nothing is yours, it is not your money, He is just giving you an allowance. That is the truth of it brethren, every dollar that we have is an allowance that God gives us.


We are supposed to be spending every dollar in the way that He tells us to spend it, it is not ours. I do not know where all of this is going today but I am just going with the Spirit. That is how the word spreads, it is the spreading of the word, and this doctrine of Christ is spreading very slowly because it brings trouble wherever it goes. Those of us that carry this message are stumbling stones, the church stumbles over us. What does that mean? Christians who say that they have arrived, they cannot recognize the Spirit of Christ, and they call it evil or rebel against it, or try to stop other people from coming closer, so they stumble over us. Christ is the stumbling stone.


Those of us that carry the Christ, we are stumbling stones to other men. We are also the touchstone. What is the touchstone in real life is a stone when our monetary system use to be really gold, not paper, it was a stone that when they take the gold and rub it against the touchstone, and if the coin was not, was counterfeit, the gold plating or gold coating would come off on the stone and you would see it was not really gold. When believers come and have interactions with us, and when we conflict or when they have a reaction to the spirit on us, we find out what the true spirit is in them.


The Holy Spirit is not the, when you have the Holy Spirit, that is just the beginning of the process that makes your core Christ. The Holy Spirit is the visitor, a free gift that enters into your spiritual city, you have to have your core converted to Christ. Everyone that has Christ in them will recognize Christ in another person.


What does that mean? It means very few people in the church today have Christ in them. If you have the Holy Spirit, your foundation is still that of a mortal man. That is how the word spreads, and that is why it is taking so long. Right now in this hour, the Lord is raising up the leadership that is going to be able to train the people that come to Christ, and simultaneously it is really the same thing, He is reaching out, this word has to go out so that people who have at least an imputed Christ, can hear it, and it is spreading very slowly because the men and women that hear it try to block it.


We read about that in the Scripture, that the sorcerer stood against the deputy and the message that the apostle had to give him, tried to keep the deputy from the faith. People will try to stop you from hearing this word, why? Because this word comes with power, it comes with power to raise up Christ in you, it comes with power to convert your soul and then you become an enemy to the kingdom of darkness.


In addition on the other side, when you become a carrier of this word, you experience all of the warfare that Christ in you is engaged in, very few people are coming to this message without a warfare, very few, very few. The little horn of Daniel 7 is not anti-Christ, it is Christ. It is Christ making war against the saints, why? Because the saints are filled with witchcraft and they are rejecting Christ and choosing Satan and they do not even know it. Christ in the, and we are the two witness company, if Christ Jesus is in you, you have the two witness company, you have Moses, which means you understand the law, not the physical law, but the spiritual law is manifesting through you, the law of righteousness, and you also have spiritual ability which is represented by Moses. Moses had the power to tear down the carnal minds of the false prophets, they were men of Israel that were worshiping Baal.


We come with power to attack the carnal minds of the people, because they are going to die, God’s people are going to die. The Lord said to, Jehovah said to Israel, Ye are gods, but you shall die like men. You are gods, because they must have had an imputed Christ of a high very powerful nature, maybe they even had an imparted Christ, I do not know. How could they have imparted Christ Sheila, I thought Jesus is the savior of the world, and the only one? Israel had a savior, Elijah is the savior of Israel, and Jesus is an incarnation of Elijah, so it is very possible that some of the men, the prophets of Israel had an imparted anointing, so why did they not go on? Why did they bring forth wind? The Scripture says they brought forth wind.


They did not bring forth the baby, they did not bring forth the manchild, they brought forth wind, why? Because they could not, this is my understanding, they could not, or they were not willing to judge their own sin nature, they did not understand that the Christ that was formed in them was something in addition to their humanity, and that this formation of Christ in them, had to war against and defeat their humanity. They thought, and I thought this for years too, they thought that their humanity was converted, and that they were now gods, because they had this word and they had supernatural power, but the truth is that their character was unconverted.


Many, I am told many of the Hebrew prophets that had spiritual power with God, went off into witchcraft, why? Because they had power without the nature of God, and they could not believe that they still had an unconverted nature when they saw the power, they could not, when they saw the knowledge and the power, they could not believe that they were not converted, and I want to tell you something today brethren, if I had a hundred people here from Pentecost, I think all hundred of them would tell me, Yes this is how you judge eldership in the church, the people that have power, but that is not true. That is not how you judge eldership in the church. Very young Christians can have power in the church. I had a lot of power casting out demons at the beginning. No, it is the wisdom and the righteousness and the nature of Christ, and it comes with time, that is why you are called elders.


I have heard people preach, Well we are going to have ten year old children that are going to be doing these greater works. No you are not. You may have ten year old children prophesying, you may have ten year old children manifesting the gifts, you are not going to see ten year old children doing the greater works, because in order to do the greater works, you need the experience of your humanity, you need all of the gifts of God, all of the potential of God and you have to have experiences that will grow the nature of God in you, you need to see how God works. You need to have overcoming experiences. That is what makes you an elder, not the gifts, it is not the gifts.


I had someone actually tell me once, a very rebellious arrogant young woman, that she was in another church visiting another church and that she, it was a woman pastor, and that she got the word of knowledge before the pastor, in other words, she was saying, I am just as good as she is spiritually, eye to eye. That is what she said to me, she thought that she was who she was because the woman happened to be very spiritual, but she was in rebellion, she was arrogant, her gifts are not going to bring anything but judgment upon her.


That is what all of this is about, the spreading of the word, and that is why it is taking so long for this word to go forth because almost with one or two exceptions, almost everybody that I have seen drawn to this word, has gone through a warfare that has affected the Christ in me, I have had to learn how to deal with the upheaval that comes into my life because the Christ that I carry is engaged in this warfare with the carnal minds and the unconscious minds of all of these people, and it is not always unconscious, sometimes they are there talking about me, talking bad about the word, talking bad about me, sometimes they are not saying anything bad, but their unconscious mind is raging against the word, maybe they are just saying I cannot believe it.


When someone simply says I cannot believe that word, it attacks the Christ in me, because He is the Spirit of truth, and somebody who stands right up to my face and says, I do not believe that, or even if they do not say it in such an arrogant way, if they do not believe it, it attacks the Spirit of truth, disbelief attacks the Spirit of truth. It has taken me years to learn to survive the warfare that goes on between Christ in me and other people who never say a word to my face, sometimes they do and sometime they do not.


That is another reason why it is taking so long for this work to go forth, because if it went forth any faster it would kill me. I have been going through a lot lately, I believe it is largely because of the conflict between Christ in me and Pastor Manning. I prayed for the man many, many times, asking the Lord to please if He is willing to do it, bring the man to repentance, he is so anointed and so qualified to minister to the black people who desperately need a leader and I know if he does not make it, there will be somebody else and there may be somebody just as gifted as he is but the do not have his experience, they just do not.


I have asked the Lord if He is willing to do it, to please bring the man to repentance and let him fulfill the call on his life, and now we have a couple of signs that, that just may be happening which is very exciting. The warfare, the stress on me has been unbelievable, and in addition to that, I understand that there are several other people that I know about, who knows who I do not know about, that the Lord is working to bring to this message, I have never seen Him drawing so many people at the same time. The warfare is just intense. These dreams I think Pastor Manning is the major guy right now, and according to the dreams which we are going to discuss, he is coming in which is going to be a complete miracle. I know that this man really loves God, he is just completely deceived.


He is a living walking talking expression or replication of what happened to Adam at the time of the fall, the guy really loves God, He is willing to die for Him. He is willing to bear any persecution to preach what he believes is a true word of God, but he has got the false word. A man like this is very valuable, and the Lord will judge you by the intents of your heart. This man is coming in.


Are there any questions about what I said here? If not we are going to read these Scriptures onto the message, and my point of the Scriptures is to show you that everybody does not come in at once, we come in, in groups, increasing circles which are further and further away from the original teacher, as the word spreads out into the church, and then into humanity. We are going to read these Scriptures onto the message and then we are going to take a break, and then we are going to do the dreams when we come back.




31. But they when they were departed, spread abroad his fame in all that country. KJV


MARK 1:28


28. And immediately his fame spread abroad throughout the region round about Galilee. KJV


MARK 6:14


14. And King Herod heard of him, for his name was spread abroad, and he said that John the Baptist was risen from the dead, and therefore mighty works do show forth themselves in him. KJV


ACTS 4:17


17. But that it spread no further among the people, let us straitly threaten them that they speak henceforth to no man in this name. KJV


That was a negative Scripture where the Pharisees were saying, Let this word not spread forth.




8. For from you sounded out the word of the Lord, not only in Macedonia and Achaia, but also in every place your faith to God-ward is spread abroad, so that we need not to speak anything. KJV


That is a supernatural spreading of the word. In my opinion based on what little bit I know, the main reason why it is taking so long for this word to spread abroad is because the people that are carrying the word might not survive the warfare. We are getting stronger everyday and also the Lord is preparing the people’s hearts for it. He has got everything under control. Any questions before we break for a break? See you back in a few minutes. We had two dreams here, and each of the two people had no contact with the other person or knew nothing about the other dream, so I am going to read, actually the dream that came forth first, well let us read the dream that came forth first, I have it second in your package, it is the last page, that is the dream that came forth first on December 5th, and the second dream came forth on the 18th, almost two weeks later.


Starting with the second paragraph. I had a lot of dreams last night, but one that seemed of importance I was ice fishing up at my dad’s resort and I was a young boy around ten or twelve years of age, I put my hook in to the hole of the ice and realized it was really deep where I was fishing, I do remember that a few others were fishing with me, but they were being slow in putting their lines in the water. As soon as I put my line in the water, the hook had not gone down all of the way, when I had a huge fish on. Just to let you know, some of the ice fishing poles we use here in Minnesota, do not have reels on them, they just have fishing line wrapped around the pole.


When you get a fish on, you just pull the fishing line out of the ice with your hands, so when I had this fish on with it being so big, the fishing line was beginning to cut through my hands, and I was yelling for help to the others, but they did not seem to care that I had a fish on, they thought it was just another little fish. The fish then came up to the hole and I got a glimpse of its gills, I thought it looked like a walleye, and then I yelled to the others telling them that this fish was a world record walleye, but they still did not seem to believe me.


Finally I was able to pull the fish out of the hole of the ice and it was a full grown golden Labrador dog. At this time many people were driving back to their fishing spots. I remember this dog had no manners, did not know how to sit and stay, so I was using my fishing pole to whip him, and I was really whipping him too, then the dream ended.


When we interpret dreams here that is always a group effort, so there are several spiritual principles in here that some of the people here should be familiar with. Would anybody like to say something.


COMMENT: Just fishing seems to be like the disciples were, when Jesus told them, I am going to make you fishers of men, that they would be going out and teaching or bringing men in, I think it is a symbol of catching people.


COMMENT: I feel like when it was a dog, the dog was Leviathan, it was Satan, and he was taking a fishing pole and beating and beating him, but I also thought that it could be Pastor Manning.


PASTOR VITALE: The dog or the person?


COMMENT: The dog, and he is being beaten to come into what Christ wants for him.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, anybody else?


COMMENT: I see where Xxxx says it is at his dad’s resort he is working, he is a young boy around ten to twelve years....


PASTOR VITALE: Could you please explain he is working at his dad’s place, what does that mean?


COMMENT: he is about his father’s business?


PASTOR VITALE: The father is the Lord, that is what you are suggesting right? Okay.


COMMENT: And being a young boy, I would say that Christ is in him, and that he is in the battle, he was doing the fishing, he is going out into the deep, like Peter did, went out into the deep, and a few were fishing with him, they were all putting their lines in the water, the fish were so big the line was cutting through his hand, in other words you are going to pay a price, it hurts, it is a lot of work and effort, and we need that body ministry, he was yelling for help, but in the church world we know most of them do not even care, or could not care less. They thought it was just another little fish. And from time to time, you get a glimpse of the Satanic strongholds, he got a glimpse of his gills, and it so it looked like. They tried to warn the other people in the world, and that is true in the church world too, they think they have already got it. He was able to succeed in pulling the fish out of the hole, bringing deliverance to the person and turned into a full grown Labrador dog, Satan came, Satan of course has no manners, and is in rebellion and you have to whip him down.


PASTOR VITALE: Very good, you hit on a couple of points that I had not thought of, I just want to make myself some notes here, what did you just say about the dog, okay, I got that. Does anybody else have any comments before I start?


COMMENT: I do not know if this matters, but Labrador dogs by nature are very calm and passive dogs.


PASTOR VITALE: I was thinking that, so yes that is correct that I had a correct idea about the dog.


COMMENT: it was full grown too, a mature dog.


COMMENT: and Labrador usually goes into the water, or goes into the water to retrieve any kind of bird or...


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, they are a hunting dog?


COMMENT: They go right into the water and catch whatever is there, that they are hunting for.


PASTOR VITALE: So they hunt not only on the dry, they go after fish too.


COMMENT: They do not hunt on their own, they fetch, the hunter shoots the bird and they go out and fetch it.


PASTOR VITALE: Right that is what I remember, they go after fish as well as birds huh?


COMMENT: More birds.


PASTOR VITALE: More birds, but as far as you know they go into the water?


COMMENT: and they have this, I do not want to say oil, but they come out of the water shake off the water as if they were never in the water.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, really? Like ducks the water does not penetrate them, oh that is very interesting. Let me give you my insight on this, Xxxx really hit on most of it, I will just expound a little, first of all, well let me ask, let me throw a question out, the dog was identified as Satan, who is the fish, does anybody know who the fish is?


COMMENT: Leviathan?


PASTOR VITALE: Leviathan is the fish, yes, and this is, Leviathan is the fish is a very important symbol for Christians. For years I asked the Lord why is the fish the symbol for Christians. So many Christians take the fish as a symbol and even Jesus saying and now you shall be fishers of men, it just never made any sense to me. That is part of the reason how I got to where I am, I am not afraid to tell the Lord that something that I read in the Bible does not make sense to me. That is not a insult to the Lord or a lack of faith, because remember, it is just a translation. Today I understand that the reason Jesus said, You will be fishers of men is that those of us who are manifesting the Christ, we are going fishing for Leviathan in the individual, and there are some strong Scripture that talk about putting a hook in Leviathan’s nose and drawing him up by a cord.


It is Leviathan that is in mankind that is the fifth column much more so than Satan. Satan and Leviathan are likened to queen Jezebel and king Ahab. King Ahab had all of the authority of the king, but he was a wimp and maybe he was not such a wimp, I have had it preached that he was a wimp, but maybe he had a godly fear of doing wrong, but he let his wife do it, he did not stop his wife from doing it. We know that there was one incident that is related in the Scripture, where king Ahab wanted someone’s land, was it Nahor? Yes, it was Nahor, he wanted Nahor’s land and Nahor would not sell because the Lord strictly tells us not to sell the land that is our inheritance, and Nahor would not sell.


All that Ahab did was go crying to his wife, and queen Jezebel who was quite vicious and a witch, a practicing witch, she sent out men to have the man killed, so Nahor was murdered and Ahab acquired his land. We do not know, how am I going to say this, Ahab could have been a passive aggressive, he could have intended the whole time, I have heard it preached both ways, I do not know the answer, he could have intended the whole time to have Jezebel go do his dirty work for him, or it could have just been, I do not know, I do not know whether he was afraid to take the action like I said or he was afraid of the Lord, and it is just possible, people get so deceived that he was afraid of breaking God’s law, but he did not see himself as not stopping his wife from doing it as breaking God’s law. Let me restate the question for you so you understand, this is how I get answers from God. Lord, I need to know this, was Ahab, was he just a wimp and afraid to exercise his kingly authority, so he let his wife do it, or was the fear based upon the knowledge that he was doing wrong and he was afraid of retaliation from God.


He was sacrificing his wife and saying alright you do it and you get the judgment from God. Maybe he was even thinking that he was an Israelite, and his wife was not an Israelite, so maybe he even thought that the judgments would not fall on her, that he could not do it as an Israelite, but that his wife could do it because she was a worshiper of Baal and that was okay, who knows? These are the kinds of thoughts that the carnal mind conjures up to justify doing wrong.


I know that the Lord that the Lord has taught me that He wants us, as we pursue the depth of the word of the Lord, He wants us to understand people’s motives, and I would like to know what the true motive was of Ahab, motive for what? For not stopping his wife for murdering people, and doing whatever evil she wanted to do, to meet his wishes if that is even true. Did Jezebel do it because her baby husband wanted it, her husband that she was babying wanted it, or was there something more behind it? Did Jezebel want it for herself? There are so many questions and these questions will probably bring forth a deep study of Ahab and Jezebel.


I do not know the answers right now, but how did we get on that? We were talking about Leviathan, okay, and this is where the sin will, this is why Jesus said, You will be fishers of men. He was telling His disciples, Your ministry is a spiritual ministry, you are to go forth and try to hook Leviathan in the minds of the people. Leviathan is the foundation of the carnal mind of the people. Why? Because Leviathan has to be extracted from the sea which is Satan. Just as a reminder, Leviathan is the spiritual sperm in Satan’s sea, and together Satan and Leviathan are the spiritual seminal fluid of the Serpent, Leviathan is the sperm, the sperm has to come out of the water, Leviathan the Serpent must stop reproducing herself in mortal humanity because mortal humanity belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Does anybody know the name of the sperm in Jehovah’s spiritual seminal fluid? Leviathan is the sperm of the Serpent’s spiritual seminal fluid, what is the name of Jehovah’s spiritual seminal fluid?


COMMENT: Christ Jesus?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, Christ Jesus did not, that name is not in the Bible, that name is not the Old Testament.




PASTOR VITALE: No, but you are close. Adam, Adam is the sperm in Jehovah’s spiritual seminal fluid. Does anybody know the name of the water medium that Adam swims in. Leviathan swims in Satan’s sea, where does Adam exist anybody? What is the name of the water or the energy part of Jehovah’s spiritual seminal fluid? Let Xxxx try.




PASTOR VITALE: Well that is interesting, okay, I cannot say that is wrong, it is not the way I would have expressed it, but you definitely on the right track okay, let me comment on that answer then. The water medium that Adam exists in is Elohim, the dynamic aspect of the Godhead, there is a dynamic and a static aspect of the Godhead. Elohim is the energy of the Godhead, He is active, He does the doing. Jehovah is the mentality, the wisdom, the rationale, the will of God. But to say Eve, that is interesting because the waters of the spiritual seminal fluid are female, they are the female waters. You are not off if that is where you were coming from, but just for your information we have in early messages, we have proved that there really was no Eve, but that was the way you expressed what you were saying, okay, then you were right. The female aspect of the spiritual seminal fluid is, well the personal name is Elohim, but you had it right in concept and Jehovah is the will, even more than the character, the will of God, and the two should never be separated.


When the two are separated, when the power or the dynamic aspect of God is separated from the will of God, that power of God becomes evil and it takes on the name Satan, the divided creation results in evil appearing in the earth.


The Lord Jesus Christ who is manifesting Jehovah to us, Jehovah has taken on the garment of the personality of Jesus of Nazareth, and so Jehovah has expanded as savior to the whole world in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Jehovah by Himself is the God that manifest Himself to Israel. I think I just said that wrong, let me start again. Elijah is the savior of Israel, the God, the way God reveals Himself to Israel is Jehovah. The Lord Jesus Christ is an incarnation of Elijah, so in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, Elijah has become the savior of the world through the Lord Jesus Christ. Elijah himself was savior to Israel alone. Jehovah, or let me say, Elijah is an incarnation of Jehovah. Jehovah took on a garment, Jehovah who was just pure spirit took on a personality, covered Himself, clothed Himself like with a coat, the personality of Elijah, and Elijah became the savior of Israel.


You say, Well why is not Jehovah is the savior of Israel? Because the savior needs to be in human form so that the people can relate to Him. But the foundation, if you look at this, if people are not getting this, if you look at this drawing #1, without me drawing another drawing, Christ Jesus is at the core, so Jehovah in the same manner, Jehovah is at the core, it was Jehovah that manifested Elijah. Elijah, Jehovah in that form of Elijah was savior of Israel. Then Elijah incarnated in Jesus, but Jehovah was still Elijah’s core. That means Jehovah expanded in the person of the Lord Jesus and became the savior of the whole world. Is everybody okay? You may have heard me say in other messages that it was Michael who incarnated as Elijah, and that is true, Michael is a manifestation of Jehovah and I am not going to take a half an hour to explain that right now, but if it is bothering anybody, talk to me after the message, and we will get back to it.


Remember God is one, He is a unity, but He takes many forms and He expresses Himself in many different ways through His people, one God, there is one God. We have established now that Leviathan, the fish, his end, does anybody know what the judgment is on the Leviathan? What is the ultimate end of Leviathan? How is the energy of the creation, how is the seed or the sperm of the energy of the creation going to change from Leviathan to Adam, what is the judgment?


COMMENT: The water is going to be boiled?


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, no that is the judgment for Satan. Anybody know the judgment for Leviathan?


COMMENT: Yes, he is going to be cooked, and consumed by the eagle or Christ Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Christ Jesus. Actually Satan’s waters are going to be boiled, Leviathan is the fish in Satan’s sea so when you boil Satan’s waters, Leviathan gets cooked, and who is going to be boiling Satan’s waters. You all just said it.


COMMENT: Christ Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: Christ Jesus, you know the first, to this day I remember the day the Lord showed me that in the Scripture and I sat there, it was years ago, I was in my other apartment in the little office at the beginning of the ministry and saying, He is boiling, it is in the Scripture, I found it in there, as an alternate translation of a word, what is He boiling you know, okay, so Christ Jesus is boiling Satan’s sea, Leviathan’s getting cooked and consumed by the one who is cooking him.


How does Christ Jesus boil Satan’s sea? Satan’s sea is spiritual, she is the unconscious part of your mind, how is Christ Jesus boiling her? How do we start this water boiling? Jesus said, I want you to be boiling, He said, If you are lukewarm I am going to spit you out. I am not going to eat you if you are lukewarm, I want you to be hot. Give that lady a microphone please.


COMMENT: By making decisions based on Christ so not being in the middle, making a righteous stand, so I guess cutting your carnal mind away.


PASTOR VITALE: Well that is a pretty good answer, that is a pretty good answer, I would take it one step further, what I had in mind anyway, was Christ Jesus in an individual, preaching the doctrine of Christ okay, but what you are talking about is preaching to your own carnal mind, so that is a true answer, okay, I just want to expand it a little, that right now I am boiling Satan in you, this word of God, the lake of fire is in my mouth, my words are fire.


You are all in submission here and you are believing the word in your heart is set towards it, but if somebody was sitting here whose carnal mind was predominate, they would get awfully hot and uncomfortable and they would probably leave because my words would be the unconscious part of their carnal mind, and then Leviathan gets cooked and they get up and they run, they run.


That is how the waters start boiling, it is with the preaching of the word of God coming out of Christ, it is not just the message, it has to be Christ Jesus in you preaching it, and that is the lake of fire boiling the false prophet in the people who are listening, and the false prophet is Abel in you who is completely given over to Cain’s mentality. The devil is the personality that is in agreement with their carnal mind. It is the word of God being preached by Christ Jesus that is boiling that carnal mind and that is why people run from us, that is what I was talking about before the break, that is why people run from us.


It is hot, it is painful to them, it is painful to their mind. Now we know who Leviathan is, and I think that, that is so interesting that it was ice fishing, because what that says to me is there is a barrier between us and Leviathan, that is not that easy to get at him, you know, that you have to cut that hole in the ice and let down that line that we are told about in the book of Job and in other places, and the Lord challenges Job, and says, Are you strong enough to do that, are you strong enough to put a hook in Leviathan’s nose? Can you pull him out with a cord? Pull him out of where, what area spiritually speaking is suggested that is under the ice? What is under the ice? It is the unconscious part of our being, he is behind a wall, you cannot see the ice shields him, Leviathan is shielded, Leviathan is the subconscious, partially conscious and partially unconscious and that Leviathan puts on that mask. That is what a personality, that is what the word personality means, it is a mask, it hides what you are really feeling. ‘


People that smile at you all of the time, and never let you know what is going on in their heart, they are wearing a mask and the Scripture, if people who make a habit of this, that you never know what they are about, the Scripture calls them liars. That does not mean, that does not mean people are deliberately knowingly going out to deceive you, it is their own problem, they do not want to be exposed, they do not want people to know what is going on in their heart.


You do not have to be crying and moaning and groaning and rolling on the floor, but it is not healthy to go through life and never express your pain to somebody, at least one other person, or it could be a group of people, if we are a fellowship like this it can be, it is not healthy to never show you pain, some people, their faces just never change, no matter what is going on. If you are a person that is reserved, at least you should be expressing it to at least one trusted person, because everybody has problems.


This Leviathan is behind the ice, hidden. Also, in addition to that, there is a lot of sin associated with pride, that most people do not recognize as sin. Most people in the church are not doing any overt sin, they are not likely to commit adultery, they are not likely to murder somebody, they are not likely to steal, most people that are pursuing God do not do these things. We are taught that our hearts are filled with hidden sins, and the Scripture says that the heart of man is desperately wicked, who could know it, who is at the heart of man, it is Leviathan. We are talking about motive here, we are talking about motive. We sin everyday, with little statements that we make, and when I first starting teaching this way, some people had a lot of, a big problem with me because they thought I was nitpicking, but I do not nitpick, I by the grace of God because to help me to do this job, I hear and feel people’s motives.


Somebody can say some little statement that is absolutely harmless to the carnal ear, but I perceive that it is coming out of a spirit of pride, and most of the time I will reveal it to you here, and you are challenged to be willing to consider what I say, although it may sound completely crazy to you, if you consider what I say, it will help to break down the pride that is keeping you from going on in Christ, that is keeping you in bondage to Leviathan, whatever the problem is in your life, whether it is problems with relationships, problems maybe you are sick, problems with finances, maybe you have everything, maybe you are healthy, and you have all of the money you need but you are just not happy and you do not know why. All of these problems are founded in pride manifesting in little subtle ways, subtle competition, competition with other people, needing to be on top of things, subtle, you cannot see it, you cannot see it unless the Lord opens your eyes, that is the main problem of the church. They think they are righteous because they do not do any of the overt behavioral sins, they go to church every week, they keep the commandment, this is the testimony of the Jew, they keep the commandments, but they are not entering into the kingdom.


What is wrong? Because their sin is hidden behind the ice, they cannot see it, and if someone tries to show it to them, the normal human reaction is to resist and attack the person who is trying to show it to them.


The Lord teaches you, I try to give you this understanding so that when something, when I do have something to say to you, you will at least seriously consider it, do not give me those words, I am going to pray about it, because I know when you are not honest, I feel it right in here, right in my heart, I know when you mean it, that you are really going to pray about it or that you just want to end this conversation, if you do not like what I am saying.


Leviathan is hidden, he is your enemy, he is the source of all death and destruction and disaster in your life. The Lord wants to educate you, He wants you to cooperate when some manifestation of Leviathan in you is exposed, He wants you to see it. That is my job to get you to see it, once I get you to see it, my job is done. Then the Lord will talk to you and whatever He does with you He does with you.


I wage war against your carnal mind all of the time, just to get you to really be listening to me, because the automatic knee jerk reaction is, Not me. That was Moses’ reaction. We have that in the alternate translation, that Moses said, Not me Lord, I do not have pride, everybody has pride, everybody has pride, everybody has rebellion, and everybody has envy, and just about everybody most everybody has some manifestation of rejection in certain circumstances, some insecurities. The Lord wants to get in there and He wants to do a spiritual surgery on you so that He can help you, and we fight Him, just like a drowning person tries to knock out the lifeguard. Through this kind of teaching and preaching it is possible for someone to be wiling to listen, to get better.


That what the ice fishing means, Leviathan is hidden, and when, I agree with Xxxx that he was at his father’s resort. This is very interesting, I believe that dad means the Father God, and I believe that Xxxx typifies more than himself, and I have not told you this yet, but it appears that this dream is signifying more than one person, there is more than one person being reeled in right now, so Xxxx does have someone that he is ministering to over there, Xxxx and Xxxx actually, she is very much involved in this ministry, I should not just say Xxxx, and Pastor manning here, and other people, there is a big move outward towards drawing more people, mature Christians and leadership towards this message, that is what this drawing #1 is about.


I am going to say that Xxxx typifies Christ Jesus in whoever He is manifesting, in Xxxx, in me, wherever He is manifesting, but this word resort is very interesting, I have had dreams over the years many times of the Lord showing me, Christians being in a resort area, and that is the way, that is the condition of most of the church. Most of the church are immature, they are in a resort area. I had a dream once, some of my dreams I forget immediately, others stay with me for years, and there was this resort area, like on a beach, like Bermuda you know beautiful beach with tables and chairs, and umbrellas and everybody was just chatting and having a good time, and these frogmen or seals okay, seal type men, like the navy seals you know with the swimming and flippers, they were coming in from the ocean, and they were getting, there was a big fence and the fence went all of the way down into the ocean bed, and they were going down under the fence and coming up and walking into this patio type area that you would see in a hotel like in Puerto Rico or something and nobody saw them.


All of these robbers were coming in and they were looking to see if the Christians recognized them and they were seen, the were not seen, and they were setting up all of their positions to do all of their destruction, and the people in the church were just laughing and having a good time, and is that not what Jesus said? They were eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage, until the flood came and took them all away. The Lord would be unrighteous if He did not warn us. The majority of people in the church are not willing to see, and when they are told, they reject that word.


That is what the word resort means, the Lord has been telling me that for years, He is talking about the church, so this is the Father’s church, he was looking for Leviathan in his Father’s church, and that is not a building, that is the spiritual church. He was a young boy around ten or twelve, so that is probably the age of Christ Jesus in the people who are manifesting His nature today, either the imputed or the imparted Christ. I should not say manifesting His nature, I should say, doing His work today.


I put my hook into the hole of the ice, and realized it was really deep where I was fishing. That is interesting, I put my hook into the hole, that is a phrase out of Song of Solomon chapter 5, I put my hand in the hole of the door, and she was deceived, she thought it was her husband, she thought it was Adam her husband but it was Leviathan and she was deceived. He put his hand in the hole of the ice, he went past the mask, he went past the wall that you could not see behind, and he was fishing around with his hand sort of blindly. Sometimes when we are looking to have our sins exposed, we are fishing around blindly, and there was someone who used to come here once a year to visit me, and she really wanted deliverance so she would say to me, Tell me my sins, write it down, give me a list. I would say, It does not work like that, it will not help you if I do that, I have to show it to you when it is manifesting, I have to tell you, you see those words that you just said, they came out of the spirit of such and such, otherwise it will not do you any good, because I could tell you this is what I see in you, but if you cannot apply what I see in you to your behavior and your attitudes, it is not going to do you any good.


We are all fishing around and some of us think initially that we do not have to deal with specific sin, then we could just fish around and make a general confession and repentance, but it does not work, I mean it does not work for what we want to do, we want our nature changed, we want to overcome sickness, disease, and death, so for that you need specific repentance, you need somebody to tell you those words that you just said, that was a manifestation of pride coming out of you.


The water was really deep. Leviathan exists on many levels, he exists in the individual, there is a body of Leviathan, just like there is a body of Christ, and all different levels in between, so in this instance Christ Jesus is digging pretty deep, He is looking for a big fish. If you want to look at our drawing here, you would say the depth is the tv evangelist, those are really big fish, but I think we are dealing with the level before that, the local churches right now, well actually I believe in Xxxx’s case, he is dealing on the level of home fellowship, and in my case we are dealing with Pastor Manning on the level of local churches. He says, I do remember that a few others were fishing with me, but they were being slow in putting their lines in the water. Everybody should be fishing within themselves, everyone of us is supposed to be fishing for Leviathan in ourselves and that is what you were talking about, everyone is supposed to be examining themselves asking the Lord to expose attitudes and sins that do not, that are coming out of the carnal mind and before we can be sent to fish for somebody else’s Leviathan, we have to be doing a pretty good job for a while of fishing for our own Leviathan.


The Lord does not send someone to judge another person who is not judging their own sins, and everybody is not judging all of their sins in all areas, we probably could not bear it, if we really saw ourselves the way the Lord sees us, we probably would die of a broken heart, honestly that is how inferior we are compared to the glorified Jesus Christ.


Everybody is not judging their sins in every area. The Lord is not going to send you to minister to someone in a particular area of sin in an area that you have no experience with, that you are not dealing with, or that you have no compassion for, He is not. He sends the people that have overcome in a particular area to reveal sins in others.


If you have not overcome in your own area or if you have not experienced it, you will go with the spirit of condemnation towards that person, and it is not the Lord’s intention to condemn us, it is His intention to deliver us. We see that there are some other people in the church who are looking, willing to have their sins exposed. As soon as I put my line in the water, the hook had not gone down all of the way when I had a huge fish on, okay a huge fish, wow.


Just to let you know, some of the ice fishing poles we use here in Minnesota do not have reels on them, they just have fishing line wrapped around the pole. So when you get a fish on, you just pull the fishing line out of the ice with your hands. When I had this fish on with it being so big, the fishing line was beginning to cut through my hand. I had one opinion on this because he wrote the hands plural, but he told me in a separate, in a subsequent email that it was just his left hand that this was, the way it came out, it is not accurate, that the cord was wrapped around one hand, his left hand. I agree with Xxxx that the left hand means judgment, and it turned out that shortly after this dream, Xxxx and Xxxx did have an opportunity to minister to a group of people who are in rebellion against the call right now, and their attitudes and the spirit on them wounded Christ in the two of them, that was manifested.


I was yelling for help to the others but they did not seem to care that I had a fish on. That I think is coming right out of Christ Jesus, I think Christ Jesus is on the other side of the veil, He is in another plane of consciousness, and He is yelling at us, I told you from time to time, that Christ in you is the still small voice that you hear, you hear a loud voice speaking to you in the spirit, it is the Lord Jesus, it is the glorified Jesus Christ who is yelling to you from another spiritual plane, and He is yelling to everybody saying, It is time to judge your sins, it is time to go fishing, it is time to get that Leviathan, I want you to come up higher, I want to bring you out of this realm of death. How is the Lord Jesus yelling? He is yelling through me for one, and He is yelling through whoever is preaching this message that it is time to have your sins exposed.


I believe that there are other preachers that are preaching that, there have been preachers who preached it for years, but they preached it with condemnation, then the church went to the other side, with very little if any condemnation in the pulpit, but no longer are they dealing with people’s sins. In Christ Jesus, we seek to reveal sin without condemnation to help the person over the hump, and get them going to start looking at themselves, because it is time today is the day of salvation brethren, it is time, the Lord wants us to go forward. They thought it was just another little fish. It is going take that, I am going to take that to mean all of the people, which is everybody, until the people become enlightened, this is the typical reaction, it is just a little thing, why are you making a big deal out of this Sheila, it is so petty why are you making a big deal out of it, why do you not just let it go?


Because if I let it go I am not doing my job. My job is to show you that you just manifested pride in a very subtle way, you just competed with that person, that person who disagreed with you, you just wanted to make sure that your opinion prevailed, that is the sin of pride. The fish then came up to the hole and I got a glimpse of the gills. Now this I did not pick up until I heard Xxxx say it. I got a look at the gills, and I forgot what you said, that you saw the fish, I forgot exactly what you said Xxxx but when I took it from there, that I had not focused on the fact that he saw not only the fish, he saw the gills, what are the gills? The gills are the breathing organism of the fish.


She saw the breath, the fish is Leviathan, she saw the breath of Leviathan, she saw the spirit on Leviathan, that spirit. Now the breath of the Lord is very powerful, Jesus breathed on the apostles and they received His Spirit, Jehovah breathed the breath of life into Adam. This is Leviathan breathing the breath of this death into all of humanity. That would mean that Xxxx or whoever he represented in this instance, saw the reality of Leviathan in the people and how Leviathan is death to all of us, he saw the truth about Leviathan, went into the subconscious part of the mind and looked at it and saw the truth.


I then yelled to the others telling them that this fish was a world record walleye, but they still did not seem to believe me. Sometimes lines in dreams, they really have to be interpreted, I really believe that this dream is about Pastor Manning and what this sentence means is my opinion that Pastor Manning has a very high apostolic anointing upon him, I think that he is called to be an apostle to the black people, so what this is saying here is a world record walleye, I am saying that he really has a very high office on him, that the man is sincere, sold out to God, he got tricked just like Adam got tricked and now he is serving the Serpent instead of the Lord Jesus, and I believe it is all of our hope that the Lord straightens him out so that he could serve, that he could put all of his passion and commitment and faithfulness towards the true God, but he is a world record, he may be even one of a kind, I do not know, a world record walleye, he is very special, and the Lord has been raising him up for twenty or thirty years, all of the experiences that he has had.


It is not just the anointing on him, it is everything that he has learned and everything that he has experienced over the years, he is very well qualified to minister to the black people, they are waiting for their next leader to rise up, and I believe he is it, he is the world record walleye, but he is still a fish, he is still in pride.


Finally I was able to pull the fish out of the hole of the ice, and it was a full grown Labrador dog. When Leviathan was brought into this realm, now remember Leviathan is in the, partially in the unconscious and partially in the conscious, that is why we call him subconscious. When pride was fully exposed in the natural, when pride was fully exposed to the conscious mind, he turned into a Labrador dog, and we had some discussion about the Labrador dog here that, well the dog first of all is Satan, and the dog is full grown which means a full manifestation of the Satanic personality.


Every human being on the face of the earth, the personality, we are all, look Satan, this is so hard, we are all puppies here, we are the puppies, we are the young dogs, we are the offspring of the Serpent, that is who we are, would you rather be called a viper by Jesus or a puppy by me, I do not know, that is what we are, we are the animal offspring of the creation, that is what happened to us, Adam was tricked and we were born as animals, now that does not mean that we are like the animals in the field, obviously we are a cut above the other animals, but we are mammals, anyone that is going to be honest knows that we are mammals, we reproduce like the animals do. Our emotional life we see in the animals.


Satan, to say that this is a full grown dog means that it is a full grown manifestation of the Serpent, Satan is the Serpent in this visible world of appearance.


We see that it is a dog that helps mankind, it is a Labrador dog that we are told by the other members of the congregation here is retriever dog, not a hunting dog, a retriever that assists the hunter and we are the hunters, we are hunting the spiritual animals that are trying to destroy us from the astral plane and we are fishing for the fish. The animals that we are hunting typified souls that are on the evil side. The soul of mortal man is an animal soul. We are the hunters hopefully although we are told in the Scripture that Nimrod was a great hunter and that Esau was a great hunter, they were hunting souls for the other side, they were not hunting souls for God. What does it means to hunt souls?


To hunt souls, it means to take people’s energy, to hunt for people’s energy. We preached a lot on this especially when we were talking about Esau. How do you hunt for people’s souls? How do you take people’s energy? You take people’s energy, you hunt for their soul which is the same thing by defeating them, by defeating them. There are all different levels of defeat of human beings. I saw a movie once where a United States cavalry man in the early years of this country asked an Indian, and Indian who was a friend of the white man, why Indians torture people because in that movie, a white man had been caught and slow cooked alive, he was all burnt, and died in agony, and the Indian said, We do it to take their power.


There is a knowledge in some primitive peoples in cannibals that eat the flesh of people that they capture, that you can get power from other people. We all are born into this world with a measure of power. Jesus is a measure of faith. We all come into this world with a measure of energy, and we take other people’s energy by defeating them, some ways of defeating people are legitimate. You can be in a debating society and you can win, you can be involved in sports, and if you play a fair game, may the best man win, you get energy. When you win, do you not feel good, do you not feel energized, does your self esteem not rise? And what happens to the loser of the game?


They try to be good sports and say, Well I know the best man won, but are they all lifted up and exalted and happy? Of course not, you take that person’s energy, that is a legitimate way to do it, but other people steal other people’s energy by humiliating them, by tyrannizing them, by gossiping about them, by hating them, by being jealous of them and the letting their jealousy reign and make little knife stabbing remarks that they think they nobody recognizes.


When you stick a knife in somebody’s back by means of a subtle little remark that whether it is conscious or unconscious, you think nobody is going to recognize what you are doing, you get off on that, you get energy knowing that you hurt that person, if that is the mode that you are in, I’m talking about human beings, that is how you take their energy. Sometimes I have seen people stick it right here in this ministry, stick a knife in someone here in this ministry, and the woman who did it did not know that she did it, and the woman who had the knife stuck in her did not know that a knife was stuck in her.


You know if you are not aware on the subconscious level, you do not even know that you are hurt, and you could walk around with a wound, with a spiritual wound that you are bleeding from for years and you do not even know what is wrong with you. Maybe you wake up one morning and you are depressed, and you say, I do not know why I am depressed, there is nothing wrong in my life today, because you have not been dealing with or facing fully the wounds that you received at the hands of your friends and your enemies.


Brethren, we are fallen, this is a spiritual jungle and people hurt each other all of the time. We want to live a socialized way, we do not want to be fighting with everybody all of the time, so we just pass it off and then we walk around bleeding. Some people are drinking, some people are drugging, some people are overeating, some people are fighting with the people they should be loving and supporting.


There are all kinds of ways of acting out our stress. Jesus has come and He says, Look, I want to show you what is going on under the ice, I want to open your eyes and I want to let you see how you are hurting people and how other people are hurting you, not for the purpose of retaliating against them, but for the purpose of dealing with these little sins, so that you can stop doing them yourself and deal with them when they are coming from somebody else without sinning against that person, so that the problems in your life will start to get less and less. You have got to look.


If you do not look, I cannot help you, this is the program, you have got to look, you have got to look at yourself and you have got to look at how your husband is hurting you, you have got to look at how your wife is hurting you, you have got to look at how somebody in this ministry may be hurting you, you have got to look unto the fullest degree that it is possible, you need to talk to the person, if they are approachable, if they are not, you deal with it in Christ, but you have got to look or you are going to walk around bleeding for the rest of your life.


That is the message, Jesus hung on the cross and the veil of the temple split from the top to the bottom, the veil blocking the sight of the conscious mind into the unconscious part of the mind, it was removed. We can now look into the unconscious part of our mind where Satan abides, without being destroyed. In Christ Jesus, we can look and we can deal with her, my unconscious mind and your unconscious mind, but you cannot look into others if you are not looking into yourself. We can deal with it, and we can deal with all of the evil that is being contrived there before it ever manifests in the physical world, we can stop it right, nip it right in the bud, but you have to do it Jesus’ way, that is it, that is what happened on the cross with the temple, when the veil of the temple rent, it is the beginning of the process of salvation.


He looked at the gill and he saw that breath, he saw the breath of Leviathan, he saw the existence which it is not like it is death, he saw the existence of this fish that we all experience and he saw it head on, he had this understanding of the doctrine of Christ, and grew into a full grown Labrador dog who was a friend to humanity, fetches fish and birds after they are, well I can see that he fetches the birds after they are shot down, how does he fetch a fish, he just goes into the water by himself, does he assist the fisher? How does he fetch the fish. They love water? They do not get the fish, they just, oh, so even if the bird falls into the water, after it is shot, they will go into the water to get it, okay.


It is a golden Labrador dog, so the gold signifies deity, and what this says to me, it is a mystery that a lot of believers cannot comprehend, that you can find the golden Spirit of God, mixed together with Satan, the animal. We are together, because we are, we are the offspring of the Serpent, we are an animal product of the creation and the Lord Jesus is mixing Himself with us with the full intention of fully consuming the animal aspects of our nature. We are both, we are a dog, but we are also golden, we are also a friend of man, we also a retriever. We are, those of us that are serving God we are servants, we are helping the hunter, the one who is hunting us, God who is hunting us, not someone ungodly who is hunting us. I believe that this dog, again that this dream is about several people, but we saw it manifest already in Minnesota, what the prediction in this dream was about, and right now we are applying it to Pastor Manning, he is both, he is a human being, and all human beings are animals, so to say he is a dog is not to insult him, and he is coming up as a faithful dog, someone who works with mankind, a gentle dog, someone who is not afraid of the water, he is not afraid of spiritual things, not only is he not afraid, he is very spiritual, Pastor Manning.


Today he is the only preacher with a formal ministry like that, that has really recognized the Spirit of Christ here for what it is, he is very spiritual, he likes the water, water is spirituality, and he has gold, he has the aspects of the Spirit of God within him. That is a good sign. But then he says, he pulled the fish out of the ice and it was a full grown golden Labrador dog. At this time many people were driving back to their fishing spots. I remember this dog had no manners. Does that means that Pastor Manning has no table manners? No, it does not mean that he has no manners, it does not mean that he does not say hello or goodbye or thank you, this is just a symbol in the dream of saying that he is not in right order, he is not recognizing the teacher, you know of the message that the Lord is sending to him, he is not doing what he is supposed to be doing, so the dream says he has no manners, but he happens to be a very cultured man from what I can see, and I am sure he is a very well mannered man.


The dream means spiritually speaking, he is not doing the right thing, so it comes up in the dream that the dog had no manners. The dog did not know how to sit and stay. That is interesting, because the word sit in the Hebrew is a euphemism for marriage, it means to be joined to. When I sit down, I am joined to this chair, you are all joined to the chairs that you are sitting on, so the Hebraism is that to sit means to be married. This dog did not know how to sit, it means he is married to the wrong person, he does not know how to get married, he does not know how to get married to Christ and he does not know how to stay married or he does not know how to stay in the kingdom.


He was seduced into the kingdom of darkness, he does not know how to stand in the battle. He was seduced in his mind. He needs to be trained. I was using my fishing pole to whip him, and I was really whipping him too. Pastor Manning is reaping what he is sowing, the sowing and reaping judgment is the righteous judgment of Jehovah, and the same pole that fishes for Leviathan and brings him into the light of the conscious mind, is also responsible or the catalyst for Pastor manning reaping what he sowed.


I believe that man is under a lot of stress and a lot of pressure, and he is even being criticized by a lot of people that I am sure are criticizing him in a very condemning way, and he thinks he is serving God. He is being whipped with that same pole that caught Leviathan. There is no conclusion to this dream, it is a word of knowledge dream but there was an element of prediction because the dream came forth before Xxxx’s experience in Minnesota, and this is very exciting to me, because I believe that this, especially this plus the other dream, says that the Lord is going to grant Pastor Manning repentance, which is really very exciting to hear it, it is good news. Are there any comments or questions before we go on to the next dream?


I am going to read you the next dream and then it is followed by three paragraphs which are, more than three, several paragraphs Xxxx sent subsequent to sending me the dream with additional comments. Xxxx and I were a couple of old friends of his, they had put some poles in the water and were fly fishing poles, these are poles that you keep throwing out until you get into the deep area that you want. These poles are for smaller fish like trout, bluegill, and Crappie, all of these fish have fins and scales and considered clean fish according to the Bible. However, the cord on it is about fifty to sixty pound test line which can catch a big fish, it is just the pole that is not really for big fish. The line could catch big fish but not the pole. Usually they put some five to ten pound test line string on the end of the cording, in order to catch these smaller fish which are between one and six pounds. This time they did not put any smaller line on it, which means it is for a big fish, the line is for a big fish.


I was at the pole where I caught a big fish, about a twenty pound fish, of course there are bigger fish than this, but this is considered big, it was a flathead catfish. This fish has no scales and for that reason it is considered in the Bible to be part of the unclean meat when it comes to fish. Also, they have what it called a mud vein which if you eat the meat near it, it takes muddy, so if you do eat it, you definitely have to cut out the mud vein and any meat neat it. I caught this flathead catfish, Xxxx just kept telling me over and over, just reel it in slowly. The fly fishing pole has a small reel on it, Xxxx said, I need to keep it slow, the fish had to get the fight out of it and wear out and get tired. If I reeled it in too quick, the strength of the fish would break the pole in this case or possibly straighten the hook out, it is called playing them til they wear out, and then they do not have any fight left. I was reeling it in slowly and he said, You are on a part of the bank that is slight steep, move over a little bit to this area where the land is level and you can just drag it up on the bank. You do not have to lift it up over this steep bank. So I moved over a little bit where I could just drag it up when it got there onto the bank. Xxxx said that she immediately thought of Pastor Manning when she had this dream, and her husband who had the dream said, You have your hook in your jaw, I am saying, You have your hook in Pastor Manning’s jaw. Then another email, I believe that it may have been the Lord telling me that Christ in you has a hook in Leviathan in Pastor Manning, and Christ in you also plans to marry Pastor Manning, because I forgot that this word really lines up with the word of God where it says, somewhere in there I think it may be Job, about putting a hook in Leviathan’s jaw.


Spiritually speaking, I do not want anyone to misunderstand that, Christ Jesus is marrying all of the people, He is drawing them close to Him by hooking Leviathan, and then He is marrying their spirit, and bringing forth His offspring which is Christ in you the hope of glory and then Christ in the individual, wars against Leviathan in the individual, that is the marriage, we read about it all through the Scripture in particular in the book of Revelation, it is the marriage of Christ Jesus to Abel within you, actually for the specific purpose of birthing the Christ in you who is the enemy of Leviathan, so that the war will begin for whom you the personality will be an expression of. Did anybody not understand that?


This is the first time I have ever heard of this, this is Xxxx speaking again, the actual putting a hook in Leviathan’s jaw in someone like this, or at least the first time I heard of it from the Lord Himself, and this actually lines up with that Scripture and brings that Scripture to light. Evidently we not only can go fishing for Leviathan in ourselves, and we are supposed to do this as I just listened to that message, but also when the Lord sends us we go fishing for Leviathan in someone else.


Of course you may recall after Jesus was crucified, Peter’s comment was, I go a fishing. I heard preachers preach that Peter was so freaked out at the thought of the crucifixion that he could not cope with it, and he went back to his carnal human fishing, but that was not what Peter meant. Peter knew all about the crucifixion, he knew that the resurrection was coming and he knew that it was time to go fishing for Leviathan.


There is no way to understand this Bible if you do not have a revelation of the doctrine of Christ, if you do not have a revelation of God’s mind of how God sees it, you are going to interpret the Bible in a very carnal way, and the Scripture tells us clearly that when you do that, the letter killeth, it kills people, when you interpret the Bible with your carnal mind, it puts people in bondage, it makes them, it binds them to religious works, thinking that they can please God by their behavior, well of course we do not want to go around murdering people, that is not what I am talking about, you cannot get closer to God by religious works, God is a spirit, and those who worship Him and seek Him must worship and seek Him in Spirit and in truth.


Your spirit has to seek Him if you want a relationship with Him. If you, water baptism is a big controversy. I do not think there is any spiritual value to water baptism, but I believe the Lord tells us to do it, although that has been a controversy right now too, I have to, I have been challenged on that issue, and I am not going to go through that now, but just to make a point, if your heart, if that is all that you know how to do, is to get water baptized, then you do it, and the Lord will honor your heart’s effort, but it is your spirit that is driving you to get water baptized because your spirit is craving the Lord.


There are people that walk around with doilies on their head, and doing all kinds of religious things, not cutting their hair, and not wearing, none of this is wrong, if you want to do it, but if you are wearing long dresses and not wearing make up because you think that is what pleases God, you are deceived. He wants you to pant after Him. He wants you to desire Him, He wants you to chase Him down the street. He wants you to want Him more than anything else in this whole world. There are enough Scriptures saying, I am tired of your sacrifices, I do not want them anymore, I want you!


It is just like, sometimes you hear stories in marriages where the woman is just languishing from lack of attention from her husband, and he is saying, Well I am a good provider and is that a lie? No, it is the truth, I bring home the money every week, yes that is true, do you not have every material thing that you need? Yes that is true, but she is dying from lack of attention of personal interaction with this man, that is her husband.


The Lord wants you, you, your heart, your spirit, your mind. You are commanded to love the Lord your God with all of your heart, your spirit and your mind and your soul. Once you do that, He also, once you do that, when you love Him with all of your heart and your mind and your strength, your spirit and your soul, when you love Him with everything, your behavior is going to reflect that, but if you do the behavior before you love Him with your heart, your mind, your soul, and your strength, it is a religious work, you are spinning your wheels and you are just going to get nothing but bondage from it, and put everyone else around you in bondage. Any comments from the congregation on this dream, anybody?


We will go through this, I will make it as quick as I can, I would like to finish it today. So we see again it is a fishing dream, except this time it is a pole with a reel on it, I do not know what difference that makes I do not know. It may make any difference at all, it may simply be that the first dreamer in his natural life fished without a reel and the second dreamer fished with a reel in their natural life, so unless the Lord shows me otherwise, I would say there is really no difference there. We see in both dreams the line went out into the deep water, looking for a big fish.


I was at the pole where I caught a big fish. We see the same symbol there. This was a twenty pound fish. Off hand I do not know what twenty would mean in this context. We are told that there are bigger fish than this, but this is a pretty big fish, and that is true, as far as Pastor Manning goes, I think he is a big fish, but there are bigger fishes than him. This is interesting, it was a flathead catfish. Catfish we know is unclean, well Leviathan is unclean, they do not have fins and scales, okay unclean fish. I was reviewing recently a message where I talk about the symbol of flat land, flat land, it is talking about, without explaining the whole thing because it is really late, it is talking about the two dimensional personality. The personality that does not reach out to God, the two dimension personality, they are flat, okay, and I am not talking about this world which is actually a four dimensional world, height, width, depth, and space time, but spiritually speaking there are people who are just focused in this world, their whole attention is in this world, they are myopic, their eyes are going into themselves and they are downward, and they do not look up into spiritual or intellectual things at all.


That is interesting, because I would not say that is true about Pastor Manning, so I do not know why it would be a flathead catfish, maybe the Lord will tell me, that is what the word flathead means to me. Once again, oh, okay, the Lord just told me, just as I told you that Xxxx’s dream was for more than one person, this dream is for more than one person too, and in this instance this is not Pastor Manning, the other person that I believe this dream is about is someone who is just as I described them, myopic, it means your eyes are crossed and you are just looking at yourself, you are not looking at, you are wearing blinders sometimes we say, you are not looking up to the spiritual plane.


This fish had no scales and for that reason it is considered in the Bible to be a part of unclean meat when it comes to fish, it is unclean fish. This mud vein that they have, the fish was unclean, it was unclean on the outside because it had no scales, so it is unclean on the outside and it is unclean on the inside because it has this mud vein. The person that this represents, I do not believe that, well it may be Pastor Manning with the mud vein, okay it is not Pastor Manning with the flathead but the rest of this is probably the two of them. They are unclean outside, I do not know about that being unclean outside, they are unclean outside, Pastor manning is preaching an unclean message, and this other person that I have in mind, his message is just as unclean in a different way.


They are unclean inside because if your spirit is joined to the Spirit of the Lord, and your spirit is clean, you would not be preaching an unclean message on the outside, so there is anti-Christ manifesting in both of them. The fly fishing pole had a small reel on it. Xxxx said, I need to keep it slow because the fish has to get the fight out of it and wear out and get tired. Brethren, this is how the Lord reels people in. I have seen this, I am in this ministry for nineteen years and I have seen it happen time and time again. A lot of the people that come here are rebels, there are more people that come here in rebellion than anything else because in this hour, the Lord is calling strong people. We are the first group to go through, and each level that the layer goes out and more and more people are believing this message, it gets easier and easier.


We have to fight ourselves, we have to fight our families, we have to fight our friends, we have to fight the church that is telling us this message is not of God, so in this hour, the Lord is calling very tough people, and when they come in, they are unbeaten you might say. In some cultures and in humanity right in this country, some ethnic groups, I have heard the term that is a very well beaten child, not meaning that the child is abused, but meaning that the child has been really reigned in and brought up properly and that they are really respectful and doing well as children.


That is how I see this concept of beating the dog, it is a beating that beats godliness in them. That does not mean you are supposed to abuse your children, that is just a Scriptural word beat. You have to paddle your children and teach them what is right. I have seen it for nineteen years, I have seen people come in here and leave here and come back her and almost all, only two people out of all of the people that have been here, have not come back, because they go and they come and they go and they come, they cannot believe it is God or whatever, they have all kinds of problems, whatever their problems are, and it is just like letting the reel out and the Lord reels them back in. The Lord lets the reel out and reels them back in.


They go out there, they have other experiences, and they realize that God is really here. This is happened with quite a few people here, they come back because God is here. This is apparently what He is saying with Pastor Manning, reel him in slowly. You are on a part of the bank that is slightly steep, move over a little bit to this area where the land is level, so you can drag it to the bank, you do not have to lift it up over this steep bank. I moved over a little bit where I could just drag it up when I got it there onto the bank. I am not sure what that means, I just know what I have been going through, that it has been a tremendous, tremendous battle in the spirit, and I have really had to rest a lot more than normal.


COMMENT: It is interesting that the pole being the rod of correction, and also to keep the balance.


PASTOR VITALE: That is true, both are true, the Lord talks about the rod of correction and it says that the only help for a fool is a rod across their back. Everybody that is lifted up in pride is a Scriptural fool, I am not insulting anybody. That is word that the Bible uses to express it. We are all foolish. Whoever does not recognize the word of God is foolish and they need correction. The way the Bible expresses it is a rod across your back, the Bible is honoring beating people up, it means going out and experiencing the consequences of your own mistakes. What else did you say, a rod of correction and what else? Oh a balance, yes that is true. We need to find that balance, Christ Jesus in us is the perfect balance. And He is our balance and when He comes to dwell in us, we become a balanced person, or we begin the process of becoming a balanced person.


Just to finish this up, the two dreams are so similar, I have been having sort of a rough time, the stress has been very incredible. I have told you over the years that Christ Jesus in us has different ministries, sometimes He ministers in conjunction with our personality like right now this is Christ Jesus teaching you in conjunction with my personality, but He also has a ministry that bypasses our personality where He goes by His Spirit and does whatever He is doing, and we do not consciously what is going on, but we feel the impact of it.


Sometimes we have dreams which are our only connection with what He is doing, because He lives in us, so it impacts us and sometimes we feel it in these dreams, but it has been very, very stressful and I had a dream last night, I had two dreams last night that were very disturbing to me, although may be encouraging. In one dream it was very, very scattered, I was in some kind of a resort, and I made contact with a Greek family, it was a whole family of people, at least five of them, and they recognized the anointing on me, and they welcomes me, and it was very positive, but there was a lot of intrigue about it, and in that same dream one of the people from that Greek family, I was wearing these shoes with a little heel on them, and the leather was completely stripped off of the heel.


Sometimes when nobody here I think wears high heels anymore, but I use to go to the city and wear high heels all of the time, and what happens a lot when you wear spike heels, the leather on the heels gets kicked off you when you drive or when you kick your feet as you walk, and the white plastic that is under the leather starts to show out, and you really should get rid of your shoes at that time, because it is does not look to cool, and one of the people said to me, What is wrong with your shoes, look at the heels on your shoes, and the white underneath was all exposed.


I did not have time to go into the computer and look up what the word heel means, we know that in Genesis it talks about Christ stepping on Satan and Satan biting his heel. At the moment it means Christ Jesus dominating the whole Satanic realm here, but I do not know why. I guess that is just an exposure, the heel was completely exposed, and I think that Pastor Manning is completely exposed, I think, maybe you do not know this, do you know that he is being put off the tv? Yeah, yes, he is being put off of the tv, and it was not permanent yet, but I am pretty sure that it is going to be permanent.


I think a lot of people have complained to the station, he has been preaching racism and very, very inflammatory. He could be, what he is preaching, could result in riots in Harlem. He is not openly telling the people, actually what he is telling the people, is no I am not telling you to go out and do anything, but that is what he is preaching. You get these young people that are discontent and he could start race riots or anti, attacks on the Jewish community, it is very serious. I think a lot of people have complained about him and they are taking him off of the air.


The exciting part of the whole thing to me, this was my first reaction, just to give you some back ground, I have said it maybe even to you, that I am doing the best I can, but we will have to see what the Lord is going to do because I am no match for him. He is on tv, and tv reaches much more people than the internet, I am no match for him, but now he is off tv and he is on the internet. The Lord has leveled the playing field. We have our search engines all registered properly so when someone types in a search engine Pastor Manning, they are going to get our website as well as his website, they type in Atlah World Missionary Church, our website is going to come up in addition to his website. The Lord has leveled the playing field. Before this, this past couple of weeks, I have been saying, What is the next step Lord, what is the next step? I think the next step is that the people that are following him which are basically the black people have to hear the other side of the story, somehow this word has to get out in to Harlem, in to Brooklyn, and into the Bronx and into the black communities in this area, they have to hear the other side, but I did not know how the Lord would do it, and here we go, the next week I turn on the tv and he is off, he is telling everybody go out and by computers, we will train you, you need to find this on the internet.


Of course he flashed the website, but you know how people are, they do not write it down. A week from now, two weeks from now, they are going to be typing Atlah into a search engine looking for his website, so the Lord has leveled the playing field, and what is going to bring him down is his own people. This is what God does, He does not twist your arm, He teaches you, He educates you, and He lets you make your own choice, and everybody has the same choice that Adam had. You can benefit from the wisdom that you hear here, or anywhere else that He sends it to you from, or you can go out and find out for yourself by repeating what you sow. You can do whatever you have to do, but you are going to wind up, if you are truly called, you are going to wind up doing what the mind of Christ wants you to do, if you are truly called, you are going to wind up going God’s way.


You can go the easy way or you can go the hard way, and I do not think it really makes any difference to the Lord, He is not giving you any brownie points for going the easy way rather than the hard way, but you experience the pain, if you go the hard way. What kind of pain? You might get hurt, you might get embarrassed, you might lose some time, maybe lose some money or lose a friend, or whatever, there is always consequences for it.


The playing field is leveled, this is just going to be very, very interesting, and this is my vision. When I first to preach there several years ago, I had a vision of that church being packed with people banging on the door standing out in the streets not being able to get in. When the time came for me to preach there, he did not advertise it properly, the times that he invited me were, the dates were in July when so many people were out of town on vacation and he did not even advertise it enough in advance for people to change their vacation dates if they wanted to, so the church was really half empty when I preached there. Years ago, my reaction would have been, Well I must have had a false word. I do not believe that anymore, I will say to the Lord, Did I have a false word? And if He does not answer me, I know the word was true, it just was not the right timing. That day may just come, that I will be preaching in Harlem, that was the plan, and the people are going to be banging on the doors to get in. Even pastor Manning said it from the pulpit in front of the whole congregation, he turned around and said to me, because I was sitting on the platform, he turned and what he said was a word of knowledge, the Lord was speaking to him right then and there, that you are going to be here often, the Lord has a lot for you to in Harlem. Then he changed his mind and cut me off.


The second part of the dream that I had last night, was that I had, I guess it was you Xxxx, but you realize that this is just a dream right? I woke up, and I said, in the dream I fired you, so it was nothing that you did wrong, but I fired you and then I realized that I made a big mistake and I was looking to get you back. I woke up and I was saying, Why in the world would I dream something like that? I have been praying about it ever since last night, the only thing that makes any sense to me is that pastor Manning is coming under conviction and he fired me.


He really did fire me. He knew that the Lord sent me there, he said it in front of his whole congregation that the Lord sent me to them, and he fired me and he is thinking of getting me back. I think everything is very encouraging and it looks right now that he is going to make it. I remind you however, how can I make this simple. This is the end of the meeting. I remind you however that it is not a done deal until it is done. All prophecy is conditional, upon the obedience of the people involved, this kind of prophecy is conditional, and some of you studying with me when I did the teachings on quantum mechanics and the wave, the collapse of the wave. I am not saying the word right because I do not remember the exact words, but there is a conditional wave, and there are all of these possibilities.


Everything is cooking in the spiritual plane, everything is moving around, and all of these possibilities exist in the spiritual plane, but only one of these possibilities can actually come to pass in the natural, and as soon as one of these possibilities comes to pass in the natural, the wave collapses, that is the word, the wave collapses, all of the other possibilities cease to exist.


Want me to say that again? There are all of these possibilities in the spiritual, what is the possibility? There could have been another person here today, there could have been another ten people here today, Xxxx could have decided to stay and not leave, there could have been all of these possibilities, but Xxxx got up, she made the decision she had to go to work, and she got up and she left. As soon as Xxxx left, it now became impossible for her to have decided to stay. The wave function, the words wave function signifies all of the possibilities that could have happened.


Xxxx could have stayed, she could have stayed until the end of the message, she could have stayed two minutes longer, she could have left two minutes earlier, she could have not been so polite and just got up and walked out while I was preaching. All of these possibilities were swimming around the spirit, but as soon as she made her decision that she had to leave, she made the decision that she would wait for an opportunity, she would not just walk past me, which would have been okay if she did, but those were the decisions she made, as soon as she made those decisions and acted on them, all of the other possibilities cease to exist. Is everybody okay?


When it comes to this kind of prophecy, that we have all of these dreams that he is going to repent and he is going to decide to study the doctrine of Christ which is what the Lord told him to do which means he has to have relationship with me, it looks in all of the dreams like he is going to make it, but it is still a wave function, it is still a potential, it is still a possibility swimming around in the spiritual realms and it could change, things could change, but we are going to hope and we are going to pray that he follows the lead of the Lord that he is apparently hearing in the spirit that he made a mistake and that he overcomes his pride and that, that big fish that is caught will mean that his pride has been captured and he will be able to do the right thing, and do what he has to do so that he can be an apostle to all of these black people that are waiting for this leader.


This is like Noah falling on the other side of the flood. The Lord spent years raising this man up, maybe generations raising the man up, and here he is right at the door and he is tricked, there is nothing new under the sun, it is the same thing that happened to Adam. This is a different kind of prophecy then the prophecy that your read about in the book of Isaiah, or the book of Jeremiah, what is the difference between this prophecy and that prophecy? The prophecy that you read about in the book of Isaiah is the judgment and the promises, the general judgment and promises of the Lord. Thus saith the Lord, this is going to happen, the book of Jeremiah, you are going into captivity in Babylon, it is not written whether you are going to go on Monday or Tuesday, it is not written whether you are going to take the long way or the short way, it is just written that you are going to go into captivity. The Lord has pronounced judgment, you are going into captivity, nothing can change it.


The prophecy on that level that exists here is this. The doctrine of Christ will spread through the entire church and the entire world, it is not written when that will happen, how long it will take, whether pastor Manning will be the apostle, and there will be an apostle to the black people, but it is not written for sure whether it will be pastor Manning, or somebody else, but it will happen. Everybody following me?


It is two different kinds of prophecy. If somebody manifests this kind of word of knowledge prophecy, which is really prediction. Prediction means something that comes in the future, the prophecy is the word of the Lord, prediction is the prediction of what is coming in the future. It is not a sure thing who will manifest it, it is a sure thing that it will happen, we do not know when, where, who, what, or how, but the will of God will come to pass that the black church will be delivered. That is the will of God, that will come to pass.


Everybody got it? Let us just pray for pastor Manning and we will end this message. Father in the name of Jesus, we bless this man, and we forgive his sins, Father I see such fervor and passion and love for you in him, and we urgently petition you to let him live and not die, and let him fulfill the call on his life, and we forgive the sin of pride, we rebuke that pride and we pray that you grant him repentance Lord, that he might minister to all of these people that he is sent to minister to.


We pray that this whole experience should work for his good, and for the good of everyone that followed him incorrectly Lord, we pray that you should be glorified, that the doctrine of Christ should go forth to your church and to the nations, and that the great conflict, the final battle between righteousness and good and evil, over who owns humanity, should come to pass Lord, and that we know that this is the true prophecy and prediction of God that you will win this battle, we do not have the names or the dates or the times, but we know that the battle is here and it is coming and it is already here and that you are the winner and that you are the true owner of mortal humanity and that we will be returned to you in due season, and we thank you for that Father, in Jesus name, Amen. Any comments or questions before we end? Okay, praise the Lord.



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