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 ...the spine in your spiritual body, and that is our mortal foundation, and our potential for spiritual ascension, that is our spirituality. If she is all coiled up, you are not a very spiritual person as you start to become spiritual, she starts to uncoil or unwind and where does she go as she uncoils, anybody, where does she go? Yeah, up your spine, she starts to ascend up your spine, and she is looking to enter into your spiritual heart. Your heart, first of all, it is not your organic heart, we are not talking about your organic heart, we are talking about your spiritual heart, the heart, the center of your spiritual being.


It does not matter whether you are a Hindu or a Buddhist or a Christian, this is a spiritual reality, we all have a mortal foundation, in the form of a coil of a spiritual entity that lies coiled at the base of our spine, and that spiritual entity is the offspring of the Serpent because mankind is the offspring of the Serpent and the female side of Adam, and we are in the image of our father, the Serpent.


The father of humanity as it exists in its present form is the Serpent. When she uncoils, she starts to ascend up the spinal column, and she is seeking what I started to say to get to your heart. Your heart center goes all the way through, you heart center is back here too, it goes right through your body. Your heart center is back here, and your heart center, it goes all of the way through. She is seeking to make contact with the heart center, and that is what this is showing here.


The initial, this is the plan of God, salvation, this is how we are going to be saved. He sends his sperma and grafts to Abel. What condition is Abel in at the time that the Christ seed grafts to Abel, where is Abel?


COMMENT: He is on the bottom.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, and where is he under the bottom, is he up in the clouds, or what is there, what is the element that he is under?


COMMENT: Under the earth?


PASTOR VITALE: Right, Cain is the earth and Abel is lying under Cain, Cain is buried under the earth. What is he doing under the earth. How did he get there, how did Abel get under the earth.


COMMENT: Abel was put there by Cain.




COMMENT: When Cain cursed him and killed him.


PASTOR VITALE: Cain murdered Abel and buried him under the ground. When Christ grafts to Abel under the ground, what kind of physical manifestations do we see in the earth, is it rain, is it snow? Abel is buried under the ground, what happens here?


COMMENT: Earthquake?


PASTOR VITALE: Earthquake yes, you see physical manifestation is an earthquake which represents what? What is happening, what does Abel do after Christ grafts to him? He is coming out from under the ground, just like a plant, if you bury a seed and cover the earth over it, when that seed sprouts and starts to grow it is going to crack open that earth and break through. We see an earthquake as a sign in the Scripture that Abel is coming out from under the ground and rising.


COMMENT: A real earthquake?


PASTOR VITALE: It happens both in the spirit and in the natural. The reason we are having all of these physical manifestations today, earthquakes, and floods and things like that, it is because Abel is coming out from under the ground. The earthquakes are in the physical, but they are also in the spiritual, if you are having upheaval in your life, you are having a spiritual earthquake, a spiritual earthquake is going on in there, you are having floods and tornadoes and your whole life is being turned upside down. That is what is happening to you. Whatever is happening in the spirit is reflected in this physical world, and that is why Jesus said, When you see all of these signs, do not be afraid, do not be afraid that the world is coming to an end. All that it means is that Christ has grafted to Abel and Christ is rising from the dead. Jesus said, When you see all of these signs, do not be afraid, but look up, your what?


COMMENT: Your redemption draweth nigh.


PASTOR VITALE: Your redemption draweth nigh, so when you have chaos in your life, and everything looks like it is wrecked and upside down, do not be upset, but look up because your redemption draweth nigh, Christ is joined to Abel to give him the strength to break through Cain’s earth and has started to ascend up your spine, and his goal is the heart center. Sometimes this happens without Christ. In Hinduism, Hinduism knows, see Christians by the grace of God are going to come out of this naivety because this naivety is killing them, you cannot be a 55 year old naive person, you just do not function in the world. The example is, when you wear diapers your mother does not mind changing your mess, but when you are thirty five your mother might have a problem changing your diaper.


This is a spiritual reality that, that Fiery Serpent wants to ascend, and the Hindus know that there is a spiritual entity in every human being called a Serpent, and the Hindus worship the Serpent within.


Pick up a classic Hindu book, they worship the Serpent within themselves, and all of this yoga, and breathing exercises, these are exercises which are specifically designed to put your body into a position that will assist the Fiery Serpent in ascending up to your heart center. When the Hindus do it, it is not Abel that is ascending, it is Cain that is ascending, and Cain is attached to Satan and Leviathan, so they are becoming spiritual apart from Christ, there is a spirituality that is apart from Christ. This whole country is under the most massive seduction on so many multiple levels that it is like mind boggling, we are being raped from a million different directions at one time, and it is because the Christian church is not doing their job, that is the reason, we are being overrun.


We have all of these nice Christian baptized people sitting on gym floors doing all kinds of yoga vibrations that are assisting the Fiery Serpent to ascend without Christ in them. That is what is happening, mothers, little kids being taught to do all of this stuff. The heart center as I said goes, every energy center that exist, it goes all of the way through us, it is not physical, it is a spiritual center, it goes all of the way through us. When this union, and of course this is the first union, it is the seed of Christ that grafts to Abel. What we are talking about is a spiritual marriage in a series of unions. If you stop to think about it, marriage, everything in the natural is supposed to be a type of the spiritual reality. Marriage is a series of unions, men and women meet, recognize an affinity, men and women like each other, men and women fall in love, men and women get engaged, men and women get married, men and women have sex. According to God that is the order that is supposed to be in, it is a series of unions, initially it is an emotional union, and then it is a union of mind, and then it is a physical union. This is what we have here.


The first union is the union of the sperma of Christ, to the captured Abel which strengthens Abel to break through Cain’s ground and start to ascend. Once Christ grafts to Abel, Abel disappears under the name of Christ, and the type of it is in the natural when a woman gets married, she takes on her husband’s name. This is traditional, I am not talking about liberation for women or anything like that, this is traditional human relationships, the single woman ceases to exist and she becomes Mrs. So and so. Abel ceases to exist and when we talk about Christ in the individual, we are talking about the union of the two, and now it is just called Christ. Christ, in order to get to the heart center, what does Christ have to do to get to the heart center, I guess we are having a review today, what does Christ encounter on the way to the heart center? Is it easy, does she slide up, does she flow up?


COMMENT: In the heart center, Satan is there, so there is warfare there.


PASTOR VITALE: Satan is through the whole person because Satan is the spiritual blood of the individual.


COMMENT: Satan’s waters.


PASTOR VITALE: Right, Christ has to, and Christ is female by the way, has to pass through Satan’s waters, that is true, and the type of this in the Scripture is the Hebrew children coming out of Egypt, and having to pass through all of those hostile lands and fight the Canaanites to get there, so Christ has to fight Satan and Leviathan. Leviathan is the dry land and Satan is the waters. Christ is like a Salmon going upstream, it is a very, very difficult path to ascend into the heart center. When He get here, the heart center, does anybody remember the alternate name of the heart center, the functional name, anybody?


COMMENT: I want to say action, but it is not.


PASTOR VITALE: It is with an A though, it starts with an A.


COMMENT: It has to do with airplanes.


PASTOR VITALE: It is the aerial center. It is the airport. The Lord Jesus Christ will go, the glorified Jesus Christ will go no lower than our heart center. If you hope to ascend in Christ Jesus, you have to get to the place of ascension, you have to get to the airport or the plane is going to leave without you, and getting to the airport is no easy thing. Satan and Leviathan are throwing everything they can against you. They are doing everything they can to frighten you, they are sending you false doctrine, they are doing everything they can to convince you that the path that you are on is a wrong path and turn you away from ascension. What is involved in ascension is two, what are the two major factors in ascension? You have to deal with your sin nature or you will never get up there.


Satan and Leviathan are spiritual gravity, we have to walk on water. We will never overcome the spiritual gravity if we are not dealing with our sin nature, and that does not, of course we do not want to commit behavioral sin, we are talking about the hidden sins of the heart, ungodly motives, that you need the discernment of Christ to be able to recognize. The other part, what else do we need for ascension? What do we do here, what do we teach here?


COMMENT: The doctrine of Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: The doctrine of Christ is the food that strengthens Christ for the journey because it is a warfare journey. Satan is going to try to slap you down every step of the way, slap you down? She is going to try to have Cain overturn Abel and put Abel back down under the ground. It is a warfare every step of the way. You need the doctrine of Christ to strengthen you, and you need to be dealing with your sin nature, and we see this type in the account of Elijah when Elijah was initially overcome by the sons of Israel, and he talks to the angel, and the angel says, Here, here is food to eat because you are not strong enough for the journey. That is in 1 Kings 19, when Elijah is knocked out because he just this great miracle, you destroyed all of the prophets of Baal, and implied although not obvious in the King James is that he raised up the prophets of God, and Jezebel is after him, and Jezebel overcame him and he fell down after this great work, and the angel of the Lord appeared to him and said, Here is food, it is spiritual food, the journey was to great for you, the angel of the Lord renewed Elijah’s energy, he expended all of his energy killing the prophets of Baal and raising up the prophets of God, so we need food for the journey, and the food is the doctrine of Christ. I remember laying in my bed in there, and I was just, I was going to die, I said to the Lord, I do not know what is wrong with me, but if you do not do something, I am just going to fold up and die.


It was right after that, that I walked in my bedroom and Zohar fell on my head, I had the books up there for ten years, seriously, fell off of the bookcase. The doctrine of Christ, it is the truth. The doctrine of Christ is our food, is this energy, that is hard to believe but it is the truth, because it is not just words in a book, when you study the doctrine of Christ it draws down the power of God, it attracts the power of God, if you study witchcraft books, it attracts the power of Satan. Everything in this world is spiritual, everything that you do, attracts a spirit to you.


The doctrine of Christ is the food for the journey, and we know from the Scripture that you never get anywhere that Satan will knock you out in a heartbeat if you have unconfessed sin in your life, it is just a Scriptural principle, you just will not make it. The degree and the speed with which we ascend has to do with our willingness or our ability to deal with the hidden sins of our heart. Some people take it very hard, much harder than others to deal with their own motives.


We have to get to the heart center if we have any hope of spiritual ascension, we have to get to the place where the plane is leaving, from where the plane takes off from. The heart center is the place where the Lord Jesus descends to, and that is typified in the Scripture by the, anybody? What is the heart center, what is this meeting place? What typifies it, what Old Testament symbol typifies it? I will meet you where, says the Lord? Where, between the what? I will meet you where? No, I know that you just do not have the right word anybody, I will meet you at what seat? The mercy seat. I will meet you at the mercy seat between the two Cherubim, that is something that existed in the temple, there was a physical place with two images of two angels, and it was called the most holy place, the most inner place of the temple of God, that everything that happens in the natural is a symbol of spiritual things.


That mercy seat, that is a holy place, that is where the Spirit of Jehovah would meet the high priest, it had to be a high priest to meet God in that most holy place, the average man could not meet Him. Today because of the work of Jesus Christ, we are all priests, we are all high priests. With Christ in us, we cannot go alone, if we go up there alone, we are going to be hurt, you can only get up there and not be hurt with Christ. Christ is our passport into the most holy place, the mercy seat, and then the Lord Jesus descends, and then the two angels, who are the two angels?


COMMENT: The Lord Jesus and Christ Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, I am not sure whether it is Christ and the Lord Jesus, but you got the general idea. The Lord Jesus is the one that is meeting us there, so I think it is Christ and Christ Jesus, but I do not really have that worked out myself but we are close enough for now. This is where the great union takes place, and there a lot of Scriptures that talk about the ingathering of the saints, and the great meeting of the Lord, this is where it has taken place, in our heart center, and our heart center is not an island unto itself, it is connected to other manifestations of Christ that have ascended to the heart center. This is where the body of Christ exists, on that spiritual level called the heart center.


When I say Christ has to ascend to the heart center, I am talking about our consciousness, our consciousness has to ascend, everybody here has an elevated consciousness. Other people if they heard what I was saying, either they would go to sleep or some might even attack me for saying these things. Your consciousness is not offended by what I am saying because you are enlightened, you are beginning to wake up, and we all went to sleep in Adam. In Adam all died, we are told on Genesis 3 that Adam went to sleep, he went into the sleep of death, and when he went into the sleep of death, we all died and now Paul said, Awake. Awake to what? What did Paul say? Awake to what? Awake to righteousness. We are all sleeping the sleep of death in unrighteousness, and if I have time I will give you my take on the titanic and why I thought it was a very ungodly movie which, other things that were said may be true, but at its spiritual root, it was a very ungodly movie, and I will tell you why I say that.


We are waking up, our consciousness is ascending. Today I believe things that I could have never believed ten years ago, they were outrageous to me, and my consciousness continues to ascend, as I confess to the Lord that I desire His truth and that I do not want to judge anything by my present knowledge, because if I judge everything by my present knowledge, I will judge everything higher than me wrong. It is amazing what He is telling me when I read something that seems impossible to me and I say to Him, Lord I just want your truth, I do not want to be arrogant Lord, I just want your truth. It is amazing the things that He is telling me are true.


This journey from our groin area into our heart center is a journey of consciousness, it is an ascension in consciousness. This is where the Lord Jesus meets us. What I have been telling you up until now and what I believed up until now, is that this union of the Lord Jesus and Christ, births the lamb of God, Christ Jesus the lamb of God, who occupies the throne of your heart, and He is the only mediator between God and man. That means that once Christ Jesus is established in your heart center, He rules everything below which is Satan and Leviathan, and He has control over the powers and principalities of this world, and is continuously nourished and strengthened by the eternal energy of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what I have been teaching and I really have not been able to understand why I still get sick and why I do not have the power that I would like to have to help all of you in whatever way you need to be helped, I could quite understand it. The other day the Lord told me I do not have Christ Jesus, He has not been born in me. I know that I have something more than you all have because I am the leader, He made me the leader, so I have to have more than you have, but I have not had that experience yet. I am so happy to hear that, because it did not make sense to me, and I have a really logical mind, when things do not make sense to me, it bothers me.


There have been people in this ministry who have thought they had Christ grafted and when I have gone to them and told them, the Lord told me Christ is grafted to you, instead of saying, praise the Lord, they have gotten all upset because they thought they had Him all along. That is not my reaction, I just love the truth, I just have a love of the truth, and I know that only good can come out of embracing God’s truth, not the truth as I perceive it, God’s truth.


This is what the Lord told me I have. I have, well let me just go over this part of the board, because I may have to draw another drawing. I will show you what I have. Abel is the personality, and I am not saying Abel and Cain, because yes, do you have a question?


COMMENT: I am sorry, before you go on, when somebody in the ministry feels that, the worm moving up, what are they feeling, are they feeling Christ moving up or the Serpent moving up?


PASTOR VITALE: That is a good question, that is a very good question. I guess the answer depends on whether or not Christ is grafted to you, and that is really hard to tell whether that has happened or not, I do not really know how to tell. I guess that is, we might look for what happens with that ascension. I know that I have had people in the ministry call me telling me it has been a very unhappy experience for them, that ascension has caused them great distress at the time, so I would say that either Christ is not grafted, or even though Christ is grafted, it is not the power of God moving it. Although, I do not, the answer is, I do not know the answer. I never had that experience, I have heard it from a lot of people. I have an experience where I get very hot when I am preaching, but I have never had the experience described here like Xxxx, that she actually feels the Fiery Serpent moving up her spine, but it has not been a pleasant experience for you, I do not know, it could be either one, the question is what spirit is causing it to wake up, because the Fiery Serpent is sleeping at the bottom of your spine, which is one more witness that this is our mortal foundation, this is the worm that dieth not, and the fact that it is sleeping at the base of our spine, relates it to Adam, I tell you, we are all fallen Adam. This flesh is not fallen Adam, this flesh is the Serpent. What part of us is fallen Adam? Our mortal foundation, the worm that dieth not that is sleeping. Adam went to sleep, the element or the cell of Adam that is in each of us is sleeping. When that Serpent starts to wake up, that is the resurrection of Christ in us. Which spirit is behind any one manifestation of, if you think of it as a sleeping Serpent, and one day it just goes up and then back down again, what spirit caused that? I do not know.


COMMENT: Well, like the healing masses we have gone to, when something is rising in Xxxx’s back it must be, well I do not know, my question is, is that Abel or the grafted seed rising up.


PASTOR VITALE: First I want to correct something you said, because you do not mean, when you say mass, everyone is going to think you mean Catholic, you do not mean a Catholic healing mass, you mean the healing services that we have gone to, okay just to clarify that on the message. That is an interesting question, when you are in a service where there is a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the stimulus that is causing the Fiery Serpent to stir is the anointing that is pouring out in that service. Then it really would not matter whether it is Christ that is grafted or not, that heavy outpouring that is outside of the person is starting to stimulate their spirituality. That is interesting you know questions like this I do not know the answer to, but as I talk to you sometimes I get the answers. The one that I have in mind, you have had some really bad experiences with it, I do not know how she would feel about putting her name on the message, so I am not going to put her name on the message.


When she first started transcribing, she was having these horrendous experiences and I cannot even remember her manifestations but she was really upset over it, and I did not know what to tell her, I did not know what it was until I went there to visit and somehow when I was face to face with her, and she was looking for help you know, she did not know what was causing it, so now I was face to face with her and realized what she was telling me, and with all of those months that she was complaining through emails, I did not know what to tell her, I did not get it, because I am just a student teacher, sometimes, lots of times I do not know the answers you know. She had some upsetting, it was upsetting to her, that it was transcribing the doctrine of Christ, it was reading this high spiritual doctrine, and when you transcribe it goes into your brain, and then it is a much more intense experience when you transcribe then when you just read it. I think it has stopped now, any one of you could feel free to email her if you want more information, because I do not remember the details or call her up if you want to you know.


Let me just say this, that any temporary stimulation which might cause, I think what you had was just a temporary stimulation that it rose up and it went down again, the goal is to get it up into the heart center. It is my understanding that it is not very easy to get your Fiery Serpent into the heart center, the Hindus work at it for long periods of time, and according to the books that I have read, not many attain to it. Once it gets up that high, it can only fall down so far, it is not going to fall all of the way down again. What comes to my mind when I talk to you about this is what I just told you earlier, how I use to really struggle on Sunday mornings when I would have this really high message and I was spiritually levitating over my normal level, and the slightest little interference with the spirit on me would cause me to fall down and I could not preach the message.


The Fiery Serpent, and I read this Hindu books, it will go up so far and then it will fall down. It will go up and it will fall down. Remember the Hindus are doing yoga and breathing exercises and all kinds of things to assess this spiritual ascension, the only way I know how to get it up there is with the doctrine of Christ, that is what the Lord has given us, and I believe if you read the Hindu books, they will tell you there are different ways to get it ascended, and one of the ways is to study the spiritual doctrine. There are like four ways that the Hindus can do it.


I did have an experience once that today I believe was the penetration of this seed into my heart center, it was quite a few years ago, very stressful, it lasted about ten hours, but the hardest part was that I did not know what was happening to me, but it passed, and I believe that was what happened to me, because I told you that I no longer, it is very hard to make me fall down. As a matter of fact, I cannot remember the last time I fell down, I use to fall down all of the time. If you listen to the earlier messages, you will hear me likening myself to like a one year old that is walking when you stand them on their feet, they not only walk, they run, but once they fall down, they cannot get up, you have to stand them on their feet again. That was me, I would fall down, I remember when I was preaching and I would fall down, and it would take me two weeks to get back up there and there was just nothing I could do, I would be dead, no anointing, nothing whatsoever, I would listen to messages and just wait for the anointing to come back. I remember the last time that happened to me. I do believe that I am permanently ascended into the heart centers. That does not mean it is impossible to knock me out, but no one has been able to do it yet for quite a few years, I hope they never can.


I was just going through this, so Christ ascends to the heart center, any more questions before we go to the next thing? Okay. In the second union, now this is what I just found out, that it is just not the Lord Jesus joining with Christ, there are two separate unions coming from the Lord Jesus, and this is really clarified in the Kabbalah, but this is Living Epistles, this is not Kabbalah, so I am just going to tell you that there are two unions coming from the Lord Jesus, and the first union it with the Holy Spirit, the first union is Christ to Abel, and then the second union is the Holy Spirit which is the female side of the Lord Jesus joins with Christ. You know, a couple of years ago when I did a couple of, I really should not even say alternate translation, but we were teaching from the Gates of Reincarnation written by Isaac Luria, a very incredible study that we did.


When I first started studying that, the first few messages you will hear me if you ever listen to it, say, Lord I do not believe in this, I do not believe in this, I am teaching from the book, but what am I doing here, I do not believe in this, and then one day I had the mind of Christ broke through, it was just like that, the mind of Christ broke through in me and I saw the true understanding of it, and I cannot say translation, because I was working with an English translation, but I saw the truth in the English translation of what the Lord was trying to say, so I like reinterpreted it, and it was so powerful that there were two, I had two booklets on it, I made two separate booklets from two different chapters of the Gate of Reincarnations, and it was all about the Lord Jesus.


The Jews were applying it to the individual, but it was not, but I am not going to get into that now, but anyway, it was so powerful, and lots of times it is very common for me that the mind of Christ in me sees the true translation, and I do not even understand what I am saying, it is like the prophets praying and bringing forth the prophesies without understanding what they were saying, and the best example I can give you is like years ago, and it is in the alternate translation of the New Testament, I knew that the correct translation was Jesus was saying to the Pharisees, I am the Sabbath. They told Him, You are breaking the law of the Sabbath, and Jesus said, I am the Sabbath. I looked it and I prayed about it, and I said Lord, I know that is the translation, but I do not understand it, but it is in the book, and then years, it is in my alternate translation because I knew the Lord was telling me that. Then years later when I studied Kabbalah, I found out that there is a spiritual understanding of the Sabbath that now I understood why Jesus was saying, I am the Sabbath. He was speaking Kabbalah to these Pharisees, they knew exactly what he was saying to them. I had that translation before I knew what it meant.


In one of these translations of the Gate of Reincarnations, it showed the Holy Spirit joining to Christ, and then another element joining and I was surprised to see it, it did not make any sense to me. I just left it, and today it makes sense to me. Before I went away I went looking for that translation, or that whatever it is, interpretation, I did not have time to find it, I want to review it myself, because now after all of these years, four years maybe, it makes sense to me. The Holy Spirit which is the female side of the Lord Jesus joins with Christ in the heart center, and then what you have, and what I did not, I guess I should put it on this board. The Lord Jesus and Christ equals Elohim. Those of you that read the alternate translation, I do not think many of you do from what I understand, you can find that in the alternate New Testament. At one point, Peter is saying to Jesus, Jesus is saying, Peter, will you feed my sheep, and Peter said, Leave me alone, Lord, that is Elohim over there, do not bother me, what are you bothering me for? Who was he pointing to, who did Peter say, why do you not ask him to do it? John. When we looked at the Interlinear Text, Peter was definitely referring to John, you know, and he was saying, Well he is Elohim, what are you coming to me for, I am not Elohim? I did not quite understand what it meant. This is what Peter meant. Peter said, John has had this experience, he has ascended into his heart center, and the Holy Spirit, the female aspect of the Lord Jesus has joined with Christ, and he is a walking talking manifestation of Elohim, and I do not have that experience, what are you asking me to feed your sheep for? This is Elohim, this is what I have.


I am ascended into the heart center, my consciousness is ascended into my heart center, and the Holy Spirit has joined with Christ in me. I am Elohim, that is the level that I am at. The next level is the third union, is that wisdom, the male side of the Lord Jesus joins with the Holy Spirit and with Christ, there is a threesome in there. When the Lord told me this, I said, Well Lord, I have all of this wisdom, are you telling me that I do not have this, I have all of this wisdom you know?


He reminded me that there is, just like Paul says, the male is in the female, and the female is in the male, everything is in everybody, in everything else, but in different proportions and in different relationship. The Holy Spirit, the female aspect of Jesus Christ has its own level of wisdom. I said, Wow Lord, are you telling me that all of this wisdom that I have is coming out of the female? What is it going to be like for me to receive the wisdom of the male, because the male is wisdom. The female is understanding, and understanding, when I say the Holy Spirit, it is the female, the Holy Spirit comes with understanding, well it is really the Spirit of Christ, it comes with understanding and she has her own wisdom on the level , she has wisdom on the level of understanding, but wisdom in itself is higher than understanding, is anybody not following me?


Wisdom is up here, understanding is down here, and if you want to think of understanding described, there are five levels of understanding and five levels of wisdom. I have this level of understanding, the wisdom that comes from understanding. Up here is wisdom, the wisdom, anybody not following me? Is everybody okay? I said, Wow Lord, I have all of this wisdom, what is it going to be like when the whole of wisdom starts pouring into me, I hope it comes with the power of healing, I do not know, everybody is waiting to get healed. This is what the Lord told me, the wisdom that I have is the wisdom that comes, that is under the heading of understanding, that is a lower level of wisdom, do believe this, this is the lower level of wisdom.


I will tell you, I read some of these Kabbalistic writings, and I say, Wow, Lord that is over my head. Those writers must have had the wisdom from the level of wisdom itself. This is where I am, now where you all are, you have to ask the Lord, you have to ask the Lord if the Christ is grafted to you, and then if the answer is yes, you have to ask where in your journey you are in your ascension to the heart center, and then if you are in the heart center, this is, it is really the Spirit of Christ. You see I am saying the Holy Spirit because the Kabbalists say the Holy Spirit, but the Kabbalists’ Holy Spirit is not the church’s Holy Spirit, the Kabbalists’ Holy Spirit is really the Spirit of Christ, I will change that before you take the picture.


You can ask the Lord, He will tell you, you know ask Him where you are. I did not understand the male side of the Lord Jesus which is wisdom that is going to get in there and join also, so it is going to be Christ, it is going to be the female aspect of the Lord Jesus, the male aspect of the Lord Jesus, and I do not know how long in human days, I do not know how long after this second union takes place that Christ Jesus is born, it could be years after the union, we have a nine month gestation period for human pregnancy, the elephant has 18 months, I have no idea how long the gestation period is, after the union takes place. This encourages me that my thinking was right, once Christ Jesus takes up residence in the heart center, and He is receiving the eternal flow, or the flow of the eternal flow of eternal energy, how can anybody still be sick. If Christ Jesus is really in you and occupying your heart center, and He is the mediator which means He connects our humanity to the immortality of God, how can I still be sick? I should have realized the answer is, I do not have it, I should have been able to figure this out myself, a couple of years ago, but my understanding at the time was that I had Christ Jesus, and I know that I have more than the average person.


I had to wait for the Lord to correct me. I am so happy for the truth because it did not make any sense. Apparently the next catching up that I am waiting for, I do not think it is at any moment in time, it is a gradual thing, is the union of Elohim in me to the wisdom of God. Another name for the wisdom of God is Jehovah. If you look at the Old Testament, you will see that Jehovah never appears without Elohim. They are always together and it is translated in the King James as Lord God, Lord God, Jehovah Elohim, Jehovah Elohim. To be Elohim alone, of course everything that we get of God is good, but Jehovah is the nature of God, He brings the nature of God.


I sin in my mind all of the time, God help me, I sin too much in my thoughts. Jehovah, the wisdom of God brings the nature of God to us. The way this is explained in Kabbalah in the terms of Zeir Anpin which we call Christ, receiving His brains, and He receives His brains in, I have to review it myself, it is at least two outpourings, it could be more than two outpourings, at least two outpourings, and those are the two outpourings, they come one at a time, it is a continuous ongoing process, just like a fetus in a woman’s womb, it is being built, a continuous outpouring, but this is called the seeding or the impartation of the brains to the man, to the spiritual man, to our new man.


Christ is our new man, but He has no brains. That is why there are people in the church, a lot of people in the church, they have the imputed Christ and they have no spiritual brains, they still think they are going to heaven and live in mansions, and stupid stuff, you know, you cannot have, I am not insulting anybody I am just telling you the truth, you know, that is not something that someone with spiritual brains believes that God has a mansion for you in heaven and you are going to eat macaroni all day which some preacher on Long Island preached, he really preached that, because he does not have his brains yet, I am not insulting him, if you do not have it, you do not have it, right?


The Scripture tells us that the nation that has women and children preaching is a cursed nation. I want to tell you the church is cursed because its leaders are spiritual women and spiritual children, and because they do not have their brains, they cannot recognize the man because the man is appearing in a female body, so they are cursed. It is the truth. The Lord has to do something to help them. He is going to open their eyes, he is going to open their eyes at some point, maybe that has not happened yet because the man is not born yet, the man is Christ Jesus. I am Elohim, Elohim is female to Christ Jesus. Elohim is female. That is why I get sick yet, I am not there. Interesting huh? I love it, I love it. This word is life. Any questions, comments? Okay.




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