563 - 1 Part

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And let themselves be murdered, why, because the Buddhist’s teaching is that, you see, the Buddhist doctrine knows that this is a fallen world and they believe in karma.  That means that they do not acknowledge the intervention of the Most High God.  They believe that everything that happens is a sowing and reaping. 


So they thought if they defended themselves against these murderers that they will just perpetuate murder in the world, that if they murdered, murder will continue to appear in the world.  So they became martyrs and they let themselves be destroyed because they did not want to input that murder spirit into the world hoping that if everybody stopped doing it eventually the world will become good again.


But the way this fallen world operates is that if all of the good people become martyrs the only one that is going to be left are going to be murderers.  And the Buddhist have a lot of truth in their doctrine, the Hindus have a lot of truth in their doctrine but I have talked about this in some of the recent Pastor Manning books that I have edited I made this point. 


It is not really important if the Buddhist think that the whole world is founded on the sowing and reaping of fallen men only.  Or I believe that there is the potential and I pray for the intervention of All Powerful God. 


So we disagree, what is the big deal? The big deal is what grows out of our believes, those are foundational believes.  What grows out of our believes and we see that in the case of the Buddhist.  They all died, good people, good people you see being good is not enough.  Good people tried to save the world and they all died and they let their children die.


You see I will not die, I believe that if it comes to that, that you have to take up arms and defend yourself.  So it is what grows out of the false believe.  But as usual I forgot my main point but we were talking about em, I think XXXX asked me if how deep I had been with God when I said to him ‘Lord are you really going to let me die’?  the answer is I was really very deep I had spent 5 years having demons cast out of me three, four sometimes five nights a week.


 I spent 5 years sowing my whole life into the kingdom of God, going on evangelical trips.  I did everything that I knew to do, in church all the time, had very little money but tithed.  I was as faithful as could be and then when I first came out of Gospel Revivals it was a very hard couple of years because I did not understand what had happened to me.  All I knew was that the Lord had ripped out my life from underneath that church was my whole life but today the church was an idol to me because my life cannot depend on a church on a man or on the group of people.


You see, I have to know that if you all disappeared tomorrow I still have the Christ inside of me.  I have everything that he ministers to me.   I have all of the word that is in here after all these years and that he can give me more.  If all the bibles disappear he can talk to me and teach me.  And if I ... on a desert island I will not be alone.


So  I did not understand that the church had become an idol for me and but it is okay for young Christians if ...  a lot most of the people that come to the Lord have problems so the church becomes a crutch for you for a season until you get strong enough to stand on your own.  The same thing in the world if you go to a psychiatrist the psychiatrist becomes a crutch for you but if he is a responsible psychiatrist, he uses that dependency that you have on him to make you strong and that is what the church is suppose to do. 


What does the scripture say? Once you are converted brethren what are you suppose to do once you are converted? Somebody? You are supposed to strengthen you brethren, right that is what you are suppose to do.  You are supposed to strengthen other people.  You are not supposed to be making them dependent on you.  But we see that in the church today that a lot of people maybe they do not know it, a lot of them do not know it, but the foundational motive of their desire to minister is self satisfaction.  That maybe they hurt people and their emotional needs are not met and they are satisfied by ministering to other people.  And the Lord told me years and years and years ago he told me that if he catches me doing that I am going to lose what he has for me.  I guess I must have done it   I know that I did it at that time, he said if you do it again you are going to lose your ministry.  He said I am your source of satisfaction.


How can you tell if you are in that trap or not that you minister for self satisfaction that means that you send yourself.  When you decide who you want to minister to, who, how and where and you are going to go on this evangelical trip, and you are going to do this and you are going to do that, you are going to give out tracts that is all making you feel good, giving you something to do, making you feel responsible.  Should you not do it?  No if that is where you are in your maturation you should do it.


But Peter clearly states that when I was a child and he meant a spiritual child I go where I want to go but I grew up.  He said when I grew up I stopped making my own decisions.  Now I only go where the Lord tells me to go.  At times where the Lord tells you to go is very painful.


I just got an email about that from somebody out of state and they were saying that they knew that they had to go, they had to do something for the Lord they knew they had to do it and their whole stomach was turning on the inside.  And my answer to them was that is a sign of your maturity that you are not assuming that because your whole stomach is turning that it is Satan sending you.  When your stomach turns frequently it is the Lord sending you.


I had a couple sit here in my house years ago, married couple and the man said to me in all of plan for ministry for himself and his wife, he told me that he knew that the Lord will never send them to a place where they will not be happy.  Really! I do not know who your God is.  Well his wife died and he has been backslidden for years, all of these false doctrines, all these ideas that come out of the carnal mind.


 I happen to pick up the Christian Lifetime the other day and they had all these columnist there and one of them was saying how there is a false gospel in the church today.  And there is a false gospel in the church today.  Listen, turn on the television it is all about how to be happy, how to get wealthy, how to enjoy this present life, is that bad?  It is not bad but it is not the focus of the Christian message.


What happened to Paul saying endure hardship like a good soldier.  Where did that go? And well get married if you must but you should know that if you get married you are going to have trouble because marriage is not an easy, where did that go?  And it is better to be single where did that go?  It is a false gospel in the church today, it really is. 


And we are living in very perilous times brethren because this country is going under severe judgement and the only people that are going to stand are the people who are rooted and grounded in Christ.  The people who are rooted and grounded in the false gospel are not going to stand. 


And I do not like being the person to have to say this but I am a preacher of the truth.  You know, for years I could not understand until this day there are thousands if not millions of Jewish people that have really backed off from their religion because they cannot comprehend how God could have let those 6 million Jews go into death camps and have those Germans have them tortured.  It is bad enough if you died but to be tortured to be operated on without anaesthesia, to be experimented on, to be starved to death, they cannot understand how their God let that happen until this day they are not practicing their faith.  They have no faith in God, my own brother in law told me that he believe that God created the world and said you are on your own fellas because they cannot understand how God can let that happen.


But I want to tell you something I have found that answer and it is a hard, hard, hard answer.  The Jews of Europe at the time of this abomination were very secularised; they are very much like the church today.  They were very secularised;  they were not committed in their heart to the Lord.  They were practicing, some of them, some of them probably were not doing anything, there are a lot Jews today, I mean that I did not practice anything I did not know anything.  Maybe in those days they still kept Kosher and they went to the synagogue but in their heart, the Jewish expression is that they were not bounded to Jehovah. 


They were not bounded to Jehovah.  Did you know that the Jews of the Middle East that they were not put in concentration camps?  You know Hitler was in Africa, his General Ramo was in Africa there was not one concentration camp in Africa.  How come? Do you know that the chief Kabbalist in that area of the world heard that Ramo was coming and he went out and he drew a line on the ground and he said his prayer.  He said you will not pass over this land and at that exact point  .... defeated Ramo.  Do you know that?


So you have to be a practicing Christian, brethren and this country is filled with secular Christians that are not going to stand when the trouble comes, they are not going to stand.  And they are going to blame God and they are going to think that God failed them but they are not going to stand.  I am telling you. 


COMMENT: I see this romantic love in the church that received particularly with women this love song that you will sing to


PASTOR VITALE: Oh really because I am not in the church world anymore so I did not know that.


COMMENT:  It is no longer the warring aspect, they have no idea of a war or battle going on or nothing.  It is all sweet and lovey dovey


PASTOR VITALE:  They are eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage and then what happened somebody?  Eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage and..?


COMMENT:  And the flood came.


PASTOR VITALE: And the flood came and took them all away.  Now I do not believe the flood is a physical flood, what personality has the ocean as their symbol?  Who are those?  Yes XXXX


COMMENT: Satan or Leviathan


PASTOR VITALE: Satan, Leviathan is that fish in the sea.  Satan is the works, Satan is the ocean.  The floods that is coming is that Satan and she is already, the flood is upon us brethren.  She is already flooding over Christiandom.  She has wiped out great Britain from what I have heard they are dead in the water and she is moving with a lot of power over the Christian church in this country.  We are the last batch of Christianity to the world.  If we go down the whole world is going into the dark ages.


And that is why I believe that the country will not go down not for our sake but for the sake of the Lord Jesus.  We are his property, we are his wife and he intends to get us back from Satan and Leviathan.  So that means what is going to happen he is raising up a remnant.  He says I always have a remnant.  I have how many that has not bowed their knees to Baal. How many? How many have not bowed their knees down to Baal?  Seven thousand have not bowed their knee to Baal.  It is just a round number seven thousand is just a round number.


He always has a remnant.  That is why the Lord the people who will look at this ministry or ministries like this and say what do you think, you are right and the whole church is wrong? The answer is yes and if you read the bible you will know that the majority is always wrong.  The majority is always wrong.  Read the bible you will find out.  God always works with a remnant. 


Remember when he called Gideon to deliver the Israelites I believe it was from the Midianites.  First of all Gideon could not believe God was calling him.  Gideon was so insignificant not as a human being but in the political spectrum of the nation of Israel, he could not believe that God was calling him.  He was just a kid, he had asked the Lord to prove it to him three or four times because he could not believe it was God was calling him, that he was going to take a whole big army with him and the Lord said no too many people. 


Can you imagine that?  You are going out to war and the Lord says your army is too big. Look at what is going on in Iraq more men, more men, more soldiers, more soldiers, more soldiers.  God said no Gideon you have too many people, tell everybody who is afraid to go home.  Okay Gideon comes back, ( I forgot the numbers) the Lord said still too many people Gideon, I cannot fight with that many people it makes me nervous having all those people around disobeying me.  Ha ha.


Everybody whose heart is not really in it want to be there tell them to go home I do not need them.  Not that they are add value I do not need them in the battle.  Gideon comes back and says okay Lord now the Lord said no you are still too many, you are still too many, your army is too big.  He said I will like to test everybody that is with you and we are just going to take the people who what? Does anybody know the criteria?  What is the formula?


COMMENT:  They will lap the water and the others will not be protected and he only took three hundred.


PASTOR VITALE: Three hundred people who will get down on their knees and lap the water while looking at the enemy that is what the King James said.  I looked up recently you know what it means?  You know what the spiritual meaning of that is?  He said I am only going to take the people who hear my thoughts and speak them out of my mouth.   I am just going to take the spiritual warheads, that is what it means I looked up every word in the Hebrew.  I am just going to take the people that pray spiritual warfare, based on my thoughts in their minds, that is what he said.


And that is what is happening today, the church is under water, the church is under water, time is very short, exactly how this is going to manifest I do not know.  From my understanding if there is going to be a company of people that will be catapulted into a higher spiritual plane and the higher spiritual planes control the lower spiritual planes.  Whatever is done a higher spiritual plane and powers whatever done is done on the higher spiritual plane.  It is done with thoughts and words at the beginning. 


Whatever is done by the Spirit of Christ through human beings that are manifesting his thoughts and his words will simply play out on the lower spiritual planes.  No one will ... to what is going on.  How do you think the church has been overtaken.  The church is captive, taken captive.  How do you think it happened?  It happened because Satan manifested some high witchcraft from a higher spiritual plane and it just happened down here nobody can explain it to you.  There is no one event, there is no one thing that happened but the witchcraft that manifested in the higher spiritual plane affected the minds of the church and their mind changed.  Their mind changed that is what happened.


Most important of all the preachers that influenced thousands and millions of people changed.  And that is the gospel in the church today the gospel on television.  How to be happy, how to get money, how to get married, how to be positive, is that bad? It is not bad enough in itself but it is bad if it replaces your relationship with Jesus Christ and the warfare that ensues as Christ begins to manifest Himself in your life.  Well hell comes against you, we have some people out of state that are going through a ... ministry out there and they are going through hell they are under a major attack. 


And this weekend the witchcraft was very very high this weekend and I am sitting at my computer working and I hear this loud crack.  What in the world is that?  And actually the week before my smoke alarm the battery was chopping so XXXX changed the battery for me.  This is one week later a brand new battery it was crack and then I hear the smoke alarm chopping and then again crack and I figured there is something wrong with the smoke alarm.  So XXXX came and took it down and the battery has exploded.  Brand new battery it has exploded in my smoke alarm, now you tell me that is a typical thing that happens now and then.  Whoever heard of that ever.


High witchcraft manifests as destructive forces in the natural world.  Peace in the high spiritual realm will manifest its peace in the world but right now the spirit who is in the high spiritual realms of this world is a destructive spirit.  And the Spirit of Christ is at war with her to take away her authority and where does bite?  She bites in the minds of the people.  Our brain brethren is a control panel for spiritual life that is what it is and Satan controls the brains of the people.


 We have so much teaching on this, there is an upper brain and a lower brain, the drawing this morning we have XXXX music, there is an upper brain and a lower brain if you just want to just get out your encyclopaedia and the lower brain is small and it is nestled under the upper brain.  That lower brain is where the Spirit of Christ is, okay?  The lower brain.  The upper brain with the two lobes sitting has full control over that brain in every human being unless Christ is powerful enough.  Even if Christ is powerful enough in the lower brain to be resisting, he is still underneath until your world is turned upside down.  You see that lower brain has to become the main brain and Satan and leviathan has to go underneath.


So Satan is riding the brains of the people just changing their mind.  The preachers they are overcome, the people are overcome.  Now what happens when you are overcome spiritually, it is just a matter of time until you become overcome physically.  You cannot be become overcome spiritually indefinitely and have a good life.  You have to hear this. 


You know ever since I got this revelation that the Israel of bible days were black, were Africans, were black people and I look at Africans today I want to tell you that it strikes terror, I do not know about terror but it really alarms me.   It alarms me when I see and of course there are always exceptions, I am looking at the core spiritual root of Africans.  How they sell each other into slavery, how they turn on their own, how some tribes cannibalise, they actually eat the flesh well that is not too common today but it happens.


And I look at our society today and I see what you see, I have a prophesy I can see, I can see something happening today and see what the result of it would be way down the line.  I look at our society today and I see how the family is breaking up.  I see how families are turning against one another.  I see how brothers and sisters do not talk.  And I look at the literature that I had access to what life was like in this country fifty years ago, hundred years ago or fifty years ago, families stuck together.  No matter what kind of differences the siblings had they stuck together and when trouble came they defended each other but not today. Brothers and sisters have each other in court, should not have... in court.  A few generations away from selling each other into slavery, can you hear what I am saying, that when you turn against your family like that you are spiritually selling them into slavery.


When a child in the family is being abused, and the head of the family turns their head that is selling that child into slavery, just a few generations down the road, the descendants of that family will defend that child that is abused in the house may be selling them physically into slavery. I look at the problems in Africa today, I look at the core of the Africans worshipping stones, I  look at the idolatry that I look at the extent to which they fell and I feel chills up and down my spine because I see, I see.. for us. 


Do you think that the Israel of bible days knew that if they continued to rebel against the laws of God and they continue to rebel and worship idols and whatever they were doing, the scripture says they worshipped idols the pagan gods. Do you think that for a second they believe that they can be in the condition they are in today? And brethren it is the same people, the people in Africa that are in this low spiritual state are the same people that existed in bible days, same spirits. 


Jesus said it himself, Lazarus and the rich man.  He said today you Pharisee you have got all of this spiritual riches and probably physical riches too, material riches too, and Lazarus as a poor beggar covered with sores, bleeding, dying from all kinds of sicknesses because you are spiritually broken down because of your spiritual condition and Jesus clearly said you better watch out Pharisee because the tables are going to turn.  Did he say that? He said it right? He said it, does anybody listen to him? No.


There is a very serious spirit here this morning.  Do not think that you are standing.  What does the bible say if you think you are standing? If you think you are standing do you?  What is around the corner for you?  What is around the corner? You are going to fall.  The minute you think you are standing get ready because you are going to fall.  None of us is standing.  The Lord is holding us all up.  I do not know where this is going to stay with me, very serious spirit this morning.  Maybe it is because somebody’s life is hanging in the balance this morning. 


In the name of Jesus I whip that man, I whip that man until he repents.  You can agree with me if you want to, you do not have to.  I whip him until he repents.  I cry out for his life Lord and I whip him until he repents.  We ask you for his life Lord.  What good is it going to do you if he dies? How will that glorify you Lord?


The man is highly qualified to preach this message but he is rebellion and his pride has separated him from you.  I have been preaching for years Lord that the only reason we have jails is because we do not have the power to rehabilitate the people but you Lord you have the power to rehabilitate.  If you chose to do it Lord you can reach out and touch that man and you can bring him to the point of death.  Maybe he is going to die and you will raise him from the dead and he will come back with a whole new heart.


You know I was thinking about XXXX the other day, you see all of these thoughts...these thoughts just channel through my mind and I do not even have time to deal with all of them but XXXX came into my mind a couple of weeks ago, actually his testimony came to my mind.  That he was into all kinds of sin, drugs, alcohol, sexual depravity, he was a musician and he was a professional musician and he had fallen into all kinds of bad stuff and the Lord hit him he went out in the spirit he was out for 24 hours.  Can you imagine being out in the spirit for 24 hours?  and when he woke up everything was gone.  He did not drink anymore, he did not drug anymore, he did not smoke anymore, he settled down sexually I guess and the Lord made him a preacher like that whack.


Now that did not happen to me I have been struggling for years to overcome but that was what the Lord did for him.  So I know that if the Lord chooses to do it with Charles Holtzhauser he can do it.  He can touch him right there on his death bed and bring him to repentance and raise him up and that man will get up out of that bed and go out and do whatever he is told.


I believe that that the Lord Jesus can get inside of a man and get a hold of that control panel of his brain I believe that the Spirit of Christ can bump Satan out and press all those buttons that will bring that man to a sound mind.  Anyone with a sound mind will repent.  He has to be insane to not repent. 


So we ask you to do it Lord, if you are willing to do it we ask you to do it and if there is anything else that I or we have to do this morning please tell me because otherwise I do not have anything more to say. Your church is filled with rebels. 


Who is it that called us rebels?  I think it was James.  Did not James say oh you rebels?  The whole church is in rebellion.  All of the men is going at his own direction.  The whole book of judges is an account of all the times that Israel the individual members of Israel went in their own direction that is what the bible says. 


And in those days of the judges of Israel every men did what was right in his own mind and every time Israel fell into that condition what happened?  What happened? What happened?  What happened to Israel as a nation every time the individual members thereof everyone did what they thought was right in their own eyes.  They all went into captivity they were all captured by foreign nations, captured by foreign nations every time, every time, every time does not anybody read the bible. 


This time the church is captured by a spiritual foreign nation and every time in the past Jehovah raised up a judge, a military leader to deliver Israel from the army of the nation that have captured them.  This time we are in a spiritual prison we have been captured by a spiritual enemy and the saviour or the judge that the Lord Jesus or that Jehovah in the person of the Lord Jesus is raising up is a spiritual judge and his name is Christ Jesus.  He is Christ Jesus and he is a spiritual man who is manifesting through many people.  And the army of the Lord in this hour is a spiritual army. 


We ask that you raise Holtzhauser up Lord; whatever he did we ask that you raise him from the dead.  It is a shame to waste them; there are just not enough leaders in the church, Lord.  And as I have been asking you for years I ask you to remember all of the good that he has done for so many people Lord.  And I know that we are not saved by good works but we are saved by your mercy because none of us deserve it and that is the truth.  How someone can shoot themselves in the foot is just unbelievable.  How someone with all that potential can just shoot themselves in the foot over and over and over again I just wack you Pastor Holtzhauser.  I just beat you with a disciplinary beating till you are blue, foolish man, foolish man.


So here is a perfect example of how you can be the most anointed person in the world and it is not going to save you.  The gifts will not save you, your being spiritual will not save you, you being a preacher will not save you, your casting out of demons will not save you, healing the sick will not save, you have been in the call will not save you, the only thing that is going to save you is your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


And if you want to be saved through a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ you have to obey him. You have to submit to him and this is the crushing point for the church.  You can have a relationship with the Holy Spirit and be destroyed.  You have to have an internalised Christ that you are in obedience to, to be saved, to be saved from what? From everything that is happening today and everything that is happening tomorrow.  Ultimately to be saved from death but we are not up to that yet unless you are like him, unless you are like Pastor Holtzhauser.  Is he not ready to die, he needs to be saved from death but we need to be saved everyday through obedience to an internalised Christ.


The fact that you speak in tongues and prophesy in front of the church is not going to save you.  Nobody is preaching this message from the television anyway maybe a couple of people that I do not know besides me are preaching it.  But it is not what is preached in the whole church at large.


If this message of the truth of the gospel I am not even talking about all the advances that we preach here just the basic foundation principles of what I am telling you.  There is obedience to the spirit of God that is going to save you not speaking in tongues.  You think you are so important because you prophesy you are not, you are not.  You think because you speak in tongues you are not.  Obedience is the name of the game.


If that were preached from the pulpit today the church will be diminished by probably 80%.  There are very few that are truly following Him not for the loaves and the fishes.  If you are following Him for what you can get from Him you can start counting down, is that bad no but you can start counting down you need to know that if you are going to church or you are following him because you hope to get something from Him or because you are getting something from Him right now you can start counting down, because what is going to happen when He stops giving it to you.


So it is just the people that follow Him because they love Him, they love Him in the good times and they love Him in the bad times, and the cling to Him in times of trouble those are the ten virgins that will following Him everywhere that we read about in the book of revelations.  You have to follow him because you love Him.  On your death bed you have to love Him, honestly I cannot take any credit for loving Him like that I do not want to do but I do.  And that is what saved my life 2 weeks away from death.  I said Lord I do not know why you did not heal me I do not understand I will go to my grave loving you.  And I did not die.


So how can one person love God and another person not it is something that he puts in us we are not even capable of doing it. 


So Lord we pray for Pastor Holtzhauser we pray for his life, if there is anything Lord that we have to do or any prayer that we have to pray, we ask that you show us what it is because it is just words our hearts hears before you Lord and we ask for his life, but we know that you do not save somebody’s life so that they can continue to follow a wrong path Lord.  And we know that today is his day of calamity Lord his day of reckoning.  Present in the scripture decisions, decisions, in the valley of decision.  We know that if he survives this Lord he is going to submit to you.  There is such a call on his life and he went down instead of up such foolishness, it is complete foolishness.  We pray that you give him wisdom Lord so that if you let him live he should not fall prey to this foolishness again.


I keep wanting to get on with the message and I cannot.  So let us just see what is happening here today.


It is hard to understand why sometimes judgement takes so long to fall and I do not understand it completely so I am just going to say this to you today that certain conditions have to exist for certain kinds of judgement to fall.  Now remember that the Lord is in a spiritual realm or a spiritual plane that operates under laws that are different than the laws of this world.  This is hell and the fallen world and the laws are different down here.


So for the Lord’s spirit to come in and do what he wants to do there has to be some em it is not going to just smoothly flow into this world because Satan and Leviathan has all the battlements up  trying to stop the Spirit of God from coming in.  It is not easy for the Spirit of God to come in and he wants to.  Well you are saying well Sheila everything is easy for God what are you talking about, well yes everything is easy for God but maybe if he did it easily we will all die. 


God is not the problem we are the problem.  He has to do what he wants to do in a way that is not going to destroy the whole world.  We are the fragile one.  He is all powerful, so the carnal mind of men always gets it backwards.  You know we think that God cannot do something.  He can do anything he wants to but he does not want to kill us.


So from what I know, I know a little bit about how judgement falls, the Lord tends to gather up candidates for a certain type of judgement and He brings down judgement on all of them at the same time.  Maybe one person might be deserving this judgement for 40 years and another person might be deserving this judgement for 20 years and another person might be deserving this judgement for a week.  But when that anointing comes down to judge a particular sin everybody that is manifesting that sin comes under judgement.  That is why it is so dangerous for anybody to judge somebody’s sin if the Lord has not sent you.  And the Lord will never send you to judge somebody’s sin in an area where you too are sinning.  Why? Because when you call down the judgement and it falls it is going to fall on you too. 


So we see several men that are having this judgement fall on them at this time and I think that this is just the beginning okay.  Now I want you all to keep this straight in your mind, there are a lot of preachers on Long Island they have rejected this word, they have rejected me, God is not punishing them because they have rejected me okay.  They have prayed against me and caused me all kinds of havoc and trouble here, God is not punishing them on my behalf, he is not punishing them on his behalf, God is punishing them in the hope that they will repent and come into this message.  He is disciplining them like you will discipline your children in the hopes that they will come into obedience and be close to Him. Does anybody not understand this?


This concept of this Catholic punishing God has damaged so many people.  He is a loving God but that does not mean that he lets you do whatever you want to do. You cannot kill your sister I am sorry you cannot do that.  You have to teach your kids from when they are real little to respect each other.


So He disciplines us with the law of sowing and reaping that is how He disciplines us.  Now to us sometimes the judgement that falls seems very severe especially if someone gets sick or they die.  But try to understand that the condition that we are in today is so far from who we really are in essence.  We are called to be sons of God, we are called to be mighty spiritual beings.  We have fallen so far that the judgements of God seems terrible.


Look at it this way, have you ever thought of what it is like to be a 3 or 4 year old child that is disciplined by a 6 foot 5 father with a big bully voice, that kid must be scared out of his mind.  That is who we are to God, his judgement seems so harsh to us because we are so fallen but his motive is always the same no matter what happens to us his motives is always the same, He loves us.  And He disciplines us in the hope that we will repent and come to Him in the right spirit.


I remember years ago when I was a young teenager maybe 13 or 14 I was with a whole group of friends and they were all laughing because one of them had an experience her mother chased her around the house with a broom, beating her with a broom, chased her from room to room as she ran, she went beating her with a broom crying.  Everybody was laughing because the woman was crying as she chased her daughter from room to room beating her with a broom.  I do not know what the kid did but the mother was doing the only thing she knew how to do, to help the kid from destroying herself. 


Well that is how God feels about us and nobody ever can tell me that He is going to put anybody in hell for ever because it is not just true.  He has the power to bring us to repentance but it is hard for people to see.  It is not that event of being brought to repentance may not happen in this lifetime that is what people do not understand but at the end of the day as they say, at the end of the whole process the whole spiritual root of the creation will return to obedience to the Lord Jesus.


His disciplining is going to bear fruit, we are going home like the prodigal’s son, who woke up in the pig pen one day and said what am I doing in this pig pen, my father is a rich guy all I have to do is honour him and I can go home.  It just seems so long because we are so falling. 


You know, the truth of who we are is horrible, do you know that we are filled with disease behind germs.  Do you know that?  Do you know how dirty we are?  I read a magazine article the other day about a young boy, a 14 year old boy on a football team, everything to live for, he almost died in a short period of time from a bacteria that came from his nose.  He picked his nose and the mucus in his nose must have been ... must have touched an open cut on his knee.  And it was a carcass bacteria and it was a miracle that he the article was a secular article and it did not say it is a miracle but it said the doctor did not even expect him to survive.  There was one sentence that say he had come home from church with his mother.  I said I bet you that the whole church was praying and that is the reason the kid survived.


He picked his nose, this deadly things live inside of us.  That is the condition that we are in.  Everybody thinks it is wonderful that we have doctors that help us, well I guess it is wonderful that we have doctors that help us but we are not supposed to be dying.  We are not supposed to have cancer; we are not supposed to be sick.   We are filled; we are overrun with physical filth that is the physical manifestation of spiritual filth.


Brethren we fell down under the ground, we were created to abide in the heavenlies we have been buried, our spirit man is buried under the ground and everything is crawling in there.  All the bugs they are crawling because our body is the ground that our spirit is buried under.  We are buried alive.


You want to empty out a church preach this message.  The church emptied out when Holtzhauser preached the truth about Christmas, then he preached the truth about deliverance and half of that emptied out.  So you see if your whole ego is based on how many people you have listening to you, you will never make it. You have to preach out of obedience to the Lord Jesus no matter what happens. 


Well I keep trying to stop but I cannot I am going to try again.  It is the right hand of Jehovah and what confuses carnal people is that that right hand of Jehovah has been present on the earth now for two thousand years but it is being withdrawn.  The right hand is the hand of Jehovah that disciplines with understanding that disciplines with mercy that teaches that hopes to change you through education but there is going to be a cutting off point and that cutting off point has already started to appear.


Words have done no good, the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the earth for two thousand years what has it accomplished?   Now it has accomplished the material greatness of the western world of the Christian world but that is not what I am talking about but spiritually what has it accomplished?  Are men any closer to God?  No, human beings are experiencing the same thing that Adam experienced.  God raises them up, they stay up for a season and they fall.  God raises up new men they stay up for a season and they fall.  No one has stood up and stayed up since Jesus of Nazareth so the human race has not progressed at all. 


What does that mean?  Is God a failure? No God is not a failure but the level of Himself that He is imparted to the world has not been strong enough to save fallen Adam.


The right hand, the hand that comes and pleads with you and says please repent I do not want to hurt you.  Please repent change your ways, please I will help you, I will teach you, I will stand you up I will heal you, I will meet your every need, just give up this rebellion and pride, it has been withdrawn.  Actually it is withdrawn there is just a residue of it in the church today.  They do not even know what is coming, the right hand has been withdrawn but the left hand has not yet been stretched out.  The left hand is the hand that says I begged you, I begged you and you are still trying to kill me, whack.  And that is what is coming. 


The greatest tragedy is that the preachers are not preaching this.  The greatest sin is to the preachers, James says the house of the Lord and with the elders thereof.  The preachers are women and children in the pulpit.  So as hard as it is to understand and to believe judgement must fall, it has to fall because God is righteous.  And if the judgement does not fall God will not be righteous.  He will be like a parent with a rebellious child that turns their back on the child.


You know when I was in Florida with my daughter not this past time but the time before, we went to the beach and a woman started talking to my daughter to make the story short.  She had a nine year old sadistic daughter that she was torturing some beach animal or something.  I just want to make this short the woman was telling my daughter that she is having all this trouble dealing with the child and her husband literally turned his back on the problem giving the kid anything she wants.  And the mother knows that is not the answer you see.


So if the Lord does not discipline us He will be like the parents of today who are being taught and of course there is a remnant I am talking about the general teaching in the world do not discipline your kids.  Do you know the teaching in the world is do not spank you children but talk them so do you know the result is? We have parents screaming at their children, the kids are better off being spanked three four times than having a parent that screams at them.  That is devastating having a parent scream at you, it destroys you where you go.


So He has to bring judgement, He has to, He is a righteous God and He loves us.  Judgement must fall.  Jesus of Nazareth is the right hand of God, in his amnesty begging the creation and the church to repent and nobody gets it.  He is being withdrawn and the Lord of host is coming forth watch out.  And actually it has already started the church is just as sick as the world is.  The church is dying just like the world is.  The people in the church are getting divorced just as the world is, no difference but it is going to get worse.  Okay.






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