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Bringing forth this kind of a revelation is shaking Satan’s kingdom or Satan’s hold on our world to the roots, so it is very difficult to do this. As I told you this morning, there is a lot of confusion on me, but this is not the first time this has happened, I will get this out by hook or by crook, most likely it is going to come out choppy, it is not going to be a smooth message, but I will get the truth out, and you need to understand that even last week, the part that I did not publish, it went into the heavenlies and it is shaking up Satan’s kingdom in the heavenlies. It the word of truth that is destroying her kingdom.

For years we have preached here and I thought that, well it was the message on the tape, well this is not wrong, that the message has to get to the people, and the truth will set them free, but what really will set the people free is the truth that is preached on a high spiritual plane that is toppling the powers and principalities of this world.

The reason I am telling you this is that a carnal minded person might say, But Pastor Vitale, you do not have a new revelation, there are Christians that have been preaching that Jesus was not born of a virgin for years now, and there are main denominations that are preaching it, and the fundamentalist Christians are knocking all of the Christians that preach this and now there is another doctrinal war in the church, so you are not the first person to preach this.

As far as I know, I am the first person to preach it out of Christ, and I am the first person to preach it out, I will leave it at that, I am the first person to preach it out of Christ. The carnal mind has recognized this. The Scripture clearly says that the children of the night are smarter and wiser than the children of the day, that is what the Scripture says. I never cease to be amazed as I get into the depth of the Scripture deeper and deeper, the depth of the spiritual Scripture, that I see how science fiction writers have laid hold of the spiritual truth of the word, more than the Christian, it just never ceases to amaze me. This word, this spiritual word has been coming forth from Christians that do not fully honor Jesus Christ in their hearts. Did anybody not understand what I just said? This is the first time this truth has come forth from serious believers who are manifesting the Spirit of the Lord.

I am going to try. We are going to be dealing with, the verses that we are going to be dealing with, I think that I am not going, well last week I gave you some teaching, I will just read the alternate translation to you and on to the message, and I think we are going to go right forward, right on to the Scripture that we were looking for last week that Xxxx challenged me on.

You can challenge me as long as it is in a Godly spirit. She heard me saying that, and I now believe that Mary was not a virgin, that Jesus was born of the sperm of Joseph and the ovum of Mary, and she wanted to know what I had to say about the Scripture that said that she was pregnant before they came together, and I could not find the Scripture last week. I think we are going to do that first, and then if I can, we will review what I told you last week. This is my mentality, when Satan is opposing something so powerfully, I just want to get it out in whatever form I get it out, and we can go back, we can do it over, we can question it, we can do anything like that.

The Scripture that Xxxx was looking for is in Matthew 1:19, we will start our discussion with verse 19 but I am going to read you a few Scriptures before that. Starting with verse 18 in the King James.

Matthew 1:18-25, Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise, when as His mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost. Then Joseph her husband being a just man and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily. But while he thought on these things behold, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him saying, Joseph, Thou son of David, Fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call His name Jesus, and He shall save His people from their sins. Now all of this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet saying, Behold a virgin shall bring forth a son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. Then Joseph being raised from sleep, did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him, and took unto him his wife, and knew her not til she had brought forth her firstborn son, and he called His name, Jesus.

That is the Scripture you are looking for Xxxx right? It is Matthew 1:25, ...and knew her not til she had brought forth her firstborn son, and he called His name Jesus. I would like to discuss a few verses with you before we get to that verse 25. I printed out the Interlinear Text of that, of verses 19, 20, 24-25 of Matthew chapter 1. Let us take a look at it a verse at a time. Verse 19, Matthew 1 in the King James.

Matthew 1:19, Then Joseph her husband being a just man and not willing to make her a public example was minded to put her away privily.

#1, the Greek word translated husband does not mean husband. It is Strong’s #435, and it does not mean husband at all, it means a man, simply a man, an individual male, it has nothing whatsoever to do with husband. This is significant because remember all of humanity is spiritually female, and what the Scripture is telling us here, is that Joseph was spiritually male. Joseph was a spiritual male and a just. Under any English word where you see the numbers 999 that means that there is no Greek word that justifies this English word, it was just put in by the King James translators. The Scripture is really saying, Then Joseph, who was a spiritual male, and this English word her, the Strong’s number under that is #846, that word does not necessarily mean her, and you can all look these words up yourself if you want to after the message, Strong’s #435, it is a reflexive pronoun, it means it refers back to the pronoun. In other words it should really be translated. Then Joseph, the male of himself. Joseph, who himself was a spiritual male, was a male, that is what it says. Joseph who was a spiritual male, Joseph who himself was a spiritual male. ...and a just... now you can see the word, there is not Greek foundation for the word men. He was justified. Brethren, this is a spiritual book, this is talking about the conception of our savior, so the angel came to Joseph, who was a justified spiritual male. What does justified mean? He was in right standing with God. He was justified before God. A carnally minded person would say, That is impossible because there was no justification with God before Jesus Christ. That is absolutely untrue. Israel was justified before God through their covenant with Jehovah, and even though at this time in history, Israel as a nation was alienated from Jehovah, even today, I have been preaching this for a long time, there are Jews today who I believe are justified.

I can hear the Christians screaming at me, I am telling you this is true, it is a man at a time, we are justified a man at a time. We are reconciled to God a man at a time, we have faith, we receive faith a man at a time, and we are saved one man at a time, based upon our personal relationship with the savior. Every man answers for himself. There are Jews today who were brought up and raised for generations believing that Jesus is not Messiah, but they are in the Scripture day and night on their face before God seeking God as they know Him, through the Hebrew Scripture with all of their strength, and I want to tell you that those men are justified, and in due season, it will be revealed to them, that Jesus not is indeed savior, but the very Spirit that they have a relationship with is Jesus Himself, they just got His name wrong.

Joseph was a justified spiritual male, and the reason he was a spiritual male is that he was justified, he was considered righteous from God’s view point. On what basis was he considered righteous? On what basis was Job considered righteous? Can anybody tell me that? Job, we read in the King James that Job was a perfect man. To be perfect, now when there is a different word, there is always a subtle difference, but to be perfect, you have to be justified. How was Job perfect before God? He was perfect in his keeping of the law, that was all that he knew at that time. The only mechanism available at that time for a man to be in right standing with God, was to keep the law. None of us are righteous, none of us are justified. We are all sinners, that is the whole basis of the message of the gospel that we need a savior because we are unrighteous and unjustified and alienated from God without hope in this world. Is that not what Paul said. I hope you know that is what Paul said. We are alienated from God without hope in this world, until the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ comes to us and joins Himself to us, and gives us life.

Joseph was justified, that meant, based upon what he knew, and what he understood was necessary to honor God and have a relationship with God, he was keeping that word, or he was keeping the law, he was doing the absolutely best that he knew or was taught or comprehended to do, and Jehovah honored that. All of these Christians out there that make these rules and put burdens on human beings that they could never keep these rules, I want to tell you God hates it! The only one who knows whether somebody is in right standing with God or not, is the Lord, and the people who have the heart of God. Does not the Scripture say that Abraham believed God and because he believed God what? Does anybody here know the Scripture? Because he believed God it was counted unto him as righteousness.

We have a lot of people in the world today saying, Well I believe that Jesus is savior. No, no, that does not count, that does not make you righteous. The belief that Abraham believed was that an invisible God came to him and said, Pack up your bags and your wife and your nephew, and leave everything you have ever known, loved or are familiar with, and move to another country. Abraham believed that it was God, and it was counted unto him as righteousness because he believed it was God and he did it. I do not know that I would have the guts to do that today. I could do it, if I was absolutely convinced that it was God, I do not know that I would have the faith to believe that a voice came to me, or a thought came into my head, and told me to sell everything I have, and move to another country. I would be afraid that it was not God, if I knew it was Him, I would do it, I would go anywhere, that is the truth. That is my concern, I hear a voice in my head, a thought comes into my head, maybe it is not God.

Even me at this stage, thirty years of serving him, thirty years of bringing forth a doctrine that nobody else believes, and if it came to that, to be told to sell everything and move, if I did it, it would be with tremendous fear and anxiety, I have to tell you that. We do not know that Abraham did not have fear and anxiety, we do not know that. All that we know is that he did it, and because he acted upon what God told him to do, it was counted as righteousness unto him.

You have to stop and think about the things that you are being taught. You stop somebody on the street and you say, Do you believe Jesus is savior? They say,Yeah sure. You say, You are saved man, when you die you are going to heaven. How utterly ridiculous! What is another thing that we read in the Scripture, faith without works is dead, or another way to put that, that is the King James, faith without works is dead, faith without an outworking of that faith, without practicing what you believe is death. Not only is your faith dead, but you are abide in death, because either you abide in death which is your carnal mind, or you abide in life, which is your Christ mind, and the proof of which mind you abide in, is what you do. The proof of whether you have entered into life or not, or whether you still abide in death, is what you do.

Joseph was justified, he had a relationship with Jehovah, he apparently was a proven man, he believed God, I do not know what he believed, all I know is the Scripture says he was justified. The Hebrews, the Kabbalists today or the practicing Jews will tell you he was bonded to Jehovah, he had a relationship with the living God, and that was why he was justified and because he was justified, he was a spiritual male. Joseph, a justified spiritual male, well this comes right after verse 18, let me go back to that right now. Verse 18:

Matthew 1:18, Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise, when as His mother Mary was espoused to Joseph before they came together she was found with child of the Holy Ghost. KJV

Our alternate translation is:

Matthew 1:18, Now the nature of the Holy Spirit was given to Jesus Christ before, (and this translation that I gave you last week, that we did not get on tape, there was a word missing here, I want to tell that it should be before Elijah. Remember Jesus Christ was a reincarnation of Elijah), Elijah possessed the womb of Mary His mother, and before she and Joseph who were engaged came together. AT

Last week, we talked about this verse is talking about the Holy Spirit, how the nature of the Holy Spirit was impressed upon the ovum in Mary’s ovary, which was designated to ovulate and mature into the man Jesus who became Christ.

Matthew 1:18, Now the nature of the Holy Spirit was given to Jesus the Christ before Elijah possessed the womb of Mary His mother, and before she and Joseph who were engaged came together. ATB

We see here that Jesus had two legs up, He received the Holy Ghost in the womb, we receive the Holy Ghost, some of us not until we are in our twenties, thirties, or forties, and not only did He receive the Holy Ghost, but He received the nature of the Holy Ghost. The nature of the Holy Ghost was given to Jesus Christ, before the soul who was incarnating even entered Mary’s womb. This is very interesting because I honestly do not know whether this is saying, this understanding is saying, that the ovum which was to become Jesus Christ was He already born with the nature of Jesus Christ, or was it present. Up until this time, up until this very minute, I have believed that Jesus was born with the Holy Ghost, but the perception that I had in my mind was that Jesus was having an experience similar to what I had. I received the Holy Ghost, but I did not receive the nature of the Holy Ghost until Christ was formed in me. The Holy Ghost led me to have Christ grafted to me and when Christ was grafted to me, the nature of the Spirit of Christ, started to be formed in me.

The Holy Ghost of Bible days, the Holy Ghost of national Israel, was not the Holy Ghost that is in the church today. The Holy Ghost that is in the church today is the lowest aspect of the glorified Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost that is in the church today is the aspect of the glorified Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit that was in national Israel, we call the Shekinah, the Hebrews call Him the Shekinah glory, I am sure you have heard of that, the Shekinah glory, and that Shekinah glory is closer to what today we call the Spirit of Christ, rather than the Holy Spirit.

As I have told you this is an unfolding revelation, I learn with you as I preach, new ideas and questions come to me, and I share them with you, but I am learning with you. This is what the alternate translation says of Matthew 1:18.

Matthew 1:18, Now the nature of the Holy Ghost was given to Jesus Christ before Elijah possessed the womb of Mary... AT

I may even have to pray about this, the fact that it was given to Jesus Christ, does that mean that He naturally received it, or was it there, this is what I preached all along that Jesus was born with the Holy Ghost, and when He became old enough to understand it, He started to move in the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, just like we do, on some levels, am I making this clear to you?

At this point, I do not know, I am going to have to pray about it and look at that verse again, and see whether it is saying whether He was born with the nature of the Holy Ghost engraved, it does not say engraved, the Scriptural word is engraved, the nature of Christ is being engraved upon us, but it does not say that in this verse, it says, was given, was given, so that means, I do not know, maybe you know but I do not know what that means. Was He engraved with the nature of the Holy Ghost or was the Holy Ghost present for Him to lay hold of and use in His life. I know when I was twenty seven or twenty eight years old, the Holy Ghost was imparted to me, was given to me to use, it was power that was given to me to overcome my sin nature, and I use it that way, and I did not die, I was very ill at the time, and I did not die.

I think that what the Lord is telling me is that, that is the correct understanding of the Holy Ghost, was in, was somehow imbued into the ovum for the purpose of Jesus Christ to use to overcome His sin nature, even before Elijah, the soul of Elijah incarnated as Jesus. We are told in Romans 1:4, where it says Jesus, He brought His something according to the Spirit of Holiness, that He became, His stood up in full stature, that is my understanding according to the Spirit of Holiness.

This is my understanding right now, remember we are working this through together, you know, if you have another idea, when the time comes, please wait til I ask for questions, ask me, because I am modified by your opinions. You do not have to worry about changing me against my will, we should be able to have an open discussion, and we should all be modified by each other’s opinions if and when the Spirit of the Lord in us witnesses to us that we hear something that is true, that we did not know before. Is everybody okay with that?

That is my opinion right now, that the meaning of verse 18 is that, and I never knew this before, is that the Holy Spirit was imparted to the ovum before the soul of Elijah incarnated, before that soul was imparted to the ovum, very interesting, if I get anything more I will tell you. Going on with this verse. This is what happened, so we see that I believe that, Mary went and told Joseph about this, especially if the angel told her, You are supposed to consummate your relationship with Joseph before the actual wedding, so that this prophecy can come to pass that, Behold a virgin will give birth. Right in Strong’s concordance it says, that word translated virgin can be translated an unmarried woman, it’s right there in Strong’s concordance.

Can you imagine Mary is engaged to Joseph and an angel appears to her and she goes running to her fiance and says to him, an angel appeared to me Joseph and said that we should consummate before the actual wedding, so that this great prophecy of Isaiah should be fulfilled. Can you imagine? Well this was Joseph’s reaction. He had a double reaction. His carnal mind said, Yeah sounds good baby, and the justified man in him, the Christ in him said, No, I do not want to do that, that is wrong. Can anybody not understand that conflict, a young man, should have been a virgin as far as I know, would have had to have been a virgin, because nobody had sex before marriage in those days, or if they did it, I should not say nobody, people broke the rules, but someone who broke the rule would not be in line to marry the woman who was going to bring forth the savior, so Joseph was a virgin.

He must have had feelings for Mary, can you imagine what a temptation that would have been, for him to say, Well you know, I have a good justification to have sex before the wedding, why wait another hour, who knows how much longer they would have had to wait, who knows when the wedding was planned, we do not even read about the actual wedding in the Scripture. Joseph had a double reaction, his humanity said, Yeah, sounds good, and then the Christ in him, the man who was justified said, No. That is what this verse is talking about.

Then Joseph who was a justified spiritual male, or Satan within Joseph, that Hebrew word translated and can be translated but also. Joseph heard all of this, he was a justified spiritual man, but, and he did not want to do it, he did not want to make, I know this is not in the right order, I told you I was not completely prepared with this, but this is what you have got. But Satan, and you can see that on your notes, I gave you a print out with my notes on it, but Satan desired it. That Greek word translatedwilling, the first time the word willing appears, it means to desire.

Do you see further down on the second row where it says was minded, that Greek word translated was minded, means to be willing. This happens very frequently. In the King James translation, in the same verse, we see the word that should be translated willing was translated minded, and the word that was translated willingreally means to desire. But Satan desired to make a public example of her, but Joseph, was willing privately, the word privily means privately, and to put away can be translated to forgive her. Joseph did not believe her, so Joseph the justified man said, Honey, you have a false word, that was Satan talking to you, you must be, you just heard from Satan, and I do not believe that God would tell us to do that and I forgive your sins. Do you understand that according to Old Testament law, that every woman had an authority over her, she went from her father to her husband. I should say, every woman had a male authority over her, women did not really have any rights.

We are told in the book of Numbers, that if a woman sins, that her father or her husband can forgive her sins. that principle still exists today, anyone who has authority can forgive the sins of the person under them, even if that sin was not against the authority. If somebody here in this ministry makes a mistake, let me think of an example, if you make a commitment to buy something, you, okay we have had this so many times here, someone has made a commitment to do something for somebody else in the ministry, or for somebody outside of the ministry, and turns out that they were not thinking straight, it was a foolish thing to do, they committed themselves to either spend a lot of money, to expend a lot of energy or to take a trip with somebody or to help somebody and they did it out of their emotion, and when they stopped to think about it, they realized that they did not have the money or they did not have the time or it was really not a right thing for them to do.

I have had people come to me and say, Well I have to do it, I am a Christian, I have to keep my word. My answer to you is, No you do not, that was an ungodly commitment that you made, it was wrong, you should not have made it, and as the authority over you, I forgive your sins and you go to the person and you tell them that you are sorry, you apologize for telling them that you would do something that was wrong, that was not in your best interest, not in the best interest, not even in their best interest, and wrong in God’s eyes, and you are not going to go through with it, and you will not be subject to the sowing and reaping judgment because me as your authority has forgiven your sins.

I hope you all know that, that spiritual reality exists? Joseph forgave her sins. To be honest with you I am going to have to look at this verse again, I am not sure whether it was Satan in Joseph saying, Yeah that is a good idea, but the justified Joseph saying, No. Maybe when I pray over the verse, maybe during the break, I will pray about this verse more. It could be that the verse is saying that Joseph was saying to Mary, that is Satan in you. Mary comes to Joseph and tells him this story. Can you imagine how bizarre this must have sounded to him? He said to her, Mary, Satan is deceiving you, but I forgive your sins. As I said, this is a trial run, I have to go over these verses and pray about them again. Then we go on to verse 20, the King James says:

Matthew 1:20, But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared to him...

We are working in Matthew 1:20, and I am really thinking at this point what this verse is saying, is not that Joseph said, Alright honey, it sounds like a good idea, but that Joseph who was a righteous man, because he was justified before God, and he was a spiritual male, his reaction was, Mary I think that Satan is desiring to make an open show of you. I am back in verse 19 right now, but I forgive your sins and we will not do what you have suggested. Verse 20, it said, As Joseph thought about these things, what things?

What Mary had just told him and his decision that Satan was desiring to make an open show of her, and was concerning him as he concentrated on that in a meditation, it says he thought about it, but as he sought the Lord on it... You know, I think about things lots of time, I may tell you I want to think about something, but when I mean think about it, it is really a form of meditation, Lord, you know what is all of this, what do you think? It is a form of reaching out to God.

The angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and he said to, now that dream, I did not look up the Greek word, it could be a sleeping dream or it could mean a trance, I just do not want to stop the message right now, but that could easily mean a trance. As Joseph was thinking about it, and meditating on it, and seeking the Lord on it, he went into a trance, that happens to me all of the time, and he heard a communication in that trance. The angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream saying,Joseph, son of David, in other words, you come from a holy line, you are a descendant of King David, Do not fear to take Mary as your wife.

This word take, of course the traditional teaching is, do not be afraid to marry her, but this can easily, just as easily be translated, do not be afraid to take her to wife, because to take someone to wife, or even to marry someone, is the consummation of the marriage. You know you are not legally married until the marriage is physically consummated.

Anybody could legally get an annulment with no problem on the basis of the marriage not being consummated. This angel saying to Joseph, Do not be afraid to take her to wife, to consummate, whether before or after a ceremony could easily, this could easily mean that, do not be afraid to consummate even though the ceremony has not taken place yet, do not be afraid to do it.

Do not be afraid that she is possessed by Satan. I do not know, as I told you I am working this through talking to you, maybe that is what the angel, who knows what was in Joseph’s heart when he was meditating on this, maybe she is not emotionally sound. You know in those days having children was very, very important, much more important than it is today, a man wanted children. Maybe he was thinking, she is not emotionally sound, maybe Satan is possessing her, and I am a holy man, maybe I should not even be marrying her, because of this crazy thing that she said to me. Maybe he was thinking, maybe Satan in her was trying to get me to sin, to destroy me before God. I do not know what he was thinking, but the angel appeared to him. What does that means that the angel appeared to him? It meant that Joseph was thinking all kinds of thoughts out of his carnal mind, and the angel within him, I believe it was the angel within him. We all have an angel within us, either the angel is Christ, or the angel is the Serpent’s child. The angel is the part of us that is spiritual, the part of us in which inspiration comes. If you do not have Christ, the truth is that the angel in you is, I think probably the right word would be Cain, the offspring of Satan and leviathan. We all have an angel, we are not in touch with that angel, but everybody at some time in their life, almost everybody has an experience where they are thinking about something, and thinking and thinking, they have a problem and they sleep on it, and they wake up and the light bulb goes off, I have the answer.

It comes from the mechanism within your own mind that is generated by the spiritual part of your being. Joseph was meditating, thinking, talking, and Christ arose in him and spoke to him, he was a justified spiritual male, he was spiritual. That means that Abel was regenerated in him, can anybody not hear that, that is our spirituality, everybody is born with Cain and Abel, our mortal foundation, Jesus tells us is a spiritual worm, called Cain, I called him Cain and Abel, according to the doctrine of Christ, that is what I called him, Cain and Abel, it is the part of the original Adam, it is a part of the original Adam, when Adam broke into all of those pieces, when he sinned and died. The Serpent could not bring us into existence without something of the nature of God, and it is that seed of the dead Adam that is in all of us that gives us consciousness and existence.

One of the major principles of the doctrine of Christ is that resurrection is coming, who is going to be resurrected in you? Cain or Abel? Adam was the Christ of previous age, this is where the false doctrine, the Christ consciousness arises out of. We have a lot of people, thousands if not millions of people believing that we all have the Christ consciousness within us, that we are all born with God, and that, that Christ consciousness can guide us. The problem with that teaching is, that is it foundationally true, we are all born with Christ, only He is dead, we are born with a dead Christ, and the only way that He can be raised from the dead or regenerated in us, is when the seed of the glorified Jesus Christ joins with Him.

If we have a spiritual resurrection, and the seed of the glorified Jesus Christ has not joined with us, that spiritual resurrection is not Abel, it is Cain. John clearly said there are two resurrections, resurrection unto life, and the resurrection into damnation, who will be resurrected in me, Abel or Cain? Joseph was justified and he was male, so that means that Abel was regenerated in him. Christ appeared in Israel, Christ appeared in Israel, but he was not born we are told by the prophet Isaiah, that Israel brought forth wind instead of bringing forth the male child that would have imparted eternal life, they brought forth just spirit, they brought forth wind. Spirit is not enough, we have to bring forth the wisdom and the life of God. Spirit without the wisdom and life of God, is really Satan. The spiritual aspect of humanity, is Satan. The reason she has her own name is because she is separated from her husband, Adam. When the energy, the power, the spirit of the creation, is under the authority of the wisdom of the creation, the woman does not have her own name, she takes her husband’s name, which is Christ.

The only reason Satan and Leviathan, have their own name, is because they departed from, actually the Serpent departed from the male. I told you all of that to make my point that I believe that Abel was regenerated in Joseph, he was justified, he was a male, and that can only happen if Abel was regenerated in him, what makes you male, what makes me spiritually male? It is that Christ Jesus speaks to me through you. He is our spiritual manhood. All of humanity is female, what makes us a spiritual male is that Christ is not only present, but thinking and acting and living through us. Joseph was in right standing with God, he was spiritually male, Abel was regenerated in him, and the angel said to him, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife, do not be afraid to do what she suggested, do not be afraid to consummate before the appointed time, and as I said earlier, we do not know what the appointed time is, we do not know, I do not even know what weddings were like in those days, not from anything I would read in the Scripture. There is nothing that I know of in the Scripture that describes the wedding, whether Mary pregnant before or after the wedding, do know any Scripture that describes the wedding? The time, the place, what it was like? No.

The angel, the Christ within him witnessed to what Mary said. I tell you this all of the time, I tell you I know the difference between whether I am talking to you out of my own opinion or whether it is the Christ in me talking, I can tell the difference, I do not want to be arrogant, most of the time, I can tell the difference. Joseph had his own opinion, that Satan was attacking his fiancé, but then Christ arose in Joseph and said, No, no Joseph, that was not Satan attacking your fiancé, what she told you was the truth, do not be afraid to believe her, and do not be afraid to take her as your wife, do not be afraid to consummate.

Then we read, For in her that which is conceived of the Ghost is holy. The King James says, For that which is conceived in her if of the Holy Ghost. Of course that sounds like she was already pregnant, but I want to give you my take on it, and as I told you earlier, I do not know whether I got this on the recording or not, but the way this kind of understanding comes forth, is that the Lord will speak to the translator, not just me, whether it is the Lord or whether it is Satan, some spirit speaks to the person who is seeking to understand, and then you look at the words, and you understand according to the spirit that is guiding you, this is not just true about spiritual things, do you know how many times, I will have a business conversation with somebody or just a friendly conversation with somebody and I completely misunderstand what they say, or people completely misunderstand what I say?

It is really the words of the person are in the heart of the beholder. People who have a problem, people who have been abused and not been loved, or had hardship in their life, they have a tendency to do everything that they hear is negative. I have had that situation with people. I say something that intends to be a compliment right in this ministry, I will say something that I intend to be a compliment, and the person will take it as an insult, I have to sit down and talk to them, and say, Look, I did not mean it that way, you completely took what I said the wrong way. You must all know that, that happens in life. That is what translation is like, so I hear from the Lord in my spirit. The Lord says to me, the author of the Scripture says to me, This is what I meant when I wrote it. Then I look at the Interlinear Text, and I see if I cannot justify what He is telling me, and if I cannot justify what He is telling me, I will tell Him, Lord, I cannot, it does not line up. I talk to Him the same way you have the right to talk to me as long as you are in the right spirit, It does not line up Lord. I do not believe blindly what I hear. Then He will show me, He will show it to me, how to, He has to convince me.

I am not a robot or a puppet, I am a thinking son of God. There is no way that I could teach you, if I was teaching you out of being indoctrinated, that is what is in the church today. The teachers are indoctrinated and the people are indoctrinated, but God has better things for us. We are supposed to be thinking reasoning, intelligent, sons of God, and if something does not sit right with you, you get after the Lord and you do not let go of Him until you get an answer.

If you want to talk to me, I will help you as much as I can, but if I talk to you, and you still do not have it, you do not stop praying about it, but do not pray against me. You need to say, Lord, I do not get it, I need to understand it, help me. If it turns out that I am wrong, as you pray for God to help you to understand, He will come to me and correct me, if I am wrong. If I am not, He will help you to understand. You have to go before God, believing that you are not getting it, you cannot come against the teacher, if you want Him to clarify it for you. you have to go in the right spirit.

This is what the King James says, It sounds like she was already pregnant, the only problem that I have is when I look at the Greek word translated conceived, and I look that word up in the Strong’s concordance, one of the translations of that word is to regenerate. This is when I went before the Lord and I said, What do I do with this Lord? This is what He said to me, that thing which is regenerated, that spirit which is regenerated, in Mary is holy. What was regenerated in Mary? You can say conceived, and think that she is pregnant, or you can say regenerated, and did I not just spend ten or fifteen minutes explaining to you that Abel was regenerated in Joseph? It is your choice, you know, it is your choice, but you should want the truth.

You can believe she was already physically pregnant, or you could believe that Joseph thought that Satan was after Mary, and he was very concerned about it, and he meditated, and that Christ who was regenerated in Joseph stood up in Joseph and said to him, Do not worry, that is not Satan talking through Mary, that which, that spiritual thing, that spirituality that just came forth in her, that which is regenerated in her, is not Cain, it is Abel. It came out of the side of holiness, it is not Satan talking to her.

Based on that, I could say, Well, we are told in the Scripture that Joseph was justified and he was male, which means that Abel was regenerated in him, which means he was spiritual, and in those days, I do not think many women were spiritual. It is my understanding, they did not even educate the women, that they did not even go, they certainly were not educated as the men were educated. The men were expected to be spiritual, they had all of the training, all of the instruction from when they were three years old, but a lot of the women, if not, well I cannot say all of them, because we know that there were female prophets, but basically the women were just there to have children and keep the house and support the man.

The angel said to Joseph, No, she is a spiritual woman, Satan did not get her, that spirituality that just rose up in her, it is the same thing that happened to you, Abel is regenerated in her, it is of the Holy Ghost. The regeneration in her, the spiritual regeneration in her has come from the Holy Ghost, not from Satan. It is like saying, the Lord Jesus Christ came to me and touched Abel in me, and Christ rose up in me and I became spiritual. Somebody else, Satan can go to somebody who is not spiritual, and stir up Cain in them, and they will become spiritual on the other side. Joseph had never seen any signs of spirituality in Mary before, and all of the sudden she is spiritual, and she is saying these crazy things to him.

The angel in Joseph said, well see Joseph knew that her spirituality had been stirred up, the only question was, on which side. She was spiritual, his fiancé was spiritual, that was a fact, she is talking spiritual things to him. An angel came to me, an angel told me this, and he told me about Messiah, spiritual, she had a spiritual experience. That goes without saying, the only question was, Where is this spiritual experience coming from, which side, Cain or Abel, the holy side or the unholy side. As Joseph thought about it, Christ who is regenerated in Joseph stood up and said, Do not worry about it, you can believe what she says because she was regenerated on the holy side. Do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife because that which is regenerated in her is of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit came and touched Abel in her, and now this spiritual communication is coming out of the holy side. Is everybody okay?

I think this is very exciting, is not this exciting, I think it is very exciting. The next few verses I do not have the Interlinear Text because they are not controversial in my eyes anyway, I will just read them, verses 21-23, and this is the prophecy of Jesus, and this woman that you are engaged to, she shall bring forth a son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He shall save His people from their sins.

Matthew 1:21-23, And this woman you are engaged to, she shall bring forth a son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He shall save His people from their sins. Now all of this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet saying, behold, an unmarried woman, a virgin, shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is God with us.

Basically what the Interlinear Text says is, behold an unmarried woman shall have a child in her womb, and the word bring forth comes from a word that means from seed, she shall bring forth you could say a son, or the son, she shall bring forth the son of God from seed. Brethren, Jesus who became Christ, Jesus who was Christ, He is the only one that brought forth the son of God from seed. Do you all know that the reason that Jesus was called the son of God, is because the spiritual child within Him, Abel, completely matured, matured to its fullness, and Christ was completely living His life through the man Jesus, and therefore Jesus could call Himself Jesus the Christ. The physical man Jesus was not the Christ.

This is another major issue in the church, and the Catholic church I am told has really killed this, I am not an excatholic, one of the great meetings of the Pope and all of the bishops, would set down standards for the Scripture and all of that, it was pronounced illegal to teach this truth, that there is a separation, that there is a difference between the human and the spiritual child that we carry. Paul told us that we will be saved in childbearing. All of humanity, we shall be saved when the spiritual child is fully born in us. When the child, when Christ is fully born in us, He does not depart from us, He stays with us, and He becomes our new man, our inner man.

The personality, the human being is just the outer man, we are just the shell, we cannot live without a spiritual man. Jesus, the baby, Jesus the man, was not Christ. Abel had been regenerated in Him, and fully matured into a regenerated Adam. Jesus said, I am the first Adam and the last Adam. The first Adam was His humanity because the first Adam is fallen, we are the first Adam. He said, I am the first Adam, and I am also the last Adam, my humanity is the first Adam and my inner man is the last Adam, the regenerated Adam, I am both, I am Adam inside and outside. Most people are the first Adam inside and outside. Jesus was the first Adam outside and the last Adam inside, and that is our hope that we should have the double portion, both Adams.

An unmarried woman shall have a child in her womb and bring forth the son from seed, Jesus is the only one who received the direct seed of the Father. We are all receiving a cutting of His life. That can easily be established, I am not teaching that today, but I have other messages on that. If you study the Greek, you can see, we are all receiving a cutting of His life. That is the way it appears in the Greek and the King James, that is the way I taught it before I was bold enough to openly preach reincarnation, but the truth of the matter is that, the glorified Jesus Christ is reincarnating in us, just like Elijah reincarnated in Him.

The way the Greek expresses it for people who cannot deal with the concept of reincarnation, is that we are getting a slice of Jesus’ glorified life and it is being grafted to us. It is the same thing as saying, He is reincarnating in us. Is everybody okay with that? That is what I believe verse 23 is saying, you could believe it or not believe it, but you should really seriously pray about it and tell God you want the truth. Behold, an unmarried woman shall have a child in her womb... Paul said, we are going to be saved in childbearing, is that the spiritual child or is it a physical child? Wake up everybody, wake up, wake up, ask the questions. There is going to be a child in her womb, is it is a spiritual child or a physical child, do not go drawing conclusions, an unmarried woman, now remember all of humanity is female, and we read in the book of Isaiah that in the day of Jacob’s trouble, we shall me a man with his hands on his lion like a woman in travail, physical males are going to be pregnant with the Christ child, and they are going to be experiencing spiritual labor pains, that is Scripture.

Apply that Scripture to this Scripture and wake up! In that day an unmarried woman what is an unmarried woman? I have been preaching here for years that we are to defend the widow, the human being who is not married to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the orphan, the human being that does not have Christ grafted to them. I am preaching that for years, an unmarried woman, the first Adam, will conceive, the first Adam will have the spiritual child which is the seed of the son in her womb.

I do not know about you but I am pregnant. This is quoting Isaiah now, this is not talking about Mary. Jesus clearly said, I am the beginning of the creation of God, He is the first to be begotten out of death. He is the head, we are the body. The whole of Adam who died is being resurrected. Isaiah said, A virgin, the whole unmarried woman, all of humanity shall find herself pregnant, Jesus said, I come as a thief in the night.

I believe in due season, in the proper time, all of humanity will that is in existence at that time, will find themselves pregnant with the Christ child, it is going to happen to the church first. The church that will not receive this message, who will not hear from God no matter how He speaks to Him, they are going to find themselves pregnant, and they will find themselves in great distress because spiritual labor is stressful.

They will not be prepared because they have not studied the doctrine or believed the doctrine of Christ, but the Lord will have His way, the man-child will be born in humanity. There is another way to say it, the glorified Jesus Christ will reincarnate in humanity, and we will have His nature and we will be obedient to His will, one way or another, that is the message!

PROPHECY: You go the easy way, or you go the hard way, you are my wife, saith the Lord, and you are coming home, and you are going to give up your adulterous affair with the Serpent, and all of the children that you have borne from the Serpent are going to go through a process that will convert their nature into my nature, because I will not have them in our household with the nature of the Serpent.

That is the message brethren, not God wants you to be happy and you are going to heaven and walking on streets of gold, that is not the message! God wants you to have His nature, and there is a period of crying and tears and hardship as we are converted from the nature of the Serpent into the nature of Christ. When the process is over, in the morning, when Christ is fully born in us, we will decide that it was all worth it.

Behold a virgin shall be with child... the first Adam, the unmarried woman shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son from seed, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is God with us. It is not talking about one woman. Verse 24, this I have an alternate translation on, or at least I have the print out for you, the Interlinear Text. The King James says:

Matthew 1:24, Then Joseph being raised from sleep, did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him and took unto him his wife... KJV

now this is really interesting okay.

...and knew her not until she had brought forth her first born son and He called His name Jesus. KJV

Matthew 1:24, Then Joseph being raised from sleep...

Who here is spiritual, and who here is carnal? What does that mean, Joseph being raised from sleep? Was he physically sleeping or was he spiritually sleeping? You all who think, and I am not just talking to you here, whoever is hearing this in the spirit and whoever is going to hear this message if I ever let it out, which I probably will, okay, you all who assumed that the angel spoke to him in a sleeping dream, now think that he woke up from sleep, but you all who were innovative enough to think that the angel spoke to Joseph because he was in a trance that was described as sleep, now you know Joseph was not physically sleeping, so what does it mean that Joseph woke up?

Did not Paul say, Awake to righteousness? Awake, spiritually will you please wake up?! Abel open your eyes, you have been regenerated, now open your eyes. Are not babies born blind? When babies are first born, they have to have eye salve put in their eyes, they do not see right away, so you can Abel and you are regenerated, and he could still be blind, he could still be sleeping. Everything in this world is given to us as an example of the spiritual life.

Jesus said, You have to become like little children, you have to understand that you must be born again as a spiritual person, and the way you are born again, as a spiritual person, is that Abel is regenerated in you, he is your spirituality. You live through your spiritual child, that if you do not have one, you are not spiritual, it is impossible, and that spiritual child is either Abel or Cain in you. We can have Christ grafted to us and still be sleeping, we can have Christ grafted to us and still be blind, deaf, and dumb. If you do not start to wake up, if you do not start to see and hear in the spirit, that child of yours is going to die.

If you do not start thinking with your spiritual mind, that child of yours who is your savior in the midst of you, is going to die, and I have been preaching here for a long time, you have a choice, fifty, fifty, was Joseph sleeping, was he in a bed unconscious sleeping, or was his understanding sleeping? Christ in the bottom of the boat, when the disciples were yelling, Lord, Lord where are you? Was it physically Jesus of Nazareth who was sleeping in the bottom of the boat or was it Christ in the disciples who was not rising to save them from the storm.

You could believe it or not believe it, come on, who are you, make a choice! Every time you have a choice, if you want to go on, you really need to start choosing the spiritual understanding. Then of course you say, Lord, if I am wrong, correct me. Every opportunity that you have, if you want to be spiritual, you need to start choosing the spiritual understanding, first, then if it turns out that it is wrong, you accept the fact that this was natural, but you have think spiritual first, and there are people in this ministry who consistently think carnal first, and all I could do is say to you, Awake to righteousness, that is your carnal mind, awake to righteousness, are you willing to look at it this way? You have to be willing to look at it with a spiritual mind.

Joseph was not physically sleeping, Lazarus was not physically sleeping. Jesus said he was sleeping, are you calling Jesus a liar Pastor Vitale? No, I am calling you carnal. Joseph was in a trance, he went inward and he had a communication with the regenerated Abel within himself. Then that regenerated Abel spoke to him and now, after the regenerated Abel who probably was an imputed Adam at that point, what does that mean? That Abel stood up into a full expression of a regenerated Adam, temporary imputed, temporary for the purpose of communicating with Joseph, and explained to Joseph, That is not Satan in Mary, she has been regenerated just like you have been, it is okay to listen to her, you are getting your own witness from within yourself.

After Joseph had this experience with the angel within him, he spiritually awoke, because when Mary first came to him, and said, Joseph an angel visited me and told us consummate before the actual wedding, Joseph said, You have a devil my love, and that was his carnal mind, he was sleeping. He responded to Mary out of his sleep, but then Christ within him arose, he got his own personal witness, and now he was awake.

Joseph having been raised, not only from sleep, remember Lazarus we are told, in the King James was raised from sleep, but he was in a cave for four days and Mary was afraid he was stinking, his body was inanimate for four days, and Jesus just said, He is just sleeping, he is not dead.

We are told here Joseph was raised from sleep, Joseph was not physically dead for four days, like Lazarus was, but he was spiritually dead, so Joseph being raised from the sleep of death, now was understanding out of mind of life. Joseph having been raised from the sleep of death... It does not say sleep of death there Pastor Vitale. You can believe that those words are left out or you can not believe it. I am telling you he was raised out of the sleep of death, and he did as was bidden him. The angel of the Lord, and that Greek word translated bidden, I believe the word means to be enjoined. He did what the angel that was joined to him told him to do. Look, this is really important, he did not do what Mary told him to do, he did not act like a puppet, he did not act like a robot, he did not do what Mary told him to do, he did what the angel within him told him to do.

You have to get your own revelation, especially you in the purple shirt over there, you have to get your own revelation, you do not walk around doing things or believing things because I said so. I do not want anybody idolizing me. I teach, you listen, you get your own revelation, you have your own revelation, you have your own relationship with the Lord. I am here to help you to understand what He is trying to tell you because He is more mature in me than He is in you. You take what I tell you, you chew it up, you swallow it down, and you get your own witness.

It is possible that if it is a situation that you really do not hear from Him, but you should know that you are taking my advice, you cannot make me a god, I will not be your god. Does anybody not know what I am talking about here? Even after you decide to take my advice, you pray and you say, Lord, I did not hear from you, and I have decided to take Pastor Vitale’s advice, I am still hoping to hear from you, but if I do not hear from you, I am just going to go forward with her advice. You have to invite Him into the solution, you have to invite Him into your life, even if you have not heard from Him for a year, you have to invite Him into your life into every decision you make, you have to invite Him in. Just because you do not hear from Him as often as I do, do not start leaning on me, because I am just a man just like you are, and I am telling you if you do that, it is going to blow up in your face, because I do not want it, and the Lord does not want it.

Joseph now being raised from the sleep of death, or the sleep of carnality, did as the angel that was joined to him told him to do, and he took Mary to wife. They consummated. King James, verse 25:

Matthew 1:25, And he knew her not until she had brought forth her first born son, and he called His name Jesus. KJV

This you are going to be challenged on. The word brought forth means to bring forth from seed, so there it is, there is Xxxx’s challenge to me. Are there any questions or comments before we close this section?

COMMENT: You said that the Holy Spirit is different now than it was in Israel, why was there a change in the Holy Spirit of Jesus’ time to when, to the present?

PASTOR VITALE: In Bible days, every man, when I say man, I use that generically, every human being in Israel did not have the Holy Spirit, it was not like it is today, the Holy Spirit was ver difficult to attain to, and basically only the prophets attained to it, to have, to experience the Holy Spirit, they even to this day, practicing Jews go into all forms of meditation, all forms of techniques of meditation, and the goal of their meditation is to have a communication with the Holy Spirit. When I first found that out, it just really humbled me because I realized that I had not fully appreciated what I had, I honestly, I took the Lord for granted.

We all take the Lord and other people for granted until we see the contrast of what it would be like without these people or til we see other people that do not have it, it is just human nature to think that what we have, everybody has. The Jews have to go through a big, big process in the hopes of attaining to a brief communication with the Holy Spirit, however long, they meditate for hours, they have to go through all of these mental exercises, in the hope of what is this, a half an hour with the Holy Spirit? At this point it is Christ in me, but even if you have the Holy Spirit, He was there all of the time with me.

You go into a church, you know a traditional church, He is there, He is in the music, here He is in the preaching, they do not have Him like this, and it is not every man, it is just the prophets. Do you know that even today a lot of Jews are returning to their roots, and you can find it if you look for it on the Internet, they hold classes, Rabbis hold classes on how meditate, on how to seek, you know when I first started studying this, I did not know what the goal of their meditation was, and I researched it, and when I finally found out that the goal of their meditation where there is books and books and books written on how to meditate, their goal was to communicate, receive a communication from the Holy Spirit, I was amazed.

He is here with me all of the time, and for people that do not have the Holy Spirit, in most, it is very possible to be led to people or to a fellowship where the Holy Spirit is present all of the time, He is not hiding today, in those days He was hiding, but of course that Holy Spirit was the Shekinah, today the Holy Spirit in the church that is available to the man in the street, the carnal mind who is still filled with sin, it is not the same Holy Spirit, because that is a spirit that is holy, and He does not communicate with people whose sin nature is up, if you know what I mean.

What we have today is a taste of the spirit of Jesus Christ who already overcame His sin nature. The Holy Spirit today, let me say this again, it is important, it is an aspect of the glorified Jesus Christ, a human being like you or me who overcame his sin nature and was glorified. That drop of water, it is likened to water, the Holy Spirit is likened to water, that touches us, makes us legitimate, or legitimatizes our attempts to communicate with the living God because there is now something touching us, or inside of us that has already overcome.

When God looks at us as we seek Him in prayer, people who just have the Holy Spirit, as they seek God in prayer, God does not look at their sin nature, He looks at that piece of touch of Jesus Christ that is overcoming spirit, that is what God focuses on, because He will not speak to the sin nature. Then of course that Holy Spirit is likened, that is in the church today, it is likened to water, it could dry up, it could disappear, it is temporary, it is designed to lead us to Christ which is the regeneration of Abel in us. Did I explain that, that was really hard to explain.

Christ is typified by oil, it is very hard to dry up oil, but I guess it is possible to dry up oil, but it is very hard to dry up oil. Does anybody have another question on this issue? Did I explain it okay for everyone?

COMMENT: Did Mary become spiritually male when Abel was regenerated?

PASTOR VITALE: That is a very interesting question, it is a good question, and the answer is, I do not know, let us see if the answer comes as I talk to you. We are told that Joseph was justified, and that he was male. I honestly do not know. The question that I would have to ask would be, was Abel in Mary regenerated temporarily just to deliver, just for this purpose, you know, or was he generated in the same way, regenerated in the same way that Abel was regenerated in Joseph and in a male who went through all of the rituals of the law, and I do not know the answer.

I think off of the top of my head, I would guess, yes, but that is just a guess, that is not the Lord saying that, and the reason that I would draw that conclusion is this, I would say that, this was the beginning of Israel being told that a woman could have this experience too. We know that Mary was a disciple of Jesus. What is really interesting is that there really is not much talk in the New Testament about Joseph being a disciple of Jesus, I do not know that there is any instance at all of Joseph being a disciple of Jesus. Mary was a disciple of Jesus. What this says to me right now, and this is just me, I am just chatting with you, it is not the Lord, this is what we have in the church today, we have a whole church world that has the Holy Spirit, they know the word of God to some degree, and they cannot go any further because Christ is not grafted to them.

Then we have a handful of people who we are really in disrepute with the traditional church because of what we teach, and we do not celebrate Christmas, and we do not celebrate Easter, and the church at large thinks very poorly of us, and here in us Christ is coming forth, He is coming alive in us, and Christ in you, and Christ in me is the world to come. The church world that has the Holy Spirit and that they have a knowledge of the Bible, some of these men that have written Strong’s, and have written the Bible dictionaries, a lot of them have never, well they must have the Holy Spirit, but they never received the Holy Spirit with the speaking in tongues, they have an intense knowledge in the Scripture, they go very, very deep with the Lord, but they may never go on, because for whatever reason, Christ is not grafted to them.

I lost my point, hold on, I will try to get it back again. I see Joseph as typifying the church world today, and Mary typifying the new comers coming in, the new comers who do not have that background, who, it is my understanding women did not go to Yeshiva, women were not trained up, they did not perform the rituals, one of the rituals that the religious Jew does is call to put on Tefillin, and they have these to the best of my ability to understand it, these little boxes, that they have Scriptures in them, and they wrap on their left arm, it is attached to strings, and then they have one that goes around their head, and women cannot do that, only men can do it. Only men can participate in the rituals that are supposed to raise you up spiritually according to the law.

Here we see Mary, a woman who was denied the privilege of the rituals, and she was having a spiritual experience. I liken that to the church today, the church is likened to Israel, putting on Tefillin and keeping all of the law and believing and keeping Christmas, and keeping Easter, and keeping the law, and doing everything and they think they are supposed to be doing. The way they do it, in their mind, the way they do it, and they cannot even imagine that anybody else could go on without them, and here we are doing everything wrong according to the way they think, and we are the ones that are ascending spiritually, and they are still under the law, we are spiritual.

I think that is the reason, maybe Joseph just could not go on, and that is so interesting because we just told that he was justified, and that he was male, and that Christ within him was regenerate and Abel was regenerated within him, and he heard from the angel, and he did what he was told, but there is no record that he went on to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Why? I do not know, we can only guess, unless the Lord tells me, we can only guess. His mother, Mary, was able to go on because she was spiritually regenerated, her spirituality did not come from the law, she never put on tefillin, do you understand what I am saying? She kept on going, so to answer your question, I guess it was a permanent regeneration, she kept on going and became a spiritual disciple, and what happened to Joseph? I do not know, let me guess, was he in his humanity, was he offended that his son went beyond him? I do not know, maybe he just could not believe, maybe he could not believe the doctrine, I do not know, but he did not go.

The man for whom his relationship with God was an existence for his whole life, okay, he could not go on, but the woman who was not allowed to have a relationship the way the man did, she went on. I do not know if I explained that too well. I think the answer is that yes she must have, but this is not the Lord talking, it just looks to me like yes it must have been a permanent regeneration, she went on, she was in the upper room, was she not? I believe Mary was in the upper room, if you think it was a physical room, do you think the upper room was a physical room? It was not a physical room. They were in the upper room of creation, and we are the creation, they were in the mind of Christ that was the upper room on top of the carnal mind, their consciousness was in Christ. Get spiritual everybody because carnality is death, carnality is death, carnality is death. We have another question over here.

COMMENT: Did Elijah enter into Jesus?

PASTOR VITALE: I do not really know, I am told that the soul, the reincarnating soul enters in after conception, so that is the information that I have. We are told that the Holy Spirit entered into the ovum that was to be Jesus before it was fertilized, before there was consummation. Elijah would have had to enter in after the act of fertilization, that is all I know.

COMMENT: In regards to what you were just talking about Mary, there is probably a spiritual meaning in the Scriptures later when Jesus is out preaching and they will say, Your mother and your sisters are outside, and He says, Who is my mother and my sisters? He would say, It is all of us all. Maybe there is something spiritual there.

PASTOR VITALE: I am not sure why you said that now.

COMMENT: If she was one of the disciples, would she not be with Him, instead of, like she was on the outside, trying to get in, it was Mary and the sisters, and they said His brothers.

PASTOR VITALE: I am not following you right now, and that is a whole, I would have to look it up because I am not following you, so we will have to let it go for another time, okay? Okay. We are running very late today, I will give you a ten minute break. You have another question? Okay.

COMMENT: Did Satan know about this plan, and if he did know, when Joseph was making the decision, he had a decision where Satan said, Yeah, let us do it, and Christ within him was saying, No, this is not appropriate, would Christ have wanted to do it because of the higher, the Christ within Joseph knew that the connection needed to be made, so it is possible that Satan would say, No do not do it because it is inappropriate because of the law, but Christ was say, You should do it because this is the Father’s will, it is almost reverse.

PASTOR VITALE: That is an interesting question but I would be inclined to say that it was not Christ in him saying, Do it, because it was Christ who rose up in him, Christ the angel in that said, Do not be afraid to do it. Aside from that, although that is always a possibility, what you just reiterated was my first suggestion as to what that verse meant. I am of the opinion right now, that, that was not the case, but that Joseph was saying, Mary, it is Satan in you Mary telling you to do that, I will not do it. Remember the teaching of the Copenhagen wave function in quantum mechanics, we have all of these potential understandings, we have infinite potential understandings, that float around in the spiritual realm, and it is not until one understanding materializes in this world, that all of the other potential understandings disappear. How would something like that materialize in this world? I guess, this is sort of hard, I guess the day that I am convinced, well I am convinced now, I would not be preaching it if the Lord was not telling me this, but the day that it goes, well, the day that I have no more reluctance to preach it at all, and that I preach it boldly that this is the truth, that I believe this is the truth that the Lord told me, then the other potentials disappear.

Right now I am along the road to believing that it was Joseph who said to Mary, That is Satan in you, and the day that, that comes, that I would say to you, Xxxx, I really believe that is the way it is, then the other potentials will disappear, did I make that clear? I will give you ten minutes and then I will try to tell you what the Lord showed me on this last verse and you could believe it or not believe it.

I know that the Lord gave you a good head start, we had a really, this message so far was very spiritual, I believe I raised your spiritual consciousness in a lot of areas, so hopefully you will be able to receive this, if it is the Lord’s truth, which I believe that it is. I will see you in ten minutes.

Matthew 1:25, And knew her not until she had brought forth her first born son, and he called His name Jesus. KJV

In the Interlinear Text if you look at it, you will see that there is no Greek foundation for the word firstborn. What it reads is, ...and knew her not until she had brought forth from seed (that is what that Greek word means brought forth from seed) the son. The Greek word translated son, it is the same word that we see in Revelation 12, where it says, there was a woman in heaven who travailed to bring forth the male child. This could easily mean her spiritual son.

Remember we all shall be saved when we bear the Christ child. This is what the Lord told me, please pray about it, and I like I said, if you believe it fine, and if you do not, that is fine too, just put it on the shelf. And Joseph knew her not until she had brought forth from seed the male child, the prophesied male child, and he called His name Jesus. What this is saying is that, the physical conception did not take place until she had brought forth from seed, until Abel was regenerated in her, and the male child was already present in her spiritual womb. Can you hear that? Let me say that to you again. And he knew her not physically until she first brought forth from seed the male, until she became a spiritual male.

This union, and this really is further to your question, this union between Mary and Joseph took place, the physical union took place after Abel in Mary was regenerated, and the spiritual manhood of the child to be born was established. Remember the Holy Ghost overshadowed Mary, and the Holy Spirit was imbued to the ovum in Mary’s ovary. The Scripture is saying, she brought forth from seed, not that He was born, but was regenerated from seed, that spiritual male in Mary was generated from the seed of Abel who is the seed. The physical union did not take place until the ovum that was to be born was spiritually regenerated. This physical child that was born was born with Abel in Him regenerated. Can you hear that? I will say that as many times as you need to hear it. The physical conception did not take place, he knew her not, until she had brought forth the spiritual son from seed, the union between the two physical people did not take place until Abel was regenerated in Mary, so that it was two spiritual males that had a physical union that produced the savior.

The savior was produced from two spiritual males, the ovum from Mary was imbued with the Holy Ghost, so that, let me say it another way, the Lord just gave it to me in another way. Those of you who know something about genetics, the female eggs of the ovum are all x chromosomes, and the male sperm has both x and y chromosomes, for a male child to be born, it has to be a y chromosome that fertilizes the x chromosome of the woman, are you all with me? Do you all know this? If the male sperm has an x chromosome joins with the ovum which is always an x chromosome, a female child is born, so the egg in Mary which in all human women, is an x chromosome, had a y chromosome because the Holy Ghost overshadowed her, so it was a y chromosome to a y chromosome, so Jesus was born spiritually male.

Remember, human physical boys are born spiritually female, but Jesus was born with His spiritual manhood, He was born, Mary brought forth, a spiritual male. Let me give it to you again. And there was no physical union, Joseph knew her not, verse 25, we are told that he knew her, now we are told that he did not know her until she had first brought forth the son, the male child, he did not know her before she brought forth from seed, before the male child was regenerated in her. I know you are all thinking. That is it, it is really simple. Do you have a question? Okay.

COMMENT: I want to get this all straight, so I am not picking on anything, but I just, I do not want to accept anything until I know that it is right. I can see all of this, please explain to me why it had to be done before a regular marriage like we would have now days, you get married and then you have relations, what was the purpose that it had to be done before? Maybe when I get that, I can accept this whole thing.

PASTOR VITALE: Because the prophecy in Isaiah was that an unmarried woman would bring forth a child, so it was fulfilled both in the spiritual and in the natural. Just like Jesus said, I am the first and the last Adam, the first Adam was His humanity and the last Adam was the spiritual Adam that was regenerated in Him. You got it, well let me say it for the message, in the same manner, the prophecy of Isaiah that said, A virgin shall bear a child, it was fulfilled both in the spiritual, and in the natural, Mary was the spiritual virgin that brought forth the male child from seed, and then it also happened in the natural that she was a natural unmarried woman who had the baby, it was brought forth on both levels. All of humanity is the virgin who is conceiving the male child, we are the unmarried woman because if we are not married to the Lord Jesus, we are not married. I am not talking about us, so we are now marrying Him, but humanity as a whole, we are a widow, and our spiritual child is an orphan before Jesus comes to us, spiritually speaking.

Mary was the first member of the human race to bring forth that male child, because we all bring forth a spiritual female child, that is the carnal mind, Cain, so Mary was the first human woman to bring forth, the only person to bring it forth from seed, as I explained to you on the previously, that we are not bringing Christ forth from seed, we are bringing Him forth from a cutting from the one who already overcame, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The first person, who happened to be a woman, who was unmarried who conceived the male child, and then it also happened to her in the natural, so that it was fulfilled in the spirit and in the natural. Anybody else? Okay.

COMMENT: I had a blind spot, and now you made me see that if he had gotten married, she would be a married woman having the child, so now to fulfill prophecy, she had to be single, I mean a virgin shall bring forth.

PASTOR VITALE: If I convince Xxxx I am okay, well (laughing) it was male right? It was a spiritual male. That is okay, I could never object to anybody having a legitimate complaint or a legitimate concern, there was absolutely nothing wrong with your questions, nothing wrong with it at all. Anybody else? It is really interesting is it not? (Chuckle). Do you have something else to say?

COMMENT: All I can say, this is a real, real tremendous revelation, that when the church world finds this out, wow! We cannot tell them, God has to reveal it.

PASTOR VITALE: Things are really, really simple, we really complicate them, you know we complicate them very much, I guess that is all I have to say, anybody else?

COMMENT: This I think is a statement that I have been asking you since before I joined the ministry, I have been saying that Jesus had an advantage over us, because of the way He was born, so if He was born a spiritual male, that is a big advantage of us, when we only get a tiny part of the seed, and have to learn, like it takes almost our whole lives to learn what He already knew when He was born, if that makes sense.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, and I think that I told you when we talked about this previously that yes, you are right, but that we have the opportunity to get to the place where He was at when He was born, but you are absolutely right, yes. As I keep telling you, you know, but I have to balance it out because I do not want anyone to be discouraged, that, I have to balance it out that because of His work, because He is sprinkling on us, and giving us His seed, we have the hope of getting to where He was when He started, I do not want anyone to think that we do not have any hope, we all have the hope of accomplishing what He accomplished, but of course, He did have a leg up on us from when He was born, but what has to be said is that He was born in natural Israel, which had been in the process of being ceremonially cleansed for thousands of years, and He is coming in His glorified state to human beings that are not ceremonially cleansed.

It is not only that He had a leg up, although that is true, it is an absolute miracle that the Lord has devised a way to impart holiness to people who were spiritually completely, the Bible says we are filthy, spiritually speaking, we are filthy. That is the miracle, yes He had the leg up, and He did it, because He came from the ceremonially clean family and nation, but His work was not so much for the Jew as it was for the rest of the world that in a million years would have never had a chance. Now of course He is going to the ceremonially clean Jew, why? Because they could not believe to have the same experience.

I do believe that, that same experience was available to holy Hebrew people who were really deep in the Scripture and had a deep relationship with the Lord, that they had similar possibilities because it is my understanding that the prophets, were also reincarnations of holy beings, I guess Elijah, and Elijah was incarnating in all of these prophets, but they did not take the victory like Jesus took the victory.

That is very interesting because, here is an interesting way to look at this, I know that I have said something to the people here recently, because we have been struggling, we have been preaching the doctrine of Christ, and we are waiting for the Lord to increase us so that this message can go forward, and that our material needs could be met so that the message could go forward.

I told you that this is what I believe that the Lord told me that, He goes to a lot of people, and He tells people to, well we need money to have a professional office and start professionally producing these books, it comes down to money, that is what it is, and we do not have it, and that the Lord has gone to people over the years and told them to support this ministry, and to give us various things, and that the people have not done what the Lord has told them to do, either they did not hear Him, or they turned a deaf ear to Him or they could not believe it was God, or they just did not want to do it, it is as simple as that.

There is a time frame, this is what I told you, there is a time frame, there is a season, in which the Lord will tolerate all of these people saying no to Him, and then at the end of that time period, if nobody steps up to the plate, and does what He tells them to do, to establish us financially, for whatever, and I am sure it is more than one person, there are a lot of people, then He will do it supernaturally.

I told you all this, if you can remember, well this I believe is exactly what happened with Jesus. I believe that the prophets, that they were holy men in Israel, that it was possible for them to have the experience that Jesus had, but for one reason or another, they did not overcome and then the time period came to an end, and the Lord said, Well it has to happen, because this is my creation and this is my wife, and the plan has to go forward, because nobody took the victory, I am going to do a special thing, I am going to overshadow this woman with the Holy Spirit, someone is going to be born with the Holy Spirit already in them, okay, and I am going to do this great work, and I am going to make it, it is just going to happen, it is just time, it is going to happen, this particular time it cannot fail, did I make myself clear?

That is a nice witness to what the Lord told me. What is interesting is that we had a visitor, Xxxx who has not seen me in I think 7 or 11 years, I am not sure how long it was, and she told me that when she first walked through the door, she all of this spiritual growth that had happened, but she also recognized that we are still in the same material building, and the same position, and she asked the Lord, How come the ministry increased materially? And the Lord said to her, because of pride. When Xxxx first told me this, my reaction was, well my carnal reaction was, Wow, Lord you know, everybody has some pride, but I really thought that I had been delivered from a lot of pride and would not have guessed that pride in me was stopping the ministry from expanding, but I repent, I do not understand it, but I repent, and I pray that you deal with me in whatever area necessary so that we can go on, because we just do not have enough help here, it gets very frustrating at times, and difficult to simply do the job. That was it, I repented in general because I did not understand what I was doing wrong, and within twenty four hours the Lord came to me and He said, Pastor Vitale, when I said to Xxxx pride, I meant the pride of all of the people that I have told to support this ministry that have not obeyed, all of the Christians out there that I have said, the doctrine of Christ is of me, and you should be studying it and supporting the ministry that is teaching it, that is the pride that has stopped our material growth, because the people in the church world are disobedient to the Lord.

That time period is coming to an end, that however He is going to do it, He is going to prosper us anyway, but there is a period of grace in the church world, and all of the people and all of the ministers that we have sent our material to, all of the big name evangelists, I actually had an interview with someone who had a pretty big name, and he did not even remember inviting me. He did not even remember saying to me, Call me for an appointment. I called and I made an appointment, and when I got there he thought I was there for counseling, completely forgot about it. The man had enough grace to sit there and say, Well I guess I could overshadowed, but I do not think so. He had no recollection of inviting me at all. That is the pride that has stopped the ministry from expanding, but it cannot go on forever, it has to come to an end and He will do it however He is going to do it, without the help of all of these people, and then they will reap what they sow, whatever that will be, it will be a just consequence whatever that will be, I do not know. Anybody else?

COMMENT: I remember a Scripture that a woman shall compass a man, does that have anything to do with this subject?

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, we could say yes, because the woman is humanity and the man is the Christ within us. That is coming to pass today, that the female humanity, the woman is going to be on the outside and the spiritual man is invisible on the inside, and only people with discernment can recognize where Christ is, and the discernment is the discernment that comes out of Christ. Christ in me will recognize Christ in you, like on occasion I have insulted people, I have not intended to insult them, but I have hurt their feelings by saying Christ is not in there.

They say to me, Well how do you know? And my answer is, I cannot see Him, Christ in me cannot see Him in you, if He is in there, He is completely buried and not functioning. People have said to me, Well who are you? Christ is in me, that is who I am. Only Christ in me, only Christ in any of us can recognize Christ in another man, so those of you who recognize Christ in this ministry, we must have something of Christ that we recognize Christ in this ministry, when the rest of the church world is screaming and fleeing the other direction, we must have something.

That is a very nice thing for me to say to you, so be encouraged, be encouraged all of you, you have to have something of Him to be here. Does not this revelation make sense? I mean I do not think anybody has a problem, there is a real peace here, and you just wonder why the whole church world is believing this other stuff. I might ask the question, Well, what is so important about this, for example the revelation that Jesus was a human baby, who had the Christ child fully mature in him? That is very important because the Christians who believe that Jesus was born God, you know, that He was perfect, and He was born God, they think that they will never have a chance to attain to what He attained to, so that is a really important revelation that Jesus was not God at His birth, He was not even God in the days of His flesh, He became God when He was glorified and became, and returned to His Father, He said, I go to my Father, and He became one with God.

In the days of His flesh, He was a son in full stature, and that this Christian doctrine that Jesus, the man Jesus was God, that He was almighty God, is the very doctrine by which the Jews utterly reject Christianity, because they know that God is infinite, and He can never fit inside of one man, and therefore they see it as idolatry, looking to one man, and saying, You are God. It is the same thing as saying to an idol, You are God. The Spirit of God is infinite, how could it fit inside of one man. Even Solomon when he built the temple, and dedicated it to the Lord, Solomon said, I know that you are an infinite God and that no building can contain you. I build this building to you as an honor to your name, and ask that you bless me, and the people that I am king over.

Jesus was not God in the days of His flesh, He was a son of God, He was an expression of the nature of God, He was the fulfillment of the promises of the Scripture, that this is what the Lord wants to do for each and every one of us, that our nature should be God, that we should be a complete reflection, an accurate reflection of His nature that is infinite, we are to be a reflection, an expression, a visible comprehensible expression of His nature, so that the rest of humanity can recognize Him, but God, how could this infinite Spirit of God fit inside of one man.

All of Judaism is stumbling over this false doctrine in the church. What I am trying to say now, now that I got off on that, is so that is an important revelation, that Jesus was not God in the flesh, okay, that His humanity was completely integrated with His inner man, Elijah, and that He ascended, He said, I go to my Father, and He ascended back into the sea of consciousness, or the consciousness of God, now He is God. I have a whole message on that. He is now the name by which almighty God is trying to communicate with all of humanity.

Why is this understanding about the virgin birth being revealed that Jesus was really conceived from Joseph and Mary, I mean what is so important about that? Would you believe that I had a word from the Lord and I gave her that whole big build up and I do not remember what He said to me? What is so important about that revelation? The only thing that is coming back to me now is that we have so many people in the world that say I cannot believe in Jesus, because I do not believe that.

I have actually heard people say, and I am just repeating what I heard, forgive the blasphemy, well some woman got herself knocked up and they started this whole story, I mean I have had people say that to me, not knowing that I was a teacher, I have just heard people in my lifetime, in my own family, my own relatives saying things like that, especially non-Christians, that do not believe this stuff. It is a stumbling block. The Lord wants to reach all of humanity, He loves us, He wants a relationship with us. He wants to help us, He wants to give us every good thing. The Scripture says, It is the Lord’s good pleasure to give us every good thing, but He cannot do that when we are flying in a space doing things wrong.

First the discipline comes, and then the blessings come, but it is His desire to give us everything, that is the truth, not just you and me, not just for people in the church, the whole world, all of humanity, He wants to do good unto us, but first He has to straighten us out, because He is a righteous God and a holy God, and He does not bless evil people, so we have to repent, what does that mean? We have to line up with His thoughts, He has an opinion of what is evil, and He cannot be blessing us when we are saying, Sorry Lord, I do not agree with you. If He thinks something is evil and you think it is not, it means you are in your carnal mind and He is not blessing the carnal mind. He is saying, Look, I want to give you everything, you just have to give up that mind and come and receive my mind. In the world that is witchcraft, saying to somebody that is poor and hungry and sick, Well I will fix and I will heal you, just give up all of your morals, give up all of what you think is right, all of your self respect, and come and grovel to me and I will meet your needs. When mankind does something like that, when fallen man does something like that, it is horrendous, but that is not where God is coming from. He is the ultimate righteousness! He is the ultimate righteousness and when He does it, it is not sin, because He cannot sin, God cannot sin. He says, Look, if there is a disagreement between you and me, you are wrong, I cannot be wrong, you have to be wrong. As, to the fullest degree that you are willing to line up with my thinking, I will manifest my desire towards you to bless you and honor you and heal you, and give you every good thing, all I am telling you and asking you, is to give up that carnal mind because I cannot bless what I know to be evil, even though in your mind it is righteous.

We have all of these people out there, that the Lord loves, that they are members of his wife. He wants us back, and they are out there saying, I cannot find God. I had someone say to me last year, about a year ago, that she was looking for God her whole life, and she finally gave up, and here she is talking to me. She says, I finally gave up. I sent her my books, I never heard from her, I do not know what is going on in her life, but that is what she said to me, and I know I was looking for God everywhere for years. I went in every denomination, every synagogue I could find, reformed, conservative, orthodox, every church, I even went to the Catholic church, I went everywhere looking for God. Some people are really looking for Him, but everybody does not find Him.

Do you know that, that is our job. The church is landmark people, it is supposed to be known out there that if you are looking for God, you go to the church and you can find Him. People out there who are looking for God, go the church and they find false doctrine, and condemnation, and carnal people, and they do not know where to go to find God. Doctrine, false doctrine is one of the things, it is a big thing that keeps people away from God. People just cannot believe that a virgin was supernaturally impregnated, people just cannot believe that a human being was God. They cannot believe it, because it is not true. The Jews today who are waiting and hoping and praying for restoration, you know, do you know about the wailing wall in Israel?

There is one wall of the last temple that was built that is still standing, and once a year, you see people there praying at the wall, orthodox Jews usually dressed in their black stuff, you know, their black hat and their black coat, it is always men, and they are praying at a wall, that God should restore their temple, what they really want is God, and they think they can only find Him in a building. By in the large, the whole world is looking for God, they cannot find Him, but He is not hiding, He is not hiding, the problem is the people that He raised up to be His landmark, God is over here, come over here and I can tell you what you need, and I can give you what you need to get started, those people are not functioning. When Jesus said to the Pharisees, Abraham is not your Father, if Abraham was your Father, you would know who I am, I came out of God. The landmark people, the Pharisees of Jesus’ day, and the church of today, they are not a representative of God. People that come looking for God, to these people who I am sorry but they are phonies, they get devastated, and they go away broken of heart and mind. There is no help for them, and they went to the only place that they know to go, and there was no help for them.

Those of us that have found God, we are being raised up, our sin nature is being dealt with, so that the Lord can pour out of Himself an anointing that will reveal us to the world as God’s people. I know that troubled people who come to me now, I know that I could be of some help to them. I have prayed for people and their whole lives have changed, but nobody could find me, because I walk out in the street and nobody knows who I am except this small group here.

People have been sent to me supernaturally, and I have prayed for them and I know that they have been helped, but I cannot put an ad in the paper, and I cannot guarantee anything, the Lord has to be willing, has to be reaching out for you. There are people that have been praying and praying and praying, and there is no answer and their need has been met, because the Lord has brought them here, but nobody knows I am here.

The Lord wants a whole bunch of us, He wants a whole bunch of us with power to help people, and that, that power to help people should be so mature, that people will know that we are here. That is His intention, that is what you are being raised up for, not to go to heaven, to save and to help the rest of the world, not to run away from the people that are not like you. God forgive us, the church is a complete perversion today, running away and condemning everybody left to hellfire, God forgive us!

What comes to mind is a few years ago, when I needed an administrative assistant here, and I did not know where to go to find one, because Christians do not want to work here, because of the doctrine, the Lord told me to put an ad in the Christian Lifetimes, which really surprised me, but I put an ad in the Christian Lifetimes, of course nobody was hired, the few people that I wanted to hire would not work here with this doctrine, but a man came in, a humble man came to see me, he was a scientist, that at one time had made a lot of money and his wife was, I think she was a scientist also, he came in, in a three piece suit, to my little house here, and I looked at his resume, and I said, What are you doing here? I said you are severely over qualified for this job. He said, I know. I said, Why are you here?

He said that he had the project that he, you see when you are scientist you can only for a government who can afford to pay you, not only who is going to afford to pay you, the laboratory and the equipment that you need to work with is formidable, so you only can work for a government or some depending on what you are, perhaps big industries, if you are chemist, my nephew is a chemist and he works for some big pharmaceutical company, you cannot just be a scientist. He was working in Stony Brook, and his project was defunded and he lost his job. He had another project and it was defunded and he lost his job. His wife lost her job. This guy has post doctorate credentials, and both he and his wife were out of work and I said, What are you doing here?

He said that he had gone to a Christian coffee house, he was mainline Christian, I do not know, some Methodist or some mainline, Lutheran, I do not know, and he had gone to a Christian spirit filled coffee house, and the pastor in that coffee house had seen this ad in the paper and said to him, Why do you not go see her? He said, I knew that the job was not for me, but so and so told me to go so I am here. He was there hunched over in his three piece suit, I could cry thinking about it right now, and I said to him, he had faith on the level that he was at, Methodist, or Lutheran, whatever he was you know.

I said, Well can I pray for you? I said, I believe there is a curse on your life. And He let me pray for him and the most incredible anointing fell down, I have never seen or heard from that man again, but he has been on my mind for the last couple of weeks and I just know the Lord delivered him because the anointing fell. I believe that the Lord told me to put that ad in the Christian Lifetimes for that man who was sent to someone who had the authority to break the curse on his life. That was how he had to get here in that round about way, he was coming for a job. He just knew he should go, he knew her was overqualified but he knew he should be here.

The Lord is looking to raise up a people, a whole bunch of people, and He wants to spread us out through all of society. All of the curses, certainly all of the people that are humbly seeking Him should be ministered to. The evil people is another story, they are going to have judgment on them until they repent, but the church is filled with thousands if not millions of Christians not only in this country, Christians being murdered and killed in China and put in jail, where is the church? They are waiting for the rapture to leave everybody behind. God help us! God forgive us!

I wonder what this means, it has really been on my mind. Years ago, I use to go into chat rooms when I still had some free time, and I wound up talking to this man one night, and I do not even remember what he said, or what I said to him, but I know it was spiritual, and I asked if I could pray for him, and he said, and I prayed for him. He emailed me the next day, and he called me an angel. He said he was visited by an angel, I think he was depressed or suicidal, but he did not want any of my books, he did not want any contact, he just came back to me to tell me that.

The yoke over him broke after I prayed for him. These thoughts have entered my mind, I do not know, maybe the anointing is falling down, I do not know, maybe, we are waiting for this heavier anointing, that can go out to more people, whatever, I have been having all of these memories recently. That is what we are called to do, being raised up to minister to our fellow man, not to run away to Mars. Anyway, are there any more questions, comments? God bless you all.


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