066 - Part 2
(Revelation 13)

Part 2 of 4 Parts


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We are back in the Book of Revelation.




Chapter 13 -- I’m going to recap 13:1, and we’re going on with 13:2 tonight.


Glory to God.


Giving God all the glory for restoration. We’ve been out of this book for over two weeks.


ALTERNATE TRANSLATION: The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John. Chapter 13, verse 1: And because Christ was appearing in my human spirit -- John speaking -- and was joined to me in my mind, I could understand that Satan, the spirit that rules in the living soul, was rising up out from under the authority of man’s conscience, where the law of God is, and was appearing in the personalities of men and he was appearing in the personalities of men to the fullest possible extent. He was enforcing the law with the maximum authority that was given to him and Satan’s authority to judge men was woven together with and joined to their minds and the men in which he was manifesting revealed the spirit of antichrist.


So what are we saying, brethren? We’re saying that all the disaster in the earth is a result of Satan’s judgment as the enforcer of God’s law. Didn’t you ever have people come to you and say where is God in all this? Where is God in all this? How could all this be happening? Hurricanes, earthquakes, car accidents, plane accidents. What do you mean there’s a God? Brethren, this mess is an indication of the extent of the sin that the human race has fallen into. We’re reaping what we’ve sown. Disaster is upon us.


Verse 2, chapter 13: And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard. I remind you that we established that the beast is the corporate living soul -- the many-membered living soul. He is the beast. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard and his feet were as the feet of a bear and his mouth as the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him his power and his seat and great authority.


I remind you that the fact that the beast is likened unto these animals does not mean that the beast looked like this. It means that he was like these animals in his nature. We know that the beast is the corporate living soul and I’m suggesting to you -- I hope to establish it -- that the characteristics of the leopard, the bear and the lion are the characteristics which describe the human soul, the human spirit and the satanic unconscious mind of the many-membered living soul. We’re not talking about the way the beast looked. We’re talking about his nature. We’re talking about his personality.


Before we continue I want to do something that I should have done on this message part 1, but I didn’t do it. So I’m going to do it now and that is a word study on the word beast. Now the Greek word translated beast in Revelation 4 through Revelation 6 is also translated living creature. Living creature or the beast. That is one Greek word. But it’s a different Greek word than the one used in Revelation 11:7 where it talks about the beast that came up from the bottomless pit. The word beast starting with chapter 13 through the rest of the Book of Revelation -- this is the second word beast. What did I say? The Greek word translated living creature or beast is one Greek word and the word translated beast with the implication it’s an evil beast is another Greek word.


The first Greek word used at the beginning of the Book of Revelation is Strong’s 2226 and the second one is Strong’s 2342. The first one is sometimes translated living creatures. The second Greek word is always translated beast. I’m going to try to give you an understanding of the difference between the two words.


Trench, one of the research books that I use -- he’s a highly respected linguist. He now only knows Greek, he knows Latin. I believe he knows all of what they call the Romance languages. He says that the difference between the two words is that the second one, the one that’s always translated beast, is wholly subordinate to the first one. In other words, it is a lesser word included in the greater. The word translated beast and living creature, I’m suggesting to you, covers the entire creation.


Let me elaborate. Trench goes on to say that the first word translated beast or living creature refers to all creatures living on earth including man himself. Now isn’t that interesting? In Greek there is a word that not only refers to a many-membered corporate man in one word but it includes all the animal life. It includes the entire creation. I don’t know if we’ve ever talked about this before but I do walk in some measure of revelation that this entire world and everything that we see in it is a part of the creation of God. Somehow in the spiritual realm of the soul we are all one even with the animals and I’m not too sure about the trees. This whole panorama that we call the world, it’s the creation of God. And we’re all connected in some respect in the realm of the soul. I can’t explain it to you any better. I don’t understand it completely myself but I’ve believed this for a long time.


The Greek word that’s translated beast or living creature encompasses the whole creation. That’s the Greek content of the word. It had nothing to do with religious writers. These are Greek writers that didn’t even know Christ and this is the word that was used by the apostle in writing the book.


Trench goes on to say that it would be a mistake to regard the second word, always translated beast, as an exclusively mischievous and ravening beast or beasts. In other words he’s saying don’t make the mistake of saying the second word translated beast only refers to tigers and lions and wild animals. Don’t make that mistake he says. And he goes on to say on the contrary in this second Greek word the brutal bestial element of man is brought forward. Not man, but of the creation. What is brutal in the creation except man? Animals only kill for food. Lions and tigers. Unless maybe every once in a while one goes bad. But by and large lions and tigers will only kill for food or if they feel their children are threatened.


Man is the only animal in the creation that destroys and he destroys everything. He destroys the other members of the creation. The animals, the trees, the fish. He destroys other men. We are wickedly destructive. We dress ourselves up and we take our showers every day and we give to charity and in our heart we kill our brother. We’re fallen, brethren. We’re fallen. Very very much so. This is what Trench is saying now. The second word always translated beast he said don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s some wild beast out there.


Glory to God.


He says it’s the word that describes man. Now the first word beast describes the whole creation of God. The second word beast he says describes the creation of God where the bestial element of it is prominently brought forth. So what are we saying? I’m suggesting to you -- this is my interpretation of what I read in Trench -- that the first word translated beast or living creature refers to the creation when it’s joined to God. And it’s glorious. If you remember in Revelation chapter 4 the beasts or the living creatures are saying glory unto God. It’s man as part and parcel of the whole creation praising God. You can only praise God if his mind is joined. The carnal mind will never praise God.


And the lesser word that’s always translated beast, the Greek word that shows the creation with the bestial element prominent I suggest to you is the creation separated from God. And if the creation is separated from God -- where? How is it separated from God? Anybody? Where? In his mind. Which is the spirit that’s ruling through it? Satan. Amen. Satan. Amen. There must be a spirit ruling in the mind of man for him to appear in this realm of appearance. If his mind is not joined to God  his mind is joined to Satan or he would not be here.


Glory to God.


Does anybody not understand this explanation of the two words?


Glory to God.


I have a reference for you here -- 1st Corinthians -- this is a reference expressing or supporting the fact that this word beast is used in Scripture to describe beast-like men. That it is not a word that only means lion and tigers, but it is applied to bestial men. 1st Corinthians 15:32: If after the manner of men I have fought with beasts at Ephesus what advantageth it me? If the dead rise not let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die.


I have read this Scripture so many times and I never realized that what Paul is saying when he says if after the manner of men I have fought with beasts at Ephesus he’s saying that he fought with bestial men. He said if after the manner of men and this word beast is Strong’s 2341. It’s one number away from the word that’s translated beast, the second beast, and what it means is a beast-fighter. It means a gladiator. Paul is calling himself a gladiator. This expression I have fought with beasts -- it could be translated I have been a gladiator. He says if after the manner of men I have been a gladiator and apparently what that means, which I never understood before, was that Paul was saying I am having interactions -- I am having conflicts -- I am having struggles with men that are bestial. And it’s painful and destructive to me. What am I doing this for if there’s no resurrection from the dead.


We were speaking about this before we put the message on. Those of us that are moving on in God and are called to Sonship with the two witness company, we have a revelation in this hour that we are called to conflict, to confrontation with other men that are manifesting the spirit of this world that hate the spirit that’s in us. There’s a spiritual warfare going on between us and we are required to not sin against them no matter what they do to us. They wound us. They hurt us. In Paul’s case I’m told at one point he was stoned to death and the other apostles raised him from the dead. In his dead they were hurt physically. We’re not being hurt -- well, we’re not being hurt physically by men. We’re not being pushed off cliffs or anything like that but we’re being hurt in the realm of the soul. I know I am. I feel like my soul’s being ripped to pieces.


Paul is saying what am I doing this for if it’s not because I’m going to be resurrected from the dead? Who needs this grief? Who needs this aggravation? Go away. Leave me alone. I’ll go out and eat and drink and be merry because there’s no resurrection from the dead. But of course you understand that what he’s saying is that there is a resurrection from the dead. That’s why he’s doing it.


I don’t want to get into that too much. My whole purpose of bringing this up is to show you a witness that this word beast is used to describe bestial men. If you go back into the Old Testament and look at all of the scriptures that talk about the offering -- the Levitical offering of beasts -- the sacrifice -- the Hebrew word that’s used for the sacrificial beast is not the Hebrew word that would be the translation of this word beast. It’s another word. What am I saying to you? This second beast, the one where evil is pronounced, can very easily and is, in Greek literature, applied to men. So we have one more witness that the beast is man.


Glory to God.


I’ll say it one more time for you. All the references to the word beast from chapter 13 through the end of the Book of Revelation are referring to men with a lower nature or beast-like men. Men whose mind is joined to the spirit of Satan as opposed to the potential to be joined to Almighty God. Natural man would say that beast-like men are the unsophisticated ones who do not live in our modern society. They would say that they are men that get into fist fights easily. That they’re men that don’t think anything of getting drunk and getting into a knife fight. Men that go out and rape women. Truly they are beast-like.


But when God makes a judgment as to who is beast-like His judgment includes the most sophisticated of the members of our society. This would be a shocking thing to the doctors and the lawyers and the politicians and all of the leaders of our world. God’s definition of a bestial man is one whose mind is not joined to Christ. He may have his bestial-like qualities under control in the natural but he does not have his unconscious mind under control. In God’s mind every fallen man -- every man whose mind is not joined to Christ is bestial. You’re not clean, Brother. You’re not clean.


Did anybody see a science fiction movie years ago? I forget the name of it. This man, he was a good-hearted man, and he founded a planet with his daughter and there were many people populating the planet. They found it in space and they built it up. One by one all the people on the planet died and they couldn’t figure out what was killing them. This man had built a tremendous computer. It was a computer that had the ability -- the infinite ability to satisfy anything that man’s unconscious mind could conjure up. There was nothing that they were lacking on this planet except that everybody died except this man and his daughter. And then a party came to find out what happened to these people and these men started getting killed too. The end of the movie was that they discovered that this benevolent God-fearing man, in his unconscious mind, was so jealous of any man that would pay attention to his daughter that this computer was going forth and killing them.


Man’s unconscious mind is a wild, ravenous, uncontrollable, wicked beast. So wicked the Scripture says, who could know it?


Hallelujah. Glory to God.


We’re going on. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard. The beast I remind you is the corporate many-membered man and the word saw -- we did this on the last message -- means to have knowledge of or to understand, to have a knowledge of. So if he saw the beast it means he understood his motives. He understood his character. He understood all about what he was doing and what his intentions were. He didn’t just see a picture of him, he understood him.


And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard. This word like unto is 3664 in Strong’s and it means similar in character or appearance. I hope that we’ve established here that we’re not talking about the appearance of the beast because if you think we’re talking about the appearance of the beast you’re going to say the beast is not man. I think we’ve established here that the beast is man and we’re talking about his nature.


Let’s find out what leopard means. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard. The word leopard is Strong’s 3917. It is a feminine word. Strong’s says that it is a female panther. I went into the Hebrew, because there was no information in the Greek. The Hebrew word for leopard is 5246 and it means to be spotted or stained. To be spotted or stained. This word is used to describe either a leopard or a tiger and the intent is to be stained. I’m suggesting to you that this implication to humankind is that we are stained with sin. The reason that the Scripture likens us unto a leopard is its way of saying that man is stained, spotted with sin. The leopard typifies -- I have some scriptures for you. The leopard typifies a wild ravenous beast.


Isaiah 11:6: And the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid. As you all know a kid is a clean domestic animal and the leopard is a wild unclean animal which in its natural state would devour the defenseless domestic animal. Of course the scripture we just read is taking place in the kingdom age when that wild ravenous beast has become a straw-eating ox and is not that the end that has been prophesied of Satan. He shall be castrated and he shall become a straw-eating ox which will serve the spiritual man.


Glory to God.


And how shall he serve the spiritual man? Does anybody remember? Anybody want to take a guess how he’s going to serve the spiritual man? He shall be his body and his soul. The spiritual man is pure spirit but he wants a body and a soul that’s going to enable him to appear in the realm of appearance. That is the function of Satan.  The whole living soul. The whole problem that we have in the world now is that the living soul is leading a life of rebellion and separation from Almighty God. From the spiritual man that’s within us. He’s going his own way. He’s not serving the spiritual man. He’s crushing the spiritual man. And that’s why we have the problems that we have. But just like a wild stallion in the hills, as soon as he’s captured and broken and the spiritual man is sitting on his back he shall be a very valuable servant. Glory to God.


God likens natural man’s inclination towards sin to the spots of a leopard. Jeremiah 13:23: Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots? Then may ye also do good that are accustomed to do evil. That is the promise of the Lord that those of us that are accustomed to do evil shall, in the kingdom age, do good. He’s not talking about words, brethren. He’s talking about works that emanate from a mind that has no sin in it whatsoever. He’s not going to change your deeds. He’s going to change your evil heart. Hallelujah.


Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots? No, they cannot. Then may ye also do good that are accustomed to do evil. He’s going to do the impossible. He’s going to take the spots away from the leopard. Glory to God.


God will be a predator towards fallen man. We have a lot of Christians running into trouble with this. They cannot see God anything except goody-goody. God can be a fierce enemy to those people who are in unrepentant sin. If you are involved in unrepentant sin in that area you are the enemy of God and He is a predator towards you and sometimes He describes His attitude towards you under those conditions as a leopard. Josiah 13:6-7: They were filled -- talking about Israel -- they were filled. Their heart was exalted. Therefore have they forgotten me. Therefore I will be unto them as a lion. As a leopard by the way will I observe them. Which means He’s laying wait for them.


When God becomes the enemy of a man He is as fierce and ferocious as a lion or a leopard that could be stalking you in the jungle. Church world, you’re going to have to start believing this sooner or later. Satan is the servant of Almighty God. Glory to God.


The leopard typifies the judgments of God. Satan is His enforcer but the leopard typifies the judgments of God. Jeremiah 5:6: Wherefore a lion out of the forest shall slay them and a wolf of the evening shall spoil them. A leopard shall watch over their cities, everyone that goeth out thence -- or everyone that goeth out from their cities shall be torn in pieces. The leopard is watching over the cities and everyone that goes out of the city is going to be torn to pieces. By whom? By the leopard. Why? Because their transgressions are many and their backsliding are increased.


I have two New Testament witnesses for you that the word spot is used to symbolize sin. Ephesians 5:27: That He -- Jesus -- might present to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing. Hebrews 9:14: How much more shall the blood of Christ who through the Eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God. What are we saying? The leopard typifies the sin-filled soul of man. We are spotted. We are marked.


ALTERNATE TRANSLATION: The first quarter of Revelation 13:2: And I understood that the fallen corporate living soul was stained with sin and that his own unconscious mind, even Satan, was executing judgment upon him for those sins.


Glory to God. Hallelujah.


I just want to touch on this. I just feel the Lord wants me to review this concept of Satan being the enforcer within our own mind for our sins. And the way it works, brethren is that if you partake of something that God has warned you not to partake of, you can develop an insatiable urge to repeat the experience. If that has happened to you what you are facing is Satan in your own mind judging for the sin. Judging you for the sin. You’re reaping what you’re sowing and it’s much easier to say no when you’ve never experienced it. That’s true of anything. Alcoholism, drugs, sex. I’m told that if you steal or you murder somebody there’s a particular high involved in it that you could be drawn to repeat it.


There is something deep and evil about sin that when you break God’s law you start desiring to break it again. What has happened to you is that you have opened the door for God’s enforcer to condemn you. He encourages you to do it again and then you reap what you sow. You reap what you sow.


Glory to God. Hallelujah.


The Lord just gave me an impression of something and I just didn’t really see exactly what He wanted me to tell you. If you recall, a few messages back we were talking about the reality of Satan in the realm of appearance. How he will seduce you to sin and when you sin how he will stand up and denounce you and condemn you. And the Lord gave me an excellent example of it. I think it was something that was recently on the news and He wanted me to share it with you. It’s just eluding me. I’m sorry, Lord. You just brought it to my memory but I just cannot put my finger on it.


Oh, yes. Yes. Did anybody see the story of Roxanne Pulitzer on TV the other night? Did anybody watch that? Pulitzer -- I forget the man’s first name -- the originator of the Pulitzer Prize for Literature. There is a Pulitzer Prize for Literature that’s granted. It’s money that’s given to an aspiring writer and it’s a very great honor to get the award of the Pulitzer Prize. I believe it was Robert Pulitzer -- was this man’s grandson, I believe. He had a very scandalous divorce that his ex-wife has written a book about. Now I don’t know whether it was true but this is what she claims. The Lord wants me to show this to you. Glory to God.


He was a millionaire. He was in his forties. She was a 20-year-old naïve young woman from a poor family. He married her and took a very authoritative attitude towards her, which is understandable. Not only that he was a millionaire and she was an unsophisticated poor girl, but he was more than 20 years older than her. You could see, according to her book, that shortly after their marriage he was trying to change her. Brethren, if you want any counsel from me don’t try to change anybody. If you can’t love them the way they are don’t marry them. Don’t expect people to change because usually when you get married things get worse. People have their best foot forward before they get married.


He wanted her to take French lessons. He was sending her to people that would help her learn how to dress and he wanted to make this sophisticated woman out of her. She would have done anything that he asked her. She, according to her, she was madly in love with the man and she utterly submitted to his domination. He told her that he didn’t want any more children. He had children from a first wife. She had told him she wouldn’t marry him unless she could have at least one child. So he agreed to that but he made her promise that she would accept a nanny and that she would be willing to take long trips with him and leave the children.


She gave birth to twins. He didn’t even let her pick out the nanny. He walked up to her with newborn babies and said this is your babies’ nannies. That’s just an example of how domineering he was. I’ve never heard of a woman not picking the nanny that’s going to raise her own children. She was totally under his thumb but madly in love with him, willing to give up everything for him.


One day he came to her and told her that he wanted her to enter into a three-party sexual act with him. According to her she absolutely refused. Resisted on every turn. But he didn’t leave her alone. He pressured her. He went after her. He told her that he really wanted her to do it, that his love depended on it, that he was very unhappy that she wasn’t agreeing to it. And he pressured her and he pressured her and he pressured her and he pressured her so she says, until she agreed to do it. So she says she did it once. They had one encounter. It was so offensive to her she needed to take cocaine and quite a bit of champagne to enter into the act. She said it was so offensive to her that she told him that night she would never do it again.


From that day forward, according to her, he started to condemn her. This is her story. She did not want to do it. She just loved him and she just wanted him. She did it for him. And the day she did it and said she wouldn’t do it again he started to call her a slut. He accused her of having a lesbian affair with this woman. He told her that she was a raging drug addict and she claims that he insisted that she commit herself to a hospital and that she went and the doctor told her that she was a social abuser. That she still had the power to stop but that she was not an addict and that he did not have room in his hospital for someone that still had their own power to stop and wouldn’t take her in. This is her story.


His mind went off and he saw her as this hideous person and pursued the divorce to its very bitter end where she lost her children. She claims she didn’t want any of his money. She just wanted her children and that he never had anything to do with those children at all. He was cold to the point where it wasn’t even human. He just did it to punish her.


What am I saying to you? If this story’s true -- it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. What am I saying to you? He seduced her to sin and the moment she sinned he condemned her. And literally destroyed her as far as she’s concerned. She lost her whole life. She lost her children. Plus the scandal.


So here it is and the word of the Lord to you is do not compromise your principles no matter who you are dealing with. Your mother, your father, your husband, your wife, your minister, your employer. The minute you do what you know is sin the avalanche shall descend upon you. Most likely by the person that pressured you to do it. It’s a truism in this world. It happens time and time again. We had another message based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Tender is the Night.” How the strong psychiatrist compromised what he knew was right for a wife that he knew was demonized and the result of it was that he was destroyed.


The Lord is hammering this home in this ministry. Why? Because this is man’s weakness and we are just natural men. The Lord is requiring us to stand against our own humanity and against every other human being that will come to us to cause us to manifest our carnal mind instead of Christ. Beware sayeth the Lord for indeed I have equipped thee sayeth the Lord. I have given thee knowledge and I have given thee My spirit and I have told thee many times sin not for indeed the accuser of the brethren shall destroy thee sayeth the Lord. Rise up in the power of My spirit, cry out for help, run from the seducer sayeth God. And thy shall be saved. Hallelujah.


Going on. And his feet were as the feet of a bear. Now the word feet is Strong’s 4228 and it merely means feet. I went into Webster’s, trying to find the symbology of this word. Webster’s says that the word foot means the terminal part of the leg -- that means the bottom of the leg -- upon which an individual stands. We know, we’ve been teaching here for quite a while, that standing implies spiritual strength. Spiritual strength. Spiritual strength to do what? Spiritual strength to manifest. The promise of the Scripture is that we shall stand up. That we’re lying down in a bed now and we shall stand up. What does that mean? It means that Christ is going to appear in us. If Christ is lying down in us and He’s going to stand up and appear in us, from a negative point of view, from a bestial point of view, from a carnal point of view, would you be able to say that Satan is standing up in us? Satan is standing up in us. He’s the one that’s appearing in us in this hour and he has Christ tread under foot.


Satan is standing and he’s about to be knocked down and Christ is lying and He’s about to stand. There’s a role reversal coming. There’s an intense warfare going on right now if God has brought you into that realm, where from minute to minute we don’t know whether it’s Christ or Satan that’s standing. Unless you have discernment of spirit you don’t know. There’s a vicious battle going on.


He says that the feet of the beast -- that part of the beast that has the ability to stand -- that part of the beast that has the ability to appear. Appear in what? Appear in the many members of the living soul. Appear in their personality. Which part of the living soul is it that appears? Anybody want to guess? Satan is appearing in the living soul. In this hour Satan is appearing in the living soul and Lord willing, he’s not going to be doing it much longer. Christ shall be appearing in our thoughts, in our words, in our deeds. I’m suggesting to you that the feet typify the spirit that is appearing in the living soul, which is Satan, and this spirit had the qualities of a bear.


I just want to give you a little run down here to remind you that the beast typifies the whole living soul. The leopard typifies the human souls that are stained with sin. Who has the sin? Adam has the sin. Your soul is what’s being saved. Right? Your soul is what’s being washed and purified. So the beast typifies the whole living soul. The leopard typifies the human souls of the many members that are stained with sin and the bear typifies the spirit that rules in and appears through the living soul. That’s Satan. And although we’re not up to it yet I hope to establish that the lion, which is the next phrase, typifies the human spirit of the living soul.


Let’s go on with the bear. The word bear is Strong’s 715 and Strong’s says that it is through the idea of raising up a barrier. It means we’re talking about the defenses. We’re talking about spiritual defenses now. It’s from the root -- 714 -- which means to ward off, again defense.




Again defenses. To push away. It means to avail or to be satisfied. I’m suggesting to you that this lion that is typifying the nature of Satan is warding off whom? He’s warding off Christ. He is stopping Christ from appearing in you and in me. This word also means to avail or to be satisfied. We touched on a very touchy subject a few messages ago but it’s very real. I don’t think there’s anybody in the church world that would deny that the Scriptures talk about spiritual fornication and spiritual adultery. I know there’s going to be a lot of people out there that are going to be very upset at the concept of spiritual orgasm. But, brethren, I’m sorry. It’s true. The Lord has told me to preach it and I’m preaching it.


Every time an evil spirit gets you to think, say or do what he wants you to he is experiencing a spiritual orgasm. He has fornicated with your human spirit and he has produced a sexual orgasm. He is satisfied. He feels good. You take a serial murderer. He goes out and he kills somebody. He feels good. You better believe -- you ask any policeman or psychologist -- he feels good. He gets a release. And in a few days or a week or a month later he has to do it again. Spiritual sex that is played out to the point  that this spirit is getting physical satisfaction.


I’m sorry if I’ve offended you but it’s true. This word that is typifying the character of bear means to be satisfied. What am I suggesting to you? That Satan is appearing in the many members of this living soul and he is being satisfied. Would anyone in the church world deny that Satan has married Eve? He’s married to the human spirit. No one in the church will deny that he’s fornicating with her. He’s also experiencing spiritual orgasm with her. With every member of the human race every time she commits a carnal act, thought, word or deed he is being satisfied. He wants this satisfaction so badly that, as we’ve discussed in prior messages, he is enraged that the Son-clad woman has brought forth the man-child. If you remember the prior messages he’s running after her weaker members with a vengeance.


Why? He wants to continue to be satisfied. He’s having trouble getting spiritual sexual satisfaction through someone that would be in a meeting like this. We’re at war with him. We’re warding him off. We’re fighting him with everything we’ve got. He’s reaching out for the weaker members that can’t resist him. He wants this satisfaction. He wants it bad. Glory to God.


Another controversial word, but God wants us to know. He wants us to have an understanding of what is driving Satan. He wants us to understand this. Why he’s fighting like he’s fighting. He -- Satan -- is about to be castrated. God is making a eunuch out of him. In his mind, if God’s plan -- succeeds we know God’s plan will succeed -- Satan doesn’t believe it. In Satan’s mind, if God’s plan succeeds he’s going to become a eunuch. How hard do you think you would fight if you knew that was about to happen to you? He’s a wild man and he’s losing his wife. He’s losing his sexual outlet. The Lord wants us to understand this. I’m sorry if it’s touchy. Glory to God.


The characteristic of the bear is that he has the ability through raising a barrier to make himself satisfied. He has set up a defense against Christ. He has kept Christ tread under foot and a result of this is that he is satisfying his spiritual sexual lust through the many members of the living soul.


What have we got so far? We’re talking about the characteristics of the living soul. Number one, he’s stained with sin in his human soul. Number two, he’s treading Christ under foot and satisfying himself sexually. He’s raping the human race every day of our lives through the spirit that rules in the living soul. That’s Satan.


Webster’s says that a bear is a large heavy mammal having long shaggy hair, rudimentary or small tail and he walks on both the soles and heels of his feet at the same time. Before I did this study I never realized that if you look at a dog’s feet they only walk on the front part of their feet. If you look at the dog’s foot there’s a pad that is his heel that he doesn’t walk on. It’s just there. It looks like it’s unused. They really walk on their toes. There are certain mammals that walk on both their toes and their heels at the same time. Bears do that and man does that. We see again that the bear is likened unto man in the way he walks. Glory to God.


Bear also means, Webster’s says a surly or uncouth person. So a bear doesn’t have a very good reputation. Glory to God.


The bear is -- I have some scriptures for you as to what the scripture has to say about the bear. The bear is described as a dangerous wild animal in the scriptures. 1st Samuel 17:34: And David said unto Saul they servant kept his father’s sheep and there came a lion and a bear and took a lamb out of the flock. Lamb typifying the child of God. Bear typifying an enemy of the child of God. Who was the enemy of the child of God? None other than the carnal mind which is ruled by Satan.


The bear is described in the scriptures as devouring others for his own use or pleasure. Proverbs 28:15: As a roaring lion and a ranging bear, so is a wicked ruler over the poor people. This word ranging is Strong’s 5264. It means to run up and down, to run about and it’s used especially of those who are agitatedly moving because of an eagerness or a greed of waiting to devour something. Do you know any men like that? Any human beings that are like that? They want your money. They want your life. They want your daughter. They want what you have. They want what you have. They want your husband. They want your wife. Today they want your children. They’re stealing children. We see how man is very much like a bear in his character. Destructive, greedy, lusting, killer.


Glory to God.


Bears are known for making an uproar and they’re known for making loud noises and creating confusion. These are all conditions of the natural man. Isaiah 59:11: This is Israel speaking. Israel is separated from God. We roar all like bears and mourn sore like doves. We look for judgment. Judgment that’s going to set them free from this horrible sin that’s overtaken them. But there is none for salvation but it is far off from us. Israel is separated from God. They’re subject to the reaping and sowing judgment of Satan. They can’t get off the circle of the earth. They’re waiting for the judgments of God no matter how severe that are going to purge them from this sin that keeps repeating itself in their lives. But they say salvation is far off from us. No deliverance for thousands of years.


They’re saying they roar like bears. This word roar is Strong’s 1993. It means to make a loud sound, to be great commotion or tumult, to rage, to war, to moan, to clamor, to be troubled, to be in an uproar. Do you know any people like that? Oh, I’m all upset. Some people talk about it. Some people go out and drink. Some people go out and take cocaine. Some people go out and eat. Some people go out and spend money. Some people go out and buy clothes. Some people go out and commit crimes.


Glory to God.


The bear symbolizes the judgment of God. 2nd Kings 2:24: And Elisha turned back and looked on them and cursed them in the name of the Lord and there came forth two she bears out of the wood and tare 40 and two children of them. Bears executing the judgment of God against blasphemous children. Although this word I’m told these are older children. A lot of people get very upset about this scripture. That God would send bears after children. But, brethren, first of all I haven’t checked this out myself but I’m told that they were teenagers and that their heart was very evil towards the taking of Elisha towards this spiritual work of the Lord and who are we to judge God?


If this is the judgment that God executed upon them, Elisha obviously was in the spirit of God. How do we know he was in the spirit of God? Anybody? He must have been in the spirit of God because his words didn’t fall to the ground. He cursed them and a lot of people misunderstand that word. What it really means is he executed the judgment against them. It’s a poor choice of words to say he cursed them. He executed righteous judgment against them and God honored his prayer. That’s how we know he was in the right spirit. And who are we to say that God is evil? Beware.


Glory to God.


ALTERNATE TRANSLATION: 2nd quarter of Revelation 13:2: And the spirit that rules in the corporate living soul, even Satan, was appearing in their personalities as raging, warmongering, clamoring men. And the spirit that rules in the corporate living soul, even Satan, was appearing in their personalities as raging, warmongering, clamoring men. That’s how God sees men.


Continuing with: And his mouth as the mouth of a lion. The beast’s mouth was like the mouth of a lion. This word mouth is Strong’s 4750 and we’ve had this word many times before. It does mean an opening in the earth but it also means language. I’m suggesting to you that this word -- the usage of this word mouth here means language. And the language of the lion or the words or the content of what the beast was speaking had the nature or the character of a lion. And if you’d like to review the spiritual significance of the lion it’s at message 38, part 4. What I’m suggesting to you is that a lion tears and devours.


ALTERNATE TRANSLATION: The 3rd quarter of Revelation 13:2: And the fierce and cruel words they spoke -- these are the many members of the living soul. And the fierce and cruel words they spoke had the spiritual authority to tear men’s souls and pluck up men’s lives.  I doubt that there’s anybody here that doesn’t know that words could cut you to ribbons. Most people in the world know that. You can be hurt more by words than by a fist in your chin. Not everybody knows, however, that words could kill you.


Words can destroy you if there’s enough spiritual power behind it. If enough people are saying it. And if all the conditions are right, words can kill you. And I’m not talking about witchcraft curses pronounced upon you. I’m not talking about voodoo. I’m talking just about hatred and envy coming from someone that has no intention of killing you. They’re just an ignorant person that’s filled with envy. They want your husband. They want your wife. They want what you have. They want your anointing. It has the power to kill if it’s kept up long enough it accumulates.


Glory to God.


And the fierce and cruel words they spoke had the spiritual power to tear men’s souls and pluck up men’s lives. The last phrase of verse 2: And the dragon gave him his power and his seat and great authority. We’ve already established that the dragon is Satan. If you’d like to review that it’s on message 60, part 4. You may recall there are two Greek words translated power. The word power here is Strong’s 1411 and it means dunamis -- miracle-working power. The beast has miracle-working power. This is not necessarily the church world.


What kind of miracles is he doing? What kind of miracles is the beast doing? I think people right away think about voodoo and witchcraft. I’m going to suggest to you -- they may be doing that. But I’m going to suggest to you that miracles that the beast is doing -- and I’m not talking about the church world now, is that he’s producing children and we’ve had many messages on this. That he’s bringing forth human life. He’s involved in scientific endeavors. He’s healing diseases. He’s building dams. He’s defeating disease. He’s a miracle worker. And the dragon gave him his power to work miracles.


You may recall -- I put this on another message. I’m going to repeat it for you. Don’t you think that a man comes up with a cure for a disease without consulting Satan because it doesn’t work like that. All ideas that are generated through any man come forth through consulting the spirit that is ruling you. And if you recall, the example that I gave you is the preaching that the Lord permits me to do here. I don’t doubt for a second that every one of you is capable of doing the research that I do. You could take a verse of scripture and look up every word in Strong’s. You could go into Webster’s and in some of the reference books that I use. You could do all of this. But unless that information that you have looked up is mixed adequately with the Christ in your mind, you will not be able to preach the message that you hear coming forth here.


And in the same manner for a scientist to discover a cure for a disease or to invent a car or a TV or a stove or an air conditioner, he does all his scientific research. He does all his homework and he consults the ruling spirit in his mind. He mixes it together with the spirit of Satan. And all of these glorious inventions are coming forth from the satanic mind including penicillin. Maybe if there was no penicillin man would have repented years ago. Maybe he would have repented centuries ago. I’m sorry if I’ve upset you but that’s the spiritual reality.


The beast -- man -- has miracle-working power through the satanic mind. And the dragon gave him his power and his seat. Now I was very surprised to find out that this word seat is Strong’s 2382 and it’s the same word translated breastplate in Revelation 9. Where in the world did they get a word like seat? It’s the same word translated breastplate. I remind you that the breast is the part of the body from the neck to the navel. It’s where the ribs end. It’s a breastplate or a corselet consisting of two parts -- one in the front and one in the back protecting your vital organs. If you want to review the teaching on this it’s message 47, part 4. We’ll tell you about the iron breastplate in Revelation 9:9 and message 48, part 1 will tell you about the breastplate of jacinth and fire, which I believe is Revelation 9:17. I may have that verse wrong -- 9:17.


Glory to God.


I’ll remind you that on those messages we determined that the breastplates or armor for the spiritual man is -- what’s the armor of the spiritual man? Anybody? Right. It’s spiritual strength. It could be Christ or it could be Satan. It’s spiritual strength. Of course in Revelation 9 we’re talking about the spiritual armor of Christ and we determined, if you recall, in those scriptures that those men that have the iron breastplates are the sons of God that are rising up that have not walked into all of the fullness yet and therefore this spiritual strength is very deep within them. Iron is found buried underneath the earth. If you’re in that condition your spiritual strength is buried underneath the earth of your soul.


As the Lord matures us that spiritual strength is going to vibrate forth, including in it our soul and our body. The spiritual strength of Christ is going to vibrate out past our body and our soul. The way the scripture describes that is that our breastplate shall be made of fire -- of brimstone and jacinth. We did a study on that and we found out that what it meant was the whole human soul and body is going to become a part of the armor of whom? Of the spiritual man that’s rising up in us. Our soul and our body will become indestructible. Will no longer be our enemy but will serve the spiritual man. It’s going to be that which wraps around the spiritual man; covers him in the front and covers him in the back. These human bodies and these souls. That’s what the armor is.


We’re finding out that the dragon gave the beast -- gave the living soul -- gave man his miracle-working power and he gave him his armor. He protected him. What is he protecting man against? The judgments of God. God sends a curse. He discovers a cure for the disease. He’s protecting man by his spiritual power, anointing them to come forth with all these inventions. We have all of these modern inventions -- hospitals, doctors, AA -- all kinds of support groups. Don’t get me wrong. I know that God will use it. I’m fully aware of that. But, brethren, it is not the invention of God. It is not. It is the invention of the satanic mind to deal with the judgments of God upon the human race.


I am fully aware that God will permit His sons to partake of it. Don’t get your nose all out of joint. I know that. But the spiritual truth is that’s not the healing of God. He might use it but it’s not His healing. And that’s just the truth.




We’re almost done. I think I told you this. I’ll read you my note. In Revelation 9:17 we find that the breastplates have been extended to the outer realms and include the indestructible Adam, Eve and Satan, who are now all in the service of Almighty God. And their sole purpose is to serve the spiritual man that has stood up in full spiritual strength. We find that the spirit of Satan is the breastplate of the natural man. He’s defending us against the judgments of God.


The last phrase is that the dragon, or Satan, gives the natural man his great authority. You may recall there are two Greek words translated great. This one is -- I didn’t write down the number but it means large and strong. And the word authority -- there are two Greek words that mean authority. This is the word exusia. It does not mean the power, so to speak, to lift up this table or that chair. It means the authority that someone has like a judge or a president. They have authority to send men to war. They have authority to prosecute you. They have authority to put you in jail. They have power over your very life. It’s much more far reaching than the power to lift up this table.


We’re saying that the beast has great authority - token of control, force, jurisdiction, right to govern. And this is another serious condition in the church. They read the scripture that says Jesus has been given all power and authority and He has indeed been given some - so in the realm of the spirit. But the example that I give you is a king that has been in exile and he hears that the other president or the other king has been killed and he has been given the right to return to his country. But the armies of that other king don’t want him and they are going to fight him every step of the way and try to stop him from retaking his throne.


I know a better example. There’s a king over a country and he’s dying. The son that the king wants to be an heir is in another country far away. Another son of the king is right there. The king dies, leaving a legacy that his son that’s far away is the true heir to the throne. But the son that’s right there in the country brings in his armies and takes over the country. He has no legal right to that country. He has lost his legal right to it. But the king that has the legal right to it has to come in and fight for it.


Before Jesus Christ was crucified, resurrected and ascended, Satan had legal right and authority over this human race. Why? He was the -- is the enforcer of God’s judgments upon men. But when Jesus defeated him on the cross he lost that right. But he has not vacated the premises yet. American law says possession is nine-tenths of the law. He has no right to be ruling us but he is ruling us. Christ is coming in and waging war against him. It’s a vicious battle and at this point it’s just started. Satan rules mightily over this world illegally. It used to be legal. Now it’s illegal. And Christ is coming in, raising up His forces, raising up His sons and we’re going to take the world for Christ.


But it hasn’t happened yet, brethren. All these Christians living in this fantasy. I spoke to a woman last week highly demonized. Loaded with witchcraft and insanity. Her eyes were bugging out of her head. I said something she didn’t like. Her hand was shaking like a leaf she was so upset. All that I said to her was I was talking about a scripture and I said it’s explained better in the Greek. This is what it means in the Greek. She was convinced that I was changing the language of the scripture. She had no understanding that the English came from the Greek. She was so upset. It was as if I was -- do you understand what I’m saying? She thought I was taking the scripture and converting it into another language. She believes that every promise in the scripture is hers. That she’s whole. That she’s sane. That she’s delivered. That a Christian can’t have a demon. She was a desperate case. How can she get help? How is there any help for her? Jesus has some work ahead of Him. I can’t handle this. I really can’t. There was a time in my life when I was a younger Christian I wanted to go out and help all these people. I was going to set them all straight. Oh, really? Now I don’t even want the fight. Sometimes Jesus sends me to a battle and I have to go. I don’t even want it. Leave me alone. Fighting with these bestial men. But it’s for their good. Jesus sends you, you go. Hallelujah.


I just want peace. I’m no longer a warmonger. I’m a peacemaker now. Glory to God. Now that I’m a peacemaker I have to go to war for Jesus. Hallelujah.


ALTERNATE TRANSLATION: The 4th quarter of the Book of Revelation, chapter 13, verse 2: And Satan, the spirit which rules in the living soul, is giving the corporate man his miracle-working power and his spiritual protection and mighty authority to control God’s creation.


What miracle-working power? To produce babies, medical science, every other form of science. And the power to meet all the needs of mankind. Spiritual protection -- he’s giving them spiritual protection against what? This is another way of saying Satan is the natural man’s power base. I told you before that it was spiritual protection against the judgments of God, but there’s another point here. This is another way of the scripture saying that Satan is the natural man’s power base. I’ve been teaching this here. You cannot appear in this realm of appearance unless a power base is generating you. Either Christ or Satan. Satan is the natural man’s power base that causes him to appear in this world. Not only when he’s born as a baby but for us to continue to appear, we need a power base, a spirit that’s generating us. I don’t want to go through this whole teaching again. It’s on another message. But we’re constantly pulling apart and coming together, pulling apart and coming together so rapidly that we look like we’re solid but we’re not. We’re not solid. Glory to God.


If you want to hear more of that you’ll have to get it. It’s on one of the prior messages.


The last thing is that Satan gives the natural man his mighty authority to control God’s creation. And that is Adam’s authority -- Adam is the beast -- to manifest the spirit of Satan through the thoughts, words and deeds of his members. That’s what the dragon -- the spirit of Satan -- is giving to Adam or the whole living soul. He’s giving him the ability to produce babies and ward off the judgments of God. The power to meet all men’s needs. He’s giving him a spiritual power base that permits him to exist and he’s giving him the power to manifest the spirit of Satan in the thoughts, words and deeds of the members of the living soul. Glory to God.


ALTERNATE TRANSLATION: The whole of Revelation 13:2: And I understood that the fallen corporate living soul was stained with sin and that his own unconscious mind, even Satan, was executing judgment upon him for those sins. And the spirit that rules in the corporate living soul, even Satan, was appearing in their personalities as raging, warmongering, clamoring men and the fierce and cruel words they spoke had the spiritual power to tear men’s souls and pluck up men’s lives. And Satan, the spirit which rules in the living soul, is giving Adam his miracle-working power and his spiritual protection and mighty authority to control God’s creation. Glory to God.


So do you see it? The beast is the whole. The lion is the human spirit. The leopard is the human soul. Did I say that backwards? Let me take a look at the scripture. The leopard is the human soul that’s stained with sin. The bear is the spirit of Satan that rules in the living soul. And the lion is the human spirit. Glory to God.


She’s the human spirit that’s responsible for the language that’s coming forth. How is she responsible for the language that’s coming forth? She’s fornicating with Satan, and she’s speaking his words. She’s fornicating with Satan, and she’s speaking his words. Glory to God.


Any questions on this message tonight?


05/01/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

05/07/14 1st Edit BP


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