078 - Part 11
(Revelation 14)

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Glory to God. We’re back in Isaiah 63 this evening. It is taking us one long time to get through these six verses. This is something about the Old Testament. It is definitely a condensed -- a condensation of what the Lord is saying. And as we discussed last week, just a few words can require almost a -- many, many words in many, many minutes of exposition to explain them.


And I’m told -- I’ve been told by a rabbi that the Jews that study the Scripture have had the same experience: that they have written books on one little verse. And it just never ceases to amaze me. We have a whole message tonight on one sentence, which says -- which is verse 4, “For the day of vengeance is my -- is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.” We have a whole message on that tonight. It’s just amazing. It just never ceases to amaze me.


So, we’re just going to continue until we finish through verse 6. At this point, I have no idea how many more messages it will be, but we want to fulfill the will of the Lord in what’s being preached. And we want to keep in mind that it’s not just for us here, but that He has a plan and that these messages are going all across the world. And He has a definite, specific order that He wants things preached in.


And as I look back to message number 1, it never ceases to amaze me how it’s an unfolding revelation and how everything is working together and interweaving and how He gives us messages that will establish certain truths before He gives us a message where we really would need a knowledge of that truth before we can understand the next message. It’s -- it just boggles my mind, but He is in control, and He is in charge, and we thank Him for it. So, if we have to stay in Isaiah 63 for the next two months, we’ll do it according to His will and His purposes in our lives and in our studies.


Recap, Isaiah 63, verses 1 through 3: “Who is this one who separated from his unrighteous, violent and treacherous sin-stained wife, which is his flesh? That woman who was pregnant because the beast, which is dwelling within the multitude of the human beings, which he has generated, has had sexual intercourse with her. It is I, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is saving the living soul from death by arranging her many members in the correct moral order. And why is Adam, the treacherous wife that you’ve been intimate with, appearing in this world system as a man? Because I am the only human being” -- Jesus speaking -- she’s appearing as a man because there is no man to put her under authority. And Jesus says, “Because I’m the only human being, which has brought His Adamic soul into submission to the Father by overcoming her military strength” -- the military strength of the wife that’s acting like a man. He is the only member of the living soul that has brought her into submission.


“And each and every one of the people, which are My companions” -- that’s the whole human race -- “is nothing in comparison to Me. Therefore, because of My passion for My treacherous wife, I shall penetrate her and impregnate her with Christ. And He shall oppress the many members of the living soul and lead them forth and purify them in the lake of fire. And they shall be redeemed from spiritual death and this world system, which is hell. And they shall be glorious and priestly.”


Continuing with the first half of Isaiah 63:4, “For the day of vengeance is in mine heart.” This word heart is Strong’s 3820, and it’s referring to the heart as the most interior organ. And I think this came up on the message last week, on the last message, that the heart is the same thing as the mind. In the Greek, it’s two different -- and in the English -- it’s two different words: heart and mind. But if you look them up and you relate them back to the Hebrew, you’ll find out that there is just one Hebrew word that means heart and mind. So, that’s a Greek doctrine that has separated the two.


As far as the Hebrew is concerned, they’re just one. And it refers to the center of one’s spiritual being. Now, we know that in the natural -- I’ll draw a heart -- in a natural man, the heart is the central organ, and all of the live-giving organs layer in around it. Again, I’m no anatomist, but I’m doing the best I can. We have lungs, and we have a liver, and we have spleen and we have intestines. And all of the life-giving organs surround the heart. Glory to God.


And if I’m not mistaken -- I have been told -- I never checked this out personally, but if I’m not mistaken, the first organ that is formed in a child in utero is the heart. And then as the nine months of pregnancy progress, the physical body is literally built within the mother’s womb. So, as I was saying, this is my understanding. If anyone feels that I’m wrong, please feel free to talk to me about it. I’m no expert in anatomy, but this is what I’ve been told -- that the heart, the physical heart, is the first organ that is developed in the child in utero and that the rest of the physical body literally layers over the heart as the baby is developed in the womb.


And I’m going to suggest to you that our spiritual being is similar because the natural is our example of the spiritual. And we have a spiritual heart. And anybody remember what the name of our heart is? Anybody remember? Heart, mind, it’s the same thing. It’s the carnal mind in the natural man. The natural man has the carnal mind. And that is the center of his spiritual being. And in the carnal mind, is Satan and Eve.


In the natural realm, when a woman has a baby, the husband is a separate being from the mother. And when the baby is born, he is a third separate human being from his two parents. But the soul realm is the opposite of the spiritual realm. And in the spiritual realm, when a man and a woman join, they join completely. We’re told that a man and a wife in this realm is one flesh, but Paul said it’s a great mystery. But in the realm of the soul, you’re really one flesh. Just your bodies are separate. Well, in the realm of the spirit, when a man and woman join, they are joined completely because they don’t have any bodies.


And when they produce a child -- let me draw that so you can read what I wrote. When they produce a child, the mother and the father join to the child. It’s the exact opposite of this realm. Satan, Eve and the carnal mind. Another name for it, in this realm of appearance, is the human personality. For a human being to appear in this world system, he must have a natural heart or he cannot live here. And he must have a spiritual heart or he cannot live here. He will not appear in this realm of appearance without a natural and a spiritual heart. And around his heart is his soul. And around his soul is his body -- physical, human body.


In the heart is the ability to make decisions. It’s the ability to reason. It’s the place where intelligence operates. It’s the place where logic operates, where you sit down and you say, I have $5, and $5 can buy me two meals, so I better go out and get a job, because all I have is $5. That’s reason; that’s logic. Well, I better start praying about what I’m going to do, because my money is getting low. That comes out of your heart or your mind. Godly emotion -- I’ll put down logic, reason, ability to learn, intelligence is all in your heart.


We also have some godly emotions, godly emotions, emotions that are under the authority of reason in the heart. We know that if we see a car hurtling towards us at 30 miles an hour that we’re supposed to get out of the way, because we might get killed if we don’t get out of the way. So for a moment, we might feel some shock or maybe even some fear. But when that emotion is under the authority of reason, we’ll get out of the way. When that emotion is not under the authority of reason, when that emotion is under the authority of our ungodly emotions, which come out of the soul, we could freeze and get hit by the car. So, the heart, also known as the human personality or the personality of the individual, is what a whole person is built around.


We then have ungodly emotions out here in the soul. Ungodly emotions f- -- like, for what? For instance, like lust. The soul is lust -- desire for things that if we don’t get hold of it and put a harness on it, will destroy us. And Satan in here because this is an ungodly heart -- the carnal mind is an ungodly heart, Satan is continuously reaching out towards this lust. The carnal mind is continuously reaching out towards this lust and yielding to it, yielding to it, yielding to it.


We have a damaged heart. We have a damaged heart. It’s a widow. Our heart, the carnal mind, is a woman who does not have her head covered. She’s in this world without spiritual authority, and she’s in trouble. She’s overtaken with lust. She’s overtaken with unre- -- lack of reason. She’s overtaken. She’s overwhelmed.


We do have a protection in this world. This world is the valley of the shadow of death, and Jesus Christ has said that He would be with us, whether we were in hell or in heaven, and that He would put a table before us in the valley of the shadow of death. So, those of us and individuals and those societies that have yielded to Christ in some measure can have a reasonably decent life.


And how can they yield to Christ especially if they never heard of it? The law of God is present in the earth. It’s present in every society I have ever seen. They may not know that it’s the law of God, but somehow it got into their brain. Somehow it got into their society. My personal belief is it was in the chromosomes from the beginning of time.


They know that to preserve the society, women must care for their children. They know that to keep things within a reasonable order, marriage is necessary. You can’t have women having babies all over the place with no one to take care of them. And when you see a society or a family or an individual operating under some godly, moral principles, that is the manifestation of Christ to the heathen. God is everywhere. He’s in every society: Buddhist, Hindu. It’s Christ that has put His law to keep these people functioning and to keep them alive whether they know it or not.


So, this carnal mind is not destroying every -- well, I shouldn’t -- I really shouldn’t say it that way. This carnal mind is more destructive in certain human beings and in certain societies than others. The societies that are yielding to God’s laws are under protection, a large measure of protection. The societies that are breaking God’s laws are being destroyed. Why? Because God’s law is bringing judgment upon them.


So, there is another heart available in the earth today. It came -- it became available. It -- not -- it didn’t become available to everybody, but it entered into the earth, oh, maybe as much as 3 or 4,000 years ago with natural Israel when Christ was formed in Israel. There’s another heart. There’s another interior organ around which human personality can be developed as of 3 or 4,000 years ago. I think it’s closer to 4,000 years ago.


That heart is made up of the Father God, Eve and their offspring, which is Christ. This is a stable heart. This is a heart -- the man that has this heart, he still has a soul, and he still has a human body. And the man that has the heart of God is likened unto a woman who is under authority. Her head is covered, and everything that happens to her will be for her good. And if she goes off, she will surely be chastened.


The Father in this heart is called the Spirit of Christ. We touched on this in the last message, called “The Spirit of Christ.” That is a powerful, warrior manifestation of the Father. He’s the little horn that we read about in the Book of Daniel. Much to your surprise, that’s what He is. He’s not anti- -- the little horn is not antichrist. He is the Spirit of Jesus Christ, who has the Fa- -- who has the authority to bring judgment on the church, and He has authority to bring judgment upon this soul, which is lust. That’s the name of the soul. It’s lust.


And the Father -- see, when Satan is the spirit, he stimulates the lust, and the result of that is the personality and the body that it’s in dies. When the person’s heart has the Father in it, He controls the lust. He brings it under a godly authority, and He uses it for the person’s good. And He makes the whole personality function in a go- -- in a manner that will bring life to the individual, to the family and to the tribe or to the extended family or to the entire country.


So, there are two hearts in the earth today. Israel had the heart of God. I still didn’t look it up. I know I mentioned it on the last message. I didn’t look for the Scripture, but it’s in there. It’s in the New Testament. It says it was the Spirit of Christ that was upon Israel. Israel had the heart of God, and the result was they never lost a battle. They never had any wounded. They never had any sick. They were never defeated. And their entire life and history is just filled with and surrounded by miracles of healing and deliverance and visitation of the Lord.


And we do not have that Spirit in the church today. Today, we have the Holy Spirit -- the same Spirit, a different administration. And as we found out last night, it is the Spirit that was poured out on the day of Pentecost, which was only the first wave of the Spirit. It was the former reign, and its purpose was to raise up men and women who would prophesy and the temporary five-fold ministry, which we see in the church today.


But there’s another wave coming. And when that second wave comes on top of the first wave, it’s going to be indwelt by the Spirit of Christ that was upon Israel but even in a greater measure, because this Spirit of Christ will be along with the spirit of adoption. And it will abide forever, and it will give preservation to the souls and the bodies of the individual in which it’s manifesting. And they will never die, so it’s going to be much -- a much greater outpouring than the Spirit of Christ, which was upon Israel. I would really expect it to have another name, but if it does, the Lord hasn’t shown it to me yet. And if there is another name, I ask Him to show it to me.


So, does anybody not know what I’m talking about? Is this clear to everybody? So, today, in this hour, there are two hearts available to [?men?]. But even those of us that have the heart of God, which is the mind of Christ, we only have it in part. Now, I’ve heard a lot of Christians preach: We have the mind of Christ; therefore, everything we say is right and true and godly. That’s not true. At this hour, outside of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I don’t know anybody that has only the mind of Christ.


Now in Israel, they had a carnal mind, but the mind of Christ was in such a position of strength that it was totally ruling and controlling the carnal mind. The carnal mind was paralyzed; it could do no harm. So long as they stayed under the law, they were OK. If they sinned, they brought their sacrifices, and they were vindicated.


In this hour, everyone that’s a part of the church is a double-minded man, and we’re all unstable in all our ways because we have two hearts. We have the heart -- well, not everybody in the church has the heart of God. The heart of God is the imparted anointing. We’re going to find out a little later in this message that if you have the Holy Spirit, if you have received the Holy Spirit, you have received the Father, but you have not received Christ, which is the son. But right now, we’re just going to talk about those in whom Christ is being formed. He has the Father; he has Eve, and he has the Son, which is Christ. And he is within another heart, in which Satan is the God and his offspring, the carnal mind, is ruling.


So, not only are we double minded, but these two minds are not side by side. They’re one within the other. And the heart of God is underneath the heart of Satan or the carnal mind. That’s not a good place to be, underneath. Having something layering over you weakens you. And the Father has said to His son, which is Christ, you are to rule from your position of weakness, but this carnal mind is dropping bombs on this mind of Christ continuously. And by its spiritual authority, it is pressing on it. This is the warfare. It is trying to crush it. It is trying to stop it from manifesting. It is trying to stop it from getting its thoughts out. It’s trying to stop it from talking to you and you obeying it.


And at the same time that the carnal mind is trying to crush Christ, Christ, which is a sharp warrior instrument -- he’s not a sword like we see a sword in the natural realm. He is more like a buzz-saw. He’s a circle, and he’s sharp on every point of his circle. So, the carnal mind is attacking Christ, and Christ is pressing outward towards the carnal mind.


So, we have a wrestling match here. And I declare to you that the carnal mind cannot penetrate Christ. He is defensed. But he can crush him down. He can crush him under his feet, under certain circumstances in a believer, in an individual believer. This is going on in every believer.


And sometimes, God will send one believer to strengthen the Christ in another believer, because the Christ in a believer could be under such an onslaught that He’s being crushed. And we need each other. The Lord will send other believers, in whom Christ is manifesting. Sometimes, all you do is just say hello, and I’ve seen the Christ from me jump out and join with the other person. Sometimes, you pray. Sometimes, you hug. Sometimes, you kiss. You do what God tells you to do. But everybody that’s in this condition, that’s involved in this warfare -- we need each other, because Satan is in a position of dominance over Christ.


And we’re back to our sexual types again. Satan, the female -- this carnal mind ruled by Satan is female. It is the carnal mind, the heart of the living soul. This is God’s wife, and she is on top of Him. Sometimes, it’s tough ruling when you’re on top, but when you’re down and you’re underneath, before you can rule, you have to get up.


And I’m going to tell you one more time: anybody that’s engaging in sexual intercourse with the female on top, you are giving place to this spiritual condition. And you can say anything about me that I w- -- that you want. I know what I’m talking about, and I’m telling you not to do it. Everything we do in this natural realm has spiritual ramifications. And if you are a man, I don’t care what your excuse is -- you’re tired, you’re working hard, your knee hurts -- I don’t care what it is, if you like laying on your back, you better get before God and find out what your problem is, because there’s something manifesting in there that is not manly. It’s a relinquishing of your manhood. And you have to ask yourself why you’re doing it. I’m not condemning you, but I’m telling you something’s wrong. Get before God and find out why you’re doing it.


So, this is a diagram of the believer that has Christ being formed in him. He has two hearts or two minds, and he is unstable in all his ways. And before I go on, is there any questions about this condition? Let me just draw a diagram for you of the believer that -- in whom Christ is not being formed. He is a natural man. His heart is made up of Satan, Eve and the carnal mind. He has a soul, which is lust, and he has a b- -- a human body. And he has been penetrated by the Holy Spirit of the Father from an external position, from another man, from the Spirit that’s on a book, from the Spirit that’s in somebody’s words. And he has been penetrated -- the Holy Spirit of the Father has entered into the heart of this man. I guess I drew this -- OK, I drew this wrong. Excuse me.


The Holy Spirit has entered into the heart of this natural man, and He is headed directly for Eve. And it is His intention to have sexual intercourse with her even though she is joined to Satan and her bastard offspring, the carnal mind. And on one more occasion, we find that what the Lord could do, man cannot do. For man, this would be adultery, but for God, it’s legal because His motive is pure and righteous, and He can do it.


So, this is the heart of the man that has received the Holy Spirit. He is completely a natural man, but the Holy Spirit has entered in and is having a sexual relationship with Eve. She hasn’t conceived yet. She hasn’t conceived yet. For the human be- -- for the believers that have the heart of God or the mind of Christ, they’re the ones that are double-minded and unstable in all their ways.


They have an imparted anointing, and there are different degrees of the imparted anointing. That’s a stronger anointing. The imparted anointing is a stronger anointing than the one that just has the Holy Spirit. And there is a difference -- there are degrees in the imputed anointing, degrees of strength. And there are degrees of strength in the imparted anointing, but the imparted anointing is always greater than the imputed anointing. And despite the fact that many people are going to be angry at what I’m about to say, I’m going to tell you that the imputed anointing is likened to John the Baptist. And the least in the kingdom of God -- the least, the person that has the least imparted anointing, the smallest, most immature imparted anointing -- is greater than the believer that has the greatest imputed anointing that you’ve ever seen or that the world has ever seen.


And that means if you are a little, weak person, if you don’t have self-confidence, if life has dealt you some terrible blows but Christ is conceived in you, you are greater than the greatest preacher that the world has seen. Now, that doesn’t mean that you go out and challenge the man and take him on, because you’re still a child. And the child is likened unto the servant. And you’re under tutors and governors, and one of your tutors and governors might be this other preacher, so you have to humble yourself, and you have to learn everything he has to teach you. And it is never, ever godly to compete or to strive or to challenge because you know -- either you think or you know that you have an imparted anointing and someone has an imputed anointing.


And keep David as your example. He never, never challenged Saul. He never said anything against him. He never came against him. He ran from him, and he called him God’s anointed. And he waited for God to take him down. That’s your example. Nevertheless, the truth is the truth. He that is the smallest degree of the imparted anointing is greater than he who has the greatest manifestation of the imputed anointing. Hallelujah.


OK, so we’ll go on. “For the day of vengeance is in mine heart.” So, this word heart is referring to the most interior organ. And Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “Also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.” So, I’d like you to understand that the heart -- that the world -- I’m sorry; the world -- is in our heart. And I want to talk about that a little bit. It’s -- the world is in men’s hearts. So, let’s find out what this means, because it’s important to this message.


First of all, the word there is Strong’s 846. This word only had reference in the Greek. And Thayer says that this word can be translated the other. I know that sounds way out, but it’s in Thayer’s dictionary. It’s one of these small words, a pronoun, and it can have many translations. And we’re going to translate it the other. “Also he hath set the world in the other heart.” What other heart? If you have the carnal mind or the heart of the natural man, the other heart is the heart of God or the mind of Christ, amen?


So, now that we understand that the double-minded or the double-hearted or the two-hearted man is the one who was possessed of both the carnal mind and the mind of Christ, let’s translate Ecclesiastes 3:11, “Also he hath set the world in the other heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.” No natural man can find out what God’s doing when he is in his carnal mind. There’s only one way to get into the things of God, and that’s to get into His heart. And you can’t get into the heart of God until you start confessing your sins and repenting and getting cleaned up. So, God has really locked up His secrets, and He’s made some very strong restrictions as to who can hear the secret things of God and understand the secret things of God. It’s not for any man. You have to be called of God; you have to be chosen, and then you have to abide the fire. Glory to God.


The word world is Strong’s 5769, and this means the vanishing point or a concealed place or out of mind or out of heart. I remind you that in the Book of Revelation, chapter 4, John found out that he had gone beyond the bounds of his own soul or his own heart and had entered into the glorified soul of Jesus Christ.


Now, that would look like this. That would look like this. John had the heart of God, and it was inside the carnal mind. And he was living his everyday life in his carnal mind, but the reality that was John, which is what? Anybody remember? What’s our true spiritual reality? The human spirit’s reality that was John passed out of his carnal mind and entered into the heart of Christ.


And for that moment, for as long as God permitted that, this is what John’s spiritual being looked like -- the heart of God and the carnal mind completely underfoot. If you ever read in the Scripture or if you ever hear in a prophecy that the Lord has overshadowed and pressed down, this is what he’s talking about. He has reversed your natural situation, because every one of us -- to the best of my knowledge, except Jesus Christ of Nazareth -- we are natural men, and from time to time, during the day, during the week, whenever, the Lord lets us enter in. He reverses it like this. He lets us enter into His soul because He wants to prophesy to us, He wants to teach us, He wants us to preach, whatever.


But generally speaking, we are all natural men, and our standard state of being is that our carnal mind is our primary mind. And that’s just the truth. We are in a process whereby, Lord willing, we’re going to enter into a condition where God will be ruling in our life all the time. When that happens, we’ll be in full stature. John said He that called me out of the wilderness told me that the one upon whom the Spirit abides -- it’s got to be manifested in you and never go down -- that’s the one. That’s who? That’s God. Hallelujah.


So, just as a second witness to what I’m saying, I’m reminding you that in Revelation, chapter 4, John found that he had gone beyond the bounds of his own soul and had entered into the glorified soul of Jesus Christ or the mind of Christ or the heart of God. And we did this study on -- it was either message 1 or 2 of the 38 series, “Around the Throne.” Glory to God. I couldn’t remember what message it was, either 1 or 2. Glory to God.


And we have another witness to that. And this time, it was Paul who also exceeded the bounds of his Adamic soul and entered into the soul of Christ in 2 Corinthians 12:2, and we did this study on message 71 series, part 10. And this is what happens when someone is called up to the throne of God. Their -- the con- -- their spiritual condition of double-mindedness is turned inside-out, and the heart of God becomes the predominant, ruling, controlling heart of that person for as ever long as the Lord permits it.


And when you get into that condition, you can fast for 40 days and 40 nights, and you can go for 40 days and 40 nights without water and survive. Anybody that you hear entered into this kind of a miracle, this is what happened to their spiritual condition: It was turned inside-out. The natural man could never go 40 days and 40 nights without water. You can go 40 days and 40 nights without food and not die, but you cannot go 40 days and 40 nights without water. You will die unless God does something to your spiritual being.


It’s the same principle as the sun standing still in the case of Joshua. Bible skeptics say, well, that’s one verse that proves this Scripture to be a phony. If the sun stood still in the sky, the earth would have gone catapulting out of its orbit, and we would have all been destroyed. The Scripture’s a fantasy. No, brethren, the sun of his spiritual being stood still. It wasn’t the natural sun. God deals with our spiritual being. Hallelujah.


I’m sorry; I’m not going to go into that. I do have it on another message, but I’m being very long-winded today. I’m not going to go into that right now, but it is on another message.  It was his spiritual sun that stood still, not the sun in the sky.


God is the God of the living, not of the dead. He is a God of the spirit. He is spirit. He deals with the realm of the spirit. What He does affects this natural realm, but primarily, He operates in the realm of the spirit. And the carnal mind operates in the realm of the soul. And one of the biggest problems that believers have in understanding doctrine is that they keep trying to understand it with their carnal mind. And so long as you continue to try to understand doctrine with your carnal mind, you will never understand it. Why? Because you’re looking at it backwards!


God operates in the realm of the spirit. What He does affects outer darkness, which is right here. It affects this flesh, but the happening is within. This flesh is as far away from God as you could get. And it is the thing that is affected. It is not the thing that does the affecting. Did you ever hear of cause and effect? I guess I’m going to be long-winded tonight. Did you ever hear of cause and effect?


If you have a mountain -- well, I guess that’s a bad example. If you have a husband and a wife and they’re fighting and they’ve been fighting for 60 years and they won’t stop fighting -- this one starts the fight. There’s a cause. The effect is: They get that one mad, and it has an effect on them. They get hurt, and then the next day, they switch roles. This one decides he’s hurt, so he gets mad, and he starts it -- says something aggressive to that one. Now, he is the cause, and she’s the one that’s affected. And this is an ungodly soul [?tie?]. You go round and round and round and round, and you’re in torment. That’s one godly soul -- ungodly soul [?tie, man?].


Well, God is the first cause. He is the initiator of everything that happens in this realm. God is never affected by what we do. God is the cause, and what He does affects man. And whether man gets mad or not, it has no effect on God. It just goes down. Not only does it go down, it goes right back on him, destruction. God is the first cause. Nothing affects Him. He seeks no counsel but his own. Nothing we can do affects Him. All it can do is destroy us. Glory to God.


So, what am I saying? I’m suggesting to you that the Lord put that, which is beyond the capacity of the carnal mind of man -- He put all that knowledge and all that wisdom and all that understanding -- He locked it up in another mind. He calls it the mind of Christ. And He did it so that the natural man can learn about the mysteries of God only by entering into Christ.


And as I said before, to enter into Christ we must confess our sins, repent and change from an Adamic, sin-filled man into a Christ or a Christian man filled with the righteousness of God. And from this statement, which I believe to be true, I declare to you, you can name the name of Christ from morning until night for 20 or 30 years out of your life. And if you are not getting more righteous every day, you are wasting your words, because a Christian is someone that is filled with Christ or at least working towards being filled with the righteousness of Christ. I don’t care if you go to church six nights a week. I don’t care if you dance and jump and sing. I don’t care. If you are not striving to live the life prescribed by Christ -- loving your brother, forgiving your brother, reconciling, continuously trying to overcome the wickedness of your carnal mind and the other person’s carnal mind -- you are not a Christian.


Now, don’t twist my words. I’m not saying that if you have a bad day, that you’re not a Christian. I’m talking about your lifestyle. If you have a bad day, if you have a bad moment, what are you doing about it? Are you moving to make reconciliation? Are you moving to correct it? Are you repenting? Are you reconciling? What are you doing? Look at your lifestyle, and don’t lie to yourself. And you’ll find out whether or not you’re really a Christian, because there are true Christians, and there are false Christians.


So, considering everything we’ve just discussed, Ecclesiastes 3:11 sounds like this, “Also he hath set the mysteries of God’s Spirit in the other heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.” Or we can say, “Also he hath set the mysteries of God’s Spirit in the mind of Christ, so that the Adamic man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.”


So, the phrase, in mine hear- --




So, the phrase, in mine heart, in Isaiah 63:4, is referring to the heart or the mind of Christ. And we’re dealing with “For the day of vengeance is in mine heart.” And the day of vengeance is in the heart of Christ. Well, let’s find out what the day of vengeance means.


The Hebrew word translated vengeance is 5359 in Strong’s, and both Strong’s and Gesenius say that this Hebrew word means revenge or to avenge or to punish. Now, none of these definitions sat right with my spirit, so when I can -- when I don’t get a release in my spirit from Strong’s or from Gesenius or from Thayer, I go into Webster. That’s what I do. That’s what the Lord has shown me to do.


Now, I’d like to t- -- I’ve never done this before, but I felt the Lord told me to do it today. I’d like to just briefly explain to you how this research works, just in the event that there’s somebody listening to the message that wants to follow me up.


Now, Thayer and Gesenius -- if you’ve looked at these lexicons -- they list the definitions of any given word under multiple subheadings. You look up the number in Strong’s, and you could have three or four pages of definitions. And they’ll mark them: paragraph A, paragraph B, 1, 2, 3. And there’s many, many different meanings. But it’s all under the heading of this one word vengeance.


But when you go into Webster, he doesn’t do it that way. For research in the English language, he doesn’t do it that way. He makes it more difficult. And what he does is that he supplies multiple definitions, which is what we have in Gesenius -- multiple definitions, right? Webster supplies the multiple definitions through a series of key words. In other words, he doesn’t have subheadings. He’ll say see more under, and he’ll give you another word. And you have to go into the alphabetical listing in “Webster’s Dictionary” and look up that other word. And then under that other word, he might say, for more definitions, see this word. And you have to look that one, which is listed alphabetically. Does anybody not understand what I’m talking about?


OK, so when I look up a word in Gesenius or Thayer’s, I usually just tell you the word that God has witnessed to my heart. But with Webster’s, I’m going to tell you how I got to that word, just in case someone’s listening to the message

 and they want to check me up. They’ll open up Webster’s and say, well, that word’s not there. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. OK? So, this is what the Lord has asked me to do. Is there anybody that wants to ask me a question about that before I go on? Anybody not understand what I just said? OK.


I didn’t like the translation of vengeance. It did- -- in either Strong’s or Gesenius. Revenge, avenge or punish. It sounds like that King James translator’s Roman Catholic hell and damnation stuff again. And there was no positive meaning there. So, I went into Webster’s. I looked up revenge. Revenge, Webster says, getting even or paying back in kind, retribution. I looked up in Webster’s avenge. Now, this sounds a little better. It says inflect- -- inflicting just or merited punishment especially upon one who has injured someone other than yourself. [?Here?], you’re fighting for a weak person. That sounds a little better. Getting even or paying back in kind or revenge, I don’t see how that could be God. As a matter of fact, to me, it sounds like it’s a violation of God’s law. To avenge, to get even -- to avenge for somebody who’s weaker than you, well, you know, maybe that could be God in the form of defending some weak person.


But I still didn’t like the way it sounded. So, I went a little further. And under the word vengeance -- I looked up vengeance also. And under the word vengeance, which was pretty much the same, there was a reference to a word vindicate, and I looked up vindicate, which means to set free or deliver. Now, that sounds good. Jesus is setting us free and delivering us. That sounds a lot better to me. This is under vindicate. It also means to provide justification or defense for. Jesus defends us, and He justifies us. And it also means to protect from attack or encroachment, which Jesus does. And also means to defend. So so far, our best bet is vindicate.


However, under the heading vindicate, Webster refers us to another word, called exculpate, E-X-C-U-L-P-A-T-E. And I looked that up, and that said to clear from alleged fault or guilt. And under this word exculpate, it says that a synonym -- there’s another word although I didn’t have to go to another place. This is listed under exculpate. There’s a synonym, which means absolve. And this is the one -- absolve implies a release either from an obligation that binds the conscience or from the consequences of disobeying the law or committing a sin.


Now, this whole creation is bound to sin. We are all bound under a severe penalty for disobeying the law of God. We are reaping what our ancestor Adam sown -- has sown from the beginning of time. So, I have chosen the word absolve or the meaning of the word absolve to use in this Scripture, which is translated vengeance, vengeance. Does anybody not understand how I got this?


I declare to you that we are bound in our conscience. And where is our conscience? It’s in our mind. We’re bound in our mind to who? To Satan. And I remind you that we found this out in our number 60 study. And we found out that we’re bound to chains of darkness, which when we studied it, we found out was Satan. And we’re bound to chains of darkness reserved unto the judgment that will destroy us. It’ll burn us in hell forever. No, we are bound in chains of darkness reserved unto the judgment that will purify us so that the Lord can set us free from the chains of darkness.


Well, why did He chain us up with darkness? Why didn’t He just kill us? Because He doesn’t want to kill us. He wants to appear in us, and because of the way things work in the realm of the spirit -- I don’t have the details, whatever. It’s only -- what is it? Three days or four days since Adam fell. I’m sorry; it’s six days since the beginning of time, since Adam fell. It’s only six days since his creation of sin. And it’s taken Him this long to restore us. So, He made a plan to restore us after Adam fell. And He didn’t want us to be wiped off the face of the earth. He wants to raise us from the dead. So, what He did, so that we wouldn’t be wiped off the face of the earth like Cain was, was that He bound us to chains of darkness in our mind. He sold us under sin. He turned us over to Satan, and He put us in this age, this world system that will continue. This is eternal torment, right here, as we said at the last meeting. This world system is eternal torment where we’re being burned with spiritual fire -- some of us, every day of our life; some of us, not that frequently.


And this age will continue until Jesus Christ comes and sets us free from it. And as we said in the last meeting, what confuses a lot of people is that they would say, well, how could this age be eternal torment when people die? And the answer to that question is that there is only one spiritual man in this age. His name is Adam, and he is locked here in eternal torment. And because this is the realm of death, his soul and his body keeps dying, so he has to keep on birthing new ones. But there’s just one spiritual man that is locked in this realm of time, called eternal torment.


And Jesus Christ is coming to get him out by delivering him from his sin-filled mind and breaking him away from the chains of Satan that continue to make him sin. And when he stops sinning, there will no longer be any need for this spiritual being to generate new souls and bodies, because the souls and bodies that this many-membered man is dwelling in will not die when there is no sin. You are not your body. You are your spiritual being. You are your human spirit who, right now, is so completely joined to Satan that you think you’re him, but you’re not. And Jesus knows that you’re not. Hallelujah.


OK, so with dealing with the phrase, “For the day of vengeance is in mine heart.” And now we’re saying the day, where we’re experiencing the consequences of disobeying the law of God, is in mine heart. Now, I want to take this opportunity here to talk about absolution or the -- to absolve someone. This is absolution. And I want to go through Numbers 30 with you. We first hear of a father’s or a husband’s right to absolve his daughter or wife from the consequence of an ungodly vow in Numbers 30. Glory to God.


Numbers 30. This is what God is doing for us, but this is the natural example of it that is written in the Levitical law. Numbers 30, “And Moses spoke unto the heads of the tribes concerning the children of Israel, saying, this is the thing which the Lord hath commanded. If a man vow a vow unto the Lord, or swear an oath to bind his soul for a bond; he shall not break his word, he shall do according to all that proceedeth out of his mouth. If a woman also vow a vow unto the Lord, and bind herself by a bond, being in her father’s house in her youth; And her father hear her vow” -- now remember, the living soul was Jesus Christ in His youth, in His immaturity, when He fell, right? “And her father hear her vow, and her bond wherewith she hath bound her soul, and her father shall hold his peace at her; then all her vows shall stand, and every bond wherewith she has bound her soul shall stand.”


This is saying that when a woman does something foolish and makes a commitment that gets her soul in an ungodly soul [?tie?], her natural father has the authority to disannul it. We have that in our laws. If someone under 18 signs a legal contract, their father can go and disannul that contract. Child is underage. This is talking about spiritual things. If a woman makes a commitment to somebody, her husband has the right to go to that person and say, she said she’s going to buy it, but she’s not going to buy it. I disannul the commitment to you. We -- this family does not owe you this money. She said she’s going to bring our child someplace, but I don’t agree, and I disannul it. And this commitment has no validity on the father of this child. What she said has been disannulled. Does anybody not understand this?


OK. But it says here in verse 5, “if the father disallow her in the day that he heareth; not any of her vows, or of her bonds wherewith she has bound her soul, shall stand: and the Lord shall forgive her” -- wow, God is involved in this now -- “because her father disallowed her.” That means if the vow isn’t disallowed, you got a problem with God for breaking your word. But it says here if you have an ignorant, uncaring or perhaps just childish father and he doesn’t disallow your vows, you are in trouble in the natural realm, and you are in trouble with God for making a foolish vow.


Do you know that some people in this natural realm have fathers that don’t watch out for their children’s well-being? That they see their children going off into disaster, and they don’t do anything to stop them especially in this society today? Do you know, years ago, if a young lady committed to marry a man and her father said, no, that was the end of it? The fathers today don’t have that authority. The women go off and marry them anyway to their own hurt. OK.


Verse 6, “And if she had at all a husband, when she vowed, or uttered ought out of her lips, wherewith she bound her soul, and her husband heard it, and held his peace at her in the day that he heard it: then her vows shall stand, and her bonds wherewith she bound her soul shall stand. But if her husband disallowed her on the day that he heard it; then he shall make her vow which she vowed, and that which she uttered with her lips, wherewith she bound her soul, of none effect: and the Lord shall forgive her. But every vow of a widow, and of her that is divorced, wherewith they have bound their souls, shall stand against her.” She has no husband to disavow her.


“And if she vowed in her husband’s house, or bound her soul by a bond with an oath; And her husband heard it, and held her peace at her, and disallowed her not” -- if her husband let her have authority in the household over his authority -- I lost my place; excuse me -- “then whatsoever proceeded out of her lips concerning her vows, or concerning the bond of her soul, shall not stand: her husband hath made them void; and the Lord shall forgive her.”


“Every vow, and every binding oath to afflict the soul, her husband may establish it, or her husband may make it void.” You know, I heard a woman preacher come into a church a few years ago. The truth of the matter is that she was more anointed than her husband. They’re both blessed people, but the truth is: She was more anointed than her husband. And she stood up in the pulpit, and she said every time she makes a mistake, she goes to her husband, and he disallows it.


Let me tell you something, ladies, when Christ begins to be formed in you, your head is Christ. Now, the same rule applies to the one that has the imparted anointing being under the man with the imputed anointing that I spoke about earlier. That doesn’t mean you rebel against your husband. It doesn’t mean you rise up against your husband. It doesn’t mean you afflict your husband. But what it means is when it comes to spiritual things, he’s not your head. Christ is your head. So, when you have an anointing like that lady, you don’t go to your natural husband that has a lesser anointing than you to get your mistakes corrected. You go to Christ. Glory to God. There’s so much misunderstanding in the church. Hallelujah.


“But if her husband altogether hold his peace at her from day to day; then he establish all her vows, or all her bonds, which are upon her: he confirmeth them” -- he agrees to her bondage -- “because he held his peace at her in the day that he heard them. But if he shall any ways make them void after that he hath heard them; then he shall bear her -- then she shall -- then he shall bear her iniquity.” “But if he shall any ways make them void after that he hath heard them; then he shall bear her iniquity.”


These are the statutes, which the Lord commanded Moses, between a man and his wife, between the father and his daughter, being yet in her youth in her father’s house. So, what am I saying to you? I’m saying that this creation is Jesus Christ in His immaturity. We have a spiritual father. This living soul has spiritual father, and He has disannulled her vow that she has made with Satan. He has not accepted this marriage even though she has had a child. He has not permitted it, and He will not rest until it is dissolved. And you better believe it’s going to be dissolved.


We made a mistake. We ran off with a man that wasn’t what we thought he was. In fact, he wasn’t a man; he was a lesbian, acting like a man. And we’re in trouble. And our husband has not sit still. And God has forgiven us because our husband has disavowed what we have done, and we have been forgiven by God. But, brethren, I want to tell you: Being forgiven isn’t enough. If you fall in a mud puddle and you ruin your new dress, God could forgive you. Your mother could forgive you, but you’re still filled with mud, and your dress is ruined. So, we’ve got to get washed, and we’ve got to get a new dress. Let’s get real here.


The second time we hear about this principle is in John 20, verses 22 to 23, where Jesus is saying to the disciples, “Receive ye the Holy Ghost” -- which is the Spirit of the Father -- “Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained.” When you have received the Holy Ghost or when one who has received the Holy Ghost refuses to disannul a man’s sin through unforgiveness, by refusing to forgive him, you are as a father who refused to deliver his child from destruction.


Brethren, when you have received the Holy Ghost, you have received the Father. And when you forgive -- refuse to forgive somebody, you are damaging that person. If you have authority over that person, if they do not have the Father or if you have a greater anointing than they have and you will not forgive them, you are binding them to their sin. You are locking them into a spiritual place where they will continue to reap what they sow without deliverance.


Did you ever have any idea of the responsibility that goes with your receiving the Holy Ghost? Has anyone ever told you this? No, you think it was given to you to make you feel good. It was not given to you to make you feel good. It was given to you as one of the basic steps that will eventually result in the deliverance of the entire creation. And when Jesus said forgive your brother, boy, that was a -- such a deep statement. It was way beyond what the carnal mind of man thinks He meant by it.


And although I don’t have a Scripture for you right now, I’m sure the Lord will give me one in due season. But I’m going to suggest to you that when you, in whom Christ is being formed -- which that’s the imparted anointing. That’s the greater anointing -- when you refuse to disannul a man’s sin through unforgiveness, you are a husband who refuses to liver -- to deliver his wife from destruction. Why? Because Christ is going to marry the s- -- the living soul.


So, if you have received the Holy Ghost and Christ is being formed in you and you refuse your brother or your not-brother -- if you refuse to forgive anybody, you are placing the bondage of a father and a husband’s failure to deliver that person out from iniquity. And you shall surely reap what you have sown, because we’re going to find out -- I have some Scriptures for you later on -- if you don’t forgive, the Father will not forgive you.


But I declare unto you that the Father is greater than the Son, and that when one who is subject to a misguided natural or spiritual father or husband cries out to the Father of Spirits, He will respond by executing judgment against their oppressor. In a situation such as this, then, the natural or spiritual daughter or wife, which is crying out, becomes, in relation to the Father, an orphan or a widow, and the Father takes up their cause.


And in fact, is not the father of the natural man the devil? Didn’t Jesus say to the Pharisees, your father is the devil? And does not the Lord respond to any genuine cry for help, which comes from an abused spiritual child of the devil? Do you have to be born again for God to hear you? I hope you don’t believe that. Or does not the Lord respond to the cry from an abused spiritual wife who is married to the carnal mind?


He is the savior of mankind. He is the creator of this creation. He is the God of the universe. He is so great our carnal minds, even when stimulated by the mind of Christ, cannot even begin to comprehend Him. And when we bring Him down to the level of the carnal mind, we’re doing Him violence. The kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent try to take it by force. That means the carnal mind of man tries to possess the things of the kingdom by dragging them down to the carnal realm. And you will never succeed. I declare to the carnal mind: You will never succeed.


The entrance to the kingdom is in Christ and no other place. So, what am I saying? I’m saying to everyone who has received the Holy Ghost or in whom Christ is being formed -- and this includes natural men who have money and power in this world system as well as members of the temporary five-fold ministry -- you have a Father in heaven who is greater than you are. Therefore, forgive lest He refuse to forgive you. And don’t tell me you’re a king’s kid and you’re forgiven. We must forgive every second of every hour of our lives. And in each and every incident, which touches our lives, we are required to forgive and to reconcile from moment to moment, from second to second, from hour to hour, from day to day.


And if there is someone who refuses to reconcile with you, at least your hands can be clean in that you have tried to do it. You’re not responsible for somebody else. Matthew 6:15 says, “But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” Luke 6:37, “Judge not out of your Adamic soul, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.” Luke 17:4, “And if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him.” Hallelujah. Don’t tell me you’re a Christian. If you’re cutting people out of your life, you’re not a Christian if that is a habitual practice of yours. Anybody could have a weak moment. We’re talking about habitual, repetitive, unrepented of, ungodly behavior.


So, we’re translating the word vengeance as to absolve or to release someone either from an obligation that binds the conscience, which is the condition of the fallen man, or from the consequences of disobeying the law or committing a sin. The father has sent us -- because all power and authority has been given unto the Son. And Jesus has said to His disciples: Those whose sins you remit are remitted. He’s given this authority to us, and I don’t really think that there’s much knowledge in the church today as to the responsibility that we have. We think we’re supposed to forgive because if we don’t, Jesus won’t forgive us.


We have authority to destroy or to deliver human beings. Do you know that when someone offends you, when someone hates you, when someone damages you that you have a choice? That you can destroy them with your reaction? Or you can set in motion the power of God to bring deliverance in their life. You have a choice. Now of course, God’s purposes in any individual life will eventually play themselves out, but you can temporary damage somebody. God will use everything for everybody’s good, but He’s watching you.


And the line and the [?plummet?] is out, and He wants to see if your reactions are Christian or carnal. He wants to know what kind of stuff you’re made out of. And of this praise the Lord and your [?dove pins?] doesn’t faze God. He wants to see your reactions when you are under fire. When you’re pressure, that’s the real you, and that’s what He’s looking at. And He’s looking to see if you’re any more delivered than you were last month. Not that He could burn you in hell forever, but that He could decide how He’s going to deal with you so that you continue to progress in your maturity. But you’re not fooling God with all your religious words. He’s looking at your heart, and there’s no hiding from Him. And we discussed the angels who were cast down to hell because of disobedience on message 60, parts 1 through 3. And on part 1, we specifically talked about Satan being the chains of darkness that their spiritual beings or their minds were joined to. Glory to God.


So, we’re continuing with this one phrase. “And the year” -- I’m sorry; I’ll give it to you again. And “the day of vengeance is in mine heart.” OK, it’s for th- -- the verse reads, “For the day of vengeance is in mine heart.” This word for is Strong’s 3588, and it can also be translated when. And we are going to translate it when for this verse. The Hebrew word translated day is Strong’s 3117, and it means a birthday, a festival day or a time period. So, I’m suggesting to you that the phrase, the day of vengeance -- [?it’s?] the time period known as the church age.


Fallen man has experienced three ages: the age before the flood, the age after the flood and the church age. Men who have a relationship with Christ in the church age are still Adamic men. We are Adamic men who have a relationship with Christ. Glory to God.


OK, we’re still in this one phrase, “For the day of vengeance is in mine heart.” The word in is Strong’s 1722. We have definitions in the Greek only. And this word is used to describe a relation of rest and can also be translated on the surface of a plain. So, what am I saying? This word in, it doesn’t only mean -- it can be translated to be inside of something, within something. Let’s say this is the something. This circle is the something. This word translated in -- it could mean to be in here or it can also mean to be on it. It could mean to be out here. So, what am I suggesting to you? That we’re going to translate the word on or upon, and what I’m getting at is that this carnal mind -- we’re back to this carnal mind -- is laying on top of Christ. And I’ll show it to you in more detail right now. That’s what it’s saying. Glory to God.


So, I’m suggesting to you that the church age is the carnal mind, in the midst of which Christ is coming forth. Does anybody not understand that? Here’s the phrase. Let me give it to you again, “For the day of vengeance is in mine heart.” I’m saying the day of vengeance, the day of absolution, is the church age. It’s the day in which Christ is coming forth in the middle of men, and the carnal mind is lying on top of Christ.


Let me do it for you this way. We’ve had this up here a lot lately. This is the Adamic soul with the carnal mind. And for those people who are in the church age, Christ is coming forth, and the carnal mind is layering on top of Him. That’s what that Scripture is saying. So, I’m suggesting to you that the church age, which is translated day of vengeance -- the church age, the day of vengeance -- I’m suggesting to you it’s the carnal mind in the midst of which Christ is coming forth.


She, the carnal mind, is resting on the surface of Christ. What for? She’s waiting to be circumcised or waiting to be penetrated or waiting for the consummation of her marriage to Christ. Christ is going to circumcise his way out of the carnal mind, and He is going to be out here. And He is going to force the carnal mind inside. And He is going to be in the dominant, male position. And He will have no more problems with His wife. Does anybody not know what I’m talking about? OK.


Please note that we are penetrated twice. The first time, the Holy Spirit penetrates our Adamic soul and engages in spiritual, sexual intercourse with Eve even though she’s still joined to Satan and her illegal offspring, the carnal mind. The second time, Christ, the legitimate offspring of the Father and Eve, penetrates our carnal mind and circumcises her or cuts her away or dismantles her or renders her powerless.


Let me show it to you once more. There are two penetrations. This is the natural man: carnal mind, soul, body. The Holy Spirit’s coming from out here. He’s in another man. He’s in the atmosphere. And the carnal mind is made up of Satan, Eve and the carnal mind. And the Holy Spirit is penetrating the soul of the natural man and making spiritual, sexual contact with Eve. That is the first penetration. She hasn’t conceived yet.


She does eventually conceive, Lord willing. And when she conceives, this is what she looks like: Satan, Eve, the carnal mind and, in the midst of her, Christ. Now the first time,

we were penetrated from the outside. This time, we’re being penetrated from the inside. The first time, it’s the Father that impregnates us. The second time, it’s the Son that is -- the Scripture says -- is marrying our soul, forcing His way outside, forcing her inside and bringing her into submission. Two penetrations: one from without and one from within.


Continuing with the first half of Isaiah 63:4, “For the day of vengeance is in mine heart.” The word is is Strong’s 1961, and this word generally is translated to be. But it can also be translated to come to pass or to make anything ready, to make anything -- to be made anything. And we’re going to translate it to be made ready, because in view of what our studies have just revealed -- that the church age is lying on top of Christ, waiting to be circumcised -- we are going to translate this word that she’s being made ready. And how is she being made ready? Christ is her readiness. When Christ is fully mature enough to circumcise her, she shall be ready. So, this is how we’re translating that first phrase of Isaiah 63:4, “For the day of vengeance is in mine heart.”


Alternate Translation, “And when the age in which the living soul shall be separated from Satan is ready to be penetrated by the mind of Christ,” and we’ll find out what’s about to happen to her. This is a very exciting Scripture because it’s saying that the provision for the deliverance of the living soul is already within us. We’re just waiting for Christ to destroy our carnal minds so that we can enter in.


But what does the Scripture say about being ready? What does the Scripture say about being ready? I have three Scriptures for you. Revelation 3:2 says, “Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die.” That, which is remaining, which is ready to die is our carnal soul. That’s what’s got to die. Our Adamic soul, our carnal mind, it has to die.


Revelation 12:4, “And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered.” You have to be ready to have a child.


Revelation 19:7 says, “Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints.” The third thing we have to be ready for is to be made righteous, and we are made righteous through judgment.


So, we have to be ready for -- we have to be ready to die to our Adamic soul life. We have to be ready to endure the judgment, and we have to be ready to endure the pregnancy. And pregnancies are not pleasant. They’re not pleasant in the natural, and they’re not pleasant in the spiritual. And Jesus said pray that your [?flight?] doesn’t come when you’re pregnant or that when you’re giving suckle and you have a dependent child hanging on you. When you’re pregnant, you’re uncomfortable. Sometimes, you’re physically ill. Sometimes, you have emotional distress. You’re needy. You need help to get your needs met when you’re pregnant. Sometimes, you need help going to the bathroom, right? Hallelujah. You’re needy when you’re pregnant. You’re needy.


It’s a curse to be alone when you’re pregnant. It’s a curse to be an unmarried mother. It’s a curse to be a widowed pregnant la- -- it’s a curse to be pregnant and not having someone there loving you and helping you and assisting you. It seems to be an in thing to -- someone just told me the other day -- they called me on the telephone, and they told me that their girlfriend is considering going to a sperm bank. They’ve given up all hope of getting married, and they want a baby. And, you know, this is not the first time I’ve heard this. There’s all this propaganda going out to the young women.


Young women, let me tell you, I don’t recommend having a baby without a husband to anybody. I don’t even particularly recommend having a baby if you have to work although sometimes, if you feel you have to, that’s between you, your husband and God. But it is not ideal. Babies drain you. They need you. You have no idea what it’s like and getting your baby ready and dropping them off at the baby-sitter and going to work and worrying about picking them up and bringing them home and coming home after a whole day of work with a crying baby. We’re being -- this society is being victimized by some very ungodly advertising. If it happens to you, you see your way through the trail, but to deliberately ask for it, you should really get an understanding of what you’re doing before you do that.


Continuing with “and the year of my redeemed is come.” The word year is Strong’s 8141, and it means the course of the sun, the seasons or a circle. This word refers to a continuance of time. In this case, it’s referring to the living soul’s revolvement around the sun of Christ, which shall continue for the live of the ages, for the kingdom age.


Now, we’re talking about, here in this Scripture, “For the day of vengeance is mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.” We’re talking about two ages. The day of vengeance is the church age, the age that we’re going to be delivered from the consequences of our sin. And the year of the redeemed is the age of the kingdom or the age of redemption.


I’m going to give you some more information about that. The kingdom age is not an age of the Adamic man, which is Christ in His immaturity. The Adamic man is Christ in His immaturity. The kingdom age is not an age of the Adamic man.


The church age is an age of the Adamic man. It’s an age in which the Adamic man has been permitted to have a relationship with Christ, but we are still Adamic men. That’s in the church age. In the kingdom age, we will no longer be Adamic men. Those who enter into the kingdom age have become spiritual men. Hallelujah.


In the last message, we found out that in the Adamic age, there is -- well, I told you this already. I’m going to go past it. Well, maybe I’ll just read it. We found out that there is one spiritual being, which is Christ in His immaturity, who needs many souls and many bodies to sustain His existence in this realm of appearance. Because the souls and bodies He dwells in, all eventually die.


I’m suggesting to you then that in the kingdom age, Christ, who shall have entered into His maturity, shall be strong enough or righteous enough to keep alive all of the souls and all of the bodies who enter into the kingdom age through Him. Since the glorified spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ preserves every human being that He penetrates, He shall eventually have no more need to generate new souls and new bodies, because they’re going to stop dying.


When Jesus Christ stands up in full stature, the human souls and the human bodies of this creation, which are likened in other Scriptures to the leaves on a tree, are going to stop dying. These leaves are going to stop falling off the tree, and the tree is going to be preserved for the life of the ages. When the living soul is translated from unrighteousness to righteousness, when she’s translated out of death into life, there will no more be any loss of bodies or souls. So, if the bodies and souls stop dying, there’ll be no need to generate more.


So, what am I saying? I’m saying the major difference between the church age and the kingdom age is this: In the church age, we are Adamic men who die but who have a relationship with Jesus Christ during our lifetime. In the kingdom age, we will live for the length of the age, which could be thousands and thousands and thousands of years. That’s the basic difference. So, if we enter into the kingdom age while we’re still in this flesh, this flesh will live for the life of the age.


            Natural man? Is that the natural man?


Well, we won’t be a natural man anymore. We’ll be a spiritual man. We will have entered into full stature. But we will still be in this body. We will be in the condition that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was in before the crucifixion. He was in a human body that was capable of being destroyed when He agreed to it. But it was capable of being destroyed, OK?


The word redeemed simply means redeemed, and I’d just like to point out to you that this is the same word that was translated stained in the prior verse, verse 3. “I will stain all my raiment.” If you recall from last week, that number was 1351, and we found out that Strong’s entry for 1350 was the exact same word. And we used it. We translated it redeem in verse 3. And here it is, translated redeem. And as you see, the K- -- one more time, the King James translators took --




-- as you see, the K- -- one more time, the King James translators took very, very extensive license in translating these Scriptures. Glory to God.


So, we are going to take translator’s license here and change the form of the word from redeem to redemption. And the day of my redemption is come, the day of my redemption. I mean, I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t have much meaning to me, “the day of my redeemed has come.” No, the day of my redemption has come, the day of the redemption of the Lord has come.


Where has it come to? It’s come to hell. It’s come to the place where eternal torment is. It is the only possibility of deliverance from eternal torment. This world system would continue forever if the Lord Jesus Christ did not interfere. Eternal torment is the judgment of Satan. Only, it’s not in a hole in the ground somewhere. It’s here, on our human spirit. It’s under the ground of our soul and our bodies. And we -- and the spiritual man that’s dwelling near Adam, in many personalities, will experience torment for the life of this age. He will experience torment until this age ends.


And this age ends at a different time for each individual. This is why Jesus said, no man, not even the Son, knows the day or the hour. The reason He said that is that it’s not the same for everybody. Just like everybody doesn’t receive the Holy Spirit on the same day and hour, everybody is not being redeemed in the same day and hour. Everybody is not entering into the kingdom age at the same day and hour. Why? Because this redemption is growing within our own heart. It’s the heart of Christ that’s growing within our carnal mind. And in the hour that He penetrates our carnal mind, we shall enter into the kingdom of God one at a time, on an individual basis.


Finally, we’re at the last word. This has been a tough message. “For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.” This word is come is Strong’s 935, and it means to enter into the house of a husband, just to enter into the house of a husband, to be brought into debt, to acquire. And I’d like to give you some usage with this word. Gesenius translated -- translates Psalms 90:12, which has this word in it. And he translates it, “that we may acquire” -- that’s the word is come -- “that we may acquire a wise heart.” Now, the verse in the King James reads, “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.” But Gesenius says the correct translation is “that we may acquire a wise heart.” And that word acquire is the translation of the same Hebrew word translated is come in Isaiah 63:4.


Alternate Translation, the second half of Isaiah 63:4, “The age of my redemption is come or is brought in or it’s ushered in.”


Alternate Translation, the whole of 6- -- Isaiah 63:4, “And when the age in which the living soul shall be separated from Satan is ready to be penetrated by the mind of Christ, the age of the kingdom age is brought in.” “And when the age in which the living soul shall be separated from Satan is ready to be penetrated by the mind of Christ, the kingdom age is brought in.”


Or we can say -- “And when the church age is ready to be penetrated by the mind of Christ, she shall be separated from Satan and enter into the kingdom age.” I just turned -- I reversed the phrases. “And when the church age is ready to be penetrated by the mind of Christ, she shall be separated from Satan and enter into the kingdom.” Or we could also say, “And when the church is ready to be penetrated by Christ, she shall be separated from Satan and enter into the kingdom.”


And for those of you that are wondering how I could change the word church age to church, I want to remind you that the ages are in our hearts. What we ar- -- we are what is in our hearts, so if the church age is in our heart, then we’re the church. If the kingdom age is in our heart, then we’re the kingdom. Glory to God.


This Scripture is saying that when the new age, which is Christ, penetrates our Adamic heart and destroys it, we shall have a new heart. It’ll be His heart, and it’ll be the heart of the kingdom, and we shall be in the kingdom age. And it’s coming from within; it’s not coming from without.


And Proverbs 23:7 says, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” We are what is in our heart. If our heart is evil, we are evil. If our heart is good, we are good. But we know there is none good, no, not one. We must admit what we are. We are not what we are when everything is go- -- calm and peaceful in our lives and under control. That is not the real us. The real us is what is revealed when we’re under the fire. That’s the real us.


If you want to know what the Lord wants you work on in your life, just think back to the last time that you manifested. And you’ll know that that’s what the Lord has revealed in you, and that’s what He wants you to start working on. What do I mean working on? I mean He wants you to confess that it’s not godly, He wants you to repent and He wants you to start resisting it. And He will help you. Glory to God.


OK, the phrase in verse 3 from last -- the last reading, which reads, “and they shall be redeemed from spiritual death in hell” -- which is this world system -- “and they shall be glorious and priestly.” That phrase belongs at the end of verse 4. It belongs at the end of verse 4. So, I’m going to read you the one verse we worked up today, verse 4. And I’m going to take the last phrase from verse 3 and move it to the end of verse 4.


It sounds like this, “And when the church is ready to be penetrated by Christ, she shall be separated from Satan and enter into the kingdom. And they shall be redeemed from spiritual death in this world system, which is hell. And they shall be glorious and priestly.”


Or we can say, “And when the church is ready to be penetrated by Christ, He shall separate her from Satan.” When she’s ready to be penetrated, Christ shall separate her from Satan by penetrating her. “And she shall enter into the kingdom. And the many members of the living soul shall be redeemed from spiritual death and this world system, which is hell. And they shall be glorious and priestly.


Now, please note that even though only a firstfruits company shall enter in at the first, the Lord speaks as if the whole church is entering in. And He also speaks of the whole, living soul being glorious [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. The Lord is dealing with the all, but there will be some individual members that, for whatever reason, will be menstruous eggs. They will not produce the Christ. They will live out their lives -- they’re not burning in hell forever -- and they will pass away.


But at the end of this age, when this new move God really starts to flow, at the end of the procedure, every human being on the face of the earth shall be manifest in Christ. And those that don’t eventually will pass away and die. And only those manifesting Christ will be left. And when all enemies are put under His feet, even the last enemy, which is death -- nobody is dying anymore -- then He shall offer up the creation to the Father.  And that is the end of the kingdom age. When the Father becomes all-in-all, that is the end of the kingdom age. There is an end to the kingdom age. The kingdom age is not eternal. It is not without end. It’s going to be for a long time, I believe, but it does have an end. Glory to God.


Recap, Isaiah 63, verse 3 to 4, “Therefore, because of my passion for my treacherous wife, I shall penetrate her and impregnate her with Christ. And he shall oppress the many members of the living soul and lead them forth and purify them in the lake of fire.


“And when the church is ready to be penetrated by Christ, He shall separate her from Satan, and she shall enter into the kingdom. And the many members of the living soul shall be redeemed from spiritual death and this world system, which is hell. And they shall be glorious and priestly.”


Hallelujah. Any questions tonight? Just do me a favor and take the --


At the end of the kingdom age, what will be the task or job for God’s people to be doing with that time then?


I have no idea.


OK. So, what does it mean to be the end of the kingdom age? What does it [UNINTELLIGIBLE]?


The end of the kingdom age is when the Father becomes all-in-all, which means Christ -- there will be no more need for Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the mediator between God and man. Man shall be so -- become so purified that he will no longer need a mediator. And Jesus Christ will become permanently in the form of the Father, OK? Do you understand that? There will be no more mediator. There will just be man and God. And we’ll be able to abide together without an intermediary.


            Does that mean that Jesus will reach a place of His complete perfection?


Yes, the whole creation will be completely perfected.


You said something about [UNINTELLIGIBLE] when He puts all rule and authority under His feet and the last enemy to overcome is death. You said something about living in the kingdom age, we won’t die. And then, you know, it sounds like, to me, like, that the -- it’s saying that when death is put under, then He gives the kingdom age up to the Father. Well, if during the kingdom age, nobody dies, then death is already overcome. Do you hear what I’m saying?


I hear what you’re saying. What -- well, ultra- -- if I -- I’m going to say something. If it doesn’t answer your question, ask me again.




This putting underfoot of death is happening in individual human being at a time. So, we are going to have a world where there are going to be spiritual men who have overcome death, and there are also going to be natural men that haven’t even received the Holy Ghost yet. And then there will be natural men that have received the Holy Ghost. We’re going to have three different kinds of men existing on this planet at the same time. So, it’s going to take, I think, approximately 1,500 years until the whole creation -- until death is put underfoot in every human being on the face of the earth. Does that answer your question?


Yeah. But I’m asking, you know, too, like, does this age -- you know, this age, the church age just end?


No, it’s going to be gradual.


Or, you know, like, it’s coming to an end, and it’s going to end? Are we still in the church age, and the kingdom age is still coming? Or are we in the church age now, and it’s overlapping, and the kingdom age is here? Do you know what I’m saying?




            Do you know my question?


The kingdom age really isn’t here. I know that some ministries are preaching that the kingdom is already here. And what I’m going to suggest to you is that what we have here is a taste of the age to come. We have a -- there’s Scripture in Hebrews, says a taste of the age to come. But the kingdom is full-stature. So, you might say -- you could say the kingdom age is here, but it’s inside of me, and it’s not -- it’s inside of us, but it’s not fu- -- manifesting in the fullness, because the fullness is full-stature. And Jesus Christ is the only one that it happened to.


So, when the first person comes into matur- -- the first one on the earth that comes into maturity and manifests the full manifested Son of God, the kingdom age has begun?


I would say so, yeah.


And then, it will happen in another and another [UNINTELLIGIBLE]? And there would still be people dying in the kingdom age?




But eventually, the l- -- the whole kingdom age will end when all of them are manifesting sons of God.




            And then, this kingdom will be given to the Father.


Right --


            OK, I understand.


-- and what that means -- when it says the Father shall be all-in-all, what that means is that the creation is going to be glorified. Now, in the kingdom age, those of us that attain to the maximum potential of the kingdom age will be as Jesus was before the crucifixion. We will have full authority over the soul realm, but we’re still going to be in a vile, human body, which is the reflection of Satan. This body is the image of Satan. The Scripture that says, and He shall give up the creation to the Father, and the Father shall be all-in-all, is referring to what happened to Jesus after the crucifixion of --




-- his physical body and the total glorification --




-- [CROSSTALK] right --


            All right.


-- which is the internalization of the human body. See, right now, this human body has a life-sustaining function. The condi- -- the spiritual condition that we are in now could not be sustained without this body. We would die. I saw a science fiction program once where someone invented a machine that could separate the soul from the body. If such a machine were a reality, we would die, OK?


But in the kingdom age -- well, I don’t really -- I don’t want to get into these technicalities. But the glorifica- -- it the condition of glorification, which is when the Father is all-in-all, this body, this human body, will not have a life-sustaining function. It’s going to become the spiritual skeleton. It’s going to be internalized, and it’s going to give the form to this glorified, spiritual being that’s going to have the form or the visage of a man. When you look at him, he’s going to look like a man, but there is going to be no life-sustaining function in his body.


OK, now I opened up my big mouth, and I don’t know the answer, so I’ll just finish the question on the messages I could tell you that I don’t know the answer. Well, maybe I do know the answer. If -- in the kingdom age, when we’re all in the condition that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was in -- oh, OK, I got the answer. OK.


If something would happen -- for example, if we would get hit by a car or some madman would knife us in an attempt to kill us, the answer is that we would be raised from the dead in the condition that Lazarus was raised from the dead. The Christ in full stature within us would repair this body, but we would not come to a glorified resurrection where we are living without the human body. Does anybody not understand what I said? That is for the next stage, when the Father becomes all-in-all. And what that means is that the entire creation becomes spirit because the Father is spirit. That means we’re going to be totally spiritualized.


That was really neat, because when you said that, I started getting a revelation of that: that the kingdom age -- I used to think that the kingdom age meant that we would be walking around in glorified bodies. And now I understand that. And as you explained that, and I thought, well, then what -- ? It means the kingdom that’s given up in God all-in-all -- and the Lord was telling me it means glorification.




And then you said it! It was just, like -- it just came right out of your mouth. It was a confirmation of that. That was neat. Praise God.


Did you have a question for me? I was going to ask you to take the mic. I know it’s in two [?reasons?], but I’m going to -- the people need to -- people that listen to the message need to hear your questions.


            I just wanted to know what the degrees of imputed and imparted --




            -- anointing is.


Yeah, I don’t -- well, let me just stumble around a little bit. I’ll see if the Lord will give me something. I don’t know that there’s any marked degree that I could say, A, B, C. Well, maybe I can. Imputed anointing -- the very, very basic imputed anointing is someone that has a -- that speaks in tongues in a not-very-powerful way. That’s as lo- -- as soon as you speak with tongues, you have an imputed anointing, but you may not have any of the gifts. You don’t prophesy. You have no anointing to heal or no anointing in deliverance, but you have a very mild manifestation of tongues. That would be the bottom of the line.


And then it would be on a graduating scale. You would -- you know, there are people that just walk into the room. You just perceive the anointing. They -- the gifts start to manifest. They prophesy. They give an utterance in tongues. They interpret. They’re anointed to preach, and you could just look at people, and you know, you know, who has more authority than others. But aside from that, I don’t know what to say to you [?on that?].


And the imparted anointing, that’s -- the imparted anointing, what that would start with? Well, I don’t know where it would start, but it involves doctrine -- we start to get into doctrine -- I mean godly doctrine. I know the church world is filled with false doctrine. I don’t really think that -- well, you can only understand these doctrines to a measure without the imparted anointing.


But I tell everybody that will listen to me if, for whatever reason, this message is coming to your ears and you don’t understand it, don’t worry about it. Because maybe you’re not fertilized. Maybe you haven’t conceived Christ. But if God has placed you here, if you’ll just stick it out, if you’ll just expose yourself to it, you’ll get fertilized. And when you conceive Christ, you’ll start to understand.


So, don’t worry about it if you don’t understand it. Don’t put any bondage on yourself; don’t put any burden on yourself. But I highly recommend that you expose yourself to the anointing to the fullest extent that you can. And God will do His work. He’ll do it in you. See, understanding is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that you conceive Christ. And if you conceive Christ and if you persevere, it’s going to come. It has to grow in you. It’s not something that you do with your intellect. It’s got to come forth in you. Just expose yourself. God is very faithful; He’ll do it. Yeah, just --




Well, put it on. Put it on. You never know what’s going to come out at the last minute.


How do you minister to somebody this message that doesn’t understand [?you?]? I -- the Lord -- I believe that the Lord is telling me that there’s this guy that I’m starting to minister to, and he’s French. And he doesn’t understand English too well. But as I was ministering to him a little bit, you know, I’m like, how do I minister to him? He doesn’t -- he expresses himself with a lot of expressions to try to talk to me, you know? You know what I’m saying?


Yeah, well --


It’s because he doesn’t know that much English words. So here I am. I started talking to him about spiritual things, and he goes, spirit. What’s that? You know?


Well, you’ve got a language barrier there.




I that I could tell you is: Ask the Lord what he wants you to say to him. I want to tell you: When I went to Africa a couple of months ago and I was told that I was going to be ministering to people that had almost no knowledge and that I was restricted to 15 minutes, I pani- -- I want to tell you: I had an anxiety attack.


The first night that I preached, I had an absolute anxiety attack, because as long as I had been preaching, I was never in a situation where there was crowds of hundreds of people that I had never seen before in my life. And you have to preach on [?a dime?]. You get up there, and they say, go! And you have to start preaching. And I was having an anxiety attack.


But the Lord had someone speak. It was in my hearing. They didn’t -- weren’t even talking to me. But they said, well, it’s like prophesy. You know, you have to trust God that He’s going to bring it forth. And that’s exactly what it is. I got up there and [UNINTELLIGIBLE] all these people that I wouldn’t know what I’m saying.


And if you ever heard an evangelist get up there or someone get up in front of a big group and you -- and the first thing that they say is, well, praise the Lord. Or give me a big praise the Lord. What they’re doing -- and it used to really aggravate me -- but what they’re doing is waiting for the Spirit to grab them, because they don’t know what to say, you know? So, since I hate that, because I hate anybody telling me to praise the Lord, and I don’t think that’s an ungodly hatred. I don’t like it. When I get up --




-- but what they’re doing is waiting for the Spirit to grab them, because they don’t know what to say, you know? So, since I hate that, because I hate anybody telling me to praise the Lord, and I don’t think that’s an ungodly hatred. I don’t like it. When I get up in front of groups that -- and -- well, a group like this, I’m very comfortable with. I start -- you know, I call all the shots here, so this is easy. But when you get up in front of a group where you’re introduced and everybody is waiting to hear what you have to say, I’ll just -- or I did this all through Africa. I just told them, I’m just going to chat with you for a while until I can perceive the movement of Spirit. And usually, by the time I finish that sentence, I was off [?in the?] movement of spirit. But you just have to ask God what He wants you to say.


But I don’t think I finished answering your question, [?June?]. With the imputed anointing, doctrine is usually present with someone, some understanding or the beginning or some evidence that you’re starting to understand the -- of course, the true doctrine of God. OK.


Then there’s also authority. There’s authority. Well, there’s also authority in the imputed anointing, but author- -- but the authority with the imparted anointing is authority to righteousness. Unfortunately, frequently, in people that are exercising the imputed anointing -- sometimes, not all the time -- people find an authority with a harshness that is not out of the righteousness of God. The Spirit of God [UNINTELLIGIBLE] harsh, but it’s in righteousness. And the only way you could tell the difference is by [?discerning the spirit?]. Because part of the anointing is really [UNINTELLIGIBLE].


Paul said that we judge all men. We know what’s in the hearts of all men, but they can’t judge us. They don’t discern who we are. They cannot see the imparted anointing. And if they don’t understand it -- so, it’s very hard to discern, but it’s an authority that comes with righteousness. You can only discern it if God gives it to you. Authority with righteousness, doctrine, the love of God -- because if the Son is coming forth in you, there has to be some evidence of love of the person living for Christ, which is forgiveness and reconciliation and a concerted effort to live the life that Christ has commanded us to live. You don- -- you can’t be 100 percent successful, but you have to be trying.


And I personally am convinced that communication is a large part of it. And I just -- there are so many Christians out there that will not talk. They will not talk. They shut down the lines of communication. This is a sign of spiritual immaturity. But then again, of course, you could have someone who is very young in the imputed anointing, and God may not have worked on that area with them yet. So, it’s very hard to say.


I would do better to give you an outline of someone who is mature in the imparted anointing. But when you get someone that’s just entering in, I guess it must be really hard to tell the difference between someone that’s really -- has a really gifted imputed anointing and someone that has the imparted anointing. But when you’re dealing with a mature believer with the imparted anointing, the love of God, communication in love, the ability to love and forgive and reconcile, and doctrine, and there should be some authority for healing and delivering, and wisdom.


6/1/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

6/6/14 1st Edit SP & CAS




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