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Peace unto you, saith the Lord, for indeed thou art My creation, yea I have formed thee in My thoughts from before the foundation of the earth, and by the word of my power, saith God. I have lowered you into this realm of appearance, whereby I am molding thee, and forming thee, and bringing thee into confor­mity with My thought of thee, saith the Lord God, and I shall enter into thee and I shall fill thee, and I shall be one with thee, and I shall dwell with thee, and indeed I shall be the salt of your earth, saith the Lord God, and because my presence is within thee, thy earth shall not corrupt, saith the Lord, and thou shalt dwell with Me, in the realm of the Spirit of God, for indeed that is where I live, saith the Lord, and I shall anchor you there, and I shall hold you there, and you shall receive all the benefits of that realm through your connection with me, saith God and, yea, the realm of the Spirit of God and the realm of time shall indeed be one, saith the Lord, and my imagination, that I imagined of you before the foundations of the earth, saith God, it shall come to pass, saith the Lord, yea My creation, even the Cherubim, that which I imagined, saith God, I have indeed performed it.



The message that God has given us for today is A Place Teeming with Life. It is the pure spiritual truth of how the creation came into being.

If you examine what is being preached in the churches today, you will see that they are preaching the message of what happened when the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth manifested at the end of the age, and died on the cross to put away sin. That is a nice message which will bring the Holy Spirit into your heart to do the work that the Holy Spirit does.

But that is not the message that will bring forth the Christ in you.

On the other hand, the message that is coming forth in this ministry, continuously blows my mind. The only way I can describe it is that it is pure spiritual truth. It is powerful, it burns, and a lot of people cannot bear it. I want to admonish you to come up for deliverance if you get upset at anything I say. Do not go home with it.

We never know how we will react to a spiritual message, because fallen Adam, the natural man who does not want us to know the truth about our creation, will rise up within us and, if he has the power, will punish us."

I do not know whether you can receive that or not, but I receive it. I believe it because I have been victimized by it. I had a lot of witchcraft when I came to the Lord, so when spiritual truth was imparted to me, fallen Adam would rise up and try to steal it from me. I would resist fallen Adam, and he would punish me. For years I did not know what was going on until God told me it was spiritual punishment. I would have torment in my mind, sickness in my body, and harassment in my life in relationships. I would have all kinds of trouble, and one day God said to me, "It is time to face the reality that you are experiencing spiritual punishment."

Satan, the spirit that rules through the natural man, which is the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, is in your own mind and heart, and has power to punish you. You are still under his power as you move into Christ. You are half and half. You are under the anointing of God, but Satan, the unconscious part of your own Carnal Mind, continues to have power over you until you are completely divorced from him -- until the harvest, when we come out of this body.

We have two kings ruling in our mind, but only one is supreme. We know that Jesus Christ can keep us from anything that tries to harm us, but He does permit us to fall prey to our old king, or our old husband, until the harvest is complete. We see this clearly in the book of Revelation.

We know from Message, #4, Out Of The Dust, that Michael represents the Son of God in the mind of the believer who has just birthed the Christ.

Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon, and Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, was still there in the mind of the believer that had just birthed the Christ, Hallelujah. Satan prevailed not, and neither was there place found anymore in heaven, and the great Dragon was cast out. We are still waiting for that to happen.

When Christ comes forth in us, Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, is put underfoot. He is not cast out. He is cast down to the earth, and his spiritual power is controlled by the power of the Christ. The Scripture describes this event as being cast into the earth.

When the Dragon saw that he was cast into the earth, he persecuted that which brought forth the manchild.

Who brought forth the manchild? We bring forth the manchild in our spiritual reproductive parts. There is going to be persecution, and the Lord never told us in the Bible that we are going to escape that persecution. He did tell us, however, that we will survive it.

We can be cast down, but not destroyed. The end result will be that Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, will be totally swallowed up. But the Lord never told us that we would not be persecuted or tormented, or, as the Lord told me, "punished."

Verse 14 says, "And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle [representing the Spirit of God] that she might fly into the wilderness into her place where she is nourished for a time, and times and half a time from the face of the Serpent.

There is place in God for us within our mind, so the wings of a great eagle spoken about in Verse 14 means the Spirit of God. God has been teaching us that the life of the Spirit is within our mind. When we look at ourselves we see only a physical body, so we have to get spiritual to understand that there is spiritual life inside our mind that is as great, on a spiritual level, as the world outside. We are aware of the universes and the planets, which are outside of us, but, there is a spiritual world that can be likened to all that, which is within us.

The concept of a world as large as, or larger than the universe, breaks the rule of time and space, because if you are carnal, you think, "how can so large an area be inside my mind?" The answer is that I am talking about a spiritual world. If you cannot understand that, ask the Lord and He will give you the revelation. There is spiritual activity in our mind that is as great, or greater than the infinity of the natural universe.

There is a spiritual universe inside of us that is teeming with spiritual light and spiritual life. Some of it is the life of God, and some of it is not the life of God, but the spiritual universe is infinite and great.

The woman in Revelation 12 found a place to hide in God , even though she was still a natural woman, so that she might fly into the spiritual wilderness, into the place that Jesus prepared for her, to nourish her spiritual child.

Verse 15, "And the Serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood upon the woman."

Water signifies spiritual power. The Serpent tried to overtake the Woman with witchcraft power, so that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.

Now, it is Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, that causes us to fall, to die, and to do things that will bring the wrath of God upon us. But the life of Christ is growing in us also. We are spiritual wombs which are nourishing the Son of God, who can be likened to a spiritual fetus. When He is mature enough to live outside of a physical body, He will emerge from His spiritual womb. The physical body will fall away, but the human spirit will go with Him.

He poured out the flood after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away,means that Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, is pouring out spiritual power to kill the believers who are pregnant with the Christ child, which cannot survive the prema­ture separation from the physical body.

He is trying to kill us, destroy us, or put us in a mental institution. He is trying to get us to rebel against and hate God. He will do anything that will result in the death of the fetal Christ before, or immediately after He is born. Ideally, He would love to see the physical body die and the life of Christ come to naught, but, would be satisfied if we sin against God, lose our mind, or wind up in a mental institution.

This is a very real warfare that is going on between the Christ in us and Satan, the unconscious part of our Carnal Mind. Our human spirit is the part of us that is being separated from Satan, the uncon­scious part of our Carnal Mind, and joined to Christ. Our part is to throw ourselves in line with Christ, and to find a place to hide by seeking His protection.

We have to find the tower of His Spirit, where we will be protected, Satan will still pound us, but we will always have the victory in Christ Jesus. We cannot be destroyed when we hide in Him.

Verse 17 says, "And the Dragon was wroth with the woman."

He is enraged with the woman that is bringing forth the Christ. ....and he went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keeps the commandments of God and has a testimony of Jesus Christ. This Scripture is saying that the first thing Satan will do is to attack the woman, who represents our soul realm. Satan attack our mind, but when he sees that we are under the protection of the Lord Jesus Christ, he wars against Christ Himself.

We need to stop trying to fight this battle by ourselves, and turn ourselves over to God, saying, "Lord this is a spiritual battle, and I cannot take on this Serpent without Your protection. I need Your spirit manifesting through me to give me spiritual power."

When we throw ourselves in line with God, the battle becomes the Lord's, and we are undefeatable. When we fight in our own power, we can be defeated. Somebody told me that the demons got one of the authors of the book, War On The Saints, because he became insane and he went into a mental institution.

It can really make you worry, if the co‑author of a book like War On The Saints goes insane. How could something like that happen? There is only one way: He never threw himself in line with the Spirit of God. He must have been fighting Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, in his own power, and he was overtaken.

When we join with Christ by saying, "Lord, you are the commander, you are the boss. When you tell me to cast out the demon, I will cast it out. When you tell me to heal the sick, I will heal the sick. No matter how much I want to help someone, if you are not you telling me to minister to them, I will not do it."

When we move into the realm where we are in submission to the Lord God, He becomes our defense. He becomes Michael, who fights Satan, and it is all over for the Dragon. Hallelujah.

Well, that was an extra blessing.


The message for today is A Place Teeming With Life. This will be a multi-part message. We are starting in Genesis 2:4‑8. God wants us to understand how we were created, and what His purpose is for us.

Genesis 2:4‑8, "These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens, and every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew, for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to til the ground. But there went up a mist from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground, and the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a Living Soul. And the Lord God planted a Garden eastward in Eden, and there he put the man whom He had formed." Hallelujah.

God has some deep spiritual truth for us today. As we have said in other messages, particularly The Seduction of Eve, the whole Bible is a parable but the story of the creation, in particular, is a parable.

The account of creation is such a deep spiritual truth that God clouded it over. You really have to be anointed of God to understand it. God hid it so that people who cannot receive deep spiritual truth can have something to hold on to that will help them to function in this life and resist a doctrine like humanism.

The parable imparts the understanding that God created the earth, but those who God are calling to a higher spiritual realm where they will manifest His power and execute His judgments, require a deeper revelation.

We touched on this earlier. The ministry of the Son is much deeper than healing the sick and casting out demons. so we have to be very careful not to do anything that is not under the anointing. He will be sending us to people with the Word of the Lord, and if they do not repent, we may have to pronouncement the appropriate judgment.

To pronounce a judgment in the flesh, is witchcraft, so if you cannot discern whether or not it is the Spirit of God speaking through you, be quiet. If you pronounce a judgment, and it is not God, God is going to go after you.

If you would like this kind of ministry, but you cannot tell whether or not you are manifesting Christ, ask the Lord. He will give you any righteous thing you ask for, unless your request does not line with His plan for your life. You may not receive it right away, but He will give it to you in due season. I am pleading with you to be very careful if you are not sure you have this anointing, because this is a very serious ministry.

It took me quite a while to comprehend that spiritual authority is a very serious thing. Look around and, just as you see the authority of the police and the armed forces in the natural realm, there is also spiritual authority in the realm of God. We need a spiritual revelation that God's authority is greater than the greatest army on the face of the earth. And that God can anoint you to execute a judgment upon someone who has abused a widow or an orphan, or harmed a believer. God defends anyone who cannot defend himself, whether or not they are a believer. God will avenge any widowed woman who, being abused by a landlord or an employer, cries out to Him in the only way she knows how, even if she is not born again.

When there is no man in the earth that God can manifest Himself through, He rescues the needy by His Spirit. We have had enough prophecy in this ministry to know that God is raising up a company of mortal men to execute the judgments that will defend the widow, the orphan, and the oppressed of the earth by speaking the Word of the Lord.

It is already happening. God is choosing men to carry out His Will, and it is not something that you take lightly. You cannot be saying, "the Lord told me," if it is not God.

Pray, and if you are not there yet, you will get there, but wait, because you would not want to be executing a judgment on somebody and find out that it is not God. You would not want to do that, and find out that God is coming after you for spiritual abuse. I do believe that if you are receiving the Word on this tape, that you are called to the spiritual ministry of the Son.

Your time will come, you will get there, and we are going to do glorious things for the glory of God. We are going to judge righteous judgment and defend the cause of the oppressed in the earth. Glory to God.

We are going to try and understand Chapter 2, Verses 4‑8, but it sound a little different than what you have heard before, so we will go slowly.

Verse 4, "These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth, when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth, and the heavens."

The word generations means "history," but also has several other translations. In this case, however, it means "history." God is saying," I am going to explain how I created the heavens and the earth, and this is how it happened. This is the log that I have written."

The Hebrew word translated created means "to select, to choose, to dispatch, to send forth." It means to carve out by means of cutting. God cuts basic raw material out of something we will find out what, in a little while -- in preparation for the act of creation, just like a carpenter goes into the forest and cuts down a tree to get the materials he needs. Glory to God.

Webster's says that the word create means "to bring in to existence, to invest with new form, and to produce through imagina­tion and skill." When God decided to create the creation, He began with a thought. God imagined that He would appear in the realm of appearance, in a world that He would form so that He could be seen.

He thought about it, and then He went into the forest of the spiritual realm and cut down something that we would liken to a tree, to bring His imagination to pass. And we are going to find out how He did it. Hallelujah.

It says in the second part of verse 4, "In the day that the Lord God made the heavens and the earth. . . . First, He created them. "These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created in the day that the Lord God made the heavens and the earth."

The Hebrew word made is totally different than the word "created." It means "to do, to make, to accomplish, to labor, and to fashion out of existing material." The creation is coming forth out of two separate and distinct processes.

First, God manifests the basic raw material which we can liken to a tree growing in the woods, and then He starts to work on the basic raw material to make the creation. Webster's says that the word made means "to appear or bring into existence by forming or shaping." To create means to bring forth from your imagination, to bring forth something that never occurred before. The word make means the actual shaping of the creation. Hallelujah.

The Hebrew word translated heaven is from an unused root which means "to be lofty." It is the firmament that you see in the sky, which appears to be spread out over the globe, and it is supported by columns.

"Lord we pray for the message, this is a tough one, Lord, so let everybody understand this."

Try to imagine this whole world that we live in, even the whole universe, as a big ball that is within something else. If you go s far out as you can within the universe, you will find yourself within a casing, just like the skin of our physical body is the casing that contains all of our organs. Imagine that the whole universe is within a casing, but that there is something outside of the casing, and that which is outside of the casing is the Spirit of God.

God has created a creation that exists beneath Him, or within Him. When He wants to reach us, He pours through openings in the skin, A good example is when we want a drink, or to eat, we open our mouth and pour it in. Drinking and eating is a natural type of the spiritual reality of the relationship between the world and God. He is beyond the realm of the natural. When He wants to reach us, there is an opening in the spiritual realm that He pours through. Praise the Lord.

The heavens, is not just the sky. God did not start with the sky that we see up there. The heavens are much bigger than that. The Hebrew word translated earth is from an unused root, which means "to be firm." Earth is the opposite of sea.

In the past, we have talked about the realm of the spirit being likened to things that we learn in chemistry. We know that the basic elements can take three forms. They could be gas, liquid, or they could be solid. Spiritual life can be likened to gas, but the earth is solid.
We are talking about the basic building blocks of the creation, the realm of the spirit being in a gaseous form, and the realm that we live in being in a solid form. An ice cube turns to water when you melt it, and water turns to vapor when you heat it, because it is the still the same basic element, H2O. Water can be in the form of an ice cube, water, or steam.

We that dwell in this realm of appearance are in a solid form, and the earth that was created was the solid form. God took these basic building blocks, some of the spiritual elements were in the form of vapor, spirit, and some were solid. That is how God made the earth with different forms of spiritual elements.

First He made the heavens the vaporous part, and then He made the earth, the hard part -- from the same basic spiritual building blocks, but He formed each if them into something different. Just like you can make a door, a chair, or a house out of the same tree trunk, which, in this case, would be the basic building block. Hallelujah. Glory to God.

The word generations, in addition to meaning Ahistories, is from a root that means "to bear young, to begat, to act as a midwife, or bring forth children." God is saying here in verse 4 that, "These are the histories of the bringing forth of the children, of the reproduction of myself, which started with the creation of the heavens and the earth."

God's whole purpose in this creation is to bring forth children. He is reproducing Himself. Hallelujah, glory to God, Hallelujah.
"These are the generations of the heavens, and of the earth, when they were created in the day that the Lord God made the heavens and the earth." First, He created them, and then He made them, and He did it in a day.

Now the word day means "to be hot," and refers to the warm hours. It means a defined space in time. It does not mean "day" like we know the day. It says, "a defined space of time." It is a spiritual space of time that we really cannot even comprehend, so God calls it a day, meaning that it is not a moment. It is a defined period of spiritual time that we cannot even comprehend.

Webster's defines hot as "to be ardent, fiery, violent, raging, lustful, full of emotion, easily provoked."

I suggest to you that the day in which God created the heavens and the earth is the spiritual time period in which man, as he is being formed, is filled with emotion. Now, if we look at our children which are a type of what is happening to us spiritually, when they are born, they are filled with emotion. They scream and they cry, if they have a need. If they are hungry, if their diaper is wet, they just rage until they get red in the face. That is what an infant looks like when it screams. They just want their needs met.

Even though we are adults in this natural realm, spiritually we are still children. We are being raised up by God, and when we are grown up, we are going to be like Jesus Christ was when He walked on the face of the earth. We will be capable of meeting our own needs without crying out to God.

Obviously, we cannot meet our own spiritual needs at this time. We need God, we need help, which means that we are still spiritual children. I do not know whether this age is equivalent to a one‑year old, or a two‑year old, but we are young, spiritual children. We are at the age when God created, when He made the heavens and the earth. This is the time that the spiritual children were filled with lust, emotions, and passion. Hallelujah.

We know that there are human beings in the earth that are all different spiritual ages. People that have no knowledge of God are in the beginning. They are in the day that God made the heavens and earth. They are out there punching each other in the nose, fighting wars, torturing each other, and doing many terrible things that you see our children do on a very minor level.

I see children, sometimes, and I cannot believe how violent they are. They punch and attack each other, and, if there is not an adult nearby to stop them, they could really damage one another. We are damaging one another, brethren, we really are.

I am suggesting to you that the history of God's reproduction of Himself, through bearing children, was originally brought forth in a state of deep emotion and passion. Hallelujah, Glory to God.

The heavens, on the other hand, are the realm of the spirit for both God and for Satan, the spiritual element of moral man. Every man has a spiritual element within himself. If we do not have Jesus Christ, we still have a spiritual element within us, but it is Satanic. It is a spirituality that is in darkness, that is without God, and, if it is utilized, it is utilized by ungodly power. The earth is the hard part, it is the opposite of the spirit, which is gaseous or liquid.

Now, when God decided to reproduce and bring forth spiritual substance from Himself, where did He get the substance that He worked with? When we produce children in the natural realm, it comes from our body. We bring forth an ovarian egg in a woman. Take any woman sitting here, we all have ovarian eggs, that are part of our body. To get an ovarian egg out of me, you would have to cut me open, and if you do not know what you are doing, you could kill me. That egg is a part of my body, so you could hurt me, you could kill me, I could get an infection. We do not normally do things like that.
The substance that a child is originally conceived with in the natural man, is a part of our very own being. It is the same in the realm of the spirit, When God proceeded to reproduce, there was a part deep within Him that was part of His spirit that He separated from Himself.

What happens with a woman is that an egg separates from her ovary. It comes down the fallopian tube, so the first thing that happens is that a part of the woman separates from the whole woman, and is fertilized. The egg grows within the woman, and eventually it passes out of her.

The same thing happened with God. He reached down deep within Himself, separated a part of Himself, and passed it into a place that was still within the realm of the spirit of God, because there is no place outside of God, Hallelujah.

God created the world by cutting it out the basic raw material of Himself. There is nothing outside of God. He cut off a piece of Himself, separated it, and lowered it into a lower spiritual realm, just like when you cool steam , you lower it into a more solid form. It becomes water, and then ice. He formed the solid earth by cutting off a part of Himself and lowering it to a lower spiritual realm. Hallelu­jah. Glory to God.

God created the heavens and the earth by cutting a part of Himself away for the purpose of reproduction, and He used the raw material of His own spirit. He did not start with the earth because His basic building block was Spirit. First, He created the heavens, the spiritual realm that exists in man, then He took some of the spiritual elements and lowered them, and continued to lower them until the earth appeared. So, we have the spiritual element in man, and then the earth appears as God continues with His work.

God started with His basic building block, spirit, and then continued to work downward as He formed His creation. Hallelujah. He named the realm of existence on which this natural world would exist, and He called it "the world of time," which is the exact opposite of the eternal, indestructible, and unchangeable realm of the spirit of God.

How can you mold and change something in a realm that never changes? He took a part of Himself, and lowered it to a realm that was not eternal, where He could work with it, because God's purpose was to take a different form. He did not want to be God in spirit form alone anymore, so He took a part of Himself, lowered it from the realm of eternity where it could not be changed, until it comes to a changeable form, and then brings it back up to the heavenlies again.

If you are working with metal, or glass, if you take basic raw glass and you want to form a vase, what do you have to do? You have to melt the glass. You put it in a mold, you fix it up, that is a low state, melted glass, Who could use it? It is not functional, it is not good for anything. It is hot, if you touch it you burn yourself, but after you take it out of the mold polish it and fix it up, you can restore it to a realm where it can be beneficial to you.

This is what God is doing with the creation. He took the substance of Himself, separated it, lowered it into a low spiritual realm where it is worthless, and, as we will see later on, called it "rubbish." We are made from spiritual rubbish.

The natural man is made from spiritual rubbish, wherefore he is useless, broken down, and good for nothing but the garbage pail. The Lord is shaping and forming us by putting us in the fire. He is molding and polishing us, and raising us back up to the realm of the spirit where we will exist side‑by‑side with Him. We shall be one with Him and equal with Him, sharing in every gift of the spiritual realm -- but only when He brings us up. Not when the ungodly spirit brings us up, Hallelujah.

The creation is still being created, and we are suffering because it is not pleasant being burnt, and melted, and formed. This is the painful reality of our spiritual condition. Glory to God.

The realm that He lowered us into for the purpose of burning, melting, and forming, is called "time." God broke time into a series of periods, and called them days, generations or ages, so that He could process man in a different way in each age. The ultimate result of all this is that we shall return to the realm of God in a brand new form, with all provision, Hallelujah.
The ultimate purpose of God is that He should take another form, a form in which He could be seen, Hallelujah.

After God created the spiritual elements out of Himself, He proceeded to form them, mold them, or to conform them to what He thought they should be. God started out with a thought, an imagina­tion that the Bible calls the Cherubim, which means "imagination." He thought of us, He cut a piece out from Himself, and lowered it into the fire of a realm where it could be changed, Hallelujah, glory to God, who is conforming us to what He wants us to be.

We had a very deep message last Sunday about God conform­ing us to His thought of us. God thinks that we are Sons of God who abide in the heavenly realm of ultimate provision, and is modifying us, spirit, soul, and body, according to that the mind set. Hallelujah. Glory to God.

When God began to form or mold the elements, He started with the earth. I want to point this out to you in Verse 4. "These are the generations of the heavens and the earth [heavens first], when they were created, [when they were carved out of God], in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens. When God created the heavens and the earth, He made the heavens first. But, when He made the earth and the heavens, He made the earth first.

This means that when God began to create, the material that He used was His own substance, which is spirit, so the Scripture says that He began with the heavens, which are spiritual. Then He lowered the whole creation into the earth, where He began to make, form or mold it. He started to form the creation here in this low spiritual realm, so the Scripture says that He Amade the earth and the heavens, God reversed the process. Hallelujah, Glory to God, Glory to God.

God's intention is to form man on a low spiritual level, and then elevate him back up into the heavenlies where He will be a Son equal with God. The lowering of the creation into the earth was a part of the process by which God would bring forth children, the means by which He would manifest Himself in the realm of appearance. Hallelujah, Glory to God.

Man reproduces himself through his children, who are born weak and helpless and totally incapable of caring for themselves. They can just barely breathe, they are virtually worthless, except for the fact that we love our children. What are infants good for? They are absolutely worthless. We need to care for, teach, nourish and form them.

We talked about this last Sunday. We form their minds, we form their personalities, and we form their thoughts. Children grow up to be just like their parents, whether that be a positive or negative event. Children who grow up in a household with a lot of ungodly influences, usually, unless God intervenes, turn out the same way.

How many alcoholics and child abusers, when interviewed say, "I hated my father abusing me, I hated his drinking, and here I am doing the same thing." We are formed by our environment. Hallelu­jah. If we are called into Christ, we must be formed according to the image of our Father, and we will, ultimately, be just like Him.

We must lay hold of this vision if we are to go through these processings and retain a knowledge of who we really are. Hallelujah. Glory to God. When we are first called to Christ, we are as helpless as an infant, as a new born infant in the natural, glory to God, and the Lord has a lot of work to do with us.

Verse 4, "These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created in the day when the Lord God made the earth and the heavens."

Alternate Translation, "These are the histories of the realm of spirit and the realm of the earth, called time or ages, when they were carved out of God Himself, in the time period, or the age, called day, the time of heat, lust, and passion. God began to form man In the age of lust. He started with the earth first, and then continued to form the spiritual planes.

The spiritual lives of those who are in Christ are in the process of being formed and molded by God. On the other hand, there are people who move in spiritual power even though they are not in Christ. This is illegal, it is witchcraft, because this spiritual power is coming from their soul. God will deal with them in due season.

Verse 5, "And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew, for the Lord had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground."

I would like to call your attention to the fact that even though Verse 5 starts with the word "and," the Scripture is really saying that, "These are the generations of every plant of the field, these are the histories, this is the story of how every plant of the field came into being before it was in the earth, and this is how every herb of the field, came into being before it grew." Hallelujah.

Now, the Hebrew word translated plant means "a shoot uttered or put forth." It is from a Hebrew root that means "to ponder, to converse with oneself." It is a very spiritual word that is used only one other time in the Scripture. It means that God spoke, and an image of what God was talking about appeared.

We touched on this in the message last Sunday. When God wants to incarnate His Son, He thinks of him in the realm of appear­ance, and the Son of God is birthed into the visible world. This is what AGod said in His mind, means. God said, "let creation begin, and let life may appear in the earth," and a shoot came forth. This is the Logos, the original Word that brought forth and the creation, and it refers to the entire finished creation. God thought of man, and the very beginning of him appeared in the earth.

In God's mind, the creation is a completed, finished man, a glorified man, so it is just a matter of time until mankind conforms to God's thought. Hallelujah.

Ephesians 1:11 says, "In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to this purpose, of Him who worketh all things after the counsel of His own will." God imagined a creature that he called Man, and the Man appeared in the visible world.

We said that one of the translations of the Hebrew word translated plant, is "a shoot," and that Webster's definition of shoot is "sending out of new growth, or the growth itself that is sent out." It means a stem or a branch with all of its appendages which are not yet mature. It also could mean, "a falling of detached mass of earth."

God brought forth the spiritual plants of creation by speaking them into existence. He spoke a Creative Word and a part of Himself separated, became solid, fell down into the visible world as a fallen or a detached mass of spiritual earth, and the spiritual, visible world came into being. Eventually, the creation will be a totally glorified man. The creation was worthless in the beginning, just like our infants at birth are worthless, except that we love them. Newborns require continuous attention, which they vocally demand without hesitation, and are nothing but trouble and work but we love them.

The word branch means, "a well developed member," and we know that Jesus is the Branch. Zechariah 3:8 says, "Hear now, oh Joshua, the high priest, thou and thy fellows that set before thee, they are men wondered at, behold, I will bring forth My Servant the Branch." The Branch is the spiritually mature man that is the finished product of God's creation.

The spiritual substance that God created, which fell into the while it was still in its infantile stage, is still being formed into the men that will be wondered when the Branch appears in them.

This is what is happening to us right now. Zechariah 6:12 says, "Behold the man whose name is the Branch, and He shall grow up out of His place, and He shall build the temple of the Lord. Where is He growing up out of? He is growing up out of the earth that fell down from the spiritual realm. Hallelujah, and He is going to build a house for God which we are.

Hallelujah. Glory to God. "These are the histories of every plant of the field before it was in the earth."

The Hebrew word translated field comes from an unused root, and it means "to spread out, a field or a plane."

Webster's definition of field is "an open land area, free of woods and building." It has not been formed into anything yet. It is an area of cleared, enclosed land used for cultivation. We know that God is growing the life of His Son in the spiritual earth, which is our soul. This is uncultivated land, which is the basic building block for farming, but there is nothing growing in it yet. The farmer has not started to work with it yet. Field also means "a land containing a natural resource."

You cannot grow fruit or vegetables in earth that lacks minerals. You cannot grow anything in virgin soil. The natural resource of the spiritual land is the substance of God that it was carved out of.

The original creation had an immature measure of the whole substance of God, just like human infants have the same potential as their parents, but are functionally worthless so long as they are infants. Hallelujah. Field also means "a place where the battle is fought." You have to plow and fight with the land to produce fruit. It is quite a battle.

Field also means "a space on which something is drawn or projected, such as the surface of a coin or a seal that does not contain any design." The United States Treasury puts blank, metal coins through machines that impress a design on them. In like manner, man is the blank coin that God is engraving. God's purpose, or one of His purposes, is to impress the spiritual earth with the nature and the character of God.

Job 38:12‑15 describes God's intention to impress the soul of man with the nature and character of God. "Hast thou commanded [this is God challenging Job, saying, who do you think you are] have you been able to command the morning since thy days, and cause the dayspring to know his place, that it might take hold of the ends of the earth, [that the dayspring might take hold of the ends of the earth], that the wicked might be shaken out of it, [shaken out of the earth]. It is turned as clay to the seal, and they stand as a garment."

Here is another Alternate Translation on that. This is God speaking to Job,

Alternate Translation, Job 38:12‑15, "Hast thou commanded the morning, the early part of the day known as lust and passion, since thy days, and caused the dayspring, the Christ waiting within to emerge forth, to know when and where, and how to manifest? That the dayspring might take hold of the ends of the natural man [which we, mankind, are], that the wicked might be shaken out of us."

"That the wicked might be"...do you know how to do that? God challenges Job. Do you know how to get the wicked shaken out of the spiritual earth of mankind? God is saying that the earth, mankind, is turned, or impressed as easily as clay is impressed under a seal, which is likened to the hard part of God.

The dayspring life of Christ is now wrapped in the flesh of the Sons of God. Christ within us is wrapped in our flesh, the conscious spiritual earth, which is the whole Satanic realm that opposes Him. Christ will overcome the powers and principalities in the flesh that encompasses Him like a garment, and stand up in spiritual power.

The earth is turned, our soul is turned like clay. When the light of Christ comes in contact with the life of our soul, it is like a Cadillac hitting a Volkswagen -- something has to give, and it is not going to be the Cadillac. God will not be dented, or changed in any way. Our soul will be changed into the nature and character of the Living God. It will no longer have the nature and character of the soul life in its fallen state. Hallelujah, glory to God, Hallelujah.

This is what is happening to us. The field is the land that God created, but He has not done anything with it yet. Mankind is an empty field. There is nothing in it yet. There is nothing growing, nothing plowed, nothing turned over.
Verse 5,"And every plant of the field before it was in the earth."

The Hebrew word every means "the whole, or each one of the whole." The word that means "complete," suggests limitation. God knows how many plants will be in the field. He knows how many members He is going to have. He knows exactly what creation in its finished form will look like, and He created them all before they were in the earth.

How did God do this? He thought of them, and God's thoughts all come into existence. So, God thought of them, and they were created in the spiritual plane, but He had not yet planted them in the earth, the basic building block of mankind's form.

The Hebrew word translated herb is from an unused root meaning "to glisten or to be green." This word is also translated "grass," and indicates life. Webster's definition of herb is "a seed producing annual." [Father I pray that they hear this.] Herb, or grass, is a seed producing annual that does not develop persistent woody tissue, but dies down at the end of a growing season.

This is a parable, which means that when the Scripture talks about plants in the field, God is speaking about the creation, and likening mankind to grass. There are Scriptures in the Psalms which liken man to grass. Webster says that grass is a seed producing annual that does not produce wood, it does not produce a permanent shell, and that it dies at the end of a growing season and then regenerates. It comes back, born again, every year. That part of the grass which you see on the earth dies, but the seed that is rooted under the earth regenerates on a regular, cyclical basis. Hallelujah, glory to God.
Every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew, these are generations of it. The Hebrew word translated grew means "to sprout, to bear, to bring forth fruit." The primary idea appears to be "shining forth." God imagines a plant, and it appears in the earth shining with the life of God.

Isaiah 42:9 says, "Behold the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare, before they spring forth I tell you of them." God's thoughts are real in the realm of the Spirit, before they spring forth in the earth. God thought them, so they are real.

First half of Verse 5, "And every plant of the field, [these are the histories and the generations of every plant, this is how they came into being] before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew."

Alternate Translation, "These are also the generations of the whole of the one declared by God to exist, before they were even in the earth, and of every living, spiritual growth shining as the life of God that appears on the earth [or in the realm of appearance], dies, and then reappears on a regular schedule."

I am going to read this again, bless us Lord. "These are histories, or this is the story of how the whole of the one that was spoken forth or declared by God before they ever appeared in the earth, came into being, and of every living, spiritual growth shining as the life of God, which appears on the earth [in the realm of appearance], dies, and then reappears on a regular, cyclical schedule."

Pray about it. If you do not know what is being suggested, just let it go into your spirit. I will not go into it any deeper, Hallelujah.

The second half of Verse 5, "For the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to til the ground." The Hebrew word translated "cause" means "to give, or to cause to receive," and the word translated "rain" means "to pour down rain."

Isaiah 5:6 says, "And I will command the clouds, that they rain no rain upon it."

This word translated rain, is used of God. Joel 2:28 says, "And in that day, I will pour out of my Spirit, upon all flesh." The rain is the life of God that will pour down upon the creation to become one with it, to bring forth the ultimate creation.

Verse 5 continues, "But the Lord God had not yet caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground." If the creation first appeared in an infantile stage, and it was not time yet for the rain to be poured out, how will the maturation of the creation be accomplished? How is God going to work with the earth, to bring forth His life?

The Hebrew translated man means "ruddy." It is from a word that means "to show blood in the face, to flush or turn rosy, to be red. This is the Hebrew word that is translated "Adam," Webster's definition of ruddy means "to be dyed red." Strong's #120, translated "man," means "to be dyed red," and Webster's definition of dyed means "to impart a new color, by impregnating with a dye or a color."

God is injecting something into the earth that is changing its color. Webster says that color is a phenomenon of light which enables one to differentiate otherwise identical objects. The Scripture is saying here that God infused light into the earth, and thereafter the man had blood in his face. He had a ruddy look, and was now separate from the rest of the earthen building blocks that formed the trees and the ground.

Man is different from the animals and the rest of creation, because God infused light into him, which resulted in him receiving color. Hallelujah.

Man is made from the same basic building blocks that the rest of the creation is made from, but we are different.
The word color in Webster's has several definitions, one of which associates it with the word "conceal."

If you color something, you conceal it, right? You hide it. Concealment is an act of hiding. Conceal means "to prevent exposure, or recognition, or to place out of sight."

We know that God buried the seed of His Son's life deep in the heart of the earth. We have had previous messages on this. The Sons of God are sown and hidden in the earth together with the seed of man. You cannot recognize a Son of God, even if they are called forth, if you do not have discernment. God has hidden His sons in the earth.

Right under the word conceal in Webster's is the word hell. Webster says, ... akin to the word conceal is the hell, and it means "another world in which the dead continue to exist." We are the sons of God, the seed of Christ, in the flesh. We are hidden in this earth, covered over. No one can recognize us, or recognize that hell is right here. We are in hell right now. We will continue to be hidden and concealed until God brings us forth and delivers us from hell.

We do not experience hell after death. The sons that the Lord sent forth died when they were buried in the earth. They died when they were born as a man, and will be in hell until God brings them out by the resurrected life of His Son, Hallelujah, Glory to God.

There was no man to til the ground. The Hebrew word translated til means "to work, to labor, or to serve."

Hebrews 3:5 says, "And Moses verily was faithful in all his house as a servant, for a testimony of those things which were to be spoken after, but Christ as a Son over His own house, whose house we are, if we hold fast ... unto the end."

We know that God places His Son in the natural man, but what is He doing in there?

In prior meetings we discussed the contrast of the realm of the Spirit to the natural realm. In the natural realm, everything is outside of us. Our life, our family, our job, our home is outside of this vessel that we are, but as we mentioned earlier in this message, the life of the Spirit exists in our mind. God places His servants in the earth, to rule from within the earth. God placed his servant Adam in the earth of mankind, to do what? We are going to find out.

The Hebrew word translated ground means "soil," from its redness, and is from another word that means "Adam." We know that when God says a man to till the ground, He means a spiritual Son that is inside the earth of mankind to do some kind of work for God. Hallelujah.

Ground is the material from which man is made.

Isaiah 64:8 says, "But now oh Lord, thou art our Father, we are the clay, and thou our potter, and we all are the work of thy hand."

I suggest to you that God is not forming mankind from without. He is forming us from within. The spiritual realm is within. The seed of the Christ Life is within us, forming the clay of which we are made from within. This is the work that God gave to Adam. Hallelujah.

Second half of Verse 5. "For the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to til the ground." Alternate Translation, "For the Lord God had not yet poured Himself out from heaven upon His created elements in the beginning age [or generation] called heat or lust. They were not ready to receive the outpouring of His Spirit."

Let me start that from the beginning again. "For the Lord God had not yet poured Himself out from heaven upon His created elements, in the beginning age [or generation], called heat or lust, in which age the life of the sons of God were concealed. No man had appeared or sprung forth in the earth to serve God by molding man from within. Hallelujah. The life of Christ, the seed of the Son of God, had not yet appeared in the earth. Hallelujah, glory to God. Hallelujah.

"For the Lord God had not yet caused it to rain upon the, earth, and there was no man to work the ground. Neither did the Spirit of God pour out upon man, the earthen building blocks of the creation, neither was the seed of Christ within man to mold the clay." Now, you need water to make clay. Man was made from clay, which requires water, but there was no rain on the earth. You cannot even start to form a man, until you have clay. First you have to have clay.

Verse 6, "But there [God had not poured Himself out yet, and there was no man in the earth to work the clay, but, nevertheless] went up a mist from the face of the earth and watered the whole face of the ground."

Even though God had not yet poured Himself out His fullness upon the creation, there was still moisture in the earth. And where did this moisture come from? God called it a mist. The Hebrew word translated mist means "vapor," in the sense of enveloping, wrapping around. Webster says that mist is water in the from of particles floating or falling in the atmosphere, at or near the surface of the earth, and approaching the form of rain. It also means vapor, a substance in the gaseous state, as opposed to liquid or solid. Well, where did this water vapor come from? It means the Life of Christ.

The Hebrew word went up merely means "to ascend," the earth is the same word "to be firm," and water means "to moisten or irrigate." The face as in the face of the earth, is from a Hebrew word that means "to appear, to turn oneself in order to go anywhere, to be turned towards the realm of appearance." The face is the surface of a thing. The word ground is the soil that we just talked about.

Verse 6, "But there went up a mist from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground."

Alternate Translation, "But there ascended from deep within the earth a gaseous form of the Spirit of God, because the basic building blocks of the earth are created out of the very substance of God Himself, and it moistened [or made clay out of] the surface of the soil from which man was to be made." Hallelujah, glory to God.

Verse 7, The King James says, "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground."

The word of is in italics, which means that the translators added it in. The Lord is really saying "is."

"And the Lord God formed man, who is the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul."

Well, what happened here? We know that God did not form an android like we see in science fiction, Hallelujah, and breath into his physical nostrils. I do not think that is what happened, brethren. Glory to God, let us find out what happened.

The Hebrew word translated formed means "to mold into a form through squeezing into shape," and it is used especially of a potter. Its meaning is to fashion or form, and it is from a root that means to "press hard enough to put the person in distress, to press into a very narrow way. Formed can also mean "to be vexed."

We know that Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, vexes us. We also know that Satan is the servant of the Lord. We are told here that we are being vexed into the shape that will manifest the life of Christ, and I suggest to you that Satan serves God in this process, Hallelujah.

Our spiritual substance, not our physical body, is being formed into the image of Christ.

Satan is the servant of God, so when we are off in the wrong direction, he vexes us. As soon as we line up with the proper form, Satan stops vexing us. Hallelujah, glory to God.

Man is formed out of the dust. The Hebrew word translated dust means "dust, as powdered or grey, rubbish, or dry." Now, that is very interesting, because we were just told that God infused the life of the Spirit into the earth, and the man that man was formed out of the dust of the earth which had no color, received color.

What does this mean? Hallelujah. The word breathed means "to disperse or to cast away." I suggest to you that God cast Christ away from Himself when He sent Him into the earth as a seed. When a woman produces a child, that child is cast away from her body. At one point, the child is one with her body, and then it is cast away. When God sows the seed of His life in the earth, He casts a part of Him away from Himself.

The Hebrew word translated nostrils, simply means "a breathing place, the member with which one breaths." I am not a scientist, but it is my understanding that the whole skin, not just our nostrils, breathes. I do not believe that God leaned over an android and breathed into his nose, as we understand the word nose. That is not what happened.

Second half, Verse 7, "And the Lord God formed man who is the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul."

Alternate Translation, "And this is how the Lord God squeezed and vexed the basic elements of the creation into the mold of man, who is the dust of the ground, and the Lord God cast His Son away from Him, even Christ, the one who gives life, into the member [or vehicle] with which one breathes."

Christ was made into a man. We touched on this in a prior meeting where I suggested to you that the first man, Adam, was the Lord God Himself. The Living God cut away a part of His own substance, His Son, and injected him into the earth, and that was the creation of the man. This is how God breathed into the nostrils of man.

There is only one source of Life. Jesus Christ is the Life. There is no Life outside of Jesus Christ. Christ Jesus is the only mediator between the earth and the Father. We are told that the Lord Jesus Christ was rich, and He became poor. He gave up His life in the bosom of the Father, where He had all provision, and submitted to His Father, who lowered Him into the earth to give the earth Life. Christ became one with the earth, and is, indeed, being formed and molded.

He utterly humbled himself before His Father, and became a natural man that the Spirit of God is forming and molding. When the Scripture says that He was touched with our infirmities, brethren, it does not mean that He just thought about them. He is us, and we are Him. He is the beginning, and He is the end. He is the alpha, and He is the omega. He is the first, and He is the last. Yes, He was humbled to the level of sin‑filled man. Pray about it, glory to God. Hallelujah.

Verse 8, "And the Lord God planted a Garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man whom He formed."

The Hebrew word translated planted means "to set upright so that it is fixed in the ground," and the word Garden is "a place protected with a fence."

Now, the word put is not the simple word "put." It is the Hebrew word, Strong's #7760, and it means "to constitute or appoint a king or a prince, to place his name, to attribute something to anyone, to put or oppose a name upon anyone." Using this word "put,"

I Samuel 22:15, says, "Did I then begin to inquire of God for him, be it far from me, let not the king impute anything unto his servant, nor to all the house of my father, for thy servant knew nothing of all this, less or more."

The word impute is the same Hebrew word "put," and I am suggesting to you that it was at this point that God gave His imputed anointing to the creation.

What do we have here? We have the Lord God Almighty cutting a piece of Himself away, and lowering His Son into the earth, so that the earth could have Life. The Son of God gave up all spiritual provision, riches, authority, and privilege, to become a natural man who will be molded into the image of, and made one with the Father.

We know that Jesus prayed, "Father, restore the glory I had when I was with you." Hallelujah, glory to God.

Then after God formed the clay into a man and injected the life of His Son into it, which is expressed by the words, "breathed life into his nostrils," He made them one. His Son had been lowered into the realm of natural man and was subject to everything that we are subject to. He was defenseless in the flesh. The mature God that was still in the realm of the Spirit, imputed His anointing to the man.

We have had many teachings on the imputed and the imparted anointing. The imputed anointing is the loaned anointing of God, which is given without repentance to those of us that receive it. Hallelujah.

Verse 8, King James, "And the Lord God planted a Garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man who He had formed." Alternate Translation, "And the Lord God set the enclosed place [which is us] into which He had cast His Son to give His creation [called man] life, and He set him upright in the eternal realm of God, and called the place where the earth [or the man] was rooted in the spiritual realm of God, Eden."

This is the imputed righteousness of God. The Lord God set the enclosed place where He had cast His Son, and that place is our mind. Then He imparted His Son to us so that the clay could have Life. There is no Life outside of Christ.

God set the creation that He called man, upright in the eternal realm of God. We have had teachings on this. If you are spiritually weak, God describes you as lying down in a bed. When you have spiritual power, you are standing upright.

God's Son was put in the earth lying down, having lost all of his privilege in the spiritual realm. The man was weak, but God set him upright and permitted him to dwell in the eternal spiritual realm by imputing His spirit to him. God called the place where He put the man Eden, which means, Aa ball of earth existing unopposed within the spiritual realm of God. Can you see this? No opposition.

God permitted the lowered life form to exist in the spiritual realm of God, and He gave the place a name, Eden. All provision was supplied to the natural realm that had access to the spiritual realm of God through Eden: The man that was rooted in Eden of the spiritual realm of God received provision, and full spiritual strength and maturity This is imputed righteousness.

God connects with us through our spirit which is in our mind, and we receive access to all provision. But the creation had not yet sinned. There was no problem, Hallelujah.

Job 10:11, "Thou hast clothed me with skin and flesh, and has fenced me with bones and sinews."

The Hebrew word translated fence means "to shut in for the purpose of formation, protection, or defense." It means to "hedge in or to be interwoven."

I am suggesting to you that the Son of God himself became hedged in and interwoven with the flesh of man, God's creation, and then received God's imputed spiritual power.

But the creation was unproven. It had not yet been tested. God imputed spiritual power to the man to not be overtaken and destroyed, by keeping the lower realms under his feet. Glory to God, Hallelujah.

We are skipping down to Verse 15 now. This is the last verse. Verses 9‑14 deal with the formation of the soul realm of man and, Lord willing, I am going to touch on that Wednesday night. We are going to finish up with

Verse 15, "And the Lord God took the man and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and keep it."

The Lord God put the man into the earth realm that existed in the midst of the realm of God, and told him to dress and keep the Garden. Now back up here in Verse 8 it says, "And the Lord God planted a Garden, and there He put the man." Well, why did God put the man in the Garden twice?

Verse 15, and the Lord God took the man, [who was already in the Garden - Verse 8), and put him in the Garden. Well what does that mean? The Hebrew word translated took means "to take posses­sion of, to occupy as a city."

The Hebrew word put in Verse 15, is a totally different word than the word translated "put" in Verse 8. It is Strong's #3240. The Hebrew word translated put in Verse 8 is #7760, and the Hebrew word translated put in Verse 15 is #3240, and it means "to deposit." It is from a root that is number... now this did not appear in Strong's. If anyone wants to study this out, you should know that I found this information in Gesenius Lexicon.

Strong's #3240 is from a root, #5117, which means "to set oneself down, and to take rest, or be at rest from labor." This is really strange. Verse 15 says, "And the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden to dress it and to keep it," but we have words that mean "to rest from labor." What in the world is God talking about?

Isaiah 28:12 says, "This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest, and this is the refreshing, and yet they would not hear."

Now, this is the promise of the New Covenant, the rest of God, where we will cease from our own works and receive the provision of the Lord. The Hebrew word translated refreshing means, "nonviolent rest." We mentioned in a recent meeting that the nature of the living soul that died is unevenness. It is violent, it is emotion, it is up and it is down, it is sad and happy, it is upset and it is calm. The nature of God is evenness. Violent emotion is not of God.

We discussed this in an earlier message. No matter what comes against us, violence, danger, we are ultimately to have the power in the Spirit of God to look at it, [even if they are charging at us with guns], to stand still, and deal with it by observing, evaluating, and responding by the power of God within us. If the attack is violent, calm it down. If it is passive, raise it up.

The valleys will be filled, and the mountains will come low. We are to be even. If someone comes charging at us, we are not to charge back. We are to calm them down. If someone is afraid of us, we are to strengthen them so that they can relate to us. Whatever the problem is, if it is low or if it is high, we are to bring them up to an even keel with us by the power of God, who is even. God is peace, He is level. This is the rest that we are promised, no worry, no worry whatsoever. Everything will be met in the Spirit of God.

The Hebrew word translated dress means [this is the same word that we used before] "to til the Garden." It means "to work, to labor, to serve God, to enslave." It can also mean "to form the creation from within." We spoke about this earlier, that the job of the man in the earth is to form the creation from within.

The Hebrew word translated keep means "to guard, to keep safe, to preserve."We are to honor and worship God by ruling over the lust and the passions of the earth. I want to do that again. The word translated keep means "to keep safe or to preserve," and the preserva­tive is the righteousness of God.

We are to honor and worship God by ruling the lusts and passions of the earth. We have had some teaching on worshiping God. It is very nice to raise your hands and worship Him in song, but the true worship of God that we will ultimately come into, is to lay down your soul life and let God move through you.

It also means "to fasten with nails, to keep fastened." The implication is that God wanted the Garden to remain fastened to the spiritual realm of God.

God said, "This ball of earth can exist in the realm of the supernatural where it has all provision," but there would always be a potential for sin, as long as the creation remained unproven. In the event that sin sprang forth, God would cast out the inhabitants of the garden, because the righteousness that made them eligible to remain in the garden was only loaned to them. This is God's imputed anointing.

God's ultimate purpose is to permanently nail the creation to the spiritual realm of God. The only way to do this is to make it impossible for sin to manifest.

The word keep or "guard" means "to keep fastened."

Hebrews 6:19 says, "Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul [talking about Jesus], both sure and steadfast, and which enters into that within the veil."

I never could understand how Jesus could be an anchor. What is He anchoring us to? Jesus is anchoring us to the spiritual realm of God, where we are safe, Hallelujah.

It says here, "He is an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, which entereth into that within the veil." Behind the veil represents the Most Holy Place, the spiritual realm of God. When Jesus work is completed in us, we will be nailed to the spiritual realm of God, immovable, absolutely immovable, glory to God.

Ezekiel 13:20 is the Lord God talking about witchcraft, "Wherefore thus saith the Lord God, behold, I am against your pillows wherewith, ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them fly."

Fly from where? Fly from the spiritual realm of God.

The practice of witchcraft is the exercise of ungodly spiritual power, separates our soul from the spiritual realm of God. Provision for everything we need is found in the spiritual realm of God, but witchcraft results in the loss of God's provision. Hallelujah, glory to God. Witchcraft is disobedience to God, and it causes the soul to fly away or separate from the place of safety, the spiritual realm of God. (End of Tape 1)

Tape 2
Matthew 5:13 says, "Ye are the salt of the earth, but if the salt have lost its savor, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out and to be trodden underfoot of men."

This is Jesus speaking to the spiritual man. Your spiritual man is the salt of the earth of your soul. Your spiritual man is preserving the life of your soul, but if the salt has lost its savor, if you are not manifesting Christ, wherewith shall it be salted? If you are not living the life of Christ, how can you preserve your soul? Hallelujah. It is thenceforth good for nothing.

"I cast out demons, I prophesied, I healed the sick, how could you cast me out Lord?" You are good for nothing. You have not preserved your soul, you have worked witchcraft, you have mani­fested ungodly spiritual power, and despite the fact that you cast out demons and heal the sick, your ungodly spiritual power has caused your soul to separate from the spiritual realm of God. You are worthless and good for nothing but to be cast out and trodden under the feet of men. What that means is that the fallen Adam in your mind, the devil in your mind, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, will come out from underfoot, rise up into a position of power, and over your will.

It does not matter what you are doing or what your works are. It does not matter if you are casting out demons, healing the sick, praying in tongues, or going to the prison. Christ must rule in your mind, in your life, and in your behavior, and, if you fail, you have to cry out and repent, and ask God for deliverance.

The Christ in you must tested or He will be trodden underfoot by your Carnal Mind, in which event there is nothing left for you but corrective judgment. It does not matter how many demons you cast out.

In Verse 8 God planted a Garden, established it in the realm of the Spirit, and conditionally imputed His anointing to an unproven creation. Man could stay in the place of all provision, providing he did not sin. God knew that Adam was capable of sin. Further down the line God says,

"And the Lord God" [later on, after what we just described], the Lord God took the man [who was already in the Garden] and put him in the Garden to dress and keep it. Here is the explanation: First, God imputed His righteousness to the man saying, "You can stay here as long as you do not sin." After that, the Lord God married, or possessed Adam. He entered into him. Adam's anointing was no longer from without. It was no longer loaned. God married and joined with Adam. He possessed him. God joined himself to the Living Soul, and gave him rest from his spiritual labor of keeping the natural man, his other side, underfoot.

Adam's labor in the Garden was to keep the natural man underfoot, because his anointing was imputed. The imputed anointing can be lost. We just read about it. If your salt is not preserving your spiritual earth, you are worthless.

God married Adam and joined with him to give him rest from his labor of keeping the natural man underfoot. The creation, the man, the natural man was enslaved by the Spirit of God. The creation, the man, was also formed by the indwelling Christ, Hallelujah, who guarded it, and preserved it, and fastened it securely to the spiritual realm of God where it was safe from the lusts of the natural man. Without the preservative nature of God, the creation would sin and fall under the penalty of death.

We are all waiting for the imparted anointing which equips us to cease from our labor, or our battle, with fallen Adam. Hallelujah. When God fully joins Himself to us, He fights our battle. The blessed hope is Christ in you, the hope of glory.


Thus saith the living God unto my Church, I would liken this assembly to a root out of dry ground, for indeed havoc is being wrecked upon those who say they are of my Spirit. Indeed the judgments are falling on the Christian world this day, saith God. They are running, they are beginning to say, "Where is God, where is God in all this," but I have a people, and I am with my people. I am bringing them in from the north and from the south and from the east and from the west, saith God, for I am calling my trump, for indeed, saith God, I am preparing my first fruits company, and people shall come unto them and chain themselves to their feet, saith God.

I am calling you. If you can hear my voice, if you hear the prompting of my Spirit, listen and learn. Look not to the right, look not to the left, saith the living God, but listen, go where I send you, and listen carefully saith God, for I am preparing you. I am preparing you for a great and for a mighty day that will come spiritually in individuals, one after another, each man in his own order, saith God, but it shall indeed come. Fear not, neither get weary saith God, for, indeed, have I sent my Spirit unto you, and in my Spirit is all provision, it is all deliverance. There is no weapon formed against you that shall prosper, saith God, there is no witchcraft curse flung against you that can kill you or destroy you, saith God, for I indeed have purposed to do this thing.

Great shall be the persecution against you, saith God. This is for all of you that have been sent to this ministry, saith God, this is for each and every one of you. You are getting the witness in your heart, saith the living God. Listen unto me, for the persecution indeed shall be great. Indeed it shall be great upon the head, and greatest upon the head, but I shall keep thee, and I shall strengthen thee saith the living God, and there is a blessing in that persecution, because as they curse you, I shall bless you. I shall bless you, and I shall elevate you, saith God. They cannot curse what I have blessed, saith God. My Christ is coming forth in you, and He cannot be cursed, but your fallen nature can be cursed, yet in that curse is a blessing. I shall burn, I shall kill, I shall destroy your fallen nature, and I shall raise you up, you shall be swallowed up into My Christ, in My manchild saith God.

For indeed this is the way I purposed to do it, saith God. I shall be victorious, it is written, it is done, it is completed. Look not left, look not right, but look at me. I shall do it. I shall do it, and I shall increase your numbers as the sands of the sea, saith God. Look not for this increasing in a natural awareness, but look to me, and look at my Spirit, I shall increase your victories day‑by‑day, saith God. You shall be stronger in your mind, you shall be stronger in you bodies, and my Christ shall be stronger in you, saith God. Fear not, I will say unto you again, fear not. Fear not for I am with thee, I am with thee, and I am with all, all of you, all of you, saith God. I stress unto you that there are many called to this, and they are coming in. For you shall see them flood in, saith God. You shall see them flood in, saith God.


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