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God corrected something that was taught in Part 1, and gave me a deeper understanding in some other areas, so we are going to take another look at some of the Scriptures that we studied last week.

We will start in Genesis 2:5, review what we talked about Sunday, and then go right on through Verse 15, Hallelujah.

Genesis 2, Verse 5, "And these are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens, and every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew, for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to til the ground, but there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground, and the Lord God formed of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul."

I am going to recap something that I taught last Sunday, and to try to make it clearer: The basic building blocks of creation are spirit and earth. The Scripture talks about earth, ground, and the dust of the earth.

The earth was dry, and had no Life in it, whatsoever, so God called the earth rubbish. Ground, on the other hand, is earth filled with the Life of God. The Hebrew word translated ground means red. It is derived from the Hebrew word translated Adam, which means ruddy, or red in the face. As always, God gave us a natural example. A healthy person has color, or blood in their face, which is a sign that they are healthy and filled with life.

It is a mystery how God breathed life into the creation. He took the hard part of the creation, which is rubbish, infused it with the Life of God, and it became ground, or fertile soil, which could bring forth plant life. The dust is the grey pulverized particles that lay on the top of the earth.

Last Sunday we talked about the earth being red, that the color red conceals, that hell is a concealed place where the dead continue to exist, and that the Carnal Mind is death. Every human being on the face of the earth that does not have Christ is a dead person who still exists. They are in hell, and that hell is in their Carnal Mind, which forms the world they live in (as a man thinks, so he is). When we receive Christ, the personification of heaven, He comes to us as a new mind. Hell and heaven are in our mind. Does everyone understand that? People who do not have Christ are spiritually dead, and, therefore, are in hell, the environment formed by their dead mind.

The Bible tells us that the Carnal Mind is death, and yet carnally-minded people continue to exist without Christ. Hell is not another place, or another planet where the fires burn eternally. It is existence in the flesh, without God. Most of us here have come from pretty heavy backgrounds, so we know that this life can be pretty terrible witchcraft, alcoholism, drug addiction, whatever. The people that God called to this ministry have really been through it in their lifetime. We know that hell is to exist in the flesh without God. Hallelujah.

The dust of the ground is grey. The ground is earth with Life infused into it, which gives it color. Ground is red, but the dust is grey. This is a great mystery.

I will explain one more thing before we look at the new material. The apostle Paul, when explaining how a spiritual truth becomes a reality, frequently states the accomplished fact first, and then works backwards. For example, Paul would say, "The promise is that we shall be as God, and we shall receive the imparted anointing, and we shall receive the imputed anointing, and we shall receive faith." Hallelujah.

Paul reversed the order in which we receive the promises. To get to be as God, you start with faith, then you receive the imputed anointing, after that, the imparted anointing, and then you become as God.

This 'reverse' literary style is very common in the Scriptures. I do not know whether the Holy Ghost is the author of it, or whether the King James translators switched the verses around because it was the only way they could make any sense out of these Scriptures.

I study in the Greek Lexicons, but I do not read Greek. I know from other Godly teachers that go into the Greek manuscripts, however, that there are other Scriptures that have been reversed. Verse 11, for example, should have been Verse 4.

I suggest to you that Verses 5 through 7 are reversed. The accomplished fact is stated first, and the Lord goes backwards from there.

Remember, the Hebrew word translated "plant" does not describe what we, today, would know to be a plant. It is a word likened to the Greek word "Logos." God spoke it in the high realm of the Spirit, and a shoot appeared in the earth. The Hebrew word translated 'plant,' refers to the original Word of God that brought forth the shoot. This shoot is Christ, who, in His maturity, is called the Branch. God did not speak a mature Son into existence. Many believers stumble over this for years, believing that they are already in the image of Christ, and that they possess all of the promises now.

The picture that the Scripture paints is still in the process of appearing in the natural realm. God said, "There shall be a man in the earth." In God's mind, that means the complete Christ, not only Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but the complete many-membered Christ that is coming forth today. God spoke it, and the very beginning, a shoot, appeared in the spiritual earth, which is taking thousands of years to fully manifest in the natural realm.

We need to be spiritual to understand a teaching like this, which is very hard to comprehend if God does not give you the revelation. Anyone who is struggling to understand should ask God for wisdom. We will pray for you, If you like, but I exhort you to resist getting upset if you do not understand the subject matter.

The Hebrew word translated 'plant,' is in the plural. Verse 5 says, "Every plant of the field," implying the plural, but it can also be translated, "the whole plant." We know that Christ is a many‑membered body of which Christ Jesus is the head, and that God has given Him offspring. We are the offspring of Christ Jesus. This declared one, He is the totality of the Christ and the children, which we are, that God has given Him.

God brought Him forth with one thought, because, when the creation is finished, we shall, indeed, be one spiritual man, Hallelujah, the Body of Christ, glory to God. God is bringing forth a man in the earth, one man, a many‑membered man. The word "plant" is translated "every plant," but it is really referring to Christ Jesus, Hallelujah, and means the whole plant. Glory to God.

We have already spoken about earth, ground, and dust. "Field" is another word that we looked at in some depth on Sunday. It means an "enclosed place." God created the earth. It was without form, but it was still earth. Then God took a portion of the earth and put a fence around it. We will say 'fence' to help us to understand the spiritual concept that the word signifies.

At this point, the creation is still in the very high realm of the Spirit. We are talking about the creation of mind, not about man as we now know him today. The living soul that was created in the book of Genesis at this point, is the mind of man. God created mind before He created the body. He took the earth, and cleared and scored it. Then He put a fence around it, and prepared it to receive the life of His Son. That is what the word that "field" means. A place that has not received the Life of Christ yet, but neither is it still raw material. 'Field' is half way between earth and ground. It is cleared and prepared earth that has not produced anything yet. Hallelujah.

The Hebrew word translated "grew" means "to shine forth." We know that the Scripture is talking about spiritual life. Plant life puts forth a green shoot like grass, but when spiritual life grows, it shines forth. 'Shine,' refers to more than the rays that we see emanating from the sun on a nice day. We are talking about rays that represent spiritual life. A Scriptural example is the shadow that shined out of Peter, which had the power to heal anyone that crossed its path.

Jesus knew that the woman who touched him had recognized the spiritual life of God shining forth from him, but His disciples said, "What do you mean somebody touched you, everybody is touching you." Nevertheless, Jesus said, 'who touched me?' Glory to God, in whom is all provision. God is very anxious for us to mature, so that he can relate to us on a deeper spiritual level. Hallelujah. Glory to God.

Alternate Translation, the first part of Verse 4. "This is the story of the declared one of God, the Christ, who was destined to project into the enclosed place, before He ever appeared in the earth. [This is also the story] of the sons [offspring] of God, who would project I into the enclosed place after Him, before they ever sprang forth [in the earth]." Hallelujah, glory to God.

God intended Christ and His spiritual sons to be wrapped in flesh when He declared them into existence, so He created an empty field to be a spiritual garment for them. God is still bringing forth spiritual life coated with spiritual earth today. Glory to God.

The second half of Verse 5 says, "for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to til the ground."

I looked up the word "for" in Strong's, and it does not mean "for" at all. The King James translators most likely could not fit the true meaning of the Hebrew word translated for,' into this verse, so they translated it "for," but it really means "at the place which." This is the story of the declared one of God and His sons... Remember, all of this is happening in the earth that had not yet been rained upon, and where the man destined to til the ground had not yet appeared. God is forming His creation in the prepared place that has not yet "brought forth." Hallelujah.

The word "til," as we explained this past Sunday, can also be translated (and I believe it is the correct definition in this case), "to reduce to servitude." Take farming as a natural example. If you cultivate wild ground, plow it, turn it over, pull out the weeds, and plant seeds, you have subdued the ground. You have brought it into servitude, and when the seeds come forth and produce fruit, you can say that you have laid hold of that ground and appropriated it for your own use. You have caused it to become beneficial to you.

You have truly enslaved the ground, you have brought it into servitude, and it is serving you. It is bringing forth fruit. Even though you are laboring, and farming is very hard work, you have appropriated the ground, and you are using it for your own benefit You have brought it into servitude. Now, that was a natural example. I am suggesting to you that the Lord God is intending to bring the ground into servitude to Himself. Hallelujah, the creation is a spiritual plant.

I have a reference for you, Ezekiel 29:18, "Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, caused his army to serve a great service against Tyrus...." The Hebrew word translated "serve," is the same word translated "til." We are talking about bringing something, or someone, into servitude.

Jeremiah 17:4 says, "And I will cause thee to serve thy enemies in the land which thou knowest not." That is the same Hebrew word translated "til." I am suggesting to you that it is the intention of the Lord God to give the Life of His Son to the earth, and to cause that earth to serve Him.

When God gives the Life of His Son to the earth, He calls the earth Adam, the natural man. It is the intention of the Living God for the natural man to serve the spirit man. God brought forth the earth man thousands of years before the spiritual man would enter the heart of the natural man and rule over him.

The natural man says, "Who are you, who do you think you are, and we will not have this man to rule over us." "He came to His own, and they knew him not," Because they were unaware of the purpose for which they had been created. Hallelujah.

The natural man does not understand the greatness of the spiritual realm of God. He does not understand, because of the ignorance and darkness of his mind, that even a position of servitude to Christ is preferable to independence in the realm of the flesh. He lacks the knowledge to understand that the spiritual realm of God is so great, that the flesh realm cannot even be compared to it. So, he will fight to the death rather than submit to Christ. The natural man shall, indeed, die. He shall die to his Carnal Mind, but live by the Spirit of Life which is in Christ Jesus. Glory to God. Hallelujah. The Lord God has declared that the earth shall serve the spirit man. Glory to God.

Alternate Translation, Verse 5. "This is the story of the declared one of God, the Christ and His offspring, the sons of God, the many-membered shining, spiritual plant that dies and then reappears on a regular schedule, which was declared before they ever sprang forth, to appear in the enclosed place, and be seen in the earth. But the Lord God had not yet caused it to rain upon the earthen creation, and neither was there a man spiritually mature enough to bring the life‑filled earth into servitude."

The word here is ground. There was not a man to til the ground. We are talking about earth that had received the life of the Son, which ultimately became us. This is the Life of the Living Soul. When God says that there was not a man to til the ground, He means that the spirit man was not yet controlling the natural man.

The Scripture teaches us that God promises to pour out of His Spirit upon us, and that He is both the former and the latter rain, but the Scripture also calls the Lord a consuming fire. Our God is an all consuming fire which burns up everything that is unrighteous within us.

If we have not yet received Christ when God pours Himself out upon us, we will burn up. There will be nothing left of us. It is the mercy of God that He has not yet poured out His fiery nature, because that would destroy us, His creation. The process of creation is happening at the place which the Lord God had not yet caused it to rain upon the earth, the hard part of the creation, and there was not a man spiritually mature enough to bring this life-filled earth into servitude. Hallelujah.

We will skip to the second half of Verse seven, and work backwards, in accordance with our previously-stated understanding that sometimes the Scripture is written in reverse. We will start with the phrase, "and the man became a Living Soul." God is saying, "and this is how the earth became filled with the light [or the life] called the soul life."

Verse 5 says that God could not pour out the rain because there was no man to bring the life‑filled earth into servitude. Then God says at the end of Verse 7, "and this is how the earth became filled with the life of God." This is how it happened, this is the history working backwards. God breathed the breath of life into the man's nostrils.

We found out Sunday that there was an enclosed area, that God imparted His life to the substance in that enclosed area, and the man received the soul life of lives. We have an animal life, a soul life, and a spiritual life. The accurate translation of the word "Living Soul" is "the level of life on the soul realm." The soul life was created when God breathed into the nostrils of the earth man.

We were told on Sunday that the Hebrew word translated "breath" means "to project forth." The camp that of John says that "he was with God, and He was God." The Father and the Son were one in the realm of the Spirit. I Suggest to you that the Lord God separated Himself from the Son and sent the Son into the earth with the force and power of a flaming comet.

God did not just plant His Son gently in the earth. He projected him from the realm of the Spirit, The verb implies that God shot His Son into the earth with great power, as if he had used a spiritual blow gun.

Still going backwards, "and the Lord God formed man, the dust of the ground."

I am going to tell you again how the life of God wound up in the earth. God forcefully shot His Son, who is the breath of Life, into the dust of the ground. There is no Life outside of Christ Jesus.

"Ground" means earth filled with Life, and the dust means the surface of the earth. God forcefully propelled His Son into the earth, which instantly became Life‑filled, because of the presence of God. The man who is the dust, the rubbish, became a fertile soil. Alternate Translation, "And this is how the earth became filled with the light and life called the soul life, God forcefully cast His Son into the member [or sac] which breathes, [also called the enclosed place, or the field], and the great pressure and heat that resulted from the forceful entrance of the Son's light and life into the powdered grey rubbish of the field, converted the dust into fertile soil, which cleaved to the Son and formed the man."

Everything in the natural is a mirror image of the spiritual realm, right? If something is without in the natural, it is also within in the Spirit. If we want to give water form, we pour it into a cup. The water is formed when we pour it into a mold.

In the at of the Spirit, this reality is reversed. Did anyone see the picture, The Invisible Man? In that movie there was a man that nobody could see, so what did he do when he wanted to be seen? He put a coat on and wrapped bandages around his head. The clothes and the bandages cleaved unto the invisible man, and you could see his form. He became visible.

The Son of God was separated from the spiritual realm of God when the Father forcefully, with great pressure that can be likened to spiritual, fiery nuclear energy, propelled Him into the rubbish of the earth. The impact imparted life to the earth and converted it into spiritual ground, which cleaved to the form of the Son and covered him. This is how God gave form to the man.

The word "ground" comes from the word "Adam." It is the substance of which Adam was made. If the Lord were to melt us, we would be unformed dust, waiting to be formed again. Adam was already formed from the dust when the Son of God was propelled into the earth with great pressure, like a comet entering the Earth's atmosphere. When a comet is propelled into the earth, a crater is formed, right? In the same manner, when the son of God was propelled into the earth, the earth rose up and clung to him.

The man was formed when the spiritual earth cleaved to the Son of God, the hard part which can be likened to the invisible man. The ground is the soft part, which can be likened to the bandages and clothing that the invisible man covered himself with. The Son of God is the life of the earthen man that clings to Him. There is no Life apart from the Son of God, brethren.

Nevertheless, it is a simplistic understanding of this reality to say that the man, Jesus of Nazareth, is the fulfillment of such Scriptures as, "He was bruised for our transgressions, and "He died so that we could live." The spiritual Son of God, who dwelt with His Father in the high places of the heavenlies, left His spiritually rich existence to be made into a natural man, because that was the only way to give life and form to the spiritual earth.

The spiritual substance of the Son who dwelt on high was made into both the male and the female elements of the creation called the First Adam. After that, the same spiritual Son became the last Adam, who was born as Jesus of Nazareth, the natural man who appeared at the end of the age to be humbled, humiliated and crucified. Then Jesus of Nazareth was glorified and became the Father, the Holy Ghost and the Son of the New Testament Church.

The spiritual Son of God gave up His heavenly riches to be made into the creation of God. He is the great Holy Spirit that poured Himself out upon all of us, and He is the Christ that is coming forth from the fertile parts of the earth within all of us. God wanted to appear in a visible world, so His Son became all of the many aspects of the multi-faceted creation, which we are. He is everything.

Alternate Translation, Verse 7, "And this is how the earth became filled with the light or the life called the soul life. God cast His Son forcefully into the member [or sac] which breathed, [also called the enclosed place or the field], and the Son of God caused great pressure and heat to be inflicted upon the powered grey rubbish of the field into which the light of His Life was infused , and the rubbish was converted into fertile soil."

Talk about fertilizer! The Son of God Himself was the fertilizer of the spiritual earth. "And the Lord God caused the soil to cleave to His Son, thus forming the man."

In the beginning, the Son of God was joined to the creeping, crawling things teeming in the earth, and the two became one creation, the First Adam. At the end of the age, Jesus of Nazareth, the last Adam, was crucified so that humanity, the spiritual earth, might receive the glorified life of the Son.

The earthen creation, the First Adam, exists today because the spiritual Son of God gave His life to the earth.

The spiritual creation, the Last Adam, is emerging today, because Jesus, the Christ, gave His spiritual life to the earthen creation, that we might receive a consciousness of God. I am not discounting what Jesus did on the cross, but the Scripture does tell us that Jesus was crucified so that men would believe. Also, Jesus' submission to the cross was a symbol that He had completed the processing of His soul life, and had overcome it. Indeed, the Christ within the man, Jesus, brought the soul man into servitude by the power of the Father who was within him.

When Jesus' body died on the cross, the spiritual man returned to the spiritual realm of the Father, from where He poured Himself out upon us, so that we, too, could have the power, by His Spirit, to bring the soul man into servitude to form him, or conform him, to the Christ that is emerging forth in us.

There would be nothing to conform the soul man to if we did not have Christ as our example. The soul is being turned under the seal of the Spirit of God. You may remember that we talked about that on Sunday. God is having a confrontation with the soul life, and God is not going to be dented. The soul life has to change and come into conformity with the life of God. We have to change, we have to become like Jesus in the days of His flesh. Christ is coming forth in us, and forming the soul man, or conforming the soul man, to the image of God in us, too. We are being made in the likeness and the image of God.

We are made into the image of God as the Son of God appears in us, and causes us to cleave unto Him, and, as we cleave unto Him, we become like Him. This is a mystery, a spiritual mystery. Father, help us all to understand, it is very hard, it is very hard. Glory to God.

We are still going backwards. Verse 6, "And the whole face of the ground was watered, because a mist went up from the earth as the life of the Son rose up from the earthen creation and irrigated the whole part of the soil that was turned towards the realm of appearance, but the part of the earth that was not turned toward the realm of appearance, the hidden part, was not watered and remained without light."

The life of Christ was in the ground. The Hebrew word translated "face," means "that part of the ground that is turned towards the realm of appearance."

It is not unusual to find Scriptures that make it obvious that the opposite must exist. If there is a part of the creation that is turned towards the realm of appearance, then there must be a part that is not turned towards the realm of appearance. It watered the whole face of the ground. It did not water all of the ground, it watered the face of the ground.

The Hebrew word translated "face" means "that part of the creation that was turned towards, or destined to appear in the realm of appearance," so there has to be a part of the creation that was not destined to appear in the realm of appearance, a part that would be hidden and unseen, the Satanic realm. Hallelujah.

In these end times, unfortunately, we see the Satanic realm appearing in the face of the earth, but God is going to swallow him up.

"The Lord God propelled His Spirit into the rubbish of the earth, and it became fertilized. The rubbish had become ground, and the Spirit caused the man, the ground, to cleave unto the Spirit of God, and as the Spirit formed the man, a mist rose up."

The Life of God was now buried deep in the earth. He is the mist that came forth, arose, and irrigated the part of the ground that was facing towards the realm of appearance. The mist did not irrigate the Satanic realm, and as we study the development of the soul realm (Verses 9-14), you will see that the part of the soul that we call Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, the darkness, the pure evil and moral reprobation, never received the Life of God. He remained rubbish, he remained white and grey and uncolored. We are going to see that very shortly.

I would like to read this Alternate Translation for you again. I will read the whole thing.

"And this is how the earth became filled with light, or the life called the soul life: God cast His Son with great power into the member, or sac, which breathed, also called the enclosed place or the field, and the Son of God caused great pressure upon the powered grey rubbish in the field, that was infused with the light of His life, and the rubbish was converted into fertile soil." Hallelujah. "And the Lord God caused the soil to rise up and cleave unto His Son, thus, giving form to the man."
The man did not form God, God formed the man. This china cup forms the water within it, but the vessel called man did not form God. The Son of God formed the man. Hallelujah, glory to God.

"And after that, the life of the Son rose up from the hard part of the creation and irrigated the whole part of the soil that was turned towards the realm of appearance. The part of the earth that was not turned towards the realm of appearance, the hidden part, was not watered, and remained without Life." Hallelujah.

We are still going backwards. Verse 4, "At the place which the Lord God..." Now, this is all happening, the ground is being irrigated in preparation for something to grow in "The place which the Lord God had not yet caused it to rain upon the earth, the hard part of the creation, and there was not a man spiritually mature enough to bring the Life‑filled earth into servitude." Hallelujah, glory to God.

Verse 8, King James, "And the Lord God planted a Garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man that He had formed."

Alternate Translation, "And the Lord God stood upright, a place in the eternal realm of total provision, where the spiritual life of His Son, who was wrapped in the earth, could grow. And He put the man that He made from the life of His Son and the darkness of the earth there, and imparted His Spirit to that place. And this is how the Son that the Lord breathed into the earth lost all spiritual authority and died. He become a natural man so that we might receive His Life," Hallelujah.

"And the more God stood upright..." You see, when Christ was mixed with the earth, He became one with the earth, He became a natural man, He lost all spiritual authority. If God did not impute His anointing to the man, He would have been overcome by the Satanic realm which did not receive the Life of God. So God imputed His anointing to the man. "And the Lord God stood Him upright." God imputed His own life to the man, and put Him in the realm of the eternal, where the man's every need was met, The Scriptures supporting this statement may be found in Part 1 of this Message.

The Book of Job says that man is locked up and encased with sinews, and Christ prays to the Father to deliver Him from the bowels of the earth in one of the Psalms. Some preachers say that Christ descended into hell from where He prayed for deliverance after His crucifixion, but I do not believe that.

It was the Christ that was deep within David, who, out of obedience to His Father, had spent centuries in the earth being formed into a man, that rose up within David, saying, "Oh God deliver me from this place."

I believe that all of the Scriptures that support the theory that Jesus went down to hell after He was crucified, actually say that the Son was injected into and made one with the earth at the very beginning of the time.

Can anyone to explain the Scripture that says, the Lamb was slain from the foundations of the earth?

Yes, Jesus' physical body was crucified, but I do not believe that the spiritual substance of the Son died when Jesus of Nazareth was crucified. The Spiritual substance of the Son died after it was woven together with the earth, but was resurrected into life in the person of Jesus of Nazareth It was the regenerated substance of the Son that breathed out of Jesus of Nazareth as He hung on the cross, and then Jesus' physical body died. Hallelujah, glory to God. Help us Father. Glory to God.

Verse 9, King James. "And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food, the Tree of Life also in the midst of the Garden, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil."

The ground, that is, the earth infused with the Life of God -- God made trees to grow out of it. Hallelujah.

We know that, in the Scripture, trees are a type of life. Jesus referred to Himself as a green tree. There are green trees and dead trees, but the Scripture says that God made the trees to grow that are "pleasant to the sight, that are desirable." That Hebrew word translated "sight," in this context, means "spiritual sight."

I suggest to you that God made trees to grow out of the Garden, that would develop the spiritual Life of God in the Living Soul (the soul life of man), when he consumed, or partook of it.

Jesus offended many when He said, "eat my flesh and drink my blood," and many departed from him. They did not understand that Jesus was talking about spiritual flesh and blood. Eternal life is in the spiritual flesh and blood of the glorified Jesus Christ. We feed on Jesus' spiritual Life, and Christ consumes our sin nature. Victory (the fruit of Jesus' victory over death, i.e., Christ in us), is swallowing up the deadly sin nature which possesses the natural man. The Scripture says, "He has tasted death for every man." Alternate Translation, "He has swallowed up death . . . "(See, Message #5, Satan Swallowed Up.)

We are consuming each other, we are becoming one, we are partaking of His spiritual Life, and He is consuming our soul life. He became sin that we might be made the righteousness of God. This is the substitutionary work of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are eating of His righteousness, and He is devouring the sin in us. We do not have the power to devour our own sin. He has to do it for us. Glory to God.

I suggest to you that the trees that grew out of the Garden were manifestations of the Spirit of God which would enable the soul realm to develop the Mind of God.

Eat of all of the trees which are of My Spirit, God said, and you will acquire my image, as well as my likeness, which you already have. You will be a reflection (image) of My righteous Life and nature, as well a living form (likeness) made from the substance of My Life. You will be Me an expression me on the visible plane of existence, you will have My nature. But if you eat the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, God said, you will die to the righteous immortality that I have provided for you.

The trees that were pleasant to the sight were not apple or pear trees. They were manifestations of the Spirit of God which, when eaten, would bring the Life of Christ into the soul realm. The mind is a fertile place where spiritual things grow. Thoughts and ideas grow and come forth from the mind.

The mind that God created would reproduce the mind of God when it ate the fruit of the Spirit of God, it. We are talking about spiritual copulation. Hallelujah.

The trees were not only pleasant to the sight, they were also good for spiritual food, which would develop spiritual sight, and produce the life of Christ.

The Tree of Life, the imparted anointing of God, was in the midst of the Garden, and also the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Christ Himself was buried, and had become one with the earth, so that the earth could be made into a man, the creation of God.

Alternate Translation, Verse 9, "And out of the irrigated soil, made the Lord to spring forth every tree that is capable of bringing forth, or developing spiritual sight, and good for spiritual food. The Spirit of God, by His imputed anointing, also in the midst of the Garden, and the Carnal Mind of the soul, or the natural man, who was good and evil.

The man had a knowledge of, and the spiritual authority to do good, because Christ was the source of his life and consciousness. But there was also an opposing force within the man, the evil consciousness of the earth. The man would be good (Christ consciousness) and evil (earth consciousness), until the righteousness of the Father (the imparted anointing) was added to him. God gave the good in Adam dominion over the evil, until such time as Adam would be engraved with God's righteous nature.

What is the problem with man? Most of us know what is right, unless we are really demented, but we cannot do right all of the time. We know what is right, but we do not have the power to do right. There was a knowledge of good in the earth from the Son of God who was lowered into it, and there was also a knowledge of evil from the creeping crawling things in the earth, Hallelujah.

The Hebrew word translated "evil" is speaking about the "moral corruption." that t rules in the dark part of the earth. The Son of God was joined to the darkness and moral corruption of the earth with the good side dominating the evil side, and the two became the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. This is the imputed anointing. Then God said to the man, "Copulate with me, and your nature will be permanently formed in my righteous image." This is the imparted anointing.

We know that the darkness in the earth has a mind of its own, and we all know what happened, but we are not up to that yet, glory to God.

Verse 9, "And out of the irrigated soil made the Lord to spring forth every tree that is capable of producing or developing spiritual sight, and good for spiritual food to the mind that He created, and the Spirit of God, by His imputed anointing, also in the midst of the Garden, and the Carnal Mind of the natural man who was a combination of the knowledge of good (what he remembered from before he was buried in the earth), but without power, and the knowledge of evil (from the moral corruption that rules in the dark part of the earth."

Talk about God humbling His Son! It is a lot more than what is being preached today. He humbled, He bruised, His Son, He did a lot more than hang Him on the cross for six hours. It was a lot more than that, brethren. He bruised him, He humiliated him utterly. Hallelujah.

The fruit of the trees in the Garden represent the fruit of the Spirit. We mentioned that. Everything necessary to reproduce the life of God was present in the Garden, ready to fertilize the mind of mind of the soul man when he ate of it.

Song of Solomon 4:12, "A Garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse, a spring shut up, a fountain sealed. Thy plants are an orchard of pomegranates, with pleasant fruits; camphire with spikenard. Spikenard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, with all trees of frankincense and myrrh and aloes, with all the chief spices. A fountain of Gardens, a well of living waters, and streams from Lebanon."

This is a description of the mind, or the living soul, that God created, and calls the enclosed Garden. Enclosed means to surround, and a garden is a plot of ground where Life grows. The mind of man is a garden where God intends for His Life to grow. God calls the garden His sister, because she is related to Him through His own breath, who the Life of the Garden. God calls the garden His spouse, because He intends to marry her.

Mysteries, mysteries, "she is a spring shut up and a fountain sealed." Hallelujah. The Hebrew word translated "Garden" means "to hedge about or protect," and the Hebrew word translated "spring," which means "to be rolled," refers to deep emotion, waves of water, or the whirlwind.

God called the Garden, which is the mind of the living soul, three things: A Garden, a spring, and a fountain. The Garden is a closed, protected place, the spring is raging emotions, and the fountain refers to the greatest pleasure and joy. I suggest to you that the raging emotion is Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, and the greatest pleasure and joy is the spirit (breath of God's Life) that is in the soul.

The living soul consists of Adam, Eve, and Satan, the spirit, the soul, and the dark part. The part that can give great pleasure is the human spirit, or Eve, who is being prepared to be fertilized by God. The deep rolling emotions are Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, and the one that is hedged about and protected is Adam, the Son of God. That is the mind of man that God created , Hallelujah.

God can eat of every tree in the Garden, including the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, because He is swallowing up Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, which is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. But, God told the man, if you eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you will die to the immortal life that I have provided for you.

The book of Proverbs warns us, saying, "Young men stay away from the harlot." Jesus, in the days of His flesh, was not afraid of mortal man, the spiritual harlot, because Jesus could not be polluted by her. The Life of God cannot be polluted. When man tries to do what God does, it results in destruction, but everything that God does, eventually works out for the good.

Man is told not to do evil, but God does evil perfectly. Man is told not to lie, but God sent a lying spirit into the mouth of His prophet. How can this be? Everything that God does, turns out good, because His motives are consistently righteous. God kills and then makes alive, but when man kills only destruction follows.

God did not make a mistake when He put the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden. He put it there for a purpose, and said to the man, I can eat of this Tree, but you cannot eat of it until after the marriage. If you do eat of it before we are married, destruction will come upon you.

We tell our children not to cross the street, saying "I can do it, but you cannot." This principle of the "right of the elder" is found all through our society. Copulation is legal in marriage, but illegal outside of marriage. It is very simple. We prosper when we follow the rules. There is a spirit of rebellion across the whole country today. It is obnoxious, and it is everywhere. It is in the kids, it is in the people, it is in the employers, and in the workers. It is everywhere.

There are things that man can do under certain circumstances, and not under other circumstances, and there are things that man can never do under any circumstances. We cannot partake of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil without being polluted. God can do it, we cannot. We have to learn our place. Man does not know his place. Glory to God.
Do you remember the teaching on "the washing with the water of the Word," as opposed to deliverance ministry? We come to the Lord with our Adamic, Carnal Mind generating all of our thoughts. These carnal thoughts need to be separated from the thoughts of Christ so that they can be cast out.

We think it is all right to take drugs, to steal, to smoke and to fornicate, because the Carnal Mind is confused. God gives us the ability to separate the righteous thoughts of Christ from the good and evil thoughts of our Carnal Mind, and when we learn how to discern good from evil, the evil thoughts are separated out from the righteous thoughts of Christ. This is the separation of the soul from the spirit and the joints from the marrow. The soul life must be separated from the spiritual life, so that God can process each one in accordance with His will. There is one process for the soul life and another process for the life of the spirit. We cannot mature into Christ so long as our two lives are stuck together. Glory to God.

A similar process took place to form the mind of man. The life of the Son was forcefully projected into the earth to form a tri-part being: The man (soul), the Life of Christ (breath of God), and the dark, lawless, morally corrupt part (earth), which gave form to the man, were all stuck together in one lump. But, the Lord God had determined that the mind of man would be in three parts so that the image of Christ could appear in the human spirit. Wherefore, the next step was to separate that big ball of spiritual clay into three parts and fertilize the human spirit.

How could God fertilize the human spirit when she was clumped together with the man who was to be the servant, and the dark part of the earth? Praise the Lord.

Verse 10, "And a river went out of Eden to water the Garden, and from thence it was parted, and came into four heads."

It is common knowledge that a river in the Scripture refers to the Life of God. We know that a river appears in the New Jerusalem at the end of the book of Revelation..

That river is the imparted anointing that perfects Adam and flows out of Eden.

Eden is the creation, it is the earth, it is the ground, it is the building blocks that God created, and it is hanging there in the realm of God. Eden, which means paradise, is a place where one's every need is met. God made a creation which He called the mind, or the soul, and met its every need by placing it in a garden that was anchored in the eternal realm of God.

The river that went out of Eden (the imputed anointing) connected the Living Soul to the eternal realm of God.

"And it flowed out of Eden and watered the Garden, the inclosed place, the field where spiritual things were starting to grow." Hallelujah. "From thence it was parted and it came into four heads."

I Corinthians 12:46, "Now there are diversities of gifts [talking about the spirit of God], but the same spirit, and there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord, and there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all."

The Spirit of God manifests in many different ways, and performs many different functions in direct proportion to who or what He is dealing with. For example, let's say that I am a barber in a unisex hair salon, and a man comes into my shop for a haircut. I am not going to give him a woman's hair cut. I am going to give him a man's hair cut, because he is a man.

I am a hairdresser. I do not change. I have the same skills and ability, and use the same scissors and tools when I cut a man's hair, as I do when I cut a woman's hair. Also, when I work on children, I spike their hair, glory to God, but I am still the same person, same hairdresser, same skills, I do not change. My ministry to you changes in accordance with who and what you are. Amen?

"The river went out of Eden..."

The Spirit of God flows out of the place in the eternal realm of God where the mind [the creation of God] was securely anchored and totally cared for, and, as it went forward, it performed four distinct functions upon the mind that God created.

Alternate Translation, Verse 10, "And a river went out of the place of all provision by the power of God, to irrigate the Garden, also known as the soul life, or the mind, and performed four separate and distinct functions upon the living soul."

Verse 11, the name of the first is, "Pison, which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold."

Verse 12, "And the gold of that land is good, there is bdellium and onyx stone."

"Pison" is the first function, or procedure, that the Spirit of God is performing upon His creation. The word "Pison" means "dispersive, water poured forth, overflowing." It is from a root that means "to spread out, to disperse oneself, to multiply or to diffuse." Webster's definition of the word "diffuse" is "to break up and distribute by reflection, to throw back light or sound."

A mirror can manipulate the direction of sunlight, because light will bounce off of a mirror and continue on in another direction. For example, all you need to send a Morse code signal, is a mirror and sunlight, because the rays of the sun can be caught and dispersed, or deflected to another place. If I had a mirror, I could catch the rays of the sun, and direct them onto that wall over there. The circle of light that you would see on the wall would be an image of the light that I caught. I would not be the original light.

It is possible that someone could see the light on the wall, and even make shadow pictures with their hands, without ever seeing the sun in the sky.

The word "Havilah" means "circular," and it is from a root that means "to twist or whirl in a circular or spiral manner, to writhe in pain." It is used in the Scriptures to describe the birthing of children, "to bear, to bring forth." The word is used in the Scripture to describe parturition, child birth, and includes writhing in pain.

Havilah, the fertile piece of land that is already impregnated and prepared to bring forth. is the land that this administration of the Spirit of God is encircling. Hallelujah.

Job 15:7, "Art thou the first man that was born?"

This is the root of the same Hebrew word that is translated "Havilah." It is used in the Scripture to mean "to be born." The word "river" means "a flowing," and is from a root that can mean "a conflux of people." The Scripture is talking about God's ultimate purpose to bring forth people in the earth. God is creating the mind first. What would we be without our mind?

When we look at each other, we see our bodies, but we are nothing without our mind. The mind, our soul, or personality, is really who we are. We cannot see the mind. We can only see these bodies that we are in.

God's intended to create the mind, and out of the mind, a conflux of people. The word translated "gold" means "gold," of course, but it also means "to shimmer." Sometimes it is used of oil, which we know signifies the Holy Spirit.

The imputed anointing surrounds the whole living soul, and the gold in the land of Havilah is the very Son of God Himself, who is still emitting rays from under the earth.

We have discussed previously how the life of the flesh is restricted by our skin, organs, heart, lungs and blood. If we cut ourselves open and our organs pour out, we die, but the life of the Spirit can penetrate the skin, and the spiritual life in us, that is rooted in our soul, can vibrate out, past our skin.

There is no time or space in the realm of the Spirit. I know because I have experienced a spirit reaching across the room and touching me. The Spirit of the Son continued to emit rays after He was buried in the earth, which reached out and touched the Spirit of God that surrounded Him. The two sources of light impacted and then bounced off of each other, and the visible image of the world of appearance appeared.

As I understand it, we do not see what we are actually looking at. We see an image that is on the retina of our eye. In other words, I am not really looking at you. I am looking at a picture of you. My eye takes the picture, my brain processes it, and I see the picture that results from the process.

This whole realm of appearance, brethren, is a picture that is created by the mind. Not our individual mind, but the collective mind of the whole Living Soul, the Son of God who has been joined to the earth.

This realm of appearance is an image that it is being modified in accordance with the Mind of God. The visible world changes as the Mind of God swallows up the Living Soul, because the realm of appearance is just a picture. Today the realm of appearance is a reflection of Leviathan, the mind of the Serpent. The world will be a reflection of Jesus Christ when He becomes the mind of all of the peoples of the earth.

We will not see people sodomizing ten‑year old girls, and brazenly saying, "how dare you put me in jail." An attitude like that is a reflection of the displaced Carnal Mind, a spiritual movie that reflects the nature of the Serpent.

Did you know that a meteor burns for a long time after it crashes into the earth? In like manner, the Son of God continued to emit powerful rays of energy after He lost his spiritual authority. The scientists tell us that the world came into being with a big bang, but they cannot tell us where the big bang came from.

We know, however, that when the Living God breathed the breath of Life into the man who was formed from the earth that the Son of God was buried in, there was an explosion that brought this realm of appearance into existence. God laid hold of the man who was His mirror image, interacted with him, and an explosion resulted which produced the visible world. Such a feat, however, was not as simple as holding up a mirror to interact with the rays of the sun. It takes power to start a fire. This is the first administration of the Spirit of God.

Verse 12, "And the gold of that land is good, there is bdellium and onyx stone there also." "The gold of the land is good," that is the good part of the Living Soul, which is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The good part of the Tree is the Christ buried in the earth.

The Hebrew word translated "bdellium" means "something in pieces, something precious, an honorable merchandise," and Gesenius says that it is commonly accepted to translate this word "pearls, to separate, to disjoin, as two places by a veil, a fence, a wall, things previously mixed together to distinguish diverse things." We were just talking about how God was moving to separate the parts of the Living Soul, so that His purposes could be accomplished.

We find the same word that is translated "bdellium" in Leviticus 11:47, "...to make a difference between the unclean and clean, and between the beast that can be eaten, and the beast that cannot be eaten." I suggest to you that the phrase, "There was bdellium in the land," means that power and wisdom (pearls signify wisdom) were in the earth -- that the man had the power and the wisdom to distinguish between the parts of the creation which could be eaten, and the parts which could not be eaten. Hallelujah.

God is separating between the clean and the unclean. He is separating the darkness of the Satanic realm from the part of the man that He will marry. The three parts of the mind were all clumped together, but the Lord is separating them for His purposes. Hallelujah.

The word translated "onyx" is from an unused root meaning "to blanch," and probably means the beryl stone from its pale green color.

Revelation 6:8, "And I looked and behold a pale horse and his name that sat on him was death, and hell followed after him." The word that is translated "onyx" means "blanched," that which means "no color," from its pale green color, which is a Scriptural reference to death.

There is another reference to "pale green color" in the book of Ezekiel.

Bdellium means separation from the part of the Living Soul that is death (the Serpent's seed), and the red part that is infused with the life of God (the female seed that God will marry ).


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