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We are just waiting on the Lord tonight, you would not want to hear me preach without God preaching through me. I would not want to preach without God preaching through me. We are just going to wait and see what He is going to do here tonight. This happened a couple of weeks ago in my house. We ended up having a really great meeting so we will all benefit from waiting on the Lord. Since we do not know where He is manifesting right now, if anyone feels like contributing anything, sometimes it is a question that starts Him off or whatever. Just feel free.


I just ask you to please keep the conversation in the spirit of God. We are just going to wait on Him, and see what He is going to do. This is body ministry. Maybe He wants me to talk about body ministry a little bit. We are entering into the hour where Jesus wants the freedom to do whatever He wants to do. You go into most churches and He really cannot do what He wants to do, because the men that are running the building and running the show, that is what a lot of the services are, shows, they do not let Jesus do what He wants to do.


I have sat in services where the anointing was as thick as a cloud after the music service. Then they start giving the announcements, and the anointing leaves. This is the hour that Jesus is challenging us to discern the spirit. After the meeting, I am going to be praying for anyone who is asking for a greater ability to receive the ability to discern Jesus' spirit, because we are really at a disadvantage if we cannot discern His spirit. We have to be able to see. It is not just a question of hearing an audible voice or hearing Him speak to us. That does happen, but that is only a part of our relationship with the Lord. He wants us to be able to recognize Him.


He is a spirit, He has no form or shape, but He is inside of people. The people that He is inside of have two spirits. We have the spirit of our natural man, and we have the spirit of Christ, Lord willing. The Lord wants to give us all an ability to tell who is speaking out of the people that we are with. James said a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. If you have a natural personality and Christ is dwelling in you, you have two souls. That is what the Scripture says. You are a two-souled man.


Why are you unstable? You are unstable because from one second to the next nobody knows, without discernment, whether it is Christ speaking through your mouth or whether it is your carnal mind speaking through your mouth. Most of the time you do not know either.


Jesus is putting us in a training program that we should know who is speaking out of our mind, and who is thinking out of our thoughts, both within ourselves and within others. Again, there is a very heavy anointing here. If you yawn, do not be embarrassed. That is how we get delivered. We are the negative aspect of the creation. Brother XXXX was talking about molecules, or were you talking about atoms earlier?


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Right. He was telling us that every element in the universe except gold is incomplete. Is that true?


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Until we become one with Jesus, we are not gold. That means we are incomplete. The Scripture says we are complete in Him. I know very little about chemistry but as atoms float around, those that are negative have electrons missing. They are fair game for any stronger electron, any stronger atom that floats in the air. It will just join with it.


The incomplete atom has nothing to say about it. He is more or less taken captive by the other atom. This is our spiritual condition. Because we are in this spiritual condition, we have a lot of things that have joined themselves to us without our permission, literally has taken us captive. Sometimes they are in our minds, and sometimes they are in our bodies. Sometimes they are in our thinking processes. Jesus is coming, and He wants to join Himself to us. He wants to be the atom that joins to us so that we can be complete in Him.


It is a bit of a problem if some vagabond atoms have joined to us and are in the way. When Jesus comes to complete us, He has a cleaning-up job to do. You are talking about purifying the gold before, where you not? How is that gold purified? Melting it down with fire, skimming off the impurities.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: They keep melting it, they melt it more than one time. Praise the Lord.


COMMENT: It has to go through that fire.


PASTOR VITALE: That is right. You see, we have gold in us. It is our human spirit. It is the part of us that was with Jesus from the foundation of the earth. We are spirit. We are not this body, neither are we the personality or any of the ungodliness that is appearing in us, because all of us have fallen short of the glory of God. Amen.


We are spirit. We are spirit that is dwelling in a soul, in a body which is made of the earth, and which is filled with all kind of creeping, crawling things, and we have many problems with our condition. One of those problems we mentioned already is that vagabond atoms have joined themselves to us without our permission. We are fair game. The Scripture sometimes calls it "spiritual rape." We are fair game, we have no defense because, spiritually, we are all female. We cannot defend ourselves against these vagabond spirits. Glory to God.


Sometimes we have things added to us that we do not want to be there. Excuse me, I forgot what the Lord wanted me to say, but He just brought it back to me. Also, our soul is made out of clay. Does anyone have a problem with that? Our soul was formed out of clay, and that clay has not yet been baked in the oven. It has not yet been made permanent. How do I know? Because everybody, except.. well even Jesus Christ of Nazareth died, but the Father raised Him from the dead. We are not permanent until we are raised from the dead and glorified. Because our soul is not permanent yet, we are subject to changes.


We could be changed for the better when Jesus presses on us. We can also be changed for the worse when these vagabond spirits some along and join to us. They start influencing our soul, they start influencing the way we think, they start influencing the way we develop emotionally, and they start influencing the way we respond to problems. They start influencing our character, they influence our relationships, and they influence how we think and feel about God, They influence how we think and feel about each other.


Everything is not a demon. The Scripture clearly states that Jesus healed the sick, He healed the lunatic, and He healed those who were diseased. Demons may be present, but the cause of every problem we have is not necessarily a demon. Frequently, we come up against a condition where our soul has been impressed in a way that causes a malformation of our personality. Do you understand that our soul is clay, and in the book of Job he says something about the seal turning the clay underneath it.


Years ago before we had the modern methods of writing and paper we have now, if someone wanted to sign their name or show who they were, they would melt wax on the candle and pour it on the paper. They would take the family seal, and they would press the seal unto it. The expression and the wax would turn under the seal. That would mean that when the piece of steel was lifted up, the wax would reflect what was on the metal seal. That was how you know that this letter came from this authority or this person.


There is a spiritual reality that is likened to that. Jesus Christ wants to put His seal on the wax or the clay of our soul. He is a sharp rock and we are soft clay, but someone has gotten here first, and he has put his seal on the clay of our soul because we are not permanent yet. Many things influence the clay of our soul. Hurt emotions, bad experiences, family line curses, some times demons. Frequently, strong personalities come along and they influence us. The soul turns under the seal of the strong personality, and it produces a change in us.


Were you ever influenced by another human being? Your soul has turned under the seal of that human being. Sometimes we have problems with our soul, and it is common in the church today to give simplistic answers. "Well you must have a demon. Let us cast it out. You must have a demon of vanity. You must have a religious spirit. You must have a spirit of suicide. Let us cast it out, and you are going to be fine and perfectly normal." I am telling you that is not true. Demons are real, you may need a demon cast out of you. Maybe under the authority that Jesus Christ of Nazareth had, things were different. I have been in the church world for a while, I have seen a lot of deliverance. I want to tell you, I never saw one demon cast out of a person and that person walk away whole. I have never seen it.


I have seen a fairly well-adjusted person have a particular problem that they were delivered of, but I have never seen someone come out of a mental institution, who have been mentally ill for twenty years, have one demon cast out of them and walk away whole. I have been saying this for years.


I have heard of homosexuals getting deliverance, having a spirit of homosexuality cast out of them, and I have been saying this for years. You can have a demon cast out of you, you may stop engaging in homosexual behavior and that is wonderful, but you have got all the emotional problems that you had which resulted in your engaging in your homosexual behavior.


The church has got to grow up, maybe when Jesus returns, when He is walking in full stature in the earth, maybe He will be able to do miracles like that. I do not see it happening today. I see demons of homosexuality cast out, and the man goes out and he gets married. His personality problems manifest, be becomes a workaholic. Now I am not saying everyone that is a workaholic is a latent homosexual. I am not saying that, do not misunderstand me.


I am saying that a man who is a homosexual has a problem relating to women. Sometimes it is a fear of women, some times it is a hatred of women, but he has a problem relating to a particular person or a type of person. He gets a measure of healing, and he stops engaging in homosexual behavior. He still is afraid of women, and he gets married and works day and night.


What am I saying? In this hour there is no quick answers, number one. If you want help from God, the way to get it in this hour is to submit yourself to the teaching, the preaching, and the anointing of the word of God and the spirit of God on an on-going basis for a period of time. Number one. I am going to tell you right now if you decide to do this that Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is going to come against you with everything he has got. He is going to raise up every reason that he knows would be most likely to influence you to stop submitting to the ministry of Christ.


This is known as spiritual warfare. You have got to resist. You have got to tell him, "No! I do not care if you kick up a fury in my house, I do not care if you threaten me, I do not care what you do. I see that this is the answer for me, and I am going through no matter what."


Number two. Most people are crying out to God, they are crying out to God, they are crying out to God. When He comes to answer their problem, they do not like the way He answers their problem. They do not like His solution for their problem, or sometimes they cannot even recognize it as a solution.


I am going to tell you right now, that when you are crying out to God for months or years, He comes to you, He is not coming to fix what is outside of you. He is coming to fix you, because no matter what your problem is there is something inside of you that is allowing it to happen. Now do not misunderstand me, a religious person will come to you and say "It must be your fault, there must be something you can do to change it." That is not necessarily true. Outside of Jesus, you may not be helpless to change yourself.


If you have got problems in your life, there is something in your heart that Jesus wants to adjust. There is no condemnation in this. He wants you to deal with the problem His way. He wants to teach you, He wants to point out weaknesses if you have them, He wants to point out incorrect thinking if you have it. If there has been anything at all that you have been doing, He shows it to you. He wants you to repent and cleave unto Him for the change.


I have found, with very few exceptions over the years, people cry out, they cry out, and they cry out, and when Jesus comes with the answer they do not want to admit that they are a contributing part to it. This is not condemnation. I am telling you, nobody is perfect. We have all fallen short of the glory of God. We all have problems, we all have things we have to repent of, we all have made mistakes, we all have weaknesses. When the Lord comes to you and says, "This is your part in it." Nothing is ever one person's fault. It is threaded through the whole family line, going back ten or more generations, spread out in all different members of the household, and members outside of the household. We are meshed, we are all attached in the realm of the soul.


When you find a problem in a family, if you could draw a diagram of the spiritual life of that family as an atom, like brother XXXX was talking about, you would see that every individual has a relationship to every other individual, that the family is operating in a set pattern. In some families, this set pattern is destructive. You can have anywhere from two people to twenty people in an immediate family, and they are all operating in this atom, circulating around the center in a set pattern of destruction.


They way Jesus is going to deal with this, He is going to come to one or more people, a small number, sometimes one, sometimes two. Usually one but sometimes two. He is going to come to you in your family. He is going to come to the one that has been praying. He is going to say, "I want this pattern of destruction changed, and I am going to change it starting with you." That does not make you guilty, it does not make you the bad one. He says that you are all doing this dance, you are all in perfect time to this music, the dance is destructive, and somebody has got to fall out of time with the music.


"I am starting with you. I am making you a Savior to your family. I am going to start by showing you where you might be able to improve. When I show you, I want you to repent, I want you to lay hold of my strength, and I want you to change." I am telling you right now, the rest of the family is going to go nuts. They are going to try to stop you, they are going to tell you that you are wrong, and they are going to tell you that it is not Jesus. It does not have to be the same in every family. This is a real possibility, you are going to meet with opposition.


They do not want you to change. Who are they? The spiritual forces ruling over the destruction in your family. I am not saying anybody is bad, most people do not understand what is going on. There are powers and principalities in high places. The whole world is in wickedness. The prophet Isaiah said that the darkness was outside of the people, and gross darkness within them.


I know I said something you never heard last week. It is up to you whether you believer it or not, but the Lord wants me to say it again, I am going to say it again. This is hell, we are down here right now. The Lord said in the Psalm that the Lord has made me a table in the valley of the shadow of death. We are down here subject to the powers and principalities, subject to the demons, subject to the destruction, they are killing us. God is down here also, Jesus is down here also. His word to you is, "I am a different spiritual force down here that is stronger than the prince of the power of the air. I have all power and all authority over the prince of the power of the air. I am capable of delivering you right where you are, but you have to do it my way," says the Lord. You have got to do it His way.


I am telling you right now, you are not going to get delivered without a fight. There is a lot of false doctrine in the church today. One of the biggest things that aggravates me is this, "Jesus is a gentleman," thing. "He will never make you do anything you do not want to." What a lie. The Lord had me in a Scripture today. It was in one of the gospels. Jesus said, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me." I looked up that word "draw" in the Greek. It means "drag, compel, force."


A lot of people, they pray, they pray and Jesus comes into their life like a man of war. All of a sudden there is an upheaval in their house and the peace is taken. Jesus said, "I come with a sword." There is a lot of false doctrine in the church today. You pray, pray, and pray, He is coming in with a sword, He is going to break this thing apart. He never told you it would be painless, He never told you that it would be pleasant. What He did tell you was that when it was all over, you would be praising His name and giving Him the glory.


I am here tonight to tell you that the best thing you can do is work with Him. I want to pray for you before I leave tonight for this ability to discern His spirit. Why? Because when Jesus comes like a man of war, your carnal mind tells you that it is not God. Your carnal mind tells you it is the devil.


You had peace, and all of a sudden there is no peace in your house. You had calm, and all of a sudden your are afraid. The whole family was obedient, and all of a sudden they are all in rebellion. Your job was wonderful, and all of a sudden you have trouble on your job. You are fighting with this one, you are fighting with that one. There is complaints over here, your car is breaking down. "That must be the devil, I am getting out of here."


I am telling you, Jesus said they would say, "peace, peace, but there is no peace." It is the devil that said, "I have given you peace." Jesus said, "There is peace I give unto you." He does not mean right now. We are in rebellion against God, and that is why we are down here. We rebelled against God. Our ancestors did.


He said, "This peace I give unto thee it is with me. Because you have peace with me, I have become your champion, because you are not longer separated from me." The word says that we are alienated from Him in our mind, because of the rebellion in our mind. When we make peace with Jesus and become one with Him, He will be our champion, He will defeat every power, and every principality, and every destructive force threatening to destroy us. He is not coming in like a gentlemen, brethren. He is coming galloping on a horse, swinging a sword. You thought you would be able to recognize Him.


The average Christian today says that He is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and goes running to Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, for protection. I am telling you the truth. God showed me this in the Scripture years ago. Now I see it happening in the flesh. In the book of Revelation, it says they are going to cry and ask the rocks to fall upon them. If you look up all those words in the Greek, what it is saying, what they are going to say is, "Oh this spiritual power that is coming after me." Why would God be coming after you? Because you are filled with sin. He wants to purify you. In the book of Revelation, it says that they are going to say, "This spiritual power, He wants to kill me." They are going to call upon the rocks, they are going to call upon the demonic powers who they have been at peace with to defend them against Christ.


You look up all those words in the Greek, and that is what it is saying. Does anyone not know the Scripture in Revelation that I am talking about? That is what it is saying. God showed me that years ago. Now in this hour, for these last few years, He is showing me it happening in the people. He goes to His people who have been moaning and groaning for help. He says, "Alright, but I am going to start with you. There is a problem in your heart. I am going to tell you about it, I want you to confess it, I want you to repent, and I want you to tell me if I help you, you will change."


If you turn around and you say, "That is not God," you have just cut yourself off from whatever deliverance He is willing to give you. They say that the unpardonable sin is blaspheming the Holy Ghost. What does that mean? It means that He has come to help you, and you will not receive Him. You are cutting off your own deliverance. Yes, He will drag you. Yes, He will compel you. Yes, He will do it anyway, but you have extended the time, you have made your life more difficult. Your pain is much greater, and you have a much longer period of time.


There is no way to avoid pain. Peter said, "Why are you surprised the fiery trial has come upon you." Jesus is going to burn that thing out of you.


As the scientific methods of man increase in this hour, we see his counterfeit healings and his counterfeit solutions to man's problems getting closer and closer to God's. What is the latest means of surgery? It is the laser beam. Is that not a concentrated form of fire, it is energy, is it not? When Jesus heals you, He heals you with fire. He goes into your spiritual being, and He burns out every thing that is bringing destruction in your life. You have to let Him in.


If you will not let Him in, He has to stop with the operation and start breaking your will. You want to know why it takes the Lord so long to deliver you? Because you are in the way. In a natural operation, they put you on the operating table, they take a scalpel, they cut your skin, and they cut through many layers of muscle. Sometimes they have to cut through bone to get to the damaged organ to repair it.


Then after they finish their work, they sew you up, and you are in pain for a period of time. Why do you think spiritual things would be any different? He is cutting through spiritual beings with the fire of His life and it hurts. If you run away from Him, it is going to hurt more, and it is going to hurt longer, because He is going to set you free, and He is going to set this creation free. He is going to do it. He is not going away because you told Him you have changed your mind. Glory to God.


He is coming like a consuming fire. He is penetrating us just like a surgeon's scalpel is cutting us. Before He even starts to make things straight in our life, He is already hurting us, because as He penetrated us to get to the damaged spiritual organ of our life, He is hurting us. As He gets close enough to help us, He is hurting us. Do not run. Stand your ground. Pray aggressively for God's perfect will in your life, for deliverance from every wrong doctrine, and for His deliverance from every destructive spirit. Pray aggressively that He help you discern His activity and His spirit in your life.


Do not make up your own mind, ask for the mind of God. I am telling you, in the church today most people cannot discern Him when it comes to solving their problems. They can discern Him when they hear Him in a song. They can discern Him when someone prophesies. They can discern Him when someone speaks in tongues, or when someone lays hands on you, and you get a healing, you can discern the Holy Ghost.


When He comes to change your life, most people cannot discern Him. Why? Because they never believed He was going to do it the way He is doing it. He never has and never shall do it the way you expect Him to do it. The Jews stumbled over Jesus. Why? Because they never thought He would look like that, they never thought He would act like that, and they never thought He would talk like that.


They did not recognize Him, or they would not recognize Him. Their branches were cut off of the tree. Now, of course, He said He is going to graft them back in, but it has already been 2000 years. There is a big deception in the earth today. Most of the church world is waiting for Jesus to come out of the sky. I heard a very Godly woman, I love this woman. She prayed for me when I was sick. I will never forget her for it, Lord willing. Ardently prayed for me. I heard her say a few months ago, "The sky is going to break open, and He is going to be hanging there in the sky." No, He is not. Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God is within you." It is inside of you. Jesus said, "The Father is inside of me."


XXX would you do me a favor? Come back. Can I pray for you before you go?


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, I thought you were leaving. Praise God.


The Kingdom of God is within you. Jesus said, "The Father and I we are one." He said, "I want you to be one with me like I am one with the Father." Is the Holy Ghost not inside of you? The Father was in Jesus. Was the Father not in Heaven? Would the Father leave Heaven to be in the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth? No, the Father was inside the mind of the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He said, "I do not say anything except what the Father tells me to say." He said, "I want you to have that relationship with me." He said, "I do not want you to say anything except what I tell you to say."


He is in your mind. Well, if He is in your mind how is He coming out of the sky? I am telling you, He is not coming out of the sky. It is a lie. He is welling up from your belly like rivers of living water. He is going to increase. He is going to continue to increase in you. He said, "I wilt that you are either hot or cold, but if you are lukewarm I am going to spew you out of my mouth." He is eating our soul. Paul said, "I live but not yet I. It is Christ that is in me." He is already inside of you, He is increasing inside of you. As He increases, you must decrease so that He may increase. When He increases to His fullness, you shall not live, but yet you shall live. It will be Christ in you.


He wants to do it to you. We found out in the Thursday night meeting that when He raised Lazarus from the dead, He raised him a fully mature spiritual man. What He did to Lazarus was not the same thing He did to Jairus' daughter. He did not restore him from the dead in the same condition that he died. He restored him in an improved condition. He restored him to a condition where He could receive from the Father as a spiritually mature man. We are the children of the Kingdom. We are spiritual children. Jesus wants us to be spiritual adults.


As spiritual children, we have many problems that we are not old enough to deal with. Jesus is coming. He will help us here, He will help us there, He will give us a healing, and He will give us counseling, but I am telling you that His overall answer to your problem is that you should grow up, that you should become a spiritual man in Christ, that you should be complete in Him, that you should have the ability to deal with every spiritual problem in this world system, and that you should have total dominion over your soul and your body, over everything outside over you.


To have this dominion, you have to have Christ inside of you, the fullness of the Kingdom, The Tree of Life. The very Tree of Life standing inside of you, and from within you He must rule your life. While you are still a spiritual child, He will give you a healing, He will help you, but His ultimate goal for you is that you should be independent. Is that not what we do with the deprived third world countries? We feed them, and we give them some medical supplies. By and large, if the organization helping them is responsible we want them to stand on their own feet.


We go there, and we dig wells, we give them seed, we give them farming equipment. We say, "Go grow your own food. We will feed you if you are hungry. As soon as you are not weak, go out and grow your own food." What are we going to be? Spiritual children for the rest of our lives? He wants us to grow up. Of course, there is a season for growing up. It has been 2000 years since Jesus was resurrected. For 2000 years, we have been spiritual children. We are entering into the season of our maturity. We are about to enter into it where we will have His permission, and where the ways will be available for us to become spiritual adults.


For this reason, He is being much more selective about healing bodies, and healing souls, and healing minds. His major trust in this hour is to give us what we need to become spiritual men, at which point in maturity every problem we have will heal. Why would He not heal or minds and our bodies also? Because the nature of the human race is this. If all his needs are met, he is not seeking God. You are not going to become a spiritual man by going to church once a week and saying, "Hallelujah."


He wants you turning in towards Him, He wants you seeking Him, He wants you praying, He wants you needing Him, He wants you dependant upon Him, He wants your attention. In some cases, it is not too pleasant, but He is not delivering us of our problems immediately. He has a greater purpose for us. He will help us in intolerable situations.


He wants us to work it through. He wants us to pray it through. I am not saying anymore, but He is much less likely in this hour to just give you a miraculous healing where things automatically change. He wants to change our hearts, He wants to make us capable of dealing with the problem in His strength.


Remember, many years ago I had a room mate, and she wanted to bring something into the house that I considered ungodly. I did not want to fight with my room mate. I went into my bedroom and I said, "Lord talk to her, tell her not to do it." He said, "Get up off your knees, and you tell her." I had to go out there and tell her. She did not like it. We had a big fight over it, and she ended up moving out which is what I was afraid of. The Lord said, "You tell her. You tell her in a Godly manner, but you tell her."


You know how many people I hear that from, pray to God and ask Him to tell them? I say pray, but as soon as you pray He is going to give you the strength to tell them. You do it in righteousness, not in a wrong spirit. Let us all resist Jezebel, let us do it in a right spirit. Pray it thought first, then do it with love in your heart, but love does not mean to let people walk all over you. I rebuked someone recently. She tried to walk all over me, and she said, "That is not love. Love is kind." I said, "Oh, you could try to rule my life, but when I rebuke you in a righteous anger, you tell me I do not have any love, you do not know what love is."


Love opposes sin. If you have sin in your heart, sin in your life, and you are trying to inflict that sin upon me, love will rebuke you. Love does not make you a door mat. The church is uneducated, and they are filled with pride. They think they are who they are because they have the Holy Ghost. They do not know what they are talking about. They are unteachable. That is why judgment is already falling. Glory to God.


If you cannot tell them yourself, Jesus will give you the strength to do it. If you cannot do it today, you will have the strength to do it tomorrow. All He wants to hear from you is that if He strengthens you, you are willing to go. I pray all the time, I say, "Lord I will do anything you tell me provided you give me the strength to do it, because I know that I cannot." There are a lot of people out there that say "Oh, I will do it Lord." How do you know you could do it? How do you know that you could do whatever He asks of you? I always qualify my prayer, "You give me the power and I will do it."


"I will resist my fear, I will resist my carnal mind, I will strain against my weakness. As often as I fail I will get up and try again. but You have to supply the power, because I know without that I am just wasting my time even trying." We will do it together. Glory to God.


Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus. Glory to God. (Sheila speaking in tongues)


We are just going to wait on the Lord a minute. Thank you Jesus, Glory to God.


I do not know what you know of the judgment of the church, but the Scripture says, "Judgment begins at the house of the Lord, with the Elders thereof." The Scripture also says, "The judgments of God are merciful." They are merciful. Why? Because they bring correction. Judgment is likened to a mother paddling her child. The church is a mess and Jesus is coming to straighten us out, but He is coming with judgment. Do not believe that He is a gentleman. He is a general to His army. Did you know that you are all in the army? He is the Lord of hosts and we, God help Him, are His army. He is not going to fall down because we are what we are. He is going to raise us up to everything that His army should be. He is going to do it with judgment.


The judgment is painful, but they are the mercy of God. They will produce changes in our personality, in our soul, in our way of thinking that will change our entire life for the better. Now you can go through it like a four years old that is going to kick and scream all the way, or you can go through it like an older eighteen, nineteen year old in boot camp. You put your head back and work with the Lord because it is for your good. I do not know how it is going to manifest in your life, I do not know.


This is the message He gave me for tonight. It is coming, it is on its way, it is probably already there. It is coming into our personal lives, and it is coming on the church at large. The Scripture says, "The Lord will not do anything unless He tells His prophets first." In the last week, I have been aware of three dreams to three separate believers indicating the judgment of the church has begun. I am very excited. The pain passes, it is just for the night time. Joy cometh in the morning.


You heard that the church will be saved in child bearing have you not? When that Man-child is born the Scripture says that you are going to forget all about the pain of the labor. The world is in a turmoil. the church is in a turmoil, individual are in a turmoil. Why? Because Christ is being born into this world system. He is piercing through into this world system. >From where? From Heaven, from the realm of the spirit, He is breaking through. It is painful for everybody concerned.


If you know what is happening, you can have some hope of His appearing. Everyone that has this hope of His appearing, purifieth himself. Be strong in the power of His might, for He loves you. He is with you in great strength and great power. He will teach your arms to pull back the bow. He will train you in spiritual warfare. The problem is that most of the church does not know what spiritual warfare is. It starts in your own mind.


It starts with Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, in your own mind. How do you expect to defeat Satan in someone else's mind when he is ruling you in your mind. This is an all-out warfare, you will never win without Jesus. I remember when I was first starting out years ago, I was overtaken in my emotions. I could not even pray, could not even rebuke him, all I could do was get the word "Jesus" out of my mouth. Fell down on the floor, doubled over, "Jesus!" Then it passed.


You fight in your own power, and you lose. All this binding and loosening in the church today, it works for a measure. I am telling you, when you get into the big time, all your binding and loosening is not going to help you. Satan is too strong for you. Jesus has to battle through you. You have to give your battle to Jesus.


If you give it to Him, if He tells you to pray and rebuke, that is okay. That is Him praying and rebuking through you. If you make the decision how you are going to pray, who are you going to pray against, what you are going to do, you evaluate the problem yourself, and you do it in your strength. He may have been letting you do that for a while, but from the day He determines to take you onto spiritual manhood, every time you try you will surely fail.


Why? Because He is teaching you to seek Him about everything. Jesus said, "I do nothing except what my Father tells me." He says, "When you are young, you are going to go where you want to, but when you get older, someone is going to bind you and direct your every direction." It is the exact opposite of our human life. Human beings, when we get older, we run our own life, but in the spirit, when we grow up, Christ possesses us totally.


He lives His life, His strength, and His glory through us. We must decrease to let Him increase. The carnal mind of man perceives Him as an enemy. The carnal mind of man stands up and says, "I do not believe that you are Christ, because I have got it in my mind that you are going to come in a different way, in a Santa Claus suit, bring presents and make everything easier at the snap of the fingers." When He appears again, large numbers of the church are going to miss this, because He is not going to look as they expect Him to look.


He is going to go to the Gentiles, the non-church world that does not have any preconceived ideas. They will receive Him. We are on the threshold of His appearing, He is appearing in men. God was in Christ reconciling the world, Amen. God was in the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. God dwells in men. You know the Holy Spirit is in you. Why cannot the fullness be in you? Jesus was the first of many brethren. The Scripture says that He is going to bring many Sons to glory. That God, that very God, that Christ, that spirit of the Father that was in the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, He wants to do in you what He did in that man.


A lot of people say "What are you preaching? That I am going to be God?" No. I am saying that God is going to live in you, He is going to fill you so completely that you will join with Him, but you are not going to lay hold of the power of God and use it. He is laying hold of you. We are the weapons of God, we are His arrows, we are His bows, we are His keen, sharp thrusting instrument. He is our general, He is our mind, He wants to enter into us and take over our mind and our life so completely that we cannot do anything except He be ruling through us. Does anyone not understand this?


This is called spiritual manhood, it is called full spiritual maturity, it is called the appearance of Christ. When He appears in us to a degree, all of our physical infirmity will surely heal, from within, from within, from the burning flame within. No sin will be able to survive within us. Physical infirmity is a result of sin. The whole human race is fallen. That is why we get sick. Why some more than others? There are various explanations for that, family line curses, etc.


We are all fallen, there is no sin in Heaven. Jesus had no sickness, and He said, "Sickness is sin." That is what He said. When that burning fire of Christ is dwelling within you purifying you from sin, you will no longer be sick. Up until you heard this message, you have been waiting for someone to come up to you, and lay hands on your forehead, and heal you from outside. He is going to heal you from the inside. Amen.


The beginning of Him is already in you, His seed is in you, you have got the Holy Spirit. It has got to grow. It is that mustard seed, and it has to grow up into that big tree. He is going to burn everything that is not of God out of you, He is going to burn it in the fire, He is going to purify it. If it is not of God, He is going to crush it. He is coming into your life, He loves you with a passion that you cannot imagine.


He likens it to love that the bridegroom has for his wife. His desire is to fill you more completely. Why is not He doing it more quickly? If He does it more quickly, it will kill you. You have to be prepared. Part of that preparation is hearing this word. Part of it is the spirit of His life touching you. He is penetrating you slowly, and it is painful. If He did it quickly, we could not bear it. The hour of the wedding night is at hand. He wants to fill you with His life, and give you everything you need to solve every problem that you have. Him in you, Him joined with you, your mind. The Scripture says, "woven together with the mind of Christ."


Did you read in the Scripture that you are going to get a crown? That is what your crown is. it is His life woven together with your mind. If you look that word up in the Greek, it is not a golden crown that we have seen in Europe, but it is a Grecian crown made of leaves woven together. That is what the Greek word "crown" means in the Scripture. It is His mind woven together with our mind.


They are going to be inseparable. That is what He is doing in us right now. That is what is painful. That is what we are running from, not realizing it is Him.


Let Him in when He comes. Just keep your prayers, "Father if it is not you, deliver me. If it is You, help me not to resist You." Let Him in. Glory to God.


He shall give you a Crown of Life. Glory to God. He looks upon His creation, and He is still weeping. He is still weeping, but His arm is not short that He cannot deliver, but the way in which He delivers is a mystery to the mind of man. Have faith in God, believe that He has heard you, that He is a mighty, merciful God who will never leave you, never forsake you, who is aware of your every pain, torment, and infirmity. He has come to strengthen you. He will not cease from doing what He is doing in you until the day of the Lord is accomplished in you. He has begin a good work in you, and He will not stop working in you, inside of you, until the day of the Lord, until full spiritual manhood appears in you.


He is the New Age. There is a legitimate new age. Jesus Christ is the New Age. Jesus Christ the hope of glory in you. The ages which are in your heart shall reveal Christ. It shall be so obvious to you as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west that He is living in you. He is not going to appear on TV. He is not going to appear as an apparition in Yugoslavia or Flushing Meadow park. He is going to be in you, and He is going to be in your mind, and you are going to have victory over what?


Over every demon, over every ungodly personality that is trying to dominate you, over every pain, over every torment, over every sickness in your own flesh. As God commanded from the beginning, we shall have dominion over the tree, the flowers, the cattle, the fish, but first it has got to come inside of you. You cannot rule outside of you when you do not have it inside of you.


He is coming to you, He is coming with a sword, He is coming with fire, and He is coming with judgment. The end of it shall be the peaceable fruit of righteousness and everlasting Life, glory to God. Thank you Jesus. We are just going to wait on Him a little bit. Thank you Father, glory to God.



I just bless this house Lord, we rebuke the devourer over these people. We rebuke powers and principalities, we rebuke destruction, we rebuke witchcraft power, we rebuke suicide, we rebuke marriage breaking spirits, division, strife, contention, Jezebel, witchcraft, Leviathan, we rebuke you and command you to wither and die in the name of Jesus. Carnal minds break up and dissolve, so that Christ can be formed in these people. Let Christ be formed in these people. Let Him come forth and pierce through, be glorified and magnified here. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Thank you Jesus (Sheila praying in tongues).


Sheila ends meeting praying over the people of the congregation individually.


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