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I have a comment on the last message. I listened to the tape as usual and I made a comment on that tape that says, Life is a total union with the Father. Earlier on the Tape I had made a point of the fact that Life is in the Son and that we must have union and communion with the Son, or we must lay with the Son to experience life. After I made those comments, you heard me say, Life is total union with the Father. I want to go over that again. I did not contradict myself. I just expressed myself in a different way. I said, Total union with the Father, and there is no way that we can be totally joined to the Father, unless we go through the Son.


There is no way we can be totally joined to the Father unless we go through the Son. The way to the Father is through the Son. When we are baptized with the Holy Spirit, as we said on the last tape, we can have an acquaintance with the Father. We can have a friendship with the Father. We can even have spiritual sex or intercourse with the Father, except that is not total union. There is that intercourse with the Father is the first step which will cause us to conceive the Son.


The Son must be formed in us and, then we must join with the Son to be totally joined to the Father. We must join with the Son to be totally joined to the Father. I just wanted to clarify that. I will just put this on the tape. I do not know why I wrote this down. I left a note for myself; get the Scripture, which proves that the Son has been given the authority to forgive sins. If anyone has listened to Part 1, and asked themselves if something has quicken to them that this would be answering their question. The Scripture is Mark 2:10. As I go on, I will remember why I looked it up. I cannot remember at the moment. It was just something I heard on the tape. There was a question that someone might be asking from the tape. If any on you that might have asked that question, the Son has authority to forgive sins.


Forgiveness of sins has been given to the Son. Life is in the Son. We have a section on the tape about forgiveness of sin. If you blaspheme the Son, you shall be forgiven. If you blaspheme the Holy Ghost, you shall not be forgiven. I heard all kinds of fantasy preached about this, and the Lord has revealed to us the truth of that Scripture. If you blaspheme the Son; if you tangle with the Son, the Son has the authority to sting you, as scorpion would sting a man. That sting will kill the death in you. It has caused you to attack the Son of God. The result of which is that you shall receive life.


What we are talking about here is the forgiveness of sin. For you to arise from death unto life, your sins must be forgiven to you. When you tangle with the Son, when you blaspheme the Son, your sins shall be forgiven you. Mark 2:10. Jesus Christ, the Son has the authority to forgive sins. If you tangle with a believer that has been baptized with the Holy Spirit; if you know a Scripture that says, The Holy Spirit has the authority to forgive your sins, the Holy Spirit manifestation of the Father has the authority to forgive your sins. Please show it to me. Life is in the Son. Forgiveness of sins is in the Son. Why do I say that?


The forgiveness of your sins can only take place when Christ knocks out wickedness in you and replaces it with His life. The forgiveness of sin is the destruction of sin. There is a big error in the church. A lot of people in the church think that they hear this phrase; that their sins are forgiven and they think that they are alright in the condition that they are in. They do not understand that this is a deception. This is not true. Our sins are forgiven and the result of our sins being forgiven is that now when we sin, the judgment no longer brings destruction upon us. Then we go from Satan's judgment of Reaping & Sowing unto the White Throne judgment where the judgment upon our sins destroys that sin and replaces Christ in that area.


We must be converted. A lot of Christians think the day that you say, That Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, that they are converted. You are not. You are converted when your Adamic heart no longer exists and has been replaced by the heart of Christ, converted.


I did not look the word up in Webster's for you. I am sure that it means a complete renovation to convert. It is a complete renovation. Complete overhaul. You cannot have the same heart, and no longer perform the deed and say, That you are converted. You are not. As long as you have the potential to perform this sin again, you have not been converted. Your heart has not been changed. You have just stopped doing it.


The ability to forgive sins is in the Son as the Son has the authority to knock out your sin and replacing Himself in that area of your life. If you can think of your soul as a jigsaw puzzle, a sin at a time, He is ripping it out of you and putting Himself in that place.


The Holy Spirit does not have the authority to do this. If He tried you would die. The Holy Spirit does not have the authority to maintain our existence in the soul realm. We need a soul to exist in the soul realm. The Holy Spirit is a Spirit. He is the Spirit of the Father. Sin is in our soul. If the Holy Spirit knocks out our Adamic sin filled soul, and does not have another soul to replace it, we will cease to exist in the soul realm. This is why the authority to forgive sins is in the Son, and not in the Father.


Do you understand what I am saying? Nothing in the Scripture can be taken lightly. Every variation means something. Ask the Lord what it means. Just to fill in on this tape in case whoever is listening to it may not have heard this previous tape, believers that are baptized with the Holy Spirit, and have not conceived Christ, are in the same or a very similar condition to be a natural Jew when Jesus appeared on the scene. They have an imputed anointing.


They could be likened to John the Baptist. They are still under the Old Covenant. The only change that has been made is that they no longer have to sacrifice bulls and goats, as Jesus Christ has done a spiritual work that is available to them. Until Christ engrafts in their heart; until they can see Christ, they have not moved over from the Old Covenant into the New Covenant.


When you get the seed engrafted in your heart; that the seed of the New Covenant has to grow in you. The believers with the baptism of the Holy Spirit have not entered into the New Covenant. They are mistaken.


The Lord told me something very interesting today. He told me that when Jesus appeared to the Pharisees, in that encounter, where He said something about the Father. They said; What do you mean? Our Father is Abraham and you were born in fornication. They claimed that they knew the Father, and Jesus said to them, If, you knew the Father you would know me. I do not know about you, I never really completely understood that. I knew that they had the Scriptures. I did not quite understand how they could have the Scriptures and not know the Father, and not know Jesus.


The Lord told me today that the Jews that existed at the time of the appearance of Jesus Christ of Nazareth were not the Jews that existed in the days of Moses or the day of Joshua. Not so much Moses; the days of Joshua when they went into battle and they had no failure and there was no defeat and nobody was sick. That was a community of Jews that were sold out to God.


They were under a very high manifestation of Christ even though it was imputed; and I say it was imputed although it gave them all these benefits. It did not have the authority to convert their heart. As long as they fulfilled the rules of the contract or the Covenant; as long as they sacrificed their animals and did what they were supposed to do, God kept this very heavy imputed anointing upon them. That kept them in a miraculous place, in the very high realm of the Spirit, however, did not have the authority to convert their hearts.


The Jews that existed at the time that Jesus appeared; they were fallen Jews. They were the descendants of the Jews that were sent to Babylon for idolatry. They were not to be likened to the Jews that came out of Egypt. There had not been a prophet in Israel for a very long time; 500 years at the time that Jesus appeared.


The fact that there had been no prophet is a sign. Does anybody know what that's a sign of? It is a sign that God is not speaking to them. Remember under the Old Covenant the Jews did not have a face to face relationship like we do, or like we have available to us, God spoke to the prophets. No prophet in 500 years. God was not speaking to them. That is not a good sign when God does not speak to you for 500 years.


Messiah appeared in a reprobate backslid Israel. Jesus did not say this to the Jews of Joshua's day. He said it to the Jews in His day. He said, If you knew the Father you would know me. You do not know me so apparently you do not know the Father. These were very religious people. They read the Scriptures all the time. What was He saying to them? Brethren, it is the same situation in the church today.


The church today by-an-large, with a small remnant exception, they are in the Bible all the time. They go through their Bible every year. It is a big marathon if you read your Bible in a year. They go to church, sometimes three or four times a week. When Christ appears to them they cannot recognize Him. Right here today in this hour, why? They are reading this Bible and they have received the carnal doctrine of men. They are reading the Bible and have not met Christ. They may even have a relationship with the Father. They have been baptized with the Holy Spirit.


They may operate in the gifts and the calling of God, and from time to time they may even hear from the Lord, the Father. For whatever reason, they have not come unto the Son. The experience of having a relationship with the Father has not impregnated them with Him. They have taken what they want to hear out of the Scriptures. I am not denying to you that there are people out there that cannot recognize the Son. They do have a relationship with the Father in some measure. That relationship has fallen short. It has not revealed the Son to them.


They read the Bible. They go to church. Why had not the Father directed them? What is wrong?


I am just suggesting to you that it is the same situation in the church today that existed in Israel. They have some measure. They have the gifts and the calling of God which came without repentance. The degree to which they hear from the Father; I do not know; everyone is an individual, that I know that the relationship cannot be very deep. It cannot be very deep. Why? If it was deep they would have conceived the Son.


Jesus said, If you knew the Father you would know me. To know one is to lay with one. If they had truly lain with the Father, they would have conceived Christ and they would recognize Him. Apparently what Jesus is saying, is that the church today and the Pharisees in Jesus day had a friendship with the Father. They had a relationship with the Father.


Jesus said, If you knew the Father you would know me. They did not know Him. They had a friendship with Him. A relationship with Him; they did not lay with Him. If they laid with Him they would have conceived Christ and they would know Jesus. What are we to say? The church today, had a very shallow relationship with the Lord.


I know there is a lot of Christians that would be very angry at me for saying that. Miracle? And God moves in their life? I have to tell you what the Lord has shown me. Which as they may think their life is, they cannot have more than an affection or a casual acquaintance with the Father. They cannot know Him. If they knew Him, they would know Jesus. They would know Christ when they see Him.


The church today is crucifying Christ. That is something very interesting to think about; that it is possible to have an acquaintance, a friendship, a relationship with the Father and it is not enough to save your life. You have to lay with Him. You have to be intimate with Him to conceive His Son. Only the Father can reveal the Son. The Son leads us unto the Father. The Father reveals the Son. Does that sound confusing to you?


The Spirit of the Father reveals the Son. He will cause you to become pregnant with the Son and have Him formed in you. When the Son is formed in you, He will bring you unto the Father, which is a conversion in spiritual form. That is the difference.


You have an encounter with the Holy Spirit; He fertilizers you; you conceive; Christ is formed in you. Through Christ you shall become unto the Father, you shall be converted ultimately into pure Spirit form. Do I make that clear? That is a hard word. Do you know that there is thousands of Christians out there that would string me up if they heard me saying this?


They would literally string me up, me telling them that they do not know the Father, if they have a mild shallow acquaintance with Him. When Jesus said that and a few other things to the Pharisees, the Scriptures says, They were mad with rage. Is not that what the Scripture says? They were mad with rage.


The Lord also told me that in Jesus' day, He went to the Pharisees and He said, I will tell you the truth and it will set you free. They said to Him, What are you talking about; we have the truth? Is not Christ coming to the church world today say, I will tell you the truth and it will set you free. They are screaming, false doctrine and crucifying Christ. What are my Parallels? I am saying that, the church today is as backslidden and is reprobate and is far away from God as the Pharisees were at the days that Jesus Christ of Nazareth appeared in the earth.


The history is indeed repeating itself, and that even the Kingdom church in this hour was a small remnant that is an exception, is apostate. They are not preaching the truth. They are not telling the people the truth. They are telling them the glory of the promises. They are not telling them what they have to go through to get there.


They will be like Moses going to the slaves in Egypt and saying, God set you to tell you He has a promise land for you of milk and honey, and you are going to wake up one morning and you are going to be there. We all know what the Hebrew children had to go through to get there. It was a long arduous, painful experience. They are not telling the truth. Very few are telling the people the truth.


We are continuing today with the Characteristics Of Life, and we are taking the Headings listed under Spiritual Life in the Open Bible. The first Characteristic of life is that it is imperishable and we are in John 11:25, 26.


John 11:25-26 Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this? KJV


Spiritual life is imperishable. Life on the soul realm is perishable except when it is fully joined to the spiritual life of the Son. Jesus said to her, I am the Resurrection and the Life. We have a whole church world, full of people that are waiting for Jesus to come with a pick axe and a shovel and dig billions of dead Christians up out of the grave.


I declare to you Jesus is the resurrection. When Jesus stands up in you, when He lives in you, when He dwells in you, when He abides in you, you shall be resurrected and you shall receive life. You shall receive it on two levels. I mentioned this on the last tape. It is called the judgment of the quick and the dead, that which was alive from the beginning, that which was joined or a part of the Son of God when He was joined to the earth from its foundation.


Our human Spirit, the female seed of God is the resurrection of the quick, the resurrection of the living one that was joined to the earth at the beginning of time, and died. He was the lamb that was slain at the foundation of the earth. The spiritual Son of God was joined to the earth so that He could receive life and in birthing this creation, the Son of God died for a season. His Father is in the process of raising Him from the dead.


He is represented by the human Spirit in every human being alive. He is a many-membered creation. The dead that is being resurrected is the soul. Remember there was a soul that was made up from the ashes or the dust of the earth. That soul is called Adam. The human Spirit is a part of him. The human spirit is a part of the Adamic soul.


The resurrection of the quick and the dead is the resurrection of the many-membered Son of God who was slaughtered or slain and dressed for market and broken into many pieces. The resurrection of the dead is the resurrection of death. Who is death? Who is death? Satan is the spirit that rules in the carnal mind.


The carnal mind is death and Satan is a part of it. This existence, this realm, this fallen condition of the Adamic soul is death. The resurrection of the dead is the resurrection of this fallen Adamic soul and the resurrection of the quick is the resurrection of that part of this fallen Adamic soul which was with the Son of God from the beginning.


Jesus Christ, the glorified, ascended Spirit of Jesus Christ is the resurrection. When He appears in you, you shall be raised from the dead. Therefore there is no reason for your body to die. He is saving you from the inside out. I have had it on the board several times. The Holy Spirit is coming upon you from the outside. He is fertilizing your human spirit.


Christ is being formed in you underneath the layers and layers of your Adamic soul. From His position of weakness He is going to stand up in full stature and bring our sin filled Adamic soul into submission to the Spirit of holiness in Him. That is the resurrection of the dead.


Jesus Christ is the resurrection and He is the life. He is the only life. This experience that we are having, it is not life; it is death. We have to get out of the carnal thought that death is the death of this body. Death is clearly stated to be the carnal mind by Paul. I believe it is in the book of Romans. The carnal mind is death.


The carnal mind is the offspring of the female seed of God joined to Satan. It is this existence. Every baby that is born here is born dead. What confuses people that are not spiritual is that they see us walking around and having babies and having a form of existence. The spiritual concept of death is not the death of this body it is the death of your soul. Our soul died in Adam thousands of years ago.


Adam died thousands of years ago. The spiritual female seed of God died with him. He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. If you look that in the Greek, this is very simplified by many Bible teachers, he that believeth in me. I know many people that believed in Jesus and they still died. The Christian grave yards are filled with people that believed in Jesus.


The carnal mind of man, I rebuke the spirit of sleep; let her go. The carnal mind of man cannot deal with this concept that they believed in Jesus and they died anyway. As we have been teaching here when God does not come right in with the answer; it is not that God is withholding the answer from you, it is that sometimes we cannot comprehend the answer.


The answers are all there. I am not teaching you anything new. Sometimes I make a mistake; maybe even the words slip out of me and it is an error to say this is new doctrine. This is new revelation. Nothing is new. The spiritual truth of God has always been here. It has always existed. It exists now and it always shall exist. We could not understand it or perhaps at that time God did not have a teacher to teaching it, or He was not teaching it to you. It always existed.


To say that he believeth, he who believeth in Jesus shall never die, there has to be some kind of misunderstanding here. If you look that word in the Greek In, he that believeth in, it can also be translated, into. He that believeth into Jesus shall not die. What we are talking about there; let me put this on the board for you. Let me start with a negative example of this. It had some teaching on lust here it is on Tape 30 I believe.


The name of the tape is Lust Has Power. We did a study in all the different kinds of lust. There is one kind of lust that is described as a reaching out of the mind. I think a lot of secular people would know that the brain of man is capable of wanting things. There is nothing wrong of wanting something except that you want it so bad that you put your will into it, you get into lust.


Let us say there is a diamond ring that some young lady wants, and she wants it, and she wants it, and she wants it, and she will not let go of it, and she wants it. All of a sudden spiritual waves, it is like light waves, it is like radio waves, something starts to vibrate forth from her mind. It is called a reaching out and it is a form of lust. This is the same kind of thing no matter what it is that you want.


If you want somebody to do something; let us say you have a person in mind and you just want them to do something. You think about it and you think about it, and you think about it, your mind is going to touch them and it is a form of witchcraft. It is a form of witchcraft to be dwelling on something that you want another person to do with any form of intensity at all. It must be resisted. It is witchcraft that is rooted in lust. This is the perversion; when God desires you it is not lust anymore, it is desire.


We found a couple of Scriptures in the Bible that says that, God desires the living soul as a bridegroom lusts for his wife. When God does it, it is legal and it is not lust it is desire. Then there is a similar experience that man can experience and he can experience it for God. I guess I should draw it accurately. Let me do it the right way.


We have the soul of the man and he has conceived Christ and Christ is in his inward parts, in his depths. The soul of the man is lust. This man makes a conscious choice to stop lusting for this person out here or this thing out here, and to direct all his lust toward Christ. When he wants something out here he is directing his needs outward. When he directs his need towards Christ, he is going inward.


Through understanding he starts to reject the things of the world and turn inward to Christ for all his needs and he believes the words of the Scripture, and he believes the promises of God. This lust, this reaching out of the mind starts to go towards Christ. It goes towards Christ until it penetrates him. We have Christ reaching out for us and man reaching in towards Christ.


When we believe into Christ, when we believe in this word of God to the place that we join with the Christ that we make contact with the Christ within us, we shall never die. You cannot just believe a word and never die. Everything you read in this book it has to happen to you. It has to become a spiritual experience for you. That is what is wrong in the church today.


You cannot get the promises in the Bible from an intellectual understanding of the Bible. Something has to happen to you. This is what it means; he who believes in Christ shall never die. He who believes into Christ shall never die. Needless to say, brethren, if you are believing the wrong message, you will never get into Christ.


If you think that Jesus is coming from Mars, and it has been preached that He is coming from another planet. If you think that Jesus is coming from another planet, and He is going to save you, you are going to be looking outward and you are never going to believe into Christ.


You have the wrong message. All these people that are looking at the Middle East, that are waiting for Antichrist, all of these waves and these marks and the tattoos and the computers and the 666, they are not believing into Christ, they are believing into the computer that is out there in Belgium. All their energies are going out. All their energies are going out and they do not even know it, that Christ is within.


How are they going not die? All of these energies, it is part of their soul. It is part of their spiritual being. They are literally; what did I tell you? I told you that this realm that we are in is outer darkness. If Christ is within and our soul out here, it is outer darkness and our spiritual reality status throughout our whole soul, our spiritual being is directed outward towards Mars and towards the computer in Belgium, we are sending all our energy. We are literally sending our being outside of us.


How are going to believe into Christ? We must join with Christ. You are going in a complete wrong direction. You believe in the wrong thing. They are not joining with Christ they are joining with this false doctrine, and they shall surely die. Only he who believes into Christ and joins with Him shall live. The joining is when your body is still alive.


They have the whole thing backwards, and they are not going to enter in. They are going to be one of the five virgins that are not ready. That is the way it is going to be. You know that everybody is not entering in. Every individual is not entering in. God is reconciling the all in every individual and is not entering in.


One big false doctrine circulating around the church, say, That they are preaching the rapture or they are preaching the ultimate reconciliation. There are very few preachers, very few, that have the truth. You cannot believe into Christ if you are, believing a lie. To join with Christ who is within your inward parts you have to be, believing the truth.


If you have not even heard the truth, you have a problem, and if you have heard the truth and you have rejected it, you have a problem. You are directing your energy away from the Son of God. I am going to say it again. If intellectual understanding of this book is not going to get you anything except, an intellectual understanding this thing is a reality, it is an experience.


The Bible is telling us about an experience, a spiritual experience that must happen to us. It must happen to us or it will not be valid for us. To have a human baby there are certain that must happen to you for you to become a mother. For you to become a Son of God there are certain things that must happen to you.


There are a large number of believers in the church or whatever you want to call it, that believe that as soon as they believe it, it is going be no, it is not going to be as soon as you believe it. It has to happen to you and it cannot happen to you if you have a false Jesus. It cannot happen to you if you have a false spirit of the Father. You must conceive Christ by the Spirit of the Father.


He that believeth in me though he were dead yet he shall live; everybody in this world system except the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth was born dead. We are all dead. Jesus is saying, even though you are dead, when you believe into me, when you join with my Spirit so that we become one Spirit that is when you are going to live. Without this true doctrine you will never be raised from the dead.


I do not care what kind of work you have done for the Lord; there is one woman she tells me continuously how much she loves the Lord and she is not moving in. She is living largely in the outer realm. I love the Lord, I love the Lord. Sister in the day of His appearance you will not be found in Him unless you change your ways. Loving Him is not going to get you in. You have to join with Him.


Did you ever hear of a woman telling a man how much she loves him, telling her husband how much she loves him and she will not sleep with him. Do you know that it happens? You know love has absolutely nothing to do with sex. They are two totally separate things. You could love someone and never ever have sex with him. It is a big deception in this country today. Maybe you love the Father except you will not do with Him what you have to do to save your life.


Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. He that believeth in me though he were dead He is going to live. He is going to be resurrected from the dead and whosoever liveth and believeth into me shall never die. That is two steps there. Whosoever liveth and believeth into me shall never die. Let us go over that.


To never die is to come into pure spirit form which will reverse this condition and the Adamic soul goes on the inside and the soul of Christ goes on the outside. This is glorification. You will never die. Remember Jesus lives yet He died. Jesus has life, however He died. It was possible for Him to die. I know that He said, No man taketh My life but I lay it down. It was possible for Him to die. That is what the Scripture is saying.


If you live and you continue to believe unto the Father, eventually you will penetrate or pierce through your Adamic soul. Christ will come to the outside. Adam will be forced to the inside; this is glorification, and you shall never die.


Transfiguration right, and you shall never die. You can live and still die. Paul lived. I believe Paul was in full statue and said, I live but not I, Christ in me. Paul lived yet he died. Jesus lived yet He died. I believe John lived yet he died. There is step beyond resurrection, there is glorification.


COMMENT: And that is reserved for the 42nd generation or the 2nd generation, is glorification?


PASTOR VITALE: The whole generation is going to be glorified at the time. What is going happen is coming into a position of life which will be likened to Jesus before the crucifixion. That is going happen to men one at a time, similar to the baptism with the Holy Spirit, each man in his own order.


It is my understanding at this time that the glorification will occur to the whole creation at once. We are going to have people that are in full stature and they are going to be living on the earth until such time as everyone on the earth either stands up in full stature or dies off. At the proper time the entire creation is going to be glorified together. That is my understanding at this time.


I would not argue with anybody about it; that is my opinion at this time. I would not take a strong stand on it. That is what it looks like it right now. Are there any questions on this subject before we go on to the next Scripture? This is really exciting to think that we are going to live to see it. How exciting; we are to be a part of it.


We are dealing with the Characteristics Of Life. The second characteristic is that spiritual life is transforming and the reference is:


Romans 12:1-2 I beseech you therefore Brethren, by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service and be not conformed to this world but ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. KJV


I am going over this again; I know this is a tough revelation; it is really important. Brethren every time the scripture says, the word, body, it is not talking about our physical vile human fallen body. The body is a vessel. Sometimes the Scripture describes it as a cup or a bottle from Heaven or a water spout.


This physical body contains our soul and within our soul is our human spirit. No one has any problem with that. The problem comes when I suggest to you that our Adamic soul is also a body. Why? It is a container for the mind or heart or soul of Christ. Let me put this on the board for you.


Before Christ visits us we have an Adamic soul and at its center is the carnal mind. You could say, our Adamic soul is a container for the carnal mind. The carnal mind and the Adamic soul; they are really one. For the purposes of trying to help you to understand this, I am going to say that the carnal mind is totally interwoven and one with the Adamic soul.


When we are in Adamic man, our Adamic soul is not a body or it is an empty body, an empty shell. You could say the Adamic soul it is an empty container; I think the way the Scripture deals with it, is that it does not call the Adamic soul a body, until it gets something inside of it. Do you know what I am talking about?


The unregenerate man; the body is this vile physical body and it contains the Adamic being. The Bible never refers to the Adamic being as a body. There is nothing inside of it. Once Christ comes to the Adamic man, something is added from the inside. When Christ is added from the inside, Christ is not interwoven with the Adamic soul. He is separate. He is unique. He is individual. He is Holy. He is the logos of God. He has nothing to do with the sin that is out here except to judge it.


At this point the Adamic soul becomes, we could say, The Adamic body. Here we have the physical body; then we have the Adamic body which is the body of Christ. What? Do you not know that you are the temple of God, even the body of Christ? Brethren, Paul was not talking about your physical body. Open up your heart. He says, That we are one body, one is a finger and one is a toe.


I want to tell you Brethren, that when you have a body you do not have people separated, walking over all of the earth. We are one in the Spirit. When Christ appears in a man, the Adamic soul becomes the body of Christ. It is a container that holds Christ. What He says here in:


Romans 12:1 – Ye shall present your bodies a living sacrifice. KJV


We found out in our Word Bible Study in Daniel 7 that Jesus Christ is boiling our soul as a sin offering. Paul says here in:


Romans 12:1, make yourself a living sacrifice, holy acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. KJV


What is he saying? He is saying, purify this Adamic body that is filled with sin. How do you purify it? You offer it up to God as a sacrifice by rejecting the sin and living out of Christ. You do it a sin at a time. Examine yourselves, Brethren. If you see hatred in there, block it out. Get rid of it and Christ will move into this area and turn it to love. It is a sin at a time.


Our Adamic soul is being dismantled. It is being ripped out by its root, a sin at a time. When we see this, confess them, recognize them and hate them. This is what is happening, and the Christ is increasing and Adam is decreasing.


When Paul says, Offer up to God your body as a living sacrifice, of course you are not to be involved in fornication and of course you are not suppose to be involved in drug addition. This Scripture is much deeper than that. We know that in the New Testament Jesus said, If you look after a woman to lust after her you have sinned in your heart. We have a whole church world full of people that think that because they have stopped the deeds of sin that they are alright. You are not.


Your soul has to be cleansed. Your soul has to be sacrificed unto God. I remind you, that the Levitical type is a sacrifice without spot or blemish; the whole church, will be saying, Jesus did it. Yes, Jesus offered up His Adamic soul without spot or without blemish and now by the power of His glorified Spirit that is dwelling in us, we must offer up our Adamic soul; not that our body should be killed. Our body does not have to die. Why? The soul life of Christ is present in us to sustain the life of this body as we destroy our Adamic soul.


I am sure you have heard this preached for years, however they do not know what they are preaching. Offer up your body, as a living sacrifice. Brethren, this Scripture means it has to die. Our Adamic soul has to die, and it has to die wholly. Do you hear this? Offer it up a living sacrifice wholly. It has to die wholly. How could it die wholly? It dies wholly when the sin is purged in it.


We must be converted Brethren. Our hearts must be converted. The church world; they preach it, however they do not understand the reality of it. It is a reality, it must happen to us. Does anybody not understand this?


Offer your body a living sacrifice. From the moment that Christ is conceived in you, from the moment that the word is graft; when you hear the word, body applies to you in spiritual things the Lord is no longer talking about your physical body.


Pray about this, it is really important. From the moment that Christ is graft in you, and starts to be formed, as far as God is concerned, this physical body is coming down. It is just a matter of time. The glorified soul of the Lord Jesus Christ does not need a human body like we have. It does not need it. This body is a prison house. It is a jail.


You go into the Scripture where the Lord reveals through the prophet, Zechariah, that he put his living soul; and he called her a wicked woman, and he put her in a container and he sealed it over. It was dark and it was without light. That is this body and our fallen soul cannot live without this body. Our glorified Christ soul does not need this body.


We go through the Scripture and you see Paul talking to believers; when he talked about the body ask the Lord to witness it to you, he is not talking about the physical body. He is talking about the Adamic body which is the living sacrifice. The body of Christ in the realm of the soul, and eventually, of course the glorified Christ, we know that this Adamic body is going inward. Then the body of Christ, Adam will be inside and Christ will be outside, and that will be the glorified body of Christ.


The glorified body of Christ is when Adam has been forced inward and Christ is on the outside. Right now that is not true. Christ is within; He is in our inward parts and the body of Christ is the Adamic soul surrounding it. The only concern that God has with this physical body is that He wants to keep it alive until the hour of His appearance in us. Right now in the condition we are in if this body were to die, it is the Son of God that is growing in us, we die also. That is one of the reasons why in this hour that we are going on to the deepest things of God, less and less people seem to be getting healed. Once Christ is conceived in you, the only concern God has with your human body is to keep you alive until the hour of His appearance.


He is not concerned with you and your body. It is going to be destroyed. It is going to go inward; it is not going to exist in this form anymore. We are in a whole new dispensation, He is concerned with the conversion of our soul, and He will give us the healing. He will give people healing here and there depending upon their circumstances and those that He does not heal He is using that infirmity to bring forth the life of His Son in you.


This is a hard word; I telling you the truth. God's primary concern is not the healing of our body; it is really not. He is concerned with keeping us alive and He is concerned with us functioning.


I heard a testimony once, about a woman with eight children and her husband died and she was blind. There was no wealth there in those days and they were about to starve to death. They all sat around praying and one of the little girls looked up and said, Mommy I see Jesus, and the little girl saw a vision. He came walking up to the group and He laid His hands on the woman's eyes and she received her sight, and she went out and had a job and the whole family was saved.


He is concerned with the little details of our life only to the extent that He knows we are dust and He has mercy on us. His primary concern is bringing forth His Son in us. That is really primarily all that He cares about and He gives us a little bit here or there; He knows that we are just dust. All He cares about is bringing His Son forth. This body is going to be worthless after that anyway.


That is very hard for people to hear. I am telling you the truth.


A living sacrifice holy, acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service; I have not looked those words up so I am going to let that last phrase go, which is your reasonable service.


Romans 12:2 – And be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. KJV


A lot of Christians would tell you, you do not smoke and you do not drink and that is all true. I am suggesting to you what Paul means by this Scripture; And be not conformed to the Adamic soul, it is Adamic, it is devilish. He said do not to be conformed to it. Your soul is the clay that has to be conformed to some image. It is the image of this world, it is the image of Satan; is engraved in your soul, you conform to this world.


We are all conformed to this world and the Lord Jesus Christ is erasing the engraving and putting the engraving or the nature of the Father in the clay of our soul. Spirit is likened to metal, usually it is iron or gold, it is hard and it puts its mark in the clay. Paul says, Be not conformed to this world, he is saying be not conformed to Satan, to the god of this world. Be not conformed; do not let his image be appearing in your soul.


Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. These Scriptures are so hidden. I remember when someone said to me, you know the gospel supposed to be simple and you teach all these complicated things. I am told not to corrupt the simplicity in the gospel. Look that Scripture up; it does not mean that the gospel simple at all.


It means the singleness; that you should have a single eye towards God and Jesus clearly spoke in parables. He said that the deep mysteries were not for everybody. The Scriptures were very complicated. Paul said, Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. What is he talking about? He says, Here you are; you are an Adamic soul with the carnal mind and he says this is the image of Satan. He says, do not let that image appear in your soul and this is what you do about it, if you do not want it to appear in your soul. Follow Christ, serve God and pray that Christ should come forth in the middle of this image. When Christ comes forth He is going to renew this. When Christ comes forth He is going erase the image of Satan and that is how your mind is going to be transformed.


He says, Do not be conformed to Satan but be transformed. What he is really saying is, Conceived Christ and fight the good fight of faith and get rid of everything in your mind that is conformed to the image of Satan, every sin, every ungodly thought, every ungodly characteristic, resist it. Cleave unto Christ, be transformed by the renewing of your mind.


What is the name of your mind? If Adamic is the name of your mind, it is the carnal mind. What does the carnal mind consist of? It consists of Satan, Eve and their offspring, and it goes by the name of the carnal mind. Do not yield to that; renew your mind, so that you could be transformed. What is the renewing of your mind? You still have Eve; now instead of Satan, you are going to have the Father and Christ; that is the renewing of your mind.


It is the destruction or the putting down under your foot of the carnal mind and the cleaving unto the mind of Christ, which is made up of the Father, Eve and Christ. Of course, this is what it will look like when it is completed. As I told you we are doing a piece at a time. This is the transformed mind with the carnal mind in the center, and Christ out here. Of course, eventually this will be broken up completely.


The carnal mind is dissolved. This is not the carnal mind; this becomes Satan with Christ on top of him. That is the transforming of your mind; it is the exchange of the carnal mind to be replaced by the mind of Christ. The Scripture is hidden; it is really not clear. Do you hear what I am saying? It is really not clear.


If you do not have the revelation you will never know what he is talking about. We have a whole church world full of preachers preaching it. Things that sound alright, however, they never tell the people how to do it. They never tell the people how to do it, and when they do not do it, they condemn them. They do not know themselves, however, they condemn them, when it does not happen to them. That is very sad.


I was watching Phil Donahue the other day and he had Madalyn Murray O'Hair on, and it was very, very sad that some of the things that she said was true. She talked about how Christians harassed you, and threatened you with Hell and it made me very sad to hear her say that. Although it made me very glad that there was a young man that stood up in the audience and he told her that Jesus loved her, and she really manifested. She did not know what to say to that.


She had no answer for that. The woman is so filled with hate and her son and daughter were there. All I could do was sit there with my mouth opened. The man was standing saying how Jesus is real and how he is healed through Him, and how He has done all these wonderful things. A man that was a Christian in the audience said, I know a lot of doctors that have healed people.


Christians have a very bad name; they tend to condemn people. When people do not conform or line up with the Scriptures, the average Christian will condemn them. That is just the truth. Christians have a very bad name unfortunately. We have a lot to overcome here.


COMMENT: I remember a lot of years back, about 3 o'clock in the morning I was awakened and sat up straight in bed and I felt the Lord was saying, I want you to offer yourself as a living sacrifice every day. I really did not want it meant.


PASTOR VITALE: What it means is, that when Jesus says, to do something, you do it, even when you would rather do something else. That is what it is to be a living sacrifice. It is the crucifixion that you did not know. I see what you are saying.


COMMENT: I have never heard any teaching like this before and before you received this from the Lord, did you understand this?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know. I am failing to explain it to you. I know a lot of people do this. We have to stop making excuses for people. That is all that I know. There is no condemnation in this.


COMMENT: It is not that I am trying to make excuses. It was so badly taught from the very beginning that, if anyone left your church they were evil. If they did not belong to your church they were not going to make it. You were told that they were not going to Heaven. It was all lies; however, you believed it. Until now in all these years this is when I am finally getting the truth. We grew in error and I do not want the error. Now we are finding truth.


PASTOR VITALE: It has not been available. That is the truth. Maybe I misunderstood you, however, I know this from a lot of people, they are brought up to be nice people, we had this conversation, remember, we make excuses for people, and that is what you do. It does not hold water in the army and it does not hold water in God. Without condemnation if something is wrong, it has to be wrong and you have to deal with it. I believe that with all my entire life.


There is too much work to do here. You must realize how much work there is to do here with all these billions of people in the world that do not even want to look at themselves. They do not want to look at sin. They cannot afford to be looking away. We have to be dead target on to the truth, without condemnation. We have to look at it and we have to call it what it is.


No damage was done between you and me. We have to be aware how we sound to other people. Do you know what I am saying? People already are looking to us and when God really reveals this thing all eyes are going to be on us. They are going to be watching everything we are doing and looking into every word that we are saying. We really have to be careful that we do not influence them incorrectly or make them think. Apparently you did not mean it although it sounded like to me was that you were justifying it. That is what it sounded; you were not. Maybe I misunderstood you.


And be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove, what, is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. That ye may prove; I have not looked this word up; it says, in my margin that it means; demonstrating. You may demonstrate, what, is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. How will you demonstrate it? By performing it, by crushing your carnal mind and your carnal desires and not doing what your carnal mind tells you to do; by letting Christ be revealed through you.


How you let Christ be revealed through you, we are told here, you have to offer up your soul as a living sacrifice and not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. I believe this is one of the Scriptures in which it appears backward in order to offer up your soul as a living sacrifice. First you have to not be conformed to this world and have your mind transformed by the renewing of your mind and then you offer up your soul as a living sacrifice.


We are up to another Characteristic Of Life in that it is invisible.


Colossians 3:3- 4 For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God. When Christ who is our life shall appear, then shall ye also appear with Him in Glory. KJV


I do not know that I can agree with the Open Bible Editors about this;


For ye are dead and your life is hid with Christ in God. What does that mean? I do not really agree that Scripture would indicate that spiritual life is invisible; I will go over the Scripture.


Ye are dead and your life is hid in God. We are dead; we are an Adamic soul and Adam is dead. He died thousands of years ago and our true life which is our human Spirit is coming out of Adam and penetrating Christ, so our human spirit or Eve is hid with Christ in the midst of us.


According to my understanding of the Scripture this is a great mystery. Eve is joining with Christ at the same time that she is still joined to Satan. Satan, Eve and the carnal mind and the Holy Spirit even Christ. We have two souls and Eve is involved in both of them. We are dead, when we are living out of our carnal mind we are dead; our true life is hid with Christ in God and she is hidden within us, it is within us. When Christ who is our life shall appear, then shall ye also shall also appear with Him in glory. When Christ our life shall appear; when is He going appear? When He stands up in full stature and when He reverses this, He puts Satan down here, He is going to bruise Satan under our feet, and that is what he going to look like, and he is still going to have a human body.


When Christ appears, when He stands up in full stature, we shall appear with Him. How are going to appear with Him? It is going to be us; however it is going to be Him in us, and it is going to be a new us. When Jesus stood up in full stature, everybody knew Him. They knew Him as Joseph's son; they knew who He was.


Paul stood up in full stature. Everybody knew who he was. There will be changes; they will know that it is us. When He appears in full stature, we are going to be there with Him; He is going to be our new life. We are going to be Him and He is going to be us. Anybody not understand that?


I think there is one more Scripture there. Spiritual Life Is Abiding:


1 John 2:17 – And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof; but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever. KJV


We talked about the cosmos; that we are a cosmos. The whole world system is passing away. The Adamic cosmos is passing away. We have a carnal mind which is Satan, Eve and the carnal mind; that is our Adamic heart and outside of it is lust; that is our heart mind and soul.


The cosmos is passing away the world is passing away and the lust that is a part of it. This whole thing is the cosmos and the lust or the Adamic soul that is a part of it. The whole world system and our individual world or cosmos passes away and the lust that is a part of this Adamic World System is passing away.


But he that doeth the will of God abideth forever; the one, who gets converted, the one who gets transformed by the renewing of his mind and internalizes his Adamic soul and externalizes Christ. The one who success in doing that will abide for the life of the ages and those who do not succeed in doing it, will not abide for the life of the ages.


Their body is going to die and their soul is going to die. This is the only condition of life to internalize our Adamic soul and to live out of Christ. If we cannot do that or if we do not do that we will pass on. Our Spirit will join to Christ and we will be raised from the dead; this personality, that we know ourselves as, will pass on, body and soul.


But he that doeth the will of God shall abideth forever. Who is the one that does the will of God? Christ is the only one who does the will of God. Adam will never do the will of God. This means continually in every situation doing the will of God. Only Christ will abide forever. We are told in the Scripture before this, that when He appears we shall appear with Him.


Christ is the one that does the will of the Father. He is going live for the life of the ages and when He appears in the life of the ages we are going to appear with Him. The only way we are going to receive the life of the ages is to join with Christ totally and be one with Him. He is the resurrection and He is the life and outside of Him there is no resurrection.


He is not coming from the outside with a pick and a shovel. He is coming from the inside of us to raise us from the dead. Any questions in this area?


COMMENT: To reject Satan and to receive Christ then doing Christ's will, is sacrificing our body?


PASTOR VITALE: We have two souls. Adam wants us to do one thing and Christ wants us to do something else. When we obey Christ and not Adam which is ruled by Satan; that is the sacrifice of our Adamic soul or our Adamic body, not this physical body. That is offering our body as a living sacrifice.


COMMENT: That is doing the will of God, right?


PASTOR VITALE: When you do the will of God, knowing that Satan is going to punish you when you choose to do the will of God. You get punish severally depending how deep into God you are. Satan punishes.


COMMENT: In what way?


PASTOR VITALE: Depending on what your life experiences, then he can torment you in your emotions. He can bring any form of destruction into your life that the Lord lets him bring into your life; it is punishment.


COMMENT: Do we realize it?


PASTOR VITALE: Most people do not realize it. One thing that really impressed me in Nigeria is that their culture is so difficult. It is so difficult; when I first starting telling people that God told me that Satan punishes me when I will obey God, sometimes I am in torment while I am studying. Sometimes I am in torment when I am preaching. Satan punishes me a lot in my emotions and in my body. They do not like to hear that; they think you are nuts. Over in Nigeria that is their expression; they know that Satan punishes you.


They were telling me that and I said, Listen to these people talk; they know all about witchcraft, we deny it over here. We tend to deny it in this country. It gets people very nervous to say that some spiritual force is punishing you; they know that it is true. The big problem of denial in this country; at least members of the church that I have found; is like people do not like deliverance; it is always denial. You cannot get anywhere with denial.




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