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Glory to God. We are in Daniel, Chapter 8. This is the second message on Daniel, Chapter 8. We will be doing only Verse 4 today. As a matter of fact, I have not completed Verse 4, and I have 12 pages of notes on an incomplete Verse 4, and I'm going to tell you up front that what the Lord is doing in this Chapter of Daniel is giving us information that relates back to the creation in the Book of Genesis. And I've told you before that the Book of Genesis is written in a parable form. The [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the Book of Genesis and the story of the creation was specifically -- is written in parable form. And the reason God did it that way is that He’s reaching out to the whole human race. God loves us. He loves people even those that hate him. He loves you.


And He wants to reach you with a message that the simplest person can understand, and He has written the story of creation in the Book of Genesis in parable form, so that the youngest child can understand that there was God and that there was a man, and there was a woman, and there was a garden, and the snake talked to the woman and something terrible happened. But there is deep spiritual reality behind this parable, and I've always known it and I vaguely have a recollection of saying to the Lord, it's got to be in there somewhere and it's probably in the Prophets, but I haven’t seen it yet. Well, it's in Daniel 8. And it’s hidden behind the carnal translation of the King James’ translators.


And again, for all you Pharisees hearing this message, I have nothing against the King James’ translators. They were probably very fine man; I never met them. And I'm sure that they did the very best job that they could do and not only that, but I believe they did exactly what God wanted them to do. They translated the Scripture in parable form. They translated it on a level that's acceptable to fallen man. Brethren, what you're hearing here is the hidden manner. This message, at this hour, is not for everybody's ears. This is the hidden manner that comes forth from Christ and can only be received by Christ.


And there’s another Scripture in the Book of Daniel, it's not Chapter 8. Let me find it for you. I feel to put it on this message. This is one of the subsequent chapters. It must be Chapter 9 or 10. OK. It's Chapter 10 of the Book of Daniel, Verse 21. And the angel is speaking to Daniel, and He says to him. “And I speak this to you prophetically;” this is the word of the Lord to everybody here and to everyone listening to this message, if you've gotten this far with our messages. “And the angel of Christ is saying to you, that I will show thee, that which is noted in the Scripture of Truth.” Now, not in the Scripture of Parable, in the Scripture of Truth. “And there is none that holdeth with me in these things, there is no one that would agree with me, that what I'm going to show you is the Word of God.


“But Michael, you’re Prince, which is a type of Christ, which is the developing Christ in the mind or the Christ that’s being formed in the mind of the believer. No one will agree with the Christ in your mind that this is the Scripture of Truth; or truth of the Scripture. Only those, in whom Christ is being formed, will recognize that this is the truth of the Scripture.” Glory to God.


Daniel, Chapter 8. Recap from our last message. Alternate translation of Verses 1 through 3. And you may notice that if you’re listening keenly that I have changed a few of the words around. As I go over it from time to time, I will see a phrase that sounds clumsy and I'll just reverse a couple of words to put it in better English, but the content is the same. “At the time that the fallen creation became spiritual; I, Daniel, saw a vision similar to the one I had seen earlier.” And that’s talking about Chapter 7 of the Book of Daniel. “And I realized that a divine revelation was being presented to me. And as I tried to understand it, I was immersed in the spirit of God and the Father joined with my human spirit, which was still in a fallen human body, and I was able to look at this divine revelation with the mind of Christ.”


“Then I opened my spiritual eyes, which were in Christ.” He didn’t open His carn- -- the eyes of His carnal mind now. “And I was able to understand, and there was Adam; the souled-animal life that God had made with two spiritual laws in His mind. And He was standing in full spiritual strength in the realm of appearance. And the unified creation was in a high spiritual place, but Satan was more arrogant than Adam and became strong enough to depart from Her passive, spiritually female position in the soul realm. And She took on a dominant spiritually male role; overlaid Adam, God's creation and conceived Her female offspring; the carnal mind within Him. And Christ, the offspring of God died, and the Father drove the following creation out of the Garden.”


Now, verse -- those Verses, 1 through 3, give us an overview of what happened. A broad understanding of what happened at the beginning. And starting with Verse 4, we will see the Scriptures go into more detail. And I remind you that the ram is a clean animal and it typifies the righteous creation before the fall. And the two horns -- first of all, horns indicates spiritual power, and the two horns indicate that the creation was made with two spiritual powers, but both of them were rooted in one animal. The two spiritual animals; that of the realm of God’s spirit and that of the spiritual strength of soul realm were ruled by the righteous mind of Christ that was appearing in the creation. And now we're going to find out what happened. Glory to God.


Verse 4 of Daniel 8. “I saw the ram pushing westward and northward and southward, so that no beasts might stand before him. Neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand, but he did according to his will and became great.” The word -- as I told you, one of the messages, I'm skipping past words that the meaning of which are obvious. I saw, it means I saw. If I don't mention the word, it means that it's an accurate translation. “I saw the ram pushing westward.” The word, “pushing,” I see that I have a wrong number written down here. Well, it's a Strong’s number, it's listed under pushing. I'm sorry, I must've hit the wrong key on the computer. And it means to butt -- you -- butting, using the horns or spiritual power. And I went into Webster, and I found out -- and the reason I went into Webster was that I didn't feel satisfied in my spirit that this word meant to butt, that that was the spiritual meaning of it.


And Webster says that to butt means to thrust or strike with the head or horns. And Webster further says that to thrust means to spread or extend. And I'm suggesting to you that the original creation, Adam, was spreading himself or extending himself from the spiritual realm of God where He was originally formed, and He was forcing His way into the soul realm and subjugating it. The soul realm is typified in the parable as the Garden. And Adam was told to keep the Garden, to subjugate the Garden, to dress and keep the Garden; to subjugate it. Our natural example is to keep the weeds from growing; to keep it in good condition. He was told to rule over the Garden. And that is typified by the expression that Adam was using His spiritual power to penetrate the soul realm and take dominion over it in accordance with the command of the Father. That's what he was told to do.


“And He was pushing westward.” And that’s Strong’s 3220, and it means West or Western quarter. The East is where the sun rises, and the East is a type of the spiritual realm of God. The West, therefore, is the exact opposite of the East and typifies the soul realm; the place where the sun goes down behind the earth and disappears. The East is the place where the sun appears or rises as the eternal realm of God, and the West; the exact opposite is the mirror image of the spiritual realm of God. And it is the place where the sun goes down and disappears behind the earth. It is the soul realm. “He was also pushing northward.” And that is Strong’s number 6828. It means hidden, obscure or dark, and it typifies the unconscious mind.


And we found in the number 30 -- I think it was the 31 Series that the sides of the North are referring to Satan's fertile parts. We have a hymn there; we sing about the Sides of the North, but we found out that it means Satan's fertile parts. So especially in prophecy, these words really have to be looked up. And then again, of course, God has to give you the revelation. Hallelujah. Glory to God. OK. Where am I? “The ram pushing westward, northward and southward.” Oh, I didn't talk about southward yet. Southward is Strong’s 5045, and it means to be warm and lighted by the sun. And I'm suggesting to you that the South typifies the conscious mind, which is revealing Christ. It's lighted by the sun, which typifies Christ. So it's a -- it's the conscious mind. North is the unconscious mind and West typifies the whole of the soul realm.


“The ram was pushing westward, northward and southward.” And matter of fact implies that He is coming from the East, which is the spiritual realm of God. The ram is Adam before the fall, when Christ was being revealed through Him. Adam is the one who was pressing His glorified mind into the soul realm; the whole of which is typified by the West. The soul realm is divided into two parts. Christ is typified by the South, which is warm and lighted by the sun. He is the conscious mind of the righteous creation. Satan is typified by the North, which is hidden, obscure and dark. She is the darkness, which gives form to the earth and is unseen when the sun of Christ is shining in the conscious mind of the creation.


The darkness can only rule when the sun goes down in the West or in the soul realm. But in the new age of Christ, the sun shall remain permanently at high noon and there shall be no darkness for the duration of the age. Adam, revealing Christ, is the conscious mind, and the Father, the unconscious mind of the glorified creation. Adam revealing the carnal mind is the conscious mind, and Satan, the unconscious mind of the fallen creation.


Alternate translation. The first fifth of Daniel 8:4. “I saw Adam coming out of the spiritual realm of God and spreading Himself into the soul realm. And He was revealing Christ as the conscious mind and the Father as the unconscious mind of the creation. Continuing with the second fifth of Daniel 8:4. “So that no beasts might stand before him.” Daniel 8:4 is one of those verses where once again, the King James’ translators did the best they could, but nevertheless, came up with the letter of the word and not the spirit of the word. So I'm going to try to convey the spirit of this Scripture to you and I'll start by reading Verse 4 again, but this time, I'm going to remove the word, “no,” which appears in the phrase, “So that no beasts might stand before him.” And I'm going to place it after the word, “beasts.”


Now, in case you're concerned about this; this is translator’s license. And I’ll read to you a little further on that in the Interlinear text, the translators have it in the position that I’m moving it to. So one translation has it before the word, “beast,” another translation has it after the word, “beats.” This is all translators license; I'm not corrupting the Scriptures to anybody that's concerned about it. I'm suggesting to you then, that the phrase, “So that no beasts might stand before him,” which makes it sound like none of the beasts could stop him, is really saying that all of the beasts could not or were unable to stand, or exist without him.


Now, that's a big difference, for it to sound like none of the beasts could stop him, to none of the beasts might be able to exist without him. That's a big difference that comes from moving this word, “no” from before the word, “beasts” to after the word, “beasts.” Anybody not following me? OK. The second phrase of Verse 4 now sounds like this in the King James. “So that beasts know might stand before him.’ So of course, this is bad English, but I'll show you what I'm going to do with it. So we’re going on with, “So that beasts know might stand before him.” The English word, “so that” are expressed in the Hebrew -- Excuse me -- by the prefix Vav, and that is the sixth letter; the Vav is the sixth letter of the Hebrew language.


Does anyone not know what a prefix is? OK. A prefix, let me just put it on for the people on the message. A prefix is a letter or sometimes two or three letters that is not a word in and of itself, but is tacked onto the beginning of a word. And it has various meanings. It can make the word negative, it can make the word positive. It could be used as a pronoun. It has various meanings. The letter Vav appears in Gesenius without a number. It's just some information written down about the letter. And it appears immediately before the number 2051, and that information in Gesenius tells us that this prefix can be translated, “because of” or “because.” So the King James’ translators chose to translated it, “so that,” but it's perfectly legitimate to translate it, “because of.”


And how did the King James’ translators choose so that? They chose those words in accordance with their understanding. See, a foreign language is not in good English, so they take all of the words -- they start mostly with the verbs, then they take the nouns, they translate them; they try to get an idea of what the sentence is saying and then they put it together. Sometimes they don't translate words that are there. Sometimes they add words that aren't there, and then they have their choice of definitions and they come up with what they think all these words mean. And they were thinking with their carnal minds, so we do not have the pure spiritual truth here. Well, I don't know that this is pure, but I think it's a lot better than anything I've ever seen in this year.


Anyway. It’s what God is doing today. Anyway. OK. So these words that are translated “so that,” we’re going to translate them “because” or “because of.” Webster lists the word, “because” as meaning, or possible translation of it is meaning, on account of, and then, under the word account, it also lists the phrase, “on account of,” as meaning for the sake of, as well as “because of.” So all these word’s interchangeable. And the word, “sake” in the phrase, “for sake of” is listed as meaning, personnel or social welfare safety or benefit. So we can say then, that the phrase, “so that beasts know might stand before him,” is expressing the idea of protection. And that's how we’re going to use it in our alternate translation. Is anybody confused? You're confused. OK. Glory to God.


We have two English words, “so that,” and through a whole series of very acceptable legitimate investigations, we found out that those words can be legitimately translated in an expression of protection. We'll see exactly how we’re going to put it in there. “So that beasts know might stand before him.” Now, in the Interlinear, there is the word, “all.” There is a Hebrew word that is translated all. It's number -- Strong’s number 3605. And the King James’ translators left it out completely. Glory to God. So here we see the King James’ translators taking translator’s license and totally eliminating a word that is changing the entire intent of the sentence. They're talking about all the beasts. The word, “all” appears in the Interlinear text, after the word, “so that.”


The phrase in the Interlinear reads, “So that all beasts might not stand.” And what it means; what that number means when I looked it up is the whole or the totality. The totality of what? The totality of the whole, or all of the beasts. Every single beast could not stand without him. The word, “beasts” is Strong’s 2416 and it means living things or flesh. And I'm suggesting to you that this Scripture is speaking about God's creation here and all the many members thereof. Not one of them could come into existence without Adam. Glory to God. So the beasts are -- is God's many-membered living creature, also known as the man that God made, and also known as the many-membered living soul.


Alternate translation. The second fifth of Daniel 8:4. “And he was protecting the whole living soul. Now, this is what we have so far. I saw Adam coming out of the spiritual realm of God and spreading Himself into the soul realm, and He was revealing Christ as the conscious mind and the Father as the unconscious mind of the creation. And He was protecting the whole living soul.” Is everybody OK? “He was protecting the whole living soul.” And why was he protecting them? Continuing with, “Know might stand before Him.” The word, “know” is Strong’s 3806, and Gesenius says that this word can be translated “so that they might not.” That Hebrew word Strong 38808 can be translated “no” and it can also be translated “so that they might not.”


And since we're speaking about the beasts, we can say, so that beasts might not. OK. Everybody OK? So that the beasts might not. Might not what? Might not stand. The word, “stand” is Strong’s 5975, and it means arise or to come into existence, or to appear. To appear where? In the realm of appearance. Or when you appear in the realm of appearance, another word is to materialize, or to take on the flesh. And I want to remind you, that all of us existed in the form of our human spirit, before we ever appeared in this flesh. Does anyone have a problem with that? First we existed as spirit, and then flesh materialized upon us. Glory to God.


The Scripture says, “Know might stand before him.” The word “before” is Strong’s 6440, and it means in front of, the face of, facing him, and I'm suggesting to you that the term, “the front of” means the realm of appearance. And also, looking at it through the expression, “facing him” would mean the soul -- now Adam, at this point is spirit, so that which is facing Him is the realm of the soul, and everything that we see in this world system is a reflection of spiritual life and there is a mirror. Of course, this isn’t exact -- there is a mirror. And on one side of the mirror is a spirit, and the spirit has no form or shape, he's like light waves, but he's an intelligence. And the creation is a mirror that could be -- or it could be likened to a pool of water.


When we look in the mirror -- if I look in this mirror here, it looks like me. When I look in the mirror, I'm seeing the same thing that you see. But on the other hand, if I hold a type-written page up into the mirror, it’s backwards; you can't read it. So the -- when a human being looks in the mirror, we look the same; but writing is backwards, and we are the books that are written on by some form of spiritual life. So in the mirror, we are backwards. So somehow the way we look with the head and two feet, and two arms and two eyes -- I have to believe what the Scripture says to me; this image that we look like is the writing of the spirit backwards. Now, I can't explain that to you, but that's the way we came out.


OK. So we're talking about the beasts standing before him. The beasts were standing facing him. He was in the realm of the spirit, the high realm of the spirit with God, and the beasts of the many members of the living soul were appearing in front of Him or before Him, or facing Him in the realm of appearance. They were looking at Him like they were -- like He was looking in the mirror. Brethren, we are the mirror image of the one who formed us. Now, if Christ is in us, we are two-mirror images. We are the mirror image of the spiritual life that has generated is. And when the spiritual life that is generated us, looks at us, He is looking in the mirror. So if Christ in you is looking at me and there is Christ in me, OK; the image of me that He sees is the mirror image of the spirit known as Christ.


If Satan in someone is looking at me, He will probably see whatever is in me that is carnal, because the carnal mind cannot perceive Christ; Paul clearly stated that. The carnal mind cannot recognize Christ. They know -- He knows there's something about me that He hates, but He doesn't know that it’s Christ. So when Christ in a man looks at me, He sees all of the good things of Christ in me. And when someone's carnal mind looks at me, they see all of the -- all of my faults, and all of my imperfections as a human being, plus the carnal mind hates the Christ in me. It's all in the eyes of the beholder, brethren. I'm both.


The only thing I can say for myself is that I'm doing the best I can to live for God. It’s the best I can say for myself, but I'm both, and I’ll never lie to you about it. You've got gold or here. You've got something very valuable in me that God has permitted you to partake of. He's got all the value, I'm not lifting myself up, but He's in me and He’s manifested through me, and that makes me a valuable person to anyone that’s truly seeking the kingdom of God. And you have to come to me and get the gold out of me. And I'm doing the best I can to be fair and decent to all of you. And if there's something that you don't like, it's your responsibility to take it before God and deal with it without killing me. Because if you kill me, you kill the ministry that God’s put in me, for you.


And Paul says, “The people out there that are opposing themselves.” If you're trying to kill me you're a fool. And I don't insult anybody; you are a scriptural fool, because you are destroying the hand that's imparting life to you. No matter what imperfection you see in me -- do you go -- do you give overemphasis to the bad, or do you give overemphasis to the good. Why would you want to give overemphasis to the bad? Because you're a fool. And I tell you the truth. I'm not against anybody. I’m telling you the truth. The truth is going to set you free. Why would you aggravate me? Why would you give me grief? You should be praying for me, upholding me; asking the Lord to sustain me, asking Him to help me.


You have no idea what my life is like. I may tell you little bits and pieces of it; you have no idea what I go through. If you pray for me, you’re praying for yourself. If you do something that’s going to tear me down, you are destroying yourself. That fulfills the scriptural definition of fool. So if you see yourself in it; if the shoe fits, rise up and seek your God and repent, and get right. And stop being of fool and become a wise man. Does not the Scripture say? “He who desires wisdom, ask for it.” That’s all you have to do. But don't make me the fool. I'm not a fool. I'm in a high office in Christ. I'm no fool. I'm God's anointed, bringing forth the doctrine of the hour. Don't make me something that I’m not, because you can’t do it. Hallelujah.


OK. Let me repeat the -- let me see, where were we. Or let me just give you this alternate translation from the beginning. I'm going to be repeating myself a lot, because this is very complicated and I pray that the Lord pierces your carnal minds and that he -- this is such an exciting word, I just pray that He gives it to you. “I saw Adam coming out of the spiritual realm of God and spreading Himself into the soul realm. And He was revealing Christ as the conscious mind and the Father as the unconscious mind of the creation, and He was protecting the whole living soul.” So I've told you already that the word translated “no,” can also be translated “so that beats might not.” Might not what? Might not stand or might not materialize in the realm of appearance. And then we have the word, “him.” Well, let's find out what that means.


It is not a Hebrew word that's translated “him.” It's a prefix again; it’s the Hebrew letter Lamed, and it's the -- Lamed is the 12th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and it appears in Gesenius without a number; immediately before the number 3808. The Hebrew Lamed can be used to describe passing into another condition as though changed or transformed into something. Does not the Scriptures say, in a moment you shall be changed? The promise is that we shall be changed from a fallen human being into Christ, but at this point in the Scripture, at this of point, the creation was righteous. So if we’re talking about a change, we must be talking about a change downward from righteousness to a fallen condition.


If you're going to be changed, you have to be changed from what you are. Adam was in right standing at this point, so the only possible -- when you're in right standing with God, and the only possible change is downward; there's no way -- there's no place higher that you can go. And I could not -- I have to tell you, I was very pressed for time on this message and I did not read through every single word in the paragraphs on the Lamed, but I did glance over it and I didn’t see any reference at all to this prefix being translated “him.”


So if you go over it with a fine-tooth comb and you find it, and you want to let me know, that’s fine. I’m telling you, I didn’t go over it with a fine-tooth comb. And assuming that’s it’s not there. Here again, we have one more instance, where the King James’ translators just did not know what to do with this verse. So they stuck in the word, “him.”  And they were not out of order doing it. It is legitimate translators license to take the verbs and the make in the nouns and put them together and you add whatever prepositions or conjunctions you need to make sense in English. OK. Everybody with me? Glory to God. OK. So this word translated “him” can be translated to be transformed into something. So what are we going to say here?


Alternate translation of the third fifth of Daniel 8:4. “So that they might not materialize in the realm of appearance in a spiritual altered state of being.” I’m going to give that to you one at a time, if I could just get my notes together here. So that, we are translating it, so that there might not. Glory to God. That they might not what? Stand. We’re translating stand, materialize. “So that they might not materialize.” Who might not materialize? So that all of the beats, the many members of the living soul might not materialize. Where? Before, in front of; in the realm of appearance. The word, “him” in a spiritually altered state of being. So that they might not, so that all of the beasts might not materialize or take form, or appear in the realm of appearance in a spiritually altered state of being.


Well, what is it saying? Adam was protecting the creation, so that they didn't appear in the realm of appearance in the condition we’re in now. Can you hear this? He was protecting, He was ruling the creation. He was ruling over the second horn, Satan. Which really wasn’t a second horn, a lower level. God's authority appears in the realm of the spirit, in the realm of the soul, was really one horn. It was horns on one beast. OK. Adam was ruling and the mind of Christ was being revealed through the creation. And it was ruling with spiritual authority and His rule was protective of the living soul. Protecting the living soul from what? Protecting the many members, that's us; of the living soul from appearing in the realm of appearance in the condition that we’re in now. And as we all know it, he failed to protect the living soul at some point. His protection broke down, because here we are in Hell. Glory to God.


Alternate translation of everything so far. “I saw Adam coming out of the spiritual realm of God and spreading himself into the soul realm and He was revealing Christ as the conscious mind and the Father as the unconscious mind of the creation, and He was protecting the whole living soul, so that they might not materialize in the realm of appearance in a spiritually altered state of being. Daniel 8:4 gives us additional information about the assignment God gave to Adam in the parable of Genesis 2:15, which reads, “And the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.”


Daniel 8:4 is giving us more information about this one sentence, is that we can tell to our physical children and to our spiritual children. “And the Lord God took Adam, the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.” So if you're not a spiritual child, if you're entering into spiritual manhood or spiritual adulthood, and you want to know what that means to the spiritually minded person. We just told you about it. Adam was pressing and expanding, and extending Himself into the soul realm, and He was ruling by God’s spiritual authority. And He was causing the whole living soul, the many members of the living soul to appear in the realm of appearance, and He was protecting them, so that they shouldn’t fall down into Hell.


We’re going to do a little study on Genesis 2:15. God told Adam to do two things; to dress the garden and to keep it. The Hebrew word translated “dress” means to put it in bondage, to put in bondage or to enslave. And the Hebrew word translated “keep” means to guard. First of all, for those of you who don't know it; the Garden of Eden or Heaven is the world system, which is generated in the realm of appearance when the Father vibrates through His Christ. Hell on the other hand is the world system, which is generated in the realm of appearance when Satan vibrates through Her carnal mind. Now, if you're offended that I'm using the word vibrate, because it sounds New Age or occultish; let me tell you that God is spirit, and spirit is an energy source like light or radio waves, and they move by vibration.


It's grow-up time. Let's grow up here. So is everybody OK with this? The Garden of Eden also known as Heaven is that world system which appears when the Father vibrates through His Christ, which is in the soul realm and manifests in the realm of appearance. We have the Garden of Eden. When Satan; who we found out last week has -- who has stolen the role of spirit -- She is really soul, but She’s stolen the role of spirit; when She vibrates through Her carnal mind and takes form in the realm of appearance, the realm of appearance is called Hell. One world system; Eden, is the revelation of the Father in which there is all provision and safety, and the other world system is the revelation of Satan, and in that world system, there is Hell and death, and torment.


A lot of people don't understand this, because they think their life is not a torment. But, brethren, you don't know what torment is until you've experienced Heaven. Now, there are different degrees of Hell. Some people are in this world system and they know they are in torment. Some have experienced addictions; some have experienced being tormented by other people. Being attacked, being raped, being beaten, being put in concentration camps. But there are people that have basically a decent life. They have no problems their whole life. They grow up in a loving family, there's enough money, they're educated; they like their job. They love their husband, they love their wife; they love their children. Everything's fine and they hear the message that's being preached of salvation, and they say, well, that's not for me, you know, maybe it's for the alcoholic laying in the street, but how could that be for me.


Sister or brother, you don't know that you're in Hell. You're in the higher realms of Hell, but you don't know what Heaven is. And if you knew what Heaven is, you wouldn't be content with what you have. So these are the hardest people to get to, because they haven't really experienced any measure of Hell. And what is going to get to them is this message. I believe that when God brings it to the heathen, this is what's going to touch them, because the message that's being preached today, they'll never receive it. Glory to God.


OK. Now, we're going to talk about the generation of this world system. The spiritual act, which produces either Heaven or Hell is typified by human sexual intercourse. As with human sexual intercourse, the male and female organs in spiritual intercourse remain engaged in a continuous interaction until the act is completed. Now, we all know those of us that are adults; we all know that human intercourse is an act that takes place between a visible man and a visible woman, and that sometimes there is a physical conception, which is microscopic in comparison to the parents. And this conception takes place and becomes apparent after the act of intercourse is completed.


In case you don't know it, let me put it on this message. In an act of human sexual intercourse, the sperm is deposited within the woman's vagina, and from that point the sperm starts swimming up towards any egg that might be available in the woman. So conception does not quite take place during intercourse; it takes place after intercourse. And the pregnancy takes place after intercourse, after the man and woman separate. Such a conception produces a developing child, known as a fetus, and the sterile or safe environment, which the child needs to survive. Now, please note that neither the child nor the safe environment, which is the amniotic sac, existed before the conception; but now, not only do they both exist, but they both exist within the mother.


There is a whole world that has been developed or erected within the mother. A whole world and within that world is the beginnings of a child. Anyone having a problem? The child and the safe environment, or the world that the child lives in; the only world that the child knows are both within the mother and Lord willing, after a specified period of time or age, that child will exit its safe environment and enter into the real world. And I remind you that it’s not exactly the same amount of time for everybody. It's about nine months. Some women have their babies after eight months, some women have their babies after 10 months; some women have their babies after seven months; they're called preemies.


And I'm suggesting to you that Christ is going to appear in the many members of the living soul in variant -- after various stages of conception. It's not going to be the same for everybody, that's why Jesus said only the Father knows. The hour of his appearing, it's going to be different in everybody. OK. Everybody with me so far? Then, immediately after the child was born, the safe environment, also known as the amniotic sac, leaves the mother also and that which was a life-sustaining organ for the time, or for the season; or for the age, before the baby was born, now becomes a waste product, which is discarded when the baby enters into the new age, which is the real world of its parents.


Spiritual intercourse, on the other hand is an act that takes place between two invisible persons, which always produce a visible conception. A world and a fetus before the act is completed. Now, there are several points here. Spiritual intercourse takes place between two individual persons and produces a visible conception. OK. That visible conception is not only connected to the mother, it is also connected to the Father. Why? Because this occurs while and during the existence of this sexual act. Let me say it again. Now, our human sexuality is a type for the spiritual reality within human beings. OK. Which is the opposite; we’re in the soul realm, what we are doing here is opposite than the way they do it in the spirit. A visible man and woman have an act of sexual intercourse, they pull apart; sometimes, the woman conceives and when she does a whole new world is born in her body. It's called an amniotic sac, and within it is a fetus.


In an act of spiritual intercourse, a male and a female spirit join; the woman always conceives and that conception is visible, not invisible. And it -- the conception and the establishment of the environment of the safe environment is within the woman while she is still engaged in the act of sexual intercourse. Therefore, all three are one. The woman still joined to the man. They're still in this act of sexual intercourse. The conception takes place, the sterile safe environment is established and the fetus appears. So we have the male spirit, a female spirit; a safe environment and a fetus. And it’s appearing, and the environment than the fetus is appearing in the realm of appearance. Is everybody OK? OK. Glory to God.


God the Father, entered into spiritual intercourse with Eve, who is the fertile parts of His creation, and this act produced the sterile or safe environment, known as the Garden of Eden. And it also produced the developing child, known as Cain and Abel. And I'm suggesting to you they were just one child. We'll go into that a little later. And both, the environment and the fetus are microscopic in comparison to the Father. This whole world, including the planets and the world systems, and the outer space is microscopic in comparison to the Father. That's hard for us to imagine, but I believe with all my heart it is the spiritual reality. We are within their union. They transcend the farthest point that we could go out to.


And I'm told by the scientist that the universes are infinite. And yet we are within the Father and Eve. [?Inred?] -- I can't comprehend it, but I know that it’s true. Someday I -- Michelle says that to me all the time. Someday I'll understand it. She says I'll keep listening; someday I'll understand it. OK. Glory to God. Cain and Abel was -- they were one seed. Cain and Abel was Eve's first seed. Remember, Seth was another seed, remember we’re told in -- and I believe it's in the Book of Galatians. Paul said that Christ was the seed. Christ was male and female. He was the seed. And I'm suggesting to you that Cain and Abel; if She had a second seed, who was Seth, that She had a first seed.


Now, if Cain was one seed and Abel was another seed, Seth would have to be the third seed. Would he not? But Seth was the second seed. And some Antichrist is saying those Scriptures, they can't even add. Cain and Abel were one seed. Abel was the horn of God’s spiritual authority and Cain was the horn that typified the negative soul realm, and they were one. And Abel was the one that God placed in authority over the two. And Cain rose up and killed his brother, and right to this day, to this minute; all over the world, Cain; in the form of the carnal mind is rising up in an attempt to kill Abel, who is Christ. In any human being, anywhere they could do it.


Your own carnal mind is rising up to kill Christ in you, and the carnal minds in other people is rising up to kill Christ in you. And if you're not -- and if you're still yielding to your carnal mind in any measure, the carnal mind in you, at some point is probably rising up to kill Christ in somebody. Get your animal on a leash. Our carnal mind is an animal. Get him on a leash. Put a muzzle on her. You're supposed to be riding your horse; he's not supposed to be riding you. Glory to God. Cain and Abel were Eve's first seed. Remember, Seth was another seed. Now, remember, a seed is something that is scattered or sown in the ground, and is expected to produce a harvest, which is greater than itself. Cain and Abel were the beginning of what was to become a many-membered glorified creation in the realm of appearance.


Eve's first seed, Cain and Abel aborted however, and was never born into the reality of his Father's world. The seed was male, which is the spiritual realm of God. Now, I know that the Scripture says that God planted a Garden in Genesis 2, and that Eve was seduced and cast out of the garden, along with Adam in Genesis 3. And that Eve didn't bare Cain and Abel until Genesis 4. And I suggest to you, however though, that in accordance with the literary style of the Scripture that we’re experiencing right now in Daniel 8, the whole of the story is given in Genesis 2 and 3, and the detailed account of the story follows in Genesis 4.


Genesis 4, Verses 1 through 7, tells about God's visible offspring in spiritual utero, before the fall. Genesis 4, Verses 8 to 24, speaks about the death of the fetus, before it was born into the reality of its Father's world. And Genesis 4, Verses 25 to 26, speaks about Eve’s other seed, which God appointed Her instead of Able, which Cain slew. Now, remember that God cast Cain out of the Garden, which was his safe environment. The Garden; it was Cain’s safe environment. It was his amniotic sac. And he entered into the unsafe Land of Nod on the Eastside of Eden. Genesis 4, Verses 14 and 16. Behold; Cain speaking, “Thou has driven me out this day from the face of the earth, from the realm of appearance and from thy face shall I be hid;” separated from God. “And I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth, and it shall come to pass that everyone that findeth me shall slay me.”


And I want to suggest to you -- I haven't looked it up in the Hebrew, but that everyone includes all of the mosquitoes that carry malaria. It includes the scorpions and the poisonous spiders; it includes the rattlesnakes, it includes poisonous trees and plants and berries. Cain became subject to the environment. And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the Land of Nod on the East of Eden. Nod means a vagrant or a wanderer. And the Hebrew word translated “East” in this phrase is the female form of that word. You know, when I first looked at it in the Hebrew, I said, well, I know that Cain was under judgment, how could he go to the East of Eden if the East means the spiritual realm of God. That means he's going to the spiritual realm of God, that part of Eden. You got to look these words up, it clearly states in Strong’s Concordance; I don't have the number here, that this is the female version of the word, “East.”


And it is not the word that's used in other Scriptures typifying the East as the spiritual realm of God. Nod means a vagrant or a wanderer, and the Hebrew word translated “East” is the female form of that word. Cain was cast out of the male or the strong, or the safe environment of the realm of appearance, which is called Eden. And he entered into a female or weak, or unsafe form of existence in the realm of appearance. He went to the other side of the creation. Brethren, there's two sides to this realm of appearance the Scripture says. And on one side is all safety and provision, and on the other side is death and danger.


And for any women’s libbers that are listening to this message for the first time, I am not against women; I am a woman, but the truth of the Scripture is that the spiritual type or the natural types of male and female are this. That the male is the strong one; that the male is the one that provides; the male is the one in which there is safety. And the woman is the weaker vessel. That’s God's types. And you're only upset, because you're fallen; because when God resurrects you, you're going to be a man. Spiritually, you're going to be a man. There's no male or female in Christ. Now, you take God's word down to the realm of appearance and you kill it. I've heard many people say the terrible things about Paul, calling him woman hater and all kinds of names.


You know, Paul’s not a woman hater. He was in a -- he was an apostle of God, a great man of God and he had this understanding about spiritual sexuality. It has nothing to do with your body. It has to do with the condition of your mind. If your mind is strong and it’s united to Christ, you are a man. If your mind is weak, you are a woman. But, in Christ you have the possibility of strengthening yourself and becoming a spiritual man. You are not relegated to spiritual weakness forever. We can’t do that; we can’t change our bodies, except some of these transsexuals, which is a perversion. But, in Christ you can do all things. Don't hate the word of God. It’s glorious. It's going to set you free. Glory to God.


OK. This weak female form of existence in the realm of appearance is called Nod or spiritual vagrancy. You know, for years I had dream about vagrants writing on the seas in a ship. You know, God will speak to you in His language, whether you understand it or not. He'll, you know, every dream that you have if it's of God, there is a meaning to it, and the meaning is in the Scripture if you could find it. And for years I didn't know what it meant, He will show -- and these vagrants on the ship, they had big empty eyes; their eyes were empty. It was a horrible sight to behold. And what God was telling me is that this is what the fallen creation looks like to me. Lost souls; almost like zombies riding on the ships of the sea, just staring vacantly into space. That's how God sees us.


The very best of the fallen creation, the ones that are in the most emotional health, that have the education, that have the top jobs in the world; that's how they appear to God. Empty, vacant, hopeless eyes. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Nod is the land that Cain was cast into and is also the name of the spiritual world we all live in today. We are the descendents of Cain and for all intents and purposes it can be said that we are Cain. Now, brethren, you can’t transfer into Christ, until you confess who you are. Now, your pride is not going to get you anything, but death. We are the fallen creation, we are spiritually Cain and we are dwelling in the Land of Nod. And for all of you Pharisees out here that are saying, well, check out the Scripture, we are told in the Book of Genesis in the end of chapter -- I think it’s Chapter 4.


I may be wrong with the chapter -- that the end of Cain came to pass. There is no more genealogy about Cain. That was the end of that physical line of Cain, but I remind you from our number 60 Series that the new seed that God gave Eve, Seth; produce godly men in the earth, but that seed failed also. They failed so badly that God had to bring a flood to wipe them out, and He saved one seed and brought -- and well, Noah and his sons to the other side of the flood, and then the mind of Cain appeared in those human vessels also, and they fell. Noah lived just short of 1,000 years. Something had to happen to them. No one is living that kind of life around here now.


So the physical line of Cain died off, but the mind of Cain appeared in the physical line of Seth. And we are the descendents of the fallen Seth, which for all intents and purposes is Cain. He did the same thing that he did to Abel, he killed him. Kane killed Seth, and he took our bodies and our souls. And he's appearing through us. And I declare to you, pray about it, because if you can't receive this, it's not likely you're about to ascend into Christ. You've got to know who you are. Hallelujah. Glory to God. And how did it happen that the seed, singular, known as Cain and Abel, became divided? They were one. And even more, how did it happen that the seed divided into good and evil? You would think they would divide into two evil sides -- or two good sides, or two evil sides. Why one and one the other?


Well, brethren, for those believers to whom the Lord permits it, the answers to these questions can be found in Daniel 8, and we've already started to understand that there were two sides to the creation. And that the dark side was in subjugation or submission to the mind of Christ, but that Satan was more arrogant than Christ and He was -- He had the strength to rise up out of His place, take on the role of spirit and do what the Father does. I'm sorry; I hope I'm not confusing you by mixing up my pronouns. I do have a problem with it. She, Satan rose up out of Her place; Her female position, underneath Adam and She started acting like a spirit. And She had intercourse with Adam, with the fertile parts of Adam. Eve, with Eve, Adam’s fertile parts, and produced Her own carnal mind.


We had this in the message preceding this and we talked about it when I read the alternate translation. That's what happened. There were two parts to the creation. And it was Adam's job to hold them together in any -- something happened and She got out. And as we continue on with Daniel 8, we’re going to find out more about what happened. Glory to God. “God gave Eve another seed, however, and that seed which is Christ in Eden, is beginning to appear within humanity. It’s beginning to appear within us. Now, let me just put this on the board for you. I want to remind those of you that are sitting here, that Christ is not coming from Mars. He's arising from within the deepest depths of our being.


And the way we look right now is that we have a carnal mind, and we have a fallen physical body. And that carnal mind is ruled by Satan. And the Holy Spirit comes from outside of us. And by His Spirit is entering right into our heart. The carnal mind is our -- the heart of the natural man. He's coming in and He is having sexual intercourse, spiritual sexual intercourse with Eve who was joined to Satan, the carnal mind. Eve is in here too. To the carnal mind that’s adultery. So all you Pharisees out there are going to tell the Lord that He cannot commit adultery; therefore, we’re to stay in our fallen state for the rest of eternity.


Well, I want to tell you the Lord is not submitting to your carnal minds. And He is going to do what looks like a sin to you, because his motive is righteous and He knows what He's doing, and he's going to do it whether you like it or not. Who has the mind of God? Who can question what he does? He comes in and He has sexual intercourse with Eve, and Lord willing it's not happening in every vessel. He is fertilizing Her. And right in the midst of the carnal mind is coming forth Christ, from within. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


So what are we saying? That the Garden of Eden is being birthed right within the fallen creation. Now, remember spiritual existence is both within us and outside of us. Remember, God is the fire within us and the fire without us. Isaiah said, “The darkness covered the people and the gross darkness within the people.” So Nod is this whole world system out here and it’s also the world system within us, called our carnal mind. And Christ, who is within His amniotic sac, which is the Garden of Eden is coming forth right in the midst of our carnal mind. And Christ, in whomever He’s appearing is standing right in the midst of this world system. And I want to tell you the carnal mind is going crazy.


The carnal mind is going nuts, because as Christ spreads Himself into the sole realm and becomes the conscious or the unconscious mind of more and more people, Satan and Her carnal mind is going to start to fade away. She's fighting for Her very life. Glory to God. Remember, that spirit -- well, I've told you this already. And the proper time Eden, with Christ within it, shall swallow up Nod, and this is the second stage of the resurrection. Why? Let me see. Let me go back here a minute. OK. Eden, with Christ within it, that's coming at forth within the midst of us is the first stage of the resurrection. Remember, that when Christ comes forth, He's going to start ruling. He's going to start ruling the carnal mind from His position underneath, and that is the first stage of the resurrection.


The second stage of the resurrection, let me remind you, is that Christ is going to force the carnal mind underneath Him into Her legitimate female role, and is going to lay Her on top; that's the second stage of resurrection. So at the proper time, the time of the second stage of resurrection, Nod shall swallow up -- I'm sorry, Eden shall swallow up Nod, and eventually the Garden of Eden will pierce through into the world of appearance, and that will be the third stage of the resurrection. The Father knew His wife Adam, and She became pregnant with Cain and Abel and He existed in a safe environment within his mother.


In spiritual reproduction, the pregnancy, which consists of the child and its environment exists only for so long as the mother remains joined to the father in a sexual union. When this sexual union ends; everything that it has produced ends. In human sexuality when the intercourse ends, there is a -- when the woman conceives, there is a physical result that continues on even after the parents die. But in the spiritual realm, this world system, whether it's Eden or Nod, and the inhabitants thereof, exist only as long as this sexual union exists. It’s the opposite in the realm of the spirit than in the realm of appearance. That is why the Father has made the decision to enter into the hearts of fallen men and produce His Christ, right in the midst of the carnal mind.


Because if He took down fallen man totally; this whole world would disappear. In human pregnancy -- well, let me read you that sentence again. The Father knew His wife Adam and She became pregnant with Cain and Abel. And He existed; the single seed existed in the safe environment known as Eden within the mother. And, of course, the mother was still joined to the father. All three were one. In spiritual reproduction; the pregnancy, which consists of the child and its environment exists only for so long as the mother remains joined to the father in a sexual union. In human pregnancy however, should the mother continue to engage in continuous sexual intercourse for the duration of her pregnancy, it would probably kill her. As well as the child.


Remember, the soul realm is the mirror image of the realm of the spirit. In the realm of the soul it's impossible, whether you're pregnant or not to engage in continuous sexual intercourse. It could kill you. But spiritually speaking, the ceasing; the cessation of the sexual intercourse will kill you. Can you hear that? Interesting. And once again, I remind you that Jesus said in John 835, “That the servant abideth not in the house forever, but the sun abideth forever.” And I, every once in a while that turns up on my messages, that Scripture turns up on my messages. And what the Lord is saying there, who is the servant? The servant is the fallen man. Moses was a servant. He did great things for God, but he had an imputed anointing.


Christ; the reality of Christ was not permanently formed in him. That's who the servant is. Someone in whom the reality of Christ is not permanently formed. He does not abide in the house forever. What is the house? The house are these bodies that we live in. And because the carnal mind, which is the life-sustaining force of the serpent, does not abide in the house forever. What happens to it when He dies? The soul that’s in there die and I house dies also. But the son, He abides in the house forever. When Christ is fully born in you, He will abide for the life of the age. And because He lives, you too shall live. And that includes your Adamic soul in your body.


You are the spiritual life that is ruling in you. Your body is nothing. And your body does not keep your soul alive. Most people think your body keeps your soul alive. No, your soul keeps your body alive. You got it backwards. As we see most things backwards, because we’re in a mirror here and we see most things backwards. Glory to God. It is the act of spiritual sexual intercourse then, which produces the realm of appearance in which we exist. And that realm for appearance exists within the mother, who is still joined to the Father in that same single act of spiritual intercourse and all three are one. And this act of intercourse is already going on for thousands of years.


As incredible as it might sound, but they are spiritual beings; they are not human beings. The duration or the time period -- and of course, needless to say we are in utero. This whole world system and every single one of us is in a sac that is within the mother who is joined to the Father. We don't even know what our world looks like. And but, because we are fallen, we’re not in the sterile environment, we’re in a corrupted environment. And we're not safe; we’re in great danger and in fact we’d continue to die until the Lord delivers us. But we don't really know what the real world looks like. We haven't been born yet. As a matter of fact, we died when Cain slew Abel, and then when Cain slew Seth, we died again. And the Lord is in the process of raising His dead child that is still in utero from the dead.


And as I was preparing this message, the Lord quickened to me that that was what happened with my daughter. Now, this is really almost unheard of in human reproduction that a dead baby, that's still within the woman's womb is raised from the dead. But, you know when I became pregnant; my doctor thought my daughter was dead. He couldn’t hear a heartbeat, he couldn't perceive any movement. She was much too small for five months of pregnancy. She didn't seem to be growing. And he thought I was carrying a dead child, and maybe I was. I may very well have been. And when at the very beginning of my pregnancy, I didn't know I was pregnant and I hemorrhaged. And a great deal of blood came flooding out of me and that was why I went to the doctor and I found out that I was pregnant.


I said then what was all the blood, and he said to me, all I can tell you is that it came from -- I'm not even sure what he said, it was so long ago. It came from the surface -- I don't know whether he said the surface of the child or the surface of the amniotic sac. But he didn't tell me until after she was born, but he thought she was dead. And in our fifth or six month he found a heart -- I think that's when he told me that he heard the heart beat. In my fifth or sixth month of pregnancy, he said, for sure he thought I had a dead child. And at this point, I think she probably was. God just raised her from the dead in utero.


And there's always a natural type for spiritual things. And He quickened this to me as I did this message, because we are dead in utero. And He's doing something that's almost unheard of. Well, no doctor had the -- has the authority to raise a dead fetus from the dead. I've never heard of doctor doing it; God may have done it for my child. So we're dead and He's raising us from the dead before we are born; how interesting. Glory to God. Hallelujah. The duration or the time period of one act of spiritual sexual intercourse is called an age. Should this present age come to an end, because the act of spiritual intercourse, which is generated generating it, is interrupted. Both, the strong and the weak sides of the realm of appearance; even in Nod, as well as the fetus; Christ in the carnal mind would cease to exist and disappear just as the moving picture disappears from the screen when the projector is suddenly shut off.


The Lord is literally injecting the new age of His life inside of the existing age in order to sustain this realm of appearance and the dead fetus. The Lord is raising us from the dead in utero before we were ever born. So apparently the Lord has decided not to let the whole thing die and start from the beginning again. He's going to save it in his fallen condition. Mankind is about to enter into the greatest of all of the ages. Christ shall never be overtaken when he appears within humanity in full spiritual maturity. But the woman or the living soul shall be saved by His life when she gives birth to Him. We can say then that Adam dressed or enslaved the Garden of Eden or the living soul by bringing it into submission into the Father's mind; thus forcing it to reflect the Father's image in the realm of the soul, which is Christ and in the realm of appearance, which is the Garden of Eden or Heaven.


This event is expressed in our alternate translation of Daniel 8:4 as, “And Adam was revealing Christ as the conscious mind and the Father as the unconscious mind of the creation.” Likewise we can say, Adam kept or guarded the Garden by preventing it from reflecting Satan's image in the realm of appearance, which is the carnal mind -- No, that should've been in the realm of the soul; I'm sorry. Which is the carnal mind, and in the realm of appearance which is Nod of Hell. This event is expressed in our alternate translation of Daniel 8:4 as, “And He was protecting the living soul from materializing in the realm of appearance in a spiritually altered state of being.”


So we see that the Scripture clearly states that the creation at its inception was an unstable molecule whose electrons were capable of mutating into a new spiritual substance. Let me show you this on the board. Give you some basic chemistry here. I'm no chemist myself, so if there's any science buff that's listening to this message and I make a mistake, you’d have to forgive me and I'd appreciate you letting me know about it. Did I say molecule or did I say atom? I should've said atom. Was it unstable? I don't know.




Yes, I said molecule. I think the correct word is atom. OK. We have an atom. I had hoped if I had more time, I could have -- my nephew is a chemist, I would've called him up and got an example for you, but I don't have an example for you. So I’m going to give you a general picture here. This is what an atom looks like. It has a center, and the center is called the nucleus. And then around the atom, it has orbits. Just like you’ve ever seen a picture of our sun with the Earth orbiting around it and Mars orbiting around. That's what an atom looks like. And it has depending on the atom, it has different amounts of orbits circling around it, and in these orbits are pieces of matter that are called electrons.


So depending on an atom, this first orbit around the center, let's say, could have two electrons. And the second ring around it, let's say it has three electrons. And according to how many electrons it has, our scientists have given each atom a name; A-T-O-M. Each atom has a name and the way to determine what it is, is by how many elect -- how many rings it has, and how many electrons each ring has. OK. Are you all right? OK. Now, a stable electron is a -- stable atom; I'm sorry, is one that has all of the electrons it could possibly hold in its orbit. OK. A filled up atom; it has all the electrons it can possibly contain. OK. Are you all right? Ok. But we have many electrons in our world that are unstable, they are not filled up. For example, this atom -- as I said, if I had time to call my nephew, I could have given you a name or something, but I don't know.


Let's say this atom has the potential to have three electrons, let's make it four electrons in the inner ring, and four electrons in outer ring. That's its potential. But, it doesn't have four, it only has three. That means -- this can be -- the condition of this atom can be likened to having two empty holes in it. And when another atom appears, it can be -- and if there’s such a thing as an atom that has more electrons than it needs. Let's say this atom has five electrons in that ring and it only needs one. And what happens is they hook up, and there's a name for this. I keep telling God, I'm not a scientist -- there's a name for this. They get real close to each other and because of some kind of magnetic force, this electron, which is not need here; comes over here and joins with this atom.


And what happens is that the name of this atom is changed, and it becomes something else. Remember, we said that the creation is appearing in this realm of appearance in a spiritually altered state of being. This atom is now altered, just for example, you know. It was sodium and now it's -- some scientists, I can't even think of a name of another element. It was sodium and now it's copper. The addition of this electron changed the nature of the atom and it's a totally new substance. And this atom that lost its electron mutated. That's what mutated means. It changed its nature. It went into a physically altered state. It became a totally new name. Let's say it became a -- some metal. God help me. Do you understand what I'm talking about?


And this is what happened to the creation at the beginning of time. It was a molecule, it was the core of what was going to be a great glorified creation, but it was unstable; because it really wasn't completely formed yet. I don't want to -- I'm really -- I'm very concerned about saying something that's not true, because I know -- as I said, I'm no chemist, but if something like this happened, I didn't have time to do my homework. I don't know if I can do this or not. All I know is that Satan was in one place. We'll just roll over there. Somehow She got out of this place and She wound up over here in the center. And She stopped doing what an electron does, and She started doing what a -- there's a name -- well, they're several -- neutron -- protons -- they're several. There's neutrons and protons in the nucleus; there's both.


She started doing something that spirit does. And it altered the entire Adam. This Adam of the creation, and it lost one of its electrons and it got another neutron or a proton, and it changed the nature. It spiritually altered the creation. We have become a totally new thing, just as a dyed garment becomes a totally new thing. We are as much a new thing as if you take pure water and salt crystals and mix the two and get saltwater. It is a totally new substance. That is what is happened to God's creation. The beats, the many-membered physical creation is physically altered. The creation, the physical creation is a new creature; spiritually, physically, morally a totally new substance. Does not the Scripture say, we will become a new creature? Well, we’re being altered back again. We’re being spiritually altered upward. We were spiritually altered downward.


We are totally new product than what God formed in the beginning. And it all happened because Adam failed to keep the spiritual law of the soul realm under His control. And the reason He failed to do it was that He was in agreement with it. He was lifted up in pride. And I want to tell you none of us, this includes me, can be seduced to do anything unless somewhere in your heart there's something that's agreeing with the seducer. And that's what happened to Adam. He liked the idea. Glory to God. OK. Let's finish this up.


Alternate translation of what we've got so far. “I saw Adam coming out of the spiritual realm of God and spreading Himself into the soul realm, and He was revealing Christ as the conscious mind and the Father as the unconscious mind of the creation. And He was protecting the whole living soul from materializing in the realm of appearance in a spiritually altered state of being.” Continuing with the fourth fifth of Daniel 8:4. “Neither was there any that could deliver out of His hand.” We're going to start with the last word of this phrase which is hand. Hand is Strong’s number 3027; it means the human and it’s referring to the spiritual authority in the soul realm. This is the same word used in Daniel 12:7, where it is used to describe the witchcraft power of the saints.


Remember, that before the fall, Adam wielded the Father’s spiritual authority in the soul realm as Christ. There were two degrees of that authority in the creation; spirit and soul. And they were both symbolized by the horn or the two degrees of authority was symbolized by the two horns of the ram in Daniel 8:3. They were individual spiritual authorities, but they were both rooted in one being. And one -- God never has a partnership. There has to be an appointed authority in everything that God has anything to do with. Why? Because carnal man will never agree on anything. That's why there's a God appointed authority in everything God does.


There's a God appointed authority in the family. There's a God appointed authority in the household. If you're not a natural family, there's a God appointed authority in the ministry. There's a God appointed authority in the office where you work. There has to be an authority. Why? Because man is fallen and he’s criminal in his mind, and he's frequently without understanding. Glory to God. We see then, that in both in Daniel 12:7 and in Daniel 8:4, the Scripture is speaking about the very same spiritual authority that God gave Adam in the soul realm before the fall. The same spiritual authority when governed by the Father and expressed through Adam as Christ is Godly spiritual power. But when governed by Satan and expressed through Adam as the carnal mind, the same power is witchcraft.


Separated from the Father, it’s witchcraft. When it’s joined to the Father, it’s Godly spiritual power. Another way we can say it, is when God is in control of the spiritual power of the natural man, it is legal to use it and good will come of it. But to use our spiritual power under the direction of our carnal mind, which is criminal is it called sin. It's illegal, it’s ungodly, it's unacceptable to the Lord and it will kill you. Witchcraft will kill you. The practice witchcraft will kill you. Adam soulish authority -- I said that already. Let me say it again. Adam soulish spiritual authority was Godly then for as long as it was joined to and governed by the Father, it became witchcraft, only when it separated from the Father and took on its own identity as Satan.


We'll see shortly, Lord willing, in Verse 5, if the Lord lets me get Verse 5 done of Daniel 8; that the goat, which typifies Satan after She’s separated from Adam, has only one horn. The ram nevertheless, is still portrayed as having horns, suggesting that there are two. The ram with horns and the goat with one horn coexist for a season. This is the second stage of the fall, until the goat kills the ram, which is the third stage of the fall. Now, I want to point out to you here, because I don't know whether you’ve see it or not. But what happened was when Satan separated from Adam in Her mind, and it was just a matter of matter of time until she materialized in the realm of appearance in a separate body. Do you hear this?


There were two minds. The mind of the Spirit and the mind of the soul, and they were appearing as one beast. Because the two laws were under the authority of the God appointed authority. But when the lesser law started thinking thoughts, other than God out from the order of God, eventually, She appeared in the realm of appearance in Her own body. And I want to suggest to you our teachings on what happened to man after the flood. Man before the flood and Noah, and his sons were both male and female. They did not look like we looked. Their wives were within them, and after Noah fell and Shem and Japheth and Ham fell. I think we found out, it was about five generations later, the human beings that were on the earth started to appear in human bodies that were both -- that one body was male and another body was female. What happened? Noel was both male and female. The male in Him was Christ, and the female in Him was His carnal mind. He was a ram that had two horns.


But Satan whispered to him, and he got drunk on Her spirit. He was seduced by the whisper of the serpent. He thought it was God. And before he knew what happened, his carnal mind came out from under the authority of Christ in him, separated from the Christ and him and he fell spiritually, and five generations later his body reflected that spiritual change. And I declare to you, as we win this war and we submit to the mind of Christ, and we bring our carnal mind into submission, and we capture every imagination and every thought, and bring it into submission to the authority of Christ in our mind; it is just a matter of time, until we have a glorified body.


Or if not a glorified body, at least a body such as Jesus had, before the crucifixion, where even though it will be in this form, we can say, “No man taketh my life, but that I lay it down.” We will not be getting sick, we will not be subject to the pestilence that comes through mosquitoes, and scorpions or snakebites. Even though, it will be an unglorified body, the Spirit dwelling within us will sustain it, and give it existence, until the time of the glorification. What you see in this realm of appearance is just a reflection of what's happening in the real world, which is outside of the sac that we’re dwelling in, we can see it. I don't know; I dream a lot. I get a lot of visions. And it's, but I can tell you that I know what the world out there looks like, because God is still speaking to me in symbols that relate to this world system, so that I have some idea what He's talking about.


I really have no idea what it looks like out there. I really don't. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Man has spiritual power, whether he acknowledges it or not. A lot of people don't want to admit that they have spiritual power, especially in this country. Today's very in to not even want to have anything to do with spiritual power. A lot of people, I guess it must frighten them. They want anything to do with it. I know a woman who was with the church that was a 30-fold church and she was very content, and she said, she had a relationship with Christ. Who am I to say no, unless the Lord tells me otherwise. And the church went charismatic, and they went into Pentecost. And the [?gipps?] were operating, and she was so offended by it, that she left and became a Jehovah's Witness.


Now, that's the only testimony I ever heard of anything like that. But someone gave me this testimony. Some people just don't like spiritual things. But either way, they don't like witchcraft and they don't like the spiritual things of God. As a matter of fact a lot of people that don't like the things of the Spirit are in the church, and they're so opposed to spiritual things that when the Spirit of God starts moving, they think it’s witchcraft, because to them, spiritual is spiritual. And they can discern the difference between Christ and the Spirit of witchcraft. Anything that is spiritual terrifies them. Glory to God.


So we see that man-made God -- that God made man with spiritual power that is legal when it’s in submission to God, but illegal witchcraft power, when it separates God -- when it separates from God and operates under its own authority. Man has spiritual power, whether he acknowledges are not. Some of us use it and understand what we’re doing and others use it and don't understand what they're doing. In either event, we’re answerable to God for our thoughts as well as our behavior. And every thought shall be judged by the judgment seed of Christ without condemnation, but it shall be made manifest what generated that thought, and God shall be glorified in all things.


Continuing with the fourth fifth of Daniel 8:4. “Neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand.” So the word, “again,” we have a prefix Vav, and it appears. I didn't write down where it came from. Let me see what I have here. The prefix Vav once again, appears before the Hebrew word translated “neither.” There it is. But it is not translated in the King James. I remind you that Gesenius tells us that this prefix can be translated “because of.” “Because of, neither;” “because of, neither, was there any, that could deliver out of his hand.” Well, that doesn't make any sense, so the King James’ translators just left it out. Well, that makes sense. Doesn't it? Just leave it out.


The word, “neither,” is Strong’s 369, and it can be translated “nothing” as well as “neither.” Now, the Lord uses the same word in Isaiah 63:3 to describe the fallen Adamic man who was useless and nothing in comparison to God. We give other Scriptural references for this usage and discuss it at length on Message number 78, the Harvest, Part 9. The phrase, “was there any” does not appear in the original text, and they are in italics in the King James translation. So we're not going to use that at all. “Neither, because of neither that could deliver out of his hand. That could deliver out of his hand,” is all one Hebrew word, Strong’s 5337, and it means to take away, to strip of anything, to escape or to separate.


And I'm going to suggest to you that, that phrase, “neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand,” is saying that Satan; the lesser worn or the lesser spiritual authority of the soul realm, who was harmless for so long as She was in submission to Christ, who was appearing in Adam’s personality was capable of stripping away Christ's power and separating Herself from Him. Just as we found this event described in Verse 3 of this Chapter 8 of the Book of Daniel. So we see in Daniel, Chapter 8:4 that the Scripture is true to the literary style of presenting the whole message first as it does in Verses 2 and 3, and then providing the details of the events of that message in the subsequent verses as we see in Verses 4 through 14.


Alternate translation. The fourth fifth of Daniel 8:4. “Because of the nothingness, which could strip off his spiritual authority.” And technically it’s saying because of the nothingness that could strip off. And I added in, “his spiritual authority.” Let's make it a little clearer. “Because he knew.” Who? Adam. Because Adam knew that Satan had the spiritual strength to strip off the Godly covering of Christ and begin an independent existence. And once again we see that in our Message number 8; it's in the Book of Zechariah, how the living soul set up its own power base and started generating existence without the authority of Christ.


I'd like to suggest to you that the above alternate translation is a second witness to the alternate translation of the fifth Chapter of the Song of Solomon that we worked up on our Message number 2, the seduction of Eve. Glory to God. That's the whole alternate translation. There was the seduction of Eve by Satan.


Alternate translation of everything we've done so far. “I saw Adam coming out of His spiritual realm of God and spreading Himself into the soul realm. And He was revealing Christ as the conscious mind and the Father as the unconscious mind of the creation. And He was protecting the living soul from materializing in the realm of appearance in a spiritually altered state of being. Because He knew that Satan had the spiritual strength to strip off the Godly covering of Christ and begin an independent existence. So we see in answer to our questions, in Genesis we see that God knew and Adam knew that at the beginning when the Adam of the creation was not stable, that Satan had that potential ability to come out from under Christ’s cover.


And I just remind you of forming glass. When glassblower wants to form a glass vessel, they lower the -- they take a blob of glass and they put it on a reed, and they lower into the heat and they make it soft and pliable by the heat. And they form it in that soft or they blow it in that soft condition, and when they get it in the form that they wanted, then I don't know whether they just let it dry or whether they bake it. I don't know, but likewise a potter will form the clay, and he can mash it or more it and reform it as many time as he wants, until he bakes it in the oven. Now, clay is made permanent by going into the oven. Glass is made unpermanent -- impermanent or unstable by going into the fire.


OK. So we are here in utero; we are being formed and we are the vessels who is being formed in our soul and in the flesh of our bodies. And the Lord will continue to moore us and reform us out of that same lump of clay until he gets the original creation right. Glory to God. And as we go on with the next message in Daniel 8:4 or 8:5, we’re going to see that these Scriptures are relating back to Genesis. I have more studies in the Book of Genesis. We’re going right to the creation. And this is the story of the creation for adult -- spiritual adults and spiritual men. This is not for spiritual babies. It's for spiritual adults. The creation is growing up, becoming a spiritual manhood. And you're very blessed to have your ears hearing these words.


To whatever degree you're understanding it; I just pray that the seed of Christ will root in all of you, and if it’s already rooted, that it grows and that it prospers, and that increases and grows up into a big tree, and that you should all be everything that you could be in Christ. All of you. That you should all be found in Him; in the hour of His appearing. You're not here to fall away; you're here to be built. May you be built. In the name of Jesus. I pray. Amen.


To say that the father was the unconscious mind and Satan is also unconscious mind, but why? I don't understand that.


Well, the Father is the unconscious mind of Christ and Satan is the unconscious mind of the fallen creation. OK. Or the carnal mind. Satan is appearing with the carnal mind in the fallen creation and the Father is appearing with Christ in the new age of Christ that’s appearing in you. OK. Two conscious minds and two unconscious minds, one body. It's confusing, but it’s the truth. You have an enemy and he's in your mind, and he hates you with a hatred that you cannot even imagine. And he is in the mind of every human being, so, although it was a good thing, when you are a carnal person to think of everybody. Now, that we are growing up in Christ, it is essential that we come to the point in Christ where we can perceive the evil in men, because it is there.


Some men are more equal than others, some men have more control over their evil than others, but evil is in the heart of men -- of man. It's in the hearts of men. And if you cannot discern evil in the heart of a man, you're going to have a problem discerning their carnal mind. And you might even make the mistake of thinking that their carnal mind is a good thing. If you think that everybody is good -- now, brethren, I’m not telling anybody to be paranoid. What I'm saying is God is calling us to truth. And if you look at every action of every person and see good in it, you're not seeing with the mind of Christ.


You know, I was watching Phil Donahue today, and they had a -- and they printed it across the TV screen, she had sex with more than 2,000 and 500 some odd men. And she was up on the stage with her 13-year-old daughter. And the reason she said sex with so many men is that -- I turned it on late, so I don't know, whether they named her religion or not, but it's a spiritual ritual. That is a -- it’s supposed to cleanse her. You want to get cleaned, so you sex with men. You could've never known that this utterly reprobate condition was in her mind by looking at her. She was wearing a low-cut dress, so she looked a little; maybe she looked a little loose, if they use that expression. What expression? Well, how do they say it today if a woman looks loose, do you know what I mean? They’re calling her that today. They call her a slut and a tramp today. OK.


I'm being nice saying she looked a little loose, but in a million years, I would've never -- it would’ve never entered my mind that it’s even possible for a woman to have sex with almost 3,000 men. And the woman was only in her 40s. By the time she's 70, it'll be 8,000 men, you know. It's just mind-boggling. And she was up there with her 13-year-old daughter who loved her, but was unhappy about what she was doing. And why did I start to tell you this?


Oh, yes. So there was a lot of strong reaction from the audience. This is what I'm trying to tell you; most of the people were telling her that she was very wrong and that she was destroying her daughter, but there were at least two people that stood up in the congregation that defended her. That defended her right to do this and saying that -- whatever their carnal mind was saying, that she has love or whatever she was -- whatever the carnal mind was saying. OK. Now, you can’t be seeing good in everything. When you’re a child, it's a nice way to live, but if you're going to be a spiritual man, if you're going to enter into Christ without condemnation, you've got to look at what's in the hearts of men.


You're going to have to look at it. I want to tell you, she looked very normal. It's amazing; her daughter looked considering, looked very normal. What scares me is how normal she looked. And this started -- you see, when I was a young woman, maybe, I was imagining it. I don't know, but my recollection is that when I was young woman and I was dating and I was in my 20s, and I was going out and meeting all these men, you used to be able to look at a guy and tell that he was a decent guy, and you can look at someone and tell that he was a nut, and you really didn’t to go out with him. But you can’t go by looks anymore.


And I first started thinking this way, a few years ago when I saw the TV program and they had -- they showed men that on the TV that had taken this young man and chained him up and had homosexual sex with him and tortured him unto the point of death over a period of time. And they showed the man on the TV, he was in his 30s, and I looked at him and in those days, I guess maybe, I was still thinking of having a date. And I looked at him, and I said, boy, if I met that guy and he asked me out. He looks okay to me. I can't -- I looked -- I stared at the TV. I could not see one side on him that would make me leery, and that scares me. And now I look at this woman up there, she looked like a, you know. She looked like one of us. That scares me.


But I'm really amazed, because I can't judge people anymore. And at this point everybody that I meet, I go before the Lord and I say, Lord, what have you got to tell me about them. What do I need to know about that person, so that I don't get into trouble, because you can tell -- What's happening today in a general statement, what's happening today is that the physical form is no longer reflecting the mind that's underneath it. We have physical women that are spiritual men; we have physical men that are spiritual woman. And now, they’re starting to appear in this nation, physical children that are much too mature for their age. And we have physical men in women that are in their minds, children. Everything is reversing. You cannot tell what you're dealing with by looking at somebody's body anymore.


And does this not make sense that this is happening? God is letting all this happen. Why? Because He doesn't want us to look with our natural eyes anymore. God is letting this happen; he wants us to stop using our natural eyes.


6/11/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

6/18/14 1st Edit MJS & CAS





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