143 - Part 4

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Let me remind you that so far as we've gotten in Daniel 8, the Lord has revealed to us that this is a hidden message with regard to the creation. And it is a message for mature believers -- immature believers physically, young believers; and in spiritually immature physical adults can read the account of the creation and the fall in the first couple of chapters in the Book of Genesis. But those of us that are moving on in doctrine what God must know somewhere in our hearts that there has to be more detail than is given to us in Genesis 1, 2 and 3. And I've known that for a long time, but I didn't know where it was; and nobody was more surprised than me to find it in Daniel 8, and this is a very exciting series for me. I hope it’s just as exciting as it is for you, because it's confirming just about everything that God has taught us over the last five years.


And what excites me is to see the way the Lord has brought this fourth. The messages; every message that he has given us has been specifically ordered in preparation for the subsequent messages. And whenever I find a hidden truth that was revealed in an earlier message, whatever I find that hidden truth in a current message, it gets me very excited; and we do have that tonight, and I'll talk to you about it when we get to it. The situation where the King James’ translators utterly rejected the interpretation or the translation of the Scripture that was so clear to me, because of something that the Lord taught us in the 38 series. So let's go on and I hope this message blesses you as much as it blesses me. I just pray the Lord gives me more time to study. I would've done a little more had I had the time, but I just didn't. So I hope and I pray that God blesses this to all of you.


Daniel Chapter 8, Part 4. Recap: Daniel, Chapter 8, Verses 1 through 6. “At the time that the fallen creation became spiritual, I, Daniel, saw vision similar to the one I had seen earlier. And I realized that a divine revelation was being presented to me, and as I tried to understand it, I was immersed in the spirit of God and the Father joined with my human spirit, which was still in a fallen human body, and I was able to look at this divine revelation with the mind of Christ. Then I open my spiritual eyes, which were in Christ and was able to understand, and there was Adam; the souled-animal life that God had made with two spiritual laws in His mind and He was standing in full spiritual strength in the realm of appearance, and the unified creation was in the high spiritual place, but Satan was more arrogant than Adam and became strong enough to depart from Her passive spiritually female position in the soul realm and She took on a dominant spiritually male role; overlaid Adam, God's creation and conceived Her female offspring, the carnal mind within Him. And Christ; the offspring of God died. And the father drove the fallen creation out of the garden.


Verse 4, “And as I turned to Christ to receive understanding, there was the vision. Satan, separated from Adam entered into the earth and began to dominate him, but didn't penetrate Him right away. And Satan’s spiritual authority was strong enough to transform Eden; the physical creation in the earth into the land of Nod. And Satan approached righteous Adam, whom I had seen standing in the earth with full spiritual authority over both heaven and earth, and She used the spiritual authority of the soul realm to penetrate Him as a husband and make Herself the ruler of the whole creation.”


I'd like to remind the people that are here and put this as a note on the message for those who are not here. That the Lord has given us two support of messages between Daniel Chapter 8, Part 3 and this message, Daniel Chapter 8, Part 4. And those two messages are denial and multiple personalities. Number 147; and Heaven and Earth, number 148. And I strongly recommend that anyone studying these group of messages as a series, listen to those two messages before going on with Daniel Chapter 8 as a series. And I just want to remind you that we are going to be saying -- wherever I can remember to do it, I'm going to be saying the earth instead of the realm of appearance. I'm going to be saying heaven instead of the realm of the spirit.


And let me just remind you right here; let me put this on the board for you just to refresh your memory. That the Lord has shown us that the soul realm is operating in the same principle as Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God or man. There is really only heaven on earth. The soul realm is the mediator; and soul is either revealed in heaven as spirit or soul is revealed in the earth as the mind of a man. Soul is revealed in heaven as spirit or the unconscious mind of man. The unconscious mind of man is spirit, or soul is revealed in the earth as the conscious mind of man or personality, and behavior. Can I take this off the board? You're still writing?


What was that, in the earth?


The conscious mind of man and behavior. So we see that we have two levels of heaven and two levels of earth. And in heaven the two levels are the Father, which is pure spirit and the spiritual realm of the soul, which is designed to function as one with the Father and the difference between the pure spirit of the Father and the two; the Father and the soul realm together. This is the difference. The spirit of the Father, pure spirit is not functioning through a human being. Does anyone here not know that the spirit of God can speak to a man out of the air? He can do it if He wants to. Does anyone have a problem with that?


OK. But it is His preference to speak to you through a man. And when the Father speaks to you through a man, He joins with the soul realm in that man's mind; and that's what the soul realm is. I remind you the Scripture that where the Lord says, “I create the darkness and use it to form the light.” Let me remind you that this glass is forming the water in the glass. The water has no form or shape; just as spirit has no form or shape. When I pour the water into the glass, it takes the shape of the glass. Water is unstable. It's physically unstable. It's physically unstable. OK. It will take the form of any container that you pour it into.


So the Father pours Himself into the unconscious minds of a man and is therefore formed by the soul realm. Does anybody not know what I'm talking about? Because soul always appears in a man. Soul, whether it's appearing in heaven or in earth is a man. Adam is the living soul. So what he's doing is giving form to the Father. When soul is appearing in heaven with the Father, we can draw it in circles if you want to. The Father; think of the Father as the liquid in the glass; and think of the circle as the glass. So when the Father joins with soul, He has placed Himself in a container, and that container is the mind of a man. Do you understand what I'm saying? OK. Let me just say it one more time.


The difference between pure spirit, which is the Father alone, and the spirit joined to soul is that the pure spirit of the Father alone does not need a man to be revealed through. And we see that in the Scripture. OK. When the Holy Spirit hovered over Mary, we don't know where He came from; the Scripture doesn't say. And when God said, “Let the earth be formed,” He certainly was not in a man, because the man had not been formed yet. When the Father pours Himself into the mind of a man, He takes the -- well, actually He forms the mind, but he is contained by the man. Let me just put that on this message. Everything’s opposite in the soul realm. This glass is forming the water. OK.


But as we have taught on the number 18 series when the Father pours Himself into the mind of a man, he is not formed by the mind of the man; he gives form to the mind of the man. And the example that we use in that is the invisible man who nobody could see; and He put a jacket on and bandages around His face. The bandages are revealing the invisible man, but they are not like into this glass, which is rigid. The bandages are soft and are revealing the form of the invisible man; that is the situation of the Father. Even though He is invisible, He has substance and form. The Father has substance, but we can't see Him. And when He pours Himself into the Earth of mankind, His substance is revealed.


And the way we explained on the number 18 series, was the example that we gave was someone diving into a mud puddle. The invisible man diving into the mud puddle and coming up out of the mud puddle. And the mud is all of Him, and you could see the substance of the invisible man. That is the condition of the Father. So we have two realms of heaven; the Father alone, and the Father in the unconscious mind of a man. And then we have two levels of earth, which is the conscious mind of a man and his behavior. And of course the conscious mind of a man is his personality. His personality and his behavior. So soul goes both ways. It can be expressed in the realm of heaven -- in the realm of the spirit, which is heaven; or it can be expressed in the Earth, which is personality and behavior.


There is no soul in and of itself. The Father can exist in and of Himself without a man, but soul cannot exist without a man. So we could say the Father could be; well, I’m not going to say that right now. I'll just say it the other way one more time. The father can exist without a man, but soul expressed as spirit cannot exist without a man. He must be the unconscious mind of a man. Soul with the Father is the unconscious mind of Christ; soul without the Father is the unconscious mind of the carnal mind, and that is Satan alone. Soul without the Father is known as Satan. But the Father is in a higher heaven; He can be revealed as pure spirit totally and separately apart from a man.


OK. So I'm going to try to be using of these terms, and may slip from time to time. Please understand what I'm saying. There are several names for the same thing. Realm of the spirit, heaven, Garden of Eden, Earth, conscious mind, personality, behavior, realm of appearance. Glory to God. OK. So the reason I'm changing the terms is that we're going to try and get more scriptural. And also as I repeat these alternate translations in the new message, if you're comparing them to the old message. If you're comparing the alternate translation to the one that I gave you on the last message, you might find the change of the word here or there. As I go over it, I might refine it; take a word out, change a name to a pronoun. For the only reason being I'm trying to make the text to read smoothly. And again, I'm not doing anything that any other translator doesn't do. OK.


One comment on the last message as we did Verse 6. I guess it was Verse 5, where it says, “And he touched not the ground.” I didn’t mention or speak about the word ground. And I'd like to tell you on this message that the word, “ground” typifies soul. Ground, Earth; it’s the conscious mind and the behavior. And in that Scripture it was used to describe the righteous Adam in the earth. In accordance with the context of the entire verse, we drew the conclusion that this earth was referring to the soul of Adam being expressed through the earth when he was still righteous. And you may remember from other messages; God has showed us this many years ago that there are quite a few words in the Hebrew that can have both negative and positive meanings. They’re in the Lexicons with both negative and positive meanings. And the only way we can tell whether or not to use the negative or the positive meaning, is to find out that God's intent in the whole verse, and then we can find out how He wants us to use the word.


And in Verse 5, it was obvious to me. I hope it was obvious to you that Adam and not yet fallen. So Adam had not yet fallen, therefore the earth was righteous. When Adam falls and Satan becomes the God of the creation, it's the same word used to describe the soul of man in being expressed through the earth. It's the same word. The earth, meaning the conscious mind and the behavior of man; it’s the same word translated Earth used to describe the fallen Adam and the righteous Adam. You understand? OK. So when I say that a word has to be modified, what that means is you read the whole sentence; you pray about the intent of the whole sentence, and the intent of the sentence will give you an understanding of what -- how God wants to use a particular word; and that's called modification. That's called modifying the word. Anybody not understand me? OK.


Adam, the living soul; I want to remind you was revealed in the realm of the spirit or in heaven as the lowest spiritual authority. It's called in Daniel 8. She is called in Daniel 8 the lesser horn. And I'd like to remind you at this point that in the verses that we've covered so far, the Scripture in the -- and if you check it out on the Interlinear, it does not speak about two horns. It just says horn. So if the Scripture says horns, you know there has to be more than one. OK. We're going to find in Verse 7 that the Interlinear says two horns, and the words change. And we're going to find out what that's all about as we go along. OK. Oh, I wanted to make some comments to you on what we learned in the multiple personality’s messages also.


So let me remind you that at the beginning, God made a creation and called Him darkness and light or day and night. And this creation was female in relationship to God, but because He was in union with the Lord, He is male in relationship to the entire creation. God made him; the Father God made him the Lord of the creation. And we’ve talked a little bit about this recently. If the Father is manifesting through you in any particular office; as long as it's Christ, don't deceive yourself. But if it's Christ, you are upright; you are male, you are righteous and you are important. And Jesus thought it not robbery to make Himself equal to God. He is the son of God; if he's being revealed through you in any function, you are very important to that function; but you must learn where that function begins and where that function let’s off. And that means you're all very important in the function that you're in.


Now, if someone turns their back on that function, they're not important anymore. See nothing -- everything flows. This is a very important point; I felt the Lord wanted me to make it again. If you're in right standing with God in something that He’s called you to do, you are very important in that function. But if you turn away from what He’s called you to, then He’ll just replace you. Do you understand what I'm saying? Some people make the mistake, because we're all learning and growing in God. And some of us make the mistake of thinking that we’re very important even when we’re separated from God. And that’s what -- that's a big mistake. OK. And that's why the Scripture says that we shouldn't be given authority at too young in age, because Satan will snare us.


If we don’t have this understanding, thinking that we’re very important and that we’re so important to that we separate from God; and then we're in trouble. We are important so long as we are in right standing with Christ and fulfilling His purposes in the earth. But you better believe that Satan's not going to help you to stay in right standing with Christ. It's not a situation where we are made very important no matter what we do; that's not true. OK. Glory to God. OK. Let me just talk a little bit about this multiple creations -- multiple personalities; I'm sorry.


“And at the beginning God made a creation, and He called him; His name was Adam. And He called Him darkness and light, and He called the darkness day and He called the light” -- I’m sorry. “He called the darkness night and the light day.” Starting with Genesis 1:6, God began to fragment this creation, or another way we can say it is He began to break it into many parts for a season. And now, at the end of ages, were told in first Corinthians 10:11, God is reconciling all things back into Himself. And that said it second Corinthians 5:18 and 19, and Colossians 1 and 2. Let me say that again; I don't think I read it right. And now at the end of the ages -- and I gave you a reference for the end of the ages. First Corinthians 10:11, and what's happening at the end of ages is found in second Corinthians 5, Verses 18 and 19; and Colossians 1:20.


And what's happening at the end of the ages is that God is reconciling all things back into himself. So I'm suggesting to you that on the seventh day this whole creation that has been fragmented shall be fused together and internalized by the glorified Christ. Let me just put it on the board for you. God made a creation and He called Him darkness and light. The darkness was in submission to the light. The darkness was forming the light. Remember? The light is God and the darkness surrounded Him to reveal His form; that was the creation. The Father on the inside, and the soul; one with Him, ion the outside. And we’ve described this spirit and soul combination as a glove. The spirit is the hand and the inside of the glove is the soul or the conscious mind, and outside of the glove is the earth, the behavior and the personality. Wait; did I say that wrong? I meant the unconscious mind.


The unconscious mind is on the inside of the glove and the conscious mind, personality and behavior is on the outside of the glove and in the middle of the glove. We have a hand, which is the hand of power; the hand of the Father. And for all intents and purposes, this hand is one with the unconscious mind. The soul is one with the spirit and giving it form, and the conscious mind or the personality and behavior is on the outside. Or the earth is on the outside. Heaven in here, Earth out here. Everybody OK? I know this is really tough.


OK. So at the first day, the Father made a creation and He called it light and dark, or day and night. Let's call it day and night. He called the day and night. And the night was subject to the day, and the two were one. It was a whole creation, that's all there was. And then the Lord fragmented the creation and in the following verses -- let me tell you what verses it is. Starting with Genesis 1:6, the Lord began to fragment the creation. This was Christ. Day and night was Christ joined to the earth, and he was one entity. The Son of God was plummeted into the earth and the two became one. And then the Lord started to break Him up. And He formed the whole creation out of Him. He formed the physical creation. He formed the physical sun and the stars. Everything out of this original Son of God that was joined to the earth. Are you OK? Hi. Everybody OK here?


And right now, the whole creation is in pieces. We have planets out there, we have suns out there. We have universes out there, and man himself is in many different members. The whole creation is fragmented. There was a young child at seven years old, and he split into three personalities. And for all intents and purposes, the young seven-year-old child went to sleep and died. And the existing human being was three new personalities. And somewhere in his maturity, those three existing personalities were fused together and the young boy that went to sleep emerged with a 7-year-old mind in a 35-year-old man's body, and then he proceeded to grow up and become the fifth personality that man. Are you OK?


OK. This is what has happened in the creation. God formed a man, He called it day and night. It was the Son of God joined to the earth, and then he broke it into five personalities and the day and night died. For all intents and purposes, the day and night; that creation, that singular creation of Christ surrounded by the earth died. Why? Because He was slain, the Scripture tells us. And if you look that word slain up, it means dressed up for slaughter. Dressed to go to the market. Chopped into many pieces. So for all intents and purposes that original creation seized to be and out of Him, the Lord formed the human being man and the creations, and the earth and the planets and everything of this physical creation was made out of the original creation. And for all intents and purposes he died; and now, he’s five different personalities as described in the Book of Genesis starting with Verse 6. The sun and the stars, the animals, the creeping things. Does anybody not know what I'm talking about?


And now, for you upon whom the ends of the ages have come, all of these elements of the creation are being fused together. And in the teaching on multiple personalities, the Lord reminded us that the only part of us that's real is our human spirit and the soul that sins, it will die and it’s body with it. And in this hour all of our human spirits which are Christ and which were Christ from the beginning; all of our human spirits which are a drop of the Son of God who died when the creation fell are about to be fused together, or about to be reconciled in one, because Christ is not divided. And in order for that reconciliation to come to pass our individual personalities and lifestyle will be swallowed up by the mature Christ justice our 10, 12, five and four-year-old child has been swallowed up into the adult that we are now. And as I've been telling you all along, I don't know exactly what it's going to feel like to be fused in one to the Son of God, but I do know this; it has got to be good. And it has got to be better than the hell of this existence.


And I also remind you that we have a natural example of people who are emotionally immature and sometimes emotionally unstable, and they bring their childhood into their adulthood, and their lives are being ruined. Because to be an adult child is a source of great pain to one self and to everyone with whom you would like to have an intimate relationship, and every human being needs intimacy. So when you bring your childhood into your adulthood, you become a problem person. You may wind up on a psychiatrist couch or a psychologist couch. Why? Because you need to -- you need help in maturing into your true age. Your body mature, your years mature; you're out of school, but your mind has not matured. Your personality has not matured. You’ve got a problem.


Now, I want to tell you something. The Lord Jesus Christ has no intention of bringing His childhood into His maturity. But His childhood doesn't want to go, you see. Most of us don't want to go. I have to honestly tell you; probably I would feel that way too. If He hadn’t stripped me to the extent that He stripped me. Right now, I’m ready to go, but He's taken everything of this world away from me. So those of you that have marriages and children, and whatever you have; I understand where you're coming from, but He's not going to let you live. He intends to grow up and to bring you with Him in His maturity. And you got to put your dolls down, and you got to get rid of your baby carriages, because you’re coming. Amen.


So in this hour, these five personalities of the creation, starting with Genesis 1:6 are about to be fused together. And we are going to see the original day and night appear again in the focus of His maturity, which is called the Glorified Christ. And we are told that with the Glorified Christ the son will be at high noon and it will shine continuously, and there will be no darkness. Now, brethren, when the sun is at high noon and there is no darkness at all, the moon is still there; you just can't see it. The creation of God, the living soul will still be present, but because Christ will be ruling. He will be the only thing that will be seen. And it's got to be better than this, don't let your carnal mind lie to you. It's got to be; it has to be, because he's God.


OK. So let's try and get on with this message. Hallelujah. Does anybody have a problem relating to what I said to the teaching of multiple personalities? Everybody OK? OK. Continuing with, Daniel, Chapter 8; Verse 7. “And I saw him come close onto the ram.” We are talking about the goat of Daniel 8; the he-goat, the male goat, which is a type of Satan was created by God to be female; but in Her mind, who in Her mind has raised Herself up with aspirations, with ambitions, with desires to be greater than that which God has made Her for. And in Her mind She has made Herself a male. And because She thinks of Herself as a male, She is acting like a male. And because She is acting like a male, She has appeared in the earth. And if I can remind you the creation of God is typified in Daniel 8 as a ram. And all of a sudden there was another animal in the earth and the animal was male. All of a sudden there were two males in the earth, and God did not ordain it.


Our mind is created. People that are not -- do not have a relationship with Christ will tell you this, they spend hundreds of dollars taking courses on positive thinking. Executives -- businesses send their executives to take these courses on how to -- well, they’ll say it's positive thinking. In business it gets to be mind control and witchcraft. How to make business work? How to make people buy your product? How to never take no for an answer? And your thoughts will materialize in your life. And in the same manner if you're brought up to think poorly of yourself, to think that no matter what good thing comes your way you cannot succeed. You will surely fail in life. There's a truth to this. And we see it in the church today.


One of the sisters gave a testimony about it. I don't remember the exact word that she used, but she told someone about power and authority to the believer and the manifestations of the Sons of God. And they said that's blasphemy. You have to know the truth, brethren, and the truth will set you free. So what we think even in this following condition will mold our lives. If we hate ourselves or windup married to a man that will hate us, it's called in the world a self-fulfilling prophecy. Did you ever hear of the expression? If we love ourselves, we will marry a man who loves us. That's the truth.


“And I saw him come close onto the ram. I saw the he-goat; Daniel saw the he-goat, Satan come close onto the ram and he was moved.” And who? “The he-goat was moved with collar against Adam and smote the ram, Adam, and break his two horns.” And I remind you that word, “two” is in italics; the original Hebrew says. “And break his horns, and there was no power in the ram to stand before Him; before Satan, when He cast Him down to the ground and stamped upon him. And there was none that could deliver the ram out of this hand.” 


And let me remind you that he reason the word, “two” is not in the Hebrew is that Lord is saying, yes, there was more than one horn, but the two are one. The Lord says, horns, but he doesn’t say two, because they were in separate individuals. It's like saying a pregnant woman is two people. And not many people would say that, that if you're walking around, even if you're nine months pregnant, not many people would say your two people. So and yet you hear people say, well, you're eating for two now, aren’t you. It’s the same kind of thing. God acknowledged that there were two parts, that there were horns; plural, but He wouldn’t go so far as to say there were two horns, because the second horn is an incomplete horn. Not designed to live by itself, to exist by itself or to function by itself.


“And I saw Him close, come close onto the ram. And I saw Him.” Strong’s 7200; it's the word for I saw Him. I'm not going to spend any time on it [INAUDIBLE]. “Come close.” Strong’s 5060 can be translated to touch a woman. To touch one's heart, to move the mind of anyone or to destroy the foundation of. And I want to remind you that Christ was being revealed through the creation. Christ is the heart of the man in right -- in union with God. Christ is the heart or the mind of Christ; they're the same thing in the Hebrew. So this word, “come close to” can mean to touch a woman, meaning sexually intercourse. It means to touch one's heart, which is Christ. And we can see that it can be used to speak about changing someone's mind; that when you touch that person, it can result in a moving of one's mind.


These definitions all come out of Gesenius. It can also mean to destroy the foundation. And I declare to you that Christ is the foundation. Is He not? And there is no other foundation that has been laid. The foundation of what? The foundation of the glorified creation that the father fully intended to bring forth at the beginning of time. Satan materialized in the earth. In the form of a He-Goat, and He touched the foundation of God’s creation and He brought it down. The word, “onto,” “and He came close onto” is Strong’s 681 and it means joined to or going to -- we can’t put the translation for every one of these words in the sentence, because it’s not good English. But the idea behind this touching the heart of Christ is that He joins Himself to Him.


And as we’ll see as we go on, it was a spiritual sexual union. It was a penetration and it was a joining that eventually brought down the heart of Christ or the mind of Christ and set up the foundation of Satan. Known as what? Anybody? The carnal mind. Amen. The foundation of creation; the carnal mind is in every human being alive and the physical world system that we live in is an image of that carnal mind. There is no earth, there is no realm of appearance; there is no physical creation without a spiritual offspring. This is the way God set it up, brethren. For the Father to appear in the earth, He must join with the creation; Adam and bring forth His offspring Christ. And when the mind of Christ is operating and functioning, and set up in the conscious mind of the creation and the personality of the creation, an image is reflected. It’s called the Garden of Eden.


When Satan passed through the creation, Satan passed through Adam and brought forth her offspring, the carnal mind. The carnal mind was set up and in the mind of a man, in the personality of a man, Adam; the creation and the world system known as Nod or Hell was erected. It appeared. It materialized. There must be an offspring for this physical world to appear. Does anybody not understand that? There must be a spiritual offspring resulting from a spiritual sexual union for this world to appear, for this world to materialize. This world is an image of a spiritual reality. OK. Are you OK? Glory to God.


So when I saw him, I saw the he-goat come closer unto the ram. And I’m going to suggest to you that Satan, the goat; entered into the heart of righteous Adam, joined with His heart through spiritual sexual intercourse and thus changed His mind to the carnal mind and destroyed the foundation of Christ, which the Father had laid in Him. And let me remind you that this is exactly what the Father in the form of the Holy Spirit is doing today to the following creation. The Father is in the midst of comp- -- not completely, but accurately reversing the fault step by step. We’ve seen it with the three stages of the resurrection. And I put up the three stages on the fall of the board for you. They are the exact same thing in reverse order. Does anyone not know what I’m talking about?


Well, I've also had it on the board for you, how the Holy Spirit enters into the heart of fallen man and is having a sexual connection with our spiritual reproductive parts. Paul talks about the loins of our mind. You can call Her Eve if you like. Even though in the fallen man, Eve is joined to or married to Satan and has produced His -- or Her, well, His offspring. He’s in a male role at this point. The carnal mind and all three are joined together and reflecting the image of this world system. The Holy Spirit has entered right in despite this union and has fertilized -- if it's happened to you; I pray it’s happened to you. He has fertilized Eve, you're spiritual productive parts. And if you are in this condition, you now are a double-minded man. And you are unstable in all your ways. And the natural type of it is Isaac, who brought forth the child of the flesh by the bond-woman, and the child of promise. You have two offspring. Amen. Hallelujah.


Alternate translation. Daniel 8:7. Oh, this is just the first part of it. I broke this verse into six parts. Alternate translation. The first six of Daniel 8:7. “And I saw Satan engage in spiritual sexual intercourse with righteous Adam. And He was moved with collar -- let's just check this next phrase. And He was moved with collar against Him. The phrase, “and He was moved with collar,” is one Hebrew word, number 4843; and it means to embitter or to make bitter. And it can also be translated to flow out or to drop into. The implication is liquid, and also to destroy; to flow out or to drop into to -- for the purpose of destruction. This Hebrew word is the root word for the Hebrew word that means bile. And for those who don't know what bile is, I have Webster's definition for you. It is a yellow or greenish fluid secreted by the liver which aids in the absorption and digestion of fats.


Bile is associated in human folklore with irascibility -- that’s irritability, melancholy and anger. Bile is that which comes up when you have no food in your stomach, and you try to vomit; that horrible tasting brown stuff, brownish-green stuff that comes up; that's what it is. And it absorbs and digests fats. And I remind you that in the Scripture, Christ is typified by oil; fat. So here we see a substance; a spiritual substance that has the strength to absorb fat, the fat of the life of Christ. So I’m suggesting to you then that the Hebrew word translated collar in the phrase, “and He was moved with collar against Him,” is suggesting that bile, which I'm suggesting to you is the spiritual substance of Satan, flowed out of Her or Him. She's now taken on a male role. “And absorbed or digested the life of Christ, which was being revealed through righteous Adam.”


And this word, “against Him” is Strong’s 413, and it can be translated to turn into, it’s used of turning or direction towards anything. And it's used -- it can be used to describe a hostile motion of turning into. And I'm going to suggest to you that this word is speaking about Satan spiritual sperm. God is very -- He is very earthy. This whole creation is based on spiritual sex. And I’m going to suggest to you that even though She was female, because of the spiritual authority that She had from the beginning, She brought forth from within Herself what can be like unto spiritual sperm, but it was not the goodness of God, it was not the spiritual sperm of God, which is described as fat, and glory and goodness, but it was wicked. It was green, it was -- it smelled and it was associated with great anger, ambitiousness.


And it spewed out of her, and it entered into the heart of Adam, and it destroyed the Christ in Him. And I remind you of what I've been telling you over the last few weeks; She could have never done it if Adam didn't agree. They're had to be something in Adam that was in agreement with this or she could have never brought Him down. And then maybe somebody is saying, well, how could Christ be brought down. The creation at that time was an unproven, untested creation; that can be likened to the imputed anointing. Adam had weaknesses, he had weaknesses of character. It was that weakness of character that agreed with Satan that brought Him down.


What God is doing in this hour through the imparted anointing is that He is birth, literally being born in us by a foundation that can never be taken down. And that foundation that He’s planting in us is swallowing up every weakness that we have. And He is using our experiences in this hellish realm in the earth to encourage us and help us to work with Him in this conversion. Because when you have fallen into sin and you have experienced what you have sown, you're going to work hard with the Lord to overcome that temptation when it comes at you again. Unless there's something really wrong with you.


If you’re a young woman and you’ve had a child put of wedlock, you should be clinging to the Lord with everything you've got to not get into that trouble again. But of course we see our women all over the country today having two, three, four and five babies each by a different father. Something’s wrong with their conscience. And we’ll find out a little further on down, that Daniel 8, Verse 7, indicates in one of these words that what Satan did was destroy Adam’s conscience. Christ is a conscience. And that's what was destroyed.


And this is the same principle that is operating in Hebrews 6. Where it says, “If you have tasted of the good word of God and experience the miracles of the age to come, and you willfully sin, there is -- that you crucify the Son of God afresh; and that there is nothing left for you, but a fearful burning,” which is speaking about judgment. What that is saying is that if you have seen the salvation of Christ deliver you out of whatever your personal destruction is, and you know what it's like to be in that Hell and you deliberately go back to it, there is something wrong with your conscience.


There is something wrong with you. I'm not going to -- I'm not insulting you. A doctor could tell you that you have cancer; he’ll tell you there’s something wrong with your body. If you keep making the same mistake over and over and over again, there is something wrong with your conscience. There is something wrong with you, and you need an operation. And that operation is judgment, and the judgments of God are merciful. That's what that Scripture was all about. Glory to God.


You might find it interesting to know that this word, “against him” is the same Hebrew word used in the phrase, “And Cain rose up against Abel and slew his brother,” in Genesis 4:8. It's a word that's associated with murder, and I hope by now that you understand that Satan rose up and murdered Christ. And in fact, this is the same story of Cain killing Abel. This is what happened, where the Scripture says, “Cain killed Abel.” The Scripture tells us that God received Abel’s animal sacrifice. That was the sacrifice of his own soul by bringing it into submission to the Father. But God didn't want the works of Cain's hand, and the Lord said, “If you do well, you will be blessed also.”


What did the Father mean? He said stay in your place. He said there's blessings for you, but you are not created to be the man. You are created to be the woman. And if you do, if you function in the role that I've created you for, you will be blessed in your place. But if you don't sin, lyith at the door. What does that mean? The door to what? The door to the earth. That was God's way of saying if you come out of your place the whole creation’s going to fall down to Hell; because at that point, the creation had the potential to fall. When the Lord Jesus Christ completes the work he is doing now, the potential to fall will be completely swallowed up. But at the time the creation was unstable.


We had it another message recently, that it was an unstable -- I don't know whether it was an unstable Adam or an unstable -- I guess it was an unstable Adam. It was capable of changing, and we found out in that message that certain atoms are not complete -- forgive me if you're a science major. I am not good at this thing, but I hope you understand what I'm saying. Certain atoms are not complete. There is a potential for something to be added to them. We can liken this to a piece of cloth or a sponge being saturated or not being saturated. An incomplete atom has a potential for additional electrons to join to it. And when additional electrons join to any atom, that atom changes and it is no longer what it was; it is now a new substance. And that is what happened to the creation of God. It was an unstable atom. And when Satan came up out of her place, She switched over the configuration of the atom, and it changed from Heaven to Hell; from Christ to the carnal mind. That's what happened. Hallelujah.


Alternate translation. The second six of Daniel 8:7. “And Satan’s spiritual substance or spiritual sperm, if you will, flowed into him, into Adam and destroyed the life of Christ, which the father had begotten in him.” And I reminder you that life of Christ permitted Adam to appear in -- Adam and the Father to appear in the earth. Glory to God. And continuing with, “And smote the ram.” And, “smote” is Strong’s 5221; it means to slay. Well, we know that He killed Adam, but look at how He killed Him. This word also means to pierce through or to impale. Does anyone not know what impale means? I'll show you what it means. This piece of paper is impaled upon this pen. And another definition for smote is to hold motionless by piercing. So if this pen or a knife; and I put into the table, the paper would be immovable.


And if you haven't seen it as yet, I'm going to suggest to you that this is what Jesus did to His carnal mind on the cross. Do you remember the teaching of the two souls of the twain? Jesus made one new man; he slew the enmity in his flesh that was already completely under His control. Christ pierced through His carnal mind. And for all intents and purposes, the carnal mind that He inherited from His mother Mary ceased to be, and of the two minds He made one new man. The creation of God. We are not the creation of God. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, before the crucifixion was not the creation of God. Oh, I can hear all the Pharisee screaming. He was not the creation of God, until He was resurrected and ascended up into the Heavenlies.


So we see in the Scripture that this of course is the resurrection. This is the third stage of the resurrection. I'm sorry, I'm writing on my side like that -- on the side like that. This is the third stage of the resurrection, and we see in here that it’s the third stage of the fall. Let me show it to you. Everything’s happening exactly in reverse. Christ was in Adam. Well, do I have that wrong? I guess the carnal mind was within. The carnal mind was -- well, there was -- the carnal mind was within. The carnal mind was birth right in the midst of Christ, just as Christ is being birth right in the midst of your carnal mind; first stage of the resurrection.


Satan through the carnal mind controlled Christ. She whispered to Him. She controlled Him from a passive position. Second stage of the resurrection; She got on top of Christ. And she controlled Him from a dominant position. Did I say resurrection second -- well, that was the first stage of the fall. This is the second stage of the fall. Third stage of the fall She killed Him. And of the twain She made one new fallen creation called -- Who knows what? Death. Called death. Big name of the creation is death. That was close, no? It was good. Can anyone not see it’s the exact reverse of what Jesus is doing now. Tit for tat. He's coming and He’s doing the exact same thing. Spiritual is spiritual. It's just a question of what spirit is doing it. When God does it, it's acceptable and it produces life. When Satan does it, it's illegal and it produces death. Glory to God.


We find this word, “smote” -- translated smote, used to describe a man's conscience in first Samuel 24:5. “And it came to pass afterward that David’s heart smote him, because he had cut off soul’s skirt.” And I'm suggesting to you that the phrase, “and smote him,” in Daniel 8:7, means that Satan crucified Christ, thus killing righteous Adam's conscience. This is the death of the conscience of the righteous man. That's why we have all these problems today. We have problems with our conscience. I don't know about you, but I have problems with my conscience. Some of us are stronger in certain areas than others, but we all have problems with our conscience. It's a warfare to do righteousness. Why? Because we like something inside of us, if we didn't know it was going to kill us, would want to sin. That's the truth of our nature.


That's how Adam fell. That's all righteous Adam fell. It sounded good. He wanted to do it. He liked the whisper of what the -- of what was being whispered to; and He liked the idea. You can’t be seduced if you hate the idea. Drug addicts that come out of jail and go back to the same neighborhood, they can’t be seduced if they don’t want it, but they like the way it feels. Their problem is they like the way it feels. It's meeting some kind of a need in them; some kind of a corruptible need, some kind of their corrupt need. And the trick of making it in this world is to get all of your corrupt and incorrupt needs met through Christ. It's not easy switching over. It's hard switching over. But that's the trick for happiness in this world. True happiness is to get it from God. That's the trick.


OK. Let's go on. And the next phrase in Daniel 8:7 is, “And break His two horns.” The word, “break” is Strong’s 7665, it means to break down or to break into pieces, but it can also be translated to bring to the birth. This is the same Hebrew word translated bring to the birth in Isaiah 66:9. Where the Lord says, “Shall I bring to the birth and not cause to bring forth, saith the Lord.” This is the same word translated break in Daniel 8:7. And we're going to use it that way. Satan brought to birth Her carnal mind. She didn't break Adam, She birthed him. She birthed within Him. And here we have the situation with the two horns. I'm going to spend some time on that. The word, “horns” is 1161, and we’ve talked about that. I hope everybody knows that means spiritual power.


But this word, “to” in this case as I mentioned earlier; this is the first time a Hebrew word that is being translated to, and the Interlinear says -- and Strong’s says, it's number 8147. That's the first time this word has been added to the text about the ram. And I'm going to suggest to you that the King James’ translators made a boo-boo. And I'll tell you how I got it. Something made me compare the words. Compare the Hebrew letters. And that something obviously was the Lord. I compared the spelling of this Hebrew word that's been translated to and been assigned the number 8147.


I compared the spelling of that word in Interlinear text to the spelling of the word which is being given the number 8147 in Strong's and in Gesenius. And guess what? They didn't match. Not the same word. This is not the first time this is happened. This happened from time -- happens from time to time. So I then checked the -- I went into the Strong’s and I looked up the word, “to,” and every time the word, “to” appeared in the listings in Strong's, that was a number; 8147. And I checked it out in Daniel 9:26, and Daniel 12:5, and it was in fact the word that appeared under the number 8147, but it wasn’t the same word that appears in Daniel 8:7.


So I prayed and I looked further, God definitely directed me to it. And I found an unnumbered entry in Gesenius. It appears right after the number 8663. This word had a very similar spelling, but not exactly the same spelling; and this was the difference. Gesenius says that this word is the feminine of Strong’s number 8147, which is the number that we will refer to when you look it up in Strong’s. It says the number 2 is 8147. The spelling was different than the word in the Interlinear, but I found the spelling, and Gesenius says that this word is the feminine of 8147, and tells you; whoever’s reading it, refers you back to 8147. The unnumbered entry that I found in Gesenius after the number 8663 had a similar spelling of the word in the interlinear text, but it wasn't the same.


And Gesenius said that it was the feminine of 8147 and referred you to the Interlinear text, but it still wasn’t the same word that I saw on the text. So I looked further and that -- then I found the word that looked just like the word in the Interlinear with one small exception; there was a dot in the midst of the Hebrew letter that expresses the sound “t,” which dot changed the sound to “th;” from a “t” to a “th.” This word was exactly the same as the word in the Interlinear text, except for that dot. And it’s Strong's number 8359, and it means the warp in weaving. It means the warp in weaving, so if you've listened to the number 38 series, you know that it's referring to Satan, who is being woven through the fabric of this creation. We are a garment for God, He's weaving a fabric, and we are in it; and Satan is the warp.


So when the Kings James’ translators looked at this, there was no way they could make any sense out of this word at all. The word in the Interlinear text was without the dot and the King James’ translators couldn’t deal with it, so they added the dot and they changed it to something else, because there was no way they could conceive of the warp of a garment fitting into the sentence. And I'm suggesting to you, and there's not a doubt in my mind that they added the dot and they just assumed it was a mistake. And they changed the word and they changed the number in the concordance. So let's see what this sounds like when we use that translation; Satan and the warp.


Oh, before I give you an alternate translation, let me also tell you that in Daniel 8:3, the word, “horns” appears in the plural form of the word, but in Daniel 8:7, the verse we're studying right now, the word translated horns, even though the King James translators say horns, it's not in the plural form. So when Satan separated from the Father, when She separated out; they were no longer talking about horns. She is now a single horn. It was one and now there's two. And we talk about that in message number -- on the message number eight. There was one and at all of a sudden there was two. There were two functioning as one, but there was a separation and now there is division. So we see that there’s not an accurate translation in Daniel 8:7 at this point.


It says horns; the word is horn. And it says two, and the word means -- it says two horns. And the correct translation is a singular horn that is the warp of a garment. Did I lose anybody? I know I confused that a little. Everybody with me? OK. So I’m suggesting to you that the phrase in Daniel 8:7, “And break his two horns,” should be translated, and Satan birth the carnal mind. The word, “break” is -- can be translated to birth, as in Isaiah 66:9. And the word, “to” means the warp. And Satan birthed the warp. She birthed the warp of the garment. Anybody not with me? She birthed Satan right in there. She went right in where Christ was already existing and birthed Her offspring, the exact same thing that the spirit -- that the Holy Spirit is doing to us now. He is going in right where the carnal mind is and birthing Christ. Hallelujah.


Alternate translation. The third sixth of Daniel 8:7. “And Satan penetrated Adam.” Remember, we have the word, “impale.” She penetrated Him. Let me just remind you of this. The word, “smote.” And She smote Him; She penetrated Him. And Satan penetrated Adam, and with that penetration She crucified the Christ within Him. We just saw it on the board. And She birthed the carnal mind in Adam. Did I lose anybody? This is a complicated verse. And Satan penetrated in Adam and She birthed the carnal mind in Adam. Continuing on, and there was no power in the ram to stand before Him.


The word, “no” it’s Strong’s -- if you want to look it up, it’s Strong’s 308. It’s just a negative. It means no. The words, “there was” is Strong’s 1961, and it comes from the word to be; to be, to exist. The word, “power” is Strong’s 3581 and it is specifically referring to viral strength. In case you don't know what viral means. Webster’s definition of that word is if you are viral is to be capable of functioning as a male in copulation. It means to be -- it is to have the ability to perform sexual intercourse and included in that is the feat of impregnation of the woman. So Adam; we are told, did not have His strength. “And there was no power in the ram to stand before Him. And Adam did not have the strength to stand before Satan.” Well, let's see what that means. I remind you that this is the same phraseology used up above, where the Scripture is speaking about Adam having the strength in the earth.


Let me see if I can put my hand on it quickly here. Here is in Verse 4, “I saw the ram pushing westward and northward and southward, so that no beasts might stand before Him.” And we translated that phrase, that the beast could not appear in the earth. It could materialize, it couldn't take physical form without Adam. And now we're reading that when Satan penetrated Adam and crucified Christ, Adam lost His strength to stand. He lost his strength to reflect the image of the mind of God in the realm of appearance or in the earth. Why? Because Christ died and the image of God can only be revealed in the earth through His Christ; and Christ was crucified, but God hadn’t raised Him from the dead yet. This is the crucifixion of the imputed Christ.


So Adam lost His strength to cause man in whatever form He was in that hour to stand in righteousness without corruption, and He lost his strength to form the image of the Garden of Eden. This word to stand is Strong's 5975, it means to set firmly. He lost His power to set the -- to set this world in place. It means to sustain. It's used in the expression to administer to Jehovah. And I suggest to you that Adam was ministered to Jehovah in reflecting His spirit in the earth that was God's intention through Him. It also is used; this word, “to stand” is also used to express the setting up of statues. And I declare to you that the statue is Christ. Christ is likened to the cherubim in the tabernacle; that is they are two statues that are acceptable to God. God ordained that they should be built.


And the idol that is the abomination unto the Lord is the carnal mind. The true idol is the image that is engraved in the soul of a man. That's the true idol. Well, Father, I just pray that you help all these people Lord. We rebuke the spirit of sleep. I curse you Adam and your carnal mind, and I rebuke you and all of your efforts to put these people to sleep. But I ask you Father that the spirit of alertness to be upon them in Christ Jesus and that you bring forth whatever deliverance you have purpose to bring forth tonight. And that you don't let them miss one word that you have ordained for them to hear this evening. Glory to God.


I rebuke all of your torment saying. You are finished. Glory to God. So this word, “to stand” can be translated to set up as statues or to put in place. And Righteous Adam lost His ability to set up the Statue of God, which is Christ and to establish and sustain the Garden of Eden in the earth. This word, “to stand” is also translated to establish the vision in Daniel 11:4. And I can't wait to get to 11:4, these kinds of teachings just go so slow, but I just can’t wait to get to that chapter. Because I’ve glanced through it, but it never occurred to me that that expression, to establish the vision was talking about this physical world system. So this is going to be -- we've got a very exciting few months ahead of us with these teachings.


And in case you need more proof, whoever you are listing to this message. The word, “establish” Webster says, means to make firm or to make solid; It's the creation of this physical world or to bring into existence. So when we use the phrase, “And break the two horns and there was no power in the ram to stand before Him.” We’re saying there was no power in the ram to sustain the image of the Garden of Eden. The image that was on such a high spiritual realm that it had substance, that it produced food, that it produced water. Brethren, this world is an illusion, but it's a illusion that’s projected by a superior mind and because we are fallen it is real to us. It is not real to Jehovah. It is not real to the Glorified Christ, but we are trapped here. We are literally trapped here, because of our fallen condition.


And I've told you before I feel to put it on this message again, that in the program Star Trek, they deal with illusion a lot. And I saw one program where Captain Kirk was in a jail, and it was clear from the show that that jail was a product of his captor’s mind. And he tried the bars and he tried to shake the bars, and he couldn't get out. And then somewhere along the line, he got the understanding that it was an illusion. And in accordance with the movie Star Trek, and as soon as he realized it was an illusion, it dissolved and he walked out. But I want to tell you something, brethren, this is a spiritual truth. What the -- the way they presented it in the Star Trek was not exactly accurate. I know that this world is an illusion. And the last time I looked, I have not walked out of here. I want to tell you, you need a superior mind to walk out of here.


Knowledge is not enough. This salvation is not in knowledge; it is in of a spiritual reality. We have a whole element of the church today thinking that they are about to enter in, because of their knowledge and there's going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth. This illusion will cease to exist when the superior mind of Christ is revealed through me permanently. I wish it was that easy. And I want to tell you to know that this world system is an illusion. To know that these bondages, whatever is hurting me my life is an illusion. It's a manifestation of Hell. It is torment to see the answer to your problem and not have the strength to make the correction. But it's something we have to pass through, because Jesus said, “Know the truth and the truth will set you free.”


So I have to believe that He knows what He's talking about. And I'm pushing through to know the truth, and I have to believe that at some point it’s going to set me free. And the way it’s going to set me free is that knowing the truth is one of the factors that is causing Christ to appear in my heart. And I will push in and intent to push in with every strength that I have. I want this thing so bad, I can taste it. I've got the vision; without a vision my people perish. I got it, now He has to do it. Glory to God. And He will. Why? Because He is faithful and He is more faithful than I am. He's going to do it. Glory to God.


Alternate translation. The fourth sixth of Daniel 8:7. “And Adam didn't have the spiritual strength to sustain the image of the Garden of Eden in the earth any longer. So the Bible says then God drove Adam out. Well, that's with the way you say it to children brethren. And God drove Adam out, and Adam didn't have the strength to sustain the image anymore. What child would understand that? What a very young child would understand that God drove Adam out? Glory to God. Going on with, but He cast Him down to the ground, meaning the he-goat cast the ram; Satan cast Adam down to the ground.


The words, “cast down,” Strong’s 7993, mean to cast behind one's back. And I remind you of Jesus’ statement to Peter, “Satan get ye behind me. Get thee behind me.” It also means to throw off or to overthrow, or to cast down or to cast out. And I'm suggesting to you that Satan threw off Adam's dominion over Him. Remember, there were two horns. Adam was in the dominant position on top of Satan; he was in the male position. Adam who was revealing Christ or righteous Adam was on top of Satan. And Satan overthrew His authority. He threw Him off, or He put Christ behind them. And we can see better with the circles. Satan was under total dominion; Christ was ruling, and She was whispering to Him from a passive position, and apparently He was listening, and He liked what he heard.


Because the next thing we know, She threw Him off Her back; and She put Him on His back. Excuse me. And She took the dominant position on top of Him. And She overthrew Him. She put him behind Her or underneath Her. Glory to God. And She cast Him down to the lower position. And She cast Him out of the Garden of Eden. Brethren, that's how She cast Him out of the Garden of Eden. She caused the Garden of Eden to disappear. It disappeared. If something’s not there, you can't be in it more. That's how She drove Him out; that’s how She cast Him out. It ceased to be. Hallelujah. I know we all these visions of a garden with a gate and He was driven out and it was God rebuking Him and shaking His fist at Him and saying get out of there Adam, you wicked so and so. No, that's not what happened. That's what you tell the babies, because they can understand it. His whole world ceased to be. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


The word ground; let me give you the phrase again. We’re dealing with when he cast Him down to the ground. Now, remember we talked about the ground. They told you that it refers to the soul and depending on the verse we are going to find out, how the verse is modifying the word, “ground.” And we’re going to find out whether it's referring to the Righteous Adam in the earth or to the fallen Adam in the earth. Well, let's see what it says. Well we’re talking about Satan overthrowing Righteous Adam, so it would have to be the fallen living soul in the earth. Now, let's see what we have here. OK. And the word, “ground” -- and when I looked this up in Gesenius, even though its same word, “ground” is -- was used earlier, it was in a different form.


And Gesenius tells us that this is the form of the word that refers to the local earth. It wasn't referring to the whole planet. It was referring to the earth of the living soul of the man. It specifically refers to the local earth. The planet did not disappear. The world system did not disappear. That which was cast down was the man. Everybody OK? OK. Thank God for Gesenius. Thank you Lord for Gesenius. Satan overthrew righteous Adam's authority and literally cast Adam out of Heaven. Does that sound familiar to anybody? Amen. Revelation 12:9. Let me read it on the message. Revelation 12:9, “And the great dragon was cast out;” same words. “And that old serpent called the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole earth,” -- which, I'm sorry, which deceiveth the whole world, he was cast out into the earth and the angels were cast out. What’s meaning of cast out of Heaven?


He was cast out of Heaven and He appeared in the earth. And I'm suggesting to you that Satan overthrew Righteous Adam’s authority and cast Him out of Heaven. And we read about this when God's pronounces the curse. He says you're going to be tilling the earth. [UNINTELLIGIBLE], he was cast out of Heaven, that's what happened to Him. And what does that mean? It means he lost His spiritual authority over the earth and became subject to earth. Is man not subject to the earth? Subject to the earth. We could starve to death if we can’t get it to bring forth food; there are poisonous plants that kill us; poisonous insects and snakes that can kill us. Trees fall on us and kill us. To me, the ultimate insult is allergies. The ultimate insult, that trees and flowers that God gave us, gifts to men should cause us torment; the ultimate insult of man's weakness in the earth.


And we’re bearing the mark of Cain. The human race cannot be whipped out. God put a mark on Cain. We are Cain and we cannot be wiped out. This is eternal torment and it will continue until Christ reverses Satan's work, which He has already started to do. Glory to God. What a wonderful message. What a wonderful message. “And “smote,” the ram and break his two horns and there was no -- and cast Him down to the ground and stamped upon Him”. The word, “stamped” 7429 in Strong's, it means to profane. That means to dirty. It also means to tread with the feet as a potter does clay. Listen to this. Satan did what the Father says He's going to do us. The Father says, He’s going to moor us; He’s going to moor the clay and reform it, and that's what Satan did to Righteous Adam. She stomped on it with Her feet and she moored the clay that was already in the image of the Father, and She reformed it in Her image.


She set up the abomination of desolation in the earth. Brethren, don't worry about getting the mark, brethren. You were born with it. What you should be worrying about is getting the mark of God, which will swallow up the mark of Cain. The mark of the beast is the mark of Cain. It’s the mark that got put on Cain. Eternal torment. Hallelujah. What a message. How can they listen to that junk out there? You know, how they listen to it? They're carnal. They can't listen to this stuff. They could- -- they can't bear it. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


And I also refer you to Revelation 13, Verses 14 and 15. We’re not going to turn there now where that Scripture talks about the image of the beast; it talks about the beast making an image onto its name. And the image of the beast -- who knows the image of the beast? No, spiritually, the things we've been talking about here. No, it’s the carnal mind. The image of the beast is the carnal mind. And the image of the Father is Christ. The idol, the image is either the carnal mind of Christ. Is either the image of the beast or it’s the image of the cherubim. The image is the Father -- it’s the image of the spirit that's engraved in the clay of the soul realm. It’s either the image of Satan, which is the carnal mind or the image of the Father, which is Christ. It's engraved in the clay of the soul realm, which is in the earth; the clay of the earth.


Every human being is revealing the image or the nature, or the spirit of either the Father or Satan. And because none of us is in full stature right now, from moment to moment, from incident to incident, we are manifesting either Satan through the carnal mind or the Father through Christ. It must be one or the other. If you're not manifesting the righteousness of Christ, you’re manifesting the carnal mind of Satan. There's a lot of believers are inclined to say, oh, well, it’s just my carnal mind. Brethren, if it's your carnal mind, it's no small thing. You’re revealing Satan. And if you have the mind of Christ available to you, that is a shame. The Scripture calls it a shame without condemnation. But it is something to be ashamed of. Get your act together and stop doing it by the power of God. And there's a difference between condemnation and shame. Does anyone not -- can anyone not comprehend the difference between condemnation shame? Hallelujah.


Alternate translation. The fifth sixth of Daniel 8, Verse 7. “And Satan formed Adam in Her image and erected the Land of Nod, where the Garden of Eden once stood.” Brethren, Eden is going to be restored to us right on this planet. We’re not going anywhere. Our soul is ascending. Our spirit is being redeemed. We’re not going anywhere. In the same manner that God finds a dirty down and out sinner, doing whatever he's doing laying on the streets, and picks him up and makes a preacher of righteousness out of him; in that same manner He's renewing the earth of the physical world. We all know He's renewing the earth of human beings. Why do you think so little of your God? He's going to renew the earth of this world system, right in the same exact spot.


Someone already wrote to me, they said, “You sound like a Jehovah's Witness,” I sound like Christ. They've got a lot of truth, but they don't have the spirit of God. And we’re told clearly that unless that truth is mixed with the faith of the Son of God, which is the spirit of his life, it will not prosper. It will not do them any good. Believe me, they're not hitting or being hit by the warfare that we’re hit with here, because it can hurt Satan. Spiritual truth without the Spirit of God cannot hurt Satan, but that combination, brethren, is going to cause an exclusion that is going to destroy this world system. And Satan is fighting with everything She's got, because She is literally fighting for Her life.


And She is the head of your natural man. And if you're yielding to Her, She's your God. The truth is going to set you free, brethren. “And Satan formed Adam in Her image and erected the Land of Nod, where the Garden of Eden once stood. And there was none that could deliver the ram out of His hand, and there was none that could deliver out of Adam, out of Satan's hand.” The word, “none” again is 3808, it’s just a negative. I think we’re going to translate it, “and not.” “And none could deliver.” The word, “could” is really two verbs here. It really, in Interlinear it says, could be and none could be delivered. “None could be” is Strong 1961, is that same word, “to exist, to come into existence.”


This is the same word translated, “there was” in the phrase, “And there was no power in the ram.” And as I told you it’s the verb, “to be.” The word, “delivered” is Strong’s 5337 and it means to strip off. It’s the same word again. It's the same word used in Verse 4. It means to strip off, to snatch out of danger or to escape. And the word, “hand,” “None could deliver out of His hand,” 3027; again this is the same Hebrew word used in Daniel 8:4 and also in Daniel 12:7. It's a word that means power in all three verses, but we must determine whether it means witchcraft power or the power of the Lord by the context of this sentence.


In Daniel 12:7, we found it to mean the witchcraft power of the unconverted saints. And in Daniel 8:4, it refers to the power of God. In Daniel 8:7, I suggest to you, it once again means the witchcraft power of the unconverted saints. They put this comment on the messages. Brethren, everyone who’s carnal mind is not dead, or everyone who’s carnal mind is not completely controlled by Christ, which would be the first stage of the resurrection is manifesting witchcraft power to some degree in some measure. You may not be what you have thought witchcraft is in the past, but if you are moving outside of the power of God, it's witchcraft. And I'm going to give you a hard word here. Once the Lord is being formed in you; once you have conceived and Christ is being formed in you and He wants to start really being the Lord of your life. And I say, really, because when we have the Holy Ghost, pretty much we lay hold of Him and use Him, but when He starts to come forth in us, He wants to lay hold of us and use us.


And once we are brought to that place of spiritual maturity and we will not let go of laying hold of the Holy Ghost and using Him. It becomes the witchcraft power of the saints, which is described in Daniel, Chapter 12, Verse 7. And we’re told in that chapter that salvation will come when the witchcraft power of the saints is broken. And it’s the saints who will not stop using this soulish power, this earthly power, this devilish power; whatever you want to call it. It doesn't have to be -- you don't have to be using it to kill people. You're just running your own life.


And because you're running your own life, He can’t get in there. And He fully intends to break the power. Why? Because He wants to run your life. It's got to be broken, and He will break it. I am the first one to acknowledge that most of the believers don't know what they're doing. Well, that's not a particularly good place to be in, because you're going to start running into severe trials and don't think it’s Satan; it’s God breaking your witchcraft power. But if hear this message and you receive a measure of understanding, He requires you to join with Him in destroy Him. Standstill, give Him a chance to move through. You standstill. Give Him your every decision; because if you don't give it to Him and you’re called, He's going to take it from you.


Someone just recently said to me, “I've made enough sacrifices; I'm not making any more sacrifices.” And they wouldn't even pray about what God's will was in a particular circumstance. Brethren, I know God loves you. I know God loves this person, but the church is in darkness today. Who in their right mind would fight against God. You must have a sea of conscience. And again, I declare to you without condemnation this is the scriptural definition of fool. Who would fight against God? Only a fool. Excuse me. You can't win.


You know many Christians would say why doesn't Satan give up; doesn’t She know that She's finished? Well, look at some Christian who’s revealing Satan and ask her why she doesn't give up. Doesn't she know God's going to have His way with her? Apparently not. And that's why we read in the Book of Job, that the Sons of God are going to come upon the church and the rest of the world as thieves climbing up the walls and climbing through their windows. When God first started giving me this revelation, people were horrified with me. “How could you describe the Sons of God as thieves climbing up walls and sneaking in windows?”


What it means is, brethren, if you don't have enough wisdom, understanding or knowledge, or strength to judge yourself, God is coming upon you through a believer who has been apprehended by Him to challenge your ungodly thoughts. And He's going to come upon you without awareness, because if your thoughts -- if your mind is not in the right condition, you are sure to not recognize Christ in the person, and it is going to come as a surprise to you; and it is going to come as an attack upon you. As in your dream with that man just punching the child in the head; and again there is no condemnation in not being able to judge yourself.


It's a simple fact if you can’t do it, Jesus is coming and He is coming with a sword and He's coming with a recompense and He is going to beat you unto death if necessary. Why? To save your life. And that is the size of it. And I vent you to say that most people are not capable of judging themselves. I say this without condemnation. They're crying out to God day and night for deliverance, but they truly cannot see what is in their mind that is hindering that delivery from coming forth.


So because God loves you, He will send somebody to you, but it's always going to be in a violent confrontation. Why? Because if your minds in that condition, if you can't judge yourself, you initially will not receive the word. That is the way it is. Hallelujah. Thank God for the correction. Glory to God. He's coming real soon. And if you don't get corrected, you're not going to enter in. Thank God for the correction. Hallelujah. So we’re dealing with the phrase, “And none could deliver out of His hand. And there was none that could deliver the ram out of His hand.” I was saying that the word, “hand” is this verse is referring to the witchcraft power of Satan.


Alternate translation. “The six sixth of Daniel 8:7. “And Righteous Adam could not escape from Satan's witchcraft power.” Why? Because there was something deep in Righteous Adam's heart that liked what He heard. It sounded good to Him. And in His mind He yielded. Brethren, the fornication is in your mind. The fornication is in your mind. And if you're not in full stature, it's possible for you to be overtaken; even if you don't want to be. We will all fail to resist the fornication at some point until we’re in full stature. You've got to stop it when it's in your mind, brethren. If you don't stop it when it's in your mind, what's the next thing that happens? It's revealed in your behavior. And then you're really in trouble.


Well, what am I talking about? Whatever your problem is; once it’s revealed in your behavior, it's much harder to get delivered. Did you know that? It’s much harder to get delivered. Once it goes that far, the manifestation of the sin in your behavior strengthens the sin in your personality. Sets it in, roots it down. It's much harder to get deliverance. Don't do it. Whatever it is; put a piece of wood in your mouth and bite the bullet and scream, but don't do it. But of course, you can’t do that until you get a revelation of what's righteous and what's unrighteous; so, you have to start at the beginning. But, God makes it pretty clear. Hallelujah.


There are certain things that it’s obvious. There is sin and there is no justification for sin. It doesn't matter if you're right, you see that all the time. It doesn't matter if you're right, doesn't matter if you're wrong. There is no justification for sin; and I want to tell you that God will let people sin against you, because He wants to see what you're going to do. He wants to see what you're going to do. There is no justification for sin, for retaliation or for any ungodliness toward someone, no matter what they have done to you. And when you yield to it, you root down that potential and you strengthen it, you defense it; you build it up and you set back you're development in Christ for however long you get set back. I don't know it’s an individual thing with each person. You’ve got to fight this thing. Hallelujah.


The whole of Daniel 8:7. Alternate translation. “And I saw Satan engage in spiritual sexual intercourse with Righteous Adam; and Satan’s spiritual substance or spiritual sperm flowed into Him and destroyed the life of Christ, which the Father had begotten in Him and Satan penetrated Adam and crucified the Christ within Him, and birthed the carnal mind in Adam. And Adam did not have the spiritual strength to sustain the image of the Garden of Eden in the earth any longer. And Satan formed Adam in Her and erected the Land of Nod, where the Garden of Eden once stood. And righteous Adam could not escape from Satan’s witchcraft power.”


Now, I've taken this verse and I've rearranged some of the phrases on prior messages I've  gone into great detail to show you how I've reversed verses and I'm just not going to do it anymore. I hope you understand that for whatever reason; I'm not sure what the reason is, when we get into prophecy, it's not in all uncommon for the phrases to not flow consistently. So if you want to get a true understanding of what this Scripture is saying, it's necessary to put the second phrase first or etcetera to get a flow; a correct flow of the sequence of events. Does anybody not know what I'm talking about? I'm not going to take all the time to do it like I did on the 78 series. I'm just going to read to you or I moved a few of the phrases around.


“And righteous Adam could not escape from Satan's witchcraft power, and I saw Satan penetrate Him, and Satan’s spiritual substance or spiritual sperm flowed into Adam and Satan birthed the carnal mind in Him; and the life of Christ, which the Father had begotten in Him was destroyed. And Adam didn't have the spiritual strength to sustain the image of the Garden of Eden in the earth anymore, and Satan formed Adam in Her image and erected the Land of Nod, where the Garden of Eden once stood.”


Now, I’ve spoken to you about amplification on several occasions. What I'm doing here; at least part of the time what I'm doing here, is that I’m amplifying the Scripture. We have a whole Bible called Amplified Bible, and this is based on the reality that the Hebrew is such a rich language; and in Prophecy -- prophecy is very abbreviated,  very similar to your experience of seeing that word, “saw”, though I did not speak a whole sentence to you, it just gave you one word. It’s a similar situation in Prophecy, and when you start looking up these words and realizing that it’s speaking about revelation that God has brought forth that's available to us in the New Testament and that’s already in our heart, it's perfectly legitimate to amplify the one or two words that is in -- in Prophecy, because you know and it's an established fact in your heart to other Scriptures that these two words have a whole series of events attached to them.


Just let me give you an example in case someone -- is this -- this is the first message they have picked up. If I tell you that Jesus died on the cross; we also know that he walked the earth for three and a half years, that he did signs and wonders; that he fed the poor, that he healed the blind; that he healed the deaf, that the lame walked. We know that He rebuked the Pharisees; we know that He rose from the dead. That he ascended on high, that He was glorified and that He’s pouring out of His spirit upon all flesh.


So if Prophecy says, Jesus was crucified, we know all this other stuff. And that's what amplification is. I add words to fill out the story that is set forth in a limited number of words. Now, when I did the last message, when I did part three; when I did Verse 6 or Part 3, I must've gotten a little carried away and I put in a lot of amplification, all of which was correct, but It never occurred to me to check out Verse 7, and now I find out that all the -- that a lot of that amplification that I put in has come forth in Verse 7. Although I couldn’t see it, because Verse 7 no longer sounds anything at all; it sounds like in the King James. So what I'm telling you is if you go back to the message on Part 3, you'll find out that I have removed the last few phrases, because if I leave it the way it is and I put it together with Verse 7, we’re going to have a repetition. OK. Everybody know what I'm talking about? OK.


So I’m going to read to you now Verses 5 through 7. And let me remind you that Verses 1 through 4 of Daniel 8, give a general overview of Adam’s spiritual condition before the fall and how the fall came to pass. And Verses 5 through 14, give the details of the fall. So for the time being, we’re going to leave Verses 1 through 4 aside, and I'm going to give you the alternate translation for the Verses 5 through 7. And again; if you’re comparing this to the prior messages, I have changed the expression, realm of the spirit to Heaven, and the realm of the soul to the earth. I believe that's what God has told me to do. I'm sorry if it's confusing you, but we have to grow with Him, we have to go with Him. So if you're comparing what I’m going to read now to prior messages, you may realize that I said on prior messages, the realm of the spirit or the realm of the soul, and I've changed it now to say Heaven earth. Everybody OK? OK.


“And as I turned to Christ to receive understanding, there was the vision. Satan separated from Adam, appeared in the earth and began to dominate Him; but didn’t penetrate Him right away. And Satan’s spiritual authority was strong enough to transform Eden, the physical creation in the earth into the Land of Nod. And Satan approached Righteous Adam, whom I have seen standing in the earth with full spiritual authority over both Heaven and Earth, and She used the spiritual authority of the soul realm to penetrate Him as a Husband. And make Herself the ruler of the whole creation.”


“And Righteous Adam could not escape from Satan's witchcraft power, and I saw Satan penetrate Him. And Satan’s spiritual substance flowed into Adam and Satan birthed the carnal mind in Him and the life of Christ, which the Father had begotten in Him was destroyed, and Adam didn’t have the spiritual strength to sustain the image of the Garden of Eden in the earth anymore. And Satan formed Adam in Her image erected the Land of Nod, where the Garden of Eden once stood.” Hallelujah. Any questions on this message?


Remember when you said that in the Garden of Eden, Satan rose up and destroyed Adam, the Christ in Adam?




Was it the imputed anointing that Adam had or was it the imputed Christ?


It would have to be the imputed Christ, because the imparted Christ could never have been destroyed. And the major difference between the imputed anointing and the imparted anointing is that the imparted anointing -- Jesus, how can I explain this? We were talking about this the other day. I was just listening to the message on Heaven and Earth, I have it on there. Just let me get my thoughts together. The imputed anointing can be likened to occult channeling, where you really have nothing -- the mind of the vessel to whom the Holy Spirit is being revealed is not in an understanding agreement with the Spirit.


They're just a channel. The Holy Spirit moves through them without, well, usually their consent. We know that there’s -- the spirit is subject to the prophet. They will consent, but their mind is not comprehending what the Spirit is saying, and it’s a challenging experience. The imparted anointing is a weaving together of the mind of the vessel being used and the spirit of God, and it comes through their own mouth in their own words, because they understand what the Spirit is saying; and that's the anointing that cannot be rooted out of you.


So this is just a type of Christ then what Adam had?


Of an imputed anointing. It wasn’t a type of Christ. It was Christ, but it was untested. The righteousness was flowing through the spirit, but he wasn't righteous. That’s the problem that we have in the pulpit today. We have anointed men of God brining forth healing and deliverance, but they are unrighteous.


Right. So they just have the imputed anointing?


They have the imputed anointing, but in the imparted anointing the righteous nature of Christ becomes woven together with the unrighteous mind of man and brings it into submission, and the man becomes righteous. And then nothing could take it down. Nothing can destroy it.


Nothing can --


The imparted anointing, nothing can destroy it.


He had the imputed anointing.


He had the imputed anointing.


Is there like -- could there be a little bit of truth that maybe something bad that may happen once or twice in your life could be from Satan? God allows Satan?


Well, it's all from Satan, but --


Oh, yes. God allows Him.


He’s just [INAUDIBLE] imputing God's judgment.




Satan is the henchman.


Yes, that's true. Anything that Satan does, God allows Him to do.


Satan cannot touch us, if there is no sin in our life. Jesus said to Satan, the prejudice world cometh and He has nothing in me. There was no sin, with Jesus in me.




There was nothing that Satan could do to hurt him. And the only reason He could hurt us is that there is still sin in our life.


That's right. That's what -- how come they don't preach that in the church world? Don't they realize that Satan cannot touch us unless God allows it? There's a reason why God is allowing it, but then they would say, oh, he's doing it to test you or something. I don't know. They say …


The whole problem is they think they’re righteous.




And they're in for a big shock. Glory to God. For the shock. They must save their life. Amen. Hallelujah.


Yes, long time ago. The Lord told me I was to use Satan just like he does. I can understand that, I found it way out. I just understood it to me to have authority over him.


Well, I don't know why God would say that to you, we kn- -- do you know that Paul turned someone over to Satan? Do you know what that means? He turned -- well, when Paul turned someone over to Satan, that person; although they had the Holy Ghost apparently, was so reprobate in their mind, so bent on sinning, that who was Satan, the carnal mind is Satan. He was turned over to some wicked man to chastise him. I want to tell you that I have been chastised sore by Satan through employers. I went through years of employees that mistreated me so badly that people that heard my story couldn't believe it. My brother-in-law used to freak out, he could not believe what these men did to me. And every job I went to, I got someone who was worse. I was chastised by Satan, which is the rod of God's anger.


So when Paul said he turned somebody over to Satan, what that meant was, when they woke up the next morning, some horrible person who was in a position to exercise authority over him, was waiting for him with one big stick. Its divorce, his father, is your father, if your husband. It’s some policeman that's arresting you when you didn't do anything. Satan is someone with authority is His soul realm that's going to beat you on behalf of the Lord.


I thought it meant to reap natural consequences in your actions.


Well, that’s pretty much the same thing. If you’re wicked, the natural consequence of your action if you mistreat somebody, the natural consequence of your action is that someone will mistreat you, and God will raise up a vessel or desire to mistreat you.


Whatever you give out will come back to you. What goes around comes around, like the people [UNINTELLIGIBLE].


You better believe it. So when you turn someone over to Satan, it means you turn them over to this carnal realm to reap what they have sown at the hands of wicked men. Satan is God’s executioner. Judgment is in the flesh. This is a childish fantasy. That it goes on in some place called Hell or some -- how should I place this -- this whole world is in varying degrees of Hell. Someone is -- even the people that seem to have the very best lives, maybe sickness will come into their life.


That’s why people say, well, how much worse can it get, you know.


It can -- this is it, you know.


Well, she gave me a doll. You know, one of those. What do you call those dolls? The collecting dolls from [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. You ever hear of [UNINTELLIGIBLE]?






No. they're like the -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE], I never heard of them.




No. it’s like a doll. Those collecting dolls that cost like maybe $30 only.


Oh, collector’s dolls. Oh, I see. I know it now.


So I have it on my dresser, and someone told me that, you know, she was telling me about I doubt that’s it’s not [UNINTELLIGIBLE] something like that about idolatry and then, you know, she was just talking about that it’s not a idolatry; that the doll means idolatry. It comes from like idol worship and all that. I haven’t felt -- I didn’t feel to throw it away or get rid of it. I mean I may; do you think I should?


Well, you have to be convicted of it. Saved from it?


I haven’t been, but maybe I should get rid of it.


If you -- I'll pray for you before you leave.




Ask the Lord what he wants you to do.


I mean, I don’t stare at it all the time or worship.




I mean, but still it’s a symbol, you know.


Yes. I don’t have any dolls in my house, but it wouldn’t do you any good to throw it out if you're not convicted of it. It will just be a religious work.


Oh, OK.


So God has to convict you of it.


I thought, like some people won't even have a picture of their children or anything like this. Something you got to [UNINTELLIGIBLE], but I thought engraved, when it talks about like random image or something that has to be worshipped, when I looked it up in the Webster's.


Well, the question is what is worship? It probably means that a lot of people worship things and they don’t realize that it’s worship. It seems a spiritual condition of your mind. And I know that I have looked at statues, I like art. And I have looked at statues, and I saw parts of the Museum of Art and I said isn’t that beautiful. I love sculpture, and I will just look at it and say, isn’t that beautiful.




At what point does that become idolatry. I don't know? But I know that I'm not comfortable with it. For a long time I wouldn’t have pictures, but the Lord released me, I put those two pictures up in my house and a few of them I had --


I had all mine destroyed at one time.




And God took me around [?circle and all the pictures I wouldn’t keep?].


The Lord released me from that and then I was very surprised when I went to visit [?Yassi?], the Rabbi; that he had a picture on his wall and I asked him about it, and he said, “Paintings have always been acceptable to the Jews.” And that surprised me. And they have paintings and they have photographs. Like they don't have any great three-dimensional [INAUDIBLE]


I think you can go around. Sometimes you get -- I know I became so fanatic, I just wanted to [INAUDIBLE].




You have to get -- you have to find your middle ground with God. And the He -- the one thing He is looking at -- He’s looking at your heart. Do you really want to please Him. And if there’s something -- so, here's a good question for you to ask yourself, to know. If the Lord would say to you, I want you to give up this job, would you be willing to give it up?


Oh, yes.


OK. So your heart is right. Now, if we ask our self a question like that, and the answer is no, I really don’t want to give it up; then we've got a problem.


Well, I really don't care much about it. You know, I guess you’d have to ask yourself [INAUDIBLE]


But I mean in any issue that we’re seeking God on this. This is the [?acid test?]. If God says give it up; are you willing to give it up? Now in your -- if your -- the true honest answer is that you could give it up, well, you're already 10 points ahead. And then you just ask the Lord, what He wants you to do. If your honest answer is no, you would not be willing to give it up, then you know you better give it up. Because it's an idol. You better give it up, it's an idol.


Yes. That’s an idol. Anything can be an idol.


Anything can be an idol.


Like, if God says Michelle, are you willing to give this up? And what if I say to the Lord, no, Lord, I'm not willing to give this thing up, but -- no, I am willing to give it up, even though I desire this thing, but I'm willing to give it up, so --


If you want me to give it up --


Help me Lord to -- exactly.


Then you're in good shape.




You're in good shape.


The Scripture says, “Thou shall make any graven image.”


Not even make it. Well, some people say the Scripture reads, “Thou shall not make a graven image and thou shall not worship it. So a lot of people justify the graven images are saying, well, if you don't worship it, it's okay. But, as I said, the Lord has -- and I prayed about this. When I got the revelation, which was a good five years ago, that true graven image is that image that’s in graven into clay of the earth.




Yes. The graven image is either the carnal mind of Christ. Yes that’s a graven image. And I asked the Lord about it, He never released me to have statues, and it’s very strong. I even have it on one of the earlier messages. I think it's [UNINTELLIGIBLE], someone asked me about it. I'm not comfortable with it.


Well, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] on message, I imagine a lot of people are questioning --


It's still on. Isn't it?




So that's why I don't want it ever shut off as long as we’re talking, because I never know what's going to come up at the last minute. Maybe that should be on the message. I was going to say something. Yes, the Lord just popped something into my mind, with regard to this and let me see if I can bring it forth. Yes. And you know, He told me this once before and I had forgotten it. Thank you Jesus. OK. This is how it works. The spirit inside of us; Satan through Her carnal mind and any demons that might be present, they desire worship and when they -- when there is something in your life that you have a fixation for -- I don’t know what the right word is -- that your drawn to, that your attracted to. It may not even have to be an ungodly soul tie yet, but it may be just the beginnings of it. Something that you really like. The demons in you or the carnal mind Herself can vibrate out from you and take up residence in this object, because they want to receive worship. Do you hear what I'm saying?


God taught me this recently when I got back from Nigeria. There's a lot of idol worship in Nigeria, and this was how the lord explained it me. There's nothing unclean about the piece of wood or the piece of stone. But our own spiritual being in the form of demons or the carnal mind desperate for worship will vibrate out from us, stand in front of us, get on that idol and receive worship from us. And when that happens then we’re really in trouble, because we are really worshipping the true graven image, which is our own carnal mind. And the fact that we don’t understand it doesn’t save us from God’s judgment. Did I make that clear?


It could be a car.


It could be anything. But your own heart has flowed out to receive that worship.


6/11/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

6/18/14 1st Edit MJS & CAS








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