143 - Part 5

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Glory to God. Brethren, we are in the last days. The forces of Hell are blowing powerfully across the nation and across the world. And I want to remind you that the judgment will fall upon every human being alive, because we are fallen, and our state of being is sin. The difference between believers and the people who do not have a relationship with Christ is this. Satan executes God's judgment upon unbelievers unto their destruction. The Lord Jesus Christ executes God's judgment through His white throne upon believers unto their resurrection from the dead. The judgment will come upon everybody, each man in his own order.


And as we've been teaching here for a while, there is a large element of the church that is denying the judgment. And I just -- I don't want to take the time now, because we have two speakers. But I just got a newsletter from someone that has very deep revelation. And in the midst of their deep revelation, they say there is no judgment. If you have a relationship with Christ, you cannot sin, and there is no judgment.


And I'm announcing to whoever has ears to hear that these people will be ashamed in the hour of His appearing. We must confess our sins, repent and go through whatever God decides to inflict upon us. We know that His judgments are merciful and that they are the fires that are burning away the [?draws?], and that the end of our judgment is righteousness in Christ and resurrection in Him.


OK, I just want to take a minute to explain t- -- what we do here, to Fran, because you really don't -- you haven't been here. We have a deep teaching ministry, and we believe that there is a hidden message, especially in prophecy. It's called the hidden manna in the Book of Revelation. And what we have found is that, as in English, if you look up in Webster's Dictionary, there are many definitions for one word. If you look up any word that is translated from a Hebrew word, if you look up in the Hebrew lexicon, there are many definitions or translation for the word. And we have found that -- I have found that when I look up every single word and pray about it that the Holy Spirit gives me, frequently, a different choice of a word.


And we find, emerging here, the hidden message of the Scripture. And it's been very exciting. We've been doing this -- I've been I for five years now, and I know it's new for you, but just -- you know, just flow with it and see what God says to you, OK. And we're in Daniel 8. Glory to God. And we'll be working in Verse 8 tonight. Glory to God.


And -- well, let me tell you this, Fran. What I do is when I put the thoughts together with the translation that God directs me to, I formulate what I call an Alternate Translation that sounds nothing at all like what's in the book. But every word that I use is from the same Hebrew word that the King James translators derived their translation from.


OK, so we'll start by reading the Alternate Translations of Daniel 8, Verses 5 through 7. "And as I turned to Christ for under- -- to receive understanding, there was the vision, Satan separated from Adam appeared in the earth and began to dominate him but didn't penetrate him right away. And Satan's spiritual authority was strong enough to transform Eden, the physical creation in the earth, into the Land of Nod."


"And Satan approached righteous Adam, whom I had seen standing in the earth with full spiritual authority over both heaven and earth. And she used the spiritual authority of the soul realm to penetrate him as a husband and make herself the ruler of the whole creation. And righteous Adam couldn't escape from Satan's witchcraft power."


"And I saw Satan penetrate him, and Satan's spiritual substance flowed into Adam, and Satan birthed the carnal mind in him. And the life of Christ, which the Father had begotten in him, was destroyed, and Adam didn't have the spiritual strength to sustain the image of the Garden of Eden in the earth any more. And Satan formed Adam in her image and erected the Land of Nod where the Garden of Eden once stood."


Glory to God. Continuing with Daniel 8:8, "Therefore the he goat waxed very great: and when he was strong, the great horn was broken; and for it came up four notable ones towards the four winds of heaven."


The word he goat is the same as the prior verses, and we established that that was Satan. I don't think we'll have any problem with that. The word very is Strong- -- it's two words. The one English word is rendered from two Hebrew words, Strong's 3966 and Strong's 5704. 3966 means in a great degree, in a strong degree, and it can also be translated to force forcibly or violently. And I think that most of us would agree here that Satan's means of getting things done is force and is violence.


And the -- so I'm going to translate this word the military force, Satan's military force. And I'm doing that based upon the revelation that the Lord gave us on message 8, which is a study in Zachariah 5, which reveals that the living soul went out from God. Adam, God's creation, the living soul, went away from God and set up her own spiritual authority or her own military base. And we found that God describes the power of the living soul, who is separated from God, as a military power that is now waging war against the living God. She was created and formed to be joined to Him as a husband is joined to his wife. They were to be as one spiritual power. But now that they separated, she has become the enemy of God.


So we're going to translate this word that's Strong's 3966 as the military strength of the living soul. And Strong's 5704 -- now, remember, these two words were rendered as one word in the English, very. Strong's 5704 is used to express degree, and it can be translated exceedingly. So the two Hebrew words translated very can be translated exceedingly great. And in view of that, I think the word -- the translation very is an understatement.


So in our Alternate Translation, we're going to express these two words together by saying an exceedingly great military strength. "Therefore the he goat, Satan, used a very great military strength." To do what? To wax great. Waxed great is one verb. It's Strong's 1419, and this word can be translated high, and it's used to express the title of high priest in at least three verses, all three in Haggai, Chapter 1, Verse 1, 12 and 14. This is the word translated high in the expression or the title high priest. And I'm suggesting to you that Satan made herself high, lifted herself up very high. Hallelujah.


And that as she lifted herself up high, she became the prince of the power of the air of the fallen creation. She lifted herself up to a position of rulership. She was in a spiritual condition that's typified by a wife. She was supposed to be subordinate. She was underneath. She was the spiritual skeleton. She was to b- -- used to be -- to give form to the creation so that the Lord can be revealed by her, but she came out, and she made herself -- she came from a low position, and she put herself in a high position. She was soul, and she made herself spirit. And in the fallen creation, she became the prince of the power of the air or this world that we live in, this fallen world that we live in that we are calling the Land of Nod, and sometimes we call it Hell. Hallelujah.


Glory to God. So we're going to translate this word as high. And the phrase, "The he goat waxed very great," we're going to translate as, "And Satan's carnal mind became high priest because of her violent military strength." And let me tell you how I got that. Satan made herself very high. Every god has a high priest. What's the name of the -- of Jehovah's high priest, anybody? Christ. Jehovah's high priest is Christ. Satan has a high priest, and her name is the carnal mind.


So as -- let me explain it again since we have someone new here tonight. There is a Bible on the market. It's called the amplified Bible. And what that Bible does is it takes one or two Hebrew words and expounds on those words for people that don't have such a great knowledge of the Scripture. And my example is, if the Scripture were to say, and Jesus hung on the cross, we would know, because we're studying the Bible, that He -- His ministry lasted three and a half years, that He was born of a woman, that the woman conceived by the Holy Ghost, that He was raised from the dead, that He ascended unto glory. And that is what the amplified Bible does, and that is what we do here.


So the Scripture tells us that Satan made herself high and that she made herself god over this fallen world system. And we know that anyone that's a god must have a high priest, and her high priest is the carnal mind, and I have added that in. We have learned this from our previous studies. So I'm suggesting to you that Satan became high or became the prince of the power of the air of the fallen creation. And the way she did it was by birthing her offspring, the carnal mind, within the creation, Adam. And, therefore, she birthed or brought forth her own high priest of God's creation.


And as we have been learning here, for this world to appear, for men to appear, there must be a spiritual marriage and an offspring of that marriage for this physical world to appear. Does anyone not understand that the creation is spiritual? God is spiritual. The creation is spiritual. It's a mind. And for it to appear physically, there must be an offspring. And when the three are joined together, a physical world appears. When the Father and the -- and His creation and, more specifically, the fertile parts of that creation, called Eve, are joined in a spiritual, sexual union and Christ is formed, the world that appears physically is the Garden of Eden. When Satan joins with Eve and the carnal mind is formed, the world that appears physically is the Land of Nod or Hell.


And we have found out -- and the Lord has been showing us some fantastic things here, that this physical world is an image. Paul calls this world a gazing stock. It's a theater. It's a stage on which spiritual life is acted out. And the Lord has shown us that this world is formed by a superior mind. This world is the thought that is in the mind of God or a thought that is in the mind of Satan. And it becomes physical when that thought is channeled through the offspring of the ruling spirit. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


So we found out that Satan made herself high, and she appointed herself a high priest. And she appointed that high priest by joining with the fertile parts of the creation, Eve, and bringing forth her own offspring. And we found out in other -- in earlier messages that, when she did that, her offspring, the carnal mind, had the military strength to break up -- we'll see this a little further on -- to break up and destroy the Christ who is present in the creation for a season.


The offspring of the Father, Christ, and the offspring of Satan were both present in God's creation. Adam was not a man like we are. He was a spiritual creation. He was a high priest. He was spiritually powerful enough, when he was in union with the Father, to cause the Garden of Eden to materialize. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


OK, I'm going to go very slow today, because this is -- it was very -- it took me a long time to put this together. And I know the words sound very different, so I just want to go over it again for you. The he goat is Satan. Waxed great means high as in high priest. And the word very means force and violence.


So the Lord has given us an Alternate Translation for the first quarter of Daniel 8:8. "And Satan used violent, military strength to make herself and the carnal mind God and high priest over s- -- over the creation."


So she used military strength to come out from her subordinate position. And as we're going to find out a little further on, when she did that -- see, she was female. There's a natural or a physical type for everything that's spiritual so that we can understand it. She was female, and she was subordinate to the man, Christ. And she made herself equal to Him, but she found out that when she became equal to Him that she wasn't equal to Him. She was stronger than Him.


I declare to you there can never be two heads over anything that God has ordained, and that's why partnerships are illegal. There must be a god appointed head, because nobody, no two people, are completely equal. One must be stronger than the other. And when this spiritual female came out from the God appointed place that God assigned to her, she found out that she was stronger than the man, and she attacked Him, and she broke up Christ. We'll see th- -- I'll give you the word it a little later on. She dismantled the union of the Father and the creation that had produced Christ and knocked Him out. And she became the only offspring present in the creation. Hallelujah.


Continuing with the second quarter of Daniel 8. "And when he was strong," who? The he-goat. "And when the he-goat was strong, the great horn was broken." "And when he was strong," Strong's 6105. This word means -- I don't even know -- there may have been one definition, to be strong, but it was way down at the bottom. The primary meaning of this word is to bind fast, to tie up and, specifically, to tie up a skin bottle. And I suggest to you that's referring to the living soul, the creation of God. And it can also be translated to break or to crunch one's bones.


And I remind you that bones are a type of spirit in the Scripture. And I'd like to give you a Scripture where it's used that way. Jeremiah 50, Verse 17 uses this same word, Strong's 6105, and translates it broken bones. I'll read you the whole Scripture. "Israel us a scattered sheep; the lions have driven him away: first the king of Assyria has devoured him; and last this Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon has broken his bones." That's Strong's 6015, the same word translated when he was strong.


And, once again, we see the mystical Hebrew language having some meanings that are positive and other meanings that are negative for one Hebrew word. This is very common. And the only way we can tell which translation of the Hebrew word is correct is to view it in view of the entire sentence, to view it in view of the entire thought. Any given word must be modified by the intention of the whole Scripture. Because, when the King James translators translated this verse, it was their choice to take a positive translation.


But when I prayed about this, I find God telling me that was not God's choice, that God was saying that something was broken up here and that their spiritual life -- not only something was broken up, but a spiritual life was broken up. Their bones were crunched. Do you know what that means? Their skeleton. What are your bones? Their skeleton was crunched, was collapsed. They ceased to be. They deflated like a balloon. And what are we talking about here? Christ, whose bones were crunched. The bones of the righteous creation, which was Christ, were crunched, collapsed, crushed, and a new skeleton arose, the carnal mind.


The Scripture is not clear about who the he is referring to. "When he was strong," we've dis- -- we've found this many times in our studies here. The Scripture uses a lot of pronouns, and you have to really pray about who the pronouns are talking about. And, frequently, I find that the way the Scriptures are translated, the impression is given that it's the person that God tells me it's not.


So let me show you why I drew this conclusion. I'm suggesting to you -- I'll put it right up front that it was not Satan's horn that was broken, but it was the horns of the ram that was broken, that Satan broke the horns of the ram, the ram being righteous Adam. The King James translators have assumed, as well as many others, that this Scripture is speaking about the goat, but it's the ram, I suggest to you.


And I just -- as a piece of information for you, I would like to tell you that the interlinear text of Daniel 8, Verse 8 translates this phrase, "And when he was strong, he crunched his bones." So the interlinear text, which is the King James [?II?too?], does not use the word strong. We hear -- we see another translator talking about crunching one's bones, so I'm not so way out. I'm not doing anything that other translators don't do.


So what have we said? "And when the ram, or Adam's bones or the life of Christ, was crushed, the great horn was broken." This word great is Strong's 1419, and I'd like to point out to you that this is not the same Hebrew word that was translated notable in Verse 5. Now I don't know about you, but when I first read Verse 8, without looking at it careful, I just assumed it was the same notable horn that we read about in Verse 5, but this is a different word. It's a great horn. And we f- -- if you recall, from the last message, we found out that the notable horn was the vision that was in the mind of Satan, the vision that materialized in the physical world after she killed Christ.


So now we're talking about a great horn. And this is the same Hebrew word that was translated waxed great. We just talked about. This is the same Hebrew word translated waxed great, and we described -- we translated it as high, as in the term high priest. So it's a com- -- we're not talking about the notable horn. Now we're talking about a great horn, and again, I suggest to you it is not clear who -- where this great horn was.


So I'm going to suggest to you that the very ne- -- and, well, let me put this in here, because I hear you thinking, well, the ram had two horns. The goat just had one horn in the middle of its forehead. Well, it must be talking about the goat. Let me remind you, if you recall the earlier messages in Daniel 8, the two horns of the ram typified the spiritual authority of God and the spiritual authority of the soul realm, and the two were functioning as one. But, remember, the lower horn separated and materialized as the goat in the physical world, so now the ram has just one horn. Anybody not following me? OK, well, I feel like I'm Sherlock Holmes with these Scriptures sometimes. But I'll tell you, when you get the -- when you get what God's saying, it's just glorious.


O, so I'm going to suggest to you that the very next thing that happened after Satan used her violent military strength to become God and to bring her high priest, the carnal mind, into the creation is that the great horn, or the high spiritual authority of the ram which is righteous Adam, was broken. And what is the high spiritual authority of the ram? It's Christ. The ram is the creation, Adam.


And as we've had recent messages here, Adam either reveals the Father through His Christ, or he reveals Satan through the carnal mind. When the creation is revealing the Father through Christ, the creation is in the Garden of Eden and is protected and cannot die. But when the creation fell, Satan is now being revealed through God's creation in the form of the carnal mind, and we are in all forms of corruption. We have fallen down to Hell. And we are in the process of watching the Lord Jesus Christ turn this whole thing around.


And I told you in other messages that the way the resurrection is being accomplished is the exact reversal of the fall, and we'll go into that a little more when we get to it. We see it here again. We've talked about the three stages of the fall and the three stages of the resurrection. And you'll see a little further on that the way Satan appeared in this world system was that she brought forth her carnal mind, and her carnal mind sacrificed Christ.


And have we not been taught here that Christ is offering up the carnal mind as a sacrifice to the Father? The perfect sacrifice that we must offer up to the Father is our own soul, which is our own carnal mind. We -- the Christ in us is to bring our carnal mind into submission and purify it and offer it up spotless unto the Father. Jesus is doing that in each and every one of us. He's not being crucified more than on- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


Christ is a spiritual man who is present in those men who have had a spiritual union with the Father that has resulted in their conceiving His offspring. And He is doing the same work that He did in the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in every one of those men in whom Christ is being formed.


-- until His whole body is set free, not just the head but the whole body. Glory to God.


OK, I just want to remind you. I'm not sure whether I said it or not, that Adam's high, priestly authority -- it was Adam's high, priestly authority that established and was sustaining the physical environment known as the Garden of Eden. Brethren, we are kings and priests, but we do not have the spiritual authority to change this world system from Hell back to the Garden of Eden. Only the high priest has the spiritual authority to do that. Glory to God.


And when He is fully appearing in our minds, when He is fully born, when He is our mind, He will once again have the authority to establish His vision in the earth. And He will break up the carnal mind of man, and the carnal mind of man will disappear, and the vision of the carnal mind will disappear. It's going to be a complete reversal. Hallelujah.


So we're saying that Satan became strong or that she elevated herself above her assigned, weaker position in the creation, and she made herself a spirit. And a spirit is a type of a man. And when she made herself equal to the man, she found out that she wasn't really equal but that she was stronger than he was, and she bound him up. And how did she bind him up, as we've been teaching here for weeks? She lay on top of him, and sh- -- we just found out that she broke his bones. She broke the skeleton of Christ that was formed in the creation, and she consumed his spiritual authority. And when she swallowed up righteous Adam's spiritual authority, he could no longer sustain the physical vision of Eden in the earth. And she moved in. She became god.


We'll g- -- we'll find out later on that the Father drove Adam out of the garden when he failed to sustain the vision, which was the image of Christ. The Father drove him out of the garden, and Satan moved in, became god of this fallen creation, and made the carnal mind her high priest. And that is the condition that we are in now, but glory to God. 2,000 years ago the Lord has begun to reverse it.       




"And when he was strong, the great horn was broken." The word, was broken, is Strong's 7665, and it means to break -- it can be translated to break one's mind. And I'm suggesting to you that the mind of Christ was broken up by the military strength of the carnal mind, broken up into pieces and dissolved. We're told in another Scripture that bones are chopped to make soup out of. And this word can also be translated to -- or it's used of ships that are wrecked. And it also can be translated to be torn in pieces.


And there's one more interesting translation of the word. It can be translated to buy corn. Now how could you get a translation, to buy corn, with all these definitions of destruction? And I'm going to suggest to you that, first of all, corn is a type of Christ. I hope you all know that [INAUDIBLE]. And I'm going to suggest to you, to get the corn, the plan has to die. The plant that produced the corn has to die. So corn is a life-giving substance that comes forth after that which produces it dies.


This word can also be translated to purchase. And we know that God sold us unto sin. Well, who did He sell us to? We found out in other messages that He sold us to Satan, that He bound us in chains of darkness reserved unto the judgment and were sold to Satan. So if God sold us to Satan, Satan purchased us. What does that mean? When Christ was broken up in the creation, the Father no longer had a place to lay His head. So He drove the creation out, and he turned us over into Satan's hands so that we wouldn’t be destroyed, so that He wouldn't have to start all over again but that we would be reserved until the judgment that would restore us back unto Christ.


And I'd just like to remind you of our past studies where we found these Scriptures.  If you want the messages, I'll get them for you. I didn't take the time to look them up. Now this same word, to break, Strong's 7665, can also be translated to break through the womb so that the child shall appear. In Isaiah 66:9 this word, to break, is translated to break through the womb. It's speaking about childbirth.


And, again, I'm suggesting to you, after the Christ was broken up by the military strength of the carnal mind, or by the military strength of Satan, that the carnal mind was birthed right in the creation by Satan. There was a breakup, and there was a birth. And this corn, although it typifies the life of Christ in the New Testament and many places in the Old Testament, when we use this word with regard to Satan, I'm rec- -- I'm going to suggest to you that it's typifying not life but this existence, this fallen existence that we live in now. She knocked out Christ, and she birthed her own world right through the creation.


So we see a mystery here. Before the creation was perfected, we find that there was a temporary formation of Christ in the original creation. We call it an imputed anointing. The Father joined with the creation temporarily. The creation was not yet tested. It was still possible for it to sin, and we see that in the church today, that we have a whole church with an imputed anointing. They do miracles, and they preach, and they teach, and they do wonderful things for God, and then you see that they're unrighteousness, and many stumble, because the creation can still sin. That was the condition that A- -- the original Adam was in. But God is doing a new thing. He's literally bringing forth His own life in us so that we become incapable of sin. And Christ shall never be broken up again. Hallelujah.


OK, let me go over this for you, briefly, and then I'll give you the Alternate Translation. "And when he was strong," means to tie up and break one's bones. That's what happened to Christ. The great horn is the physical vision of the Garden of Eden, which righteous Adam established and was sustaining in the physical earth before his fall. And the word broken means to purchase something after it's destroyed.


Alternate Translation, the second quarter of Daniel 8:8. "And the carnal mind overlaid righteous Adam and broke the spiritual bones of his high priestly office, and Satan purchased righteous Adam by birthing her own offspring, the carnal mind, within him and establishing her own vision, the Land of Nod, in the physical earth."


Continuing with, "And for it came up," the third quarter of Daniel 8:8, "And for it came up." The words, and came up, Strong's 5927, can be translated to be driven away, to spread over, to overlay or to be offered up as a sacrifice. This Hebrew word is translated broken up in Jeremiah 37:11. Now in Daniel 8:8 it's translated came up, but in Jeremiah 37:11, it's translated broken up, that the army of the Lord was broken up. It was destroyed. It was defeated. It was driven away. And the same word can also mean to be offered up as a sacrifice.


And I want to remind you what we said, that the -- what's -- the resurrection is the exact opposite of the fall. And how are we being resurrected? Well, we had it here, when we did the Daniel 7 series. We found Scriptures where it says that the Lord Jesus Christ is offering our carnal minds up as a sacrifice to the Father. First, He's purifying them. First, He's cleansing them. And then He's saying, here is a perfect living sacrifice, our soul that I have, by the power of My spiritual strength, cleansed unto You. The carnal mind which is capable of sin, which is capable of destroying us, I have cleansed it. I have full control over it, Father. It will not cause Me to fall. Here if My perfect living sacrifice to you. That's what Christ is doing in this hour.


But at the time of the fall, the exact opposite is what the carnal mind did. She took complete control over the Christ, because when she made herself equal with Him, she found out she wasn't equal. She found out she was stronger. She took control over Him, and she didn't purify Him. She corrupted Him, and she said, here, god, Satan -- the carnal mind's god is Satan -- I give you the righteousness of God. And He died, and the Father withdrew from the creation. And we fell down. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


We're dealing with the phrase, "And for it came up." For it, Strong's 8478, meaning the lower part, that which is below or that which is under anything. Now remember the two-horned ram. The ram, typifying Adam, had a double spiritual authority, but the two were supposed to be functioning as one, like a husband and a wife. And that which was higher was the spiritual authority of the Father, and that which was lower was the spiritual authority of the soul realm, which was never made to manifest in its own, always in unison with the Father.


The reason we're in all the trouble that we're in is that our carnal mind has different thoughts than the mind of Christ. And most of us listen to our carnal minds, sometimes more than we listen to Christ. And the more we listen to our carnal mind more than Christ, the more trouble we're in. So the Lord is telling us, in this last hour, we must learn to distinguish between the carnal mind and Christ in our own head, because he's in there, sitting in the temple of God, calling himself God, saying this is God speaking, go do it, and God never told you to do it. And by your fruit, you will know. But sometimes it takes a while to see the fruit. Hallelujah. So [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- "And for it came up." Came up means to offer up as a sacrifice, and for it means the lower part, talking about Satan. Satan and her carnal mind.


Alternate Translation, the third quarter of Daniel 8:8. "And the carnal mind offered righteous Adam up as a sacrifice to Satan.


The last quarter of Daniel 8:8, "And four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven." I hope you all know that prophecy is all symbolic. When we go into the lexicons and look for other definitions or other translations of the same Hebrew word that's translated the way you read it in the King James, that's only the first part of it. We have to find out what the true translation is, and then we have to find out what the symbol means.


"The four winds of heaven," now what could that possibly mean? We've been studying in prophecy for years now, and we found out, in Zachariah -- I think it's Zachariah 6. I hope I'm right. We did a word-by-word study, and we found out the four winds of heaven are referring to the original creation before it fell. Prophecy will prove itself. It will be consistent throughout the Scripture.


"And four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven," the word four is 702, and we found out in the message, "The Four Horseman, Part 2," that the number four can be translated many ways. And one way that it can be translated is as the completed creation of God. Now I'm not going to take the time to teach that. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're welcome to have the message. We spent a lot of time on it. The number four is a symbolic number, and it's the completion of the creation. When God formed Adam, he knew how many members, how many human beings, would be on the face of the earth in the last day. Every number, every name was written in a book. It says that in one of the Psalms. So the number four is referring to the complete creation and everything that it multiplied into being.


Now in Part 3 of this series, we found out that the notable horn, we're talking about, "And four notable ones" -- now let me call your attention to this, "And four notable ones." Now I don't know about you, but when I first looked at this, I thought it was talking about the notable horns again, but it doesn't say notable horns. It says notable ones. It says nothing at all about horns. And in part three of this series, we found out that this notable horn was the vision that Satan had in her mind, the Land of Nod or Hell. And I'm suggesting to you that, in Verse 8, this word is referring to the vision that righteous Adam had in his mind, the Garden of Eden or heaven.


And what we're saying is that a high priest has the spiritual authority to form this world. And when Adam was right with God and Christ was being revealed though him, this world was the Garden of Eden. And when the carnal mind broke up Adam and crushed his bones, this world became the fallen place that it is now. But in this hour, Christ is coming forth. And when He stands in His full spiritual priesthood and authority in the minds of men in the earth, He is going to break the bones of the carnal mind. And this world system shall disappear. I don't know how long it's going to take. And in its place shall be the Garden of Eden. And we shall be in a righteous relationship with the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ, and it will never happen again. Hallelujah.


Now please note that the King James says, "four notable ones." It does not say four notable horns, and neither is the word ones in the Hebrew text. It merely says four notables or four visions. And I'm suggesting to you that the four squared vision, the completion of the vision, meaning the spiritually complete physical creation known as the Garden of Eden. Now the creation is on two levels. Let me remind you. It's in the mind, and it's physical. It's personality, and it's behavior. The creation is in the mind, and it's the physical world. Just like a fetus when -- in a pregnant woman, we have a baby living in an environment. It's called an amniotic sac. The mind of God has a world that it lives in. It's called the Garden of Eden.


When you have Christ, when Christ comes to dwell in you, He brings His world with Him. And when the carnal mind is your mind, and the god of the carnal mind is Satan, he comes with his world, and his world is Hell. And what's in your mind or what's in the mind of the people on the planet is revealed outside of us. It's revealed in the planet. It's revealed in the country that you live in. It's revealed in your household, what mind is being revealed through you. It's revealed through your children. It's revealed through things that you think and things that you say, on many levels. There is a mind of a country. The mind of this country is in change. I daresay Christ's bones are being broken up in this country. We've got one serious problem here. This is no small problem. Who is going to prevail? I daresay Christ. Hallelujah.


It won't be without a fight. Why won't it be without a fight? Because, while everybody was eating and drinking and marrying and going to work so they could support their families and trying to survive, some high-minded, wicked people got into positions of authority and have made our sin a national sin. And it started when we took prayer out of the public schools. Glory to God. And the Lord will beat us to the point of death to save our lives. There is not a doubt in my mind. Hallelujah.


So we're translating the words, and came up, as the offer -- as to offer up a sacrifice, and the words for it as the lower part of something, which is the carnal mind. And the four winds of heaven are describing the creation in right standing with God [INAUDIBLE]


OK, we're going to do now, "toward the four winds of heaven." We're going to do the word toward last, and we're going to talk about the four winds of heaven right now. The four is Strong's 702, and, again, it's speaking about the complete creation, the completion, the fullness of a righteous creation. You know, the fallen creation is not complete. We are incomplete. Who is completing us? Anybody know? We are completed in Christ. We are incomplete. The creation that is separated from God is incomplete. So the number four is indicating the complete creation. The Father and Christ are joined to us. We are complete in Him, Amen.


The word winds is Strong's 7307. It means spirit. And the heaven is Strong's 8064, and in the interlinear text, it's revealed that this word is plural, heavens. And I remind you that this indicates the two sources of power in the creation, the spiritual realm of God and the soul realm that was made to be only in unison with her husband. She was not created to go out on her own and become a man. And all the trouble we're in today is because this spiritual woman came out from under her husband's spiritual authority. This phrase, "toward the four winds of heaven," is the same Hebrew phrase which appears in Zachariah 6:5. These are the four spirits of heaven which goeth forth from standing before the Lord of all the earth.


And I'd just like to read to you our Alternate Translation that we worked up on that message, "The Four Horseman, Part 2." This is how it was translated, "towards the winds of heaven -- towards the four winds of heaven." It was translated, "God's spiritual seed," that's us, "which are in right standing with Him when they were one with Him in the realm of God's Spirit, before they fell." So the four winds of heaven are the righteous creation.


And the word toward -- there is no Hebrew word for this translation. For this word toward there's no Hebrew word. It is the translation of the Hebrew prefix, lamedh, which appears in Gesenius after number 3807 and can be translated the condition or state in which anyone is in separation. So here we see the King James translators translated this word, "toward the four winds of heaven," and we see it can be translated, "separated from the four winds of heaven," towards the righteousness of God or separated from the righteousness of God.


So we have to pray about every word that we look up. Ask God for what He's trying to tell us in this prophecy, and we must choose the negative or positive translation of the word. And, frequently, we are finding out that we are not in agreement with the choice of the King James translators who did a wonderful job. But they were carnal men. And in this last day, the Lord has promised that the Book of Daniel sh- -- the mysteries of the Book of Daniel should be opened, and this is how He's opening it to us. Hallelujah.


OK. Righteous Adam was separated from the four winds of heaven, or righteous Adam was separated from the righteous creation, which is Christ. The creation of God, the man that God made, Adam, was separated from Christ. How? The carnal mind broke his bones. And because he was separated, he was -- from Christ, he was also steper- -- separated form his relationship with the Father. Why? Because Christ is the only mediator between God and man. He lost his connection to God. And the Scripture says the Father drove him out of the garden. But as we found out last week, what really happened was when he lost his connection to God, the garden disappeared. That's how God drove him out. It ceased to be. Where's the Garden of Eden? Do you know where it is? It ceased to be. Hallelujah.


Just as a point of information, I thought you might like to know that the Hebrew word translated drove in Genesis 3:24," And so He drove out the man," that word means divorce. God divorced the man. God separated from the man.


OK, so let me go over this for you. The word notable is the vision of Adam's high priestly mind which had the spiritual strength to cause a physical world to appear. And the four notables is the spiritually complete vision of Eden in the earth, which was established by righteous Adam. The word toward means to separate, and the four winds of heaven is the Christ or the righteous creation in heaven. And as I said before, let me say it again. Please not that only a high priest can establish and sustain a vision or a physical world. Yes, we are kings and priests, but only a high priest, Christ Jesus, can cause a physical change. We have not arrived. We have a whole church world full of people that are saying they've arrived. You haven't arrived. You must decrease that He might increase.


Alternate Translation, the fourth quarter of Daniel 8:8. "And the Father drove fallen Adam out of the Garden of Eden, and fallen Adam was separated from Christ and entered into the existence known as death in the Land of Nod, which is Hell."


Alternate Translation, the whole of Daniel 8:8. "And Satan used violent, military strength to make herself and the carnal mind god and high priest over the creation. And the carnal mind overlaid righteous Adam and broke the spiritual bones of his high priestly office" --




-- "and Satan purchased righteous Adam by birthing her own offspring, the carnal mind, within him and establishing her own vision, the Land of Nod, in the physical earth. And the carnal mind offered righteous Adam up as a sacrifice to Satan, and the Father drove fallen Adam out of the Garden of Eden, and fallen Adam was separated from the Father and entered into the existence known as death in the Land of Nod, which is Hell."


Now it's been our practice here, after we work up this Alternate Translation, to just, sort of, clean it up, put it in better English. And sometimes we have found -- I don't really know the reason why, but as the translation comes forth, it's -- the words or the ideas are not in a correct sequence. In other words, if I were to say to you, I taught -- I preached tonight, and I drove in my car, and I had dinner. That's not the right sequence. I had dinner. I drove in my car, and I preached here. So for some reason, the phrases come out in a reverse sequence. And we know that this world is the mirror image of the realm of the spirit, so that's probably the reason why.


So I'd like to just read this, our Alternate Translation of Daniel 8:8, to you one more time, and I put it in what I hope is good English and in the right sequence. "And Satan used violent, military strength to make herself and the carnal mind god and high priest over the creation. And Satan purchased God's creation, birthed her own offspring, the carnal mind, within him, and the carnal mind broke the spiritual bones of righteous Adam's high priestly office and established her own vision, the Land of Nod, in the physical earth. And the carnal mind offered up righteous Adam as a sacrifice to Satan, and the Father drove fallen Adam out of the Garden of Eden, and fallen Adam was separated from the Father and entered into the existence known as death in the Land of Nod, which is Hell."


Well, I'm not going to -- I was going to put the three stages of the fall and the resurrection on the board for you, but I'm not going to do it, because the Lord has a blessing for us with Pastor Reuben tonight. And as you know, he's been giving us double-hitters. Usually I'm the one preaching the second message, but I have some relief tonight. So f- -- just -- is there any question about this message? I will take another five minutes. Anyone have a question on it? OK. So -- you have a question?


            Analogy of the broken bones [UNINTELLIGIBLE] in Christ by the prophecy        [UNINTELLIGIBLE] not a bone should be broken. I find it strange that the        [?beginning?] creation, that it should be different.


OK, I -- the difference is that it was the imputed anointing. It was not a proven creation at the beginning of time. Sin was present, and God knew that it was possible for the creation to fall. That's why he warned Adam. He said to Satan -- you see, Satan offered up the fruit of her ground. Cain and Abel was a parable. Abel typified the righteous Christ, and Cain typified His lower self. The Son of God was joined to the earth at the beginning of time. The Spirit of God was joined to the earth, and God made the man, and he called him Adam. And there two different elements, spirit and earth, and Abel typified the Spirit of God, which was offering up the sacrifice of His flock, which means what? He was offering up the sacrifice of His soul, keeping it from sinning. OK, but the lower horn, the lower self, known as Cain or known as Satan, wanted to offer up the fruit of the ground. Noth- -- he had nothing to give the Father.


The Father wants us to be a living sacrifice to Him, OK. And in that day, at the beginning of the creation, the creation was not made permanent. And the examples that we have in the Scripture are the potter marring the clay. We're still being marred and reformed. And in that hour, when God forms us perfectly, He's going to bake us in the oven, and we're never going to be changed again. But the creation wasn't finished. See, God formed it, and it was good, but it wasn't perfect. The Scripture says it was good, but it wasn't perfect, hadn't been tested and proven and baked in the oven yet. OK.


            [INAUDIBLE] expression in the world half-baked.


Half-baked, yeah.




If I got one impression when I was doing the research on this today, it was what a tragedy the fall was. I don't know about you, but I never really saw it this strongly, what a tragedy the fall was. God made this creation, and it was glorious, and the Father was being revealed through it, and Adam blew it. He lost it. And as we've been saying for the last few messages here, he could have never lost it if he didn't like what the serpent was whispering in his ear. Who was the serpent whispering in his ear? It was Satan. It was the lower horn. It was the lower realm. It was the man. The Son of God was spirit. It was the pestilence in the earth that was whispering to him. Adam had to like what he said. He had to like it, because he had to agree with him for the lower self to come up, to get out from under his authority. He had to let go of the leash.


I've been telling you for months here, get your carnal mind on a leash. In Christ, you have the spiritual strength to get your carnal mind on a leash. I don't care what's in your mind. Don't do it. Cry out to God if you have sin in your mind. Ask Him to take it away. You don't have to do it. And if you fall and you do it, well, get up, brush yourself off, repent and start again. Get that carnal mind on a leash. He that overcometh will inherit all the promises of the Father. Some people have an easier labor than others. Some people have it tough. Yeah.


            As you spoke about the carnal mind, it makes me think of the time when I asked the Lord about the serpent. And he showed me the brain and all the vessels, and it's like a long, long snake and how the brain, it just twist like that, all the membranes.


Well, the serpent is the spiritual skeleton. You know that Satan is our spiritual skeleton.


            [CROSSTALK] carnal mind I see it now.




            I didn't understand at that point.




            But I --




            -- I can understand [?it now?].


I'll just say this, and I'm going to stop, or I'll be here all night. And we want to hear what Reuben has to say. That the Lord speaks to us, and He has very specific language. And what I'm finding out recently is that symbols that He speaks to me by in my dreams -- I have a lot of very detailed dreams. And I'm finding out that symbols that He uses that I now recognize in my dreams -- and you may hear me say on a message, well, in my dreams, this means that. I'm finding out that He has the same symbol for other people. I now know two people besides myself that, when the Lord is referring to this carnal, fallen man, in our dreams, He'll show us a movie star. God has a specific language, [?so?] -- and He talks to us in that language even if we don't understand it, just like you talk to your infant children. You talk to them and you talk to them and you talk to them, and you have faith that someday they're going to know what you're talking about. So God has a language, and it's a language of symbols.


6/15/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

6/18/14 1st Edit MJS & CAS




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