143 - Part 6

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I’m going to read you a recap of Daniel 8, Verses 1 through 8, but before I start, I want to remind you of what I told you, I think at the last time that we studied Daniel. What's been happening here is that I've been giving you an amplified translation. In other words, I see the translation up to a certain point and I add in several sentences of what I know is supposed to be there. And then, almost every time when I start to study for the next message, I see that what I added into the previous verses is in the following verse. So if anything that should be witnessed, I would hope that would be a witness to you, that I'm not getting this amplified version out of the sky, but that it is spiritual truth in me coming forth.


But the reason I'm telling you this is that if you should ever come to the place where you study these alternate translations really word for word, you're going to find out that I do change the alternate translations. And as I put that -- as I group the verses together and I see that I have duplicated ideas because of the amplification of eliminating some of the words that I said earlier, and I'm continuously -- if the Lord moves upon me, I’ll move a few words around for better English or better understanding. It seems that no matter how perfect I think something is when I put it away and come back to it, the next day I just see new improvements that are possible in it. Ideally, I should be studying these messages couple of weeks before I bring them forth, but the Lord has never let that happen.


So please bear with me and don't get confused if you recognize a change in the alternate translation. It's very exciting. Very exciting to me what God is showing us in Daniel 8. He's opened the Book of Daniel. Hallelujah. Recap, Daniel, Chapter 8, Verses 1 through 8. “A vision appeared to me, Daniel, at the time that the fallen creation became spiritual, and it was similar to the vision that I had seen earlier. And I realized that a divine revelation was being presented to me and as I tried to understand it, I was immersed in the spirit of God and joined to the Father in my human spirit, which was still in a fallen human body. And I was able to look at this divine revelation with the mind of Christ.”


“Then I opened my spiritual eyes, which were in Christ and was able to understand, and there was righteous Adam, the souled-animal life that God had made with two spiritual laws in His mind. And He was standing in full spiritual strength in the earth and the two-horned creation was in a high spiritual place, and Satan was more powerful than righteous Adam.” And just going back to Verse 2, let me remind you, you can only understand the deep spiritual truth of Prophecy when you're human spirit is joined to Christ. And if you try to understand it with your carnal mind as many men have done, you will get an understanding that is so different than what I'm telling you. And that if you're in your carnal mind, you'll surely think that I'm totally off the wall, but I'm not off the wall. You're Carnal mind is off the wall. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


Verse 4, “And I saw Adam coming out of Heaven and spreading Himself into the earth. And Christ was His conscious mind, and the Father was His unconscious mind and He was protecting God's creation from materializing in the earth in a perverted form. And He knew that Satan was strong enough to strip off Christ’s righteous covering and begin an independent existence.” And how would the creation appear in the earth in a perverted form? When Satan manifests Her vision in the earth, which is exactly what happened. Verse 5, “And as I turned to Christ to receive understanding, there was the vision. Satan separated from righteous Adam, appeared in the earth and began to dominate Him, but didn't penetrate Him right away. And Satan had the spiritual vision of the Land of Nod in Her mind.” And I point out to you again, that Daniel continuously turns to Christ for understanding.


Verse 6, “And Satan approached righteous Adam, whom I had seen standing in the earth with full spiritual authority over both, Heaven and Earth, and She rebelled against Him and separated her horn from the two-horned creation. And She used the spiritual authority of the soul realm to penetrate Him as a husband. She was soul, but She did with a spirit does. Verse 7, “And righteous Adam could not escape from Satan's witchcraft power. And I saw Satan penetrate Him and Satan’s spiritual substance flowed into righteous Adam and Satan birthed Her offspring, the carnal mind, within Adam and He was formed in Satan's image. And fallen Adam wasn't strong enough to sustain the image of the Garden of Eden in the earth anymore because the mind of Christ, which the Father had begotten within Him, was destroyed.


Verse 8, “And Satan used violent military strength to make Herself in the carnal mind God and High Priest over the creation. And Satan purchased God's creation when She birthed Her offspring, the carnal mind, within Adam. That was the sign of Her possession, the carnal mind. And the carnal mind broke the spiritual bones of the mind of Christ, which the Father had birthed within Adam and the carnal mind offered righteous Adam up as a sacrifice to Satan, and righteous Adam could not sustain the vision of the Garden of Eden in the earth any longer. And He was separated from it and the carnal mind established Her own vision in the physical earth, where Eden once appeared, and the name of that vision is the Land of Nod.”


“And the fallen Adam entered into the existence, known as death in the Land of Nod, which is Hell.” Hallelujah. There was something I wanted to say to you, but just let me look over this last verse again. Oh yes, I said that Satan purchased God's creation and the sign of Her purchase was the birthing of Her carnal mind in the creation. And I remind you, that we have been purchased -- Amen -- By the Lord Jesus Christ. And the sign of his purchase of us is the birthing of Christ in the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Remember, we are one living soul, one many member living soul and the Lord Jesus Christ has heard purchased us by the appearance of Christ in humanity.


The complete reversal, Satan purchased us by the appearance of the carnal mind in humanity. The whole -- the fall is being reversed step by step. Hallelujah. Continuing with Daniel, Chapter 8, Verse 9. “And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which had waxed exceeding great toward the South and toward the east and toward the pleasant land. And out of one, the phrase. And out of one is Strong’s 259. It can also be translated, out of the first or out of the same. And I'm going to suggest to you that out of the first manifestation of the creation. And what was the first manifestation of the creation? It was an imputed Christ. Was it not?


And of that first appearance of the creation, out of that righteous Adam came forth a little horn. Came forth, Strong’s 3318. We saw this word or we see this word in Zechariah. I think it's Cha- -- I keep getting my chapters mixed up. I think its Chapter 6, it’s the chapter about the horses that we talked about in a recent meeting. I think that we talked about it at the last Daniel message as a matter of fact, where the Scripture says that living soul germinated forth, expanded, unfolded as a plant. As you start with a little small clipping from a plant and leaves just grow and the plant expands. We are the planting of the Lord.


We are spiritual plant life. And we are a many-leaved creation. Hallelujah. So this word came forth is that word to germinate, to expand as a plant, to increase or to swell up. OK. So we’re dealing with the phrase, “and out of one of them, came forth a little horn.” “And out of one of them,” out of the first came forth, expanded, increased, swelled up. The word, “a” is Strong’s 259, which is the same word that's translated “and out of the one,” that's also 259. And the King James’ translators translated it “a.” And again, I point out to you how inconsistent the King James’ translators are in their choice of translations of the Hebrew word.


And I say this to you to point out the reality that when I choose a different translation than they have chosen, I’m not doing anything different than they have done. So we see right here in Verse 9 of Daniel 8 in the King James, the very same word, Strong’s 259. The first time they translated “and out of one of them,” and the second time, they just translated “a.” So the King James’ translators have taken a lot of translator’s license when they have translated this prophecy. And they’ve done it because they just couldn't make any sense of it.


So this time we’re going to translate the word translated “a.” We’re going to make it the same. So we have in Strong’s 259 appearing twice. The King James’ translators have translated it, “and out of one of them” in the first case, and “a” in the second case. We’re going to translate it “and out of the first” in the first case, and the same in the second case. Anybody have a problem with that? Praise the Lord. “And out of one of them came forth a little horn. Now, the carnal mind immediately relates this to Daniel 7, where we read about a little horn.


But I declare to you this is a different Hebrew word translated “little,” and that the meaning of the word is not at all the same. When we did Daniel 7, we found out that the Hebrew word translated “little” means to be despised. And we found out that the little horn was Christ, who was a despised horn, horn being a spiritual power. He was a despised spiritual power. And I declare to you, brethren, the carnal minds of men despise the power of God. If you can't see that, you really need some counseling. He has despise, wherever He appears. So that was a little horn in Daniel 7. Now, we have a little horn of Daniel 8, which is not speaking about Christ. And it is not the same little horn. And I will help you to -- Lord willing to understand what it is.


This word “little” is Strong’s 4704 and it means the little horn or the small horn, or the lesser horn. And I'm going to suggest to you that it's the lesser horn of the two-horned creation. [INAUDIBLE] immediately says is a little horn of Daniel 7. No, it's the lesser horn of the two-horned ram. And the lesser horn of the two-horned ram is Satan. And the word “horn” again, is 7161; it just means horn. Glory to God. Also -- so what are we saying? And out of, one of them, out of the first one, came forth, germinated or increased forth like a plant, a little horn or the lesser horn. Out of the first one came forth the same. Remember, we’re translating “a” the same. Came forth the same lesser horn. Which same lesser worn? The lesser horn that we were talking about in all the previous verses.


And alternate translation. The first half of Daniel 8:9. “And out of the first manifestation of the creation,” or “out of the two-horned creation.” Out of the first animal, out of the ram, as opposed to the goat. “Out of the first appearance of the creation swelled up the little or the lesser horn.” He was lesser and He swelled up. He increased; He arose out from under the ram’s authority and made Himself equal to the ram. Now, remember that the lesser horn was not the weaker horn, lesser does not mean weaker. We talked about this earlier today. But the horn, the lesser horn was assigned to a lesser or a subordinate position by the Father. And we said that the same situation exists in relationship to women in this society. Women are not supposed to be weak. God has not called any human being to be weak. Not children, not women, not men, nobody is supposed to be weak. You're supposed to be as strong as you could possibly be.


But in that strength you're supposed to know your place. And you're supposed to submit to whoever has authority over you in accordance with God's ordained plan. You're not weak, but you're you’re a captain; you're not a general. Hallelujah. Glory to God. We see the -- well, I'm going to read you my note. I don't want to leave anything out here. We see the same principle operating in the relationship between natural men and women. Now, recognize that I say natural men and women. There is such a thing as spiritual manhood, but that spiritual manhood is only valid in Christ. And you could be a spiritual man and you have -- you cannot be a spiritual man.


Let me put it this way. Without having received the wisdom as to know whether you're not functioning in a spiritual office because when you come into the natural world, you have to function as a woman. It's very hard to be a spiritual man and I came up against this very recently in a convention where a lot of the preachers were very distressed with me. They didn't know what to do with me. They were very concerned about being Godly men and not having any ungodly thoughts towards women, other than, well, any sexual thoughts towards women, other than their wives. And they did not know what to do with me. And God told me to leave them alone and not try to beat them on their own ground.


That they were frightened of their own emotions, they didn't want to do anything wrong. To not threaten them, just be a woman in a Godly quietness. Let them have their clicks of men with all of their macho -- with all their macho ways. And that was what I did, it was a very pleasant convention for me. The men that were not threatened by me, that spoke to me, I spoke to. And the men that were threatened by me, I was a demure women; I left them alone. You have to be able to go back and forth, just like of captain submits to a general, but could be a real tough captain on his troops. It's something that has to be learned. And we see it in our natural eyes. You're supposed to be in submission to your husband, but you can be real tough on your kids if your woman if necessary.


Some men are in submission to their employers and they come home and they’re ruling in their families. Everybody has to be able to go both ways. Even Jesus, submits to the Father, but rules over us. Everybody has to submit to somebody, with only one exception, the Father. If you’re not submitting to anyone at all in your life, you really better get before God because it's not natural. You've got some kind of a problem. And what kind of a problem? Somewhere you're supposed to be in submission and you're not a submission. Everybody has to submit to someone.


So we see the same principles operating in the relationship between natural men and women, and we also see that today natural women have risen up or many natural women have risen up and made themselves equal to men. And in this hour, these militant women are threatening the very existence of Judeo-Christian world values and the family life. What I'm saying is as demonstrated in the Scripture in Daniel 8, when women rise up into the position of men and it’s not in the authority of Christ, they will find that they are stronger than the man. We've been teaching this for weeks now. Does anyone not know what I'm talking about?


Women are not weaker than men. They are in a subordinate position because God has placed them there, but they're not weaker than men. And when they come out from under their -- from under that authority, when they come out of the position that God has placed them in, they find out that they're stronger than the men. And we have a plague, an epidemic in this country of men with lost manhood. They're in male bodies and they have male sexual organs, but in their mind they are not men. And they're not ruling in their house, they're in submission to their wife. And sometimes they're even in submission to their children.


Sometimes they're in submission to their mother. And it’s a disaster for this country that a large percentage of the men are not men, but they are women. And you know, there's a rage among women today. I saw it on a talk show recently. Some very educated psychologist said, there's a rage among women today. Why? Because the men are not acting like men. They're not protecting. They are not nurturing. They're not ruling. And their women feel unprotected. Well, brethren, we've got a big problem. You know, I give this counsel to my daughter all the time. If you want to be married to a man, you have got to treat him like a man.


You cannot bust his shoes and tear him down, and cut him up and act like a man to him, and then expect him to be a man. Because when you do that, you have made him the woman. I know what I'm talking about. Don't shut off this message. In a relationship, there can only be one male, someone's ruling and someone submitting. If you are ruling sister, you have made yourself the man and in so doing, I know you didn't mean to do it, but you've made him the woman. And now, you're in a rage that he's acting like a woman. Now, come on. Get your act together. What do you want, a man or a woman?


And if you find that you're married to a woman and that you've been married to a woman for the last 20 years, and you want him to become a man again or if you have any hope of him becoming a man again, you are going to have to start acting like a woman. And you're saying, but he's a woman. If I don't push him, he won't do it. If I don’t do this, he won't do that. Sister, he's going to stay a woman. You can believe anything you want to believe, you can deceive yourself, but he's going to stay a woman until you start acting like a woman.


And I'm not going to fall with you; I’m not a fallen preacher. When you start acting like a woman, he's not going to stand up in full stature as a man tomorrow. It's going to be painful, it's going to be a change that you're going to have to work at, you're going to have to pray for him every day, if not five times a day. You're going to have to encourage him; you're going to have to love him when he falls down and not stand over him like his mother. But I believe with all my heart in Christ it can be done. But nothing is easy. Change is never easy. And if you're a single woman and you keep winding up in relationships with men that don't have much of manhood, you better ask yourself why. And you better get your own head straightened out before you get married.


I'm telling you the truth; we have a plague in this country. Men are being killed left and right. And when they die, they become women. They die to their manhood. And the answer is not to become the man; the answer is to show them up. Show them up; strengthen them; build them up. Ask God to help them. Ask God to make them the man that He intended them to be. And in that transition period, when you stop being a man and you find out that there’s no man in the house because you stopped being a man, hang on to the horns of the altar because Jesus is the man in your house and He'll get you through. Glory to God.


So we're working with the phrase, “and out of one of them, came forth a little horn. And out of the first, out of the ram, out of the original creation, out of the two-horned creation, swelled up or rose up the lesser horn, which waxed exceeding great.” The word “exceeding” is Strong’s 3499 and it means something hanging over or hanging down. It means to exceed the limit. Now, this gets a little confusing here, so try and follow me because what we're running into is the sim- -- the same words from verse to verse in the King James translation, and they’re not translated from the same Hebrew word. And you will see that Verse 8 and Verse 9 both use the words “exceeding great,” they are two different Hebrew words.


I didn't mean exceeding great, I meant waxed great. Excuse me. “Which waxed great.” That word -- that phrase appears both in Verse 8 and in Verse 9, it's two different Hebrew words. And here we have the word “exceeding.” And in the prior verse, we have the word “very,” which we used exceeding in our translation. So I'm going to go through the slowly, try and follow me to the best you can. Glory to God. “And this little horn waxed exceeding great.” The word “exceeding” is Strong’s 3499, it means to exceed the limit, and I'm suggesting to you that Satan exceeded Her limit.


Satan, the lesser horn, She was soul. Why was She soul? God said She was soul. Why are you a woman and you should not cross over the line and become a spiritual man outside of Christ? Because God said you’re a woman. I didn't make you a woman. Satan exceeded Her limit. She started -- and how did She exceed Her limit? She was soul and She started doing what the spirit does. You see, you could be a woman and you could be a very strong woman, but when you start doing what men do, you should really check it out with the Lord what is your problem. Why do you want to be a man? Hallelujah.


Where is my phrase here? “Which waxed exceeding great.” “Waxed great” is one Hebrew word. That's the translation of one Hebrew word, and that Hebrew word is Strong’s 1430. This is the same phrase translated “became great.” Now, in Verse 9 it says waxed great. This is the same phrase translated “became great” at the end of Verse 4. Please note, that the ram became great, but the goat waxed exceeding great. There's a difference in the meaning. In Verse 4, the Hebrew word translated “became great” is Strong’s 1430, and we found out that it means to twist or bind together. We translated that phrase “and became great” in Verse 4 as righteous Adam intertwined the mind of Christ with the physical creation.


In our amplified translation we clarify that, it was the mind of Christ within righteous Adam, which caused the Garden of Eden to materialize. Also, please note that the Hebrew phrase translated “waxed very great” in Verse 8 is not the same phrase, which is translated “waxed exceeding great” in Verse 9. King James translators did a job on us huh. In Verse 8, the Hebrew word is Strong’s 1419 and it is the word translated “high,” as in the phrase “high priest.” We've talked about this in the last message. In Verse 9, the Hebrew word is Strong’s 1430. The same Hebrew word translated “became great” in Verse 4.


So what does the phrase “waxed great” mean in Verse 9? I'm suggesting to you that Satan, the lesser horn, intertwined Her single horn or Her separated spiritual authority with the physical creation. And that the world system which we now occupy, the Land of Nod also known as Hell, materialized in the earth. She separated out from Adam; she intertwined Herself together with the creation through Her form of spiritual sexual intercourse. And the vision that was in the mind of the goat, Satan was the goat. She had a vision in Her mind, and by joining or intertwining herself with the creation, She could cause this image to materialize.


Now, remember that to cause a spiritual image to materialize, there must be an offspring. The Father copulated with the creation and produced Christ. And Christ reflected the image, which is really the image of the Father. For Satan to get the vision from Her mind into the physical world, She had to join with or have spiritual sex with the creation, bring forth Her offspring, the carnal mind, and the carnal mind projected or is projecting in this hour the vision that was in the mind of Satan, the Land of Nod. Hallelujah.


Amplified translation. First half of Daniel 8:9. “And the lesser horn exceeded the limit of Her spiritual authority in the creation and erected the Land of Nod in the physical Earth. And the lesser horn, Satan, exceeded the limit of her spiritual authority in the creation and erected the Land of Nod in the physical Earth. How did she erect it? Did she have hands? Did she build bricks? How does spirit build? Spirit build with it’s -- with the mind. We are very fallen, brethren. Spiritual beings think and it comes to pass. Their mind is powerful. So powerful that they think and the basic elements of the earth come together to form what they want.


Do you know that the ancient meaning of the word, to speak, going all the way back to the beginning of the language, means to line up in a proper order. Do you know that every substance has a specifically defined order of atoms that make it what it is? Do you know that people that study chemistry or physics, they can look at a configuration of a molecule and know what it is? Not looking at this table, but looking at a configuration of it on the board and see the way the atoms are fitted together and they can say that's wood.


The basic ancient meaning of the word, to speak, means to have the authority, to have the atoms lined up in the correct order to form whatever you want. We are a cursed people, brethren. God has cursed us; Satan hasn’t cursed us. God has cursed us, cursed into labor. Glory to God. In addition to the translation “to exceed one's limit,” that's the word “exceeding.” There were some other definitions of the word that really apply here. I'm not going to use it in the alternate translation, but I'd like to share it with you. So we're dealing with the word exceeding in addition to the translation “to exceed one's limit,” this Hebrew word can also be translated cords. C-O-R-D-S. With the cords which are used in pitching a tent.


When you pitch a tent, you attach one end to the cord in the stake in the ground and the other end of the cord is attached to the -- usually in the animal skins. Well, today we have synthetics, but the Indians always used dry animal skins for the tents. And in case you don't know what tents in the Scripture typify, fallen man. We are Tabernacle. We are skin. And don't ask me why, how we could be dead because we’re not dead skin. Brethren, we’re dead skin. To the Lord we’re dead skin and He is stretching us from the -- we are rooted in the realm of the spirit, which is the tent stake and then there is a cord that attaches the stake to the skin and that is the soul. And as we’ve studied here recently, the soul has an intermediary function between Heaven and Earth.


Soul cannot appear by itself. It either appears in the Heavens as a spirit or it appears in the Earth as a personality and behavior in a man. So this word “exceeding” can be translated cords. Job 4:21 says, “Does not their Excellency, which is in them go away. They die even without wisdom.” The Hebrew word translated “Excellency, does not Excellency” is the same Hebrew word translated exceeding. And both of these words can be translated to mean tent cords, which connect the animal skins, which is the tent to that which is binding them to the earth. Now, let me remind you that spiritual life is rooted in the earth. Remember with the planting of the Lord? Well, I already told you this, I'm just reading you my notes.


So what am I saying? I'm saying that righteous Adam erected the Garden of Eden in the spiritual realm of the soul. He was a spiritual creation, which can be likened to the resurrected Christ and the Garden of Eden was physical in the same sense that the resurrected Christ was physical. He was physical, but He wasn’t like we are. He could change form. He could appear and He could disappear. So He was of a different substance than we are. And I'm suggesting to you this word that says -- well, let me remind you, the ram waxed great, the goat waxed exceeding great. And I hope I haven't lost you.


What I'm trying to suggest to you is that when Adam pushed into the soul realm, He pushed into a physical creation that was a spirit -- even though it was physical -- it was physical, but it was spiritual, like Jesus was after He was. But when Satan pushed into the soul realm, when She exceeded Her limit, She became a tent cord and Her vision was not spiritual like the resurrected Christ. Her vision was the fallen dead bodies that we're in now. See, when Adam appeared in the physical creation -- when the righteous Adam appeared in the physical creation, they were not in bondage. OK. He was in a physical body, but He had the freedom to go back and forth as Jesus did.


But when Satan pushed into the physical realm, She not having the spiritual authority that righteous Adam had, manifested human beings that put the spiritual life in bondage, the condition that we're in now. Glory to God. And I'm going to suggest to you that for a season, possibly up to the time of the flood, the Garden of Eden and the Land of Nod coexisted. The vision of righteous Adam and the vision of Satan coexisted. I don't understand exactly how it happened, but I believe that they coexisted. Just as I’ve shown you on the board with the three stages of the fall and the three stages of the resurrection. For a season, during the fall, the carnal mind coexisted with Christ, then She killed Christ and for many thousands of years only the carnal mind was a man.


And now, Christ has returned to the earth and He is coexisting with the carnal mind. And in due season He shall slay the carnal mind, and the creation will have only the mind of Christ. I know something changed after the flood. We know that when Shem, Ham and Japheth and Noah sinned, that was the begging of the end of the giants. So I believe one of the things that the flood wiped out was the Garden of Eden. I can’t prove it to you, that's just my opinion. I'm not saying God told me that, but that's my opinion.


Amplified translation. Well, I'm repeating this for you. Amplified translation, first half of Daniel 8:9. “And the lesser horn exceeded the limit of Her spiritual authority within the creation and erected the Land of Nod in the physical Earth. Continuing with, toward the South and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land. The verses, “and out of one of them came forth a little horn, which exceeded -- which waxed exceeding great toward the South and toward the east and toward the pleasant land.” The word “toward” is Strong’s 413, and it can be translated to enter into. The South, we discussed -- I think it was in the first or the second message on Daniel 8 in Strong’s 5045. And it describes the area which is lighted by the sun. And as we discussed in the other message, it is typifying the conscious mind revealing Christ, the geographical area, which typifies the mind of man that is lighted by the sun, the conscious mind. Hallelujah.


“And the East, toward the south and toward the East.” The East is Strong’s 4217 and it’s the place where the sun rises. This is a pretty universally accepted as the spiritual, or as typifying the spiritual realm of God in the Scripture. The East, the place where the sun rises, the place where the eternal Spirit of God can be seen by men. It comes out of obscurity. We don't know where the sun is coming from. We just see it rising on the horizon of the earth. Glory to God. And I remind you that when we read this comparable Scripture -- let me see if I can find it here in Verse 5. And as I was considering -- oh no, that's not it either.


In Verse 4, “and I saw the ram pushing westward and northward and southward, so that no beast might stand before.” Now, notice how this is the exact opposite. The ram was pushing to the west, to the north and to the south, but the goat is pushing to the East, which wasn't even mentioned with Adam. And to the south and to the pleasant land. Adam was coming out, we found out in that message. I guess it was part two of this series, that the West -- let me just refresh myself a minute. “He was pushing westward, northward and southward.” That the West typifies the earth or the spiritual realm of the soul. Why? Because the East is the spiritual realm of God and the West is the mirror image. It’s the exact opposite.


The soul realm is the mirror image; it is the reflection of spiritual life. And the West in the Scripture is divided into two parts, the North and the South typifying the conscious and the unconscious mind. You can review this if you like in Part 2. So we see in Verse 4 that Adam is pushing towards the West. That means He's coming out of the East. If you're going toward the West, you have to be coming out of the East. And He was pushing the mind of Christ into the conscious and unconscious mind of the creation. He was pushing into the conscious mind, where Christ was and He was pushing into the North. The North typifying the dark area, which is Satan.


Adam was overshadowing and ruling the West, which is the physical creation and He was overruling with a conscience mind and that lower horn, which is Satan. But now we see goat coming back the other way. Glory to God. And let me get my place here. Excuse me. “And He waxed exceeding great towards the South,” that the conscious mind where Christ is dwelling. “And toward the east,” He's going right towards the spiritual realm of God. Now, remember that this is exactly what we taught. That Satan rose up out of Her subordinate position and made Herself equal to God. Isn't that what She said She's going to do in Isaiah? I think its Isaiah 14. “I shall be like God.” Well, what does God do? God joins with the man and produces a physical creation.


She headed right for the East, She made Herself God [INAUDIBLE]. Not in the Hebrew. It merely says the goat waxed [INAUDIBLE] 643 and it means [INAUDIBLE] used to describe Israel, but I suggest to you that it means the spiritual promise land, the New Jerusalem. In any event, for our purposes in Daniel 8:9, it means the Garden of Eden. The splendor or the glory [INAUDIBLE] realm, towards the conscious mind, towards the [INAUDIBLE] well as Adam’s vision, which is the Garden of Eden. The he-goat has taken on a male role. He has elevated himself from soul to spirit and is now actively pursuing the male role. Satan is forming His personality in the conscious and unconscious mind of the creation, as well as His vision or His environment, which the creation dwells in. And the two temporarily coexisted, I suggest to you.


Alternate translation, second half of Daniel 8:9. “And She entered into righteous Adam’s --” Who? Satan. Satan entered into righteous Adam’s conscious mind and into His unconscious mind, and into His physical environment, the Garden of Eden.


Alternate translation, the whole of Daniel 8:9. “And the lesser horn exceeded the limit of Her spiritual authority within the creation and erected the Land of Nod in the physical Earth. And She entered into righteous Adam’s conscious mind and into His unconscious mind, and into His physical environment, the Garden of Eden.” Now, I restated that to make it a little more understandable. Verse 9, “And the lesser horn exceeded the limit of Her spiritual authority within the creation and She entered into righteous Adam’s conscious mind and into His unconscious mind, and into His physical environment, and She erected the Land of Nod in the physical Earth.”


I'd like to suggest to you that when Satan entered into Adam’s conscious and unconscious mind, His mind was change from Christ to the carnal mind. And then when She entered into the physical environment, the Garden of Eden too was eventually destroyed and replaced by Nod or Hell. Now, this did not happen in five minutes. For a season Adam had two minds. For a season, righteous Adam had two minds. See, Jesus Christ of Nazareth had two minds. He had Christ and He had the carnal mind, but He was God because the God in Him was so completely controlling His carnal mind that He was incapable of sin. But He had two minds. It wasn't until He was crucified that the carnal mind was slain, and of the twain He made one new man or one new mind. No more threat.


The whole time that Jesus Christ of Nazareth walked the earth, up until the moment of His crucifixion, He had full control over that carnal mind. That carnal mind was still whispering to him. That's what the temptation was all about. He could hear Her voice, but He didn't copulate with Her. He didn't fornicate with Her. He didn't commit adultery with Her. He didn't sin. Every thought in His mind, every word out of His mouth was from the Father. He kept the carnal mind paralyzed. OK. One more time. It's been a long night.


Alternate translation, Daniel 8:9. Amplified version. “And the lesser horn exceeded the limit of Her spiritual authority within the creation and She entered into righteous Adam’s conscious mind and replaced Christ with Her carnal mind. And she entered into His unconscious mind and replaced the Spirit of the Father with Her corrupt spirit. And She entered into His physical environment, the Garden of Eden and She replaced it with the Land of Nod in the physical Earth. Hallelujah.


Any questions? Anybody, any questions tonight? Glory to God.


I know someone [INAUDIBLE] denominations believe that when you read the Bible, you’re led Bible by the word. Like if I were to say to somebody, some people, like, you know, for example, a Baptist or a Reformed Church, I say, but you have to be led by the Spirit, they think that I'm talking about. If you're being led by the Spirit, you're being led by her emotions and that could be deceiving.


Well, that's what she believes. She thinks that when you get an emotion that that's the spirit and she follows that emotion.


That's what the Baptist they were trying to tell me that be careful because, you know, [INAUDIBLE]


Well, his true way -- apparently there are people in the Pentecostal church that do that. Christ is not an emotion. I was just talking to her about it the other day. Christ is not an emotion. As a matter of fact, He is the exact opposite of emotion. Christ is a rational mind. Emotions are usually identified with females. And they're destructive to the man with a rational mind. Any man that's moving in a spiritual manhood, any woman that's moving in a spiritual manhood knows that emotions, not that emotions are bad, but they must be under the authority of the greater horn.


Emotion, when you have Christ and you are the two horns, the rational mind of Christ in you is the greater horn and you're -- the emotions of your human personality are the lesser horn. And if those emotions come out from under the authority of your rational mind, you've got trouble. I saw him on Phil Donahue show, and he was on the TV and he looked, I don't know what he was feeling like, but he looked very calm and very steady and his mother was sitting next to Phil Donahue. And I don't mean any irreverence for the woman, but she was blubbering away [UNINTELLIGIBLE].


And she was making -- now, this is typically female and her son said on the TV to Phil Donahue, “I wish you hadn't brought her on the TV program because it's taking all my strength to remain rational and present my case to the people.” And she, now listen to this because this is what's been happening in this ministry. This emotional woman was touching his emotions. Now, she didn't know what she was doing, but what would have happened if it could've, was that her emotions would've strengthened his emotions and they would have come out from under the authority of his rational mind. And what would've happened if that occurred? If his emotions came out from under the authority of his rational mind, he would've lost his opportunity to present his case.


You can say anything when you're under [INAUDIBLE]


Well, when you're blubbering like that, I don't know, maybe you can get a few words out, but let me tell you something June, and I've been [?saying this here?] for a long time and we've had this problem here. I don't care what you're thinking when you're blubbering like that or when you're screaming your head off, nobody is going to listen to you. Nobody will listen to you when you're making a scene like that. And it’s female to make a scene like that. And I looked at that woman on the TV; she was annoying me. And I spoke to the TV, I said, “Get a hold of yourself woman.” And after her son said that, it wasn't too much later, a couple of minutes later they put the TV on or, and she had stopped blubbering.


I would suspect that someone had said to her get your act together or you have to leave. And she was sitting there and her will eyes were all red. And of course, she was depressed; it's her son. But she was not blubbering anymore. See, this cannot be tolerated by any rational person in authority. This kind of emotional outburst, except in certain limited circumstances is not acceptable. If you want to -- if you really have to do it, you want to go in your room and cry, go in your room and cry. But when there's a serious business going on you can't be doing that. And if you can’t stop, you have to be removed. And this is a reality of life that a lot of women don't want to hear today because women by in large are in rebellion.


And that's difference between a man and woman. And I don't care what your body is, that's difference between a man and woman. A man is ruled by his rational mind and a woman is ruled by her emotions. And for thousands of years this was very acceptable. Everybody knew that a woman was ruled by her emotions, so if they had a problem they went to her husband. It was acceptable to be female. And the man was in charge. The man was the rational mind, but today there are a lot of women that are ruled by their rational mind. So you don't look at the body to determine someone’s sex today. You have to observe their life. When you get upset, when you're persecuted in the church, do you do what Jesus tells you or do you do what your emotions tell you?


If Jesus is planted you in a ministry and something happened that hurts you, are you going to obey Jesus or are you going to obey your emotions? And what you do determines whether or not you are a spiritual man or spiritual woman. I have gone places where I was in agony going there, but God sent me and I would not yield to my emotions. That makes me a spiritual man. But my overall -- when you look at someone's overall life and that's how -- the bases upon which they are living their life, that's how you know you're dealing with a man. Now, today, I watched the 700 Club and something very interes- -- there is a God ordained authority and He can speak to you by yourself. Yes, that's right.


He could speak to you by yourself, but if He chooses to speak to you through a God ordained authority, that is His right to do so. And anybody that says God can’t speak to me through you because I hear from Him myself. You have a problem with pride and it’s going to be into your destruction. Submit yourself for deliverance, that's my counsel to you. It amazes me what’s in these old movies. The Godly role models for men and women, and married women, it was a blessing, the movies from the early years. And I don't know whether you're aware of it or not, but the men in the movies today, they are very female, they're fools. And our young men today have very weakened role models. They show men being fools everywhere. There’s an onslaught on the man in this nation.


There is an outright onslaught against men in positions of leadership and given an exercising their God ordained authority. There is such an outcry and a rebellion against it. And I want to tell you something; they're having much too much success; these militant women having much too much success to keep me calm. I don't like it because this nation is in grave danger. I have to believe God’s going to pull us through. There are just too many praying Christians here to not believe that, but this is going to be one battle. And I thank God for Bush and Quayle and for the Supreme Court and we’ll see -- you know something, I'm not prophesying to you, but it wouldn't surprise me when they turn that abortion law over and if there isn’t rioting in the streets, worse than we saw in Los Angeles by militant women. They're mad.


I am not saying that women should be weak, the Army is supposed to be as tough as they can humanly be. From privates up to the five-star general. If you are a captain, you're supposed to be as tough as you could be, but when the general walks into the room, you submit to the general. Even as a private, you're supposed to be as tough as you could be. Or when the sergeant walks into the room, you're supposed to submit to the sergeant. If your lieutenant, be as tough as nails, you have to submit to the captain. Women are not supposed to be weak. Everyone is supposed to be as strong as they can be in Christ. And out of that strength submit to the God ordained authority, otherwise you have chao- -- why? Because if not, you have chaos.


Does anyone not know what I'm talking about? I know, without a question of the doubt when my messages get more widespread in the United States, all hell is going to come against me from the women's libbers factors, you know, they don't even know I exist. They're going to crucify me 100 times over, especially being a woman. And that's the spirit that's raging in this country today. If you dare to oppose what they believe, they're killing you with their mouth and their lies. Our freedom of speech is on the line. It's called the politically correct movement. Have you heard of that?


It's raging in the universities and it's Nazism. You can’t say what you want. If you're against women's rights or you're against anybody, they boo you down. We’re supposed to have free speech in this country. It's got one and a half feet out of the door. They crucify you if you express an honest opinion. It's called the politically correct movement. Now, what these high-minded liberals have done is they've lumped several issues together. They've lumped the issues of women's rights, black rights, homosexual rights. They’ve tacked them on to lesbian rights and religious freedom and women's rights. And they're calling it all one front. And it’s a very powerful political movement. Our country is under siege.


And the women, well, not all of the women, but a large company of militant women and they are influencing -- even young woman coming up in TV stations. They're killing us, they're killing our children and they're killing the manhood of the young men. And this is what we see, and what we’re studying in Daniel 8. That the lesser horn, the lesser spiritual authority -- remember, everything that's lesser or not that you're worth less, but that you are the weaker vessel. Not, doesn't mean you’re week, it means your position is weaker. As a captain’s position is weaker than the general, but you as a man are not supposed to be weak. Does anyone not understand me?


That's true in this ministry also. You are the weaker vessel. I am the stronger vessel. I am the male, in the ministry; you are the weaker vessel. That does not mean I am better than you are, but God has given me authority in your strength. He's requiring you to submit to the authority He's placed upon me, but as a human being that doesn't make you less than me. Does anyone not understand that? It's very important. People get all uptight over this. They don't understand that. Everybody has their self-worth as an individual.


But, we are all required to submit to authority wherever God has ordained it for the sake of the whole human race. For the sake of the country, for the sake of the church, there must be order and the fact is that we are a fallen nation. And unless we submit to authority, there's going to be chaos. This is all a manifestation of the curse. Someone having authority over you, whether it be the head of the ministry or your husband or even your boss, there isn't going to be that kind of labor in the new order. This is all a manifestation of the curse. God is initiated it because man is filled with rebellion and pride. And he wouldn't do it, he wouldn’t submit of his own accord.


God has done this out of his love for us. And there is such a spirit of rebellion over the whole nation today, the Lord has showed me actually it’s over the whole world, but it's very bad over the United States. The rebellion that's attacking Living Epistles. He says it’s the same spirit that was rioting in Los Angeles. It's the same spirit that's trying to kill Dan Quayle. And I think it's a miracle that we have a president and a vice president that’s standing for traditional family values. And that they've been elected in this country, I think it's a miracle. So there's a spirit of rebellion raging across the Earth, across the nation in our families.


And I would just like to share with you a movie that I saw; I can't remember the name of it. It was an old movie. And in this movie, it was about a young farmer and his wife and, I don't know about today, but in those days farmers were very independent people as a matter of fact, Americans were very independent people. Most Americans in the frontier days, I guess it was the frontier days, were very independent. They were all independently employed. They were farmers or they were sheepherders, or there were cattlemen. We did have a couple of doctors or lawyers in general, but even the general store-men who owned their own stores. This concept of corporate employment is an abomination to the Lord.


God has ordained that every man should be answerable to God and King over his family. This whole concept of a man being under an employer, being taken care of by an employer has made our men spiritual women. When you are a man, when you are spiritual man, there is no one over you but Christ. Now, I don't think I'll put this on the message, but please be aware you cannot be expecting men to change, you know, this is the way our society is. If you're a man or if you feel you’re a spiritual man, or if your woman and you feel you’re a spiritual man, and you receive this word, you cannot get out of your chosen field of employment until God moves you out. Don't try and do it yourself. Don't ask your husband to do it himself.


But a man, that's a man in God's eyes, does not have an employer over him. God’s over him. He's an independent man, king of his family. So in this movie this man was pretty tough, independent guy farming, very hard work to farm, and it’s hard physically and it’s hard emotionally. I think he lost his crops a couple of times, you got to be one strong person and his wife had a baby, and the baby had one of the well-known diseases that we don't hear about much anymore. I don't remember what diseases it was, but it's the disease that is cured by vitamin D, whatever you need, whatever disease that is that vitamin D will cure. I honestly don't remember. OK.




No, not malaria. But the child was very sick, and they weren't too educated in those days. And the local doctor in town found out that it was this disease. I don’t know; I just heard rickets in my head, I don't know if that's -- if that was God or not, but I just heard rickets in my head. And the doctor told that the child needs milk. If he just gets milk, he’ll recover. And they couldn't afford to buy milk. When the baby was sick and crying all day and night, and in this scene that I want to tell you about, the man was there doing whatever work he was doing, something on the field. And his wife -- now, his wife never came against him.


He knew what the problem was -- oh, I left an important part out. He had a choice. He could've stayed as a farmer and not be able to afford the milk or give up his farm and go work for somebody else. And he would've had the money to buy the milk, but he would have lost his equity in the land. His whole life, as he saw it would have been destroyed. And he couldn't bring himself to sell his farm. And his wife never challenged him. She never challenged him. He was the king of that family, but she cried out to God.


She never fought with him; she never had an argument with him. She never had a harsh word with him. Their family was in order and one day she got physically attacked by it and she just cried, she broke down. And she said, “I can’t bear his crying anymore Lord. I can't bear it.” And she broke down and she started to sob. Now, this is in the movies and the man turns around, looks up into heaven and says, “What do you want from me God?” Do you really want me to give up this form and go submit myself to a factory in the darkness of the dungeon? Is that what you want me to do?”


And in the next scene, and then it was blackout. In the next scene someone gave him a cow. Somebody gave him a cow. This was in the movies. And having a relationship with the Lord, I can attest to you that was very accurate. I prayed like that myself sometimes just out of utter frustration and that's when He moves. But she never opened her mouth to this man; she never challenged his authority. But she was honest in her emotions. She broke down from the grief and that was what did it. A genuine emotion, she never challenged his authority. And God moved.


But the movies today portray men to be jerks, women to be tramps, children to the horrors, you know that -- what’s that program? Married without children. Married with Children. The teenage girl’s a prostitute. I mean horrible. Absolutely horrible. So I'm seriously, you know, asking God if He wants me to give me a prayer with regard to the media because it's killing our kids. And I don't believe that God ever instituted a war in this nation that was intended to kill our kids. And we have freedom of speech with restrictions, with codes on the movies and restrictions on the pornography for years, and the country prospered.


We're in deep trouble. I also heard on the news the other night. So as bad as the picture was, I'm just very encouraged that we have a godly President, a Vice President and I know that a lot of Christians aren’t happy with our President. And I know that somebody said to me, maybe a year ago that they heard it preached in another ministry that he's part of the illuminati and they're against Bush. Well, I want to tell you, brethren, what I think. And this is what I think. No man that’s qualified to be president and I hope you all know. I'm not qualified to be president, you have to have the strong base of knowledge and intelligence and ability to be president.


Anyone is qualified to be president today is not likely to be in our category ready to give up everything for Christ. It's just not likely. They're not going to be perfect. So you take the best you can get. You need somebody to do the job. If you remember the teaching on the imputed anointing. How do a lot of men become pastors of churches? You know a lot of them aren't particularly anointed, but yet the Holy Ghost is in the ministry. And what I've told you many times is that when God picks a leader for an old order church, at the top of the list of qualifications is his ability to run a business.


You got to collect the tithes, you got to have a budget, you have to be able to handle money. You have to be able to run the building, to make two pairs of whatever is involved. We have a very small ministry here, but I have a checkbook. I have taxes to do. I have government officials to deal with. I have to be careful not to spend the money on something that God didn’t tell me to spend it to. Not everybody could do this; this is a skill. So in an imputed church, the first topic of this qualification is that the man can handle the finances of the household. And sometimes I've seen it.


There are very gifted men of God in the congregation, very anointed. More spiritual than the pastor, but if God put them up there, they’d lose the building in a year. Does anyone not know what I'm saying? We need a president that can be a president, and out of all the men that are qualified to be president, God picks the one that is -- however He -- I don't know if I'm saying the exact words, He’ll pick the one that's the most spiritual or He’ll pick the one that's more likely to yield to Him. Or He’ll pick the one that's more likely to have morals and ethics lined up with Christian values. Does anyone not know what I'm talking about?


Of course, the man is not perfect. And maybe he is the member of the illuminati. I don't know. But I know God told me to pray about it, to vote for him. I know God told me to vote for him. And I thank God for everything that he has done for this nation that lines up with what God wants. He's a very strong man. I thank God for his strength. A very strong man. I've never seen him, that he doesn't have the same manner towards the people, even when we were in the middle of the war. He never raised his voice, he never got nervous, he never showed any emotion. Spiritual strength in the man. Rational thinking, that's what we need in a leader.


The church is lacking today in their understanding that God works with imperfect vessels. And that if He has chosen that imperfect vessel, He's going to get His will done through that imperfect vessel. And what we see in the church today is Christians crucifying people that God has put in authority because they see an imperfection in him. And that does not honor God. He doesn't like it. Don't be deceived because He is not quick to render judgment. Don't be deceived because He's long-suffering. When you give is anointed grief, He doesn't like it.


6/13/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

6/18/14 1st Edit MJS & CAS














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