144 - 1 Part

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It is something wrong with their personality that makes them become drug addicts. Everybody does not become a drug addict, there has to be something in your personality that lets you become a drug addict, and what is in your personality is reflected in the way you think.


God sent me to this woman, and she was very angry that I dared to tell her to register for unemployment and I must have told her more than once. I think she got another job and she said, "Huh, that will show you."


Then she lost that job, and the Lord had me tell her again several times. Finally she wound up with no job, no money, no fuel in the dead of the winter, with absolutely nothing in the house to eat. She was calling many people of which I was one of them. I am telling you when I know I have heard from God, I am a very tough person, and people that cannot discern Christ on me think bad things about me. God told me not one penny, not one penny.


To expect people to buy food for you or pay rent for you or provide any human need for you when you cannot go and register for funds that are coming to you, that it is not welfare. It is an insurance plan that the proceeds of which are paid for by your employer. If you cannot, for whatever your emotional problem, you cannot go stand on that line, I cannot give you one red cent.


This woman was mad at me, and it did not show right away. It came out a couple of years later. She said to me, as a matter of fact, just before I went into the hospital, she called up and cursed me out. I was half dead and she was screaming at me on the phone, saying, "In my darkest hour you offered me nothing." Now she calls me and I talk to her. She called me a few months after I got out of the hospital. I guess she did not realize how sick I was, and she called to make amends. She said to me, she dropped it just casually, she said, "I am collecting unemployment."


She gave me this testimony that she was sitting with a person that she was with, you probably do not know her, but I just do not want you to know who she is. She was sitting with a person in a house in pitch black darkness because their electric was turned off, with no heat in the freezing cold in the dead of winter, with absolutely nothing in the icebox, just crying out to God. Someone knocked on the door and handed them a fifty dollar bill, and it was none of the people that they would have expected it to be. It was someone they were not close with. A big problem that a lot of people have, the whole church world is dying for lack of knowledge of God. We cannot put any kind of pressure on anybody to do anything for us. Our relief must come from the person that God raises up to relieve us. They do not want to understand that.


COMMENT: It is funny, one time this girl was having it rough and when she asked me for something, it was not in the nicest way. She quoted a Scripture at me, like the enemy, and said, "The Lord said, You have not because you ask not." I said, "You know the Lord also says, "If you do not work you do not eat, or if you ask amiss," and that was not in the spirit of love. I feel there are many times what you have to do is let your need be known. Let the Spirit of God work on you, if that is what He wants you to do.... but to feel this compulsion that I have to help, when you do not feel it is God....


PASTOR VITALE: It is witchcraft. You see, what is happening in the church in a nutshell is this, the church, by and large, is adamic, and they are living out of their carnal mind. That makes the whole church the enemy of God. Out of the whole church, which is millions of people, there is a small very, very, small group of people in whom Christ, the personality of Christ, is appearing. See, the whole church has a relationship with Him. There is a very, very small group of people whose personality is revealing Christ, and these two conditions are making two camps out of the one camp.


If you are a person who is moving in the righteousness of Christ, whether His personality is appearing in you or whether it is just an imputed righteousness for the moment, if it is Christ appearing in you, and it is the carnal mind in someone else, you are engaged with that person in a warfare. The Scripture calls it a warfare, and it is a warfare of the minds, and very few people in the church understand this.


You see, we are engaged in this warfare whether we are armed or not. If there is anything of Christ in us at all, we are engaged in it whether we are armed or not. Of course, we are going to be cast down continuously if we are not armed. The first weapon that we must have is the ability to distinguish between Christ and the carnal mind. We had that in the message last week. It is very important. It is of the utmost importance that we obtain an ability or attain to an ability to distinguish between Christ and the carnal mind, both in ourselves and in other people. If we cannot do that, that is like saying, "These big monsters come at us, and there is a gun lying on the floor, but we do not know how to use it. We cannot even lift it up."


We must be able to distinguish between Christ and the carnal mind. We must have a revelation of this warfare that occurs every time two human beings have an encounter, with one exception, when it is Christ totally ruling in both of those people.


If Christ is starting to appear in you, you are in the war whether your opponents are your natural family, your spiritual family, your employer, your best friend, or your most beloved relative. You are going to be killed if you cannot get the understanding that they do not know what they are doing. I am not saying they are bad, but you are going to lose your spiritual life in Christ if you yield to your carnal mind which tells you, "Well, that is my best friend, I have to do what she tells me." You have to do what Jesus tells you.


You must do righteousness, or you are going to lose whatever of Christ is in you. Why? Because you cannot stand still, either you are for Him or you are against Him. If He is in you and you are not living out of Him, but you are yielding to carnality, for whatever reason, carnality says, "Oh, she did not mean it or she is nice or this or that." If you are yielding to that, it is going to kill the Christ that is being born in you, because you are not living out of Him. You are agreeing with the carnal mind, so, for all intents and purposes, what you are doing is crucifying the Lord of Glory afresh.


The Christ that is in you, that wants to do righteousness through you, you are killing. It is very important. I do not know how to emphasize how important it is. Now that does not mean that you hate people, and that does not mean that you go and become at enmity with your husband or members of your family. What does it mean? It means that you have to be aware at all times that this is happening and ask the Lord for wisdom.


Ask Him for victory over the enemy of Christ which is the carnal mind that is manifesting in your closest relative, maybe your husband, maybe your wife, maybe your best friend, maybe your own child. Ask Him for His mind. Ask Him what He thinks. I pray it all the time, "Lord, what you are feeling, let them be my feelings, what you would pray, let it be my prayer. Help them, save them, deliver them, but do not let them destroy the Christ in me, and show me how to do it."


When you do that, when you think like that, and when you pray like that, this is the agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ, that is the love of God. I find that large numbers of the people, if not most of the people in the church, cannot discern the love of God. They do not understand what it is, and if they see any manifestation of spiritual strength that is opposing wickedness, they think you are mad at them.


They think all kinds of carnal things about you, and they do not believe that any strong stand or strong words can be of God. This is a lie in their minds, because the Lord Jesus Christ is the Lord of Hosts. He is the God of war and He is waging war against sin. I want to tell you this whole planet lieth in wickedness, and that includes the church. When He comes forth, and when He starts coming forth in you, He is going to come forth waging war, but He is going to be waging war in righteousness.


Check out your fruit. If the warfare that you wage brings destruction, the chances are it is not Christ but, be very careful, sometimes it is Christ and it looks like it is destruction. You have to give it some time. If it is Christ, and He is out there whipping people like He did in the temple or if it is Christ and He is out there stinging them like the scorpions, like the locusts that sting like scorpions, there must be fruit coming forth from it, no matter how hurt the person is. The righteousness of Christ, the peaceable fruit of righteousness, must come forth eventually.


Pray without ceasing, tell the Lord you do not want to be waging war in another spirit. Show Him your sincerity, He will not leave you ashamed. This warfare must be waged, it is going to save your husband's life, it is going to save your wife's life, it is going to save your family's life. It may not look that way at the moment, but if it is the righteousness of Christ in you, it must yield the fruit of righteousness, which is what? Christ in them, it has to happen. Why? Because He said so.


You are not doing anybody any good, but I look at people. I have to look at somebody when I preach. I am not telling anything to anybody, you are not doing anybody any good by making excuses for them. That is nice in the world, when you were not in Christ that is nice, that made you a peacemaker.


"Oh, she did not mean it, let us give her the benefit of the doubt," but now that Christ is appearing in you, and that the time for judging is past, it is the time for righteous judgment. The rules have changed. Now you are entering to spiritual manhood, and the Lord wants you to judge righteous judgment and speak His words. The more you do it, the more His words will come in you, and then, more automatically, they will come in you.


I want to tell you that His words come not all the time but many times, so automatically in me now that some times I am just amazed at what came out of my mouth. I pray it through, and I know that it was Him, and I will say, "Why did I say that?" You know, and sometimes for a period I am concerned saying, "Lord, why did I say that?" Then He witnesses to me that it was Him, because I ask Him for witnesses. I do not want to manifest a spirit that is not His.


I pray all the time, especially when what I am saying is controversial. I am not just talking about revelation. I am talking about everything that comes out of my mouth. I pray continuously, "Let me know if it is not your spirit, I want to repent. Who wants this on my head, if it is not you?" I pray all the time without ceasing, and the more I pray and the more I live it, and the more He flows through me, the more He flows through me. It is incredible.


Sometimes I do things and, to the carnal mind, they do not look right, but He witnesses to me that they are right. I remind you of the Scripture where the prophet went to the man and said, "Smite me," and the man would not smite him, and the prophet went away. I think something happened to that man if I am not mistaken, I am not sure.


The prophet went to another man and he said, "Smite me," and the Scripture says he said, "Smite me in the Word of the Lord." It was the Spirit of God in that prophet saying to the man, "Smite me." Now the first, he was killed, something happened to him. Why? He had a religious spirit, he was a Pharisee. He would not smite the prophet because he could not discern between the two, and the prophet went to another man and said, "In the word of the Lord, Smite me," and the man smote him. I want to tell you that, that is the type of the two-witness company. The man smote him, and he went with his bleeding face and gave a sharp rebuke to some king.


The man that smote him did not die. Now the carnal mind says that the man that smote him is going to die, and the man that did not smite would live, but just the opposite happened. This is enough to make you go bananas. Brethren, you have to learn to discern between Christ and the carnal mind, or you are not going to make it, you are not going to make it!


I am getting the slightest vision of what Noah must have felt like. Nobody listened to him. I am telling you, it is going to start raining, it is about to start raining, and there is a flood that is coming on the earth, and only those that are in the ark are not going to die, only those in the ark are going to stay alive. What is the ark? The ark is Christ.


It is going to start reigning judgment. Only those that are so joined to Christ that they can tell the difference between Christ and the carnal mind, that have developed a spiritual strength to resist the carnal mind, both in themselves and in others, and cleave unto Christ, only those who are in the ark are going to survive. Everyone else on the planet is going to die. Then, we can make the ultimate reconciliation teachers happy. We could say every human being on the face of the earth shall be saved because all the others will have died. Glory to God.


COMMENT: I just feel that it is a constant thing, it is constant.


PASTOR VITALE: There is no end to it.


COMMENT: You know, like you are coming against the carnal mind constantly, even if it is a small incident about making a commitment. It was like it was such a horrible thing for me to leave the family you know, after everything is done, I said, "Well after dinner then I will go."


PASTOR VITALE: See, they do not know what they are doing , but the carnal mind is using them because they are without understanding, and the carnal mind is using them to oppose the Christ in you. They do not know what they are doing.


COMMENT: Every single one of them had something to say, they did not even consider that I had made the commitment on a Sunday night. Well my husband knew. I said to him, "Thursday and Sunday night, there is a commitment." Of course, he said, "Well you know there are times when you can make an alternative, you know." I said, "Well, I would rather not do that if I can go out and have dinner, I will just leave at 6:00 and I will have performed what I had to do." Of course, you know it was down beat about me leaving, but I went anyway.


PASTOR VITALE: That is the way it is, it is not going to change, it is not going to change.


COMMENT: It is like every single thing that I have set up somehow...


PASTOR VITALE : Yes, because it is the carnal mind coming against you. I remind you of the first stage of resurrection, we are underneath the carnal mind. Those who are moving in Christ in this hour are more defensive than aggressive. We are rarely attacking. I do not know that I ever, I do not want to say never, I do not have any recollection of attacking, the attack is always coming against me. It is always coming against me, and I must learn to deal with it in righteousness.


I am still ascending to the first stage of resurrection which is, that from the position that I am in now, the carnal mind will not be able to rule me or damage me in any way. I am not there yet. I am getting closer and closer, but I am not there yet. We are always on the defensive. Christ is on the defensive, the carnal mind is trying to crush us and destroy us.


She will manifest wherever she can, and the place she is most likely to manifest is in the family, in the people that have a natural authority over you, or in your job if you have one.


COMMENT: I always felt that where the most love was is where the attack comes from. You know, where there is a love bond between, in a family there is love, and he is trying to separate and destroy that love that is between the family members.


PASTOR VITALE: Who is trying to separate?


COMMENT: Satan, right? Or the carnal mind.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, it is more than that. Jesus said, "I come with a sword." You see, now listen to this. The carnal mind has trouble dealing with the fact that Jesus does things like that or that Jesus is aggressive. Now that was a carnal, I point that out to you in all love, that was a carnal statement. Jesus comes with a sword. This is what He is talking about when He says, "If you do not hate your mother and your father, and follow after me." He does not want you to hate them, He does not mean hate as the carnal mind means hate, but what He is saying is that you must make me, Jesus, you must make Christ first in your life. Compared to your commitment to Him, you would hate them. That is the way it is expressed in the Scripture. What He means is that if you must choose, you are to choose Him. That is what it means.


I am going to tell you a shocking thing. I really do not know when this is going to come to pass, but the spiritual principle here is that families are going to be broken down. As Christ joins to us in a greater and greater measure, He is going to demand more of our allegiance, our time, our efforts and our mind. Then He is going to permit us to give to our families. Now, to separate from our families before the Lord calls us is a grave error, and any ministry that preaches it, it is an occultish aspect of the ministry. When it tells you to separate from your family, do not do it. The truth of the Scripture is that when your time comes, Jesus is going to remove you from your family in whatever degree He removes you from your family.


This is just the truth. Look at the witness of the apostles, and look at Paul. They left their families to travel with Jesus. Look at most people in the ministry that have any kind of an evangelical ministry at all, talk to them, their testimony is without exception. No matter what is going on in the family, the work of the Lord comes first.


Ask them how many times someone has been sick or there has been a problem, and the Lord does not let them go home. The Lord does not let them go home, it is very common. Why? Because when you are in the ministry, you have a very close union with the Lord. He is already staking His claims on you, that His family life with you... He, being your husband, must be primary to your natural family life. Do you understand what I am saying? I do not want anyone hearing this tape saying that Sheila is preaching against the natural family. I am not.


I believe that God sent us back to minister to our natural family, and I believe that the natural family of everyone that serves God or that has a union with Christ is blessed and benefitted by it, but they are benefitted by it in a way that Christ benefits them.


Included in that whole package, there is a whole package, you have heard of medical packages right? Medical benefits package, there is a whole package of benefits that Christ will impart to a family where there is one believer in it, in whom He is coming forth. Among that package is prosperity and health and deliverance from all kinds of problems but, the concession is that, that person that He is manifesting through must make Him the most important person in his life. He will, according to His wisdom, which I really cannot even explain to you, on certain occasions make you choose Him over a family function. He does it and He has been doing it. You could check with people in the ministry and He shall do it. He comes with a sword, and the reason for it...as we know, it is going to disappear.


Why is family life as we know it going to disappear? Because family life as we know it, as well as marriage, is an institution that was established under the curse. I am sorry but that is what it is. It is glorious, and it is wonderful when you are down here in the valley of the shadow of death, but the Lord Jesus Christ is calling us up higher to be spiritual men. There is no marriage or giving in marriage in heaven, neither is there the kind of family life that we are involved in. How can I say that? Well, if there is no marriage, how can you have a family life? The mother and father, the husband and wife are the head of the family, it is coming down in God's timing.


Now, do not go running out if you have a problem with your mother or your father. I do not know where this tape is going. If you have a problem with your mother and your father, and you hate them, do not go call them up and say, "Sheila Vitale said that my family is being dissolved and I do not have to honor you anymore." Do not go to your husband or men do not go to your wife, and say, "Sheila Vitale said that marriage is being torn down so I am leaving you with five kids, and I am not going to support you." I am not saying any of these things.


We have certain obligations to our family, and the only time that they are overridden is when Christ specifically calls us. We must believe that if He does not let us minister in a particular incidence, He will meet their need in another way. If you think the Lord has called you away from a family responsibility, and you look back over your shoulder, and the members of your family that you have left behind are not being ministered to, you better check twice about what spirit told you not to minister to them. If it was not the Lord and you have abandoned them, you are in trouble with the Lord.


Do not use God to give authority to your ungodly lusts and desires to get away from responsibility or manifest any kind of wickedness towards the people that you have a responsibility to. It is happening all over the church. "The Lord told me." Yes, your God told you, the name is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. The God of your own belly told you that. It is all over the church. I just do not want anyone using my name like that because my God is Christ. Where did that come from. Praise the Lord.


COMMENT: If I remember correctly, before you said, I think you said that you will separate from the family, but I think God also separates your family from you.


PASTOR VITALE: It can go either way.


COMMENT: I know he separated my family right after I came to the Lord. He took them all out, they are all in different states, my own brothers and sisters, and now my own children. I can see how it is happening.


PASTOR VITALE: Look, this is a hard word, everything I preach is a hard word. This is a hard word, but it is the truth. It is the same word that I preached with regard to marriage. There are only twenty-four hours in the day. If you are spending your time with not only your children but with your brothers and sisters, if you are spending your time with family gatherings, no matter where you are spending your time, it is keeping you from Him.


We are limited by the flesh that we live in. If you sleep six hours a day, you only have eighteen hours a day to serve Him. I want to tell you, when He has apprehended you for service eighteen hours a day is not enough. It is not enough to get it all done. I do not know anybody that it is in the ministry that is ever caught up, you are always overloaded. There is so much work to do, and if He has really called you to serve Him, do not be surprised if your family is scattered.


Either your family is scattered or you are removed, one or the other. Do not be surprised, He is doing it to you. It is not Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. It is God. You have to grow up. Glory to God.


COMMENT: In a case like that though, if He is separating families then, you know, how can...I mean, an institution of a family life is what holds a whole country together right? I mean, if you separate in the families how can the strength be there?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, He is doing it very slowly with just a few people at a time, and it is going to be a gradual thing, because by the time this thing really starts happening in any kind of strength, most likely the Sons of God will be in full stature, and the strength will be in Christ, but it is gradual, it is gradual.


COMMENT: Right now the families are split up, you know, because of drugs and because of all of these divorces, one out of two are divorced. Do you think that, that is God working in that way also?


PASTOR VITALE: I think God is using it. I think it is the same principle as what happened over in Eastern Europe where the communist came in and destroyed all organized religion. Now Eastern Europe has opened up to us, and many Pentecostal groups are running in with spirit filled ministry and literature. The people are not strong in their Roman Catholicism, they are not strong in their Judaism because religion has been wiped out for over a generation. I think that it is a manifestation of mankind that is continuously spiraling downward, and that God is using it for His glory.


I think what is happening in this country today, both on the level of the families being destroyed, on the level of authority in headship being destroyed, and on the level of so many women becoming spiritual men, whether they like it or not, this is my opinion and it is still America. I could still speak it. These women that are educated and have professions and work in jobs that have been traditionally male jobs, they have become spiritual men. I am not saying they are homosexuals. They may be married, they may have children, but spiritually they have become men.


God is working in all of these things, because He is going to be making a lot of it legitimate. You see they are illegal spiritual men, because their head is still Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. You are not a man unless your head is Christ. He is going to be using a lot of these women and making true spiritual men out of them, putting Himself as head over them. He is calling a lot of people out of families that could never come if the true headship was as strong as it has been for centuries, if it still existed. He could not be calling women, He could not be calling young people, they could not get out of the families as strong as they used to be.


On the one hand, the living soul that died is spiraling downward. On the second hand, God is using it for His own purposes because a whole new age is coming in, and He taketh away the first so that He can give us the second. The first is being destroyed. Now, you see, it is a two- sided coin. Let me try to explain it again. I think the Lord told me I did not explain it well enough. On the one hand, it is a good thing because God is moving in it, but, on the other hand, it is a manifestation.


People are out there suffering, they are on drugs, they are on alcohol, people, families are being destroyed, children are being hurt, and there is great pain involved. The man without understanding says, "Well how could God do this?" God could do this because this is a wicked generation, and the judgments of God are falling on them. As the judgments of God fall harder and harder, more and more destruction comes upon us. God is moving to restore through that destruction that is justly coming upon these people. It is hard to understand, you know what I am talking about?


COMMENT: Sheila, where in the Scriptures, I was looking up spiritual, and spirituality, there is not very many Scriptures, where do you get it where it says the spiritual man? Where do you come to that part in Gesenius or Thayer's, how you can determine, say like, the woman whether she be a preacher or just somebody in the church and she is coming where Christ is being imparted into her, where do you find that where the difference is?


PASTOR VITALE: There is no male or female in Christ Jesus. Oh, you mean where do find instruction on how to discern it?




PASTOR VITALE: Well, the only thing that comes to my mind, off the top of my head, is Paul saying, "We know no man anymore after the flesh, but by the spirit." You have to discern what spirit is in them, Yes, you have to discern the spirit, and if that spirit is Christ, they are male, even if it is a donkey. Christ is the only male, and any human being coming in any spirit other than Christ is female.


There is a whole changing of the guard coming over, a whole changing of the guard. You see, it has already started, but it is started in a little corner of the world and very, very few people understand what is happening. I think there are many people that it is happening to that do not even understand it, but it is going to break through. You see, it is a gradual withdrawing of the old age and simultaneously a putting in of the new age, and very, very, slowly. Most people cannot see it, but the day is going to come, and I do not believe it is going to be too much longer that it is going to be obvious for everyone on the face of the earth to see what has happened.


The change really came two thousand years ago when Jesus was crucified and a lot of people are faltering because they are saying, "Our fathers have fallen asleep and nothing has happened." I have had people come to me and say to me, "Well this particular Rabbi that I ministered to said to me, how could He have been the Messiah, look at the condition of the world?" They cannot deal with how long it is taking for the regeneration Jesus spoke about. They cannot deal with the time that is involved in spiritual things, you see, but it has already happened. Now it is pushing its way into the realm of appearance, and it is starting like a drop of water, but it is going to break through the dam, and it will be there for all to see. Did I answer your question?


COMMENT: It is like more than a transition, now it is coming close?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, it is coming. There is going to be a big break through. Do you remember the teaching about threshold? Threshold is a line, an invisible line, and this is the invisible realm, and this is the realm of appearance over here. When Jesus was crucified, something happened in the realm of the spirit. Something happened in the realm of the spirit when His body was crucified, and I really do not want to get into it now, but what happened was that His fallen adamic soul was crucified, and the fact that the adamic soul was crucified had effects in this world.


You cannot see it over here in this realm of appearance. Why? We have war, famine, pestilence, every wicked work, and wicked men are saying, "Well I saw Him get crucified back two thousand years ago, but I cannot see anything happening over here." For two thousand years, the work that Jesus did on the cross is slowly moving towards appearing in the realm of appearance, and people with spiritual eyes see what is happening. Well, what is happening? What are the signs that it are about to appear?


We see the Pentecostal renewal, we see the church as it is moving. There was the latter day movement, we see the church moving along, we see doctrine evolving, we see the truth coming forth, and if God lets us, we will see righteousness coming forth in a few people. We see the love of God coming forth in a few people. See, the fact is that as bad as things are, Christianity has changed the whole world. As bad as things are, if you look at what life was like for people before Christianity, Christianity has changed the whole world.


They used to have human slaves. Now I know we had slavery in this country until a couple of hundred years ago, but we do not have it now. We have all kinds of, all kinds of inhumanity to human beings. Now, of course, there is a lot of wickedness in the world today. I am not saying there is not a lot of wickedness in the world, but it is much better than it was. If you look at the overall thing, it is much better than it was but yet there is a lot wrong.


This spiritual work of Jesus Christ is moving towards this invisible line, and very soon it is going to appear on the other side of the line. When it appears on the other side of the line, the Scripture says that it is going to appear like a sun. You see, the sun that started to rise in the East over here is coming over, and you really cannot see it until it crosses over that horizon. It Is going to cross over, it is going to appear as bright as day in this realm of appearance, and even people that do not have any knowledge at all, they are going to look at it. Where is it going to be? It is going to be in men. It is the righteousness and the love of God that is going to appear in men, and it is going to be affirmed with signs and wonders, miracles of healing, deliverance, and provision.


It is going to appear for all to see. I want to tell you that I am convinced at this point that very few people are going to receive this doctrine before the Sons of God manifest. I believe with all my heart at this moment, unless God corrects me, that this doctrine that is coming forth in this hour, is just for those people that are called to the first fruits company. It will be hated and rejected, and it cannot be understood unless Christ is coming forth in you. I believe it with all my heart. It is only for the few that are called in this hour. This is what was on my heart today, and I was studying all day.


Usually I am very spiritual when I am studying, and I think the Lord said, to me that as we preach these messages, and as we fight this warfare to get these messages on tape, when the Sons of God stand up in full stature, when the first fruits company stand up, and thousands and millions of people realize what has happened, these tapes are going to be in very, very great demand. They are going to see the first fruits company, they are going to see their spiritual strength. They are going to see their dominion over every problem that is crashing down upon the world, and people are going to want what these men have.


You see, those of us that are entering into perfection now, we are entering in largely because of our love for the Lord. He has called us and we love Him, and I do not know about you, but I want what He has for me. I want anything and everything of Himself that He will give me. The majority of the people, including those in the church, do not feel that way. What they want is a solution to their immediate problem. They want to get off of drugs, they want to get off of alcohol, they want to get married, they want their financial problem cleared up, they want a healing, and then that is all they want. Then they want to go about this carnal world lifestyle, and go to church on Sunday and maybe on Wednesday too. I will tell you the truth, that is what they want.


Every once in while, you find some fanatic nut that would rather come to a meeting than be at a family gathering. The world thinks that they are a fanatic nut, and that there is something wrong with it, and that they do not love their family, but that is not the truth. They love their family, but they have seen the face of God, and they love Him, rightly so, more than their family. Not that they are abandoning their family or neglecting their family, but they want God, and the carnal mind thinks they are crazy.


Once the first fruits stand up in full stature and these carnally minded people can see, you see they do not understand what is here for you, your family, but when the world sees what is going to happen to us, they are going to want what happened to us to happen to them, and there is going to be a tremendous run on these tapes.


The Lord just reminded me what He told me today, that after the first fruits stand up, He is going to come on the rest of the church and the rest of creation, and He is going to come upon them without their permission. You see, this creation belongs to God, and we are possessed by another man, another which we know is really a lesbian but another man, another spirit. The Lord is going to take His creation back. The people will not come, they just want their immediate needs met. That is all they want, that is their human nature.


He is going to come upon them like a thief in the night. It is going to be violent. Yes, it is going to be violent. There is going to be great distress, people are going to be in agony. Really, they are going to be in agony. Most of them are not going to understand what is happening to them. These tapes are going to be God's mercy to them, because those that cry out to Him are going to be led to these tapes which will at least give them an understanding that they are in a spiritual labor and that God has not abandoned them. If they will just work with Him, they will pass through. That could make a big difference, having this knowledge. That was what He told me today, and it has started already but with very few people.


We know somebody right now that is going through this and she is in total agony, and the Lord told me that He set up this whole incident. He set it up. I said, "Lord she was doing so well," and He said, "I set it up." He said, "Nobody is doing well when their problem is under control. I want it overcome and I want it out. I want it manifested, and I wanted to be glorified in the manifestation. I want to fix you so that this will never happen to you. No matter what the provocation is, I did it."


I want to tell you that I went before the Lord, and I said, "Father, did I do something that I need to repent of, why did I do it, I do not even know why I did it?" He has confirmed to me that it was Him in me, and whether or not the carnal mind sees what I did as something unrighteous, He told me to do it, and that makes it righteous. We just talked about that earlier. He did it for the specific reason of dealing with her, because time is very short, and she is going all the way. That is what we are dealing with.


COMMENT: I can believe that the crying out that both of us did, well, I guess a couple of years ago continuous, that we wanted everything that God wanted to give us. We would be willing to pay the price and, you know, fearful as I am about it, I said, "Lord I want to pay the price and I want to be part of this relationship, and I am going to go all the way, despite all this stuff." We both said it, and I guess I can believe that it is being fulfilled.


PASTOR VITALE: I believe that. I remember when I was in that church that we all went to, and one day there was an altar call to get anointed for tabernacles, and I went running up to the front of the church, and I was jumping up and down saying," Oh Lord, take me, Lord take me." Wow, if I knew what I was asking for, I do not know that I would have been jumping up and down like that. I am glad He called me, and I am glad for everything that I have been through because I never used to like myself, but I like myself today. I like what He has done with me. I like what He has made out of me, and I like the relationship that He has given me with Him. I like everything that He has done with my life. It is a very hard life, but I would not trade it for anything in the world. Glory to God.








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