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Christians and non-Christians have reaped great financial benefits by sowing finances, and I want to suggest to you that this is something that occurs when the imputed anointing is operating. When you get into the imparted anointing, whatever you sow, whether it be finances or faithfulness or whatever you are capable of giving, when you give it, what you reap is spiritual increase. Now you may reap financial blessings, but as soon as you cross over that line, when you cross over that line, and you are fooling with the imparted anointing, God is not fooling anymore.


Anyone that has got their toe over that line, you are dealing with spiritual maturity. No more baby stuff. Although God would love to give you financial blessings, the primary focus for you in His mind is spiritual increase. As He looks at you and evaluates you individually, if that financial increase is going to hinder your spiritual growth in any way, He will not give it to you. Of course, what counts is your motive for sowing the money.


Now, your sister seemed to have, from what you tell me, a Godly motive for sowing the money. Someone touching on the imparted anointing sows financially with a Godly motive. Depending on their attitude toward that money and what God is doing in their life, they may not receive money back, but they will receive spiritual increase.


Now some people are very generous, and they really do not hesitate to help the poor and help the unfortunate, and they really will let their mind go. Some people are just like that, but it is a shock to some people that could do that to find out that as generous as they were, that when God takes their money from them, they have an intense pride that does not want to be the one that is on the receiving end. Can you hear what I am saying?


When once we go over that line and we are dealing with the imparted anointing, God is out to utterly, not break, but utterly destroy our pride. He is out to destroy it. When God evaluates you and sizes each of you up, whoever you are, and sets down a plan for the destruction of your carnal mind, and the exaltation of Christ in you, and He makes a judgment that what it is going to take to do it for you, is to take you out of that position of giving which no matter how Godly your motive is, brethren, I ask you to consider, what I consider the reality, there is pride involved in it. There is pride involved in it.


It is a good thing to give it away, and you know when God looks at you, if He perceives this, which is just human, that if that is your condition, and He makes a judgment to let you experience being on the other end, no matter how you can sow ten million dollars into the kingdom, you are not going to get it back.


If you sow it in for a motive that is as Godly as you can muster at that time, you will reap spiritually. If you sow it in with a motive that expects to reap a return, you will probably get nothing, you will probably get judgment. I just want to say it again. No matter how Godly your motive is for sowing it in, if you are in an area that would be classified as the imputed anointing, you are very likely to reap financial blessing, but once you are in that area which is the imparted anointing, depending on God's personal work up for you, you could wind up losing everything financially and becoming a son of God.


This is the bottom line. As we enter into the end times, as we are called to full stature, the bottom line is, will you trust God with your everything? Will you trust Him for everything? The sad part of this is people that do not hear this, that do not understand this, that either lose their... you do not have to go completely broke, but they are not where they think they should be financially, or they are having financial troubles, or they know someone that is in this condition, they condemn them, they say, "Surely God is not with you, surely you must be in sin." That is the tragedy of it.


It is a whole different set of rules for the imparted anointing, and people with the imputed anointing do not understand and condemn, and the Scriptural types are Saul condemning David, and whoever condemned David for being in exile. That is the Scriptural type for it. Israel will never understand David or Joseph, faith, spiritual principle. So the rules... yet, brethren, we have to get these rules down pat. Why? Because it is hard enough going through the judgment that is going to produce Christ, and I do not believe that it is the will of God that we should suffer any more than necessary.


We have to know that if we sow a million dollars, and we lose all our money that God is not unfaithful. I just opened this book, I just looked at one Scripture quickly, and it said, "You shall lack nothing." Brethren, when the Scripture says you shall lack nothing, it did not say you shall lack no money, okay. Now when the Scripture says, "You shall lack nothing," the implication is, well now, you must be lacking something. What is it that we are lacking? Does the Scripture not say, "Ye are complete in Him"? We are lacking Jesus. We are lacking the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ in our personality.


The promise that you shall lack nothing is full stature, and look, brethren, this Bible, I am not insulting you, I am not putting your sister down at all, I understand that many people function on this level and God blesses it, okay. The Scripture is a deeply spiritual book. It is filled with the mysteries that were hidden from the foundation of the earth. It is so rich in spiritual power that when the most carnal person in the world touches it, they get blessed. They open it up, and they read a Scripture like that, and they give a ten dollar bill and it works. It is like the man touching Elisha's bones and coming back to life. That is how rich this book is!


When God calls you into spiritual maturity, know that the blessings are spiritual, and whatever exists in your carnal life is not necessarily a reflection of your spiritual condition or your relationship with Christ.


What exists in your carnal life is that which is necessary to bring Christ to full stature, and this is a paradox. It is a contradiction that the carnal church cannot comprehend, and we who are in this realm must stand against the persecution. They do not understand, you will never make them understand, and there is nothing for you to do, but to just grin and bear it, and avoid any confrontation with them. I do not believe God wants us to argue with anyone over this. They might want to argue over it.


Well, you are the one that is in pain, you are the one that is going through whatever you are going through, and you can tell them, "I do not want to argue over this, end of the conversation, God bless you." I hope I made that clear. It is very important, and it is not important that Israel understands, because they will not. I believe that He wants to bless us, and if we have a period of financial restriction it is because He is doing something in us.


I think if we were in a condition that He would want us to be in, if our hearts were in the condition that He wanted us to be in with regard to finances, we would most likely be comfortable, but then again remember, we are sacrifices, we are stumbling stones for Israel. Do not forget that. There is even another side to this. Yes, God maybe working with our heart to be in total submission, to be content with whatever we have, but there is another side to this. We are stumbling stones to Israel.


Now remember, Paul said at one point he almost starved to death, because the church did not give him what God had provided. They had the money. God is not a man, He goes to a man that thinks the money is his, and God says, "I want you to give that $400," whatever it is, and the person thinks that it is their choice, but it is not! Because men do not understand that, Paul almost starved to death. Now, do you think God was punishing Paul? I do not think so, and I do not think He is punishing us, but I will tell you there are a few Christians around right now that are stumbling over this ministry, and I will tell you how they are stumbling.


They are trying to decide themselves whether this ministry is legitimate enough to get that kind of money, but I want to tell you, that is not your decision. Your decision is, "Did God tell me to do it, or did He not?" It is not a question of, "Is a ministry valid, what are they doing with it?" Either God tells you to give it or He does not. The church is in such darkness, but God will rectify all things.


We are stumbling stones. People stumble over me all the time, and they stumble over this ministry all the time. You know, there are people that call me for prayer all the time, and I do not...I want you to understand me. I do not think they are bad people, or mean people, or even selfish. They are ignorant. You know, I am convinced it never even occurs to them to send an offering. They are ignorant.


It is not that someone says to them, "You know, you should do it," and they said, "No, I will not." You know people are like that in the world. I used to work for lawyers. Did you ever hear of people calling up, "Well, I know this guy, he is my neighbor, he is this, he is that, I will just call him up and get some free advice." Enough people call, and that lawyer is on the phone with his friends and neighbors for five hours a day. What do most lawyers do? They talk to you and they send you a bill. These guys get $200 an hour. They talk to you for 15 minutes, they send you a bill for $50. It is the last time the person calls.


You see, we in the ministry cannot do that. People are ignorant, but it is God's job to deal with them. In this hour, we are still under grace, but very soon the people that are in this kind of darkness are going to start getting electric shocks. They are going to cry out to God, and He is going to tell them.


"When I was in jail, you did not come to visit me, when I was starving, you did not give me food, when I was sick, you did not come visit me, and they say, Who Lord, when were you without food? One of my ministers was without food, and you took of the fleece of their life, you took of the spiritual blessings that I placed in them, and you did not even give them a dollar." I am telling you the truth. This is not a plea for money, I hope you do not think it is. I am telling you the truth.


A lot of people call me, keep me on the phone for an hour, they think nothing of it, and there is nothing I could do about it. You have to minister to anybody who comes. I have to minister to anybody who comes. I pray for them, they get great blessings in their life, and they go and they take their tithe and give it to the minister that did not do anything.


All these people go to churches. They go and give their ten percent and give it to the church that they sat in that would not pray for them, or that prayed for them and had no power. They are in ignorance, and we are stumbling blocks because they are going to reap what they are sowing. Not that God is a vicious God, and not that I am vicious, but we must grow up, and we cannot stay in this condition. It does not glorify God.


Does the Scripture not say, "Owe no man anything"? The church cannot stay in this condition, but it is the Spirit of the Lord that has to bring the correction. We just minister, and I thank God that I have food to eat, I have plenty of food to eat. I just praise God. Paul almost starved to death because of these people. I tell you the truth. I want to tell you this testimony, we are going to be here late tonight.


There was a woman several years ago in great poverty. I think this part I told you, I had it or heard it on a tape recently. She had three children, her husband had left her, the only son of missionaries. He totally abandoned her, married another woman, called himself born again, had another two or three children with this other woman, and had a real good job, had a real good life over there with his new wife and new children. He was not giving his other wife and three kids a dime, not a dime.


Weeks came when she did not have enough money for food for the four of them, living in absolute poverty, a car that was continuously breaking, and he was prospering, and he was giving his alms deeds to the church, and he was giving free will offerings, and he was a highly respected man in the church. He was giving all this money to the church. His ex-wife went to the same church, and he was not giving her a dime. She went to the pastor, and said, "Pastor something is wrong here, you are exalting this man, you are holding him up as this great man of God, and we are hungry!"


The pastor threw her out of the office, and the Lord sent a son of God to her house and witnessed to the son of God that this was all true, and that she had gone to her ex-husband and she had begged him for food, and he had thrown her out. You see, before God executes the judgment, the person must be confronted by a man speaking in his native language saying to him, "You are in sin, change your ways," because God speaks to men all day long, convicting them of their sins, in his language, the language of the spirit, and men do not hear Him all day long, okay.


Just to make sure that there is no possibility at all of this man ever saying, "God, you never told me, and you are an unrighteous God." Before God executes a judgment, He sends a man speaking your language and puts it out plain to you, "Repent and change your ways." In this case, his wife went to him several times, and there was no remorse whatsoever. God sent a son of God to her home, and executed the judgments against this man, and I think I told you this recently. He fell into poverty seven years ago. He is still in poverty, his second wife left him, took the two kids, packed up.


He went on drugs, he was living in a commune, he went into absolute disaster. Seven years, and my God is a righteous God, so if that is what happened to him. Something had to be really wrong with his heart that he needed such a severe judgment, okay.


Getting back to the woman, things got a little better. God gave her a job with a big corporation, but all kinds of trouble, all kinds of financial plagues, and she would not acknowledge that the son of God who prayed for her was sent by God and that she had a miracle. She refused to acknowledge it, and this was about seven years ago.


I got a phone call from this woman last week, well I got a phone call from someone who knows her, that she is at her wits end. She says there is some kind of financial curse on her, she tithes, she gives over and above. Out of her poverty, she has given all kinds of money, and as she described the situation to me, she is having a negative double portion. People make mistakes, she has to pay twice the bill. Something goes wrong, she has to pay twice the bill.


You know what I am talking about? Negative double portion. She is at her wits end. I said to this person, "Well, has she gone for deliverance?" "No, she does not think she needs deliverance, but she is calling all the churches in the area for prayer, and they will not pray for her, because they say to her, why is your church not praying for you?" She gives her money every week, right? She goes to her church, and they say, "Well, we prayed for you already." She calls another church and they say, "Well what are calling us for, go to your church."


She cannot get anybody to pray for her. I said to the person who was telling me this story, "Well, I sent her to that deliverance church in Ozone Park, she could not get through to them, no one answers the telephone, either they will not pray for her, or she cannot make any contact." Finally, I said to the person talking to me, I said, "Well, you could tell her if she wants to call me, I will pray for her." I said the only reason that I did not...of course, it never occurred to her that I might be able to pray for her. I said, "I did not say anything sooner, because when she heard the tape several years ago, she was very distressed over them. You could tell her if she is desperate enough to call me, I will be glad to pray for her."


She called me, and I had a word of knowledge for her. I told her that the only counsel I had for her was I suggested that she seek God as to the possibility that all this money she was giving was going to the wrong church. See, people are ignorant. I did not feel led to tell her, but I really think it goes back to her refusing to acknowledge that God sent that son, that she got the job right after that, she started on the way up, but she would not acknowledge what God did for her.


I prayed for her, and I broke all of the curses. We will see what happens, but you understand what I am saying? The church world is in ignorance. She could not even recognize that the fact that she could not get anybody to pray for her means that you are in the wrong place. Does anybody here not know that? This woman knows the Lord for 15 or more years, she has all kinds of miracles from God, and yet she is still in poverty. I wish I could remember some of the things, but I cannot. She gets all kinds of supernatural financial miracles from God.


We are sorry, brethren, but we lost 45 minutes of the exhortation due to technical difficulties. We will pick up as we go into the message.


We are going to expound for a few minutes on why that woman could not be helped by old order deliverance. We have talked about this before, but the Lord told me that there is a question in somebody's mind, so I would like to go over it again.


Brethren, we must beware continuously of being seduced into thinking...and what would be seducing us? Pride, only pride could seduce us into thinking that the current move of God is the ultimate move of God. You must beware of this. Until we arise into full stature, the current move of God could not possibly be the ultimate move of God. Can anybody not understand that? Okay.


God does different things at different times, and it is my belief that He has been flowing into this world, this world system, and greater, and continuously increasing strength. This invasion, the Lord is literally invading this world, and withdrawing, invading this world and withdrawing. I am sorry if I am offending you, but the type of it is sexual intercourse. If you are not a virgin, you know what I am talking about. He is invading this world, and He withdraws, and each time He invades this world, He invades it with greater strength, and eventually He is going to invade this world, and there is going to be an explosion, and He is going to remain.


We see in this hour certain human conditions being dealt with and healed by the current measure of spiritual power that is invading our world, that anyone in old order deliverance, even when it was at its "heyday," if you are honest, you have to admit that there are plenty of people it does not help. There has not been much success with the mentally ill, that are ill enough to be institutionalized. I have never seen it work for a mongoloid person. I have never seen a severely mentally ill person delivered. I have never seen it, brethren. If you have, please tell me about it. I have never seen it.


The measure of spiritual strength that is in old order deliverance is the spiritual strength that will help a relatively well-adjusted person that has a problem, someone who is functioning in the world but has a problem with lust, will cast lust out of you. Someone who is functioning in the world, what do I mean by functioning in the world? They are leading a normal life, they are married, they have children, they have had some measure of education, they are qualified to hold a job, they have prepared themselves to hold a job, and they are holding a job. They are supporting their family, they are leading a relatively normal life, but they cannot stop drinking. We will cast the spirit of alcoholism out of you. That is what I see the old order deliverance church doing.


As I examine it, that is the measure of authority that I see in it. I do not see any authority to deliver the criminally insane, and I have seen them come in. I spent five years in a very anointed old order deliverance church, and a man from Africa came in. To be honest with you, I do not remember his manifestations, but he was in a lot of trouble, and the pastor called four or five, or however, he chose the people, I guess they were what he thought were the most anointed people in the church, and they went in the back room with this man, and the next time I was in church I heard the pastor say, "Could not do a thing for him."


The pastor said it in distress. The church of Christ (he came out of Africa, some kind of voodoo had been worked on him), could not do a thing for him. I am sorry, brethren, I am not here to insult you or disillusion you, I am here to tell you the truth. Old order deliverance as we knew it, as we know it, as we loved it, only had a measure of delivering strength.


Did you ever see, or hear, or read a book of someone in old order deliverance going to a criminally insane person and casting a legion out of them and in two weeks seeing the man in his right mind? Did you ever hear about it? It is not happening. We have to face it. Whoever is hearing this tape, you have to face this.


Let me encourage you. There is a new wave of deliverance coming, it is already with us. We are having some success in this ministry. What has God called this? Now, I am not talking about the name of the ministry. I am talking about the spiritual ministry. God calls it perfection, and we do not have the fullness of the Spirit here, but He has brought people here that could not be helped by old order deliverance that are getting help, but I want to tell you that the knife is not very sharp. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? The knife that is here is sharper than the spiritual knife that was in old order deliverance, but it is not very sharp, and we are struggling to get this deliverance.


Whoever God has brought here for deliverance, we are fighting a warfare to get deliverance. It is painful, and it is difficult, but for those of us that are digging in, we are getting it. I hope everybody here can say you are getting it.


The knife is very dull. When the final wave comes in, brethren, we are going to be going to criminally insane people and doing what Jesus did for the Gaderene demoniac. The church has got to confess that we are not doing what Jesus did. The church is in denial. We have got to confess it. There is something about the church today that does not measure up to the early church. What am I saying? To put it simply, everybody needs help, some people in this world need more help than others.


Out of all of the people that need more help than others, we will break them down for the time being, just to make it very simple, into two categories. One group is in a condition of spiritual need that can be helped by old order deliverance, and the other group is in a condition of spiritual need that old order deliverance is not strong enough to help. It is as simple as that.


This is basically the two conditions, I am going to try and make this very fast. Someone who is eligible for old order deliverance, I guess I pretty much said it before, if you are a person that is functioning in the world. Now, a criminally insane person is not functioning in the world, maybe they look, well let me not say criminally insane, a severely mentally ill person, they may look like they are functioning, but they are on drugs. If they are on drugs, they are not functioning. That is not my definition of function.


People like that are rarely married with families that are functioning in Christ. It is not enough that the person is out of an institution and goes to work. I am talking about functioning in life, having loving relationships, functioning in the world.


We see some of these people that are on drugs, they hold a job, but you know that they are not functioning, if you are honest when you talk to them. Most of them are not married. Anybody not know what I am talking about? Okay.


For the person that is functioning in this world, but has a problem, their soul, the name of their soul is the carnal mind, and its spiritual condition is that it is sin. You can say it is fallen. There are several ways to say one thing. The carnal mind of man is fallen, it is sin. It is not that it does sin, but it is sin.


Just as I say to you that my hand or my body is made out of human flesh, and this glass is made out of plastic, and because my body is made out of human flesh...let me take the metal chair. Because my body is made out of flesh if you put a cigarette on it, you are going to damage me. You know, if you go far enough, I could die from it. If you put a cigarette to my flesh, and burn me deeply enough and then do not take care of it, it could get infected, and if it spreads to my whole body I could die, but that chair because it is made out of iron, you can put a cigarette to it, nothing is going to happen to it. Because the creation is fallen, we are sin.


Before the fall we were, anybody know? What? That is close, but the word that I had in my mind was righteous. We were righteous, we were righteous, and no spiritual cigarette could damage us. Now we are not righteous, we are sin, and we can die if a bug bites us. That is our physical body. Spiritually speaking, we are sin, and our carnal mind has present within it, Eve, our human spirit and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, three-fold heart of fallen man. Eve is joined to Satan in a spiritual marriage, and has produced an offspring, a female offspring, the carnal mind.


In this hour, Eve fornicates both with Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and with her offspring. It is incestuous. When she fornicates with Satan, she produces this carnal mind, that she has to be in a continuous fornication, a continuous spiritual sexual act to sustain the carnal mind of man. It is continuous, it never ceases. When she fornicates with her offspring, the carnal mind, there is another offspring, and the Scripture calls it iniquity.


We have dealt with the Scripture, I think it was in Romans, I may be mistaken, where Paul says, "And something happens from iniquity unto iniquity." Two levels, Eve is fornicating on two levels. One is producing the carnal mind of man and this whole world system, and on the second level, she is producing iniquity within men, iniquity within the mind of man. Every evil work is in the mind of man, and I am just going to draw it as a triangle, and it is in here.


This is our soul, it is in here, all of this spiritual filth whether we are controlling it and not acting on it or not, it is in there, called iniquity, and this whole circle as I am showing it to you is one. It is one as your body is one, as your heart and your lungs, and your liver, and your skeleton are all a part of you. I cannot cut out one of your organs without seriously damaging you. They are one.


Now remember, everything that is in the spirit, we have a natural example of it, and I want to suggest to you that modern science, medical science that will operate on you and cut your intestines out or cut your appendix out, this is an example of deliverance. There is a way, there is a procedure that by the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, we can get inside somebody's soul, we can cut through, and literally cut out a demon of, we will say lust. We can cut a demon of lust out of the soul which could be likened to cutting your appendix out. It is not easy, it takes power.


When you cut someone's appendix out, it take strength, you have got to cut them open. It is not easy to cut someone open. You know, I do not know whether you know that or not, but it takes strength cutting through the muscle, and in some operations, they cut through the bone. It takes spiritual authority to get inside of a man's mind and cut apart, cut something out of his mind that is causing him torment, and that is what deliverance is. Deliverance occurs by spirits other than the Lord Jesus Christ.


Many occult religions perform deliverance. Any religion that believes in spiritual power knows that men suffer from demons, and they will exercise their spiritual authority over someone else's to cast it out. That is what old order deliverance is. It is an operation that penetrates somebody's mind, it is a spiritual authority that is greater than this mind, and casts out an offensive or a diseased organ. I will call it an organ, we are likening it to natural surgery.


Now, I want to tell you at this point, and I could be wrong, but this is what is on my heart. I do not have any statistics for you, I just have what is on my heart, I do not know of any religion that casts demons out of someone against their will. Why is that? Because as I just said it, it has to be a greater spiritual authority outside the mind than the one inside the mind to cast it out. That makes sense does it not?


Well, how do you arrange to have someone stronger than you...part of the arrangement is for the person that wants the relief to lay down any authority they have to say, "Get away from me, I do not want you touching me, man."


Now, in Christ we say you have to confess and repent, but in the occult religions that perform deliverance, the person submits himself to the other person's authority. He says, "Just do it, just get this thing out of me." The only account I have ever heard of a demon being cast out against somebody's will is in the Scripture. Paul did it, and Jesus did it too.


Someone stood up in the congregation, and I do not know what the manifestation was but I do not think it was saying, "Jesus, help me." I think he was saying, "Get that man out of here." We have two accounts of it in the Scripture. I have never heard of it. I have seen clips on TV on the occult. They are all willing, they are all there laying on the floor, "Do it man, do it." Why? Because they are desperately in torment.


Old order deliverance is spiritual surgery, and it is spiritual surgery to remove a quality, a fraction, a fragment of somebody's personality that is causing them trouble. If your appendix is inflamed, it is causing your whole body torment. It is making your whole body sick, it is affecting your mind, your personality, and your life.


Well. someone that has a demon of lust for example, it is making their whole body sick. It is keeping them tormented, keeping them away from their family, maybe bringing them into adultery, bringing disease. It is ruining their whole life. We have a spiritual operation to cut it out so that the man can continue with his normal life now that this infection has been done away with.


We also see in old order deliverance some measure of the breaking of curses, and you may recall we have had several messages here where the Lord has revealed to us that every spiritual truth that He shows us manifests in a lesser or greater degree. For example, we found out that I do not believe anyone in the church today has been baptized with the Holy Spirit. We have received the Holy Spirit. We have all these Scriptures on a tape, The Truth About Baptism, if you are shocked at what I am saying to you.


The apostles were baptized with the Holy Spirit, Jesus was anointed with the it. He had a greater measure of the Holy Spirit. We have received it. That is why the manifestations that we have in this day and age when someone receives the Holy Spirit are different than the manifestations that the apostles had.


I remind you that when the apostles were baptized with the Holy Spirit, they spoke in recognizable human language, and the Lord had men present to attest to the fact that this is recognizable human language, and I do not see that happening today. I have heard about it happening from time to time as a gift, but it is not a regular thing.


When we speak in tongues, it is in an unknown language, and we have spiritual interpretation. It is a spiritual gift that exists on three different levels: receiving the Holy Ghost, being baptized with the Holy Ghost, and being anointed with the Holy Ghost. Three different strengths, increasing strengths of the same spiritual experience.


We find in old order deliverance that we do have the breaking of curses. Now, I declare to you that there are different degrees of curses, and I am going to suggest to you that curses that have been on the family line for generations cannot be broken because someone lays hands on you and says, "I break this curse in the name of Jesus." Now, if a witch doctor came up to you, if it is a new curse, if someone came up to you and cursed you, I could break that curse off of you with old order deliverance.


Now, what is the difference between that kind of a curse, between a new curse and an old curse? I will tell you, it is very important. Old curses, family line curses operate in your mind. They operate in the way you think. You think like your mother thought, like your grandmother thought, like your great grandmother thought. It goes down on the family line, and we have patterns of thinking that are destructive to us.


I have heard of little boys that are stealing at a very young age, that is what they think they are supposed to do to get money.


We have children today, nine year old children selling drugs, God help us. I have seen them interviewed on the TV. Why are you doing it? "Well, we need money, man." It would have never occurred to me at nine years old to sell drugs. The thought has to get in their mind somewhere. In certain families you grow up, and you think, "Well I am going to college." Why do you even think of going to college. You have been exposed to it in your family. Old curses that have already altered your way of thinking from a Godly thought process to a fallen thought process, you cannot break that curse, brethren, by saying, "I break you in the name of Jesus."


I declare that to you in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. You must get a new mind. God must impart to you a new way of thinking, and then He must impart the power to you to destroy the old way of thinking and replace it with the new way of thinking, and that is no simple thing. This is a warfare, your old way of thinking is defensed by spiritual weapons that are in the carnal mind that will fight to the death to keep this curse from being broken, that would rather see you dead than see you change the way you think so that your whole life can turn around.


Old curses are broken first of all, of course, by an impartation of the power of God which is followed by a new thought or a new series of thoughts that must be injected into your mind by the spiritual power of Christ tearing down the defenses of the carnal mind and destroying the carnal mind in that area, and it is not easily done. Then, after that is accomplished, when you start living out of the new way you think, you start to reap what you sow with your new thoughts, and that could take a long time. I am not discouraging you. I am telling you this from personal experience. Hopefully, when God sharpens our knife, and He puts more power in the church, we will see what happened with the Gaderene demoniac. As things stand now, I am speaking to you from personal experience, in my life it has taken years. I hope it does not take years for you, but I am telling you the truth.


Depending on how hard a person can fight, and maybe people cannot fight as hard as others, I am not condemning anybody, but depending on how bound someone is by pride, how long it takes God to witness to them that the way you think is a curse in your mind, depending on how long that takes, depending on the strength that you have, and just like in the natural, some people are stronger than other people. Christ is never condemning you, never.


Depending on how much spiritual strength you have, depending how defensed your carnal mind is, depending on how long it takes God to penetrate you and get you to admit that, "Yes, the way you think is destructive to you, that it is a curse and your destructive thoughts are a curse in your mind."


That is how long it is going to take you to start changing your thinking, and then after you change your thinking, you reap what you sow. In this hour, it is quite a battle, and not many people are getting that kind of deliverance. Let me put this in, this is very important. I do not believe that this kind of break, that this breaking of a curse, an old curse, can be accomplished through an imputed anointing. That is my opinion. Of course, God is sovereign. God can go to anybody, He can go to a heathen, He can go to someone with an imputed anointing, and He can give them a miracle. God can do anything He wants, but I am talking in general.


As I see the church world today, I do not see old curses broken in ministers or in churches that are moving in the imputed anointing. If you have had that experience, God bless you, it is not typical. God is not restricted by what I teach you.


We see old order deliverance, what have we said? Old order deliverance has the authority to break new curses, curses that have been placed on you in your lifetime that you have not received along the family line, no curse that came from your mother, but a curse by a wicked person that hates you in this life, new order deliverance can break that curse off of you, because it has not rooted in yet. Old order deliverance has the authority to perform spiritual surgery and remove an ungodly influence that is bringing torment and destruction into the life of a person that is generally well adjusted and functioning in society.


We see that iniquity is the offspring of our human spirit and the carnal mind which is sin. The difference between sin and iniquity is that sin is our state of being in our fallen condition, and iniquity is the offspring of the sexual spiritual union between sin which is the carnal mind and Eve. We read about this in the book of James, when sin conceives. That is what the Lord is talking about through the apostle James.


Sin has a conception, and it has a birth. The fallen man, that is all of us, can be filled with sin and can be filled with iniquity, but it is not that easy to pop it out, and the Lord requires confession and repentance. The occult does not require that, but they require a cry for help. Okay, does anybody have a question on this section before I go on?


Now, we are going to look at new order deliverance. New order deliverance again deals with the fallen adamic soul which is sin, which is the carnal mind, even Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, the fallen heart of man. This is a soul that is filled with iniquity, which is the offspring. What is the iniquity of the offspring? Does anybody remember? The carnal mind and whom? The carnal mind and Eve. Eve and Satan produces the carnal mind. Fornication between Eve and Satan produces the carnal mind, and fornication between Eve and the carnal mind produces iniquity.


We see a soul that is filled with iniquity, but there is no repentance, and there is no confession. We see a believer crying out for help. Brethren, we cannot confess our sins until the Lord convicts us of them. It is fine to say, "I repent of my sins." From the day you say, "I repent of my sins, the Holy Spirit starts to move in your life a little bit at a time to convict you of what in your life is sin."


I remember when I first heard that Scripture, what I balked at was the Scripture that said, "If you are not a bastard the Lord will chasten you." I said, "What does that Lord want to be chastening me for?" I was a terrible person, but I did not know it. Then a friend of mine that I witnessed to, I said, "Everyone has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." She said, "Not me, I am not a sinner." At the beginning we have a general repentance, "I repent, yes, in relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ I am a sinner," and we develop a relationship with Christ as a result of that confession.


From that day forward, the Lord starts to move to convict us of exactly how we are thinking, not so much what we are doing, because everything that we do results from a thought. The Lord starts to move in our life to show us how our thoughts are sin, and we are to have an ongoing continuous repentance as He convicts us.


When we come to new order deliverance, we find people that are very heavily defensed. Their carnal mind has weapons. All along the exterior carnal mind is the weapon of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, in the fallen earth. Frequently there is a curse of pride operating, very powerful pride. Pride is the major weapon of the carnal mind. Pride has spiritual warheads on it. It is a weapon capable of great destruction.


You know, some spirits, some demons do not have warheads. A spirit of lust does not have a warhead on it. If someone walks in here with a spirit of lust, it is not going to hurt me. Well, it could only hurt me if it were operating in a way to seduce me, but then it would be a spirit of seduction. A spirit of lust cannot hurt you unless you have lust too, then you may be seduced, but there is no warhead on lust. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


There is no warhead on a spirit of lust. Warhead is a barbed spirit, it has barbs all around it. Jezebel has warheads on it. Manipulation, well that is in another category. Jezebel and witchcraft have warheads on them.


We find people in the church that are truly not convicted of sin, and they come into an old order deliverance church where the people are doing the best that they can do, and they say to them, "Now repeat after me. I am a sinner, lust is a sin, I repent." They repeat the words, but the truth of the matter is that they are desperate for deliverance from the symptoms, but they have not truly been convicted of their sin. It is my personal opinion that the more troubled the person is no matter what the problem, the more troubled a person is, the more likely they are to be severely bound by pride. This is my opinion, you can disagree with me if you want.


It is pride that blocks one's eyes to as one's own contribution to one's problems. If your eyes are blinded to your contribution to your problem, that means you are not convicted of the sin, so even if you say the word, "I repent," it is not true. Repentance is a spiritual happening. There is no true repentance if you are not convinced that you sinned.


A lot of people are so desperate, they will say anything, but Jesus is not fooled. Repentance is a conversion of the heart, and for people that are severely bound, they cannot repent unless God grants them repentance. I am of the opinion that people that are severely bound as we mentioned earlier, the criminally insane, people that are mentally ill to the extent that they are not leading a "normal life," whatever that is, a socially acceptable life.


For lack of any better way to do it, I am describing or defining a socially acceptable life as a healthy marriage with children where people are living together, functioning together, interacting with one another, and solving problems without killing each other. To me, that is what I mean when I say, "socially acceptable," plus holding a job, supporting their family, fulfilling their obligations in the family, functioning in this world. That is my definition. When it comes to old order deliverance, there is a group of people that old order deliverance does not help, and they are usually people that are severely bound by pride, and again we have a series of degrees.


Now the ones that are severely, severely bound are not functioning, do not have normal lives, that is a terrible word, but I just do not know how else to express it, because Jesus is the only normal person. He is the only normal one. We have some people that are totally what we would call "drop outs from society," some of them institutionalized, some of them not institutionalized, but pretty unhappy people just floating around, not capable of forming loving healthy lasting...when I say loving relationship, I am talking about a relationship where you communicate, where you flow, where when one person is weak, the other person lends his strength.


There are stagnant, dead relationships where people do not respond to one another, unhealthy, dead relationships with rigid unstated laws where people will not help each other, they will not cooperate, they will not compromise, they will not work together. There is death in those relationships.


We find people that do not generally respond to old order deliverance to be in some measure of this category, severely bound by pride. Frequently, but I will not say all the time, Jezebel and witchcraft is present, but that pride, I have never seen a one without being severely bound by pride, that old order deliverance cannot penetrate their defenses, and because of this defense that is on their mind they are deprived of God's gift of conviction of their sin.


Do you want to know something? When God convicts you of a sin, it is His gift to you? There is no help from Him without conviction and repentance. There is such a curse of pride operating in their mind, probably been on the family line for generations, that even though the Holy Spirit is knocking on their door, the Holy Spirit is not penetrating this wall.


You see, to get this demon out, the Holy Spirit has to cut into the soul or the mind of the person and surgically remove that demon, and the Holy Spirit, brethren, is not strong enough to penetrate a wall such as this. The person is not even convicted of their sin.


We have done a series of tapes here on denial, we have done quite a few tapes on denial, and have done some very interesting studies on denial, and we found out that denial is fallen man's way of defending his true self which is his human spirit, and sometimes he so overdoes it that he locks out the help of God to the person's destruction. I think the tape we learned it on, we called it, The Roots of Denial. For people in this condition with a soul that is so defensed with pride and denial at the root, they cannot respond to the gentle conviction of the Holy Ghost.


Now, all you Pharisees that are getting up to show off the tape, the Holy Ghost is limited in His spiritual strength. I am sorry, but it is the truth. There is a greater than the Holy Ghost. What is His name? Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ. He is the spirit of might and the seven spirits of God.


If you check out the seven spirits of God, we did it on the #35 series, the first three spirits are the imputed anointing. I may not have the numbers exactly right. You have to forgive me, I keep telling you I am not a letter man. The first few spirits are the imputed anointing, then the spirit of might arises, and what does the imputed anointing do? It brings forth the spirit of might in you, which is Christ, and the spirits after that are those spirits which categorize the imparted anointing.


What am I saying? It is very simple. For people that are in this condition, and you do not have to go into any kind of deep spiritual introspection of yourself, if old order deliverance has not worked for you, you are probably in this category, and if you are being condemned by this message, it is your own heart that is condemning you, and I rebuke pride, because I am not condemning anybody. I am telling you that if you need help and old order deliverance, that there is one real good chance that this is your condition. If you cannot go before the Lord and say, "Father is it me, and if it is me, help me," then you have pride, and you shall surely die in your sins unless you get a miracle.


The Lord, being the wonderful God that He is, has made a provision for people in this condition, and His provision is Christ, the warrior spirit, typified by David. Israel had an anointing you know, Israel had an anointing. Why could they not kill the giant? The killing of the giant, brethren, which is your carnal mind requires the manifestation of Christ, not from someone outside of you, but He has to be born in you. Now, in old order deliverance, some anointed person comes and casts a demon out of you. Again, I could be wrong, you know.


If you have information that I do not have, you tell me, but I do not see how the Holy Ghost in you is assisting the person that is casting the demon out. It is the Holy Ghost in them. Anybody have any information that I do not have? It is the Holy Ghost in the deliverance worker that is casting the demon out of you.


In new order deliverance, Christ in the minister is not casting demons out of you. Christ in the minister is penetrating the armor of your carnal mind. The natural type of this armor is the armor that you see on a rhino saurus, did you ever see a rhino saurus? It is like literal armor plates on them.


The minister that God sends to you when you need new order deliverance, the minister in whom is the imparted Christ, the spirit of might, they have the spirit of might, and that spirit of might is manifesting where? Does anybody know? Where does the spirit of might manifest? When I minister to you, where is Christ coming from? The mind. He is in my mind, and how is my mind being revealed to you? Through what? What part of my body is my mind being revealed to you? My mouth. He is in my words, He is in my words, and my words, if Christ is truly in me, are spirit, and my words are life. They are death to your carnal mind, and they are coming at you, and they are penetrating this armor. Not for the purpose of casting a demon out, because, brethren, if you are in this condition you probably have a legion, depending.


Do not get insulted. Everybody needs help, some more than others. How do you know? Look at your life. If you are in an institution for the mentally insane, maybe you have three legions. If your life is fairly normal, you have a family life but lots of trouble in it, maybe you have half a legion. It is not important, it is not important.


The minister of the imparted anointing comes to you not with the purpose of casting a demon out of you, but comes to you with the strength of Christ with the full purpose of penetrating your armor, weakening it, blowing holes in it, tearing it down, and getting inside of your mind where the Spirit of Christ is going to be formed in you.


Your Savior, your deliverer, must come from inside of you, and the Lord will send a minister of Christ to you until He has been conceived in you and until He is strong enough so that He does not need help, until Christ has been conceived in you and is grown and matured to a point and functioning in your life. What is the function of Christ in your life? To destroy your enemies, and what is your enemy? Okay, Satan, the unconscious part of your carnal mind, and your carnal mind.


Now, until Christ matures to the point that He can do this, the Lord may have someone on the outside with an imparted Christ joining with you strengthening you. Can you see the difference? Let me point it out to you again. In old order deliverance, we have a socially functioning person with a problem. God sends someone with the Holy Ghost and does spiritual surgery to cast that demon out, and then they go on with their normal life.


People that have problems that do not respond to old order deliverance usually have a family line curse of pride working through denial in their life, something in their mind is blocking them from moving into the mind of Christ, because, brethren, the answer to all of your problems is to think with the mind of Christ.


Some people go to church, they sit in a service for a year, they read the Bible, their mind gets renewed, and their whole life turns around, I have heard stories like that, but there were some people that go to a church and sit there for years, and they still have trouble in their life, and they do not know why. It is because they need a stronger, more powerful manifestation of the mind of Christ to penetrate the family line curses and the defenses in their mind. There is no condemnation in it. If that is the help you need, you need it.


Old order deliverance operates by the authority of the Holy Ghost. New order deliverance operates by the authority of Christ. Old order deliverance casts out a single problem which is just a fragment of your life. New order deliverance is designed to impregnate and cause the very Christ to be formed in you and tear down the entire structure of your carnal mind which is destroying you and bringing destruction into your life.


I think the Lord is telling me to say that as I said earlier, that old order deliverance has the authority to cast out a curse that is placed in this generation. Old order deliverance basically deals with problems that are surfacing in this generation. The older the family line curse, the longer the demon has been on the family line, the more likely you are going to need new order deliverance. Now, let me put this on the tape too. New order deliverance gets rid of a problem. If you drink, it will get rid of the alcoholism. If you take drugs, it will get rid of the drugs. I have never seen old order deliverance go into the person's personality and deal with the problems that turn him to drink and drug in the first place. I have never seen it happen. I have told you this before.


I see homosexuals come to the Lord and get married, and I have seen their marriages, and they are workaholics. What does that mean? They still have a problem with intimacy with women. New order deliverance gets into your personality and digs out what is in your personality that is bringing destruction into your life and into the life of all of your descendants. W what are we saying? Old order deliverance deals with the surface problem, deals with the symptom. New order deliverance deals with the diseased personality.


Let me say that again, it is important. Old order deliverance deals with the symptoms, but new order deliverance deals with the cause.


Brethren, if you have been suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, and you have the spirit of alcoholism cast out of you, I declare to you that emotional problems that you have and the curses on your family line will be passed on to your children, and they could be susceptible to alcoholism. The true breaking of the curse is the dealing with the emotional problems, with the wrong thinking that has produced the alcoholism.


When God gives you new order deliverance, when He refurbishes your mind, when He gives you the mind of Christ, and then you pass it on to your children, the mind of Christ, that curse is broken on your family line. We see people that have had a lot of deliverance, and their children are still having the same family line troubles.


How come? Because the people did not have the deliverance until after the children were adults. They inherited all the wrong thinking and all of the emotional problems that the parents had. If you get this kind of deliverance early before you have the children, then there is no more curse to pass on because a curse is the way you think.


Curses are wrong thinking that make you say wrong things, that make you feel wrong things, that make you do wrong things. There is very little personality revision in old order deliverance. This is the job of Christ.


The fallen personality of the individual members of the church shall be converted into the resurrected personality of Christ through the judgments of the son, which will be appearing in the second generation of Christ, the sons of God. This is the judgment which the Psalms clearly tells us is the mercy of God. How could judgment be the mercy of God? Because your mind is killing you. The way you think is killing you, and your children, and your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren.


Christ is coming through the second generation of Christ, through the sons of God to change your way of thinking through painful experiences. That is God's decision not mine. I am preaching you the Scripture. I remember in the church that I trained up in, I remember a comment that the preacher made, and he said, "I do not know about this tribulation, just read your history books, people have been slaughtered for centuries, tortured, maimed, look at the Inquisition, and we are waiting for the tribulation to come?" When you look at it that way, it does not make any sense, and this is the answer to that.


Everything that has come before is Satan's judgment, Satan's judgment, reaping and sowing, reaping and sowing, reaping and sowing. It is only the judgment of the son that is going to bring salvation. When the son judges your sins, you will be raised from the dead. There is no salvation in painful experiences unless it is coming from Christ, and that is why all of the works of the Catholic church has not brought forth Christ. All of the sacrificial works of charity has not produced Christ. All of the persecution, all of the torture, all of the death, all of the tribulation has not produced Christ, because all of this misfortune has been a reaping of that which was sown.


What was sown? Brethren, Israel has the Spirit of Christ. The people in the Inquisition had the Holy Spirit, and when you have the Holy Spirit you sow every time you mention His name, every time you talk about it, you are sowing that spirit, and they reap persecution. They sowed Christ, and they reaped persecution. It is only the sons of God in the full stature in the righteousness of Jesus Christ that are going to sow judgment and reap salvation for the people.


Now remember, I am going to say it again. You did not understand what I said. People that have the Holy Spirit sow Christ. They do not have the authority to sow judgment. They will tell you about Him, they will preach about Christ, they will preach about the cross, they will preach about the goodness of God, and what they reap is persecution. In those people in whom Christ is in full stature, they do not sow about the goodness, they do not sow messages or stories about the goodness of God. People in whom Christ is standing in full stature judge sin, and when sin is judged in you, you shall reap full stature. Can you hear the difference? There is a difference.


I am going to say it one more time. Old order deliverance delivers us from a symptom. A symptom of what? A symptom of our fallen condition that is troubling us, and we will liken it to an appendix that is inflamed and troubling us. New order deliverance destroys our carnal mind, family line curses, and imparts to us the very mind of Christ, which is the potential for the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. Brethren, there is no potential for the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ in old order deliverance.


I remember those days in that church. Someone, and I am not knocking anybody, I am just giving you information, sometimes people just do things that is what they think, and as we get older we realize that it does not make any sense. I remember a woman in that church, she stood up and gave a testimony. She was starting to cast out death, and she was binding and loosing. She had a lot of infirmity in her life, and she was determined to cast out death. Brethren, you cannot cast out death. Why can you not cast out death? Because old order deliverance is a deliverance which cast out symptoms. Alcoholism, drug addiction, lust, are symptoms of your fallen condition.


Death is not a symptom of your fallen condition. Death is your fallen condition. We are dead. We died with righteous Adam at the beginning of time. The principle being, Levi paid tithes when he was in Abraham's loins, we died when righteous Adam was castrated at the beginning of time. We are dead. You cast out death, there will be nothing left of you, and this is the major lack in old order deliverance. I am not criticizing them, I pray they get this revelation.


The Scriptural principle in deliverance is through addition, Deliverance does not come through subtraction. When I say deliverance, I should say salvation. Full salvation does not come through casting out. Full salvation comes through addition. If you recall Elisha in the school for the prophets, one of the student prophets put a poison gourd in stew, and he cried out for Elisha. They did not take the poison gourd out, they did not throw the stew away. They added something, Elisha added something. What he added typified Christ.


Brethren, we are poisonous viperous serpents. That is what we are. Spiritually speaking, we are poisonous biting serpents, and the answer to our problems is the addition of Christ.


Now sometimes, we need old order deliverance because Christ is having trouble getting conceived in us because there is so much stones, and weeds, and curses, and problems in our soul, but old order deliverance is not the end. It is the means to the end. The end is that Christ should be added to you and appear in you swallowing up every poisonous aspect of your mind and your personality. All of the warfare, all of deliverance, all of the breaking of the curses has one purpose, and that is to make your mind open to receiving the seed of Christ, that it might grow, and increase, and prosper, and become a great tree in your mind.


We find a people that have a tendency toward idolatry. They hear a spiritual truth, they make an idolatry out of it. They idolize just like they idolized the Serpent in the wilderness. I heard it in that church that they are going to cast out the demons, and cast out the demons, and cast out the demons until there is nothing, until they live forever. No, you have to have Christ added to you. You have to have Christ added to you.


Old order deliverance is deliverance from a symptom. Sometimes a person's mind is so corrupt because of curses that you cannot just cast out one symptom. The only hope for them is the conception of Christ. That is the only hope for them, that they are so overrun with iniquity, it is not just one thing, it is not just a spirit of lust, their soul is so corrupted from family line curses and whatever sin they have committed in their own lives, that if the Lord would permit a demon to be cast out, Eve would fornicate with the carnal mind and just produce twenty more. The only answer for these people is to conceive Christ, have the warrior conceived in you, and as He increases and becomes your new mind, then the Lord will start destroying all this other junk.


The woman that I told you about earlier, the demons would not budge. God, you know, did not budge them. That is not what she needs. She needed Christ. Does anybody not know what I talking about.? Does anybody have any questions?


COMMENT: How do we go about conceiving Christ's mind in us, how do we do it?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, the way you get it is by submitting to this kind of ministry, submitting to the teaching, listening to the tapes, and then if it happens, if God sends me to you to point something out to you, at the very least, you pray about it and be open to it, and if your pride rises up to resist it, just say, "God if the word is true, then let me face it, and deliver me." A large part of it is the doctrine, because the doctrine is the food that Christ needs to increase. Also the anointing that is present with the teaching of this doctrine, and the anointing, remember it is Christ, it is the spirit of might. When Christ is preaching, it is a higher spiritual authority to penetrate your mind, and then sometimes, not always, some people get fertilized just from sitting in the service, and they pray for you from time to time, but usually counseling is involved. This is what God is doing so far. Because, again, if the curses have been on the family line, if there is any form of wrong thinking in your mind at all, frequently counseling is needed.


Either your situation is very personal, or as I have mentioned before, some people when they hear things preached in a group situation, because of the condition of their mind, they just cannot understand that it is for them. They think it is for the other guy, so if a person has that kind of a problem, the Lord will send the minister and counsel them otherwise, to tell them, "No, this is what God has shown me. At least, please pray about it, this is what God has shown me."


That is how you get Him, and you just submit yourself to the ministry, and you tell God you want it. One can sow, another can water, but only God can give the increase, but you have every reason to believe that if He sent you to a ministry, and you have faithfully submitted yourself to the ministry that it is going to happen to you. It does not happen in five minutes. I think it varies from person to person, but it could easily take a year, if not longer.


There was a person who I had made a comment once, "Be encouraged," because this person has a real grasp of the doctrine, could not understand it at all when they first started coming, and that person got a little offended and said, "Well that is not true, I always understood the doctrine," and I just looked at him, because I did not want to argue with him, and God did not give me anything to say, and about a month later, the Lord moved upon that person to listen to an old tape, and he came to me, and he said, "You know, I heard myself on one of the old tapes, I cannot believe the questions I was asking." They were in denial about the fact that for almost two years, they did not have the vaguest idea of what I was talking about, and somewhere along the line He was conceived, and He is manifesting in him.


Be encouraged, it does not happen overnight, and it can easily...until God brings more power into the ministry, as it stands now, it could easily take a year or longer to start to show but, of course, something is happening all along for Him to start to manifest to the point that He is being revealed through what you say. It could take a couple of years, unless we enter into the season when He sends more power. It could happen like that, but for now this is the way it goes. Did you have a question?


COMMENT: What about the curses that come down through Deuteronomy and Leviticus of you will be blessed coming in and blessed going out, and if you disobey, you will be cursed going in and going out. Is that hard for God to deliver or is that just repentance from all of those curses that have come down?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, nothing is hard for God. It is a question of what He is doing in this hour. To tell you the truth, I do not know what to answer you, because all of these curses root back into that, so I guess I really do not understand your question. Because every curse that is on people, it is all a result of breaking God's laws, every curse is a result of breaking God's laws. Those curses in Deuteronomy are different than curses on anybody else.


COMMENT: What it said was, it said that only God could break them, the curses that are come down through the breaking of God's laws.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, only God could break any curse.


COMMENT: In the old deliverance, it was the symptoms they were delivered of. In other words, they really were not set free because the cause was still present in them.


PASTOR VITALE: I am of the opinion at this point unless God shows me otherwise, I am of the opinion that when someone gets delivered from a symptom, that, that deliverance is not necessarily passed on down on your family line. If you are left with the thinking that produced the symptom, I do not see that deliverance going on to your children. That is my opinion at this point. Can you hear the difference, can you hear what I am saying? The curse really is not broken, but God is showing you mercy. When you get delivered from the symptom, it is the mercy of God, but the curse really is not broken. The curse is going to be broken in the judgment of the son. The judgment of the son which results in full stature is the breaking of the curse.


Remember, of course, that the curses in Deuteronomy are just a sample or an example of the curses, not even an example. God just corrected me. Excuse me, the curses listed in Deuteronomy 28 are an extrapolation which means an expansion, just like the New Testament is an expansion and an explanation of the Old Testament. Does anybody not relate to that, that the New Testament makes the Old Testament a little easier to understand? Okay.


The curses that are spelled out in Deuteronomy are an expansion of the curse that God pronounced on man, on righteous Adam when He fell. Now we read in Genesis, and it says, "And God said such and such to the Serpent, and He said such and such to the woman, and He said such and such to the man."


Now those of us that are moving on in doctrine know that those are the three elements of creation. That curse is what God pronounced upon the whole creation, but we do not really understand what that means, but in Deuteronomy, we get a better understanding of what that means, and not only the curse that God pronounced on the creation, but even more specifically, we see God saying to Cain, well it was not God that said to Cain. Cain said to God, "Everyone that sees me will slay me." God put a mark on him that he should not be killed.


The mind of Cain is manifesting in the whole human race including the church right now, and we are capable of being killed by everything, even little bugs and plants. The air can kill us. That is what that was all about. In Genesis, the curses are very vague, "Everyone that finds me is going to kill me. I am going to toil in labor and I am going to bring forth in sorrow, the Serpent is going to crawl on his belly." What does all that mean? It is explained in Deuteronomy 28. Did I make that clear?


COMMENT: Would that be full stature, or could it be you know, could it be done before full stature, the breaking of a single curse?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, a single curse could be broken. I have had curses broken in my life. How do I know? My whole life has changed, and I see that the change is now touching XXXXX which is the next generation. The family line curse that has been broken is still obvious to me in her life, but I see God turning it around. I know curses have been broken in my life, but not the fullness of the curse. The fullness of the curse is only broken in full stature, okay.


Remember when we started the message, we reminded everybody that the baptism with the Holy Spirit has three degrees, receiving the Holy Ghost, being baptized with the Holy Ghost, and being anointed with the Holy Ghost. Everything God does comes in lesser and greater degrees. Yes, it is possible to truly have a curse broke. To have an old family line curse that has already perverted the thinking on the family line, it is possible to have it broken in Christ, and bring you into a more socially acceptable and healthy lifestyle, but the fullness of the breaking of the curse is only in full stature.


Let me say that again, I think I made it clear. God's curse is operating in the world today in various degrees. Some people do not have such bad lives, some people have very nice lives. They are happily married, their children are healthy, and successful, and happily married. They are satisfied with their lives. Some people are very happy with their lives, and some people are devastated.


We are having a plague in this country today of people that are so emotionally hurt that they cannot function in life. What is available now in a very limited way, from what I can see, is the breaking of the curse that would have you in destruction to the point that you cannot function. To be fully delivered out of death is only in full stature. Did I make that clear everybody? Deliverance is in degrees.


COMMENT: People who do function well in life, are they the ones that do not have those curses on them? You know what you said before, the ones who cannot function and are emotionally hurt, who cannot function in society, and then the other ones who are happily married and satisfied with their life and content, everything seems to be going well with them?


PASTOR VITALE: Again, this is my opinion. I do not think it is so much that they do not have curses on them, but that they have blessings on them. Let me try and put this on the board for you. God has cursed the creation, and every human being alive is cursed. We have done some teaching in this ministry about modification, we have done several tapes where I have taught you that when find something in the Scripture, you have to look to see if it is modified by another word or another phrase.


For example, I know there was one Scripture to do with the Holy Ghost, and Jesus said, "The Holy Ghost that comes in my name." I said to you, "Well, the Holy Ghost is modified, Jesus said, it is not only the Holy Ghost, but the Holy Ghost which comes in my name, which means it is really the Spirit of Christ." Remember me teaching that? It is on a tape, we have it on a tape. We are dealing with the spiritual principle of modification here, and we have curses, I will draw them as triangles, just for an example, and somebody's life, and these are all coming down on the family line, and then we have blessings. Where do the blessings come from? Sowing and reaping.


Maybe there have been people on this family line that have been charitable and done many great things, Jesus says, His blessings over two thousand generations. This blessing will cancel out this curse and this blessing will cancel out this curse, etc. We have all of these blessings cancelling out these curses, and we find a person that is just under the general curse that God pronounced at the beginning of time, but all the bad reaping has been cancelled out by the good reaping, and this is the person. They are under the general curse.


What does that mean? They are going to die. That is what it means, they are going to die. Eventually, they are going to die, and there is probably going to be something that is going to come into their life, nobody has a perfect life, some kind of tragedy here or there, but overall their life is profitable and prosperous and content. I say they are under the general curse that God pronounced at the beginning of time.


Then we have people that are under the general curse but have all these other curses from doing wicked deeds in their life and very few blessings, and their offspring are going to have a terrible life. Then even if you get someone who has terrible curses on their family line, I want to tell you our God is a merciful God, and all it takes is one person on the family line somewhere to cry out to God and He is so faithful.


I am convinced, in a heavily cursed family, just one person getting a revelation of the mercy of God, crying out for mercy, either in the next generation, no more than two generations down, God is going to produce someone who is going to worship Him. He is going to grant them repentance to worship Him, and He is going to send them as a Savior to their own family.


COMMENT: The general curses, a person who lives a life like that and their life is really all the blessings with distant parents, and one of them comes to the Lord, would their life be easy after they come to the Lord or will things come up so that they have it more hard so that God can do a work in them?


PASTOR VITALE: I really cannot answer that because it is all according to the will of God, but I will make this general statement. As we were talking earlier this evening, in my opinion it depends on what the person is called to. If they are called to a life with the imputed anointing, then probably they are going to be prosperous and have many good lessons in their life, but if they are called to the imparted anointing, if they are called to a life with Christ, if they are called to a life with Christ that is going to produce a change in their personality, that is a difficult, painful walk, whether it ends in full stature or not. If God calls you to change your personality, it is painful. There is just no way out of it, there is no way out of it.


It is as painful as if you had a deformed body and the doctor says, "Well if you submit to the surgery on your body, I will straighten out your crooked back." You have to go through the surgery, you have to go through the pain, and you have to go through, you have to go through, and that is your natural life. It depends on what you are called to. Did I answer your question?


That is the bottom line. When He calls you to change your personality, it is painful, but it is worth it. Just like when you go for physical surgery, you were crippled and now you can walk, and it is not just for you. It is for all of your descendants. Everybody that God calls to this deliverance that has family line curses operating in their mind, if He has called you to have your personality changed, He has called you to be a Savior for your family. It is not His intention to just convert your mind into Christ, because as soon as He gets you going, He is going to send you right back to your family, and the victory must be taken in the family before we go out into the church.


God has an order. brethren. He decides to greatly bless a family, He calls one person, and He does whatever He has to do to get their mind straight, in accordance with His pattern. It is not what I say. It is Him, and He does whatever He has to do to you, and then He sends you right back to your family to start cleaning your family up, and then when you take the victory in your family, He will send you out to the church and eventually to the world.


I got a letter from a young man in Nigeria, very arrogant young man, 19 years old, God bless him. Some of us are just immature. He says to me, "Send me a Bible, my parents are just heathens," and he just went on and on and on, and it was a very ungodly spirit. I wrote him a two page letter. He wants his parents converted so they will buy him a Bible. No way man, no way man.


Do not expect to be blessed if you have not ministered to your family. I do not care how wicked they are, I do not care how much they hurt you, do not expect to reap the fruit of the land and go your way leaving your demonized family behind you because, thank God, you got to get away from them after all these years, because it does not work like that.


God is not a man, and He loves your demonized family. He loves the father that incested you, and He loves the mother that did not do anything to stop it. Do not think that you are going to get delivered and take off for heaven. This is the real world in Living Epistles, this is the real church. You get help from God, you go right back to what you came out of. It is hard to be a Christian.


It is difficult, and sometimes it is painful to be a Christian, and not only does He send you back to your highly demonized family, but when He does give you people to minister to, they are going to be just like your family. Why? Because what you overcome, what you overcome He sends you back to other people that were like you, to get them out. Everybody wants to preach, everyone wants to be famous, everyone wants to be loved.


Let me tell you, if you are really in Christ, it is tough. The church has been sold a lie, whatever He delivered you from, that is what He is sending you back to. You better believe it. You want to say something?


COMMENT: I just wanted to say that I have been in the Lord now for 3 ½ years, the first 2 years when I was in the church world, I was going through difficult times, and it was very hard, and I still hung in there with the Lord, and, you know, doing the best that I can, and then every since I have been in this ministry now, almost a year, I find I am little bit more at peace. I find it just a little easier for me to serve the Lord and become a Christian, I feel more at peace now. I mean I understand what you are saying, that when you are a Christian, the Lord sends you back to those with the same areas that you have overcome in your life, God sends you to minister to someone who has problems, and it is not easy, and I understand that, but I feel, you know, I feel that right now my life, I feel so much better now.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, God has children of all ages, and I am not talking about your physical age. You are still very young, spiritually, but as you mature in Christ, He calls you to ministry. How long He is going to let you be on vacation, I do not know, but that is between you and Him. You could be on vacation for the next ten years. It is not like a natural person, that you are 1 years old, and you are 2 years old, and 3 years old.


COMMENT: I still go through my difficult moments, you know. It is not easy, it is not like a bowl of cherries every day, but what I am saying is I feel more at peace now. Even before this ministry, I was always tormented, there was always something.


PASTOR VITALE: He is still building you up, but I cannot tell you what He is going to do, but the chances are really great that you are going to come to an end of your childhood, and He is going to call you into serious ministry, okay, but I would not worry about it. Enjoy your childhood while you can. I would not worry about it, but when He calls you, you will know it.


COMMENT: He is just preparing me right now.


PASTOR VITALE: He is building you up. Yes, that is what He is doing.


COMMENT: Is it so He can prepare me so I can be strong enough for whatever is supposed to happen in the future?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I had 5 years of that. I was in a church where my soul was very satisfied, and I was very happy there. I felt very important, not in a prideful way. I felt useful, I used to pray on the prayer line. I had 5 years I was there, and God called me out, and I was squealing like a stuffed pig.


Of course, I did not understand it. It is much easier if you have someone to talk to like me. I did not have anyone to talk to, I did not understand what happened. He pulled me out into the desert, and it has been tough. This is the best thing that has been for me in a long time.


COMMENT: Did you say to me once that God would never give me more than I can handle, when God brings me out of, when He starts, when I start doing more for the Lord, when I start maturing more, will I be able to handle the difficult times that are going to come my way?


PASTOR VITALE: I am sure, He will not give it to you if you cannot handle it. Just enjoy it while you can, you know. Enjoy your peace, enjoy your contentment, and I do not have any specific word what He is going to do with you. He would not bring you into the heavy warfare until you are ready.


Brethren, this end time warfare is not with demons. It is with people's carnal minds. No more lions and bears. It is with Goliath, and it is with an enemy that you cannot see. We have to start to function in a land that we cannot see, and the way God teaches us is that He lets us get... when He brings us to puberty, He lets us start to get hit, and when we cry out to God and say, "What happened to me,?" He starts to teach you this. Somebody's mind attacked you, and most of the time they do not even know it. You cannot go to them and say to them, "Have I offended you, you know, why did you do that to me?" They will look at you like you are nuts. Brethren, the end time warfare is with unconscious mind of man.


When God starts to let you get hit, you do not see it coming. I, to this day, God could warn me in a dream, He could tell me, and even though I know it is coming, when it actually hits, I am always taken off-guard, even though I know that God has told there is an attack coming from a particular area. He tells me a week before it happens, and then when the moment comes, I am always taken off-guard. He keeps letting me get hit, and I am steadily increasing in my ability to respond in Christ, and I want to tell you that I am very excited to see what He is doing in me.


I tell you this, I had an experience today that was very exciting. Several years ago, I had an encounter with this very lovely person, right out of their unconscious mind they, I do not believe they would ever hurt me. As a matter of fact, it was the person that I was telling you about earlier that called me up to tell me about the other person that went to the deliverance church, the person that called me, not the person that went to the deliverance church, the person that was telling me about all this, and I had an encounter with them several years ago. I had said something that upset them. They had a very strong Jezebel, and I recall several years ago, and this Jezebel does not come up very often. It does not come up very often, and it has been several years ago, I was not even aware that they had it to that extent. I got hit with it, I cannot even tell you how bad it was. I did not even know what hit me. I went into a tailspin, and I cried out to God. It took almost 24 hours to pull out of it, and I said, "Lord, what in God's name happened to me?" He told me that it was Jezebel coming right out of the unconscious mind of that person.


I said something doctrinally, something in Christ, and I touched a nerve, and I was not mean to them. It was something I said, something out of Christ to them, somehow I touched a nerve and it was literally, for all intents and purposes, if you can receive it, if you cannot it is okay, an actual example would be if they picked up a spear and threw it right in my heart. That is how hard I got hit.


It threw me into an outright tailspin, and that person called to talk to me, you know, about the other person, and I said to them, I said something spiritual to them about the other person that went to the deliverance church, are you following me? They took it for themselves. You know lots of times, you say things to people about someone else, but they take it for themselves.


Well, I said something spiritual, and she took it for herself, and that thing came out of left field. Man, it was like she picked up a boulder and hit me in the head. I saw it. Do you hear what I am saying? I have had people fling things at me, and I do not see it. In the past, I have felt the impact. It sent me into a tailspin, it has wounded me, knocked me down so hard I could not even fight.


I got hit today and I saw it, and I dealt with it, and I want to tell you that an anointing fell on me. I was cooking chicken, my hands were full of olive oil, and spices, and garlic, and this anointing came on me. I just dropped everything and walked. I was walking around with my hands in the air like this. I could hear the Lord talking to me, rejoicing in my mind, for the tremendous victory.


Can you understand what I am saying? It is fighting a war that you cannot see the enemy, that you cannot see the weapon, that you are continuously caught off-guard because in the natural the person is a very nice person. It might be a friend or someone that you know, so you are continuously caught off-guard. It was a very exciting day for me today. The whole house filled up with the most incredible anointing, and it was not even me raising my hands. I mean it was really Christ just marching around in victory. It was delicious, and the chicken was delicious.


I want to make it very clear to you, this warfare that comes in Christ has to be to the other person's edification. If you pray in any kind of warfare, and you are trying to get them so they cannot get you, it is witchcraft. It has to be the love of Christ. I do not even want to tell you how I pray because unless God tells me, I am not going to do it. I am really concerned you are going to misunderstand me. Not now, maybe some time in the future.


Whatever comes out of us has got to work for their good, it has got to come out of us with the recognition that this person is not our enemy, that this person is loved by Christ, that this person is called to full stature, and that we all have a common enemy which is the carnal mind in everybody's mind. We are Christ, and we have an enemy, the carnal mind, and the carnal mind is in everybody.


Can you hear this? It goes right back to a series of messages on narcissism and self- preservation. Christ will judge you, and I am not scaring you, I am just telling you, He is going to get you there. We have got to hear this. He is going to judge us on our motives. Now, if you prayed warfare against somebody in self defense, it is witchcraft. If you pray towards somebody because you did not want to be hurt, because you were afraid of them, it is witchcraft.


If you could say to them, "You cannot do that because it is wrong, but if the Lord wants me to stand here and let you hurt me, I will do it. If the Lord wants me to let you kill me, I will die, if the Lord wants you to take over this ministry, you can have it, but if God is not saying that, that is unrighteousness in you, and it has got to be rebuked so that Christ can arise in you."


I want to tell you, if you cannot honestly say that, now not some crazy maniac person, but if Christ says to you, "I want you to literally die for this person," if you are not willing to do it, do not pray a warfare against them. I am telling you the truth because if you pray warfare against somebody, and you are deceived, and your motive is really self-preservation, then it is witchcraft, and you are going to reap what you sow, you are going to reap the judgment for witchcraft. So if you are not sure, do not do it.


Wow, I have been preaching this for years. I cannot tell you how many people have gone out of here deceived in their minds, practicing witchcraft, churches filled with little witches. I am telling you, if you are not absolutely convinced that you are rebuking somebody for their own good, let them kill you, let them kill you. Better you should die in righteousness then to be a worker of witchcraft.


You know, for years I could not understand that Scripture where the homosexuals were clamoring for the angels, and I guess it must have been Lot that said, "Take my daughters, do not do this." You know, to the carnal mind that is really incredible that the man was turning over his daughters, but I do have a revelation of it now, that homosexuality is such an abomination to God that Lot was willing to turn over his daughters. Now look at this, no self-preservation.


If he could have, now I never realized this before now, if Lot could have, He would have given himself, but that too would have been homosexuality, so he gave the closest thing to him. He said, "Take my daughters," totally selfless, and I talked to you about this earlier, when I gave you my opinion about how you should vote. Do not do anything for self-preservation, make your choices unto the glory of God, and that is what Lot did. He said, "Do not let this abomination take place, take my daughters." God did not let it happen, did He?


Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and everybody thinks all the money is going to be added to you. No, seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and Christ is going to added to you, and every spiritual blessing that is in Christ. Trust Him to meet your needs, you do righteousness and trust Him. Maybe some day He will let someone kill you, and He will raise you from the dead.


The problem with the church today, brethren, is most of us, with very few exceptions, are into self-preservation. Examine yourself, examine yourselves, I am telling you the truth. You cannot enter in preserving your own life. He who saves his own life shall die, but he who gives others life shall have eternal life. Let your motives be to the righteousness of God. No matter what you are doing or where you are, or what the situation is, let your motives be unto the righteousness of God, and trust Him to defend you, to provide for you, and to be glorified in you.


It is so simple, but it is so hard because we are fallen. It is so simple, but if you can hear this, and you want to, ask Him to help you to do it, and I want to tell you, you will see deliverance in other people that can be accomplished no other way.


I call your attention to the apostles, I do not know if they were apostles, I guess they were just disciples at the time, that could not cast out the demon, and Jesus said, "Oh, ye unfaithful generation, how long shall I suffer you?" What was He talking about? He was talking about the generation with the imputed anointing. He was talking about the disciples that were going around rejoicing because they had authority over demons, and Jesus said, "Do not rejoice that you have authority over demons, but rejoice that your name is written in the Book of Life." Do not be thinking about yourself, what this means to you, helping yourself, protecting yourself, building up yourself, protecting yourself from hurt.


There is a generation of people that think like that. You can call it the imputed anointing, but there is a generation of the church that have the power of God but whose motives in one way or another is to bless themselves.


There is another generation, you see. His name is Christ, and if you are truly in Christ, you are truly willing to die that righteousness should be done, and when you pray deliverance for somebody out of Christ, they get delivered.


COMMENT: Could you explain that Scripture where it says, Rejoice that your name is written in the Book of Life.


PASTOR VITALE: The Book of Life is Christ. What He meant was, even though you are living out of your carnal mind, Christ is still being made available to you, but you are living out of the wrong age. See, a generation is an age, and we are told in Ecclesiastes that the ages are in our hearts. Those of us that have a carnal mind and a mind of Christ have two different ages dwelling in our hearts. Let me review this for you.


This is our fallen soul, and those of us that have conceived Christ have a carnal mind and the mind of Christ. Now, we can call it a mind, or we can call it a heart. It is the same thing, and both hearts have three parts to it. Does anyone remember what the three parts are to the carnal mind? Satan, Eve, and Iniquity. When she fornicates with the carnal mind, they produce iniquity.


What are the three parts to the mind of Christ, anybody? We have so far the Father and the mind of Christ, which is Christ. Okay, one more, who is missing? The human spirit, Eve. Now if you have two minds, your human spirit has her legs split, she has got one leg in her carnal mind, I am being funny, and she has got the other leg in the mind of Christ. We were talking about the Book of Life. The mind of Christ is the Book of Life.


Now, you recall from the book of Revelation that there is just one Book of Life, but there are many books that are going to be opened right? You remember that? Okay, each of us is a book. Everyone's carnal mind is a book, because the fallen man is divided, but Christ is not divided so there is only one Book of Life, and it is the mind of Christ.


What the Lord was saying to the disciples was, "You have two minds." He says, "Do not live out of or cast demons out of this carnal mind, do not rejoice. I am sorry that you have the authority to cast demons out of this carnal mind because your name..." ...and what is a name in the Scripture, anybody remember?


COMMENT: Authority?


PASTOR VITALE: Character, spirit. Your character which is your spirit. Your spirit and what is your spirit? The human spirit is written in the Book of Life. He said, "Your human spirit, Eve, is really over here in Christ. What are you doing living out of your carnal mind?" He says, "Do not rejoice that you have authority to cast these demons out, but rejoice that your human spirit is transferring into Christ." Do you understand what I am saying?


What is He saying? He is saying, "Do not rejoice over the imputed anointing, because if you are rejoicing over the imputed anointing, you have got like a 99 and 99/100 percent chance that it is pride, that your rejoicing is rooted in pride." The church is filled with pride. They think they have been given all this power, and they really have not. God has just loaned it to them for a season. It is not their power.


Jesus says, "Do not rejoice over this power." Why? Because He knew that rejoicing was rooted in pride, but rejoice that you have one leg in the mind of Christ and, in due season, when the season comes, you will come over completely. That is what He was saying to them. I want to tell you that when you tell the Lord that you will be willing to do anything He tells you to do to bring forth someone's deliverance, so long as He (I always pray) gives you the power to do it, and He knows if it is really true that you are saying that, there is deliverance for the most highly demonized, insane person.


I think the Lord is asking me to put this in. You have to be in the place of spiritual maturity where that is your ministry. You cannot be a Christian who has not entered into that ministry and say those words to the Lord, but when you are called to that ministry, what ministry? The ministry of Christ, and you start to enter in, and He will try your heart, if you really mean it, that you would do anything. Not a spirit of pride now that is saying, "Lord, I am willing to die," but a spirit that is saying, "Father, I will do anything you tell me to do."


Let me tell you something, dying is easy. Letting someone abuse you if God says it has to be, being crucified is not easy. Dying is easy, but if He has brought you to that ministry, if you are really in that place, and He tries your heart, and you really mean it, that you will do anything that He tells you to do, and gives you the power to do it to help that person, that person is going to live and not die, and that is the ministry of Christ.


That is what you are called to. If you are hearing this message, that is what you are called to. Glory to God. Anybody have anything else to say before we close?


I want to tell you that, in my opinion, most of the people, if not all that stand up in full stature, at least initially, are going to be people who have been very disappointed in this life. Why am I saying that? Because you really have to be willing to lay down your life for people that you might not even like. You know, if there is someone that you do not like, do not let your soul condemn you, because the love of God, the agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ has nothing to do with whether or not you like somebody.


The agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ is an action word. What will you do for them? If you have a fallen soul operating in you besides Christ, and he does not like somebody, do not be condemned by it. Just refuse to obey him. What do you mean, just refuse to obey him? Well, if your carnal mind does not like somebody, it is going to tell you to not go near that person, but Christ is saying, "Go minister to them."


Even if you have something screaming in your mind that says, "I cannot stand that person," and you go over, and you do what Christ says, do not be condemned, because it is just the carnal mind down in the bottomless pit yelling his guts out. You did what the Lord told you to do, and you showed the agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ to that person, and for you there is no more condemnation in Christ Jesus. Can you hear this?


In my opinion, very few if any of the first fruits are going to be people that have a really satisfying life in this world. Why? Because you really, really, truly have to be willing to give up everything, and the more satisfying your life is, the harder it is going to be. Jesus said it to the rich man, how hard it is for those who have riches to enter into the kingdom. He did not say you could not have money. What He was saying was that if you have great riches, your soul is bound up in these outer realms, and that is why He told him to give everything away.


There is nothing wrong with having money if you could have money without having your soul bound to your possessions. I think it may be possible in Christ, I do not know, but you have to be at the point where it does not matter.


You have to be at the point where it does not matter to you, and I do not think that any human being is really capable of being willing to die for someone that they may not even like or someone that they do not even know. If Jesus tells me to do it, okay, but I am only in this place because He has taken everything away from me. I take no credit for being in this condition at all. I think it is impossible for a man to really feel that way unless the Lord is bringing them to it.


It is really hard, you know, if you have a loving relationship with your husband and your children, and your grandchildren, and you have all kinds of fellowship, and dinners, and you are happy, and Jesus says, "Well it is time for you to die." You know, it is hard.


It is much easier if you have a hard life, I am just telling you the truth. If you have a good life, if you are happy, and you are still young in Christ, and God is letting you have lots of good times, that is wonderful, but if you find yourself with a very hard life, be encouraged because it does not mean that Jesus hates you.


It does not mean that you are such a wicked sinner that He has not blessed you, and if you have a terrible life, and you have had a terrible life from your childhood, and your head is all screwed on wrong, and no matter how much you cry out, you cannot seem to get it straightened out, praise God, because He may have very well called you to this high calling that a successful person in the world would not be able to come to because they would not give up their success.


Everything Jesus does is a paradox, it is a mystery. It does not make any sense to the carnal mind that somebody who has had a terrible life from their early childhood should be called to this high call, but He does things like that. Why did God do this to me? Why was I born into this lifetime, pain and torment, and suffering all my life? Why? Because you are going to be a son of God. The carnal mind cannot comprehend it, cannot cope with it.


Other people in the church think all the lawyers and doctors in the church are going to be sons of God, all the politicians that are Christians. Man, are these Pharisees going to have a problem when they see who is in the first fruits company. The weak, the dropouts of society, a lot of women, failures in this life, so overcome by curses that they failed in many areas. I am telling you, there is going to be a lot of Pharisees with egg on their face.


Is that not what they said about Jesus? "You are just a dreamer." I am telling you, this is going to happen. I just want to see this, I am waiting to see this move of God. Man, I am waiting to see this thing. It is going to be something to see. He is truly about to, He is already doing it. He is confounding the wise, something like that. I am not a letter man, something like that, the foolish things of this world.


Hallelujah, let us just wait on the Lord. He is here with a very strong presence.






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