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Come to me and learn at my feet, sit at my feet and learn from me, saith the Lord, learn my ways for I am meek and lowly at heart. I am gentle, I lead you and guide you by my Spirit, not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord. I am touched with feeling of your infirmities, I know your pain, I know your pain, I feel it and am interceding for you. I am interceding for you that my Spirit may come forth in you and strengthen you and raise you up, raise you up out of the pit, out of hell, I have come to deliver you out of bondage, I have come to set the captive free. Believe on me, believe, let faith now arise in your heart. Believe, for I am here to heal you, and deliver you, and to teach you in my ways, saith the Lord.




This is the night, saith the Lord, that I shall reveal myself to you in a new dimension, saith God. Yea, saith the Lord, I have chosen this night to show myself, for yes I am a God that hides, saith the Lord. No man can find me unless I choose to reveal myself unto him, and I have chosen tonight, saith the Lord, to show you a side of my nature that you have not seen before. I am a mighty God, saith the Lord, with many aspects to my nature. You know me as the healer, and many of you know me as the deliverer, some know me as your provider, some know me just as a Spirit that meets you in a meeting and gives you pleasure, but I have substance, saith the Lord, and I am a complete personality, and you are a partial personality.


I am complete, saith the Lord, and when I dwell in you, you shall be complete. You are not complete now, saith the Lord, and I have come to reveal the truth of my nature, I have come to dispel all of the false doctrine in the church, I have come to dispel the lies that keep you in your sins, I have come to dispel the error that binds you to the depths of hell. I am truth, saith the Lord. I am salvation, I am deliverance, I am the answer to your every need. It is impossible for me to fail, saith God.


If thy situation is grievous unto thee, it is because of a lack in you, saith God, for indeed I am perfect, and in my Spirit there is no want. Confess, saith God, that I am righteous and that the lack is in you, and I shall move, saith God, and I shall meet you where you are. Be not Job, saith the Lord, who called himself righteous, thus making me unrighteous, for I am holy God. My motives are irreproachable, saith the Lord. Everything that I do or permit to come upon you is for your good. Is that not what my word says, saith the Lord? That all things shall work for the good for those who love the Lord? If thou pronounceth thyself innocent, saith the Lord, thou hast made me guilty. Repent, saith the Lord, and I shall deliver you.




Brethren, the Lord has something to say to you tonight. We have a lot of new people here, and the people that are here that are new are basically people that have not been helped by the Pentecostal church. This is the word of the Lord to you, and I ask you to pray about it. Do not close your heart to it, stay open before God. This is the word of the Lord to you, that the present move in the Pentecostal church is not the end of it, it is not the end of what God has promised us. God pours out His power in stages. Why? Because mankind could not bear it if God poured it out faster.


There is a new surge of power already approaching the church world. It is already here, but it is just trickling, and associated with it is the Spirit of the word (You have heard that the letter killeth but the Spirit maketh alive), associated with the outpouring of God's power in a measure that someone like you needs, that most people that have been into drugs or been into alcoholism need.


The outpouring of power that you need to help you that is not in the Church today is associated with the doctrine which is the Spirit of the word. It sounds very different from what you have been taught in church, and your first tendency when you hear this doctrine is to say, "It is off, it is wrong," and I want to give you something to pray about.


Those of you that know me know that I will never try to force my doctrine on you, and all that I ask of you is that you stay open to God's confirming it to you. Do not make a judgment the first time you hear it, but pray about it, and give God an opportunity to tell you that it is true, because this is the new move of God that is now flowing into the church. It is for you, it is for the people who have not been helped by the present Pentecostal church, and the tendency that we have in the church today is to condemn the person that has not been helped. I declare to you that Christ will never condemn anybody.


If you have been condemned in a Church, what that means is that you received the ministry of the natural man, who was probably doing the best that he could. He was giving you all the information he had, he was giving you all the teaching he had, he was giving you all the power that he had, but he did not have any of that without measure. He only had it in a measure, and Jesus in this hour is increasing the measure, but the ministries that have the increased measure look different than the church world that is out there today.


The Spirit is the same. If you can discern the Spirit, the Spirit is the same. The doctrine is the Spirit of the word, and it gives life, it makes alive, it makes alive, it makes alive.


People that have been into drugs and into alcohol have a particular personality profile, and everybody that has been into drugs or alcohol or any form of compulsive behavior can find themselves in this personality profile. You need your mind renewed. There is something wrong with your thinking, and I am not condemning you. I am identifying your problem. There is something with your thinking that needs to be changed.


You also need more strength to do what you know is right, and this change of mind and this strength is in the outpouring of God's Spirit which is associated with the Spirit of the word, and that is what we are preaching here. I want to encourage you to not close your mind to it, because you hear something that sounds different than you have heard preached for the last five, ten, fifteen, or forty years.


Remember now, let me just remind you that when God came in with the Holy Ghost, all of the denominations that did not believe in the Holy Ghost were up in arms against the Holy Ghost. Preachers that preached the Holy Ghost when God was first bringing it forth, they were egged. People would come out to their meetings and throw eggs at them, and throw tomatoes at them, and hoot and holler and shout them down off of the pulpit. Every time God comes forth with a new move, it is opposed by the existing ministry.


Now, God has something for you, but you are going to have to fight, and the way you fight is by seeking God. Do not assume, do not make any assumptions, but go before God. There is a doctrine coming forth here, and there is an anointing associated with it that is going to renew your mind, that is going to identify your problem, that is going to give you strength, that is not available in the Pentecostal church today, and you are going to overcome.


If you can dig in, and what I mean by dig in is if you can recognize God and commit yourself. Make a commitment, study the word, we have a lending library here. If you can make it to the meetings, it would be better. No one will ever condemn you here if you miss a meeting. If you miss five meetings, you are always welcome back any time you want to come. I only have one requirement, and that is that you behave yourself in an orderly manner when you are here, which everybody is doing. We do not have any problems.


Praise the Lord. We are going to talk a little more about this Spirit of the word, and what is the Spirit of the word? It is the understanding that God has and that God meant for us when He gave the word to the holy apostles and prophets that wrote it down. After they wrote it down in Hebrew and in Aramaic and in Greek, it was translated, it was changed. The carnal minds of men got involved in it, and we have a Bible today that is a series of words, that to understand them must be interpreted. To understand these words, they must be interpreted.


Brethren, if I tell you that you are going to burn in the lake of fire forever, that must be interpreted. Why must it be interpreted? Do you know what a lake of fire is? When is the last time you saw a lake of fire?


The example that I would like to give you is this. Can you imagine a man from 2000 years ago being brought into our day and age and seeing cars and motorboats, and spaceships and fighter jets, how would he go back to his people and describe what he saw? There is no way they would know what he was talking about. Why? Because he would be coming to them with a concept that they could not relate to, because they had never experienced it.


I could talk to you about something that you have never experienced for forty years, and you will still never know what I am talking about. Why? Because you never experienced it. We must experience God, we must experience God, and the way we are experiencing Him in the church today is just a foretaste. The Scripture tells us it is just a taste of the age to come. It is the fullness of our interaction with Him that brings forth the promises, and there is a spirit of condemnation in the church today that says, "Read this Scripture," and if it is not functioning in your life, they say it is your fault.


Well, I am here tonight to tell you that some people need a greater dose of the power of God than other people to get up on their feet. If you are a person that needs a stronger dose of the power of God than somebody else, that does not make them better than you or you worse than them. We are all fallen, we are all sinners, and we are all reprobate. I do not care how nice you dress and what kind of deodorant you wear, and what kind of a beautiful home you live in, spiritually as we compare ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ, we are perverse.


We have found Scriptures specifically in Chapter 7 of the book of Daniel where the Lord says, spiritually comparing ourselves to Him, we are a perversion. The least of us, the worst of us, and the greatest of us, those that are functioning in this world, who are completely successful. They are Christians, they are living holy, they are earning a good living, they are supporting a wife and six kids with extra money for vacation, and they are just as perverse as people that may be living on the streets.


We are fallen, brethren, from the least to the best of us. None can stand up to our standard. Who is our standard? Jesus is our standard. If we cannot call ourselves equal to Him, not on faith, I know that He is our brother and our father, but that is on faith. It must become a reality. Something has to happen to us that will make the fact of our relationship a reality. I want to tell you right now, brethren, the only reason that we can call ourselves His brother is that we have the promise of what He is going to do to us. We must be changed, we must change, and in order to change, it takes the power of God, but it also takes the mental attitude that will receive this change, and this attitude is not being preached in the church today.


What is being preached in the church today is, you stand up and you do it, and if you do it you are a good Christian, and if you do not do it, or if you cannot do it, there is something wrong with you, and get out because we do not want our hands dirty. I am not knocking the Pentecostal church. This is where they are, they are doing the best they can, and they are a help to many people. They helped me. I got help in that church. Some of us here got help in that church.


If you need a greater dose of power, you have to go and get it, and I am going to tell you right now that you have to be aware of the errors in that church binding you up that will stop you from receiving the new move of God in which more power is being imparted to you. Open your hearts, open your mind, I am not telling you to take my word for anything. I am just telling you that when you hear something different, I am suggesting it to you. Obviously I have no power to force you to do anything. When you hear something that does not line up with what you have been hearing all of your life, just say, "Father is it true? Is it true, is it true?" Because if it is true, you should want what is here, and the power is in the outpouring of the Spirit, and in the Spirit of the word that is coming forth.


God is revealing in this hour what those words in the book of Revelation really mean, what those words in the book of Colossians really mean, what Jesus really meant when He said something. Do you know right here within our humanity, one of the biggest problems between husbands and wives is that usually it is the woman that says something, and the man cannot figure out for the life of him what she is talking about. You do not have to be a Christian.


Go to any marriage counselor. They are both speaking English, they both, if you ask them, they want to live in peace, they want to love one another, they want to get along, and they fight continuously because neither one knows what the other one is talking about. They might as well be speaking two different languages. That is what is true of the word of God. He has spoken to us from a high spiritual place, and we, to date, have not been able to understand what He said, except in a few small areas.


Largely, we have understood the promise, but we have not understood how He is going to bring the promise to pass in our life, and because we have not understood how He is going to bring it to pass in our life, we have made a decision that He is not going to bring it to pass in our lifetime, but we have to die first. Because it has been 2000 years since Jesus was raised from the dead and ascended, and we do not see anyone walking with dominion over this earth, the carnal minds of men have drawn the conclusion that when you die, you will inherit the promise, and this is not true.


There is a whole message that the Lord wants to tell you. He wants to talk to you, He wants you to understand His mind, He wants His mind to be in you so that you can understand, but you cannot get it overnight. You have to submit to the ministry, study to show yourself approved, and do the best that you can. Just ask God to help you if you can hear this word.


I think what we are going to do tonight because some people have been here, and I have touched on a lot of issues, and I feel that the Lord is going to make this more or less a question and answer tonight. Now the way we usually work these things, I do not preach unless I have the move of the Spirit on me. I am not really interested in anything that I have to say, that is not under the anointing, and you should not be either. The way we work these kinds of evenings is that I wait until I perceive the move of the Spirit, and frequently it will come from someone in the congregation. We are going to wait on the Lord.


If you have anything on your heart, if you perceive it to be the Spirit of God, please speak out, usually it is in the form of a question that at least shows me the direction that the Lord wants me to go in. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus. This is a whole new way, it is a whole new way. When the Lord imparts eyes to see and ears to hear, you will see that it is the Spirit of His word that has been misinterpreted. Every day of my life, people misunderstand what I say. Every day of my life, people that speak English say, "Oh I thought you meant such and such a thing." No, I did not mean anything of the sort.


Well, if we cannot understand each other, how could we even think for a second that we have really understood God, and I am not saying that what I have to teach you is the fullness of the understanding of His word, but I know that it is a step up, and that it is the Spirit of the word, and it is the Spirit that gives life.


Paul said that many sleep and are weak and sick because they cannot discern the body of Christ. Well, what does that mean, brethren? Do you think that you are sick and weak, and if you are having problems like you have described, or like some people here, it is sickness and weakness, spiritual sickness and weakness. People do not have any problem telling you they are physically sick. Do not get uptight if I say "spiritually sick." We are sick, all of us.


The whole human race is sick. We need a doctor, and Jesus is the doctor, but we have decided that we are going to tell Him how to treat us. Many are sick, and many are dying, and many are weak in their emotions and their will power in their life, because they cannot discern the body of Christ. Well, brethren, what is the body of Christ? This is the body of Christ. Well, you can discern this, you can see us, you can count us, you see our numbers, do you think sitting in this meeting is going to make you stand up and all of sudden overcome all of your problems?


Well then, it must mean something other than the fact that you could see me. If discerning the body of Christ is going to make you well, and this is the body of Christ, does anybody here doubt that this is the body of Christ with the outpouring that was here, with the presence of the Spirit of God. We are the body of Christ, amen. Well, if you are going to walk out of here and you are still going to need AA, and you are still going to have problems in your relationships, why were you not healed when you discerned the body of Christ? Brethren, it must mean something other than this.


The question is how do you press through the crowd? I want to suggest to you it is not a physical crowd that you have to press through, but it is a spiritual crowd that you have to press through, and the spiritual crowd is made up of everybody's carnal mind that is surrounding you. You have to press through. It is true that healing comes gradually, but some people just never seem to get up. They get up and then they fall down, they get up and then they fall down, they get and they fall down, and they accept the condemnation of the church.


I do not remember exactly what you just said, but you blamed yourself. You said something in there that said, I did not, I did not, I did not. Now, there is a certain area in which we must take responsibility, but if we have tried as hard as we can, and we are down, it could be that the power of God available to us is not strong enough. God is not always pouring out the same degree of power at every time. This is the truth.


COMMENT: I am not too well versed with the Scripture and stuff, and maybe I am not understanding you correctly, but when God pours out His Spirit right, I know like, I hold on to certain Scriptures. You know what I mean? I feel like I have always been through trials all my life, so certain Scriptures mean a lot to me, but like that one where He says that He will always make a way of escape or whatever, but if God pours out His Spirit, would He not pour out enough Spirit? Is it not there for the taking? How can He not pour out enough Spirit? That is what I do not understand?


PASTOR VITALE: I am going to try and explain it to you. The answer to your problems is that Jesus must be formed in you. When He pours out the first stage of His Spirit which we know is the Holy Ghost, its purpose, its function is to enter into your heart so that Christ can begin to be formed in you, because Christ in you is the hope of glory. Christ inside of you is your deliverance, and Christ is different from the Holy Spirit. Christ is not the Holy Spirit. We have a lot to learn, brethren. Christ is not the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father. Christ is the Son, and the Spirit of might is in the Son. Why is it so important that Christ come forth within you? Because your greatest enemy is your own mind. I am sorry to shock you, but Satan is not outside of you. He is your unconscious mind, you are your own worst enemy, and what you need is a Savior that is inside of you, not a Savior that is outside of you. You need a Savior that is inside of you that is going to overcome and destroy your carnal mind who is causing you to think in a way that is bringing destruction into your life.


What we have in the church today is what I call a quick-fix mentality, and is not the whole society a quick-fix mentality? A lot of people know that. If you do not have the money, you put it on a credit card, and if you do not have a credit card, sometimes you steal it. This is the thinking. Nobody can wait for anything anymore. It is a quick-fix society, and the church would like to believe that Jesus pours out His Spirit upon you and it is done, but it is not done.


When Jesus pours out His Spirit upon you, He imparts power to you. Power to do what? Anybody know why you receive power? To overcome, to overcome. "And when the Holy Ghost comes upon you, you shall receive power to overcome." How do you receive His power? You see the mentality in the church is, "Well you speak in tongues." You are in a service like this, you have got the power, and you have not overcome, so there is something wrong with you.


No, that is just the first stage, this is how you get the power, I will show you how you get the power. The Holy Spirit is given to bring forth Christ in the person, Christ is the warrior, Christ is the Spirit of might, it is a process of growth that must come forth in you, and the Scripture likens it to childbirth, conception and childbirth. Everyone of us has a human spirit.


Our human spirit is that which remains from righteous Adam before he fell at the beginning of time, our human spirit, that is the remains of he who died, this is that in us which must be raised from the dead, the power is in the spirit, the power is in the spirit, but our human spirit alone has no strength, she has no strength because she is surrounded by a carnal mind, and the God of the carnal mind is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Now a lot of people do not like to believe that, they would rather prefer to believe that they are holy and they are okay and that they are washed in the blood and that their enemy is outside of them, and they just had a bunch of bad breaks, and it is all the devil's fault.


But I want to tell you this is not true, I want to tell you, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, has no power that the Father has not given him. We find Satan in the book of Job, addressing the Father, presenting himself to the Father as one of the sons of God, and I declare to you that Satan is God's servant and he is the servant which executes judgment upon unregenerate men who sin. He executes the reaping and the sowing judgment and it is unto the family line destruction. Satan judges sin unto destruction. When you come to the Lord brethren, your sin must still be judged but your judge is transferred, you are transferred from Satan to Christ, your judge becomes Christ, when Christ judges your sin, He raises your human spirit from the dead, and that is why you are still not strong enough, you have got to get Christ inside of you, you have got to get him joining with your human spirit, the Holy Spirit gets inside of you, nobody has any problem believing the Holy Spirit gets inside of you do they? Anybody here have a problem with that? Nobody has a problem believing that Christ is inside of you, they do not like to believe that your carnal mind and Satan is inside of you, you have a spirit of self righteousness brethren, you have picked up a lie from the church, and if you do not believe me it is your own life that is, if you are not going to pray about it, it is your own life that is on the line. Spiritual things are within, spiritual things are within.


We read the Scripture Christ is in my heart, I am going to get a new heart, and renews my mind. The Scripture talks about things that are within. Brethren we are spirit, we are mind that lives in a body, this body is just a garment, does not the Scripture say we are getting a new garment, we are getting a new garment, we are being clothed upon, we are spirit and our spirit is fallen, it is dead, and it needs to be raised from the dead, and it is the job of the Holy Spirit to bring forth Christ and to wage war against the carnal mind which is ruled by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and slay it. And when we have the mind of Christ, and our thinking is perfect, we shall not have any problems in our life. All of our problems are because we are fallen. Our thinking is wrong, that is where our problems come from, and to get help from God, I am going to tell you outright, if you are in the category that has not received help from the present condition of the church, for whatever God's reason that He has put you in this category, the ministry that He has for you, is to look inward, to let God shine His light upon areas of wrong thinking, He wants to change your mind, He wants to renew your mind, He wants to give you a new mind, and when He gives you that new mind, it will kill your old mind, why? Because your old mind is death. To be carnally minded is death.


Brethren the Lord is raising us from the dead, from the inside out. Do you know that when a woman conceives a child, the first organ that is formed is the heart, the heart appears and then the flesh and then the organs start being built around it. This is only a carnal idea that spiritual life is outside of us, the spiritual life of God is within us, but the spiritual Satan and the demons is outside of us. Brethren it is a fantasy that comes from the mind of man, it is a fantasy that comes from the mind of man that has pronounced himself righteous, that has said I am righteous because I have the Holy Ghost, and the Holy Ghost is not your righteousness brethren, who is our righteousness? Who? Christ is our righteousness, He must appear in your mind for you to be righteous. The Holy Ghost is not your righteousness. The Holy Ghost is curative, He is not defensive. Have you ever seen someone who has the Holy Ghost, have you ever seen the Holy Ghost in someone that has received Him, stop someone from having a nervous breakdown? Have you ever seen the Holy Ghost stop you from going on that alcohol binge, have you ever seen Him stop you from doing whatever your destruction is? No, after you do it, He heals you, He heals your wounds, He restores you, He brings you back, He blesses you, He has mercy on you, He is curative, He will cure you, after you get sick, He will cast the demon out, after a demon appears in your mind. Now why would you need the Holy Ghost to cast out a demon if the Holy Ghost has the spiritual authority to prevent you from birthing the demon? Is not one of the gifts of the Holy Ghost casting out demons?


It is casting out demons. Now why would the Holy Ghost have that function if He also had a function of preventing you from conceiving the demon? The Holy Ghost is curative, He deals with the results of sin after they have been committed. Christ is preventive. Did not the snake bite Paul, and did he not shake it off without being harmed? Did not Jesus disappear in the midst of the people that were trying to kill Him. Did not Jesus say, No man can take my life, I lay down my own life. No one could kill Him, He had Christ, He was Christ. Brethren, we do not have what Jesus had, we do not have what the apostles had, we do not have what was available to the church two thousand years ago. The full counsel of God has not been preached. Brethren, I have nothing against the preachers out there, they are doing the best that they can, but the new move of God is here, and if you have not been helped by the old move of God, this is for you, this is for you.


We looked up the Scriptures in Job where it talks about Jesus pouring out of his Spirit upon all flesh, we looked up all the Scriptures, and we found out that the five fold ministry that is present today, the primary function of it is to raise up a group of men who have overcome, truly overcome. I do not mean just having a decent life, I do not mean that, I know people come to me and say, I have not been sick in ten years, since I received the Holy Ghost. And I said, Well how long were you not sick before you received the Holy Ghost? Ten years. Some people are just healthy. Now show me someone that was dying and that is not dying anymore, then come and talk to me. Show me someone that was highly demonized, and is no longer highly demonized, then come talk to me. The Holy Ghost does not do what Christ does, Christ must be formed in you, and this is how He is formed in you, the Holy Spirit enters into your life, you start reading the Bible, you start going to meetings where the Holy Spirit is poured out like what was poured out tonight, and is being poured out tonight, and He joins with your human spirit and Christ appears. Have you not heard that you are going to be saved in childbearing? You have got to bear the child, the Christ child must come forth in you. Jesus completed the work on the cross. It is like saying there is electricity in this wall, if I do not turn on the light brethren, if I do not know that I have to turn the switch to get the light, I am going to be sitting here in darkness. What Jesus did two thousand years ago must appear in your mind. It must appear in your mind, you are not going to get it after you die. It is now, the time is now, the day of salvation is now.


COMMENT: Does it not say in the Bible that you will receive power after the Holy Ghost has come upon you?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it does, but you will receive power to do what? You will receive the power to bring forth Christ because you are saved in childbearing.


COMMENT: When Jesus knew He was going away, He said, "I will not leave you, but I will send the Holy Spirit, the comforter, that He will lead and guide you."


PASTOR VITALE: Into all truth, and who is truth? Is the Holy Spirit truth?


COMMENT: Yes, the Holy Spirit is Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: Well no, Christ is Truth. The Holy Spirit will come and join with the human spirit and lead you to Truth which is Christ. He will lead you into all truth.


See, the whole problem with what is being taught today is that they are teaching the right thing, but they are not teaching how. The way they teach you how it is going to happen is a carnal explanation. Open your heart to God and pray because this truth is going to set you free, it is going to give you overcoming power. Did you have a question?


COMMENT: Well, you raised another question. You said, "carnal explanation." Could you explain that?


PASTOR VITALE: It is the same thing as the letter of the word, and what it means is, it is the mind of the natural man giving the explanation. We are going to die if we are believing the mind of natural man. We have to hear from Christ.


COMMENT: You know, I do not want you to talk bad about the Pentecostal church, but maybe I am getting you wrong.


PASTOR VITALE: Let me tell you again. I am not talking bad about them. What I am telling you is the power that is in the Pentecostal church can only go so far. It is not without measure. There is a whole category of people that it does not help, and by and large what is happening is the people that are not helped are being condemned. I was one of those people. I was dying when I came to the Lord, and do you know how many times I was told I was dying because I had no faith?


If the power is not present to heal or deliver you, the tendency is to condemn the person that has not received the miracle from God, and I am here tonight to tell you that, that is not the reason why. The reason why some people are healed and some people are not is that God has a plan. God has a plan, and the way He is going to deal with this whole creation is to deliver a small group of people first, and then He is going to send them back with unlimited power.


See, there is not unlimited power in the church today. There is limited power in the church today, and a large part of...well, there are two reasons why it is limited. Number one, it is not the season, or up until now it was not the season, and the second reason is that the doctrine is not true.


COMMENT: See, that is what bothers me. You said, "Now you said there is limited power in the church." Now this I can understand, like it is more personalized and maybe you are addressing me, so maybe you all have a common...you know, we all have certain needs, and we will meet it here in this group, but how can the church... you know, I was blessed in the church. A lot of pastors have been on drugs and things, and people I know that were delivered, you know, from drugs, so how could God not be in the fullness in His church? This is not all churches right?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, if He was in His fullness, the people would be in the fullness. The people are not in the fullness. They are still imperfect, they are still in sin, and they are still dying.


COMMENT: See, I am talking about where we look. You know, I said alcoholism, this small group now, or whatever, so you mean you will achieve greater heights, or more fullness in people in that type of church?


PASTOR VITALE: It is not this small group. It is a move of God that is coming from many different areas. In this area it is here, but it is coming forth all over the world. Just let me say one thing. This is the whole problem, people get scared, and I have one word of counsel to you okay. Go to Jesus for your confirmation, and fear is never of God, fear is never of God, and the same thing happened when Jesus came forth. They did not recognize Him, they attacked Him.


In every new move of God, if you read the history of the church has been the same condition. I told you the men that ministered the Holy Ghost, they threw eggs and tomatoes at them, and now the Holy Ghost is very acceptable. When I first started in deliverance, casting out of demons, deliverance was very unacceptable. I went to a church in this area that cast out demons, and we were persecuted, and now casting out demons is pretty acceptable.


COMMENT: You started off with the very key to the whole thing, that the churches in a way are confused because we are in a time of transition. Now it is like II Corinthians 5:16, we are supposed to know no man after the flesh, not even Christ do we know after the flesh, and the church only knows Christ after the church today. That is the only way they know it. Israel as a nation brought in Jesus through Mary, but they did not recognize the child. Even though He came through them, they did not recognize Him, so we have to see Jesus in a different way. Jesus is coming through His people. Jesus is coming through His people as the sister was saying that, but we have got to get that mind out of the way first.


Now what Jesus is going to do, He is going to, that has to be the sun-clothed woman, is going to bring forth a manchild. That manchild will be born a full grown man, as Isaiah 66:7-8 says, as Isaiah 58:6-7, and Revelation 12:1-6 is speaking of the sun-clothed woman that is going to bring forth this manifested son child. Today, the church has not come to that. They have not recognized that, that this is the way that Christ is coming, through His people, not out of the clouds as some preach. That is enough for right now.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen, the Christ is arising from within people, and Paul said to know no man after the flesh, so for those of us who are clinging to people who are in the pulpit who may be wonderful people, and they may have helped a lot of people, when God starts to move, you have got to follow the cloud, because every major denomination once was rolling with God. Now they are dead denominations, and those believers that can recognize the move of the Spirit wherever is it manifesting, I am not saying it is just here, you have to recognize it wherever it is manifesting, they are going to get the full benefit of what God is doing. If you put your eyes on the man, you could be left behind.


I would like to show you what the body of Christ is, that was how I started out, glory to God. Brethren, the Bible is dealing with spiritual things. It is almost never dealing with your body, almost never dealing with this physical body. If you look up the word for body in the Greek, you will find out that this body is a slave, that it expresses whatever your soul, whatever the condition of your soul is reflected in your body, and the sicker your condition in this life, whether physical or mental. The more unhealthy your life, the more damaged your soul is, and the more damaged your soul is, the more damaged your spirit is.


Paul talks about an immortal soul, and I declare to you, if there is an immortal soul, there must be a mortal soul. I am going to put those two things together. What is the body of Christ? What is a body? If you look it up in the Greek, it is a container. The symbol for body in the Scripture is cup. Your spiritual life, your soul is typified by liquid, usually by water. Your spirit is typified by wine, and your soul is typified by water, and that which holds your spiritual life is typified by a cup.


Brethren, the whole Scripture is symbolic. When you try to understand these Scriptures with your carnal mind, you are walking in death. Paul clearly stated that to be carnally minded is death.


We have a cup that is holding our carnal mind, our carnal mind is the soul of the fallen man. What holds the carnal mind of the fallen man? What does the carnal mind rest in? Our physical body. Now as soon as Christ begins to be formed in you, something is added. It is added in the midst here.


Let me do it this way. We will say this is your carnal mind, and then Christ begins to be formed in you, you have a cup within a cup. From the minute Christ begins to be formed in you, the Lord loses all interest in your physical body. All He is concerned about is Christ. I want to tell you, brethren, that God wants to see His Christ appearing in men.


Things that you see God doing that He has done, that He is doing now, that He will do in the future has one end to it, that His Christ should stand on the earth in the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ, that His creation should be raised from the dead, not raptured away to another planet, but that they should have dominion over the earth, because they have been brought into the image of Christ.


Brethren, I do not insult you, but I tell you the truth. If you think that you are in the image of Christ when you are in a drunken stupor, you are mistaken, you are mistaken. Christ does not go into a drunken stupor, Christ does not take drugs, Christ does not commit adultery, Christ does not deny the truth. Christ is perfect. Christ is the Logos, the very Logos of the Living God.


Brethren, we are in the likeness of God. We are in His form, and what about us is in the form of God, do you think God has two eyes and a nose and a mouth? No, what is God? What is the nature of God? Spirit. Brethren, we have a human spirit, we are our human spirit, our reality is our spirit which is in the likeness of God. He is Spirit, and we are spirit, but that spirit is not in the image of God. That spirit entered into union with the Serpent at the beginning of time, and our human spirit is in His image.


Brethren, we are in the image of the Serpent. We go into drunken stupors, we are on drugs, we are divorced, whatever our problem is. We have temper tantrums, we are immature from A to Z, because your human spirit is in the image of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and the answer to your problem is to erase those markings, and have your human spirit imprinted with the image of the Lord Jesus Christ in whom there is perfection and all provision.


From the day Christ comes into our life, as far as the Father is concerned, the body of Christ is the carnal mind, and the carnal mind is the cup in which Christ is resting. Have you not heard about the inner man? Do you not know that there is an inner man, and an outer man, that there is an old man and a new man? Christ is the new man, He is the inner man, He is coming forth within the carnal mind, within the carnally minded man, and the carnal mind can be likened to a woman's womb.


Christ is growing. He is the Christ child that will save our humanity in childbearing. He is the manchild of Revelation 12, and there is a cup that He rests in, there is a container that He rests in. It is our carnal mind, and He is the inner man. Therefore, the body of Christ is the carnal mind, and from the moment that Christ comes forth, the Lord is no longer dealing with the physical body. Body merely means container. This physical body is not the only body we have.


Did Paul not say there is a celestial body? He said there are bodies that are spirit, there are all different kinds of bodies, Paul said. Why is it that you assume every time you see the word body in the Scripture that you assume that the Scripture is talking about this physical body? Paul clearly stated there is more than one kind of body. Why do you draw this conclusion? I declare to you drawing conclusions is very dangerous. We will not discern the truth of God through drawing conclusions from our carnal mind.


The body of Christ is the carnal mind. Another name for this body is soul. Paul said we have a mortal soul and an immortal soul. Immortal soul is a soul that cannot die. Which is the immortal soul, anybody? Christ is your immortal soul. If you have an immortal soul, you must have a mortal soul. Your carnal mind is your mortal soul. Your mortal soul is your old man, your outer man. Jesus said of the twain, He made one new man. He joined Christ to the carnal mind, and He made one new man. He killed the enmity in His flesh.


Your carnal mind, brethren, is the enmity in your flesh. He is not outside of you, it is not your brother's fault, it is not. I am sorry, it is not the lack of love in the church. Your problem is in your own mind, and I condemn you not. You need a new mind. Does Paul not say your mind should be renewed? Well, how do you do it? We have a church world full of ideas that are coming out of the fallen minds of man. This is not what existed 2000 years ago. Jesus Christ of Nazareth spoke out of the mind of Christ. Paul spoke out of the mind of Christ. The apostles and the holy prophets of old spoke out of the mind of Christ.


Does the Scripture not say that the Scripture is of no private interpretation? The understanding or the interpretation of the Scripture must come from the mind of Christ. You know I have that with people sometimes. I see something, and sometimes I use a poor choice of words, and they will say to me, "Well, this is what you meant." I will say, "No, I did not mean that. Let me rephrase it." They will say, "No you cannot rephrase it, that is what you said, and on that you live or you die." No brethren, what counts is what I intended to say to you.


If I made a mistake and used words that did not express myself accurately, or maybe I did express myself accurately, but your understanding of those words were different, the only thing that matters is what I really intended to say to you. The only thing that matters is what Jesus really intended to say to you when He wrote the Scripture through prophets, and what the carnal minds of fallen men think is going to do nothing for you but keep you dead.


The answer to your problem is to ascend. We must ascend, and we ascend with our mind. When our mind ascends up to where Christ is, our soul gets healed and our body gets healed. It is not that you are just one second okay. It is not that your body gets healed, and then your mind gets healed. It starts with your spirit, then your soul comes up, and then your body comes up last. Yes?


COMMENT: How do we get that immortal soul of Christ? We have to conceive Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: Christ must be conceived, and Christ is the product of the Holy Spirit and the human spirit, and there is an offspring. Does the Father not begat life? The Father begats life.


COMMENT: Then, what is actually conceiving Christ? Conceiving Christ thoughts?


PASTOR VITALE: Christ is a person. He is a person that is born in man when the Spirit of the Father joins with that which is in man which is of the Father. Brethren, the Father does not mix His seed. He is not the God of the dead, and your soul is dead, your soul is dead. It died at the beginning of time. God is not the Father of the dead, He is the God of the living.


COMMENT: You said when Christ is conceived in us, it is like a baby in a womb right?


PASTOR VITALE: Except that it is a full grown baby.


COMMENT: It is a full grown man inside of our carnal mind growing up or is He full grown?


PASTOR VITALE: He is full grown. He is working His way out.


COMMENT: Do we have that immortal soul in us if we have conceived Christ? Not if He is birthed, if He is birthed...


PASTOR VITALE: No, from the moment of conception.


COMMENT: If we have that immortal Christ in our soul, is it a sure thing that He is going to swallow up that carnal mind?


PASTOR VITALE: No. It is a sure thing that Christ will appear in the earth in His people, but as far as individuals go, it is possible to abort.


COMMENT: Well, if the carnal mind is a mortal soul and Christ being the immortal soul in us, why can we not see that difference, why can we not recognize that immortality?


PASTOR VITALE: You cannot recognize it because your carnal mind is utterly cutting you off from the knowledge. The exaltation of Christ in you means the death of your carnal mind, and your carnal mind is fighting with everything possible to keep this revelation from God's people, because it means the death of the carnal mind. It means the death of the world as we know it, it means the death of all your suffering, it means the death of all your torment, and it means the fulfillment of the promises of God to us, in us. We are promised dominion over the earth, not only over the earth out there, but dominion over the earth of our souls.


COMMENT: When is this going to happen?




COMMENT: You mean like when you ask Christ in your heart, that is what you are saying?


PASTOR VITALE: When you ask Christ in your heart, you ask the Holy Spirit in your heart, and He comes in, and there is something that has to happen to you. God has given us natural examples so we can understand, so the natural example is a woman conceiving a child. When the Holy Spirit comes into your heart, it is His intention to touch your humans spirit and form Christ in it.


Do you understand that it is, just like a woman conceives, but the carnal mind is waging war against Christ. We found Scriptures that say the carnal mind is a military force. The Lord calls the carnal mind a military force that is dead set against Christ appearing in your mind. Why? Because he owns you. The carnal mind owns everybody, and Christ is the invading force.


COMMENT: What I am saying, is once you get saved, is that what you are saying?


PASTOR VITALE: What is salvation?


COMMENT: Asking Christ in your heart and living that life, being Christ like.


PASTOR VITALE: No. Salvation means safety. Now I do not know about you...


COMMENT: I am saying, when I asked Christ in my heart , I mean I was sincere, you know. I was filled with the Holy Ghost, and, you know, naturally I let the flesh take over again, but that is the battle we are talking about, right? The flesh and the spirit, right, which goes on through your walk with Christ? Some people still get tormented or whatever, but you still have the victory though, right?


PASTOR VITALE: How do you have the victory?


COMMENT: I mean, I am not talking about myself, I had the victory today over...


PASTOR VITALE: What is the victory? Tell me what the victory is.


COMMENT: I am talking about to continue walking with the Lord, that is what I am saying. Something comes against you, and let us say, you ask God in your heart, was there some point after you got saved that, I mean was it that day that your problems were over?


PASTOR VITALE: No, it has been a battle. I am still battling.


COMMENT: Right, well that is what I am saying, okay.


PASTOR VITALE: What is the end of the battle? Jesus has promised us peace. There is supposed to be a day that we stop fighting.


COMMENT: When, when?


PASTOR VITALE: The day we stop fighting is when Jesus totally overtakes your carnal mind.


COMMENT: When He comes back, right?


PASTOR VITALE: When He comes back in you.


COMMENT: When the rapture comes...


PASTOR VITALE: The rapture in you.


COMMENT: You are saying He is not talking about coming and taking us...


PASTOR VITALE: Well, the whole problem, okay, He is having trouble coming in you, are you familiar with the Scripture in Daniel that says, "Daniel, from the first day you called, I was dispatched to you, but the prince of Persia hindered me three weeks," so from the day you said, "Jesus save me," that is what He has been doing, but His biggest opposition to save you, is you.


COMMENT: I am saying like, okay when He comes back in me, did He come back in you yet?


PASTOR VITALE: He is coming.


COMMENT: He comes back in everybody at the same time, right?


PASTOR VITALE: No, it does not happen at the same time. Let us do the trinity. The Holy Spirit, can anybody not agree that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father? Do you believe that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father?


COMMENT: Yes, it is.


PASTOR VITALE: Then we have the Son, which is who? Christ, and who is the third person of the trinity? The Father. I thought you just said the Holy Spirit was the Spirit of the Father?


COMMENT: God the Father is the Father, okay He is God. Now seated at the right hand of God is Jesus, and the Spirit of God which is around the throne of God and which goes through the face of the earth and over the waters is the Holy Spirit, which is the third part of God.


PASTOR VITALE: No, He is over here. The Holy Spirit is over here. Okay, look Xxxxx, I am not trying to mess you up, I am not trying to hurt you, I am not trying to confuse you, really okay? Let me give it to you, I am just trying to show you the truth. I am not trying to hurt you at all. Do you know the Scripture that says Christ Jesus is the only mediator between God and man?




PASTOR VITALE: The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father. Christ Jesus is the son, and Christ Jesus now is being formed in us. Can you accept that, that Christ Jesus is being formed in us, that Christ is being formed in you. Okay, so talking about the man in whom Christ is being formed, we have found Scriptures that have indicated that this is the second generation of Christ. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the first generation, now He gave up His soul life so that He can pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh, and now He is in us. Can you believe that we are His children, amen?




PASTOR VITALE: Okay, so we are the second generation of Christ. Can you say amen to that?




PASTOR VITALE: Okay, this is the function of Christ Jesus. He is in the minds of men, and when He wants to appear as Spirit, He appears as the Holy Spirit for the Father, and this is in the unconscious mind of man. Spirit is in the unconscious mind of man. When He wants to appear in the mind of man like right now, when someone is preaching, when Christ Jesus wants to appear, He appears in man, but, you see, there is not three. There is only two, and this one in the middle, He is either appearing as the Holy Spirit of the Father, in your unconscious mind, or He is appearing in your conscious mind when you talk.


What you perceive to be the third person is really the person of the Son of God, Christ Jesus, who is either appearing as Spirit in your unconscious mind as the Holy Spirit, the Father, or as your conscious mind, as Christ being formed in you.


I will take it slow, I am not trying to show you up at all, okay?


COMMENT: Well, do you know how that you have a spirit and a soul and body? Okay you are still one person right? Right, so that is how the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit are one God, the triune God.


PASTOR VITALE: You see, there is not three. There is only the Father and the Son. There is only the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is another name for the Father. It is a Roman Catholic doctrine, and I will tell you what it is based on. If you study back in antiquity, you find out that Nimrod who was a mighty hunter started a pagan religion and there was... do you know about this? There was a pagan trinity, Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz, and that was where it started, and a lot of this pagan teaching has been incorporated into the church. Okay?


COMMENT: Well, I agree the Catholic church, you know, it started out that way, and that is who they are actually serving, that other Jesus, and when they receive communion, I believe that, you know, I read all about that, but do you believe the Holy Spirit is the third person of God? You do not believe it?


PASTOR VITALE: No, I believe that He is the Father. I believe the Holy Spirit and the Father are the same thing. The Holy Spirit, He is the Father, He comes into your heart. Does the Holy Spirit not bring forth Christ? Okay, so the Father comes and brings forth the Son. Okay, so if the Holy Spirit is the one who comes into your heart and brings forth the Son, what is the function of the Father? How does the function of the Father differ from the function of the Holy Spirit?


COMMENT: See, I cannot explain it, but I know it, you know. I know inside how...see, God the Father is on the throne, and the Holy Spirit is in the earth. They are separate from one another.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, where is the throne?


COMMENT: The throne is in heaven.


PASTOR VITALE: Where is heaven, where is the kingdom of God?


COMMENT: Well, the kingdom of God is also within us, but there also is a kingdom where God is on the throne, and the earth is His footstool.


PASTOR VITALE: The throne is your heart, the throne He is sitting on is your heart. Let me show you that. He is sitting on the throne. Why would the Father want to be sitting on a throne? The Father wants to be the ruler of mankind. Jesus is God's throne, the Father sits on Jesus. This is all in your mind, and when our carnal mind comes into...you see, right now our carnal mind is out here doing its own thing. When our carnal mind comes into submission, Jesus will sit on our throne, the Father will sit on Jesus, and we will be indestructible.


See, God wants to dwell in your heart. The whole point of Jesus is that the Father can come and dwell in you, but because we are filled with sin, if the Father would come and dwell in us now we would burn up because of the sin. Jesus can dwell in us without being destroyed. The whole purpose of this creation and of the Savior is that the Father can come and dwell in our hearts. This has been a very...I do not want to force it on you. I am going to drop it here, because I do not want to force it on you.


This has been a very strange evening. I just want to wait on the Lord right now and see what He wants to do, or if He is going to give me any kind of an additional message.


I just want to tell everybody here, I want to encourage you not to be discouraged. The way God works is that He will bring people in and touch them, and maybe even five years later, He can quicken this to their heart. Nothing is wasted, nothing that the Lord does is wasted, and with that anointing that He poured out earlier, it will not be wasted, it will not be wasted. The Lord loves us so much that He is determined to deliver us and to help us even when we do not understand what He is trying to do, or if we are afraid of His ways, He will deliver us anyway, and nothing is wasted. Do not feel discouraged, do not feel discouraged.


God is great, and He is going to bring His purposes to pass in everybody's life, okay. I am going to be open to comments, but please before you speak, check yourself and make sure it is the Holy Spirit. I am hoping He is going to give us a new direction, and we will see what we will do with the rest of the evening. Thank you Father.


COMMENT: How do we know if the Son has been conceived in us? How can I know, because I have a union with the Father, and it is the Holy Spirit in my heart, but as the natural example, you could have sex a thousand times and maybe you do not get pregnant.


PASTOR VITALE: He who walks after the Spirit of God is a Son of God. The ability to have your life ruled by God is a sign that you have conceived the Son, because it is the purpose of the Father to be our new mind. It is the purpose of the Father to be so much of our mind that we do His will automatically.


Just let me give you an example. If you are sitting here, and all of a sudden you get thirsty and you go into the kitchen to get a drink of water, you never stop to think for a second about who put that thought in your mind. Most people think, "Well it was not God, but neither was it my carnal mind, it was just me," and because we have been subject to our carnal mind all of our lives, we have a problem understanding that we are spirit.


We are the Christ that has died, who has fallen down to hell, and we are being ruled by a beast whose name is the carnal mind. We are so much his, his possession of us is so complete, that when he thinks, we get up and do it, and we think it is our own mind, but it is not our mind. It is our carnal mind that is surrounding our spirit and crushing it, and what Christ wants to do in our life is to be so completely joined to us that when He thinks, we do it. When He thinks, we do it, that is what He wants.


The sign that Christ is being formed in you is that you do things, and they turn out to be for the glory of God. You do things sometimes without thinking, and it turns out to be for the glory of God, just like what happened here the other day.


We had two supernatural events, one the other day and one today. The Lord had prayer for Xxx. Even though he walked out of here, you see, God has worked in his life. I think he said he has a place to live. He had been living on the streets for seven months, and he says he is going back to church. Well, better he should be back to whatever church he is going to than be sleeping on the streets, not going to church.


God has given him a miracle, and the Lord brought us all in, the whole thing was supernatural, the way you were here, Xxxxx and Xxxx were here, and we prayed for him and it looks like he has a place to live, okay. It was a very supernatural assembly, and today when we got our shipment of tapes, 2500 tapes came in today, five big boxes, none of us really strong enough to get them up the steps, and just as the UPS man came, Xxxxxxx next door walked in and started to help, and God touched the heart of the UPS man, and he just ran up the steps with the five boxes. It was supernatural, there was not a doubt in my mind. I just saw the Spirit of God, the man was glowing, the Spirit of God was all over him. Bless him Lord.


This is what God wants to be the condition of our life every single day, that every thought arises in our mind should come forth from Christ. See, right now if Christ is being formed in you at all, there is a battle going on in your mind, but this is the sign that you have conceived Christ that you are doing things without knowing why you are doing them, and that the fruit of your behavior is that it glorifies Christ, because I want to tell you something, when Christ starts to control our life, He does not...I will talk to you from personal experience, He does not confer with me. He just tells me to do it.


He does not give me any reasons why. He just says, "Do it." He has shown me time and time again, that if I do not do it, because I think it is a little unimportant thing, that some big important thing does not get done because I was not where I was supposed to be, because I did not do the little important thing.


He does not confer with me, He does not ask me my opinion, and you want to know something else? He does not care if I get hurt. He does not care if I get hurt. He has a purpose, and His purpose is always to help somebody that is not as strong as I am, and He sends me, and I go and I do and I say, and He does not care if I get hurt. He will heal me, He will pick me up, but I am a vessel that has been sold out to Christ. I am His bond servant, and even now sometimes He tells me and I do not go, but I am pretty sensitive to the Lord.


Lots of times I will go some place or do something, and I do not know why, and when I get there, the fruit of whether or not I was listening to Christ or my carnal mind is whether or not I am needed somewhere.


You see so as far as Xxx is concerned, he had been on the streets for seven months, and now he has got a place to live, and he is back in church. He does not understand that the power that has given him this blessing has come through this ministry. He has rejected the ministry, but he has walked off with the blessings. Well, that is the way it is. When you are in the service of God, when you are a son, there is no personal gratification.


Sometimes there is personal gratification, but the gratification is through spiritual increase and closer union with the Father, and I will just give you a couple of examples that you may have heard before, but I feel to give it again.


When God first started moving me into this realm of acting in my unconscious mind, and giving me thoughts without explanation, I was not aware of what was happening, and my famous story is that I was at my parents house, at the time I did not eat red meat, and I had this overwhelming desire for a hamburger, so I yielded to it because I thought it might be God. I went to the local diner, and I walked in. The diner was packed, it was a Sunday night, there was just one empty seat in the whole diner next to a drunk at the counter.


As soon as I saw the set up I knew it had to be God. Now any person, any normal person would have turned around and left the diner, but I knew it was God, and I walked and I sat down at the counter, and he started treating me like a prostitute.


He took out his money clip and started bouncing it on the counter, told me to order whatever I wanted, and all eyes in the diner were riveted on me, because they wanted to know what kind of nut would sit down next to a drunk, who was an obvious drunk.


I do not know how they had not thrown him out. I said, "No thank you, I do not want you to buy me anything." They said, "Okay, maybe I am not after his money, what do I want?" The whole diner was looking at me, "What do I want with this man?" At the time, it was quite a few years ago, I will be honest with you, I was very embarrassed. I really was, and finally he opened up to me. I just prayed the whole time I was sitting there. I said, "Lord, what am I doing here, what have you got for this man, what have you got for this man?"


Finally, after about a half an hour he opened up to me, and he told me he had been in Vietnam. He had seen action in Vietnam, and he had been confronted with a situation where he had to either let his army buddies be killed, or he had to kill seven children that were carrying bombs, and he killed the seven children. He was drinking ever since, he just could not deal with it.


There was ministry for him.


I never saw the man again, but there is not a doubt in my mind that the Lord entered into his heart. He told me he had a mother who was in a main line denomination, a Presbyterian, and she had been praying for him for years. For whatever God's reason, He sent me. I do not know why He sent me, but if I did not go get that hamburger, I would have never been there, and if I had walked away because I saw he was a drunk, I would have never been there to do what God wanted me to do, and if I left because I was embarrassed, I would not have been there to do what God wanted me to do.


He, God, wants to be our unconscious mind. That is the sign that you have conceived. When you start getting thoughts in your mind that when you follow them, the fruit of the action is that God has sent you, that is the sign that Christ is manifesting in your mind.


This young man? Oh, it was more than a word, it was a very supernatural experience. At one point, the Christ in me locked onto his eyes. I knew that something was happening. I had no control over it, but it was total eye contact, and I literally felt Christ going into him through the eyes, and it was right after that I knew the Holy Spirit. I was released and I left, the Lord just released me and I just left, and I never saw that man again.


I have had many experiences like that, many supernatural experiences. Brethren, Christ is a supernatural person, and when Christ is dwelling in you, He gives you supernatural experiences. If somebody is carnal, the chances are, well there are two possibilities if you are carnal. Either Christ is not dwelling in you, or He is dwelling in you and your carnal mind has Him so bound up that He cannot function. Now if He has been conceived in you, and your carnal mind has Him so bound up that He cannot function, the chances are real good that the Father is going to send another believer in whom Christ is dwelling to attack your carnal mind.


This is the ministry, this is the two-witness ministry. He is going to send someone who is obedient to the Father to the believer whose Christ is bound by the carnal mind and cannot get past it, and He is going to send someone to attack from the outside while your Christ attacks from the inside, and the Father is going to wound your carnal mind.


As I showed you on the board yesterday, when that wound opens up it is going to roll back like a scroll, and the mind of Christ is going to be revealed. It is going to start functioning in your life, and sometimes all you need is that one hit in the head, and then your own Christ gets out and starts functioning, and your spiritual growth takes off like there is no tomorrow.


Another way to express what I just said is that Christ in you can be tread underfoot. Not dead, alive, but tread underfoot. Your carnal mind is too strong, your carnal mind has too much power, and your carnal mind is overtaking Christ who starts out as a mustard seed.






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Pastor Vitale's Bio

Sheila R. Vitale is the founding teacher and pastor of Living Epistles Ministries and Christ-Centered Kabbalah. In that capacity, she expounds upon the Torah (Scripture) and teaches Scripture through a unique Judeo-Christian lens.

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