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I have a very powerful word for you and I have been preaching this to you for eight months now but I really feel that God has told me that nobody has heard it. I am never condemning you, please if you feel condemned if you cannot deal with it yourself come and talk to me. I am never condemning you but I will always tell you the truth. Nobody has heard what I have been preaching in this area for about eight months now. It is on Daniel 12 pretty much started when we preached Daniel 12 maybe it is less than eight months maybe it is six month. Brethren witchcraft is real we have, most of us, I cannot speak for you individually, who have grown up in this nation have grown up sheltered from this kind of thing. The practice of over witchcraft and statues and watering candles and potions and points of contact which is a belonging from another person, that is used as part of a ritual to call down spiritual power.


There are groups of people there are black witches, and I found out when I was in Nigeria there are red witches which I never knew. They use witchcraft for evil and there are people that are called white witches they frequently wear white robes and they will use witchcraft to help the victims of black and red witchcraft. They think they are ok but they are not, it is all witchcraft. It is my understanding that people can get killed by this power, they can be made sick they can be caused to lust for another person. They can be caused to commit adultery, marriages can be broken up, women determined to be virgins can find themselves in a condition as severe as prostitution. The exact opposite extreme. It is real the message that the Lord gave me when I preached Daniel 12 was this it is going to increase, it is about to increase it is already increasing. If you think that you have protection against it because you wear a cross or if you think you have protection against it because you take communion or if you think you have protection against it because you wave a black bible over head. Or if you think you have protection against it because you speak in tongues or you cast out demons, you are mistaken.


There is only one defense against witchcraft and that is in dwelling spiritual power. I am not talking about speaking in tongues, and I am not talking about the Holy Ghost that sets your feet a dancing. I am talking about the very presence of the manifested Son of God in a measure of maturity that can combat this thing. I recall you I ask you to try to recall it was just a brief sentence on the screen where there was a woman that was working white witchcraft trying to save the little boys life. The other white witch said she could not do it why? Does any body remember why she could not do it? (Brethren answering with out a microphone inaudible) That is not what he said but very close try it again. That is true but I want the exact words he said she was not strong enough. She was not strong enough. Now some carnal Christian sitting right here would say to me well everyone has the holy ghost equally you mean your holy ghost is stronger than my holy ghost? Brethren we are going to have Christians falling in the streets they are going to be falling like flies.


I want to tell you their pride is not going to keep them from falling. No one person does not have a stronger manifestation of the holy ghost than another person. The Holy Ghost is the Holy Ghost. If you speak in tongues you may have a little more measure than some one who does not speak in tongues. I believe Baptists, for example I believe that they know the Lord, I believe that they have power in their faith. Wether or not someone that speaks has more power or not I do not know. I want to tell you one of these guys came after me I am not looking for a Baptist or someone dancing around waving their dove pin. I am not knocking anybody I am just trying to make a point to you. What we do have in varying degrees of power is the Son. The reason we have Him in varying degrees of power is that when He entered into our heart He enters in as the mustard seed, and is entering in is likened to the conception of a fetus. Your fetus could be one day old and he will never survive if some form of damage comes to Him. He can be eight month old in your womb and even if you die He may very well live at eight months He probably would live if you died.


I am going to say it again, God help the church. I am going to say it again. There is no varying degree in the Holy Ghost. There is a distinct and very real difference in strength amongst the believers in whom the Son is growing and maturing. Brethren if it makes you feel good to think that you have all there is and this is very prophetic I am not talking to anybody here please do not manifest on me. Very strong anointing on me I am almost shaking. If it makes you feel good to think you have got it all, well you can take your pride and we will see what happens to you in the hour that this thing covers over our nations like a blanket. I want to tell you right now there are believers in whom the Son is being formed that are not going to stand against this. I am telling you.


The word on Daniel 12 was the living soul is coming into puberty if you think you have seen witchcraft on this movie you have not seen anything yet. Now listen to what is about to happen. Everything that you just saw that is easy for you to believe because you saw the candles, and you saw the birds, and you saw the jewelry wrapped in the white handkerchief and you saw the signs with their hands. You do not have any trouble believing that, you believe in the power but at least you can see it. It is becoming internalized. There is a realm of spiritual power were points of contact are no longer needed. There is nothing for you to see, all you are going to have is a word of knowledge from the Lord. If they can do it to you, the torment in your mind.


For those of you listening to this tape that are laughing, I will give you a scriptural reference under the old covenant the priests dressed up in their costume. Did we not see witches dressed up in costume? They sprinkled incense, the priests they sprinkled incense we just saw the witches sprinkling the holy water. Under the old covenant the priests slaughtered the animals, we saw chickens slaughtered in Sanatoria. There is a new covenant in Christ brethren. Do the five fold ministry sprinkle incense? Do they ring bells do they light candles? There was candles in the tabernacle under the old covenant. Are we lighting candles in our church today? Are we slaughtering animals? Are we sprinkling blood? Are we sprinkling water? Are we praying to pictures? We did not have pictures in the old covenant but we did have cherubim of course only the high priests did. We had images we had a tabernacle. We had furniture in the tabernacle specific pieces of furniture. Are we doing this today? What are we using today brethren? Some churches might be doing this, but I am talking about the letter of this present day covenant it does not call for any point of contact it does not call for a clause it does not call for a challis to hold the wine of the communion. If you know what the Bible is saying. It does not call for any point of contact it does not tell you how to dress. It does not tell you how to build your sanctuary.


Brethren there are two instructions in the new covenant love your brother as you love yourself and love the Lord your God with all of your heart, your mind and your soul. It is a spiritual covenant. As contradictory as this sounds the church has the spiritual covenant for two thousand years and those practicing their religion diligently under an old covenant of witchcraft have more power than the church that has been around for two thousand years. I want to tell you something, if you have been afflicted or approached by the workers of witchcraft and they have failed to kill you, which has happened to me, it is not because the Son is standing in you in such strength that they could not do it. It is because your Father in Heaven had mercy on your immaturity and interceded on your behalf. How much longer He will do that? I do not know. He is sovereign. I want to tell you something people, if our Father has ordained that who ever you are if you are one of those people that He has said to you get your act together grow up I have training for you, you better learn what you have to learn so that my Son can grow in you and this is not an intellectual learning. I am not talking about an intellectual learning.


I am talking about exposing yourself to ministry and study for one specific purpose so that Holy thing that is inside of you will grow and mature onto a point where you are indestructible. If your Father has said to you prepare yourself and you have not done it, not according to my judgment adequately. I am just a teacher brethren. I have no argument with any of you. Some of you think that I do sometimes but I do not. Really I do not it is no skin off my nose wether you make it or not. I mean I will feel bad if you do not, this is between you and God I am the point of contact, His spirit flowing through me is the point of contact. If He has said to you get ready, and you have not done everything you could possibly do and this deluge comes upon the world it is His sovereign judgment wether or not He lets you go. Now do not tell me I am peaching condemnation because I am not. He is the Lord of Hosts do you know what that means? He is the general of the army wether you believe it or not you are in the army. What a mess! Nobody listens to the officers, everybody has all the answers, everyone is going in their own direction, if they feel like coming they come and if they do not feel like coming they do not come.


Brethren I want to tell you something when this deluge of spiritual power starts pouring out and the members of the church start to see that they are not going to be able to get into the churches. It is not an option. I do not know Noah preached one hundred and twenty years no one believed him. If your righteousness does not exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees you shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven. I want to tell you if your not in the kingdom of heaven when this deluge comes upon the earth you just might drown. I want to tell you there is a new order of spiritual power in the world and it not only exists in the church it does exist in witchcraft. If any of you have seen the movie Shaka Zulu it appears in Shaka Zulu there are at least two levels of witchcraft in Shaka Zulu the two that we just talked about now one of them with the parafinaila with the drinking of the, I do not know if it was human blood or not but drinking a physical blood and the charms, the animals, the waving of your hands, and the incantations with the book that says if you say this word and you say that word and then the person will be effected by a charm. Then there is a high witch according to the movie obviously higher, she uses no incantations, she uses no parafinalia, she uses no point of contact. In this movie she stands on an open hill opens her arms and evoked the power of her god.


That is what is coming upon the earth. You think this is tough? That is old hat. Then there is even another aspect of it that is already plaguing this nation this is going to be the hardest thing to believe I tell you the truth it is witchcraft internalized in one thinking. Witchcraft which has become internalized in a persons thinking in the way they think. What does that mean. It means that there are people sending out curses day and night and they do not even know they are doing anything wrong a lot of these people are Christians that is the most insidious form of witchcraft in the church today. Eventually it will be in the world. Unrestrained witchcraft of the mind. Why is it unrestrained? Because in the people in whom it is operating either do not understand or do not believe or refuse to believe that they have the power to do. They like what they are doing they want to continue to do what they are doing. They there fore say Oh what is she talking about? I want to tell you that people who have it, it is called Leviathan.


It is a level of witchcraft, red witchcraft, black witchcraft, water spirits, Leviathan is the highest. All you do is think towards the person, no point of contact, no parafinalia no proof that you did anything. This is going to be a warfare that you will never fight with out the discernment of the Lord because the person that is trying to kill you is going to look at you with big blue innocent eyes and ask you how you are feeling today. The weapons of this warfare is living out of Christ refusing to condemn them even when you see their sins. You must not condemn them when you see it. Why? Because when you condemn them you are in your carnal mind. If you are in your carnal mind the armor of God is not on you. You have got to be able to see it without condemnation and you have to be able to deal with it without any ungodly emotion behind it. Without unforgiveness, without bitterness, with out revenge, without retaliation. It must be dealt with in the love of God.


That is the weapon of the high order of Christ Jesus. The Love of God which is greatly misunderstood. I find many people in the church have their definitions mixed up does not describe how they have their definitions. The have the whole backwards. This leviathan of the mind is already operating. People who that have it are destroying their own children and they do not know it you saw in this movie that these workers of witchcraft have the power to put pestilence inside of the body of a man. They put snakes inside the body of a man and pestilence inside a boil on a woman's cheek. Brethren witchcraft of the mind can make somebody sick. The more authority you have over that person the more power you have to do it. We have a plague of children with internal diseases. I do not condemn anybody I am giving you the facts. Motherhood just is not what it used to be. It is not. I am not saying that it is true with everybody.


We have a whole generation of kids out there that are lost souls. They have physical families most of the time but not all of the time. They have no spiritual family there is no connection they are not connected anywhere and if they are connect4ed they are connected in an ungodly connection. They are being abused they are being molested. They are being sexually abused, they are being physically abused. Brethren they are being hated instead of loved. That hatred is working in them internally and destroying them. Some of them get physically ill. We have diseases today that scramble peoples intestines and deform their organs. The doctors do not know where these diseases come from. Brethren I want to tell you it is a manifestation of hatred on that person. What makes it even worse that when a child grows up in a family like that, then their parents die and stop hating them they find that they have internalized the way their parents feel about them and they pick up the ball and they hate themselves. Or they will marry a man or a woman that will gladly fill the bill and hit them or abuse them. We saw in this movie that there were men that were sacrificing their only children and they were doing it for power they believe it was power. I guess they have some manifestation of power in this world I am told they get wealth, they get family, they are looking for women usually.


To be honest with you at this moment I do not have any information in my heart as to this plague of hatred for our own children that is upon the nation. I do not have any revelation in my heart as to what its gains these people that are doing it. If it is there God has not shown it to me. I know that it is happening sometimes it is conscious sometimes it is unconscious. In a large measure it is coming from adults who have never grown up. Adults who are children themselves and then they have a child who make a demand on them they become so frustrated because they are a child whose needs have not been met, and that child is just putting extra pressure on them and some times they kill the child. The nation is under a plague of witchcraft that has been internalized in the mind. It is called Leviathan.


I know I spent five years in deliverance and I heard , I thought I heard all about Leviathan but I did not know what he was really until less than a year ago when the Lord started to show me. He is a powerful form of witchcraft. Now you saw in this movie a man who was a New York City cop, supposedly it was fictional movie I believe. He came from a Latin background and was familiar with this and he was in torment. The reason I say he was a New York City Cop was you have to pass a physiological examination to be a policeman. They do not hire unstable people you saw what that man looked like when he came into the coffee shop just before he killed himself. Did you see his face? He was in total torment. He was in such torment that he would rather have killed himself then gone on living. I want to put a thought in your mind I want to give you something to think about or if you cannot receive it to ask the Lord to show it to you if it is true.


Brethren that is what a drug addict looks like that cannot stop drugging. That is what an alcoholic looks like that cannot stop drinking. That look on that mans face was what a mentally ill person looks like just before they lock them up. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? This form of witchcraft has a stronghold already in this nation. Largely it is not recognized for what it is. We are being destroyed from the inside out. The nation is being destroyed from the inside out. The individuals are being destroyed from the inside out. Their guts are being chewed up, their mind is being chewed up, the family is being destroyed from the inside out. I want to tell you, you are not going into Kings Park and casting a few demons out of these people and setting them free, because demons are not their problem. Demons are the product of their problem. What causes the demons is their problem. I heard it, I heard it for years that we are going into Kings Park and empty out the mental institutions, anybody else hear of this? I heard it preached.


I have not seen it yet and I am going to tell you why. It is going to happen, I am so glad I am laughing. It is going to happen but not with the anointing that is in the church today. It is going to happen with the anointing that was on the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Jesus rebuked the legion, you know for years I prayed about what a legion was. He rebuked the legion, he did not rebuke witchcraft, he did not rebuke suicide, he rebuked the legion. I have prayed about that for ten years. You know what the Lord said to me? If you look up the word Legion in the concordances it is a number that rounds off to approximately to 6000 a few more give or take. 6000.


Let me remind you of our bible numerology. 1000 anybody remember what the 1000 column stands for? 1000 refers to full stature of the human spirit. Full stature of the human spirit. 6000 I am going to suggest to you 6 being the number of man. Let me back up a little. 1000 full stature in Christ. Full stature of human spirit the fullest development possible of the human spirt in Christ which is what? Which is Christ, the appearance of Christ in that persons mind. The gadarene demonic his number was 6000. I want to suggest to you he had the fullest possible development of the fallen living soul in his mind. Anyone not know what I am talking about? He was a social he has demonic strength he was suicidal, he was a madman he was in isolation because everybody was afraid of him.


Jesus rebuked the legion. I want to tell you he rebuked that full manifestation of wickedness in that mans fallen soul. The Scripture says he rebuked the legion, I have not picked up the account recently I do not know if the rest of it is in there or it is not. We have talked about this lots of times only half the message is in there if you do not have the revelation you will never find the other part of if. I want to tell you brethren we have been talking here about wounding the carnal mind. He wounded that mans carnal mind brethren. At the same time He planted the seed of Christ. How do I know that, well why would God wound his mind if He was not going to plant the seed of Christ? Why would you turn over the soil if you are not going plant a tomato plant. Then of course why would I say that because I see the fruit.


The man came back and he was fully dressed I do not think that meant clothing brethren he was naked in the tomb. He was uncovered completely without a spiritual cover in the tomb of this body and this soul. His spirit was completely without a godly spiritual cover in the tombs of his soul and his body. The next time he was heard of , he was covered. Hallelujah. He was sitting up right was he standing or sitting? I am not sure but he was not lying down anymore. He was in his right mind. Now if he was in his right mind after Jesus rebuked the legion he had to be in his left mind before he rebuked it. Time is very short. I do not know what is going to happen with the out pouring of witchcraft pours out upon members of the church that in whom Christ is not standing. I do not know I would say it depends on the person If they are babies... you see this is the catch you have to do all you are capable of doing this is the catch. Now if you are afraid I rebuke it, fear is never in Christ. This is what you do. You do all that you possible know what to do and then you believe that God will meet you where you are.


Brethren I am not threatening you this is the word of the hour I am telling you if you are not doing all that you are capable of doing. If you are casual about this thing, I do not know but you may take a few lumps. The Lord Jesus Christ fully intends to appear in a body of believers on this planet. When he stands up in this company and he stands up to a point where they are preserved where they cannot be destroyed, He is going to go out and take the world. It is my understanding that when His mind starts pouring out in power and that witchcraft starts pouring out in power there is going to be spiritual Armageddon. Very soon. Look I am going to say it again if you are afraid you need to repent everything that is not of faith is sin. Just if you are not doing all you can do just repent just tell the Lord that you are sorry and you want what ever He has for you. I want to give you a testimony I have been fighting a real battle. Its something I have been resisting and resisting I am using all my strength to resist it and I want to tell you the instruction of the Lord is to me It worked for me. Stop resisting in your own strength just sit down and tell me you have the problem. Confess that it is there and that you have not overcome it and that you are guilty and then rest in me and I will take it. That is what He has been doing you cannot fight in your own power. Confess it repent and believe that He is going to keep you. With regard to this issue with witchcraft is there anything else you want me to say Lord? Basically that is the word that the witchcraft that is coming forth now is without signs. It is without any outward sign. Some people are aware that it is in their mind and some people are not. There are people that are probably already out there that are cursing with their mind and know what they are doing. There are multitudes that are doing it and do not know what they are doing. If you are a Christian and you are doing this you have got to stop doing it. Ask the Lord to help you. Does anybody not know what I am talking about?


We are going to reach a point in the church where the Lord is going to make a judgment that we are strong enough not to die and then He is going to let all Hell against us. He does not want us to die but He wants us to stand up and fight. It does not look like I am going to get to Daniel 9 tonight, but I will get to it. If not tonight at the next meeting. It is declared, I found it in Daniel 9 the Lord has decreed that there will be warfare until Christ stands up in you. Anybody who is not willing to fight is already overtaken, you are not even in the running. This is a hard, hard word. There are ministers out there with beautiful flowing revelation and I want to tell you they are not even in the running. I tell you the truth you are deceived. You think you are going to ascend automatically, because you are not. You are going down at the first shot from the enemy. I am telling you the big guns are about to open. I think the Lord is asking me to make a comment n this as you save the movie the way these workers of witchcraft work, is they work from inside of your body. Now carnal men if they want to attack you they will shoot you with a gun they will hit you over the head everything they will punch you in the jaw everything is external. Witchcraft works from the inside out they get inside of you and they fight from inside of you. Do not tell me that demons are not inside of you. Do not tell me that Satan is not inside of you. Do not tell me Christ does not have to grow up inside of you that He is outside of you. That He is out there in Mars protecting you. Because you are going down with the first burst of fire.


You want to believe it believe it you are going down. Did you see that guy in the movie he loosed at the customs agent and he said you do not have to look at that. Remember that? Brethren that goes no right now. People look right in their eyes and say "Oh the moon is not yellow it is green." You know there are people out there that can actually convince them that. That you just saw something with your own eyes you know you saw it with your own eyes and they will tell you, you did not see it and you believe them. I want to tell you something. Do not get insulted if somebody says to you thank you for the information but I must run it past the Lord. Do not get insulted it is not an insulted you should do the same thing. We are all fallen anything can come out of anybodies mind and anybodies mouth. It does not have to be on purpose it could be a misunderstanding. I pray about everything Lord what is your opinion. Lord how do you see it. Lord how do you hear it. Lord what happened. Sometimes the Lord talks to you and sometimes He does not. I am sorry that this does get confusing. Sometimes if you are not that mature you do not hear. At some point you are going to have to take my word for it. You should be praying continuously saying Lord if you do not want me in this ministry get me out If you want me in this ministry bless her Lord Keep her mind in Christ. If she should make an error show it to me.


You pray that prayer in faith and if something happens and you do not hear from God. Either way you have to believe that I am in right standing. If you have been praying that prayer and He has not moved you out and He has not specifically spoken to you and witnessed to you several times that I am in error you have to believe this is God. I am not telling you what to do this is God's order you should believe what I am suggesting to you until, He corrects you, believing that if I am wrong He is going to correct. Your faith must be in God and you should be praying for me all the time, that He keeps me strong. I was down for two weeks in this ministry I thank you all you are very faithful it was only two weeks. It could have been a long time. As far as I know there were no casualties in the members of the congregation to the best of my knowledge. I was down for two weeks I needed your prayers. Does anybody have any questions or points about that movie that I can answer for you. I will try. Anybody have anything to say int his area of witchcraft?


COMMENT: I would like a physical definition of the word invoking.


PASTOR VITALE: To call down, to call down power, to call down spiritual power. To stir up, the scriptural what you would read in the Bible is the Lord stirred up the spirit of man.


COMMENT: is it witchcraft where they stir up power for their own use? And we call upon our God to use it for His purposes


PASTOR VITALE: Hopefully, not many Christians do that but we are supposed to be doing. Not necessarily for His purposes if we are under a severe attack we say rise o God scatter our enemies. That is invoking the power of God. It is a petition it is asking Him if He is willing to do it.


COMMENT: So you can invoke for prayer or to receive orders? What ever He wants you to do.


PASTOR VITALE: Right there are certain things, if you pray about it hopefully the Lord will speak to you about it. I believe most, I would say everybody here I would expect if you are in a mature ministry like this, that you have some area of authority where you really do not have to clear it with the Lord before you use it. The most basic thing that I could think of is that if somebody asks you for prayer you pray. You jump up you lay hands on them and you pray. You do not have to ask the Lord permission for that. In accordance to how mature you are I know I have several areas of authority that I invoke without praying about it because when I do it, it is usually a situation where I do not have time to pray but I always cover myself afterwards. I always ask the Lord if I made a mistake to talk to me to show me could I have done it better could I have done it in another way.


There is nothing wrong with criticism brethren. If I criticize you and your heart is burning it is pride. Criticism is a good thing as long as it is not with a vicious spirit coming behind it. I worked for lawyers for many years they say the critique each other. They make three hundred dollars an hour writing a brief and they will give it to another lawyer and they will send it back all marked up with a pencil. They say thank you. Sometimes they send it to two or three lawyers criticism is not a bad thing. Of course you do not go to your worst enemy and ask him to criticize you, you go to someone who has the spirit of God. If God sends someone who has the spirit of God do not get your nose out of joint. I will take correction if God sends it to me. He does not do it too often but He did it one time, and if He does it now I will take it. Did I answer your question?


COMMENT: How can we compare ourselves to others, listen to tapes, ask the Lord for discernment. Invoking power for those who have authority over us, praying one for another and obviously being obedient to something specific that the Lord burns into our heart and we have understanding of. How else can we compare ourselves.


PASTOR VITALE: I think that is pretty much it. Making a commitment is very important. But as far as I know you are pretty much doing what you can do. I am telling you do not look at your neighbor. Do not compare yourself to me. Do not compare yourself to anybody here. You get before God He knows what you can do. All He requires is that you do all that you can do.


COMMENT: Why do I feel like I am really not doing anything?


PASTOR VITALE: Well I think in your case, you are in transition right now, you are coming out of a, and I do not mean this in a bad way, you are coming out of a carnal ministry which was a very active ministry they did cast out the demons pray for the sick and right now He is slowing you down. Because He has to bring you almost to a stand still before He is going to start being your motivating force. I think you are having an adjustment crisis that is what I think It is very difficult. I do not know anybody that went through it without being uncomfortable and having great anxiety feeling that they are not doing anything. I went through it myself. I will tell you this it is a wilderness walk we are being trained to respond to the spirit of God. Now if you are out there doing your own thing, you do not hear Him.


If you are used to making these spilt second decisions you are not even listening for His voice. It is your own mind that is motivating you. What He has got to do is slow you down, to almost a stand still get you into the habit of pray8ing and asking for instructions on the simplest little thing and then when He moves into the saddle you are His horse you know. You are His horse you know that? When He moves into the saddle and He will start giving you small instructions, and you will find yourself doing things and not knowing why you are doing them, but when you examine the fruit you will see that it was God and you will get trained. Your own mind that was giving you instruction will be subdued and Christ will be in the saddle and you will move into a place, I have entered in not completely but to a large measure that I do things that I just do them I do not pray about it, it is not that I am seeking the lord, I just do it and it is God. Once you get used to it, it looks like it is the same thing that is was before He slowed you down. Do you know what I am talking about? Let me try it again.


Everybody has a life before Christ and we are trained by our natural parents. If you are hungry you go to the kitchen and you make yourself something to eat. You have to work you get a job you get up in the morning and you go to work. You do not ask God if you should go to work or do anything like that. You live your life ok. The Lord for someone in your position and I have been through it He will put you through a process where He does not want you to do almost anything with out asking Him first. Now obviously if you have job you have to get up and go to work but you can ask Him if He wants you to work or if that is the job He wants you to have. Most people never in a million years think of asking the Lord if this is the job He wants you to have. Are you following me at all?


When He starts to bring somebody from the land of sleep where people are asleep as far as God is concerned, and they are living their own life, they are doing their own thing. They are not doing anything bad but they are doing their own thing. He starts to pull the reigns on them and say I want you to come to me for everything. As you start to do that you go through a period where you feel like you are not doing anything. What is causing that is that He has got the reigns on your own mind, and it is true your own mind is not doing anything you are standing, you are a horse standing at attention waiting for the rider to click the reigns and you are not used to it. You are used to coming and going as you please. Some people it causes a great anxiety. I am trying to encourage you I have been through this I am telling you from my own personal experience that it is only a trial, and it not forever, and you are going to come to a point where you are going to come to a peace standing still waiting for the lord to click the reigns.


There is a purpose in this, the purpose is that He is training you to respond to His laws, He is training you to not move unless you know that it is God, not take a step unless you I know it is God. When you get through this stage to His satisfaction He is always the one who makes the judgment wether you get promoted to the next grade or not, when you pass that training that you do not budge with out running it past Him first even if there is no time you still say Lord what should I do, you make you decision and go. You seek His council on everything. Does anyone not know what I am talking about, you have to make a quick decision you have sixty seconds. He still wants you to say Jesus motivate my decision. You pray the prayer and then you do what you think is best. Now the carnal mind will say there is no time for God to answer me, Amen. But He still wants you to pray the prayer and there is time for Him to motivate you. There is time for Him to answer you. That is not the point He wants you to pray the prayer, He wants you to be your decision making person. When you pass out of that realm you enter into a new realm that I have already begun to enter into where you ... I still pray a lot about everything but you will find yourself doing things with out thinking and without praying that are motivated by His spirit. In other words you have made a full circle.


Let me put it on the board for you. Over here you are being motivated by your carnal mind totally. Then you move into a middle ground where you seek God before you move. Then eventually you move into a third ground where you are motivated almost completely by Christ with out thinking do you know what I am talking about. Without thinking automatic reflex. I find especially this last year I do things, if you ask me why I do things I have to tell you I do not know what I did it. It is never in my experience failed to be proven to me that it was the Lord I am not 100% but I do think that I look weird to other people. Sometimes it looks really weird, sometime I say to myself Lord that is really weird why am I doing this? Most of the time it turns out that it is God. As I pray it through over a period of weeks and months because I have a fleece out before the Lord that I want Him to tell me everything I have done wrong. Brethren I do not know about you and I do not know what you think about me, but I want to tell you that there is nothing that I can do that I am not doing to do that will stop me when that door opens. I want to go through when that door opens and I want to be one of the first people going through. I am not playing games with anybody.


COMMENT: The saints go marching in.




COMMENT: When the sons of God as a full manifestation of Christ will they have accumulating knowledge of all maturing efforts of Christ as was in Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: If they have an imparted anointing now remember there is an imputed anointing and an imparted anointing. Natural Israel had a heavy imputed anointing there was a lot of power upon natural Israel but it was power that came without understanding. The imparted anointing which hopefully we are moving into now, is power that comes with understanding that is why you are here for instruction. The anointing that He wants you to have is power with understanding that is why you need to be trained.


COMMENT: So there will be different manifestations of the mind of Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: I think so. I believe so. Power with understanding that is what we are getting into. That is what you are called to not the case of the small child saying oh Father please deliver me and He will send someone to kill your enemy and save you. There is nothing wrong with that if that is the age in which the Father is doing that. We are entering into the age of maturity where there is going to be so much authority imparted to us but not only the authority alone, now this is the key, our carnal mind will be so wounded and so smitten that it will be in submitting to that authority that we are really not going to stop and ask it will come through us naturally. That is what I am talking about. If it is coming through us naturally, if we are not going to have to ask we are going to have to know what to do, now just take a minute to think about that. This is the difference between saying oh father help the bear is coming out of the forest and standing there waiting for the lighting bolt to strike the bear. Then there is the other anointing that say ok here comes the bear I rebuke you in the name of Jesus begone from me. Can you see the difference?


When the anointing with responsibility comes tot he full. It is my understand that the other anointing is going to begin to weigh. I am not naive enough to think that it is going to disappear off the face of the earth completely but it is going to wain. What does that mean? It means I think, this is my opinion I cannot give you any scripture on this it is based on some knowledge of how the spirit of God works. I would say the people who have the imputed anointing and are training in it right now who are learning to speak in tongues which for us doing things for us is very basic. I think the Lord would let them continue with their training and move them in. People who have not yet started they are not going to go that route anymore. Were you start in a fellowship where you spend six years learning how to speak in tongue and some go to twenty years and still do not prophesy publically I am not knocking anybody but what I am saying is there is an anointing that is passing away. It is impart right now and it is passing away. There is another anointing coming in. The new people coming up are going to go for the more increased anointing. Does any body not know what I am talking about? They are going to grow up faster. I will give you a natural example. It is happening in the world today we have eight year old kid that know how to use computers. This is the way the world works. This is very common you have people go to school they study psychology they go in they go for their PHD they learn everything there is to know about their area of psychology that everyone for the last five hundred years has discovered and they learn it all in six years. Eight years, then they go ahead and they come up with a more advanced idea. They take all the knowledge that it has taken whole life times to get down in books and they internalize it and in a couple of years and they got further. This is what is happening with the church.


COMMENT: They also by pass a lot of mistakes.




COMMENT: Why is it in that kind of practicing of witchcraft that they have, they use different points of contacts in the shells and the necklaces and everything?


PASTOR VITALE: Did you ask me why it is necessary?


COMMENT: Why is it necessary?


PASTOR VITALE: That is just the operation of that realm of spiritual power. It existed with natural Israel. They had incense they swung the blood, it is a realm of spiritual authority where that is necessary there is a higher realm where that is not necessary.


COMMENT: It gave more power to it.


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know if it gave more power to it, it is part of the procedure that gives power. Every age has its rules, those are the rules for that realm of witchcraft to do those things to make it work.


COMMENT: If a person has that when they practice it today the only way that we can be free of that is either the imputed deliverance or ascending in Christ are both of those valid?


PASTOR VITALE: they are both valid, we will pray for you after the meeting, I would not worry about it. I had an experience like that where a Black witch tried to kill me. I want to tell you I cried for a couple of hours, then I just rallied the spirit of God had mercy on me and I just said well Lord what I am going to do sit here and wait to see if I am going to die or not. I give it to you if you let them kill me I am a dead man. That was the end of it I stopped crying and the Lord told me to go into the church the next day and give the testimony and I said it in from of the whole church. The whole church prayed for me and three years later I was not dead obviously this was a long time ago and I am not dead. I asked the Lord what happened to that man. I did not know if God sent the curse back I did not pray formally to me it was so obvious to me that he knew what he was doing that I could not even try to send the curse back. I knew I was no match for him. I wondered what happened to him.


The Lord took me into a meeting in Brooklyn he was standing there praising God. I have told you this recently this is the one area in which I am the most undeveloped and that is understanding how God will choose a judgment for somebody on what basis He does it. I ave no skill in it at all. Why He would let one person die and another person He would call to salvation I have no idea how He makes His judgement That is why we have to be very careful no matter how wickedly people have done towards us you can see them a month later and they can be called to a high calling in Christ. We better do what God tells us and bless our enemies and pray for those who despitefully use us you never know who you are coming up against. Aside from that we are supposed to be obeying the laws anyway. There is to be no retaliating and hating anybody and if you cannot control yourself if you are not that delivered, and the rage arises in you, you need to repent no matter what if you are enraged if you are jealous what ever it is, there is now no more condemnation in Christ Jesus but you must say Lord I am not making it.


He requires you to confess it as sin if it is there it is there. If it is in you then He has not case it out of you, it is in you. He requires you to confess it is sin and ask Him to help you as soon as He is willing to do so or as soon as He is able too. Now someone is going to pick up on me saying as soon as He is able too. Yes God is able to do anything but you are not always able to take the correction. His whole problem is you, He does not have any problem who ever you are. I am not talking to anyone, you are His problem I am His problem He does not have a problem. Why are we not in full stature now? It would probably kill us believe me there is not a doubt in my mind if it were possible for Him to have His first fruits company we would be standing right now. He wants it more than we can ever imagine. There is got to be a reason why it did not happen yet.


As I told you the most recent word that the Lord has given to me, and I find it very comforting, the reason that it has not happened yet is that it is not a rapture. It is not that you have done all you can do and the moment it going to come and He is going to catch us up that is a misunderstanding of the scripture it is an overcoming it is a warfare and as He arises His first fruits company He permits hardships to come upon us and the faster we take the victory each time we take the victory He throws another bomb at us and we take the victory and He is throwing the trials at us as fast as we can tolerate them without being destroyed. Eventually we are going to over come and we are going to be up there it is like climbing a mountain. To me that gives me peace that makes a lot of sense to me. Otherwise I am saying to myself what are you waiting for Lord? This makes a lot of sense to me I have a lot of peace with this.


Also it makes the trials more tolerable. They are getting pretty tough. He promised He would never give more than we could bear, but they are getting tougher and tougher. Somebody was telling em the other day I guess it was my niece she knows that a person who was on the tv after the hurricane in Florida that hid in the bathroom.


Did you see that on TV? The whole house collapsed and blew away except the bathroom. That person works for her. She said they lost everything. Everything of their life is gone not a picture of their childhood, not a memory not a spoon not a dish, not a toothbrush everything was gone except what was on their back and what was in the bathroom. I came home last night and I was praying I said Lord let me know be dependant on anything or anybody. There should not be anything that we loose that we are going to be destroyed over. I hope that God does not take anything that is precious to you but who knows. It cannot break us that is the whole point it cannot break us. We have to live out of the spirit of Christ not out of our emotions. If we live out of our emotions it will kill us. We cannot think with your emotions, we cannot do because of what you are felling you do what is right. You do what the spirit of God tells you, you do righteousness.


I do not care what you are feeling Brethren I have been teaching you this the enemy has two major sources of control over you. Pleasure and pain. Most Christians with any maturity at all can resist the pleasure principle. The Christian that will not be controlled by the promise of pleasure will be controlled and manipulated at the promise of pain. I tell you the truth. If they think they are going to be uncomfortable they think that they are going to be afraid if they think they are going to be embarrassed, they will not do it or they will not go. That is no excuse. You do what is right in any situation that is right or wrong you do righteousness no matter what the result and I am counseling anybody that would listen to me say it. You better not vote your pocketbook in this election. I do not care if it means a fifty percent increase in taxes for you. I do not care if it looks to your carnal mind like you are going to be destroyed financially, you better vote for righteousness because if you do not you surely will be destroyed financially. I prophesy it to you. Vote righteousness.


In situation where it is not a situation of right or wrong then you must do what God tells you. Of course if you cannot hear Him all you can do is pray. But you must do what God tells you, you do not have a choice it may look like you have a choice but you do not have a choice. I tell you I know someone who had a rebellious child and they warned her and they warned her and they warned her they did everything they could they petitioned the Lord they followed every instruction He gave them and the child would not turn. One night they faced that child looked up to heaven and cried out to God they evoked the power of God and they said Lord I have done everything you have told me to do the child will not turn, what do I do with her? The child looked around and lightning did not fall and she mocked her mother, and within one week she was gone. She is not dead, but she went into deep tribulation that has saved her life. She was out of the parents house. You must do what God tells you do to you do not have a choice the whole church today thinks they have a choice do not be deceived because the lightning is no falling today tomorrow or next week. You do not have a choice. Blessed is the man whose arm God twists.


I am telling you in this hour there are people whose arm He has twisted and people who He is letting go off their own way. I do not know how He decided who he is going to do with what. I have no idea how He figures it out, He has not told me.


COMMENT: I realize there is a higher realm of witchcraft and it is in the mind. I was thinking about that it might be that higher realm of witchcraft corrects the person from within. That working of witchcraft and it comes to the mind in the carnal mind itself is a witch. It corrects the person from within.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes witchcraft within your own mind can make you sick. It depends, witchcraft can go one of two ways. Witchcraft in the mind can be directed outward or it can be internalized. If it is directed outward it can damage people. If it directed inwards you can get sick and die. In advanced stages, I have never heard of it in the United States, but in the far east where the people in Thailand the people are very accomplished in this kind of thing. You know they can kill themselves in sixty seconds they can just die. They command themselves to die and they just die.


COMMENT: that happens and it happens today?


PASTOR VITALE: yes they know how to do it. Now during world war two we would send spies into Germany and they all went with a cyanide pill. Sometimes they had the cyanide pill sown under the skin of their arm so If they were going to be tortured to give away secrets they would just bite it and get the cyanide and die. In the far east they do not have to do that, sometimes the German police would find the cyanide and take it away from them. There was nothing they could do if you just kill yourself with your own mind.


COMMENT: Now when did that happen with the cyanide pills?


PASTOR VITALE: During World War two. We are entering into a spiritual age, even the heathen know it heathens I have read articles where they know we are entering into a spiritual age, we are going to be coming up against people that are developed in their carnal mind which is Satan. They are going to find themselves with powers, they are going threw puberty they are going to wake up one morning and find out they have spiritual power. It is going to be... the police are not going to have any authority over it. It is going to go right pass the police. The sons of God are going to be the only authority in the earth. Do you hear this? Do you know what the Lord just said to me? I never really thought of this before. Listen to what the Lord just said to me. He said that well we all know that He established all powers and that He established the police, I think the thought did occur to me once or twice what is going to happen with the police when they see the sons of God doing all these things, preaching and healing in the streets and doing everything like that. Are they going to try to lock them up what is going to happen, and the Lord just said tome they are going to be so overtaken by the spiritual power they are eventually they are going to be taken down. The sons of God are going to be the only police force around. That is exciting. I am sorry I interrupted you twice what would you like to say?


COMMENT: No that is ok.


PASTOR VITALE: Is not that a good word.


COMMENT: yes there is going to be some police force.


PASTOR VITALE: Well thank God for that could you imagine if this kind of witchcraft takes over the whole nation? I just want to say one more thing I feel to repeat this again Witchcraft wether of the mind or of the lower realm with points of contact will control you from within through pleasure or through pain or through mind control and these people that are mentally ill some of them are on drugs some of them are.. We have a whole nation full of addicts today sex addicts, all kinds of addicts. They are being tormented from within. Our society is trying to deal with it through mind altering drugs through tranquilizers but it is just another addiction. They are being tormented from within and I do not think I made it clear before because the Lord is having me repeat it. If you are hearing this tape and you are in this category you are a victim of witchcraft.


I do not know and it does not really matter either someone cast a spell against you or put an amulet under your pillow or wether there was psychic hereditary on your family line that came down through your own parents and sisters and brothers that devastated your soul to such a degree that you are in torment and literally dying slowly as you saw in the movie the man could not stand it he grabbed the knife and stuck himself. These guys are out there grabbing their pills and grabbing their alcohol and killing themself just as surely as that man that took the knife and stuck it in his side. Why? Because he could not stand the torment in his mind. I want to tell you that there is a whole church world out there today that will look at you and tell you that if you are in the Lord six months or a year that you have no right to be tormented in your mind. God help us.


COMMENT: You said at the beginning that it is only the Fathers mercy that the witchcraft has not killed some of us or maybe all of us, because He is having mercy on our immaturity so obviously were have not over come it in the mind and we have not over come.. There is no way we have overcome that. The church today there is no way.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes they would be slaughtered.


COMMENT: this is really heavy.


PASTOR VITALE: There is no way I would not even want to try it.


COMMENT: You said our salvation is not even in casting out of demons.


PASTOR VITALE: no not at all.


COMMENT: I would not even want to mess with this stuff without the discernment of the Holy Ghost at least.


PASTOR VITALE: What is that the casting out of demons?


COMMENT: Like the coming against the witchcraft voodoo and all of that I would not even mess with it.


PASTOR VITALE: Without the instruction of the Lord you are not going into battle unless the Lord sends you or you surely will be defeated.


COMMENT: I just wanted to know there is a higher realm but the church has not overcome this ream.


PASTOR VITALE: No, not by long.


COMMENT: it is heavy duty and I do not think we have either my anser is then we have the mercy of God in some of our cases that we have not died from it I have no doubt in my mind and that it goes on and it is done against the Christians every day. I mean this is true we have known this knowledge, but we should have better understanding of this stuff shouldn't we, and like is the answer the full answer to ascended in total maturity and then it can not touch us any more in that realm.


PASTOR VITALE: The answer is not intellectual knowledge there is no defense in intellectual knowledge.


COMMENT: We are growing up in to maturity.


PASTOR VITALE: right there is nothing wrong with knowledge I think God wants us to have the knowledge but it is very important that we know that our armor is not knowledge our armor is in the development of the person the Lord Jesus within our mind.


COMMENT: praying over someone, I was not really asking for prayer earlier, I will take it if it is of the Lord but I would not even want to question anybody in my mind and pray against it if it was not God because that could be harmful could it not?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not pray against anything. I am going to tell you again how I pray everybody please listen it is really important. If you go up to war and the Lord does not send you, you could get hurt. God must send you up to battle with ever rare exceptions and the exceptions I would like to believe is coming from the Christ n me I will never go to war unless the Lord sends me. I go before the Lord I say Lord I listened to what is going on Look at this problem give me a prayer. Give me a prayer sometimes the prayer does not comes for a couple of days do you hear what I am saying? Sometimes the prayer does not come for a couple of days. Sometimes it comes in five minutes and sometimes it comes in an hour, sometimes it comes a month later I want to tell you that if God does not give me a prayer that is the end of it I do not pray. Aside from that you might get hurt that thought does not even come into my mind but my thought is I cannot do it, it is like coming out of dry ground. I know my pray has no power.


COMMENT: I thought it might be similar to when like an accusation and it would be a sin because of sin I think that person did such and such with this and that to me. Maybe they did not do it and then you pray about it. You mentioned about something else that you would not want that sin on you of accusing them.




COMMENT: I would not want to pray against that cause it is only a thought I do not know if it is true.




COMMENT: I would just want covering and also, the covering of Christ in the situation and also I would like to know what if you are living on the mission field somewhere in Africa and they are doing all around you they are putting water for the water spirits what ever doing he voodoo and they have a doll against you using pins and everything. Do you have to come against that or are you living above it?


PASTOR VITALE: you only do what God tells you to do. Number one do not go to Africa unless God sends you. Please.


COMMENT: What about at least to this question what about living in the same house with people who believe in doing that kind of thing and they have water and they are doing some form of witchcraft.


PASTOR VITALE: The answer is the same. I would not go up to war by myself if I was in your situation and I just got this revelation that I was living in a house and I had not realized that witchcraft was being worked all around me and they were putting out water for the spirits all of this stuff.


COMMENT: It has happened to you one time?


PASTOR VITALE: No I am talking about you and I just got this revelation what I would do is go before the Lord and say dear God I did not understand what was happening please defend me, if there is a prayer that needs to be prayed give me the prayer. Give me the prayer it has to rise up from His spirit in me I do not have the strength to call up His spirit I can just ask Him He besides whether He comes up or not. If I pray the prayer without Him coming up it is out of dry ground it is worthless.


COMMENT: Is it safe to be there. To live there and sleep there is it safe.


PASTOR VITALE: You have to ask Him, you have been there all this time you look ok to me.


COMMENT: I knew there was something wrong with this set up I saw of the similar to the Roman Catholic stuff we saw with the saints and it's a covering when actually it is witchcraft.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes it is witchcraft.


COMMENT: I knew something was wrong there I looked at that and said it is Roman Catholic witchcraft. I immediately in my mind I said well I just need a place to live and all I am doing is renting that is their life surely it will not touch me. That is what I thought.


PASTOR VITALE: Well it is not ideal to be in a place like that I remember when you moved in there and you sought the Lord about where to live because I prayed with you. You are covered on that and I would not consider it ideal personally.


COMMENT: As soon as you said that Scripture came to me thou I make my bed in hell thou art with me.


PASTOR VITALE: The bottom line is always the will of God. If God puts you in there you have to believe that He is going to keep you.


COMMENT: But what if it was disobedience?


PASTOR VITALE: Well then you have to petition the Lord, The Lord, the Lord The Lord. We all have to stop doing it in our own power the Lord the Lord the Lord ask Him. Talk to Him ask Him what He wants you to do That is always the answer I have the same answer every time


COMMENT: Did you say then you are on your own? Is that true? I questioned this with the Lord and I prayed a lot about it.


COMMENT2: If you prayed about it then you are alright but if you are doing in disobedience you are on your own.


COMMENT: Right but I could have ben there and it was a mistake and it was still wrong spirits at work.


PASTOR VITALE: if you go where the Lord does not send you, you reap what you sow it is not a disaster for ever you will reap briefly what you have sown.


COMMENT: Where David is saying that I make my bed in Hell . That is his own choice right? That is what I thought that meant. Was that his own rebellion of disobedience?


PASTOR VITALE: I am not prepared to expound on that psalm right now I am not prepared.


COMMENT: If God sends us to live somewhere like in XXIX's situation or my situation where I am living at home and this is going on and if that is God's will for me to be with my family, and if it is God's will for XXXX's to be in that home will not God protect us? I mean I believe as long as we are in His will and He is putting us where He wants us to be no matter if it is in the Lions den I believe that if that is his will for me to live in a certain place and there is all demonic activities going on I have to believe that God is going to protect me.


PASTOR VITALE: The only thing I would recommend to anyone in that condition to make sure that I have communicated with God and if He wants me to move I am willing to go but since I prayed this prayer I would say Lord it is not your responsibility if you want me to go you have to make me hear you. I have told you I will do it if you want me to go. The second thing is that if you are letting me stay is there anything that you want me to do. Again it is your responsibility to make me understand because I told you I am willing to do it. Beyond that I cannot see if there is anything more that you are to do. He should protect you.


COMMENT: We would not be living in fear.


PASTOR VITALE: Fear is never of God.


COMMENT: We have to have faith for fear is the opposite of faith.


PASTOR VITALE: Especially if you grew up in that atmosphere in your home and it is your family God has everything under control.


COMMENT: I believe that.


PASTOR VITALE: in your case I see the fruit of Christ appearing in you, and you are doing better and better so I would have a problem that you are against God's will in that area. A I told XXIX I believe that she prayed before she moved in there so the Lord knew what He was doing.


COMMENT: I felt when I prayed in the spirit thou the Lord was saying that, that is not what He had for me. I kept praying but I just said well I did not realize it so in that case I think He is covering me until I leave.


PASTOR VITALE: I would have to believe that. Anybody else have any questions? Once you repent if you realize you made a mistake and you repent and you are waiting on God to deliver you, you have every reason to believe that you are under His cover. He loves you He wants the best for you His correction to you any painful correction that He gives to you is not vindictive it is designed to turn you in the right direction. His corrections are always to bearing a positive change in your thought process. It is not to whip you because He likes to whip you It is to show you, you made a mistake so that you do not do it again. He loves you, He loves us. For those of us that have severe chastisement do not think that God does not love you if you are a person if you are one of those people I was one of them who has been severely chastised almost to the point of death, I implore you to believe that it was the only way that He can save your life that you were so far gone that, that was the only way He could save your life.


What do I mean so far gone? Brethren every problem that we have originates in the way we think if the way you think is so destructive that the only hope of God saving your life is to chastize you almost to the point of death He will do it. I am going to say it again. When I say so far gone I mean if your mind is so reprobate that you are doing things that is bringing on such judgement that it could kill you the correction will have to be severe. You will have to experience severe punishment to turn you away from your reprobate evil wicked ways. Which will include you confessing that they are reprobate evil and wicked. It is mercy to have a hard time that results in your turning to God saying why did this happen to me and having Him tell you why. It is a blessing of God


COMMENT: when you said about finding out about why I do not know how much of this is my imagination but I had asked the Lord what is the difference between the person who has never heard of Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: never heard of Christ?


COMMENT: Yes just went their merry way and died and somebody who goes through the normal process of the Father drawing them, learning to know Him trust Him receive His love and respond to His love and then going on to serve Him out of that love that natural progression. He said to me that they would have missed out on the love relationship with him and all the experiences that going sharing and seeing and be aware of His plan.




COMMENT: The others miss out on everything for as long as that Father Christ there would be no more of that. I also asked Him about the sons of God and I asked Him why they were not manifested already. He said He had the time schedule for one thing but He said with the Sons of God in theory they surrendered all practicality and step by step they have not come to that place yet. He is bring them with experiences.




COMMENT: I felt that, that was so important to actually know Him with that love relationship cause if you truly love Him you are going to obey Him and you are going to serve Him. If you do not want to do that check you love you really do not love Him its almost like a reflex you cannot help it you want to please the Father.


PASTOR VITALE: That is true I have another side to it. I want to please the Father I love the Father and I desire to please Him but I want to tell you a very restraining force on me is the knowledge of how dangerous it is to be directed by my own carnal mind. Dangerous, cause I was almost destroyed when God called me I was almost destroyed. I believe at this point for me to go back to may carnal ways I might as well just take a knife and plunge it into my heart. After where God brought me from to the realm that I am walking in know for me to go out and do my own thing I might as well make it easy because I will be finished I could never survive going back to the world after the experience Christ has given me. I was being wiped out when He called me. I was destined I should have died fifteen years ago or thirteen years ago I would have died for sure. If I go back in to the world now forget it I would not last very long there is not a doubt in my mind. That is a very strong restraint on my. Along with the love I love Him very much but when I am tempted to sin that is a very strong restrained.


COMMENT: The lord has done much in your life, he has taken you from a place for lack of better word you are comfortable you are not willing to pay the price to go on.


PASTOR VITALE: You are not willing to pay the price to go on?


COMMENT: In other words you are not willing to give anymore than you have already given? They are camped out.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I have met a lot of people in that condition. I know a lot of people they came to the Lord they are off drugs they are not drinking they are not doing their overt sin any more they have a marriage that is making them happy and they do not want to go on. I met a lot of people lie that. Their initial problem that drew them to the Lord is solved and they are camped like you said. The only thing I could tell you is that these kind of people fall into two categories. It is the same story all the time. There are some people where God gives them permission to do it. He says ok stay where you are it is in the Scripture the two tribes that did not want to cross Jordan.


COMMENT: But they went over and they did the battle, but they chose to stay with the Father but they went to battle.


PASTOR VITALE: That is true but this is just personal experience I know it was not a perfect example but it was like a half example I have seen people where He lets them do it. I had a woman say to me within the last six months when we were having the meetings in Babylon she did not want to travel to Babylon. I am sorry it was not you. This is a true story. She said to me I do not want to travel to Babylon and I said it is not that big a deal to Babylon God has called you to the ministry. She said I have made enough sacrifices and I am not going to make another one. Right now she is doing what ever she is doing but she said that to me. I am not making any more sacrifices for God I cannot even image somebody saying that to me I would not even have the nerve to think such a thought and she said it to me. I have made all of the sacrifices I am going to make. I see a group where He lets them do it and then I see another group no matter how hard they try He keeps kicking them He keeps spurring them and they keep coming back. I do not know how He picks who.


COMMENT: This is an area where I am asking the Lord to guide my walk I am not meaning to be in a rut and go forward.


PASTOR VITALE: I have trouble seeing you in a rut, you are not a true kind of person.


COMMENT: I hope you are right.


PASTOR VITALE: Everybody it is basically I tell you all the time it is your walk with the Lord I give the information and my opinion. I do tell you this we really do not have choices it may look to our mind that we have choices but we do not. Praise God.


COMMENT: One of my sons is going through the police academy now and I know he is going to one of the oldest in the academy and I see that he has to go through all these pressures. He sees how many are dropping out and they are not making it and that thought is what kind of stirs me. Even after giving my all well the Lord He under guards.


PASTOR VITALE: Well that is the natural that is not the Lord that is this world. You see in this world only one or a handful win the race but in Christ everybody that does the best that he can do wins the race. Everybody wins if you go out to meet Him. In some areas there seems to be a lack of understanding the mentality seems to be that we are here to receive the blessings and we are really not. God will bless us because He loves us but our purpose of being called is not to receive the blessings our purpose of being called is because the Lord wants to appear in our flesh. When I first read that Scripture that you body is not your but for the Lord I for the life of me I used to sit there and scratch my head I could not figure out what Paul was talking about and now I understand it. Our body I not for us our life is not for us our children are not for us we are here so at the opportune time when the Lord chooses He should appear in our and have the full use of our mind and very aspect of our flesh and He will bless us a long the way because He loves us and He knows we are dependant women and children and we need help in this world.


Spiritually dependant women and children and He knows we need help in this world. I am going to give you a hard word it is just like the sheep herder that fattens his flock until the day that he takes you out ans slaughters you and serves you for dinner. I am telling you the truth if you have a mentality, I am telling you the truth it is being taught in the church if you have the mentality that God has created you for His pleasure and that He is giving you all these blessing because He wants you to be happy like some little concubine you are mistaken. He wants your fleece. What is your fleece? What part of you is the fleece that God wants? The fleece is what grows on sheep that is sheered off and sold for profit and it is sheered off without harming the sheep. It is sold for profit and the sheep grow more.


COMMENT: It soul of Man?


PASTOR VITALE: It sables the human spirit that part of man which is of value to the Lord is the human spirit. Why is it of value? Anybody?


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Exactly and that takes us right back to what I said. The whole purpose for your existence and the whole purpose for God's blessing you and meeting your needs fattening you up as you mature is that it is His full intention for Him to bring forth His son in you Which son will utterly poses every aspect of your being to the extent that you shall cease to be. I tell you the truth. Why are you laughing?


COMMENT: Hallelujah.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh Hallelujah Praise God. She is a harlot. Yes she is doing her own thing she is married to Satan, she is having an incestuous relationship with her offspring the carnal mind and she has produced this bastard race. Do not get insulted do not shut the tape off. If you are a bastard you need to be adopted.


COMMENT: Can you explain this incestuous relationship between the human spirit and the carnal mind?


PASTOR VITALE: The only thing I can tell you about it is that in order for this world to appear there are certain requirements. I remind you that every thing has its laws, Every age has its laws every system has its laws and there are certain spiritual laws that govern the existence of a physical and visible creation. There are certain laws that must be fulfilled and the law that produces a visible creation is this. There must be a what? A Male spirit and there must be a female spirit and there must be an offspring for this visible world to appear.


The female is engaged in a spiritual union which can be likened to human sexual intercourse with the male. The difference being that in human sexuality the act of sexual intercourse has a beginning and it has an end. In spiritual sexuality in order for this visible world to appear it only appears for as long as the act of intercourse is continued it too has a beginning and an end but it is lasting for thousands of years. When this act of spiritual sexual intercourse comes to an end this world disappears. Then the female joins with the male produces the offspring and then she joins simultaneously with the male and the offspring and we have a visible world. There is no visible world without incest.


When the male is the Father and the offspring is Christ the same rule applies when the male is Satan and the offspring is the carnal mind it is illegal incest. When the male is the Father and the offspring is Christ it is still incest but when God does it is ok. Why? Because when God does it is produces life when Satan does it, it produces death. That is why God can do things that you cannot do when God does it try the fruit teat the fruit if the fruit it was not God that told you to do it. Everything God does turns out for the good. That is why if you are truly moving in Christ and if yo deceive yourself you are only deceiving yourself if you are truly moving in Christ you will find God telling you to break the law. Someone wrote a book "god Smuggler" When it was illegal he was smuggling Bibles into Russia if they caught him he would have gone to jail he was breaking the law.


I have to give you these testimonies but I am telling you if you deceive yourself you are only deceiving yourself but if it is really God telling you to do it, God tells people to break the Law I tell you the truth. That does not mean you will not wind up in jail you know Micah wound up in jail well he did not tell a lie. He wound up in jail for telling the truth. Sometimes you serve God and you wind up in jail. Sometimes God will tell you to break the law if it is God telling you to do it and you wind up in jail there still will be good fruit from it. Why would you want to deceive yourself with that for brethren Please do not listen to what I am telling you and be snared I am telling you the truth God does that.


Jesus broke all the laws of the Pharisees, that is why they wanted to kill Him. Can anyone not say amen? He broke all of their laws not only did he break the laws of the Pharisees but he broke the law of this world system the Father raised Him from the dead and he raised Lazarus from the dead. He walked on the water he broke every law. He took that mans ass and se sent his disciples out and He said if the man says anything tell him the master has needed it. I did not read anything about him paying for it. Did you read anything about them paying for it? Jesus. Do not judge an action try the spirit be very careful try the spirit if you do not know be quiet. If God has not spoken to you be quiet. Jesus. This whole viable world that we exist in is an amniotic sack this whole world including the people are a multiple birth enutero can you imagine being pregnant with several million people? Poor Eve.


That is what we are life enutero. We are still being formed. Not only that we are dead, we died The Lord is raising us from the dead while we are still enutero. We do not know what reality is. We are spirit and we do not know what our world looks like anymore than your babies knew what this world looked like when they were enutero. We do not know what our world looks like this is not it. This is temporary. For those who still believe we are going to look like this after we are raised form the dead you are mistaking Paul clearly said the seed is sown is corruption and it is raised in corruption, When Jesus was raised from the dead He did not look like the man that was crucified. He was a superior being who was able to take many forms walk through walls fly in the spirit. It is a false doctrine if you think that your mother's dead body is going to be dug up from the grave and she is going to look the same way she looked. You are mistaken brethren grow up. Put away your childish fantasies. Does the fruit look like the seed that was sown under the ground? Jesus. Heavy anointing just fell down.


COMMENT: a three tied cord is not easily broken does that have anything with the Father and offering of prayer.


PASTOR VITALE: I believe that is what it is talking about. It says it cannot be broken it says it is not easily broken.


COMMENT: What do they call that when the baby dies in the womb? No not abortion like she is carrying a dead baby.


PASTOR VITALE: It is a still birth.


COMMENT: Yes a still birth That is what it is called right? When the baby, is that what this world is called.


PASTOR VITALE: A miscarriage is when you expel the fetus prematurely. A still born is when the baby is born dead, an abortion is when the fetus is prematurely expelled. We have not been expelled we are dead enutero There is a name for it but I am not sure.


COMMENT: The point is she is carrying a dead baby, Eve.


PASTOR VITALE: yes and we are being raised from the dead enutero.


COMMENT: That is us living under the carnal mind we are constantly dying it is death living in death right?


PASTOR VITALE: We are born dead. We are conceived in corruption and we are born dead.


COMMENT: It is death all the way.


PASTOR VITALE: We are dead this whole world is dead. It is a dead world what confuses people is that they see the activity that we are involved in but the Scripture clearly states that death is the condition of separation from God.


COMMENT: That is really something I am just starting to see that what you just said what makes us think that when sown in corruption which is us now in these bodies. We are sown in corruption that when we are raised in incorruption we have to have this same nose these same yes, what makes us thinks we have to have the same?


PASTOR VITALE: Our carnal mind.


COMMENT: Yeah if it is what we are looking at what we are seeing right now this visual what makes us think that we need that or we will see that same nose those same eyes.


PASTOR VITALE: because we want it we desire it. Because we are fallen. That is our fallen mind thinking you see it is not such a terrible thing we are supposed be able to take people where ever they are. The problem as I see it in the church and in the world today is that the ministers who God has anointed to bring forth the truth has not been reveled to the people that is the said part, is that they are not being corrected There is nothing wrong with having childish ideas nothing wrong with that. An elder is supposed to come along an enlightened you but the tragedy in the church today is that our leaders are children.


COMMENT: It is like a longing of that you only know. Right.


PASTOR VITALE: Is that not the concept of the familiar spirit. You grow up in a family where your father beats your mother and the chances are very great that you will go marry a man that beats you. Or you will marry a man that you will beat. There will be violence in your life unless you have some kind of ministry to correct that the world knows that.


COMMENT: The ultimate is that the carnal mind is longing for death that is all it knows so it is longing for death. It is a much higher form that Jesus could take on that look if you wanted but it is a much higher form to be able to take on any form that you want.


PASTOR VITALE: The only reason He took it on was because it was necessary to meet certain groups of people where they were. They needed to see Him look like that in order for Him to accomplish His mission to them at that moment.


COMMENT: Because they doubted it.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes they doubt, they could not even comprehend it.


COMMENT: That right Mary said He is risen from the dead and none of them believed it at first and He appeared in that form to show them that He had He was reborn with the prints in His hands but He does not have to have that.


PASTOR VITALE: No I do not think He would have to.


COMMENT: The church today is saying we have to see that Jesus of Nazareth we have to see that.


PASTOR VITALE: I challenge you to show me a scripture that says the man Jesus of Nazareth is going to appear. It says the man Christ Jesus it says the man Jesus. I do not see any scripture that says the man Jesus of Nazareth born of Mary.


COMMENT: They Jesus will came in a like manner.


PASTOR VITALE: But Jesus was glorified it does not say Jesus of Nazareth he is now Jesus that has been glorified.


COMMENT: But the church world is crying out and I guess it is their doubt. They are crying out to see the man Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: They are praying but they know not what for. I am very curious to see how the Lord is going to deal with them I am really curious because my mind cannot comprehend how is He is going to deal with this wide spread spiritual childishness they are really expecting to see what they are not going to see. Whether it is my carnal mind or not when I look at the situation I recall natural Israel that thought messiah would be a physical judge like the day of judges who would lead them into war with Roman. When Jesus of Nazareth did not fill that bill they rejected Him as messiah. I think if He would have mounted a horse and called them to take up arms and go to war with Romans they would have received Him. If we are going to have a similar situation and I do not know there is a possibility if it is going to be a similar situation large numbers of the church are not going to enter in it is going to the heathen.


COMMENT: it is similar as then that we want to see Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: it is the same type of deal that they wanted to see Him.


COMMENT: But He did it for the disciples then but He is not going to do it for the church now.


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know I do not think so He did not do it to all of Israel for what ever reason He did it for Thomas.


COMMENT: and the rest of the twelve that were in the room right.


PASTOR VITALE: Mostly for Thomas but He did it for all of them. But He did not do it to all of Israel There can be large numbers of Christians today that are not going to believe, that are going to look right at the sons of God doing the miracles and not going to believe that saddens me. I think it is true I am trying not to be carnal I am trying not to be negative but we do have Scriptures that indicate that might be the case.


COMMENT: Is not that the same way today that they feel Jesus comes to serve them they way they want it so the rejected them.




COMMENT: They want Him to serve them they do not want to serve Him.


PASTOR VITALE: And they also want to see this man Jesus of Nazareth, and they do not want to admit they are wrong, and they do not want a first fruits company, and they do not want to see their neighbors or people that they went to church with standing up in full stature, and doing the works of God. They have it in their minds a certain way, and they cannot change Have mercy on their souls.


COMMENT: The Israelites when Jesus came they refused Him in the flesh and now that He is going to be in the people the church world is going to refuse to believe in the spirit. First they rejected Him in the flesh and now they are going to reject Him in the spirit.


PASTOR VITALE: It looks that way. There are Hebrews that received Him but none of the pharisees, well that is not true there were some pharisees that received Him but by in large the establishment rejected Him but the people received Him because of the miracles. I do not know I just see large, I see the sons of God now this is just me this is not God. I just have a vision of the sons of God as soon as they are in full stature I see them having two mission I personally think it is going to be a very small company and that they are going to be sent to a group of people all over the world that are very close to full stature but did not have that last bit of strength to stand up and they are going to be sent to them they are going to travel in the spirit all over the world. Just if laying on of the hands what ever they are going to be doing just bringing these other people into full stature. And the next thing they are going to be doing is heading right into the streets to the drug addicts the alcoholics the derelicts all these people that are overtaken that is where they are going first that is my opinion to set the captive free.


COMMENT: What will happen if when the whole earth is taken back to Christ and God is the only one.


PASTOR VITALE: it sounds like the whole creation is going to be spiritualized but I have no idea what that means I just want to stand up I am so tired of this warfare I am just exhausted from this warfare and I am tired of being hurt and I just want to stand up




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