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The BIBLE is a great work of literature. To take it literally word for word is doing an injustice. If the BIBLE says follow God, the reverse inference is saying, Do not follow the devil. Think when you read the Scriptures. Whatever is true, the opposite is actually untrue.


In the following lesson, we will review each verse in Ephesians Chapter 5, in search for the truth.


Verse 1: Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children;


The word "dear" in the Greek language is translated to English as beloved. The word beloved, means to be reconciled unto God. When the Father said, this is my beloved son, He was not just telling the world that he liked Jesus. He was saying this is my son, the one whose soul is knit together with my soul.


The knitting together of your soul with the soul of the mind of Christ is the slaying of the enmity in your flesh. According to Lexicon, Strong's 5043, the Greek word, children translated into English means children without regard to the type of sex. We will find out later on in this passage that the Scripture talks about male children only.


follow God, do not follow after your carnal mind...


Jesus is saying to follow God, and reject your carnal mind. James said that the double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Double minded meaning one minute you are listening to your carnal mind, and the next minute you are listening to Christ.


You have two minds: the mind of Christ and the carnal mind. Follow God as the instruction in the Scripture, Let not your carnal mind be as children whose carnal minds are woven together with Christ. He is saying, brethren, Stand up in full stature.


God will kill your carnal mind by weaving Himself together with it. This form of penetration may be demonstrated by a weaving in and out. Each time the needle comes out, and each time it goes back in, He is piercing through and your carnal mind.


When the weaving has been completed your carnal mind will have nothing to say about what you think, say, or do. Instead, He will be in there.


This process can be compared to a plump pillow. You cannot see what is inside or what is creating the plumpness. The foam rubber that is inside the pillow has a function. It keeps the pillow plump. The foam rubber creates a certain feel to the pillow just as your carnal mind has a feel.


The weaving of a garment is a similar example to God knitting together your soul. The thread going one way is the warp. The thread that goes the other way is the woof. The natural weaving is made of a clear undyed thread. The threads that are woven the other direction have the color.


Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is the clear color of this thread that must be present for Christ to be woven through. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, broke away from the fabric of the original creation, and took on a life, mind and a thought pattern of his own. That is how the creation fell, and the reason we have all the problems that we have today.


Verse 2: And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering, and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savor.


Walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us...


There are three Greek words that translate into love.


Agape - is the love that comes from the mind of God. Human beings are not capable of Agape love. It is the kind of love that requires nothing back. It just gives life. It does not need anything coming into it to regenerate.


Phileo – is by far inferior to the agape love which comes from God. It can be described as the love of one man for another that has nothing whatsoever to do with sex. It is a sacrificial type of love displayed towards, family, Church, or to the body of Christ. At its highest expression, we see this example from a mother to a child.


Eros - is a sexual love which is acceptable to God in a marriage between a husband and a wife. It is controlled, and directed by love, affection, respect and honor. Outside of those conditions it does not glorify God.


Live your life out of the agape love of Christ. Those of us that minister in Christ must be replenished, or we will pour ourselves out, there will be nothing left, and since we have human needs we will die of a broken heart.


God does not have human needs. He is not a man, but a dynamo. He is an energy source. He never empties out. That is why he can give life to this creation and He does not dry up.


Recently, the Lord brought to our attention in this group false doctrine that has been preached, which claims that when God created the creation he poured out of himself, and poured all of his life into mankind. This false doctrine teaches that the only manifestation of God left in the world is the imperfect man. This means we are left without a manifestation of a mature male spirit until such time that humanity grows up into full spiritual manhood. This doctrine is an abomination unto the Lord, as He gives, creates, and pours out, changes form, and loses nothing of himself.


A close example can be recognized during the birth of a child. Most women bare a child, and experience some weakness, or loss of nutrition, in the days after the birth of the child. More than likely, if she eats a healthy diet she will recover. She has produced a child that will grow into a full adult, and has lost nothing. The woman and the male that provided the seed still exist as human beings. They both have lost nothing that is our natural type.


God did not pour himself out, and cease to exist in the other form. He is God! There is no way we are going to stand up in full stature without a mature, spiritual, man to stand us up. It will not happen if he does not exist. That message is a new age doctrine that is in the Church today. Listen for it because it will kill you if you believe it!


If Christ was not raised from the dead, then there would be no hope for us. If He does not exist in your mind as a full grown, glorified, spiritual man who then will raise you from the dead? You do not have the strength to do it alone.


False doctrine will not raise you from the dead either; however, if you have Christ in your heart, then you have some ability to minister the Agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ.


What are the characteristics of the Agape form of love? It never asks for anything back, exalts itself, or looks for credit, and obeys the law of God. In every conflict, confrontation, or situation it expresses the righteous love of God. It does, thinks, and feels whatever is necessary to bring forth righteous reconciliation.


Reconciliation does not compromise the righteousness of God. Reconciliation, peace, and righteousness are the Agape love of God. It is not an emotion, however, an expression of righteousness in every situation no matter how difficult. It has nothing to do with what the other person says, thinks or does.


The Agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ thinks, speaks, and does whatever Jesus will do in that circumstance. The Agape form of love defers, submits, and has mercy, compassion, righteousness, and will not condone sin. Work in the Agape love as Christ also has loved us.


Christ's love is a righteous love that imparts life and defeats death. You will never defeat death by excusing people's sins. You may forgive them, however, do not excuse them. People must account for what they do in accordance with God's perfect timing in their life. Every man is accountable for every word he says, and he shall surely reap what he has sown.


If we have spoken out of the spirit of corruption we shall reap death; however, if we speak out of Christ, we shall reap an increase in the life of Christ. As Christ increases within us, he will swallow up that carnal mind, and we shall eventually enter into eternal life. Walk in the Agape love as Christ has loved us.


We must stand up in full stature, and lay hold of our carnal minds. We must stop making excuses for people. Condemnation is a spirit. Speaking the truth about an incident is not condemnation if the spirit is the Spirit of truth.


If your child spills milk on the floor you can say, "Johnny, you spilled milk on the floor. Use a rag, mop it up and try not to do it again." The fact that you identified the error is not a condemnation on the child. Instead, you have just taught that child. He had an accident, and is responsible to clean it up. There is nothing wrong with that. Another person in a similar situation may say, "Johnny, look at what you did!" You do not even have to call the child stupid. It is the spirit of which is controlling your tone of voice that the little boy will know that he made a fool of himself. This will have laid the seed for destruction in his life. The truth must be spoken.


Covering over or excusing the truth does not glorify God. Speaking the truth is righteousness. The truth must be dealt with, so that the person can understand you are giving them an opportunity to confess their sins and repent.


Do you know the Church is filled with people that sin every other word out of their mouth, and they do not know it? Many of these religious Christians just bat their eyelids, walk away, and they think they are being holy. You have to tell them in righteousness, that they have sinned as the Holy Spirit moves you. Wait for the move of the spirit, so that your communication with them produces the fruit of confession, repentance, and deliverance. If you move upon them with the information out of the spirit of condemnation, you will break their heart.


It is a lie of the Pharisees in the Church to think the answer is not to tell them. Make sure of what spirit you are speaking out of when you rebuke them. If the spirit is prideful as if you are going to get them for doing wrong to you, then you will reap what you sow. The Father will whack your hands for not what you said, but for the spirit that you hath said it in.


There is nothing wrong with knowing that they are praying against you by acknowledging that it is happening; however, be careful for that spirit that is coming forth from you. When you condemn them, you are reaping condemnation on yourself as well. Watch the spirit that is coming out of you.


If you judge before the time is right, or out of your carnal mind, then you will be judged. If it is a righteous judgement out of Christ, then there will be no penalty to you for impacting their life by speaking the truth.


God wants to teach you how to speak the truth using the right spirit. It starts with the ability to discern the spirit. If you cannot discern the spirit, tell God that you want to be able to decipher whether it is Christ or the carnal mind.


The carnal mind is divided. It has many names to the different aspects of it: Jezebel, witchcraft, pride, condemnation, or manipulation. Christ is not divided. Either it is Christ or it is not. It really does not matter whether it is any of those other names. If is not Christ, then it is condemnation and criminal.


Brethren, Jesus walked in the Agape love and he lay down his life for us. Whatever you do it must be from the instruction of the Lord. Everyone must have their needs met by the person that Christ has raised up to meet that need. Sometimes we may get very hurt by people because we think they should be helping us, and they do not. Maybe it is selfishness, or maybe they are moving in the spirit and God did not tell them to help you.


Your need must be met by the one that Christ raises up to meet your need. Do not be mad at people. If it is not from Christ, then there will be strings attached. Do not want the help, if it is not from God.


and hath given himself for us an offering...


Jesus showed us Agape love by giving up his life. This is an issue that is not too well understood in the Church. How did Jesus give himself for us?


At the time the book of Ephesians was written, Christ had only appeared in one man by the name of Jesus. Christ being the spiritual life of God that was dwelling inside of the man, Jesus. We found that Paul distinctly separates the two: Jesus from the Christ. The glorified Christ that ascended to full spiritual manhood in the man Jesus gave Himself for us. He permitted Himself to be removed from the man of flesh, Jesus of Nazareth.


Jesus of Nazareth could not of have lived for ever. He had a vile body like us; however, Christ was dwelling in him, preserving his soul and body. He could have lived for ever; however, gave up his soul life for us.


His spirit did not die, but the vessel that the Christ was living in. He was raised from the dead, glorified, and exalted to the spiritual life of Christ. Then, He ascended to heaven to rejoin the Father. In this hour, he is pouring himself out upon all flesh. A drop of Him is in each one of you.


The reason he gave up his soul life, is so that he could reproduce himself. Jesus was the seed. He has broken Himself into a millions of pieces, so that he can enter into millions and billions of hearts, and do the same thing to us that he did in the man, Jesus of Nazareth. He loves us so much, that this man who had the opportunity to live forever in victory over all of the wickedness of this soul realm gave it up so that we can have the same gift. Hallelujah!


a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling saviour...


The phrase, a sweet smelling saviour is speaking about the smell of the sacrifice, or that which is released when a carcase is burnt. When you cook, the odor is a result of something being released from the meat.


Eve our human spirit was married to Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and joined to her offspring, the carnal mind. The carnal mind is getting thrown in the lake of fire, and the burning will cook the meat. This is all spiritual. It is the spiritual sacrifice of your carnal mind which will release your human spirit, so that she can run into Christ and join with Him. This is what Jesus did when he gave up his soul life. He released it, so that it can be poured down on all of us. It was released because the soul life of Christ, a full grown spiritual man was locked inside of the human body of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There was no way it could have been spread to the world unless he agreed to die, and when he agreed to die, it changed form. It changed into a form that made it capable of being sprinkled out upon all of us. He is saying that all you Christians out there whether you are a spiritual male or female, follow God.


If Christ is being formed in you, and you are living out of him that makes you a spiritual male. The Holy Ghost is the seed of the Father who comes to begin Christ being formed in you. If He is being formed in you, and you are not living out of him, then you are not a spiritual man.


What we see today in the Scripture, is neither male, nor female in Christ Jesus. It has nothing to do with your body. What does that mean? It means, in the realm of the Spirit, if your mind is in Christ, in most of your decisions and reactions, then you are spiritually male.


The same principle, we see present in a bird. A bird has wings, so that he can fly. He has legs, so that he can walk. When that bird starts flying his legs hang, and are worthless because they are not being used. When you are moving in the spirit, your sexuality is worthless. It is no avail to you at all. This is why there is no male or female in Christ Jesus.


Authority in Christ has nothing whatsoever to do with your body. Whosoever the anointing falls upon is the masculine authority of Christ. When you hear people saying, "Women cannot preach." the Scripture calls them ignorant. They do not know what they are talking about.


If you are a Christian, and you insist that a woman cannot preach no matter what spirit is on her, then you are opposing the move of the Spirit of God. If he chooses to fall upon a woman, who are you to say you will not receive this ministry? This is pride, and you must repent.


You must submit to the spirit of God wherever he may manifest even if He manifests in a two year old child! You must learn to discern the anointing. Ask God to help you. Hallelujah!


We are told whether you are a spiritual male, or whether you are a spiritual female it does not matter. You still need to follow God. He is not saying follow Christ. There is a difference. The Holy Spirit is God, and the Father. He is the male seed. If you do not have Christ formed in you, then the Father may come to impregnate you with his Son.


If you do not have the Son, then you are female, and should follow God. If you have Christ, then you are male, and should follow the Son. But, either way follow the word of God to the fullest extent that you have an understanding of it. That is a commandment, brethren. Walk with the word.


Verse 3: But fornication, and all uncleannesss, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints;


Uncleanness is talking about moral impurity, fornication, immoral sex, pornography, and every unclean moral thing.


In the English language, the word, fornication refers to sexual relations between unmarried people. If you go to another maid you are in adultery. Jesus did not say you can get a divorce for adultery.


In the Greek language, fornication refers to every area of perversion such as, perverse sex, an illegal sex act, incest upon your children, or a beating from your husband.


There is a religious bondage in the Church today. God does not want you to be tortured in a marriage. If there is a problem in your marriage, or your life is in danger do not leave without a personal word from God releasing you from it.


Walk in the Agape love, whether it is the love of the Holy Ghost, or whether it is the love of Christ. Flee from fornication in all forms of spiritual impurity or covetousness.


Covetousness is idolatry the wanting of what your brother or sister has. It is a manifestation of lust. Be content with what God has given you. If you are lacking something, then present yourself to him with prayer and supplication. Ask him to meet your need.


Do not covet what your brother or sister has. You have no idea what kind of a price they may have paid for it. If you lust for it hard enough, God might just give it to you, and require that you pay the same price. When the fiery trials come upon you, and you cry out to God and say, "What did I do?" He will remind you, that you wanted it.


Some people look at me and think I have a great life. They believe all I do is preach and study. You do not know the half of what I went through to get this ministry! I worked for four years in Manhattan, travelled five hours a day, worked eight hours while feeling half dead, stayed up to 3 o'clock in the morning studying, and got up at six to go to work. Are you going to do that for four years?


Do not envy me, brethren. You do not know the half of what I did to get this ministry. It may look very glamorous, however, it is not. If God has called a minister into the pulpit they paid an awesome price to be there. Do not be deceived.


Flee from fornication, sexual impurity, and do not covet, brethren. You do not know what you are doing to yourself if you let things go on unbridled.


Let it not be once named among you, as you becometh saints.


The word name in the Scripture is speaking about spirit. When Paul speaks about the name of Jesus, he is talking about the Spirit of God. What Paul is really saying here is, Do not let the spirit be found in your heart. If you find it there cast it down, cry unto God, and submit yourself for deliverance; otherwise, it will kill you. It will strengthen your carnal mind, and kill Christ in you to the fullest extent that you agree with it.


Verse 4: Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient; but rather giving of thanks.


Neither filthiness...


Paul is telling us how we should be living. Do not get involved in filthiness. In the Greek, this means baseless or dishonor. He is talking about all of the wickedness that people in the world do as a way of life, and what comes out of their carnal mind: lying, manipulating conniving, and foolish talking. Do not do it!


Foolish talking means, a slip of the tongue, according to the Lexicon. Foolish talking and a slip of the tongue will reveal the hidden man's heart. What does that mean? For the one split second that Christ was controlled in your carnal mind, Christ slipped through, and it manifested through your mouth and your tongue. You slipped by saying something out of your carnal mind.


Paul is says foolish talking is everything that comes out of your carnal mind. Avoid it because it will get you into trouble, and strengthens your carnal mind. If the carnal mind is being strengthened, then Christ is being weakened. This is expected in the Armageddon. Who is going to be stronger? Who is going to defeat whom? Will your carnal mind or Christ have the use of your mind, your mouth, and your body. Which mind will rule you?


nor foolish talking nor jesting...


I have heard some Christians say to me that you cannot tell a joke. That is an incredible bondage. In almost every Word, certainly in the Hebrew, and usually in the Greek, you can find negative and positive translations of the same words.


Do not make fun of somebody, or be sarcastic at their expense. Do not make a joke that is going to break someone's heart, or pierce them through with an arrow. It is not acceptable to God, brethren. The world does it all the time.


People may say, Oh. I was just kidding. What are you mad about? Why are you crying? Oh, no you were not, brethren! Do not tell me that you did not know that you were hurting that person, and that you are innocent. Ignorance is no excuse for what you did. You shall surely reap what you have sown. You broke that person's heart, and now someone will break your heart. You have made fun of her, and someone is going to make fun of you, and if it does not happen to you, then it is going to happen to your children.


Do not be deceived, for every sin shall have a just recompense in God's timing. Do not jest at another person's expense, brethren. These things are not convenient or suitable. They may be proper for a heathen; however, certainly not for a Christian. As a Christian, you are in Christ, and have spiritual authority to live out of righteousness, whereas the heathen does not.


Some people are wicked, and simply cannot stop their foolish talking. It is not suitable, and they will surely reap what they have sown. If they are blessed, most likely it is because they were raised up in a home with their parents, whom although were not Christians, were moral and ethical people. There are non Christians out there that do have a spirit of righteousness on them. They know it is not right to do these things.


If you grew up in one of these homes, then most likely you were disciplined anytime that you hurt your sister, or lied about your brother. If you were taught it, then you were given the opportunity to grow up living a righteous life in accordance with the law, although not the spiritually righteous life.


If you were not disciplined, then you were not taught that you should not fight with your sibling, and that you should be nice to your sister, or brother, respect, honor, defend, and support them. You do not fight within the family. If you were not taught it, then there is no way that you are going to be able to stop outside of Christ, outside of the Spirit of God, which is the power to change.


If you did not know there would be no way that you would be able to alter what happened to you, and what was birthed in you when you were growing up. The psychiatrics claim that your personality was formed within the first three years of life, and it will stay with you. It is your personality for life. It is unchangeable outside of Christ. Paul says now that you have Christ, you have the power to change, and make a choice to not do it.


Paul says instead of doing all these wicked things, give thanks to God. Give thanks for what? You could prey, "Dear Jesus, You saved me. You took me out of my situation, now why should I be going around hurting, killing and damaging my brother? Thank you Jesus, for what you did for me. Let me use this power to show the witness to your resurrection that I have the power to live righteously in this God forsaken world."


The witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ is in your ability to change from darkness unto light, and to love when you are being crucified. That is the true witness to His resurrection.


It is very important, brethren, to remember that you do not have to respond to what is happening to you. If someone shouts, you do not have to shout. If someone punches, you do not have to punch back. If someone hates you, you do not have to hate them back. If someone talks about you, or slanders you, you do not have to slander them back. You do not have to get into a power play. Avoid the power play, by not playing the game. It is a dirty game, and Jesus hates it. Please understand that you should not just stand there, and let yourself be killed! However, you do not have to respond on their level. Do what Jesus tells you to do.


Verse 5: For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.


The word whoremonger means: fornicator; unclean person; a morally impure person; someone engaging in morally impure acts. This does not just mean outside of a marriage, brethren. Morally impure acts are engaged in marriage every day. You cannot do anything you want in marriage. Do not to engage in morally impure acts.


nor any covetous man who is an idolater...


Covetousness is lusting for and desiring something so badly that it is replacing God in your life. To be a covetous man, fornicator, or a whoremonger, you must be habitually engaged in this activity, or continuously coveting what your neighbour has. It must be a compulsive behaviour, controlling you, so that you cannot say, no.


You are not a covetous man if you covet only once. If you slip once, or have a bad moment, please do not title yourself this, instead confess it and repent. If covetousness arises in your mind, just rebuke it, put it down, and keep on going. Do not be too hard on yourself, as Jesus is not that hard on you.


An idol is whatever it is that you are yearning for more than God's will in your life; and can be just in your heart, and does not necessarily have to be in a physical form.


Idolatry may happen when it comes to marriage. Many people will not get it from Him because they want marriage more than God's will, and is almost impossible for God to bless under those circumstances. Single people give it to God!


If you are not an idolater you will say, Jesus, can I have it? I want it, and then drop the subject.


No matter what your sin is, do not feel condemned. If this is a part of your past, then it has to be rejected. You have to work your way out of it. God will work with you to overcome it, and give you the victory over it.


If you are not resisting, or are living life unrestrained, then you are in trouble. Offering no resistance at all is called, lasciviousness. That is a completely different situation than resisting it, and being overcome.


It does not matter how many times you fall down. God will know whether or not you are resisting. This is the point that condemnation comes in, and kills people in the Church. The people that Jesus has died for are killed every day by a religious spirit that condemns people that are overcome in the Church. The spirit tells them that they are not saved, and may drive them back to the world.


Everyone that comes to the Lord is not starting at the same place. Some people have heavy sin on their life, and on their family line; however, others may not have had such heavy sin in their life, and were making it in the world before they came to the Lord. If you compare the two, they are like comparing apple with oranges.


Be careful who you condemn. Many people, who have very high callings on their lives, have a very difficult time in Christ, so the Church kills them, not physically, but with their minds and thoughts. Jesus said when you have condemned them, you have killed them.


has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God...


An inheritance is that which only the son receives, and not a child of either sex. The inheritance of the Kingdom of Christ, and of God, is in the Son. He is in the man child, written about in the book of Revelation 12. You have the male element only if you have the Holy Spirit. If you do not have the Holy Spirit, then you are female, and will have to conceive. Every married woman may not easily get pregnant; however, He wants you to have it. Tell the Lord that you want the baby. It is that easy. If you do not do all of these things, then you are not going to have any part of the body of Christ because He will not be formed in you, brethren.


Verse 6: Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.


Let no man deceive you with vain words,


If you look it up in the Greek language the word, deceive means mortal man. Paul is not talking about the spiritual man, or any man under the anointing, but instead a carnal man speaking with words that have no spiritual origin. He is telling us to watch out for preachers that tell you it is okay to sin. The acceptance and the tolerance of sin are all over the Church today. Do not be deceived, if you are hearing words coming out of a man's carnal mind.


Vain words or vanity are the words that come forth out of your carnal mind. Do not let anyone's carnal mind deceive you, brethren. I do not care how good they look, what office they are in, or what Church they belong to. We are all imperfect, and in this hour, anyone even a minister can produce a carnal thought.


I cannot tell you that it is cut and dry, just as I cannot tell you that if someone is a minister of the gospel you could believe every word they say. If you think a minister has spoken a carnal thought to you, pray about it. It is a very fine line, brethren.


Be cautious not use this teaching to force or encourage your mind to rebel against the true authority in Christ. You must go before God, and monitor your own thoughts. Pray seriously for the truth of his Spirit in your life. Ask the Lord to reveal the truth.


Remember from earlier in this lesson, when someone has a spiritual authority, if you pray that prayer and God is silent, the tendency of the carnal mind is to say, I must be right because God did not tell me I was wrong. I am reminding you this is not how God moves. Silence means He is not answering you.


If it is truly a person of God, and you are correct, then God will talk to him. If they are truly of God they will come to you and straighten it out. If they do not come to you, then God did not clearly tell you that you are right. Silence means drop it.


I am telling you the truth from my own personal experience. I know what I am talking about. I have made the mistake thinking that silence meant I was right, and I have reaped what I have sown.


When you come before the Lord questioning an authority, and He says nothing it means He is taking care of it another way and you should just be still.


For because of these things cometh the wrath of God...


Fornication, covetousness, and moral impurity are these things that cause the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.


The wrath of God will come upon the children of disobedience. There are spiritual laws in this world that stir up like a whirlwind in a tornado at the smell of sin. They rush towards it, and then the storm and judgement falls.


The name of that law is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. He is the prince of the power of the air. He is the authority in this world system which is Hell. This is a place where the spiritually and criminally insane are interred.


There is a police force down here. Our spirits are jailed, our bodies the bars, restricted, and unable to get out. We are trapped down here.


Some of us have even been sentenced to solitary confinement manifesting in the form of autism, where you turn inwards, and have nothing to do with the outside world. Everything you see in the prisons has a spiritual implication.


There is a law in this world system that was set up by God Almighty. The Scripture clearly states that every authority is ordained of God and that includes Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. You are God's man down here in hell. As you turn towards Christ in repentance, God does not pull Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind off of you.


The judgements continue to fall; however, the Lord enters into your life and turns them for your good. He turns these experiences into lessons that produce Christ in you.


Every sin will have its just recompense. You will receive the judgement for every sin, however, if Christ is present in you, the experience will be used to build Christ in you until your carnal mind is slain, and there is no more sin in you. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, will have no authority over you, as he is God's judgement upon sin. If you have no sin, then he has no authority on you.


God does not stop the judgements from falling, but he lays hold of them and turns them to build Christ in you. He will use them, and turn them for your good. Christians will not escape the judgement. That is a lie that is perpetrated in the Church.


If you have fear, I rebuke that fear. You should not be afraid. God is with you through the whole thing. He said if you go up to heaven, I am there, and if you look down in hell I am there. He is with you at all times. He is bringing eternal life to you, by imparting eternal life to you. He will enter into your heart in the form of a mustard seed, and grow like a big balloon. He will expand inside of you until he takes over everything, and the sin is completely swallowed up, and all you will have left is life.


upon the children of disobedience.


The word, children is talking about a male offspring according to Lexicon, Strong's 5207. It is speaking specifically about a male as one who is begotten of a father and born of a mother.


I have heard of this Scripture preached that the children of disobedience are the world; however, if only males are in Christ, then this is referring to Christians that not only have the Holy Spirit, but also have Christ, the male son being formed in them.


You might ask Why is the whole world doing their thing, and the wrath of God has not fallen on them? Please understand that the Heathens are in Hell doing their thing, and usually doing much better than the Christians! In many instances, but not in all, the Christians are moaning, groaning and flopping around while the world is looking at them and saying, You are a Christian! Why?


The Lord scrounges for every son that He calls. He chastens you, or you are a bastard. The chastening is to the sons', brethren. If God has not touched you, then you are not a son; however do not panic, simply tell him that you want to be a son. Know that the chastening is going to come upon you from the moment he receives you.


The word disobedience means obstinate opposition to the will of God. The wrath of God is falling upon the sons who are obstinately opposing the will of God in their life. Hallelujah!


Sometimes we are opposing the will of God in our life, and we do not know it; however, the wrath of God is still upon you! You have got to change!


I do not care if you know about it, or if you do not know about it. I do not care if you can help it, or if you cannot help it. If you are called you must change by coming into the image of God. The Church is walking around asking, Where is the image of God? They are the image of God!


We have a lot of religious people that think that if they stay morally pure, and do not engage in adultery they are okay; however, let me remind you of God's word regarding jesting, foolish talking, and carnal thoughts. He says, the wrath of God is falling upon you! He also said, if you judge yourself you will not be judged.


His wrath is falling upon you not to kill you, but to bring you forth in the image of Christ, and burn away your carnality. Check out your own carnal mind, rebuke it, and do not speak the words. Do not yield to it.


The higher you are called, and the closer you are, the more fire will come your way. These are fiery trials, brethren, and there is just no way to get away from it. We are carnal people, and when you get called to full stature every piece of carnality has to go. The fire is going to burn; however, you will not be destroyed. You will make it through, and come out come out as pure gold.


Verse 7: be not ye therefore partakers with them.


He is not talking about the world, but rather the Christians. He is not telling you not to talk to them, or not to love them, but rather to not agree with their mind. This includes the Jehovah Witness, the Mormons and everybody else, brethren. Go ahead, and go out and have dinner with them. They are people. They have feelings. Now, if you are not strong enough, this is a different matter. If you know a Jehovah's Witness who has a strong mind and may convert you, and feel that you are not strong enough to deal with them, then do not have dinner with them.


I have a niece whose mother is a Jehovah's Witness. We have an unspoken agreement that we do not talk about the things of God. She has been over my house. She knows I am a preacher. She is a very nice lady. It would be ridiculous for me to tell that I cannot have dinner with her! Do not partake of the sin in their mind. If they are using witchcraft on you, then this is another story.


I do not give up on people, brethren. They are human beings. I have gone right to peoples faces and said, Now, look brother, I do not want you forcing your doctrine on me. I like you. You are a member of the family. I like to have dinner with you; however, you have to stop forcing yourself on me. If you do not stop you are going to drive me away. Then, if they do not stop, you go away. Do not be partakers of the ungodliness that they believe in, and that they do.


Verse 8: For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light:


Darkness is the carnal mind. Paul was saying that at one time we lived our lives totally out of darkness. You do not have to fight very hard to walk in the darkness, and there is no price to pay upfront; however, when Satan has you, he will take your life if he can.


Now that you have Christ, you have a choice to not be deceived. You have the choice to walk in the light. The ability has been imparted to you to walk and live out of the light of choice. There is an upfront price to walk with Jesus, to walk in the light. There will be warfare every step of the way. With every thought that you think, and every word out of your mouth if you slip up you are required to repent.


You will find the Scripture in Daniel 9, the Lord has ordained, There shall be warfare unto the end. If you are not engaged in the war, brethren, do not let anyone tell you that you are eligible at that moment for full stature because you have not even begun. Choose to live out of Christ and fight the good fight of faith, brethren. Do everything that you can do, and then stand. This translated from Greek means full stature.


Do everything you can to stand up, brethren. That door is about to open at any moment and you are not going to stand up without fighting. Fight the good fight of faith. The end will be the hope of glory, and Christ standing up in you in full spiritual authority.


Verse 9: (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;)


The word for could be translated to because of. Paul is saying to choose to live out of Christ, so you may earn the fruit of the spirit. Christ is the fruit of the spirit. He is all goodness, righteousness and truth. Live out of Christ. Walk in Christ, brethren.


I will add to verse 9, against these things, there is no law, no judgement, or wicked reaping. What you have sown, there is just life. If you have received the light, brethren, walk therein.


Verse 10: Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.


Proving means demonstrating what is pleasing unto the Lord.


In verse 8, we learned the word children is without sex. Walk as children of the light. We learned this is referring not only to the sons, but to anyone that is in Christ male or female. If you have the Holy Spirit, then you do not have to have Christ formed in you. The command is the same.


Walk to the fullest ability that the Holy Spirit gives you, and walk in righteousness. It is not doing anybody any good if you are in Church four nights a week, waving your hands, praising God, screaming, yelling and jumping up and down, brethren. Let us see it in your relationships, brethren. Prove what is acceptable. Demonstrate what is pleasing unto the Lord in your daily walk, and in every person that you relate to.


Verse 11: And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.


Fellowship means communion. This is speaking of the mind, brethren. It is talking about the works of darkness. It is not talking about people. It is saying do not agree with carnal thoughts either in you, or in other men.


Darkness is the carnal mind, and it produces unfruitful works. The fruit of the carnal mind is demons. Paul is saying that once you are in Christ the only fruit for you is Christ. He does not call the demons fruit because as far as he is concerned he is looking at your life in faith, where your carnal mind is as already as good as dead, or just a matter of time before the demons are as good as dead.


Paul is calling their works unfruitful because when you are living out of Christ your carnal mind will not produce fruit. If you are stomping all over the adultery between your human spirit which is the harlot and the carnal mind, if you are interfering with it, if you are rebuking it, fighting against it, then there is not going to be any fruit. Paul is talking about any agreement with the works of darkness which are not producing the fruit of Christ.


You have to be in this war. You cannot excuse these things either in yourself or in anyone else. It is not a sign of love to excuse people's sins; however, you can expose their sins without condemning them. They may not know that they are sinning, or possibly have not been able to stop. If you expose the sin, then it may push off the spirit that stimulates them to rise up and say, I am not doing that any more.


Brethren, you have to expose the evil works of darkness. Do not flee from it. It is the ministry of the Son. It is a shame even to speak of those things which are done in secret, in the darkness by the works of the carnal mind.


Verse 12: For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.


Sin is in the darkness. Sin is a secret. When you cover over sin, you have killed that person because they will never confess it, or repent. They will die in their sins.


I did not do that! It is not true! I am innocent! Sin is denied almost universally. Sin is sin, no matter how you try to cover it over.


Love does not cover a multitude of sins, brethren! You will not live when your carnal mind covers over yours or someone else's sins. What a lying interpretation of that Scripture!


Get out of the carnal concept of what a nice person does. Be careful that you do not listen to this teaching, and use it to justify a wrong spirit in you. You have to tell of the sin only when Jesus tells you because it has to be told in the love of God.


There are spirits that I have seen in the Church that go out and expose people to the spirit of divination, brethren. I have seen it operate by embarrassing people, sending them into condemnation, driving them out of the Church, and destroying them.


This is a mature message, and at one point, I wanted to stop preaching it because I have seen people stumble over it; however, God tells me I have to preach it. I must warn you, Do not take my teaching, and use it to justify sin in your mind that wants to hurt, condemn, and kill people. That is not Christ! Be very careful! I am giving you the teaching, and also a warning, so that will not have any guilt on my hands. The Church must grow up. I give you to God.


Verse 13: But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light, for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.


This verse talks about exposing sin. Sin is always kept a secret by the carnal mind because it believes it is protecting itself, but all things that are reproved or exposed will manifest by the light. If the Spirit of Christ has exposed sin, revealed it, and it comes out in the open to show the root of the problem the person can be set free.


There are some people in the world who display the spirit of divination. They may be right, but when they come to you in a fighting spirit, and not by the Spirit of God, the true expression of the Scripture is not manifested.


The Spirit of God will expose the root, and will bring true expression, deliverance and liberty to the person. Look for the fruit. If it is the Spirit of Life that exposes the sin, then good fruit will come forth from it, and the person will be set free.


Exposing sin is part of the office of the son. He wants to grow his Son up in you. You will learn by practicing and making mistakes. Pray before you reveal the sin. If you make a mistake, and it turns out that it is not the Spirit of God, then confess, as it is a sin, repent, and go on with God. Do not use it as an excuse to not try again. If you cannot deal with that, then you are manifesting pride.


All things that are reproved or exposed by the Spirit of God are revealed as to their true nature, the root and source of them. For whatsoever doth make manifest is light.


For that spirit which brings forth revelation and liberty and deliverance is the Spirit of light. The spirit of darkness will never do that. The spirit of darkness will put you in deeper bondage, condemn you and kill you if it can.


Verse 14: Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.


The Lord saith in the Old Testament, Adam went to sleep at the beginning of time. Adam is still sleeping, brethren! He is still sleeping you. We are Adam's offspring. You will awake to righteousness when Christ begins to be formed in you. Righteousness is the truth, and the Spiritual life of God.


We are blocked off from all of the things of the Spirit that we cannot see. These things are in another dimension, which are located in our carnal minds. Brethren, when you sleep are not your eyes closed? When you awake your eyes open, and that which was behind your closed eyes you can now see.


The carnal mind is lying over the eye of the Spirit as a closed eyelid. It must be rolled back, so it can awake to righteousness, which is Christ. Let Christ be in your mind as awareness and awakeness. Awake, and He shall give you light! Hallelujah!


Verse 15: See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,


Do not think, or live out of your carnal mind. Do not be a foolish son, but instead, a wise son. If you act foolishly, then you will kill yourself, and everyone that you talk with. Take this counsel, and use it, so that Christ should grow in you. See that you walk cautiously, brethren, not as fools, but as wise.


Verse 16: Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.


Our soul and our body is a garment that our spirit wears while it is being redeemed. Paul is saying, You are Christ because your spirit has been redeemed. The word redeeming means to purchase. Take the time back from this world system.


Do not use your time in carnal things. This age, this world system, possesses our very mind. Paul is saying, Take the time back from this world or from your carnal mind. By His authority, lay hold of the Christ in you, and the ability to redeem, and purchase back the time. Let your spirit be drawn out of this age of death, and enter fully into Christ.


Time typifies this age that we dwell in. The days of this age are evil. Redeem your spirit out of this wicked age.


Our spirit is the part of us which is like unto God. God is spirit, and we are spirit. We have a human spirit which is in the midst of our soul; however, our spirit has been purchased back. By the power of the Spirit of Christ you have the ability to let yourself be drawn into Christ, so that you might start to live out of Him. When Christ is formed in you there are two ages dwelling in your body or vessel, side by side each other: the new age of Christ, and the fallen age of death.


Exercise your spiritual muscle by living out of Christ to the best of your ability. Identify sin in your mind. Hate it! Resist it! Rebuke your carnal mind by casting down every imagination. Purchase it, lay hold of it, and bring it into the kingdom to be used for Christ! Hallelujah!

Picture our soul as a circle. In our fallen condition, our husband is Satan. Being male, Satan has a spiritual union with our human spirit, which is female. They have joined, and produced an offspring whose name is the carnal mind. The Lord has shown us that human sexuality is a type of the spiritual reality of our existence. This world is the product of this union between Satan, and the human spirit. Their offspring, the carnal mind, and all three, are one.


Without an offspring, spiritual entities cannot appear in this realm of appearance, and therefore, will remain be in the realm of the spirit and unseen. The Lord has taught us that this age exists within spiritual things, and is known as the realm of appearance. For as long, as it existed, it is an expression of one sexual act of adultery between Eve and Satan.


The human spirit in us is Eve, the mother of all living. She is spirit, so her shape is not rigid, but instead expandable. She is a harlot, like the girl that cannot say, No. She fornicates or commits adultery with every male spirit that comes her way, and bore Satan's illegitimate child.


Reject the carnal mind, and instead choose Christ. The Holy Spirit will penetrate your mind, and head right for your human spirit. He is not interested in your carnal mind, nor is in Satan, but rather to impregnate Eve with a second offspring. Eve will bear two different children from two different fathers. When you are in this condition, you will have two minds or souls.


After the Holy Spirit has penetrated Eve, and another soul, or mind has entered into you, Eve's husband will change to the Father, which is the Holy Spirit. Eve will then conceive Christ, and expand into the new mind that will be formed in you.


During the process of divorce from Eve's husband, Satan, and her offspring, you will experience warfare as your human spirit is slowly absorbed into Christ and comes out of the carnal mind.


God's goal for Eve is that she should fully penetrate into Christ, and when she has fully penetrated into our God, He will throw fire and brimstone upon the carnal mind, or upon the age and utterly burn it. Death by burning is the Levitical judgement for adultery, and is a manifestation of the lake of fire, which is Christ. He shall utterly burn up that wicked servant! Glory to God!


The end result will be that Satan, the carnal mind, will dissolve, and be inside the mind of Christ controlled, while Eve is joined to the Father and Christ. The name of your mind shall be the mind of Christ. Satan shall still be completely in earth, as we liken him to the cyanide, which is an apple pit.


Satan when he is bonded to Christ, and in the correct moral order, will be beneficial to mankind. An example of this spiritual principle can be compared to salt and to sodium and chloride. Sodium and chloride are poisonous to human beings when they are bonded together in a molecule; however, common table salt is beneficial to mankind. Satan is bound to Eve, and the carnal mind, and is continuously engaged in adulterous activity with her, and she is continuously engaged in incestuous adulterous activity with the carnal mind. This continuous activity causes this realm of appearance to exist.


Our mind is a molecule that is destructive to our very existence. Our human spirit is bound to this destructive molecule. We have the problems of today because Eve separated when she was bound into her original position; however, she is being set free from that molecule by the power of God through the process of boiling.


The living soul is typified by water. Christ will boil the living soul as a sin offering. The water will evaporate, and cause the molecule to break up, which will end this world system. When you have a molecule you reorder it by heating it. Is not fire the element that is used to reorder all forms of matter?


When Peter talks about the elements burning and melting he is referring to your carnal mind melting, brethren! The principalities and elements of your spiritual existence will be separated.


The Scripture says that Eve is so closely bound to Satan in the carnal mind that it can be likened to the dye which is in a garment, and therefore, humanly impossible to separate her. It is a miracle of God that she is being separated from Satan and the carnal mind, so that she can flee into Christ.


Eve is escaping into Christ to the city of refuge, because she is a criminal, an adulterous, a harlot! The fire of Christ, which is a consuming fire is boiling the living soul first to set Eve free, and then will eventually burn the rest of it until they are completely bound together. Glory to God!


When the Scripture said, redeem the time, Paul is saying, Do your part to bring this change to past in your life. Your part is to reject the Adamic thought by choosing the thought of Christ, knowing that you will be persecuted by Satan and your own carnal mind.


Depending on your condition such as, your upbringing or inherited curses, there is a variation of how your persecution will come to pass. It may come from within you, those closest to you, or from the soul realm in every individual that will yield to ungodliness; however, when you choose Christ, persecution will surely come as the evening follows the morning. Glory to God!


Paul is saying, Redeem the time, and do your part to get your human spirit out of this age, the days of which are evil. We have a kingdom Church, a Church world that is waiting for the rapture, so they can wake up one morning in full stature! This is known as rapture mentality, and is not how we are getting out of here!


This world system is hell, and we must break out of it! We are in bondage, and bound by chains of darkness! To Satan, our carnal mind is the way we are getting out, as it is our nature. However, it is your responsibility to reject your carnal mind and your offspring, and instead choose the nature of Christ.


The escape from hell is a process of redemption, or deliverance from this age, one step at a time, a penetration into the kingdom, and then a withdrawal. Each time you succeed, you will penetrate into the kingdom a little further, and then fall back when you choose your carnal mind. The provision for our deliverance from hell is Christ in you, which is the hope of glory. One day you will penetrate the kingdom and stay there. It will be a battle; however, He will back you up every step of the way!


Have you have ever wondered why God let this wickedness go on so long? . The Lord will not destroy the living soul until Eve has joined to the Father, and Christ is ready to sustain us.


Satan is alive today because the Lord will not kill the living soul, the satanic realm, before we are safely in Christ, or we will die and this whole world system will disappear and cease to exist. There must be a husband, a wife, and an offspring to sustain this visible world system.


In this hour, we are right in the middle of the war. Our human spirits are prisoners, and must be set free from our captives to establish safely in Christ. It is then, that He will knock out all of the evil in this world. Until the time comes, we have many blessings and protection in this world system. Even in this world system, if we are obedient to Christ, then blessings are available to us. Protection is available to us individually at anytime that we start walking towards God. The Lord said, Even if you are in hell, I am there with you.


Psalm 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.


Psalm 23:5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. KJV


Many people believe that the door, or ability to enter into the new age where Christ will be fully available to us, is about to be made available. They believe we shall enter into the season at any moment, or certainly within a couple of years, and definitely within our lifetime. I personally do not believe that it is available now, or at least the Lord has not shown it to me, and do not know of any person that is walking above this soul realm in total victory as Jesus of Nazareth did.


The Lord explained to us the difference between the corruptible and incorruptible seed. We are being brought forth from the incorruptible seed, which is being woven together with our own mind. We have been born of water, and now the incorruptible seed of Christ is weaving himself together. We shall be fully born of the spirit, and the two lives shall become inseparable like dye in a garment.


At the beginning of time, Adam was not perfect. The Scripture says, God stood him up in the garden, and gave him dominion over the wickedness in the creation. However, Adam did not earn it, and did not understand how he got it.


If deliverance was given as a gift, and you did not earn it, then you could easily lose it. If it was just simply given to you, and you did not understand how you got it, then you would not appreciate it, know how to abide in it, or sustain it, and therefore, be impossible to protect yourself against the pitfalls.


Deliverance from hell, which is this world's system, is not being offered to us as a gift, but rather an overcoming. In this hour, God is growing us up from a seed, and standing us up on the mountain. It shall be impossible to fall!


In the Concordance, the word Greek word, lamb refers to a lamb kin of less than one year old. In the back of the book of Revelation, He is not a fully grown lamb. We are not going to be made an adult without any teaching, education, or preparation. We are going to go through every stage, and learn about every pitfall, the devil, his devices, and how to resist him. The Father is not going to just swoop in, and snatch us to safety. He is giving us weapons, and teaching us how to resist. That is the difference between the Churches today, and the promise of today.


What we have in the Church today is a situation very similar to that which existed in Israel. We have a Church with gifts, spiritual authority, wisdom, knowledge, and revelation; however, very little understanding of spiritual things. They are in the same condition now that Israel was in.


In this hour, God is bringing forth deep teaching and understanding of the spiritual realm of his word. Many people want the teaching; however, do not want to hear it. They think they are going to be able to hold on to what they have, and do not understand that the hour is coming where their gifts will pass away.


If you are called, and have not obeyed God by submitting to the teaching, waging the warfare, and by doing all that he has shown you to do, then you will be left without an imputed anointing.


Acts 10:34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:  KJV


Everything that someone tells me I say, Lord, Is that you? He does not just speak to me only, but speaks through everyone in whom He is appearing. It is a big fallacy that if you have a ministry to think that He will not speak through other members of your congregation. God is righteous. You are in great danger if you do not believe that God can speak through anyone.


A particular occasion comes to mind where God has spoken to me through a woman at an airport. While checking her bags in, she turned around, unsolicited, and told me something that offended me. I thought, what nerve, and did not even respond to her. It turned out that her message was of God, and I needed to hear what she said to me.We see a rebellious and a stiff necked Church today. They are just like Israel when they were in the day that the book of Judges was written. Every time Israel fell into such a manifestation of pride and rebellion she went into captivity, and when she cried out to God he raised up a judge to deliver her from her enemies.


I hear stories everywhere, in this hour, brethren, the judgement is heavy upon the kingdom Church, largely here in the United States, as I do not know what is happening in other countries. They are falling into captivity left and right, and being seduced by a doctrine of demons.


It is happening because their education has been sabotaged because of their own pride. Pride has caused them to reject the teachings, and the deliverance ministry. If they had accepted the teachings they would know.


God does not witness his presence to you by turning on a vacuum cleaner in the middle of the night! This is how demons show themselves to you!


I declare to you, brethren, one thing that can cause you to fall is pride. I continue to encourage all of you to pray about everything that you hear. God wants us to know these things. He is coming forth in us, and we are coming up from seed.


Hallelujah, the Lord is rising up a judge, and His name is Christ Jesus! Christ is going to be appearing on the earth, for the first fruit company of believers, whom have been waging warfare and are standing up.


The warfare is not with sticks, stones, bows or arrows, and is no longer the killing of human people, but the destruction of the enemy in the individual's mind. They have been hated and lied about, however, faithful to their God.


He is going to appear in them, and send them to the rest of the Church in spiritual authority. He will deliver them from spiritual enemies existing in their own minds. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.


By Christ in us we are piercing through our own carnal mind, and when we stand up we will be sent to Israel to judge their carnal minds.


In the Old Testament, the deliverance comes forth from a physical battle. In the case of Sisera, we see him being destroyed when a woman put a nail through his head. A nail is a type of Jesus. Jesus pierced through the carnal mind of the oppressor of Israel at the hands of a woman, a person whom is not in full stature.


We are in The Two Witness Company, which is the sons of God before they enter into full stature. You are a witness for Christ.


It is His procedure that they must receive a formal notice from a human being, so that it is in a language that they can understand.


If you are the sent one, do not be discouraged if you do not have success. Do not be discouraged if they do not receive your word, as most of them will not.


If the man's carnal mind called Christ in you an error, then he has killed you spiritually, and is guilty of murder. The Father will judge him. All judgement is executed by the Spirit of God.


He will send a witness to them and say, you are wrong. When they do not pray about it, or pray it through, and they continue on the wrong path, it is then that God will lay the rod to their back. He will say, I sent my Son to you, and you killed him.


God is righteous and has a legal format by which He executes judgement. He will not lay a rod to somebody's back until they have had an opportunity to repent.


God has not yet sent me to someone to make a correction who has not received it. Although, God has not yet sent me outside of the people here that I minister to whom are all in submission to this ministry and to me. It is my job to deliver the word, and then walk away. God deals with them after they are given the His message.


Remember the prophet that went to see Jeroboam about the golden calves. He prophesied to him, and said, your arm is going to wither off. Jeroboam did repent; however, most are not likely to, so do not expect it.


Why they will not repent? We did a deep study in the book of Revelation, and received some insight as to why they will not repent.


Jesus Christ in our unconscious mind, and defeating Satan. Satan is the unconscious mind of the carnal men. The Lord, Jesus Christ is the unconscious mind of Christ. He is fighting the battle in the unconscious realm, which we have no control over, and usually are not even aware of. The Lord is saying to us, I am your new unconscious mind. I have defeated Satan. Now live out of me.


He is finding that the average Christian cannot do what He has asked because they are used to responding to specific situations in a certain reflexive way. The average Christian will not wage the warfare, but instead yield to the automatic reflex. We found this when we looked up every Greek word in the book of Revelation. The Scripture said that the only thing that is going to make them change is the rod. Judgement must fall. The power is available to them to change, and they do not do it.


If somebody smites them now by Christ, they have the power to say I will not retaliate. The judgements of God are merciful, as they produce the peaceable fruit of righteousness. The judgements will save their life. This is the ministry of the son. It can be very painful in the flesh; however, it is the glory of God, and who can say no if he calls you. Hallelujah!


Verse 17: Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.


Do not be fools, brethren by living out of your carnal mind. If you do not understand what the will of the Lord is, then you are an unwise and foolish son.


How do you understand what the will of the Lord is? Lay down your own will. Tell Him that you are willing to learn anything that He teaches you from any teacher that He wants to teach you through, even if it is a donkey!


When he tells you where to go, then go where he sends you. When he tells you what to study, then study it, and pray without ceasing for His truth. He keeps you on the right path. Do not go to the left or to the right. Prey that if you should be in error that you receive correction.


Tell him you cannot do it of your own will. Tell Him that when it comes to spiritual things you are like a small child.


You are just starting to press into the darkness, and cannot do anything without him. Acknowledge that you are in a world that you cannot see in.


All of your skills, education, and muscles from this world cannot give you anything here.


All that you have done in this world, everything that you have accomplished is of no use to you here. Prey for help to gain and take control of the kingdom.


There is only one way you are going to gain the kingdom, and that is to die to everything that is in this world. Submit to Christ, and let him bring you in. You shall be a wise son, and you shall understand the will of the Lord. Hallelujah!


There are a few other Scriptures pertaining to this lesson.


John 6:27 Labor not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed.


John 6:28 Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God?


John 6:29 Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe ON him whom he hath sent.  KJV


The word on is a poor translation. It should really be translated that you believe into the one whom He sent.


If you want a ministry, and want to get into the kingdom, stop doing, unless you have a specific command from the Lord.


Every Christian is not equal. The person, in whom Christ is being formed, is greater than the person in whom Christ is not being formed. There is a greater anointing in the Church, which starts as a mustard seed; amidst that greater anointing some people are more mature than others.


John the Baptist clearly stated that he must decrease, so that Christ can increase. Anyone who is walking in that greater anointing, and saying that they are better than somebody else, is either lying, or they do not have the anointing, and the wrath of God is getting ready to fall on them because they are a child of disobedience.


There are people that the Lord has not yet started to penetrate. They may be in the household of God, and believe in Jesus, and may have been taught that if they love Jesus they should hand out tracts. These Christians may celebrate Pagan holidays, but at the very least, they do have a job.


These people are spreading the name of Jesus to the heathen nation. The heathens do not understand that Jesus loves them, so when they read the tract, and listen to the music, they receive a measure of the revelation of Jesus. That measure prepares them for the moment when Jesus is going to come and to say, Hey! it is your turn.


I do believe that there may be a place for the Christians whom give out the tracts, and do the puppet shows, if this is where God has them. A good comparison, brethren, is your children at the age of kindergarten. They take a crayon, and scribble on a piece of paper, and then you hang it up on the refrigerator. Do you not?


The work of God means to labor a spiritual labor. A spiritual labor is a labor by which you must use the power of God. Jesus wants you to stand up in full stature again, and He wants it more than you want it! Start laboring, the labor of God, so that you may enter into Christ!


The work of God is for US, is to enter into the kingdom! He does not want YOU to hand out tracts or programs, or perform dramas, or puppet shows. This is the word of the Lord!


He wants YOU to do whatever it is going to take, so that you can pierce through into Christ. He wants YOU to enter into spiritual activities that will strengthen Christ in you, that will teach you, and equip you, for Him to appear in your flesh.


I cannot find it anywhere in the Scripture that commands us to give out tracts! What God wants you to do you do is in the Scripture. He wants you to go for the heavy stuff, and that is the size of it. So, if God has called you to give out tracts, then go ahead and hand them out. However, I will be busy doing what God told me to do!


2/03/09 da-Transcriber


06/15/10 mp-Editor


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