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What thee Spirit in me, saith the Lord, I shall defeat, defeat. I shall overcome your carnal mind, saith God. I shall cast down high imaginations, and principalities and I shall be exalted. I shall defeat pride. I shall crush him saith God the Lord. It shall be ashes under my feet. I shall set that which is turned over upright. I will reconcile all differences. I will bring peace to my cross. Know this saith God, that there is no good thing that you can do in my name, that I would not reward you for. There is no sacrifice that you could make, that I have not seen. There is no good thing that you will sow that you shall not reap, in kind from my spirit, saith the Lord.


Pain is indeed a passing thing, saith God. I laugh at it, but, I shall reconcile this mess, saith the Lord. I shall be glorified. The two shall be as I intended it to be. No device of Satan or any device of the carnal mind can change that which I have ordained before the foundation of the earth. For I have said it, saith God. I am not a man that I should lie. I shall perform it and I shall accomplish it and I shall see it. I am a God of the impossible, saith the Lord. I call things into existence that do not exist now. Yeah, that even if they are impossible now, saith God. If I have ordained, I shall see it appear in the earth for I am God. I shall overcome your rebellion. I shall bring down your pride and I shall discipline you saith the Lord, with cords of my love.


I shall comfort you. Ye shall obey me, not only with your behavior, but with your heart. I shall swallow up your resentment. I shall set it right, saith God. Trust me. I have seen your faithfulness saith the Lord. It shall not go unrewarded; fret not, for I shall truly come.


Pastor Vitale: We do not have too much prophecy here anymore. Does anyone know why? Anybody want to remind us? I know I have talked to you about it.


Comment: The gifts are passing away.


Pastor Vitale: Amen, the gifts are passing away, Amen.


Comment: inaudible


Pastor Vitale: Well yes. You know, you have to be careful. I am probably going to put this on the recording. I do not want anyone to think that, in every instance the gifts are not manifesting - that it means that you are going onto full stature. It could be an absence of the Spirit of God. So you really would need more than one witness. The Lord has revealed to us that there is a difference between the gifts of prophecy, which you just heard, and prophecy.


Prophecy is speaking the words of God. Prophecy is speaking the word of the Lord. What that means is, when Christ in you speaks, it is the true prophecy. It does not have to be with the inflection that comes forth with the gift of prophecy. You could be prophesying and speaking just as I am speaking now. Actually anyone who preaches under the anointing, if it is truly Christ in them, is prophesying to you. Prophecy is the word of the Lord.


I remind you that the gift of prophecy is a gift that is given without repentance to the person in whom Christ is not being formed. The gift of prophecy appears in a believer who has the imputed anointing. Prophecy, the true prophecy, the oracle of God, the very word of God, is associated with the imparted anointing.


When you are in transition between the imputed and the imparted anointing, you may find yourself both bringing forth a word (because of the gifts) and you might also find yourself truly prophesying. However, when you examine your life over the past six months, or the past year, if you see the gifts waning and you see yourself increasing in Christ.... or you might ask the Lord to give you one more sign, one more confirmation, on the gifts passing away because Christ is appearing in me.


We have denominations in the Church, Brethren who have their own man-made rules, stop moving in the gifts because they read a Scripture that said the gifts are passing away. They are denying themselves the blessing of God. There is only one legitimate reason for the gifts to pass away. That is, that a greater one has appeared in your heart. When the very Christ comes forth, He will swallow up the gifts.


Just like you and your maturity has swallow up all of the children of your immaturity, but for man to hinder the gifts.... Paul has clearly said, despise not prophesying. So we have again, misunderstanding in the Church. God help us because we are killing ourselves with our carnal mind. The Church is killing itself with its carnal mind. We must have Christ formed in us and we must start living out of Him, if we are to live. There is no life outside of Christ, just death. Even an understanding of this word of God with our carnal mind can kill us. It can bring gifts too, it can help us to lead a moral life, and it can do good things, but in many instances it will kill us. In this particular instance, it can deny us the gifts of the spirit, which are the gifts of God to us.


Brethren, the Lord would never leave you empty. He will not take away.... well the scriptures says, He takes away the first then He can establish the second,. However, everything with God is a process the new must be arising on the horizon for him to start the old to descend. The new must be rising in East for the old to be setting in the West. It is simultaneous. You know even the world knows that, anyone who knows anything about psychiatry or helping people with counseling they know that you cannot take something away from somebody, unless you have something to replace it with. They would be emotionally and spiritually bankrupt.


If they are clinging to something that is ungodly, if their strength is something that is ungodly, and you just rip it from them, you leave them with nothing. We see that happening in this county today. We see many young drug addicts in this area. They come out of an institution and the government gives them an income. They rip the drugs away from them and they give them money. There is no counseling, there is no love, there is no ministry, there is no discipline, there is no guidance. They are out there abusing their benefits, finagling and conniving, on the streets all day. This is not godly Brethren. I am not criticizing the state, correction must be made in Christ. I am just trying to make a point. You cannot take something away from somebody, that has been a sustaining life force, and give them money; it is not going to work. That is why the only programs that are working are either the programs that are in Christ, like Teen Challenge, and a couple of the others Churches that have residences for drug addicts where they minister to them, they counsel them, they pray for them, they bring them into to be apart of a Church family.


Then we have secular organizations that are basically doing the same thing. They bring these ex-addicts into residences, communal residences. They teach them to love one another, they have tough-love, they have to tow the line, you have pull your weight, you cannot be undisciplined doing what you want. You cannot strip somebody of the only way they know how to survive and expect them to survive.


I want to tell you that the same thing is true of Jesus. Many people He comes to and takes their sin away from them in an instant. However, many people he does not. Why? The people whose soul are so devastated by inherited curses and damaging in destructive experiences are going to cling of their old ways, until their new soul is imparted to them. Jesus is very merciful. The Pharisees in the Church do not like to hear it. I am telling you He is very merciful.


I know a woman who drank for a whole year, she attended Church four nights a week, finally she was delivered. I know people that fornicate for years, going to Church four nights a week and they are finally delivered. Deliverance does not always come right away.


Hallelujah, so the gifts are not going be totally stripped from you, until Christ is at a stage of maturity in you, where He can give you not only what the gifts gave you, but more. Amen, glory to God. That which starts out as a gift, which is only seen usually at a spiritual meeting.... and what is a spiritual meeting? It is an artificial opportunity to have spiritual experiences. It is a school room, you go into Church, you speak in tongues, you prophesy, you interpret. Most people do not do it when they are alone. They do it when they gathering with the body. It is an artificial situation which is an opportunity to manifest the spirituality of God. It is a training forum, so that in due season you will be able to manifest the spiritual life of God without an artificial situation. You will be able to manifest it to an individual, to a stranger on the street and that is not usually the gift that's already Christ. So we are evolving spiritually, it is an evolution in Christ. It is not from ape to man, but it is from carnal man to spiritual man. Amen.


Pastor Vitale: We are going to be doing Colossians 1 tonight; we will do half of it tonight. Does anyone have a question about what I just said?


Comment: Observation does not have the gifts.


Pastor Vitale: Yes, you go from being gift-less, to the imparting. I believe that and I have seen it happen. I have seen very well-known preachers in the Church (they use to call them superstars - Christians superstars). God calls them and the anointing is just all over them. They are really powerful, they are prophesying and they are getting revelation. All eyes are on them, but their character is still the character of a worldly person. These are just the gifts operating in them and they get all lifted in up in pride. They frequently look down upon other believers who do not have gifts or who do not have gifts of this magnitude. Some people do not really manifest the gifts at all. The Lord has shown me that these superstars can and frequently do lose it. Their pride will lock them out of moving forward. The people who are quietly laboring unfaithful conscientious basis with the Lord, applying themselves, submitting themselves, making a commitment, serving in whatever way they can... That there will be an opportunity for them to enter into the fullness, bypassing the gifts, it can be done.


I do not understand it in any more detail but I believe that it is possible. We see a lot of superstars falling out of the Church. We have seen it, I have seen it. Powerful people, powerfully casting out demons, healing the sick, quoting and preaching from the Scriptures, and three years later (one I have in mind) he is a drug addict. This man was prophesied over, he was going to preach with his wife. I saw him called out of the congregation, on fire for God. He got married, he has five children and he is a drug addict. It happens a lot. I see it all over the place, they fall away.


You know I heard someone say something on TV not to long ago, it really blessed me. He said, You are not a success in life until you see your grandchildren standing in front of you with positive Godly lives.... third generation, by the third generation we will see what kind of fruit you produce. Do not count your chickens. What does the Scriptures say, He who thinks he standing is about to fall.


One of the biggest mistakes in the Church is to get lifted up in pride over the gifts, it is just given to you Brethren. We have a big problem with pride in the Church. One of the biggest problems with pride is that people do not really know what pride is. They know what is obliviously pride, but there are many subtle manifestations of pride that frequently are not recognized as pride. Whether you are recognizing it as pride or not, if you are manifesting it, the judgment for pride is falling on you.


There is not enough teaching in the Church Brethren, there is really not enough teaching in the Church. We must go beyond teaching about the Holy Spirit. We have got to understand how this thing works, because our life depends on it. Every trial that comes your way must be overcome with a positive result. If is not, it would behoove you to get on your face before God and say, Father, am I in some kind of sin that I cannot see?


I have been speaking to someone lately. I have known her for years, she is going through a cycle for years. Her finances fall off, we pray, and she gets so much business that she cannot do the work. So they do not call her because she cannot do the work, so her finances fall off. This is going on for years. It has to be the operation of a curse. When should comes out of it, all she does is stabilize, the problem is never solved. Something is wrong, something is wrong. Did I answer your question? Okay, anybody else.


Comment: When they get into this pride, they do not see it?


Pastor Vitale: Right, they do not recognize it as pride.


Comment: The only way, is through repentance is to get back into position again.


Pastor Vitale: Yes, you have to repent and most likely get deliverance that is a painful deliverance. The Scripture says that if you are deceived you are deceived by the pride of your own mind. So pride is deceptive. Not only does it convince you that you do not have any pride but, what I have seen it do over and over again, (at this point I am starting to laugh at it) is it will accuse the person. If someone offends a person and their pride gets up or something bothers them, and they fail to perceive it to be themselves. They project that thought, which is sin, on to the person that they are having a conflict with. They will accuse the person that they are involved with, of the very crime that they are perpetrating against that person. I mean this has been happening to me for years.


So there really.... the only thing I recommend, I pray all the time, for God to show me my sins. He will show it to you, if you are willing to see it. He will show it you. For those who are not willing to look at it, the only thing left for them is a rod across their back. They will have to have painful experiences, in the world or in the Church world.


Comment: So then those painful experiences, like this fellow that went on to drugs now.... God will give him painful experiences?


Pastor Vitale: I think being on drugs is a painful experience. I have not really spoken to him in a long time, I have seen his wife. He was very proud young man. I really like this guy. I am really sorry to hear this about him; he really had a great future in Christ. So this is probably associated with his pride, it is hard to say. I am sure God has him and the Lord is going to work it out, but this has been going on for years in his life.


I do not know what the details are. I do not know, Praise God. Some people come under judgment and the Lord brings them right back. Other people the Lord turns over to Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, for a season and I do not know on what basis He makes this judgment. I do not know. Honestly, this is the blindest area that I have into the kingdom of heaven. I do not know on what basis God makes these judgments. Praise God. He was on fire for God. Hallelujah, let us just pray for him now




Father, In the name of Jesus, we just pray for this brother Lord, oh dear God, I remind you of the prophecy through your servant Lord, that he would preach the gospel. Oh God, what has happened to him? Lord, we just break the curses off him and his wife and his children. We rebuke the devourer over his family and we say restore dear God. Forgive him of his sins Father, bring a corrections Father, give him an opportunity to repent. I am sure he does not even know what he has done. Have mercy join him Lord, illuminate his understanding and grant him repentance, we pray, in the name of Jesus, amen.


Pastor Vitale: Boy, that was an anointed prayer; I hope God is going to do something. That came right out of the realm of the spirit, praise God


Comment: inaudible


Pastor Vitale: Whenever somebody prays under the anointing, it can be applied to anybody. It is just like this Bible, any Scripture can be understood on many levels and God is not limited. He is un-limited and the move of the spirit is un-limited. Yes, yes, so anything that is coming under the anointing of God, if have someone on your heart, you can appropriate it for yourself, I believe that. Amen, Amen, Hallelujah.





Okay, lets try Colossians 1, Verse 1. We will probably do half of it tonight; unless the Lord says otherwise.


Verse 1. Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ, by the will of God and Timothy our brother.... and let me remind you, that to be apostle means that you are living and moving a large part of the time out of the imparted anointing which is being formed in you.


When I was going up in the Church, I was taught that to be an apostle, that apostle is a sent one. That is true, an apostle is a sent one, but I like to give you a deeper understanding of what it means to be a sent one - when the Christ is being formed in you. When the Christ decides where your body would go, when the Christ decides where you are going to be, whether you want to be there or not, you are sent. You are sent to that place to that person at that time. What we are talking about is to be controlled by Christ. An apostle is controlled by Christ.


Brethren, every human being is controlled by some spirit. If you are not controlled by Christ, you are controlled by your carnal mind. You are not your own. Every human being alive today has been born into this earth system or this world system as carnally minded man. So to be sent, or controlled, or governed, or internally controlled by Christ, is unusual in this world system.


You have deviated from the norm and therefore you receive a title, Apostle. Paul says here that he is an apostle of Jesus Christ. Brethren, Paul was a sent one, who was sent by Jesus Christ. You know Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, has apostles too, the whole world are apostles. All the people in the world are apostles of Satan through there carnal mind. Paul says that he is an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah. He is also writing unto Timothy.


In Verse 2, he is writing to the saints and faithful brethren in Christ, which are at Colossi.


Now we found out when we did Daniel 7 that the Lord, by faith, after the crucifixion, resurrection and the ascension, was calling everyone that turns to Jesus, a saint. The word saint, the Greek word translated saint means, to be holy, to be spotless, without sin. We know that no one in the Church is without sin. Jesus is calling us what He expects us to be and He fully intends for us to grow up into what He has calls us to. He will set a standard for, He will set a goal for us and then He would proceed to make us or to form us into that which He has called us to be.


Brethren we have a whole Church full of very well meaning people who are killing the younger Christians, by telling them, You are holy, you are spotless, you are without sin. I had a pastor say to me about a month ago, You mean you think that you sin? I said, Yes Brother, I sin. He was amazed. Brethren, we are saints because the Lord Jesus Christ has justified us before God through His first fruits, which is Himself. It is like looking at a newborn baby and saying, You are going to be king of the nation one day, and you are king and all of your subjects must bow to you. Now if the father were to die, how could this infant rule this nation? We must grow up into that which he has called us to.


He has called us Holy and God is not a man that He should lie. So how come we are not holy? It is because what God has pronounced into the heavenlies has not yet appeared in the earth. It is essential that we understand this. I had somebody here last week that could not let go of this. He claimed every promise in the Bible was a reality in him now. He sat in that chair manifesting the most wicked spirit, the whole room filed up with tension and distress. Brethren it is done in heaven now it has to be done in earth. It must trickle down. You heard of trickle-down economics, well we have to have trickle down spiritually. It is has to happen to us, Brethren, it must happen to you, God help us Lord, help us Lord, help us, help us Father, you have got to do something with this erroneous teaching in the Church Lord, it is killing the children. How much longer father?


Do you understand that for as long as that man believes that every promise spoken about in this Bible was a present reality in his life, he was cutting off the move of the spirit that wants to make it reality in his life. That is what a Pharisee is. If you say, you are not blind, what can Jesus do for you? He sat there and he challenged me, and said, I will not give up my salvation to you.


Brethren, salvation is not an intellectual understanding. Salvation is a reality of your spiritual state of being. If you were truly saved, there is nothing I could say that would steal your salvation. If you think that because a man changes your mind about what you think, that you could lose your salvation, what kind of salvation is this? If someone comes to you with a stronger mind or a stronger will power than you have and because they could convince you with their talk, with there subtleties, to believe a different doctrine - if that is how you could lose your salvation, what kind of salvation is this? Brethren, when your salvation is within you, when He is formed in you, when you are moving in a measure of maturity in Christ, there is no wind or no doctrine that can steal that from you. When Christ has put down deep root in you, brethren, if the wind comes and knocks you down so far that you lying on your side, they still cannot steal your salvation from you.


My Bible says they killed the two witnesses and they lay in the streets and everybody mocked and made merry and as they were laughing, the spirit of life descended and touch them. As they rose from the dead, the people trembled with great fear. You think my doctrine can steal your salvation? What kind of teaching have you had? God have mercy on your people; get these teachers out of the pulpit. I am manifesting tonight. Praise God, get them out of the pulpit Lord, they are killing the children.


Paul is speaking to the saints and the faithful brethren in Christ, which are at Colossi. It is not only necessary to be a saint, and you are a saint when you confess Jesus Christ, but is also necessary to be faithful. You can be an unfaithful saint. I know lots of saints who are unfaithful. Everyone that is in the Church is a saint; I know lots of unfaithful saints. They say they are going to do something; they do not do it, all the time. Where are you, what happened to you? God is calling us to manifest His character, his nature.


Brethren, the flippancy in the Church today is not glorifying God and the world laughs at us because of it. It is not the witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. The witness of the Lord Jesus Christ is Christ in you, thinking through you, breathing through you, talking through you and motivating you. It is meekness, it is gentleness, but in the necessary crisis, it is great strength to rebuke. It never condemns, but it would judge righteousness judgment. To the saints and faithful brethren in Christ which are at Colossi. Now he is not talking to the ones that have the Holy Spirit Brethren, He is talking to the ones who are in Christ. He is talking to the ones that have the faith of Christ, to the holy ones, which are faithful because Christ is being formed in them. Grace be unto you and peace from God which is our father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Note please, the Father and the Son, God is of Father and the Son.... I do not really know that there is any Epistle that Paul writes where he says peace to you from God our Father, the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus Christ. Does anybody know of such a Scripture? Brethren the Holy Spirit is God, who is our Father, they are all one, Glory to God.


So we see in Verse 2, I would like to make one more comment, that we really cannot be faithful unless we have Christ. Brethren, the Holy Spirit does not build character, the Holy Spirit does not build your character, the Holy Spirit brings forth Christ in you and Christ builds your character. The Holy Spirit brings gifts unto you, why? To encourage you, to enter into a spiritual theater, to practice living a spiritual life of Christ, why? So that that seed of the Holy Spirit can impregnate you and bring forth Christ in you. That is why many people who have the Holy Spirit are not going through severe trials, they are being wooed, and they are being drawn into a deeper walk with the Lord. True faithfulness is only In Christ. There is a measure of faithfulness that the carnal man has, and some carnal men are faithful, why? They were raised in a home that taught them to be faithful and if they were not faithful, frequently beat them. Which is not such a bad thing if it is done in the admonition of the Lord and it is designed to build character that will save that child's life. This Scripture is not talking about the faithfulness of the natural man. He is talking about the faithfulness that would appear in you when you are in Christ. If you were never faithful, if you do not have the ability to be faithful, if you do not have the desire to be faithful, when Christ arises in you, you will begin to be faithful, why? As He arises in you, He is impressing His nature upon you, and you would be everything that He is hallelujah.


Verse 3. We give thanks to God and the Father. We ran into this in the book of Ephesians. I have not looked this up in the Greek, I am sure it is the same situation and it was in the book of Ephesians. They translated that word and, but it should be, We give thanks to God who is the father of our Lord Jesus Christ praying always for you. Let me review how God is the father of the Lord Jesus Christ. Does anybody recall how God is the father? Why is God the father of the Lord Jesus Christ? Can anybody put it forth, anybody? He came out from him....


Comment: When his relations with Eve, inaudible


Pastor Vitale: Well you are close. I think that you know the answer; you are just not expressing it to well. Okay let me remind you that as Jesus walked His walk of His ministry He varied His statement as to His heritage. On some occasions He said, I am the Son of God and on other occasions He said, I am the Son of man. I declared to you God is not frivolous, this Scripture is not frivolous, every variation means something. Jesus knew who He was the Son of. He was the Son of the Father, who was the male seed and He was the Son of man. If you look that word up in the Greek, it means, man faced creature. He was the Son of the living soul, who was his mother. His mind was the offspring or the product of that joining between the Spirit of God and the human spirit of the living soul. The male seed (the father or the Holy Spirit), the female seed, (the human Spirit which is the reproductive parts of the living soul), joined together and produced a zygote. The two cells joined so completely they became one cell. The first cell of a new creature or a new mind - Christ, God in the flesh.


The human spirit is the reproductive part of the living soul. If you are natural women, you do not conceive in your elbow. You conceive in your fallopian tube and the child implants in your womb. The living soul, who was formed to be the wife of God, has reproductive parts and that is the human spirit. So Jesus of Nazareth, a human being, who had a body and a soul that He inherited from His mother, but who had the nature of His father, was the first of the creation of God. He was the mind that was produced from the seed of the Father God, and the seed of the Living soul.


Everyone one else that have ever been born on the face of this earth is the offspring of the male seed of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and female seed of the living soul, and more specifically Eve. The whole world is in the nature of Satan, we are in the image of Satan. We are fallen Brethren, if we were in the image of the Father we would not be dying. We have a mind, let me say it one more time; we have a mind that has been born as a result of a union between Satan and the human spirit, which is the reproductive part of the living soul. Jesus of Nazareth had a mind, which was born as a result of the union between the male seed of the father and the same women that has produced this corruptible mind called the carnal mind. Our human spirit is a harlot. She has two husbands and if you are blessed, she has two offspring's. If you are cursed, all you have is your carnal mind and you are therefore condemned, why? If Christ is not covering you, you are under condemnation, that is your condition. Does anybody have any questions on this issue; it is a very important issue?


Comment: So you talked about one mind, that the man Jesus had, is that all basically


Pastor Vitale: You are asking about His carnal mind, why am I saying that?


Comment: yeah


Pastor Vitale: At the point that He stood up in full stature His carnal mind was not operative and the example we give is a bird. If you ever observe a bird while it is flying, and its wings are operational. Its legs just hang there dead. They have no strength or purpose when the bird is flying. So when the mind of Christ possessed the man Jesus' vessel completely, the carnal mind was paralyzed and we therefore do not even mention it, it is there.


Comment: The formation is the same process as in us.


Pastor Vitale: Oh yeah, well....


Comment: The formation of the carnal mind


Pastor Vitale: Yes, in the man Jesus


Comment: Yes


Pastor Vitale: Yes


Comment: The same process for us


Pastor Vitale: Yes, He was born with a carnal mind, which He inherited from His mother. That carnal mind was what made Him a human being. He could not have been a human being if He did not have that carnal mind.


Comment: You said that the realm of appearance is here, because we are in the imagine of Satan. When Jesus came forth, Christ overshadowed him, swallowed him up, why was the realm of appearance not changed.


Pastor Vitale: Why was the realm of appearance not changed?


Pastor Vitale: Okay, give me a second; I want to think about how I am going answer you please. I do not know whether the man Jesus of Nazareth could have converted this world system back into Eden, if He wanted to. I do not know whether He could have or not, but if He could have, I do not believe that the Father instructed Him to do so, why? It is the plan of the Father to bring forth a second generation of Christ. By and large the purpose of the man Jesus of Nazareth was to be the seed that would bring forth Christ in the whole creation. Just like, let me back up a little. We talked about this recently. The main, if only significant function, of natural Israel was to do what, do you remember? To produce the seed of Christ. The main significant, if not the only, purposeful function of the man Jesus of Nazareth was to arise to such a condition of glorification, whereby that seed (the carnal seed which was produced by Israel) would now be spiritualized and converted into a condition where it could be scattered upon all of mankind. That was His function.


Now the redemption, and the salvation of the whole human race comes next, and then after that the very last thing, is the conversion (or the reversion) of this fallen world system back into Eden. Everything decently and in order. This world system is called the Land of Nod. In some Scriptures like the book of Genesis, it is called East of Eden. If you look up that phrase East of Eden, or Eastern Eden, I may not have it exactly right. It is a different Hebrew word than the Hebrew word that describes the Garden of Eden. If you study it in the Hebrew, you will find out that the Garden of Eden that God planted Adam in, was an incorruptible garden. It was sustained by the power of God. It was perfect, it was righteous, the Scripture calls it male.


I talk a lot about male and female. I am not a female chauvinist . This is God's types. The male is strong and the female is weak, but, it has nothing to do with your body. It has to do with the spirit. There is no male or female is Christ Jesus. So there is no reason for women feel persecuted in Christianity. If the Lord grants you permission, you can become a spiritual male. You can do all things in Christ, but, the one who is stronger in Christ is male and the one who is spiritually weak is female. This is God's type, I did not do it, I am just preaching it. So if you look up these words. The Eden that God planted Adam in was a male manifestation of Eden. However, East of Eden, where Cain was driven to, the word is female. He was driven to the female side of Eden. I am going to suggest to you that this is it right here. You are it now, two other names for it are the Land of Nod, well the obvious, that is in the Scriptures, it is also hell, and this is it. We are in it now. We are in the East side of Eden, the female side of Eden, where if you do not have a man protecting you, everything dies, corrupts, and collapses. We are spiritually weak in this world system, without Christ, Hallelujah, Anything else right now on this issue? Jesus.


We give thanks to God who is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you. Of course He is our Father, why is He our father? He is our father because He is approaching us in the form of the Holy Spirit as the Father, who wants to bring forth His son. So if the Holy Spirit is moving on you, if He is wooing you, if He is approaching you, He is the Father. He is coming to you as a Father, whose full intention is to bring forth His son in you.


I remind you that, salvation is in the son, life only is in the son and we shall be saved in child bearing. We must bare the man-child of Revelation 12. That is the only way our life would be saved. It cannot be saved from any external source. When the man-child of Revelation 12 is born in full spiritual maturity in you, there is nothing that anybody or anything in this world system can do, to your human flesh that will cause it to die. It will regenerate, it will grow back on.


Brethren, everything that we see is an expression of the spiritual life, which is unseen. The true substance, the true reality is spirit. This whole world, our appearance, and our personality is illusion. The fact that we get sick, and that we have problems in this world is a continual witness that the invisible spiritual life within us, if we do not know the Lord, is corrupted. If we do know the Lord, we know that the Lord is still in mustard seed form or maybe sprouting. If we have the problems that are common to all man, we know that the Lord Jesus Christ has not been fully born into fully manhood into our life. If He was, we would have full dominion over this world system and every wickedness in it, every plague, including death. There would be no destruction that can cleave onto us. If our arm was cut off, we could stick it back on (like Jesus put the ear back on to the guard) or we could just grow out another one.


It is just clay, this body is just clay. It is an apparatus for the spirit which is within us to operate and function in this world system. That all it is, it is nothing Brethren, it is nothing. If we look around in this country today or in this area, anyway. I believe it is over the whole country and we see how more and more people are living out in the flesh, spending hours an in small fortune in bodybuilding and beauty conditioning and extreme amount of money on clothing. Brethren, they are all living out here in outer darkness, with almost no spiritual substance in there life at all. There is nothing wrong with exercising or liking a nice dress, but it cannot be your primary focus in life.


Paul is speaking to the Colossians and he is saying that he and the other apostles have heard of the faith in Christ Jesus, of their faith in Christ Jesus. Now please note the variation from verse three, which speaks about our Lord Jesus Christ, and verse four, which speaks about faith in Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus, Brethren, is the second generation of Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is the first generation of Christ in this hour. He is the unconscious mind of the saints who are moving into Christ, and He has become the Father to you. He is bringing forth His children in us. The manifestation of Christ that is appearing in the individual is Christ Jesus. Your unconscious mind is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is now spirit. He was glorified, He is now spirit and He is appearing as the new unconscious mind of every saint, everyone that is called, and everyone that is experiencing Him.


They now have two unconscious minds, Satan and the Lord Jesus Christ. Satan has brought forth carnal mind, corruption and the Lord Jesus Christ is bringing forth Christ Jesus in you. One manifestation of the Lord Jesus Christ a corporate unconscious mind flowing through all the believers and many manifestations of the second generation of Christ Jesus - the personality, which is born, the mind which is born in a man, because the Lord Jesus Christ has had a union with your human spirit; and brought Him forth.


At this point, we are individuals in Christ Jesus. Our own personality is being woven together which Christ Jesus to express a personal manifestation of Christ, that which the Lord desires to bring forth through us, an individualistic manifestation of Christ at this time.


Since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus, and of the love, which ye have to all the saints. So we see Paul commending the Colossians for their faith. What does it mean: faith in Christ Jesus? It means that they had faith, that Christ Jesus is going to stand up in full spiritual maturity in them. Why would you have faith in Christ Jesus? Brethren, He has got to stand up in you, He has got to stand up in you. Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, so that He could be raised.... from the dead, not that He is being raised from the dead a second time, but His resurrection from the dead is still going on.


He must be raised from the dead in every human being on the face of the earth. Why? There is just one creation, our natural example is this plant? There is just one root system in this plant, many leaves. So for the Father to raise the living soul from the dead, He must raise the whole plant from the dead. Jesus of Nazareth was just the first leaf to be raised from the dead. So He is still being raised from the dead. Last night we talked about the temptation, continuing in all of the second generation of Christ. Do you remember that? We talked about that. It is the same thing with the resurrection. It happened in the first cell of this living soul. It has to go through the whole plant for it to be completed. Is everybody okay?


Since we heard of your faith that in Christ Jesus is going to fully mature in you and we have also heard of your love that you have towards all the saints.... Brethren one of the signs, if not the overriding sign, that Christ Jesus in maturing in you, is that you will show love to all of the saints. Now love is not necessary sticky itchky gooey, huggy kissy thing. To show love to all the saints, means to manifests Christ. God is love, Christ is love.


It means that we will not manifest it our carnal mind to the saints, but we will manifest Christ to the saints. Now, you can have very good manners and be very socially trained because of your upbringing; but I do not believe it impresses the Lord. He wants you to manifests Christ, the love of God to the saints. He wants to be you; He wants to be your personality. That is what is happening, that is what this is all about.


Verse 5. For the hope, which is laid up for you in heaven, since we heard of your faith.


Because of the Hope which is laid up for you in heaven.... so I got ahead of myself before. This is why they have faith in Christ Jesus, because He is promising them the hope which is laid up for you in heaven. Now the hope is that Christ Jesus will fully mature in you and save your life. So they have faith that Christ Jesus, the hope which is laid up in heaven, which is what? Your new unconscious mind. Heaven, the realm of the spirit. They have faith that Christ Jesus, faith that Christ will stand up in full stature. Because the hope which is Jesus Christ, which is laid up for you in heaven or in the unconscious mind.


Verse 5. Where of, ye have heard before in the word of truth of the gospel. What Paul is saying is, that they have faith in Christ Jesus because they heard the word of truth in the Gospel. They heard this message that am preaching to you tonight. That the Lord is bringing forth a new mind in you, and because a new mind is in you coming forth, you can hope to overcome every destruction that is in your carnal mind. The reason you have this right to hope is that Jesus of Nazareth died, was raise from the dead, ascended, and is now pouring out of His spirit in you. He is going to do the same thing in you that He did in the man Jesus. Christ will do the same thing in you that he did in the man Jesus that is why you have this hope. The hope of this resurrection from the dead - from the death of this world system, we are trapped down here.


Do not tell me that you are not trapped, because after seventy eighty or nightly years you die. Brethren, if you pass on in seventy, eighthly or ninety years your children are still here and your grandchildren are still here and your great grandchildren are still here and the Scripture clearly teaches that you are all one. Jesus said to the Pharisees, I know you are the children of the ones who killed the prophets, why are you doing the same thing to me. That is a Scriptural principle, that you live in your offspring. We are trapped down here. We cannot get out, without the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. This message is being preached to you. This message which is the truth of the Gospel and we found a Scripture.... I believe in was in either Daniel 9 or Daniel 10 the very last verse.... Gabriel was speaking to Daniel and he said Daniel nobody is going to believe this message that I just given to you. Remember that, when I told you? No one is going to believe the Scripture of truth, unless they have Christ in their heart. No carnal man is going to believe this message. If Christ is in your heart, you'll hear it. When you pray about you will believe it. That is what he said.


So this is the second witness to that statement in the New Testament Paul is bringing it forth. That we should have hope in the resurrection of our dead human spirit, which will deliver us out of this world system, because we have heard the word of the truth of this gospel.


Verse 6. This Gospel which is come unto you, as it is in all the world; and bringeth forth fruit, as it doth also in you, since the day ye heard of it, and knew the grace of God in truth.


This Gospel, which has come unto you, it is going throughout the whole world, and wherever it goes, it brings forth fruit. The Word of the Lord shall not come back void. Do not be discouraged; do not despair, when these words fall upon the hearts of men. The Lord Jesus Christ will bring the increase but we have to let the people go, very frequently, they passed through here and the seed of Christ falls upon their hearts and they pass out. Sometimes they come back to or three years later, sometimes we never here from them again. I declared to you that they would never be the same. That if this Gospel of truth has pelted across their mind they will never be the same.


So wherever this Gospel goes, it brings forth fruit, not necessary right away. If you plant a seed in your natural garden, does it spout the next morning? You have to wait Brethren, you must be patient, believing that God is faithful. As this Gospel brings forth fruit wherever is goes, it is also bringing forth fruit in you. Since the day that ye first heard of it and knew the grace of God, that is in truth.


Wow, this is an interesting statement here, is says that it is bringing forth fruit you, since the day you heard of it and knew the grace of God in truth. So it is really not enough to hear of it, you have to recognize that it is the grace of God and that it is the truth in God. Praise the Lord. You could be hearing it for two years and not recognize it that it is the grace of God in truth. What does it mean: the grace of God in truth? We have been talking about the grace of God here, over this pass couple of months, and we been saying that the grace of God is Christ Jesus. Grace it unmerited favor and the unmerited favor or the form that the merited favor has taken, which the father has given us, is Christ Jesus. We do not deserve to be delivered out of our sins, it is the mercy and the grace of God and His answer to our problem is the impartation of His life to us, in the form of Christ Jesus.


So this is the grace of God that appears in the truth. Well, let me put it to you this way. We have recently discussed that there is only one baptism, but there are many degrees of baptism, starting water baptism. As we follow-through we receive the Holy Spirit, baptism with the Holy Spirit, baptism with fire, etc,etc, etc. It starts with water baptism and it ends with being baptized into Christ. So there in one baptism but many stages thereof, we studied that recently. I want to suggest to you that there is only one Grace of God, his name is Christ Jesus. However, He is reveal to us in many stages, many stages the end stage or the final stage of which, is his full spiritual birth in us, which will bring us to full stature. So I want to suggest to you that in this expression: The grace of God, truth in Verse 6, we are talking about the manifestation of Christ, which brings forth true doctrine.


Now everybody who has received seed of Christ, in whom Christ is beginning to be formed, is not necessary hearing true doctrine. So they have received the grace of God, which is Christ Jesus, in and immature stage which has not brought them to a place where they could receive the truth. Receiving of the truth is a mature stage of the impartation of grace, which is Christ. Now I am not talking about receiving the truth of your carnal mind. We have a large segment of the Church that has a lot of deep revelation but they are understanding it with their carnal intellect. Why would say such a thing? I do not see the fruit of Christ in them. Doctrine alone does not indicate that Christ is coming forth in you. What are the two major indications? Does anybody remember? What are the two major signs that Christ is appearing in you


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Pastor Vitale: Well love is a sign. The two major signs are righteousness, peace, love, it is love, yes love, but love of Christ not a false love - agape love, righteousness, character, holiness. I do not care how much doctrine you have. What condition is your character in? Is this doctrine producing the nature of Christ in you, if it is not, it has failed, or you have not heard it. Now we know that this doctrine cannot fail but maybe it fell on the waste side. Do not come to me and quote Scriptures and deep revelations to me. Let me see your character and your nature.


I declare to you, I am not going to see it until we get into a conflict. When we get into a conflict, I will find out what your nature is. Now that does not mean that you cannot have a bad day and manifest. That is not what I am talking about. After you have a bad day, what are you going to do about it. Are going to reconcile or you going to make it right? If you did something wrong are you going to apologize? Are you doing to go that extra mile? How are you going to deal with your humanity? Until you become inhuman; until you become a God. How are you going to deal with your fallen nature? Will you blame the other person for your sins, or will you accuse them falsely? Will you be human or will you be Christ like. As God bring people into my life. I have plenty of time; we will see what the fire will reveal. Amen?


I spoke to a preacher that I have a lot of respect for, up in Connecticut not to long ago. He has been in the ministry for many years. He evangelizes all over the world. He has a thousand-member congregation, and he said to me, It should not take much more than a year, whatever is in there, it will show up within a year. You have plenty of time praise God. Brethren, let us know whom we labor with, I do not condemn anybody, let us know who we labor with, let us not be deceived, Hallelujah.


Verse 7. As ye also learned of Epaphras our dear fellowservant, who is for you a faithful minister of Christ.


Paul is a saying to the Colossians that there is another person involved, I think we just go passed that. Once again, I will point out to you that he is a faithful minister of Christ. He is not a minister of the Holy Spirit, Brethren. He is a minister of Christ, of the flesh and bones of Christ of the spirit and the word of Christ. You see the Holy Spirit has been absorbed; the Holy Spirit has decreased, so that Christ can increase. The Holy Spirit has lay down so that Christ could be exalted - Christ the greater manifestation of the life of God in the flesh. I just heard someone in the spirit say but Jesus said father is greater than I and you just said the Holy Spirit is the father and now you are telling me that Christ is greater.


Brethren, the Holy Spirit is the seed of the Father, He is not the Father that is omnipotent. He is the manifestation of the Father that is in the earth. The Holy Spirit is not beyond the earth. He is a manifestation of the seed of the Father that is restricted to the minds of men. He has a specific function, and that is to bring forth the son. When Jesus said, the father is greater than I, He was speaking about the Father who is omnipotent - the Father who was outside this realm of time as well as flowing through this realm of time. That is not true of the Holy Spirit. That is true of the Father God. The Holy Spirit is one function, one administration, or one specific purpose of the Spirit of God. It only functions inside of men. It is lesser than Christ. Anybody not understand that? Hallelujah, Praise God.


Verse 8., Who also declared unto us your love in the Spirit.


Your love in the Spirit. Paul again, emphasizing that the only love who is valid to God is the love that comes forth from the Spirit of Christ. We do have people, human people, who are capable of a large measure of sacrificial love, but the greatest manifestation of human love (which is called phileo love) no matter how sacrificial it might be, is inferior when compared to the love Christ. The Lord wants to see the Love of Christ comes forth in us. Why, Brethren? As Jesus clearly demonstrated to His disciples, phileo love is not powerful enough to bring forth the measure of healing and deliverance that this dying world needs. Remember the disciple could not cast out the demons? Jesus said, O you faithless generations how long shall I suffer you. What He was saying to them was, You are carnal; you were not doing it out of Christ. You were doing it out of Adam. How long am I going have put up with you, when are you going to mature into Christ, and He went and cast out the demon.


Brethren, we are limited, the Church is limited as to what we can do with the anointing that we presently have. The answer is not that we are going to fly away to heaven and get a greater anointing. It is going to happen in the flesh but it has not happen yet. You are going to have to face up to the fact that not every promise of the Bible has been fulfilled at this time. You do not possess it at this time. It laid up for you in heaven but it has to get down to your earth. Wake up people. It was in the newspaper not to long ago a woman died in poverty and when the officials came to clean up her apartment she had all kinds of money there that her son had sent her and she did not know what it was. I think it was checks. She never cashed them. I think she starved to death. Brethren, it has got to get from heaven to your earth, help us Lord.


Verse 9. For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you.


For what cause? That you have love in the Spirit. We heard that Christ is being formed in you and we are so grateful and joyous that we do not cease to pray for you. Brethren, this is a great mystery. When you are moving in Christ, when Christ is being formed in you and the Lord brings you together with another human being in whom Christ is being formed, a union take place. A joining, takes place. A soul tie is created and you enter into each other hearts. The only way you could pray without ceasing, it to carry someone in your heart, loving them in memory, thinking of them, hoping for the best for them, thinking kindness towards them and godly increase towards them. That is how you pray without ceasing. I have had at least had two people tell me that they heard, at a moment of crisis, they heard me praying for them. You were one of them were you not? You heard me praying for you in your dreams or something? Well, it was somebody; I thought it was you or somebody else.


They heard me praying for them in their minds and in one instance I was told that were frighten. It was so supernatural. They called me up and asked, Have you been praying for me, I said I pray for you are the time. You are in my heart all the time, you entered in and you never leave. Every good and special gift that is poured out upon me as I meditate here, in this house alone it is being transferred and it is flowing into you. I do not have to know that you are in need, the Christ is me is flowing through that soul tie into you. That is how you pray without ceasing Brethren. That is a supernatural ability to pray which is only found in Christ. That is why, as Christ begins to be formed in you, you will find yourself less and less involved in long ritualistic prayers. They are not necessary if this manifestation of Christ is functioning in you.


People who are praying out of there carnal mind or out of the Holy Spirit doing the best they can down on there knees, laboring for hours, you might hear them say to you, it took me three hours to break through. Did you ever hear anybody say that? You have to break through into the spirit, Brethren when you have Christ being formed in you, you do not have be on your knees for four hours, breaking through. You will be driving down the highway and Christ is going to break forth on you. I tell you the truth, I may have mentioned to you a few months ago, I was at a service, and I heard the pastor's wife, giving a testimony that she had labored in prayer for four years before God raise up the ministry that they were in. She went into more detail. I walked up of the service confused, I said, Lord what is she talking about? She prayed for four years for a ministry. I never asked you for this ministry, you pursued me until I said yes. You came to me and said will you do it? And I said no. It is the truth, I said, no. What is she talking about? It is a totally different anointing Brethren. It is Christ possessing you, it is not you trying to lay hold of Christ and possess Him. Jesus.


Verse 9. For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.


A knowledge of His will, Brethren, in wisdom, which is the mind of Christ and spiritual understanding. Let me remind you what the Lord has been bringing forth here for months. Wisdom is not enough, wisdom is not enough, you must get understanding. There is a big error in the Church; people think if they bring forth a prophecy, if they have dream, if they bring forth any spiritual communication, they automatically have the gift, which enables them to understand it. More often than not they do not and they bring forth a gift that is truly of the Spirit of God. However, they understand it with their carnal mind and they bring destruction into their own lives and into other people lives.


So Paul is saying that he prays that you should have knowledge of his will, through wisdom, which is the mind of Christ, and through understanding that mind of Christ. When God gives you a vision, a dream, or any form of spiritual communication and He also gives you the understanding of it - His purpose in doing so is that you should have an understanding or knowledge of His will. He wants you to know what He is doing, how exciting. How many people get to know what God plans to do? So when we receive spiritual communication, we must pray judiciously. When we get an understanding we must continue to pray and say, Father, if this is not you, take it from me, I want your understanding of it. I am so blessed that you will seek to give me a knowledge of what you intend to do. Glory to God.


Why would He do that? Why would He want us to know what he is going to do? His son is in us, and in fact, we are His son. We shall judge angels and rule this world. We are growing up from seed and we are not to be robots through whom He flows by his spirit without giving us understanding. We are to be co-heirs with Him and understand everything that He does through us, with knowledge because His mind is woven together with our minds not because we are robots that His spirit is channeling through, which is what happens in the occult and which is what happen with the spiritual gifts. We are un-participating vessels, the Holy Spirit lays hold of our vocal cords. We do not know the first thing about what is about. When you enter into Christ He wants you to understands His will. However, you must know that we stumble at the point of understanding, it is easy to get the vision but lets find out what the vision means. That is not so easy. There is s spiritual labor involved with finding out what that vision means.


Verse 10. That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God.


So he is saying that Paul and his other apostles pray for the Colossians without ceasing through the spirit so that they might be filled with the knowledge of His will which come through the mind of Christ in spiritual understanding, which is a Christ. He wants them to have that, what? A knowledge of His will, which comes through the mind of Christ and the spiritual understanding thereof. So that they might walk worthy of the Lord. Be worthy of the fact that He has put His son in you. What does that mean? Live out of his son, act like a son, and do not be a robot. Lay hold of your responsibility, do not flee from it, do not be afraid of it. Do not to make mistakes. Pray every step of the way, if you make a mistake learn from it. Put your pride away, pick up the gauntlet and go forth in Christ. Be worthy that Christ is being formed in you. Walk worthily, not be worthy, but walk worthily, walk in Christ, if He has given you Christ walk in Him.


Being fruitful in every good work and do the good works of God's Spirit., and let every encounter that you engage in, everything that you do, let the fruit of Christ appear as the result of it. Increase in the knowledge of God. Another witness that we are not a robots, we are being raised up from seed. Increase in your knowledge of God, not in wisdom, not in understanding, but in your knowledge of God. That word knowledge means union with Him. You cannot really know somebody until you get closer and closer to them. So as you do all of these things, you will find yourself becoming closer to God. When you come closer to God, your wisdom, and your understanding and your knowledge increase, it is a continuum. Of course, the ultimate, is total union with Christ, someone said to me .the other night, My spirit is one spirit with God. Brethren, your spirit is not one Spirit with God.


You would not be saying the things you are saying, if your spirit was one spirit with God. God has begun, Lord Willing, to join with you. It is a process. The end of that process is full spiritual manhood, which is perfection.


Verse 11. .... strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power.


This is a continuation of verse 10. It goes all the way back, and Paul said pray for you without ceasing, so that you might Verse 11 you might be strengthen with all might. I call to your attention again that Might is one of the seven Spirits of God. It is the Spirit of God that typifies Christ. The first three Spirits of God are found manifested in the imputed anointing and it bring forth the Spirit of Might, which is Christ. When the Spirit of Might begins to appear in you the last three spirits of God be revealed through you. Those spirits, and those manifestations of the Spirit are associated with the imparted anointing. So Paul is saying we are praying for you, without ceasing because etc, etc, and addition to all the other things we are praying for you without ceasing so that you shall be strengthened above and beyond your imputed anointing that the imparted anointing might begin appear in you.


The Spirit of Might is going to appear in you.... because of His glorious power. Brethren, He is appearing in you. It is nothing that you have done or that you can do, no more than a woman can impregnate herself. Brethren, you need a man, to impregnate you ladies and He is impregnating you, Lord willing, and bringing forth the Spirit of Might in you by His glorious power, or because of His glorious power. .... unto all patience and longsuffering and joyfulness. He is bringing forth the Spirit of Christ by His glorious power and when it starts to appear in you, you will receive patience and longsuffering and joyfulness. The word patience and long-suffering, I am sure you are familiar with, they are fruits of the spirit and joyfulness is that joy which comes out of the Spirit of Christ. It is not a carnal joy that we stir up in our carnal minds, neither is it something that we use to cover over our heartache. It is a joy that comes out of the Spirit of Christ. We cannot force it, we cannot conjure it up, it comes with maturity in Christ. We cannot be talked in to it. We cannot be told to manifest it, it is something that comes forth without an exertion of our will.


If you try to do it with your carnal mind it is a religious work that will cut off the move of the spirit from you. If you are hurting it will cut off healing from you. Brethren, I have experienced this myself, I have so been hurt, that I tired to deal with the pain with my carnal mind , because for whatever reason the healing power of Jesus, either it was not pouring out of me, or I could not receive it, or whatever my problem was at the moment. I have tried to do it with my carnal mind and all I have done was hurt myself more. The Lord spoke to me and said to me, Pastor Vitale, just confess that you failed. That is what he said to me, just confess it, be at peace, just say, I did it Lord, I resisted and I could not, or I tired to overcome and I could not take the victory in Christ, I failed. Please have mercy on me and help me. Then He moves out of his spirit and He does whatever He is going to do. He showed me that the whole time that I was trying to control it myself, I was cutting off the move of His spirit. I just received total relief, when I let go and stop trying to control my own healing - when I let go and stop trying to deal with that pain myself. I said, Lord I just hurt, and I utterly fail to deal with this pain, take pity on me. I found that the pain that I was trying to deal with for the last three weeks was exhausting me in my mind. When I gave it to Jesus, when I truly said, Jesus I failed to deal with this pain. He gave me the ability to deal with it; it is a mystery Brethren. I had to stop trying to do things in my own strength and give it to the Lord, it is not easily done but all things are possible in Christ.


Verse 12. .... giving thanks unto the Father.


Okay now he is praying for us without ceasing, so that we should be able to give thanks unto the Father and what does that mean? It means that if we are carnal we may not be able to give thanks to the Father. Did you ever meet somebody that could not give thanks to the God, Amen? I have met people like that, they cannot do it. So the apostle is praying for the Colossians and for us without ceasing that we should have an ability to be thankful to the Father for everything that He has given us, including the trials Brethren, because they are, bringing forth the peaceable fruit of righteousness, which is Christ,


Verse 12. .... giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers or which had made us qualified to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light.


Did you ever wonder what that meant brethren? There is an inheritance of the saints, which are in the light. Brethren, I remind you of reverse inference. If there are saints in the light, there must be saints in the darkness Brethren. There must be saints that are not in the light. There are people who call themselves Christians and they are not living out of Christ. They are living out of their carnal mind and the tragedy of it is that most of the time they think that they are living out of Christ and they are deceived. There is nobody there showing them the error of their ways, that makes them orphans Brethren, and widows.


What is the inheritance? Who knows what the inheritance is? That we may be partakes of the inheritance. The inheritance is Christ - full stature, it is Christ. We are inheriting Christ and He is inheriting us. We get His mind He gets our body. Sounds like a fair deal to me. He can have this body, (laughter). So when the apostle prays for you without ceasing He is enabling you to give thanks to the Father, which thanksgiving qualifies you to be partakers of the inheritance, which is full stature for the saints who are fighting to live out of Christ - the ones who are thinking under the light of His mind.


Verse 13. .... who hath delivered us.


Now who is He talking about? Christ here, where does this come from, who has delivered us? He is talking giving thanks unto the Father which made us to partakers of Christ. Christ who has delivered us from the power of darkness. What is our name for the power of darkness, what her name? The carnal mind, Satan, through the carnal mind. Christ has delivered us from the power of darkness, from our own carnal mind the enmity in our own flesh, our mind who was in enmity with God. Christ has delivered us from that mind and hath translated us into the kingdom of His dear son.


He has delivered us from the carnal mind and translated us into the kingdom of His dear son. Now let me remind you that a kingdom, the spiritual understanding of the kingdom is that it is a mind. We are being delivered out from the carnal mind and translated or transplanted into the mind of Christ. Okay now remember how this is happening, our true reality is spirit, and our true reality is our human spirit. Does anyone know how we are being translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light? Anybody want to take a shot at this?


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Pastor Vitale: Well yeah, but how is it happening


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Pastor Vitale: Okay I will remind you again, I will put it on the board


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Pastor Vitale: You want to put it on the board


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Pastor Vitale: Put it on the board


Comment: This is the carnal mind


Pastor Vitale: Right


Comment: On top of the carnal mind


Pastor Vitale: You are doing great


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Pastor Vitale: Amen, amen, okay this is the translation brethren, right, absolutely; the beginning of the translation is that the human spirit in both mind simultaneously. She is a harlot each mind has a god and she is in a spiritual sexual union that god. She is joined to both the carnal mind and Christ, if Christ is being formed you she is both in kingdom of darkness and in the kingdom of light. As she abides in the light, she would be completely adsorbed into the kingdom of light and completely delivered from the kingdom of darkness. This event is called full-stature, at which time the fire of Christ will burn up totally, and utterly render powerless, (what does it mean to burn it up? it will render powerless) the carnal mind, permanently.


Comment: It also calls piercing


Pastor Vitale: Yes, it is piercing into Christ and those


Comment: That light is like magnetic, that light is sucking the human spirit towards


Pastor Vitale: Yes, it is pulling it. We have likened leaving the carnal mind, to space travel, to trying to rise against the gravitational pull, which is sin, but in Christ, all things are possible. He is like a tractor beam, He is coming in there he is trying to drag us out.


Comment: He is going to drag us out, together


Pastor Vitale: He is dragging us out. It is a battle and it is an overcoming and every time we take the victory we pierce towards deeply into Christ and we leave the carnal mind more and more behind.


Comment: It looks like the rapture and we are gone in the mind of Christ


Pastor Vitale: Let me just say one thing, before you say, okay it is caught up and you cannot say that she is being sucked out there, I just want to put this on the recording, but I do not know sometime people hear this who have not heard anything else. It s not that she is being sucked out. She is has to be freed up, before she can be sucked out and that freeing up is accomplish by what? By fire. That carnal mind is being melted and as the elements melt Christ is going in there and drawing her out.


Comment: Is it liken to the rays of the sun absorbing the water?


Pastor Vitale: Evaporating the word you mean


Pastor Vitale: Absorb the water; evaporates


Comment: Like the rays, the sun going down to the water and drawing up the water, is that be....


Pastor Vitale: It evaporates the water, when the water becomes vapor it ascends up into the cloud. Yes, that is exactly what happens, you may recall we go into that on the 78th series and we say that the fire of Christ is upon the living soul. Now the living soul or the spiritual life in the soul realm is typified by water. So when the fire of Christ touches it, it brings the water to a boil. The water is evaporating and the Scriptures, we found scriptures where this process is likened to the, I guess you can call it a distillation of the seawater. The water is turning into vapor and ascended and what we have left is the minerals. The minerals typify spirit. Many Scriptures indicate that mineral typifies spirit. The gems on the breastplate of the levitical priest, if you do a word study on all the words that typify the gems, when you square root it down as far as you could go there we are minerals. All gems are minerals, okay, did I answer your question?


Comment: Will he be making us as coals?


Pastor Vitale: Yes, because when that fire is burning. When that fire comes upon the living soul, several things are happening. It is boiling the satanic realm, which is typified by the sea and the now the spirit cannot be boiled, because she typifies by gold. So it is purifying the gold. That fire is doing one thing to the water and another thing to the metal. It is a very intelligent fire. Anybody else before we go on. That was very good you know


Comment: You said that the mind of Christ is birthed inside the carnal mind, right?


Pastor Vitale: Yes


Comment: So it is really inside the carnal mind?


Pastor Vitale: The carnal mind is the womb in which the mind of Christ contained, when it is in seed form. An then the day comes it has to burst out of it's womb - to be fully born it has to burst out of its womb.


Comment: Is that fire burning up the womb around it. Is it that seed of Christ burning up or is that fire coming from the father?


Pastor Vitale: No it is coming from the inside. I will ask you to review your diagram that you have. It comes from the inside. XXXX did the drawing they are very good.


Comment: Inaudible


Pastor Vitale: What do you mean, when she comes out, is that a twinkling of an eye? Well. I do not know I am of the opinion the twinkling of an eye is a life time. That if one day with the Lord is a thousand years to us, that the twinkling of an eye whole lifetime. We shall be delivered out of this world system in one lifetime.


Verse 13. ...but delivered us from the carnal mind and have translated us into the mind of Christ, the kingdom of his dear son.


Verse 14. In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins.


Christ is the one who is giving us redemption through His blood. Brethren, this Scripture is not talking about the red human blood that the man Jesus of Nazareth shed on the cross of Calvary. There is no redemption in human blood, Brethren. There is redemption in the spiritual blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Blood, the life of the flesh is the blood. The life of this human flesh is in our human blood but the of the flesh of the Son of God... He said, You must eat my flesh and drink my blood or you have no part in me, and they ran away from my droves, they thought He was talking about cannibalism. He said, You must partake of my spiritual flesh and my spiritual bone, okay? So the blood is the spiritual life of Christ. It is talking about the spiritual life of Christ. The flesh meaning the word of God and the bones are the spirit of God., but the term the blood is talking about the very life of Christ. Spiritual life. In whom we have redemption through His life. We are redeemed from the curse from what?


Comment: the law


Pastor Vitale: Of the law, we are redeemed from the curse of the law and that is not talking about the Levitical law. It is talking about the curse that is upon humanity because we broke the spiritual law of God. What was the result of our breaking that law of God, what happen to us? We died, we were driven out of Eden and we died. He is going to redeem us from this condition that we were driven out into.


We found it other Scriptures that when we were driven out of the garden we were bound by chains of darkness. We discovered (when we looked up every word in the Greek and Hebrew - that Scripture in the Greek) that what it is talking about is that our mind was bound together with Satan mind. Have we not been teaching here that Jesus is weaving together his mind with our mind? Well when we were driven out of the garden, Satan's mind was woven together with our mind. That is the chains of darkness that we are bound together with. So we are being redeemed out of that condition of mind, which has produce this world externally.


Hell is real it is a place, this is it right here. You do not know where you are. So in Christ, we have redemption through His spiritual life as was just put on the board. Brethren, the redemption is the opportunity to enter into Christ, if all you have is the Holy Spirit and you refuse this message and Christ is not being formed in you, you have no redemption. Where is your redemption? You still have all these problems in your life. Oh, I see when your body dies, you are gong to be delivered. No that is not true. Your redemption is in Christ, so he must be formed in you and then you have to get inside of Him. He must pierce you and then you must pierce Him. So we have redemption through His spiritual life, which is the forgiveness of sin.


Brethren, I hear Christians walking around waving there Bibles telling me that they are forgiven. Brethren, the forgiveness of sin is a spiritual reality that is why if you have been around in the Church world for any length of time at all, you must have some revelation that it is real easy to say, Yeah I forgive you brother. However, if you have any honesty at all, you know they have not forgiven you and you know that you have not forgiven them; unless God grants you the grace to do it. Forgiveness is not easily come by. I cannot tell you how many people have said to me, I forgive you and I, my discernment kicks in and I see they are raging at me. Forgiveness is a gift of God. You cannot do it Brethren. Forgiveness is in Christ. So listen to this Scripture here, in whom (Christ) the one whom we have redemption through His (His life, which is Christ). Okay, through his life being born in you we are redeemed from the cruse that drove us out of the garden and killed us. And the only way we are going to make this real to us, is that, we got to get out of the garden. We were driven out of the Garden of Eden. We were driven in to the East of Eden, which is the carnal mind. So to make this redemption a reality, we must come out of the carnal mind, which is East of Eden and get back into the male aspect of Eden. You cannot get back into it, if it is not being born inside of you. We are redeemed by His life, which means that if Christ is being formed in you, you have the apparatus of redemption, and that this is the forgiveness of sin. Brethren there is no forgiveness for sins in you carnal mind. You have to get into Christ. You see we are under grace right now. The Lord is saying to you, I have made a provision that would forgive your sins. When your human spirit translates into Christ, there will be no more sin. When God forgives your sin, He takes it away from you completely. He is getting you out of your mind which is sin, your carnal mind is sin. You cannot help but sin with your mind. So the true forgiveness of sins is to be translated out of your fallen mind. So right now we are in a in between stage.


The Lord said I am building my son in you. I am building the kingdom of light in you. I am building the provision, which will make it possible for me to forgive your sins in you. Therefore, while this process is going go, if you sin and you repent, I will not impute sin unto you, I will not let the judgment fall on you unto destruction. However, do not be deceived Brethren, the judgment will fall, but they will be used to build Christ in you. You will translate from the Reaping and Sowing Judgment (which is mediated by Satan) into the White Throne Judgment (which is mediated by Christ). That which is meant to destroy you shall be used for your good. However, the true forgiveness of sins is to be translated out of your carnal mind into Christ. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? It is very important. We have a temporary forgiveness of sins in this hour, because God is forming the permanent vessel (or vehicle) for forgiveness of sins within us.


The true forgiveness of sins is for our true spiritual reality to exit from our carnality (which is sin) enter into Christ, and then Christ will destroy that wicked city, which is our carnal mind. The true forgiveness of sin is the destruction of sin. Brethren, if every time you sin and you say I am sorry and the father forgives you and you go out and do it again, you might as well go to the Catholic Church's confessional. This cannot continue. God is permitting it for a season, why? The vehicle that will destroy your sins, which is the true forgiveness of sins, that they should be destroyed.... There is a Scripture in the Old Testament they will be cast into the sea, they will be no more. If you sin a sinful thought, you are envious, and you repent, and a month later, you are envious again, how can your sins be cast into the sea? The sea that they are being cast into Brethren, is Crystal Sea, Christ.


Let me say again. If you are envious, you repent, the father forgives you, and next month envy arises in you again you are fighting it, you are resisting it, you are doing everything you can to not be envious, but it comes out of your unconscious mind. Whack it is in your conscious mind before you can even stop it. You repent again, you are doing the same thing the same thing that they do in the Catholic Church. Brethren when God forgives your sin, He obliterates it. He fixes you, so that you will sin no more. Did not Jesus say to the adulterous woman I am not going to stone you, go and sin no more. He said that I do not have to stone you because I just imparted to you the ability to stop sinning. The true forgiveness of sin is the impartation of spiritual power, which enables us to stop doing it. We must stop sinning and that is only possible by entering into Christ.


Brethren, if the Lord permit go on into perfection because our God, is a Holy God. He will never tolerate sin; it will never be acceptable to him. He hates it and the only reason He is not destroying it now.... well where is sin all sin? All sin is in the mind of man. The only reason He is not destroying it now, is that we would die. He is winking at it for a season until Christ in us becomes a fully mature man and then He will burn that wicked city and then there will be no sin in His holy mountain, amen. How do you enter in? it is an overcoming. First Christ must begin to be formed in you, there is no entering in, if you do not have that which you must enter into. The kingdom of light must begin to be formed in you. You must conceive Christ.


Comment: Conceive Christ is to?


Pastor Vitale: The Holy Spirit has to enter into your heart and causes you to conceive Christ. That happens by exposing yourself to spiritual ministry such as us. If this is Jesus speaking though me, my words are spirit, my words are life and if they are spirit and life they are falling on your heart. Lord willing you are conceiving and growing.


Thank you Jesus, Verse 15. (We are still talking about Christ) ...who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature.


Christ is the image, not Jesus Brethren, Christ. Not the man Jesus, but the spiritual life of Christ. He is a mind, Christ is mind, and He is the image of the invisible God. The image of God is impressed upon the mind of man, not in this body. The image of God is in your mind in the way you think and live your life and behave. All you Christians out there, do not tell me that you are in the image of God, because you are not. You are fallen and my God is not fallen. He is exalted and Holy and in a high place. You are not. You are in his likeness in that your true reality is spirit and God is spirit, but that spirit within you in this hour, is in the image of Satan. Whether you want to believe it or not or whether you like it or not. You are corrupt.


So Christ, the mind, Lord willing, is being formed in you. He is in the image of the invisible God. The Spirit of God expressed though the mind of Christ. That mind is Holy and without sin and irreproachable. When we escape into him, we too shall be holy. We are holy now because we have a down payment, the earnest of out inheritance. That promise is to make us holy, we are holy by proxy. We are justified because the first fruits are within us. However, it is an imputed holiness. It must become a reality unto us, why? Our time is running out. We are entering into a season where there would be no more imputed holiness. If you do not get into the imparted holiness, you are going to find yourself out on a limb somewhere.


Christ the mind, is in the image of the invisible God. He thinks like God, He has the nature of God in his mind, He has the character of God in his mind as you think so you are. He is also the firstborn of every creature, and that word every can also be translated the whole of. I am going to suggest to you that this Scripture is saying that He is the first born of the whole creature. He is the first one that is born of the whole living soul. What does that mean? The living soul is a many-membered soul. None of us are born, we all are en utero and we are dead. Eve is carrying a dead fetus, but the father is raising His son from the dead one cell at a time. Jesus is the first one who has been born out of the womb. He has exited the womb and entered into the real world outside of his mother belly. This whole world that we live in, with all the universes, is a spiritual womb. We have no idea what our Father's world really looks like. What is our Father's world? It the unrestricted realm of the spirit. We are restricted within boundaries but after glorification, all worlds will come down. We will have the eternal life that the Father has. Totally with any restriction at all.


Jesus is the first one that made it out of the womb. He is in the eternal realm of God. We are locked down here in the realm of time. Time is within the eternal realm of the Father. Is everybody okay? Christ is the one who is expressing the nature of the spirit of God and the man Jesus, is the first one to be born out of this womb into the reality of the eternal realm of the Father and He the first one out of the whole creature that has done. Amen, any questions?


Comment: You mention about the stages of Christ, can you explain a little bit more about it?


Pastor Vitale: You mean the stages of resurrection? I am not sure what you mean. The stages of Christ? The stages of development in Christ? Well, Christ must be conceived, that is the job of the Holy Spirit - to quicken your human spirit, and drawing with it so completely that it produces a brand new cell, which is Christ. There is no more human spirit, there is no more Holy Spirit there is just Christ. He starts to grow and He many experiences He has to overcome eventually He grows up to full manhood, okay. It is an overcoming process.


Anybody else? Okay, Glory to God.




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