186 - Part 7


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I want to take a few minutes to give you some insight, some practical applications of the expression which we've heard a lot of recently, the bones of Christ, breaking the bones of Christ, and you'll find that this explanation is going to also be an explanation of how come when frequently, I've seen and been watching this happen in the church for years, that the spirit of God will be manifested and someone or something will be out of order, and the spirit of God will go away, and the minister will say, well Christ is gentlemen if you don't act right in his presence, he's just going to go away, has anyone heard that preached? You've never heard that preached? That the spirit of God was manifested and someone was out of order and he was just gone for the rest of the service, did you ever hear that? He was just gone for the rest of the service, and the preacher's explanation is Christ is a gentleman, you don't want him he goes away, or you've grieved the Holy Spirit, okay did you hear that one, you've grieved the Holy Spirit, what a lie!


So we're going to have some practical explanation now on what happened when the Holy Spirit is grieved, when he goes away, and he doesn't come back until the next service, and I want to suggest to you that another way of expressing that, is that his bones were broken. So let's start by talking about what the bones of Christ are. Bones meaning skeleton, skeleton meaning structure. It's your skeleton that gives shape to the person that you are, amen? Okay.


Now we know that in the Scripture bones typify spirit, and I would like to suggest to you that the bones of Christ are not the bones of a human body.


That expression the bones of Christ is not talking about the frame of the human being in which the spirit of Christ is manifesting, but the expression the bones of Christ is speaking about the frame of the actual spirit of Christ. Now I know I didn't make that clear, let me try it again, when we're in a meeting and the anointing comes down, pretty much everybody can recognize the anointing in some measure, even if you just feel a peace, is there anybody here that cannot recognize the anointing, you all must, because you all knew that he wasn't present in that deliverance at the last meeting, okay. We all know that the anointing is present, I want to suggest to you that in that experience when we recognize that the anointing is manifested, when the anointing is present, what has happened is that for that moment, Christ has been raised from the dead and his structure is appearing, it's a spiritual structure, it's not the skeletons of your body, but you know that something is in that room and I want to suggest to you that it's not just air, it's a spiritual structure that has appeared and I'm going to describe that structure to you.


It is a soul who's God is Jehovah, it is a manifestation of the father being expressed through the minds of men in that room, that is what the bones of Christ are, that is what the structure of Christ is, that is what the skeleton of Christ is. And I would likewise like to suggest to you that when a wrong spirit, everybody knows there's a wrong spirit in the room, you know it's not God, you know something's wrong, something's grading in your heart, does anybody not know when it's a wrong spirit, okay. I'll be glad to tell you that a structure has appeared, a spiritual structure has appeared, a spiritual skeleton has appeared, and it is a spiritual skeleton, it is a manifestation of a spirit, a spirit has taken form and is an expression of a spirit that is not the father, his name is Satan.


When Satan is expressed through the minds of men, and his spirit fills the room that if you have discernment you can recognize it, I'm suggesting to you it's not just air in the room but it's a spirit that is in a particular order, god is Satan and the manifestation in the realm of appearance is the what? The carnal mind, the carnal mind, and the bones of the carnal mind have appeared, and they have manifested, they have taken shape, is there anyone that doesn't know what I'm talking about, okay. Now I know you have never heard this before, but it's very exciting.


So manifestations of a spirit, spiritual manifestations we are being told have a skeleton, they have a form. Now usually, there are some exceptions, but usually in the natural, if we would see a frame of somebody without their head, we can tell whether a skeleton is of a male or whether a skeleton is of a female. We know that men are usually bigger, they're usually broader, a woman's hips are usually wider. Archeologists and anthropologists that look at skeletons can tell whether it was a male or female by looking at the skeleton. So when a spirit is manifesting in an individual or in a group of people, there, well let me put it this way, when an individual is expressing himself or there is a group of people who together in some kind of interaction, a conversation or pursuit, there is one spirit that is manifesting either over that individual or over that group. When the group comes together and they put their minds together and they engage in whatever activity they're engaging in, they bring forth a spirit, which has a skeleton, which has a form, which has an order, it's either Satan through his carnal mind, or it's the father through his Christ.


Everybody with me? So now we found out what the bones of Christ are, and we found out what the bones of the carnal mind are, and when we did Daniel 8, we found out that the carnal mind had bones too. In this hour Christ is in the process of breaking the bones of the carnal mind. So let me review this for you, I mentioned, I believe I mentioned it on a recent tape. Brethren this whole creation is spiritual.


Everything that you see happening out here in the outer realms is a manifestation of what's happening in the realm of the spirit. Does everybody understand that? Nothing happens out that did not first happen in the realm of the spirit. We have some people that get into prophecy and they say well everything cannot be spiritualized. Brethren it doesn't happen out here unless it happened first in the realm of the spirit. This whole world is an expression of the spiritual world which is unseen. Does anybody have a problem with that? There's nothing that happens out here that doesn't happen in the realm of the spirit. Occult people know that. Paul said, that this world system is a gazing stock, if you look that word up in the Greek, it means it's a stage, it's a stage where spiritual life is being played out like a drama. Pray about that one, I tell you the truth. There are things in the realm of the spirit that may not be expressed in the natural, although I believe most of them are, I can't say all of them but most of them are. But there is nothing out here that did not start in the realm of the spirit.


Some spirit has to bring it forth, either the father or Satan. We do not exist by ourselves, we are an image, and we're an image of a mind, either the mind of the father through his Christ or the mind of Satan through his carnal mind. We are expressions, we'll find out in the message tonight if I ever get to it, that we are words. I think it's in the Psalms, I'm not sure, there's a Scripture that says we're the words of God tried in the fire seven times coming out as pure gold. We are expressions of the mind and the spirit.


Okay now I have a very important revelation for you brethren. We have been learning here that the carnal mind, I'm sorry that the imputed Christ at the beginning of time had it's bones broken, that Christ at the beginning of time, was an imputed Christ, he started out as female seed, who was unfertilized, the father had not yet joined with him, but the father said to him, I am imputing authority to you, I'm standing you upright in the garden and I'm giving you male authority because that is my protection to you, we see that in this hour with the imputed anointing, the gifts are passing away, we see men in the pulpit frequently that sin, some more and some less, and a lot of Christians cannot comprehend how this could happen, when they have the spiritual authority that they have, it happens brethren because God gave them that spiritual authority without repentance, the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance, and why would God do that? Because there was nobody and is nobody in this world in full stature, and what is full stature? Full stature is a condition of a man whose carnal mind which is sin is completely under the dominion of Christ and therefore he will have all the signs and wonders of the minister with the imputed anointing, but without sin. Anybody not understand that? This is all review. Everybody okay?


Okay. At the beginning of time, the Lord formed his Christ in the creation, the Christ was the mind of the creation. The name of the creation was, anybody? The name of the creation was Adam. He had a mind at the beginning of time and that mind was called Christ or we could say that mind was called righteousness. At the beginning of time, the creation was righteous. Does anybody here not know that the creation fell and became evil. When the creation fell and became evil, it's name changed from Christ to carnal, it was still Adam the creation of God, but it was no longer righteous Adam, it was fallen Adam, okay, everybody alright? I want to suggest to you that ever since the fall of the imputed Christ, ever since the carnal mind, oh I know I wanted to tell you this too, this is a hard word but it's a spiritual word, if you can't receive it, I most sincerely ask you to pray about it because I tell you the truth and that is that the mind, the mind that is in the creation is the high priest of the God who is causing this creation to appear.


We found this also in Daniel 8, this creation is an expression of a spirit, and the manifestation of that spirit, as the mind of man, makes that mind the high priest of the spirit who is being expressed. Is everybody with me? When the creation is fallen, the name of the mind in the creation is the carnal mind, and the carnal mind is the high priest of whom? Of Satan. When the creation is righteous, the mind in the creation is Christ and Christ is the high priest of Jehovah, father God. Now what does a high priest do? A high priest offers up sacrifices, right? Everybody okay? A high priest offers up sacrifices, and I want to suggest to you that the high priest of this creation, now what are they the high priest of? They're the high priest of creation, everybody okay? There is a God of the creation, it's either Satan or the father, and there is a high priest of the creation, either Christ or the carnal mind. And the high priest is continuously offering up sacrifices. In our natural type, which is the Levitical priesthood, there was a continuous sacrifice, within it the fire never went out, there was continuous sacrifice.


Brethren the natural is our type of the spiritual so that we can understand, and what I'm suggesting to you is that there is a continuous sacrifice being offered up to the God of this creation by his high priest, and that that which is being sacrificed is the souls of men. I want to tell you that when the carnal mind is ruling in you, when he is being expressed through you, when Satan's image is your nature, your soul is continuously being offered up to Satan by your carnal mind as a sacrifice of the high priest to his God. Every time you think a carnal thought, your soul is being sacrificed by the carnal mind to Satan. Now don't panic, the truth isn't going to change anything, it's going on whether you knew about it or not, and there's a whole world that doesn't know about it and they're happily living out their lives, but how do I know that this is true, because at the end of their lives they die. How do I know that the carnal mind is offering up billions of people in this world system continuously as a sacrifice to Satan? I know it because they all die, and they all have trouble in their life and they all have pain in their life, some more than others, but everybody's got something. But I tell you that when Christ is your mind, he too continuously offers up your soul as a sacrifice to the father, but when Christ offers up your soul as a sacrifice to the father, you receive life. Your soul must be sacrificed. What does that mean? It means that your soul which what? Your emotions, your mind and your will must be possessed by a spirit which is expressing himself through you, and when Satan is expressed through you by means of the carnal mind, that spirit which is death is killing you. But when Christ offers up your soul, your mind your will and your emotions unto the father and the father's nature is being expressed through you, you receive life, your soul receives life.


Now there are Scriptures for this. Make yourself a living sacrifice, aside from what we found in Daniel 8 which was very spiritual and difficult. Let your soul be a living sacrifice, let every thought that is expressed through you be a sacrifice unto the father, let no carnal thought come through you. Let Satan not get through you. Does anyone not know what I'm talking about?


So this is my point, ever since Christ's bones were broken at the beginning of time and let me just say it one more time, what was Christ's bones at the beginning of time? There was a manifestation of a spirit in the creation at the beginning of time and the structure that that spirit was in was the father being expressed through his Christ. And the bones of that expression of the father were broken, his spirit was grieved, is you will, it disappeared and in it's place was found a skeleton of a different mind, a structure of a different mind, and the creation fell and it's name became fallen or evil Adam.


So what I'm suggesting to you is since that occurrence, since the bones of Christ were broken at the fall, God the father has continuously attempted to reestablish the skeleton of his Christ in the earth. He tried with Seth and in fact succeeded in establishing the skeleton or the structure of Christ in the earth in Seth, and that structure of Christ prevailed for several generations after Seth, right up until Noah. Christ was still appearing in the man Noah. The Scripture says Noah was the only righteous one, well we know he wasn't perfect why? Because he fell after the flood. So how could God say he was righteous? Brethren the bones of Christ were appearing in that man's mind, but on the other side of the flood the bones of Christ in the man Noah, and Shem, Ham, and Japheth his sons, were broken, they were dispelled, they were taken down, they were replaced by another skeleton, and we have this whole series on it. How do I know that that happened, brethren how did we get to be where we are now, the whole creation is fallen, what happened to righteous Noah? Where is he? Right? The creation fell, Noah was righteous on the other side of the flood, he came to this side of the flood and the creation fell. The bones of Christ, the structure of Christ was taken from the earth once again, and something replaced it, some spiritual skeleton had to replace it. Some spiritual structure had to replace it, what was his name? The carnal mind, the carnal mind broke the bones of Christ, what does that mean? It means this other spirit came in where Christ was manifesting knocked him out and manifested. Brethren when the Holy Spirit is grieved what happens is that another spirit comes in and knocks Christ down and exalts himself, or manifests, can you hear this? So I'm saying to you that the father has never ceased from attempting to cause his Christ to be formed in the earth from the time of the fall. Christ appeared in Abraham, Christ appeared in Isaac, Christ appeared in Jacob, Christ appeared in Israel, and Israel fell, why? Because the carnal minds in the men that made up Israel exalted themselves.


Brethren two spirits cannot be expressed at the same time. It's possible for one man to express Christ in one minute or one second and express the carnal mind in the next second or the next minute but the two cannot be manifesting together. Somewhere along the line the men of Israel rejected the mind of Christ that was structured in them, that was built in them, that was evident in them, why? Because the mind of Christ must have told them something they didn't like to hear, and their carnal minds rose up and broke the bones of Christ, and natural Israel fell.


And today in the church we have the same thing, we have a corporate gathering and the Holy Spirit is manifesting and some silly little thing goes wrong and the Holy Spirit is grieved and he goes away, my what a fickle spirit, what kind of a God do we have? What does this mean brethren, it means that the carnal minds of men in this hour are in full stature, the carnal minds of the men in the church are in full stature, what does that mean? It means that he is a product of the male seed of Satan and the female seed of Eve, and they have had an offspring called the carnal mind, it is a three fold cord, the carnal mind is a three fold cord and it's not easily broken.


The manifestation of Christ in this hour then, is an imputed Christ, he is a manifestation of your human spirit who has been given imputed authority given as a gift, by the father. There has not been a joining and there has not been an offspring. It is the father and your human spirit working together but not joined so completely that they have become one. It is the father and the human spirit working together but not joined in a union that has produced the Christ, that is the imparted Christ, which is a three fold cord. He's a two fold cord, does anyone not understand what I'm saying, when the three fold cord attacks the two fold cord, what do you think goes down? The two fold cord goes down. Don't tell me the Holy Spirit goes away because his feelings got hurt, let's grow up brethren.


Whether you like it or not, you are engaged in a vicious warfare. It is a warfare between two spirits, each of which have a mind, two spirits each of which is being expressed through the mind of man, and what is it that they're fighting over? Somebody? They want to appear, they want the use of our bodies and our minds. They want to appear in the earth, they don't want the use of your body and mind and my body and my mind, they which ever spirit, we have two spirits, the father and Satan, they are fighting for total and complete dominion, such total and complete dominion that they are appearing in everybody's body and mind, and that this world system out there reflects their spirit. They're not willing to go half and half.


And now I would like to take it one step further, in individual conversations, in small groups, in a group of two people or even in one person alone, there is spirit that is manifesting through you. Frequently depending on what you're doing. I use to have a secular job, I don't believe Christ was manifested during those eight hours, I really don't believe it, but I was concentrating on my work, that wasn't Christ, that was my carnal mind doing my job. So even if you're alone, there's a spirit that you're manifesting, usually you're not manifesting Christ unless you are doing the work of the father. What will cause you to manifest Christ, what will cause Christ's bones to appear in you? What will cause the structure of Christ to arise in you, when you set your mind towards the work of the father.


You know when I first came to the Lord, I was given some counsel if you're depressed, praise God, just praise God, and it just didn't make any sense to me to just stand there like a robot saying praise God, praise God, it just didn't sit right with me. But now, I'm not suggesting that you do this, but now I understand the wisdom behind it, what these people were trying to say to me is if you want release from your stress, the spirit of God has to be stirred up in you, your relief is in the spirit of God. It's not the fact that you're saying praise God, praise God, praise God, and my counsel to you would be do whatever it is in your life that will stir up Christ in you. If you're a musician play. With me it's studying, Christ arises in me, if you want to listen to music or listen to a tape, whatever you do that will cause Christ to arise in you, if you're in distress do it, because comfort is in Christ. It's our carnal mind that's in pain, and when Christ arises it overpowers our carnal mind, the pain goes away. So get into Christ.


So what am I trying to say, I'm trying to say brethren that we should be, we are in this war with Christ, but most of us don't know it. We should be fully involved in this war with Christ, on behalf of Christ, join with Christ to keep his spirit manifested in us to the fullest extent that we are able. And every time that we permit or agree with our carnal mind arising in us, we have agreed with our carnal mind to break the bones of Christ. Now look, I don't tell you this to condemn you. If you're condemned it's your heart that's condemning you resist it and rebuke it. I'm giving you information that you need to fight this warfare, Jesus is going to help you, to discern the difference between the two spirits. Christ must be formed in you, and he must manifest in you, his structure must appear in the nature that you're expressing. And every time no matter hard it seems to you that you permit your carnal mind to rise up and break down the structure of Christ, either in your own mind or in someone else's mind, you have given place to the enemy, and I'm not condemning you, you've got to learn this.


And you're like soldiers in boot camp that are coming close to shooting their foot, you've got to learn how to use this gun. The weapons of your warfare are spiritual. The goal of everyone of us should be to have the bones of Christ manifested where?


In our minds, and to stay manifested as long as possible, and when they're not manifesting when the skeleton of the carnal mind is manifesting to cry out to God, to arise and overpower him. And I would like to sort of kick off a new aspect of warfare for all of you today, by making you aware that when we're even fellowshipping in small groups that what happens is that the father moves to form his Christ, he'll move on someone who will yield to his spirit, God is no respecter of persons, but some people yield more easily than others, ask the father to help you, he's no respecter of persons, he wants to manifest through you. So if you're a small group, if you're three people or four people, he will go to everyone and put a thought in their mind that will cause the bones of Christ to be erected, but probably everyone won't respond, but if at least one person will respond, his structure will take form over the whole fellowship. Whether it's a church meeting of a thousand people or a group of two or three, his Christ will appear, his bones will appear, it is a temporary resurrection, why do I say temporary? Because in this hour, he's not abiding, John the Baptist said, the father said, the one upon whom the Holy Spirit abides, that's the one, he's not abiding in this hour, he rises from the dead and he dies.


Romans 6 say Christ now being raised from the dead dieth no more. Well what does that mean, it means that Jesus the Christ now being raised from the dead, dieth no more, because he is the glorified seed. We in this hour are not manifestations of the glorified seed, how do I know that? Christ is still rising from the dead and falling in us. The carnal mind is still killing him, but when the Lord Jesus Christ completes his work in you or in me and Christ Jesus is brought forth from seed in us, he will rise from the dead and will kill the carnal mind. That is the sign that you are in full stature, but in this hour it is proven daily that we are not in full stature and that the Christ in us is the immature two fold Christ which rises and is capable of being killed and is in fact killed by the carnal mind all day long, I want to tell you he's been dying many many many times over and over and over again, since his bones were originally broken at the time of the fall, and the father has never ceased from attempting to bring him forth in the earth and in the minds of men. So I'm here today to tell you that when you gather in a group, and Christ is erected over that group and somebody makes a carnal statement, if you yield to your carnal mind, and your response to the move of the spirit is carnal, what you have done is you've given place to the devil, the carnal mind who is in full stature, who is come forth from seed, who is a three fold cord has found place in your mind, has come forth. Brethren these bodies are cities for spiritual life, he has come forth from your city and he has attacked the two fold Christ and knocks him right out. And the average believer through whom Christ is erected, when this happens we'll withdraw. I've never seen it otherwise except that God's been giving me different instructions, outside of what he's doing in me at this moment, it may be happening all over the world, I've never seen it. The believer withdraws, they don't even know what happened.


Usually they feel distressed, they feel crushed, they feel a negative emotion, but they don't understand it and they'll think of a Scripture that says submit ye one to another and they'll forget about it. But I want to tell you brethren in this hour, the warfare has come down to our earth. Brethren we're entering in. We are entering in, I'm not saying we're the only ones, I don't know, but we're the only ones that I know of in this area. We are entering into a full scale warfare. And I'm telling you that you have authority in Christ, God has given me authority in Christ to turn right around to that person and say, now you have to be in Christ it has to be in love, you say now look at what just happened, this person was making a spiritual statement, and you responded out of your carnal mind and because you yielded to that thought, that anointing that structure of Christ, just went. You grieved the Holy Spirit, you hurt his feelings so he went away, bologna. Your carnal mind killed him, if you're condemned, rebuke it, I'm not condemning you, I tell you the truth so that you can be set free, don't receive condemnation, don't you receive it. He didn't go away because you hurt his feelings, you killed him, you crucified Christ, he died for you alright, he died so that your carnal mind could live, you killed him. That was a sarcastic remark, anyone listening to the tape, I have other messages proving that the man Jesus of Nazareth died for us, Christ didn't die for us, Christ death Was a tragedy. Paul said we die all the day long, his carnal mind dies every time Christ is exalted, well every time your carnal mind is exalted Christ is killed all the day long. Every time your carnal mind puts Christ underfoot, you have killed Christ. Now ask God to help you, brethren how exciting, this warfare has come down to the earth.


COMMENT: Isn't there a Scripture that says you have crucified Christ afresh?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, thank you you have just manifested Christ which you frequently do, you frequently do. And this sister has given us the Scripture you've crucified Christ afresh. He's killed all the day long. So I am telling you what God has told me. Now of course this is if you're dealing with spiritual people, if you're dealing with a carnally minded person, if you're ministering to them and Christ is built in you and they throw cold water on you or if they respond carnally and they break his bones, well really all that you could do is pray in your own mind, Lord what do you want me to do, but when you're with a group of believers, when we're together and somebody here manifest a carnal thought and breaks the bones of Christ and crucifies Christ right in front of you, brethren God is challenging all of us, those who have recognized that Christ was crucified afresh and those who have crucified him, he is challenging us to not let our feelings get hurt, but to have this pointed out in the love of God, that the person that God moves upon is to say now look brethren, look at what just happened here, Christ was manifesting and your carnal mind just crucified him and I want to tell you, he's going to come right back, because it's been happening, and the reason that I believe that it's happening, what happening? That he doesn't go away for the rest of the meeting, okay that his feelings aren't hurt so bad that he goes away until the next time. The reason that it's not happening here, the reason that he's coming back here, is because we have a measure of the imparted anointing.


Now you'll hear it on a few tapes, I know it's definitely on one tape, on the basic principles series, where I had an encounter with a young man in the congregation who was manifesting pretty badly and I manifested in response to his manifestation, and I just asked the Lord, I'm not sure, I think I repented and I just asked the Lord if he would please not let the meeting be ruined, and the anointing came back in full strength, and that has happened several times, and I think I even have it on that tape, this is very strange, every time I've ever seen the spirit grieved, it has not come back at that meeting. And I wasn't quite sure why it was happening, or why it happens in this ministry, and now God has told me, it's because there is a measure of the imparted anointing, which is what, what kind of a cord? A three fold cord. The imputed anointing is a two fold cord, but in this ministry in me the imparted anointing is not in full stature but coming forth. The imparted anointing which is the three fold cord, do you understand? Coming forth from seed in me, the seed of the father has joined with my human spirit and Christ is being born, okay. Okay.


Now again this is a mystery but when you take the carnal mind which is in full stature which is a three fold cord and you take Christ in full stature which is a three fold cord, you're not equal, you have two three fold cords which are not equal. The carnal mind is an inferior three fold cord.


So when Christ comes forth from seed, he is stronger than the carnal mind who has come forth from seed. And that's why I've seen this happening over the past year at least, that even after the spirit's grieved, he comes back even in the same meeting, he comes right back. God, now check this out, apparently he is still immature enough, who the three fold cord which is Christ is still so immature in me that the carnal mind the three fold cord which is the carnal mind in whoever manifests this ungodly spirit is strong enough to knock out the Christ, he knocks him out. Okay then I pray and he comes back, he's not gone for the whole meeting, but the carnal mind in full stature is stronger than the Christ in me who is not yet in full stature. He's still strong enough to knock him out, but he doesn't stay out for the whole round, he comes back. And I find that he comes back, most likely to come back when I deal with the problem in a way that is acceptable to him, which is usually righteous judgment, it's usually a godly expression of authority.


I want to tell you brethren when the father gives you authority and you don't use it, he's not going to back you up, he's not going to back you up with his supernatural spirit, if you're not doing all that you could do in the flesh, does anyone not know what I'm talking about? So when I do that, when I do what he requires of me, when I exercise a godly authority, he will come in and he will come back. Do you see the warfare, I'm preaching Christ, someone walks into this meeting and opposes Christ by manifesting another spirit. When I come back with a godly expression of authority, I knock out the carnal mind, he knocks me, I knock him, it's like a boxing match, can you see it? Can you see it? How exciting! Isn't this exciting? This is exciting! It doesn't feel too good, when you get punched in the mouth, but as you keep on practicing, you know you've got to do it too. I'm preaching to hear myself talk, number one you have to learn to stand still when Christ is not manifested, and then you have to learn to recognize the difference between Christ and the carnal mind in your own mind, and you have to have some measure of victory not total victory, but some measure of victory over your own carnal mind. That night that you came into the meeting, and you said, That little girl in me didn't want to come, but I brought her here. You must rule your carnal mind, I don't care what she's saying to you, I don't care what she's threatening you with, you are Christ and you do what's right, and your standards for what's right is the law and the righteousness of Christ, that's your goal, that's your homework assignment and when you start to move in that area, God is going to send you to other people, now I know you've been praying for other people all along, but he's going to start sending you in a new order manifestation to other people. He's going to start sending you in a manner that's going to be imparting this anointing to other people, he's going to start sending you with a ministry that's going to impart the mind of Christ, that's going to cause people to be fertilized and conceive Christ.


So does anybody have this message brethren, the warfare has come down to the earth! How exciting! All you people that say, all you people that think that this spiritual invasion of the Scriptures is a waste of time, brethren that's a reality, the spiritualization of the Scripture is a reality but it's got to come down to the earth. I know that the Scriptures are playing out in the world today, I see this nation falling, I see it turned over to sin, I see many things happening in the world that could be seen in the Scripture, but I've told you as I've been preaching this for five years and I'll say it again, what good is it doing you. If you believe in the rapture, it's a sign that the rapture is coming, I don't believe in the rapture brethren, what good is it going to do me? My hope is that at the point of total collapse, at the point of the collapse of the economy, at the point that there's no more food, and no matter, the worse of what can happen, that Christ in me will stand up in full stature, he being the vehicle for all provision.


He being that which is within me which will provide my every need, I don't care what's going out there, there's nothing I could do about it. And if you, I'm not telling you not to look at it, but you want to look at it, look at it, but to make it the focal point of your attention, my opinion is that you're a fool, I'm sorry it's nothing personal, it's my opinion of this behavior. I love you in Christ but that is my opinion of this behavior, you are wasting time that could be used to enter into this warfare, what is going to result in Christ in the erection of Christ in you that will not only put you in the position to overcome whatever comes on this earth, and I remind you that he that overcometh shall inherit what? This creation, shall inherit his portion in this creation, shall inherit dominion over this creation, so not only we are concentrating on the spiritual, be a means for you to overcome and have dominion over this world system, your own mind your own body, and all the world out there, but it will put you in a position to help not only your love ones but whoever God sends to you.


What good is it doing watching all of these things happen in the middle east, it's pointless, true obviously true. And you don't have to agree with me, you're free to have your own opinion, but I can't see any glory to God in it, I can't see anything positive coming out of it, I can't see any help to God's people or the world in it, but of course if you believe that if you don't receive Christ you're going to burn in hell forever, well I guess you could say well all this coming to pass will scare them into receiving the Lord, if that's what you want to believe then maybe it makes sense to you, but I don't believe that. I believe the love of God is going to convert the world. Any questions on this message?


COMMENT: I was thinking the greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and to love your neighbor as yourself, and every thing is contained in that.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen serve him willingly. Jesus. It's exciting what God is doing. I just want to publicly thank you for the privilege of being a part of bringing this message forth, and no matter what pain we have to feel it's worth it, now you see I can say that because I'm not in pain, but when I'm in pain, I don't want to hear it, okay. I give God the glory and I repent of all the times I've moaned and groaned, but when I moan and groan please be kind to me and minister to me, don't minister the law to me, okay, but now that I'm up, I say it's worth it, it's worth every wound, it's worth every whipping, it's worth everything, what a glorious honor, to be bringing this forth. I'm telling the day is coming it can't be far away, we're not going to be able to fill the orders on these tapes, we're not going to be able to fill the orders. It's not time, we have to enter into the time. And God's going to have all this prepared for the people he is calling into the kingdom. We have about three hundred and thirty messages right now, and he's not letting up. You think I could bring forth a message like this myself? This is him.


COMMENT: We were speaking about love, I just saw a big hand, and I thought of Jesus God and gloves covering the whole hand.


PASTOR VITALE: Praise God. Well the hand typifies ministry, and our ministry is being covered, we have to have a covering, we have a covering either it's Christ or the carnal mind, but we must have a covering. My hand must be covered. Let's just pray for all of these people that their Christians and ministers that so against us, so lifted up in pride. We just bless them Lord, all of them that are so critical of us, I just rebuke that spirit of envy in them, that somewhere deep down knows what God is doing here, I just curse that envy, and that pride and that unteachable spirit.


But we bless them, and we pray that you should have the same mercy on them that you've had on us, that they should be, that you should permit them to partake of these blessings Lord, and we forgive them for their enmity towards us Lord, and we pray for those who despitefully use us and we pray father that you, that this be not lip service but you do the work in us that we should forgive every one that's hurt us Lord, and that we should find it within ourselves to manifest Christ towards them. Thank you father. We forgive the sins of all the ministers that are breaking the bones of Christ in this hour, and we ask that you show them the same favor that you've shown us, we're all sinners Lord, and we understand that work with small numbers, let enter into our labors Lord, let them partake of our labors, even though they've tried to kill us. Grant them repentance and great favor in the name of Jesus.


Father I meant to do this earlier and I forgot I do ask you for a mass deliverance tonight, I know that there are people here who are really hurting, including myself, the warfare has been rough and very deep there's this great pressure on us, which is the spirit of judgment, and I ask, I just pray for deliverance for everybody, and I ask for a mass deliverance because we're so few here and it takes so much time to pray for people, I ask you for a mass deliverance or a new order deliverance, if you'll do it, if not we'll labor father and do whatever we have to do. Thank you Jesus, thank you father, we're just going to wait on him a little bit, I'm not sure what happened tonight, I have a whole message on Revelation 21, it's only 9:00, so I may preach it, I just want to wait on him and see if he has any instruction. We just wound the carnal mind, we curse it and let Christ arise, let his skeleton be formed, let his formation appear oh God, and let it abide upon us. Make us overcomers father, and more than conquerors, give us dominion over our carnal mind. Lift the burdens father and break the shackles oh God. Deliver us from the things that bind us to the earth.


...and he shall be my son, that's not what the Greek says, the Greek says and he shall be the son, the son, it's in the Interlinear, and he shall be the son. Christ the singular undivided Christ shall over come the divided carnal mind in the many members of the living soul, and he shall be the son, there is one Christ and there is one son. I know the Scripture says he's bringing many sons to glory, I haven't studied that Scripture but I'm telling you that he's one son in many members, and I'm sure that that Scripture would prove out. There's one Christ, he's not divided. There was a group here on Long Island that was preaching that God had many begotten sons, no he doesn't have many begotten sons, that would mean many sons brought forth from seed, brethren we went through this when we did Revelation 12, there's only one son brought forth from seed, and that's the Lord Jesus Christ and he is unfolding like a plant and we are the leaves on this plant. There's only one manchild brought forth from seed. He's the only seed. There's two seeds, the corruptible seed, and the incorruptible seed, there's only two seeds and the corruptible seed is passing away, which leaves us with one seed, the incorruptible seed, the Lord Jesus Christ he is the root system of the glorified creation, that is coming forth and we are leaves on his plant and when you study Revelation 12, the manchild coming forth, you'll see that the Lord Jesus Christ has come forth from seed but we are cuttings we are grafted in. There's only one seed brethren, there's only begotten son. Alternate translation, Revelation 21:7, the one who conquers his carnal mind shall receive the living soul as his inheritance and I will be his God and he shall be the son, the one who conquers his carnal mind, Christ in the many members of the living soul, he is conquering this many-membered carnal mind, he shall receive the living soul, that's his inheritance.


He's going to live in us, and I will be his God says the father, and he shall be the son, one many membered son, one spirit, many physical bodies, and many carnal minds until such time as the, well the carnal minds cease to exist first and the physical bodies will exist during the first stage of resurrection, and during the second stage of resurrection. We will lose our physical bodies in the third stage of the resurrection which is the glorification. Verse 8, this is the last verse, "But the fearful and unbelieving and the abominable and murderers and whoremongers and sorcerers and idolators and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death. Now there's a great mystery about the second death brethren, this is not an accurate translation, we had a similar problem when we did chapter 20:14, and death and hell were cast in to the lake of fire. This is the second death. I'm in chapter 20:14 now and what we found out when we did that verse, no I'm in chapter 20:14, talking about the second death, okay everybody with me. Okay I'm doing this as a reference to chapter 21:8, because I want to suggest to you that the lake of fire is not the second death.


I was at a teaching once and he teacher asked now what is the second death and someone jumped up an said the lake of fire and she was the star student. Brethren the lake of fire is not the second death, okay. when we did chapter 20:14, we found out that the Greek word translated "this" is a Greek word that is referring back to what which was spoken about earlier, and brethren, I want to tell you about that which was spoken about earlier was death and hell. The subject of the verb, death and hell were cast into the lake of fire, we're talking about what happened to death and hell. The lake of fire is modifying death and hell, does anybody have any problem with that. This verse 14 of Revelation 20 says, and death and hell, we're talking about what happened to death and hell, that's the subject, they were cast into the lake of fire, the lake of fire is an adjective and it is modifying it is describing what happened to death and hell, is everybody okay. The subject is death and hell, and this Greek word that's translated this, is referring back to the verb, to the subject, I'm sorry to the subject. So what it's saying is this death and hell which is the second death were tossed into the lake of fire. I have this on another tape, death and hell which is the second death, remember the first death was the spiritual son that died so that he could made into a man, and the second death was the death of the righteous man, the righteous creation died, it became death and hell is the world system that it lives in, this is the result of the second death right here. So death and hell which is the second death were cast into the lake of fire, is everybody okay?


And we have a very similar situation in verse 8. I'll get to it, I'm going to go down the whole verse, we'll get to it, "..but he fearful and the unbelieving..", fearful means fearful, unbelieving means ones without faith, and as I just said just a few minutes ago, if you don't have the faith of Christ your faith is worthless. So these unbelieving ones are the ones who don't have Christ. Brethren if you have Christ you're going to believe the whole doctrine of God, depending on the maturity of Christ as he matures in you, you will believe the gospel of God, he's not equally mature in everybody, but the fact that you're even sitting in a meeting like this means he has to be in there in some measure, if you believe any part of this, he has to be in there in some measure. So the unbelieving ones are those without faith, the ones that do not have Christ being formed in them. So this Scripture says if you don't have Christ being formed in you, you don't even believe, and we have a whole church world thinking that they're saved because they believe in false doctrine.


You have to believe what Christ believes brethren. To be saved you must believe what Christ believes, not your fantasies and your false doctrines. Okay the abominable, "abominable" Strong's #948 means to break wind or to stink, and I'm going to suggest to you that Satan's spirit stinks. We know the Holy Spirit smells like flowers, some of us have had the privilege of experiencing that odor of the Holy Spirit, that's the flower that's on the plant, or are we not the planting of the Lord. Okay the father is the root system, the Lord Jesus is the vine, the flower, those of you that have a garden knows that before you get fruit you have to have a flower, to have a tomato plant if you don't have yellow flowers you won't have any tomatoes. So the father is the root system, the glorified Lord Jesus Christ is the vine, the flower is the Holy Spirit. You have to have the Holy Spirit for the fruit to come forth, and who is the fruit, Christ is the fruit. The Holy Spirit comes first, he's the flower, Christ is the fruit, and it doesn't say you have to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, it says you have to have the Holy Spirit, so that's a fine point that I'm not really sure about myself. So the abominable means to break wind or to stink, and I'm suggesting to you that that is describing Satan's spirit. And murderers Strong's #5406, means murderers and whose the murderer? Did not Cain murder his brother Abel? And is not the devil the murderer from the beginning? Brethren I want to suggest to you that your carnal mind is a manifestation of Cain and the devil, your carnal conscious mind is the devil, he's the murderer, who did he murder from the beginning? Who did the devil murder? We just had it tonight, who does the carnal mind murder? Christ?


Jesus said to the Pharisees your father is the devil. Well Cain was a murderer, he murdered righteous Abel, and Cain we know is the type of the carnal mind, the carnal mind is continuously killing Christ all the day long. "..and whoremongers" now this is very interesting, this Greek word translated whoremongers, it's Strong's #4205, the Interlinear says, it means "fornicators" and Thayer's says it means a male prostitute. Now let me remind you that the Greek word that's translated "fornication" is different than the English word "fornication". So the Greek word translated "fornication" brethren, well let me start with the English word "fornication" means merely sex outside of marriage, but the Greek word translated fornication, it goes way beyond that and it includes all forms of perversion. That's why Jesus said, you can get divorce only for fornication, he didn't say you can get divorced for adultery, he said only for fornication brethren, he said only for fornication. So if some religious Pharisee comes to you and says if your husband is incesting your children you can't leave him, or he's beating you to a pulp or trying to force sex with other men on you that you can't leave him, get away from that Pharisee and get yourself to a spiritual counselor. Because you can leave your husband for sexual perversion of any kind. If he's trying to force unclean sex acts on you, well of course you don't leave him easily, you pray for him, you go for spiritual counseling, you try overcome, but if the man's bringing other women into the house in your bed, and he won't repent you leave. If he's incesting your children you leave.


If there's no repentance and correction coming forth you leave, and all of these perversions come under the Greek word that is translated fornication, which is different from the English interpretation. Now this word translated "whoremongers", Thayer's says a male prostitute, and this has a very deep significance, first of all a prostitute can be a homosexual or a heterosexual, there are men who prostitute themselves to women, some women pay to have, we usually call them gigolos, at least we use to, I don't know what they call them today, but there are men who will go to bed with women for money, and there are men who will go to bed with men for money, and those acts make them a prostitute. And I want to suggest to you, now let me remind you that Eve, our human spirit is the harlot, is she not, harlot, or a female prostitute, and she's having illegal sex with who? With Satan, and the carnal mind, and she's a harlot, and she's having sex with all the demons, and anyone that comes her way, she can't say no.


There use to be there was a song that you young people wouldn't have heard about it but there was a song the play, Oklahoma, I'm just a girl that can't say no. any male spirit that approaches her, she fornicates with, that's our human spirit. When she's joined to Christ however, he will keep her faithful. So Eve our human spirit who is female is the harlot, well who is the male prostitute? Brethren if Christ is being formed in you that makes you male, and if Christ is being formed in you and you still engaged in harlotry you are a male prostitute. Now the significance here is that if you're not a male, you're the girl that can't say no, and any spirit that wants you could take you, but when you're a male you're suppose to have the strength to say no. How come you're prostituting yourself when Christ is being formed in you, how come you're compromising, how come you're not standing for righteousness, how come you're putting selfishness ahead of righteousness, how come you're putting your own self interests ahead of the righteousness of Christ when Christ is being formed in you, you're a male prostitute, I tell you the truth. We have to face up to what we are. You are not a nice boy because you were an altar boy, it's not true, it's a lie, if you're fallen you're either a harlot or if you're fallen and Christ is being formed in you, you're a male prostitute, know who are why? So that you could repent, because there's no way that you're going to stand up in full stature without true repentance of every wickedness that's in your heart, and if you're lying you're only deceiving yourself and cutting off your own deliverance from hell. Also sorcerers Strong's #5332, one who prepares or uses magical remedies as a means of supernatural power over natural forces.


Brethren we're suppose to have power over the ungodly forces of this world system, that power is in Christ. You're not suppose to be using your carnal mind to overcome this world anymore. You're suppose to be using the power of Christ. If you use carnal means to fight your battles and to overcome your problems, it's witchcraft and you are a sorcerer, it is a weapon, sorcery is the spiritual weapon of the carnal man. I strip the scales off of your eyes, see yourself as God sees you, and be convicted of your sins and repent and receive Christ. Idolaters, Strong's #196, a worshiper of false gods, and brethren I suggest to you that the false god is the carnal mind. The carnal mind is the image of Satan which is engraven in your soul. The carnal mind is the graven image, and If you're in agreement with him, every time you're in agreement with him you are worshiping him and you are an idolator. When the father is engraven in your soul you are the cherub, of the cherubim that appeared in the tabernacle. Now this is everybody that appears on the earth today. I rebuke all the Pharisees, everybody on the earth today is filling in these categories. And all liars, the word "all" is Strong's #3956, it means the whole of, and the Greek words translated "liars" is Strong's #5571 means the lying ones, and the whole of the lying ones, the whole of the false ones, brethren the whole company of the human beings that do not have the nature of the father, are all the many-membered parts of the lie. The carnal mind is the lie.


And now we see, the Scripture says, the King James says, shall have their part in the lake of fire. This phrase "shall have their part" is Strong's #3313 and the word shall have is not in the Greek, the Interlinear says, the part of them, and that means it's Strong's #3313 and it means that's it's used in a context where the whole and it's parts are distinguished. Brethren the creation is in many parts and right now Christ is one of those parts.


All of these categories that I've just spoke to you about, they're all in the second death, they're all found in the second death which is your carnal mind, but there's another part of you and that part of you is Christ.


Everybody on the face of the earth that's not in full stature, which is everybody, has everyone of these things that are named in verse 8 of Revelation chapter 21, but they're found in your carnal mind and your carnal mind which contains all of these qualities is about to be cast into the lake of fire which is whom, who is the lake of fire? Christ. So that part of you that's wicked, that part of you that has all these qualities, are about to be cast into the Christ who is another part for you, and what will Christ do when they're cast into hell, it's the lake burning with brimstone and fire, a lake is a body of water surrounded by land, this is a lake of fire so it's fire, the fire typifying the spirit of God surrounded by land which is Christ, and he's burning with brimstone and fire. The Greek word translated "burning" means to consume, and what he's consuming is all the sins that we're just saying. The Greek word translated fire is from a root which means to purify. So that consuming of sin is purifying you, and brimstone is Strong's #2303, and that is the word for divine incense and I remind you of our studies in the book of Revelation where incense is burned, there is a smoke that goes up that is the righteousness of the saints, it's the spirit, it's the pure spirit that goes up. So what do we have here, all of these sins which are in our carnal mind are being cast into Christ.


Have we not been teaching here that Christ is being joined together with the carnal mind, that is the casting of the carnal mind into the lake of fire and what is going to happen to the carnal mind, and all of these qualities of it? Okay they're going to be consumed. We will be purified and we we'll be purified by the divine incense which is the spirit of God which is found in Christ. Now, "and shall have their part in the lake of fire, which is burneth with fire and brimstone." This Greek word translated "which" is Strong's #3588, and it's used to designate a thing that is the only one of its kind, and I want to suggest to you that the second death is the only death of its kind, and there will never be another one, it's referring back to the fearful, the unbelieving, the abominable, the murderers, the whoremongers, the sorcerers the idolaters and all liars, which is the part of the whole which is the second death and they're all going to be found in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone. The Greek word translated "second" it means second in place, and we said that earlier, this is the result of the second death of which is the death of the righteous creation, and the Greek word translated "death" is spiritual death. The Scripture is saying that the whole of the lying one which has all of the qualities listed above, is the second death, the lake of fire is not the second death, the second death is being cast into the lake of fire, and the second witness is Revelation 20:14, where we're told death and hell is the second death, and again all of these qualities are found in death and hell.


All of these people that are living out of these qualities are found in hell. All of this is what goes on in hell. Anybody have any problem with that? Alternate translation, Revelation 21:8, but the fearful members of the living soul, who haven't conceived Christ, and those whose unconscious and conscious mind is Satan and the devil and those who are still fornicating with Satan and the carnal mind making use of Satan's spiritual power, and worshiping the carnal mind and all of those who don't have the nature of the father, all of which are that part of the renewed living soul which is the second death, shall find themselves under the dominion of Christ who is consuming and purifying sin by the spiritual authority of the divine incense which is the spirit of Christ.


Recap Rev. 21:1-8, "And I saw the Lord Jesus Christ appearing as man's new unconscious mind and Christ appearing as man's new conscious mind, because Satan, man's old unconscious mind, and the carnal mind old conscious mind, were passed by and Satan doesn't exist anymore.


And I John, saw the holy city New Jerusalem, which is Christ, who was sent by God out of the new heaven, which is the Lord Jesus Christ, man's new unconscious mind and she was in the correct moral order and prepared to be joined to Christ as a bride is joined to her husband. And I heard the authoritative voice of our Lord Jesus Christ saying "Look, God's temple is in the midst of men, and he will live together with them and everyone that he's in shall be of the same stock and language, the same spiritual substance and the same word, which is Christ and God himself shall be the God in the midst of them. And God shall cleanse and cover over the divided living soul with his anointing, and her many parts shall be complete in him, and she shall no longer be in mourning or wail in distress because of her separation of him, which separation is spiritual death, nor shall she labor to survive in this world system, or experience great trouble because of the intense desires of her carnal mind, because the immaturity of the creation has passed away.


And the father who is dwelling in his Christ said to me, "Look I'm making the creation anew by writing my nature upon her many members and enabling them to be faithful to me." And the father said to me, "Man's new unconscious and conscious mind now exists, and I who am both the immature and the mature creation shall give this spiritually dead soul the Holy Spirit freely. The one who conquers his carnal mind shall receive the living soul as his inheritance and I will be his God and he shall be the son, but the fearful members of the living soul who haven't conceived Christ, and those whose unconscious and conscious mind is Satan and the devil, and those who are still fornicating with Satan and the carnal mind, making use of Satan's spiritual power and worshiping the carnal mind, and all of those who don't have the nature of the father, that's the whole world brethren, all of which are that part of this renewed living soul, which is the second death, shall find themselves under the dominion of Christ, who is consuming and purifying sin by the spiritual authority of the divine incense which is the Spirit of Christ, the father within him.


Hallelujah, any questions on this?


COMMENT: Clarify Revelation 21, I don't know if you have the alternate translation for the Greek words verse 15, Revelation 20.


PASTOR VITALE: Revelation 20? And whosoever was not written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire." Well the book of life is Christ, can you say amen to that? Okay the book of life is Christ, so whosoever was not written into the book of life, was cast into the lake of fire, everyone who is still carnal is going to come under the dominion of Christ, okay. Is that okay, okay. I just want to make something clear on this tape, we are not preaching here that every human being that has ever lived on the face of the earth is going to be resurrected and cast into the lake of fire, this is talking about that last generation, in which Christ is appearing, and I believe what it's saying is that those in whom Christ is appearing, their carnal minds will be cast into the lake of fire, and those men on the face of the earth, at that time will come under the dominion, if Christ is not being formed in them, they will be touched by the ministry of Christ, some of them will have Christ formed in them, those who do not will live out their lifetime and pass on, and eventually, every man living on the face of the earth in that day, will either have Christ formed in them, or live out their life and pass on.


But even those that don't have Christ formed in them, they will be under the government of Christ, okay did I explain that. Okay anybody else have a question? Are you okay? Okay.




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